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hnd.'^ronJJaU of wiflcETTrcsuited 1 h'^Th""
eroused earuiTiga, """.*"'
At Hint tlmo tlio Carncijlc Compnny
>wbs using about 1.500,000 tons of ore
finnunlly. K
. Ki.-ilojr. Vrlcea of Steel null*.
".What Vos tli'd policy Fol tho .Car?
negie Company as to fixing- the prices
pt steel rails " he wns nsked.
"As a rule, stoel rails- were standard
In price. It appeared, to bo generally
known what the prices, of 'steel rails
.were. Kor a long period the Pennsyl?
vania Hallrond practically tlxbd ihe
prices of rolls: Other'rbadp deferred
rurchaslng- until:' the Pennsylvania
Hallrond placed its orders. 1 recall
Mr. Carnegie saying that the Penri
pylvWnlk Qnllroad had given him till:
order for CO.OOO tons, without mention?
ing the piicc; that sebhittd to be un
"How were the prices of other steel
products fix?, d V"'
"In thos-2 days every company was
absolutely Independent' and took what
prices it could got.' But then this
country was passing through tin era
of development, and the problem of
the steel business whs to supply tho
demand. i
War \ mum; Steel Companies.
"There were periods of. war between
certain steel companies which brought
down prices to nil and xyere very do
etriicllvc of prices generally. Compe?
tition wns carried sometimes to a
point threatening destruction. .
"Then they would pause, shake
hands and recuperate, and when they
recuperated the light would be re?
"lud the Carnegie Company owe any
ot its growth to those wars?" ' '.
"No, It absorbed none of Its com?
petitors; nnd I cannot imagine any- ?
thing prospering through the princl- i
jiie- of detraction;''
Mr Gayloy said that the book val-jj
nation in 1S?0. t7G.000.OyO. of the Car- |
nlgle Stool Company, was not us large
us i:s potential value?Its earning ca- .
parity. The "'Carnegie Stool Company
often found Itself unable to run some
branches of Its business for lack of
demand, and It became necessary to
vnriegute the output, so as to employ
t-> tho f?llest tho steel-producing ca?
Tube lliislnoss I'roposed.
Tho company1 thought of going Into j
ihe tube business an.I the wire.business. |
The tube business would hove brought
competition with the National Tube
C'ompa uy.
"Did Mr Morgan have any interest
In the National Tube Company?"
1 have since nndeietod thit he had.]
although 1 did not know of It at tlit- I
"There has been u rumor," said Mr.
?Voting, "that this move to build a tube!
works was not made In good faith, but .
was- a threat."
"I do-not believe there Is any truth;
in that; the Carnegie Company wns '
going uiic-nd with its own affairs," said
Mr Qoyjfey.,
Ho you know anything of n propor
Dillon of :tho, Carnegie Compnny tei
build a railroad io"Npw York?"
'1 never heard of It."
Mr. Oliyley said he had approved .the
Stile of the Carnegie Steei Company to
tho United Stales Steel Corporation.
Temperance. Advocate" Incensed Wbru
Asked tn Drink liver.
Atchison, Kan,., June !?.? With the
tiff of a rifle. Mrs. Tlllie Mctiowan. u
tempt-rancc advocate, broke up a picnic
at which beer wns being served near
h?re last nicht. Mrs. McGowan was
passing tlie picnic grounds when one
of tho pnrty who- knew her soofnngly
Invited her to hnve a drink. She ao
cipted a . glass, of beer, intending to
ii?" It as evidence against the merry?
fine r,f the men sold she would have
t/i drink the beer. She answered by
picking up a stone nnd striking him
over the eye with It. The man prup
pleel with her. nnd In Hr- struggle his
face wns scratched and his clothing
Mrs. McGOwan then procured a rifle
nnd chased one of the party into tho
Missouri River, flrlnur.ai him. but miss?
ing, Finally she allowed tho man to
swim ashore and apologize. His com?
panions fled.
Flmpfton anil Thtmins Arrested on Cross
YV nrraulK.
On cross warrants sworn out by one
for the other. J. 11. Thomas, of Wash?
ington. D. C.; and H D; Simpson, of
this .? 11y. were arrested last night by
3>elcClive-Sergennt Bailey and Detec?
tive ISoilon. each charged with n felony.
Thomas allege)* that .Simpson has Mo?
len iSf'T'lri from hlni, Simpson being
tho local nge-ni for an automobile man?
ufacturing concern'? In which Thomas
is interested,
On the other hand. Simpson alleges
Jn, his. warrant against Thomas hint
the ?'Vl'tfer.,'*l61e from him three auto
Ju-.'t.|H?s,- upon each of which he placed
n' face value of 11,000. [To claims thai
Thomas took the mnchitiey. oxit of the
Borage and thut he does not know
fwhere Uiey now are.
Thomas was ? nested in tho Rlch
mnnrt lloted. whore he Is n guest, nnd
f?lrnpson was placed undo rurrest hv
the Cctectlvos In the Mutual Building.
Fach, man has encaged lawyers to
represent.'him In the Police Court this
morning, Simpson having retained
CiFiahcriy Sr Fulton, and Thomas
?Jennings- Wise.
The ' following charter was 'lsiiuso'? yeetev-,
isay by the 3ute Corporatlon 'Commission': i
.-. America? Him Machine Covparstlon j
Alexandria. Vn. Hi W. Kullor, preel.luni ? '
L. J. Simons, vice-president; f.. R. sin-:
clslr. secretary?*h (.r Washington', I) c
CopjU): Maximum. JH?.t{?;- .; minimum. !
Iltyooc. Ohjecii; Manufacture film? tori
motion, picture*.?? , ;
An alhendmnril wn? issued "to the eliar- '
Ur' of. the Portsmouth ens Corn'PKii> v\- ,
lending . thn time it* charter \l-l-.hmit '
limit.". ? ? ,. I
A' supplfmcnttl certlritat.i of -incorporu
llf-n wns. Ijsueri to ihr lilni-hor'. lteslllent
Wheel Company (Ine ), 0f Alnx&tidrlu- Ya
|n< i< sinliis: (ho iiihj linum capital atock
tram 1300,00 to j{.'*.(??.
DIcofT Hearing l.afer.
The case against J. Hi.-off. charged
wit-, ste-ail in- tf.77 worth of leather
goods frvm H. K(oi!i!. was continued, in
Police Court yesterday morning to
June 21.. He. was hnilod In the sum or"
it Means
Original and Genuine
The Foort-drJnk for All Ages.
More healthful lhan Tea or Coffee.
Agrees With the weakest digestion!
Delicious, invigorating and nutritious.
fi'ch wiflk; malted yj a in, powder form.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take no snbstitnte. AskforHORLlCK'S.
Others are imitation*
Chun.K* tM b?iialfVa a-.e ha'.r.
l*ioa?Vf b U'J.imnt , ii.st:.
Hove? i'ulli tc. IteEtore Oray
Hslr to Ho 7outtsful Color,
Coru trulp u ,fX?/M It -hair fttJh/ie.
?o,md?UX> ti Pr?rtS
j Southerners Dance to Strains of
'.'Dixie" at Produce
j Now York. Juno 9.?Moru than 3,000
> persons?members of the Interstate
j Cotton Seed ? Crushers' Association,
: tlielr families ami rriends?portlel
j pated to-night in one of the most
plsturcsqtte functions downtown New
j York has witnessed In years. It wus a
! promenade concert and ball given by,
the New York Produce Exchange oil
the bourd room iloor as a titling finale
to the convention of the' cotton seed
men. which bus boon in progress this
week. For once the customary grave?
yard silence of tho financial district
at night was broken.
Thcj music of "Dixie" started the
danclrig, which continued to a lato
hour.: . .
At, the final sessloii of tho conven?
tion to-day u resolution was adopted
without a dissenting vote, urging all
Southern Congressmen and Senators to
give thoir support to ihe reciprocity
agreement with Canada. This Is what,
President Tuft asked the cotton seed
men to do in his speech last night.
Congressmen nnd Senators are to bo
told that the association favors reel- '
procity for reciprocity's sake nnd not i
for the farmers' free list bill, and I
that they want the reciprocity bill to
pass whether cotton lies mid other
articles included In the free list are
free listed or not.
The association closed with the elec?
tion of these officers: President, L. R.
Sheffield, Sherman, Tex:: Vico-Presl
dent, C. W. Ashcroft, Florence. Ala.;
Secretary and Treasurer, Robort Gib?
son, Dallas. Tex.
PbyMclnii iu Automobile Cornered and i
Severely Stilus;.
Woodbury. N. J., Juno 9.?Dr. H. H. j
Clark, of this city; came ncar being
eaten alive by locusts. Having a call j
out on the Knlrvlew Road, he took a |
short rut through Almonesson. As [
he drew near tho head of the lake in j
his automobile he hoard what he >
thought wns a locomotlvo whistle, but, j
knowing there was no railroad there,
he stopped his machine and found the
noise was made hy locusts. Driving on, :
the doctor camo Into the thickest of j
the millions of the insects, which flow 1
on him until he was covered. He says
Inside of n moment fully 1,000 hud '
alighted on him. and his machine was
covered. They bit him about the face, t
and even through Ills gloves to his j
Stopping his machine again, the doc- I
for1 attempted to shake the Incuts <>lf.
but they wouldn't shake, and for a ;
moment he was In a quandary. Finally i
lie started his machine .and ground
the Insects by the hundreds, and this
made the car skid some. He llnally I
got out of the dilemma and rushed on j
his call, but he did not return that !
way. j
Seri-nni?. Thomrli Mnn Threaten* Ucntli I
If She Trie* tUH.
Mount Holly, N. J.. June 9.?Mrs.
James Searman, threatened with In?
stant death if she cried out by a man j
Who entered the Searman bakery early i
vestorrtav, screamed at tho top of her !
voice, when the man stabbed her !
sllirhtly with a stMctto to enforce his- I
command. Then she threw olf her
assailant and ran to the news stand
of J. Vf. Sheeler. He returned with
her, but Mrs. Searman's assailant had [
The stiletto was found on the lloor ,
near the counter. Searman was out on
his delivery wagon, and there was no
on0 in the shop save Mrs. Searman. \
It Is supposed the man wns bent on j
Circular Crowns of Pasteboard I Hed hy ;
London. June 9.?Tho coronation cer-j
emonv was rehearsed tu-day In thoi
Abbey Church of St. Peter. Westmln- |
ster, many of the principal participants!
heilig coached In the roles which they ;
will have to fill June 22, the day on ?
which King George will be crowned. ?
Tho entry into the abbey, in-* pro-I
cession up to the. altar and the roll-!
glous services all wero rehearsed, the
Archbishop of Canterbury at appro- i
prlaie moments performing the actions;
of crowning and anointing with oil:
those representing King George and
Queen Mary. The crowns on tills occa- j
ston were circular pieces of paste- |
The Canadian contingent or soldiers,,
who have come ever to attend the cor- I
onation, received n stirring welcome I
on landing to-day at Liverpool. The j
Lord Mayor of Liverpool met the Ca- I
nadlans, and the nroets through which '.
they marched were thronged with oil- '
Sheridan Mu.it Spend Rest of Life (n
Abandoned Penthouse.
Pawtucket, It. I., June 9.?Harry
Sheridan, the boy leper of this city,
will be placed In an abandoned "pest
house" on the city farm.
This wus decided upon by the boarri .
of health, after unsuccessful efforts :
had been made to have him admitted ;
to Penlkese Island, tho Massachusetts ?
leper colony, i>r some other Institution.!
.The decision practically means Ilia es?
tablishment ol a leper colony in this j
The> llud f.'onwplred to Murder Their
lid nimoiid, La., June 9.?Eight lie-,
;;r>.e.s were killed at La Branch lust
night, whi n they,'attacked Foreman j
lloulwoll. of an Illinois Central bridge
force, and Conductor Green Storey, of
; n work train, according to reports
' reaching here to-day.
j The negroes, employed as section
I hands, conspired to kill Ron'.well.
' Wh Ii an attack wus made on him the;
[.foreman shot three. 61 the negroesi
dead. Conductor Storey then came up, |
and he and Boutwoll klllorl five morn!
i of the conspirators.
510,000 FOR HOG
(Owner Valued Pedigreed Porker lit
Twice Tlinl Amount.
Atlanta. Gu., Juno 9.?Ten thousand
Idolars was the value placed on a hol,':
| by jury in the Superior Court here
to-day In the once of J; l>. Debow, o;
; Nashville, Tenn.; against the Vlcks
burg, Shrevcport and Pacific , Railroad. |
T.h? hog in question was "Promler
Longfellow's Rival," a pedigreed pork
er, which was killed In a railroad a< i I
. dem. and on which Mr. Debow had set'i
? a vali'ntifii of $20,000. The animal was ?
. im. reel long, three feet high, am!
I-weighed more ilinn i,00u pounds.
' flottier Klllrd Aller Senilltlg nuughter?
lo H Ork und UclioOl.
Pnlladelptila, Pa? June {?.?After pre-'
paring lunch for her eight daughters
and seeing them safely off to work and
school. Mrs. Antoinette Poster, aged
thirty-seven years, to-day laid down
for a brief rest in her little home in'
the northern Section of this city \
few hours later she wan brutally mur?
dered. The pollen are Marching foi
her husband, a huckster. whoBe fond
" Berry's for Clothes.'
! Rush right in and-grab?you
can't make a mistake!
! Not a poor straw in ouri
store?not a left-over or a has
been, nor a wns-isser in our
stock. Every hat is IT, wheth?
er you pay o n ?b-f 1 I t y for a
practical braid or ten dollars.
j for a luxurious Panama.
: Business suits $15.
I Blue Serge, the utility gar
j merit for summer, $1? to $25. j
! Berry Oxfords?"best at the
? price"?$3.30 to $8.
: Hanan Oxfords? "tho a r i s
tocrat of them a 1 1"?$6 and
j Bathing suits, $1 to $6.
iiess for drink, it Is said, had caused
many hitler quurrels between him and
the woman.
Tiie woman's body, her head crushod,
supposedly with tho leg of a thbloj
which was found covered with blood
In another part of the house, was dis?
covered by her daughter. Mary, ugod
fourteen years, when she and her three
sisters came from school.
llnrtou Helghl-i Council Award* Con?
tract for Works.
The Town Council of Burton Heights
lust night accepted the bid of Mcil
iiennv, Schneider & Holden, Washing?
ton, D. C, for supplying tlie town with
gas. The contract Is for thirty .years,
not to exceed tlie following figures:
To private consumers, per I.OuO cubic
feet, for the first live years, 11.10; next
fifteen years, SI; remaining timo, !H>
centa: to the municipality, first live
years. $1: next ten yea is, 30 c?nta; re
-mnltiing time. 80 cents. The hid was
accompanied by a certified check for
SI.000, which will be held until the
company gives bond -in tho sum of
Slu.ono tor completing the job.
The company Is to erect Its own
plant nnd do all tlie piping within con?
tract lime, which will lie decided upon
whan' the papers are drawn up. It Is
expected that it will begin work at
once. Superintendent Knowles, of the
City Gas Works, uccompanled the hid
ders ami highly recommended them.
The Council elected W. K. Bache
town sergeant for the unexplrod term
of 1?. T. Webster, who resigned two
months ago. The term runs lo Septem?
ber 1. 1912.
Harvard Is for Poor, .inn an Much nn
for Thnse Mure Fortunate.
Minneapolis, Minn., .lune ft.?Harvard
University is not a "rich man's college''
and Uoeti not abet dissipation, accord?
ing to an address made to-day by Pres?
ident Lawrence Lowell, of Harvard,
before, the Associated Harvurd Clubs
"Harvard is not run for the fast man
la college," said President Lowell. "I
Speak with authority when I sny this,
for I know the leaders In the various
classes in the college and university.
They are not dissipated. There are
some dissipated men In tho university,
bill thai is: natural la any large Insti?
tution. Thoy arc not (he men who give
the tone to the college. Every mnn in
tlie university lias an equal chance,
aiyl this condition has been brought
about hy the- Initiative of'tho students.
It is well known that Harvard Is full
of poor Ilten; and the students have- also
dlscotintenancod anything like a breach
between the rich nnd poor."
Compel .Man lo Buy BO-Ccnt Meal With
Every Drlulc.
Boston. Mass., Juno 9.?Family and,
neighborhod condition* among the pooi i
were the special subject of considera?
tion lit to-nighi's general mot.-KJ'ng ot
the- National Conference of Charities
and Correction;
"To abolish tho evil results of the
saloon a law should be made compelling
a man to buy a 60-cent meal with every
drink." So said Or. Edward Koetzen
Ellenbogen, of Boston, at a sectional
meeting of the conference.
George B. Hugo, head of a whole?
sale beer bottling companv. said- "The
saloon as an Institution cause? 75 pet
cent, of the drunkenness. It ought to
be abol'shcd. There Is no reason fo
Its existence and no need or It in *
community. After It had been put out
of business for a while l?. would never
be missed."
. (Special to The Times-Dispatch. I !
Alexandria. Va., dune 0.?Among
those expected to speak at the fourth
of July celebration which will be held
at Falls Church on that day tinder the
auspices of the Vllluge improvement
Society arc the following: Senators
Thomas S. Martin, .lohn Sharp Wil?
liams, Representatives Carlin and
Lamb, of Virginia, nnd others.
The exerclsus will, begin at 10
o'clock that day, and many events
have been planned, including athletic
sports, civic painde, barbecue, tour?
nament and ending with tournament
bill. The Alexandria Light Infantry
has been Invited lo participate.
Hold Herrin? Girl.
Blanche Herring, the nineteen-year
old girl who Is alleged to bo a fugitive
from her parents In Madison county,
appeared In i-'ollco Court yesterday
morning, and was ordeTed hold for her
father. She will be cared for In tha
meantime by the Associated Charities.
The girl says her mother 1m Mrs. Dora
Herring, postmaster at Seville, Madi?
son county.
GIumh a( ICInje and Queen.
Representative Carter Glass
? .ein vsi-iimu vo uarier muss will,
speak at King and Quoun Courthouse
next Tuesday, which will be the first
day of the term of the Circuit Court.
This announcement was made verier-[
day by General Manager C. B.'.GurhOtt
io the Virginia Democratic. League.
At Knoxvillo: K-noxvillc, 8: Bristol, n.
At Cleveland: Cleveland, r,; Morrl?.
town, 2.
At AHhovllle: Johnson City, 13; Ashe
vlIIft, rl.'
Ooori-BTA In Bedims*
lutn llir trlc.lt. ?find for
flViut i.a iIiikh and cnlt
nnd bird lien, llurmlenn.
l.'retl 61 year*.
I0c. 2?e and Wie.
All l>nirl[liitil
n. Maurer ? Hon Co..
Defendant in $35,000 Action In>
timates It Was Another
Surgeon Years Before.
Tronton. June !>.?Dr. Kmery Marvel,
one of tho best known surgeons of
Atlantic City, is the defendant. In u
suit" begun In the Supreme Court by
Mrs. Eva Polsum, wife of.tho ltev. J.
IV. H. Folsoin, usslslant secrotury of
the Buptist Slate Convention. '
Mrs. Folsoin demands $35,000 dam?
ages on the ground thai, in poiTorin
iug an operation upon her three yoars
ago Dr. Marvel left a silver forceps
sewed up. within her abdomen.
Dr. Marvol Is Indignant and through
his attorneys guve out a statement
to-dny iii which lie declurod ho could
have settlod the suit ft>r much less
than the amount claimed now, but ho
would not listen to any compromise.
From the complaint It appears that'
Dr. Marvel operated upon Mrs. Kol
soin at Atlantic City in 10US. She
recovered from llie operation, but con?
tinued to suffer severe pains In the
region of the operation, and in 1310
Dr. J. I,. Baer. head surgeon of the
Cooper Hospital, at Cumden, operated
upon her again.
IJr. Baer, the complaint avers, on
opening the old wound found a pair of
silver forceps imbedded in the tissue,
und gave It as his opinion that the In?
strument had been carelessly left there
on the' previous operation.
Dr. Marvol. In nie statement Issued
by his attorneys, takes the position
that it Is not at all certain that tho
forceps were not left In Mrs. Folsom's
body on the occasion of an operation
to which she submitted In 1902. Ills
statement reads:
"Dr. Mnrvcl cut ;irov< that the In?
strument so found was nut of his usage
and could not bo used In an operation
of the character which nv performed.
A physician Is supposed to u.vo every
precaution. Of course, there are some
enses In which a physician must use
his own judgment as to haste. But
this was not one of those operations,
and it can be proved mal Dr. Marvel
used every core and all tue time, re?
quired for the caretul pert irnunco of
tho operation."
Dr. Marvel, who wns garnuatcd from
the University of Pennsylvania In 1S9S,
bears a high reputation far skill as a
DI.ING OF Fit ACTinKD SKI) 1,1,.
School ICxnmliier A Mucked by Appli?
cant for Teneher's I,lemur.
Fort O ay, W. Vn., June ?.?H. E.
Whitney, of Charleston, an examiner
In the State department of free
schools, is .d> ii r here of a fractured
skull, the result of Iin assault by B. D.
Watts, an applicant for 'a teacher's
license, during the examinations here '
to-day. Watts. It is said, became an- i
gered when the examiner demo-nded he j
hand In his paper.- In a certain branch I
of study. when Whitney turned to
leave the room Watts, It Is snid, at- |
lacked htm with a chair, felling him
to the floor with a fractured skull.
The assault caused h panic among the
large number of women applicants who
were taking tb(. examinations. Watts
Is under arrest, and Is being held to
awnlt the result of Whitney's Injurle-s.
Invitations innucd.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Emporin, Vn., June 9.?Mr. und Mrs.
H. Miller, of Baltimore, have Issued
Invitations of the approaching mar?
riage of their daughter, Miss Cello, to
David Omaifsky. of Emporla, which will
take place on June 27. at the homo of
the bride's parents.
First Violence Since. Garment
Workers Walked Out at
Cl.-voland (>., .Iii'.e 0.?One hundred
policemen, summoned to jtho scene of
a riot between striking garment work*
ors and sympathizers and non-union
workmen lute to-day, charged- on tho
rioter**; and In tho fight which fol?
lowed ono man was shot and at least
a half-doion seriously Injured. Scoros
Buffered battered heads and body
It was the first vlolenco of the
strike. About 600 men and women
guthi.red In front of Prints Bledurmun
& Company's brunch factory, on West
Twenty-fifth Street, as the non-union
workmen were about to leave .1 ho
building. A brick hurled 'nto (lie
crowd by an unknown person started
the riot. When the police arrived tho
strikers and non-union men were
hurling bricks, clubs and stones Win?
dows in nearby stores were smashed.
When tho police charged the inoh
Patrolman John Beokor was struck
on tho bend, and ho drew hla revolvor
and t=hol Roselli Doloungo. a striker,
In the thigh. Among the seriously
hurt were Patrolman John Sammar and
Isaac Cohen and Isador Benjamin, who
wore beaten by the pollceruon. Another
man' received a gash* In tho throat.
Doloungo was placed under urrost
after being taken to a hospital.
Fluni Exercise*. Hehl at CheMtcr Aicrl
culttirnl I Huh School.
[Special to The Tlnies-Dlsputch.]
Chester, Vs., June 0.?The closing ex?
ercises of the Agricultural High School
took place here this week. On Tucb
dny night. In the nudltorlum. tho grad?
uates read essays, and the larger boys
had a debate on the advantages' and
disadvantages of athlolics. and the
school entertained with songs. The
Judges were C. ft. Bowles, "Kenly
Clarke and Edwin Bellwood. Miss
Maria F. Gregory, one of the graduates
delivered a fine essay on "Class Proph?
ecy." On Wednesday night. Ex-Gov?
ernor A. J. Montague made n very Im?
pressive speech on education, and Dr.
C. M. Hnzen, county superintendent, de?
livered the diplomas. On both nights
the auditorium was packed, and on
Wednesday night. It was estimated
that 300 people were present, who gave
close attention to the spea'.ter.
Tho graduates were: Masters Row
lett Bruce. Fisher Bruce, Graham and
Burton Ellis, und Misses Maria Greg?
ory .Frances Cole and Mabel Hull. The
Bermuda School Board met here Thurs?
day afternoon, and elected the "same
corps of teachers for the ensuing ses?
sion. The appointment for other
schools of the district was postponed
for a later date.
Honor for Rrntia,
Atlanta, Ge.. Juno 0.?General Clem?
ent A. Evans, ox-commander-ln-chlof
of the United Confederate Veterans,
and a member of the Stato Prison Com?
mission, who has been offered t!To posi?
tion of Adjutant-General of Georgia
by Governor-Elect Moke Smith, to-day
announced his acceptance. He will
succeed Adjutant-General A. J. Scott,
who has been at the head of the ?tute
militia for several years.
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau,
The Time.?- Olapaich,
1020 Hull Street,
'."none Madison ITS.
After remaining out bare flfieeii mln
uiee the Jury of tho Huitings Court, Part '-'.
which for I h(> la m l!;ree days hau "been
considering the ?vldenco In the $.i.l<k> dam
it ko Bull of Isaac Tlnsley nenlnst the
Jluughmau Bt'itlonory Cimpany. returned a
verdict In favor of thii dofondant yester?
day afternoon. The flgl.t wns a mom bit
tor one nnd long drawn oat. hut the verdict
of the Jury came as a surprise to many
spectators of the trial.
Tlnsloy, who la a painter by trade and
Uvea ai JC; West Seventh Street. waa
crippled for life a short while ago while
working on a Job In tho Hatighmaii Com?
pany's plant. He was Injured ?hun an em
ploye of the company ?tariert an elevator
over which Tinsloy wns working.
The naiifrhimin Stationery Company was
represented by Legh R. Pbro, while D. f.,.
and W. (.'. Pulllam appeared for the plain?
Thin case practically cleans up the docket
for this term, and It la probable that the
court will adjourn the first of next week.
Unat Matter Settled. .
Thai the opinion of Major Miles Martin,
chairman of the City Democratic Commit?
tee, In regard n, tha status of Washington
Ward In tin- legislative election la not con?
sidered final was made evident laat night
ut the meeting of the Washington Ward
Democratic Club, held In the court-room of
the Hustings Court, Part 2. This subject
furnished material for long and serious ar?
gument, In which nearly every member of
the club Joined.
The dlscurslon terminated In the appoint?
ment of a committee of three?Borgoant J.
f!. Himmlers. Dr. A, T. Rucker, chairman,
and.R. P. Shlflott?who wore empowered to
visit in person and solicit opinions from
the various Petnocintlc authorities In tho
city. State ami county. They were author?
ized to do everything to hnve the matter
sei tied ^definitely nnd is soon as possible,
us the campaign Is nhout on. As soon hm
the eomrhlttne completes the Investigation
u cnlled mooting will be held to hear the
While them wero many expressions of
hope thai Washington Ward would he al?
lowed to vote as In the past, It was recog?
nized by all Unit the chances uro that the
new wind will have to cast Its ballots with
the city of Itkhmond. In this contingency
II was delcnnlnoil. thai the club should
name a candidate and do everything pos?
sible to, secure his olccllon as one of the
five representatives from Richmond.
The discussion of the finances of the club
and the way In which tho treasury was to
ho supplied occupied a few minutes, and
was Anally postponed until tho next moet
Ing. In i(.sard to a hall for tha club's
meetings the executive commltteo was In?
structed to secure one for tho next meet?
ing. Several new members were proposed,
und their names referred to the executive
committee for consideration.
In Police Court.
T. B. Crouln, while, aged twenty-nine,
nnd John tilhson, colored, aged fourteen,
were arrested by Patrolman liaughun yes?
terday afternoon on tha grounds of tho
John R. Smith ahows, charged with fight?
ing. The white man Injured the negro boy
before the mflccr' could part them. Both
will appear before Justice Maurice In tho
Police Coin i, Part 2, this morning.
James fJ. Stagg, charged with .operating
t> wagon on the streets of South Richmond
without the proper license, was fined i".
yesterday morning bj; Justice Mauiico In
the Police Court, Part 2. ;
J. C. Phaiip, char.Tcd with allowing his
n-.iilos In run nt large, was fined $2.1.0.
Dropped Into Three.
A spectarular balloon ascension yesterday
afternoon from the grounds of tho Smith
show, ni Fifteenth' ohd Hull fltreets, by
Prof. Churchill, who claims do bo the only
one-armed neronaut In the world, furnished,
a hit of evcltemont for the crowds that as?
sembled to sen hhn perform. After scrap?
ing clouds for n while tho professor cut
loose ihe parachuti nnd descended grace?
fully Into the top of ntree n square nr
more from the point of hla nsranslon. The
balloon followed shortly, and was rccovored
without Injury.
Work About Complete.
So I'Apldly has the work of Installing tho
new fir* alarm telegraph boxe? la Washing
I ton Ward been pressed that thu whole ward
Is practically protected now. Only three ?f
four boxes sre left to he fitted, and these j
will be aat In place to-day. All those that '
are Initalled are In perfect worktnc con- |
dltlnn, and were ready to take an alarm
from the minute they were nailed to the '
While lhc.se boxes set off the alarm In the
engine houses all over tha city, the Wash?
ington Ward englne-hc use bell will not ho
runir hy them unil! the Southslde fire com?
pany moves Into Its new quarters at the
corner of Tenth und . Bainhtldgo Streets.
Tha old bell has been taken down from the
prosent house and placed at the toy of n
sixty-live foot steel tower. Eventually It
win be runs by electricity from the City
Hall, but for the present It must he pulled
by rope.
In OuJt Grove Court,
in Oak CJrove Court yesterday A. J. '
Chewnlng for spending Sunday afternoon j
was fined $10 nnd costs. W. .1. Coulter,
speeding, J6 and costs. The K?ster Motor j
Company, charged with the same offense,
hnd Its case continued. The mahnger of
the company appeared In person and awore
I th.it none of hla cars had been out of the!
I garage Sunday, and Ihe magistrate eontln
Ined the enso In order that the county offi?
ce? might have time to look Into th? case
further. The Cable Piano Company, owners
of a oar alleged to have been speeding
t Sunday, . was dismissed. The defendant
claimed that the driver did not know the
law requiring a. ? reduced rate of speed
I while taking a curve, and his plea was ac?
cepted. .
Thomas Perry, oolorod, charged with as?
saulting and .threatening Mary Banks, col?
ored, wu2 fined $10 and costs.
The case of Richard ratterson, colored,
charged with stabbing Flaymnnd Ellis, n
'white youth, was continued. Ellis, who Is
I suffered a bad gash In his side, was too III
i to appear ngnlnst his assailant,
i Rcvernl minor misdemeanor cases ware
j beard, and on nnsunlly long civil docket.
I-'unern! of Mla? Washington.
I The funeral of Miss Fannie Washington.
? sister of W. H. Washington, of the firm of
? Washington A: Early, who died Wednesday
! morning at the family homo In Caroline
! county, was conducted from that place yes
'? terdfly afternoon. W. H. Washington and
! hla brothers, Eugene und Boyd, were pres?
ent at the funeral exercises.
To Attend Convention,
J. C. Blaket representative from New
South Council, Junior Order of United
Amorlcon Mechanics, and W. M. Hall, rep
Order of United Amorlcan Mechanics, will
lenve Sunday for Reading, Pa., to nttend
the convention of the Funeral Benefit As?
sociation to be held at that place. After
tho adjournment of this convention Mr.
. Hlnkc will continue on to New York to nU
I tend the convention of the furniture men.
Onve Good Program.
I A long and woll-rendored program woa
I offered lnat night by South Richmond peo
I pie at thn musicals given In tho Cowardln
I Avenue Christian Church under tho a'u
i spices of the Society for the Benefit of tho
I Church. Solos, duets, pantomimes, qunt
j lets, piano selections and readings formed
I a most Interesting program. A large audl
i cn.ee wna present, and proved most liberal
j wl'th Us applause. A feature of tho musl
I calo waa the playing of tho Oak Orovo
I Mandolin Club.
V_ _ . .._
! Summer Excursion Fares On
Norfolk and Western Railway!
Round trtp tlc.kots at greatly reduced
rates will bo on sale dally from Juno
1st to aoptomber 30th.'with final limit
I October 31. 1911. A Pullman parlor
cor (broiler service) leaves Byrd Street
Station on 10:00 A. M." train every day,
'.running through without change to
i Montvale. Blue nidge, Itonnoko, Salem,
? ICUlston, Shawsvllie. Chrigtlunsburg,
Ptilaskl WythoviUo. Marlon. Chilltowle,
Qlado Spring. Ablngdon, Bristol, and
other summer resorts Intermediate.
Call at Norfolk nnd Western Rnnscn
gor Ofllce, corner Ninth and Main
Streets, or send name and address, for
now summer resort folder.
i Dlstiiot Passenger Agejit
Vessels Chartered for Naval
Review Also Unable to Leave
Southampton, England, Juno 9.?A
Htrlke of coal porters broke out hero
to-?ay. Tho American Line stoamor
St. Paul, scheduled to aull for New
York to-morrow, will bo delayod, and
the mammoth Whlto Star Liner Olym?
pic is having dlltlculty In obtaining a
A whole floot of ships chartered by
tho government und others for tho
navul rovlow are lying off tho port
unuble to tako on oonl.
Threuta by Firemen.
When the .coal portors decided to go
on strlko to-day the. St. Paul did not
have a bunker of coal on board. Tho
llremcu threaton to dcBcrt If strike?
breakers aro employed. Tho Amorlcan
Line ofTlulnla are hopeful of being ablo
to get tho vessel started on her voyago
to New York by way of Cherbourg
When the officials of tho steamer
'Olympic, which Is duo to Ball for New
York by way of Cherbourg nnd'Queens
town June 14, tried to engage'a crow
this morning tho men demunded that
their wages bo Increased to J30 a
month. The.Whlto Star olflelals refused
this demand, and the men marched
ashore. 1
[Special to Tho Timos-Dlspatch.]
Ashland, Va., June 9.?Rev. and Mrs.
John Colcmitu, of Suffolk, who huvo
I been guests of Mrs. John Howard.
I huve returned home. Mr. Coloman was
former pastor-of St. James Episcopal
Church here, and he and Mrs. Coloman
wure delightfully entertained while
1 here.
Miss Hue Mitchell, of Essex county,
Is visiting Mrs. Joslo Wright.
Professor Fred Mussick. of Louisiana,
Is visiting friends here and will tltay
over for tho Kandolph-Maeun finals.
Miss Marlon Flnhor will spend the
summer at (Julpeper, Va., with rela?
Miss Annie Luncaster, who taught
the pnst session at Smttlineld, has re?
turned home.
Misses 1'tubinetto and Grace Lee. ot
Irvlngtiin. are guests of the Misses
Miss Km Jones, of Petersburg, is
vluitlng Miss Caroline Mldyelte.
Mrs. Amanda Cross bus returned
from a delightful visit/, to Mrs. J. N.
Luthnm. In Itlchmond.
D. It. Mldyette, Jr.. und W. B. Mld
yettu tendered u reception to their
Knppa Alpha brothers of the /.eta
Chapter of Itundolph-Macon and their
viBltlng friends at their home, ?The
Magnolias." Tho house was prolltly
decorated with crimson roses and mag?
nolias. Messrs. Mldyette were assisted
In receiving by Mr. and Mrs. D. R. j
Mldyette; MIhacs Caroline and Sea
brooke Mldyette, and Miss Ann? Hunter
presided ut me. punch bowl. The out
of-town guests Invited were P. W.
Buhrman. of Martinsburg, W. Va.; Cy?
rus Beale, of Harvard; .1. Itlon McK'os
sick, of Rkhmond, and 1). S. Townseuu,
of Columbia University, Those present:
were; Dr. and Mtb. It. K. Blackwoll,
Mr and Mr<<. E. Stevens, of Richmond.
Mr. and Mrs. Jume.s 11. Hootnugle, Mi.
und Mrs, James Howison, Mr. and Mrs
Sam Carter. Mrs. A. C. Wlgluman. Mrs.
Ii U. Vuughon; Miss Eplu Blackwell,
with O. R. Mldyette. Jr.; MisH Grw+'don
Hoofnaglo, with B. H. Bradford; Miss
Clnrk Hoofnagle, with Sherwm How?
ard; Miss Oabell Jones, with William
OaBt; .Miss Anne Marye, with Hubert
Astrop; Miss Elise Cardovlll?, with Guy
ralrbunks; Miss Huth Blakey, with
Em?ry Barron; Miss Helen Llpacomb.
of Norfolk, with Paul IVeai Miss Grace
Loe, of Iivlngton, with W. B .Mld?
yette; MIsb Hubenettt. Lee, of Irving
ton. with Fred Kellam; Miss Murle Mc
Oullc-n, of ejreensboro, N. c. with John
Wlghlmun; Miss Donzele Hunt, v.'ltit
Lewis Blanton; Miss Annie Macun
Potts, with T. L. Choaton; Miss Anne
Hunter, with J. B. McKlsnlCk; Miss
Virginia Potts, with Philip Cogblll;
Miss Ethel Lawless, with Edwin .Mar?
tin; Miss Martha Hughes, with Ne.vell
Hope; Miss Imogens itlddlck, with Hob
en Hunter; Miss Alice Howison, witn
Boxley Vaughan; Miss Stuart Blnnton.
with William Lancaster, of Philadel?
phia: MIhb Grace Vest, with Louis
Sinilhey, and Miss Emily Jones Archer,
with Mr. Pettyjohn, of Lynohburg.
Simmons Imslals on Farmer?' Free List
IleluK Added to Ilcclprocil y Pact.
Ashevllle, N. C, June. 9.?In an In?
terview given to tlie Washington cor?
respondent of The Citizen, Senator
Simmons, of North Carolina, to-dny
declared that he wolild vote for the
Canadian reciprocity pact if the farm?
ers' free Hal were added thereto. He
denied the printed slutcment In a New
York paper which polled the Senate
on tho reciprocity question that he'
would vote for the treaty as It passed
the House. He said:
"The New York 'papor Is misin?
formed. What I said, and what I still
Kay, Is that I would vote for the reci?
procity agreement if the farmers' free
list Is added to it as an amendment.
"There is a Bystomatlo effort to cre?
ate the Impression that the only square
and genuine opposition to reciprocity
cornes from the manufacturers of lum?
ber and of paper. That HiIb I? a pre?
tense Is oonclueively shown by "the
fact that the Democrats of the House,
admitting that the treaty would bo
hurtful to tho farmers, passed a farm?
ers' free Hat to compensate him for
this Injury. If that" wrong Is meas?
urably remedied by putting the things
he buys, ns well as the things he Sills,
on the free list 1 will vote for the
treaty. Otherwise I ennnot."
Fntnl Collision.
Albuquerque. N. M. June 9.?Engi-|
neor A. W. Green was killed nnd twenty j
others injured to-day when the west?
bound California Limited, on the Atch-I
Ison, Topekn and Santa Fc Railroad,)
collided nt high speed with h light lo?
comotive near Domingo, N. M. All the
Injured will recover, it is nnld.
George W. Mills.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Fredericksburg, Va., Juno 9.?George I
W. Mills. a """well-known citizen, died '
at his honi6 here last night after u !
lingering Illness,- aged sixty-nine years.)
Ho Is Hurvlved by his widow, three I
? sons, two daughters, a number of
grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
FIDLER?Died, Friday, June 9, 1911, all
1 A M., at tho residence of her son
in-law, W. J- Pldler, or 707 North
Twenty-first Street, MARY M. FID?
LER, In the seventy-fifth year of hei
Farewell, dear mother; sweet thy
Weary with years and worn with
Farewell, till In some happy place
Wo shall hehold thy face again.
'Tis ours to mlsH Ihcc, all our yours,
And tender, memories of thee keep;
Shlno In the Lord to rest, for -so.
Ho glveth His beloved sleep.
The funeral will take place from
Venable Street Baptist Church SAT
o'clock. Interment In Oakwood.
DABNEY?Died, at 7 o'clock A. M., Juno
King "William county, Va., brother of
Mrs. R. G. Stuart and Mrs. Fannie O.
Longnn, of this city.
WALSH?Died, at 10:tr? P. M.. Juno 9,
nt Memorial Hospital, MRS. F. J.
\VALSIT, wife of Frank J. Wnlsh.
Burial at Beckloy, W. Va. .
great tenor isithe
biggest drawing card in
the operatic world. And
no wonder?such a mag?
nificent tenor voice was
never heard on this planet.
You couldn't enjoy it more
if you heard him in person,
than you do by hearing his
voice on the Victor.
Diily concerts at our
fair?. Come in any lime.
No obligation to buys
but if you do we'll ar?
te terms to suit.
whether you want a Vic?
tor (no to S100) or a Vie
tor-Victrola ($50 to J2S0).
Cable Piano Co.
213 E. Broad. Phone Mon .8
Ainmul Commencement Exercises nt)
.??. .Mu?!f*b Academy.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.1
Alexandria, Vs., Juno 9.?The. an?
nual 'commencement exercises of St.
Mary's Academy wero held this after?
noon .at the Ope: a Houso before a
largn. audience. The diplomas and
medals of n>"nduatlon were awarded
by Rev. K. J. Culler. A musical and
literary program. . In which the 200
scholars of that institution partici?
pated, waa a feature of the exercises.
Diplomas and medals of graduation
were awarded the following: Misses
Kathertne Carroll Waller, Ellen Flor?
ence Murphy; Mary Kathryn Teresa
Brill, academic course; Lola Fltzhugh
Ashton, Katherlne Carroll Waller, mu?
ni <? course: Katharine Joanna Wescli
ler, Theodora G. Fisher. Ada Pauline
MtddlcloJ, Alice Theresa Kamill and
Corrle Mario Tyler, commercial course.
Advice to the Aged.
Age brings Infirmities, such as slug?
gish bowel:, weak kidneys and blad?
der and TORPID LlVIi?.
have n specific effect on these orjinns,
stimulating the bowel?,cnusln;; them
to perform their natural functions as
in youth and
to the kidneys, bladder nnd LIVP.R.
They are adapted to old and young.
Remarkable Christmas
Among the ourlous Christmas pres
?nta of fnts yoar will be one for a man
of national reputation, whloh has been
all year In the making.
Way last January the present wan
decided upon, and a friend of the prom?
inent gentleman requested the Burrello
Press Clipping Buroau, of New York,
to watch every paper In America and
lo take up every Item whloh appeared
concerning the man.
The clipping buroau people followed
Instructions, and now present the his?
tory of one year In the life of this
especial man.
The history ends Just after election,
and the 20,842 newspaper items found
Include everything from a three-line
editorial mention to full-page illus?
trated stories. These have been mount?
ed on 8,200 groat^aheeti of Irish linen
paper end bound Into three massive
At the head of eaoh Item is the name
and date of paper ollpped from, this
Information having been put tn with a'
book" typewriter. The words thus In
sorted amount to 168,852.
In actual time, a very strict record
of which has been kep't, the work has
required sixty-four working days
throughout the year, and has kopt In
employment during that time thirty
people, as readers, clippers, sorters,'
mountera and binders. Every newspa
; per of importance is represented.
This is merely a specimen of some of
the unique orders which get into the
Rurrelle Bureau, for the extent lo
whloh clippings are tiBod by individuals
and by business oencerns ieoms to be
There are many people In private as
.well as lu public life who need proas
j clippings and don't know it. It might
be well for them to look up this man
Burrello, who Is said to bo so well'
Scnown that a letter simply addressod
"Burrelle, New York," will reaoh hlra!
with no delay.
fEALTH for you
On Solid Foundation
Results Guaranteed
Ask Your
Advertising Advice
If you hnvo something worth advertising,
consult us about marketing It snccessrul'iy.
Our advice costs you nothing. Write, cnll ot
'phone Madison 2413.
Mutual Building,
Richmond. .. .. .. Virginia,
'Phone Madison 2R8.
W. Fred. Richardson,
Mnln and nclvldere Streets.
Phones, Madison 848, day: Mcaroi
842. right

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