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"? Ti S'"''",1 1 ' -
Dr. Nichols, of Newark, called on
friends hore Sunday.
Million Dollar
Mrs. C. A. Pond visited CapU
Mrs. Ezra Stevenson, Sunday.
Mrs. G. D. Beam and daughter are
visiting relatives In Dayton.
Million Dollar
Mystery next
School supplies, lunch boxes, baskets
and buckets at The Economy Store.
R. B
Million Dollar
Mystery next
Barrett, of Norwood,
with Ills sister, Mrs.
J. A
Dean Sumner, of Chicago, .was en
tertained by Rev. and Mrs. G. B.
Beecher, while here.
Miss Helen Barrett, of Columbus,
was the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs N. R. Barrett, over Sunday.
. o
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Qulnn, of Wash
ington C. H., visited relatives here
Saturday and Sunday.
Prof. Leo Gutridge, of Toledo, ar
rived here Friday for a short visit
with Prof, and Mrs. C. C. Patterson.
E..A. Squier and Wm. Helfrlch, of
Greenfield, were business visitors here
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Phillips and Mrs.
Alice Conard, of New Vienna, were the
guests of Mrs. N. B. Lafferty, Sunday.
Mrs C. W. Compton and daughter,
of Mt. Sterling, Ky.. are visiting her
mother, Mrs. Amos Evans.
Miss Hazel Galllett, of Lynchburg,
was the guest of Miss Julia Rogers,
during the Chautauqua.
Dick Patton, of Columbus, was the
guest of his mother, Mrs. S. N. Pat
ton, from Friday until Sunday.
Miss Inez Morrow, of Columbus, vis
ited her cousin, Miss Mary Morrow,
last week.
Miss Nellie Brunner was the guest-
of her brother, Foster, In Columbus,
the past week
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Dean have as
their guests Miss Carrie and Piatt
Simpson, of Monroe, N. C.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Penn and
children, of Greenfield, were guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Head, Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Surely Larkln returned to her
home In New York City Saturday, after
a weeks visit with her sister, Mrs.
Dick Rockhold.
Miss Hattle Gllllland, of Ripley, who
has been visiting her sister, Mrs.
Steward Kincald. returned home
Mrs. Anna McMeekln and daughters,
Misses Clara and Mary, and son, Louis,
of Cincinnati, were the guests of Capt.
and Mrs. Ezra Stevenson, over Sunday.
Mrs. Charles Hoyt and son, Dr. Loy
Hoyt, of Chllllcothe, were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Boulware,
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hire and Mr. and
Mrs. Overton Hire and son, of Green
field, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Spencer.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Slutz and daugh
ter, of Cincinnati, were the guests of
Rev. and Mrs. Earl R. Slutz, a few
days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Miller, of Blan
Chester, returned home Sunday, after
a short visit with the latter s brother,
John A. Martin.
A household remedy in America for
25 years Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil.
For cuts, spralns,burns,scalds, bruises.
25c and 50c. At all drug stores, adv
Misses Georgia and Ethel Lucas, of
Oxford, were the guests of Miss Lena
McCoppln, and other relatives here the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Elgar Ware and
children, of Lynchburg, Va., returned
home Wednesday, alter a visit with
Mrs. Ware's parents, Judge ana Mrs.
T. M, Watts.
Mr. and Mrs". William Strain and
daughter, Miss Elizabeth Hlckle and
Ben Strain have been enjoying an out
ing at the bungalow of H. D. Waddell,
near the point, since Friday.
William F. Allen, of New York City,
arrived here Tuesday for a visit with
his wife and children, who are spend
ing the summer with Mrs. Allen's
parents, Rev. and Mrs. G. B. Beecher.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B, Leadbetter,
of Sablna, Mr. and Mrs. Burch
Arthur and daughter, Mildred, and
Mrs. Bell L. Farden, of Wilmington,
Bpent Sunday , with Mr. and Mrs.
David Leadbetter.
Mrs. George W, Barrere, Jr., Misses
Anna and Ruth Dawson and their
guests, John Dawson and John Stur
geon, of Unlontown, Pa., spent Thurs
day in Greenfield with Mr. and Mrs.
Oharles D. Johnson.
Million Dollar
Mystery next
A daughter was born 'to Mr.
Mrs. Hugh Lynch, Friday night.
Million Dollar
Mystery next
Prof. Charles Martin,
ton, is the guest of his
Of Wilming
father, John
A. Martin.
Misses Edna, Dorothy and Mildred
Johnson, of Bridges, are visiting their
grandmother, Mrs. La Rue Johnson.
Mrs. Ward Custer, of Cincinnati,
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Alex
Custer, Sunday.
Miss Frances Troth, of Lynchburg,
has been the guest of her sister, Mrs.
J. E. Stabler, the past week
Miss Grace White, of
C. II., is the guest of her
sister, Miss
Lucy White.
Miss Jennie McMeekln, of Clncln
nati, visited her sister, Mrs. Ben P.
Runkle, the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wisecup and
daughter, of St. Louis, Mo., are visit
ing the former's father, Jacob Wise
cup. Mrs. Elizabeth Pulse and daughter,
Miss Clara, aud Miss Josie Spargur,
of Ralnsboro, visited Mr. and Mrs. 0.
L. Workman, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. DeLaney and
daughter, Miss Nelle, of Lynchburg,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Richards, and attended Chautauqua.
Miss Ltda Faris, after a three weeks
visit with her sister, Mrs. Chas. Rich
ards, has returned to her home in
Mrs. Preston Dill and son, of Piqua,
who have been the guests of the for
mer's father, George Lemon, have
returned home.
Mr. and Mrs A. D Moorhead, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Langley and Paul
Langley are spending the week at Ross
County Sulphur Lick Springs.
Mrs. William Richards, who has
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Rich
ard, returned to her home in Indian
apolis, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs Ben B Nelson and son,
of Cincinnati, were the guests of the
fotmer's mother, Mrs. John F. Nelson,
Monday and Tuesday.
Albert Pugsley, of Washington C.
H., was the guest or his aunt, Miss
Lizzie Kirby, and other relatives here,
a few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watts, of
Grand Junction, Io., were the guests
of the former's uncle, T. M. Watts,
Sunday. They went to Marshall that
evening for a visit with relatives.
Miss Mildred and Dan Morgan, Miss
Marjorle and Wlllard Wilson and Mac
Matthews went to Cincinnati Monday,
for a few days visit with Misses Eliza
beth and Virginia Suydam.
Ernest Wisecup and Miss Leona
Lowman, both of Lynchburg, were
married at the Probate Judge'solllce
Friday, Rev. B. F. Smith, of the
Christian church officiating.
Albert Collier and Miss Blanche
Maddox, both of Marshall, R. D. No.
1, were married at the Children's
Home, Thursday, Rev. John Howard,
Ladles attention. If you want a
nice long (30 In ) hair switch worth $5
for only $3.50. Come and see the new
lot wo just got in.
adv The Economy Store.
Rev. H. N. Faulconer and children,
of Philadelphia, Pa., who have been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Haynes,
left Monday for a visit with relatives
at Lancaster, Ky.
Miss Gladys Clark, of Batavla, and
Ray Fatout, L. E. McCumber and Scott
Worley, of Cincinnati, were the guests
of the latter's parents, Judge and
Mrs. J. B. Worley, Saturday and Sun
day. Don't fall to see us for glass and
stone fruit jars. Tin cans and jelly
glasses lids, rubbers, wax, etc. All
glass jars are examined so you are sure
to get them all perfect.
adv Tub Economy Stoke.
E. R. Favor Is now traveling for the
New Antloch Nurseries of Wilming
ton. The nurseries have been estab
lished fifty four years. Mr. Favor left
some very fine samples of the fruit
grown at the Nurseries at this office
Mr. and Mrs. Elgar Barrere returned
Monday to their home in Clrcleville,
after a visit with the former's mother,
Mrs. George W. Barrere, Sr. Miss
Mary Evans and Miss Mary Barrere
accompanied them for a visit.
Stanley W.Stephens and Miss Mabel
Morris, both of near Dallas, were mar
ried by Rev. B. F. Smith at his home
Wednesday evening. Mr. Stephens is
one of Highland county's progressive
and popular young teachers. Mrs.
Stephens is the charming and attrac
tive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Morris. After a short wedding trip
they will go to housekeeping in their
riew home, east of town.
Washington Township at Prospect
Al. E. Church, Sunday,
Aug. 30, at 2 p. m.
The following program has been
prepared for the Washington Town
ship Sunday School Convention which
will be hold at Prospect M. E Church,
Sunday afternoon, Aug. 30, at 2
o'clock :
Song Service
Scripture Readlnj? Cinderella Mcharda
Invocation Uert Roberts
Secretary's Report
Sung Service
Round Table C. N. Winkle
Address 'The Essential Qualifications
ForS. S. Work" Kev. A. A. Nellls
Miscellaneous Business
Two Divorce Cases Filed.
The only two cases filed In the Com
mon Pleas Court during the past
past week were for divorce.
Grace L. Slmpkins asks for a divorce
from Frank E. Slmpkins on grounds
of gross neglect of duty, habitual
drunkenness and extreme cruelty.
The parties were married April 1,
1902. and have two children, Chester,
aged 9 years, and Dwight, aged 0
years. The plaintiff says that the de
fendant when Intoxicated has often
abused her and their children and
driven them from their home in
Lynchburg ; that on Aug. 18, 1914, he
again drove them from their home.
She further says that she has no
means on which to support herself
and asks for temporary alimony pend
ing the hearing of the suit ; that the
defendant Is a good barber and auc
tioneer and earns ample means to sup
port her and their children. She
therefore prays for divorce, alimony
and the custody of the children.
Martha A. Hendry asks for a di
vorce from Edward E. Hendry and
that she be restored to her maiden
name of Martha A. Lemon. She ac
cuses him of gross neglect of duty.
The parties were married at Newport,
Ky., Aug. 19, 1912, and have no chil
dren. Mrs. S. Varley, of Middletown, Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. J. W. Shade.
W. II. II. Vance, of Lexington, Ky.,
is visiting his sister, Mrs. J. W. Shade.
The Million
Dol ar
Mystery next
Mrs. John D. McBride and son are
visiting relatives In Dabney, Ind.
Miss Mary Frost, of Louisville, Ky.,
Is visiting Miss Lucy Gilliam Harris!
Mrs. Anna nood
Durban, Africa, are
and daughter, of
visiting Thomas
W. S. Hack, of Coshocton, who has
been visiting his brother, II. D. Hack,
returned Monday.
Miss Ruth Setty Is visiting
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. A.
of Willoughby.
at the
Miss May Cummlngs entertalued a
number of her friends with a dinner
Tuesday evening.
Miss Harriett Mahan visited rela
tives in Cincinnati a few days the first
of the week.
Jacob Fling left Tuesday for Michi
gan, where he will be employed for
several weeks.
Mrs. Lane Williams, of Omaha,
Neb., Is the guest of her father, Henry
Dr. W. H. Shields, who has been
visiting hid father and other relatives
in New Jersey, returned home Mon
day. A. R. Roberts and family, of Spring
field, have been the guests of the
former's sister, Mrs. William Boyle,
for several days.
Dr. H. V. A. Spargur, of Clncin
natl, was the guest of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. W. Spargur, over
The officers of Co. D. O. N. G. will
go to Georgetown Sunday where they
and the other officers of the First
Regiment will do target shooting.
Miss Inez J. Edmiston returned to
her home In Chicago Saturday, after
a visit with Judge and Mrs. J. Frank
Miss Maude Fling left Friday for
Celina, from there she will go to Cleve
land to visit the wholesale millinery
Miss Lena Kent returned Monday
from Cleveland, where she attended
the openings of the wholesale milli
nery houses.
Paul Winegardner, of Chicago, who
has been visiting his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Wlnegardnerf returned
home Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Myers have re
turned to their home In Williams
port, after a short visit with the lat
ter's parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. Hoyt.
"Adventures of Kathlyn Series"
This is the Last Number. See What Becomes of Kathlyn.
This is the Event the Entire Town Has Been Waiting For. The Most Costly
Most Remarkable Motion Picture Production Ever Brought Out.
See the Pictures-Read the Story-Write Your Solution
Will hit the Bulls
Number Complete.
Real Estate Transfer.
W. O. Martlndlll gdn. to M. T. Rose,
Greenfield, lot, $1615
Willard Tannohill to Rebecca F.
Smith, Jackson tp., 70a, $1.
Board of Education, Madison tp. to
Village School District, Madison tp.,
Board of Education Madison tp. to
Village School District, Madison tp.
lot $1.
Board of Education, Madison tp. to
Village School District, Madison tp.,
la SI.
Board of Education Madison tp. to
Village School District Madison tp ,
lot $1.
Board of Education Madison tp. to
Village School District, Madison tp,
lot $1.
Board of Education, Madison tp. to
Village School District, Madison tp.
lot 31.
Board of Education, Madison tp. to
Village School District, Madison tp.,
la, $1.
Board of Education, Madison tp. to
Village School District, Madison tp.,
Laura E. Minor to Cora B. Elliott,
Hillsboro, lot $1.
Jonah Britton to S. J. Brltton,
Union tp., 140a, $5.
J. O. Anderson to S. W. Stephens,
Paint tp., 14a, $1.
C. A. Long to Martha E. Druhot,
Mowrystown, lot, $1.
Carey Long to Martha E. Druhot,
Mowrystown, lot, $133 34.
Julius F. Druhot to Martha E. Dru
hot, Mowrystown, lot, $1.
John M. McMullen to Josephine Mc
Mullen, Hillsboro, lot, 51.
Anne Dudley to Charles H. Dudley,
Lynchburg, lot, $1.
Anne B. Woodrow to James W.
Campbell, Hillsboro, lot, $1.
I. W. Woodrow gdn. to James W.
Campbell, Hillsboro, lot, $525.
Mallnda J. King to John H. King,
Clay tp., 4a, 81.
O Murphy to James E. Roads, Hills
boro, lots, $1.
Million Dollar
Mystery next
Wilmington Wins Again.
Wilmington took the second of the
three game series at Wilmington Sun
day by the score of 7 to 2.
While Hillsboro outhlt Wilmington
making ten hits to their eight, nills
boro could not bunch hits and Wil
mington bunched their hits with
Hlllsboro's errors.
Deakyne started on the mound for
Hillsboro but was taken out in the
fourth when Wilmington scored four
runs on threo hits. McAfee finished
the game allowing three hits and one
Helronlmus pitched for Wilmington
and while touched up rather lively,
was there with the good old stuff when
hits meant runs.
Fifty Hillsboro rooters accompanied
the team to Wilmington.
The third game will be played at
Wilmington next Sunday and while
Wilmington has the series won, the
local boys will try hard to take this
The score by inning :
nillsboro 0000001102 10 4
Wilmington 02040001x7 8 1
Batteries Hillsboro, Deakyne, Mc
Afee, Emery'; Wilmington, Helronl
mous and FIshley; Struck out by
Deakyne 5 : by Heironlmous 7 ; Three
base hits Fisher, Moorhead, Hecker,
Arthur, F. Haley; Two base hits F.
Million Dollar
Mystery next
Million Dollar Mystery99
First Number-TUESDAY, SEPT. 8-First Number
ABice Joyce Series
Eye of Popular Favor.
Always in Two Parts.
Aug. 24, 1914.
Miss Roma King, of Greenfield, who
has spent a part of the summer witn
her aunt, Mrs. Win. Rowe, returned
home recently.
Mrs. S. J. Ross is very ill with
typhoid fever.
Miss Grace Uhrisman is visiting in
Columbus at the home of L. B. Mil
burn oora iioimes and daughter, of Day
ton, are visiting at the home of Mrs.
Emma Bussey.
A son was barn to Will Hamilton
anU wife recently.
James Rittenhouse and family were
guests of Wm. Rowe and wife Sunday
Edward Meredith and family and
Rev. Frank Milner and family took
dinner at the home of W. W. Wolfe,
Alfred Redkey and wife, of Green
field, spent Saturday and Sunday at
the home of Wm. Walker.
Miss lone Troth has returned home
from Wilmington, where she attended
the Yearly Meeting.
Cyrus Stevens and family, of near
Cincinnati, are visiting C. M. Stevens
and wife.
Joe Morrow and wife and daughter,
Lettie Lee, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Delia Morrow.
Andrew McConnaughey and wife
were guests of their daughter, Mrs.
Harry Wise, recently.
Miss Kleckner, a trained nurse, Is
nursing Mrs. S. J. Ross.
Mrs. Cora Holmes and daughter,
Carrie, spent Sunday with Mrs. J. B,
Miss Margie Chrisman, who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. Ludwick, of
Winkle, returned home last week.
James Anderson has sold his farm to
Stanley btevens. Mr. Anderson
pects to move to town soon.
Birthday Surprise Dinner.
A surprise dinner was given for
Noah Shatter, at AUensourg, last Sun
day, Aug. 24, the occasion being his
05th birthday anniversary. About
150 people were present with well filled
baskets and when Mr. Shaffer arrived
home from Sunday School a long table
was set with all the good things of the
season in the grove west of the house.
Instrumental music was furnished by
Emma Martin, Anna Hastings, Galo
Stroup and Herbert Shaffer. Inter
esting talks were made by Rev. Martin
and Rev. Screechlleld and some young
ladles present rendered excellent reci
tations. Mr. Shatter received a beau
tiful Bible from his children and
several other presents from relatives
and friends.
Mrs. Joseph Swonger, of Belfast, was
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly,
Saturday and Sunday.
For the first time, and at the cost
of many thousand dollars, a Good
Roads Day will be on the program of
the Ohio State Fair. A mammoth
pageant showing all the old time ways
of travel, from the camel down to the
latest invention of man, will be given
four days during the Fair. The State
Mystery Next Week
Other Week. Each
Sunday, Aug. 30.
Wilmington vs.
Some changes In
will make this the
of the
best game
Hillsboro team going on B.
& O.
ialiwiuii, leaving at o:m a. m.
Follow the crowd to Wilmington
Sunday and see a fast game.
Round Trip Fare 85c.
About 100 Bushels of
Fine Seed Rye
Aug. 24. 1914.
Rev. Blery spent Monday with M.
J. King and family.
Miss Margaret Hawk spent Sunday
with Roy Euvard and family.
Miss Stella Hall visited at Sardina
last week.
Geo. Lance and family entertained
Sunday; Rev. Biery, Frank Custer and
two daughters, Ruth and Mary, Rev.
R C. Davidson and wife, Miss Ida
Landess and Ora Surbor, of Mowrys
town. Austin Florence, Kenneth Ervln
and Dexter Carpenter were at the
Serpent Mound over Sunday.
Mrs. C. N. Fender and children, of
Taylorsvllle, called at her old home
Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Lizzie Carpenter ran a nail In
her foot recently. She Is confined to
the house.
Wm. Custer has burned the first
kiln of tile In the new klm.
John Ffarr will clean and press and
mend that suit until it will look u
good as new. 1 also do dry cleaning.
Give me a call. Brunner's Shoa
Shop. adv
Highway Department, under direction
of Commissioned Marker, will have
this in charge. This pageant will
require over one mile of wagons, au
tos, and old time vehicles of all de
scriptions, showing the evolution of
' """""""-""" -
For Sale

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