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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, March 27, 1873, Image 3

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IflcArthtir, Ohio.
Particular attention given to the treatment
or IB natural iMin.
Ko Bcsinbss Dos. ox Saturdays
J. K. TOW ELL, Portsmouth, Ohio, oRei
to the Uerchantauid Furoicemen of Vinton
count, superior itock of Dry Goodi and
Notions, on term tho moit favorable. John
billelaui, Traveling Agent.
Sept. wy.
Crockery.China & Glassware,
Cutlery and Plated Ware,
Oas and Coal Oil Fixtures,
Notice to Teachers.
THE BOARMol School Examiner for Vin
on County will meet at tho Union School
House, In MoArthur, on the lit and Srd Satur
"iay of March, April, May, September, October,
and November; and lha lat Saturday in Janu
ary, February, June. July, August, and De-
bomber, in each year. Exnminationa lo com
meace at ten o'clock, A. M . BnllsnVtory evh
daaca of good moral character will be required
all caaea. A tea of 60 ceula la required b)
i aw from each applicant.
M. K. BAKNEd.Ch'n, 1 Board ol
I J.rt HUHN, V Bchonl
i L.O. PKKUUE. Clerk, ) Examine.
Uloward Sanitary Aid Associa
For I he Reliefand Cure or the Erring and Un-
forttinateea Prinoiplaaof Christian
Essays on lha Errora of Youth, and the fol
Ilea of Age, in relation lo Marriage and Social
'Evil., with sanitary aid for the atHicteJ
-Jtut tr2j 1" sealeJ envelopes. Address,
OWAtj AdSOCl.lTION, Box P, Pl.tladsl
. phla, Pa.
NO. 115, 1, 0, 0, F,
TEOU LAIt Meeting nftlns En
f i stTtr- XLcamnmeiit will herealter be
cSyVhi-ld on ilio second and Inat
tytmvW Weduesdav eveaner of each
' Dianlll. Patnarch di oilier eiicniiipnieiiis
who may bo vieiting out .own aro invited to
attend. joua 1'. iriLE., u. r
J.jum T. Rrr.s, 8.
McArilnir, Kt-h'r 17, 1870.
I have just manu
factured and am now
offering at lowest pri"
ces a full stock of all
kinds of
suited to this market.
I will manufacture
to order anything de
sired in my line.
A full stock of Cof
fins and Burial Gases
always onhand. Will
attend funerals with
hearse when desired.
IMlll lluKTOft,
Corner of fligi and Locust Streets,
For any case of blind
nt-eaiiig, iicnir.g or nicer-
ie.v piles, mat limbing ,
'lie Renie.lT fade to cure.
U la prepared to cure the
piles euu notluag alee.- Bold by all druggist.
Price t.M.
It g Q
5- i SPU I 5 f
ft wo " S
1 1 " O p3 B
sog S -'
M 2
H O- -D
v. vQ
Offlolal Qrgin of Vinton County.
fR"F. AlliBjn's smgiug class
will meet hereafter at the M
E. church, commencing next
baturday afternoon.
Mrs. Shades, wife of Francis
Shades, ex-Sheriff, died at Z-
leski, on the 22d, and was bur
rled at McArthur, last Sunday.
bhe was a lady whose life and
character commanded the re
spect and affection of a large
circle of friends.
The Second Quarterly Meet
ins; of Ztleski Circuit, M. E.
church, will not le held at
Fee Chapel, as heretofore an
nounced, but at Z ileski, March
29th and 30th. Tbe Society at
Fee Chapel, are now in the
midst of repairs upon their
Judge Taney made the fa
raous decision that a negrohad
no rights which a white rain i&
bound to respect. The McAr
thur Town Council has carried
the rul still farther, and de.
cided that the people of McAr.
ihur white or coloretl have
no rights which Nels Rich
mond's mules are bound to re
At the lust t xaminalbn of
teachers the following named
persons received certificates
tor eighteen month, D. B.
For twelve ' months,-Ehita
for six months Charlotte
Dowd, Anna MiKinnis and
Mary Robbing.
L O. PERDUE, Clerk
The following item from the
Ohio State - Journal is copied
lor the information ami gunl
mice ol Judges oi -Election. In
this township the 'Judges will
lie required to keep throe sets
(.f tally sheet8--oue t r town
mIi ip officer, lor Delegate to the
Constitutional Ooiivetiihm.un 1
Justice of the Peacer' " '
"Frequent inquiries are ma 'e
as 16 the manner of voting lor
Coiiflimrioiiitl Convention tlel
egates. Attorne.vOeiwr.il Pond,
t whom the in tiler Ii h beu
referred, nas given his opinio i
that the Constitution Cifmli
tlales inns', be voted separately
itom t(iwnslu') lickeis, depos
ited in a separate box, and the
'elurns to be made lo the -Clerk
of the Court the same us in
elections lor Representative.
It is a great pity that Ne's
Rirli m ruul's mules sliu 1-1 be
confined so close. Ca-u't our
Council do something lor ih
p or things? They never g-1
out, you know, oulv when
Nels is driving them to and
from pasture. The freedom
ol the town is not nccorled
them the same as to 3om poor
man or woman's cow, and his
sixteen mules an 1 old bay
hor6e are suffering for the free-
om of (front doors and Main
street pivements. Again we
ak, can't our Coum-il do some
thing lor them? It is a shame
lo let our people impose on
those mules, confining them
and ruining their health.
Why the hair is actually fallen
off the neck of one of the poor
ainimals and nil, we supp se,
out of grief at the want of thi
Ireedoni of which the Council
has deprived (hem.
Some person in last week's
Republican suggested that all
parties unite on Hon. D. D. T.
Hard as a Delegate to the Con
stitutional 'Convention. Mr.
Hard was a member of the
former Convention, and is a
very clever gentleman, but, it
is our opinion, he is not the
proper person lo unite on. For
our pan, tve want to vote for a
Democrat lor that position
one that has stood square up to
the mark "through evil as well
Mr. Hard was a member of the
Constitutional Convention
twenty three years ago, Irom
this county and Vintou. Ha was
then a Democrat, elected over
Hon. M. R. Waitk and Uav
ely Kellogg, were Saturday
nominated as Republican can
didates for the Constitutional
Convention for Lucas county.
This is the way they keep up
the balance of power in Ken
tucky: "To t he wife of James
Bradley, of Fayette county, a
tan Jeff. Davis. To the wife
of Robert Richey, of Fayette
county, a son D. S Grant."
If persons think enough ol
their friends or relatives who
may die, to send us an account
of the death, giving name, age,
and date of decease we pub
lish h without charge, so that
other friends may be notified
of the fact We charge five
cents per lines lor putliEhing
long obituary notices, but
deaths are announced without
Transfers of Real Estate.
John Wyatt to A. & J. U.
Uendrix, 89 acres, Richland
township, $1200.
A. & J LI. Uendrix to Wra.
& J Patterson, 80 acres, Rich
land tp,, $1,000.
David Pugh et. al. to P. M.
Reasoner, quit claim, 120 acre,
Brown lp., $180.
C. U. MoArthur, nt. al. to P.
M Reasoner, quit claim, 120
acres. Browu. $1.00.
Ilenrv Payne to J. F. Dixon,
60 acres. Elk tp., $1 800
Alvm Finney toUJllisnn Mar
tin, 16 acres, SA-an tp., $700.
Win. Bradford lo N. O Wil-
cox, in-lot 14, Allensville, con
sideration not iriven.
Tub Spanish Assembly met
on the 26 1, with the under-
standing that the vote should
ha taken on the bill for the ab
olition of slavery in Porto Rico.
Contrary to general expecta
lion the House resolve I not to
continue the debate and subse
quently, by unanimous vote,
passed the bill for the inunedi
ata emancipation of Slaves in
the Island of Porto Rico. The
announcement of the result
was received with cheers.
The bill declares that the
R 'public of Spain will pre
serve Hie integrity of Spanish
dominions, and provides that
ihe emancipated slaves in Por
io Rico sh ill enjoy all political
rights accorieJ to a ciliz hi of
They say thai the old State
of Massachusetts takes ns good
care ol 'her people nsany other.
They call themselves a "com--monwealthaiid
the common
weallhor commnnwealnf rourfe
depends upon individual cases
IVir School Board decided
that three hours a day was as
much time as it wise lor chit
dren to devote to mental -work.
They began "to pee some ol the
results of ever-educalion, or
rather orvtir-stimulation. Chil
dren want physical develop
ment, to work the brain plone is
like fanning to fury the fi-ein
the engine, while-neglecting to
[From the Chillicothe Advertiser.
Fatal Accident From Rough
The bad efieci-8 ol the repre
hensible practice of rou.h
play, scuffling and boxing in
which many of onr school boys
are so inclined to engage re
cently met with a sad illustra
tion in our neighboring town
o McArthur. A bright lad ol
sixteen named John Ltntz in
a friendly joust at boxing with
one ol his playmates received
a blow over the stomach which
proved instantaneously fatal.
It ib a matter of surprise that
we do not more frequently
have to chronicle serious and
fatal causalities growing out
of this practice when we re
fleet upon the extent to which
it is indulged in. We are sat
isfied that many obscure ail
ni tMit a of children, as well as
some which are not obscure,
have their origin in this fool
ish scuffling and rude play.
We trust that our school Su
periutendet ts even without
any special ins' ruction from
the Board of Education will
see the propriety of sparing
no eLris to eradicate it total
ly from their respective play
Vinton County.
The Republicans of Vinton
county have nominated Harvey
Wells for Delegate to the Con
stutional Convention. Now if
the people of that county will
elect him they will do a sensi
ble thing. Mr. Wells is a
yoo'D-g man of great industry
and energy, and possesses fair
ability. We have had dealings
with him during several years
past, and we have always found
him strictly Tionest and honor
able. He is a man who can
neither be -bought nor intimi
dated. What he oelieyesto be
right, that he will do. Let the
friends of sound Government
make a vigorous eff rt to elect
—Jackson Standard.
The Republicans ol Vinton
county have nomiWed liar
vey Wells, Eq ,of Wilkesville,
for the office of Delegate to
the Constitutional Convention.
Mr. Wella is a young man ol
rare talents. Many of our read
ers will remember him as llie
inventor and circularor'of the
system known as the uLight-
nintr Calculator." He is a man
of fine address, fully 'posted
with the topics and needs of
the age, trtid it fleeted will
place Vinton county in a .posi
tion to be heard in the 'Con
vention. We think .the Democrats of
Vinton will readily see that
the real interests of the coun
ty demand the defeat of Clay-
poole and the election of
—Athens Messenger.
We learn that M. Harvey
Wells, of Wilkesville, is spoken
of as a delegate to the Consti
tutional Convention from Vin
ton county. Had a grand con
vention of the citizens ni Vin
ton county been called togeth
er for the purpose of selecting
their best man for the position,
regardless of politics, no bet
ter man could have, been hit
upon. Iii.him.ia.4MDrLtfe'ln-
-. . . . .-V
ergy Willi good sound -tene.
impartial judgment and a win
ning and courteous manner, to
gether wiili upright habits and
general adapt kin fur the
place to which it is sought to
—Scioto Gazette.
Advertising is as necessary
to the business man as to have
salesmen with Knowledge
enough to show customers the
merits of goods when in Ihe
store. Yet all merchantti do
not understand the science of
adverti-diii!; and the new ad
"veriiser invariably fa'ls into
the error of supposing that .one
advertisement is just as good
as another, no matter whether
it appears in a paper which
commands the attention ol ifs
subscribers or one that lies
dead in the post-office", whether
it is paid lor and read, or 6ent
ut as a cratuity and never
opened; whether 'it goes to a
class who are the largest and
best customers fur the most
profit atle goods the merchants
have to offer, or llio?e whose
wants are i'i the main supplied
by their own labor. Experi
ence has taught Ihe old aJver
iNer to regard these matters
and when a business man com
mences to study these things
rather than the apparent quan
tity on one page which is laid
belore him, he has commenced
to understand the science of
advertising, and is sure to see
the steady return for bis investment.
McArthur Market.
Flrmr, per sacx S260
Corn ;.. .50
Oats 60
Wheat 1.75nl.80
Beans 1503.00
Fotatoed 1.00
Dried Ap !es 75100
Dried Peaches a.50
Hav tn 18.00
(Jams, country A2M
" sugar cured 15
Smoked ldes 10
Shoulders 1&
Pickled Pork . . ?.8
Kgga .15
Butter ...1520
Urd .03
Chickens, live 15a.20
Hocking Salt perbbl 2.50
Sacks ..." I5ir25
WMte Fish 7.00
Kin Coffee 25(830
Coffee Sugar .v.. 16
Dematara " 12a.l5
Nw Orleans Molasses...... .BOnl.OO
Sorghum ..v.. 4u50
Syrup fSit.l.OO
Star ('andles, per lb.......... .25
Tallow." ... 15a'20
Soap, country per lb 6a6
Ct?tse 20
Pa.i . w K , , d aja
Hf3gs, dressed ewt I 00
11 j Spring Stock In erery department;
It now
In all late styles and quality male a
Just Received
Has just received hi
A large stuck, and the richest, most elegant patterns ever brought to this mar
ket A kiger stock, and better quality than can be found elsewhere in tbe
Special designs for transoms and side lights. New, elegant, cbeip.
Holland Paper and Canvass Window Shades,
and Curtain fixtures.
From the celebrated seed gardens nf
the old reliable big packages from Shaker Village.
. White nod Colored Paints
specialty. Sold in qiuutities to suit
Chillioothe, Ohio.
D. M. Ferry & Co., BrkRS & Pro., and
mixed to order ready for use.
bf the re), white and blue barrels.
Should call at (ho
Where the, will And a full (took of Iho very
uei oi
Ccmirting of tho
Lncnalcrnnd JIurkeyeGrnln
UrlllM, On--lioiHo Built
vje tarllls Tor Coi n Lund.
The very heat in Ihe market. Tho
Backer Improved and American Feed
(.'altera, Corn tihellera, Delaware Farm
(Vaiunl. Fanning ,11111a, Farm Belle,
Ibe lainoae I'nisn Churn, tbe Ureal
Agricultural Steamer,
For cooking food for atncn. Kvrry farmer
and atock raiaer ahould hare oue.
Potscyth.j Sanies.
For groceries wart,hrnea and farmers. A
Urge aaortmcui of F A KM
and PLOWS of all kinds
alao a full assortment of
Farm, Teretaele and Garden Seedi
In abort a reeittnredthlii.hel Kirmer'e accom-
tnonation atore, ohere all are invited to call
and axHinlna our ntovk,
McArthur Market. LEGAL NOTICE.
Mary A. Deflgb, Plaiutiff, va. Juha W- Sala,
In Vinton Connty, Ohio, Court -of Conruo..
Pleas. Civil aciiun Altachirent,
John W. 8AIN, Defendant la alu-re action, nf
Tippeunua Counly, btats of Indiana, lti
tare u-iliee, Ibat Mary A. Deflsli Plaintilf in
alaiva a. tloii, nf the C.uuty of Viutcn, Slats ol
Ohio, diri.on Ihe S7tli day of February, A. D.
187a. Die h.r'ietillun in the Court ol Common
Picas within and lor eald Vinton county, aami.t
His Mid John Win defeniant. wlliug forth,
that llie ra i delendaut from -be summer of
1 803 to Ihe muntli June ISiii.psid Llssddrsw.
ei lo, and waited npi n Ike piaiutiOT, that on the
Sib day uffabruary, A. 1. lwa.lli. aaid plaiiiiiff
and delsudant eulered into a marriag contract.
Ttiai aaid contract waa to be consummated on Ibe
4hi my of July, I8b6. that the said pleliinffaaa
nd la till unuiarried. That aaiddeleudu t iii
not at said time, agreed on. nor at an; other
time many said 1,1.11,1117. and lhal in tiis uioiilh
t-f June IHKA uid deleudant kbacended from tbe
Sialeof Ohio. and baa act resided in i he Slate ef
Ohio aiuce, auiif praying fur s Judtini.nt for
fJ.XXl, b, r daiuars aiutaiord That on the said
7lh day of s'turuary. IS73. anid pla'inill tiled an
affidavit In aaid Colli t ol Common Plcs in asl
aciiun. for, aud cause an older of sti.thuu'Ut lo
issue thereon in said arlhii. and thai ttj.iiiue
of Mid O der . t attachment Ihe ;h,-r B of Mid
Vluton Count; a.'Uch -d the following rani e.Uie
silualrd in Mid Viuion Cuuuty; Oldujia lb. prop
erly of n d defendant J,bn Wa baint tu wit
uoenudivideJ leulh part ol the u'ortli west qnar
trr uf eeclion uuiuber Ibies in icwuahip miuilmr
tselteuf rauge t amber Mvetoteen i-uouiiiliig 173
were, (except of an acre oti south side or raid
iijr.h'Wol quarter berotoloreeold by PbilipSnlu,)
Aieo, one uudiided tenth part of "The
northeast quarter of section Four, in town
hip Iseivc, ot range beventeen, containing
17a acres; and, also, in-lots number issndai
in the town of New Mount Pleasant, aa re
corded in the plat ot aaid town. And the aaid
John W Sain is nolitted that heia required
to ahpear and answer said petition, no ot be
fore tho third balurday after the sin day of
.Nay 1873. MARY A I'EMOH
By BaA,rroa BouaToM. Aity's lor PlatlT.
March U 1873.
Dr. BoW&j, Dentist, McAr
thur, O,
to ever, aubacriher lo Our Firealde Friend.
The leu'linn Kainily Weekly of America.
Lxljf alae eight pagea. onginal. Heauti
fully illu-irHieil. rull of tellable, instructive
and Intereating rea'iing matler, uewa and
miarellany, t-hort continued xtoriea, aketchea
and priMMical matter, iiiaisuitcd to Ihe wanta
and w.Miea of ever) man, every woman, ev
ery child. Whether living in city or country,
and we give to each yearly tibauriber a oopy
of our magnificent oil chrotno
Printed Hi oil color, ts lime from sixteen
atonea, ute I ni inchea. The ailiiject la life
n-. Kxquiaile and pleaaing. It can not he
lol-i from tho original iininting, ami la tenllt
worthllll. Itexurrdaii henuiv, eiseand val
ue any pulilii-Minn. No one huii'-red dollar
picture cun K.ve more plraaiirc or be a great
er ornament in any hoiii-ehoM It can tie
hail dee. ami we don't aak iibn.-ribpra to
wait in mopihe for it, but will lend u al
once, or it cun be had nf our agent-. Hubacri
berapayon delivery of pictures. Ni, waiting.
I'li-lurea now reauy, and deiveredby uaat
ouce. If we have
in your neighborhood, we want aha. We
want only good active agents, either local or
(HiivainK,-h" e almo.l give raaya valua
ble ontlit, and I'lrnn-h the bet paying agency
in America. Give exclusive territory ami ihe
beat tools lo w ork with. Our agent hnvicg
immense niccesa sml making lioin fi lo 114
pei nay, one Htieni took 4ti vuUcriptiiini n
one day, otlieia report Irom I" to it p r
Any. hpecimen copirs ot paper, lUil parlicu.
lara, terms, etc., sent f'ee lo any addrei-e.
Wr.teat once to our Kire.ido rnend Chi
cnto, 'II. r.leb
Holloway's Ointment.
THE grand principle that operalea In these
wonderful medicines, la the power that
they possess in purifying ihe turgid blood,
and expelhng th. corrupt h urn or. from the
HO LOWAY'3 PILT,S consist of a esrefnl
and peculiar sdmixiure if ihe fined vegetaa
ble extra -la, herbs and medicnl gums. - Vo.
sesaing not a grain or mineial in their com
bination, they never expose those wbo use
them In any danger, at any time or season.
No other need hesitate to prescribe them to
her children, and the moat delicate consola
tions can use litem with aa great a beneht aa
the rn.ikt vigorous and poweiful frame.
HOLLOW AT k 00., Sole Proprietors.
78 Maiden Lane,NewYork
flollow-sy'a Pitla and Ointment are sold at
25 cents, 12 cental sod f I per box or pot. A
(treat saving is made by buying tne large sitvr
Fall Styles,
QTOCK and O-e Sualea aa good aa new, for
i)4aie n
very low price. Call nn
H.C.JUNES Attorney.
mmrj a. ueajq, puiri lo Vinton Coootr. O ,
lourl Common Pim
John W. Sain, deft
1 Baaurtlyaattachm.bt
TJJ?."1?' W' 8S" Df"nt. of Urn
'fJ ,'Mt, Wl ke actio, thai Ni.
W . I811- ;0'lat, of aiJ county or
I, I.' i'J ,h i7.lh dV bru.r. A.
U. IS7J. her complaint. fflaJebpinre leu.!
K)Do.l.,J. p. of .aid Vinton county, in l
iratucnol of the proce.lin. before ald Ju-.
Ilea of Ihe Peace, lo ba.tardy, lo Ihe raid Con. I
f Common plea, again! Ihe Mid deieadan-,
and which pnreedmga are now ifuiIimk in
aid Court, lor Ihe aurpaae of hating a tiu.1
and float adjudication tnereon. eharcini m
aid complaint among oth.r thini, that lha
aid r-Umtilt la the mother of. b.Urd child,
thnt th ..id dnlaot accuaed therein i. tho
father of uid child That the aatd delendnm
o charged, abounded from Ihia Slate, with
intent to delraud complainant, and that aaia
accui I. . non.re.ident of IheStMe of Ohio,
and that an order of attachment hue been la
med ndered therein; and br virtner f
.aid order of attachment Geo. Kaler.bherul
of aaid count, of Vinton atuched lha folio,
lug real e.tate tnuated in aaid Vinton county,
a. the property of laid defendant, John w!
?ih. n',k J"!00 '""i'I")l tenth part
?hih ?'.lh w''lrlerof aertioo number
three, in lawnahip number twH e. of ranga
number Mtenlen, coniaininf us acre.. x.
cej Hot an acre ott th aouth aide of aaiU
N. W. quarter, heretofore mil by Philip
Sam,)al.o the one un-iina-ed tenth on ut
J.' i? n"lnbr J8 and it, in the town it New
Mk PICHannl, Vinton county, Ohio. a. re
S-Vit." Vid wn. Iliat. aid pm.
, .j V. iiuh aniuDtii term
ol aatd l.inrt, or ao aoon'therearter a counsel
can be heard, and that, ulalutin will a.lc fur
an order or dM-rre for aalaof aaid realty, and
af?-?." "' Oi-reof u.H ei.ie.ling
11,0011 .a may tnroeaaarr loaaiiatr iilainnD'a
claim he.ein. MARY A l.linr.u.
1? HS72" """ox. Atfjra for plffl.
March I.Hh, 1871 ' Sw
Eetata of Joha Wyman, Deceased.
TH B underalned haa been appointed an.l
q tainted aa ailminietraior, with lha l I
aniir-Aed, of the eaiate of Juhu Wyman, lata
ut V inton county, deceased.
UaUid thia Uih day of March. A. D UTS.
Oppoaite tbe Emmitt House,
Sbreckengrauet'a old Stand,
Fino Gold Jewelry
Agenta for
American and Foreign 'Watcnei.
Hln Watobta
u.a. w..
Wultham '
K. Y. "
Bl a
Oi ma' Chaini
Mllwu "
tinera "
Seth 1 bomaa Cluckl,
Wit.nb.rg "
OVild Sella
Diamond '
Pearl '
Crnet "
Drv.U( -
Tina and Studl
t'uff Onttoni
11 air Jewelry
Kily.r Ware
P'atwl War.
Agtnts for
Oonda made to order and repairing done bv .
careful workmen. No eatra charge for en.
gravng ifio,l bought at Una eatabluhni.nl.
i jan 1K73 ly
Dick s Encyci.opbiia of Practicai Rh
ctn-Ts ana Paocassis. Containing M2S prac
tical receipts, written in a plain and popular
mainer, and illustrated with explanatory
wood-cuts. Heiag a comprehensive book of
r- terence kir the inercliani, manufacturer, et
lian, amateur and housekeeper, including
medicine, pharmacy and domestic economy
The scope of this work is entirely different
from sny other book ot Ihe kind. Henrfe,
beings complete and atmrat Indiapeniiblit
bi ok nf reference for the thousand ami on
rei e pta and articles needed in every honte.
hold .farm, garden, etc.. It includes clear end
ea-ily understood directions for Ihe apvlica
linn of many of ihe arts usually acquired only
by long experience, and o divested of te.li
mchsliiies, or the technicalities ol terms ase.1
so lull, explained as to bring the entire .ob
ject within Ihe comprehension ofany person
ol ordinary intelligence.1 I'romiinenl among
the immense mass nf stibiecta treated of lu
the book are the Mlowing:
Tho Art ot liyeing, Hard Bolt end Toilet
Soaps, Tannins, Iiiillation, Imitation Liq
uors, Wines, Cordials and Hitters, Cider,
Brewing, Herufmerv, Flavoring Essences, etc.,
Cosmetics, Hair lives and Washes, Pomades
and I'erfumed Oil-, Tooth Powders, etc.. By.
tups. Alcohol and Alcoholmetry, Petioleum
and Kerosene. Bleaching and Cleaning, Vm
e;iar, Hanr-ea, Catsupa and Pickela, Heceipts
lor the Garden, To V emove Stains, Hpots.eic ,
Pyrotechny and Kxplesives, Cements, etc.
Waterproofing, Artincisl, Gems, Inks ami
Writing Fluiua, Aniline Colore, Paints and
Pigments, laintingand Paper-hanging, Ka1
aominesnd Whitewash, Varnishing and Pol.
ish ng, Lubricators, Japanning and Lacqner.
irj.Koot and Harneaa Blacking, Photog aphv,
Meials and Alloys, Gilding, bilvering. em.,
Elentrotyping, Electroplating, etc., Potent
Medicines, Medical Receipts, Weights and
Measures. 6u7 pagea, royal octave, c'.nth.
Priee li.oo enrar '
Xew tlhutrnttd Editicu. J. W. Watson, author of
"The Outcast." BmtlMI, Wihrolir,nmarif
imaldnigm 6 Hsrard L. ifeary. Complete In
one large octavo volume, in uniform styln
with "1 he Outcast sod Other Poems," beina
nnnted on the finest tinted plate paper, and
bound in green morocco cloth, with gilt top,
giltsides and beveled boards, prioi Two Dl.
lnrs, or bound in green morocco clotn, with
gilt sides, and beveled board., once Three
Dollars. r
Abort tool It or mil ty ail IoocmoW.. ee cof
ira fUwM es srsT, pS-stM, l esy ens, Mrreou-a of
mail, ea asy oas ri.MiKi la. srio. . il Is (As ssUii
ers. T. B. PaTKHdtiN HKOTH b,K8,
3(M Ch.staat St., PhiLdelphia, Pa.
Agents Wanted.
Forth great sensation ol hygienic litera
ture our dusnon; or, '
Dr. Dlo Lewis' new work Is aa Immense
success, bases money, worry, and precious
hialth. and shows how to live well and grow
fat nn tl a week. Agenla are coining money,
and domga world of good with i. Thesatre
chancea an 1 1 open. Ielay not, bu' address al
once. K. HANNAFORD CO., Publishers.
177 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, O. (mai
Bit, your
SS? ' ff hoota and f
' i vj1"" of ,,w'
.Jvry 5fTrSB "amienwhi
IfXVgSTarI B maniiKictnrei
VlViastflfriM cliKiyely i a t
7a3mmsV7 U tnoaeartioles,
i)iMJlT Special at-
iNfe4y, i tention given If

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