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Markets Closed and Wall Street
1? a* Quiet as on
Mucks Affected by More Favor?
able Outlook in the
[Special to The Times-l>?spatch.]
N<.? 101k, November 'i.?i iio banks
nur? open lor uu??nvs* to-day. as tney
iiuii to be, but luoaiouui u* almost
evsiy stuck ana coiuinou-iiy market in
uit L'miea ?>iate# wm uustu. only a
iionmial oiauum of business was traJiS
octea. ai.u atSal Begast was aimost as
?luitt as on a reguiar general uuuuay.
a rising Uu? continues on tue foreign
>i>< k iuai ?.ei?, owing, 01 course, to tus
iuUvii moie iavoiaoie ouuoog tOf tint
(asSSeaa s.iuauou. In iaouvion there
was a simp ruse, hj consols, oteaiiiig
exenenge hOM recovered w*skij. 'Hie
fyjreflSkllT statement of ins tale car
Ddrp.us inau? by lue America:; Kail
way .vsso ..?viion snowed a i miner in?
crease ot nearly i-.vvu in *nc total
afesWtase 01 .aus. ?VSsl W?taiy oo.ua
BUsiaafsaU strong./ ?alie?.leu, as it
...wa>? .s, ivy tue emlung 01 loans
.?ml v^usil kaansSal tu tnc payments
SssSs on the iirst uf the tnouih. avnd
tue tig ares of ine report neu ?40. le al
.1 variance witn tuose ina.catcd in
I riaay s ftirSfSsMS They Were not,
!, ?viever, auch as to alter nwitoriajiy
1 ne masial character of the return.
1 f ratStagj to tne average figures, there
w as an increase of laSasffSf In tne
anus' surplus reserve, and according
10 tne actual figures, a decrease ot
The selling movement In stocks that I
sag provoaed at least by the Balkan
war lea.cea its c alcunat-on UUS week,
and tne stock market in the succeed -
lag portion of the week renecied the
?iiesipat.oii 5ne after trie other of the
;?iarmisi reports of various Kinds tnat
tiaee lately oeen current. The mommy
.uaii-.i-i aes^JegasaVia aoiusJ, w.ncn nad
sengt greatly dreadea, passed oft sat
>?a'-torii>. In our won niaxKet the
payments of interest and divi
ueaag a.;.- on November I were made
with Sam) blight perturbation.
The most important announcements
? f the Wash were those rittrrmj to
1 he ewapens.on of divl-jenoi by tne
( nited stales r-x press company and the
1 nited Mat?rr< steci Corporations re
pset lor tike September qu<*riei. The
as velopnieiit hrtt named was gener?
ally construed as being dictated by
eofacy nuntr than uec?_-seity. owing 10
UM proposed tiiavy reduction of ex?
it, eta raise hi the inure t?te commerce
v mimiseion.
Many important statements of rail
load earnings lot September were re?
vived, nearly all of tnese showing
large bsepaaveea la gross, reduced in a
.lumber ot tnpUUBCSS to a much smaller
shewing la net.
Business uVer the country was ot
the same excellent character that it
aas heee tai nngas art tne tan aaaaass
.?nd Lb* inSneaee it the campaign,
uu a I ustemai uy has been t j retard
? ..? .-s. n.is titts ;-eai been slight.
c* ini.K.s iottom Ml Li. srotsln.
fjmiisilsas nuwBabed c>
.V U. asvar g CO-, Spartanuurg, fc. C.
1 v. imi? L,:.aiH5 .?ovtiuber -.
Mt eksasd.
Aiket U'-t C*.. S. C. ?Je
.....ran mil* Ce>, - C. VtA
. in iresa Let toe s; ?. s. C-. p:d. ??
aesua, ah ?. .? a?
fcteMee Csttee M. .?. c. c.IMt kit
istwseds astna e t. at
.o?>.?. j?..... a. >-. ea
i? sense v.v.iwa anna ->. C.
ataeaa sUiia a c. si
< asson M.g. Co.. .V C. Ua US
. eiieri- i.uim Mills, s. C. St
? '..'juuis >!:..?. s. C. 190
Uses M:g. Co. S- G. Si St
Lliflee BUs? On, S C p;d. as is*
wiesaea LS use ssiaav s. C. i-s
?v. -?-ii> U.s- cv... a. C. S?
? u.uaiDui BUg- US, Gs. XXm US
i> E Converse Co, S C. 9
lasllaa nig. ?'?... a *. us
uoMss tttg caw A?a. ua
i ?i.rm.jtuo U:g. ID., tf. G. ?S
Dtneaaa Ui ? s c. . w
rj?g.< sad Vutx\i\ M .? ?ja.. is*
BBBassj Osases Mi,'s. a G.ia>
ur?re Mr*. Co.. s. G. ti
Ma ISIS U:s Co.. s. c. Sid. US
BBkSBfpvasa *':r- c'? . <ja. ? ;u
?..lue.i.un v ? r.on M?..s. Gx.. ZIO
i airtteis CaCMa Ui.is. S. C.
? ?Hr.. : M J. CO.. s c.. B? To
l<aeSen*BM >sties m?, absa com. ... Si
i, .fn*c?l SaStBBj S. C. ... Ml
UlSSBt-aeSWr] it:*, '.c. S. C-.1S1 ...
> see>-?VSW?i BUa- OS p:d. at
. ess Ui ^ s. c. sa
.. .?.i-t. i Mis- ca. e- C..m? i?t
keesaeswes Qssasa i?.. ?. S C... ... ci
? i.ide: BstUS. --. . K i?S
ii. in.r, k Mi :?. ??. C. iC
UaStserMa u.m Ulla. S C.I?
BBSssessM ai.u. .v C.us s?
?agsanaal lark Mtg. Co.. S. C.1* ..,
inik.s stir*. B, G. as
Ir.n.sn Ul i* ? C . pfd. IP)
l^ekioa Ui.is. S. C. as
?Sag. John r. sVg Co . Oa. K Sf
,,?!..:* ;er eessse aisissj S c..us ...
UBsessas* cesses Ui::s. & c. pfg. at
i i:?i at M:t Co.. IL c. 7? 7i
kaeresa Csttee Ml s. S. C. US
L n~. ,-v.:- ?.'ortOB MI?S. S C. Ki
lesasnBssi atsna s. c.. t*
Benag m: *. x c. com. m
l.?r?y Mi.Ii. .V. ?'.. ist pra. MS
Msritv4.ro Ul la, if. C. (S ?
?t?is U:g OSl, s C.US ...
M?ei!Chu?. MTg. U. t. C. US
Ueeerch ?'.,:t??n Ul is. i?. C. US
Xewbeeai cotton mii^. & c. ;s>
aasso six Mi. i s c. ia>
N? irl? ?'Ottos Mi.is. S C. MC
? Tite"l>?r?. U1% . j* C-. pfd. a>
es i""Uo? Miiia, c. a
eSSBSaag U.i.s. a. C.... us
C"-.?aee tore. ... MS
'#? ??<? pfd. *]at
l'Oee>t M'S- Co.. 1?. C. ft MS
I'acolet Mfg Co.. S. C. p.'d. ?MS
?MSae Mrs e'C , (;. Hi
l'l?-k?ss Cotton Mi::s. S. C. MS
i-ie?ianor?r Mfg. Co.. *. C. 1?? IS*
l-ne. V. W".. MfS Oe, *. c. MS hj
i:a)?-igb < ytten Mils. X. C.. MS let
MsaenpSi Xn.s .-. C. it
l:??ee?ke MIUs. N. C. M* MS
.- .?or. M .?. P. C.ia> . .
sit:.} Mis Co. a. #2 ?4
kspana* Mll:?. f. C. US
r :o?awsy Mills. &. C.... r.
, Mtl?s. S C_.MS
1 rilos-Btrffe> Mr ? g c . :st pfg. . U
I nioe BuTate MUM. P. C. a?4J pt4 ... M
H are s^-,,s Mrs. ?"a. y. C....... ... at
Wseres M s ?To. g C. at fj
vesrres M.'S- Sb s C. pfd. ]??
Waits Mill*. *. C. <?
V.'huaay Mrs. Ce e. ft ?
w-riuunstss Mi; a S C.rt
WetedrssT <~?rtoti Mills, a C. p)
t'srker rsteon Mi.:? re>. gesr .. w? ?^et
l'?TV??r <"ett?>s M:::? ???? pfs . St
t-?r*?-T e'?Mise Mill* ?'s. eets. .. as
?xf?4 lararast.
MSeaaneee X SSS
WKgsT?Oar Meg *
jre 7 led. Wasters. ft i at
N> I red. virgtak?..?.... g i?r
I res-. f IS)
virstsM. sag saav.- at ? us
v; ginks, ass Mas <f*r seed*. LM a i.a
Me. t erbno. m
MO t whtt?. #
Me t BBsPseVi. i.. m
Me. t stmst._ ?
/'The Home for Savings.''
A Bank Account With
The Central National Bank
Means that you have established a credit with a Strong
financial Institution.
It means that you have associated yourself with a Bank
that is Progressive and ever ready to extend you any cour?
tesy consistent with modern banking.
It means that idle dollars are not in your pocket tempt?
ing you to spend them, but are earning 3 per cent interest
by being here.
The Central National Bank
307 East Broad Street.
Facts Are What Count
and the man who sells
Prudential policies deals
only in facts. Prudential
policies are GUARAN?
TEES, not estimates.
There is a vast difference.
What ? Best tor the Policy holder is Best
tor the Agent
Write us about an agency.
Suite 727 American National Bank Building,
Richmond, Va.
Forrest F. Dryden, Home Office:
President. Newark, N. J.
It's Easy
To save for baby with "Our Baby's History-" Even Grandfather helps
baby. If you have a young baby in your home, see us. Our experience
and thought free. Three per cent Savings Department.
Richmond Bank and Trost Co.
Northwest Corner Msin and Eleventh Streets.
Virginia .? ? H
?OATS?Car lota.
i No. i mixed. S7 0
No. 3 mixed. M ?>
No. ; whit*. ? ??
No. I white. ?
Winter ?eed.. W ? *?
UTE?Car lout
No. J.. ?>* ? ??
No. a. w ? ??
\ Irgtnla, bag lota. ? ft
Richmond. Va. November 1 UU.
Following are quotation on the Rlca
stesd Hay Exebange:
Car lets?
No. 1 Timothy.30J? o HAS
I No. : Timothy. ttm S)
No J Timothy. 13.UJ ?
Light Clover, mixed. ISO? o
i Nc I Clover, mixed. U.0? 0
No. : Clover, mixed..1A.S? m
No 1 Clovar. 174? ? lt-Sj
Be 1 Clover. Nominal
HAT?Sample . Nominal
STRAW?Comprassed . SA? o
leaaavaVaaaaa. large bales... las* o u.0)
Load your tare ao that hay at doora repre
aaatl contents and thua avoid rejection*
This market grades hay in aeeordaaee j
with the National Hal AaSStlSttoa
I Sales at Union Stock Tarda)
Richmond. Vs.. November X 1X2.
Report of the live stock market for thai
seek ending October 3:
Beet ?teere. 70Tt*c.: medium to rood. S%9 I
ihjc common to fair. 414 SM?.. beet bclfera
?te??e ; medium to good. 4wB?wa; common,
> fair. S?d)4e.; beet eswa 4*ad)Se.: medium
o good. ho? . aseaaaaa a* faar. ?*B*v..|
>ulla. 4<*9?c : best calves. ?*?*=.; lair to]
good. i dicke. 4*adM4ia Casts and
?ai*es. ???es? per head. Beat hog*. s*S) |
<%c.; light hogs. T?0?4c.; sheets and piss i
? OTc; sews aau stage. *9"^s*-: bast lease.
i^C'c; medium to seed. <d)?wc; ran.s
lo fair. SVeCflse.: best aheap. ?3<V-. com.
son to fair. 2?**c. ?
Chicago. November a?Cattle?Closing slow]
sad steady. Cows and heifers. fl7lS}7.S;
calvea. ?e73 3? Se Hogs-Market opened
>:eady.to ahade higher; closed weak. Balk I
of sales, IT/?gas* Sheep?Market ateady
at tijOS??o. lamba. SS.S07.X.
New Terk. November 1?Beeves?Ne trad-'
?as. Calvea?Feeling steady; vesta. 17.50?
;:*?; ssaba sj0?.ss. Sheep sad Lamas?
Quiet. Sheep sold at H per US pounds; calls.]
pk lambs. $?7607*?; cans. SMS Hogs?i
Nose en sale, feeling nominally ateady. I
Rlcamosd, Va. November 2. 1X2.
Fo.lowing are the quotations on the Rich?
mond Tobacco Exchange:
i.u?a .?7.* mtf.m
Short leaf. S.M ? ?es
Long >af. ?.*? p 12.4?
Wrappers.M*> tf L1.4S
.-MOKEBS-Cemmon . 7 So Q IN
Medium..MAS ? liS*
Pisa .124? 0 U.S?
? I TTEKS-CoroBVoa ?. 14A) p latt
Medium . 'a 'T.j?
Fine .................. MtSt w SJLT*
Pancy .-. SLSt v r 4?
FI LLC OS BsaaSasB ?... SA? 0 ifa,,
M?dtam ..........list ? tie*
oeed ?weans.wee-?e- MAS ? last
Fla?.~-..... BUS ? Sse*
; WRAl I DmaBBB.MS* ? SkSt
; Xedlam. SLS* e ava.
, ueed .?p..-~.Mm* m MM
I Fine .St.* m VM
' Fsscp. east ? *>?4 ,
! Logs. BBBBSB to peed. (A* S) 7 m
1 Laps, eeed te prime. 7 At i M
?eaort leaf. kst a Mt?
; Leap Mat-.**> 0 tXM
Wrappers .?-.?.at** tf Ba?
steamer Berkeley. Shelly. Norfolk, mer
-rar.dla? and ???ingers. i ?'d Pom.alee Line.
steamer Persheataa, Grave?. Norfolk and
.tames River landings, merebeadl?? and pas
?eagem. Firelsts NsnsaOss cm.
steamer Asrera. Fsrmaa. Feterabnrs and'
James Rtver landings, mercbasdlsr and see-1
eaauyerg. Fsrmaa Lrne.
si earner Berkeiep. Sbeiiy. Nerfe'.k. sas>
^ > and Is* and paaavacr?. Old Dominion I in
ft?mar Asrere. Fsrmaa. Petersburg ?M
James River Isadtasa merchsadiw and r
i BjBssa Fwrmsa Tdne.
T*at StasesrS OM Cssapenp. ? U. Bar*.
- - - cut <>
'Repartee bp BejfMssa BoCbb* a Ce >
rete-aswg. va. Besssaaei t-F?aa??
SLI7H per
^???jBi^Sa^a^ 8Bms5 wWmVfY jVlsrw?|, aPa^ * ?
fsTey ksaSHeead. r**c asr eewed
Sr. pee pwsed. aascblne
Ji?c per pound, shelling etock. * t?er pound.
New Tork. November 2.?Cotton food*
markets closed this week very flrra and with
an upward tendency shown in many cloth*.
Lir.ens Arm and burlaps hsve been active
a ?sin. Hosiery and underwear trade for fall
ISIS has started. Jobbers reported a fair
Wilmington. N. C . November 2?Spirits
Turpentine? Steady ?t CTHcr receipts a
casks Rosin?Steady at receipts -t
barrels. Tar?Firm at 12 3?; receipts tS bsr
reis Crude Turpentine?firm at t3.2atM.25.
receipts St berrela.
Savannah. Oa.. November i,?Turpentine?
steady. sales v: caaks: shlpmenta va casks,
stock ::5.ac caska. Quote: A. B. C. KS.
Gold sad sal rar Crop.
Government estimates piace the 1SU sold
ptoductlon in the Caked States at t.frr.oi;
fine: oun<es. valued at $X. *??.?*>. and sliver
prodcetioD at C0.2SS.SW line ouncea. valued at
tae.fl?.7t?>. Value of sold,.was greater than
in any year except Ma shen it reached
t?.s7J.?*tJ> Figures for ISIS tr.rc ?3*.rSA!?>
gold and mtu.un silver. In California
led Sil Ststes In gold, with Jli.rcs :j>\ and
Nevada In stiver, with t7.30.sv?
Rieh f asses Dreteed.
Lumbertoo. ft CV. November i?The citi
senr of this <Robeson> county formally cele- I
bra ted lest week the beginning of the work
o.r cutting lifty-air mites of esasls for the
declamation of 32.0W acres of land by drain?
ing several ssamps into the Lumber River. ]
The work Is expected to cost laabjaa j,ut it I
wl!! reclaim some of the richest land Is the'
Stets _
?Continued From First Pag-e.)
now la vogue fn New VoraT a meth*4
by which the State geta more real tax
money than it did under the old method,
which waa similar to boat la vegue la
Help Prora Other CMss.
It Is definitely aettled that the ex?
change is going to ?o full tilt at the
i next Legislature for reform along these
lines. That it will be sustained and
I aided by men and organizations from
other parte of Virginia la evidenced by
numbers of lettera Chairman William
Todd is receiving from prominent men
throughout Virginia. Here is a sam?
ple that was written by Granville at.
Swift, a lawyer ot Frede, tcksburg:
"I have noticed through the press
that efforta will be made at the com?
ing session of the Legislature
to amend the Virginia mortgage tax
laws and to provide a small fee to bo
paid by the beneficiary In a (teed ot
trust when the deed ia admitted to
record, and not to require a tax on
the note secured by the deed of trust.
I venture the assertion that not on
10 per cent of the notes throughout
the State of Virginia sveurea by deed
of trust Is the tax paid aa required by?
law, and those people who do give in
their notes have an unjust and unfair
burden placed upon tnem. 1 !>elle^e
that the State of Virginia would de?
rive very much more revenue by a
small tax. say half ot 1 per Cead of
the debt secured, than is at present
derived fr>m this source of taxation.
I am led to write this letter to assure
you that the efforts of the Real Estate
] Exchange, in Richmond, will meet with
I the hearty approbation and support of
parties who are familiar with present
I conditions. There are a number ot
] people who would loan their money r.nd
thus further the development of the
I resources of the State and Increase tax?
able values, but who mill not do so,
owing to this unjust double tax. They
I are people who believe in conforming to
the requirements of the law and who.
[ if they did loan their money out. would
, give In the bonds for taxation. I trust
that the educational work which your
exchange is now doing may be suc?
cessful and that the coming Legislature
may be induced tj amend this law.
which ie now to a large extent a dead
Baak Statesseat.
New Tork. November 2.?The state?
ment of the actual condition of clear?
ing house banks and trust companies
for the week shows that they hold
-2.580.050 reserve in excess of legal re?
quirements. This is a decrease of -L- I
443.950 from last week.
The statement follows.
Loans. $1,923.374.000; decrease, tl.
Specie. $313,947.00?; decrease. $3.349.
Legal tenders. $81.229.000; decrease.
Net deposits. $1.739,343.000; decrease.
Circulation. $46.668.900; increase,
Banks' cash reserve in vault, $330.- \
1 Trust companies' cash reserve In *
vaiilt. $?5.026.000.
Aggregate cash reserve. $395.176,OCA. i
Excess lawful reserve. $2.5Sn,000: de- '.
crease. $1.443.950. j
Trust companies' reserve with clear-'
I ing house members carrying 25 per
! cent cash reserve, $54.964.000. j
I Summary of State banks and trust
j companies In Greater New York not
j included in clearing house statement:
Loans. $588,996.60?: decrease. $3.552.
Specie. $63.046.80": decrease, $305.
Legal tenders. $8.193.300: decrease.
Total deposits. $639,219.100: decrease.
Wlhnlnsrtofi Gets CeJd Storage.
Wilmington. N. C. November 1?One of
Wilmington's -latest and best enterprises
will be the eold-rtorage plant of the Inde?
pendent Ice Co.. being erected at m cost of
ll'W.OU}. which will soon be ready for opera?
tion It contains 30O.SW square feet. The
building i> five stories high, fireproof, and
Is censtr-jcted of reinforced concrete. The
new plant ail; revolutionize cold-storage
conditions In this section of the country, and
on account of its plendld location will be
able to cater to a large territory.
Virginia Trust Co.
Will act as YOUR Executor.
Will act as the Guardian of YOUR children.
Will act as Trustee fee- YOUR wife.
Bear in mind that a strong institution like the VIR?
GINIA TRUST COMPANY makes a safer and more
satisfactory Executor, Guardian and Trustee than an
Observe Our Strength
In addition to above and kept sepa- )
rate and distinct from our assets: . $2,500,000.00
I ivestments held in trust, around )
We .believe a man's life is lengthened when he makes
a will and names this Company his Executor, for he
then safeguards his property to be left his heirs, and
his mind is made easy!
But we desire to impress upon the reader's mind
that we can also serve him while living.
For example,?we will pay you
3% on an account, which is sub
lect to check.
Open 'one to-morrow by mail,
or in
The Union Bank of Richmond. Va. 1
Begs to announce that they have movec|
from their old quarters and are now loca?
ted in their new home
1104 East Main Street
All holders of safety boxes are requested
to call at once and transfer their effects to
the new vault.
Futher announcement of completion of
new quarters will be made.
GEO. W. CALL, Cashier
on the friendly relations of the
r'ght sort of a bank. Often In a
crisis it means everything.* The
officers of this bank fee! a friendly
interest in each and every di r.osi
First National
Math and Mala.
"Great Effort
Counts Less Than
Hell Used"
Said a famous man many years
But opportunities are of no use
to the man that's empty-handed.
A Savings Account in the MAN?
will strengthen your hands wonder?
fully when opportunity knocks at
your door?as it will surety do now
and then.
You can begin as account with
one dollar.
Manchester National
F. P. MtConnell _President
W. L. Walters.. Vice-President
A. A. AdvJns_Vice-President
D. C Ba.'lard.Cashier
W. J. Fieber.Asst. C^shiei
Facts?Figures? Verified.
t*9 Travelers BkJg.. Richmond. Va.
Monroe 431.
Batik of Ctmerce 4 Trasls
Math and Main Streets,
(Cewtta >?u Pfwu r^rM r?ge.?
v-f '. and where ttsta ??r ?.!; .a:. :i -
<?; fruit t. ir? nade.
Ttus .? the busy ? aeon at :h< nu:
Sf-ries. a* Ist! ?hlpnw-at* 41- 1
made, a ml Ike it-lrty e*M thou.?..rd
oidera. vm-lns in <lxe fr>?-?i fl t,. ?
a-.'- 1? ?i*. r !.-d Th.- .-stabil 1.
- 1. '<? > esartj ?vi r a awe
pwnle. and fur ih- Ihiee mos 11 ? -
Ike -?-ai??.i.. ? ? ". 'wl?- ir-T
aeaahwr are kept baatiiag
Te?. i;|< hii.-r.d ? .1 i <?- BJi?" r'
'.?.,-.??* with fh? sSHic kind ?>'
and BSaSsSSj ISSSfl It I? every gdl i
hwain.-s?. and th" n'irs?-r> t :* ? -
pro??i? rs her? t>?-ca"?e It 1^
hand*, and i:i-h?n -i -
sewt sdsjrw ee tf>e map tw ? hi h is
t'-ialfe.??. I? being a supesasp gasfvebtt '
tng p?'nt and re? hahl? 'r?-m i-arta
of the conwtrr and si: paetn it
count r; are ?a*II> rea'hsh?- th
hjndr d? of erterg'tlt trave rm rwi
anJ salesmen and aset.t? er ?
Ming the r*.rre .-' -S-<i??n?l. th'
pleader., te seer* sset end esve* 1 ?',
tele vast eeeTM'
kLt.vt?lH *>.- < leAT sTRSUCTa I
eeii> from lb sV It to . P. at 1
The Silver Dollar Contest
Everybody Who Can
Figure Has a Chance
To secure the five-dollar prize or one of the one-dollar prizes which
will be given the eleven successful contestants In the American
National Bank SILVER DOLLAR CONTEST ending at noon Tues?
day, November 12. 1912.
EVERY CONTESTANT sending in the correct answer will
receive a souvenir.
THE FIRST PRIZE?$5.0??credited on the books of the Sayings
Department of the American National Bank. Following this an
award will be made of ten one-dollar prizes, each as an initial
deposit In the American National Bank, or if already a depositor,
this sum will be credited your account.
1. What is the weight of the
capital stock of the American
National Bank in silver dollars.'
2. If the capital in silver dol?
lars was piled one upon an?
other, what would be the height
of the pile?
& If this same amount was
stacked in piles the height of
our building, how many piles
would there be?
4. If this money was placed
edge to edge in a ctraight line,
how far would it reach?
5. How many square yards
would it cover if placed edge to
edge on a flat surface.'
6. What is the meaning of
the words, "Capital Stock"?
All answers must be addressed to
the Contest Dept., American Na?
tional Bank, Richmond, Va.
Answers must be mailed before
noon on Tuesday, November 12,
Write on one side of sheet only.
Names and addresses must be
plainly written with pen and ink.
Give name of newspaper.
$1,000 weighs 60 lbs.
The height of the American Na?
tional Bank Building is 160 feet.
There are 61 silver dollars in 1
square foot.
50 stiver dollars measure 5 },% inches
in height.
8 silver dollars equal 1 linear foot.
Nu matter how large requires at some time the assistance of
a bank. I> YtM"R bank ready to < ffcr you that necessary
accommodation and assistance:*
Richmond's Strictly Commercial Bank
offen it- services to firms and individuals. It will be to your
?dl lasl H,i to allow us to point out wherein we can be of assist?
ance to VI M .
Planters National Bank
of Richmond, Virginia.
Capital .$ 3#f,t#i.tf
Surplus and Profits. $1.4
.t Per Cent Interest, Compounded Semi-annually. Paid
in Savings Department.
4 e*f^#?e*et ^ssaVtle % earaeaejfs . tw?v4.

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