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TltB TIMBS,, F0UND15D 1868, I WHOLE NUMBER, 16,177.
* ?WASItmOTON, Feb. 27,-Forecaat for
G_turda.y and Sunday:
Vlrgihia, and North Carollna? Raln Bat
urday; briak to hlgh aoutb wlrula; Sunday
fair, colder,
Haln- fell heavlly during n portlon of
j-eaterday and laat nlght, wblle Just be?
fore mldnlght tha merenry cllmbed to
almoat aummer heal. Haln Ib propliosized
agaln for to-day, and lo-morrow lt Is.
llkely to be fair and colder wlth hlgh
? A. M..? *\
rM. . ^
P. M. . &
12 mldnlght."]__
Avorage ....'.?**&
Highaat temparaturo ywrtarday. 70
Loweat temperaturo yesterday. 35
Mean temperaturo yesterday.. 46
Normal temporaturo for Feb..... 36
beparture from normal tomporature. 10
Pxaolpltation during paat S( liours... .33
' Feb. 28, 1903.
EHeaa...rei_ I HIOH TJDR.
aet*....7.6/i Mornlng.B:?
m ?ftla....7:a? | Evenlng.G;?
Maijorlty rtpor? to recommand tho re
moval of Camp'bell from the bench
Caao of John M. Klng postponed untll
Monday; new evldenc/i la brought out
Poatha of "W. B. Courtnoy and W. P.
Chrlatlan?Child .vlolinlst to play at
men's meetlng-Elght houses burned
yesterday-Pay of streot Jiands to be in?
craaaed-Commltteo unablo to agreo on
atreot-car transfer system-Protest
agalnst changing the name of the Epla
copal Church-A boom in tho tobacco
rnarlret-Appealu ' to mado for Stuart
'monument fund-New telephones to re
tlre forevor thls evenlng:?Representatlve
of Rlchard Mansflold tells of hls comlng
vlslt-Pardons graiited by the Governor
-Corporation Commlsslon blll Is pass?
ed by the Hou?e;?Ostcopalh bill post
poned by the Senato to conslder amend?
ments?r-Rlehmond bank secures a flne
ngency-Pelllgrlnt falls to appear for
trial-Ball'glven by tho Drulds-Oovor
nor goea to Hampton-I.<ce Camp post
. pones picture prescnfatlon:-Street Car?
nlval llkely for next spring-Ex-uoy
arnors Lee and Taylor on the same piat
torm-Condltion of Senator Ople. MAIs
OHKSTER--W. T. Morris loses a ftnger
-New store to bo opened-Serious fire"
averted, due to the exploslon of a lamp
-The funeral of Mrs. Simmons??Mrs.
Josephlne Wlrt and Mr. J. \\, Jenklns
buried-Plans for a new school bulldlng
?f.o oe dlscussed-Church aervices to
morrow. ;
An oxprtss company tewarda falthful
aervloe by a SKO annulty to a widow
Double trackfng tho R., F. & P. In Staf
ford-Mr. Ayers mentloned for State
Senator ln Wise-Mrs. Elklne' glft of a
JM.OOO bulldlng for the Elkins \. il. C. A.
'?Coroner's Jury at I.awrencevilla tlnds
tiiat Willlam Rlco was kllled by a fall-?
Baae-ball schedulos of the Washington
and Loe and Vlrglnla Milltary Instltuta
leams-Second day of the State \. M.
C. A. Conventlon' ,at Newport News. Of?
ncers elected and corrTmlttees ftprminteil
-?Munlclpai Hall In Danvlllo condemned
by City Englncsr. on account of poor.
plastcrlns-Fire In Sussex nonr Waverly
-?Hampden-Sidney faculty suspf-nds for
r. month ten students for the recent dls
turbanco there-CJiesapeako and Oh o
lo erect a new utatlon at Charlottesvllle
-Cuttlng atTolr in Alexandrla-New
l>ort News police forco handlca-pped by
fclckness-No llquor cases up In the Nor?
folk Pollco Court-The Absmie Hoc
f'lub, of Lvnchburg. Invlted to Rlehmond
_Klng \VHliam and Hanover good road
rnoverhont-Sketch of Colonel A. I,.
nives-Frank Barbcrlch scriously ln
Jured ln Chosterlleld-Blg fuctory sliiits
down ln Bedford City out of respect to
Solomon Steptoo-Real estato actlylty
at Chetfter-Progress mado by the Bed?
ford Clty postofflce. Marrlages-Edward
AVharton and Miss Bettle Banetti ln Rleh
mond county: R. H. Pndwell ,and Miss
Alice Crumfic-ld In Roanoke; v\. J. Rice
and Miss l^oii Brny In Espcx; R. O. Par
,lsh and Miss Rosa Rlgsby ln ,Looif.a
>atha-Mark Blrd at Woodstock; Wil?
llam J. Nelson at Florence.Ala.; James
). Colgan at Hampton; Mrs. I^ucy M. Rob
)rta In Ixiuisa; J. F. Johnson at Ro"n_
(he; Mrs. J. C. Hammer at Manassas.
Many local bills passed bv tiic T.oglsla.
.ure?aovernor Aycock lias not an
-lounccd hls decision ln regard to the lo.
ii oii ot tho Nash and Da.vldson monii
nlcnts-ln tlie House tho rnvenue blll
nassed the thlrd readlng-? Resolut on
baasod to Inquiro Into cost of enlarglng
he Capltol?-Tho GudEcr-iloody conlesi
lontlnucs ln the AsheNille distrlct-?Pro
inertIng for oll nnd .gas near A&hcvllle
?The hullet whlch failed to blt Sklnner
|8 found-No further developrnonts n
tlio Raloigh traKedy-T>?gal fraternlty
nleaaed atThe nclectlons mado for Codo
Prominent man murdere.l ?">;?^rlou"'3[
ln hls own homo at Buffalo, Js. \.,. anci
I r. nolice lmvo not a clue to work on
ttei nany paaslon iu tho Houso where
Kcnus fcarry out ^ ^??S
lallato for tho unsoating "f ppmocraiie
meniberfrom MlsHourl-?Honalor Morgan
resolufely decllnes lo consent to tho; lix
Ing of a ilate l'or voto on Panama t a a
reat>-Kpeaker has glyen hls ,y]rtua|
i-onsi.nt. thiit the OUen blll be called^up
to-day or to.inorrow--?Ssnato voted (lov,n
motlon for consideriitiou of tlio 1-'1<;UP
fleld antl-tru.st bill?Richmond studont
ls blghly hononed at Harvard Unlvorsity
-Knapp. tho confessod niurder of -flvo
norsons, tells of attempts mado during
,is sloep to kill his last wlto-J. P. .Mor
ean Is to bulld the, iliiest prlvate llbarry
ln the world. ln whlch to proservo hls in
laluable collectlon of books and works
nf art-Piedmont Copper Coinpnny, who
nw-n mlnes near Elklou, Vlrglnlu. refufio
blg prico offered by tlie copper fniflt
preaident Roosovoli sonds speclal messago
lo tho Senate, uppottling for actlon on
I'hlllppine measure^?C. D. Mayfleld, of
nielimond, olioson vico-president of tho
Hdiithcrn Ice iSxcbange?Stock prices
took b tunible of soveral polnts near tho
Hose; money rute .stlffened-Ilppiibllonu
ndltors in tir-s<iioii ln Wnsliliigion adopt
resoliitloua willioiii l'fl'oronco to the Pros.
Idont'sV nejsrb pollny?Clenernl M, J,
Wrighl. is olccteil prn?ldeut of tho South
i>rn Illslory AasoclaUori-Vory fow Of
tho Southern dologates to the D. A. R,
conventlon atlended the r-oceptlon ionder
edat tho Whlto House-Threo nion klll?
ed and flfteen lnjured ln an exploslon at.
Ihe'U'fll'i and Ralid Powdar Company's
nlant at Turck, Knnaaa?Officcrs of ilm
li A. Ft, are ofl'lclally announced?.Ini
nei'lal Chlnese troops ambushed by
KwanKsl rebols and flvo hundred of them
(Hpudal Lo Ihe Tliues-l?lapate_.)
OAMBRIDGE, MA8S., February 27.
Waltei" Russell Bowlo, of Richmond, Va.,
vas one of tho threo honorarles elected
itudent organlsatlona at Harvard, and
itniverslty, to-day wlth tho elghth ten.
BowJe was also elected vlce-prestd'ont of
lie Harvard Chrliitlan Assoclatlon nt tho
Minunl meetlng to-day.
The Instltuta of 1770 Is on* of lha oldest
itudent organizatlons a lllurvard, and,
llectlon to its rank.s Ib esteemed a great
Efaward L. Burdick Killed
in His Own Home.
Absolutely ' No Clue Upon
Whieh Pollce Can Work.
His Body Found Early Yesterday Morn
llng Lylng on a Couch in Hls Smok
Ing Den with Skull Crushpd in '
and Covered with Rugs and
Pillows-Was Clothed
Only In a Shlrt.
(Br Aiso<tf_te<5 Preu.)
BUFFALO, N. Y., February 27.-Ed
ward li. Burdick, president of E. 1:
Burdick and Company a.nd of th? Buf
falo Envelope Company, was murdered
early to-day at hls home on Ashland
Avenue, In one of the flnest resldence
sectlons of the clty. Whllo the pollce
clalm to have several Important clues
no arrest has been made.
Mr. burdick was last se*n allve la.st
nlght at 10:00, when he bade the other
members of th? household good-nlght
snd started for hls room, apparently
with the Intention of rotlring for the
nlght, Thls morning his body, clad In
an undershirt, wm found lying on a
couch In a small room off the lower hall
used by Mr. Burdick as a srnoklnc room.
The body was covered with a rug and a
number of soft pillows. The couch was
saturated with blood, and the jvalls and
floor of-th* llttle den were bespattered
with bralris and blood. 'The head ha4
been crushed with eorne blunt'tn'strftriitin't.
.nothino Mtssixg: _'_;;" ??:.;??
'Ch>f of Detectlve. Cusack took" charge
of the case. A thorough oxamlnation of
tho house and Its occupants was made.
Nothlng of valu* was mlssing. The out
sido door was locked and the spring lock
wa.s in its place when the se'rvants got
up thls morning. The Inner door was
ajar. A kltchen wlndow was partly
raised, but thoro were no marks on the
snow outside or upon the wlndow slll
to indicate that any ono had entered
there. All tho other windows and doors
of the house woro pecurely fastened.
That shattered tho theory of an un?
known intruder.
Somo interesting discoveries were made
in other parts of the house. To begin
with, no weapon could bo found any
where. Tho body was oiad only In an
undershirt. At the foot of the couch
were found the drawers and stockings.
The trou&ors and other artlcles of cloth
Ing whlch Mr. Burdick had worn wero
ln hls bedroom on tho floor above. The
bed had not been occupled. On the table
in the smoklng room the detectives
found a bottle partly fllled with whiskey
nnd the remains of a light lunch. Mem?
bers of tho famlly declarc that Mr. Bur?
dick never partook of the food, of whieh
tho lunch was composed, and never
drank Ilquor whlle eatlng,
In thls conneotlon Chlef Cusack thls
afternoon gavo out tlio followlng state?
"From what investlsatlons T have made
I wouid concludo that Mr. Burdick was
called down stairs by a. ring or a knock
at the door after he was ready for bed,
for ho was clad only In hls undershirt.
Ho evldently admltted some one he
know well and took the vlsltor Into the
den for a talk, and to nartake of the
luncheon found there, '
"There are some slgns of a strugglo,
Tho fact that two of the flngcrs of Mr.
Burdick's left hand was broken Indlcates
that ho put up hls hand to ward off a
blow whlch ho saw comlng.
"The body was covorofl with a rug and
sevoral pillows so that nothlng could bo
seen but the blood whlch flowed from
undor tho pll<\ The force with whloh
tlio blows that killed Mr. Burdick were
dellvcred seems to precludo the possl
blllty tUat a'womnn delivored them."
Mrs. Rurdlck, tho murdered man's
wlfo, left homo two months ago with tho
Speaker Has Given Vlrtual
Promise to Allow It to
Be Called Up.
(Sneclal to The TlmiB-riUp-tch.)
WASHINGTON, PI C? February 27. -
The Aldrlch currency blll wlll probably
pass the Senato, hut.lt doveloped to-dny
that Messrs. IJill. Fow!*r and Lovoring,
of the Houso Commlttee on Banklng and
Currency have organized strong oppo
sltlon to the meaMire. They resont Mr.
Aldrich's programme to have Mhe bill
referred to the Ways and Mea'ns Com
Banklng and Currency. They clalm that
rnlttee Instearl of to the Commlttoa oi
with the nld of the Deniocrats they can
defeat tlie blll on the yea snd nay vote.
lt will hp.rdly be reaehe.l by tho House
at ?--.8 sesslon. '
Represontatlvo Steel, of Indiana, a
nwmber of the Ways nnd Moans Commlt?
tee, who lus vhe Otjeh antl-tobacco
coupon blll, told ReRresentstlve Wmb
to-day that he had the virlunl promise
of Speaker Henderson to allow ihe blll
to como up to-morrow.
Mr, Steel says that/should lt not be
taken up he wlll ald Republlcans and
JDemoorats aliko to have It oonsldered
Monday. Captaln Lamb now says he
bejlove. it wlll paps tlie Hous* wi the
proooiu Bfts'.lort
Iiitentloii, It ls sald, of nol returntng.
On Decitnbef 5th proceedlngs for dlvorce
were .t&Med In tho county elerk's ofuco
by Mr. Burdick. It l? undsrstood that
Mtd, Burdick wcht to Atlantlo Clty.
What conneollon Mr. Burdlok's domes
tlc troubles may have hnd with -the
erlmo the pollce do not presutne lo f?ny.
. ?.
Men In Cily Englneer's Department lo
Get More Money.
Some tlme ago a speclal subeommlttce.
of ^treeta was appolnted to Inquire lnto
the questlon of lncreaslng the wages of
the men in the street repalr and sewor
department of the Bnglneer'e Department
from $1.60 to 11.75 a*day.
At the meeting of the Street Commlt?
tee, Mr.' Mlnor, chalrman of the commlt?
tee, roported that the subcommlttee had
roported favorably upon thls matter, and
tho lncrease wlll be so reoornmended to
the Councll.
(By AHoclated Pre*s.)
PEKIN, February 27.?Adlvces recelved
here to-day show that DOO Imperlal troopa
were.caught, February 16_h, ln an am
busn ln the. Yang-UIng pa.ss by the reb
els of the Provlnce of Kwang-SI, South
Chlna- All the soldiers wore killed and
tho rebels captured large supplles of
arms, whlch the troops were taking to
the beselged garrinon of Chl-Yuen,
The offlcial reports admlt that the re
bolllon \nK Kwang-SI ls lncreaslng and has
spread over the border into the Provlnce
of Hunan. The Viceroy of Hunan *as
sent' troops t othe boundary to check the
rebels' advance.
Democrats Carry Out Their
Threat Effectuaily.
Speaker Pro Tem is Accused of False
hood in Resolution Offered in the
_House?Roll Call Followed Roll
Call?Speclal Rules Adopted.
v (By A?soci_ted Preu.)
"WASHINGTON, February 27.?The
Democrats of tho House to-day carrled
out thelr threat., made yasterday that
if? Mr. Butler was unseated they wouid
do ovcrythlng ln their powor to block
leglslation from now untll Congrees ex
plres, March 4th. The result was an?
other stormy sesslon, prolonged from 11
o'clock thls morning until almost 7
o'clock this evenlng. .Roll call suc
ceeded roll call, and at every pauso par'ty
passion manlfested itaelf ln bltter and
acrlmonlous denunclation.
Two speclal rules were brought in1 to
expedlte appropriatlon bills and to con?
tlnue the legislatlve day of" yesterday in
order to reduce as 'much as possible tlie
mtnority's power to obstruct leglslation.
During the d?bate on the rules the Dem?
ocrats volced thelr candemnatlon ot
what they denomlnated ycsterday'a out
rageou3 action of the chalr. The Re?
publlcans declared that they were willlng
to assurne responslbility for what tlwy
had done, and explamed tho necesslty
for tho drastlc rules presented to?day,
Mr. Dalaell saying that unless this courso
was pursued tha Democrats could con
sume one hundred' and ' thirty-seven
hours, or twenty-seven leglslative days,
on roll calls on the Senato amendmenta
to tho appropriatlon bllls..
It was agreed on both sldes that tho
present situatlon sounded tlie death-knell
of practlcal ly evwythlng oxcept the ap?
propriatlon bllls. The friends of the om
nlbus publlc bulldlng blll who yesterday
wero threatenlng to defeat the rules if
they were not modllled to Include their
measures were placated by a promiso,
whlch lt was undors'ood waa glven that
their bill wouid be covered by a special
rule, to be brought In later. All over
tures from the Republlcsin slde to the
Domocrats to Induce tho latter to aban
don tholr filibuster have been frultless,
and there Is every indleatlon that they
wlll contlnue thelr present taotlos to the
end of tho sesslon.
During tho early part of the sesslon
Mr. Flemlng (Democrat), of Georgia, rls
Ing to a questlon of the hlghest prlvi
leBo, sont to tho elerk's desk and had
read tbe followlng resolution:
"Whereas, lt appears froni the Con
gresslonal Record of February 26, 1903,
that by actual count and announcement
hy tho Speaker pro temporo a quorum
waa not present when the. resolutlons
wore voted upon d'eclarlng that .lames
J. Butler wus not elected and that
George O, R. Wngoner wa* duly pleoted
a ropresentatlve ln tho Flfty-seventh
Congress from the Twelfth Mlssourl dls?
trlct, and that the point of no quorum
was duly ralsed upon tho vote on each
of sald resolutlons, and , that the samo
in eacli Instanco was overruled by tho
Speaker pro tem. In vlolatlon of the Con?
stltutlon, tho rules of the Houso, nnd
the practlce of all parltamentary bodles;
"Rosolved, That the. announcement by
the Speaker pro tem. that sald resolu?
tlons wero adopted was In fact untrue,
and that the sald James J. Butler is stlll
entltled to hls seat ln thls Houso. and
tluU the sald Goorgo C. R. Wagoner Is
not now entltled to tho saine."
Mr. Payno, tho majorlty leadnr, was
recognizad desplte tha protest* of Mr.
Flemlng that he could not be takon off
tha lloor. and he moved tn lay Iho reso?
lution on the table. The Democrats
forced a, roll call on tho motlon, whieh
preva-iled, 161 to 107.
Tho new rules were adopted by a vote
of 158 to 104. The spealcers were Messrs.
Dalaell, Grosvenor and Cannon for, and
Messrs. Rlchardson, of Tenneseee; Under
wood and De Armond agalnst, The en
" ? .. . (CoritinwJtJ ?w? gecontj Fafe.). (
Further Evidence to Be
Heard Monday.
Sald Gasser Accused Seven
Street Committeemen.
Teslfmony of Messrs. Gasser, Gudc and
Welnbrunn?Mr. Rlohardson Wins
a Vlctory by Securlng the Ad- .
misslon of Evidence Here
toforoRuladOut by
the Court.
The most Interestins evidence yester?
day during the progress of t.ho fxlal ot
ex-Alderman John M. Klng. waa when
Asslstant Clty Engineer Tallaferro
swore, In rebuttal of Captaln Charles
Gasser, that tho last named had upon
a certain occasion ln the Clty Hall last
year glven hlm the names of seven
members of the old Street Committee,
who, he sald, wera not what they should
be, Klng was one of thpse.
Mr. 'Carter, r*pne?9entini? Klng, ln
structed the witness to gtvo no names
In hls testlmony, and no declded, effort
was made to dlvulga the identity of
any of the s?ven.
The evidence of the Asslstant City
Engineer created a stlr. Every ono of
the hundred or mora poople In the room
'?ushed closer to the witness stand that
iliey- mlght hiiax more plalnly the testl?
mony of the witness.
Mr. Gasser had been on the stand fpr
some tlme, and swore that he had never
had a conversatlon wlth Mr. Tallaferro
in tho Clty .Hall," although 'he admitted
havlng "spoken ""tfT"hlrn" 'outslde- ther bulld-'"
Ing about the alleged pnvoment^r "hold
up." The Asslstant Clty Engineer had
beon called for the purpose of impeach
ing this, one of the State's chlef wit?
nesses. testimony.
"Did Gasser ever talk to you of certain
ccrrtption in Iho Slieet C nmlttee about
paiving contracts," asked Mr. Carter,
who had ur.dertaken the examlnation of
Mr. Tallaferro.
'In tho offlce of the Clty Engineer,
standlng In front of the ralllng."
"Vou. are positlve about the place?"
"Quite so."
"Well, were you measyring up some
work for hlm at tho time?"
"No,.slr." ?
"Did Mr. Gasser mentlon , any other
names outslde of Klng?"
"Ho did."
"How many?"
"Are you positlve?"
"Abaolutely so."
"Now, Mr. Tallaferro, don't glve any
names ln answer to thls questlon," eaur
tloned Mr. Cartnr.
"Did Gasser glve you any names?"
"He gave the namcj of flve men; sald
one waa dead. I asked him if he meant
Mr. -?
"Hold on there now," Intcrrupted Mr.
Carter, nnd the witness never got any
further. He seemed porfectly willing'
to dlvulgo the identity If tho court
wanted to know, and would have donbt
(Continued on Flfth Pngo,)
Exploslon in the Plant of the
Laflln & Rancl Power
(Pr AMOclntfil Prom.)
. CHBROKEE, KAN., Pebrtuiry 27.?The
press mlll of tha Laflln and Rancl Fowder
Company's plant at Turck, elght mllos
south of hore. oxploded to-day, killlng
threo mon and Injurhig flfteen otlioi-s,
three of them fatally.
Tho dead:
Fatally lnjured:
l.'nknown man.
The exploslon is the fourtli slnco the
ectabllshment of Ihe ft-orks In 1809.
(Bt Asior-latfd PrgJI.)-",
NEW TORK, Fobriiary 27.-1 he syndl
cato formed lasl Aiignst by Brown
Brothers & Company, Ualgnrten <fc Coni
liany, and Vornill.ve & Company, lo float
thp flrst eonsoliduted iimrtgage 4 ner cent.
gold bonds of tho Atlantle Coast Line Rall
way. lotal authorlzed capltal Wsue $?0.<W.
000 hns been cllasolved, N'otlc.e lo lhat eflocl
wns racelved by moinbers cf tha syndl
e.-jto to-day. No reasnii foi the dlssoiu
Hon was glven. but lt ls undarstood that
only one-ftfth of the bonds were niarHet
--??? -
Port De Paix Pestroyed,
(Bv A?iioclut?"j I'te".) ?.
CAIPJ3 HATIKN, HAVTI! Fabruary? ?,.
A dlspatch received here fronvuros Morna
to-day announces the naatruotloii of Port
Do Faix, Haytl, by fire last nlght. pn|y
vessels belonglng to lha Haytlen Com?
pany wera saved.
Blg Meeting of Buslness Men
Last Nlght.
? ? - ...
Makes Practlcal Talk as to Having Cily
and Country People Meet Oftener
and Know Each Other
There ..wlll. In all probablllty. he a car?
nlval held ln Richmond next Ma}'. i
The tnltlal stops were taken at a meet?
ing held at Murphy's Hotel last nlght.
Consldering the short notlce glven and the
Inclement' weather. ' the meeting / was a
great success. There were some forty 'or
ftfty persons In attendanco.
The, meeting was called to dlscuss the
matter bf whether or'not lt wouid be at!*
visablo to havs a carnlval. and, if so,
to Inaugurate the mcn'oment. ...
Many persons wlio conduct buslnees on
Broad Street came'to tho hotel ,wlth the
raln-wnter dripplng from thelr umbrellaa,
liats and overcoats.
Tho meeting was hold tn the annex to
the hotel. . Mr.,Isaac Cohen called the
gatherlng to order and he was made th?
temporary chalrman upon tho motlon of
Mr. V. Donati. Mr. James.T. Dlsheywaa
made the temporary secretary, 1
Mr. J, S. Berger, of Chloago, the mana
gor of the J. S. Berger &,Company>e. eorfl
blned Mastadonio Mighty Mldwa.y and Car?
nlval Company, was Introduced and he
told the gentlcmen' assembled that h?
had the ftnest thing on earth to ipreseut
here In May, He talkcd to.tho point.
Mr. Berger stated that If the Rlchmona
people deslred to havo the festlval, the
eoncern he representM wouid gVve some
thlng entlrely new.
Ho thought there could be nttraottona
arranged for each day during a week
that wouid brlng to Ihe, clty each day
somewhere In the nelghborhood of 20.0OU
vlsltors from beyond the borders of the
clty. Mr, Berger's idea was that tliefe
should be a commlttee named to ascert%I?
whether or not the peoplo want tho fes>
?tl.vaJ._If, thoy,donlt. want. it.-hefosilvaJ
wlll not be I'orced upon thom. ?
Mr, Cohen, who is a buslness man from
his btg toe to tha five strands of halr
lvv wears upon the scalp of his head. dld
pome practlcal talklng. He was in.fnvor
of the carnlval. Mr. Cohen thought it wouid
be good for Richmond. Ha stated what is
a fact generally known that the people
outslde of.Richmond are, as a rule. for
s=omo rcason unknown, not nltogether as
frlendly to thelr Capltal Clty as they
should be. Mr. Cohen believed . that It
wouid be well to do everything posstbla
to show the people of the sootlons of
th* State outside of Richmond that we
not onlv llko them, but we love tfhem.
and tha-t lf they thlnk they havo any
roason to beliove that Richmond people
do not Uke them, such imaglnatlon has
no foundation whatsoevor, Mr. Cohen
thought that If the people of tho Capltal
Clty and of tho other eltles and of the
countles could mlnglo more freely to?
gother It wouid bo for.tho best interests
of the peoplo of the entire Common
Mr. Cohen sald he wnnted to see an
era' of the host of feeling between city
and country people; ho wanted tha oppor?
tunity to bo afforded for our country
friends to como here, mlnglo with us,
sbake hands with us,. and to loarn and
to know that wo aro not only thelr nelgli
bors, but thelr friends. . Tlo thought that
lf there could be somotmng provlded to
Induce tho people of Virginla to come to
Richmond at least once a year, the best
Interests, not only of tho clty. but of
the entire Commonwealth, wouid be pro
Mr. Cohen's remarks struck the vltal
point. lt wns ovidcnt thai all present
folt as he dld, and that ls to say that
whllo Richmond wouid be helped and ben
eflted'ln a dlroct wny, tho far more im
portant thing was lho beneltts that wouid
como from the freo Intermlngling of coun?
try and clty people, wihere' thoy could
all learn and know that each and evory
ono belonged lo n. great blg, common
The tompprary ahnirmnn wajt author
Izod and diroctcd. to appolnt a commlttee
of five cltlzons to confor ivlth Mr. Ber?
ger, to s?o what-ho had to offor, to In
tervlew tho people of Richmond and to
nscertaln whothor or not they deslrn thls
Mr. Cohen doe^ not do things by'halves.
When he takes hold of a thing ho pro
cecda in abufllness-llko way. IIo dld not
?wlsh to itppolnt tho commltjeo upon tlio
spur of t.ho momont. Ho wanted tlmo to
seloct men who Were iperfoctly willlng
to do tho work asslgned them and who
wouid promise |,o to do It. Mr. CVihon
wlll name the commltteo to-day or on
Monday. Ar soon as tho commlttee hns
dmie Its work nnd Is reftdy to report,
Mr, Cohen wlll call another mf^ilng when
lt wlll be dooldod whether or nol. there
shall bo a carnlval, /
(Bv AMndatcd Prfim.)
SAVANNAh, GA., February 27.?At the
hearing ln tlio caso of the Unltod Statos
vs. ex-Captain O. M. C'arter to-day, tes?
tlmony was Introduced to show that C'ar?
ter hnd conducted the work ln Fernandlna
iiarbor with great extravnganc*. James
H. Bacon, a civll engineer, teslifled that
the Fernandlna Jettles l.ullt. ln 1S96 lost
nlnety per cent. of thelr >rolume by 1000.
The attorneys for Parter ninde frequent
opjertlon to tho lutroductloii of testl
iSnenial to The Tlnif*.Plipiteh.'i
A8HKVH.LE, N. C. February 37.-Ed
ward Foster, the youngstudent, who was
shot by hls teacher, Profossor fleuben B.
Pltts, at Innian, S. i'\, Tunsriay dled to
day at noon at Innian. There ls some
feeling agalnst Pltts among Fo-ter's Im
niedlate relatlves, lt Is said, hut otherwise
everything ls quiet. Pltts * ln Jall at
Deadlock ln the Street Com?
mittee Last' Nlght.
Speclal Meetlng Set for Next Frlday
Night to Further Conslder tlie
Matter and Try to Reach a
No rellaf waa ofteredi tlio patrons of the
street cars by tho Street Committee lnst
nlght, and tho questlon of transfers ra
malns the pendlng questlon. It wlll ao
nimaln untll next Frlday nlght, when the
Street Committee wlll ngaln meet at S
o'clock to" take another throw-out of the
There were Just twelva members of the
committee' present laat night, and thoae
twelva'were equally dlvlded as to the mer
lta'.and: demerlts oC tho report of ths
proposltlon ot llio majorlty of tho aub
commlttee, as well ns that of tflio mlnor
Ity, which endorsed Ihe proposltlon sub
mltted by tha street car people.. Two
votes were taken?llrst on the minorlty
report and. then on tho recommendation
of the majorlty of tho subcommlttee. The
voto on >the rejeotlon ot the former was:
Ayes?Bahen, Burton, Peters,. West,
Whlttot and Wllliams.
;Nbes?Allen, Huber, Mann, Mlnor, Phil?
llps, Teefey.
On tha rejaction of tha majorlty report
tha vote stoodi
Ayfcs?Allen, Huber, Mann, Mlnor, Phil?
llps and Teefey. ? ' '.'
Noes--Baihen, Burton, Petars, Weat,
Whlttet and Willlams.
The llne-up waa the same In each ln
stance, and tha complexlon ot the vote
was different.
In the preamble to the vote there was
a lot of talk along a line that had been
pietty well worn out. Tha manner ln
whlch the members voted showed the
line upon whlch they talked, and Captaln
A. B. Gulgon, of counsel for Ihe company,
mado an interestlng talk on hls slde of
the ,questlon.
One of tho polnts he brought out was
that.ot..the .proposed.r.hange..in. .tho, man?
ner of Issuing tvansferS on Main Streot
to tha Cliiy Street Une, and he made it
clear that.'the company's stand on'that
line was correct.
? The riew proposltlon is to decllne to
lstue Buclv transfers, at'Ssventh'and Maln
Streets, but to glve trans.ors to persons
on Maln Street east ot Tw'enty-flrst, who
wlsh to get on a Clay Street car.' auch
transfers to be made at Tweiity-flrst and
Maln Streets, and to requi're all persons
deslrlng a Clay Street car on Maln from
Twenty-flrat' to Sevehth Streots to board
a Clay Street car. ? N.0 tlmo is galned
between' these ' polnts.',by. boardlng any
other ear,' for, 'the transfer wlll have to
bo made at Sevanth'Street ,and tho pas?
senger %vill make 'Just as much tlmo by
waltlng on''the;corher';a.i tbe point lie
bonrds the -car for' tlie. Clay Street car.
Captaln: Gulgon. explalned that lt woUld
ba more cdnvehlent for a passenger to
got on hla.!car In.the flrst placo, ro.ther
than to get on atid then be compolled to
transfer. -Thls' xustotii ? would also mlnl
mlr.o the chanco for accldents in gettlng
on atid off cars, and would save tlme for
the other cars.
Thls argument fhad no, effect on Mr,
Wh.Uet and flve othor members of tho
committee, 'all of whom favored a unl
vorsal transfer system, transfers to bo.
glvon at polnts of dlvergence ns well as
Intarsectlon. and t.,o voto showed liow
mntters stood.
Tn tho argumqnt it.-wns. brought out thn.t
tho Clty ? Attorney ?? had glven an opinlon
to the effect that. under tlieir respectlvo
frnnohlses' the Council could not forco
the companies to adopt a transfer sys
toni that did not conform to tho fran
Chlsos, and that It would be useless work
to uttempt to maka them do somothlng
not requlred of them In- thelr contract
wlth tho clty,
Mr. Whlttot questloned thls constructlon
of the law, and sald thnt ho felt contl
dent that tho courts would uphold tho
Councll ln the enforcement of such a sys
toin as that proposed in the subeomml^
ten's majorlty report,
Nolthar Messrs. Philllps, Mann or Ml?
nor tihought so, and they so oxprossod
themselves In tholr vote, followed by
Messrs. J. M. N. 'Allen, Huber and Teefey.
AVhen It was seon that thore was a
dennloclt. Mr. Mlnor suggestod that tho
matter be lald on tho table untll next
Frldoy nlght al S o'clock, whlch sugges
tlon wns adopted.
Pledmont Copper Company
Wlll Work Thelr Own
(Speclnl to Thn Tlmek-PUpatch.)
NEW YORK, February 37.? Morris D,
Brown. prftsldnnt of the Pledmont Cop?
per Mlnlng Company, has just returned
from tflkton, Va.. where the Hlgh Top
Copper Mlnlng Company owns oycr one
thouflund aarea of copper land.
When lt was found that three very
rleh copper velns run through the prop?
erty, tha Slsndard Oil Company offered
to buy llio whole tract at a prlce that
oaused Mr. Brown to invostlgato tlw
property thoroughly. Nunieroiis assays
have boen made, and Fiv>ffissor Pwlght,
of Vossar, gav* a very fnvorable report.
On the strength of these examliiatlons
tlm dlr?otors declded that it would not
pay them to sell out, nnd refused the of
fers of tho copper truat.
A wnaltlng plant wlll be In operatlon
in about si?> montha and a branch of the
OJieaapoake and Western ls under con
struetloiv to carry tha output of the
Will Recommend This by
a Good Majority.
Hon. R. B. Davls May Draw
Majorlty Report.
A Long Sesslon Held by the Commlt?
tee?Mr. Llon Absent, but Asked ?o
Be Recorded Against Campbell
The Reports to Be Slgned
Next Wednesday?Flght
in the House.
'The Majorlty is -.,
c/lgainst Campbell.
Ttvo reports in Campbell case. i
Majorlty wlll recommend removal. j '
the other slmply censure. s
? Wlll bo slgned next 'Wednesday, and i
llno up will be 8 to 5 or 9 to 4 agalnst ,|
| accused judge. Majorlty may be led .{
> by Mr. Davie. and minorlty, by Mr, i.
Cardwoll. .Judge Campboll here, but j
decllnes to talk. .?'??'
These-are brfefly tbe .moat recent j
developments whlch came out at tho j
connnlttee meeting lut nlrht .1
' tn accordanco with the foreeast tnad*
in The Tlmes-Dispatch of yesterday, tha
Courts of Justica Commlttee, at thelr,
meeting . held last ? nlght, decld??d by n,
strong majorlty to report ln favor of tha,;
removal of Judge C. J. Campbell from tha
bench as Judge of the County Court oi
Amherst by Joint resolution., There wlll
ba two reports; the minorlty,'view". calllns
only for a censure of the acoused judge.
The flnal line-up ia . goliig to be eltflter
elght to flve or nlne to four ln favor b!
removal. by.Joint "resolution:." :
The meeting of tha com.mjt'tee was be<
hlhd closed doors, and Tt'heh the mem?
bers came out they. carrled the secreta ?
of what went on lnslde behliid'.sealed llps.
None of them wouid di.cloSe; anythlng,
but later ln t/ha erv'ening there were tha;
usual leaka. and by 9 o'clock nearly,
every ,one ln leglslatlve] clrcles had ? a
pretty good Idea. of what went on in tha :
meeting. The commtttee sat for several
hours. and whlle the best of feeling pre~
valled; yet It was with a marked de.-<
gree ot earnestness that the vlews of tha
different members were expressed,'
The commlttee will meetagaln bri Wad*
nesday next at 4 o'clock'.for the purposa
of slgntng tho reports. On that day tlu
term of .Chalrman SoutftfLll:''.iylll.,hava ex?
pired by constitutlonal llmltatlbn, so, htf'
slgnature will .likely be abVent from th*
roport favorlng Judge Campbell's acqult
tal, wihich, It Is underatood, he wouldl
otherwise sign..
Whllo nothlng oftlclal has been glveif
out-' on this line, it ls pretty well under?
stood that Hon. R. B. Davls, of Peterm
biirg. perhaps the ablest lawyer in tlu
House, wlll draw the majorlty r.port,
whlch wlll recommend that Judge Camp*
bell be removed from the bench by jolnf
resolution. Captaln W. D. Cardwell, o\
Hnnover, wlll probably peri tho mlnoritr
view, and he is emlnently fltted for thn
task. This pa.per will censure tne Am?
herst county judge and stop' uhere..
The exaet detail of tho llne-up tn tha
commlttee could not be ascertalned. Tha
only absontfjo wns Mr. Llon, of Prln.c*;.
AVlillnm, and ho ts known to. be strongly;
for removal. It was flgured out lasM
nlght by good Judges that the vote waa
about this way:
For' removnl?Messrs. Early, Gent. Da*
vls, Upo, Llon, Slpo. "VVnddy and probablyj
For consure?Mns*rs. Cardwell, Sonthall<
Duke, nnd probably Smlth and Sobrell..
It Is stated that. when tho commtttea
flrst convoncd ono of tho majorlty begart
to nrgue In favor ot hls -ylewa, ,but hq
was nskod to refraln, ln tho hope tha^
some mlddle ground could bri,reached upon
whlch a unanimous report could be baaed.
He dld bo, but thls was soon found ta
bo a groundless hope, ns lt developed
that tho body was strongly In favor ot
removal. A great flght ls expected ou
the fioor of the Houso, nud many mem?
bers not on tho commltteo are golng t<?
make speeches,
Tho action of the commltteo last plghe
oaused no general surprlse among thoao
closo to tho situatlon. as the posltlons of
tho varlous members had b?en pretty,
well discounted through tlio press.
That thero ls a great light ahead yet.
there is no shadow of doubt, aiul th?
Housa wlll lllcely dobato tho two reports
with moro or loss splrit for probably
a week. They wlll most likely be sub
mltted on Thursday next, and after
having been printed wlll be taken up
for flnal action by the House on tha
followlng Monday or Tuesday.
The report of the commlttee ln tha
Campbell caso. lf lt shall be sustalned,
wlll bo the thlrd time simllar action haa
beon taken by the Leglhlatura since tho
war. Tho first was that of Judge.Qeb.
8. Stevons. of Nelson, who wm removed
from tho bench by Joint resolution on
the rharge of unlawfut garolng ln tha
rltv of Richmond back ln tha 70*1. 8om*
tlme In the 'SO's Judge Ij. M. ShumaU,
nf Fauquler. waa removed ln Uke mar.
ner, tho charges agaln?t hlm having
been those of Improper polltlcal actlvlty,
and Incompatency.
lt Is not proposed, and ha* never b?4fn,
to impeach Judge Campbell. ln clo*lng
thelr case tha other day. Judg* ,I/OVlng
and Mr. Strode asked that ha be not
Inipeaohed. but , slmply removed from
The case has been full of Interest .\lnc*
the day of .he famous cowhldlng t\>'<
ioda ln Amhcret last aummer, andf ln
dicationa are that It wlll be followed
with great earnestnew by the publl*
untl ?,he flnal vote ls taJten in the Houm
and the Senate, for that matter. |f tha
report sliall be adopted by tha Houm
Members of tha ^e?l?latura wara dl?t

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