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Votes from All Over Southern California Come
Pouring Into Contest Office— Many Con
testants Interested and Chances Are
Bright for a Successful Campaign.
Nominate Your Favorites Now \
The first few days of The Heralds
popular voting contest have been cry
successful, as a great many persons
from all over Southern California have
become interested, and are trying to
interest their friends. t.„__m
Every subscriber to The Herald
should save the coupons for some one
already in the contest, or else place
their favorite in the contest and give
her a good starter by clipping out the
coupons in The Dally Herald and send
ing them in to the contest manager In
care of this paper.
There will be a $1500 house and lot,
a $1000 lot, a $750 autopiano, a $750
baby grand piano; also several other
pianos, trips, scholarships and many
other prize* awarded the sixty-one
winners at the close of this contest,
the prizes for each district being fully
explained in the following:
Every subscription received at this
office for the contestants will count
for votes whether the subscriber is al
ready taking the paper, or if he is a
new subscriber. However, the new
subscribers will count for just twice
as many votes as an old subscriber.
A new subscriber for three months
gives 300 votes, and an old subscriber
for the same length of time gives 150
votes. A six months' subscription, new,
Is" 600 votes, old, 300 votes. A year's
subscription, new. is 2000 votes; old,
, 1000 votes. The price of The Herald
Is $1.20 for three months; $2.35 for six
months, and $4.50 for one year.
The names of the contestants who
have already entered the race will be
announced In a few days. Watch for it.
All parties Interested should call at
the office and have the contest ex
plained fully to them, and then if
they decided to enter, the contest man
ager will give them receipt books, and
advertising matter relative to the con
test, which will assist them greatly.
The office of the manager of the con
test is in the business office of The
Herald. Office hours 9a. m. to 7 p. in.
Following Is the list of prizes:
Open to All
To most popular person—man, woman
or child:
First premium, autopiano $750
Second premium, trip of ten days
for two persons to Lake Tahoe,
cost of transportation both ways
and hotel expenses to be paid.
Salaried M Oman or Girl
To most popular salaried woman or
First premium, house and lot In
Los Angeles $1500
Second premium, lot in Los Ange
les 650
Third premium, typewriter 115
Electric Hallway Employee
To most popular electric railway em
ploye, working in connection with ope
ration of cars: i
First premium, lot at one of the
popular beaches near Los Ange
les $1000
Second premium, graphophone 85
(Office employes of electric railway
companies cannot compete for these
two premiums.)
Woman's Club
To most popular woman's club:
Premium, baby grand piano $750
fraternal Lodge
To most popular fraternal lodge:
First premium, upright piano $600
Second premium, regalia, to be se
lected by winner 150
To most popular couple, man and
wife, father and daughter or son.
Chamber of Commerce Plans Good
Time for California Newspaper
men on Next Monday
President Stewart of the chamber of
commerce has appointed the following
committee as reception committee to
assist in entertaining the California
Press club at a reception to be given in
the rooms of the chamber Monday
evening, April 27, to which everyone Is
Invited, women as well as men. Light
refreshments, music and stereoptlcon
entertainment will be the order of the
evening. The names of the committee
men follows:
H. _*„ Osborne, chairman; D. C. Mc-
Qarvln, W. T. McFle, Otis Lockhart, S.
K. Lindley, Charles Lamb, J. C. Kays,
M. K. Johnson, George Klallngbury, W.
J". Jeffries, W. C. Patterson, Stoddard
Jess, W. H. Housh, Arthur fclawes, it.
Hayman, J. B. Heartwell, Fred
Wheeler, W. J. Hole, Fred nines,
George E. Hart, M. S. Gregory, G. M.
Giffen, J. M. Gulnn, Capt. J. D. Fred
ericks, A. W. Francisco, J. C. Floyd,
Harry Chandler, T. E. Gibbon, Warren
Wilson, E. H. Bagbey, H. W. Brundige,
Lucius K. Chase, John H. Francis, C.
K. Walrath, C. W. Fleming, Martin
Neuner, Frank X. Pfaffinger, Dr. E. A.
Lundy, J. K. Macomber, A. E. McCon
nell, Richard Molony, Z. D. Mathuss,
P. H. Mathews, S. G. Marshutz, Robert
Marsh, H. M. Mosher, Judge B. N.
Smith, M. P. Snyder, Ford Smith,
Robert Sharpe, R. W. Prldham, Curtis
D. Wilbur, R. it. Young. A. C. Witmer,
It. J. Waters, W. S. Taylor, Sam T.
Clover, C. C. C. Tatum, L. 11. Valen
tine, W. G. Thorpe, Charles L. Hub
bard, c. ii. Sessions, Abner L. Boss,
O. W. R. Robinson, R. W. Polndexter,
W. E. Post, Dr. E. C, Moore, S. P. Mul
lord, T. E. Newlln, H. C. Oakley, I. T.
A'ennum, F. N. Van Horn, C. J. Fox,
R. W. Dromgold, H. c. Dillon, W. C,
Din-!-in, John A. Klngsley and li. E.
Nearly Killed by Robbers
By Associated Press.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 23—As the
result of an attempted highway rob
bery on East street early tills morning,
James Dugan of Oakland, the victim of
a quartet of thugs, lost his right eye,
his skull was fractured and he was
beaten nearly to death. Edward and
Charles Hansen, water front characters
and .said to be two of his assailants,
were arrested.
Hit a »-*_** ■"■*»»" Patent HlJ?ct Tippe-i]
If V "%? P Silk Gloves. The ge-
It U ■ -*% rPB nuine have tbe name
Un I Ul_ll in the hem
There is a reason ■ g% • g ■■
-.rhy they wear. Made I ■ R H I ll L V
mother and daughter or son, brothers,
sisters, two women or two men:
Premiums—Trip of ten days (for two)
to Monterey, transportation both ways
and expenses at Hotel Del Monte, or
trip of ten days (for two) to San
Diego, transportation both ways and
expenses at Hotel Coronado. Choice of
trips will be given the couple receiving
the highest vote. The other trip will
be awarded the couple receiving the
next highest number of votes.
Girl Under 81 Years
To most popular girl under 21 years:
First premium, furnlshlnge for
room, to be selected by winner—slso
Second premium, clothing, to be se
lected by winner 100
Third premium, mandolin, guitar,
violin or other musical instru
ment, winner's selection -0
Girl Employe of Telephone Exchange
To most popular telephone girl:
First premium, furnishings for
room, winner's selection $150
Second premium, se .'.ng machine.. 85
Hoy Under 21 Years
To most popular boy:
First premium, clothing, be se
lected by winner $100
Second premium, coaster-brake b.
cylce • "5
Third premium, mandolin, guitar,
violin or other musical Instru
ment, winner's selection 40
Wage-earning Boy Under 21 Years
To most popular wage-earning boy:
First premium, Thor motorcycle..s26s
Second premium, Iroquois coaster
brake bicycle 65
Third premium, athletic sporting
goods, winner's selection 40
Fourth premium, musical instru
ment, winner's selection 25
Boys and Girls Under 81 Years
To most popular boy or girl:
Premiums—Twenty-five scholarships,
ranging in value from $600 to $50. The
boy or girl receiving the highest vote
will be given first choice, the second \
highest nevt choice, and so on through i
the list. I
Rural Delivery Mail Carrier
To most popular rural mall delivery ,
Premium, photograph $S5
All persons, whether residing in Los j
Angeles or elsewhere, are eligible to,
enter the above twelve contests In ac
cordance with the classifications des
In the following contests only per- |
sons residing elsewhere than in Los
Angeles are eligible to compete:
Any Terson Residing Outside of Los Angeles
To most popular person:
Premium—Trip of ten days for two
persons to San Francisco, cost of
transportation and expenses at' St.
Francis hotel paid.
Girl Under 21 Years
To most popular girl under 21 years:
First premium, a piano $400
Second premium, art square 50
Housekeeper In Her Own Home
To most popular housekeeper in her
own home:
First premium, sewing machine $85
Second premium, set of dishes 65
Third premium, kitchen cabinet 45
Wage-earning Boy or Girl
To most popular wage-earning boy or
girl: „,.
Premium, typewrlghter *110
"Given to hospitality" is a phrase
that may be well applied to Los An
geles at all times, and the grace has
been especially manifest during this
week, when every hostess in the city
who has relative, friend or even
friend's friend serving on board one of
the battleships of the Atlantic fleet
has extended to them a cordial wel
come that has often included ship
mates as well.
Among those who have been enter
taining house guests this week is Mrs.
•J. Ron Clark of West Adams street,
who has had with her Mrs. S. M.
Johnston of Butte, Mont., and her son.
Midshipman H. H. Johnston of the
Kearsarge, and for Midshipman John
ston, who is her cousin, Mrs. Clark
gave one of the prettiest of the week's
affairs Wednesday—a luncheon of six
teen covers.
Besides the hostess and guest of
honor those occupying places at the
table were Mrs. S. M. Johnston, Miss
Anna Me <'ormiok and Miss Genevieve
McCormick of Salt Lake; Miss Annis
Van Nuys, Miss Severance, Miss Nina
Jones, Miss Edith Herron. Miss Mar
jorie Welch, Ensign Le Breton, En
sign Gaddis, Ensign A. K. Aikin, En
sign L. M. Aikin, Midshipman Manley
and Walter M. Clark.
Miscellaneous Shower
Miss Helen Fosburg of Flower street
was hostess at a miscellaneous shower
given last evening in compliment to
Miss Mayme Welsh, who will become
the bride of Dr. Robert Liphold May
28. During the evening Miss Maude
Boice gave several delightful readings.
Among Miss Fosburg's guests were
Mesdames Nina Beale, Mabel Miller,
A. O. Johnson, J. J. Puss and W. EC.
Toler; Misses Clara Alden, Altman,
Clarice Bartlett, Augusta Gathman,
Hattie Gathman, Bertha Cronkhlte,
Juanlta Clark, Grace Fosburg, Ida
Stelnmeyer, Martha Bteinmeyer, Laura
Turner, Margie Janes, Eula Janes,
Maude Boice, Lulu Freeman, David
son, Lulu Tryon and Minnie Olson.
Shower for June Bride
Miss Lulu Freeman entertained with
a miscellaneous shower Saturday
evening at her home on Eighth street
In compliment to Miss Juanlta Clark,
who is to become the bride of Augus
tine Bhelburne on June 8. The young
woman guests wore white paper gun
bonnets and the gifts were suggestive
of the various occupations on the
"Sunbonnel Babies." Miss Maude
liolee contributed humorous readings
to the- afternoon's pleasure.
Among those present were Mesdames
B. Miller, A. L. Johnson, S. D. Schultz,
A. A. Lawson, C. E. Read, W. E. To
ler, J. J. Russ and Stanley Briggs and
Misses Juanlta Clark, Bertha Cronk
hlte, Maude Boice, Margie Janes, Eula
Janes, Lulu Tryon, Isabel Calcy, Lucy
Calcy, Haydon, Eula Hammers, Helen
Fosburg, Mayme "Welch and Clara
Alden.. 7 ?.■
For Admiral Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. v J. C. Drake of South
Hoover street, -who are entertaining
Rear Admiral Thomas this week, gave
the third of a series of dinners
Wednesday . evening in compliment to
their distinguished guest. Guests for
whom covers were laid were Admiral
Thomas, Right Rev. Bishop Thomas J.
Conaty, Right. Rev. Father Bernard
Conaty, Fleet Chaplain Gleason of the
navy. Dr. and Mrs. Ernest A. Bryant,
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Connell. Mrs.
Alfred Solano, Mrs. Randolph H.
Large Musicale
Mrs. Altle Hallett and Mrs. Field of
Miami street have sent out invitations
for a large musicale with which they
will entertain the afternoon of April 30.
The marriage of Miss Angle Stewart
and Dr. Daniel W. Doolittle of Po
mona was solemnized Wednesday by
Rev. E. J. Inwood at the bride's fam
ily home on Ellendale place.
On their return from a trip to Santa
Barbara Dr. and Mrs. Doolittle will
be at home at 2802 Ellendale place.
Announce Engagement
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Hudson have
announced the engagement of their
daughter. Miss Clara Belle, and George
Rice W00d.7; 7
Miss Jennie Sunler and George L.
Thorpe were united In marriage ■
Wednesday evening at the home of the
officiating clergyman. Rev. Walter L.
Martin. 340 South State street, Mr.
Martin being assisted by Rev. Jesse
P. McKnight of the Magnolia Avenue
Christian church. Miss Irene Ramsey
and Wiley B. Brock stood with the
young people. ■ •- • . '*
Mr. and Mrs. Brock will make their
home in this city.
Guests of Gunner Hero
Chief Gunner George Charette, hero
of the Merrimac with Hobosn. enter
tained a number of Massachusetts
friends aboard the Kentucky yester
day. Misses Eugenic and Corinne Da
vid of West Twenty-fifth street were
schoolmates of Charette's sister in
Lowell and yesterday they were his
guests with Misses Rae Lacomy. for
merly of New York, and Miss Ellen J.
Shawver, formerly of Kentucky. After
Inspecting the battleship an informal
hour was spent In the officers' quarters
where music and reminiscences were
indulged in. ■ |
To Wed in Texas
Miss Rhoda Williams and Charles
Reeves Rowdybush will be married at
the home of Lieutenant and Mrs.
George W. Wallace at Fort Houston,
Texas, April 27, at 4 p. m. The bride
to-be is a native of Tennessee and an
intimate friend of Mrs. Wallace. Lieu
tenant Wallace Is first -lieutenant in
the Ninth infantry, U. S. A., and Is
stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
The groom is a veteran of the Spanish-
American war and an atorney at law,
having recently located here from
Washington. D. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Rowdybush will reside
in Los Angeles after June 1.
Con alimentary Box Party
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Hagan enter
tained a small box party at the Bur
bank last evening In compliment to :
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Erkenbrecher and
their house guest. Miss Burkhartt of
/ From Chicago
Frank Gilmore Scott of Chicago is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Pat
D. A. R. Reception
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion visiting the city may obtain cards I
to the naval reception given by Esch
seheiltzia chapter, D. A. R., this even
ing by presenting their credentials to |
the regent, Mrs. Mary H. Banning, 618
North' Hill street.
Maine's Officers Entertain
Miss Jewel Schaefer of Toledo and I
; Miss Margaret Murphy of Boston, vis
i iting belles, were entertained with an
I informal reception on the Maine yes- j
[ terday by Dr. D. H. Casto, assistant !
surgeon, and Midshipman A. S. Hick- •
• ey. Miss Schaefer recited, Miss Mur
phy sang and, other guests contributed
to the informal program in the officers'
salon. Light refreshments were j
I served.
Texas Guest
Miss Ada Helner of Bandera, Tex.,
is visiting with her brother, C. W.
; Heinen, at Giendale. Miss Heinen ex- •
pects to remain in this country several j
! months visiting friends and relatives.
Shakespearean Reception
Miss Bernlce Marcher was hostess ■
at a delightful and unique Shake
spearean reception given in celebra- ;
I tion of the poet's birthday last even
] ing at her home on Thompson street. '
I The entertainment was in the form of
I progressive conversation, alternating
between the serious and the frivolous,
. with music during the evening. After
: the first six subjects a scene from one
of Shakespeare's plays was given, and
at the conclusion of the conversation
followed a burlesque on the balcony
scene from "Romeo and Juliet," Aston
McKlnnlr appearing as Juliet and Ed
ward Englebrltson as Romeo.
An attractive feature of the recep
tion was the costuming In Shake
spearean characters by the young
women gUests, The hostess appeared
in a brilliant impersonation of Cleo
patra. Invitations were Issued to for- !
ty guests, as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Ed |
Englebrltson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank |
Welse, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Edlnger,
Misses Helen Kellogg, Hazel ToblnS,
Juanlta Lane, Stella Lane, Maude
Cook, Ruth Shepard, Florence Hamp
ton, Gertrude Robertson, Ida Hatch,
Grace Stoermer, Penelope Murdock, J
; Kathleen Lockhart, Rowena Hall,
Helen Bosbyshell, Laura McDonald,
Nettle Kirkum, Viola Henck, Elsie
Behymer, Enid Behymer, Ruth Kel
logg, Cora Boettcher, Sadie Under
wood, Hattie Hummell, Messrs. Frank
Buttolph, Archie Reese, James Hogan, |
Norman Dickinson, Roydon Vosburg,
Ben Slater, James Brewer, Le Roy
Brown, Qaron, Austin McKlnnon and
William Stoermer.
Luncheon for Classmates
Mrs. E. H. Garrett of North Grand
avenue will entertain several of her
former classmates at an informal
luncheon this afternoon. The guests,
with one exception, tire wives of prom- !
inent local physicians, and are Mes
dames M. L. Loom is, W. H. Mayne,
John Spence of Mexico and Harry J.
Visiting Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. Campbell-Johnson of
San Raphael, who are spending fleet
week In the city, are stopping at the
♦ i . ———
The battleship fleet of sixteen vessels |
assemble off Redondo Beach Saturday j
morning at 7 o'clock. Five-minute
service on all cars of the Los Angeles j
& Redondo railway from 5 a. m. >
&.*^.-?, . ■,' ''- : ' •■__.' i-___. -"'..--■ -^ ■■"■-___-'_ .'■_-'-- ■■(' 18€ LAUNDERED ;. '.", - -
/ "\ „___*»-*_4^ <lt?BTW%»m. TyOtf^g* LINEN COLLARS 5C
flPf a Flai**, *NnilVPnir f^L f¥ 'fi'~-'^Zj__t^«* J _-__£g-i tf ___■ U Various new shapes In women's
VJCI it rictl OUliyCllll _#***->, _!_-■ <a ___, M lllll.f^-lvAa /tL-m^il ' hemstitched plain and Buster Brown
I hey re free to everyone, iiat- M rf*jl rB, _rm Tim W l A*j4rra/*L/v^ ft '"' each*
Bankrupt Stock of Waists and Skirts X/)
I Smart New Styles at About Half Price - ffiSf
$1.50 Pretty Lawn Waists 75 Cents -Mil
Superlative terms only are adequate to describe this waist offering for today. The high char- mm MM Jill I ll
acter of the Central Department Store waists is a fact too well known to require further com- . / I #/// / | H
men. New styles in fine lawn comprise this lot; distinctive models richly trimmed with lace £ *-%/** £11 \\ l \\\
and embroidery insertion; open front or back; long or short sleeves: garments that were low B qlt . **>HJ|J_ _ |A"
priced at $1.50; hundreds of shrewd buyers will benefit by tins offering today at............ ■ -*-W^ >4&OtHN* "1H
$2.50 Lawn Waists $1.29 $5.00 Walking Skirts $2.98
Kxouisite new designs in lace anel embroidery trimmed Choice selection of beautiful spring models at a price for -t-Hf^
s/iss made of tine waists; „.50 quaUtles. now on sale today thai will appeal t,. every woman, skirts oline suit- --s^^t»J^ 3HIH
nishod- high era. Ie waists, $..50 dualities, now on sale in*. Panama. K ...vrl and plated; trimmed with folds and LHT HZjL
• t 11™' strapping; cut extra lull width. Values in $5 at $2.98. Hi _^__[ fl r^ri
|Libbey Cut Glass |
P We are the exclusive Los Angeles agents for this world ;%3
HI famed cut glass, noted for its excellent quality, depth of
I cutting and brilliance of finish. Every conceivable article !_..-_
|f| made of cut glass is represented in the Libbey line. The |g
rlf patterns are exquisite and admired by every housewife. H|
m When in search of wedding or anniversary gifts or cut <R|
■ dass for your own home, visit our crystal room and j:*'
gjnT view the beautiful display. When you note the prices. k|
,|§iv~? you'll realize that "patronizing Parmelee's pays." WB
lip ifymckzsdman& 1
x^Wz\ 436-444 S. BROADWAY IB
„,)|| IiM.UIWW >M)lt i;j-MJ^ <r V|lHW,i.>|t-|HrM'WUU i UiJWJI!ILiiU tqJJW-PI'H^WJT-llJj^
\JllnA v^Zn_A.ISJ I
■■in nail OT—itl tan-a-H ■**-_"•*■ ___■■__-- _■ -aa 5
m During the past eighteen years "L. A. GAS" has j |
been reduced in price thirteen timesfrom $2.50 |
to 80 Cents per thousand cubic feet. These reduc- I
tions have been made as our business has grown f
I and as improved methods have been installed. |
I When we save money our consumers save J
j money — IT'S OUR POLICY. 1
,!L LA. Gas'& jf
SSL*. Electric Co. sfji-S,
|jffi-S jSgll 645 South Kill St. Both Phonw: Ex.3 |p|npp
.***'*_■ TsuT. Tii VT-__'^<eii <tr _.iiL._ji f"_ I 1% *T~
i.i. „s.< „■....»((> i.t,..i. ... ...... i '»* ...... etuu Eo. Angeles.
25 Per Cent Guaranteed Increase
No Interest, no taxes. Large lots in the beautiful Redondo Ocean Villa tract.
size 60x150 feet; 25 per cent guaranteed Increase In one year or money back
plus 6 per cent per annum Interest. Fertile soil, plenty of pure water, and
finest of climate. Redondo Is the best seashore suburb of Los Angeles, and the
Redondo Ocean Villa tract Is close to Rrdondo. Electric railway now building
to tract. Inndo ha. a grand future and is growing wonderfully. Don't de
lay. Price will soon be advenced. No cheaper lots can be found around Los
Angeles. Only $90 per lot, $1 down, $1 per month; no Interest; no taxes. Three
electric railway, now running from Los Angeles to Redondo. Mr. Huntington's
$1,250,000 electrte power house at Redondo has just been completed. It I. - a
grand sight to behold. No trouble to answer questions. Don't send any monoy.
Simply write. Freo excursions every 20 minutes every day.
References; Consolidated Rank of Los Angeles and our many satisfied cus
tomers Our capital Is $100,000. Incorporated under laws of California. We
.have a few lots In the original Redondo Villa tract for $150 per lot; will .oori^
be.- $200. ". . .-^^.
Illustrated prospectus, map. sample contract and full Information^^ -o.
mailed free upon application. You don't oven need to send ft postage^^»^ \v
stamp. Simply fill In and mall us this corner coupon. Don't de- '^T. *• «*•%
lay—Los Angeles is the Paradise of America, and th. beautiful _^^ V.,**- 0- °"«.
Redondo Ocean Villa tract will be ft choice suburb. Write _^'*00-' 4 c *.o> e 0 <**
today. Address, _e^^*i*>* *?"" <'**'''
Los Angeles Security Co. J/6^#*y^y
I'M South Broadway , .Mf^^^^/rS? ° ..•*"' ■•'' '.•'
(Ground floor Chamber of Commerce bldg). ./>%*^p*e*> £<•'* e-''' ..•*'' ..-*''/
l.os Angele.. California. , /^+»X»K<»*' ***&£'■ «l°** '■.'■'■ _
lll__fiti_-g_A— —l_j__■____!i - ;^___Ul__-__i«**■ "■'■ ■ r*j__*_■_*-..~_i-ii «_ ?.ftvg_*-jr.*.
Send Home
.- .-..'. ■, .'.,.-. "• '.- i ■■*,:•■■'. ■*■*. ■..-.•■/• -.-,. ."" ■"- •'■..-■ ; '■'.- . ... i
■ '.-■■■
■'. v--'--;- -.--:-.--.- -> '■ - -;'• • .-;■:■■• , ';• ■ ■■■-..■. \ ■-.-..■.-.-■: .- ■ ;
• , 7
The Herald
For the folKs to
read of the fleet's
great doings
2 Weeks 15 Cents
By mail if ordered

on or before
April 25th
Hotel Green
The Finest Winter Resort /
in the World
European and American Plan. J. H. HOLMES, Mgr.
Long Beach, Cal.
The World's Most Beautiful Ocean Hotel
Absolutely Fire Proof
Now Open Moderate Rates-
Little P -j 1 a r p Restaurant
ftgn.. JT'.dM-y^-* .-ggaffiia *s~««s*_s xT.^A&Tox"
/Tff^BßlST^ Levy's Gate
JB _—i___-L-^* ."r.,..,," - . Extensive arrangement! are being
■ *"|fc-^# <' you ar. aura to find cv- . made for „. • :
ICM r*.. thß?i'.te* 0 ■SS^r'p'ric." - Business Men's Lunch
Vjjjr Hellman*"_?.%>"».iX Announcement of^openln* la _, 'few
Santa Catalina Island
_ ■ Extra boat Saturday evening..
European plan-Cottage., v To view the Marine Garden.. !
BANNING COMPANY, '/: / 104 Pacific Electric Building
A Primes: Main 4492; F6576. J . ■'... i • ■ '-.' v'i*«B*«a»j
jmACIFIC MAIL S. S. For Honolulu, Japan
Steamer. Manohu'rla. Mongolia. Korea, Siberia and China, now In e-rTloe. being th.;
large-t ",el. .ailing from th. United State, for th. orient via Honolulu. . .
, Balling, from Ban FraneUco ' .ui^pßB^^^BKMßj|
'"-'■' April ii; May 8, 18, 26 June 8, 8, 16, *S, 80; July 11, tS.
For literature apply to T. A. ORAHAM. agent. .00 South Spring .tr..U : , eorn.r Sixth.
Also ng.nt for all Tranaatlantlc .team.hlp linea. .■-•■■....-..: .--..

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