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Supreme Court Grants Appeal in
Case Involving Treasurers'
Point Gained by Those Op?
posing Rcsubmission of Con?
stitutional Amendments.
Action will bo taken at the Sep?
tember term of, the Supremo Court
of Appe.il? on the constttut'onallty
of the act of the Legislature sublim?
ing to the people for the second lime
the amendments to th<- Constitution
permitting county treasurers and
commissioners of the revenue to sui
cectl themselves Indefinitely. An ap?
peal waB granted yesterday by the
court, find the record will he printed
pit oti'.'.1. On *tho Oral tmy of the
Beptembci term in Staunton a motion
will be made for removal of the case
from Richmond, and It Is expected
that it will be granted; that the ap?
peal will be argued, and that a de?
cision will be reached before adjourn?
ment. This will admit > f final oe
termination In time to moke arrange?
ment* for the electon In November.
oj to prevent such election.
The appeal Is taken from the Law
and Equity Court of Richmond, whlcn
declined .to lesue un injunction on
the petition of James a. Scott, to
prevent the Secielajy of tho Com?
monwealth from issuing the notices
of election to tho counties and titles.
Amendment* Submitted.
fn 1!)06 the Legislature passed a !
Joint resolution approving sundry J
amendments to the Constitution. It
was necessary that another General
Assembly pass on them, which was
done in 1610, when they wore sub?
mitted to the people. The one doing
away with the provision of the Con- i
stltuilon, which forbid* county treas- ]
urers serving more than two consecu?
tive terms, and forbids commissioners
of the revenue succeeding themselves
at all If ?lected by the people, was
The result was that a great many
county treasurers and commissioners,
whose terms expire with the end of
next year, would be required to re?
tire. To start an amendment a'l over
again would take two alllrmativc ac?
tions by Legislatures, and would not i
come in lime to save the treasur?
ers. So the Idea was conceived of |
resubm.'tlng the amendment this
year on the ground that t e two sec?
tions?one referring to treasurer:- and i
jhe other to commissioner*!?should1
have been submltlea separately. To j
get arnunrt the constitutional pro- ;
??islon. the Joint resolution of 1308 :
Is taken aa the first approval by the j
General Ass<-mbl>, and that of 1912
as the second.
The bill providing for resubmlesion,
this year was fought In the State]
S?. nale, but was passed. The tloven.urj
took no action on It, holding that It
was not a matter he was required el-!
Iber to sign or veto.
I'ouBht Out In < ourta.
After adjournment of the Leglsla-:
lure, action was brought by James A. j
bcott, of Lynchburg, praying for anl
injunction against B. O James, Secre-j
tnry of the Commonwealth, to forbid!
the sending out Of otllclal notices of
the submission of the amendments In
the election of November 5. of this
year, Kied Harper, of Lynchburg, rep-i
teso-nted Mr. Scott, while Attorney-I
General Samuel \V. Williams appeared]
for the Commonwealth. The treasur-|
ers, who fought the injunction, were
represented by Judlje Martin Wil?
liams, of Gilts. Randolph Harrison,'
of Lynchburg, and Rob?rt K. Scott and,
David Ii Leake. of this city.
In his decision. Judkje Beverley T.|
Crump held that to grant the relief:
prayed for would be Interference on
the part of the Judiciary department
tf the government with the process or'
legislation. 'He furthei ruled that
the effect of the injunction would bei
to enjoin the holding of an election.
In the petition for an appeal, it is
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2i:t Kunt Brand Street;
;argued that 10 rcsubnilt tb>- amend
I ntents, except de ?ovo, wua an act out
I side <>f legislative discretion. The
Secretary of the Commonwealth, it i?
said. 1b about to proceed under o sun
mission act which la unconstitutional
'n itself, and that therefore trie courts
have a light to interfere The General
Assembly of Virginia, It Is set forth,
has no more rignl to disregard the
section of the Constitution specifying
I how amendments arc to t?e submitted
I U.an to disregard any other section.
Continues to Gain In Strength?Work
on Tl nns-Stnte Illghvtur.
? Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Bristol, Va? June ZU.?Henry C.
Stuart, now prominent .is .1 candidate
(or the Democratic nomination for the
governorship of Virginia, is spending
u. week with his brother. John J
Stuart, and other relatives at Ablng
drn. Mr. Stuart is steidll) gaining In
strength, und now feels that he will
Vie amply strong to undertake the
I SCtiVltles incident to trie next cam?
paign for the governo. ?h'p.
A force of State convict* will begin
work about July 15 on Washington
County's section of tne proposed
turns-State highxva), whK'.i is to ex?
tend from Bristol to Washington.
President W. h. Ashton. of tn<- High?
way Association, states that surveys
have been made through all counties
b'.twcen Bristol and Roanoke, and that
It Is now up to each county to make
arrangements for construction work.
Bishop Richard .1. Cooke. of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, one of
the eight new bishops ..hosen by the
general conference In Its recent ses?
sion at Minneapolis, will be the guest
I of the First Methodist Church congre?
gation here next Sunday. Bishop Cooke
I U visiting the principal churches In
I this roglon bcfc?e leaving for his
; new place of residence, at Portland,
! Oregon. Prior to his promotion to the
: bishopropric, he held the position of
j book editor of the church, and In this
capacity became the author of a num?
ber of church books of recognized au?
Ttto Moonshine Stills Seized.
j [Special to The Times-Dlspaten. 1
Freellng, Vs., June 'JO Lieputy
Cnited States Marshal AbCTngton. of
Wise county, made a raid on George's
Fork In this eoimvy on Tu?sday night,
seizing two moonshine stills and cap?
turing Roy Mulllns. a youth, the son
of John B Mulllns. a well-to-do far?
mer of that place. It is said that
Illicit stills have been operated In
I that vicinity for several months. The
boy was taken before the United State?
[ (ommlsslonor of Wise county for a
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Interesting F-xerciscs in Bland-!
ford Church Set for Next
', . I
Lhcsterfied Citizen Arrested in
Petersburg?Other News
Times-Dispatch Bureau,
i Uollsugbrook Street.
(Telephone Hoi".
Petersburg, Va.. June 10. (
The Fiord la window elected in mem-1
or> ot the Confederate soldiers rrom
that State killed at Celeisburg. will
b* unveiled hi t>iaiiJt.<id Church on
Mohda> * I ternoou next. The exer?
cises will bti under tin- auspice* ot the
Ladles' Memorial Association and Cori
i..delate organisations ol the city, the
veterans, the Sons und the Daugnters
cf the Confederacy will be present.
A delegation from Florida will al?
ii i.d Ui tuke pa: t in the exercises,
lion. Emmett Wilson, member of Con
giess from that State, is expected to
Oil Ivel' the in-atlon ano present the
window, which will be unveiled by
itttie Miss juila Maxwell; >?? descen?
dant of tne Itev. John Cameron, the
lirit rectoi ot Obi Blundtord i;hurch.
the Itev. E. P. Dandrldge will also
Serious tburgr,
J. w. Rittenberry, a citizen ot
Chesterfield county and a married
man, was arrested to-day by Chief
H;.gland and Detective Uee'.an. on a
warrant charging him with having '
attempted assault on Msa Maria WU?
SCH, a twelve-year-old white girl, at)
the home of the latter on Grove Ave?
nue in this city. The offense is alleg?
ed to have been committed on Monday.
The case will be heard before the Po?
lice Justice lo-morruw.
Scarcblnic for Her People,
Miss B. White, of New York, has:
written to this city seeking informa?
tion about her parents and people,
who formerly resided in Petersburg.
Her father, J. B. Wright, carne from
Georgia, and her moher. who was
, Miss Annie Gallagher, was from Phil?
adelphia Her mother died here on
; May .'le. l^:.6. after which the writer
' and her sisters were placed In the
! care of the sisters in P.lchmond. She
j has lost trace of her father and his
! people, and has heard nothing of him,
1 except Indirectly about four years ago.
Levy for Nett Jnl!.
Judge Southall, ot the Circuit i.'ourt
Of Dlnt.lddle. on Monday, ordered the
' Board of Supervisors tc. make a spe?
cial levy on the taxable property In
the county for the purpose nf build?
ing a new and modern county Jail. The
umount to be raised by the levy is
${?,000 or more. If necessary. The
I ptesent Jail is old and insecure. The
judge had the supervisors summoned
to court to show cause why a new
;all should net be built.
Assaulted With a Brick.
Kate Hill, colored, was arrested to?
day for assaulting Mrpy Davis, cliored,
with a brick. The Davit .woman was
struck In the back anO severely In?
.Married In North Carolina.
Hunter McOulre Kelley, of Butter
worth. Dlnwlddie county, and Miss Hat
tie Bo.'.annon. of this city, were mar?
ried In Halifax. N. C, yesterday.
General Vcvts Notes.
The funeral of the late I.. W. Belcher,
a Confederate veteran, took place from
the residence on Grove Avenue thlr
evening at 6 o'clock. A. P. Hill Camp
attending to pay respect to his mem?
Lee Day. colored, /as adjudged in- .
sane by a com miss! o $ to-day and com- '
mltted to the Cenl/al State Hospital
He had attempted to set tire to bis
clothing before he was arrested.
It is reported that E. G. Temple, the
owner, has sold his country home,
known as "Dunedin," In Dinwtddle'
county, a short distance from the city,
and that It has been purchased for a
corporation now being formeL The
price i? said to have been in the neigh?
borhood of $S.00'j. J
Many of the unpaved streets of
Petersburg are being oiled and made,
goo.i and dustless roadways.
liuatlnajit Court Cases.
The Hustings Court began its June
term to-day with a light Tlmlnal
docket. The case of Charles Wilkes. i
charged with dealing In cocaine, which I
Forecasti For Virginia?Generally'
fair frlday anu Saturday) um muco
eaange in tempera cure.
tor North Carolina?(Jrnerully fair
Friday anu .-iiiurtiny; not uiucb curuk<
In teiu pern Hire.
Special Local Data for Yesterday.
12 noon tempersTture . 7.s
3 l". M, temperature . 7a
Maximum temperature up to t>
P. M. 80
Minimum temperature up to s
P. M. 62
Mean temperature . 71 1
Normal temperature . 70;
Deficiency in temperature . j i
Deficiency In temperature since
March 1 . SI
Accum, deficiency In umpcraturo
since January 1 .? 512'
Excess in ralniall since March 1. 3.75 i
Accum, excess in rainfall since
January 1 . 3. (52 ?
Local observation s I*. M. Yesterday.
Temperature . 71!
Humidity . 5S |
Wind, direction .?..South j
w Ind, velocity . ?? \
Weather .P. C
(At S I'. M Kastern Stauda id Time.)
Place. Ther. H. T. U T. Weather.
Ashevills .... 6? 70 60 P. cloudy
Atlanta . 72 76 >i2 P. cloudy
Atlantic City. 80 64 Clear
Boston . 70 So 68 <-lear
Buffalo . 60 62 60 Cloudy
Calgary . 82 84 66 Clear
Charleston . . R2 SS 73 Clear
Chicago . 60 78 60 Cloudy
Denver . 78 80 50 Clear
Duluth . 62 64 02 Clear
Galveston ... 76 78 68 Cloudy
Hatteras .... 70 76 70 P. cloudy I
Havre . 80 84 60 Cloar
Jacksonville.. 78 90 78 Cloudy
Kansas City.. 76 80 68 Clear
Louisville ... 74 78 62 Clear
Montgomery.. 76 80 66 Cloudy
New Orleans. 76 ' 76 70 Cloudy
New York ... 74 78 64 Clear
Norfolk . 73 78 68 P. cloudy|
Oklahoma ... 78 82 64 Clear
Pittsburgh .. 78 72 ?0, Clear
St. Louis .... 76 78 60 Clear
St. Paul . 70 74 * 68 Clear
San Francisco ffi ?2 62 Clear
Savannah ... 82 88 76 P. cloudy |
Spokane . 83 94 62 Cloudy
Tampa . 76 90 76 Cloudy
Washington.. 74 78 66 Clear
Winnipeg ... 73 78 64 Clear
WythevUla .. 62 70 62 P. cloudy |
June 21, 1912.
Fnrj rises.... 4:50 Morning.... ?:44|
w sats..juLt 1 Syso4sji....X0^M
15 MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. Never doubt it. Even though
falsehood may appear to flourish ior a season, TRUTH will triumph in the
Absolute and unalterable is the TRUTH that every advantage in
street railway service enjoyed by the People of Richmond to-day has been
and is secured to them NOT P>Y COM PETITION, but by ordinance of the
City Council.
Absolute and unalterable is the TRUTH that six-for-a-quarter street
car tickets, school children's tickets, working men's tickets, new and clean
car*, and other excellent features of Richmond's ideal street railway service
not onlv have NOT been provided bv competition, but CANNOT RE
AVOIDED OR EVADED BY COMPETITION, because all these things
arc provided AND REQUIRED by enactments of the City Council?the
same City Council that has full and complete powers of REGULATION
AND CONTROL over the electric light an 1 power business in Richmond
(as well as the street railway business), no matter who conducts that busi?
Absolute and unalterable is the TRUTH that competition in light and
power WILL NOT and CANNOT give better or lower-priced service.
Absolute and unalterable is the TRUTH that competition in the pro?
viding of electric light and power ALWAYS AND INEVITABLY LEADS
Absolute and unalterable is the TRUTH that competition in electric
service, instead of benchtting the public, is a delusion and a snare, and as a
means of regulation is a futile failure and an exploded fallacy.
Absolute and unalterable is the TRUTH that competition in electric
light and power always and inevitably leads to a consolidation of the com?
peting companies, and that THE PUBLIC HAS TO PAY THE WHOLE
Read to-morrow's Service Talk, BUT FIRST, TO-DAY. make an ef?
fort to see your friends in the City Council and find out whether THEY
KNOW ANT) UNDERSTAND the provisions of a franchise attempted to
Virginia Railway and Power Company
Service Talk No. 28
June 21, 1912
has been on the docket for some time,
>-as nul prossed.
William Lawson. colored, was con-"
vlcted of forgery, and the Jury fixed I
h:s punishment at one year In tne pen?
itentiary. A second charge of like'
Character was nol prossed.
.lames Avant, colored, pleaded guilty"
to petit larceny in stealing h still and
copper worm from the Stafford Dis?
tillery building, in Dlnwlddle county.
and ?as sein to Jail for six months.
Three parties were Indicted by thc
srand jury for nonsupport of their
TreporlnK for Plant.
The Dupont Powder Company, which
recently purchased about 1.600 a-res of
land on .lames River, near City Point,
on which to establish a plant for the
manufacture of dynamite and other ex
i loslves, has engineers and laborers at
work arranging for the buildings mid
I he homos for the employes to be erect?
ed. The company will lose no time in
completing the plant and getting to
work. The employes. It Is said, Will
all live on the tract.
Springfield. Mass, June 20.? During
the absence of her husband yesterday
Mrs. Clara R. Cross took three of her
six children into a darkened room and
I Original
Tanner Paint & 03 Co.
1417 and 1419 East Main,
I fcifihrnnnd^lta,
_ turned on the gas. When the hus
Jband returned all were dead. Three
? ther eh'ldren were playing In another
room and knew nothing of the
I tragedy. In a note the woman de?
clared that she knew that she was
, Insane and could never recover and
i enjoy the comforts of life, and so she
; had decided to get what comforts she
could in death. -Mrs. Cross's husband
is a carpenter.
I [Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
; Ashland, Va . June ?0;? Mrs T. M
Jones is entertaining her family at a
r< union which is held annually at
. the different members' homes. Among
! her guests are her sisters and their
families: Mr. and Mrs. w. D. Williams
and daughter, Kathleen, of Charleston,
W Va . M,-s. A. Mann. Mrs. K. C.
I Queries and son. John, of Charlottes
I vllle; Mrs. W C, ?'harlton and daugh?
ters. Miss Jessie Charllon anrl Miss
I .le.ssie Churllon and Miss Lillian Lov?
ing, of Hlnton. \V. Va.. Mrs. W. T.
Wright, of Bedtord City; Mr. and Mrs.
A. C. Wheeler, of Marmorn
Miss Caroline .1. Mldyette has gone to
Wrlghtsvllle Beach to be .1 member or
I a delightful .house party ?\von by
j Miss Charlotte Pennell.
Dr. E. W. Bowen left this week for
l Berkley, Cal.. where he will teach
J American literature in the Normal
I School at the California University,
j Dr. Hall Canter Is spending two
I weeks with his sister, Mrs. Mahood, in
I Rosnoke.
Mrs. I. .V. Vaughan has gone to Vir?
ginia Beach to spend some time.
Mrs. Henry Bogue will arrive next
week to visit her aunt, Mrs. A. C.
Wight man.
Mesdames W. D. Cardweil nnd Chas.
Blakey, president and recording secre?
tary of the Hanover Chapter. ?. D. C,
i me attending the district meeting of
the U. |). C, uow being held at Ame?
lia Courthouse.
Mrs. Davis Bell and son. who have
been visiting Mrs. Schoolar Fox. will
return on Friday to their home n
Ly nchburg.
[Special t*> The Times-Dispatch.]
Bristol, Va., June 20.?Georgo W. j
Hammltt. Republican, who was de
feated for the mayoralty of this city
in the election of June 11. has re- |
talned counsel and will contest the
election of George M. Warren, wnoi
was the Democratic nominee. Ham- |
mitt contends that Warren had not)
been In Bristol long enough to en- |
title him to the claim of legal citizen- !
ship, and contends that as a matter!
of fact It will be shown that Warren |
Is a resident of Glade Spring, and I
that most of the time, after coming I
to Bristol, he resided in Tennessee. |
Warren, anticipating such a step, this j
week qualified as Mayor-elect, si-j
though his torm will not be due to I
begin before September.
Literary Contests Bad.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlsoateh.]
Bristol, Vs., June 2*.?The annual
tntercounty llteraa-y contests In South?
west Virginia, designed to sharpen the
wits of young people and to enoour
%mt aratflPT Mdmt* , sbm, maOSAlUk
after a series of most Interesting
contests, extending over four days.
Prices were awarded at Ablngdon,
where the contests were he'd, as fol?
lows: Debate. F.. I). Wilson, Elk
Creek, Grayson county: essay, Miss
Nita Rector, of Seven Mile Kord,
Smyln county; declamation, Krank
Is the city of Richmond in the habit
of giving away franchises "oHndfold?
The electric light and power franchise
nought bo ;>c Jammed through the Com?
mon Council TO-NIGHT has never
J'been published, and NEVER VET
Johnston, of Pearlshurgr, Giles couns
ty: oration, Frank Ktlllnger, of Rural
Retreat. Wythe county, recitation,.
Miss Mary Mason, of Pearlaburg',
Giles county.
Gangrene ? innen Death.
Bristol, Vti? June 20.?Miss Annia
Gnrrctt, a pretty sixteen-year-old girl,
who was brought here for an opera?
tion last Saturday, as a result of hav?
ing been accidentally shot through tha
thigh by liev brother, Is dead of her
Injury, Heath resulted from' gan
grene, due to the charge of shot that
entered her limb. Her hody was taken
to Greendale,
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Symphony Orchestra
at Forest Hill Park
DAILY?Afternoon and Evening
You will enjoy these concerts immensely, and you will
be in the coolest park around Richmond.
The very best of Lady Soloists,
Classic and popular selections.
Catch a car for the free concerts.

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