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The Norfolk post. (Norfolk, Va.) 1865-1866, June 22, 1865, Image 4

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J>'2, ISH6.
Let f irmor gi:nlgrs puss.- Shakspeare.
Be not swift to take oii'enee;
' "iLet it pass.
Auger is a foe to sense;
Let it pass.
Ihood not darkly o'er a wrong
Which will disappear ere long,
Rather sing this cheering song,—
» Let it pass,
Let it pass.
Strife corrodes the purest mi ml,
Let it pass,
As the unregarded wind,
Let it pass.
Any vulgar souls that live
May ■ondemn without reprieve.;
"1 is the noble who forgive,
Let it pass,
Let it pass.
Echo no! an angry word;
Let it pass.
Think how often you have erred;
Let it pass.
Since our joys must pass away,
J ike the tlewdj.'ops on the spray,
Wherefore should our sorrows stay?
Let it pass.
Let it pass.
if for good you've taken ill,
Let it pass.
Oh! be kind and gentle still;
Let it pass.
Tltr," at lust EOA-M all tilings straight.
Let us not resent bat wait,
And our triumph shall be great;
Let it pass,
Let it pass.
Hid your to depart;
T et it pass.
Lay thvse homely words to beart,—
Let it pass,
follow not the giddy ♦'"•~ng:
Better to be wronged than wrong;
Therefore sing th ., eheerj . —
To*», peaa/
Let it pass.
i . ■ »t» ■
W-iereas, the fourth section of the
lonrth article of the C'on.-ititution of the
United States dSClares that
States shall gajran tee to every State in
Ihe C.iou a republican form of govern
ment, and shall protect each of them
against invasion ami domestic violence
add whereas, the President of the United
Sta t-s is by the Constitution, madeCom
mander-in-Chief of the army and navy,
■it) well as chief civil executive officer o!
the United States, and isboundbysolemr
Onlii faithfully to execute the office oi
President of the United States, aud U
take i. ue that th" laws be faithfuliy exe
cuted; and vrhereai, the rebellion whicl;
has been VMCd by a portion of the peo
ple of the United States against tht
properly constituted authorities of tin
government thereof, in tiie most violent
and.iuvolting form, but whose organizec
aud armed forces have now been nimosl
entirely overcome, has, In its revolution
ary progress, deprived the people of tht
S&le ot Mississippi of all civil govern
meut; and whereas, it becomes necessary
anil proper to Carry out and enforce- tht
obligations of the United States to tin
iiepple of Mississippi, in securing then
In tne enjoyment of a republican foru
■>( government:
' fcow, therefore, in obedience to tin
high mid solemn duties imposed upor
me by the Constitntl n of the Unitet
SHatcs, and for the purpose of enabling
the loyal people of said State to organizi
ftState government, whereby justice maj
be "establislved, domestic tranquility re
stored and loyal citizens protected iii all
their rights of life, liberty and property,
I, ANDREW Johnson, President of tht
United States, antl Commander-in-Chlel
of the army and navy' of the United
States, do hereby appoint William L.
Sharkey, of Mississippi, Provisional Go
vernor of the State of Mississippi, whose
duty it shall be, at the earliest practica
ble period, to prescribe such rules and
regulations as may be necessary and pro
per for con vening a comnentlon composed
. of delegates to be chosen by that portion
of the people of said State who are loyal
to the Uuited States, and no others, foi
the purpose of altering and amendiiiL;
the constitution thereof; and with au
thority to exercise, within the limits ol
said State, alt the powers necessary and
g roper to enable such loyul people of the
tace of Mississippi to res'.ie said State
to its constitutional,;:'. lotions totheFede
ral government, and to present such a re-
'form of State government as
will entitle the State to the guarantee ol
the United States therefor, and its people
to protection by the United States against
l i. ; asion, insurrection and domestic vio
lence : Provided that in any election that
may be held hereafter for choosing dele
gates to any State convention, as afore
said, no person shall be qualified as an
elector, or shall be eligible as a member
of sucn convemv-n, unless he shall have
. r.rcio isiv taken and subscribed theoath
Of amnesty, asset forth in the President's
procLuatitint! of May 20, A. D. ISrio, aud
. Is a vti.i; piallfied as prescribed by the
constitutional J Uwso! .fie State of Mis
sissippi, in force hm.»diitely before the
Otn or January, A. D, ijSol, the date of
theso-c illedordijjftui': ' -cc.f>. .,.,_. And
ti.j sail coi.ventron '.v;.euVon\rne'd, or
th? L lalattite be thereafter
will prescribe the qui., ra
tio- " electors ami ti.c»_ 6 .__ .y of per
sons to hold <-.:ice iderth'" , ons:it'Ulon
sV?i lirtwof the State-—apvi..v. ">o
fleofthesevirr'.l St»T«s ompoflng'the
'ecl<.__ cLiion h,ve rightfully exercised
f-., .■ tht; oi.j'in ofthivcovemmenttothe
. present time. And I do hereby direct:—
S Ptr<st— That the militaiy commander
Of the dipartmeht and ail officers and
persons in the military and naval servkv
aid and assist the said Provisional Gov
ernor iv carrying into eiTect this prr n i»
mation; and they arc enjoined to abstain
from in anyway hindering, impeding
or discouraging ioyal people from the ui
ganization of a State govcrnm«nt as
hcreu: authorized.
Second— That the Secretary of State
proceed to put in force all laws of the
. United States, the administration where
of bolongs lo tho State Department, ap
plicable to tho geographical limits afore
Th ird— That the Secretary of the Treas
ury proceed to nominate for appointment
assessors of taxes and collectors of cus
toms and of internal revenue, and such
other officers of-the Treasury Depart
ment as are authorized by law, and put
in execution the revenue laws of the
k States within the geographical
'• In making appoint
iuerro tne\i )refl -' rence shall be given to
qualified ioy*l persons residing within
the districts' where their respective du
ties are to be pprformed. But if suitable
residents of distiicts-aJiall not be found,
thep, persons residing in other States or
dißjUricts shall be appointed.
Fottrt /(—That the Postmaster (icncnil
proceed to establish Jwst nfflccH and post
routes, nail pat into execution the Dostsl
laws of the United Suites within *:ii<l
State, givinir to loyal resiilents the pre
ference of appointment; hut if suitable
residents are not fount!, then to appoint
iiKonts, Ac,•from other States.
Fifth— Thai tin- District Judge for the
Judicial district in which Mississippi i*
Included proceed to hold courts within
■aid State in accordance with the provi
sions of the act of Congress, and the At
torney-General will instruct the proper
officers to libel and bring to Judgment,
(jonflscatloa and sale property subject to
cunrisi latlon, and en force the administra
tion of justice within said State in all
matters within the cognizance and juris
diction of the Federal courts.
Sixth— That tho Secretary of the Navy
lake possession of all public property
belonging to the Nary Department
within said geographical limits, and put
in operation aUacts of Contrress in rela
tion to naval affairs having application
to sititl State.
Seventh— That the Secretary of the In
terim'put in force the laws relating to
tin- Interior Department applicable lo
the geographical limits aforesaid.
In testimony whereof 1 have hereunto
set my hand and causedthe seal of the
United States to he affixed,
Bone at the city of Washington, this
thirteenth day of June, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and sixty-five, and of the Indepen
dence of "the United Stah-s the eighty
By the President:
William H. Sewakd, Sec. of State.
Whereas, by my proclamation of the
2!Hh of April, 18i> r >, all i ' Ictions upon
Internal, domestic and commercial inter
course, with certain exceptions therein
specified aud set forth, were removed in
such parts of the Stuk-s ol Tennessee,
Virginia, North Carolina, South Caro
lina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missis.
slppl, and so much of Louisiana as lie?
east of the Mississippi river, as shall be
embraced within the lines of national
military occupation; and whereas, u.y
my proclamation of the 22d May, iBCO,
for reasons therein given, it was declared
that certain ports of the Uii.tcu States,
which had becnpreviouslyelosedagainst
foreign commerce, should, with certain
specified exceptions; be reopened to such
commerce on and after the first day ol
July next, subject to the laws of tht
United State*, and in pursuance of such
. regulations as might be prescribed bj
(the Secretary of the Treasury; am:
whereas, I am sutisfaetorily Informed
I that dangerous combinations asftiinst tht
laws of'l. * " 'r' "* nolongercxisi
* within t'- 1 " • V Qial tht
,j n ..-.. -,4i,. n Heretofore existing .vithir
'-ii'd State has been suppressed; " ■
I within the boundarfe? thereof ihe an
1 thority of the United State! is undls
ipul»- : "; aad that such officers of tin
United States as have been duly com
I missioned are in the imdiiturbed exerciw
i of their official mncOorrsi
Now, therefore.be it known that I
Andrew Johnson, President of thi
United States, to hereby declare that al
restrictions upon internal, domestic ant
coastwise intercourse and trade, ant
upon tiic reuK.val of products of State;
heretofore declar d in insurrection—-re
serving and cxc i ting only those rela
ting to contrab;■•.'.; of war, as hereinaf
ter recited, and also those which relatt
to the reservation of rights of thellnitet
States to property purchased in the ter
ritory of an enemy, heretofore lmposec
In tlTe territory of'the United States Eat;
of tbe Mississippi river—are annulle 1
and Ido hereby direct that they bi
forthwith removed, and that on am
after the first day of July next, all re
strictions upon foreign commerce witl
said porta, with the exception and re
■ervauon aforesaid, be removed, am.
that the commerce of said States shal
he conducted under the supervision o
the regularly appointed olfil-ers of thi
customs provided by law ; and such ofli
eel's of the customs shall receive an}
captured and abandoned property tha
may be turned over to them under thi
law by the military or naval forces o
the United States, and dispose of sucl
property as shall be directed by the We
eretary' of Treasury.'
The*follow ing articles, contraband o
war, are excepted from tho effect of thii
proclamation : Arms, ammunition, al
articles from which ammunition ii
made, and gray uniforms and cloth.
And I hereby also proclaim and de
clare that the insurrection, so far as i
relates to and within the State of Ten
nessec and the inhabitants of the sail
State of Tennessee, as reorganized am
constituted under their recently adoptee
constitution and reorganization, and tic
cepted by them, is suppressed; and there
fore, alsOj that all disabilities ami dis
qualifications attaching to said State and
the inhabitants thereof, consequent upon
any proclamations issued by Virtue ol
the fifth section of the act entitled. " Ari
hct further to provide for collection oi
duties ou imports and for other pur-
J loses," approved the thirteenth day ol
Tuly 1&G1, arc removed. But nothing
herein contained shall be considered 01
construed as in anywise changing or im
pairing any of the penalties and forfeit
ures for treason heretofore incurred un
der the laws of the United States, or any
of the provisions, restrictions or disabili
ties set forth in my proclamation bearing
date the 9Mb day of Ma; - •>■), or as im
pairing existing regulations for the sus
pension of the habeas corpus and the ex
ercise of military law iv cases where ii
shall be necessary for the general public
safety and welfare during the existing
insurrection: nor shall this proclamation
aff:ct or in any way Impair any laws
heretofore passed by Congress aud duly
Hppro\ clI by the President, or any pro
clamation or orders issued by him during
(he aforesaid insurrection abolishing
slavery, whether of persons or property :
but, ou tho contrary, all sui _ laws and
proclamations heretofore made or issued
are expressly saved and declared to be in
full force aud virtue.
[In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand anil caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington this thir
teenth day of June, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and
aud sUty-flve, and of the independ
ence of tt t t >-<—' e*ntea the eighty
qyfghe President:
'VVII.LIAM 11. BaWARD, Sec., of State.
»_• —
Tint Lincoln Medal in France.—
As wo suggested ou receiving tlic first in
timation ot the suppression of the popu
lar subscriptions in France for a medal
in honor of Mr. Lincoln, that suppres
sion seems to have been a local matter in
certain departi .cuts of the empire, and
not an act of the government of the Em
The Journal dcs Debats remarks upon
it: "The admin-'-Oration, it would ap
" pear, has sudde ' y interdicted this sub
" scription In si r -vy departments. It
" is somewhat dm.cult to understand the
'.* rea-iur of this unexpected rigor, espe
" cially when we recall the homage al
" ready paid in France to the memory of
" the illustrious President Lincoln."
S) barrsls liottled ALE and PORTER, of tim fliiMt
and douisstic.
Pure Virginia CRAB CIDER, in pints snil nnsrts.
Je 31 tinder Atlantic- Hotel.
As Act iv addition to the "Act respecting Quarantines
and Health Laws," approved FVl.rn.iry twonty-tlfth,
one th 01-;, nd seven huudrwl anil niiiL-ty-iiine, and for
the better oMcutlon of the third Bection thereof.
IW i! enacted by the Senate ami Holm- of Rtjirestntatien
of the United States of America in Congress itsiembltd.
That the Secretary 'if tile Treasury be, and he is hereby,
authorized to puroh;in<- or erect suitable wurchoimoH and
other convenleneet for the storage of BJBOSj and nu*rchan
diae imported in any vessel subject to quarantine or other
restraint, pnsusat lo th*- health lnws of the State of New
York, at such convenient place or places within or near
the port of New York ils the safety of the public revenue
and the observance of audi health laws may require; and
tin- sum of twenty thousand dollam la hereby appropri
ated, out of any money in the treasury uot otherwise ap
propriated, b- defray the expense thereof.
Approved, December 15,1604.
An Act authorizing the holding of a special session of
tbe United States District Court for the District of In
He it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United State* if America ia t-imijrest itltembUd,
'i'bat a sfasial session of the United States district court
for th..- district of Indiana shall be boUssj at the usual
place of holding said conrt on the first Tuesday in Jan
uary, eighteen hundred and sixty-live.
BBC. ft .Dei be it farther enacted. That all suits and
procee.liters of a elvu or crlininsrl nature, now p. tiding In
or returnable to said court, shull be preceded in, hoard,
tried and determined by said court, lit aaid special session,
lv th- same manner ns at a regular term of said court,ami
tho'.ludne theicot is hereby empowered to order tUe cm
paaslling of a petit and grand jury for said session.
Approved, December 20, ISM,
An Act to authorize the purchase er construction of Rev
enue cutters on the lakes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Holme of Representatives
of the United S'atei of America in (bna-retx ass*tabled,
That the saaretary of (be Treasury is authorized to con
struct, or purchase and alter, not exceeding sis steam
revenue cutters, for service on the lakes; and for that pur
pose the sum ol one million of dollars, or an much thereof
aa Is necessary. * s hereby appropriated, out of any money
in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.
Approved, December 110, ISol.
An ACT to establish the grade of Vice-Admirsl in the
United States navy.
Re it enacted by the Senat' and Btumt of Representatives
of the United Statu nf America in Congress BJSSSwaerf.
That the President of the United States bo, and ho is
hereby, authorized sad empowered, by and with tho ad
vice und consent of the Senate, to api]soint one Vlce-
AduiirM, who shall be selected from the list of active Roar-
Albnirau, and Who Shall ho Ihe ranking officer In tho
navy ul' tlio Unite i States, and whoso relative rank with
officers of the a-my shall be that of Lieutenant-'Jeneral
in the army.
Sec. ft And be. il further enacted, That tho pay of the
Vice-Adiiii:ill of the navy shill be seven thousand dollars
when j,t sea, six thousand dollars when on shore duty,and
Ift thousand doUars when waiting orders.
Sr.c. 3. Awl be. it further enacted, That the first section
of an net, approved December twenty-first, eighteen
bandrsd _d sixty-one, entitled "Auact further to pro
mote the (fnciency of the navy,*'Bu~l not he so coustntcd
as to apply to any one holding a commission aa Vice-
Admiral iii the navy.
Approved. December 21, lMt,
,AN Acr to amend the act entitled " An Act to provide in
ternal Revenue to support tho Government, to pay in
terest on the Public Debt, an-' *i; -niier Purposes," ap
provcl June ...i: Ustn, eighteen uundred and sixty-four.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of ReprerentaUvtt
of the United States of America in Cimgress assembled,
That sccti :; *f*- fl, -s of an act entitled "An act to pro
vide internal r, mio to support th? government, to ;-s.v
, Inter- at on the nnilUfl deb t, aud for other purposes," a;
P ji" -1 June thirtieth, elgbteaS hundred and att iiitr,
he amended by striking out the word " Februorv,'
, wherever it ocean in said section, end Inserting, in lieu
thereof, the word .lnuimry.
Ap; roved, B*, l?i>4.
' I An Act to extend tho time allowed for do withdrawal o!
certain goods therein numed fjoat public stores.
M B. it enacted by the Senate and House of Representative,
.i i f the United States of America in Congress assembled
, Ih_ ill oompntlng the throe years allowed by the twenty'
fust section ci the act entitb',l "An act increasing turn
porarily tbodntlesOS imports, and for olherpurposes,'
approved July f-jurtooontli, olghttao hundred and sixty
[ t'.io, lor the witli lrawal of goods from any public store ol
- bonded warehouse for ex|K>rtaTiou to foreign countries, oi
I traiisohlpineiit to any port of tho Pacific or western coasl
|of tho UnitoJ Steles, if such exiHirtation or transshipment
lof any goods shall, either for the whole or any part of th;
1 said term Of three years, havo been prevented, by roasoL
I of any order of the Pnsident of the tuned States, th*
. time during which such exportation or transshipment oi
Bii>-h gwds shall have been so prevented, as aforesaid, shall
be eveltilod ftoni the said computation.
Appro, ed, Daesutta 22, IBM,
1 AN Act to repeal the provision of la* requiring certain
Regents of tho Smithsonian lustitution to bi Metnln-n
,of the- Rational Institute.
Be it enacted by tht Smsftt and House of Rcprtsenlutrvti
■of the Undid Statu of America in (ingress assembled
; f bat so much of tho act "To establish the SuiitlisouiaL
. Institution for the increase and diffusion of kuowlcdgi
'. among men," as requires that two of the Regents of sate
1 Institution shell be members of Ihe National Institute it
tho city of Washington be, and tho same ia hereby, re
, pealed.
Ajiprovud, .Tnutiat-y 10. 1305.
,An An- making appropriations for the payment of in
' valid and other pensions of the United State*! for the
f year ending the thirtieth nf June, eighteun hundredur.J
, sixty-six.
Be it enacted by the Semite and House of Representa.
Heal of the Unitid Stalls of America in CbatfratS assenv
bled, That the following sum* be, and the aanie m-o here
'. by, appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not
, otherwise appropriated, tor the payment of peusiona for
- the ye.,r ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred
1 and sixty-six: *
I For invalid pensions under various acts, four million
■ dollars.
For roTOtattoaaij pensions, per acts of March eigh
? tcenth, eighteen hundred and eighteen; May fifteenth.
eighteen htindred and twenty-eight; June seventh, elgh-
I teen hundred and thirty-two; thinl section uf act of
I July seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight; March
. third, eighteen hundred and forty-three.; June seven
teenth, eighteen hundred and forty-four; February second
and July twenty-nine, eighteen hundred anil forty-eight;
. nud second section [of] act of February third, eighteen
hundred und titty-three, two hundred and thirty thousand
■ dollars.
For pensions to widows, mothers, children aud sisters,
1 under the first section of the act of fourth July, eighteen
| hundred and thirty-six: act of July twenty-first, eigh
teen hundred and forty-eight: first section of tha act ol
February third, eighteen hundred and fifty-throe; June
' third, eighteen hundred and fifty-eiirht; aud July four
teenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, seven million
Sec. 2. -turf be. il. further enacted, That tho following
sums bo, and the stiino are hereby, appropriated to supply
ileficieucies in tho appropriations for the prcseut fiscal
year: for the paymeut of pensions under toe acta ol
March eighteenth, eighteen hundred and eight.en; May
, fifteenth,' eighteen hundred and twenty-eight; June
seventh, eightnt-n hundred and thirty-two; third section
of act of July fourth, eighteen hundred and thirty-six;
• July seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight: Janu
ary [June] seventeenth, eighteen hundred and forty-four;
March third, eighteen hundred and forty-three: February
second and July t-.veiity-ninth, eighteen hundred and for
ty eight; and second section of act of February third,
eighteen hundred and fii'ty-three, sixty-fivo thousand dol
For the payment of pensions under tho first section of
the act of July fourth, eighteen huudrod and thirty-six;
act of July twenty-first, eighteen huudrod and Yorty
ci^ht; first section of the act of February third, eigh
te-n hum t red and fifty-three: June third, eighteen ban*
dred ami (lay-eight; Bad July foni'tsonth, eiguteeu Hun
dred and MVty-two, three million five hundred thousand
dollars. m^
Approved, January U, 180.1.
An Act to amend an act entitled "An Act for tho punish
ment of crimes in the District of Columbia," approved
March Bocou-'. clgliteou hundred and thin; -one.
Be it enacted by the Senate ami jum, ./ Re.presnda
tires of the United States of America in Ccmgrest astern
bled, • Tawtlhn second tosMon of an act entitled "An act
for the punishment of crimes In the District of Colum
bfsv," npprov-d March aecond, tftgSteoa hundred and
thirty-one, be, and tho same is berely, amended so as to
real'as follows: That every person duly convicted of
manslaughter, or of any iu,snult with intent to kill, shsll
bu aeutenced to suffer iu,prisonniv.it and labor, for the
first offence, for a period not loss than two nor more than
eight years, for tho second offence, for a period not lost
than six nor more thau fifteen years.
Approved, January 13,15G6.
An Act to amend an act entitled "An Act to provido for
carrying tbo mails from the United States to foreign
ports, and lor other purposes pp.OTed March twonty
lifth, eighteen lm.Mired aud sixty-four.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa
tives of the United States of America in Cbngrtst assem
bled, That th. :- aoetkra of an act entitled "An act
to ;>ro'.ide for t-arrying tha mr~!s from ths United Sue-,
to foreign ports, and lor other purposes,' approved Marca
twi-'uiv-luih, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, „.. so
amenled as to iLsert In the proviso in said section, after
the -cord '-newspaper," tbe words ''periodicals, mae_ines,
add exchanges," so that ii will rend: Pnn-ided, That this
I section shall not l-e held to .extend to the transmission by
1,. ... periodicals, magazines and exchanges,
from a known iffiiio of public*tlon, to tenia fide subscri
bers, not exceeding one copy to each sul. .riber from any
oi— office.
Approved, January 20,1865.
An Act m»kin., appropriations for tho Consular and Dip
lomatic expenses of the govnrnment for the year end
ing thirtioth June, eighteen hundred and sixty -sir
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa
tives of the Cnited States of America in (Ymgrtst astern
bled. That the following sums be, and the tamo are here
by, appropriated, out of any mouey in the treasury not
otherwise appropriate,!, tor the objects hereafter expreee
od, for the fi-cu! year ending the thirtieth of June, eigh
teen hundred und sixty-six, namely:
For salaries of envoys extraordinary, ministers, and
commissioners of tbe United Prates at Great Britain,
Franco, Russia, Pnißsl.i, Spain, Austria, Brazil, Republic
of Mexico, China, Imly, Chill, Peru, Portugal, Swltxer
land, Home. Belgium llollaud, Denmark, Sweden, Tur
key. New Granada, Bolivia. Ecuador, Vcnezuels,C,ustema
lu. Nicaragua, Sandwich Islands, Costa Rica, Honduras,
Argentine Confederation. Paraguay, Japan, and Salvador,
iii-.. hundred and eight thousand five hundred dollars.
For salaries of secretaries of legation, thirty thousand
For salaries of assistant secretaries of legation at Lon
don and Paris, three thousand dollars.
For salary of the interpreter to tho legation to China,
five thousand dollars.
For salary of tho secretary of legation to Turkey, act
ing as an Interpreter, three thousand dollars.
For salary of the Interpreter to the legation to Japan,
two thousand fivs hundred dollars j
For contingent expense of all the missions abroad,
sixty thousand dollars.
For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, eighty
thousand dollars.
For expenses of intercourse with the Borbary Powers,
thre.' thousand dollars.
For expeusi-s of the consulates in the Turkish domin
ions, namely : Interpreters, guards, and otht-r expenses of
the consulates at Constantinople, Smyrua, Candio, Alex
andria and Beirut, two thousand five hundred dollars.
For the relief and protection of American seamen in
foreign countries, tn.< hundred thousand dollars.
For expenva vthlch may be incurred in acknowledging
tho services of the masters and crews of foreign vessels In
rMOnlag citizens of tho United States from shipwreck,
seven thousand dollars.
For the purchase of blank-t>ooks, stationery, book
cas.-s, onus of tbe United State-, seals, presses and flags,
and for the payment of irostaga* and miscellaneous ss>
pelifts of the consuls of the Unite I States, including loss
by exchange, fifty-five thousand dollars.
"For office rent for those consuls-genera!, consuls, and
commercial agents who ore not allowed to trado, Includ
ing lofs by exchange thareon, fifty thousand dollars.
For salaries of consula-general, consuls, commorclal
aguiitd, and thirteen consular clerks, namely :
"■< :i r.v.l.r B.
Alexandria, Calcutta, (Jonßtantlnople, Frankforr-on-the
Mmn, Havana, Montreal, Shanghai.
Ai'ftpulco, Aix-I.vChapelle, Algiers, Amoy, Amsterdam,
Antwerp. Aspinwall, AuxCaves,Uahla, Barcelona, Bankok,
bfa_.li, Belfast, Beirut, Bergen, Bej-nmda, Bilbao, [Bilboa,]
Buenos Ayres, Bordnaia, Bremen, Brfttol, Brlndisi, Bon
logue, Cadiz, Callao, Candia, Canton, Cardiff, Chin Kiang,
Clifton, Coaticook. (Jork, Domarara, Dundee, El
sinoie, Erie, Koo Choo, Funchal. Oalatr, Cuape Basin, <le~
nevrt, Oenoa. Gibraltar, Glasgow, tfoderich, Gottenberg,
Guayraas, (ialifax. Ha'uhiir";, Havre, Honolulu, Hong-
Kong, Jerusalem, Kanaguwa, Kingston, Kingston in Can
ada, La Focholle, ljaguayra, I_thaino, La Paz, La Union,
Leeds, Leghorn, Leipsie, ListHui, Liveriwol, London, Lytms,
Slacao,- MriiuL'ii. Malta, Manchester, Man7.anillo, Maracaibo,
Matauzas, Mnrseilles. Mauritius, Melbourne, Messina.
Moscow, Munich. Nagasaki, Nantes, Naples, Nassau, (West
Indies,) Newcastle, Nice, Odessa, Oporto, Palermo, Panama.
Paramaribo. Paris, Pernambuen, Pictou, Ponce, Port Malum,
Prwoit, Prince Rdward Isl;.nd, Quebec, Kevel, Rio de
Jansrlo, tlottcrdam, San .luan del Sur. San Juan, (Porto
Rico,) Santa.nier, Sautlagi> de Cuba, Santos, Port Sarnia,
Scio, Singapore Smyrua, Southampton, Stockholm, Saint
John, (Newfo'indland,. Saint John, (New Brunswick,)
Sahit PctTsbiTp;. Saint Pierre, (Martinique,) Saint Thomas,
Stutttardt, Iwuow, Saint Helena, Tabasco, Tamplco, Tan
■ricr, Teliauntenec, Toronto, Trieste, Trinidad de Cuba,
Trinidad, Tripoli, Tunis, Turk's Island, Valparaiso, Valen
-1 ia, Venice, tsjsjbj Cruz, Vienna, Windsor, Zurich.
A moor River, Antigua. Balize, (Honduras,) Gaboon,
Madagascar, ban Juan del Notlo, SMst Domingo, St. Marc.
1 Barbadoes, Bntaxia, Bay of 1.«1an«3, Cape Haytien,Cape
1 Town, Carthegona, Ceylon, Coblja. Ccrrus. Falkland Lv
lnnds, Fay el. Gnvaquil. Louth nla, Mamnham, Matamoras,
Mexico, Montevi'l.-<». Oma*>, Payta, Paso del N.-rto, Pirspos,
' Rio Graudo. Sabanill , Saint Catherine. Santa Cruz, (West
Indies,) Santiago, (Cape Verde,) ilptlle. Stettin, Tahlta,
Tftlcabnsno, Tuntl>ez, Zanzibar.
Bcn_t>-_e r,
Apia, Saint Paul do Lov.ndn* [Loanifl,! including loss by
exchange thereon, four hundred" and fifty thousand dollars.
For interpreters to the consulates In China, including
" loss by exchange thereon, five thousand eight hundred
dollars. -
Kr-rexpensea incurred, under instructions from the Secre
tary of State, i n bringing homo from foreign countries per
t sons chargovl with crime, and expenses incident thoreto,
» twenty thousand dollars.
For salaries of the marshals for thn consular courts In
' J»p."», China. Siam, and Turkey, including loss by ex
vlian.,. :...T"jn, nlr . tia"" ' •'o'llars.
Pet reilt of prlrHM' 'or A.a«iL'.n convicts in Japan,
' China, Siam. and Itekev, and for wuges of tho keepers of
i the same, nine thousand dollars.
For salaries of commissioner! and consuls-general to
H'tvti and Liberia, eleven thonfitnd fiv» hundr«l dollare.
_*or eipensee under the act of Congress to carry into ef
- feet the treaty between the United State*) and her Britannic
M_jo.-ty for the _npure_slcn of tbo African slavtvtraile,
Mfet-t-Pt) tJi'Hisand dollars.
f For exi-'uiisw under thu act to encourage Immigration,
i twenty-five thousand dollars.
For oxpeusoe under the noutrality act, twenty thousand
- dollars.
For expensaf* of tbe commission to run and mark the
- boundary Uot between the United States and the British
f porjseesious bounding on Washington Territory,, thirteen
f thousand two hundred and fifty dollars,
t Approved, January __, ISdo.
- An Act to provide for an advance of Rank to Officer of tbe
I Navy and Marine Corp* for distinguished Merit.
a f Bt it enacted by tht. Senate and House of Representatives
. ofOtc United States of America in Congress assembled. That
any officer of the navy or marine corps, by and with the
advice and consent of the Sunate, may be advauced, not
exceeding thirty uuoibers In iHiik, for having exhibited
eminent and conspicuous conduct in battle,orvxtraord!uary
i heroism,
• S_«:. 2. And o- it further iwicfrvt*, That any officer of tbe
navy or marine corps, eithur of volunteers or otherwise,
i who shall be nominated to a higher grade by the provi
', sinne of the first section of this act, or of that of section
i nine of an act eutltlei) "An act to establish and equalize
t, tlio {.radon of lino officers of the United Btatot, uavy," ap
-1 proved July sixteenth, eighteen hundred aud sixty-two,
i .hull be promoted, notwithstanding tbe number of said
. grade may be full, but no farther promotions shall toko
place in that grade, except for I'k> cause, until tbe number
In reduced to that provided by Uw.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all acts, or parts
ofnCuS, which are inconsistent with the provisions of this
' act, He hereby repeuled.
, Approved, January _i, ISO..
An Act supplementary to an Act entitled "An Act to pre
scribe an oath of Office, and for other Purp ises," ap
proved July two, eighteen hundred and sixty-two.
" Be it macttd by the Setvde and House of Representatives
of the United States of A tnerica in Lkntgres* assembled. That
'. no person, after tho date of tins act. shall be admitted to
thu bar of tbo supremo court of tbo United Status, or at
auy time after tht- fourth of March next,shall be admitted
ito the bar of auy circuit or district court of the United
State*, or of the court of claims, as an attorney or counsel
lor of -Uib court, or shall be allowed to appear and he
heard in any such court, by virtue of any previous admis
sion, or any special power of- <ittorney, unless he shall bare
f first taken imdsubscriUdiiie oath prescribed in "An act to
i prescribe an oath of office, and for other purposes," ap
. proved July two, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, accord
-1 ing to the for in? and fn the manner in the said act pro
; vlded; which said oath &-> taken and Bubsrrib*d shall be
i preserved among the files of such court, sud any person
1 who shall falsely take the said oath shall bo guilty of per
jury, and, on cog vie tion, shall ho liable to tho pains and
penalties of perjury, and thu additional pains and penal
' ties in the said act provided.
Approved, January 21, 180fi.
[ As Act to amend an act entitled "An Act to provide ways
aud quasi tor the support of the tiuvernment, and fur
other purposes,'' approved June thirtieth, eighteen
hundred and sixty-four.
Be it enacted by t/u. Senate ami House of Represent fires
lof the United States of America in fy>nyrcs* aste.nbled,
That in lieu of any bonds authorized to bo Issned by tho
. first section of tho act untitled "An act to provide ways
; and means for tin An ort of thn government," approved
June thirtieth, eighteen hundred aud sixty-four, that may
' remain unsold at the date of this act, the Secretory of the
Treasury may issue, under tho authority of said act, trea
sury notes of the description aud character authorized by
the second section «t" said act: l*rovided. That tho
whole amount of bonds authorized as aforesaid, and trea
sury notes issued and tv be issued in lieu thereof, shall not
exer_d *! c nr__ of four hundred millions of dollars: aud
' such tre isfunr notes may be disposed of for lawful money,
or for any otl: *r treasury notes or certificates of indebted
ness or eortllb sates of deposit issued under any previous act
'of Congress: sjs_| >*ucb notos shall be exempt from taxation
ty or under S.alßor municipal authority.
S_- - -tefji be it further enacted, That any liouds known
r.s flre-twenties, issued under the act of twenty-firth Feb
ruary, eight* ma hundred and sixty-two, remaining unsold
jto an amount not exceeding four millions of dollars, may
bo disposed Of by tho Secretary of the Treasury in the
United States, or, if he shall find it expedient, in' Europe,
jat auy time, on such terms _s he may deem most advisa
i i.lo: __s\t this act shall not be so construed an
to give any authority for tho ten* of any legal tendei
notee, In any form, beyond tbe balance unissued of the
amount authorized by the second section of the act to
which this is an umonduieiit.
Approved, January _>*, 1865.
Aw Act maki!" 1 ; appropriations for tho sonico of the Po*t
f Office lion rtmw.it during the fiscal year ending thethlr*
tioth of Juno, eighteen ■hundred and sixty-six.
Be it eiutctcd by the Smote and Uonse of Representatives
of the United States of America in Omgress assembled.
That the following sums be. and tbe same ore imreby, ap
propriated, for tho servi_o ot the Post-Office Department
for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and
sixty -fx. out of any moneys fn the treasury anting from
the revou.m of the said Department, in conformity to the
act of tho second of July, eighteen hundred and thirty
For transportation of tbo malls, (Inland,) seven million
eight hundredtfj-ousand dollars.
For ship, steamboat, and way lottors, eight thousand
For compensation to postmasters, three million one hun
dred and soventy-five t norma 1 dollars.
_\. clcrlu for post-offlcea, one million three hundred
thou?._ I .c.!!'<rs.
For payment to let fOVf hundred thousand
For wrapping paper, seventy-five thousand dollars.
For twine, sevt*ntjen thousaud dollars.
For office stamps, hi v thousand dollars.
For letter balances, two thousand live hundred dollars.
For compensation to blank ageou and assistants, seven
thousand dollars.
For off "c furniture, two (honsand dollars.
For advertising, dollars.
For postage stamps and stamped envelopes, two hun
dred and fifty tbnufand dollars.
For mail depredatious and fpoclal agents, seventy thous
and dollars.
For mail-bags, sixty thousand dollars.
For mail locks and k«ys, eight thousand dollars.
For payment of halaucee due to foreign countries, three
hundred und nity tboiumud dollars.
Fit miscellaneous payments, two bundrod and fifty
thousand dollars.
For foreign mail transportation, two hundred and fifty
thousand dollars-
Approved, January 28,1800.
An Act to amend the Charter of the "Washington On-
Light Company."
pc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembled.
That so much of the acts of June twenty-fivo, eighteen
hundred and sixty, said July eleven, eighteen bun
dr«- and sixty-two, aa relate to the price of gas fur
nished by the "Washington Gas-Light Company," be, and
the sioik aru hereby, repealed: and the act incoporatiug
the "M'aablagton Ua*-l_jrht Company" is hereby so amend
ed m to prohibit the sold company trom receiving, on and
alter tht* first day of December, eighteen hundred and six
ty-four, for the benefit of its stockholders, a greater price
for gas than forty cento per hundred cubic feet, subject to
v discount of tea per c«ntum on all bills tor gas funushed
to the general (overnm««t, and Aye per centum on a)]
, Mili for gas furnished to other consumers, If paid at tbo
office of tho company within seven days from the rondf
r sion thereof.
Approved, January 3d, 186_.
Ax Act to amend an Art entitled "An Act to Incorporate
tlu* Metropolitan Kailroad Company, in th.* District of
f Columbia,*' approved July first, eighteen hundred aud
sixty four.
Be it enacted by tht Senate ami House of Representative
\ of the United States of America in Chngrexs cusenwltd.
Thai section seventeen of the act to incorporate the Metro
[ politun Railroad Company, of the District of Columbia, ap
i ftreved July licit, eight,-.'.) hundred find sixty-four, be, and
, the flame ii hereby, amended bo m to extend the time for
the iomptcjinn of their railroad line, except that part
- thereof between Seventeenth Street and the Cojtftol, for
* one year from the passage of thia act r I*rovided&idwcixr,
- That tlic line from Seventeenth Street and tho Capitol be
i completed, equipped, an drunuing, within thirty days from
the passage of thin act.
t Approved, January 30, 1866.
A* Act to amend the Act entitled "An Art to amend
I and extend th» Charter of the Franklin Insurance Corn
puny," approved second March, eighteen hundred and
Be it enacted by the Senate and Home of JiepresentativfS
of the United States of America in Ibuyress assembled,
p That the art to amend and extend tho clmrter of tho Frank
lin Insurance Company, passed on the second day of
March, eighteen hundred ami thirty-eight, be, and tho
same is hereby, exteuded and cniitinucd in foreo for the
period of twenty years, from the ninth day of April, eigh
tM_ hundred aud titty-eight, the time at which such
.' amendatory tv t expired; und that all proceedings had by
j tho aaid Fntnktin Insurance Company, and all legal rights
J accrued or acquired, and all legal obligation* entered into
.by said company between the ninth day of April, eighteen
r hundred and fifty-tight, and the date of thia act be, and
. the Mine are heielrv, made valid for all legal purpo.-ie*.
Sec. _. And be it further enacted. That the Franklin In
jj snrauee Company are herelty authorized to increase their
[. capital stock to an amount not exceeding two hundred
and fifty thousand ! <i!.u <
.* ■ Approved, January 110,1805.
J An Act for tho Relief _f certain friendly Indians of the
3 Sioux Nation, in Minnesota.
I, Wiißiic _--• certain Indian." of the .Sioux nation did, during
i, the outbreak in Minnesota in eighteen hundred and six
e ty-two, at the risk of their lives, aid in saving many
~ white men, women and children from being massacred,
i, and, in conseijuenco of such action, were compidled to
it abandon their homes and property, and are now entirely
p ) destitute! of the menus of support; Therefore,
i, Be. it enacted by the iSMmbj and House of Representatives
i- of the United State it of America in Omgnts assembled,
i. That the President of the United States be, and he hereby
,1 is, authorized and requested to cause an examination to be
made in relation to all the fm*ta pertaining to tho aetiou
of thetsaid Indians, and to make such provision for their
welfare H their necest-ities aud future protection may re
Site. 2. And tV i! further fSMfccL That, for the purpose
„' of carrying out the provisions of this act, the sum oT seven
v ' thousand live bundled dollars he, und the same is hereby,
appropriated, out of any money in the treasury nof other
wise appro;.i iatett, one-third or "aid MB lo be paid and
expended lor the benefit of itu-pe-tu-to-kc-cha, or John
'8 Other-day, and the ivu.aiudor for the benefit of such other
*• Indian* II shall npjvar specialty entitled thereto, for th-dr
". friendly, extraordinary, aud galiant services in rescuing
8, white settlors from massacre. In Minnesota: Brocide'K
tt That not more than the sum of five hundred dollars shall
V bo expanded for anyone Tudhin, except the chief above
mentioned; aud that tho Secretary of tho Interior shall
report to tbo next Congress the names of the Indians for
whose benefit t*_* _. -hall bo expended, and the amount
txp led for t%ca
y February 0,1865.
s. —
g An Act to extend to certain Persons in tho Employ of the
h1 Government, the limi-fits of the Asylum for the'lusau*
in tbo District of Ohuubia.
■>• Be, it cnacttd \yy the f \ and Jfoust of R iprcscntatives
r> (f the Un'ted Statts "/ 4mwica in O'tigrw assembled,
>■'. That during tho continuance oi the rebellion, civilians em
ployed in the | Tvico of the* Cnited States in the quarter
n master's departnient and snbniistom-e duptatment of tho
► army, who may be, or muy Btrtaftor boooOM insano while
in such eiuide;'_i?nt, shail be ftdmitUd, on tho order of
fb the Secretary of War, the same as persons belonging to
of the army and navy, to tho betifllis of the asylum for the
insane in the District of ... .cided in such
to other cases by the fourth Mctioil of th " \v.t to organlzo
an iusritntiou fur the insane of the ari.iy and navy, and of
f- the EHttrlet Of Columbia lv tfai said District," approved
lc March third, eighteen bnndred and fifty-flvo.
c. Ai>provwi. Fe(.Tua)-y J, ISCS.
"i An Act to provide for Acting Assistant Treasurers or Pe
p'>oitariori of the United BHtoi In certain Cavtw.
IBe it ewtrt'd by the slMMfe ami Uouse of Rtpresciti>t\ve*
of the United Stutes of America in Otnyress asstmhled,
, That iv case of the sickniws or iinavoidnldt* absonja ol any
!' as»i*;ant BftttM_mr or dcq»otiUtry ol thu _uiie*l States from
his office, ho may, witlt the appioval of the St.xretiii? • '
the Tn-iwury, authorize the chief clerk, or somj otn^r
clerk emplovod thanlOfto act in lv* place, and to di»>
chaige all the duties re*nilred hv law of such assistant
tredsurer or depositary: iVataWea, That the official bond
given by the principal of the office shall bu held to cover
** and apply to the acts of the peivon appointed to act in hi*
at ntaca In such ca.-i.sß: And provided furthtr. That such act
*e ing otneer ilmll. for the tiaie l-eing, b« subject to all tiM
ot liabilities and penaltlw prescribed by law for theoflictal
«l misconduct, In like cases, of th? assistant tre.wurur or il«
--cy punitory for whom he shall act.
Approved, February 13, 1*65.
iH *•
ie, An Act to incorjiorate th* 1 National Colon Insurance Com
;i- psny of AV.>-*iington.
[0 Bi ii enacted by the SnuU and _•<.<« of Representatives
M of the United Stabs of Amerioi in Con*/ress assemi/ud,
I> That James Harper, Thomas Pat ton. C. 11. Moody, John
'o.' \V. Maglll, John ft, Ktilly, 11. F.liuy, Valentino Blauchard,
id Thomas J. Fleher, Hmlson Taylor, Augustus F. lVrry, D.
so Walker, Jaimu* IfontfOttotY, Joseph J. May, or auy five of
w them, be, and they are ht-rcby, authorized and empowered
to receive hubscri].tious feu the capital stock of a company
t« to be deiiomiiiaii'd " The National Union Insurance Corn
ill puny of Washington,'' who ■ball open a book for that pur
pßM In the cttj of Washington, at tho time and place to
be by them designated, of which they shall give ten day's
notice in two or more of the daily papers of said city, and
■ft- shall kt-ep the MUM open until twenty thousand shares of
jl. fifty dollars a share each shall have been subscribed; and
any person of lawful age, and a citizen of the United
States, shall be permitted to subscribe upon paying five
. dollars on eu h MUM ut tho time of subscribing*. And it
t shall bo lawful for the said corporation to have a common
'.' seal, sue and tie sued, plead and be impleaded, aud have
j and exercise all the rights, privileges and iinmnuilit-s for
. tht* purposes of the corporation hereby created.
JJ 110. 'I Awt be it further enacted. That the affairs of tho
' company shall be managed by nine directors, to be electod
annually by ballot on the second Monday of July by tho
stockholders or by their legally empowered agents; and
* each share of itook .shall entitle the holder thereof to one
vote; the election to be held at the office of the company
*f at a general meeting of tin- HtockboU;-re convened for that
* purpose, by ten days' public uotic in two or more of tho
" daily papers of tho city of Washington: l*roiuled, That
the find election for directors shall be held pursuant to
ten days' notice given in one or more of tint daily pan-ers
[ of the city of Wiudiingtou by the persons named in the
■ urst section of this let, or any flvo of them, who shall do
signato tlje time wUon and the place whore said election
shall beh'ld: ami the stocktaDld>rs shall then and there
elect nini' directors to servo until the next ensuing elec
tion as provided for in this act. And at the first eijsuing
* meeting of the directors after every eloction, they shall
appoint one of their number as president, who, together
with themselves, shall hold office until the next on-ming
election as herein provided for; end five members of said
" hoard shall compose a quorum. Aud iv case that an elec
r A tion for directors should not be made when pursuant to this
10 act It should have boon made, tbe company for that cause
shall not be dissolved; and it shall be lawful, within forty
w days thereafter, to hold and make an election for director*
'y In such manner us thu by-laws of tho company taay pro
-10 scribe, and the president and directors for tho tiim being
a ' shall be continued in office, until such election take place,
•y Ajid in the event of death, resignation or removal of any
10 director from office, his place for tho remainder of bis term
*" may be filled by the president and directors for tho time
J * being, in such manner aa tho by lav may prescribe.
H " Sec... And be. it further cwr-Ud t Taat the president and
?> directors shall have power to appoint a secretary and such
J other officers, agents and clorks as mi>y to them appear
;t proper, to fix their compensation and pay the same.
v S_c. 4. Aiul be it further etutettd, That tho capital stock
shall be called in, and paid In such instalments and pro
:i portions, and at such lini ■- and place, as the president and
> directors for the tune being Tnay require and designate,
d who shall give fiitoen days' notice thereof in two or mote
y daily papers of tho city of Washington. And If any stock
,e holder, subscriber, their assignee or transferee, shall refuse
j, or neglect to pay such proportion or instilment, a* the
i- timo and place appointed, such stockholder, eubnciiber,
IR tnmsfjroe. or asaignoe sh-ill, at thi- option of the president
a and directois, forfeit to the me of the company all his, her
c or their right, title, and interest iv and to evory share on
o whic'i su''h inatatinout his nnt been duly mado; on,, fresh
-mb.H:riptious' may be f, )r tho same, iv ruch manner
as the bydawH may proscribo, or the president and direc
tors nv;y, at ihoir option, otHMROK * suit for tha sumo and
t- recover ug.dnst t i_-- holder of tVnd stoclc fcr tho amount oi
-• the instalment or proportion so unpaid: Provided, 'flint
no stockholder or subscriber ehall bu permitted to vote at
, s any election for directors, or at auy general or s^chl
* meeting of the company, on whose shares any instilments
J or arrearages may bu title more thau fifteen days previous
, thereto.
d Irr 5. Andbe.it further enac'-ed. That tho protldont
„ and ~.•.-!-»rs for mo time being, shatl have power to or
e da. •, eetabliah and put in ex'**.it.on such mlea, regular
.. tlons, ordinances, and by-laws aa they may deem eatcntial
for the well government of the Institution, not contrary
!to the laws and Constitution of the Cnited States, or of
this act, and gonurally to do and perform all acta, matters
\ and thing* wuich a c , ...ion mayor can lawfully do.
no. 0. And be it f ":.-r nacted. That the president
and directors are hereby empowered and fully authorized,
on behalf of tbo compauy, to make insurance against
j losecs by flro ou any house, building, tenement, inaaufou.-
Vuies. mills, or other bafllßngt; on goods, wares, cjiattels,
j and efiVcU of rdi kinds therein, or otherwise; upon grain,
produce, and implements, and upon Teetola building on
the _to>Ks, in port or at moorings* »W upon
all and every sort and doacriptiou of properly x of whatever
kind soever, on land or water; and to mako, oxecuto, per
foct, and conclude so many contracts, bargains, agree
ments, polMee, and other instruments as the niture of
the ease shall or may require; and all such tnstrumentj,
bargains, contracts, policies, or egroeatanta, .hall bo In
print or writing, and shall be siguetl by tbe president and
accrobiry. or such other persona as the managers may ap
point for such purpose, and shall be under the seal of the
company: FrovidenU That said presid.ut and directors
may, at their option and discretion, make insurance on
such terms and conditions as to them may appear eqmt
able, reserving the premiums, or appropriating and re
, turning such portions thereof to th« insured, as may v
them appeal' conducive to the interest of the compauy and
, tho Insured, In such manner and on such condition* v
may appear to them just and proper.
Hie. 7. And be it further enacted. That the president
and director* shall, on the third Monday ia June of each
and every year, divido so much of the profits of said oom*
pany as to them may appear advisable, first deducting ail
•xpenses, and pay the lame to th* respective stockholders
or their agents, duly empowered, in ton days thereafter;
but tbe money received as premiums upon ricks which re
main outstanding and undetermined at the time of de
claring such dividend, shall not then be considered asport
of the profit**- and, if the capital stock paid in shall be
leeuMted by loasea, no suhseqnen' dhideudViall be made
or declared until a sum oqual to said dimtuu'ion shall
have been added to the capital stock.
SIC. 8. Antt be it further tntXCtnt, That the stock of said
■ company shall be transferred on the books of tho company
In suoh manner only a* tho by-laws of tbe company shall
Sic 9. And be it further enacted, That nothing in this
act shall be construed as making it perpetual, but Oongresa
may at any time alter, amend, or repeal the earn*. 11
Approved, februar* W. 1W i
Ax Act for the Relief of Collectors and Surveyors of the
Customs in certain cases.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembleji.
That iv oil cases in which any collector or survoyor of the
customs if.i ■ paid or accouuttsi for, or is charged with
duties aecrulug under the "Joint resolution to increase
teiiiiiorarity the duties on imports," approved April twenty
ninth, eighteen hundred and slxty-fonr, and in which the
•Secretory of the Treasury shall be satbOed that the col
lection of the said duties was omitted by such collator or
surveyor, for the reason that he was not Informed of the
poHsage of said resolution when said duties accrued, the
said Secretary be, and he Is hereby, authorised, undersnch
rules m he may prescribe, to remit or refund, as the case
may require, such duties lo such collector or surveyor.
Approfod, February 14, 1866.
An Act to authorise tho establishment of Ocean Moil Steam
ship Service between tbe United States and China.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assettbled.
That thu lV«t_ruwter-Oett«ral be, and he is hereby, author
ized to Invite proposals, by'publlc advsrtisement, for the
period of sixty days, in uno or more newspapers published
in the cities of Washlnrrton, New York, Philadelphia,
Boston and Sou Francisco, respectively, for maitateamahip
service between the port of San Francisco, iv the United
Statee, and some port or ports in tbe Chinese Umpire,
toiHting at Honolulu, in the Sandwich Islands, and one
or more ports in Japan, by miwns of a monthly Hue of
first-class American sevgoing stuauish.ps, to be of no lees
than three thousand tons burden each, and of siiinclent
number to perform twelve round trips per annum between
said ports, and to contract with the lowest responsible bid
der for said service for a term of not more than ten years,
[■. commence from the day the first steamship of the pro
posed line shall depart from the port of San Francisco
with the mails for China: Irovided, That no bid shall be
considered which shall amount to more than five hundred
thousand dollars for the twelve round trips per annum,
nor unless the sar s Is from a citftcn or citizens of tho
United States, nr -ompanied by an offer of good and
sufficient surethr, _o citizens of the United States) for
the faithful porfirf* nance of such contract.
■tO* 9. And be it further enacted, That any contract
which the Poefuiaster-General may oxecute, under tbe
authority of this act, shall go into effect on or before the
first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and
,-i 1 1 y M-ren, and shall. In addition to the usual stipulations
of ocean nudj-steainsbip contracts, provide that the steam
ships accepted for tho service shall no constructed of the
best material aud after approved models, with all the
modern improvem.nts adapted to sea-going steams hips of
the first-class, and shall be subject to inspection and sur
vey by on experienced naval constructor, to be d.uilcdfcr
that purpose by tho Secretary of the Navy, whot.* report
shall be made to the Postmojitflr-Oencral. That the govern
ment of tho Vi.lted States shall be entitled to havo trans
ported, free of expenso, on each and every Nteumer, a
to take charge of and arrange the mail-matter.
|0 whom suitable accommodations for that purpose stinll
booasignod. That, in case of fniiuro from any cause to
perform any of the regular moutuly voyages stipulated
fjrlu the contract, a pro rata deduction simll bo made from
the compensation on accouut of such omitted voyagn or
voyages. That suitable fines and ponolties may be im
posod lot delays and irregularities in tbo performance of
the sendee, and that tho Fostmaster-Ceueral shall have
the power to determine tho contract at any time Uoaee
of its being underlet or assigned to any other party.
Approved, February 17, lsoo.
Am Act supplementary to an Act approved July fourteen,
elgiiteun hundred aud sixty-two, entitled "An Act To os
tablish cor tain Post-Roads.
Be il enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United Stat v of America in Congnss assembled. That
the act of Congre.s approved July fourteen, eighteen hun
ched and sixty-two, entitled "An act to establish certain
post-roads," shall be, and the aun- is hereby, so amended
as to auuonso the I/outsvHle and N r a_brille*Rallroad Com
pany, and the Jeffersonidlle Bailroad Company (stockhold
ers in the Louisville Bridge Company) to construct a rail
road bridge over the Ohio Kivor at tho bead of the fails oi
the Ohio, subject to all tho provisions of eaTd act: 2'roculed,
That tho said bridge may be con_tructs nelgfat uot
less tb.in _fty-«ix feet above low-water mark, uud with
three draws, enftlctent to; *w the larger .»oats navigating
the Ohio Klver, one ove: the Indiana chute, one over the
middle chute, and one over fttesju ' «■"—■' " m^it ;,...
spans of saidb ,: '.ftO ««_. u.t be lees ...*_.. »*■* ...m'rol
and forty feet, axcept over the Indiana aud middle clrUte
aud the canal; tvtid Mdesj sb " ' • constructed with ilraws
of one hundred and fifty teet «_£«_■ each aide of the pivot
pier over tbe t-'tlanaau. cbutos, and ninety feet
widn over tbe canal: And p, \a'ex! further, That said
bridge and draw* shall Imj so constructed w not to intw
ru;.t tho navigatiun of Th* Ohio River.
Sec. 2. Am be it further vtucted. Tint the biidge erect
ed under the provisions of this act shall be a lawful itrne*
tio-, uud shall be rocogoixud aud known as a post-route.
Approved, February 17, 1860.
Ax Act to establish a Rridgo across tbe Ohio River at Cin
cinnati, Ohio, a Post-Road.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0/ Representative*
of the United Aran of America •>. &msress assembled, That
the biidgo acr- -n. the Ohio Eivar ,« ( .ueinnati. In the Stale
of Oblo, and at CoTlogtoD, iv the State of Kentucky, ii
hereby declarod to 80, when completed. In accoraanoe with
tbe laws of the State! of Ohio and K'mtuckv, a lawful
structure and postrroad for tha conveyaiice of the uudls of
the United Sutes.
Approved, February 17, IMS.
An Act authoxiiiag the President to appoint a Second As
slstaut Secretary of War.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That
the Pioeideut be, and ho is hereby, authorized to apisO'ut,
by and with the advice and consent 01' tbe Senate, >■ '■-. the
term of one year from tbe passage of this act, an officer in
tbe Wax Department, to be called the Assistant Secretory
of War, whose salary shall be three thousand dollars pei
annum, payable in the same manner as that of the Secre
tary of War, who shall perform all such dutle-fi In the office
of the Secretary of War. belonging to that Department, as
shall be preecribed by the Secretary of War, or an may bs
required by law.
Approved, February 20,1806.
An At to enlarge tbe Port of Kntrv and Delivery for tbe
District of Philadelphia.
Be U enacted by the Senate and House of Representative*
of the United Slates tif America in Congress assembled, That
th« port of entry and delivery for the district of .'hihtd-1
tibia shall b« bounded on tho river Delaware by Frankford
-reek, ou th_ north, and Uroad Street, on the south.
Sit. 2. A M beil further enacted. That all acta or parti
of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act be, and
tbe same aro hereby, repealed.
Approved, February 'Jo, 1806.
A.H Act to ropoal an Act entitled "An Act to remove tht
United States Arsenal from the City of halnt Louis, anri
to provide for tho Sale of tho Lands on which the earn*
is located."
Be it enacted by the Setutte and Home of Representativei
of the Untied States of A merica in Congress assembled, Thai
the act entitled "An Act to remove tbe United States ar
senal from the city of Saint Louis, and to provide for tht
salo of the lands on which the same Is located, 1 ' approve.
March second, eighteen bundled and sixty-one, bo, aud tht
same it here! y, repealed.
Approved, JA-bruary 20,1865.
A* Act to extinguish the Indian Title to Lands in the
Territosy of Utah suitable for agricultural and mineral
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re.prese.itMtirei
of the Uttited States of America in Congress assembled, That
the President of the United Statue bo, and he Is hereby
authorized, by and with the advice and consent of the Sen
ate, to enter into treaties with the various tribes of Indian*
of Utah Territory, upon such terms as msy bo deemed
just,to suid Indians and benoflcial to the government ol
the United States: iVc.fd_a\ That such treaties shall pro
vide for tbe absolute surrender to tbe United State*, by
said Indians, of their possessory right to all the agricultu
ral aad mineral lands iv said Territory except such agricul
tural lands oe by said treaties may be set apart for reserva
tions for said Indians: Ami provided, further. That all
such reservations shall bo selected at points as romoto as
may be practicable from the present settlements in Utah
Territory. f
Bkc 2. And be it further enacted. That in agreeing with
said Indians upon the amounts to bo paid to them nndar
the provisions of the treaties to „*■ negotiated In pursuance
of this act, care shall be taken to obtain from the tadlans.
to tbe greateet possible extent, their consent to receive for
such payment* agricultural implomonta, stock, a:. I other
useful articles, rather than money.
Skc. 3. And beit further-enacted. That for tho purpose
of negotiating said treaties and carrying nut the provisions
of tail act, uiaklng presents to said Indians, aud defraying
the neceswiry cxpensos Incident to such negotiation, thorn
is hereby appropriated, out of any money In tho treasury
of tho Ctutod States not otherwise appropriated, the sum
of twunty-fivo thousand dollars.
Approved, February 23,18C_,
Ax Act to provide for tbo Paymont of tbe Value of certain
Lands and Improvements of private Citizens, appropri
ated by the United Statos for Indisn JUservations, iv the
Territory of Washington.
J?p it cnaeied by the Senate and House of Bcpresentatices
of the United States of America in Omgr/iss assembled. That
the sum of eighteen thousand six hundred and clever dol
lar! and sixty-two cent!, or so much thereof as may be ne
eeeaary, is hereby appropriated out of any money lv tho
treasury not otfaorwise appropriated,for the purpose of pay
lug for thu lands or. 1 Improvement* ofprivatecitaene, taken
and appropriated,'by ordor of the Department of the In
terior, for Indian reeervationk aad uees lv tbe Territory of
and the claims herein prorided to bo paid
shoii bo allowed and paid in such manner and npon euch
proofs of tbe value of the property as shall be prescribed
by tha Secretary of the Interior.
Approved, February 33,1806.
An Act to facilitate the Collection of certain Debts due
the TJr.!ted States.
11. it enacted by the Senate und House of Representative*
o/iVw United Stciet o< America ... '*•**-■ ihlea\
That Id all case* whore ueoti are due from poMine :is
mail-contractors, or other officers, agents, or employee*, of
tbe Poet-Office Departr. _•,""■._* are In default or delin
quency, a warrant of s£_aa*jsjj_oJ may istue against all
property, real an I personal, pet -lons, and rights legal.
equitable, und conungont, belonging to such officer and
and! his sureties, er either of them, In the f '' —•ng cases:
First Wh"iu any ssjn_ OsfiMr, agent, or »,_»i .'oyce, and
hie sureties, or either of them. ho.-, withiu tbe meaning of
theiact of July seventeen, eighteen hundred and six.y-two,
chapter one hundred and nluety-flve, and too proclama
tion ofeNie Presfdent in pursuance thereof, dated the
twenty-fifth day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-two,
par|icipatnl in, aided, abetted, or countenanced any rebel
lion; against the 1 United Stat**.
Second. When encb officer, agent or employee, and his
sureties, or either of them, is a n n-resident of the district
wheio such officer was appointed, nr has departed from
such district for tho purpose of residing permanently out
of stVh district, or of derraudlng the United Staree, or of
avoiding tho service of civil proceae-
Third. When such officer or hi! sureties, or either of
th-oi. has conveyed away or Is about to convey away hi!
property, or any part thereof, or has removed, or is about
to remove his property, or any part thereof from the dis
trict wherein the same is situated, with intent to defraud tho
Unitod Suies. And where such removal bar tak-in place,
certlfted voplM of the warrant may be sent to the montnal of
my other district Into which sucb property may have i....>n
removed, under which certified copies it shall be lawful for
nii-h mar-dial to selte such proporty and ooovey it to some
'ohyeuient point within tbe jurisdiction of the c urt from
which the warrant originally issued. Alios warrauts may
issu! npon duo application, and tbe validity of the war
rant first issued shall continue until the rotmn day there
)f. ,
Sue. 2. Ami he ir further enacted. That application for
iuch warrant may he made by auy diatrkl attorn* y or as
ilstant district attorney, or any other person anthorixed
>y the before any judge, or, U. hit ab
sence, before any clerk ot any court of tho United States
having original jurisdiction of tbo came of action. Such
application shall be made upon an affidavit of tbe appli
cant, or some other credible person, suiting the existence
.of either ot the grounds of uttvhment enumerated in the
first section of this act, and upon production of legal ark
dciuc of the debt. Ujwii such application, and upon dv«
order of any Judge of tho court, or in the absence of any
judge without such order, the dork shall Issue a warrant
for the attachment of all the property of auy kind belong
ing to the party or parties specified in the affidavit, which
•warrant shall lie executed with all possible despatch by
the marshal, who .hall take the property attached, If par
scnul, into lii- custody, and bold the sainu subject to all In
cerlocutory or final orders of the court.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That tbe party or par
ties whose property Is attached may. at auy tiino wlthiu
twenty days bofbro tbo return day of the warrant, on glv
ing to the district attorney notice' of his int.ntion, file a
plea in abatement. tnivei.,i;ig tin allegations of the affida
vit, or denying the ownership of the property attached in
the defendants, or either of them, in which on the court
may, upon application of either party, enter an Immediate
trial b., jury of the issue raised by the affidnvit and plea.
But the parties may, by consent, wave a tried by Jury, In
which case tho court shall decide the Usttee raised by tbe
affidavit and plea. Any party claiming ownership of tbe
property attached and v speclne return of the earns shall
bt confined to the remedy afforded by this art, but hie
right to an action of trespass or other action for damage*
shall not be impaired hereby.
S_c. 4. And h it further eiwiai, That when the proper
ty attached shall be sold on any interlocutory order of the
court, or ernes if shall be producing any revenue, the mo
ney arising front such sale or revenue Khali bo lnvoatsd in
securities of the I'ujti*_l States, under the order of the
court, ami all _CCJ-_lone slrtll be held subject to tho ordar
of thi'court.
Sbc 5. And be it further enacted, That immediately up
on the execution of the warrant of attachment tho mar
shal shall cause due publication of such attachment to be
made, iv the ease of absconding d< btors or adherents of
the rebellion, f,-r two months, uini in case of non-resident*
fir four months, Such publication shall bo .nade In some
newspaper or newspapers within the district where the
property attached is situated, aud the details of such pub
lication Hind! be regulated in each case by tbe order under
which the warrant hi issued.
Sec 9. And be it further enacted, That after tbe first
publication of such notlco of attachment in all tho news
papers Mqufroc] by this or any subsequent act, every per
son indebted to the defendant*, or either of them, ana hav
ing knowledge ol men notice, whi.se property is liable to
attachment, ami every person having possession of any
property tiolonglng to inch defendants, or either of them,
and having kaowiadgo at aforesaid, shall account and an
swer for tho amountof such debt and for tbe value of such
property, and imy disposal or attempt to dispose of any
such property to the injury of the Cnited States shall bo
■ illegal and void. When the parson or persons so indebted
to or having poeeeeeion of the property of such defendants,
or cither of worn, shall lie known to the district attorney
or tho m:i:>lial, it shall be the duty of such officer to see
that pmonfj notice of Inch attachment is served upon
such poi-S'-r.s,.hi in ossm of galliu. _ani j but the want of
such notice shail ma Invalidate the attachment.
.Skc 7. And be it further enacted, That upon applica
tion of th.' party whoee property has lieen atUtdiod, the
r court or any judge thereof may dischaigo the warrant of
attachment y to the property of the applicant: Provided)
i That such.ipplicin' shall enter Into and execute to the*
United ..tate-i agood and sufficient penal bond in dcnbla
tho amount of tho value of th property attached, coudi
ti -nod for the) rettira oi aud property, or to auswer any
, judgment which may be rendVrea by the court in the
. pi-mlsjs, wbi*_ t'ond shall be approved by the court or
a iv judge theieof.
, no. I. And be it further enacted. That tbo fees, coets,
and SjgjptsjM of Issuing and swing the warrauts of at
* tachtneul authorized by tbte act shall be regulated as far
.hf po-i.dbleby the existing lawsof the United States and
i the vul'w ot'eourt m:id_ to pursuance thereof. Iv tbe ooee
of preliminary trials as to tho validity of tbe attticbuieut
[ or the right of property, clerks' and marshals' fljM shall be
the (tame m in ordinary cases, aud the docket fee of tbe
r district attorney shall be ten dollars.
Srr. ° And be it further enacted. That this act shall
i not b*j oo.istnieu oo .is to limit or abridge in any manner
. such ri ah is of the Doited States _■ have accrued or been
, allowed in ,i:iy district under the tanner practice of the
[ United Stiles courts vi M " *_Optt v A Statu laws by said
" ourts.
j ... '>i February 0, IMiV
. An Act to amend an Act entitled "*An Act to amend an
Act to Incorporate tin Inhabitant* of the City of Wash-
Ingto... passed May fifteen, eightt>c_ hundred tad tweo
i ty, approved May fl.iu, eightoeu humlred and sixty
Bt •> «kk..M oy t,, ■ : naU. 6. ' IrW* of RepnsentasiveM fe
•fthe United Stat*.. *i America m Otmgrtu asstitd>led t ■
Tuat the ait. approved May ilitb, eighteen hundred I
and sixty-four entitled "An act to amend 'An act to ■
incoporate- the inbabitants of tho city of Washington,' m
passed May fifteen, eighteen hundred and twouty,' b« J
coushued amended so as to read as follows: That the Mid ffm
oorporatioji shall have fall power uud authority to
biXws ou psrticuiar wurds, pai'is, or sue lions of the city, AM
j for their particular local improvements, and to cause 1
j tho curbfdouc-j to be set, the foot and carriago wa«, or 1
no much thereof as they may diem to bo graded and fl
J pav-d; to introduce the necessary sewerage and drainage
. utciiiiiea antler and upon the whole or auy portion uf any
. avenue, street, or alley ;to cau«o the same to be suitably i
paved and repaired, und at all times propely cleaned and •«
w.,tared; to o__M taupe to be erect*! therein, and to I
light tbe ami-and to pay the cost thereof, tho corpora- ■
tion of vVashiugtun Is hereby authorized to lay and col- 1
knot a tax upon nil property bordering up v ss*ra streat or esj
a'.ley'that may be paved, sewered, lighted, cleaned, or
i watstrextbi s_d corporation iv aoenrnance with the pro*
t vision* of this vet. And also to lay, or cause to be laid,
, eimultttfuoitrjiy with thu gf or paving of any
* avenue, struct, or alley iv which a main water-pipe* or
i main gae-pipo, or main sower amy have bona laid, water
f or geo ssjrv|oe pipes or lateral bouse drains, from euch
f v_snr_r(_i main or main sewer to one foot within the
- curb line in front of every lot or sub-divisional part of *
l lot which biv bound on each avenue, street, or alley, aud
* to which a gas or water service plpeorhoUH drdn may
I notlnne been already laid, and to piy the cost thereof, sls__t
havuMill power and aumititj to lny and collect a special .
tax on every such lot or solv-divislonal pait of a lot. *L
Approve., February 83, I
An Act to beut l po_aU the __Hjsjsj of Mercy in tho Bis
r tricl of Columbia,
t Be it matted •» the atHtstm and Bourn of Rtprtsente
* tires of the U.iit-t State* of America im Omgrtsi ur_c~o
-1 bled. lb-it Isabel Atkinson, Bllsabetfa Medcalf, Teresa
Byrne, Ellen Matthewa, Mary Duffy, Teresa Moran, aud
I Ulen Wynne, and their successors,* horoafier to beoomo
1 ttttsn BT Uerey. and to be appointed according to the
rub* and regit! aions that have been or may herearter ba
established by their nidation, be, an 1 they are hereby, I
made, declared, and conttltutod a corporation or bo_|r
I politic, in law and in fact, to have continuance forever, by
i the name, style. _n,| title of the "Sister* of Mercy In tbe
s District of t'oliunbia."
Src. B, And bt Ufurther enacted, Thai all and singular
s the londrt. houses, tenements, rents, legacies, annuities,
t ng-tte, property, privileges, g-wds and chattels, heretoforo
_ given, a-saninl, devised or beqaeathod to the said Sisters
. of Mercy, in the District of Columbia, or to any indlvid
j ual of the pail (orporation, or to any person or persons
I for the use of said corporation, or that have been ptu>
chose 1 for or on account of tho same be, nnd they ore
hereby, vested iv, and confirmed to, the said corporation; 1
and that the eald corporation may purchase, take, re- 1
I ceive, hold, an I apply to the Me and purposes of the ]
I same, sjocording to the rules, regulations, and by-lawe J
that they m\v establish from time to time, tor the man- '
ag( mout of the concerns of the said society or corpora
* tion, any lands, tenements, rents, legacies, annuities,
1 right*, property and privileges, or any goods, chaltola, or
* other effects of what kind or nature soever, which shall 4
' or may have been or may iieve»[i-»r be given, granted, 1
J sold, bequeathed or devised uuto tbe entd association or ™
■ corporation by any person or persons, bodies politic or
corporate, ottplsple of making such grants, sale, or be
ijuest, and tlie said sMOclatJon cornoration of the Sisters
' of Mercy, in the District of Colomuia, may dispose of and
* cqurey thoetUßa iw they deem proper: Jrorided, That
trfsT the said association or corporation shall not, at Cissa.
j one time, hold, aae, poeeeee and enjoy, within tho Dv» / y M
1 of Columbia, either by lc/al s-i/iire, or tiust, for itv A/
1 and benefit, more than three hutuhwl and twenty acr*
1 land, nor shall the said association or CurpirTttieu he'd, iaffl
its own right, or by any other persoii in trust, or t »r il:il
i benefit, real estate the , .-nual I income of •-■•'<,
: discharging all i.a efpooeea, dot, -..il LiabtUUss, efeesj
; ceed the sum of fifty thousand dollars. WJ
Sic. _. And be U further enacted. That the said corpora* ■
- (ion, by tbo name of the Sistors of Ma»ey, in the District m
: of Cohiinbia, be, and shall beheieafNr, capable in law ™
and in equity to sue and be sued, within the District of
. Columbia and elsewhere, in as effectual a manner as other
i pr-ivoris or corporations can lue or be sued, and that the
, ,'idd - orporation, or a majority of the p?rsom> composing
[ thPSaa.!!.', slull adopt and use a common leal, and tbe a
sattni :-e, alier, or change at pleasnr . and from time to J
. tlnio make such by-laws, hot inconsistent with tbe Coo*' M
»titutlon of the United States or any law of Congrsee, aa 1
they may deem expedient and proper for carryla ; T into ef- I
loot _bo objecta of the said asaoclation or corporation, in- I
eluding the care, oontsroland education of children; tha I
dro, protection, inatruction, nnd eniployniaot of desti- I
lute fbmalae; the care, nursing, and alferlatfofi of the I
sufferings of etek or wounderl persona, aud each other ob-. J
iecte of literature and chTrir .. may t>_ determined upnu 'sym
by their by-laws, as etoro-Oid, and ivhu h tUair means and"
not income ncrv enable them to effect and support. ■
Siio. 41 Aw mU further enacted, That if. at anytime ™
hereafter, any of the persons ihernhibefore named, or any
of their sneccasors, ai Sisters of Mtrcy, in •■ he Dtstrict of
Columbfa, shall cease to belong to tbe sale! iiss.iittal|aflji or
corporation, accordingao tho Mid by-laws, sub persona
, shttll thereafter haro no port or control bathe prootd,
Ings of the said association or cnrpr.ratipjr under or U r
pursuance of the pro\isious of this m't. y
_ac. 5. And be it further enacted, That the twiJ aseeckv
Uon or corporation ahajj have power to appoint such off*
enn, agpnta, aud p&eoas as mar be necessary, aud t.
ocuistru or each I'uiliings or to create such
ostai'udhmcnta as nsay bo required to efbxt and carry out
tho humane and charttable objects of its Institution, In
accord ine-j with its by-law* and reflations, as aforesaid,
under *his acf.
■jet. I Iwsf U ttjVrf'iir mtfltr the schools and
ali oto i i Honso; inMru'tio'i, education, or employ
ment, ' diheheu <■- the Sister.-* of Morcy in the District
v la, rhal' at all Untos bo subject to the ylsiution
andin«-i> :tion of <) •• justices of tbc Supreme Court of
tho Diatr : '.'!:■ i.ia, or any one of them, or tbe com
mittees or the Metric! of Columbia in either house of
Cona.:'.'«.orauv otb r comndttoo of Congroas that either
house nsay anpolnl *>c i- Sn» reri 1 , and proceed- ,
; ngs of saiit Btten I-1 ■■ ibail nt all times bo subject d
to the examination ami l_-ip"Ctlon of said justice! or any ■
such commit*■■*». ■
Sso. 7. And. be itfurth. r enacted, Thai this act may, at 1
any time hercifter.be nm"*iui.l, alter**) 1 , -'i repsaJed, in 1
whole or iv part, according to th. pleaeurio of Congreas.
AppMsred, Febniary B, ISoo. j
Am Act to amend at an act entttletl "An Act o Ujf * I
ato tho Columbia Institution fur tho li.»truu:>n the 1
deaf and dumb and the blind." approved Febniary all- *"
toen, eighteen hundred i:i_. tiffv-wmen
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- !
Hvesofihe United States of America in Congress astern- .
h: t .l. That io atnch or sold act as requires the teaching
the blind in sjttd hwtitution be, andthei*nie [_ hereby,
repsNtlod, anil t!i" corporate name and atyi l <L -i*oC shall
bereater be "The Columbia Institution ur tue Ii strno
flon of the Deaf and fnimh."
_»C. 3. Ami be H further enacted, That (lie H# retary of
tbo Interior be, nnd ho ia hereby, authorized to cause all
Indigeut blind children who are now, or may hereafter
become entitled, under tbe law as it now ■ _l»t»; to in
struction In suid institution, to be instructod ■» -<__• Inr
stitution for the education of the blind. In \:«ti\. r.d, or
some other State, at a ci«t not greater for oach i n ii than —**1
Is, or may be for trio time beinii. paid by sue! •!_, and ,
to oaiue the same to be paid out of the Trs.'s...' oi its*
United. Statan. ■>»,
flee. S. And bt it further enacted, That t shall '
take effecL from and after the thirtieth day ' r ..- 1 S *%h
--teen luindrec andaixty-live. M
Approved, Subnuuyta. 1800. F

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