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UcARTUUR, 01110, .
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THURSDAY, J AS 22. 1874
A Few Words About Temperance.
We notice in all the reports
of the Ilillstoro and Washing
ton tewpernnci revivals now
prevailing that most of lh
dealers say that they would
rather be m some oilier Lusi
teis, We have nevtr talked
With r liquor dealer on the
subject but be expressed just
that leelioff. Where a man lol
lops a business with 6ucU mis
givings of its propriety the
community hue the men in
their hands to c'ose Ms estab
lishment First, by the power
of the law, and second by lalk.
lag with him and cultivating
bis natural aversion to the bus
iness, and the community itself
becoming temperate. If there
are no drinkers there will be
no tellers; but as long as re
spectable citizens,raen who are
honored by the comniuuity,
frequent saloons and become
genteely boozy, they must ex
pect these places to flourish
and stand as a temptation to
their children, and when the
children become told enough,
that they will become as gen
' teelly boozy as their fathers
before them. There is a big
temperance lecture in this ar
ticle, if some of our citizens
will only give it a personal application.
Tub' excitement iu Jackson
county 'over -the coal and iron
bonnes runs very high We
believe the population and
wealth of the county will be
doubled in less than live years.
Four furnaces will be com
menced, at Wellston in the
priog and two more compan
is are organized for Jackson,
and will commence in the
spring. This will make ten
new furnaces which will be
commenced within the present
More in detail will he given
next week. Jackson Standard.
Good for Jackson. If we
can't rejoice at .he prosperity
of our own county we can at
our . neighbors. Vinton , has
coal, ore and limestone and in
greater abundance than Jack
on, yet for want (4 enterprise
by downright sloth we drag
along doing nothing, making
nothing, no benefit to ourselves
r the world at large. Which
one of our capitalists will move?
By the way, we learn that
Mr. Knauss' enterprise is still
being actively worked up, and
would probably have been a
success ere this but for the
janic. If our people had as
much confidence in the prac
tical working of the furnace as
they have in Mr K. personally,
and in his general knowledge
of the iron business,, we have
no doubt the slock would soon
be taken. lie is actively en
gaged in working up that con
fidence, and is willing to take
the greater part of the risk
himself. If the furnace will
mafte ron economically in
Omaha, we don't see , why it
mtl not work here as well.'. , .
'Gto, Weuur, Democratic
earididate 'lor Stare Treasurer
last fall, 'has served notice that
he wiil contest the election ol
Joseph Welch, Republican, al
ready sworn into. office. The
rote is very close, and with the
ftid of a Democratic legislature
they will probably oust Mr.
Welsh. 'The 'principle cause
ef action is that the paper on
Which the tickets were printed
!a Cuyahoga county was too
thick or too thin'we don't ex
actly remember which.
Calm After The Storm.
A New York correspondent
of the Cincinnati Gazette thus
describes the present financial
"Never has bo great a crisis
been so speedily and satisfac
lorily passed. - Barely .'three
months hare gone, and the
prominent - bankers who sus
pended are again in operation.
The National Trust, the Union
Trait, Kenyon, Cox & Co., Geo.
B. Grinnell & Co.; Fitk &
Hjfrh. and nllipm nr r,nrM
more sailing on unruffled and
prosperous etas." , ' i
! TllK irniJon lU-gister .savsf
nog ural.
In les than three months
more than thirty women have
been appointed pctrtislressee
in the United States.
Cms. M. Buck, mail agent
on the Portsmouth Branch,
died at hid home iu Portsmouth
on the Glh.
Tiik ladies ot Gallipolis are
engaged in a temperance
movement similar to those at
Washington and Ilillsboro, and
are meeting wiili success.
Ge.v. Uki'SVknor has been
confined to his room at the
American House, Columbus,
for some days by severe ill
neis. Gov. NuYta received the
votes of 11u) Kepulioans of ib
Ohio Legislature, and Ttur-
man the Democrats, for Uuited
States Senator, the latter be
ing elected.
vr. I'mlson, Senator from
this district, is tin the following
conimitteesi-Uorporations oth
er than Municipal, Currency,
Library, Medical Colleges, &c.
.Mines and Mining, Relorm
The credit system has re
ceivea a crushing blow at
Waterville, Kansas. A man
named Ilutt, who asked for
time on some purchases, was
promptly knocked down with a
Senator Sumner presented a
petition in the Senate a few
days since 953 feet in length,
and signed by 35 179 persons,
against tho proposed theolojjic
al amendment to tho Constitu
tion. Rev. E. W. Schwefel, pastor
of the Presbyterian church at
Athens, had his right foot about
shot off last week, lie was
resting the muzzle of a shot
gun on his instep talking to a
friend, when it was acddentlv
discharged inflicting a wound
from which he took the lock-
jaw' and died lnsr week.
Justices of tub Peace are, by
law, required to report to the
County Auditor, on or before
the first day ol February next
a statement ol all fines assessed
or collected during the year
ending Jan. 1, 1S73. The pen
alty lor neglect to report is fif
ty dollars.
The nomination of Caleb
Cushing for Chief Justice
proved very unsatisfactory and
was withdrawn. Lion. M. II.
Waite, President ot the Ohio
Constitutional Convention,' has
be en nominated and will doubt
less be confirmed by the Sen
ate, ns he a universally re
garded as an able lawyer and
an upright man.
A good speculation is men
tioned In an Illinois paper.
Three gentlemen, resident in
Massachusetts, in. 1800, pur
chased land in the vicinity of
one of the large citie ol Illi
nois'or 'lets than'f 5.000 lor 'a
permanent investment. The
land, was sold last August for
SllO'.'OOO."' '-:
' IbJ war record of.Geqree L
Converse Speaker of t,he Ohio
House, has been very thorough
lv: peptilated lately by men
who claimed to be war ;Demu
crats ' and who felt .that1 such
.an htf'nor 'conferred,. 'cn a man
who in the darkest hour of. the
Nation' peril publicly advised
that the . drat'.'jng , officers
"should be: treated Jike mad
dogs" was singularly vOut.. ol
place. . : ., . . ? . , ;
; . : v. . .
Vic'S President Wilson .brief
ly addressed the National Con
vention of Woms.n. .Suffragists
in Washington Eaday, in the
following language: "I wish
'simply to say that I am under
imperative orders to ma&e no
speeches on ! any Subject. I
will add, however, that twenty
years ago, I came to the con
clusion that my wife, my moth
er and my sisters were as much
entitled to the right of suffrage
JS m.v,e,f, .,,d 1 biive no1
changed my niiud since," '
Repeal of the Salary Bill.
The Lloui-e and Senate Iihvh
agreed upm and passed the
sulary repeal. The lollowiug
is the bill Hgrped upoi.:
Be it enacted, etc, That so
much of the set of March 3d,
1873 entitled An Acljrraking
Appropriations for ihe Leis
lative, Executive and Judicial.
Expenses of the Government
fr the year ending June 30iri,
1374,' as provides for an in.
crease of compensation of pub
lic officers and employees,
whether members ot Uongress,
delegates or others, except the
President of the United Slates
and Justices of the Supreme
Court, be a.id the same is here
by repealed, and all the salar
ies, compensation and allow
ances of all said persons, ex
oapt as oloresaid, shall be fixed
by the law in lorce at the time
of the passage of said act; pro
vided that mileage shall be al
lowed for the first session ol
the Forty-third Congress; lhat
all moneys appropriated as
compensation to members of
the Forty-second Congress in
excess of the mileage and al
lowppcea fixed by law at the
commencement of said Con
press, and which shall not have
been drawn by members of said
Congress respectively.or w hich,
having been drawn, have been
returned, in any form to the
United States, are hfeby cov
ered into the treasury of the
United States, and are declared
to be moneys of the United
States absolutely, the same as
it they had never bteen appro
priated as aforesaid." ..
From the Portsmouth Times.
An Unfinished Prayer.
Last Thursday evening the
lie v. Newton Stangef, of All
Siiints Church in company with
Mr. Tracy, Mr. Towell Bnd Mr.
Yoak'lev, visited a dwelling on
Fourth street, below Jefferson
street, to hold one of a contem
plated series of Cottage prayer
meetings. When near the
close of the exercises, and at
about Half past eight o'clock,
Mr. Siunger called on Mr. Tra
cy to lead jn prayer. Mr. Tra
cy knelt and began to pray, but
atlvr uftering a lew 6iiorfBeii'.
t,ences, his voice ' falte'r'e'd, ' or
liculalion ceased,'and Mr. Tow-
ell observed him leaning heav
ily on his side1' against the chair.
Lie caught him to prevent his
falling, and friends placed him
on a litter and started lor his
residt nee. When near the cor
ner of Fourth and Court streets,
he asked "Are we ' nearly
home f This is all he said from
the time he was stricken until
his death, which occurred al 6
o'clock yesterday morninz.
During all the weary hours 61
the tight he was unconscious.
The cauf e of his death is said
to be paralysis, the organs ol
the throat being palsied, pro
ducing suffocation.
Wednesday's Cincinnati Ga
zette ' pels oil the following
eood itim over the . Caleb
Gushing catastrophe: ,
r"0a!eb Cwflhing's coner.ma
tioo was.coirsidered ,in caucup.
A California Congressman
casually, caught control of ia
certified copjtof acomprorais
lug commnnioation frooa CubJi
ing'lo tLechlet of the Confed
eray, commending to his care
pa; t calje . cotnradd Conkling,
Cuahing.'&Qhief.iwas confounJ
ed by Ibis cliarge, and clearly
condemned the "course Cush
ing' bad chosen. 'Cualnng's
c.uididacy thus comes, to a com-t
atose condiUoD ...'i n,-.
Tna Democrats, in the Ohio
Senate, have taken the appoint
ments of committees out of
I he tends of the President, of
the JSenate, and select their1
own committees, generously
giving the. Republicans two
memberships in comniiitees of
seven and three in committees
of nine. . .
ewand awnd h.nd, of flr-txtla-a makera.
will be eold at lower pncea forcaah, or on in.
tallmenta, 'nelly or country, rluiinir ibia fl-n.im-ial
eriala ami the holntaya b UOKACB
W TEK8 A --I N, 4S1 Hroadway, than ever
fore nltered in New York. AgrnU wanted to
,ll Water" Olebiated Pinnoa, Concerto and
On-heetral iirgana. Illnatnited catalogues
milled. Ureal inducement lo the trade. A
large riixount lo tniof terebltrohf , bueday
BohooU, .. '(. . -,!: f; r ,
LI. 0. ONES,
91c Arthur, Tlntdn Co. O.
Bo right, Sold and Exchanged
'1'IIE ffllowim knits till b old low on
rt oDHOie term w mni i
tOAAORRi ol fl2 limber Und, nrir tho
AC. R. R. The Umbrt will mora
II.Hti pay for lb laud il put up id tho market,
Tula perfect. For full description call upon
or write to ii. CJUNE4.
&"i WITHIN mile of the M. ICR,
"J II K 'die Urm couMioa u acrta
loriy acrea cltaied. - Fair improro
nieni". a -ood poal Saok open and
working. i't feet beat eoal. Fur iaio chtap.
200 Acres in Jaikion Townhlp.
I AAVCRKSImproTeJ. Fait hnim. and at
llVHile. loll kooI limber, ftood orchard
17A i railed tpule, 100 peach, W cberr and
pear m.
1 will take lljro for the tract; f 1 ooo In
Hand. Liberal lerma on deferred pjmeut.
Tl'le parfret
Tuia (and must tell.
120 Acres ia Harrison Township,
GOOD timber land, well watered and near
the railroad.
rule perfe. t.
Will tx auld low. Udeo
The rooit bmutlful tree in America,
Round Caotns,
Mountain Sunflower,
Painter's Brash,
Pike's Peak Columbine,
Eooky Mountain Epeoialtles,
For deaoripre catalogue and price liat ol
eeui auureia,
DlKVM. Col.OtlDO.
Sfdal Rain la A'arvryme mi Dtultrt, .
Manhooa: How Lost, How Restored I
Jot piihiioaeil. a new edi.
t'nri r.f Dr. CalTerwell'a
Celebrated Kay en the
rariical cure Iwithont nieni.
Oine) of ,PrlTollcai, or beimnAl Weak.
ne, Inroliinury Seminal Loasea. lapoTaucr,
Mental and Physical Iuoapacily, Impedimenta
to Marriaxe, etc., altio, OiasunPTioN, Fhiir.
T, and tit. induced by icll-ludulueoce or tux
ual extravagance.
-'rice in a aealed enrelepe, only I cente.
The celebrnted author in thia admirable en
ay clearly demnoMrntea from a thirty rera'
micoeahful prnclir-e, that Iha alarming c'au.e
qucncei of welt ahue may be radical eared
without the daagernua uae of intetnnl medi
cine or the application of the knife: nmntina
out a mode oiure al once.imttle. eartnm .H
etteclunl, by menna of which eer anflerer,
no niniler what hit conduloo may bc'miiy
cure himKelf cheaply, privatelv, and 'ailicalle.
ayvi hia' Lerlure ahnuld ho'ia the h.nd. r
eery youlh and e?ery man in the laud.
"enti under aeal. in a plain envelope, (o any
add.eaa, potivaM on receipt ot aix eenla, or
two pout atampa.
AIko nr. (lulverffell'a "Marriar Suide,"
price AUcenta.
Addrcsailie publiHhera,
, CHA. J O KI.INF. A flO .
127 Bowery, New York, Put Otfloe Box, 4,308
r i ; . .
Daily IVleat Market
I It AVE open
ed a daily
ment market id i
-h'ickey'a Huil- ,
dia, . opnfeaitd .
'.tie Viiitnncoiin'
Y'iMl, and Will
Keep cunrtantly
n hand all the
varieties nnd the
'rt meal to be ,
Imind in the
mir.kt ;
I will Mil at
ifair fJiij'eH, and.
hv fair dcnlinir
hope Mo merit
the public pat- '
J la..
15 Jan
J fid viit want oj
ifec Zlro.i n.
Probate Notice.
Probata Court, Vinton County, Ohio.
NOTICE is hereby giyen thai Frederick
Cradlebaugh, aa (iuaidian nt Kmma A.
Hramer, a nrnor, haa hied herein htaaeoount
with hia aaid waid for partial aetllrment; anl
hat the name ia ret for hearing ou tne7tn
day ol February, A. I). 1H74 a iu o'clock, A.M
II. B. MAYO, Probate Judge.
January 18, 1874.
$72.00 EACH WEEK.
Agenta wanted everywhere. Huaineaa alrlct
ly legitimate. Porticulare Ifree. Addrerta J
W'IRTH.St l.oun, Mo 25-eptly
Legal Notice.
GEORGIA A GRUMMON3 widow of Icha
bod (.rurnmoi i. derreaeed, ho reaidea in
theMnieof Penusvlvanla, and Mary K. Meicu f
and William N. Oriiiumirna who reaide at
Hamilton, Ohio, Emma eultner nnd 4 Jrnes
who reaido ni Zineaville, Ohio, S arah M. and
H Thetnaa (iniminons who reaide at.Coahoc
ton, Ohio, J; N. lirumniona who roalueaat
Cincinnati, I ihio, . H. Urummona who r
aidee at Logani-port, Indiana, Catharine
Miiimmona a ho leaidea at Hournenlle, Ohro,
Mninie bruminona who reaidea al. Znnearille,
Ohio and lece Grummona, who reairlea in the
Stjiux.f Pronrylvama, heiraal Jawtol ichabod
(irummona, deceased, will take notice lhat
wilfH HndelilTi admiDiatratonol (he eatale of.
Ichnbod Urummona, deceaaed, nn the 27th
day of- eoeniber.'.'A V. 173 Sled hia pitn-oo
iu the Probate Court, wnh'n and for the coun
ty of Vinton andbtateof ohiq, nijftfng .Ht
the pVraonal e.-tnte or aaid decedent ia in-uin-cierit
lo pay hiatVhlaand Ihecharxea ef ad-1
ministering hia tntate. That he died Wised
in lee.nimple of iw followion described real;
eetaie annate in the county of 'Vinton and
is tut e of Ohio to.aiU. ItwenUSdaereeofl iho
weal half of th? iiofth-weel qnnrieK or Ihe
Buth-weat qiiaiter at aection t el ver U (qa n-,
ship ten, 10 range sineteeb 19.
AIho, 'he.north,eKt quarter of, the aouth
easf rjnarier of ieclton elereh, 11 township
and rnuge aforeaaid : :,j . .:. .
The prayer of aatd petition l for aworder
autbnriiiug tne aale of aaid premisea for the
paylnenf o( the dehta and charge afbrefkid.'
.aid uetition will be lor henrincrnn lh7rh
day ot Kehraary, A. 1) 187 ores soon there-
itq' ew tea v wu in u"tMiiC'l
1 : I I T iMTMMi hAKCUHFVL--Admmiatrator
of the eatal of IchaboJ
rummona, deceaeeS. . , . ,'i 1Z
Jauuarv 15, 1874. 4w
W.ood's Houfejiyld Magazine
SR-V TO SI V "r 1" "T caBaHng,
milllileWnnV in
(tat laUk waI .ilh nkan 7.
14x20 Inchee In 17 Oil Colors.. ,
Magaaine one year, with' mouaied chromo.
Si o
Maaasine,. one 'year; .with oo'mounWd oho-
mo, II 6S ....
Hagaaine. alone, oniyMr, SI . ' :
Exam ne our clubbioa aud nreminm Hal.
Two flretclaea penoeieala lor the price of
" "ucr expenence-i canraaaera and
others te rnf a ooce fcrterma and apeei
men magaiine. Addreaa 8. B. HHUTi
Pjb lh. r, 41 Park Rpw, . T. City or New.
burgh, N, Y.
Will prolong lher Urea, rnake better lumber
fhe ,n n,0De'''lBr n1 ''er, by aaing
t;eacrjplieoiroilariejit upon application
BINKES, DiriS A CO., Indianap'olia, In.
tot 100 In Wallet, often leada to
a tGruiDH. iNo. risk 8-mae
pamphlet for atamp. ViLxatiaa
1 CM IB lliOB A Ga,.. Biaklrt an. I
J3rokrs,MWaUst,.It .. ..
AlwaysKeeps alullLineof
Fresh Drugs, Pntnts, Oils, Varnishes,
Dye Stuffi, and Pure Liquors tor Me
ditiuul purpotea.
Perfumery, Fine Toilet Soupa, Hair
Oils. Pomade, Hair, Kail, Tooth. Flesh
and Clothes Brushes, Combs.
School Books, Llnnk Books, Copy
Books, Pen", Ink, Paper and Peucils,
Envelopes, Slates.
Fine Cut, Phift. t hew In and Smok
ing Tobacco, Ctgare, Pipes.
Lanterns, LampsClilmneys, Shades,
Coal Oil.
i , '
. A full line of Gold.Corol, Jet, Topaz,
Amethyst, Agntc, Qarnett Sets, Brace
lets, Finger and Ear Rings, Necklaces
Sleeve. Butt jus. ' ' '
Needles for all kinds of Sewing Ma
chines. Musical Instruments, Tuning Forks
Violin and Uultur Strings.
" Clocks, Watches and Keys.
Toilet and Work Boxes, and an end
lesj variety ol Toys.
lam'also agent for all the Mngaw
zlnea, Periodical", Literary and Dully
Papers, which I furnish from three
days to a week ln 'advauce of those
furnished by inull.' ;
All of the Above, anda
Thousand Other Arti
? cles, to be had at
State of Ohio, Vinton Co,tS'
Bcnpni Ilixion rtntl Wife, Fliiintiir,
1 Henr'y Iloffhtnn,' lit fendnnt. f
oriCR ia bfrehrgiren Ihut I will nrter
i for aale at public aiicnm at the door of Ihe
ioun uouae lu tlc.trllllir, ytrio, on(
Monday, the 9th Day 'of February,
A. 0. 1874,-
At the honr of 1 o'clock P. M. of amd
day, the following real estate, ailunle in
county 01 vin'-on, and State of Ohio, lo wit
Ihe wens half of the north we.-1 quarter of
-coon "iree. (a) containing eighty (8u)
ninu pnit 01 me norin-eBi quarter ol
n.cnun lour. t) commencing at tne north
eaat corner of aaid eectioi thuii e anuth wilh
aaid section una to tne middle of aaid aection,
hence west to the Manettn A Cincinnati Kail
rond,thence nortn-et with aanl nil Iron I o
aa to illteraect the Aral-nainetl linw ni ulaou
of eeginning containing lorly (4ua.-re, more
or leaa. All of Ihe above de-enbed Inndt nnd
louemenie oeing and lying in toanrhip ten,
lOofranzeeerenteen 17.
Apuraiaed at four thousand two Lundrrd
uunarc 94,viai.
'I'KRMS (IK SATE Cah n,ln. nl.nl.
Taken aa the propr.rry of Henry HoMmnee
on an Exectinon in farjr ol Henoni Hixron
and wife iaaued hy the Court of lommon
nana in ineoonmy oi vision and to me di
reeled aa Hherirt ol said conn ty, i.tven under
injr uiiu mis mi a y or lanunry, A. l Ih7l.
Sherillul Viutou Uounty, O.
January 8th, 1H74. s
Fourth Grand Gift Conoert
i - - -. ei .-v r-.t
Tuesday. 3l8t March IHext
to complete the aale of tijtet..uid make
FUIaJa, drawing.
H2000 Cash Gifts will he distribute
byrot among theTicket Holders.-
One grann an 'gift f 2jV,6c Oj -ons-ltrand clHi
gift, lOO.uorij one grand cah gilt. fr'.OnO; one
rand cash gill, 95,oo(i; one grand rash gill,
7,600- III giand canh gifta. III i0eacri, luO.iHiO-,
aiJcah grfia, A.rn.o eacn, l.vi.oou; M)cah gifta,
eiicn, o.i,cvu, ju caxn 2tiua, otai eacn.
40.000; 10O(-hgift.,4(eacti;4(i.K); IMIeaah
gifn., Siio each, 4r,liOO-, tbu cah grfir. each.
.(Ki.iMii; nit cah gifn, loo each, Si.Mri: ll.ooo
caah'g-4te,ooeaoh,SS(Ml Total l'i.OOOgrlu;
nn .-vnuvPDiifuuiiiig meiivu,ow. -,!l,. 1 I
Thechtnces for a gilt areaa one iefite.'' ..
eTTbe concert and dialribuunn of aifta
will potUudf and aaernriraMlfy ail ftaet anlUiaz
ivw jww, wuetnrr an tne ucaeui are aoia or
not, and the 12,000 gifia all paid in propors
tioo to the number ol tickete aold.
Whole lickeia, tM; halrea, 25; tenthmor
each coupon, 6; eleen whole ticketa for
82fcketa for l,000; 113 whole ticket for
li.ooo; m whole tiekete for 10,ooo - No di
count on leaa than 1600 worth of lick-eta.
Applicnjinns lor agenoies aod.erdejra for
,tickeu 'hoaH be adrlrwwed to '.
Agent Pubho Library Ky , and Manager Gift
. Concert rull c Library Building, lieaia'
TiMe, Kentucky. -
5(?tftH9lTr 'syl Agents wanted! Al
3l0Uclaaea of working people, of
cither a J, Ongorold, makSmorr wioney
work for na in their apa re momenta, orall
the time, than anvthing elae. Particular! free
Ad.lreaaQ. BT1N8UN CO., Portland.Maina.
JL kow either eex piay faacn.ate and gain
the lore and a(1 twt.a of- any pereen they
choe, inataotly Thie arm pie memal an.
nuiiement all can poaaeaa. free b mail lor a
enta; together wltba Marriage '-atde.Egyvt-
kAnlr. Iftfl Orui . j .i rr ,t. . v i , I .
Pttblisiwe, Phikdriphi ' -"T"
State of Ohio, Vinton County
' D. B. Snivel, Plaintiff,
Silas Smith, Defendant
a.H05f I'l.KAIUtK.MII
UaOIH urSilK.
T)ORStTAWT lo the command of an Order of
1 Hale nn J. r. Tranacript leauen rrem the
Oourtof Common Plena of Vinton County, and
to me directed aa herifl f eaid county, I will
offer for aaleat the door ol the Court Houae,
in the town of McArtbur.Vintoa Vouuty,Ohio,
Saturday, the ZUt Day of January. 187-k
at the hour of 1 o'elnek P. If .'of aald day the
following desenbed landa and lenementa, aitu.
ate to the county of Vinton and a tat ol Ohio,
to wit:
The norlh weal quarter of the aoulh et
quarter of aeelioo eiahleD, (IS) lownthip
ten, ranft aixteen, (IS) in tbeDbio Co.n
paay'e purehaaa. coolaiuinK lorry 44i) aerei
more or leaa, aald landa kelnx aituate m Vio
loa county, Ohio -
ppraiaerl at nine hundred riollara, (fOflO )
and muat bring two.lhirda of lhat aum.
To he aold at tho property of mine Smith lo
tatiafy a rendi order of aale, laaued from the
Court ol Common Pleaa in Htror ofU. U. bhir-
SheriHol Vinton county. ,
U. S. CuTpnon, Attorney for plaiiitifi.
Jan. I, IHT4. 6
State of Ohto, finton County
Jonathan Blore, Plaintiff,
Hoory Winklemao, Defendant. .
In Vinton County Court of Common
Heat An Urder oj Hale.
PURSUANT lo the command of an Order of
Sale iaaued from the Court of Common
Pinna ni Vmlnn rnnnl. mn.t m n.- .ir....i..l
aa bhonflof aald county, I will oiler for tide al
,ii.tuiiui iiivugun nuilMI, in IIIO town Ol
MrArthur, Viuton Countr, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 31st Day of January,
A. U. IB4,
at the hour ofl o'clock, P. H. of aaid day, the
iouowinxuea.trinerj mnna ami tenemeutH, til
unte in the county of Vinton and Slate ot Oho
ai.u hounded and deaortbed aa rulloaa to wit:
ommeiw ilia at the aouth-wesl corner ol
fraulioa No. eighteen (18) in aevtlona Noa,
tweuiy-ore and twenty two (J I A ..') t'irni'u
ea-t on the aouth of said frantiou an far ihut
a line running nuriri to the north hue oflrav
lion No. aerenteen (17) parallel to the wel
line of art d Inuihou N'. aeventeen. (17) in
Keirllon twenty-two ii) theory went lo ttie
comer ot aaid traction No aeremeen, (17)
Ihcu e aouth to lire iiloi of be jiiinicxnoua
as to Include and contain one hiin lred an I
sixly (ltni) acret of I in u iu lownrliip o. ten,
(IU) range aixteen,
M'prHie. at r.iur Ihoii'nnd eiaht liundrel
dollnra, f 4 Suu rnd muat brhijr. twu-llnrda of
that an in.
To be aold a the property of Henry Wluklr-
man to eittialy an 0'iler of aale, Ih ne.l frnm l e
Cuint of Coiuiiion Pleaa In lavur of Jonathan
III ore.
T1CKM8 OF SAI.F: C.-h in hnnd on the day
of aale. CIKOItGE HAI.f:n,
prier.u vinion tomity. .
BaaituiLLi Altorneya for
January let, A. . mi
Slate of 0tio, Vinton County ,..
Wary A. DeDh, plainiiff.
Aain (
Jylm W. inin, defond'ant.
Ia Vinton Cnunty Court oj Common
ritas. Vtn 'd i Order 0f Su le.
Pt'ffIJAVr Mlha "otrvninl of n Ven l'l
Or'lcr of Hnle i.aued frm Hie Cnuri of Com
moi. I'leaa of Vinion county and In me d'.
retted a bherrll of mud counfy, I will oiler Ur
Mile at Ihe diior nl the Court' lloraie, in trie
town of MuArthur, Viutou couuty, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 31st Day.ofiJaanary,
r'l '.he hour of2 o'clock, P. M. of aaid d.iy 'he
loll 'Wing Imida and tcoemcniii, to wit: the
undivided one-tenth pint of Ihenorih weat
qii nrter ol acetinn No, three tow nhip No.
twelve, (lil range 0. aevenleen I 71 fexcem
one-tourth of un acre on eouih aule of mid
norm-weal quarter lierelorore aold b rlnl
ip Sum) cnnlnining one hundred and neventy
three (173) acre mere or lees Appraieed at
eight hundred and eixtyflve. dnllara (Jitiio.l
Alao, Ihe one ter III I -in part of in lot.
iwenj.riui oj; ap praiaeu 111 twenty
dollnra S2'i and thirty tiro iipprni.s, at
lour dollnra and lirtvccnia. 184 .Vol in llm town
of New Mount Pleawnt, In Viutou count,
v..,,, inmi nuu u-neiuenva neing nereo
fore aitrii-lied by me on an order dated March
12, A. 1. lr.71,
Appruiawl at eight hundred nnd eiifhty ni ne
dollnra and Illy cents and muat brine two
Ihirda of thai aum.
To be aold na the property of John W. Stun,
'w.imi-ij h .ruin orner or a.iie, iaued from
the Court of Common Pleas in fator ol ilnry
A. Iictiuh
blieiill oi Vinion I'uiinry.
OanrraKni and Bbatton, All', lor plamliit.
January lht, Ib74. 6w
Stale of Ohio, 1'inton Co., s.
Mary A Definh, plaintiff, :
. Against
John W,.Saio, defendant
In Vinton
tlon County Omti of Common
lids. Vendi Order of Sale.
TURSUANT to Ihe command rt . V.nn,
A Order of Hale loaned fiom the Court of
onimon Pleaa of Viutou eounty, and lo me
duet-ted aa hherilfol aaid enun y.lwill oHi r
Kiraaieaiineaoornt tne (Jon: I Hiue,in the
town of MuArthur, Vinton oounti, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 3ist Hat of January,
1 07i --e .
i u i x
;j the none ef J o'clocpf M "of said day, We
tallowing ileecrihcd ladda and tenemeiua. to
wiU ISM undivided one enlh ll-liiiars oi
the nonb-we.t quarter oCeecllini No. three.
131 town hip No. iwelve, l range No. ear.
entfteitflt Aannnllnf. M. r..,,,,!, A
fol aouth aideol raid north wei-tqiinrterhere-
vuirnuiw "r f'iiup raipt.coiiiainiru; one
Kundredand aeveniy-tl reenorea morebrleM
Appriiaed at eight hundred and sixty fare
dollare (ISDa) , . .-. ,
Alao the uod rided one. tenth 1. ,0 part of
in Iota No. tweru eight, appraiaed at twen
ty dollara, $30 and thirty. two, 3-1 appraiaed at
lour dollar and Hfteeenta. i aoin ,h
of New Mount -'lea-nnl, Vinton county, Ohio
Saul property being heretofore attached by
me on an order daied Fehruarr 7.h. 17:1.
And also the undivided oue lemh I 10 pan
... .wrDUKinH quarter ol aection lour, 4
toWDi-hln twelve. 12 ranje aeveniee iTenmam.
ng about one hundred and aeventy-lhree'173
aeree more or lew: Apprl., 8t gvo hun
dred and inne.eendollara SU.
ju oi ain. ianu and teoemenU being pitn.
KU In vinton counlf. hio. ami ,..r.i,.j
tertaj at fourteen hundred and eight dollara and
nftveenta. I40SSOaad muat t,rln .,ki..
of that aum. i
To he aoid as the property of John W. Sairf.
to aatiafy a Vendi Order of Hale, haued from
the Court of Cpmmon Pleaa ia favor ot Iterj
A. Iiefigh. ..
Hheiirtef Vision County.
OaoeviaoB andBaxttoa, Alt'ys for plamiifl.
January 111,11174. 6
T. Pa VHt Talmaae I. l .
norm; . n, oourgeoa, apeciai
contributor. They write fer no other paperi
lit A n . r isvaa T V . ic. .. . r
PJ lnrjtr orpmir(.1on Ihun nnv othtrta
firuiriHnittm. do vrrttuniili-m. U mm
raWtaaSillst Atilain.J Sua l V 1
eighty hour ebaolute work. Sample eon
iea anu circuiara aenl Iree.
ACENTS Wanted.' .
B, W. AliAMHk Biibliahe. Ids ohimW
aireei,riew ior .
' ' .i1 .'I'iM.
For 1874.
ton PtOFS; 100 ENl.RAVtNng.and COL
ORRH PLATE Publi-hel quarterly at tt.
eentaayear. Firat aumher fur 1874 uat Ur
sue i. A Oerman edmnn at an me price. . 1
Addreaa JAMES VICK, Rocheat jr, M.T.
Dr. Crook's Wins -of Tar
Contain" T9tuU
intrrratewlr af Vm
eloMMeil Toula value)
couiolued with th
ricb nirtjlolnal quail
tie of Tar, -wblcai
eauae It lo knllel
in weak aad Sm
bllltalrU B)4 ra
idly real ere exw
hawatetl alrewglk.
It elvanaeatbe Biom
uch, relaxes the Liv.
er, anq eanaws in
pug ranpni vaiav
d ( dlfeat, raw
vlng DyaaieMlat
I Indlr'eliaH. It
i.ud Indlr'ati
la hu pe trior Tea
le, realerea the sisaa
ea the ajraseaa. For
I'M lata In the BrenaC.
Nldoor Rark.Grmv
el or Hldaier dla
eaae, diaeaaea of the)
1 1 rl nary : eArgmaa,
jaaaan' or toy
Ceaaalalat It
equal, iter
sure sill
avi jMKha.
all dlaeo&eaof tlieTHKOATand LVRGS,
and hna been pmiHiunced aperloe fug
-uiiaaiuu wrvauaiu, AlVa il "
Bold by
COUfi Y. 8ISSON, lUcArthar, OU,
Complete Inatru' tioaa and large sollectloa
of new inu-lu. . ' ; i ' I
Thia work trachea in a conciae and aimple i
mannr how lo play upon tint, iralruniet I,
beginning wiin Ihe rfrat principle", and grtii
ually carrying thf learner forward by a oourie .
ol prngre ai t l-utia, rui ha.caa sot fail, if
rightly uaedof making a good periornier, la
Ihe ahmt at poaail lo tune. Puhliihed bf
JOHN CilUKCU A CO , CiociODati. 0.
942 P'gs Octavo. 130 Fine Enrjravrigs
Kelntov incidenln and accident" bATOud t rie
lluht ol ihiy; atarthng adteiiiiirea in all parte,
ol ihe world minea and mode of working
them; liiidercurreuta of aociety, gamtding
mill iu horr ir-; cat ern and their uiyateriea, ,
the d:ii It wiiva or wicKelue-a; prison" and
their ro retx; down in the ilopih,- of Hie sea'
ainnge atoriea of the deicdi.m ofcrrme. "
The bunk trenia of tneespenence nh brltf ',
anda; in miiurn dena and g.iiliiling hella, life .
in priann; atnne. of i-silrr; uriteutiires .
nni'ing linliah.; Journeya tj. ro iiiili eewere and '
catiiciiiiiba, ncvuicnra in. uiiuea; piralea and '
pimciea: lurtiirea of the iiiquiit on; wonder
Mil liur gl:inc; underworld of the great cities,
etc., etc.
stU'l lor circiilara and terma In ajenti.'V
J. It. It l it It V ( O.v ; .7
H At.TKUItU, tON., or CUKAliO, ILL.
Agists Wasted for tni " ' f 1
OF EW VOflK,' ' ' ' '
A'rai ly COO Ortoro P( get Prouiel Illmtralrp,
mill a liielory of Wall atreet an i j cb
eralto during the al iiUO yata. For cn
oulor ind lenua, aenreaa thv I o.biiahera.,
Wt aid antliaaal Grimna ch una, aiouafcd aad i
rvatfif a jHtninj.Jue i rrery AjhI-
J. It. 11 1 It II If CO.,
I A 1 ''1..or0.),CVO,JJ.U,.i
Tilt. uAvlAAtll'iUilJlLllMl,
With the Largest ami .1fot Cenrrnl and
Vnlunble t'lrculution or any Journal
I'ub Halted In I be Central iUgion ef
tbo Auicrlciiu Nation.
In addition to the unt eraM circulation of
the Coniineruml in Cinjinn.iti and Tluitftty, II
ia told through over three hundred sgenciee
in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tenneee,West
Vitamin, mi l Sutithvin lllinoia, nnd on all tiro
rn'ironda lu thoi. etntet, ami ihere ma'ipa
cul call (r.r itilougihe grtti nrera.from
I iti.-i.urg to New oi Iciiin. !
'flic ii irilor) oerupiert by the er n.-tltiienry
ol the 1. tiiiii.crcu.l i s t.i wuhin one day'a
laliimil truvcl of Cii.cinniili, and there are
icgiih.r ci.nieiK' f utea foY the Commercial
inColiimbiie, Ohio; Indiiiiiaiiohe; Krauklort:
llhvil:e; Clinrlrt Inn; I.ouiavillj Parkrra
brj; (.hriitniiiaiaH; Viiicennev l.alr-jclie;
L..niil.-, kiciiihoud; lunion; Xeniai
fprinnlielil, Neaark, lelnuai'e. anl Eiinea.')
tille, uliioj Lexington, Mnjsnllf; Pnrra, ami
(')iilhinna; mill koivaof other auperb anil
iiiiriMiiiia cuica.
Ciiiciiinnti ia the mti central of Ihe large)
ritrea of tlm niiicn, rruilnn all aide l in pi
poiloii by ihnfty and pioaieroua comniuoi-
i:r, ih every airectiou tne Coiiimeprial Ii Iha
UViirite uir.pi:per. '
rial i Iha
tilfoeniy V
111 a pciiucKi ene Ihe Commercial ! Hior
""H1"! ,uiuciririeiii. roeogniSJS I
gdionaui i.r.tlA orgiiiiiiarieaaA Hat
IU Una liOxlllOll re nocllliirlv lindpr.tn.,.1 .ni
jo Inruely rppreciaied lhat iu aubeenbert and
lis'.ituul purch;er in either political iartr
ouMi umUr tl,. of lh onrtv uraana. mi 0. -.1
TTjvnu wlrh to know how fortnsc arey
I I'luiile nnd loi-i; bow khrew.l in An me ru.
I Ij nril; hew pnn'ca are rieateil,. how
I fl locks am UiukIii nnd aunt. Itead Una
II k. It 1 chili .he bmi;rnihie of the
XX Utl iea.tinu in- d I'nra o( fKew Vorlf,
ylaixrigiiieriiculaiion la greater ilino thai of'
up ,.uivi.ira vuiqiiiiieia, ,-.iirf,,
Ittnkea a hcartv inrerett ;n trie politics of
r.urupe which telegraphic corrniunication haa
brouubi inu. very immiate rclirtMniWarth ee.l
nnd.earoearly vindaraiiug and aurlalningitaa
tevolopuient of nauooubiy loraifriiiaoyaaBd'i
Italy, 14 cordially ajmpaibiaea with 4ketMn w
pub 1 aacauae in ran.:eend8i.inl. ,i,m.,,
ihe apeeialtyoflheCommenial iisheaewa
otlheday. VVe apwa no erlort-aap. avwa
penneat home -or abroad, to obt erieie--'T
graiih, by n.ail anu by expieas, lliedake.t ma
te,lhgeu e, -and lo present it in ih moat at.
fractire and aiilhennc loni. Our editorial ra, .4
'OAVial Linn
, n.,Kr, uui reiy uikiB Jhe bm .
Dei.athal rowaout6l the reepect and good
will of the public at large. b,i- ' T
Ihecurrent hiatory ol the world illl noa.
seaa. this winter, ex.eptioirf i.uVre.l. h,
attniriof turoua never coni eroed ;ua mora
cloeely than now. The .emphcatloS in en
foreign eelationa, even ihreatenwg ar. muaS
command conatenily our aerioua coo. dara.
lion, and the aoeaio. of lUJSolTK&Li
" T1 ,""menciag.jnl abaorb in aV
UBUMial degree tne ateention of thawnnAw"
cial and political, await practica" aolulion
1 he daily oewapaper as aioi., arm bexv
cornea atmoet a aefleiaily of liaiJvH. iSrl
o,,.lo clajm lor he KZiuLm.
mercial that it ia at once Ihe moat complete
seat of the poind power of Ihe aatloo.-. "Tu, J
Oar relation, wih political partiea are aneh
thai we will not he auapected ol Umr-vnail
with the newa in Ihe intereat of either. vTi
mean lo tell the plain trulh,.aud pitfUiah-elL""
the newa, no matter whom iThelrWrli
We expect to he aa ihorongb anb 15,
preaent ng flo.ncial Intelligence TdwJJ n
with political information --.(b
Our rgeote are reminded that thia la a
Pironi.a-nir .,rne lo canvaaa for new aubecn
bera.anrt it la our Impreaion thai if aearenil
andenergetio eflort were made, there would
b vaion lo increaae orders Urge) v.
We offer no nthar l 1. ' i .
nirliL.. I . "
berap-an Ihe repute Pon of lae Commercial' T
ttfctrty. th 'M!0pl ,B Pobhshini
m HwM'Pi'i?? " fnrn,h'l'"h.oeo'in1ei)p .
les and circuiara giving exact and fuU details J
ol bu neat aformatioa. . i
Advertiain ratea Horn 10 toOcenta ner
agatehae. aooording u, di aplay aad po.lUen-e i
Ihe beet lerma offered be an 1
-1 --Mw., iiu uiBvuaamna or the
oueatlooa of Ihe day, ale acoorcUna, to qu i in,""
dependent ludgmept, having alwSia ti tiX
the efficacy of the tiuih in ihe intefeata oflha
people. Me do not ercer oftWiai
al. ehap-Kiter aad extent of circulation oo,M
sidered. M. HALSTEADA CO
IfroprieSortoflMWiicliuMiH Cowjniweiat. J

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