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- ' . ,v-. . , : . - :
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ifc5tli ii ,r.
"..i-tke ti;nA" Vt Ukm?! without
': i !:!: :''. iri-wss by tL'e HKil'.ciavj.in'.
uj nt the present time. But bright
' ' -jW'Sa ceninc, hM corrc as to successful
v AND TAR, now only gives immediate relief in
, - Coughs nndCoids.crnthc testimony of anon
V. of the highest"' Md clsewhc.H
,r....om.rkabla cures of Consump-
, Tjjion. Improvements in tie treatment of des
are onward, and noting can nw "
- t2 Ptesent . age. . Thoa. who nVe-.affl.ctco.
leased Lng.v would do weU. to call the.
V "Agent and see the :certificatcs of Dr.m. J.
" v Bicnar4 Judge-.WSH-BnrVe.tte wife of the
-: Rev Geo. W. Malcy, and of Dr. Hiram Cox. lute
f, '. Professo in the Eclectic Medical College in Cin-
- rrrmati.
i Pot sale in Pomeroy by J.
P. Flmino and D.
Besd, Agents for Meigs county.
rrDa; Guvsorr's Iiipaovito Extsact or Ylx-
. . . juow Doc nd Sawapariixa is a sure .w..,
"Hereditary Taint. .. :.; '. : r
"-."Thdusands-bfindividuals are cursed with griev,
9ui complaints, which they inherit from theii pa-
' rents. The use of the Yellow Dock and Sarsa-
' tUriila' will' save all this, and save a vast amount
of misery; and many valuable lives, for it tho
' t.-roughly expels from the system the latent taint,
W which "is the seed of disease, end so takes off the
' 1 ' curse by winch the sins or misfortunes of the pa
C!"renis,'axeso often visitel upon the innocent off
;., spring.. '
: V; Parents owe it to their children to guard them
-:-tf,itt ihnemieta of maladies that may be com- ;
.!municated ' by descent, and children of parents
'. Ti.Wt have at any time been affected with Con
:',".umption, Swofula or Syphilis, owe it to them-
" selves to Uke precaution against the disease be
ng. revived in them. Quysotfs Extract of Yel-
low Dock and Sarsaparilla is a sure antidote;
.o b. cases. See advertisement.. "35v4n
H. B. SMITH, -
IDcaler in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware,
r r Quacnsicare, ele
the corner of Cherry and Front, where he
will be happy to greet his numerous friends and
. customers with another (the fifth) lot of old
Goods. Having purchajed the entire stock of
,T. W, Williams and connected his own therewith
he is prepared to trade fur every marketable arti
cle, cosh not excepted, upon termi to suit.
. N. B. The Stove Store and Tin and Copper
Establishment will be continued in the old stand
one door below by SMITH & THOMPSON.
July 90, 1S59.
CLOTHING mnde to order and warranted in
every pnrticulnr by 11. B. SMITH.
Boots & Slioc.8. Wisnioif to close out this
part of my trade I will sell below the usual
' fatesat wholesale or retail. H. B. SMITH.
July 97, 9369.
1linilcr.Weathcr boards and inrh poplar
j ft.rsale by II.-JLIEIL.
B Tickets Tnbs. From the Marietta
Factory for sale at SMITH'S.
lass Jars, Tea Boxe3, Lampa and other
Store room furniture for sale at 5MITHg
rooms. CO doz. at wholcjale at
o.tii i n .a.
OMXTII says that the Cash system works like
u iioa lnf returned from the
L 1 1 cnann. iic I,. , . ,.
"ftueen City and is prepared to accommoda e us
vnuinerous customers with the following articles
"at hia cash prioes.
'0 Barrels best Molasses;
16 do Middling and Extra Sugars;
10 Boxes Knisins; . .
10 . do Soap; -'
' 10 dp 'CaHdles:
i"F' Crackers; Soda and Butter do..
M--tfW5Tea.'e. , , , ,
- Apices wd other articles belonpng to the trade
' at Wholesale or Retail. Call and ice him first
house above the Rolling Mill. "He's there."
TirATFOBM SCALES, for sale at Cin
1 xcinnnti prires, at
onawlia SaU-
i0 barrels for snlo very
low for cash at
f I ' WENTY-FIVE Bushels Shoe Pegs, ns
i sorted sir.es, from the best factors in the Uni
ted States, for sale at SMITH'S.
m c ai d A splendid article of No. 1 for cnle at
JV-May 6, 1851 SMITH'S.
jii "TEA STOBE. HnvinK just received
Bsll a new supply of that splendid TEA, from
SiS&Philadelpliia, 1 offer it to the public with
renewed inducements. H. B.SMITH, Agent
July 17, 1851. -
Codrt Fountain for sale, with the re-
P ceipts and appurtenances, at
. enmrnita
( : t v. Maya, 'looi. -
- ' i.T EATIIEIt. Upper, Calf, Topping, Lin
' . ' I' A,n J P.i.nliniT nkins. for snle nt tilt! store of
VTdeclI'lSSO. ' H.B.SMITH.
I OLE LEATHER, A splendid article o
t Cincinnati and Hemlock tan, for sale at
mi ( i . wiuira.
T LA STING FOAVDEK. 25 kegs just
Sreceived on commission and for sale upon the
nrincinle. bv . II. B. SMITH.
iris. Bed Pins just receiv-
Oefl nd for sale by.
II. B. SMITH, Agent
'hi-THE Second term of Mr. Wiluams' Singtnh
V'ilass will commence on Saturday evening thc5tt
Unat, at half past seven o'clock, in the basemen;
jf the Presbyterian church. Persons desirous of
jniting with the class arc invited to be present on
mat evening.
July 3, 8500. n38w3. "
1 J Fi HAVING newly fitted up my Whwrf Koat,
. I :. ind improved its Capacity, l am prepareu 10 ic-
f l neivnd forward all kinds of (foods, produce, &.C.,
' -jj 4, eirher uji or down the river, at the most reasona
f; L- tle rates. Having made permanent arrangements
'"with the steamers plying regularly to Cincinnati
v and Pittsburgh, lam prepared to forward freights
,k'Ji M- uniform rates regardless of the season. Those
1 wishing to ship on the Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
. 4 Packets, or on any of the smaller boats plying re
( 'ulaily "Ohio," "Reveille," or "Gov. Meigs,"
fi ' f can make their shipments through me nt a great
advantage. My charges are moderate, and as my
'"' facilities forstoring goods arc not exceeded byany
' iX ' sonsult their own interests by advancing mine.
, i Vf'areful and attentive hands are always ready day
j i ' una nigui, 10 rewire w uii.iiaiKu
f Families removing to the West can be ac-
: '0mmoi:,'l on board theV hnrr Boat.
W4 iunel2n36 - -r . , . J- Hf.
N. B. Alllettcrs 8nd freight should be direct
f .d". Martin, Pomeroy Wharf Boat, Court House
"-Aw-'-snding." L .r.
,, y'fT.; gxAthens Messenger copy to the anWunt C -l
' 'r o-
?' jJtsiK, Ketrular romoroy tind
V1'M Forlsraouth Semi-Weekly
I I ' sVarUHThe Samcr
nd ensrge tuw oino
irtiiw rtnrtHAKER. Mastkb. will make semi-
weekly trips between Pomeroy and "Portsmouth.
Leaves Pometoy every Monday nnd Thursday,
nt 7, o'clock, A, M, .
Leaves Portsmouth every Tuesday nnd Fiiday,
at 10 o'clock, A. M,
i fitted up expressly fof the Pomeroy and Portsmouth
untie, wm arKiiiiuijr, luuviug (iruj;;pii in
' lvf Louis. All business eatrustwl o this Jioat,
-will receive particular attention.
fc. . a r '
'omaroyi wuguni. to, ao. n,
W T "
ITtlP - . . V, . . I.IT..H 1. . - 1 . 1 ,,
t i no auuDciiuci Winn ,u Hitiv Qweiung
' house; also, his corner house, at present ocoupied
' na i Thai, Pnltirtnt an1 VaWnr Klirm :,V
the whole lot. Said property is situatod in the
ninflt nilhlirt nart nf f!rfilinm KULiim. Tim tvi.im-
iSt-s is well cslciiln.ed for any kind of mercantila
ror iurmcr 1'nn.iiMiiara nppiy on me
promises to. M. C. (UilCENLEE.
f : " "DRANT!.S ;
The Orcat COL'CJI IIE.IEDr. ,
Many yrm of expertCTea, ud more tW Hnndrnd
Ttasunnnil Caren of t'onsnmiiiire Cumi'lmnti, lva
prnvud to tlw untliHibti-d MtiErHCUoo ot li pr9una wlin Iiuvq
baonn irmmiMetl vllh Un, ymdtrfui rtmrt, ihat U ii Tent,
ly nnerlor, bscaiiw It U moiMng ind ktoJIng, ml -,
eercala la care ConMinntton of U Lungs, Uiu mi
ollwr Esmedy Id iha world. We know, kowarer, Unt ll I isid
ky 101118 tbai Cotmmpiloa tin not be cured. Be that tha opin
ion of ih many or tlie few, wa ahail not aiiompt to argua wliii
auch, but th la wa wiU aoyt and do atnrt aa a (Swt, whirb ran ba
roTa In thoojuinda ofcaaaa, that toll motltctna hna cared
Cough and dum&a wblcb, MAwr the curea war affected, wore
callad rent Cetuumptlon, and wbick ware attended wita
lymjttoMm that rosaiiiblaa, and ware In nil rvmmb tikt thoayin.
toma of thoaa wao Ht, and wAm tUa are satd to hare dwd wllb
'that fatal dlaaaaa Consnmnlion. Tola Balaam haa cured
IkoHMadf of peraona wbo were aaid to be bopeleaHly arthclt'il
who bad hard, dry, rasHnf Coniiaa Aiau In the Brevet.
Sida, and had Dlfflcalry of Brrathlna Pvrulmi Ktm
toraHonHttk hertrMght-SiaU aitd waatllMr nwfiy
of the Fleea and Bleed, Peraona having auch eomplainta
have been cured alto II waa aald tbay mmtd eat live) a week
louxer. Tula Medicine kaa cored aoma who were aoppoaed to
ba In a dylna atate, but. by the uae of tble remedy, tbey
Bow lire, and anloy gooi nealth.
Thin Balnani u rwrWy a ngttatiU mmfimX It la nlaae.
ant to lake, and aaaar iom injury In any ataya of dlaeaae or andar
anyelrcumatancea. It eSecuita wonderful and almotl mU
raeaieaa unrea Dy faniylnir, strmgihmiKg, and lavln-
Cure the following dtaoaiee, vU. i
Cohsumptioxi. Vv'
COUGH9 and CoUt, DrmdUrb, aetaaal SaiMao o AaaaV
hi ding at (Aa Long,, Paha m lAa Sruil, SuU, and ClmL Nw
aotimari, A'fe Sloan U, Palpitation of Ma Haert, and all FK
niALH V EAKNKMhKrt and Co-planl ariilsi there
from. Chelern lnlkntaau. ke.
Br For Proof and particular! of Cnrea, tee oar Pai
eta and Hamibillt-tSX our Asenta bare ihen to (Ire aw
ILI.A. The remedy for Purifvinu the
and curing disease, and the only remedy that is
inorougnty emcient and perfectly harmless.
ThisMcdicinc.when used Recording to directions
Will Cure Without Fail.
Scrofula, or King's Evil, Cancers, Tumors, Erup
tions of the skin, Erysipelas, Chronic Sore Eyes,
ringworm, or Tetters, Scald headRheumatism,
Pains in the bones or joints, old sores and
ulcers, swelling of the glands, SypbiliB,
Dyspepsia, Suit Rheum, diseases of the
kidneys, loss of appetite, diseases ar
rising from the use of Mercury,
pnin in the side and shoulders,
general debility, dropsy, lum
bago. The best Female Medicine knowu. Incipient
Consumption, Barrenness, Leucorrhea or Whites,
Irregular Menstruation, Incontinuence of Urine,
General Prostration of the System, Depressed
Spirits and Gloomy State of Mind are cured by
mediate relief, by renewing the fountain of Health
and Strenth, the Blood, it neutralizes bad hu
mors,, stnps unnatural secretions, and gives heal
thy action to all the' vital powers.
Its mild alterative properties render it peculiar
ly applicable to the slender and delicate consti
tution of the female. It immediately contracts
that distressing nervousness nnd lnssilmle so
common to the female frame, and imparts an en
ergy and buoyancy as surprising as they are grate
ful. We have evidence on file, which induces
us strongly to recommend this medicine to rr.sr
rien people who have not been blessed with off
spring. Prolnpsis Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, of five
years standing, cured by Dr. Gupsott's Extract
of Yellow Dock nnd Sarsaparilla, after every
other known remedy had been tried without
relief. '
Washington, 0., February, 1849.
This certifies that my wife, aged twenty seven
years, has been suffering under the above com
plaint for five years; nearly all thattime confine -to
her bed. I have for four years constantly em
ployed the best medical talent that could be pro
cured in this section of the country, without any
benefit whatever. I have also purchased every
instrument recommenced for the cbreof such dis
eases, all of which proved worthless.
In the spring of 1848, was induced by my
riends to try Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock and
Sarsaparilla, which was u g d for four months.
After she had used it for about four weeks, it
was evident to all of us that she improved rapid
ly, and gained flesh nd strength, until she is
now enjoying excellent health.
We being neighbors to Wra. and Julia Mon
fort, know that the above statement as to the
sickness of Mrs. Monfort, and as to the cure being
effected by "Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sui ;n
parilla," to be strictly true.
ING. The following is on extract of a letter dated
March 27, 1850, from E. B. Perkins, M. D., o
highly respectable physician of Marietta, Ohio: r
John Park Dear Sir: I have under my care a
young woman who, for sixteen yenn, has been
suffering from Ulcerated Limbs, nnd whose case
has been pronounced hopeless by three of oui
best physiciaus. 1 took her into my family, and
have ured Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsapa
rilla freely, and I am confident that the Yellow
Dock and Sarsaparilla will effect a permanent
cure. She is better in general health than she
has ever been before, and walks a mile or two
without fatigue or pain. A a pear ago she used
crutches. I will report the case in due time
Very respectfully, E. B. PERKINS.
OXlf the reader will observe, he will see that,
in nearly all cases, the patient has tried nearly
every physician within his reach, and nearly
every remedy; but when he hits upon Guysott's
Yellow Dock and Sarsapnrilln, the cure is immediate.'-..
;. ,
Eloominu Grove, Dec. 1st 1849.
Messrs. S. F. Bennett St Co. Gents; Some
time in 1813 I was attacked with King's Evil m
my arm, which became so Bare that t ould not
use it, nnd in l845r mortificationvs1rC"a'e'lTr4
brity within my reach; aU tyrf my that my arm
must be nmputnted.- Prrf the shoulder to the'
forearm, my arm was fuirof running sores', Borne
of them as large as a fifty-cent piece. I then
tried an Indian Dodlir, who removed the morti
fied llcsh, and" sUrfipt.d . the mortification, but
could not heal Ay arm. My strength ot this
time was completely exhausted, and my person
much emaciati V 1 continued in this state until
the summeYom 843, when. I saw an advertise-
meat 'of "Gujjott's Yellow Dock and 'Sorsapa
rilla," which I read attentively;' and sent for one
botue ot tnefrticte: After, using it a few days,
the disoliarii p. from my arm -increa.ed, and as
sumed a 'liglit color,and, less offensive odor. 1
sent for a -Svaoiid bottle,: and" while 'using it I
found my strength increasing, and the discharges
from my arm .Hixreasing'. I continued usim, it
until I had utM six bottles, though 1 felt myself
pcriecujyour- ueiore . r used the sixth bottle.
Since that tii,.v I have not felt any pain in my
arm; no sores -iVo reappeared, and I have no
reason to doubt Inw it is thoroughly cured, for I
have no reason Wmbt that it is thorouehlv
cured, for I can labiT. with it as well us 1 ever
couiu. X,.
"Gnysott's Yellow DoeTmid Sarsaparilla" e
lnnn cured me: T tink nn nikW rpinmlv ...l.;i
i ..Vl a ";t.. . r!T? ' """
1131 h "H, -OI1U naa A USCa It nt III MlaiaUUULlu.J
" 1 . . r t. , . l TV. T 1
anceot'iiiS malady, I fully believe
11 WOU1U Il&Ve
saved me from VCZ.TS of suffering. And ,1 most
earnestly recommed eviiry person suffering under
any similar disease, to use "Uuysott's Yellow
Dock and, Sarsaparilla,',' which vT.'U restore them
0 health. Yours iu gratitude, . t .
' -r O. M. LEONARD.
BTNone genuine unless put up in large bottles,
containing a quart, and name of the sXrup blown
in tne glass, wn& mo written signature, u. p. Ben.'
nott. on the outaide wrapper. . ;
O'Frico $1 per bottle, or 6 bottlrs fin
Bold by J. D. PARK, Cincinnati,, 0,
North-east corner Fourth and Walnut sts vu
trance on Walnut st, -to .whom all orders must
be addressed. .
For sale by D. Reed, Pomeroy .G. V. Cooper
a Uo., umster, Joiin f rame,. uc o vine; J. (Jnoe-
hart, fi Co., Point Pleasant; John I erkins, Athens;
Maguet &Naret,yallipoJi8,v8..vMtinny, Wjlkos-
viue; u.j. rayne, rortei. r
may2Uno24. -K ;.; .
C!.tP& CANDLES. A good 'article: of
O lith en hand nnd loj sale iiy tlurbnx.
',..., GEO W(.H0LMES.
."S-Hts oXtJKitStWM:. UjiMlfliis Hoiise
j.. ;a:l Lot in; Scat V B H.vUan's
iiljr eo&hbank " Tl.e miS the tow SOJby 08
'iUftwo ft.iies tmd.ajiitlf high,. Tlm".Ju-er
S.cry is iticcj siuiicicr.i u lit. p i '" ei.v( (t
Lusrilitii,' lionse. Tha lower sUiry its OS leel- Siiuare
of a roniii. The second "iry has t wo largo rooms,
with n toort firi ulaca. -1'hc uiuier story is all in
on; room.' with a good fireplace. Also, a rood
e-ellar, 0.) by 13 feet. Tlio lot is GO . fcet in front
Any person 'wishiwjrto purchase this property
aiiaU Jive a kiont batirniii. .. . .
May 82,.0naV:-iil?-vird , -. . " '
. ITT lioloswJo and Kctail Dcsilftr in
VV Foreign and -Domestic Fruits, Nuts, and
Confectionery, " '
would resnectfully announce to his customers,
nnd the' public, that he has constantly on hand a
large assortment of every article in his line, which
he h prepared to warrant equal to any brought to
th:a mnrket. ' - - - ,' ' ' ''
. lie keeps constantly on hnnd,'besidts CANDIES
and coNFlsCTiuwiatif.
; --CITRONS, ' AIAION0S, ' '
And in a word every variety of articles usually
found in' a wholesale Fruitery nna L-oniecuoncry.
Ilnvini? an excellent BAKERY attached he is
prepared to furnish BREAD, CAKES, CRACK
ERS, PIES,'ctc.i as may be desired.
0Parties furnished to order. '
' The subscriber pledges himself to. keep such a
stork ns cannot be surpassed in this Market.
Dealers generally, and especially Merchants
from the country, are invited to call.
inrOrders promptly and satisfactorily filled. . ,
JJJcrneroy, May 29, 0fiS5
uiou Syrup, for sale wholesale and retail
JtJtl rj
r1!?. r,Tre,.ltI.-This delicious summer lux-
I ury will be served every evening and families
supplied to order at - - HObblLK. b. ;
IO COFFEE.--0 Imps superior article
iust received and for sale low at No 4. ;
20 boxes fine regalias;
10 do Cnnoncsj
13 ' tin Fine Havannn;
6000 Commons on hand and
foale low by GEO W HOLMES.
HOUSE BUGGY can be ohtainea on ll
lir rnl tprms liv flnnlication to
PUUtlE OLD VIIiSKEV.-20bbls. on
hand from one to three years old for sale at
Messenger, Down Sunday, ' I p Wednesday,
Buckeye State,
Keystone Staie,
" Thursday,
" iriuay,
Thuruday, "
" . Saturday, " Tuesday,
Ohio, Down Tuesday. Up Sunday.
) Leaves Pomeroy Monday & Thursday
Keveille, j portsm'th Tuesday & Friday.
Between Fltstairphjtlarteita, rome
roy and tijtllipolis.
The new and fust running stenm-
m J or GOV. MEIGS, Captain John N.
riiar , :i, 1. i- ..lk.
irwiiiLXB Ollt-NK, Will H1UIVO liguiui wcom;
trips betwtt:ii the above ports. ' '
Leav ing Pittsburgh for Marietta, Pomeroy and
Gallipolis, every TUESDAY, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Returning leaves Pomeroy for Marietta and
Pittsburgh, every THURSDAY at 9 o'clock, A. M.
June 09, 8005. n37tf. "
Frotostnnt Episcopal Rev. Tuohas B.
Doolev, Rector: Services every Sabbath mommg,
St 101 o'clock.
Prcsfcytcriaw Rev. R. Wilkinson, Pastor
Services every Sabbath morning at 104 o'clock.
Methodist Episcopal Rkv.U.'F "Given,
Pastor: Services at the upper church on alternate
Sabbath mornings, at 10 o'clock at lower church,
every Sabbath afternoon, at 3 o'clock. '
Remain Catholic Rev TiiKoviiii.ua Kkaf,
Priest: Services every Sabbath morning. . '
liriu;m Methodist Rev.
Mr. Geyer,
Mr. Habel,
Services every Sabbath morning.
crman Lutheran Rev.
Services every Sablath morning.
ItIASOMSC. Pomeroy Eodpc,
No. 104, Stated Meetings, the Monday
Evening, on or before the full moon in each
month. Hall in Murphy'B building, Second St.
rjTH I. O. O. E. Naomi Lodffc,
gsgNo.. 117, Meetings .on every Friday
Evening. , Hnll in Edwards' building. .
twjf wciiare ii vision, o. , Suns
OV:0' Tcniperance, Meetings every Saturday
t'i Salisbury Division No. 293,
OfaV Sons of Temperance Meetings on Saturday
JLjxti Evenings. Hull, Rice's building Middleport
SJflufsial Ponnt. Division No. 1
y! SonSSaniV Daughter.", of Temperance meet
WwS ints evey Fridpy rtftcrnoon at the Sons'
Ila'l in Pomeroy. ?-
. jaat3rZGia-JBXS3SaSa '
new and very h:lsome one sent BUGGY;
and one asgbod as iUw with two seats, will be
sold at less than cost.. EED 6c BROTHER.
June 30, MOO. . V '
toves. Two medium rz'c office Stoves used
only one winter just a irood as new. for sa'e
very low by"'1 . ; ;RE$D & BROTHER. '.
ONE HUNDRED DOZENS!' Lanes celebrated
Vermifuge for sale at t M6 per doen by '
June 2(5, 1500. . , , R. jS.. EDWARDS. '
IjMonr Always on hanif fend for sale by ,
Rye Whiskey--50 ffnrtels Old Rye, for sale
pt No 6. ' OAKES & BUSKIRK.
I invite tht attofrtion of Couniry Merchant! to
my stock of JWitions and Fancy Goods, wh.cn
can be sold aLiriw prices and on reasonable terms,
consiRtinarth part of the following articles
ii'...... r a m-ir".- nu.t.
1 1 I" 1 uuimcv, vhii uiiu inm-iti muuuuoj
Hi Mi a. t..v cm.. n..:n iwu.
I Ufa i nun, uiuu, .-Manuifi, nnu t iu uuiuuj ,
Q00 White and colored Spool Thread;
iw lbs. " Skein do
00 " Black assorted Patent . do
000 dor,. Artificial Flowers; '
000 Elementary Spelling Books;;
200 " Gum Suspenders;
200 Gross Hooks and Eyes; v .
300 Pearl and Agate Shirt Buttons;
600" " Coat and Pant . - do ,
500 W. Plain and Ribbed Percussion Caps;
60 ." Rockwell 4 Sen and Bates' Needles;
-60 doz Men's Cotton and Lisle Thread Gloves;
20 " llcrlin Lined and Wool Ulnves;
" Ladies' Lisle Thread and Cotton do
" Kid and Silk ' do
" Military Shaving Soap;
" Batons '
' Clothes and Hair.Brushess -'
Shaded Comforts;
" ! Me Lane's Celebrated Vermifuge and Pills;
60 Packs Pmsi
Laoes, Edglnns, Fringes and Plaid Grecianetto;
Silk apd Worsted Coat Bindings, Silk Thread
mid I wist, &.C. tKc. ,
, - E. ,S. EDVt'A'ttDH.
Puiiirrt.y, April 07, Hny
CCiM'Y AL'rTiOXEEU.-Tht Uu-rfp
vc S!re ma HlfcL l'RALL, nss ln Ep-
i-M' ;1, ti'jalifiud.W.d i;ivm
borld Bs'Aui'tiimetr
eive c,i commiffaon'and sell (ools
on :l i W'.Ti.-:" :';r.na. ..ail ai rxo. l move swre
. Pf..rMrfiy, Matvh 27, 008i.no27tf.
, ftZ aeon
A n.
wktwo horse WAGON wel
t 7 - i
rolled and complete in all particulars, foj
salOjby- nprUOT V HEU.1J ft HKU
rrHE SUBSCRIBER has on band and is piepn
' ' I . recLto sell 1L kinds of Buggies one or two
.'inrse nianuiiu irom ine uect mpicriais, aim
of the latest styles The prices are very reasona
ble, and the Vovk warranted. . Those wishing to
purchase one of these indispensable atticles Of
cenuort are inviteii'iocau.
, fo'incoy, Muy 8,0085.. -
JUDGE NY E-resume the practice of the Law
. He will attend the tfdurts in Meigs and Gallin,
and theother counties of the (prcsent)-cigrrtlrcir-
Cttit. .' 1 :. april07n28w4pd
.1851. SfRN GOODS. , IS51.
"T71 tl. EDWARDS' has jiist' received from
jLtia the East fi Inrgfr assortment hi" new and de
sitable Golds,, which in additiontp his previous
stock constitutes as -large an assortrselit ns can be
found in-this retion of couniry. mis an'cies are
rof 'the best quality, and he will sell at a very small
advance on eastern prices. Among Ins articles
may bo founds large variety of DRLSS GOODS,
consisting of
'rigiued and Watered Dress Silks;
Printed French Grenadines, Beragcs, Tissues, 4.0
. Black, Green and Maroon French Mennoes;
Black, Green, Mode and Maroon Thibet Cloths;
Black and Fancy Alpacas;-
Figured, Plain and Barred Swiss Muslins; : .
A large assortment of Printed Lawns, corapri
sing the newest styles; ' -
frerch Printed Jaccmets, Ginghams, &e.
With an . assortment of .Worsted. Linen, and
Cotton Goods for Men's summer, wear. ; .
Together with a splendid assortment of Prints of
the newest and most nysiraiiie styles. - 1
Bleachetl and Browsj Sheetings and Slurtimts:
'ALSOf Cloths, . Catssimcrua, ' Satinetts,' Jeans J
l weeds, etc. . ... i , .. x
Pomeroy, April 07, 0085.
Collars, Chemisettes, nnd flrmlprl Kirirti!. f ir
sale by aprilOT '-' EDWARDS.
JENNY LINftllilMMlNt.S ofTiTc
lors, at ' apiiq? ' JDWAfiDS.
iToiiery A fine assortment of Ladies' snd
Children's Hose, comprising every variety
just received by '. spril07
ace Boots Kid, Morocco.'Cnlf nnd Kip,
for sale at nptU07 EDWARDS. 1
incn, Cotton, .aTiconet hud Swifs Fdgipj"
j nnd Inscrtin'gs, fur sa'e at - ''
april07 J- ' ' ' EDWARDS.
TJAISINS. 25 b4xcs Just received and for
11 sale low at No i- GliU W HUJuMES.
Black, Colored, White Kid and Si
jf Gloves of superior quality, at
Waiters and Half. Gaiters, Kid, Morocco, Ca'f
I and Kin Buskins, and Jenny Lmd Ties.
Also, a good assortinemfof Misses and Children's
Buskins, ami iaceiioois, lor sale at .......
aprii07 - : EDw ARflB'; '
T B OBACCO. 20 boxes fine v a. and Ky. leaf
I received from the manufacturers, and f
sale low at No 4.
SI. l!a1a,AlJS aK..VaAtiS:13..U
'a Sl'BUP, a good article, low at
COHEN, has the pleasure of announcing that
. through every obstacle and "in despito of all
misfortune he is asain at bis p6st witlia splendid
lot of Clothing He has passed thwragh the fire
and has not boon found wauUhir. AUhoTfgh'line'of
the severest sufferers, yet-through the kindness of
tnends, his establishment, Phccnix-liKe, Das risen
from its ashes, with ajl its former beauty arid excel
lence restored. He hopes his buying friends wiU
rally around him and assist in the work of recover
ing his loss. ' . j . "J'
luliiisgr for t!i Thousands. . . .
CoiiKNpnn Front, street, dispensing - .o his
countless, customers the most superb, convenient,
cheap and durable articles of Clothing ever heard
of in the annals of time. Come one and alt and
be habited. Summer goods of all descriptions for
sale unusually cheap.
vv e reaj that in the days of old, . -
The Poets sung of mystic Love, j
But fur tlie biist naw things have changed, .
. As in these stanzas we shall prove. - .
To Cohen give your attention; - '
Facts of imparlance he will nientioti: ' t
' On Front street, at the old stand,
As every person surely knows,
He always keeps a fresh supply ' ; , ';:
Of tasty, good, and well made clothes;
Cloaks and coats of every cut and kind,
!i To please the most fastidious mind;
Pants and Vests the vary best,
He eveikeens'fcu.i'M(l-i ' '.'
Collars nnd (Shirts end fancy Hots,
i lie miesi siyiu wuniu ine ianu; .
' r me eiuin ano suk piusu cups, 4
Marietta Shoes and -Boots,
And fancy 'gentleman's furnishing goods,
Cottons, Silks,' Linens and Hosiery, "
Carpet Bags, Truaksand Jewelry -There
is neibarcity. - ' ': "l
Those who would be wise will come and buy
of his supply, oii Front between Court and Liud
streets, at Cohen's Headquarters.
1'omeroy, June v;o, 1861. n38tf.
IStf OP EETTEllS itmmning in-
fostumce at romeroy Sept. 80, 1851.
Allen W D
. Hysell Henry
Andutjcm Jno ,
Austin J P ; ;
, IlowardJ H-'4',V 1 :
; JainesJphn H- '
Lcyshon Thomas ' ''
'.'i'M'Ilvane Alex, '..'.'
'M'MuslorJ.,.r --!. .-
v Meak. .-.
Man.' 'oiiu 'M:i'.,',.'v,
' Mntlack Joseph -v-:
! Morgan Wm L'
'. Ncwlmijapics,
Nobb Mrrry " k)
'Nelsnn John' '"' ' '" -'
Noble Wm.L,
Brown Harriet
Rysh'J.no W v,.1'1
Bolsley Hiromi -
Bissell S W
Burnet J ' " '
Bui id Martha
Bailey Wm
Boyd James' . ..
Balcom Wrh ".
OinryJjs. ii:-
Clymei Jamti
Cnmpbeli Esther
Crooks Sarah
Oliver Kjry , ,
Parker, James A -.v
Parker S M & K Alle'n
Cooper Jane
Urooks Wjt :
Casey Wm - 4"2
Deveriuy John
Dewney S W ' .
PhiUips David D -
Payne Lawrence "r
Piunbridj David 1 '
Patten Joseph- ' ' '
Pam.'jridj Cicalia ' , ? .' ;
Ross Marian .
Davis O F
'Erins Jemmima .1
Elliot John .
Evans John
Robson Rulpl
ijc;,i.,. i..v.
Farmer OB", '.
Frongback F W
Fowler Wra -
Stoe ArnstnaV
FignerJas L
" olepheus Wtg
Gush John . ..4
Gattle George
Gill James
Grusc Peter - " '
. Sanders John
; Stlinpson Horace W '"'
Shed Mrs Mary
Stitt Wm
. Vnmtst Peter
Weldon Mary
Williams Jonn F
Williams John
' Wamsdroff Ii
Watson Wra
Weisonback Henry
Gilbert Giles
Halsey Dolly Ana
nopiuns Jonn
Hino Peter
Henry Jacob - ,
Hermann Ratherjne
October 7, 1851. n47w3.
Aitoriieys and fonnscllors at! Law,
aud Solicitors ia Chancery,
' Athens. Alliens County, Oido,
I bufiinew entrusted to them in the Ohio Courts or
Tin lit,. a n . . .. .1 .. .
it) . . u: ,
V vtii J . . ,
... uvuu oiiu oupreuiq uouns 01 tne united
States. , '
IfTOfflce tight door West of the Post Ofliet
mill oppose nH. Ouiwt Uons-i;.'
July norm, 8Sv yuf. ..ik. .
Asent. ,Tbo undersigned linving esUlili"h-
cil a Store at she residence of Myron Wells, on
iicrs? Cave Creek, v. ill Keep said store constancy
supply. 1 T. itli siifli good.-! a may nt any time be
wnitlcd by the citizens' in that section. It is our
design to seH at Pourny prices, though tx me sr
ticks in Groceries, during bad roads, a small ad
vance will be added. Any article wanted by the
citizens not iu said store can be ordered end sen!,
out at shortest notice.
Tiie stock in said .store is now much larger than
heretofore. So that customers will find nenrly as
full an assortment as in'tiny store in Poroeny.--Prodiicc
till be taken in exchange at the mnrket
drice in Pomeroy. EE ED 4 BROTHER.
Novemlier 27, 0350' '
THE subscriber has been appointed agent for
the gale of the celebrated works, medicines
and Instruments of Dr. Fitoh, viz:
' fSix Lectures t
on the cause, treatment, and permanent cure of
Consumption. - ' -
Silver-plated Kuprorters, -Patent
Kteel Spring!.. Sliouidc-r UraccsBilvcr Ex
halinj Tubes. ,-''
-Mclielnesf '
Including Pulmonary Hnisam, Pectoral Exffccto
rant, Pure Medical Cod Liver Oil, Pulmonary
Liriiinent, Heart Corrector, Humor-.Corrector, De-
piirali".'6 Syrup, Anti-Dyspeptic
tic Pills, Cholera and Chol(S6i
ixture, Cathar
ine, Verinifujre,'
The above .nrm the "vateihw. trealineil of Pul
monary Consuinptioii,A!.,iim, Heart iiii'eiiScg,
4c, which has becteso eminei'yfluccensful in
relieving and cunnk'Tliooe diser
JSUtJie above
remedies are prenared bv Dr. F. Tor his cr."f.Uce,
and warranted 'good. ' His rupeutation,.-fUiud.i&
on success, will s-coinmend them to. tl.e afi'ac'ed,'
who win nna nrf iicii's "uuideto invalids; a
valuable book. It is given away at the store of
the agents. Those sufferuiK from.falline of the
womb HryTd Dr..F.'s Supporter light 'and plea
sant, and fitting perfectly, arid at the same lime
most efficient. The Shouhlep Brace, also is lk'ht
and efficient. The articles alone, cr taken to
getliijr, ere unsurpassed by any article fever made.
J. f. rLbWlNii, only aeent for Men's countv:
also, Wholcsuie and-Rulail Druggist, end dealer
in Glassware, .Window Class, Wench, English,
Gennan and American Chemicals.- &c. &.c. in
Remington's building, Front street -
septemheril tf, Ut50. yO.
uiiilrics. . . . , ' ,
Log chains snd Mnthooks; - .
Hoes Hakes ana f orks; . ..
: Long Handle Shovels; . "i i
Plough Hrunes; -...''
' X Cut Saws; ,
Broad Axes;
Steelyards and Hand ScaleRj '
One large warehouse Scales;
For sale very choap. REED A. BROTHER.'
Oi'dinaiice in i vuardto ccVtaiu Sidc
Sec. 1..BE IT ORDAINED bv 11, a Tnn
Council of the town of Pumcroyi
that the property holders on iho nnHlwrlv
side of Front street in said town be. nnd are
uereiiyreuuireu to construct, and keep in repair,
a side walk on the northerly side of Front street,
as lollows, to-wit: iaid side walk may 1 of
woou, linen or stone, sliull be of the same grade
us litis been fixed by ordinance for Front stieet,
and shall extend from Hie Chester rocd fio called,
to the wep'.trly limits of the town.
Said side walk shall le four feet wide fixim said
onefiier road to Mr. Urant's lane; and six feet
wide from said lane to the westerly end of Sec. 2.
Sec. 2. IT 13 FURTHER ORDAlNKf) lv ih
Town Councrl of the town ofl'omeroy, that said
side walk shall be completed by the lsl of Novem
ber next; end tt.nt if any person or persons hold
ing property as mentioned in the first Fection of
mis eminence shall neglect or refuse to construct
said side'.walk by the. time above mentioned, then
and i:t li.it ease, it shall Le the duty of the street
Cotnniii-sioner of the ward in which such
or refusal may take place, Immediately to cause
the side walk to be made, and keep an account
of the expense thereof, which amount shall be
collected by an action of debt for the use of the
town 01 Pomeroy, before the Mayor, aeainst the
several delinquent property holders, and shall to
gether with the costs be a lieu upon the lot or lots
respectively 111 iront of which sm wa ks shall be
so constructed. '" '' . ' r
...uju'uuxy, mayor.
A ..'IS S. NYE, Recorder.
0t60. v. . .
t. Establishing: tirades
vn of Pomeroy,
2iED by 1 he Town ooimcri of ttje
'jy, that the following points
s the grade of Front and Court
be e
CoinelUi.iiji at Rnlstoii's Eiisl Hue.- then tn
surface.oJStreef io front of V. It. Horton.s onice;
uience to uitiwcsienu oi runyiurs itua. bridge;
thence frcm east end of briike to the west side of
Spring street; thence to the ceufu of Plum street;
uieiiee 10 a pouu inree icei HL'ove me presenrsur-
lace ot Itoait in lront of Rolling Mill office; thence
to center of Cherry strict: thence to a point in
iront ot tester s house. Thence to Rasp's west
Uno to a paint one foot above present surface of
street on stone culvert; thence to a point at C. R.
Pomeroy's east line; thence to center of Elm street;
thence to west line of section No. 8: thence to Mrs.
Murray's west line; thence to A. Murdock's east
me; thence to Huffmams west line: thence to
Radford's we3t line; thence to the crossway in cen
ter of street iu front of N. R. Nye's house; thence
to a point in road on the top of the hill.
From west side of Rutttrnut street to the nresenl
snrfr.ee cf street at Stephenson's west line; thence
10 ine western. line of the corporation.
CoeiiT Street. From ton of curb a-aue at cast
corner of Front and Court street""' 'ud street
at a point on a level with the tojjt-ili Paine's
cellar wall.
LEWIS S. NYE, Recorder.
Hobensack's Worm Syrup,
NO Medicine has ever obtained a higher or
'more deserved reputation than Hobcnsack's
Worm Syrup; it is daily elfecting"some of the mots
ast'ouishiilg and wonderful cures that have ever
bocn recorded in the annals of Medicine.
How important it is for the Public to know thnt
a remedy is at hand that can be relied upon in all
cases where worms ore the primary cause of their
suffejing. "
This we boldly assert from our khowledge of
the powerful effects of the vegetables of which it
is composed in destroying Worms and from the
numerous unsolicited testimonials we are daily
receiving. ,
How many are pining away a miserable exis
tence under the supposition thnt they are dyspep-'
tic, when worms are preying upon the very vitals,
of life. -pi
As an evidence of the above- we refer you to
the testimony of a highly respectable Physician
of Mnnnnbnwken, New Jersey:
Messrs. Homjnsack Sirs: An opportunity of
fering, I haston to inform you and tlnpublic, for
their especial benefit, of the efficacy of your Ve
getable Worm Syrup, ns I am . disposed to give
credit where it is due.' The case is cs follows: ,
A respeclable married man by the name of Dar
wood, was in.ormcd by hia Physician ho was ia
boring under the Dysyeysia, and treated accor
dingly, but still grew worse.' Being a man of
strict hubits of morality and temperance, we the
people felt anxious for the restoration of a useful
man. He called on mo saying, 1 cannot cat
eat enough to keep mo alive, while there seems
to be something iu me, gnawing my insides out;
it struck ine at once that he had Worms,' When I
recommended your Worm Syrup; the second bot
tle wri.Tarly exhausted when an abundant quan
titmoifraLjttn from 10 to fourteen inches long
y'xpeUwFim him, after which his health re
ilfand frjis p6vt,fively employed in his
daily njiRTt'fl"' being a Tnrpenter by tradej Thus,
sirs, your Syrup restored to society a useful mem
ber, and to a family a kind and industrious pro
vider. Go ahead, guntlemcu, ministering to suf
fering humanity, and enjoy the rich reward in
your own minds.
With pleasure I subscrilie myself yours, Ac,
Mctchants and others wishini: the medicine call
obtain it at D. Keid's Drugstore, Pomeroy, H. R.
Wilson, Middleport. or by addressing the propri
etors, J N & G S Hobknsack, No, 000 St. John
8trerH, Philadelphia. '
OnlyScts. ltrlb. a
LEMONS tV CKANCES-ao boxes fres.
aud for sale cheap by . ti W HOLMES.
POWDEB, SJiOT t.KAD.-For sale
L ai sso.
G."0 W. 1U1LMKS.
In elicits, b.ilf cbmls and quarlci.v
ires n arucic, lor sale ciy l at No. 4.
1) at No 1 ' .
!.'i (
. i.tot, l.lto
itriicu h chran
One door below Cravford S'ier't store.
Front xlferl, romrroy. Oliior -.
)'UST RECEIVED from Cinoinnsti it large and
well relected.sUKk of READY MADE CLO
THING, which has never fteeft surp: :td in (uial-
ity or price in this market. Beii.g a rrractical;
, nuui, ,iiu iiuviug i,mju.f-aiTyiiii: m oiisuicss
for seven years in Poimmy, I have c..-ctef my
stock with a full knowledge of the wants of this
market looking t substantial good and cheap
prices. ' ..-.
My .stork ccniist.o of Dr-wi, Frock txr.9 Sack;
Cunts, Pantnloons, Ve?its, Thirls, Undershirts,
Drawers, Furnishing Goods, Crai als, Ca;in, Ti'ii-ks
Ac. Also, a suiierior article- of TailoVa Slienns
r.iul PuinUi; an Article kept n iwhcrc else in Pome
roy.. . , . - ,, - '.;'.'.'
Tlie undersigned do.-s not-feel il necessary to
bo.ist of the great variety and cheapness of bir
steel;. He kiiow.i that an examination of his
gofnls will tell more potently in their favor than
all the 'hich-fatutiiiK' words to be found in Walk
er and Webster, could say for Hum. - He there -
lore leaves it for others, whose stock needs to be
praired, to tell about the variety, good new, and
cheapness of their goods. His (.ib spoak for
themselve.. 'as all competent iusVcs must decide. I
They nre,STKOwG AND WELL MADE, and he
merely asks those wishing to - .
PnrcZiasc Clothing Chep,
To call upan him before buying elsewhere, as he
confident he can sell them more Fashionable
jueurn -1111 ; m. uii.v.- r.u 1UV 1 1',5 man
' 1 1 . . 1
any on,.-' tstablishment Ih the t nutilv.i
Wstar's KnVjii of HiJd Cherry, "
The Great Remedy for onsui'.ioi' nl .ih.j LnngB
Affections of the. Liver,; Astliins,v .tGrmuit!
Pains or W tukrrurs oi. tne llttasl or Lungs,, anc
oiner luiecitons oi tne ruimonary urgans. -trrWISTAR
is a fine herbal medicine, composed chiefly of Wild
Cbtrry bark and the genuine Iceland Moss, Up
latter imported expressly lor, this purpose,) the
rare medical Airtues of which are also combined
by a new chemical process,, with the-extract of
tar thus rendering the whole compound the most
certain nnu citicacioiis remedies discovered for v ,
CoiaSiiini;tiia of tlie Lungs. ' r
I.NTKnFSTiNF aJKRJtsroKDKNrE. Dr. William, Y.
Bonks, of Xenin, Ohio, a highly respectable drug
gist ip that delightful village, has informed ns thai
the" sale of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is
"unparalleled. The demnud for it is so eager, that
he can scarcely keep himself supplied, it.
H litis had in his store medicines fcr lane nfTec
tions. SomC of these were esteemed good, and
some gave temporary relief,. But since he bos had
Wisiar's Bakain of .Wild horry, a number of the
meat serious cases were completely cured l y its
use.; "I never sold a medicine," unid ilia Doc.lor;
"in which I had the entire confidence that I hau
in this"- : ;, .. ' ..... .
It CuaesI Whenever Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry is introduced, it at once attains that high
reputation which it so richly deserves. What can
prevent its sale, when on cverv hand can be wit
liessed i!s Wonderful curus? The worst cases of
Asthma, recent and dangerous coughs, tand also
those of long standing,) Bronchitis or Consump
tion, (in its early stages,) are always cured by this
remarkable medicine., .
. ' IHcrcdaiary Consiunptcoii!
Cured by Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. The
following cure Of Jeremiah Ifgriiig, of Consump
tion, (five of Uis brothers and sisitrs having died
of Consumption) is truly wonderful. Ought not
this urge the afllicted to make use of this health
giving remedy, when it is effecting cures like the
following: : .,.,.,
f-Pleaint Ridge, Hainiiton Co., O.j
" September 27, 1S50. $
J. D. Patk Dear Sir i I take the liberty of ad
vising ycu of the benofit 1 have derived from the
use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
was iirosirnieu oy inai lemon; scourge uoiismnp
tion, in May last. The attack was truly horrifying
to met five of. my family, my brothers and Bisters,
had died of Consumption. I was afflicted with
ileaflv'all tlie "worst features of the disease: I nnd
a distrcssiug cough, aud expectorated a great deal
of blood, hectic fcAer, severe pains in the side and
chest, cold chills, alternating with flushes of heat
and copious night sweats.
1 was under the care of a skilled physician,
from the time 1 was taken sick until about six
weeks since, being theft about, helpless, and my
friends considering my case hopeless, of at least
beyond the reach of my physician's skill, advised
the use of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Without my knowledge, my father procured it,
and commenced using it. I was able to be out and
oversee my business and labor, which I still con
tinue to do. 1 have taken four bottles of the me
dicine, and now consider myself well. I make
this statement to induce others thr.t are afllicted
as I have been, to make trial of AVislar's Balsam
of Wild Cherry, which remedy has, under the
blessing ot Providence restored my health.
Interesting Correspondence.
Important to those afllicted with diseases of the
lungs and breast. Will miracles never cease V
More evidence of jta surpassing health restorative
virtues! :
Prera Dr. Baker, Springfield, Washington, co. Ky.
, . Sr-BiMrriELD, K.,.May 11, 1846.
Messrs. Sanford & Pork: -1 take this opportuni
ty of informing you of a most tcmarkable cure
performed upon me by the use of Dl. Wistar's
Balsam of Wild herry. ....
In the year 1810 I was taken with the inflama
tion of the bowels, which 1 labored under for six
weeks, when I gradually recovered, la the Fall
of 1841 1 was attacked with a severe cold, which
seated itself upon my. lnngs, and for the space of
three years I wns confined to my bed. 1 tried al.
kinds ol medicines and evcrv variety of aid with.
benefit; and thus I wearied along until the winter
of 1816, when I heard of Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry. . ...
My friends persuaded me to irive it a fair trial,
though I had giveu up all hopes of recovery, and
nna prepared myseii lor the change ot another
world 'Through their solicitations, I was in
duced to make use of the genuine Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry. Tee eil'ect was truly aston
ishing. ' ' . v' ..
Alter five rears of atmction and suffering, and
after having spent four or five hundred dollars to
no purpose, nd thd best and most respectable
physicians' had proved muakoUiiig. 1 was soon
restored to entire health blessing cd God,
and the use of Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild
Cherry. .. , . - i
May the blessings of God rest upon the proprie
tors of so.valutb!e a mediciiie- as WisrDBalsara
of Wild Cherry. Yours, resupafullij
,, V. UtBAKER. t
The genuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry
has a fac simile of the sif nature of Henry Wistar,
M. D. Philadelphia, and Sonford & Park. En-
graved wrapper. No other can bo genuine. ;
-'Gold by J. D. PARK, (successor to Sanford &
Park,) Fourth and Walnut streets, Cincinnati,
Ohio, General Agent for the South nnd West, to
whom all orders must be addressed. " It is also sold
by the following persona:
D. Reed, Pomeroy; O. W. Cooper & Co., Ches
ter; John Frame, Coolville; . Capt-hnrti. Co.,
Point Pleasant; John Perkins, Athens; Magnet &
Nart, Gallipolis; S. S. Murray, Wilkesville; G. J.
Payne, Porter. ,
January 9, 1851. nl5ml. ,
McINTOSH'S BALSAM Indian Squaw Root".
Said to be the best medicine ever offtued to
the world for diseases of tfto lungs, chest or
stomach. ... ' . . . -, '
Also Mcintosh's Cherry Cordial, Warranted
to cure Diurrhcsa or, Dvsentery. For sale by
. V -II. B. SMITH, Agent.
SVNDUIES. Phila. Strain Syrupj .
Cotton Batting; . t t ,
. ..--r Grnwi Bed Cords and Plough Lines;
, , , New Rice; i- .
' . J. ". Grass abd Tlxmp Ropes j
Crushed and Loaf Sugarj
.Plough Wings; .. . .; .
. . . . ,. . ' Window Glass assorted sizes; ,
Nails and Spikes assorted.
. J&at received and for sale by
April 7.7 6003. REED 4 BRQ.V
f 'r, a lien auu JsiKura on hand and
JL lorsrue ainoo by ,
: - ' ' " ' ,.KES &. BL'SIvJRK. ,
TObaer' Fliio VHiiiuiaLeafj .
CO do Alnisouri dos ,.. '
- tlO do ViTiti uia Fives'.. '
do '; do. ' .TiVhiSi
wi Missouri Twnlvoe; V -.
n the
luinuiiiciurt-rs, nd ft-tiiln' l.-iw
Pomrroy Mm Sfbcol.
J c mn.cnce on Monoat, the 8Ut day ui Etn
luuibcr nct. '
Tnition per ?unrtrrt
Readme, Writing, Ekn enUry Geography : .
and Mental Arithmetic, . . - $J (VJ
AriUmietio, Ge.grnphy, mrr. Thilos.
ophy, Chemistry and Elementary Ai-
, - . . - ,
Bo..k Keeping by Double Entry, BoUny. ,
, AstTinirtny, Ancient RetHrranhv aiui M;.. ' '
'lory, Physiobicy nnd Geolcn y,
KMorii, Logic, H gh r Mathematics and .
r lGreck and Lnnii Language, - .
4 M
6 W
JAMES M. EVANS, Teacher.,
Pomeroy, August 26, 1861. , .
.Col ProTrty f9T Sale
J -rifi PlTJSCIUllKU cirrs to sell his coal M
X ly.-JIg adjoining the corporation line of the
M-n of I omctoy, on halt mile fr,.m the raoutl.
of Kerr's rnn.
mi. vuiu 101 C'rnprises about 20 acres,
5 aqj?s are solid coal ; plenty of tim
m. ' H i a goc d lilt for Salt works
nt which lfl
Ui; and stci
--.1 1 . -. - - . - -
iiu Hinre isroem inr titty salt welLi. .. TheAthen.
aa be n.Kl,t furfrcm 60 U) 78 dollars kt .ci:
I hue. iss g.KHl rpad-and binding at the river. ' A
bargiim given if appllcathn .f made
. 'CA-'." ' VHOH. COULD1N0V
Pomen.v, Pcptp, 1851.4, ,40tf. ;V '!
t tL accountaor cl.i t' d:
bO Pllt in SUlt C M : lt',IV nf
next, if not paid btflbie. W.e cannot wait VnoA .
Pay up iiov andsave cotU ' 5 ' !
. .. . JiELTj & VrtivjLs '
Pomeroy, August 19, m ;, :
Street, Pomeroy, GL3.-Thfut' ' I'.
scriiicr has fitted up a large arid torr.isoUiu houi I !
near Ihc Stcnmbonf J-auding.-wliom ha is rea. ."'
and prepared at all times to ace- ioda'r tf-c '
tTaveliiie nublic. II-R' hniim. u ,.,ni.,rt..u . J-
fnrnituro cr.tirKl new is pftyared to occoiidw'.
date s large number of boanfrm. n.r tnrs,,, '
uu.i fui iuaiu luiuiiRj e me most reasoual.,
ierms,""" - .",;...v,' . '"'J' ,''.
He thinks from the long experience lht le r.
had in the 'business Le can giv general satisfa' :
tiun. : HisXable si all at all times be furnished .
t he best that the market affords. "
' n.liTi'ni,a ...IU I... 1 . M t- .1 .
'"th"by n u m. winqtu au anu llvlu ine aiCBn . -i !;
boats free of Charge.' A careful and attentive Po. , J ij
mi wuuaiau nines De reaay io wail upon tl.e tra1
cling public with their lamge. " " ' 1 '
Pomeroy, December l?t 1350. Dl2m(S. ;
now hove and shall continue to kutu 1 ,
superior article of Salt for sale by Urn banel W I
buahcl. It has no superior, and ean be sold lo I
er than the- present prices ofothcrsaltr ' 5 ' j
JOHN PK0B8 &. CO. v" .,' , V
faiVL... -v FRONT bTKEBT... "f. '
S abovc'Naylor'sru bridge fcrTT, ' : l
Foincroy , CUio. A
I I AN1NG lately enlarged thrir establishrae
LJ. and erected n steam .engina ih the tumiiid ,
department, have now the most complete and beat - I
arranged and appointed-1 . , j
in this pert of Ohio All kinks nf PnmH.,,
be manufactured at the lowest nrlpps. i ?
Rosewood, .Muhoganp snd Black Walnut setts,
carved, ornamental and plain. suitable for parlor,
drawing bed-rooms. , - r--. '
Persons desiring any article ia the FumitaW
line, from the plainest to the most elegant and
costly, are respectfully invited to call. ".
The followinit articles will h
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Bedsteads, Cupbowdtv t.
and all kinds of household furniture: also
lete a tcte sofas; . Tete tet div.n..
Conversation Cliairs; Rscerition chain, . , '' . :i
Rosewood parlor do - - Mahogany parlor, chalrajVc' . T e
iiiuui uo -vaue scav do- '4 - - t
Mahogy rocking do Piano stool , v i ' V :,i
aiivaiiB uu uo ao .00 .;.
Ottomans, mahogany French bedsteads;'
,. iliac a wain ui .- .ae,:"' do ' .
Marwe,iop cenire lablcsj, .
Marble top dress bureausi . "
Marble top fancy stands, ;--' " c
, Mabog&ny wardrobes, Secretaries and ' - "'
Book wises, worn stands, toilet tables, ate u
UTAH orders promptly attended to." -w, w '
355f Cofllns of every description map
nufaelured pfomptly to the time. felWir30tf.
To our Friends and Customers. .''
TTft E thus ceg. leave tinform youand thra?1
V V yr
our kindness our and your friends of vout
o.- ' " - 1 .
neighborhood and elsewhere not" forcotflluf out ' 4"
enemies if any there be that we are now" rcceiv- ': . t H
ing direct from New Orleansand the eastern eitita ' t 1 I'i
a Fresh Sto k of Groceries, which we , i h
are now offering for sale at room No 6, Front street! '
Portsmouth, Ohio, and have made anangeaMmU t
be be supplied during the season from same places
uur siuck win at ajl times cousist of tverythiw
in the Grocery inc. '','. ' '
Although in the matter of Diirr.hnr.inir and in firm
offering our goods for sale, we frankly confess tlW
wc have been and sti are directed mainly ly a
desire to promote our own interests yet it wiC?
nevertheless aftbrd ns great pleasure to aceommo-!
date our . friends to tlie fullest extent that a dui -
regaru ior uicir auu oux interests may seentto dio
tale. . - - .. r. .. .... ,-'...,'.
The hackneyed and stale terms, 'chean 'cWn.
er than ever,; and 'cheapest, we abstain from
using, leaving to others (less modest men thaaomf
selves) to derive all the advantages that an intelli-' '
gent community may concede to this kind-of boaa,
' f ul)a Expedition Successful! '''V
' -THAT cheap Stove Store man BILL jT
JJPRALL, is en hand agaio with thelarg-fl5l) .
ZSAest stock of STOVES ever brought tiirll
this market, selected with the greatest care, em
bracing every variety of style and finish, with the
latest and most improved-Patents. Among late
icucipia ui ohiyo m uis store we novice toe luit
PRIZE -MoV ' v...r - '
Ail of the best materials and warranted1' 'W a&o
keepsou baud large supplies of custom made TIN' "
WARE, which he will sell to merchants ind othl ,
ers lower than the seme article ean be bought i.
Lite wtsh .- : i.. iA yt:: , ,. t
O-Don't forget the Chka Tim and Stot; rmia'
undor tbe Riheldarfer House. ' .-v' '
Pomeroy, May OS, 7500 - n32tf."-: " 1 .- '
i FIRE! I IltEJ riltEI '. '
HAVING received a little shorter o-C'V
tice to vacate the premises. fomTiW
occupied, than the law, in its humane operation''
"'"i uu-wic nigui oi mo laie are, we are now to.
bo found in Wm. H. Remington's building, on
door below hissU-re.'; Having supplied ourselves
with all out missing articles, we, are enabled to
furnish our customers at reduced prioes. ; In adtll
tiou o our present stock we Jwive madC-atrancrJi
menu with aa eastern impoif house taenppla-
..v.. .w i...u ninoMuiioia oi arngs ai liorxir
.. ...h, n.vtt,,t, lu a ikw weeks, a
very large and extensive invoice of Freeh Drunu
Chemicals, Basin's (fonnerly) kotissell's) Perfo
mery, new Chemical Preparations, 'Instruments.
Fmc Drugs, and Scarce Preparaliou, never U
te. brought to this market. We wiU supply
Physicians and Merclmnta at deduction oftweu,
ty per cent on their bitlsr for.nir pnrchasei
this place, or at the "Circular Priecs-' cf any rH
sponsible Pittsburgh or Cincinnatli House. Wo
warrant, our drugs to be of first quality audi ?eni
tuely puiei coining direcUy from under the Dru
"a!las mere is no possible chance for . 3
their adulteration. Call and see what dierco v 1
there is ia Uie o.uality of drugs and asrertaiu our U
V". J. P. FLEMING,. Pmpgut,. ' j
Crushed Sucarflno Tierce tor sale b " t
. ' ' . ." : .. Ajb. .smith. I
5 ock Salt St.bagt.fmeround for talc b
X-- H. B. SMITH, -
.VlaliugViliiik, WashUwru ctoTVl -rT- , '
.0 kegs Powder Dni.out's kits F
UM;. Kir 'sale at No.-
mi I. . 1 .
' t
S ht Mas '...
IkittaV, .aBW'K,
-.- ass?

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