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The Vinton record. (M'arthur, Vinton County, Ohio) 1866-1891, August 13, 1874, Image 2

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TntJRSDAY. AUG. 6. 1874.
job odct is for Mle tf a bargain la a
" cash bajcr. Also the residence-of tb
'liUff" ow the corner of Soath an! Lo-
etut streets. Apply to or address
JOHN T, BAPER, 31-sArtbarj O.
License vs. Free Whisky.
Messrs. Jqpes ant, Mc.GilU
Tray were greeted on Saturday
flight )ast with a large audience
of oar best ciUiens the think
ing portion of community.
CapLJones occupied the great-
m .a . a mm-
r portion oi me time, ana air.
XUcGillway concluded in , a
abort but able resume of he
r5 whole argument.
After'apeaking of the respon-
A "abilities assumed In . attempt
t lug. to addreaa an audience on
aograye a question, and the
disposition of some to proscribe
rery one who "spoke in lay or
of the.' license clause, . Capt.
. Jones referred to the condition
of eooiety in oar State to-day.
lie atid people did not consid--
- er that, the enlpt intemper
ance waa founded in avarice on
the part ot the seller, and In a
depraved appetite on the part
ot the drinker; that men spoke
of .license and non license aa
though the whole evil had its
foundation and origin in the
laic, instead of in human de
pravity. Prior to the adoption of the
present Constitution the tem
perance people of Ohio believ
ed that it they could defeat the
license clause they would set
tle the question forever. They
voted for no license but found
that. the rejection ot the license
clause instead of being the
dawn of a temperance milleni
am, was in fact the hoisting of
the flood gates of intemperance,
and opening upon the Slate the
mighty torrent that has since
swept over the State.
The (fleets ot this tearful flood
of. intemperance are seen on
every hand dashing against
the very foundation of society,
it sweeps before it hopes,
homes and happiness. It car
ries down the strong 'man : in
his .strength, the old man in
gray hairs and youth in beauty
and vigor. Its deiolating ef
fects are read on every hand,
in poverty, wretchedness and
sufteringitt- shattered ' man
hood and woman's tears.
Temperance people have
talked and prayed legisla
tores have enacted 'statutes,
grand -juries have inquired,
courts have tried causes, fines
and penalties have been im
posed, yet the terrible flood
has swept on. The condition
of society is fearfully bad. This
tact is proclaimed on every
hand, yet the proclamation of
the lact by temperance people
doea ee good, praying and sing
ing otr moral corruption have
effected tut little, and we trust
the people are ready to have a
reform. Reference was here
made to the statutes in force
of the failure of the people to
enforce the statute, and of the
tendency of the community to
abuse courts, lawyers and ja
nes Juries names are selected
by the trustees and the trustees
are selected by the people.
A grand jury is a fair expo
nent of the people of a county.
The average grand jury is
above the average man in any
townshio in the county. If
we were honest with ourselves
ve would admit a want of mor
Al force moral courage ae a
f eaaoo why the law ,is not enforced.
Vould be a grand thing bnf the
enacting of a prohibitory Jaw
does not guarantee prohibition.
The traffic is backed by mil
lions of capital. You have no
more right to destroy a distil
lery or brewery than you have
store-bouse or barn. Capital
haf. been invested under the
No license" system. of law
job can uot-detroy it ia a day
wa law to that effect would not
nforeed.-. Pruiubitorr laws
'hafe fasted signally where evr
trieU, andtbej haye been :ndtI
in States that bare as rare
nor! and ly'gh .a ttandahl of
ciriltastioa as has Uio. Tror
luDUorj li 'tajlxff
in iJ ranee of 'n.'CT-nii
!!M7pu6!ie seati
jitSt or oar people than are the
exMtiogla. IT!!"'
Reference was here mad la
the published, letter oi Jd;e
Jackson of Bucyrps, 0"irt, and
the sCatii'.ics compiled a ad pre
sented by him, showing by the
report of Mr. Savage, Chief of
Police of Boston, that there
were in that city;, in 1S72, VGS
places where intoxicating liq
uors, were sold. That donor.
one .year, under prohibition,
11,226 persons wre taken into
custody, recorded on the police
books as drunk . 5,3$ G as drunk
nd , d(orderly 1,773 who
were helped home from . the
streets making 13,596 persons
actually taken in charge by the
police of Boston for intoxica?
lion. !r','7.::- . - '-
According to the letter of
Dio Lewis to the Cincinnati
Gazette, injhe City ot Bangor
With a population ot ,15,000
souls,, there 'are 300 places
where, intoxicating liquors are
sold bj the drink, a drinking
plaee for every 50 inhabitant,
men, women, and children.
option is in a ft
cent under certain restriction,
and there has never been a law
enacted so effective in Its oper
ation and so nearly self-entorc
lng. It is : the law of Kansas,
Missouri, Iowa and Indiana,
' In Kansas the women have
the same voice as the men in
determining whether intoxicat
ing liquors shall b? soli in a
township, village or city.
The theory of local" option
was tolly explained, reference
being made to the laws cf sev
eral States and decisions antler
them. - ' i - ;
Local option law can not le
enacted under the present Con
stitution, nor the new, if the
anti-license clause is adopted
Can it under - the license
clause Stanley Matthews one
ot first lawyers in the State, dis
cusses the matter freely and he
says: .
The esentia) and eharaeterbtie dif
ference be twetrn the two cli-e. then,
is this, and only thb: that under one
the Jiieus clause all power arer
the subject is vested in the General
AweuiWy; boder Ihe other, tbe Gj.
oral Assembly is deprireJ ot all that
power over the ubWt involved ia
regulaiiuo; ot restraining it by ww
of a system of lie us, .. - , . .
Thi, it mm to ave, amoaots to a
denial or rrsort to what U aaoaa
the loat optiim sjsteoa. to lb opera
tion of which' ,"a I vaoVtstaiMl it. im
one alternative, Hceaa are cstial.
Uuder the Kvente eLtWHF. Iha. In
mv oplaio.th power of Uw Lqrtita
tare. which aur be jailicioikly exer
cfceU for the suppression of iipplittjr
a ail salooas. u iiryer mad liianfnt
tor ejleuciotu tAttm mmdtr tt mi-ti-cenu
cia, ttiaaiildU U jMkiAtimrf
The jueitlon the isvlel&er
people who cry temperate cUl
voie to restrict the ZejiJatwrem
leaving whisky free, or ulether
they vill leaeethe Legitlttur
free to rettriet whisky!
The anti-license people as
sume that the adoption of the
license elaase repeals all the
statutes in torce 'and licenses
every person in the State to
. . r ,
the question does not depend
on legislation. In many who
talk on this matter this is pure
ignorance; in manv it is simply
unfairness. Whether license is
voted ep or down the future of
the whole matter is with the
"rr is asr im.
and should not he licensed.
The evil does not exist by vir
tue of license and the logic is
! nothing bat a "gag." not found
ed in reason, philosophy or
good sense, and caw have no
force unto thinking people who
wish- to do right, . Sl Louis
with 310,S& poDuUtioa under
a focal option Ireense averaged
one arrest for drunkenness to
every 12; while Boston with a
population ol 250.526 under
pnhilitiom averaged one arrest
for drunkenness to every 16 in
habitants. ..
Betoa averaged 6 3-10 ar
resta for drankenness while Si
LjuU averaged 2 10 to ear It
lOOiahatitants. T Lis Is reftn
ed Boston under pr;.tui;io;
and a" extern eiy nar ircii
refer loTUlia
tennontfii .this point he an
wen erery olJectioB.W onlj
lexically bit from tie Chri-
til bis sermo
I. ...... n .. r i'lTTl-. .1
should pet forever at rest ihe
excuses made on this point.
Cap. J ones . ; here qnofasd
(rem the etmio-t?flr. goja
toa to provo that the sua of
polygamy and patU'ag away of
wiveav without eaase among the
ancient Israelites, which had ao
worked themselves into society
that ; lhey; could- not ;. be
eradicated immedlately-I-that
by reason of the - hardnett
of their hearts the laws of Ho
les, given by divine authority,
did not prohibit, bnt regnla'ed
the evil; that the same concf l
uon to tee tardnesa or the
hearts, of the people Was given
in the law regarding the aveng
erof blood. " ' ::?'
Men who tlink upon Ihi
qneslion and' detire to rote
nght have Utile patience with
men who pretend to he Chris
tian tejsperanca men, but wLo
'ollowing one Idea, closing
their eyt 3 and ears to every
thing; throw their influence and
rote in later or perpetuating
the fearful evil "ot which they
make such leud complaint,
The mob that insciibed upon
their banners "No Popery'1 and
followed Lord George Gordon
through the streets of London,,
and in the Dime of Protesian
ism destroyed property, broke
open prisons, trampling men
and women under their feet
until the streets ol London ran
red with human blood and the
flames had licked op in their
fury whole blocks of buildings;
were little less blind 'and
reclli and unreasonable
than Ihe Unities who cry ".No
license, and relusine to see, or
hear,1 or read,' orr think, "give
their Tote and influence lo
swell the torrent of drunken
ness that sweeps over the Slate.
The temperance fanatics in
their blind zeal will co-operate
with whisky men, and in defi
ance of reason, in the face ol
years ol experiment, vote to
perpetuate the evils of which
ihe j compLtin. I candidly be
lieve that Ihe Legislature that
passed the Adair Bill, would
hare enacted, had Ihe Consti
tution permitted, a law, similar
to the law ol Indiana, aind if
ihey are permitted to do ao, 1
bare no doubt that a local op
1190 license law like the Bax
ter Law,' of Indiana, will be in
force in. Ohio, in less than a
year; then our ladies need not
go in rain and storm on the
streets and in the gutters.
pleading with and praying lor
liquor sellers. They can ex
ert their influence in a differ
ent channel, and especially if
we hare Ihe Kansas law, they
can pray for each other to re
fuse to grant license. By ths
law they would have a wonder
Inl leverage on Ihe IrafSc Men
say, if we had the Kansas or
Baxter license law, a majority
of the people would sign the
petition of any man who want
ed to start a grog-hop. .Well,
I say it that be Use leelmg ol
,- .- - . ,
tbe public sentiment, much
more wonU they be likelj to
allow a grog t hop to do busi
nes coder a prohibition law,
for tha lssuo under tba local
option would bo fairlj mad a.
Every maa whoso aama . ap
peared apoo the paper, would
hare done a positive ae( laror
ing the trafic; bow we all la
Tor it by nepalive action. In
the one case we would fcave to
pat oar names down in faror of
it, or be counted aaint it, on
the ro L -
(sire the men and women of
Ohio such a law and the trafic
rill be restrained and control
led, and when we reach a high
er moral standing a purer ciw
ilttalion, prohibition will come.
Walk Up and Pay Up.
Capt-. Jbs.es, . aliwrnej, is
brincing .. sails aaust delia
queat sabcribn to th U.
UcA. iCL IL- Tio vho
have not paid had better b
ioolic;, to their ine-reU ai4
DSlT a? : briCre Cft Jje aOdd-
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Send for "The Pioneer,;. lt,
k dlat4iml4 rvr. Mliiia
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' Ol'f! DTTS. "
u. P. B. a,
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TheTiaiiscontinental Brand
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WATERS PhUharmonlc,
Vesper Orchestral ,
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WATERS' New Scale PI
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aaarTBtylb U.S. aaa Caaa A.
bwial airaoat ta tfaabrra, niatMrra.
tn Braaawav, W Terk. P. o Box SM7.
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JulJ , IST4.I
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Sew coxctitctiox
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mt aula lar la atni'tna ar rem-Uoa af lb
fignaan, riiua iwigbt la ba aasarpa.
raTf an aaM iaaMiiauoa. ia
Iioesu to Sell Iatoxicatuig Liquors,
A aravtaai n Sm. M af Iba feaamb t mmI
Braau liaaikliaaMaa.
mm4 bmum la baliiiH abfdl b ialb
"Xae VtmttUmtion TicleL .
Eraae Uiai part of each vota wnick
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Far ta New CkautitsUoa.
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AguMt jJiBer.ty Kt-preaeatitioa:
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Far Kailroaa A'td.
. , AgaiBjt Railroad Aid.
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Altbar. tba. Swb . ef Jaf, 17
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Jl4jbLb. KTi. .. . - r Sw
Scribner's 'Ilonthly.
ran u-jLatauscajirAicuf BEra
AasUier Great Litararj Seasatifia,
The Modern Robtie onCrusoe
Vili 150 Beaatjfui Kiutratioiis.
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frt nUmwaa tautbat AlukTU
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ta abira, art r laiiat awb tbe atdatonaaaf
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b ataia." She .nM VBamakca bb
bea a parry af aaea M a ssytaenaaa
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5be son are iaii lii aa. ab set eat fewsa
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taeksiib all aa exaLeraace af as
Th (becae of the awei alary arVede the
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' 1 T ' hr Beer
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TTTK ire now nffprlnr oar nt1re-
V V part or ParaMla. i ana. Sumnn r
lriot, In order tocloee out belore beptember UU
!ti 'f
Fans worth
Parasob worth $a75
a25at 2.75
II 1
- i aVa I L Cab 0H,4JJ
2.00 at L25 ,
1.00 at .65
.75 at .50,
;i ? it " . . .
Sow b the time to bay u we are determined to sell regardless of cost
R; S; & J.: W. WILCOX --:
I I t:- -.-- ft. .-St '.:- f' 1 '' " '
;1 11
Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio,
, ' . ,
AVE fitted op their new and commodious ttrire-ronm in anperb stria soar
aeitfaer time ur aoaer to rea-ler it eqaal in architectural atjle to any
moat ia tSoathera Ohio, and bare replenished their former itock of Dregs,
Paints, Oils, Df e Staffs, Patent
which they bare ad lad a fall and complete line of Yankee Notions, Tobacco
and JewehrySrhich the will sell at lowest possible prices for cash.
will be eondocted in the establiaiiment aa heretofore. Monies loaned and pa
per discounted.- ' 1 .if . .
In connection witb the Medical
. 1 l
v ar "I
for the better treatment of all chronic and surgical diseases and deformities
nder a corps of directors who will employ nothing but first-class medicsl tal.
eat asoperaUTea in tba Institate.
Patients ean be. accommodated alter the first of October with boarding,
lodging and nursing at rates far below what ean be afforded at similar insti
tutions in the cities, and as good medical attendants aa ean be procured any
whete, ...
tfWk of Str&iiMT Goods rotwUtlnjr In
Hit. Ac, at leas than Uie wholesale
.1-: ays
.otr:t vj ! a ' x : t r
$L50 at CLr00 '
L25." .75
: ' T,
LOO V; .65
.75 '... .50
at CaOO '
Ilamdci., O. r
i . if.-':' : "i
and Family Medwinea to repletion, to
Department will be established a '
Walk Up and Pay Up. Notice of Appointment.
EsUte of atartha Dawk, dt-ccised.
THK naJfm)nol has brrm appointed aad
analiB as adniaiMraior af lb4airaf
Manila Uaak.Ultot Viamaeoaairtrwra.
t4(UH llll.'i
AdmiairtnUr aftb EsUla of Manha llsak,
Jul? O, 1873.
H. W. HORT0N, Leader,
.1:. ' . ..
HAVING laialf palchaMd arw aad hsad.
snsa baad amcua, aad ara pirparnl to
lurawb tftmm BMaua aa apalicaiisB. to all
BOU.U ia Uua orstijoiwai cuunuca. Addma.
as abata-, ' ' . , 4jaaim
Kanhood: How Lost. How BeateYed I
jobs aoMnavtl. a aavcdi-
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3Srial aad Pbyaxai larapaeriy. IniBediBwala
la Mamaaa, rmr mmm. Cinnimu, tnur
.t, aad bu. ndnraa by aeil-iaoiiljerar er acs
aal f ilranaaara.
mWfntm ia a araltd rawlop. ely reata.
Tb ubbiaaia sat bar this admirable
asy clearly at anaj ratal fro, a Ibirly year
ia eta aa
Marat, tbat lbnbinniaa
aafaees af sr-b-adms assy a radital J cared
Bitbaat lb daagtiaa. ae af inteiBal Btedr-
ma ar ab arslnUaa af tbe kade: atHatiac
aala bsmu tar at earemBr.renaia bm
eawrtBat. by sataae of ahrh earry saSrrer,
aa Itrr bal bs roatauoa aiT o, saay
care HmaHfrbewlT. anwatrlt. aad fairall.
aTkbai lrairvabaBldbt ialbabaaaaaf
J every yaotb aad every ui ia tbe laad.
"W. aMf aaab la a mbib ntnon. ia aai
la-iaa. aaaaaW aa rere.pt al mi eeata. ar
Aba Dr. iUrerweirs Marriar Onda,"
anre as ceata. . j
Aadreasib Babiisbers. '
-1 cha. i.o tvtyn a co, -
19 Bawcry, Kew Trk, Past KtmVcm Box. AJ0S
Road Notice.
11 tt piisaaii ii ib iae uaBiaia.r et ia
bm r.aalr. aslbair ae u ami. a l at mU
aathe Srtt Unm-Uj af 8ea-eaiber. A. U. 174,
pcajie. tor tKs . t.tj btbatfl of a raaary
roadaoeaT Iba Mlnaiat; afLnbtd reute in
aajdeoBBt af Vialoa.1 wtl. besisaisrat a
petal ts tbe eoaaty raat kpadiac bnai t lataa
tsiina sa Ssieekt. I ta Mt Btirtalt. at a i Stat
whete ea d read ibu nwtts tbe soalb fcae ef
leaar t-hrr's hwd, ia tbe a. w. aaailer af see
Jtw. U af bJk sa. Iba saaae Wise ibe aeaM
abet tba toaatbiB read telle tbe Uscoss
ans,emd abea! sua reds ss I be aim ia boaa
dary af tbe M. a C. a R laad. tbeare ia a
Bwnb est It i It direeutaj aboat perattH wMh
Iba Maneca Oistmaa Raihwad aaUt aaH
It ae smmH aa aid roadbed ts tbe tan i of
aad bmict-brT. Ibaara laa tertbtefy direaw
Imalalbeaaal , ! eoraer af the bads el
rJoeiea Ttiasv Ibaara a aorta teetetlr dr
recooa tbrwaaib tk I sad. ei JubaHatslaa
ire al tbe aartb.aisl mist tat of settaa ba. 13,
basataaar aaaaeaser f ab aarta eat ijw
t.saibiB ba. 1 h raare 17. s lat-lessi mt
ui bill, Ibeac is a aenbrrly dirttltsa
Ibi.B.b Ihr lis it mt lsa- Wdi ea law a.ara.1
aad bees taaie ss bin fieri tha sssl read
Vnmmt fraaj JteAnbar as lelet.i. obM, at a
aaiaf srv tba -jemi aaria Joaa Hstiaid
aaa asaaVa. aad there
1 ' nOLDEM IBiFP.Bca
Jary M, 1ST-
Wllkesrilla, Eaaidsa 4 afiddlepor.'
WllXraa a barb bmm WHkeanlle la Hssa
lawaaa Xaadara. Wadagi ds aad frtdar.
retatataa ea lb mje dara
I eel aete rwa a refen berk a Mid dlenert
ai, Tan asy. Tbareeays aad : alarda.. re
turmair ea (He seat tatei vh ui H
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"' ata w . -..e-.. a Beta "t-
isned 5" ceJ- r;n:r.! rVrrvti.r'
emt m-. u.s- s m ; trl.ui 4a.r.
: nt c-. w-intatp'iiri. r. T.
txaeee Ste. i-Tl'. a to.
' 1 J'
Slate of Ohio, Vinton County jj.
Will JiJfc plaintiffs, :
- Again!
Jaiaa Kenned j k wife defendants.
In Vinton Covnty Court Oiaiaum
I'Uat. An Order of kale
PrRPt'AJir In Ih eommsjid or aa Order
af rale iteoed Iron Ihe Overt of OHBasa'
fleaxof Vialua rouslr aad lame d reeled
at Khenntf mi id roaat. I aiH eare for tele
I Ihe dnior ef the t'oun Huuse, ia Ih tews
of Matnbur, Viol cvoaty. uhto.ea
Savurdaj, the 15th Say of Aagtst
: i -1-4 ...
stthe hour of 1 aVka-k. P. M. ofesxi day the
loll alnc taal sad leaessesi, la ail: the
aenb-wrei quarter of Ihe aertw east aaaner
af semaa laealy funr, (i4) toe e-hip leslle)
rsniie sulrea. (It) Ohio Coaipesj'. pan-base,
eoosia-ac 'otiy (i arra ater arlesaasd
bets sa.! Inn ia V aioa eanaty, KBea.
Aiinueed al three bead red aad ttftY dollar.
(ti-'tt) aad Bioet bna raw-ihirds ef tiatl tea.
Ta be .aid ae ihe property af Jamea KeaBe
dy aad im 13 aui-fy ea arier nf s.bs ia Bed
boss ibaOout ot Coaiasoa Fks sb faros-el
Will Co.
TEKMdOrSjlLK-r.fft. : ...
wjeobcc Bales,
bberuta. Visjoa Csaaiy.
B. C. Jo. re. All y tor bIsmh.
July letb, laTA.
IhTmddel baker
Is anether evidenee of the advance
ent of man's inzenuitj Although it
ia a simple eookine; ntensil it is the
woman's household treasure. It eaa
ba' need in ' aay oookiit: stavw aad is
adapted to all tbe purpoara of .Bakiaf
brownirg, Stewing. Uruiliaf, Koastiaf,
Frjini, etc.. U is air-light, and there-
Itira retains all tha Breaai and flawnr
raated hy tb heat, makiat: food asnra
bealtblal aad mora nuuuioaa It re
quire no water, bastias: or atteatioa
whateTer during tha eotrkinw' prooeea.
Tbe Vlodel Baker ia far aala j
Preston Vanderrort, II albert Uotsse,
UeArtbar Pantooa wtseine to test it
will call as above. I will sell single
Bakers or will dispose uf ihe right for
inton eoaalj.'
Tha fullowin; persoaa hare tested
the Model Baker and I refer to them
for evidence that it will do all that is
claimed for it.
T. II Davis aad wife, Georze Iait
and wife, M K. Barnes aad wife. K. P.
BothweU, Alex. Pearraabd wife. John
Jones and wife, J. S Will aad wife, K.
A Braxtoa and vile, L. (X Perdoa aad
-rife, J. 8. llaha and wife. G. W,
Brontua aad wife, Uiram ilalKert,ah)e
tba aoardera at the tlaibert Uisaaa. U.
(1 Joaea awl wife, D. V. KaaaelU aad
-i COAL, , i
I BATS re-opeaed Bfraal sa
pri sand ta all arders St reel
at isninssin. Isisi.sea wtsnp as
eeai el ia saasaaiity eaa be eoteraeir eas
aere.. , .. . t5v T. bLbTkha.
xielSTI Ibi
f p,; ut r-,u -re. re , ,aj
1 1.. a 1 BBS etw te i
SWK mt sui. ae,
eea well Ats-rree r k 1
j odsre
va.l Sff iicaiiea st tfeu.
1 )Vc.Bif- nirbitM Us i:.'i aaa.ee:
rii.rinwi,.(.Wie b ta.rilrftj al
.:i:i-t:t .t .uoi
V IA TA I A .') 1 I A
'Caiirtri Cremmi ii ktix
Paint anal Tarnlsb Orwakesy
Dye Mntft.
Slat ton cry.
7 - .1
rolionV tlf'
Everything ml Ik toy Lmwttt Prim
era. . . . i .i r . .
IST - ' - ..
or. -
.' ' i": :. anu v
new mims siJ .
. ....
Jnte Dralds,
rcy Gsvodls
- id
- - Jewelry,-
I Cornets, Etc.
CeMffcasm's .Vrrafclira.
v- -. - v . . -
Bleacniog. Freisuf; Tcmcfieirf,
and all kinds of Milliner
-Wcrk done ta Older en
Gire us a ealL . We will P fewer1
than ever.
J. P. A C A, DUXktl.'
Main mL MeArtha'
FR.tB Agenl,
At bjs se bw l af saeeseea.
;r.. HOUSL. . ;I
Choicest Stock
Spring and Summer Clothing ;
It VZ We ess I ta late aesrket. ,
j4 tbabiltw. aad nata-l bskiaal
ri li'MMt irsrlhw bre i
W hra rod nut ao4vy wsit dea'l and ta call
aarMb. heei.eltl.-aad -
Makes Uabuuets to Osccr
sad has a Sin haw af
Cents'; Undqrvpai
ATS A N D( A P5, Sc .
' . . . i .
II etoba aterked) aasB Is Ihe UW.
rai iiusts.'
Mtu Goods
cniLLippmB, .
! v p i h n f ; o i rii -
Ser Sb at.ibj'alitwlwiB Sr HbtiMW.1
trarBT stark. Bohred at hteraat
Xa l
I ee-
Black and Calortd SilLn,
X . .-.h-Sha. W t. . - - . dh
: mWSmmir9 aTaVaf mtlpm OTS,
Black Ms. Clr atGrenadllnes
... t
MittEgaitWiEdow SEjZs.
M MM efT
salbs SareOM as lb I
Sb beaal wea.a saw
liiai. I m BU.LOGtx l
e,P fVeaaar a tab
hATrlavMl.a ssahi.

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