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w?ti?Mv mmywt osaeo.
Irlday eight. Saturday Sastiaee a ad
?aturday night?-T?t Hoaae That
Jark Built."
All the wosh ?FroUeo ad ISI*."*
\ aedevUie.
(>>aee, the Famous Daeeer, aaj Hm
C areer.
Adeline Otnee 1* as much a genius
in her art aa aarah Bernhardt att LIM
Lehmann Tha only difference la that
Mile. Ueno? lg In the drat flush of her
youth, while Bernhardt and Lenmann
ana both close to seventy years old.
Qeaea was born In Aarkus, Denmark,
and made her debut at the age of
nine at Cht la?eiila. In Norway. The
saa appearance earned ner fame, for
elj over Scandinavia they were talk?
ing of the child of wondrous grace,
v hose dancing was nothing leas than
: in nomenai. Soon requests came tit
her, but tbs wiss guardians were in
oe baste to exploit their treasure, tbsy
veal ted for a few years, and by tne
'.me Genee was aweet elxteen she was
installed as premiere danaeuee at ths
royal opera in Berlin. Prom Berlin.
?;>.r.ee went to Munich for a year, and
then followed her appearajvee at ths
Kmplre Theatre m London; after that
Sita earns to America, and this season
she comes for tha rt.st time to Kicn
? d for one appearance at the Acad
emy of Music on Wednesday night.
MUa Oene will be assisted by her
own symphony orchestra and a com
paay of dancers Hsr programs ln
' i ude "Robert la Diablo" and "La
? .rr.a.-go," a new ballet, with the
? -enea laid at the royal palace In
v>>rsalllea i
Cienee danced before fourteen royal
? rsonages In Denmark in her favorite
' allot. Delibes'a "Coopella"
Tbs history of the dance dates back
' -nturles. and Mile. Ger.ee has studied
I] in every detail, so that she repre?
sents the latest development of that
art. Her new work will be on an en?
tirely different scale to what won the
admi-r&tlon of the vast public the past
few seasons, and promises to far ex
reed her former representation*. In
"Frolic*" ?.bound tn catchy muslo and ?
real comedy. From tha moment the,
curtain rleea until It fells upon tne!
last act. there Is not a dull moment.!
The play. In three acts, opens at the j
{ home of Harry Jelly man. who has plen- ;
it y of money, but won't spend it. How
ever, he is Induced to take a trip with j
the boys to a reception at Miss O'Mal- !
j ley's. Mrs. O'Malley (Kitty Francis) j
I also invites the fashionable society,
j ladles to the function. Mrs. O'Malley '
j Is seated on a throne, and there Intro-1
duced to all her guests. This scene is j
I the biggest laugh provoker Is the I
j whole play; in fact, it is the greatest
! comedy scene on the stage to-day.
Miss Francis, from the minute she
' enters upon the stage until the last !
1 curtain prevents further laughter, is '?
I a scream with her rich Irish broguej
j and humor. Rube Welch Is Just as i
j funny, though he does not rely on a
character make-up to get his audl-1
ence. Supporting the cottars is a cast
j and chorus of thirty-five. The produc?
tion has been staged on as elabo-'
w?lk< have bow engaged Bloeksom sad'
Boras as tha atar feature of tbs new
bill to opsB at tbs Coloatal ob Monday
next. To those who may remember It
will not be neceseary to recall the tal- j
ents that have made Bloeksom and,
Burns princes among1 laughmakera To
others, those of the new generation, it j
may bo necessary to state that they'
are grotesque black-face artists, orig-1
1 nature of the kind of fun they have!
'made, and in their lias they haveJ
stood pre-eminent all these years
No less a feature will mark the offer- t
lr.gr of Ed. PeaaeU and Lena Tyson, i
a young fellow and girl, a comedyj
duo of remarkable attainments in the
musical comedy line Their chatter,,
songs, dances and their character im?
personation cleverness has made theirs
a much sought for number In vaude?
ville, and they bid fair to earn great
popularity here.
In Ed Gal agher's military travesty.
"The Battle of Too Soon," Frank Hil- !
ton and John Bannon promise one of j
?'nr.cir.fr the operas, for instance. Mile.
?Jener does them in their entirety: they
ure usually cut by dancers who are un
.thl<s to illustrate the most difficult
It has always been the aim of Mile
'Jenee (and she has never failed) to
:?ok like a piece of Erree-ien on the
?tags Her repertoire for tnis season;
will give her ample opportunity to;
even Improve on the excellent results
rhe has attained heretofore.
Oenc? wtll be assisted by Alexander
Volinln and Mile. Schmolz. There will
i so be aeen a full ballet of besntl
rsj girls. It is said that trie furni?
ture in one act cost Ge.nee $25.00?.
-The Frolics of 1912.
tVhat is said to be one of tne biggest
and most artistic laughing successes
i-i th? entire theatrical field tnis sea-'
son is a musical retTie. "The Frolics of:
1312.'' which will be the attraction at!
rJbs Bijou, starting to-morrow night.!
Featured with the "Frolics" sre the!
Mg rosters. Rube Welch end Kitty j
Frs.icls. remembered ror their splen?
did work lr. the hi j Lew Field's pro-1
duction of "The Miinlght ?un." The1
I rat? a scale aa aar of the big; shows
now on the road- Prominent among
the principal* are Madeline R-.we. W.
II. Thompson. Katherine Byron and
KB? Coyle.
Though boasting of an exceptional'
cast, the chorus with this show is.
not the kind that can be easily over- '
looked. It ts composed of a bevy of
beauties who know how to sing and
dance, and their costumes are exquls'te.
Sixteen song numbers, raaging all the
1 way from the ragglest rag number to
[a sympathetic ballad, give a splendid
I range for the various voices, while the
lines, all br'ght and breexy, give Ruhe
! Welch aad Kitty Francis boundless op- ]
j portunity for good, dean comedy. j
Pass sis CosneoUaaa Rttars to Colonial.!
Memory is tbe daughter of atten- j
tion Old and attentive theatre-goers
, will easily recall that when Jake Wells .
? opened the Colonial Theatre In this city j
i thirteen years ago?It was then called |
the Bijou?the feature act of the first
: week's performance was the famous
and original funny fellows. Blocksom
[and Burns. In an unusual novelty com-I
edy offering. Wtlmer. Vincent a- j
nf T.f^? T Week Starting
DU \J W Tomorrow Night
The Musical Comedy Favorites,
And Company of 5#, Mostly Girls,
In the Season's Bright, Tuneful Musical Comedy,
Mafiificeit CbiIih firtlj Grit
I the funniest travesty offerings on the
boards. Special scenic end stage el
i fects. together with the comedy value
i of the players, have made this a suc
1 cessful number.
An accordionist of value. De Busse,
with an accordion immense and sweet
toned, with the power of a pipe organ,
and the comedy eccentricities of the
player, will add an interesting num?
Aloise Snow and company, offering a
ventrilooulal production, with special
equipment and amusing figures, will
round out the vaudeville section.
Picture plays of the best selected va-f
' rlety and with the approval of the
I National Board of Censorship, will com?
plete the entertaining program to be
given three times each day. there being
1 a 3 o'clock matinee and two night per?
taisaease Maus late Act Easels? Feature.
One of the most Interesting mechani
soal acts on the stage to-day is herald?
ed as the feature of the new bill to
open at the Empire to-tnorrow. Lamb's
I manikins is. an offering that assures a
I rplendld treat for young ftj old. dis?
plays a mlniatuu-e stage and shows the
proscenium boxes full of people, a
complete orchestra and everything
necessary to make a nrirrlatare theatre.
Fifty mrrhanrsl figures are used In
I the act. and the complete detail and im
presstveness of the offering Is so
i marked that the set has caused s sen?
sation in the vaudevilles, in addition
the figures sea made to give an entire
show in seven distinct scenes with gor
, gen'is scer.t<- efforts that will Include!
! a pictnresqae transformation arerte and
j * moonlight panorama on the Suwanee
rlqutlly as important a feature will
rest In the appearance of the wonder?
ful chi'.d artiste. Baby Athloae. s jo*en
lie renlus. in a display of hereditary
musical talent a the readttsen of which
will be aided by the art of Albraaar
an the piano.
Baach face art ef ehe meet grossen ee|
?vps. which will Include the highly
amusing dialogue and dialect of Cee
nlagbasn ard Ooveney. mm well as the
clever singing bright topical songs
and their eecentrV - aectrg offerings,
win add to the value of the sin.
All that la cleverest <a vocal screen
pllshments will fall to the lot of Bar?
rett ana Be.yea ta a. splay \ young
fellow sad girl, they have earned their
spars throurh their charming singing
sad yedetlag: conversational auras sad
ssaanaat saaixeas.
As exhibition ef advanced sftygtdel
culture, ssealse with tea IstrsfissSHe
of geaelae sonar by-pUy win be ef
fared] by Sou-row aad Jflle. the a rs?i.
log eat the vaudeville asrtleav
Phusaplays ef the Mgbsst cases thee
have the to see eem? at ef I Be Matteaal
Ceeeers win alas 1 netl set easd eweer
and night performances at 7:80 and 8
Great Scenic Prodnetion nt the Labia.
la looking over the advance notices
of the different acte booked for the
Lubin for the wek of the 18th the
management feel* safe in saying tne
coming show will eclipse anything; yet
offered at the Lubln. I
A great many of the Lubln patron'
i have been heard to remark lately on
the great Improvement In the vaude?
ville part of the program at that
theatre. The high standard reached by,
the present booking arrangement will'
be continued and each week will be
made a little more attractive than the
previous one.
i The feature act for the coming week
j la billed as Mile. De Lores Company,
i a troupe of five people In a production
of life in Jungleland. This spectacu?
lar novelty will Introduce the artists
in singing, dancing, contortion, animal
impersonation and aerial work. This
performance will be a source of great j
entertainment for the grown folks as
well as nil the hearts of the little ones
with great joy.
The comedy will not stop with the
monkeysMnee in Jungleland. for
McAvoy and Brooks, an eccentric duo
of laugh producing quality, will exert,
every effort to win first place In the J
hearts of the amusement seekers ot j
Anna Belmont, a charming comedi?
enne, will present a number of New j
Tork successes of popular variety.
As the Lubin patrons seem to appre
j elate good, clean comedy more than
anything else, the management has
tried to book as many comedy seta as
I possible, so. to round out a bill of
' laughs, they have sdded Frank Btmo.
a comedy magician, with an' entirely j
j new routine. His act has been re- I
ceived with great success in the larger j
cities and will no doubt score a hit at [
I the Lubin.
i The picture department is better I
' than ever, the subjects, lignt. pro- [
I Jectkwi, photography, screen, machines j
and service all heing of high standard. ]
Performances are given each day.
starting at -:45 in the afternoon and
r:15 in the evening. The prices will
remain the same as usual. 5 cents for
children at matinee and 10 cents at
1 The Little Theatre.
Six pictures will be sbown this week,
including a hand colored feature,
elaborately staged, of the life of the
court of Spain, "Don Juan and Charles
Fifth." New selections dally on the
organ add a charm to the musical end
of the picture show. Several special
selections will be rendered esch day,
completing a performance of quantity |
and quality.
; Sspeilei'a Ftae offering.
this new house continues to in?
crease in public favor, as it well
merits. The excellence of the offer?
ings In photoplays, since its very re?
cent opening, is evidently highly ap?
preciated The house Is open from l)
a, * tn 11 p 31 sad Is very conven?
iently situated for either shoppers or
strolling seekers of amusement- a fea?
ture in the daily matinee, when high
class orchestral music is rendered, as!
well as nightly. Among Its many other!
? appointmente, the Superior Theatre has!
I installed a patented glass curtain
! called the mirror screen. This im-'
j proved curtain gives to motion pic
j turea the appearance of reality which
j Is marvelous Another feature is that
I the pictures are much more agreeable
i to look at. as the light Is softened and
I diffused so that those who could not
?<>e the pictures before can now look
at them rn comfort and delight- The
i pictures are wonderfully brilliant an<;
' clear, and every detail Is brought out
I so that you seem to be looking through!
jar. open window at actual scenes andj
> happenings.
Society in Richmond tc-dsv ;s easer.
; ly discussing fh? coming of the PhlJ
I harmonic 5*oc*ety. of X*w Tork. whose
I splendid orchestra of etghty-flvs men
[?erlll h?- heard in thr?e symphonic con
j certs !n the Cfly Audlro-iom as the
' three choice off*rfns* of th? musical
l sea*"*.
j Already prepsratlo-i f<>r ;?'t?ndanc#
! at these concert* Tias t.iken th* form
I of s sects) function. sn>* many private
! parties have been .-i.-rang-d. I:
i mediately on the announcement by the
Radcrtffc Attraction*. Inc. of Wash
I laapkea. that these splendid ooacerti
were te be s part or the Richmond
mwslcal saassa. requests for the seats
began pouring In. and every Indlcatloa
now > that th* andere? that hear
ItaiWinter Concert!
City Asditensm.
TT?*BAT. Bin ? BBBaa |
The Wads la day CPs*
win ?rasant
HeadeTs Orsterte.
"He Masai"
Bpa Pail* j
The bcomparable Dancer
x. voli.vix, ' f
mlle. schmolz.
A Fell irBiimr orchestra.
C. J. M GLASER. Conductor.
la the Marvelous Eighteenth
Ceatary Daaeo Leela xt.
Favorite Ptroueet
4 is*.
La Gamargo
Aad Meyerbeer's Ballet
Robert LeDiable
$15,000 Worth of Genuine and
Original Louis XV. Furniture,
Settings and Scenery.
Priesa, so Ceats te S2.ee.
Seat sale ogees Header, xov. 18.
the concerts will be the most brilliant
assemblages of the year.
Lovers of the best there Is in music
in Richmond have hailed the coming
of the Philharmonic concerts with un?
bounded delight. Never before in any
Southern city has a musical organiza?
tion of such stupendous size ventured.
It Is regarded as being an acknow?
ledgment that Richmond Is rapidly be.
coming the musical centre of the South.
Upon the eucceas attained by this or?
ganization depends in no small mea?
sure the quality and worth of attrac?
tions to be offered here in the future.
It would be enough to offer merely
the attainments of the Philharmonic
Society Orchestra as an event eminent?
ly worth while. When there is added
to this the appearance of supporting
j artists of not only national, but inter?
national fame, such as Elman. Schu
mann-Heink and Ganz, however, the
fondest dreams of music lovers in
Richmond seem mors than realised.
Music schools in the capital are
stirred over the coming of this series,
and delegations of students from Nor?
folk and other Southern dues are ar?
ranging for blocks of seats for the
Representing, as they do. the three
great tie Ids of solo work, the selections
made of assisting artists in the Phil?
harmonie concerts are attracting the
most favorable comment.
Throughout the two last seasons, the
name or Mischa Elman was becoming
more and more favorably known In
musical circles here, and many musi?
cians Journeyed from Richmond to the
various cities In which he appeared
for the purpose of hearing his wonder?
ful execution On the violin. It is
thought that his appearance will vie
with that of Schumann-Heink in pop?
ularity, although Schumann-Heink baa
Oeen here before and' is a universal
The celebrated young Russian vortei?
lst will inaugurate his fourth Ameri?
can tour in the present series of con?
certs with the New York i'nunarmonic
Society. Josef Stransky. conductor, ap?
pearing in New Tork, Providence. Bal?
timore, Washington, Richmond and
Brooklyn. N 1. Elman will appear
with the ore hear.a Wednesday evening.
November IT.
Schumann-Heink sings with the or?
chestra Wednesday. January 22. So
Ions has Schumann-lieink been a fav?
orite here that It is thought that the
capacity of the Auditorium will be
taxed when ehe appears this winter.
The story of her wonderful life is
familiar to moat Richmond people, who
on her la.?t appearance evinced a won.
derful interest in her work.
Pian:sts Of Richmond, as well as
those merely iatereeted In that branch
of music, are awaiting with keen de?
light the appearance of the world-re?
nowned Swiss pianist. Rudolph Ganz,
soloiet at the third oonoert. March 12.
Mr. Gens Is one of the greatest pian?
ists of his day. and as an Interpreter
of Li sal stands unsurpassed. The de?
mand for Gans wee so great last year
that he was forced to crowd Into the
limited space of three months as many
concerts as other artists take seven
months to accomplish.
-The Treat ef the
Those who have read John Fox. Jr 's
widely read book "The Trail of Ike
1-oneeome Plae" and had their mind
flooded with sunshine as they follow
ed June along the lonely trail to the
ragged, eraunt. lonesome pine thai
guarded Leneeome ?"eve. will be lost
In happy bewilderment as they strike
the same trail hewn* by Eugene Walter
in Kkvw g Brianger s production at
the AsaSsmy af Music for throe night?
and Wednesday matinee, commencing
November ::.
As a spec sal feature, the Pttilaer
I SJsale Orchestra will present Mr Wad.
IS? noted Scandinavian plantsta aa
saaslat far the saaeirt of December I.
I He will sear a movement from the
I Grieg Concerto is a minor with er
and a
ef Chens win be glad to
base that aw sag the sasritx pieces
will be a eoeieiea end a prated* by
ease eesassseer Mr. Wad is sesbabiv
one- ef the foreesoet ex pea sals af
Cheats la the eeeetry. aad has inter
l*^BrGeB^ew9**eseage ^!^?av^4s*s aUarValwC eaaTw'
Academy of Musfai
Friday and Satnii^ I
Matinee Saturday I
The House
Jfj*?j?w mm
ack Built
Mother Goose Opera
260 Richmond Singers in Cast "
St. Monica's Mission
Catchy Music
Attractive Dances
Beautiful Costumes
Varied Croups
Seat Sale opens Monday morning,
Nov. 18, at 9 A M, at the box office.
Prices, 50c to $1.50
ACADEMY fam Niffas, for. 25, 26, 27
M?tUr?- WeSaeaday.
The S*as)n's Moat Pronounced Dramatic Success.
bt eige5e WALTER.
Frees the Beek of the Sasse Besse, by Jekn rax. Jr,
Charlotte Walker
and the original, new tork production1 and gabt.
.1* Seats Over UM rights. ,v* Seats Over fl-SS Watlasis
Always a
Good Show.
Often a
Great Show
7:15 ?k 9 P. M.
Mc i
In the Front Rank of Fun-Makers. With a Side>SpBttaBf,
Travesty Concoction. ^_
Ed. Feu?el it T*BBB?Lc?*
Versatility. Artistry and Comedy's
Hilton A
EW Saow k Ce.-^Sy-PE BUSS!
Join Our Matinee Crowd Any Afternoon -It'a Fa
the i.rrri.r: not
4 Sates
1:45- SM
if % tttmmTthnm
5 -tie hue delcres compait?5
i ?0?. ul*r novelty pr.xl irV.on t.t'ciu ne dve artists la
r^nTc^tortKK. Abbaue and Aerial Work, is Jsscieeas*
These r>v?r rwwedlsns win offer eo*t*?Vn? J'asia
the ether f-llews TV-!r meets fa Orlffli
rsivsvea ? ? ?" -
*inr<!>( New torks T-.puIj <??
r.aoee K*ch aesesrano- shows a
rbanse ef costssse.

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