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Dealing With the Physical and
Mental Salvation of Man.
Unscrupulous Charlatans Who Sue-
ceed In Deceiving; People.
A Brlalit Young Man ot Hood Family
Car Ohio In Alcohollam Treated
to the Muat Approved
Fake Style.
Whan the genial counterfeiter gets
down to work, the more valuable the
article he counterfeits the greater the re-
ward of hia rascality—the more his
heart awella within him. Tbe aubtle
fakir, whether he fakea on the street
corner with braaa jewelry or painless
tooth extractor, enjoys life because he is
a natural oorn scamp, and rejoices in
deceiving and injuring hia fellow man.
It ia a aouree of great comfort to hira
when he can pass v bogus double eagle,
but the summit of eupreme joy ia
reached when he can tamper with and
destroy the health and life ol a human
being. 1
Tbe Keeley discovery deals with the
phvaical and mental salvation of men,
with tti* happiness of women and chil
dren. It ia the mission of the Keeley
league, working hand injiand with the
Keeley institute, to rescue men from
ternjKiral and eternal ruin, to send j >y
and gladness into homes utterly wrecked
and desolate through the ravages of
rum and the horrors of the opium habit.
It does ils work with the sanction and
approval ol the best men and women in
the laud; the government gives its offi
cial endorsement through a body of
which the oreaideot is the chairman.
The league points to its hundred thou
sand men saved from worse than physi
cal death. The fakir knows this and
et.ili goes on with his devilish work, not
only with heartless greed, but rejoicing
in the harm he does. He ia blighting
tho hopes of thousands of men and
womeh. He iB destroying the confi
dence in tbe Guly cure that God has
given to men against the (earful disease
oi nlcoholism. Throughout the length
and breadth of the land he is tilling the
bodies of men and women with power
ful poisene, and when they leave bia
dena ol quackery, the majority of tbem
are oeyond all hope of cure.
The eoae with which theae tinecrupn
lor.ii chariatane and rogues sueceeed in
deceiving numbers of peoDlo would be
laughable were it not so terrible in its
remits. Ulcerated and swollen limbs,
weakened and impaired organs aie bad
enough, but when a man finds himeelf
driven back to drink, a horrible thirst
racing within him. and realizes that his
case has been made such, through tbe
fakirs' drugs, that even the Keeley
treatment i", powerless to reach it, he ia
an earthly hell indeed.
An individual withont tbe fear of God
or man before hie eyea, baiting from
somewhere beyond the Sierra Nevadas,
came through the state of California a
while ago selling a receipt for curing
drunkards. Certain, heretofore, well
meaning men, deceived by his smooth
representation!;—lying etateniente of
good accomplished elsewhere—allured
by golden promisee held before their
eyes, invested money in tbe bogus cure.
They started in buainesa,having eecured
the services of a physician who bad up
to that date borne a good name. They
pat their price of treat mod t at what
eeerned to be a low figure, guaranteed
cures on the quack system, and took
mortgagee on poor men's teams, cows
and other belongiuga, in fact anything
they could get hold of. The poor dupes
to the number of 30 odd Hocked in for
treatment, and they received it after
a fashion. Thia amateur fake doctor
had hie private practice to attend to,
and found it difficult to be in hie office
at regular hears, four timea a day, in
order to imitate tbe Keeley system.
But ho wsb equal to tbe occasion. He
he 1 in hia office a young fellow who
knew as much about medicine aa a
monkey about the Lick telescope, ao he
pm h!m to handling the evringe and
prescribing (or the victims. Ithappened
tbat come of the Buffering wretches hod
bnaineaa to attend to and could net
come out at tho proscribed hou'e to the
so-called institute, ao ont went the
ay unite monkey with the little syringe
and bottle aud performed ou the inebri
ates wherever he found them—whether
behind bars or iv back otli.-es. In the
mean time the patients were to have
Whisky galore—and they had it of vari
oua kinds at:d atreugths, in various
pluces. Thin went on from day to day,
resulting ill tho Boboriug up of a few,
ah of whom except three or four have
gone back to their cups. Some, how
f per, broke away from the treatment in
diego**, demanding back their money
where they had paid any.
fhe mo>t pitiable thing, however,
connected with tho whole business was
a scene witnessed on a passenger train
on lbs) southern Pacific railroad. A
young man of good family connections,
far gone iv alcoholism, had boen in
duced to put himself under this bogus
treatment. He had been for eoiae time
undergoing the miaerahle procesp, When
he took a notion to make a journey, lie
waa found on the train provided with a
syringe, a bottle of tonic and two
bottles of whisky. Hi waa treat
ing himself according to the most
appro .'cd fake style. The two bot
tles of whisky he emptied in
short order and replenished them
at the buffet car, while the aston
ished porter looked on with dilated eyes.
The hifct thiug reported about this poor
fellow waa that he had fallen into tbe
banda of aome hoodlums in a neighbor
ing city and had been beaten witbin an
inch of hia life. What became of tbe
ayringo and bottle of toniois not stated.
The wretched Bide of thin whole mat
tor i» that in tho community where thia
ecandaloue perform*r.co haa been going
on nil faith in any cure whatever haa
beeu destroyed, and all hope of deliver
ance from the run and morphine curses
utterly blighted.
If there is no human law to punish
each wreiches, in time the divine law
will certainly wreak vengeance on tbe
eyil doers in eternity.
Hanbora, Vail & 00.
The firm of Sanborn. Vail & Co. are
Veil known as relieb'e dealers in artist's
materials, mirrors and mouldings. They
fcave been itnporlerd for a considerable
period in European engravings, etchings
and facsimiles, »nd their public art
gallery is vi.iteel by large numbers of
visitors who appreciate the opportunity
to see some rare and famouß paintings
which aro exhibited from time lo time.
The gallery always contains paintings
and engravings by amateure and pro
fessionals at home and abroad. The
factory of Meaara. Sanborn, Vail & Co.
ia at San Francisco, with branch houses
at Portland, Oregon, and 133 South
Soring etreet in this city. Mr. W. F.
Whittaker is manager in Loa Angeles.
A Loa Angalea Unique and Incompara
ble Iloatelry.
Lot Angelea is certainly original when
the aabject of hostelriee is mentioned,
and the tourist finds pure and ample
originality in all ho aeee in the Nadeau,
a hotel which cannot be compared for
uniqueness and excellence anywhere
else on the Pacific toast. The Nadeau
has always been the beat aud ita patrona
are certainly very select. It has been
enlarged hy an addition of 50 rooms,
which have been famished in new and
elegant style, the plumbing throughout
the entire house haa oiso been renewed
with the lateat improved rolled iron
porcelain bath tubs, and further im
pinvornenta are anticipated, with the
addition of a spacious reading and wait
ing rooms (or the benefit of ita patrons.
The large and epacioua parlora have
all been newly decorated and furniehed,
the total coat of improvements being
over 120,000. One of the most attractive
featores of the hotel ia its wide and
roomy halls, which throughout the en
tire house are lighted from the roof,
giving the hotel a very cheerful appear
ance. It required over ISOOyarda of the
finost velvet and moquette carpet to
cover theee halls, which givea ohly a
slight idea of their size. The proprietor,
Horace VV. Chase, ia a Bangor, Me.,
man, who thoroughly understands hia
business, and he has made a nice little
fortune in it, joined by careful atten
tion to the comfort of all who come
under bis roof.
Lager. I'ure, Whuleaoiu*, Unadulterat
ed and Without a Peer—A
(sketch of the Kjtab
Jacob Adloff, the well-known agent
for the John Weiland, Fredericksburg,
Chicago and United Statea breweries,
has lived in Los Angelea for the pact 12
yeara, and is a universal favorite among
hia many city friends. Mr. Adloff has
had 20 years' experience in catering,
and he well knows the wante of tbe
people at large. The different branda of
beer of whicb Mr. Adloff ia sole agent in
thia vicinity, are found in all the lead
ing ealoona of this city and Southern
California, and it ia well worthy of fact
that beera of high repute are bottled
solely and apecial attention ia paid to
family trade. Each and every one of
the breweries for which Mr. Adloff ia
so'e representative hove a reputation
unsurpassed on the Pacific const.
His establishment ia on North Main
atreet, between Mission and Chavez
streets, and is a veritable beehive. A
large number of men are employed in
the bottling works, which, during the
paat year, did an unprecedented busi
ness, and several large teams ran be
const ant ly aeen on the streets oi Loa An
gelea delivering the varioua beera for
which Mr. Adloff ia the agent, lhe
Southern Pacific Railway company hove
laid a special track to hie place for the
purpose of facilitating the handling of
the vast freightage. The bueiaeee ia
annually increaaing, which not only
speake volumes for the quality of the
beera but for the excellent salesmanship
of the agent, than whom a more popu
lar man in hie line caunot be found in
the atate.
A popular feature of the eatabliehment
ia the cold storage department, which
waa designed on the most npvel and
hig'-ly improved plana. ' '
One of the Moat. Kxtehaiv,, Iron and Btoel
Pirini on the I'ac'-fto Coaat.
The Llewellyn Bros., ol the Columbian
ironwork.3 fame, are well knewn on the
Pacific coaat as first-class iron founders
and engineera. Their extensive worka
ore eituated on tne corner of San Fer
nando Btreet and Magdalena avenue,
where they manufacture all kinds of
machinery castings and etrustural iron
work. They are aleo the sole agents on
the coast for the Dole eidewalk concrete
tile. The firm comprises L!ew. J. Llew
ellyn, Reese Llewellyn, jr., and William
Llewellyn, to whose energy is duo the
rapid growth of a firm which started in
the city with a frontage of 100 feet, but
whoee plant now occupies an entire
block, iv certainly phenomenal. In the
construction of the Bradbury block all
ornamental,wrought steel and iron, cast
iron and other work necessary to com
plete the building, wae furnished by the
Columbian iron worke at a cost of
$38,000, and especial attention ia at
tracted by the elaborate design and fin
ish which the firm have given In all the
ariiatic iron work in the building; 350
tons of steel aud 150 tons of iro.i was
supplied ior this structure alone. In
the Stimson block Messrs. Llewellyn
havo imed 1200 tone of ateel and 350 tone
of cast iron, the contract covering work
extending from basement to ceiling,
amounting to over $110,000, including
aome heavy work such aa 58-ton girders,
over the store windows.
Where tho Wurmn(intn Neeta Toll Faco
to Face.
The free labor bureau of Loa Angeles
ie nn accomplished fact which was ad
vocated by the Trades council of thia
city in January laat, and ia conducted
on linea laid down by the city and
county for tho benefit of tbe unem
ployed, saving them the fees usually
charged hy employment ageuciea to
those looking for work. It baa already
proved a gio*t benefit to the unem
ployed, over 2300 men, women, boysand
girls having aecured work up to date,
many of whom would have proved a
burden to the community at large or
probably spent some of their lime in the
couuty jail.
Tue bureau ia under the immediate
management of William A. White, who
has always been in favor of labor, and
wn-i the choice of tbo working claaeea for
his present poaition, to which he waa
appointed by tho city council and county
ferry, Mott & Co.
Thia ia one of the oldest and moat re
liable lumber firms on the Pacific coaat.
By thrift and good management they
have built up a bueinesa that ia colloseal
in ita proportions. Millions of feet of
lumber of all kinds and gradee are to be
found in their yards. Their planing
mill at 316 Commercial etreet 1b a verit
able beehive where the song of the
lathe and plane is constantly heard. A
large force of men are couit&uwy urn-*
ployed. The senior member of the firm
ie W. H. Perry, who ia noted for being a
leading spirit in Angelefto enterprises.
The new Los Angeloa theater ie eitu
ated in the heart of the city, on Spring
street, between Second end Third, Bnd
is regarded aa one of the handsomest
buildings in the city, being four stories
high and built of brown atone. Mr. W.
11. Perry, the owner, hea spared no ex
pense to make this the most perfect in
appointments and is positively tire
proof. The aabeatoa curtain which has
just been placed, is the very best; all
woodwork dividing the stage from au
ditorium ie covered with iron and ahould
any fire take place on the stage the au
dience would be perfectly safe; besides
this, chemical fire nxtineniahfirs are
placed in every part of tbe bouse, which
can be handled by a child.
The moat important improvement,
however, is that of fire eecapea.
Openinge have have been made ao
that there are now nine exits
on the orchestra floor, Irom au
ditorium and stage, three from the bal
cony, and three extra large from the
gallery, making a grand total of 15 exits
in caae of fire or panic. Thero can be
no possible mesne of a jam, ac the clear
space of aisle room on the orchestra
floor occupies nearly one-fourth of the
There will alao be placed in front of
tbo theater a storm awning reaching to
tbe eidewalk, ao that visitora to the the
ater can atep from their carriages to the
entrance with perfect security from rain.
The theater iv ita decorations and in
side Rppointmenta has been conceded
by the press, public and theatrical pro
fession to be perfect, and no theater in
the United Statea haa better acoustics.
Tbe eeating capacity ia now 1548, divid
ed as follows: Orchestra circle, includ
ing boxes and logea, 602; balcony, 406;
gallery. 540. The standing of thia thea
ter with theatrical managers ia evi
denced by the following bookings :
Hayman & Frohman's Anstocraiy
company ODena the eeaaon Auguet 24th.
and the following attractiona follow:
Curable Dlaeaaea Only by the Keeley
The only Keeley inatitutes for the cure
of alcoholism and the opium habit, lo
cated in California, are at Loa Gatos and
Riveraide, and it is impossible to secure
the genuine Keeley treatment at any
other place in the etate. 1
All othere are, whatever called and
wherever located, immitations.
The Keeley treatment has been in nee
13 years, ie endorsed by the government
of the United States and need in the na
tional soldiers' homes, It is estab
lished in every etate in the union, in
Great Britain, Russia, Denmark and
Sweden, and has cared more than 100,
--000 men. without tbe least injury in any
For further information ac to terms,
mode of treatment, length of time re
quired, etc., apply to room 65, New
Wilson block, Los Angeles, Cal.
Riverside Keeleyl nstitute company,
Riverside, Cal., Board of directors—J.
J. Hewitt, president, capitalist; O.N.
Ramsey, vice president, manager Los
(Jatos Keeley institute; E. A. Chase,
second vice president, president Ala
bama Nursery company, Hnnteville, Ala.,
and treasurer Chase Bros. & Co, New
England nurseries; M. J. Daniels, treas
urer, president Orange growers' bank:
Frank A. Miller, secretary, proprietor
Hotel Glenweod; A. P. Johnson, presi
dent Riverside savings bank and trust
company ; A. F. Naftzger, president First
national bank; George Frost, vice presi
dent First national bank; H. A. West
brook, contractor and builder; Dr. J. P.
Shumway, medical director.
Gall and Bee Hia New Corner of Manu
factured Trunk.
D. D. Whitney iB a well-known man
ufacturer of trunks, and it ia a treat to
enter his fine large well lighted store at
314 North Main etreet and see his new
trunk corner, where one can select any
sized traveling trunk made of the best,
strongest and moat durable materials at
the most reasonable pricea. These
trunks are all of home manufacture, and
it ie folly to think that an eastern or
foreign made article could be superior to
those manufactured hy Mr. Whitney,
aa on comparison with trunks of eas.ern
make the home made article haa proved
to be superior in every reepect, Mr.
Whitney alao makes a specialty of
ladies' satchels, traveling bags, telescopi
trunks and shawl straps and wrapa, etc.,
and sample cases and trunks are made
to order, covered and repaired. Call
and ace his new trunk corner at 344
North Main Btreet, Loa Angelea.
li. Q. Lant, -
This gentleman is ranked among the
leading financiers of Loa Angeles. The
German Savings and Loan society of
San Franciaco have recognized hie ex
ecutive abilities by making him their
southern representative, be having
loaned about $4,000,000 in Southern
California. Mr. Lunt also represents
iho can oi London, the oldest lire in
surance company in tbe world, and tbe
Springfield of Springfield, Mass. His
office 1s at 227 West Second street.
Robert Mantell, in repertoire of plays ;
Charles Frobman'a Jane corapanv; Mrs.
John Drew, aaaisted by McKeo Rankin
and a strong company; Havman &
Frohman's The Girl I left Behind Me;
spectacular drama; Wolves of New
York; Urania; Nutmeg Match ; Soudan;
Katie Emmett; Span of Life; Friends;
Frank Daniels; Fanny Davenport, in her
great production of Cleopatra; Cleve
land Minstrels; Charlea L. Davis: M. B.
Leavett'e Columbaa company; Charles
Dickson; Barlow Brothers' Minstrels;
Carleton Opera company;' Joshua Simp
kins (Richard Golden in Old Jed
■ Petti Rosa; Fanny Rice; Lift
& Davis; Ensign company; Adelaide
Patti Concert company; Boston How
ard Atheneum company, with Lottie
Collins: Hanlon's Suoerba ; Ole Olson
company; Hallen & Hart; Roland
Reed; Abby, Schofield & Gran's Royal
Opera company of 125 people; Bpider
and Fly; Warde and James: Calhoun
Operacompany; Bessie Bonehill; A.M.
Palmei'a Madison Square company;
Frohman's Hia Wedding Day company ;
Lost Paradise; DeWolf Hopper Opera
company; E. A. Sothern; Held in Sla
very ; Americana Abroad; Danger Sig
nal ; Seabrook'a Isle of Champagne Op
era company; Rose and Charles Cogb
lan ; Stnnrt Robson ; Pauline Hall Op
era company; Evanß and Hoey in Par
lor Match; Salvini; J. M. Hill's Opera
company, with Marie Tempest; Nat
Goodwin; the Bostoniana; Sol Smith
Rueeell; James O'Neil in a repertoire;
Madame Mod jeska one week; Hein
rich's Grand Opera company of 100
people one week.
Beaidae the theater pioper tbere are
24 of tbe moet comfortable offices in
front, which will be rented at reasona
ble prices. Tbe very best and safest
elevator will run day and night for con
venience of occupants. Surely Mr. W.
H. Perry has left nothing undone to
make hiß building an ornament to our
IV lie re Mortal* Are Filled In United
States Style for Twenty-!''!ve Cents.
Visitora and touriata stopping in Loa
Angelee are apt to disparage on tbe want
of a firat-clasa restaurant where they
can got good, wholeßome and well
cooked meals at reasonable prices.
Meeare. Bbonp&Elliott, tvo well-known
caterere, aaw thia a little ov.ir one year
ago, and after describing the problem of
tilling mortals in United B'atee etyle at
25 centa a head, tbey demonatrated to
their patrona that even at tbat figure
they were able to give the beßt meal in
tho city ia one of the handsomest, air
iest and largest dining halls in the
etate; and it will be proved to visitora
who live by braakfasting, dining and
supping well that a viait to the Cosmo
politan dining hall, 221 West Second
stieet, between Spring Btreet and Broad
way, will be very conducive to their
happiness and welfare.
The eervtce and attendance is all
that could be reasonably desired, and
the most fastidious epicurean has tbe
complete satisfaction of enjoying tit
bits and delicacies at a hospitable
board of snowy whiteness and purity,
provided at the most reasonable of
reasonable prices for a more than rea
sonable meal by Shoup & Elliott, Cos
mopolitan dining hall, 219 and 221
West Second atreet, Los Angeles, Cali
E. W. REID & CO.,
An Old and Sellable Employment
The question of labor and the unem
ployed ia undoubtedly one of those that
interests the public in a high degree.
Every man who chooses to labor can
find employment if he asks for it. It
cannot be expected that the person in
search of a man to work can find eucb a
man as he wants by walking the streets.
Hia first impulse ia to go to an employ
ment depot where be can be eupplied.
Thia ia why an employment agency like
E. W. Reid & Co. baa become suoh an
indispensable adjunct in Southern Cali
fornia. This firm haa been in business
for a period of over 12 years, during
which time perfect satisfaction has al
ways been guaranteed and all kinds of
help furnished free. E. W. Reid & Co.'s
office ie in tbe Wilaon block, 126 First
etreet, first floor.
Hazard & Townsend.
"The spirit of invention enlightened
the world." Messrs. Hazard & Towns
end believe this more fully today than
tbey did in 1882 when they first estab
lished their busineea of soliciting patents
for inventions in America and foreign
conhtriea. At that time one man could
eaaily do what it now takes five men
to attend to, aa they daily receive let
ters not only from clients in c'ißtant
parts of this vast continent and Europe,
but even irom darkest Russia alao.
The clientage of thia well-known firm
of attorneys extends locally from San
Franciaco to San Diego, but principally
Southern California. Patents on inven
tions are aecured in all countriea, as
well aB copyrights, trade marks and
The firm comprise? Henry X. Hazard,
ex-mayor of this city, and J-imea R.
Townsend. Rooms 6 to U, Downey
block, Lob Angeles, Cal.
The Los Angeles City Water
Ifs Officers Whose Interests Are
Identical With the City.
The Knrly Hiatory of the Corporation.
Ita I'rosrreae and Capital Stock
and General Output of
This corporation was organized in Au
gust, 1808, for the purpose of supplying
the inhabitants of this city, which was
then a very small town, with water for
domestic uses and such other needs as
the city required. Since the incorpora
tion of the company the city has made
wonderful progresa in the extension of
streets and area, and naturally the
water company has been forced to keep
apace with that progress. This has re
sulted in the company's making im
provements and additions to their orig
inal plans until today it owna and con
trols one of tho most complete and per
fect water systems of any city in
The capital stock of tbe company is
$1,240,000, wbicfms continuously sought
after by investors owing to the safety
and surety of manner with which its
officers have conducted the affairs, but
the stock is rarely to be lound on the
The present supply ol water is taken
from the company's waterbearing
lands several miles north of the city.
These lands, while not forming a cien
ega, have an inexhaustible sub-flow of
water, which is tapped by an elaborate
system of "bleeding" pipes laid in all
directions through the lands. These
pipes are laid with loose joints, packed
about with broken rock and gravel,
thus allowing the water to percolate
through and enter the pipes along the
line. Several milea of these pipes
form a ganglion, the output being about
ten million gallons a day of pure spring
Tbe mains lead to an inlet tower,
from which the water ia conducted in
large conduits and tonnela to tbe dis
tributing reaervoir in the city.
Thiß company haa now about 12,000
service connections, and supplies about
four-fiftha of all the water used for do
mestic purpoaeß, the remaining one
fifth being supplied by another com
The intereßta of the company and the
city which it auppliea are almost iden
tical. Both the city and tbe company
have been prosperous, the progresaive
neas of the company having determined
to a great extent tbe prosperity of the
If we meaaure the future by the past,
we have to contemplate in thia company
an association not excelled in import
ance by any on the Pacific coaat.
Tbe officers of the company are all in
cluded among the moat solid and con
servative financiers and business men of
Southern California. They are aa fol
io wa:
W. H. Perry, president: W. J. Brod
rick, vice-president; L W. Hellman,
treaaurer; S. H. Mott, secretary ; S. B.
Caawell, auditor.
One or California's Oreat Progressive
Tbe Baker Iron works and the city of
Los Angeles have grown together from
theiryouth up. Their interests in many
directions are one and the came. So
much so that to sever them would work
an injury to both.
When the city was email and the de
mands for iron work waa limited the
capacity of tne works waa also limited.
But aa the city grew and put on city aire
so did the iron works, hy incorporating
and building new r.nd larger works.
Tbey have kept pace with the growth
of tho city and country by continually
adding new machinery and tools, en
abling tbem to work a larger force of
men, and yet tbe numerous large con
tracts that have gone through their
worke the pact season has ehown that
tbey were quite too email. Some of
tbeae contracts were for large water
worka plants, alao for large irrigating
and mining enterprises and for public
water worka. Alao a large quantity of
elevators and other machinery for thia
and other cities.
Tbe long experience this company
haa had enables tbem to anticipate and
meet the wants of the entire country in
all kinds of machinery, always having
in view their customers' best interest as
well as their own and thus, guarding the
interests o! both, they have acquired the
success that always attends a well con
ducted business. This company ia too
well known to need any praise from us
more than a statement oi tbe above facta.
Their pay roll runs np aa high aa 150
men, which proves tbe above statement
that theirs and' tbe city's interests are
one and the same. Their worka are
situated on Buena Vista street from 950
to 966, and near the Southern Pacific
railroad shops. The electric cars pasa
the works.
The Flrtle Real Kstate and Trust Com
The Piitle Real Eatate and Trust
company, at No. 229 Weet Second Btreet,
of which John A. Pirtle is preßidentand
J. M. Pirtle secretary and treaeurer, has
won for itself a reputation for energy
and square dealing, which makes it one
of the leading business entrrprises in
this section of the state. Mr. Pirtle has
devoted particular attention for five
yeara to the handling of irrigation se
curities. He is one of the beet posted
men in thia line in Lob Angelea, and hia
company haa the distinction oi recently
placing the largest block of irrigation
bonda ever handled in thiß section. Tbe
company haa a capital of $150,000, and
tho buainees shows a ateady and solid
growth. Their facilities for attending to
all kinds of real estate affairs, the plac
ing of bonds and the loaning of money
are unsurpassed.
Samuel Frager.
Samuel Frager has been a resident of
Loe Angelee for tbe past 39 years, and is
a well-informed and reliable gentleman.
He attends to tbe assessments of prop
erty in both city and county, attends to
the payment of tazee when due, and in
fact looks after ali real eetate matters:
on this subject he ia practically an au
thority. He iB a notary public, and at
present makes a genera! bueicees of
money loans and real estate.
Capitol Milling Company.
Thiß firm manufactures tbe bestgradee
of ilour and will only patronize Koine in
Where Muilc and Pnre Unadulterated
Native Beverage go Hand In Hand.
It is grossly unfair to cay that all
drink ia immoral. Lager beer and
whiskey cannot be claused together. The
human body ie better for a cool draught
of beer, but let tbe lager be pure and
wholesome, then instead of drawn hag
gard faces we would have faces on which
cheerfulness and contentment would
prevail. This is what F. Kerkow. pro
prietor of the New Vienna Buffet, be
lieves in and practicee, as he is the only
dealer in Lemp's Brewingcompany's St.
Louis draught and bottled beer in Los
Angeles. By comparison there is no
other free heuse of pure and undefiled
entertainment on the Pacificcqaat which
can be placed on a par with the
New Vienna Bullet. Its music
hall ia a Bight which none
who have eeen will eaaily forget. Of ita
kinda it ia a gem. A caecade of music
which vibrates throughout one of the
largeet free public halls in Los Augeles,
emanating from an orchestra composed
of a family of born muaiciana, whoae
bearte are in the instrument* th<sy ao
ably manipulate. The whole entertain
ment overflowa with gayety without
color. In other advertisements Mr.
Kerkow provides a series of visions
truly delightful, such ac come over the
footlights, and enjoyed with a glass of
pure latter which ie particularly good.
Mr.-Kerkow haa also a tirat-cloea rea
taurant attached to hie establishment,
which once proved ie patronized ever
Chickens Hatched While You Walt and
Oatrlchea Galore—A Success
ful and Growing;
Everyone interested in poultry raieing
will be glad to know that a poultry sup
ply house has now been opened in Loa
Angelea at 121 South Broadway, where
a full line of bone mill, clover cutters,
roun cures, etc, can be obtained. Mr.
Canßtor, the proprietor, is special agent
for Southern California for the Petaluina
and Jubilee incubators, and having had
seven years' experience in artificial
hatching of both ostrich and chicken
eggs, is particularly qualified to advise
intending purchasers.
Upon the Norwalk ostrich farm, the
oldest in tbe country, of which Mr.
Canstor is the owner and original im
porter, are upward of 100 birds ot all
ages, which are raised entirely for their
plumes. All inquiries in respect to this
industry will be promptly answered.
The Kenl«y League and Keeley Treat
ment—The Government Endorse! It*
The Keeley leauge numberß nearly
150,000 men, every one cnred of alcohol
ism or the opium habit by Dr. Keeley's
Tbe treatment is endorsed by the
United States government, as witness
tbe following report of Gen. Andrew J.
Smith to Gen. W. Franklin, president
board of managers National Soldiers'
West Branch National Home, D. V. 8.
November 23, 1892.
Gen. W. R. Franklin, President Board Of
Managers, N. H. D. V. 8.:
General : I have the honor to submit
the following statement of the work ac
complished in the Keeley institute at
thia branch since its establishment
March 29, 1892, viz:
Number treated for drunkenness 277
'* ** lor opium habit 14
" " lor morphine habit.., 5
" " for tobacco habit 8 340
Graduates.., 264
Under the treatment of date 40
Lapsed after treatment lor alcoholism 25
buccetsfully treated 279 304
Ratio of lapses per 103 for whole
number treated 8 22
The moat gratifying results are shown
in the morale of the branch. The
annual report tendered to the board of
managers for the fiscal year, June 30,
1892, shows a leas percentage of offend
era than ever before in the history of the
weetern branch, viz.: 11.7 per cent the
preceding year, a reduction of 7.96 per
cent. Very respectfully,
Andrew J. Smihh,
Official: R. Hayes,
Acting First Lieut, and Adjutant.
It ie endoreed by leading buaineaa
and professional men throughout the
United Statea, as witneea the following:
[Letter from the great packer and
financier, Phillip D. Armour, to O. N.
Ramaey, manager of the Keeley insti
tute at Loa Gatos, Cal.]
"Dear sir: Replying to yours of Jan
uary 24th, asking me for my opinion of
the Keeley treatment for inebriates, etc.,
it givea me pleasure to state that I am
familiar, both through my own observa
tion and through a knowledge obtained
through other reliable sources, with the
results achieved by Dr. Keeley and bis
associates, and am satisfied that the
olainiß made by tbem are correct, viz:
That the diseases consequent upon the
excessive use of alcohol and opium are
treated and cured by the nse of a spe
cific, which relieves the victim of all ap
petite, desire or need of narcotic or al
coholic stimulants.
"The work has my hearty commenda
tion, as I believe it is doing a great
good. Yourß truly,
"Phillip D. Ahmoor."
The above was sent Mr. Armour with
the request that be sign it if approved.
In returning it he adds : "I would have
made this letter much stronger if I bad
written it. P. D. Armour."
O. N. Ramsey, Manager.
Mr. Armour haa sent 200 of hiß em-
Sloyees to tbe Keoley institutes. Editor
ledill of the Chicago Tribune has sent
a large number.
A Great Tract to Be Divided.
The only large tract of land within
the city limits is called tbe Briswalter
land and is situated at the southeast cor
ner of Washington and Han Pedro streets.
It contains about 260 acres of land, in
cluding fifty-four acres in oranges and
twenty-five acres in twenty-year old wal
nut trees. It extends from San Pedro
street to Central avenue, and on both
the north and south sides of Adams
street, east of San Pedro Btreet and is
fully thirteen feet higher than any por
tion of Figueroa street. The soil is the
best sandy loam, electrio cars running
through every ten minutes. Subdivis
ions will probably take place come time
lv December. "Capitalists will find a
rare chance for speculation here, and
home-seekers ideal residence sites. In
quire at 236 West First street, Loa Aa
i geles.
The Great Proilaoera of n Natural Call-
fornla Fuel.
One of the largest and moat successful
plants in Southern California ia the
Union Oil company of California, of
which Thomas R. Bard of Hoeneme,
Cal., is president and Lyme- Stewart of
Los Angelee is vice president.
In November, 3890, thi Union Oil
company cucceeded to tbe and
properties of the Hardisoc <fc Stewart,
the Sespe and the Torry Canon Oil com
panies and the Mission Transfer com
It holds about 80,000 acres of oil lands
in California. From these lands tbere
have been taken out over 53,000,000 gal
lons of oil, and only the edges of this
territory have thus far been touched.
The company's plant account shows
an investment of over $1,250,060, con
sisting of about 100 miles of pipe lines,
52 oil cars, oil storage tanks, having a
capacity of about 4,000,000 gallons, an
oil refinery, machine and boiler shops,
The company usually carries a stock
of from 750,000 to 3 000,000 gallons of
crude oil, its policy being to protect ita
fuel customers against the possibility of
a failure of supply.
The demand for oil for fuel purposes is
largely increasing.and since the introduc
tion of the aerated system, iB becoming
very popular, being not only more eco
nomical than coal or wood, bat safer,
cleaner and more convenient. As an
evidence of the favor in which this sys
tem is held, it ie stated that no person
trying it on this coast has been thrown
Tbe company iB manufacturing st com
plete line of lubricating oils and com
pounds, such as cylinder oils, a pure
mineral oil, and a variety of engine oils,
caetor machine oil, sewing machine and
bicycle oils and axle greases. It also
manufactures paint oils and linolith for
painting inks, and makes a treated dis
tillate which is much more economical
than gasoline for running vapor engines.
It also manufactures a fine line of re
fined asphalts. It ie the only company
on the coast tbat makes a really refined
asphalt. Thia ie largely used for dipping
iron and steel pipe, for coating corru
gated iron, for roofing purposes, and for
making varnishes, etc.
Its vulcanized petro carbon promises
to he very valuable.
The laat. month's production o! cradet
oil was 876,910 gallons.
The home office ie Santa Paula; branch
ofbces, No. 204 California street, San
Franciaco.!'al., and No. 135 Maat Second,
atreet, Los Angelea, Cal.
The crude oil produced by thia com
pany baa 10 per cent more heat units
than eastern oil, and it is from this fact
that tbey ar j able to melt copper, and
use it in every place wbere high heat is
required, weldiug, smelting, glass mak
ing, etc,
Personally Conducted Tour* From
Ocean to Ocean.
Tne tourist or centennial globe trot
ter when he returna for a short rest to
his native heath, carries with him
pleasant memories of happy motuenta
spent in gaining experience of the new
world over continuoua linea oi first
class railroads through some of the
most wonderful scenery in the world.
The personally conducted excursions
of A. Phillips & Co.'a Rock Island ex
cursions are certainly world famed.
The tourist ie taken by a great and
wondrous scenic route from sea to sea,
which ia acknowledged to afford tbe
moat attract ! ye and enjoyable trip known
to the world. From tbe peaceful Pacific
along mighty rivers and broad laker
to the active. Atlantic, over America's
grand mountains, through the great val
leys and the more important cities of
the United States and Canada.
Excureiens leave Lob Angelea and
Southern California points every Tues
day and Friday in charge of an experi
enced manager. Pullman tourist cars
equipped with all necessary bedding,
curtains, carpets, tables, etc., are solely
ured. All information will be given at
tbe office of A. Phillips & Co., 138 South
Spring street, Los Angeles, or 36 Mont*
gomery street, San Francisco.
Undertaking Kntabllihment.
Outside- of 8 cemetery tbere ie not a
more hallowed place where the last sad
offices to the dead are conducted than in
an undertaking or embalming establish
ment. The arrangements for a funeral
are usually left to some undertaker, who
best knows how to proceed, and who
saves a bereaved family all cares and
annoyances at a time when they are
least fitted to meet them, making the
duty of an undertaker one of the most
sacred of trusts. And it is a well known
fact that there is just as much tender
ness within the hallowed privacy of an
undertaking parlor, as tbat which
would be found within the home of
some bereaved household.
The funeral and embalming establish*
ment of Chase & Co. is too well known
to need much comment, as a visitor can
easily prove what is reported by enter
ing and viewing for himself tbe parlora
at 119 and 121 West Second street, Loa
Angeles, Cal.
BUtaop « Co.
It was only in January last tbat the
firm of Bishop «Sc Co. began to operate
its fruit crystallizing and bottling works
at the corner of Seventh and Alameda
streets, and since that time it baa be
come world-renowned. At the world's
fair they have the largest and most com
plete exhibit in their line, and have
taken all tbe honors, not only doing
themselves but Southern California
great credit. They had over ten timea
the variety of crystallized fruits on ex
hibition that their French competitors
bad, and the best judges conceded that
all of tbe honors belonged to Bishop &
Co., and additional mention waa made
of the fact that thia was the only firm
which had made a success of crystalliz
ing oranges.
They also took the medals from all
competitors on bottled fruits, which are
put up in a similar manner to those put
up in Weiabaden, Germany.
On fruit pulps they bad no competi
tion. These goods are used in miking
confectionery, ice cream and and at sida
fountains where freab fruit juices are
used, and by putting up fruit in pulp
form they are able to furnish their trede
throughout tbe entire year.
The firm ia composed of two young,
energetic men who have pushed their
product forward until it is now to be
found in the stock of all the leading
fancy grocers of the United States.
In addition to this business they
conduct one of tbe largest candy manu
factories on the Pacific coaat. They
constantly employ over 100 people iv
the variona branches of their business.
Their warerooms and office are located
at 112 North Loa Angelea street, this
city, where visitors can see their good*
, at all times.

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