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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, February 27, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 13

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Title Contenders to Engage in
Semi-Windup and Main Battle
Great Mididlevveights Step
Through Fifteen Fast
Mutt McKcc and Bob Hughes
to Settle Old Arguments
in Ten Rounds.
About the limits
Time Tonight, R.30 o'clock
l'laco Convention hall.
Main event George "Orrek"
nnwn. ChWingo, m Ilittllng Or
tetr.i Oakland, middleweight
chnrrnnlonshlp contonilcr, 15
rounds to a dooUIon.
Jtnfcroo--Gcruld "Oed" Oiiilian.
Semi-'wlndup- -Hobby 1 Inches.
New Orlranfl, vs. Mutt McKeo,
Oklahoma City, bantamwelghti:,
10 roulds.
.Six rounds Kid Rpack, Tuln.
vs. Van PI1I7, Hapulpa, bantam
weights. Six roundH Kid Murray, Sand
Springs, vs. Hattllng Johnson,
Tulea. lightweights.
Iteferoc Itrry Dattoy.
Master of ceremonies Patsy
Announcer Sponccr A. Abbott.
Timekeeper--Harnov Cleveland.
Awsplcefl- -Tulsa, Athletic olub.
Direction Kchlre Mathlos.
What prominoa to 'bo the greatest
boxing card staged In Tulsa for
many a moon, provldlmr the prlnci
pain live u-p to their roputatlons, Is
scheduled for tonight when two
1bi1h Involving Ixixers of champion
rfMp contending chuw, clash at con
vention liall,
Promoter i;ddl Mathki.i nf tho
TiiVta Sporting1 club has mado ox
tcrwlvft .ireparntiorm to ussuro the
lureefw of tonights card. In addl-
Hon to tho two final bovitn two pro
lkmlnnrlc of Interest aro canled.
llr. Mathlaa haa secured ring offi
cials who ham demonstrated their
capability on numerous occasions,
which io an important factor In the
success or failure of n boxing Hhow.
Fighting1 Middleweight.
In the main event of 15 rounds.
C-oorgo "Oroek" Drown of Chicago,
one of tho greatest mlddlewelghts
of the, past decade meets Hauling
Ortega, sensational Oakland scrap
per. Ortega has enjoyed a meteoric
rfce to the top of tho pugilistic
world, and he Is now rated as ono
if tho leading contenders for Mflte
(.VDowd'n crowd. Ortega has been
virtually promised a go wish, O'Dowd
on tho Pacific coast, prorldtng he In
cjccineful tonight.
Brown, great "Spartan" mjt ar
tist, who has engaged In 317 ring
battles, during which tlmo ho has
met evory lending light in the 155
pound division, Is, Hke Ortegn, n
foremost title contender. He Is
matched to moct Georgo Chip, con
tingent on victory over Ortega to
night. An great interest Is ee.ntcrcd on
the sejnl-'wlmlup as on tho main
event. McKw and Hughes have
met six times. Four times they drew
nd twice Dabby emerged with
hairline decisions. Each boy has
been frequently mentioned lately ns
powdblo opponent of Jlmmv Wide,
flyweight champion McKee l
practically closed for a go with
Wide In Denver. This match is
lso greatlv dependent upon to
night's affnlr.
Two "widely divergent styles should
be offered In tho main bouts. Ilrown
M Ortega nro battlers of tho old
fVhloned type, which should as
sure a slugging match In tho final
'Vfrvt. Hughes and McKen are spoc
lueulnr boxers, two of tho cleverest
In the game.
IWixInz of Dlvertrrot StIo
Herald "Ged" Oalhrm, nationally
known referee a few years ago.
when he handled main events for
'he St. Ixiul Moose club, will offl
c ate in tonlght'H main goes. Larrv
Dalloy. who was agreed upon as ref
eree In the soml-wlmiup. has de
clined to offlela'n In that bout, ns
he managed Hobbv Huch's las'
fiimmer. and he decided that it
would not be fair to either boy for
Mm io officiate.
Hid Spack. Tulsa's clever news-
When Sherburne brought his Utile
ende, Kdl;h, to the white house on
' e lull that overlooked the smooth
iJko contentment reigned for two
ti ituhs and thon came the quarrel.
Sherburne first met Hdilh at th'
ii-ashore she was clad In a b.i'hlng
uu of blue and her red hair peeped
if from undur her rubber cap
Kill h was small nnd dulntv. but nn
fireiient swimmer, nnd she soon won
Sherburne's admiration.
inn day, when a bevy of tho youna
Koplo were gathered on tho raft,
Pil b was pushed off and. In her
downward flight, struck her arm
aeairsi a sharp rock, which had
'abseil It to bo broken. Sherhurnc.
n'e waiting for ICdlth a moment to
rirr, l0 (ho surface, dived and
fc-nught her up limp In his arms.
Dii Ing Kdlth's convalescence
Sherburne brought her man proofs
ot h s love, and Edith consented to
have him always provide for her
The snow was silently covering
'he fields while they were married
nd ar Sherburne and his bride on
'fred the llttlo white house, while
'he snowflalies dropped In tho little
like hat would s,oon bo covered with
( They weri Bitting In the dtnlng
Wn uie iaDie lay ine
"f "heir dinner. Edith broached her
"Kherble, do you like to smoke
Hherburne looked up from the
filing paper.
If .miAA ft'1... .1. , nt
. "I hate the smell of smoke, Sher
wne and you will get rny new cur
'"aa blackened and full of smoke."
.As Edith sal.1 (us she looked at
P attractive room with tho daintily
k..llace curtains, which had filled
r hMrt with pleasure,
"waca," Edith continued, J
)' '"I" HI I I
Now that the
"big toy' final. y
has arrived, a re
view Kt jreKini
tluns for tonight's
boxing card ut
I jin ujitltwi hall
will uhow that
Promoter Kddle
.Vuthlaa has niadu
careful plnns
that tho piogrum
Is cf-nductod In
a baiiluretidlke
manner. Chief In
tocust. (uildo from
tho principals, l
corrtere.i on thn refeieo. In lied
Oahan. third man in tho ring In Oio
main events, Mr. Mainiaa lias
cured a veteran rlnK official, whope.
boxing cxnerlnmcc extends over two
rteendes. Mr, CJahim was wveral
years refereo at St. LouLs, knows
every angle of the game and has
tlw ability and tho guts to nnftirco
llitut knowledge.
Patsy forrlcan. master of cere
monies, wis mlUdlewvlcht champion
of AUNtrnlla In the dsyn of biue
knuckle fighting. Ho luis ulnco beon
a mormger and rfiree, Among
Patsy's dutlcw wll be tho onforce
inent of tho ono-second rulo, which
will jwrnilt only ono Hocond Xor esich
boxxvr. Tli will vllmlnato a com
mon evil In Tulsa, that of huvinff
several seconds encroaching on tho
seuts of patrons. Patsy will also
see that the bouts are run In Tapld
xequence. wlUoh l.i another good
move. Sup.TvWlon of other details
will full to tho capable Iricihnian.
Spenoor AblKJtt, n fluent speaker,
with a volco which can bo ltcard In
all sections of tho house, Will be an
nouncer. Harney Cleveland is, as
usual, timekeeper.
'Trenchy" doeen't know jnuoh
about boxing but his enthusiasm Is
that which mnkes It a grout sport
IVillowIng a workout a fow da)-B
ago, he announced to tins boys at
Pete's bar that ho had beon watch
ing tho borers "praattce."
The writer feels a personal loss
In the death yesterday of S. P.
"ni.ickle" Black. In tho parllance
of tho sporting world "Ulacklo"
wan a stroighit Hhooter. 'Which is
all that can bo saldl for any man.
Tills Is probably tho most Impor
tant week for Tulsa, 'basketball
quintets. Games Involving Htate;
colegdate and scholastic champion
ships, in adltlon to n city title con
tuit, are fcolu-duleil. Thcno are the
last scheduled gamec for thlj soliool
ttl'lntcts. l
Kendall college cusers clash to
night and tomorrow night with Phil
lips unlwrslty of Enid, on a Tulsa
floor. ThoHo two fives, with Uio
University of Oklahoma, aro tho
contenders for tho collogiato crown,
Tulsa mets an nnolent rival In tho
Oklahoma City five, tomorrow night
nt Oklahoma City. Intense rivalry
between rthoise schools will undoubt
edly result In a Utterly fought game.
Ohio Cities, defeated champions
of tho oil league, c.lah with tho faat
Tulfa high chool farulty five to
morrow night. In tho first of a series
tf city title combats.
IlhiHtratlng the sportlnc bloodi of
the eountrj'inen of (Jeorge llnnvn,
Is the following Incident: Monday
afternoon a Oreek named "John,"
was raoviil to place a small wager
on tlw Chlcogo baiitler. And Mon
day afternoon,. iuiivtng itho work
outs nt tho Ilnidy hotel ho ap
proached Promoter Mathlas and
asked "Did 1 wlif"
boy bantam, meets a boy worthv of
his best In Van PUT. of ''apu1' t
Pile, is the only boxor who hat
given Spack a fitXM within rec ni
months. Kid Murray, of Sand
Springs nnd Tluttllng Johnson of
Tulsa, hard hlttln nnd willing light
weights, open tho show wl'h a six,
round curtain rnlsor.
The first bout starts promp'ly at
S1 30 o'clock.
' hink you nre outdoors enough to
smoko out there, or at !east you
could smoke In your den "
I "No," he replied. "I don i imend
to This is my house u'ut l am runs
ter of it, un'l I Intwid to Do comfort
"Then I wll! smoko also." Kdith
flung at him as sho lep Hie room
slamming 'he door behind her
The next da Sherburne and Kdlh
were not their own elves Both
wero dlstnnt and cold.
That day Udlth bought some scent
ed cigarettes; and as Sherburne,
afier work, came up the walk lend
Ing to the little white house he saw
shadow of Kdlth smoking a clgaret
outlined ugnlnst the cjrtalns
Angry, he rushed Into tho room
finding Kdllh reading He questioned
her concerning thr. shadow, bin she
only replied, "No" she did not
know nor care.
This performance continued for
three or four nights, but one night
Sherburne stole In through the win
dow In his den unnoticed by Kdith
Then to his amazement he saw Edith
with a clgarot In one hand nr.d tne
lamp In the other, the lamp outlining
her shadow ag-Jlnst the curtain, that
hung from the window facing tho
The situation was so laughable
Sherburne, unable to contain his
mirth, sat down and laughed. Edith
was so surprised that she dropped
the clgaret and gazed tit Sherburne
In astonishment
Sherburne said; "You win. I
will smoke In the den hereafter.'
and gathering Edith In his arms, he
kissed her again and again to make
up for his past coldness.
Whenever ihelr lirle son asks
him why he only snfiUien tn he den
Sherburne says, laughln looking
at Edith, ' Ask mamma '
i ..
ft' jrtB
Bobby Hughes and Mutt McKee, Crack Southwestern
Bantams, and Ged Gahan.ThirdManinRing Tonight
Hobby lliigliiw
ramlllar Ilguro In Tulmi SHirtliig
Circles Dies After n (laino
light Anliwt Dentil.
S. P. "lllnckle" lllark. a familiar
nnd loved figure In Tulsa sportinru-if ri..i r
circles, died yesterday morning mTJIUQII Interest (JVCr
9:30 o clock ut tho Oklahoma hos
Dltal, n the rejnilt of Injuries sus
tained when ho wan tdruck by elo
vntor wclghls In tho Ixisement of the
Security Statu Punk building
Vcdncadny, I'"ebrunry 18.
Dig hearted, genial 'Illacklo,,
numbered countless friends In Tulsa
In nil walks of life, and his loss is
felt personally by all those who had
tho opportunity of knowing liim.
Ho made a valhint fight against
overwhelming odds, nnd even In his
last moments, would not rulmit do
feat IVlends talked with Mr. Hlack
a few minutes prior to his death and
ho was cheerful and confident ho
would Hvo.
Mr. Hlack was 3B years of niro and
had been a resident of Tulsa for sev
eral yuirs. Ho was owner of the
National barber shop until a few
months afro. At tho tlmo of his
death he was a director In the Fryer
Vacuum Sander company. Mr.
Hlack wan n cembor of tho Masonic
lodgo of Tulsa.
Tho deceased Is survived bv his
mother, Mrs. Sallndn. Hlack of Hcrry
vllle, Ark., two brothers, P. w. and
Jliclturd, nnd a son, Harold, ngo 12
years. Hurlal will bo at Mr. Hlaek's
old home nt Herryvlllo, Ark., tomor
row' afternoon. The body will bo ac
companied thero by a largo number
of Tulm friends.
Klcvtrio Lights for J en lis.
l$rl1 to The World.
JKN'KS, Feb. 26. Tho Sapulpa
Electric company Is wiring tho town
for electric lights. This company was
granted tho frnnchlso in 1U17 by an
overwhelming populnr vote. It Is
thought that tho town will bo lighted
during next month.
Illg (Ins Is Initiated.
, What .7ohn McLaughlin, past dic
tator of Tulsa lodgo 414, Loyal Order
of Moose, enlil was tho biggest clans
ever taken Into tho lodge was Initi
ated on Wednesday night
(7niln Man I Me.
CHICAOO. Fob, 2C. S. W. Lnm-
pon, prominent grain man of this
city, died in Pa-sidena, Cat., yester
day, according to worn received nero
today. Mr Iunwin was ill for u
short tlmo with pneumonia.
Itoddlu HeiiitiiH Home.
J C Iterlilln rntiieiif.il patnrdflv
evening from a two-day trip to Ok-I
muigeo and inner ncarny points.
Mrs. Ruth Is Confident Babe Will
Establish More Home Run Records
Hals! ICntli nnd Mm. Hutli Miapx-d rcm'iitly ut Ih AJigelcw. ltulli fc4
.lnm Ing Ills ulfo liow he liolils the kill In plnJilng.
There Is no doubt ns far as Mrs Ilabe Kuth, Is concerned, but what Habo i
ftuih l more than live up to the expectations of the Yankee owner mid
fans i" grti.i this cmlng campaign She s sure thut Ilabe h twenty-nine i
homo ruiui last jear weren't the result of a 'flash." The Yanks paid the i
Ited Sux tl2,0uQ for HaLe u few ucka ugo. j
Ocrnld "Cod" Gohan
Caging Contests to
Decide City Honors
Much Interna is being evinced
over tho first of a series of rlty
championship basketball games,
nchodulfld for tomorrow night
when tho undefeated CHbrto Cities
five, champions of tho Oil Ira gun,
!.'iu with tho Tulsa high school
Kendall college will probably
challenge tflic winner.
Defrnt Cook Inlnt Iloulcrs Ijist
Night Walh High lUiller.
Flretono Tire comnunv bowlers
defeatiil the Cook Paint flvo In tho
nrst and third frunuti of tho Tulsn
leTgiio Inut night. Vulli of Flie
stonc was hlgli llndlvlduiil nd!T
with 524.
Tho icores:
Fln"tone Totn.l
Sitlilhorry .... 1B5 100 X77 502
t.arrtsou IM I 1 20 3!0 43(1
(Julnlan 157 175 lni iV,
1-tws 1C0 185 170 515
WflMi 1175 155 194 52i
Total 771 801 885 2157
Cook's Pnlnt Co. Total
Harmon 139 170 142 451,
Vvrht 178 Hta IPCS 5011
Vilmot 149 170 ISO 49!)
Mlddaugh .... 150 136 155 4 11
liorgwuhl .... 15'1 200 177 628
Total i 767 838 823 2128
V. li. Clulis Oct Oml Torewrs.
ST. LOUIS, Feh. 26.---The Ht.
Louis Nationals tonight nnnounced
tho release of the following players:
Tom Kelly, pitcher, to the Houston
club of tho Texas league; William
Drown and James Ilottomly to tho
Joplln and Sioux City teams of tho
Western league, respectively, and
Fred Mollwltz to tho Sacramento
club of tho Pacific Const league. Tho
luttnr threo aro first basemen.
O'Keefo Outioln(H I'ltslniiiioiia.
KICNOBHA, Wis., rob. 2C- Dennis
O'Kccfe. Chicago woltorwelght, out
pointed I.Udle J' Itiwlinmonn, New
York lightweight, in a 10-roimd bout
tonight In the opinion of newspaper
writers nt tho ringside
Itr.Milts Yititenlny.
First race, four furlongs Voorln,
(Klnek) first; M.u-keluulne, (Itnilrl
qtlo)!) second; No Fooling, (Lyke)
third Time. I 2-5 Hun Courge,
Vera Twlford, Natalie nlwi run.
Second nice, five nnd one-half fur
limgs Uingdeii, (Thin ber) first;
Harrys Pet. (Droer) second; (len
ernl, ( Itndrlqiiei!) third Tlmo,
1'07 1-5. Hjieedv l-Mot, Nobbmnn,
Hpoknno (Jtieeti, Meddling Miss, Col.
Murphy, Valerie West, lluek Wheat,
ltti'hard V. also ran.
Third race, mile nnd 70 yardo
PhllllMlne. (llurkei first; Triumph
ant, (Htni'k) fecntul; Kalry Prince,
(lllolicreeki third. Tlmo. 1:45 4-5.
Corson, Dragon Hock, Prltioo Doug
las, llluo Thistle, Dundreary', Uttlo
wring, .Margaret N.. Copt l lodge.
Alt Vrzlun, Mitchell May also ran.
Fourth race. fix fin longs Lady
llriimmel, (Mrlckson) first; l'rtz,
(Willis) necoud; Kings Champion.
(Mntcalf) third. Tlmii, 1.12 2-6.
Pewnukee, Frank l1'. tilso ran.
Fifth nice, six furlong t Win,
(Thurber) first; Legotal, (Stack)
second; Osgood, (Plerco) third.
Time, 1:13. Don Trump, Cobalt luss
also ran.
Sixth race, mllo nnd sixteenth
Hndniln, (Wright) first; Nepper
Iihii, (Judge l second, (iolden Dawn,
(Hlchrxeek) third. Time, l'47. Cello.
Saints llrldge, Iwlnlwln, Siesta ulsu
Seventh race, mllo and sixteenth
.scdiiigemun, (Lyke) first; flour
mond, (Zoellor) second; Miss Filly,
(Paulay) third. Time, 1:18. Alheiui,
Ilrown Favorlto. Itovoler, llrian
lioru, Indian Chant also run.
lOntrli Today.
First rnco, threo and ono-lmlf fur
longs Joscphlno IC, 107; Paulino
Solomon, 112; Knhoma, 112; Mlns
Odrianna, 112; Twinltlo llluo, 112;
Hois Welch, 112; Vora Twlford, 112;
Knyman. 116; Tutt, 116; Coombs,
116, No Fooling, HE; Freddie, 116;
Marguerite Itese, 112; Kuby Mlokow,
107; Morning 1'ace, 112; Tnwasnnlha,
112; Tomiulo C, 115; Humpy, 116.
Second race, six furlongs Flying
Frog. 90: Now Model. 101; Sllvcy
Shapiro, 101; Onlco, 101; Madras
ainghain, 102; Tho Oallant, 104; Sir
John Vergno, 109; Columbia Tcnn,
109; Hell Itinger, 111; Pleusureville,
111; Prospitio Haby. Ill; Marasmus.
Ill; Wall Street, 111; Huntermatin,
112; Sherman A, 101, Hlddlodeo, 91,
Itngazza, 91; Ccltlve, 109.
Third race, mllo and sixteenth
Ooldvale, 96; Charming. 99; W. H.
Huckner. 99; Tit For Tat, 99; Chick
llarkley. 101; Prunes. 103; Ooldnrest
Hoy, 104; Thursday Nlghter, 106,
Hubbllug lyouder, 108; (laballo, 108,
CuplbU City. 109; Iwlnlwln, 110.
Fourth race, flvo furlongs
Maiden Voter, 98; Talisman, 98; Ace
of Trumps, 104; Cormorun. 104:
Vim, 104; Jean Hulllajit, 101; Our
Birthday, 104; Klchartl V, 104;
Tattlo. 101; Miss Orb, 107; Itulnbow
Olrl. 107; Yvotto, 107; Stepson, 112;
Too The Mark, 11a; Mnglkon, 112;
Pokey June, 98; l.'la. 10'; (lorliiun,
I Fifth rnro, one mile Heavy
Weapon. 92; Who Cares, 95, Lazy
1 Lou, 106; Quito. JOS. Night Wind,
I 111; Irish KIhh, 111; Speedster, 111;
i Fort Hllss, 111; Mose, 111; Duku
i John. 112.
I Sixth race, mllo nnd 70 yards
, Nelllo U'ltvkT. 96; Mldlu, 97; Nnsh
. otiih. 100; (ladling, 100, Viola d.aff
I ney, 102; Hib, 103; Foreclosure,
I Hi.'., Thunder Illrd. 106, Hiiiina J,
106; Copy Illght, 108; Challenger,
I 108; Ited Domino 108, Edith K. ,103;
, llluo Star. 106; Maize. 100,
Seventh lace, mile nnd three six
teenths -Hen Hnmpsini, 11,'!; Will-,
' Ignn. 101., El Itej, l&S; Imloleneo,
113, Will Do, 113; ItertHdniio, 113; '
Dragon Illicit. 113: (Jlolmier. 113: 1
Tun la e, 116- Itookery, 103; I'ondo
i ros.i. 111. Almliio, 1US, Arbitrator,
113, Dr Creigler, 113
Weather clear; trnek fact.
Tobacco E.xjjerts Show
Over Billion Pounds
Used in 1919.
WASHINGTON, Fob. 27- Of the
entire tobacco crop of 1.39,000,000
pounds In 1919, tho cigar types con
stituted About one-sixth and the
chewing, smoking, snyiff and expot'
tPH most of t'rje re-miUndor. ac
cording to the tobnec experts In
the di parlmont of agriculture Tho
.gar types are hoavy .producers per
u re the average fur 1919 being
I .'''5 pounds, while the other typei
had an average of 67S pound..
ltffi.ro 1919 the average farm
pritc nf rne cigar types of tolwcco
was always above thai of the other
'M'i'" it wholo. hut In that year
the extiadorlnury European demand
fur N.baceo other than the cigar
classes ami the lmmeimely Increased
uie or chewing, smoking and ex
hort types to 11.3 cents on Decem
ber 1, or greatly above the price of
21 9 cents for cigar tobacco. in
deed iho latter (l.uiH of tobacco had
a lower price than In either 1918
or 1917, not liec.uisn of Increase of
production, but lie, ause uf weaker
demand. The -iar ha been over
taken nnd passu) li the rigarct
Haillils Optical? AihU
Championship at Stake i
Here Tonight and I
Muulbctrtch rroHcnts Brilliant
Toain; Kendall Has a
Fine Uccord.
I'robublv IAiit'upn
Dunhniii F Wllke
Keck 1' Wilkinson
Wllllatml tJ Levi
drove (1 Wells
DiUeotu (1 Mllum
11V LA11UY DA1L17V.
Knndall cillege nnd Phllllivi unl
verslty bniikntbnll nulntets, luidlng
eonleiideni for tho titntn eiilleglnte
ehiuiiplounlilp, eliulh tonight at the
Kendall gymnasium ut 8:15 o'clock.
Another game In played tomorrow
I Theso contests nre tho most 1m
ipnitnnt of the season In state ool
! leglnte ciiglng idrcliv. Wurli team
lias dcmoustruteil Its cliuti in gnmi'H
wrth other Sooner fives. The Dnl
ivortdty of Oltlahomu Is the only stutn
collegiate quintet to dlsptitn tho right
I of Phlllliw and Kcmlnll to the Htato
championship nnd us the Hoopers
will probably not play ellher team,
this week's gntnes nre decisive.
ltoth triimii have been successful
In interatntn contetits ns well us In
those with Oklahoma five Phillips
nuceesHfuIly Invaded Texas u few
weeks ngi, meeting with only olio
dofeiit, that ut tho hands of tho
Texas Christian university. That net.
lsick was the only one suffered by
the red nnd white five this sejuion.
A defeat of the Kansas Aggie flvo of
Manhattan ut Ehld two weeka ago Im
the most Impressive victory on Phll
II II list Ihls year.
FniiiiiUH (irhl Stnr (wicli.
Clinch Johnny Matilbesteh, fonner
Michigan university football explain
nnd all A met brill lulfbiick. bilngs
a powerful squad to meet thn local
ejigers. Tho Haymakers' personnel
Is made up of veteran inumcth, all of
whom aro stum In their respective
In Wllke and Wilkinson, forwardit,
l'hllllirs presents two brilliant nnd
consistent basket shootera. Tho for
mer was star fixrwiird on the famous
Northwestern normal quintet of Alva
which mado n. coast to coast tour
threo years ngo, In which tho Okla
homnns defeated lending flvio of tho
United States. Wilkinson Is ono of
the most phenomenal forwards de
veloped In Oklahoma cagtntr clroles,
Ho first attract ml attention tin no
yenra ngo ns forward on tho Knld
high school flw, where ho played
his first nnd hud your In Oklahoma
soholastlc bankctlsill. For tho mist
two seasons the slnndor forward has
been n star In Oklahoma collcgiuto
John Levi, giant Center, Is a for
mer Chllloceo star who reoeivod all
his previous bnsketlMill training at
the Indian school. Ho wns a mem
ber of the ntate champion Chlllooco
quintet of two seasons ngo.
I'lMitbnll Sturx at (Itinnl.
Wells and MJIum. guards, wore
football Mtarii and their defonslvu
work has been ono of tho features of
Phillips' play throughout tho mvisoii.
Wells Is playing his tieeond year ut
Phillips. Milam Is the only flrwt
yeur man on the team.
It was from uncertain material,
with the nucleus of only two "Icttor
men thut Coach Francis Schmidt of
Kendall developed a state cluimplon
ship contender. Only ono reversal
has been suffered by the in-nni'o and
black, that nt the hands nt Chllloceo,
In the opening game of tho hcusoii.
Kendall nenicit thut defeat the fol
lowing night nnd their play the bal
ance of the seiuion has been a con
tinned 'triumph, during which time
they have numbered among their
victims the hitherto undefeated
Huptlst university five nf Hhuwnee
Ok la., and the strong Texai Chris
t la n university quintet. They re
turned Monday from a slx-dny trip
through Oklahoma, nnd Texas, In
which they won every game.
Dunham, playing his second year
let forward, lias been a dependable
und brllllint basket shooter through
out the season. Ills plnv hss con
trlbiited much to past Kendall vie
torni Keck, a first-year man, Itr.
developed rapidly, his ploy in lust
week's trip being a foatiitc
William at renter, a former team
mute of Levi of Phillips, Is a capable
basket shooter and floor walker
whose chief value to the team lies In
his splendid all-around play,
lirnii' llrlllliint Plnjcr.
Captain Dun llmvo, at guard, one
of the greatest college defensive star I
In Oklahoma In recent years, Is play
Ing his fourth and last season In
Kendall regullu. Orove's play In all
game has been a great factor In the
team' success. Ilnlcom, running
mate of drove, like Keck, Is another i
player who has developed lapMly I
find also llko the young forwnrd, his I
play during the trip was the best of I
the season. ,
In Limbn, brilliant youthful for- ,
ward who shot the winning basket in '
the Texas Christian gamo, and Pish- I
ney. sturdy guard, Kendall bus two i
splendid substitutes. '
A preliminary game will bo played
tonight between Arthur Wall.we'r
Kendall academy five and the Hkla- !
took high school.
Tonight and tomorrow night's I
game mark the final appearance of i
the Kendall college quintet In Tulsa I
Mallett will referee. !
High School lloudi Void.
PAWIIt SKA. feb 26. An nddl-,
tlonal J60.000 bond Issue wftH voted I
linre today to finish tho high school
building Only two votes were cist '
against the issue The total iimoun'
raised ,n bunds for tho building Isi
1160,000 , ,
Last Night's Ilouts
At Nowurd---Denny Valger oilt
Iio. tiled Johnny Klllmno In eight
liMindx. Abo Ooldstein knocked
out Al .loner In the sixth rinnd.
A I Clei elnnd Chiirlev White
"iiipolnted l."i. Delaney In 10
t Kelioshu, WH Dennis
K'Keefe won a populnr decision
oxer Eddie FlUttimtuons In 10
Itulxos (luaraiiteit for ICiilniiice In
Wixtern Amum'IiiiIiiii.
CIIICKAHIIA. Okln.. Feb. 20. At
u muss meeting of hiislncm men nnd
fans hero this sfternoon, It wnn de
tided that ('hlckasha uill put a base
hall team In the Western association
this your. Details aro to be worked
out lomotrow nnd Saturday, tho
necessary guarantee poMod and this
city is to Imve n repriwentatlvo at the
league meeting In Tulsa Sunday. Tho
necessary gusratitee was pledged In
a few mlnuies during the iiieutinif.
Dodgers Off for Cnliip.
NEW YOUIC. Feb. 20 - The nd
vaiico gtianl of the llrooklvn Dodgers
Hfllled for Jneksonvllln, Fin., today
.ibioad Iho stiMimer Anipahno. Al
Miimitmux, Chltclc Ward nnd Clar
ence Mitchell wero the players to
head for the training outnp via thn
wuler route The other players will
go from their home) by rull. Man
ager Wilberl Itobliisoll wilt arrive In
,l.,t lisnnville Sunday Active training
will start on Monday.
iiiinnu opthtiiy Aiiw.
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Local M'.linbislle Cagere Play I1n.il
S'liiilulcl (J.uno of .Season nt
Okliiliiiuia Cllj.
Couoli H. W. Itnti anil elgl.t ri m
Iters of the Tulsa hlxh soliool banket
hall nquuil htiw Tuia I'n.-i t ,
log fur .ikluhomn C.tt, wliur t uy
meet Uk) wholastlo csger.-. .if t
lty tinitcbt In lh final s held d
game of tho tviuoti for Uio lo a
Oklahoma City has a fiutf. firht
ing quintal, wbloh will put n,i 11
si i n.lly bitter flirlit Hk,-ait,i I i
Incut flvu.
Tile idayers who will aeeoti .i y
('.it h Itiiu to Dklnhomu i'it .1
Carter ami Vernon, forwards Wei
nrake, center; Kcvse and Sli A -guatds,
und Pnifkri, Kerlin at n
Mnittan, ri"Ti'i' forwnrd, tntitf" aJ.u
guaril, respeotlvely.
Tulsa High Swimmcrft
Defeat llartlcsvillc
'llhn 'I'ulsi high whool swimming
team won It first dual meet of the
xeunon from linrllenvHln lost night
scoring 11 total of 40 points li 14 by
llnnnls OiMlml? Ailit
Tcnlli normillisil or remoTn! by
ptlnlen, MooJln ui proran iuocms.
idI methods.
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UT"'-- -
J M I t tfc
- .aw..
"Ctuaj" ClMiIrcrUta
1 r
1 m
I iii

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