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WptfWJt f$n
A few moments at
Our Store will con
vince you that we
are the people for
your future buying.
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something new to wear or
some gifts for your family and
friends or something new for
your home for Xmas-so it will
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Opposite Court House.
Hillsboro, Ohio
mimwmmmmbysmm m immmmmmmxm9m$mw
Xmas Candies at Milliard's, aciv
Jacob Felbel has gone to New York
City on business.
Mrs Franklin, of Newark, is visit
Ing her neice, Mrs. C. C. Patterson.
Read the National Flour .ad in an
other column. It will interest you.
Oyster Stev s, Sandwiches, Pies and
Coffee at Hilliard's. adv
O. N. Sams and Philip C Berg at
tended a bankers banquet in Cincin
nati Saturday night.
Dr. Loy Hoyt, of Ghillicothe, was
here Wednesday to perform an opera
tion at the Highland County Hospital-
Our Cigars are better. We use the
numidor cases to keep them fresh,
adv W. B. Hilliakd's.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Muhlbach went
to Wilmington Wednesday for a few
days visit with their daughter, Mrs.
E. E. Austin.
All Rebekahs are requested to at
tend the meeting next Thursday night
as it is the election of olllcers. Re
freshments will be served.
Rev. iind Mrs. G B. Beecher enter
tained with a dinner and bridge Tues
day evening for Mr. and Mrs. Charles
F. Clarke and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Mrs. C. B. Kirk and children re
turned to their home in Mansfield,
111., Saturday, after a visit with Mrs.
Kirk's sislter, Mrs. C. M. Kerns,
If you will subscribe to The news
Herald or renew your subscription,
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George Pugh was in Middletown Mon
day to see Ed. Phibbs an account of
whose serious injury was given last
week. Mr. Pugh says there is practi
cally no chance for Mr. Phibbs recover
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with a good Cigar. Buy a PERMIT
they're 5c every day. The Cigar that's
come to stay, For sale at W. B. Hil
liard's. adv
Dr. Philip Jeans and Miss Grace
Whittier Cushing, of Boston, Mass.,
will be married at Boston on Dec. 22.
Dr. Jeans Is a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Jeans, of this place. Mr. Jeans
will attend the wedding.
Yon can secure dainty, beautiful
and useful Christmas gifts at the sale
of fancy work now being held by Mrs.
Mozelle Elliott at Trop's Millinery
Store on S. High street. The sale
will continue until Christmas adv
Arrangements have been made for a
basket ball game between Hillsboro
and the Metropolitan Reserves, of
Dayton, at Carroll's Hall on Christmas
afternoon. Four of the Reserves
formerly played on the team which
was champion of Dayton and the
game Is certain to be a dandy as the
local boys are hard to beat.
Mrs. Harley Wilkin and Mrs. Jesse
Persinger, who have been visiting the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. N.
Bean, returned to their homes in
Washington, C. H., Friday.
G. A. R. Alemorial Services.
The annual memorial services of
John M. Barrere Post G. A. R. will be
held at the Post rooms in the Masonic,
Temple next Sunday afternoon at 2
o'clock. Rev. Emerlck, of the U. a. J
church, will deliver the address.
Other preachers are also expected to
be present and make talks. All'
friends of the old soldiers are invited
to attend. Ten comrades have died
during the year. j
. - t
Real Estate Transfers.
Isma Cramton to Harry Crampton,
Dodson tp, 68a, 31.
E. II. Browder to P. A. Runyon, Sa
mantha, lot, $1.
Frank Free to Lizzie H. Free, Green
field, lot, $200.
Charles T. Rose to George Amey,
Whlteoak tp, lot, 81.
James Q. Setty to B. w. Muntz,
Hillsboro, lot, $1
Birdsell H. McClure exr to Blanche
Brown, Fairfield tp, 106a, lnt, 87220.34.
Blanche E. Brown to B. H. McClure,
Fairfield tp, int, 106a, 83613.17.
B. H. McClure to Lizzie M. Clark,
Fairfield tp, int, 106a, $2408.78.
Frank F. Waddell to S. Belle Kned
ler, Rainsboro, lot, 31.
M. A. Patton et at to J. M. Johnson,
right of way, $1.
Theodore Campbell to John P. Mor
row, Liberty tp, 3a, 81.
W. A. McCullongh to O. R. McCul.
lough, Greenfield, lot, $1.
O. N. Bennington to V. V. Soale,
Clay and Whlteoak tps, 101a, 81.
C O. Rogers to Anna Case, Penn
and Fairfield tps, 04a, 81.
Mary E. Carey to C. O. Rogers, Penn
tp, 67a, 81.
Mary E. Stewart to John L. Miller,
New Market tp, 145a, $2130.
Sarah M. Custer to John F. Plum
mer, New Market tp, 40a, $1500.
L. B. Custer to John F. Plummer,
New Market tp, 34a, $1000,
American Pad & Textile Co. to S. O.
Ballentine, Greenfield, lot, $440,
B. M. A. Meeting1.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Business Men's Association was held
Friday evening. The two most im
portant matters broupht up were the
Belgian Relief Fund and the County
Agricultural Agent. These matters
are handled In articles to be found
elsewhere in the papers. This was
the meeting for 'the nomination of
olllcers and the present olllcers were
all renominated. C. C. Muhlbach,
chairman of the Good Roads Commit
tee, reported that the road question
was being discussed at all Farmer's
Institutes and that considerable senti
ment was being created for good roads.
W. R. C. Officers
The W R. C. held their election of
ofiicers for the coming year Friday,
Dec. 4, the following being elected :
Carrie Holmes, Pres. ; Jennie Well
brook, Sen. Vice. ; Margaret Wedding,
Jun. Vice. ; Mary Uhrlg, Sec. ; Olara
B. Ayers, Treas. ; Louisa McMullen,
Chaplin ; Mary Rhodes, Can. ; Rose
Colvln, Asst.; Florence Stabler, Guard
Sarah Griffith, Asst. ; Mary Shockey,
Pat. First. Press correspondent not
appointed. Color Bearers 1st, Mar
garet E. Morgan, 2nd, Kate Winegard
ner, 3rd, Margaret Srope ; 3rd, Soph
rana Gibson. Musicians not yet ap;
pointed Delegate, Clara B. Ayres.
Alternate, Florence Stabler.
Florence Stabler, Press Cor.
Agricultural Agent.
The Highland County Crop Im
provement Association will hold a
meeting at the Court House Saturday
afternoon at 1 o'clock to consider the
question of securing an Agricultural
Agent for Highland county. It Is
hoped that a state speaker will be
present and address the meeting. All
township vice presidents and the pub
lic generally are urged to attend this
A county agent would be of great
assistance to the county. Hisservlces
would always be at the command of
the farmers to assist in the solution
of all agricultural problems. To se
cure one the people of the county must
obligate themselves to pay $1000 each
year towards his salary and expenses
the state paying the balance.
- --
Our trade on Xmas Candies was so
large last year that we are putting in
new cases and Increasing our capacity
this year. Give us a call before buying
your Xmas Candies. W. B. Hilliard's
I New Quality Store. adv
I Girls give him a nice box of Cigars
or a Pipe for Xmas if he smokes.
Nothing will please him better,
adv W. B. niLLIABD.
Mrs. James W. Smith has been vis
iting relatives in Columbus, since
(Continued from First Page)
have scarcely exceeded 310,000 annu
ally. We have been compelled to
conduct a $10,000 business on an income
of $10,000. This is why the village Is
in debt, and why a bond issue is neces
sary. Next year, thanks to an In
creased tax duplicate, we will receive
about $12,500, which with the mlscel
laneous Income may be raised to
$13,500, but If we are obliged to pay
the light company $5160 of this, we
will have remaining but $8340 to pay
olllcers and employes, repair streets,
keep up the fire department and meet
the thousand and one lesser obllgatiocs
which the village exchequer Is con
stantly burdened with.
If Mr. Beecher and his company can
figure.out how we can make ends meet
under these conditions, we will extend
to them a vote of thanks at our next
meeting. We concede that the prob
lem Is too deep for us.
Another error is the mixing up of
the sinking fund with the ordinery
revenues. This is a separate and dis
tinct fund, provided for by law, and
is available only for the payment of
waterworks and other bonds When
the light company says that we have
$21,000 or $22,000 to conduct the village
all airs, it makes a mistake.
Again the light people say in sub
stance that the bond election was
called for the purpose of ' clouding the
issue." This is wrong. Whether the
light ordinanoe carries or not, a light
ing contract must and will be made(
and money will be needed for this 'pur
pose as well as for cleaning up the
presentdebt of the village. The initia
tive election will cost the village
something like $200, so why not save
the expense of the bond election by
fixing It on the same date?
In brief the arguments are so full of
misstatements as to destroy all their
intended effect, and merely resolve
themselves into an appeal to the people
to loosen the purse-strings of the vil
lage in behalf of Mr. Beecher and his
Much has been said about the incon
venience and danger of dark streets
and of petty crimes being committed,
which the light people urge as a reason
for supporting their light proposition.
Such talk is ridiculous. Accidents
occurred on the streets when they
were lighted, and as for crime the
town was never quieter, the few in
stances of mischief not being out of
the ordinary and traced by the police
to the work of small boys. Indeed,
owing to the dimness of the old lights,
the transition from light to darkness
has bnen scarcely noticible.
Notwithstanding this, Hillsboro
should have lighted streets. If we
haven't the money we must endeavor
to get It by a bond issue or other legal
means, and this council realizes the
necessity for taking action in the mat.
ter. We feel, however, that the light
company's demand is unreasonable,
the price, $5160 per year, is exorbi
tant and the term of the ordinance
too long. The kind of light offered
is not worth near the sum asked,
but if the light company will materi
ally decrease the term of years and
the annual price, the council will give
it a franchise without putting the
question up to the voters. We will pay
a fair renumeration for what we get,
but we cannot grant a pension to the
light company.
The people have been very patient
They want light, but they have, we
think, sufficient faith in the olllcers
elected by them for this purpose, and
we do not believe they will arbitrarily
vote the public money away, when the
defeat of this measure means that
they will get what they v. ant Just the
same, only much cheaper.
The proposed ordinance contains no
provision for a bond to insure its ful
fillment. It is too extended in time,
is defective In several particulars and
one sided in its terms. It was drawn
by the light people themselves without
any opportunity for council to Inter
pose conditions, and must necessarily
be partial to private interest. A vote
for this ordinance will help to bind
the tax-payers to an unreasonable and
unfair obligation continuing for ten
years. On the other hand, a vote
against It does not mean continued
darkness, as Mr. Beecher and his com
pany would have you believe.
D. M. Meneley,
Ed. L. Bennett,
F. J, Kelley,
Light Com. of Council.
Demonstration of Nitrogen Lamps
The Light & Fuel Co. has been giv
ing a demonstration of nitrogen lamps
on W. Main street this week. These
lamps are the same as called for in
the proposed ordinance which will be
voted on Tuesday. The lamps at the
corner of Short and Main and West
and Main streets are the type to be
used in the business section. The one
at the B. & O. Depot is the smallest
lamp called for and the ones at Elm
and Main and in front of S. P Scott's
residence are the second size. The
lamps give an excellent light, well
distributed, and support the conten
tions made for them by the Light Co.
Mlsa Mary Landese. who has been
( trimmer In a millinery store at Lan
caster, the past season, returnee home
last week.
Style No. 44
Shows light
front, rear and
Compiles with
the laws In the
various States
and Municipali
Guaranteed to
positively stay
lit. ThtNevir
out has been,
lor ten years,
the world's
standard; there
fore, you take
no risk.
All styles and finishes ol the celebrated I
NBVHROUT tor sale by
THE M. F. Carroll & Sons Go.
4 --
I Peoples9
Farm and Town property always
for sale. Money loaned on Eeal Es
tate. Wade TubnebJ
Merchants Bank Bldtf.
' The fact Is, the three magazines we
sell with The News-Hekald for 25c
extra, represents the biggest reading
value ever offered the public. Have
you sent us your order ? If not, send
it or phone us today. adv
That part of the story of the Million
Dollar Mystery which will be shown
at the Orpheum tonight appears In
this Issue of The News Herald.
Wo want you to get a club of three
magazines. We sell The news Hek
ald and three big magazines all one
year for only $1.25. Send your order
today by phone or mall. adv
Fon Sale 110 acre farm on plks
near New Market. For partlculare
Inquire at this office. adv tf
Fon Sale Two business houses lo
cated In Hillsboro. They are both we 1
rented and the price asked is low. Ben
C. Strain, Hillsboro, Ohio. (tf)
Hilliard's is the place to get your
lunch while Xmas shopping in Hills
boro. adv
Fifty horses were sold at stocksale
Saturday at prices ranging from $70 to
School and Sunday School teachers
see W. B. Hilliard's before buying your
Xmas treats. adv
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fltzslmmons
and daughter and Miss Wheatley, of
Tennessee, are the guests of Mrs.
Thomas Fltzslmmons.
If you are interested In the Million
Dollar Mystery you should read the
story as it is published In the The
News-Hekald before seeing the
pictures at the Orpheum Thursday
The young ladles of the Fhllathea
Class of the Baptist church will hold
a market, Saturday, Dec. 12, at Gra
ver's Grocery.
Matinee every
Saturday and
Your Kind of a Show
Night Shows
at 7:00 p. m.
Saturday shows
1:15-6:30 p. m.
Episode Number Seventeen
Bralne lays a trap for Jlmmle and by means of a decoy note
almost succeeds. Jones, the butler, comes to the rescue. You
will find just as much action In this as In any number yet. Don't
Miss a Number Now. Only Five More Numbers.
Who is going to get the $10 In Gold offered by the Orpheum?
Another of those old time Animal Pictures with the daring
and pretty Kathlyn Williams in the title role.
The Leopard's Foundling"
This is said to be a fitting
climax to the
Adventures of Kathlyn Series
Shown at this theatre some
few months ago. Everybody
will want to see it. Our big
Jungle Pictures have always
made a hit with our patrons.
You will not bejdisappolnted
in this one as it fairly teems
with action and excitement.
Out of town Folks
will Remember
that our MATINEES start
at 1:15 p. m. Night shows
on Saturdays at 6 30 p. m.
Saturday, Dec. 19,
"The Chip of the Flying U"
Big Three Reel Western with
Tom Mix, the Greatest Cow
boy In the world, and Kathlyn Williams in the leading roles. This
one is a Hummer.
" ??KJUfV
: : ?wm
V". 5X i'.T '
s J .. '
S -, i WW". .'isW. '-'" S! ':
V.v v sVjWw5fc$
" ' ' ; V ' ' , ' ' " '
'' " , "- S ' ' . X " '
This is the day set for "The Holy Name Rally" and "The Corner
Stone Laying ol the Cathollo School" In Cincinnati, Ohio. Many
local persons are interested in these two Big Features. Fix this
date firmly In your mind.
Is Going to be ZUDORA "'s ,mmense
Same Characters as In the Million Dollar Mystery. Watch for
the date of the first number. Each Number Complete.
Something New Again-Christmas Shoppers Matinee.
In order that the hundreds of Xmas shoppers that will be In
the city during the few days preceding Xmas may have some place
to go and rest, and atjthe same time be entertained, we will run a
big special matinee on
This is going to be a Big Day in the Old Town. Everybody is
going to be here that day to attend
Make your arrangements now to join the crowds and be sure
and attend our Big Matinee. We have succeeded in securing for
the occasion
"The Royal Wild West"
The Greatest Two Reel Western Burlesque Ever Shown.
Fix this Date Firmly Tuesday, December 22 Be nere.
T.igymniini $if -
-i Ti.Trrrr r

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