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Richmond dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1884-1903, September 28, 1884, Image 4

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Breafctra Yaam BernMleaaa Os-tr rm lnr.it*
Ba aeas Btalee.
Tb* Beraki ssys: In further dcm-mitrs
' toa of tbe fact that the action ot the
Brooklyn loune; KepubUcari (Tub on
Tuerdsv evening did not repre*
arat the real drift of fee lin* anions the
ssenners, but was the result of a scheme
to capture the itjeetlnif In the lnteir.1 ot
Walt-r. the following Interview* will prove
worthy of attention :
?? 1 sn greatly dissp|Mvtnted (hsi the duh
Tass decided to lake port In nation il imvIi
tlra," said Mr. S. M. (irlerson. who was
sra* one of the first workers In the In.le.
pendent RepuMlem ranks, and veli.) is ?
member of the Toiinir Repuhltran duh.
?? 1 waa always opjioecd to ii, even when
the dub wa-a unit, stnl I ant "till inure
strongly ojijmsed to lt, seeing that there
wss lueh a strong minority Bfalosl lt."
Mr. William ti. Low'is a brother of
Miict Low, a lnenils-r rd the Young Ile*
MflSafli dub?or was until yesterday
laoming- and a lawyer st No. Mi Rroad
Way. ?? Please don't tpiotc mc a* express
ln|t dn .'p.nion* of am bode hut invaelf,"
said Mr. l-ow. ?? I sent in nv resiimation
to the duh this norning, Mv vin u
shout this: Th-it there was astron* din", r
ence of opinion In the (Tub, ami il waa
wiser for the (Tub lo Brats] ""tassie***Uni
Issue to sn astral thai weald eaaapel those
Who I.* ld coiis. i.-ntloiis convielitins on the
suNji-rt to :.' it.don the dub rather lina de
violence to their ronvlctions, and who fell
SI lbs satin linn Kial tb?"* vv bi t tit i
opposite tit vv* hail a pt rfeet right l i glvi
kui to tin lr entbOBissn in soother waj
Without iiiiurint' tin permanent ll- -fil'n s.
of the dub in local matti rs.
?? I don'! think it was a deliberative nu el
Ins at all, although st tba same lime I think
that 'here v-i- ?., inlrntlon bi be unfair. I
am nol "saaaTBBj tint tb* si minn nt ot tin
duh wss Bipraarea in tba Mtlea lake*.
Ti.e witta a vote on tba oennlltee'i reeoaa*
inendstion dist the t Tub aaa Baa III tabors
to beal MM***, I think, aliovvs thst. T >i< :
W(ief..s7 votes la farer of that r*MBBB*l la
lien and 484 against it."
??I wa? st fas* (Tub's birlb. ' Bald Hr.
(ballet Iti'tifT. who issn otliculof tin- Long
Island Kai in >.'iil Company. ?? Myself runt
Mr. Kobeit ltu*?ing were the lint two
iDiuilcis. I felt as if 1 wa* going to the
dub's funeral the ether right, fenwai*
iii le.itt il. bul we could not have lieen de?
feated in biller shape. Hail we made the
SBanTI we could have pren nb il ll I pan ue
of that resolution. I think, but it would
have re.-ulred a big effort, and tb are i*
nol the snme IndLceincnt for IB ta BOglecl
our businc** and make -uch tin effort
bs tin re BBB for Hie Blaine nun, WBO
wire fighting for the candi,lute of their
parly. (J real pu ins were Liken io secure a
full attendance of the ll nine men li*! flight.
Postal-card- Wan nut to Hit tn lie ile I
?Eternal vigilance I* the price of lib.riv.'
sod ur^iiii.' Iliein IO !?? BB hand at 7 o'clock.
1\ Ik II Ihe rest of ii- got tb, rc nt I o'clock,
for which li dir the meetiiiK wits I'ttlled, the
hotly of tin hull wa* all lilied up vvitli
Ulallie "BBB, and veln-n (he voting occurred
tin y rose In a-olid mass, ami looked very
illl| esillL'.
??Now. I would analyze the pordtlBfl "'
the (Tub In tbi- vvav, for 1 d'.n'l think last
night's voting truly show- it. Thal ball
seals abo-1 lourteen hundred people. Tilers
ware about twelve bfladred mon present.
ll is reporletl that "ill af Hint number Hero
aerc only lifts- aiiti-ltiiinc rotes, but thal
is nonsense, lt was impossible for any?
body on the Hour of thc lull lo
'lilllie of Ike mimbi r voting. The votes
In the Belka""* could not be counted.
The t'hairmun was the only BM iv tm eoulil
fairly JndKe. I na sure in i. -, mtsa who
would mit knowingly overeniraate, ami [
certainly Hunk hf put tin- (iirure lower than
was necessary Wael be raid then were two
hundred rind fifty nnti-Rlalii-- votes <nat aa
each of the leal sssaalseas. oilier- with
whom 1 have conversed say that fully
iwcniy-five mr cent, of tao meeting.
though not that peseealBgS of tba notae,
was unti-IUnint. I cotiM n.iine oin Lum
tired unti-lllaine men myself,
"Well, to follow that out. those who
Wire present represented about ona lulf
thc membership of the whole Club. Kow
isn't it very safe to BBBBBM?honing in
mind the- fact that heroic .ll..rt* Wats ina !.
lo get the BhtBC men there; that then BUM
no effort made tami there Hie men opposed
to him, and thut lids ot tm m stayed nwav
purposely?that of thut ti.if BMflBberahlp
that wu* not in attendance :i much larger
Eroportion vvqs again-t Blalae ttutfl WM lor
??I think." concluded Mr. Hruff, "Hii't.
on the whole, tbsl ii ia; lit's- ne-t int aaa rather
a n,?.,| linne' for Hie Iiiilc'sm'tnts urn! for
dov. inor Ciel.T.itul. because ii lintier- tin
hands if a lam BUSBberof ni. n trim have
li co,;.i exp. .-ii nod in political work
through thew connection iv .th tin- ?"flung
Hrptihliciin Clubs and will now give their
cm roil* to thc election of the Deraoeratie
Mr. ll. AV. (ioo.liicti. ? livvver at No. 5!)
"Wall *lrett. -.ml: "Ni vcr before in (ht
hist oi y ot the Club baa thara been at) un*
fsirnv-s mai id-'i ti st any ol Ita meetings.
Thc ti.i 1111 u heltl Tiie-thy niflil vvi? i',e
K'litiry ixe. (>ii h. There was s small mi
nmitv In ti e (lui, winn vee rt fti-, tl lo en*
dome' Paige* for Ooreraor who oppoicd
that action, but tlnv Weregirea lib-rty of
opinion and ftc .tom'?( apeech. Bal nen
who spoke al this meeting were interrupt?
ed even fi w minute*, and a speech that
would have taken univ Utrea minute- to
deliver wa- Bade, through these interrup?
tion*, ta eeeepi more torn tweaty min
uti*. I ora one of tin- minority, bal 1
ihsll not n mimi my tne.nbr-liin,"'
Cleveland'* (irrniun friend*.
Thc (orman Dsraeeratlc Qeaarsl Corn
Kittee in-id a Bseetlag at tbs Tentonta Aa*
seinlly rooms, in Third avenue, htstevt
Btagscx-Jiidge Michael c. Qron 1
Ida.*. A full attendance of delegates a 1
pn-sent, repn-s.nthsg thc ranooi Aasenhlj
dntrict *rt*s"MI*BUOa*, and tuc forma
tloaof several midi:ional Gi rmm campaign
?lol -. iv us n (nu t< il.
The Executive ('ommittee. thrOBgh it
ehairui.in. D. M. Koehler, mbmlUcd thi
drift of an BtMrtsa lo Im- published calling
?a Ute (ii rmaii roten ibrougboul tbeeltj
to lake patt in full tone in the denonstra
I1011 al Un- Ai aden,v oi Mu-ic on M
when (.url Beaurs,Blgnmund lUuftaann,
anil saan lorraer Oennan Republicanawill
addnss tba Qeitaaaa li tba inuri-i ol
( b vi land ari't lb ndrlcka. Tbedemonstra
lion, it i* i\p- ct' tl, will be*,, overwhclm
injr in nuiiiiirs t ti.it Irving Dall bas also
Leen n'cund tortlMoeoaBtoa. Theaddrt -,
Was ado]iPd, slid will ba pablisbsd snd
extensivdv circuliiteil.
Cort-ner MerkM lubnltted a seri
resolutions, vv hick wen adopted, doehuiog
that adiiini:.' ef party In the BasBiDlatlB
Hon of natloral affairs was sbsolutelf
tatassaty, iwrehrlat tpnBlloaa, as it were,
of life sud death. 'Applause.) llie...
tlon of Ul lim- to tin presidency would, it
was declared, amount tun national mfldal
It was fiirthu tl. clantl that (bvcland WSJ
nally the Iris nd of the WOrfctlgaMfl and
of ade].tttl ciii/'ii-, and an opponent ol
timpi rame f.ifiti. i?iii and of nil restrictive
Fr,.m the county PaBMBBM) an invitation
bad liccn leeeiVl d ri ip**at!ag thc orsani/s
tlon to as-ist 111 thc mass-ioeeting lu ts- h.-ld
uiidi't'Ike allspices ol thal srgflflliatiofl in
IK'tobi r. Tin- invlutlon wa* aeeepted,
and the- neetssary anangcmeiits will be
She Moo*.-I.i.liitlf I Irvrlaud I Ink
A number of siock-Exchant'e nefabers
niel at Ibe office ot **MaffBS L Hudson ,V
(.0. vest, rtlsy alternnoti to take the first
step toward the ofaaaiaatlon of a Cleveland
QpsTsTfBdfB < lub. Mr. Iludsan, wbo Ins t -
ways l*ten a Republican, wu made teui|>o
rary chairman, and T. W. lt. Hughes, als.
a llfe-lonif Kt publican, wa- mud. ?.-. r lary.
It was n-poricd tin* since Saturds* last,
When the movement Was first sci OB fool
snd lakanlullea papen circulated. j*.t
uicml-ers of th.- su>ck Rsaaaags iud ilgned
the roll of the pro|ioscd ClSveand (lilli,
pledtflni: ihelr tiioriev una their Influence,
one third of thc slcncrs?10 it was stated
by Mr. Hudson?Indus napubbsiass,
A resolution was passed by thc raaafaava to
proceed forthwtih ls oiyinize ?? Th ? Row
Vork Mock Exrtismcr dcvelnnd and lien
drieki Club," and the followinj; geatlernt n
w) re sppoiiitcd .1 ('ommittee on Qrgaaiae
faaail Messrs. E. M. Cox, a Republican.
chairman; T. IV. H. Hagavea, Republiean;
(irahaui Toaag, l?. a. Hotly,flstaefleb Be*
publuali slid I cundill,te for GoBfTl
yesr: H. H. Hart ami Theodore Meyer*.
This committee will meet to-div to |M-r
fts-t thc permanent or-tiiil/.*ii..n of the Club.
'Ibe fititJimsn ve ho is tallied b-r j.
ls well known in linaueisl etre.ee,and baa
always been l>en-toforc u laval Iti-j.'ibllean. 1
t A lU'lilficint fact in connection with Hie i
sBBBBlBMlBBflf this (Tub, of whose men-I
Ix is 10 Jar>,'e a psaBflrtlaB an- lb |.ubli,-ens
who are disgusted with their latrty's candi. '?
date, li this: The present ls Ihe first tum
In the history ol thc Stock Exchange that a I
rluh hoe been organised In opposition to
Ihe regular Hi publican party nominee. I
The fuaiorlty of thc Stock Exchange arc
Kept-bile-ans, and (bc bolt this your 1*.
therefore, of very ominous si.u.lieu.,-. u>
the Republican pei ti.
Ancng (ht frouihKUt Rr/iubllcini who
have Joined the Stock Exchange- Cleveland
(lub sre tbr followlnsr: Mc-tsrs. D. T.
Worden. C. V. VVocrlshoflcr. Willum IL
Bingham, J. II. Oe Molle, T. W. IL Hushes,
C. I. Hodson, J. F. Schenck. ll. C. Oakley.
K. P. Mitchell, Kum.,r,i Remy*, C. II.
I>c Silver. A. oWpr-i-nn, A. IL JasMtaBBn,
narmana Sn*. c. F. Prank, A. H. llt'l. J.
lt. W ll?on, .Ir., WalHr C. stokes. William
M. Kori, -lames M. Mctr-sll. Henry W,
Smitb. Kdtvsrd M. (ox. Krni-t liroeaheck.
Charles A. .tnhnca. E. .1. Iv "'opp.'. A. II.
W heeler. T. Tlle*to,i. William II. Hamilton,
E. I>. Foettr, Howard lat' **Ti B H. Kh?
alin. M. K. Ihinliton. Herman Ih-ckmui,
-fohn llcnjamin, J. A. sfllBtoBBj 1>. A.
Beady snd T. L. Manson. Jr.. of < bartel
HeadBCo., In wWei firm -*?? bib flve.
partner*. n!l<( whom are RcpiH.bevis ,nd
sill lev. land men: .1. IL Lockwood, Wil?
liam I'..-,. S'tit.u. I W. I'ad'liin. Willi UR
Ii Lei mun. .!? IL Whit, hnii-c. Oeorrt
Willi. In live, JoOSph Walker, and P. \\ .
Hardin-.'. . , ,
Anion" the hadn't: lb-mocr,t* WOO Rave
Joint tl the Chili, in addition tOtbOM ssh BM
nnnies ihe Ilircld baa already published.
Bis Osssnjf IF Klv. secretary of the Kv
rlisn.-e; Willlani Luinrnis. viec.pretldent
Of Hu KMhan-rc; cv-l'icMdcnt F. M. I.vsv.
r.-n'-c. William IL Travers, C. K. Kimlall,
WiliMJB M. CaHerson. T. C. Huck. Ch irk*
vT(-ekS, H. Duncan Wood. C. II. Wilcox,
(ind C. .A. .lani' -.
ii ssas reported thal Washington B. Con
nor. ?!'(? well-known rares, er. WM a Clcve
land Iii-publican. "No," *ald Mr. Connor
,,. iii- reporter, "that's i mistake. Ims
roeBtatne; but my rather, who bm never
rot, 'l anything but thestraighl Republican
ii, ki,. ls f"r ( iiveiatid, am! my brother i"
for blas, too." ^^^
An Dd mr Who CtatSM a Dru,,,era, ir Vie.
lory In (d tuber?, hr eafffMSUBS Ilrtrililis
Hr II.,..it'll, nus.
A Ce.'unidi's ?n.'!-peeinl of tftS 88th 1>
tin-Ni ss York Wi.rid -ass; Th" city slept
laic this iniiriiino siter the giesl tis.
emt ie d> ii."n-t nt ion of restetdsr. The
toed ol rnthnalMTB subsnerged tbw enUre
, nd ' f tbs State. The rolonteers crowded
i very Hr in from all thc surrnunflHHt coim
try.' i> ,' os i ( cinl.s sii"i Buttering dan
nen i b I gay rsgnlto Bssrehed te tbs
ni,-ie ..f Innnmerable bsads. Tbe princi?
pal business honsM were bsndsotael* deco?
rated sad Bags waved ,i j..son- welcome
upon ?ill sides. The HM Sting ssa- :i eon.
de succe-s iiiiint lieallv and in,hu-i
Mlrcally. It proved coneluslvely thal tbs
Iii in" truer oi ohio is Bp in anna again*!
un (n- ii,; that i- Un li?-. char K*teriess, ami
dilly equipped for the fmyj bb sn-smytbat
must d< rongbt svitdou, quarter sad all
aJoBC tbs line, lt ne, ,|s just indi inti'-!
rind det( rminaii'in everywhere lo cumbil
snd drive (o the wall tins party "f fraud
and corruption. Hsdsjed in upon every
side l-v a ter,rd-a vcrifnldt1 Chinese
wall?tts sliati't-i'ss :is it ha- lie, ti
eoaHoBons; svith (bs des ii upon one
side and Hie deep dine MS upon the
..tin r. Hu v are (Teed ,o fighl their way
ont. sud tiny ssill not hesitale ?* to fe
choice of weapons, Ohio to destined to be
flooded with a corruption (um! before
svliich tbs Darsey sseapnde in Indiana will
rsuV it- lr*rffeetunl Brea, Thefeative "tl ?t
,r" i* lode Liken in ind done for. Th"
dills will de Brat to lbs BsBoonl Bepubll
ean , ommittee. Bo matter how much tba
t allot market is balled la Oetober, tho
,,'hii. Republicans will hid i top ngura.
The < k' ti.'U ol State oilier- is. ,,f course,
bot a ix-"- upon which lo ban [ a i Ictory In
November, Tbe lesa ir* a national one.
and .very calculation is tandc ss iih tbat sod
in s ii ss.
Thc pemocrri,* bare dseidrd to esrrv
Ohio. Tbeword lise gone down tbe linc
thal not "illy tbe lueerM of a lt-, ai nerty
bat the life ol tbs nation i* in the balance,
snd every man can be relied .m to do his
duty. Wild the pr, <tige "f two twseessivc
sicd.rii* and the prosntoetbls time of eter?
nal eessneipstion, i briillanl and Cour?
ageous canvass svill lie niade, willi every
ensnee of ultimate iusccm.
Mr. 1.. s'ie C Macpherson, the adie
young editor ol the Times, tbs only Dem?
ocratic daily in this city, svas interview, d
by sour ( om sj..,mien, to-d y. ld- has the
? itn.-itioii nt hi- Angers' ends, and is very
"I feel morally certain," be -..i.l. "thal
the Democratic raadldsts for n*>erettarv ol
State svill on on.,der lath Bnish first in
the mee. Besides being adie sad capable,
!ind having a stub! party behind him. Hr.
Ni wu,an !t-ks lbs endorsement ol a second
terna, which tort alum- ss ill win hun seve?
ral thOUMOd S liles."
<? Univ v*-iii Hie Geiiasns .'" I"
??I sm find ,.< answer, nearly Mild I >r
tbs Democratic ticket?lust m they will e,,
in Bovember. The prohibition spirit wbic i
ml,d ibe ians h,iv ia., f.,n ami Blaine'*
prohibition record bare given tbe Rer>
inairs a, i iou- ,,||, nee :in,| u ill drive them
a,,lidlv Into mir camp. Tbere mas he som i
defection among them In Cincinnati, where
local Influences street the reran, but else
win n Ul the sta!. ! am COUfld Ol tb ?
ss lld ilk."
??How does the Irish vols si ind?"
"Bo lill M NllBinSII i- Cl!li-i!-l'.e,l. ll Ile
of Hiern ssill s.d, against him in October.
However. I svill confeu (hal Blaine ma)
"et I.olin Irish rotes in Hu- State, hu: this
will bs ini.it than h,e, by the English roten
among tin potlers in Columbians connty,
wno sre being driven Into tbs Dimiocratii;
party by tbe toadying ol tbe Bepubllcms
to tbe Irish."
?? Wha' effect In* Alexander Sullivan's
visit had :?"
"In c. iiver-nH.ti With many leading
Dublin ii ol the city I lind that bli v i-it has
not Influr nerd th, m."
?? w hi' ss iii the Prohil it ion vote ber "
"The Prohibition sod-ssill be a large
(actor in Ibe race. Tbe leaden are, bi i
rule, s -, t "f .Tank-, and I have laughed nt
their ralcukttl ms, bnl (bey \siil poll al least
rotes, v "ii mus! remstnber l isl ) ir
il,, s i ,,:i,,: 820,000 so',-. Bbtinc'i dodg
lng '?!! Main,-. I owever, ha- incensed them,
alni I dont (bink there svill tx a coalition.
'ila s hope to msk, a good ihowlne, and
sile n the Bepublicans are defeated In the
national conical to capture them, bod] and
"Ale the Bepublicans using much mo.
in J . "
"They bars Ids t,f it and still u-c it
sslniisir necessary. There sre a great
iniii,y ni., i,i; tbrougboul tbe Blab and
(hr* will n it ss:.nt for tnat, rial. The
miners, mani "i ss hom j,re oul ol sv,,,!,,
are -(iieu'e. bones) fellows and canned be
.,. Tbe floating vole in tbe i ll
of course, purchanble, :i?d the new two
dollar bill svill be used with ut, at, ff ,-t."
??And tm i', tnocratlc majority will be "?
??I re it will reach
They OSBaalM anil I.In t no Indi nrmli-iit
Itf.iiildiini, u. I linlrinan.
A Kew Haven spcrlslof the 88th to tbe
Nt ss Voik World -..s-.- Owing to a mis
understanding the doon of the Lyceum
li clure-room ob the I'ak-College campus
sst it locked to-ni'-lit. A call bad been
i-siinl finn: lin-, loveland nii'l bj thc c ti?
lt >;e," assemble tb, re mid orgsntsetbe Yale
Cleveland Club. Four hundred itudeati
gathered outside, said stier wettlnR some
ince o11S> I tbs svindoss | and cliindctl in.
Tbs roon, ss..- -p.,,i;;y filled, and srald
greet ebeeilBa (ur cleveland Lamberl Foa
it-r. t.( I'lainlielil, N. J., ,,f thc Yule Sues,
culled (he meeting t" onhr. Some Bepub
liean students attetapted to get in um! ra!?e
I tli-tuil>B:ice. There ssa, BOBBidersble
tumult fers while, bal Anally thc dliturb
BBSS Was 'jin lied mid Foster ssas elected
rh lillian. Iles-,id:
?? Wi mei: hu-,- it offer s Hadeats1 raro
Uot sgsiiM-l uashoassty la h^hoflton, m.
tn.n ter Iv whom ( iiniiiitttd. Mus,- been
B hclicv. r in tbs principle,, ol tbs l.epudli.
t sn [ arly, hut 1 e.inuot lUppoH a man like
Ulallie, Who ha* shown a lack of int ? -riir
Hi IBS ollices he BM hedi. 1 uni g ,
m.i. for ( hs, land [cneSTa], tor he I- an
heiu st ?na, a-.'i tbepurlti of bia oiiioisi
ano! bs questioned.''
william .iarvi? WMcboa s nrnrifbgit.nnd
said: " \onr ?esflsg (O-nlgat show. n,;vt
ron have Hnni.-iit and intelligent enough
t" .,tt bm >,,ii!s,;s. s. p, *ou ] -ec tbs rs
llretidn of Ihc-eiitimeiitsoi th. better N't iv
York joini ;!-."
Fruit ri. k Witistm. of New York, wv*
el.edd sec:et11y j C. BF. Cutler, prMtdent
of Hie lilee Cud, eouiinan-hr-iii-iliief; E.
A. ,..ori-(. capi.iin ol th. BOBlor Cia-,, .m.l
1 ? 'ns. sf thc crew, captain of the Junior
Mr. ('rosloo's AppointmeNta,
Hon. Thomas Croxton expects to speak
at King and t)o*OSI Courthouse on Un- lirst
Thnrsdav iu October; ilinn,sui Court*
bOBBI ,ir?! .Monday in Oclolx-r; (ielnea
lime Bot iniii, al night; MattewaCourt
BOOMsscond M-'iidas m October j Lanoas
ter.l ourthouse third .M-dulay in O.-iolier;
BortbBBjb, rland l otirfhoiise first day of
Circuit court In October; Brjatsylvaais
Coiirtlionse first Monrlay tn Nuvcnher;
Fridt-ricishur- ihal night.
Mr. John Lei, firnni, Ashd itirre. Mud
gre, S. BL W., Austialii. write* that he
tullirrd Intense aguny for seven month*
n dh ?lint,(,i. .nd that tiietirst unplicitionof
flt, lcd* Oil, the ibi'Kii'il p'lin-ctire, rc
lievtd bim, and iu a abort time be was
EMBll*h Styles Preialllas la Imaoreet
Drr.trs Somcihiim Abeal Materlali. Cal
er*, Sr
Imported dresses are now brought fron
London ns well a* from Part*, md Un ???
verily plain stvlcs known ns Bignall Byte
are MM in Hie richest Ere eh dtesa o
velvets, silk", and satin*. Th* Fren li um
tiistes. savs Harrier's Batar, sre makin.
the English corsage with high and I m,
tliirls tlial give ItCaeBT WatSt* timi hr.-,
busls. ind die princess,' dress in whir*
Bflgltoh women delight i* being comet
literally, with it* coutinunti* pfaan Iron
Iliad to foot, or el*c thc skirt li
honked ujion (he plain bodice sat,
lt,, j,,;,, i- coir tiled br ?i*>i dru
iicry Hint gives thc prfflflrasi effect. T tu
tull sirnijht Em-il-h aklri atoe tppean ..:
French drrsaea?- velvet Md olker < sat]
fabric*, bu' the* Partitafl diasBBakur gin-,
n eat tot lo these Hutt oakes tken kwh ter]
different fron those of hat aeaaon. I
dene te using a foundation skirt, ea shiel
Un -dwight outside breadth- an suspend
nil. .11 th a tull drapery aboul Ike htpi
(ii-1 * nit Ol heglflfllBg :.! UM licit, lil Ck
way tiny are made kef*. Indee i. bi
Fn neb liri? i- eoBSteterad well netti
with'.ut tins fotinilation skirt. Which ii
thc cnly r. munni lift of the , I ?, i\
hued I'lill-baek drssatl worn lor,- i ir
-*f0, Tk* shift li.,- not been eliiillL'-d il
akape, bn* is iHghll* wider al the fool
measnrina nov? two yardi and a half ii
width: ll I- vsrtoush rnade, with one oi
two side it'ir. -. t>r with .me or twa rAratghi
lack breadths, but (lie siniplitt ahap h ??
bul (our breadths, om *trai:h! bael
breadth, and thi"- etta r aide-gorn
breadths. ToflMkethii iklrtttairunateui
dressmaker must have a "mod panam, bb
aerosi tba baeh should ba rua one, two, oi
three c.tine, for atari iprlngs. In tho waj
Illustrated In the liazar supplement, whet
thi* faabion was Int Introduced; wbei
tlicte nrc us.tl the pad-bustle may be dis
peased witta If tba dmpen ?- full; other
iv.-,' a -,mile cushion tilled willi hair i'
nddcd peranaeatrv nt Un walat-belt, oi
one nay be randa vv ith atrlngi le ti' aroufli
tba wai-t and ?trv. willi any dress; Hies,
can be bought in ibofM fe* from li ? nf
'i'o make ,i du ss ||gki in weight silk i'
tba beal material for tu* f .ululation ali*.
int us this ;> expaauree*ei at lesaatj
(ive et 11- r. yard, many nae lileah*, raa*eea
er alpaca. Worth. Who knows bow t
titili/e old fabrics that be ba- on bani, i'
putting watered 'ilk in roch ikirta, ia<
making thc inside of the diets almost M
attractive as the cuter pruts Thoa* wk
expect the drem le weal a long while with?
out .alteration linc tbeaa -ilk f itind.itioi
skirls with cambric or paper muslin, bal
itali makes a bea*] ti rt--, and i- never dom
fy Brat-clan r-renmakera, as they eonsidei
Un sib- skirt karil n a lining, and tukt
care that it shall mt be risible OOtsiek
evn on thc simplest wool dreaeea. Tta
skirt -t aili-an- Mileked by machine, and
the iilnckt t opening i- now gem-tally tn nb
in lae lmk ol thi- skirt, although thc dra
pen above il larUBll*, fa-bii- on one Bide
."Hid ill sollie Of Hie BOW dlBSBH
ia tin- from. The foetal af tbe foo!
is of alpaca about a fourth of a yan
deep, with ihe silk turned op slight!*
upon it. and a skirt braid Mt on tin
wrong alda !?' fall B trille behr**
tbe t iii.'.': tins braid should i?
twice -ewell around, though Once 1" iiij
!,. niuo il to the facing is usual!*, con
M<li rt'! Miilicit nt. Five or six full straight
bri Killi* Of the outside fabric (when ol lin
gi.- width) an then cut quite plain, am
either hemmed or heed with silk or catii
around tbe lower edge. The length ol
three I rei.Hhs depends on the depth of tbi
drapery shore them, which conceals tnt
>i .-.in lind fat;, ns tin m around the lower
skirt. T hey may be variously arranged li
pleats, but the BOB feature is that tbesi
pit ati sn not a t and stitt, bul rather tooee
and soft, mid nude ti diir. i- In fr nil and bc
Tin two box pleats in front nut? be hal
s yard wide, ana took Ukc panels meeting
mi a atrip of contrasting -tuff down thi
front white Hu re inc tideptosUoii al! th:
(Hit r i arts of the skirt : or tins may be re
yened with targe brou.I organ pleats be
bim!, tin-sides ptain, ana three tide pleat.
meeting itiri c other eide pleats In front
'! in-fancy for arranging lengtha lee tabill n
la popular, and mai consist of two rowi ol
l-ox pleats eoTering the mi.idle of th.
front, while the plain sides lap npofl thea
j lind arc trimmed down Ibefiantedgn will
I bruni, fur, panencBterte, or lace. l'"i
I stout furores even Un draperies are non
I plated Hine or four indies below tbe b 'll
I and are sewed tbereupon tbe fouodatioi
ekut: there are also many darli taken ii
the upper part ol the fr.-nt ami -il.
, breadths, and even i bi li li dispensed with
a corded lining being tbe only Bolah a
.' the top, si' tbsl iiniliiuj m.tv be added (?
i ",:-e'.i:-.
In the well-made corsage the Besmear,
laid open, snd an notched In twoorthrc
; pl .c.-s iii.out Hu w.list-line lo make tbrti
| curve In imootbly with ike tani ring figure!
the edges are then turned In and run tu
gi thee, or ' i-e, :r the fabric ls thick lik'
\ ulva I, Hu v ure "ti r---ti.:iietl. or ii |
gauze tbey ari liound with narrow i
: Tin books and ey? - non so much used ar.
covered by a strip ol facing concealing al
bul tbe -li . the curie o
Hie eyo. French dressmaker, eos r thi
loop or t j ?? vvi'.ii button-hole itltcli
',. worth prob ita ag dnal civil,, n.
1 attona, and Invariably u*. - then even ot
the richest dresses, but makes them rer*
. .- nd "f flat wood) n tn midi ? \
witii tin dress m itenal.
The nev,. -! lit ev- .an- point,-,) at the IO|
aiid extend upward between the iboul ! .
?camsto wiiiiin two Inches of the collar,
buln* this tb-'i-oi- t'n- graceful fill Ol
I iloplng shoulders, lt will scarcely bevon
popular. In ab ibe Worth dresses es
ibis -. aaon the padding at Ibe i ip
sh i V- is omitted, sn I tb ? im m ij
of tin-pad buitlei, a- tbe drapery i> ar
rangt d t" make them sufficiently bouffant,
A rt vi rs cuff ol some kind is in greii
far or. snd ls formed by turning luck th
tn il of thi coat sit i v.- from i ither the Iron!
or the onUlde st am lo n ike a three-corner
t tl r. ri is, ami facing ii with so rn contrast.
Inc material. Thc shape of iii, sleeve re
main-tl?and is well curved on the In
. io tba! ii m.'iv follow the outllnei
cf th.- inn when extended, yd not bivi
n an] v. i lol it? when the i
Thia Inner seam li ilsa non pot quite fal
forward In the armhole.
XKW in-..'i BB.
Worth retains tbe botuTinl back foi
!.a-.im s, i ab bing ? a.ii "f ile midd I. i inn*.
np -. ;? iib Iv towards one aide and fasten?
ing then undi ra knot ora passementerie or.
tiiiiii.nt on the l' ii -i'le. or else b ? nuke- ?
postilion pleating of mani layers or pleats
-lill lo the edge, :::ui lol inn.- tWO hoi
ph ali on top: be ruse uk i ii plpinf
fold for edging baaques where moa
dreaamaken rnrrelj employ a being
Thc velvtt rests, as vv,- hive said, art
Hat-not the aathered Moliere puffs?am
in most esses tta > are pointed i Ither on tin
waist line or else low mi the bu-t. Ono
the nu if.-t irrsngement! i~ a latia rest
BMdeof three gathered rofllei kn
on each side from thc neck to tin- waist,
where tbej taner to a point, aid are hld
den bv the velvet ol tin drem aad ita fm
border, or ebw they lune a turni'1-ovei
rerera of relrel nexl them on each rode
oin-..f the mw- triiiimiii::- for tbeeorsagi
? i- tba hatf-Bcbn, which iooki like sa or
. der: it is rather! d or pfc it d Int > the tefl
?boulder, ami. ""Tossing the bast, slopei
i sway to a point at the right of the waist.
, Some of the nio-t lartsfnl dreana -cut mn
bi Worth have ,i bsaqaa and low drapery ol
in,,..-ruin, with ti vest ami tower skirt ol
?tamped rehret; tin- la especially pretty ir
the sew bron/.- abides with the flattened
; tanti * in t'-.-urial design- ami l the ri Irei
pile. Tiicf|watcicd silk foundation sc,,-;
bas bul enc -pring behind ar.,I n > bustle
aad to hniibed ni the foot by ap
thc wittered -ilk wwed to the edge,
not upon it, but this i* entirely eon
aealed by Un "straight velvet bresdttu
Uni corer it half iii oeptk, arranged
I in four side pleats in fron! and loose hoi
pleats bciiind. Thc groagialfl orerakir
cons.-i. of four rtiaiabt breadths that fora
I two points lo ta* real ll front, opening bo.
I nd* the velvet pleats, aad caught np much
sliorlt r behind, vv itli -imply hflBBMll edge*
I.' /eiige-*hs|H-il piisseinctit' ri-- oriiiim, -nt
j arc nt down each sj [,? "f the .-ilk drapery,
j The silk baaeaa k onlv aa laeh deep b I ia
UM veai?t "ii the sides, ha* H dr.i|"-,l ki il*
chill leek, and s pointed in front. Tin
| velvet veal ;s H.rce-cDrneri-tl st thc top,
where Hie silk is ti.rnetl bsek. binning nu
inverted V slum', ar.d is (piite narrow bs*
j low thia, with a lil revers on i vii lid*,
beginning at Ihewldeet psrt of thc triangle
: st ihe top. Velvet collar and small retvet
' buttons. Thc sb ms luivc two cuffs, one
of velvet and thc other Of k'ros-gruin,
turtled over In rever* that slope n rnoweat
toward thc outaldc seim. Tin- new point
I -pignole lace, which is chalk white, ami
of ailk meshes woven with small d its and
ima 11 icallops, ls gathered tn the neck and
tit-eves of all Worth's dresses.
vklvit ABB vai.rr.Tt.SKs.
Plain velvets are chosen for entire eos
itimis, or else they have a drapi-rv or pan?
els of the new tigund velvets lu looped
si itches that look like Balda, or they have
friitJ drajajr.ci-, or they may bc embroidery
of Bilk and heads done on the panel rronts
and on tbe vesL Fur will alto be much
turd for trimming entire snit* ot velvet .,r
of velveteen, and (or this MrprjM ibe
French fflortlste* use Ihe American black
mnrttn fur* In quit*1 n irrotv b ird-r*. Hod
of the Titian *h nie*, gulden brown, gre *j
end black viIvet dresses tire mule np lor
visiting and for afternoon r.e. pt, ,.,*. \
fashions!.lc loiiil.inallon I* a golden drown
plnin velvet for the basque an I ?tmight
skirt, wldrh ere hooked ?a'sfsttaBI 80*
low thc wai*!, and cover.-1 flt r
hy b sash drajs-ry of VStvet wrou/ht
with gold silk (? rcpr.-s.nt gilt
head*. This sash ls a single breadth piss?
ing straight ind low amund the nip*, tim?
ing a single large loop hehinil, and dr?|t
ptSSJ down on the left o( tbs (ront In one
brSSd end thal i* heavily (ringed. T n
pointed ve?t has six narrow gathered *i,in
nilli.*, snd black marten (ur .-dps it un
erich side, and al-o descend- in taro mus BB
Hie skirt (ront, sud Hun awrds-ri it. A
li,i.ii red velvet !Sa*i|iie and lull skirt are
Brads -.'as d> pointed tlrajs-ry <.f red v.-lvet
ars!>esi|Uei< on B gio,ind Bf electric blue
satin, in tlii- bbm lbs two full plnsli nf
lin-tack of Url -Alrt SXtend lo ih-i-it.
sad tbe drapery I* only on IbesidM bbb,
frcni. Tbs bindoon*, rat Msel velvet .->??
,nini s have eiudroidcred velvd poach thal
open ,s,r pviimid* Bf Cloth of gold OB
which droop iiiiinv strands of larg ? OBI (St
h. ni-.
Veli leen dresses Bte Btneb lesa sasily
ir.jun il than IboM of -ilk velvet, sad BIS
th, refors used for servleeabls walking-suits
iliterclialiL'ea'ih- ss ii ti Hni-e Iliad.- "f f lotti or
olin i-ss ,i"iiin?. Tbs king polish01 rdress
is liked f..r ilios, v, ita a plain undenkirt
tba, mi" I,- d r lets I with fur, or,!-.- have
rimiii rows'ol Bride sub galloon for its trim
ti in tr. pul on around tue skirt Just Mtbs
rough w ""I brsidsara used on doth drtwsM.
In making np l? .th reived and velveteen t m
reader i- reminded that thc pde t- new
turned opward, as this makes it I ,.ik
rich, i than when flattened down?
ward. Brown, maroon, and Msel irs
ii:.- most wrvteesblc colors tor reive, sn
snits. Tbere sre ado many Imported cos
h.tn'- wiih a plnin velveteen skirt, ob
which i- draped s eaa?ePs-bBlr .tserskirt,
and to iiii- i- added ishort p SBtllion basqBS
Bf Hie WOO) gOOdS, Cloth p.linn-'- Of
tricotee, or dugonaL or the plain Arnanoa
cloth, tire made willi a besrjns front ind
long, sligbtlj dr.'ipetl dark, disclosing the
entire front "f a velveteen skiri beneath,
This shirt front may fora largs pleats, or
Bany be (rimmed either scross or length
isi-t svi!!i tin- ne? bssket-woren braids
Hiat an lind, pnrtli of WOOl braid and
partly nf -ill I-raid. Sometimes strip*ol
ibe cloth un- Interwoven wBb gilt braids,
and (bare are ni*" 'ritH.es that are iii el ? of
cloth eui in rjeudenl strip, - with s galloon
simple ss mn nnr.s-iss.
A new and simple plan for wool lin saes
it io mike tbs skirt with tbs floBbfe-Wldth
material passing ar,mud thc figure, and
having only one scorn (Hist in the bad . in?
stead of 1? log cut np in gored breadths.
English tailors asbe pinn *i"th dr.-*-.-. in
llii-was. lining tbs *kirt tss,t and a hilt
yerda ss ide. sviih all its tatara nvkveed lo
inn rs ,f pleats d, lund thal bil In wBb tbe
ph'!., l-hole. Dar,* sre taken in the d,p ,,f
flic (rout and aides BB make it flt smoothly
ov.-r the gored foundsHoR skirt, snd (here
i? a eat cloth fringe BISMBd the lower
edge, hiting on UM trimming <>( t)i<
foundation ?kirt. which consists ol
I ss,, pinked and ir.tlhcrcd ruflle* ,,,
the cloth. Tbs nerr pokMSlM with tins
ha* | round wnis, like *. vis, in front, open?
ing diagonally from righi t" left, an I met
by a broad folded relv,: Mab crowing ll al
the want line, and p taing under tbe udei
ol the long polonaise, which ur,- ss ii. |j
turned dick from the shoulden (like i
inaii's overcoat when throw,i ,,p bl snd
?re faced with Mtln. The rides of this
overdrew bang flat and plain, and all tbe
fulm-- i- nwssed in layers of pleat* thal
m. et In the middle team.
Then iv s return t<> fanciful outside
pockets on some gnraenbt, while those ot
ci,dh usually has,- -iii pockets braided and
ii ii i -! i< ,1 ssith arr,,sv li ids.
IlliV-in.WS ANI> DBUOaiSTfl
n ur. ito o w w sv vv n .v N" 2
nilli KKK ll OW W ss SV B H N 3HHM
BBB h li lt) W W I NN *KbB
I! KKK 00 NV N
ll R KO (INN N
I, Kltlfo ON V N
UK K 00 I NN
Bini Q I'l i'l Vin BBB BBB sc*?
B HI, T T V K R-J ?
lill -
si li ?"
BBB lt T T r-HKK R^tsH0-.
TTahimedicine, comhlnlns Inna wit,, nnreveee
I ,. l, i.,,l, -. iiulrkly andeomtdi '?:-.? i' 1:' - I.V ?
I'M'-dS. IVIIIGI -| lin, MSI.SITS. sv'sK
.NL-S. I Nt fl K J. p.Loolt.t TllLl.M.11 I Kl-'.ST d',
. and NT I RADII S.
| By rapid and ihoroiie'h tastmilttton win. Hie
I bli.,'.,!, li reaches rrrry uart of Ute system, purdie*
m.,enrtrbeathe hr.-,.I. itn-nstbt-n. tie mu.,
Iud Drrrea.and toui-s and Inrlironu ...
.-.uni apl: T 1/I I! Iii -I I i iN ll KN ,SS N.
lt still ri r. il,, worst eat* ,,' I lj ;. ;.
Ins'alldl .r>-.Ins-?-. , , . l'-"n/iir
I, .?!. li.1,1,li,?. ll ut lil Ile Klomich, H,-iri?,irit.
i III only H:,,n si; hi,tni ritAT WILL
.'rn Ri s- Kl n oi: iN.ii'Ki. nu, ll.dru.
lt fi Invainahle fur dtteaaei pecBllar t? ? 'men,
and to all neraont wb' lead sedentary Ls.-.
I Deri og from Un rfTrctt of nrrr-work.
nervoni Uro ibi, -, lo* of am i Ut*, or d
i ? i;. uer tjnlck rein f sn i ray by lu
ii '.
i C IMlES SOT ' Al -! HI SUV lld "Ht IT! '
1.1 i l.( oN-i IPA I l"N -OTHER HMS SI i.l i;.
( INF* Ho.
II i- Tin: ont.s it:: pahatios of irob
"Itt N, f , si -!? - No INTI l.'lol , KH'll 1".
ITU -I. IAN >ANI) UKI i.-,l-..- Lia "SCH '.ii
il s- lill lil -I. I KT IT.
Im in- Trade-Hark and rr I -? l
In.,- on wrapper. 'H, t.Hire. U idi
lil.-nWN CHEMICAL ? oM-'SNS .
1v 11-aodli Ralilm ii . ?< !.
*iy i? m a
HF.ll HEALTH ANDHAPPIR1 -s ipr mat
i id- "l BREA, , OR, EBB TO
Ri ? ': -I (Bil IT s, i.s.
Boan .-i i- . r.i i b dita af Hr. .?.
BradfiHd'i Femah Rejratatat aad ased lt la asl
family win, areal aUtfaetton, I Mm reeeaa
rii in!. ,i il lo three Lin.,11, ..md ties I, ne foin.,
i NM al .i i ic.d for il Tbs tem .1 a
s-,ho have 1 ?,| lt arc now In MrSMI lu iRB and
ll le to 1.H.;.,I to ill, lr Soir-rlnM d'l'.lr-.
Rat. H. B. dOHHBOR,
- 1 ?? s. I '? ' I- , ? 'I'NTV.
I ... 1 v:i iii Tied Um " ? o ' ??( 111. .I.sl ,!, Ilrvl
nd Breonanee lt lo le a roinl,|nat|,in ot
e.. dil T.>'- ??!' . I' '?! liild la Un tri'.ltcieflt of al'
wi 1. T M.ini.ii nd- Il
WILLIAM r. ni A-di.s, m. n.
Sl-iri m I Ililli. Tsv*.
lir. ... HrndfliU: Dav slr,-Sly OSBMblM BM
i,i-i.:lr |i,K f.r Hunt rrt.s with tliat dreadful
llllir'.ion km,en BS lt ma!' lil-t-A-v. wLInh hi* I ,,!
mr niiiisd.ll.ir-, and iiotwItlistAndlns I lei I lb*
?'? I n.edlr.il all, n,laure, eoiiM not flud r.Tlrf. I
linn ti cd tnanv other kind* af BMBflkSSMS wilie
,-itl any efferL I Itad jnat about elven her up, sm!
? .1" hear!. Ind tiaupenisl III Ui* Iton- of SV.
SS. I'T'er. BSfaSBl Oasfel MLresanl tie. kattWlaj
ol my d.tUKlil.r't affllcil'ti. pertiudrd ino to buf 1
1-oitl,- ,,f Baan Ken,al,- Hrenlaior. she In-tin t>
Iniliroseaiiiicr. , ssa., ?,, BBHfBSSd with llsef
BKtslaal 1 t.oiish'. srvaral Btera tMBttaeafUj md
km."ting what I do BtSMl ll. If lo-d.r mn ,,f ,,iv
family nut suff, rln^ win. Owl aw fal dln-ao* I
ti,,.ld have lt If lt poet SSO a BaeBBI for I cm
truthfully sujr ll liss euro] my daughter sound and
well; am! lussrlf aim aRSiaBSSOM Itt.irtllv rOBBBB,
mend v..ur K.auali Ittgulator to In- Just what lt lu
IMBI 1 nted lt, BB.
H. I). Fl.sATHKRj?TUN.
1 r.allw on Hie Ilt-allli una Bnppln*** Bf W.*i>aji
asaltad rr,,.
sui-: HUAl'Hi.i.i) RC80T.AT0B (-oMPavt,
1: x BB, tflaata, ca.
I ? J''.-dls?Awlt|
I. 0 0 l?.
A- Liter,*,In- trmttH: M BSSSB- andSkdi (St
IBSMWtBtoMBUSSl ftM ta Bay MB MSS willoan.l
their a.dirt... Mt BBS Bwlft Vp-tlOc Ccu,amy,
DmWM 3, AilauUi I,a.
ron],I md liny from ute wini swiff, s;e(iv MS
deli, fer ne. ll , aired mc nf Baelsll In Ito w,,r*t
I,., m. after 1 had Miff, nd w'Ui li flfVcn lem, rear.
and hud til,,I all the rt SBSitaS, 'mly lo !-r?ak down
ms l.iajiii sud make an-ttmiwt lieinlet*.
lilts. K.IT/.AUKTI, BAKBB,
BeerssBBtfaSitlsli i5,t?*t4.
IMHT-LATBD l'oI?-|\.
o'Bcriibl yean tiro I la-rani* the rtetiiB of a
fearful li), od-1', lieu, tMaSMMaBnl ''** nail*
b, my Inflnt.and Ibenee Uimigrhth* braal,, and
tutfi r*d for il x lona rear*. The Merrurv ind Fol
a?h treattnt ni *. em, d to drtre Ul* polenn furth. r
lubi my ivitrni. only to break oul in worse r.-nn
,i, other iM.rtloru nf my body. Them montbi af"
I brgaii lakins fwlfi'i Spsiiae,md it ha* rared
ni* ?, nnd snd writ. It lt til- creates! blenuu*
which has come h. uiauktinl In yean,
Mas. T. W. LEE,
ttWO-lw Uri-vuillls., .-Ji., SepltOibtrLlBal.
ArtTTlOB **t.*H~.Tn*ur9Bmin.
Hy (it-arse 1. i rawror,].
It tal K.ttalf Aero,, .?,,. Au,t|?necl,
1'X'I Main , ns-t.
1 "T* &??? ,,s" ,;" ruoirtNti ox
TUB > "I1,1, Sl."r "l-'J:\'-li: STREET.
AM1 BOB Bl Kt; BACK s'inktv riBT.-Bl
rrg.irrt. to elna. il,,, esiaic ..r Mart L. tris, I trill
?Bi-r lc? sale .il tn, ll .11, n|*.n Ul ? uretiiltiHs.
ITU I Ll v, tx Timm ?p,
ai tv, salees p. vt., rsa *i,.'v...je*crib*i i*isi?
1 r.HTV
TIMMSt Alinmltirr I,, ?l, .
.-.,., "fcilUOl* K. CRAWl* (Bt>.
re t!4,.n.i:7.'.S.t(i i.v;.., An-)' ? .-?
Hy J. Tsaaapsr-a nm-m A co.,
Beal l-l il- V/. ni- ,?.| \,i,tl?nce.r*,
lill M-itu sirss-t.
rpitt sTi 1 - 8ALB~or DE.-TRAHLF.
..?ii.. 11 Ba i " ' ? ? i
tv Kt >\i slew.... nasa I. 188*1
atsovi.ieit r. vi.. 1',, ct w, isl All *BaaiBu Hi
-a'?i deed, bela! s lol ea n.e ?. 1 imc .' Laural
., ,, 1 '.nv. 11 .1 lo* .ul If n - -'s ti 11 rf
lie teri in - .fl 1- "in I -ir. <?; in-lru.1/ I>vk ???
twicn |..iii:i- I lin-- ll- l-l lona ill.r 1(5 f-s ?:
TSHM*: WI :"! n-in'rc f i- 1
f sal 1 id ?l?rl.S)7. an I Hi ?
IB) s||e. Hill
it lt pref .ii'- it tin ile -ii teran ail 11 . .
le um. 1. all I"'- 'Itiif.
L. ll. 111!.WV.
.1. Tlto'ir-os. BBOWS Jr Co.. Au'U I
.. sa
Ity W.H. Lyne.e. C '?
lf.j.1 Esk** Aseeti aaa laen weera,
till Multi -tr.. I.
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li, en llia.le ll. tile I'lym-M >>t i'e I-'-' ",' I
sored, and l-rliis r-."lr, I m lo do bf the 1.?
mirv? 11. Mid tl.-rd. I -lull MU ,.t puMie .sa-.! .11.
ms.n tin preralw i.ob
u i dbi ? D w, Ocroarn 8. issi.
at 4V, o'clock r. m.. nv ISSI, BSTATBdB*
,n|i.. .1 in .aid deed, aad Ioctl**] aa it- ive siat,-1.
ii. i i.riis.a ir nt -f tboai tl n-lu feel on the
srr-.t Hie nf Twciiiy-'.'vt nh street and a d .dh.
between parallel lin--, -t 139 "ott: sui Ike
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,ai.-. Ill 1'1'fii. Ti:-, Tru-l -.
VV. II. Link .? ' ? V .. i ? ie r ?._* - -j7
lt) E. If Cook, Vii :
.1 Stall Mrs**.
nf -int li. -il i'.v-t v ll -. BTDBfS-rtX
ll Ul -,*?.. Al Alli li.S. -Uti
TUB8DAT, 3"tii ivT'vr,
al |0 ..'i-'orli. I wi!! MU Bl IBB ?' rr crier nf
bTailithand Bain itrsels tbe balance rd t-.-'. ,,f
I' vlsi'-, nil.-, a
TH'il.ilii.K l nlllUllTSIIOW-CASIS.
cniM fi:-, -iii.lv im.. ac.
Sall e.r. Dipt K. lt. ("i fv
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r t wo RooBBcor . i i i I- ??!.au
-ir*, v: 1100 '?"!'? bs saee ns ? ii fl tims, vpp.y
t,. .1. ll. ';. uti s-ii\.
? r 2P-lt? Taylor near ll-,-h *treet.
ll \ M ?*.
tl.at I.'l'-a (i'd in.- I- t... pla.. ?
y,.nr(.l.li CLOTH ES -' Ol'RI IL l>VCI>. RE?
PAIR! n. ind a fi U) i... - equal ' ? neal
I:,.ll,--',lr, ? tall ,|I.!k,II.I fe-l'l.e-s. It.v ?
..,.;- Mi Ba isa sar sri, let*
rfltnuen. Kr lice, sm noa bett-r pn put. I to do
,i lower pries -. tli .n ? ?.. r.
.!. ( 1,11*81 UMBI*,
ir SB" , Ko. Ill tir ti Mntl,
I) v vi I i sMil.v. tire.'ipi pi.v-.iat rooms on
? , i. if.,*...! wild r - ntl lahls b .rt,
. rv linnie e.. inf, ri. man eacellenl nels I. ,r
hood. Two wile* or family nrcferred.espeeUlly
?.Ul, Uti'' cloIdri n. il- then tillie'! bi ne. in lb*
Vibin?< I).,cnn-..I Letter-!'Airier K .. I I,
_ t'-s-ll*
fy tit i lo lb elly al Blehmonet; il- ??
HW II Ll SHS. STOKES. AM) ff I bul M. lairs
In Ihe eil] t.. '.-...Iv. rii-.il fn.t <-'-t tn Uieown
i rs In e.ir 11 -v calalnaiM to t p ll.ll . I li .?r lu a
ins dayi. ( all sud*-'! blank tntin ap.
ll.AM, H. lill.I. A ' tl ,
li?.il I -t ita Ar, nts and AoeUnnn ra,
., "-..j, I ie- nata itreet
IT I.AI.'t.f CdNVct ilSt. ROOU8, ..ciel
Itoey. MHB pill USS*! 0t l.ntli-r..,n.i and closCI ,-.,
:' -, r.
Also, bTABLI mil Bl BT. Bo.4 sr??t (T?y
?trreL_ a aa-at*
rmraral I - d.on ? eon i fl . r. sntli '-."-I for 1 d?
? nllemiii, In t private family ur otherwise
ami cot -.1 Hi ?? tree*.
, L'u'iv at once to " M. i'."
, js .. , . I ?? . i r So. 4.
\\*AN I Kl). A \"l\' M VN \SllD
lt I io,l;,il i,III, V IS'lif K- : AVH- '
r ' I'lM,. ,oi,| l-wlillne ?.iiini'-i- n
ratall -sisrv. t,. '?? tn.-r. . ?? i ai lite end of ttl
ni lilli-, -i i,, 1 v..s riv Ile i, , li . VI- - V.. .'ie
'? ? ? ' ? j--it
*.? AMI!'. I"i V I.ADV OF EX PE*
ll ,..,.,,,. i position i- V--I-T avi noon
i:i I. fl il. I . UV I- I .'.r "ll f E WORK ?ii.i*-.| ?
foi a I illy. I . . i. -? i . o . v ? \
I? Fl) COAL-MI XKltS io I.i read) lo Mart to
Onion 1 I I -nev EVRMkli. lepl rober 30th.
.i f. ?!! 81 Is, Labor A?. ut, Sn. '.'
si rei i. _ _ ?? .'- i"
' 1*111 Al K'S W ANT ED Bl V i )|.
. 1*5 OBED v:a\. i,.., i bowler sad drtvir r.r
private ffeia I ty, or porter. Sddrase M..
-. -- ti*_ * .
\",* V I I.l i. V\ A -I ll Nf AM) [RON?
S'lt MU TO ]> ri la insn
In r'l.-, l.ir New ? .
J.K.. ft Manliallitml ?. ' ?
WA.', i ED.- \ I Il:M- I -.-- SHOE
? ? U M. Ll; , in lin?! ' , - ? v j .
I Islnrtn ?v.
. . -
-... i '.!i:i.s WANTED OM < HERO ?TS.
JU i v ? :... c l ban i i..-- '? -. !? v
nari. li. it"-: Kill lu,.
teg' 1 . 1 7 I .rv ll
?I'lN-MI'i il M ?.'. I ED ONE WHO
I I sin I:--; AM- HEATER ash h hvi
vt ol.K. Applj i - i . -. iii I? t - IN.
. i
Al' vv I ED. ?- 1,800 FOR ONE VE \K
I ? *| -i.r ci i.l. un r. al . -I il- wm i!, I', , (| |.
?lt_? . ,. - :? ',.
II U A-ll '. VTJ I'.'.s III ? .-.
A'i-i-. ..- I .4. ? rth 'li .- <t. -?? -.'--lt*
At' w I lib a < OLORED OIRL
1? ls i ar*-if aae.wlth rcfcreacei.
? . rth Klrrlisitss'l
Tl' ANT I.I). A i,(mn COOK, v; plj at
li N . 108 i."Ul. illili itreet, between ..r.e..
lin, - -? - ?
ll AM) Ii "M.I. I , - , Alto,
.i llii|-i-(,ii:i . Ai r to
t,. POWELL lin i .
-i. vti:i w-.t i.ia., un -i.
C1TUATH1S vv AN | ||) i;v \ VIH
?~ UIMABfor the, lualne r*?r ** v' es al.'ii
aaa larta,aad ls well exi*rtt raised
In HU* stats; ha* eui yeyr'*experience li . .
reUon ? aad le b sood merhaal A beaJUiy lora
ii, i, ,t, su* l: la, a fsiii.iy e in-UUas ot wire and
foul eklldrea; *r?uld un: obBiet lo laavlnx lie
stair. GoodreTereneealvea,eemereanired. AT
?1|. ? .!. y. (i.. Kicttr'. ii Post-oSei . Ap,. .. iBttoi
? ?? 'nsiter. * B7-it
Lint, ene prefsrred witii a ra
i l.ianliia-raalrr. l.nt *.-:,i,l ii ,t i ' |, ,-t f.'., . .
i paali ii toa la ly, nor t i keepingn uk- f,i-a ranuly
| ,.r iiia?ns m.) refinement. Canalve refrreneeai
! tu ran Hy. A*. Adlrrie A. I'! (ll-.
Iir-ike'i branch. Chariest*.mil, Va.
of very nice iiiil'nriil-lied roOMS at lvloo
Broadsuert, eonnecilns, willi pr,vate Mill.
; bot sad cold water. Ko objection U children and
i rooms very dratrabl* lo Hie*- barina -mail dui
I dr' n.
?c !"7-1t_Mai. CHRISTI AX,
WANTED. A (..nil) ll\ki;u .\y
ll Tilt AMBP.li AN HiiTEL: siloallAlltY
1IAK mi far it. near thc elly. Apply lo
j i*a7-ai?_[ _J. S. l)Oi)-(iv.
ll linois.KBirVIt,A r.:*ITIO\ IVWIIol K
SAl.lr. ul*' < DMMHWIOK-Hol .-*:. wi,, ijl* bes
, Uirrr ?**ri'*xssai,ii*- li, Hie smmlss'.oo t-isp,*n
and lt ?*ll ?c.|it?inlcd atth lt.* Stat Vlreinla
iersd*. llifire in tnt leslimMiall r*riil?hed if
r*.,aired. ASdrea* T, t-are L> "?r-i ?rnei- B
IT to 81.U4U. la U-? MABrPACTUBI OP
..Al.VAMlBB IKi 'K CORSICM by a iklllid
i irrSaii!.-. I|i,',i| .?v,-ii,? to au Bettye man.
Adili'Sed.Al.rAM/.i il I.,ns, ,i?.?uc,', oBlaM
_[taiS 7 _St "J_
I'VNV IN sew EBULABD. im sttraetf vs isa
lem I* caty io wart, pnnti'de te th- saenLaad
li rulers,.ima *therf'.i-mt .,r UH lris,ir?u,... a 1
dreea. v,ni, referea**! ** ,? ability. Mc, M PER.
INTI MJEBT, I'.srt-tia.* ii?x MT, Hartford,
t ? '"?_ _ ?e .7-dStflwlt
11 ii Alli. Moue hm m.-batt, wm, refarances,
incl ipply. call t*,r,,r, l. o'eloek ai flo. w --..
I "i itres-t._ M*7-SI
VvLNTIT: nv I-, REBDflfB all kl Bell of
..liv-- SEEDS ant AORICCLTURAL -st ,
E. r?ai. I,y TALI A 1 F.l.'ltt. i et,..
B Jti-sjod_Xn. 1 H n.ntli Twelfth ...r,,.),
ll Tu M.ono Tn BILL OB CoMMIkslnS
u. ru?l.in.*rt who ire anxlou* to btu f.r ,-?.,,
s. '.t-cidSt_lina Mean -tr**-:.
ll ME*1 is (ITY UR COUKTBT lo tal*
hkl.I anti at their nan linnie*; |:t u. |4 a da?
rs*)ly ms.'.-: work *ent by mell: us eanvaeslnv.
VVi-liavi-S'H.d li-niaiii tot mu- Work,and fuinl-T
-lia,li i-mpl..vnienl. Addreea, with -utiu..
Ks, e .irs-t. ( luehman,i)._ tejif-lo,
J ,1 l\ n > r.r whb-h I will auAniulee lue til.i, -*i
iiiirki-t prier In t'A-ll.
I ass lr**'. Vi rite for 'luntttbm*,
a400 to 1000 IVlillainahiirs aveline.
ssl?-IOcl8 Ulctuuond, Va.
ER 28, 1884.
al -TTi?* Bb41VA^?ratara nava.
tlyj. Th.'inp-no Hnwt,A''*~
p, ,l Kital* Aarnt* ... i AucMoacer*.
Ilia Mtlnttn-et.
bob btbbbt.
Wcwillsrll bysoetlon. efl Uir piemlses, -?
TBVfofDAT, c row i .r. 1884,
.aun ai Ba-SJITI I'HliPK.I! IV, conmen .diir
"'...^v. li arn* ,-orn.r ,,f . ?,u,| Jeff-rao"
", !',N Vhe ll us.si.rr I*" -tor , eel ht cm "?
?"rV'"' i1.^, .ir .* ,ms nob. -t ll. ., I, , ? H.r. bath
^r^i"'"^^' a.dtwia-eiTssaB.
L!rJ!T,roncr'T unoworroiilrd l.rMM??'
'"i J!T'. I ihrri, and niao.wi- ???! Bl -tie.
IBB RS: ,',*r*,,^up>i,S UUOWN A CO.,
"? -t-ttie.-r*.
liyNiiiil"".- A'1'" ""'
Baal Basal! AaaaSsMd v? H we re,
BIB BbiB sUMt. IBmiBmibs, s i.
riMM-"T!K'ssM,r:<"?FT\V?i VACANT
I ,1 vs ? ll'sNTl 132, ON HI ILKK's
IT IN M-oN.TN " 'IIIIU TV r-ot-Tll.TI-.N
^Ai.-':.!. rNisNCIHr-TLrLSS.,, rr
d**<1 of trust from Robrrl I '???''""?.
IHi-tlnesi ..uri of a-;.?. ,,-.t.r, l? '-* '',..;.;
- :""-' 'ibeb "??? ';? '? , ,..r? ? ? ,t
iv.., t.-iii bavins '??" '"' ' '"..'.". ,V, * ,
. ;. ,..|.|. ,i j ; |,? !_.?,. p lillie itn'Ti,m. "?'
ti,, pre ni.' ?? il ?' o'clock r. Mw
KRIDW. oi i" IRS B, IB!lt.
Tm" ? ? ' c.- !',?>? "i' -' ,;.;,r.',!;;
mt Hut tr ti t snd amotnit of wl-i nou
with inter*-.: fron.lobers*, ls.sJ. an-l "(-""
a* t:.ld Fleming-h-.'ld,..-|'L_ ?.?.,.,-. T?,?,?.
SIMI'SoV.V VOSStS. ". S""T!"I1.-IS.
Hr Fur.icm Tupia.r.
:. , tate Agent aaa Aa
i - sr Un rta st,
STORY i'll" 'li ll 1 ,: V'.1','[,? vi^i'i- '
7. '. \', ! | Ll ".ll -I Hi-Ll'. Hl-ilSVhl- N ttl --
foll,. ANDI.n.mit:- uri KT? -aiiii '
of Uic<><incr. wno ls net, ruil.ie.11" --I!. I ?.H *?T
ttyanctloD, albcprtml
-AT ! LIiAY." TOBBB I, 18S4,
ats o'eloek P. H.,IM eb ve 'ROPKRTV. Th*
honer ron! il it un- ? room-, lad i a Un nreoil***
i- , a cb.-, kin -I. .-ii mel tr.I waler in Un lard
l'r..,.rt> mi Um ii'i.l.iiorii tod I- -Td un vi
-.mian iusclwenl.-e. I.-ma.Icu'till--...
?niau outiav. that -sin my banasemcly. roeim
fi. i,t- .-vi fi f. i lo malley.
'?BURS! A mi .,, 1 ,1 *al*.
a,."j* I'l-i, sn I ITtTF.B. Ve'1
Hy lum,un TBSB1 '?
Beal v tata ?>?? al sad Ab tl
1018 Bani o '?
J\ P1NRBTRF.ET. Hy reqni I or Us
who lt anzloiw bo-ell, I iball aler itaaeBocou
m. (..ri.,i r*,on
FKIHAT.O roan 8, 1884,
a,:, ,?'?',? t p m..h. . d trolj d l?
Lillie rROPKHTV.
Tiiriioi-i lo even roams conveniently ar
rinsed.* detached Kl KT,KN. sud waler lu tn,
tari, and tba LOT hie a side Bliov.
T i . slit iiU'.ii ?f ??'ll "I teareb "l I I"- fl -i ile in
vestmem a- w. li a- ,t i len mUy-l wau d borne in
.1.1 .ft, I to IL J e.
? ga, Auction i r.
ll| a. 1 li. nu.-on Hr lim A.
RMI Botan Ai'on. iii.i si'T meer*,
1118 Bain " st
-finn. IH II.I'IN~,(irs ?NTWEN
lY-SIX FF! I I KORT, S I A ITT l"N.-Wc will
-. ii .i ita il a on
i lhiay. ... roana s, 1804,
,-. SL. UH .' ??? LOTS. I'ro'ilinif "ti
-i: irdetreei 94 fts leach and nianing ba -k
I,, Can.-arrenre ptr**L .
,:i.m : . third eBsh: halanc in tlz and
|wi t. uiontb . Inti r.-I ol li d tee d by irust
/.THUUPbON liROVVN 6 ' "..
, ..- _
Hy :-1: io .11 | S BUR* ll.
Real I -:iii, Si. ?
Mai., nra,r, V's.
f|M( is r bes' > \ Lb of r b \ u e
I nw ! 1 liv,, snii I...1 CORNI .:
I Mil A Nil ni-, uni -1 i:n- 1 -. si sn, 11 r.s.
IT R. by rlrtu, of , ld! 'r,- from t. I.
...'?rind wife, daled Jnat 13, :--.(. md do v
raeordad. default bavlng been made literate, md
I*lng reqtirstrd so 10 d - i>y Ul* '? nenctari ia ?uid
d.sd. *<? Will ?? ll, OB II, ' pr. tn UM oil
- s 1pru ss. o mai a i. 1804,
nt f o'eloekP li.tr,. it: >PERTi deaerlbetlla
told deed, a f ? .' a i s ll ital lot of bind in tbe city
,,, Ma., . ' end is-ratm
? ihs-'i, lo.ttljT t..( deep, bavins it I.SH'.i.
Killi ls HSS ) I.I.INi, and Tiler houaei Uieroon,
The house ta w.,1 balli mid i-m guesl order, aad
?. nt*"'- about, ..-lit tooms.
I i.i.st- : si pi ? inn..ic..-I "n'Sly of Mia, "'
o.:i.s, ut. i 1..,. in l:ir>. and still I.,- lil.'ral.
Loll- HAW I ls'
Bj FRrauta Tappar,
Real Estate Icentand Sn,-:i.,n,- r,
lnlr. SI ,-i -tn. '.
SI i:ll i". N"-. 14 1 i sm. 14IO.?ny r. ct -t "I
Ina i ? :. m. I ?:ii - il bj euell in,
wiih,,-it iiml, ? r "?. rve, on lb* pr, ml ?
1 I L-i'SV. -KIT EMBBB 80, 1--1.
at 0o'clock I. H.,thc abov, PROPERTV. Wiri,
t, i ?? Utile r> js.lr- i ,. ?
goodb '- ? perri utagi
tr ? ywtll I* auld for.
se 2.r. Auettn , -
p. lirti'.i - ,t Apparaou,
i . ti i: ii, |
rtli Fl. ?.. ni:.
J\ o\s l I. I, 1 N ,. Ko, ii? MIRTH LP.ld
piuBilH'.i.t ' O'. I ! P. .ST.
ii i -i ? | -. rn ri ? -4.
Uieabnvr-d -? rib d PROPF.H , \ . <- nt, .
?*.t sid ? ' . |
i Hiv r. t -? ? . w-;l au I pump, i
r t.t11 dx roi in-, snd km Issi two i ? uh
Uuromf r ? .,. V ll-. . Fop
lim-, ni- - t
?lt ... ? n U?. lui re 1
? -deed,
I.KIT.li- 4 AiTVIt-s-iN.
? .. r
Hs Get ra* E. ' rawford,
Real I i As, . .,. ? r,
i ? i:.
4 l'< I ION SAI \ BR VI, DE.
A Hi'.Si I.l lill, -: - INT. LOTS oN
l.t. - IK! k. id
By i i win ..ii at auction
111".ll tilt pp:,
"I I'll.' ll I . ,,.
,1 Ht" ?? ,
BRI, ls - rORF. I'll le. ,T MM; <? ??
V. uni.I. i:,! Pl,.', ?? i- ???-. e. ult-.'.- t' r- r
tide* ll ? i
room ... I
? ., V . ' ? ,| rnii- 150 ;.,:;.
BRICK DWEI.LINH ? t ls, ro l
? I.Ol ? :
Lark isa feet (?> Burton itt ?
te Hi lrte|?.
' ? st!- 1I\S ELL1RH ? Ilwo ro.t.i-. \ . ? ? ;! 1
oi I rum
uo-'. i lg feet io Hurl.'p.-i.
L< -i fr, Min.- J I _?- LJ io.' on lill ii >rr
-, munnin back ISO fer,,adjoin* tr,,
L"T fronilna 2S . feet on Pink
IT.' "? I!
r | ,1 ..,..
Pink T ? w.
M Isalanr ? In ts i
' ? Ided, d ,.!?-.. i ?. i dis of ti
Bari arty. ii nK.VWt.<i]H',
S ? . r
** IP.20.5 I.2l.-.'ir,'.-- ci.-:.
cam: of VERY \ vi.i vni.i: i;k m.
i^ r-t.s: i. in un t t n : s n ri n, ,l;
ano -i m :. oir \ iRijiNI v. Ks iss ?, \
??,,riM:i;i RN."- We ? ir r for mle privately i
I Vd'Mi-ti.Uniin; (7-.. -.'.-.. -Uuur d in i ,
it . i Itad ford md stale of Vlralma, about iw
lilt *f i I berty, lt wai ibi I
ol tbe tale Benjamin A. Ihmahl, ai I I
Bnest farms In the enanty, I mutta
niiieeoftbr norfolk snd S\ ? ,
iileiu totrhoul* ind otanrrbce. Th* nelahborlin ul
I- esrelleiiU 'Hie dr. ell, n^-hou-.- ,, of i,| lr'?, ., , |
in lil st.i ab-r,,n l,w m -chi,.lim mr time r ?-?
coal about 810,000 orlalBallv. The yard.s'-tr.le .
aad orebard eon tali enoui iwelre ? res, ,i
iroaadi ure very li - ila ..- ni ,
everv m* lu tbr Amt neon foi ott pleated ii
ihni*l under a eareful lyttem, i
nearly dst i that mai -d.? , ,,.,,
ten-af lt. lt I. Well lt.U;.,...| ,., t,?. fl
wi . it rom. nat*, t< !??.aad bay,aud bi ip n'i>
luHed for ? Braal us farm, iii* :,;i
lo LUM* Olttorcreek, audbtwrll wat.-i-ed. Abotii
123 aerea are In Umiier, 100 nf wbl i
li .1 t rr.!. H., Umbel ll| ll it I..in.- Sery
raluahl*.and ti ba* never been cut over. ;
? ??I Mable, barn, or, reeer'. I
and Ute lieiiaini.C-lillll lltt.-s.Bllot a
r. i-alr. 1 lu- lsr-?i part of "lie fenrlnaal
very trooti condition, rh* title b> thlt proper!] i
-? ? I. ,s ?? tie ,?? trap, e-iitr ans taney rn
we will tall lt at a cr ?r !,.,r,riin. ll ll rare Hui ..
: i f-trin i. oft-r, I ? n Lbs market.
't m.m- : . "ir Uni i ? stli: end I i ? remainder 'a
,*ie. two. lind three rear?, wltb Interest iron th
day of fate, secured !,; i deed of trait or |
te.-i.i ii i. rmi arc not i
iio.ie or I,--,, cooli eau ls- paid If I
nil.', lt.
Pitateaslon .-dru foi ead ? -- nt ll
Un .-. m.I iud ;.-. un the eua ol Ixty dav
.* .rlfdomed.
It W||| III tOltil ? ? toll, o,; H?. | .
t,t.-i>av. o, roan 7. issi,
at 18 ,.VI n* Vt.
?? s. p, pm it - ?-..
....... "s, onion.
1!.. nldreatof, VMMPattrsor lt HowaMtvilb
P'-i-oiTi r, vitN-marle county, Va.; ands, - P
l'*i it."-.'-. !.!?..:s. lt, ir rr 1 r,,,,, nv. V ,. - - p
PBtleena lin- upon Pie lueini,,,,. ,., | ? n .;, ,_
U i I., in i cony .me ?|,o if, .-in. li
IVs ni iN ?? IT RMBHIRii I N11 r ?.--aa*aBtM
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Mais srttiBT, bara a tanrr a-wortm
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owner, s, lat public aucUoa, . u t-i .
i; E9DAT, Bim M ll B 80.1
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home, or arti
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10:55 a. M. Foi
I .1,1 - s , '
i , pl --ai.I.i y.
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Iv. except simd ly. -i? p- st all -t i
td a-.
41.', P.M. ',?? r N:? ?
?vi,rf - ? 1 Sundi?.
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i vi 'illiston
IO SO P. If. Si* Aihhnd. Kv. Mehi
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10:45A.M. I
4:05 P. vt. i
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8.80 P. IL I
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Itll IIM(lNl) \NH i 1.iREMOVt
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r,bail of Twel I li ? Iv
i tn e. VI ever*. I fr -nw . ,
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- T from -J I1 M. ... 'v vi
it .,ine day, md Frida;. until if t" v. M
dayl. Tl
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V J i oMPABY. ^am*M+
foi SI u YOBS.
i tm- company will ?' -i itch one or their spica ltd
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I ror hours td . rt
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i P
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fur 1:11 11 South s wu
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bl Alii-Kui,vi- ESOAOEO POI DAV OB
, ,?-,,''' Mle for MOOS
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('.. l'..,.i, "Vii.n.u Bea. s .
r-..k. ,t,? si v, rv I, vv rate* to church sos-lt-t .
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iver, at LOWEST If V l'r.... ..?.| ffiSifc
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Ib'M) AN ?
ST EA M- ll 1 j' l ti Ml'A NT.
v'v,Uo u."'v",'! '"'-. "' :'"-*T|-p>l>AY bad
m.in w.it ii bl, aa* avBt] lUBUAT n BA,
Fr. Irfbr f.r TaaaSBfS1 sui Fridays* steamers e?
felseeftlll il St v. M., tor Sunday*' -i. ,
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rare. SS.
Eer fnrilier mriiriuatl. ti. ap;.!? ra
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war'!.';, wlth'ii. ^.U^"? ,l'"^1 '*'"1 ? wl? '<*??
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HAII,B*)AI? I'****
T(*1>^AN?? I'AN VJLI.i: RV!,'.
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Thro'tir i
pas*. I nln P*r ? i I -sl?
it e. In. ! ii N". ",?
I,., . '. .
lld 1*. vi
Arrive si....
billi! le.
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rive F(.rk*.
Nn.tl. -\nr.
llanvill.--? ?
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Lui A. vi
IM P. vt
lifts P. M
8s4o Ka iv-,
M. I - ? .
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Ho,,-, ct tieetlns-iil iv-v-v,:'- i
ind M. railroad; st Setae.l n -
-.?,,,'In N?rr,,w-.,,,,.?. r., . .. , t ? | l
lireen.sb.rro' (< r ni tad ul. ""
-all bury fer all P"ln
mad; at Atla ita f..r all
Sn.lill ?>-l
?1 rain N<>. "?'-' Uhr.
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liantlil- I ' '
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li it**, null Milt".'
ri..Imo,1 fi ' M
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V( lays.
|A P.M
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f. ?m
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BLT! ?
All l.tfu'lr V r
Pl Ll vi vs
' ?
S o lr.
Si I! - ?
A. L. Riv as. < -- ?
?r. : VORK Ul i
f vi iptii.f.
' r lat,
I ?
-lr.u. -
11 v. a
RU Itv:,.Mi Lil UM..NI) VM. HAM ll
u vlf . EXt.'KPI -I SOW
ai fi" r. 'L
??? ., Vi'
conn.. Una with early irs
Pats rd
l .- ,
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Wil'.di r-:3ft P. M v vi
I-. ? .
Hu n rill.
-.. ? ? .
ai .1 ll. Kit. V*. ni st the I
di i i.
M. -i. vi I,111 K.i.
So. 7 1
? I v
4 Tl.AM l< ( OAST UNI'..
KU UBOBO AM' Pl i i RsBl'Rei i: vi:
ll'! .
IN LU I i Tiff. 18,1 I
N ?
III :.
f7:lt. A. M
28. tl
?2:47 P ll
' I
'??IV '
11:1-1 A. M.
i. ll
I -
v!. :? i- v. VI
? . | ???
HO. 111 ... a.. M. :
l ? ; .
?-?iii- i ?
Pl :
i- i".
I 11:20 A. lt. | N l *
I r.'.i.n P.M. N
. sf
pl' HMl ND INP v . i. i
-it L.vll
IN ft Fl-.t 1 Vi i '.
I.'.'t :'V!.,N,, v\.,
R I i P. M.i S
- .
- . i- !? ?" MA
v -
, SN ,
At i:
Lou.*, >i
- .
* r
? Bi
V i
i - and Ohio
,. V
/ ?
uk IO Gen*
I c H \| .. \ !.. i RKDERICR'SIM li
TBI Ol .,n M ! ,|- vi!. KAS l IV I
1" iv
Pill I, NEW YO
AND W ; ? ii ii-,
ONLY TWELVE ll - > 1
Mo.Nll ASI> I VI I IMoRC is
linn ii i's.
i -.
I! . ....
<l < . V I . ,
I.. I
1) ICU U i. N D, FREDERIi te?
st anii POTOM v IAILBO <
* 'I,II,1UII,< Jl i.\ u, |--1 .
(jv..' A Vf. - ,;
-'??1-- ? ' '
t. -r.l.
.-. .
Ila.' V. VI, leaves i ?
i- i i
8:30 I*. M.. '.h. - ,
* ? r ir...a vv iv. r.<
11:05 A. V , . -i iv
, ittitii N.t. V , ? . M
I; - P. M.. ir,,., ^
sbiua at li, . .
an! lUIICtinll. -I,,..
loee i- ti "*''"" '"* '" '
lOW I . M.. a,uv,, ,.t ltvrl-1,.,1 itel t ? "
li'Xcei.i >it., Uv. .
DAUA i Ju *,.r M M>v\t
6:36 A. M., l-aan rn,,; raefan ?' e
71a A. U. Slop* ?.
SOO I. M., *ce?iuui,?kitl.,n. i.we. Bl ? I ?r-./l
sl-Hi-u; arilw* al Asl,'and il ?"> F.
0:03 P. M. ,S**a E:h?; arnie* at A?l,li ,1 t
. . n vi i- vi.
Bi30 A M., arrive* *r Elba; ...*? t, 'rf
aama a s. 5:'** V' 5**
S.00 A M., a. . ..tnuicdatioii. arrives al Hro*4
Sirs-. tUiiviu; les, vc. Astilau.l li "?
8:81 P. M.,arrii'ea at kUbs; havel A th-aa I ll
? li P. M.
_ _ V.k. TAYLOR, Oenaawl Tiek?l t/s-rV
B. t. ix, ht i KKi. faaaaal asasslaB

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