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Drs. C. B. Nichols, B. F. Church, W.
W. Richardson, Messrs. Welfhtmnn.
Smith, Rocs T. Hlckox, A. B. Cloes,
Robert K. Wilson, John Mack Bmlth,
B. 8. Stockard, W. S. Over ton and i>.
if. Bteele.
Masquerade Dancing Parties
One of the affairs given in celebration
of Hallowe'en wan the masquerade
dancing party given by the Mlwes
Pearl Simmons, Clara Llttell, Warlne
nnd Lillian Bradford at Angelus hall.
Invitations were tamed on butcher's
paper and the d.inco programs were
of the same paper cut to represent
The ' decorations were in red and
green while Jack o' lanterns gleamed at
the dancers.
The costumes were many and varied.
Among the prettiest being those worn
ftjr the four young hostesses. All were
dressed alike as Alpine maidens with
red skirts, white aprons and full dainty
blouses falling over black velvet
bodices laced with gold ribbon. Little
Gretchen was there with her string of
"Wienies," 81s Hopkins who "wouldn't
do nothin' for nobody who wouldn't do
nothln' for her," the Yellow Kid who
went off with spasms of unearthy
laughter^ at unexpected Intervals, the
Turkish man, the spick and span red
velvet Jockey boy, ' the Gypsy maiden
with tambourine and a host of others.
To Pretent "The Bells"
EOn Wednesday evening. November 8,
t Cumnock hall, the Alliance Fran
raise will present Eokman ' Chatrian's
play, "The Bells," made famous by Sir
Henry Irving, known in French and
played at the Comedle Francalse as
"Le Julf Polonals." This play has been
on the stage for more than thirty
years and yet enjoys great popularity.
Probably no play in Irvlng's repertoire
has enjoyed such perennial favor or
has been acted so many times. There
Is no finer delineation of a tortured
conscience and the punishment it can
Inflict without aid from any human
hand or the spur of detection. Mathls'
respectability, his totally unsuspected
crime being the origin of all, Is worked
up with a terrible power of evolving
Buffering apart from circumstances
equalled only by Victor Hugo.
The following Is the cast: Mathis,
M. Parmentler; Docteur, M. Dye;
Helnrich. M. Viola; Walter, M. Dur
nerin; Christian, M. Fllhol; Catherine,
Mme. Ledoux; Annette, Mme. de
Clerbaux Wilson; Lois, Miss Helene
Levy; Misses Wilson and Messrs.
Mazy, Lourdou, Rouseyral and Andre.
Hallowe'en Surprise
Johnny Shannon was given a Hallow-
S'en surprise party Tuesday evening at
his home, 552 Ruth avenue. The rooms
.were appropriately decorated for the
becasion. The evening' wns spent in
playing various Hallowe'en games, and
dancing was enjoyed on the lawn un
der a canopy of Japanese and Jack-o'
lanterns. Music was given by Misses
Hood and Leland and Mr. Ashmun.
Neatly painted night caps worn by the
guests at supper caused much merri
ment. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Shannon, Mrs. A. M. Shan
non and Mrs. Ives, Salt Lake city;
Mrs. , Leland of Santa Barbara and
Mrs. Gordon; Misses Lulu Hood, Ethel
Martin, Elflr Bunce, Ollle Reid, Mabel
Gordon and Madge Martin; Messrs,
Geo. Gross, William McLean, Bert Mc-
Intyre, Chas. Read, Rob Baker, Harold
Ashmun, Owen Lewis, Herman Clau
sen, Henry Duke, A. Huchison and M.
Entertain Outing Party at Dinner
A dinner was given by Mrs. C. S. De
liiinn on Friday evening in honor of
Mr. De Lano and a company of friends
■who made up an outing party to Kern
river country this summer. The par
lors were beautifully decorated with
roses and smilax and the dining room
•was artistically trimmed with scarlet
geraniums and greenery. Dinner was
served at 8 o'clock, after which a musi
cal program was given by L. V.
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. De Lano and
Leo De Lano. W. W. Maxey added
to the evening's enjoyment by giving
humorous and dramatic readings. The
guests, which Included Messrs. G. D.
Dake, Dr. W. E. Neel, W. W. Maxey,
L. D. Wright, Leo De Lano and C. S.
De Lano. Mrs. De Lano was assisted
In entertaining by Mrs. G. D. Duke
and Miss D. Momser.
For Sunset Choral Society
Miss Alice Lack of 449 Custer ave
nue entertained a company of her
friends with a Hallowe'en party Tues
day evening in honor of the Surißet
Choral society. Those present were:
Misses Mac Spiers, Catherine, Mabel
and Elizabeth Hudson, O. Thlele, R.
Wetlley, Helen Neale, Gladys, Helen
and Gertrude Sldener, .A. Buchanan,
Card, Sampson, Lawrence, Calkins,
Reason, Wenck, R. Lacy, Boaz, Gladys
Tibbetts, Messrs. A. Garroway, Forest
p.nd Jesse Orowe, J. Sweeney, Stockton,
Bordener, W. Reid, G. Lacey, Meyers,
Sampson, P. Sidener, Wulff, Wenck,
Liord and H. Origsbey.
Poppy Whist Club
Mrs. AY. T. Dalton entertainer! the
members of the Poppy Whist c-lub at
her pretty home, l!) 00 Central avenue,
"Wednesday afternoon. Chrysanthe
mums and potted plants were used ef
fectively in the decorations. Violin and
piano selections were furnished during
the afternoon by Marguerite and Tre
valle Dalton. The first prize was cap
tured by Mrs. L. G. Mather, second by
Mrs. E. Todd and consolation by Mrs.
C. D. Taylor. Scores were kept on
cards hand painted in poppy designs.
The club will be entertained with a.
1 o'clock dinner Wednesday, Novem
ber; 15, at the home of Mrs. L. P. Paul-
Ben, 1200 East Fourteenth.
Buckeye High Five Club
Members of the Buckeye High Five
Club were entertained Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. E. Corder of
637 West Twenty-ninth street. Chrysan
themums and red carnations were used
In the decorations and scores were kept
on , hand-painted cards. Handsome
pieces of china were offered as prizes.
The guests Included: Mmes. T. J. Dar
mody, S. E. Harris, W. A. Frost, A.
Stutz, George Shaffer, Jake Shaffer, E.
H. Hesse, H. Phelan, Dresser, Sexton,
E. Dimmlck, Charles Dell, McGlnnls, M.
Riley and E. Maltland. Thursday, No
vember 16, the club will meet with Mrs.
E. Dimmlck of West Seventh street.
Entertained With Dutch Supper
A Dutch supper followed by an even-
Ing of muslo and games was the affair
with which Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Sumner
of 1802 Toberman street entertained on
Tuesday. Decorations were appropriate
to the nature of the affair and the
season. Those for whom covers were
laid include Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Free
man, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sutor, Mr. and
Mrs. Harry L. Park, Mr. and Mrs.
George Uttley, Misses Nellie and May
Petray, Clara Felsenthall, Lillian, Lulu
and Clara Btroh, Eva and Georgia Sum
ner, Ethel Hutor, and "William Bcholea,
Hiram Scholes, Harry Hulbut, Will
Sutor and Carl Anselotty.
Surprise Mis* Blum
Miss Edith Blum of West Pico street
was given a Hallowe'en surprise Tues
day, evening. The Heir-invited guests
Included Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Lucky, Mr.
and ' Mrs. John Lincoln, Mr. and Mrs.
Stephen Sureroto, Misses Elizabeth
Field, Horton, Mildred Olum, Ethel Cur
land. Ethel Olcott, Kdith Philllpß, Mary
Phillips, Alice McColluin, Arllne Mont
g-nmai-v. Maud McCollum, Fannie Cur.
PART 111.
land, Grace Johnson, Mac Johnson, and
A. Morris Fosdick, BAtnuei McCollum,
Jesse Morris Hardy, Joseph Taylor,
James Hyrno, John Palmer and R.
Will Tour the World
Mr. snd Mr«. M. J. Newmark hate
moved from their residence to the Van
Nuys hotel. They will leave Los An
geles Friday, November 10, for SAn
Francisco where they will remain un
til December a and on that day start
on a trip around the world. They In
tend sailing westward and will visit
the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand,
Australia, the Philippines, China, Jap
an, the East Indies, India, Egypt, Pal
estine and make a comprehensive tour
of Europe. They will probably be ab
sent two or three years.
Hallowe'en Party
Miss Hazel McNenl entertained with
a Hallowe'en party Tuesday evening nt
her home, 782 East Washington street,
for thirty of her friends. The rooms
were decorated with autumn leaves
and Jack-o'-lanterns. Fortune telling
and games appropriate to the occasion
occupied the evening.
"Married at Santa Barbara*
N. C. Kelly and Miss Grace Wyck
oft of La Crosse, Wls., now of Los
Angeles, were married at Santa Bar
bara October 25. They will make their
home In Los Angeles.
Issue Invitations
The Phllolethea club has issued.ln
vitations for a dancing party to be
given Friday evening, November 10,
at Kramer's.
Farewell to Bachelordom
At a farewell to his bachelor friends,
Philip Li. Wilson, who will marry Miss
Maud Newell Wednesday evening, gave
a dinner last evening at the California
club. Covers were laid for Percy Schu
macher, Frank Schumacher, H. Veazlft,
Frank Forrester, George Barnum, A.
Ramlsh, Richard Barry, John Black
wood, W. Stone, M. C. Marsh, Jr., Fred
Rowan, David Reese and John Llewel
Mr. "Wilßon and Miss Newell have
been the guests of honor at many af
fairs during the week. A dinner party
at the California club, followed by a
box party at the Mason, was an affair
at which Percy Schumacher was host
In their honor. A dinner at the Angelas
and box party at the Orpheum was the
compliment which Frank Rowan paid
At several beautifully appointed
luncheons Miss Newell has been the
guest of honor, among the most de
lightful, being the affair with which
Mrs. Arthur J. Waters entertained at
Hotel Hollywood.
Luncheon, Shower and Box Party
Miss Marie Hough was the guest of
honor at a luncheon and shower at
Christopher's, followed by a box party
at the Belasco yesterday afternoon,
Misses Louise White of 1091 West Thir
tieth street and Ethel Shrader of Holly
wood being the hostesses. Covers were
laid at a table dainty with white blos
soms and ferns and heart-shaped cards
ornamented with Gibson heads marked
the places.
Birthday Dinner
In honor of the twenty-fifth birthday
anniversary of their son. Dr. George
Barenburg, Dr. and Mrs. Barenburg
entertained with a dinner party Monday
evening. Covers were laid for twelve
at a table beautifully decorated with
yellow and white chrysanthemums and
ferns. Large baskets of the chrysan
themums were used In various parts of
the house, the arrangement in the living
room and reception hall being especially
attractive. After the dinner hour an
informal musical program was given,
Dr. George Barenburg being among
those who sang.
Sorority Girls Make Merry
As a preliminary to the dance given
In honor of the Belmont football men
at Kramer's last evening several merry
parties of girls attended the football
game In the afternoon. The "Dlx"
girls went out to the park In a tally
ho, forming the merriest possible crowd
with ribbons flying for the high school.
The girls of the Lambda Theta Sigma
sorority occupied another tally-ho and
they also carried enough blue and white
to establish their identity. Many mem
bers of the older social crowd who were
at one time high school students were
also present in jolly groups.
Kramer's hall was bright with hun
dreds of gay pennants last evening
when a large company of guests as
sembled to do honor to the boys from
the north. For days — yes, even for
weeks the Chatterer has known of
many gatherings where heads bobbed
busily over bits of colored felt. Every
sorority girl at the high school, and
many who have long since ceased the
pursuit of knowledge at the school on
the hill, has been making pennants.
The Belmont boys were properly llon
izen os strangers should be, but the
home boys were delighted, as they were
the victors of the day.
Informal Evening Affair
One of the pleasant informal affairs
of the week was the merry evening
party with which Miss Mary Prentls
of 2128 West Washington street en
tertained Friday. A sleight-of-hand
performance by Guy Baldwin was the
feature of the evening and the guests
were kept In a roar of merriment by
the clever tricks. Those who enjoyed
the evening social included Mr. and
Mrc. Guy Baldwin. Mr. and Mrs. Wil
fred Reynolds, Misses Alice Gwynne,
Edith Campbell, Marie Gavagan,
Florence Hopper, Mabel Bowler, Renna
Kane, Lucille Walton. Shirley Jenkins,
Ruth Sterry, Bessie Allen, Gladys
Felt, Wlnn, Messrs. McFarland, Frank
Glllelen, Ben Harwood, Frank Wood
bury, Charlie Hopper, Sam Bonsall,
Louis Everett, Roy Ward, John Cooper,
Roy Prentlss and Dr. Evan Jenkins.
For Bridal Couple
Mr. and Mrs. , Perclval Lawrence
Ashe, who were married recently, were
guests of honor at a large reception
given Friday evening by the bride's
mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. J.
Mills Davies of 710 Edgewtire road.
Elaborate decorations in the bridal
colors were arranged throughout the
house. The guests included Mr. and
Mrs. B. P. Tompklns, Mr. and Mrs.
H. E. Davies, Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Slaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Kanton and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Prevear, Mr.
and Mrs. Maurice Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
John L. Slaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Clark,
Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Hendry, Mr.
and Mrs. J. 11. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs.
W. T. Nile, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Jones, Mr. and Mia. Charles Sherwood,
Mr. und Mrs. Bert Sherwood, Mr. and
Mrs. C. P. Donnell. Mr. and Mrs. W.
Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. J. J, Ferguson,
Mr. and Mrs. ltobst, Mr. and Mrs. 13.
Itussell, Mr. and Mrs. McClellan, Mr.
arid Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs.
I'Yanak Kimball, Mr. and Mrs. B. F.
Jeans. Mr. aund Mrs. J. Davies of
Ban Francisco, Mr. and Mrs. Harwood,
Mr. and Mrs. de Jardine, Captain
Trefethan, Meedamea Aaron AvU, An
nie Joneß, Belle Benson, Saleno Tomp
klna, 11. Sherwood, Karrel, N. Marquis
Pawley, MeQehee, Kd Chandler, Felix
Chandler, Will Ashe, Bert Auiie. Victor
Atihe, (it-urge Kagun. Mary Martin,
Morton Martin, Louis Joneß, Isaao
Jones, Misses Russell. Benson, Jonet,
Sherwood, Farrel, Marquis, May Tref«
then, Ella MeFftdden, Cnvnn.ih, LizzlA
Chandler. C. Poole, Loui«<t Pools, May
Footlt, Eleanor B«rk«r; Major Ruitoll
and Dr. Dawl«y.
Knight* to Open Festival
The Knlghti of Columbus and their
Indies will go to San Pedro In special
tarn Wednesday evening to attend the
opening of the fair and festival to be
given by the Star of the Ben. church.
The pastor. Rev. M. Connenlly, will
welcome the Rue*ts and the opening
address will be gtv*n by Joseph Scott,
past supreme state deputy, Knights
of Columbus. The Knights who will
appear In full dress uniform will leave
ho* Angeles In the parlor cars at 7:16
As a special Inducement to the
Knights to be present the pastor has
announced that there will be no "Book
Nymphs" on the floor and the men need
not worry about their bank accounts.
Social Notes
Sarah A. Martin, 423 College street,
RSRlatant department Inspector of the
Women's Relief Corps, department of
California and Nevada, Is absent from
the city Inspecting; different corps, and
will be at home on the first and second
Wednesdays after January 1.
Eugene R. H&llett, secretary to
President Wheeler of this Unlverolty of
California, Is visiting his parents at
2827 West Seventh street.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L-. Merrill will
make their home for the winter at 1161
West Seventh street. The first and
fourth Fridays will be Mrs. Merrill's
at home days.
F. "vV. Coding. American consul at
Sydney, Australia, Is the guest of his
brother, O. C. Godlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Biddle of Grenola,
Kris., -who are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Flshel of Park avenue, will
spend the winter In Troplco, having
leased the Martin ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hesa find little
daughter have gone to Searchlight,
Nev., where they will reside indefinitely.
Mrs. E. W. Richardson entertained
with an all-day "sewing bee" at her
residence Thursday. At 1 o'clock a
dainty luncheon was served. Thosa
entertained Included Mmes. Mary
Thompson, Eleanor Lee, Katherlne
Homer and Mark Thompson of Los
Angeles. Mmea. Jessie Mitchell, L.
Holloway, Jennie Jarvls, Euphenla
Hlbben, Lizzie EUias, Rosetta Light,
Horton, Cynthia Pettlnglll, Ella Stone
and Miss Mamie Hlbben.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hobbs entertained
with a delightful dinner party Thurs
day, the guests Including former neigh
bors of Onelda, 111. A beautiful cent«r
piece of ferns furnished the table deco
rations and water color sketches of
polnsettlas were used as place cards.
Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Moore, Miss Lillian Moore, Mr. and
Mrs. Wllcox of Wllkesbarre, Pa.,
Mmes. Curtis, Wetmore, Carlton and
Miss Wetmore of Galesburg, III.; Miss
Grace Kapus, Elgin, 111.; Mr. and Mrs.
B. S. West, Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur
Logan and C. C. West of Troplco.
Otto P. Snyder entertained a party of
friends with whist at the residence of
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Thompson Satur
day evening. A Dutch supper was
served. The guests entertained were
Messrs. and Mmes. A. "W. Collins, Wil
liam Malcolm, W. H. Bullis, Mrs. D. H.
Imler, Miss Hlckman and C. C. West.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. H. Davenport, ac
companied by their house guests, Mr.
and Mrs. A. T. Wooding of Aberdeen,
Wash., have returned from a visit to
Irwlndale to Mr. and Mrs. George Lunn.
The senior class of the Union high
school, comprising Misses Ruby Borth
rick, Luclle Pittman, Blanche Daven
port, Bertha Patterson, Alta Stone,
Josephine Cook, Messrs, Covert Mel
rose, Ray Goode and Edwin Adams sur
prised their classmate Miss Eulalla
Richardson, Thursday afternoon on ih«
occasion of her seventeenth birthday
anniversary. When Miss Eulalla
boarded the street car the entire senior
class accompanied her home, where
Mrs. Richardson, Mrs. Thompson and
Miss Mamie Hlbben had an elaborate
dinner awaiting them. The table was
decorated In white and purple chrysan
themums, the class colors, with place
cards of violets In water colors. After
dinner games and dancing were en
She — You know very well that I had
very little to say. He — Yes, I know you
had very little to say. The trouble is It
took you bo long to say it. — Yonkers
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Mr. and Mrs. W< H. n. Tnylor en
tertained * number of frlendn with «
Hallowe'en party Tuesday evening. In
honor of Mr. and Mm. A. R. Taylor
of New York. The rooms were decor
ated with ro«e« and smllax. Thone pre«.
ent were Rev. and Mra. Oeo. Taylor,
Mr. and Mr*. Aimo Tnylor, Mr. and
Mm. W. H. Taylor, Missen Johnson
Flnney, Svensen, Hockenyos and Jack
man, Messrs. Geo. Bahrenhurg and W.
T. J. Moon and wife of Chicago and
Mr. nnd Mr«. Norton of TJpland apent
Sunday as the guests of Mm. Dora
A birthday dinner was given Thurs
day In honor of A. J. Mudge'B Reven
ty-seventh anniversary. The affair wns
given at the residence of Mrs. Elmore
Mudge. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Elmore Mudge, Mr. and Mm. Has
klns of Garvanza, Mrs. W. Clark and
Will Clark.
Pico Heights Social Notes
Dr. A. A. Apple and family of 1263
Magnolia avenue have removed to Mo
desto, Cal., where they will make their
permanent home.
H. W. Cheynoweth, an attorney of
Anaheim, Cal., with hla mother, a sis
ter of Mrs. Mary Lawrence, havo been
guesta In her home for several days.
Mr. nnd Mrs. IX D. Salver of Frank
lin, Ind., are visiting Mrs. Salyer's sis
ter, Mrs. George Athe, at 1157 Cahuen
ga street.
J. C. Wyant has moved from West
Pico street to his new home at 1167
Normandle street.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Brashern of In
dtannpollg, Ind., are the guests of thelV
daughter, Mrs. G. Athe of Cahuenga
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Chamberlain of
San Diego are visiting the family of J.
H. Hohl of 1220 Hob9*h street.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hollenbeck of
Schnectady, N. V., will spend the win
ter in Southern California. At pres
ent they are the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. William June, at 1400 Reid street.
F. W. Perkins and family of 1229 Cat
allna street have moved to Garvanza.
Mr. and Mrs. U. C. Davis of Morris,
111., are visiting at the home of their
brother, J. S. Davis, at 2536 Sepulve
da street.
Miss Arley Buckley of Pearl City, 111.,
is the guest for the season of her
cousin, Mrs. W. H. Graff, 2765 West
Eleventh street
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wright of In
dianapolis, Ind,, are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Jessie Smith, 1221 El Mollno
Rev. O. E. Mclntyre, with his family,
has removed from the "Howland
flats," on Dewey avenue, to 1129 El
Molino street.
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Thomas will soon
remove from 2688 West Pico street to
a new home In Lamanda Park.
President George A. Gates of Pomona
college Is in the east on a visit of sev
eral we?ks.
Miss Butts of Chicago is a guest of
Mrs. Lee for several months.
Miss Harmon of Raleigh, North Car
olina, together with Miss Walker and
her mother, Mrs. Sides, arc in Clare
mnnt for the winter.
Mra. C. C. Johnson has as her guest
her aunt, Mrs. Moore of San Fran
Edward T. Bishop has been elected
yell leader by the students during the
football season.
Mr. Moorman of Highgrove, who has
a son and daughter in Pomona col
lege, visited them this week.
Rev. Dr. Winans of Los Angeles was
a Claremont visitor this week.
Hallowe'en frolics have been promi
nent in this week's social affuirs, even
the older people enjoying the unique
fun of the fortune games of Hallowe'en,
accompanied by spooky lights, old
fashioned refreshments and odd deco
rations. At the Girls' English school
the girls had a merry revel Tuesday
night in the big gymnasium, which was
dimly lighted. A mysterious grotto
formed the fortune teller's cave at one
end of the room, where all the white
sheeted ghosts were told their futures.
After a grand march about the room
the sheets and pillow cases were re
moved and country Jads and lassies,
characters from Mother Goose and well
known fiction joined in the merry
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I ; ; merit. The all- round goodness of our Suits
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