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VOL. 79. NO. 13
To Whom Paid and For What
Purpose the Money of the
County is Expended.
Mrs. John D.
J. M. Muiray & Co. burial Lawrence
Payne $75.
Wm. Clouser, burial
Richardson 375.
John Cunningham, sal Janitor $50.
Garrett & Ayres, ink 75c.
John S. Farls, P. O. box rent 75c.
W.A.Teter.f relght.exp postage$ll 70
N. R. Barrett, livery surveyor $13.50
Cy. Falrley, livery surveyor $3.
J. B. Worley, P O box rent 75c.
J. H. Wlckersham, exp Memorial
Day, Greenfield, $25.
Ohio Law Reporter Co supplies $1.50
C. N.Winkle,ex collecting taxes $15.
R. Schweinsberger, night watch $2.
C. A. Moberly, mem. bur. com. $2
J. J. Butler, exp Memorial Day
Sinking Spring 11.
o Hlllsboro L & F Co., light $32.73.
Suoerior PtK Co., supplies $22.35.
Peter b. Rosselott, ex Memorial Day
Mowrystown, $19.
Dispatch, supplies $2.85.
Industrial Com. of Ohio, Inspection
Infirmary boiler 81.
Hlllsboro Lumber Co. file case and
supplies $24.25.
C. C. Walker, coal 22,
Barrett Bros, supplies $70.05.
Johnson Watson Co. sup Pro Judge
J. T. Holcomb Co. supplies $13.18.
Carklns Chemical Co. supplies $5.25.
J. Ramsden, labor Ct. House $41.50.
News-Herald Co. supplies $4b 10.
M. F. Carroll & Sons, repairs 20c
Gross-Fiebel Co. repairs $3.
J. Strain & Co. llv sheriff, treas $21.
G. W. Easter, livery $2.
D. L. Satterfield, Jail fees $201.39.
D. L. Satteifield, sheriff exp $70.10.
B. W. Roades, handling lumber $1.
Sam Walker, masonry N. Market
Cincinnati Iron & Steel Co, steel$27.02
W. H. Ballentlne, nails 45c.
Dodson. Wardlow & Smith, steel
repair bridge McCopplns Mill $118.74.
Dodson, Wardlow & Smith, concrete
masonry Fairfield tp $40.56.
Dodson, Wardlow & Smith, repair
Paint tp $68.92.
Dodson, Wardlow & Smith repair
Madison tp $117.03.
Dodson & Wardlow, stone masonry
Salem tp, $82.20.
A. D. Vaughn, concrete Union and
Penn tp $190.
R. H. Rldgeway, concrete, Union
and Liberty tps $35.
Oreconia Brldtre Co. repair steel
bridge, White Oak $410.
W. N. Carr, painting bridge White
Oak $25.
W. N. Carr, concrete work White
Oak $45.60.
E. C. Gotherman, repairs, $9.
Shaw & Lewis, repairs $18.
C. N. Johnson, repairs $3.
Waldo Powell, repairs $5 50.
Thos. Hopkins, repairs, $6.50.
Frank Sharp, repairs, $7.10.
A. L. Miller, lumber, $13.20.
Frank Littler, cement, $37.40.
Edw Long, lumber, $215.
Mrs. Rebecca Arthur, treas. child
ren's Home $270.60.
Keeping colored children $106.50.
E. W. Muntz, grate bars $5.
H. E. Mullenix, coal and kindling
J. S. Kesler, labor $38.10.
N. C. Bales, labor $25.50.
Jesse Welbly, grading, $7.
O. S. Bell Co, supplies, 30c.
A. W. Hatcher, coa $12.21.
O. S. Redkey hauling coalf $1.50i
C. O. Walker, coal, $38.12.
Lukemlre & Miller, coal, $8.55.
Cameron & Cameron, supplies $14.20
Geo Llebrock, repairs, $96.70
Mrs. Levi Reed, damage, $10.
Edith M. Turner, tax refunder $1.80
Special Meeting Altruistic"
The closing meeting for the summer
of the Altruistic will be held Friday
evening, July 10, at 7 o'clock, on For
est Lawn. Some visiting guests will
speak, and a report from the Biennial
in Chicago will be given. The new
programs will be given out. Payment
of dues. Both friends and. members
invited. Secretary.
Marriage Licenses.
Raymond A. Morris, of Greenfield,
and Mary A. Evans, of Highland.
Charles Gray and Nellie Roberts,
both of Mowrystown.
Elzle Spenlock and Grace Horner,
both of Greenfield.
Frank Howland and Edna Smith,
both of Greenfield.
Branson Haynes and Melva Storer,
both of Greenfield.
Oscar Badgley, of Mowrystown, and
Ethel Webb, of Greenfield.
Herman L. Morris and Elsie Jus
tice, both of Hlllsboro.
Gilbert Moler, ofRoss county, and
Anna Benton, of Hlllsboro, R. F. D.
County Commencement Will
be Held at Bell's Opera
House, July 18
Has Been Arranged Hon. George
L. Garrett Will Deliver Ad-
dress-Class of 108
Boys and Girls.
Patterson Commencement to be
Held Saturday at Saman
tha Fine Speaker.
The County Box well-Patterson Com
mencement will be held at Bell's
Opera House Saturday afternoon, July
20, at 1.30 o'clock.
One hundred and eight boys and
girls from the rural schools of tha
county compose the class, every town
ship In the county being represented.
The class address will be made by
Hon. George L. Garrett and Is certain
to be entertaining, eloquent and instructive.
The program follows ;
Music Underwood's Orchestra
Music Orchestra
Johnny 's History LessoD .. Wever Williamson
Where Do You Live f ,.Mary Jane Dick
Music '. , Orchestra
Columbus Earl Carter, Jr.
Cornet Solo Herman Rosselot
Little Lame Jim Harry Williamson
Mammy's Visit to the City.... Laura Llndsey
Music Orchestra
Address Geo. L. Qarrett
Music , Orchestra
Presentation of Diplomas
' The Penn Township Patterson Com
mencement will be held in the School
nail at Samantha Saturday evening,
July 11.
Prof. John J. Rlcheson, head of the
Rural Training Department of Ohio
University, will deliver the class ad
dress. He Is an expert on rural school
problems and one of the best Informed
men In the state on the new school
laws. This is an exceptional opportu
nity to hear an able speaker and should
be taken advantage of by the people
of that section of the county. Music
by Underwood's Orchestra. Admis
slon free.
The program follows :
Lost Opportunities Ruth Jones
People Will Talk Walter Shepard
Out O' The Fire Ruth Elizabeth Patton
Coin' Back Paul Jones
Jane's Graduation ."....Grace Rae Purdy
Datlus Qreen and His Flying Machine
C Harold Hartley
The Little Blackeyed Rebel
Mildred Wright
Old Ace Paul Q. Edwards
Address Prof. John J. Rlcheson
On Kneisley Threshing- Outfit by
Warren Houseman a Busi
ness Rival.
Business Mens Association.
The regular meeting of the Business
Mon's Association was held Friday
Twenty six new members were added
to the Association as follows : S. J.
Hlder, Jos. Miller, J. V. Cochran, W.
H. Dryden, Byron W, Rogers, John O.
Vance, H. D. Sewell, Bert Carroll,
Jos. W. List, Roy H. Bunn, J. Ed.
Shannon, John S. Farls, James H.
Reece, Will L. Duncan, Ben C. Strain,
Ray J. McGlinchy, Oliver McAdams,
H. D. Falrley. G. E. Tolle, James
Brooksbank, F. L. Lemon, James J.
Perry, Charles Creager, Otto Grllllth,
J. D. McBrlde, C. F. Farls.
R. B. Falrley, C. M. Kerns and Paul
Harsha were appointed on a commit
tee to request the merchants to close
their places of business Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday afternoons dur
ing the Hlllsboro Fair.
T. H. Nelson was appointed to have
charge of the cattle show and Blair
M. Boyd of the exhibit of dairy cows
at the Hlllsboro Fair.
Dr. Beany and family have moved
here from Wilmington. Dr. Beany Is
employed as pharmacist at Garrett &
Ayres Drug Store. The following from
the Wilmington Journal Republican
shows the high regard In which he was
held In Wilmington : Dr. Beany, who
has been employed as pharmacist at
the Devanney Drug Store for several
years, has resigned to take a position
of a similar nature with Garrett &
Ayres, druggists, Hlllsboro. Dr. Beany
has lived here with his family and has
a great many friends, who, while they
are sorry to have him leave the town,
are glad that he will be located so
pleasantly in Hlllsboro.
Harvest Meeting.
All day Harvest Meeting at the May
Hill Church of the Brethren, July 19,
1914. Basket dinner In the grove by
the church. Everybody invited.
Preaching by Rev. Davidson & Custer.
Van B. WitionT, Pastor.
New Literary Club.
A number of the young ladles of
Hlllsboro met at the home of Miss
Faith Glenn Monday afternoon and
formed a literary club. The mem
bers of the club are Mrs. Howard
Tolle, Mrs. Earl Miller, Mrs. Roy S.
Rogers, Mrs. Will Huggins, Mrs. Har
ley Wilkin, Mis3es Faith Glenn, Mar
tha Spencer, Nina Evans, Sara Wor
ley, Mary Russ, Anna Evans and Mar
garet Barrere.
The following officers were elected :
President, Mrs. Howard Tolle ; Vice
President, Miss Martha Spencer ;
Secretary, Mrs. Earl Miller; Treasur
Miss Anna Evans ; program commit
tee. Miss Faith Glenn, Mrs. Will
Huggins and Mrs Howard Tolle.
The first regular meeting of the
club will be held in September. The
club officially is still unnamed.
The club will study the classics in
literature and the young ladles will
prepare papers which will be read at
the meetings. The members are to
be congratulated on forming a club of
this character.
Objects To Tobacco.
Editor News-Herald I am sur
prised that a citizen of Columbus
would come to Hlllsboro seeking Infor
mation relative to the sin of selling
tobacco. If he would attend church
where he ought to learn our duty with
reference to such sins, I am sure he
would go away without the informa
tion desired as our pulpits are silent.
It Is better to preach against the Jews.
They never attend.
I have found it very hard to con
vince the man that has the appetite
that it is a sin to use tobacco and it is
equally as hard to convince the man
that ltls wrong to sell it when there
Is a dollar in it
It would almost require the quake
and thunder and smoke and flame of
Sinai to convince them of the sin
against God and the human race by
the tobacco business.
Interested Citizen.
Warren Houseman, of near the
Point, was arrested Monday, charged
with maliciously cutting the belts on
the threshing outfit of Harry Kneisley.
Houseman was taken to Balnbridge
and confessed that he committed the
offense. The value of the belts cut
is estimated at from $75 to 8100.
Kneisley and Houseman are rival
threshing machine men. The Knels
ley outfit was on the farm of the Free
Bros., between the Point and Baln
bridge, having made the set Saturday
and expecting to begin threshing
When the men went to the machine
Monday morning they found all the
belts badly cut. A telephone call was
sent in for the Martinsville blood
hounds,, and they were brought to the
scene and put on the trail. They went
directly to the home of Houseman
near Cold Spring.
When Houseman confessed to the
offense the only explanation he gave
of his act was that it was "simply
cussed orneriness."
At the perllmlnary hearing House
man was bound over to the grand jury
and his bond fixed at $2500. This he
was unable to give and he was taken
to Chllllcothe and placed in jail.
Until this trouble Houseman had
always born a good reputation in the
community and his parents are highly
respected. The people of that neigh
borhood have a great deal of sympathy
for him and think that he must have
been temporarily unbalanced when he
committed the crime. Jealousy of
Kneisley as a business rival is thought
by some to have been the cause of the
After the belts had been fixed on
the Kneisley outfit and they started
threshing the machinery was badly
damaged by a rock in asheaf of wheat.
When asked about this houseman
denied having put lc in the sheaf and
It Is generally believed that he Is tell
ing the truth; that the rock was
accidentally picked up when the wheat
was being cut.
Patterson Commencement.
The White Oak Township Patterson
Commencement to will held at the U
B. Church in Mowrystown Saturday,
July 11, at 8 p. m. Ira A. Marconet
is the teacher in charge.
Music Orchestra
Invocation Rev. Melton
Music Orchestra
Recitation Old Friends Naomi Beucler
Music Orchestra
Recitation My First Singing Lesson
Wayne Winkle
Music Orchestra
Class Address Supt. C. C. Patterson
Music Orchestra
Benediction Rev Wilkin
Five New Cases Were Filed
in Common Pleas Court
During Past Week
Application For Receiver of Prop
erty in Controversy Between
George V. Brown and
D. II. Fox.
Ilillsboro Badly Beaten By Wash
ington White Sox Saturday
and Sunday.
Playing poor ball In all departments
Hlllsboro was defeated twice in two
games with the Washington White
Sox Saturday and Sunday.
The local boys gave a fine exhibi
tion of how the great national game
should not be played. Their playing
was a sad disappointment to the local
The less said about these two game3
the better. Eleven errors were made
by Hlllsboro in Sunday's game.
The tabulated scores follow and tell
of the awful disaster :
Farmers Picnic.
An all day Farmers Picnic will be
held at Serpent Mound on Tuesday,
July 21. Among the speakers will be
Gov. Cox, Hon. A. P. Sandles, Dean
Henry G. Williams and others of
state and national reputation. The
music will be furnished by the Llston
Band of forty pieces. Everybody is
invited. C. O. Kesler.
Accidentally Shoots Himself.
A young man from Columbus who
Is camping at the Highland County
Caves accidentally shot himself with a
revolver Monday. He was removing
the cylinder from the revolver to
clean it when he dropped it, it falling
on a rock. One of the cartridges ex
ploded the bullet entering his side
under the left arm, making a slight
flesh wound.
- All Sorts Defeat Normals.
The Hlllsboro All Sorts played a
team from the Normal School Tuesday
afternoon at the Fair Ground, the All
Sorts winning by the- score of 10 to 5.
"Mickey" Carroll was on the mound
for the All Sorts and the Normal Boys
dould not touch his slants, speed and
curves. Only four hits were made oil
him, three of them being mixed with
three errors in the sixth inning being
good for four runs. "Mickey" did not
allow a hit until the sixth inning.
Emery caught him.
Bunn and Hughes were the battery
for the Normal School.
The All Sorts think they have some
team and are looking for games. Any
one desiring to book this fast aggre
gation will address Trimming Depart
ment, M. F. Carroll & Sons Co. They
think they can beat all comers with
their "trimming battery," banking
heavily on the fear that their elon
gated sorrel top twirler will Inspire in
the hearts of their opponents.
Judge and Mrs. T. M. Watts are at
the Adams County Mineral Springs.
To Subscribers Who Paid More
Than 25 Per Cent, to Hos
pital Fund.
Five new cases were filed In the
Common Pleas Court during the past
John Abe Moberly against Sarah A.
Gossett et al is a suit for the partition
of 89 acres of land In Clay township.
There are slxtv-two defendants. The
plaintiff says that he and the defend
ants own the land as tenants in com
mon, as heirs of Abraham Roberts, Jr ,
deceased. The plaintiff says that he
is the owner In fee simple of the undi
vlded one-two hundred and fifty second
Dart of the premises. He asks that
his share be set off to him In severalty
and if this can not be done that the
land be sold and the proceeds divided
among the parties according to their
respective shares.
Cyrus Shaffer asks for the partition
of 94i acres of land In Hamer township.
The defendants are W. W. Falrley,
Leonard Fawley, Herman Charles,
Homer Duncanson and Bertha Fawley
Williams. The plaintiff says that he
and the defendants own the land as
tenants In common, each owning an
undivided one sixth part. The plain
tiff further says that he secured his
interest by devise from his wife, who
was an heir of George Fawley, de
ceased, and that the defendants are
heirs of George Fawley, deceased.
Robert W. Brown against The Balti
more & Ohio South-Western R. R. Co.,
is a suit for $205 92 damages. The
plaintiff says that on March 16 1914,
he shipped a car load of hogs from
Lynchburg to Charles Perslnger at
Johnson's Station in Fayette county :
that he had sold the hogs to Perslnger
for $922 70 upon the agreement that
they should not pass through the
Union Stock Yards In Cincinnati ; that
contrary to his agreement with the
Railroad Co. the hogs were taken to
the Cincinnati Stock Yards and Per
slnger hearing of it refused to accept
them ; Ithat the plaintiff was then
forced to sell the hogs for $764 03,
which with freight paid and other ex
pense in tracing the hogs made his
loss $205.92. This loss the plaintiff
says was due entirely to the failure of
the defendant to comply with its con
tract and on account of the negligence
and fault of its employees. He, there
fore, asks judgment for $205 92. The
case came oe on appeal irom tne
Washington W. S. AB H PO A E
Heller, rf 3 110 1
Hueiifeld, If 4 2 0 0 1
Ballard, cf 5 2 10 0
Ripley, lb 4 18 0 0
Bauers, 2b 5 2 2 2 0
Hoffman, p 5 2 10 0
Turk, ss 5 14 3 0
Loth us, c 5 2 9 10
Runge, 3b 4 1110
Total 40 14 27 7 2
Hlllsboro AB H PO A E
Emery, c 5 1 14 3 O
Moorehead, ss 4 10 2 2
Rogers, lb 5 2 7 12
Hecker, 2b 4 12 0 0
West, cf 4 2 2 0 0
Fisher, rf 4 110 0
McLaren, 3b 4 0 o 1 1
Easter, If 2 0 0 0 0
Vanzant, p 4 2 111
Total 36 10 27 8 6
Innings 123456789RHE
Wash WS 320012300 11 14 2
Ilillsboro 020001001 4 10 0
Two base hits Heller.
Three base hits Iluenfeld, Bauers,
Struck out by Vanzant 12, by Hoff
man 8.
Base on Balls Off Vanzant 3 ; off
Hoffman 3.
Double Play Turk to Bauers to Rip
ley. Hit by Pitcher Easter 2.
Umpire Richter Time 2 hr, 15
A meeting of J. W. Evans, O. N.
Sams and John Matthews, trustees of
the contributors to the Hospital Fund
was held Monday night. The report
of Robert McMullen, secretary of the
trustees, showed that a sufficient sura
had been collected from the subscrib
ers to return to all subscribers who
had paid more than twenty-five per
cent, all they had paid over that
The trustees then passed a resolu
tlon instructing the secretary to send
checks to subscribers for the amount
they had paid over twenty five per
cent, of their subscriptions. These
checks will be mailed by Mr. McMullen
within the next week.
This is probably the last act of the
hospital fiasco and will be welcome
news to the subscribers who had paid
in more than than their share of the
W- C. T. U.
docket cJ
4. Snaffer, justice of the
. ii-
The Mother Thompson W. C. T U.
will meet at the Presbyterian church
-Monday alternoon promptly at 2:30
p. m. Immediately after the business tQWn nr0Der.,es In Nbw VIenn,
bi ...mi i i i -----. . ...
session a reception will be given honor-
u, oi uosn ,.0,vns.in when t)B
Jhrls Rockel.a judgment for the
tertalned Wecli
and family. .uses Leslie Lawson
Edgar Dodds W her unborn Hie-
Driuge, spurn, oatjne parti e s are
day wl.'lti live in Penn township.
Ta3 justice of the peace held the de
fendant under a bond of $300 which he
failed to give and he therefore sent
him to the county jail.
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co.
against M. Fry and E. Fry is an action
on two promissory notes each for
$107.50. The notes were executed on
July 20, 1910. On one of the notes is
a credit for $88.17. There are no
credits on the other note. The plain
tiff asks for a judgment of $38.21 with
interest from June 24, 1913 on the first
note and for $107.50 with Interest from
July 20, 1910 on the other.
The application of D. H. Fox that a
receiver be appointed for the property
In controversy between himself and
George V. Brown was heard by Judge
Newby Tuesday. About the first of
the year Fox sold Brown 350 acres of
land In Union township and several
Hlllsboro AB II PO A E
Emery, c 5 0 9 6 0
iMoorehead, ss 3 2 2 12
Rogers, lb 3 17 2 1
Hecker, 2b 4 3 4 11
McLaren, 3b 4 10 14
West, cf 3 0 3 0 1
Fisher, rf,P in 4t 3 0 0 11
Klise, If . 3 0 2 10
Deakyne, p 110 0 0
Vanzant in 4th, rf 3 0 0 11
Total 32 1 27 14 11
Washington W. S. AB H PO A E
Heller, rf 5 2 2 0 0
Turk, ss 3 0 4 3 0
Hoffman, cf 3 2 0 0 0
Bauer, 2b 4 2 C 4 1
Ripley, lb 5 17 10
Huenfeld.p 4 110 0
Runge, 3b 5 2 12 0
Lothus, c 4 14 2 0
J. Fisher, If 5 12 0 0
Total 38 12 27 12 1
Innings 123456789RHE
Wash W. S. 2 0 4 1 1 0 0 4 1 13 12 1
Hlllsboro 100000000 18 11
Two base hits Heller.
Three base hits Hoffman, Ripley.
Struck out by Deakyne, 6 , Fisher,
3 ; Huenfeld, 5.
Base on balls Off Deakyne, 6,
Fls..er 3, Huenfeld, 5
Double Plays Moorehead to Rogers
Turk to Bauer to Ripley.
Umpire Richter. Time, 2 hours
suits have been brought by Brown to
Barn and Contents Burn.
A barn on the farm of James Chest
nut, near Marshall, was destroyed by
lire Tuesday evening. About two hun
dred pounds of leaf tobacco, some farm
implements and a small amount of
hay and grain were also burned.
Mr. Chestnut runs a threshing outfit
anu shortly before six o'clock Tuesday
afternoon he ran the engine past the
barn to a branch to take water. While
he was filling the engine he heard a
roaring noise and looking around saw
the bam was on Are. The Are had
gained such headway by that time
ing Mrs. Carrie L. Flatter, a state com pei'Pox to rive him possession of , that ls was Impossible to control it
County Assessor John M. McMullen
has been quite sick for several days
with a severe attack of acute indiges
tion. M. S. Austin, of Chattanooga, Tenn.,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Morrow, last week. He went to Wil
mington Monday to visit relatives
The Marshall Township Sunday
School Convention will meet at the
Christian Union Church, Sunday af
ternoon, July 12, at 2 o'clock.
worker, who will make a short address ( tne pro.,erty
in wie iiiitmiuuu, aisu iuo uiuomoit,
their daugliters and granddaughters.
Mrs. Flatter will delivora lecture at
the Presbyterian church at 7:30 p. m.
Monday, July 13, to which the public
is cordially Invited. She Is an enthus
iastic and inspiring speaker. A silver
offering will be taken. Sec.
Mrs. Grover Wyatt returned to
Portsmouth Saturday, after a short
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. E. Hllllard. Her sister. Miss
Mepha, accompanied her and will
make her an extended visit.
Fox In his application
for a receiver alleges that Brown Is
insolvent and that he Is in danger of
losing the interest on the notes given
for the purchaso of the land and wants
a receiver to have charge of the prop
erty until the suits are heard and de
termlned. The hearing was continued
until Friday to give Fox an opportu
nity to produce additional evidence.
The suit of the Detroit Stove Works
against M. F. Bunk of Mowrystown
for $220 30 on an account, was settled
out of court Tuesday and dismissed.
ana tne uuiiamg ana contents were
completely destroyed.
The building was Insured for $150,
the tobacco for $200 and the imple
ments and grain for $200. Tne build
ing was worth from $50 to $75 more
than the insurance, the tobacco was
fully Insured and the value of the
implements and grain is estimated at
about $50.
The fire is thought to have started
from a spark from the traction engine.
Miss Louanna Ambrose, of Nor
wood, Is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ova
i5i .a. V . -.
ilhr V :

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