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Haunted by Fear of Vengeance,
"Informer" Starts Back to
New York.
[f pedal Cafcla to To* Tlroea-intpaich. ]
Havana, December 7?Haunted by
rear of ttta vengeance of New York
gangsters, whose enmity he Incurred
when be helped In the conviction of
the four gunmen and L ??uienar.t Beck?
er for the murd-: el Gambler Herman
.Rasenthai, "BrldgiC Webber, the dap?
per little Fes t) ?second Btreel ear Si
eharp, to-day beat .1 haaty retreat troni
Cuba, after one week's stay. He
learned, It !s said, that hit fears no
longer sere found ?! on BgBaeBta of
fancy, but on't'-.e s u I*.* t an t lal fact that
gunmen stalking him had reached the
All the way from his hotel to the
boat Webber ciur.c to the arm of his
pretty wife. ? .ist an furtive glances
ail around him. Carefully he Baratt
Blaad the faces of those about him,
and his progress was hurried.
Once on board, the Webbejg did nr?t j
linger on deck, but passed quickly to
their stateroom, urbare "Bridgie" dis- j
appeared from aiear, Mrs. Webber
stood guard in the compansonway until
the steamer left. She signed the ship's
- ? star, gave ordern to stewards for
bagsase, answered ail necessary qu.-s
tieaa, and ejied askance are FIT passen?
Both Webber and his wife refused to
ftaik to newspaper men. and would
Baaks ae ornament as t<> their destina-1
tion SJid future plans, hut as the' Sara?
toga would stop only at New York.
It was certain that they were going,
After traveling under an assumed
name ard srtnnlng from fellow-passen?
gers at cards. Webber arrived in
Havana a week ago and announced
trhat he would remain several weeks
?doing" the local gambling houses. He
was Emsaedlately put under surveil?
lance by th/ police. To-day. it became
known. Webber caught a hurried
glimpse of a familiar face, and it was
that of an East Side New York gun?
man. That was enough for ?Bridgie "
He palled stakes at once.
Refuse to Pay Fare laleas Given
'Speri?i ?oThe Times-Dispatch ]
Wear Haven, Conn, Deoember T.?'
When the conductor of a train on th
{few Haven road undertook to collect
the fares from twenty-five commercial
If you're young, or medium
or simply "matured," here's
the overcoat to just suit your
fancy, your figure and your
We won't attempt a descrip?
tion?the list is too long?the
variety too big and your time
too valuable to read a loi g
winded advertisement.
We sin i ply in vlt? you to spend
a little time with our overcoat
Prices, $13 to $80.
Fur overcoats, $23 to $20O.
Do you know of anyone who
i would not welcome a bag or
; suit-case as a Xmas present?
Prices, $3 to $20 (fitted).
J Or a silk umbrella? $8 to $12.
A special assortment for the
Canes too, $1 to $10.
Housecoats and bath robes,
$2.50 to $28.
French scarves?in Xmas
boxes, $1.80 to $2.80.
House slippers and dancing
pumps are Ideal.
travelers coming to this city from
WaKInirford last night, none would
give up his ticket until he was pro?
vided with a sent. Just as the train
was entering this city the conductor
.-aid If they d:d not give him their
tickets he would notify the road to
have police at the station to arrest
them. He also marshalled all the
train crew to the cur wnere the twen?
ty-live were standing to keep guard
over them until the police would ap?
pear. Then twenty-three handed him
their tickets, prottstlng that It was
an outrage to collect fares from pas?
sengers when the road failed to pro?
vide seating accommodations. The
two who refused to give up told the
conductor to get a policeman as quicat
ly as 4e could. They wa.ted on the
station plaefcrm for fifteen minutes,
but no police appeared and no arrests
were made. _
Bright's Disease
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?g bad shape: leet erar 2i Iba. I
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after ctlnr or.'.j eight bettle*, am
f -'-'j ? .red ?-*?. J. Nolan. Colum?
bia. Aria.
rMWla, COCX SOCr .~r pm^-imy
SM ,Mj r? .'
ft ???:, rr-.-*> ./ i..unmi ?!> Ill
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2? Rh UBIuc Remdjtaiy
3? D.a'bete* R**??-dj
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made shopping . r ?*?, r-.v - tri' ?he k'. i?1 (frlmj <-.meg shead of
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(Continued From First Page.)
a committee to consider political con?
Governor Hadley made a personal
statement later, however, with the ex?
planation that he undertook to speak
only (or himself. He declared that the
deflection of 4.000.000 voters from the
' Republican ranks in 1912, "requires
J a careful consideration." and urged
I that a national convention be ca.ied
before tho beginning of the next
campaign to redraft party rules e"
I that no question could be raised over
I the '?representative character" ot ni
I llonal Republican conventions.
Governor Vessey, of South Dakota,
j one of those present, 1? Progressive
National ?'ommitteeinari for that ?lat< .
and announced he would attend the
Piogresblve gathering at Chicago ne.\t
week. He remained in the conleren-c
wover, and participated in the dis?
Coverr.cr Tener, of Pennsylvania,
said there had been a free exchange
of Republican views and a general
agniSSSlSSl of hope that the Republi?
can party could be strengthened.
Views of Hadley.
Governor Had. discussing bis
"personal views," said:
"I have felt and acted upon the
theory that the Republican party had
1 not outlived its usefulness as an
agency of good government, but I do
?Ot agree with those who contend that
all that is necessary for us to do Is to
sit still or to stand pat In the hopo
and btlief that Democratic mistakes or
general business depression will re?
store the Republican party to power.
"1 believe that the fact that the 4.
voters who voted the Republi?
can ticket In 190^ and refused to vote
It In 1912 requires a careful consid?
eration as to the reason of their action
a:.'i ai to a hat may be done, to correct
ci r.d.:i-.r.s to which they have object?
"One of the conditions which has
been the cause of objection wltrun the
party for years has been the basis of
representation from Southern States.
Another Is the party's attitude towards
dir.rt primarlee for the election of
delegates. I believe that such change
should be made in the existing rules
for the caaedaet of party affaire in both
of these matters that there can be no
question bat that the will of the ma?
jority will control, both aa to policy
and as to candldatea
"We Republicans who believe In
progressive policies cannot ask that
those who are conservative should
change their op!nl?&a>. but we ought,
all to be able, to agree that the con?
ventions that settled these questions
snail be truly representative of the vot?
ers At what time and in what way
such char.ges should bo made, it la inj
my op'nlor, too early to say.
There should be ample time for the 1
prejudices and feelings aroused by
the recent contest to subatda I believe
that prior to the beginning of tne i
1914 campaign, probably within tho '
next Tear, there should be called a
national convention of the party to
consider these questions or any other'
matters that it might aeem advisable
to consider."
Brtatnw Suggest* rnnslttre.
[Special to The T'.mes-Iyi?peitch.5 I
Washington. December 7 ?Tou are
wrong in suggesting that a suitable
rommlttee t'. reortcanlze the RepuMI- j
can petty would BO Governor Hadley.
?I Call, of Misserhoaetta. and my-|
se'f." wrote Senstor Brlstow, of Ksn
?. to a friend, to-day.
M- rholce fee such a committee Is
Theo... r- Ro -seven. Joe Cannon. Sen-j
stor I .a Foilette, Senator Root. Gover?
nor Johnson. Senator Lodge and Sena-j
tor Cummine
' Agreement on fundamental prlnM
pies Is necessary to any party. When]
these gentlemen can agree upon the |
principles which moot underlie
great party, let them repe't
"I hare not a word to e?T." w
Senator La Follette'e comment on the |
1 -t r "I can't help their uelng my
r am -
??trials Dewy ?*ery.
a! to The Tlmea-DCs-patch. ]
rton. D soe saber 7.?Ogee la! a
1*?an r\?o deiie* M , ^.
was any truth m the etery.
that Users was any truth In
publisher] t-.-'tav fast Cole ;
teovemor of to-trh Carolina,
refused an lntrttata-o t ? the
nual fall dim ?r this evening
t e?fr4rr?tf t eteeaa Asms far were
f Special toThe Time*-Despatch J
Waabfeigton. Dei ember 7.?A Confefl.
e-a-- i> --.n. VIagaus 8 Thom,-s- -v.
' era m WIb< kvoter. Va.. was the first
meal ?n.i, njr? to a,-ply f ,r an
? In ?a ar> under that bow law
?ling a; peal to Congreas, and pro
I req :e?t mo*l be made to tho
s. -retary of the dspartaesnl.
Thomson ?ho set-red uader
f .. ah W hlte and la Roe., r s brira |. is
? t ?ed In the ?rar reeerde bur* u et
? l.4?e to ft see. Myer p*ee~l It alone;
-.ira ,f th- II a- . wilt,
?rdat.on It oe daa. 0?<d
The Vlrginl. con?roe men probaMf
will intercede . a (,. ...if ,.f use eld Coa
federate soldier.
Five Condemned Men Oppos
Efforts Made In Their
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Salem, Oregon. December 7.?"W( do
not want life Imprisonment We pre?
fer death"
This Is the unanimous wish of Mlka
Oo.'gan. Krank Garrison, Noble Faul
der, John W. Taylor and IL K. Roberta,
the ftvo men condemned to hang i'ri
i> in the penitentiary here, when
told that efforts are being made to
have their sentences commuted.
? I do not want Sheriff Orderly to
see me hung." said Roberts to-uay. "1
want my lawyer, Roscue Hurt, and Mr.
Lauren, of the Portland commons,
there. '
"I think a cold-blooded murderer
should hang." aald Taylor to-day. "1
do not believe a man who kills In self
defence should die, though. I am not
afraid to die, If the Governor says 1 j
Down In California, Tailor has
mother. Ilia aole request is that the
news of his death be broken gently ]
to his mother, and that she never |
know how or why he died.
F. C. Gairlson, typical "bad man."
i lea times a convict, to hang for mur
I derin-r Ray Perkins, said:
"1 want Governor West to see me
hangeJ. I want him to hear what l
?ay lefore the trap aprlngs. I would
rather hang than atay in prison for lite
Jack Roberts, who killed two youths
in an automobile becauae they did not
stop at his command when he was
attempting to hold them up. Is the
only one of the live showing signs of
breaking down.
(Continued From Ffrst r'ase.)
sightseeing^ To all Interviewern who j
asked about his utterance* at Jllcn- |
mond. he replied:
"I stand upon the official stenogra?
phic record of the case, and I apologize
to no man for one word I have said.''
No Ceateet With film New.
Washington, December 7.?SenatOT
E. D. Smith, of South Carolina, upon
being asked to-day by the representa?
tives of several press associations and
newspaper correspondents whether he
wished to reply to the statement of
Cole I> Klease, Governor of So Jth
Caro'ina, made at Richmond a day or
two ago, when he said. "To hell with
the Constitution." In view of the fact
that the latter haa announced hlmselr (
a cand'date for the Senate to succeed
Senator ?mlth in 1915. aald:
"In view of the fact that a majority
of the people of South Carolina have
chosen Governor Blease ag chief ex?
ecutive of the Etats, his views on pub?
lic questions must necessarily be taken
by the public as the vlewa of those
who elected him. until repudiated by
them. Further than this I do not care
to make any statement."
This means that fihe South Carolina
Senator does not propose to be drawn
Into a contest for his seat at this time,
two yeara attll remaining before the
election ccmes off. but that In the
event Blease Is of the opinion later
on that he will make a fight for the
senatorial toga, he will meet him on
the stump. Senator Smith is known
as one of the most effective campaign?
ers In the country, and be doubtless
win be able to take care of himself
when the time cornea to enter the
arena. P- ? v*r"
Advlcc to Those Who
Have Luii? Trouble
-p. *,,-,-?:?<-?!? !s said to b? curable by alm
??"-S m the open sir and takln* an
?bur.rlat-r? of fresh e*ss and mil's. ?>o all
you eossiolr can to add to at re net!; and
tncr?as? welrht: eat wholesome, nourtahlne
?"..? I sad breathe the e'eanast and purest
a'- and then. If h?a!th and str<-neth do not
return sdd the toslc sad bsnefflsl effects
of Bckman's Alterative. Read what It did
ta this case:
ME E. Ith St.. Wtrralreton. Del
? fie fit lernen: In Jantrery. last. I waa
tak?n with hemorrhares of the lunsr?. My
physician, one of the :ead!ne practitioners,
saij that tt wa? luo? trouble. I t?ok ??SS
ar.-i asm In quantities, but I B">t very weak.
Th. d-e-'.->ra aald I would not s?!n In welrht
ss lo?V ss I ataysd is the store, but I kept
en werkln* and prayer each day that I
- r ? ?et wstl. I believe my prayers were
answered, for Mr. t. a_ Lsppkicott. my em
p ov?r tUppInrott A Co.. Department Store,
v to SM Market gtreet. Wlrmlmiton. Del >.
had learned or a reaasdy celled Eckmen'e
Alterative ;>?' had dons ?rat rood. Ssd
upon his r?<-opnmend*tlOB I beeran taking It
?? et*"-* This was sbotit Jone. 1BSJ. I con
? - -?? faithfully, using no oth?r rem?dy.
and finely noticed the cleartn? of the runes.
BnaTf b?:i?va Eckmaa's A:t?ratlv? sa.-d
m> life I s?r.t my spittle Ister to the State I
Baatd * Ti Sttl ta b? examinee for tuber- j
? s aaillH and none were found My '
- d>d .'r?vm Conau rent loo whea I wsa
sbotit two y?ars e*d.
I rraka I ? statement as that others
may lesrn of the wondsrfut marlts ef
tvicr-an's Alterative I regard my re-orery
at bctna mtracntoas ."*
?VDni afTMartt) JAR. POT*TRF??.
E'ktinr'i Alterative la effective In Bron
rhitls. Asthma. Hay r"?v#r. Throat and T.une
TtotnVes snd ha upbuilding- the system Does
not rostsln polaon- ?vraat?? or heMt-form
ln? dru?s. gr.- aa> by Owens A Minor Pr- s
Cs Bad Bttasf ksaSaaj druggiats Aak for
-? telll-ig of recoveries and writs to
? v~?n laboratory. Philadelphia, Pa, for
add--' n?' e-1d?n<-? ?Ad vor: l?rmest
Pay City Taxes
Room 107. C.tr Hall
Ri-mmond. Va. December I. lilt.
STERT MU?, twsnty-ons years ef
aav. and EVERT person keeping house
- doir g hijstrees In the city. Is as
s? sa?d 'or personal taaes Those who 1
have rot paid any otty taxes daring
the year are urgrwd to call and settle,
so ss to avoid being posted as delin?
FIVE PER CENT will be added te
la*' half If not aald on er before DE
?? a? ?IX PER <"ENT alee at
?a ? s to all blUa na seen aa reported
u'.ar attention la called te the
? t-ove. ae eater th- rJty .rdlnanoe
Ikaag can b? aa avoidance ef the aen
> TV?N MI.Iv* ar? also dee and
will hs added ta all I ?12 Gradjag. Pav.
'ie and l?rwe? Connection hflle NOT
pa d at tha ofSea ef DEPITT
C.ntAJrrrrt-n. Tenth and Ifoll Stn
City Oolleotor, City ef ^sftnao
In the make-up of the Packard "38" carriage
are more features directly appealing to the
owner and driver than ever before have
been embodied in any one motor vehicle
Left Drive
Avoids the necenity of stepping
into the street This result in con?
nection with other far reaching
Electric Self Starter
Easily and simply operated from
a driving position.
Centralized Control
Complete mastery of the car from
the driver's seat. A compact ar?
rangement at the finger tips
operated with the slightest effort
Electric Lighting
Controlling switches at the cen?
tralized control board.
Magneto Ignition
A high tension dual ignition sys?
tem independent of the self-start?
ing battery and motor generator.
Insures Packard efficiency at all
Short Turning Radius
The Packard "38" turns in a circle
forty-one and one-half feet in
Six-Inch Depth of Frame
Prevents body distortion and
cramping of doors.
The sum of these essentials is to be found in no other car. This
comprehensive solution, in one motor carriage, of all the chief
problems of recent years, compels the consideration of the
critical patron.
Ask the man who owns one
Gordon Motor Company, Incorporated
1217-23 West Broad Street. Richmond, Virginia
Hydraulic Governor
Enables the novice to drive with
the assurance of an expert. Pre?
vents "stalling" the motor in
crowded traffic; prevents racing
the motor when "declutching*;
affords agreeable uniformity of
road speeds without requiring
skillful use of the accelerator
Six-Cylinders Perfected
Flexible, efficient, silent giving
motioa with no sense of exerted
Dry Plate Clutch
Proof against "burning" and cef?
tall of engagement without
Forced Feed Oiling
Especially desirable for "sixes."
An auxiliary system feeds oil di?
rectly to the cylinder walls and is
automatically regulated for differ*
ent power requirements.
Size of Crank Shaft
The diameter of the crank shaft
is 2Vt inches. Ample sixe of
bearings insures maximum period
of service without refitting.
Then, if He Fails to Reconsider,
Congressional Action Is
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Washington, December 7.?"Amazing
and unprecedented." was how Repre?
sentative Garner, of Texas, to-nlsht
branded the action of Attorney-Gen?
eral Wlckersham in stopping the ar
reat of John D. Arcbbold and other offi?
cials of the Standard Oil Company, In?
dicted by a Texas grand Jury in the
Waters-Pierce litigation.
Garner and Representative Beall. ?t
Texas, breathed indignation and retri?
bution for Wickersham. Ruth declartd
they will give Wlckersham "Just one
mor? chance to reconsider."
"I never heard of such an amazing
and unprecedented affair." said Gar?
ner. "A Federal grand Jury indicted
Archbold upon evidence sutflv*nt to
justify Issuance of warrants. Yet the
Attorney-General, with scant or no
consideration of the evidence, says he.
not the grand Jury, must be satisfied
that probable ra_.se exists for the pros
' ecution.
'My colleagues from Texas propose
'< to give the Attorney-General Juat one
more chance to reconsider his action
bofore provoking a congressional in?
Repr?sentative Beeil, echoing Oar
ner s ser.tlmenta. said In falrneaa to
United States District Attorney At
well, of Texaa. aa well as Wlckersham.
that congressional action should be
stayed until Wlckersham rerelvee the
formal opinion of Atwell and Depart?
ment of Justice officials and makes
known his final decision.
"If the Department of Juatice at?
tempts to override the authority of
the Texas Federal courts, however."
eald Garner, "the country la entitled to
know all the facts and the reasons In
detail for euch unprecedented action.'
ftaaaorrd The? Tefl H HI ? sll mm Itread
aemsTBt arkeaeae.
r^bper'a: to Th - T m< s-:>'spatch J
Waahlnrton. I?eeemher 7 - That Pres?
ident Taft would sail for Panama
within a weeg; on the n?wlv chnstrurt
eel Dreadnoutrht Arkansss waa nt
rrvored among naval officers here to
nlgtst. The Atkansaa. nesreet and tsir
sreat of ITnele fawn's sea flahters. w.ll
slip ar-hor by the latter part of next
week on her trial trip.
At the White Reuse it was stated
that the President's eneraaemeats wwre
booked up tu the holldars. and ttrat U
Waa aleo Irraprsebahle the chief ciecu
etro would depart from the t~nlt?4
estates .luring the present seesloa of
tr.l? itin.ii surlna; a Tog The vetsel sot
out of her course and was sijSted off P?s
tai.re captain Pollak quickly realized that
M atVCkaera Mour.t waa nut the .liars, and
Immediately hauled to sea. Nene of the pas
"''?'"? s-a? n?lere how cose to dancer the
veaici had been.
Idlth St. Cl.-fr Itaa OITera Proas ?er
eral Producers.
[Special to T*he Tlmes-r?spatch.]
JffwTrtrk, Iiererr.her 7?Mick St.
Clalr. the actress, who got a verdict
for SllJgt against A. L Erlanger In
the Supreme Court last Friday, has de
I elded to return to the stage
The suit was over a ter-year cen
tra N at ti."Zl a year, and the Jury
! gave h-r the full amount. Miss St.
. Cialr has been off the stage since her
. last appearance with Anna Held In
"Sanaa Innocence," three years ago.
Sir. -? she won the stilt several pro?
ducers have offered her engagements,
! but she has not yet decided which
offer she will accept._
A perfect Tooth Wash and a safe mad
efficient antiseptic for sore mouths. For?
mulated by the eminent
This wash wiii do for your month and
teeth what no other preparation can. It
is highly recommended and has stood the
:est for ?? Years.
At R-llftble i
25c. Sec and SI M.
Rfie One
wm HAftLMTOe/ PktttDtMT
jw RXTHteCr irr vice. "?cs
jvoc .vAtr.EP vroln&rtill
Broad Stn

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