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Beautiful Setting for Display of
Machines for Throngs
at Fiesta Park
That the staging of the Automobile
show which opens tonight at Fiesta
park under the auspti es of the Licensed
Motor Car Dealers' association will be
the most alluring spei tacle of ts kind
witnessed anywhere since auto shows
came, Into vogue, will undoubtedly be
the perdlet <■;■ the thousands of motor
ists who in the course of the wei I will
find their way Inside the great canvas
tent. It is as near an open air show
iis could possibly l>r made, since it is
necessary to have some overhead cov
ering to keep out dust or possible rain.
The scene Inside the tent will resemble
that of a tropical garden set down
among the gl tnt redwoods of the north.
The arrangements of every decorative
feature could not b ■ more complete.
Thfi' are scores of giant sequoias, a
cascade and a wide mountain stream,
the banks set with ferns and other I
foliage; a deep pool at the extremi end
O f the tent, and the entire wall space
a scenic effect on canvas ol mountains
and plains. The floor of the (treat am
phitheater is carpeted with green
Jburlnp. „,
Tho claimed riit» of motor cars will
Blake up the exhibits, and thai they ;
ore s handsome lot is without ques- i
tion. More than fifty-five makes of |
cars In various models will h. exhib- j
Iteil- as also a specially built annex
Wiu'house. a show of commercial rara
—the first exclusive exhibit of its kind
ever held on the coast.
The entertainment features for the
public have been well selected. As the j
opening is on Christmas eve. thi mv-
Blcal numbers will he Yuletlde selec
tions, »nd a great Christmas tree ltl;
n Sain.i 'lavs will add to the holiday
The show will remain open daily, <-\
cept Sunday, until December 31, and J
the thousands of dollars spent In its (
preparation will insure a spectacle i
worth going many miles to see. j
Deputy U. S. Attorney Informed
of Texas Arrest
p, puty United States Atti rm ■■■
Frank Stewart received word yester
day nf the nrrest In Xl Paso, Ti x.. of
jow I lion < lonzali -. B we althy res*l
dent of tliat cit . on ;i chnrg
Jng iif smuggling of opium Into the
TTnited States. Tl large was pre
ferred by the local officers and the
ma n «111 I"- brought to this i Ity for
trial. , .
it i asserted taal i lonzalep v
with Jose Vegas Collejo, a Mexican
who was arrosted In re a few day ago,
he received a trunk containing
$2500 worth of opium from El Paso.
Gonzales is alleged to have si nt the
trunk to Collejo, Collejo is being held
in the county Jail awaiting action of
tho federal grand Jury.
Dr E. R. Sparks, a veterinary sur
p was discharged from custody
... 1. • day .11 th ■ ion <'f his pre
liminary examination on a chargi ■ I
manslaughter in Police Judge Rose's
Sparks struck .1. Kelsti Ld 1 mber
8, and ,11 falling Xi istead 1 s head struck
thi pavement, fracturing his skull. He
,ii,-.,i „, few days later in the county
hospital and tin coroner's jury re
turni ■; 1 i'erdlcl of manslaughter
againfl Sparks. Sparks' preliminary
examination vindicated him "!■ all re-
Bponsibility In Keiatead nil. Attor
ney Prank W. Hovey conducted hi
Walter Strong, an a ppr< n1 Ice
Clan iii the I.c Ifl • Electric power
house, was found dead and his body
burned almoel I" a • risp a 1 tin v.inn- ■
j-.ii.v': pi. mt. Sixtli stront and ' vi.tr,J
iiv, fine, vi storda 5 moi uing. The cor- j
oner (?h \ i . verdii t. of aci idi
di ath.
f^tronK, from the position of bis body,
p\ Hi,.in ly bi camo ■
Wire! ,11 tin plant >md was in.-iiini l\
Icillcd, I.ls body boms burned by the
liiKli pnwered wires. ll'- was 10
nM and liv< d at !'! r . \\'i I v.'i: ■: h
Kii'iiK'^l '!""■ ' by a vagnn nonr First
and Spi i:ia f-trfels yewtcnisiy, lSdward
rrurin r ■■' ■: •'■ Buona \' . .-; ;; i street rose
to hi* feet only ti> !"■ struc.k l<y an
automobile. He suffprcd siistit. contu
sioiis iif tin scalp nil left arm. D C
Haigln, living ;il ~>"~ San Pedro Rtreet,
n-ho was drlvlnj; iln wagon, conveyed
Turner to the receiving hospital, whero
Jiis Injurii wero dressed. The auto
mob di 1 not stop.
Lights, for Gardena will bn provided
Jf T. L. O'Brlcn'H lighl committee can
accomplish it. Til mmitlee will auk
the i-iitiiit'-il Tuesday to Instruct th.
board di' ruibll works (■> Investigate
uml determine how many lights aie
needed .'it Uardena and to Install some
in' tliom :i( nri 1. This action was lak
£ll mi H petition from G. I*. Sersp,
. ■
t ■ ITllll't WI'IV I
M. H . i
nnd <irn
jj-a^on fnrmerlj "f Hie IVhln sanltnrium, has roomily arrived in this
-j^JTO^t city. In-, wuiin l» il:,- ;.-■■. :1 1-i,i.-,r.,ls'jii of ]ir. ;.. M. yuan, ivho
.dßwi^SriEs^V '" " l"1' ""-' '''■'■' ' llp "i 17Tn ln I'i'hln. i'hina. I-it"'
AijWH»SSSSJ*ia ' ' '■■"■•' ■ r ;-ra:, :r, ■•„.••. 11-. ].ok i;..-n Quan ha.l lilf iippor
iSlW- ■■s'^SBi>?l lulll<-v '" i|f"ctlc« fli the old renowned Banltarlum for IS years,
WvW*' '"'■'^Bm ■''■' '" """' |lM;l!' 'at ''-'I South Hill street, \\ln-r« lie will )><•
MV *af ■• ViS7 ul'"' lv ""'"' anjnm. B | ul „.; i>. jeslro lo conKult with him In
TtSfflj'tsw*: 'f? regard to liia or h*r allmnnta. The doctor u«i?s Chinese hwbs
jP?S>; ■ Iv-'?'l* ""'y ' iln|>nl'l' I'l rtlroot from l'ekln, China.
*» Jt.«»i' '? " Jo" '"" sufferlns 'i mi nny rhronie clUease, such n« conatlpa
»ijW ; • J ii hi, i-anrer. usthma. paialysln or kidney, stomach or liver
%MjC~” ., ■ / ir"uh]ps, gl\e us a rlipnce :■• cure you. Not temporarily only,
Y^* 1^ "' •r\ '''''• permanently—to tay uuretl.
HZ&^&fi■' '?• mu'{o a ■P*Plaltj "f vena-real illapasns of hoth s^xos. and
itMS>^ ' jtk conpldor "II •ucli cbkis murfills confidential. Wo are effecting
:' '■'^it/SSl'''""" Wl""ler"f"1 euros along the above ll»e», and extend lo jou
gprn'- : i aVi *«fi?*'l ■' nordlal Invitation to call and 1- convinced,
Conaulttttlon ■"' pulse diagnosis rnKE; or if yon reside at a
disiame. wrllo the doctor full particulars of jour ailment and he will diagnose
your raan and prescribe- for you, sumo U| if yon consulted him In person.
Pekin Chinese Herbs Company
rhon* in,,:,. «83. 921 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Specials Will Arrive in Pasadena
Prior to Parade
The traffic department of the Santa
I'Y announced yesterday the special
train service which II will maintain
on January 2 to accommodate those
winning to attend the Tournament or
Rosen at Pasadena.
A special tra..i "ill be run from
nivers! • via San Bernardino direct to
tiic tournament.' Another special will
be >:.u from ■ >!•■ lo Beach both ot
which will arrtvf 1 ai Pasadena before
floral parade starts. ' Special
through coaches will be run on the
Santa Ana, Vnaholm and Fullerton
branch o( the road, the coaches com
intr vlfl !.•■- Angeles. To accommodate
local traffic to Pasadena a train will
ki ■ . 30 a. m. and
anothi r I -30 In in Follow Ing these
ivil] be run every thirty
minutes until 10:15, the time tho
to Btart.
lin i after the parade this
;: of thirty-minute trains will
be resumed .-ml maintained as long
as business demands it
Drivers Who Participated in Re
cent Oldtield Meet Sus
pended for One Year
I An As&octAted Tress dispatch .■■•;,' an-
I nounced that at n meeting heM In New VorU
i on Friday 'he contest i >ard ol thr American
Automobile association disqualified ■■;.-.
as n place for holding sanctioned meets for
ona your, iml plso placed undi r suspension all
licensed drivers who took part in the recent
Ascot meet pulled off. by Karnoy Oldfleld.
i Tho list of drivers named In the dispatches
Includes K. Roger Sti arns Hen Kerseiier,
George Clark, who, 11 Is alleged, dro\ v under
an assumed name, aii'l nine other drivers,
i Thi disqualification ali»u applies to the cars
• that participated.
I Ifii Id's bul
I to tho . v
it: ■■ ol Vutomobile i lubp,
The lonp promised fight ■■■:'•' A. A.
A and I'aclflc const drivers other than OM
; leltl Is on mi] unless the matter can bo sat
isfactorily Fettled soon will affect the racing
pnme in the f ntin wept. Meeta no sched
uled will be split by partisanship.
Asiflr from Hen Kernchor, ■'. lin tra i ■■• in the
Oldfield Btring, it is not known that any nf
ili-' nth drivers who participated nt Ascot
an December 11 am or «ver hav< be* licensed
driver*. Unless llcenso.l they are nut under
the control of th< A. A. A. Also the cars
that participated are understood to have been
privat' ly nvni* niachii ; In which case (in
Injustice would be dune the makers to liar
their carp from other meets because of a local
mai wl Iri was beyond their control.
Tlmt some definite action will be taken at
J once by Los Angeles motor enthusiasts is a
certainty, for H is asserted that snap j>i<lc
'merit hng hron taken by the A. A. A. without
a hen ring u£ tho accused.
In nppreelatton of the support of the
press for the recent Santa Monica road
race Dirk Fi i ris, who was master of
ceremonies, last night tendered a din
ner to ; ,i| press representatives who '
| covered the meet, t lovera w< I a spread
for ten in one of the private (liniiiK ■
rooms nt the Al< xandria and the boya
were treated to all the good tilings (
Mr. Ferris stated that he hap no
connection with any of the other local
racing events, but that he has accept
,ri the management ol the Panama-
Pacific race at Oakland on Wasl
ton's birthday.
The Santa Monica rai that wa« re
sponsible for new world's records, was
discussed, and .1 was acknowledged
that for the first timo tho race would
show a profit, despite the fact that
many adverse circumatances arose be
fore the meet wrs finally held.
— +~+ —
ir vnr intend going east
Call on some Salt I^nke Routi asffnt
for Information about the servii •■ via
; that popular linn.
In addition to tho |al ial T.os An
ijeleH Limited, which is desertbi in
anoi pi ice In this paper, the Palt
I.ake Route operatea two othor trough
! trains from 1-o.s Angeles to Salt Lake
' City every day..
The American ExprejM leaving Los
I Angelea at - p. m., 1- a limited train
! making Ihi run to Salt Lake City in
24ij hours, with electric lighti i Btand
arif sleepers through to Denver \ia
D. \ i: G. R. K. and to Butte, Mont.
i Also a through tourist sleeper to Kan
sas City via tTnlon Paciflo and Denver,
Connection la in ide at Salt Lake ' 'lty
I ith through sleepers to Chicago. A
1 dining car wll li ■ ellent a la carte
[servlco completes the eciulpment.
Last but not least i- tin Overland
Rxi n - a poi>u 11 night trafn, leaving
i Los Angeles at S o'clock. Every day
hjs train can I' a (lirough tourist
I Bieeper to Chicago via D. & li <:. R, R.
and Burlington [louti (pprßonally con
ducted on Mondays and Thursdays)^
Every Wednesday there Is also a tour
ist sleeper through to si. Paul and
Minneapolis via I>. <S- I! C •■■ Donvpr,
Union Pacific 1.1 Omiihn and North
western line lo tin 1 Twin Cities. In
niVlition ,-iro a i ndarcl li i-pi r, 1 rep
reclining chair car, coaches and dining
car to Salt 1 ,ake 1 'ity.
If you have any intenl ii 1: of taking
an oaßteru trip it will pay yon to hop
sonic Snlt Lake Route ugent and gel
I ml partlcula r about the excellent ser
vice of til line, rates r>f fare, etc.
Los AngeU-H tiffli ■ re at ii"l South
I Sni-int; street nnd First Street ■ ition
j Rotli oMics, phoi Main 8308 and
i Home 10031 **•
v\M\ IK inil'DW R \ I KS
Tlic Sa iita l<"e will Bell holiday ex
j curslon tickets at one and one-third
1 far.s Cor the round trip between all
stations, mi its lines heri the one
way fare is $10. ■. ior |fSH Til ket! I 111
Halo December 23d, 24th, £sth, 26th, 30th;
.'(lst, iflio, and January Ist, 2d, 1911.
Final return llmli January .'.. 1911. •*•
News of the Courts
Defendant's Daughters Clasp the
Hands of Jurors—Victim's
Wife Expects Verdict
After deliberating ten minutes, b Jury
in judge Willis 1 department of the su-
I r court yesterday afternoon re
turned a verdict declaring J. Boward
m . ttorney, not guilty of mur
.•- h l\ Ing killed Thomas B. Skld-
nwlng the announcement of the
Ittal there was both .'motion and
in in the court room. The at -
i torneys for Green shook hands with
licnt, and his two young daugh
nrs, who had cried during his recital
„;- ijjj j, joyously embraced him
: in ii ran to the jury box t''
j unds of the men who had given
■ rdlet which made tin m so happj
Mrs < ireen maintained the i aim
:, lias charai terlzed her during the
. and Mrs. Skldmore, the widow ol
dead man. declared that she had
„ j „., other "Kind of verdict and
■ Mrs. Green had been to blame
,: ■ trouble In its entiretj.
The proceedings In the case yesterday
were routined almost entirely to tho
i ients of the opposing nttorneys,
,i being neai ly overcome when Ins
n presentatives graphically recit
id the Incidents which led to his killing
man who wanted Mrs. Green to
. it her husband.
The early fondness of Mrs. Orei
Pkidmore for each other was retold:
letters which had passed between
; tt -ere desci Ibed; their mci I
park was pictured: his begging ol
. . .■ i , |oin him, Skidmore's i all at the
n home and his death, all were r< -
, mti d, together with Skidmore's ex
(tion of Green as he died.
Nearly everytody connected with the
: the verdict which the
lurors rendered, although some of them
. I that while it was compatible
: unwritten law, it was not con
nable to that which is written.
Jury Gives Father $375 and Boy
$5000 for Loss of Arm
A jury In Judge McCormick's depart
if the superior court yesterday
John \V. Fisher and his s..n. Al-
I - Fisher, judgments for damages
aggregating $5375 against the Wells-
Fargo Express company, which they
r J25.000.
Alfred Fisher, 12 years old, was th<
vii Tim of an a. i [dent by which he l.>st
an arm when he fell In from of a car
Pa< ill.-.- Electric Railway com
pany at comDton, more than a year
- i. The father brought sum for $25,000 1
as the guardian of his son, naming th"
P clfic Electric, the express com pan j
and ('. E. Tyler, us agents, as defend
ants. The express company was named
ise it was ids in it.= charge
I 1 ■ the boy fell. For hlmsi If, a.s
father, Fisher asked $5375 because of
lai k of his son'B services.
The |ury placed the blame entirely
upon the express company and award
. d $375 to tlie father and $6000 to the
, °n'
\V. 11. Bosley yesterday began an
action In the superior court to recover
-: „ from the Wella-Fargo Express
my, alleging that .Tune 10, 1909,
i i japane vases, valued at tln> sum
f,, r w h), v | , , were broken while
In transli between San Pedro and Los
Ai -:■
; Ferman Faucette, a. iif-i?ro, yesterday
ed guilty to swearing falsely as
to the as' 1 of Dora Brown when be ob
tained a marriage l!' ■ November 28
I ! ed for probation. Ju'leri 1 Willis
of the superior couri ■ I January 3 as
tho time for a hearing on the matter.
Toilet Sets (ofl&%JrStdF& StOfe I
Stationery BROADWAY^ii^AT fifth ST. Open |
Half Price JMUSE,FARIS, WALKER CO.J Tonight 1
■ All Dolls R yTPrice
Dressed and undressed; breakable and unbreakable; m
our entire stock of high grade dolls on sale today m
at this extraordinary reduction—Third Floor 1
[toys at m> price] I
S3 r^ifflr j b7|
AH the Following Toys on Sale Today at Just HALF Regular Prices: I
Mechanical Toys Price Child's China Tea Sets. Price -*% -^f^'filNyil/^iri^ W
Dolls' Trunks J/ 2 Price Dolls' Beds & Price 1 ftjg ||>fl j^| W tr\ P* H
Boys' Tool Chests Price Washing Sets V 3 Price jJ^M' lil/J 1 t 1 m)! M
Boys' Drums Now i/ 2 Price Dolls' Chairs _ & Price fjU\ \J^\ \\[ | I:: |' f&
All Children's Games y 2 Price Dolls' Tables *£ Price^R^g W - ©Al |V^ L M
Other Lines at Notable Reductions Jjißjippp^ '^^Pifc^wpw^ ||
lAH Holiday Goods Reduced sl»>»<» T"e slh Street Store Today j I
Old Soldier Drunk When Aiding
Youth to Steal
James HSvars, a veteran of the Civil
War. uho lives in the Soldiers' lioine.
cried for Joy yesterday when at the
request <<r the district attorney Judge
Davis dismissed a charge of burglary
against him.
Ever* Was alleged to have entered the
hardware .More of H. if. Wiseman at
Sawtelle August 16 and taken merchan
dise valued at about $3.60. He claimed
that he did not enter the store, but
that a young companion, whom he
never had met before the day of the
crime, was the miscreant, Evers mere
ly Rtandlng outside and receiving the
plunder when the younger man handed
II through a window.
Evi rs claimed that he bad been
drinking heavily tor two or three weeks
preceding August 16 and was sitting
in a park at the Soldiers' home when
a young man approached him and en
gaged him in conversation,
■■Say. old man," Evers declares the.
young man said, "would you like to
make some money?"
"Sure." was Evers' response.
! Then the plan of the young stranger
was explained and Everß, being intox-
I icated, agreed to it. He speedily was
caught and placed In Jail, but the
1 younger man could not be found.
♦ »*■
Mrs Nellie Brown, who came to Los
Angeles [rom South Carolina with Wil
liam Harvey Zemp and was charged
with attempting to kill him at Redoi do
Beach, was placed on probation for two
| years yesterday by Judge Willis of the
criminal department of the superior
Icourt she will return to the south im
| medtatelj.
Ada B. Batrgs yesterday filed In the
J superior court (#i action for the annul
ment of her marriage to Harry M. !
Bagga, a broker. She says they were
| married in Salt Lake City In 1903, when |
Baggs had a legal wife living. She
i wants $60 0 month for the support ol
berself ixnd a daughter, Mary Baggs, 6 |
years old, |
Market Wine company, M. W. Dunn,
Clarence Harvey and John Johnson, di
rectors. Capital stock, $5000; subscribed,
i.,, vngeles Gay-Ola company.
r Qwyn, Wiley Hoke, J. P. Rich
hart, R. E. Page and E3. A. Rl ihhurt.
directors. Capital stock, $25,000; sub
scribed, $Ti.
■ Judge Willis of the superior court
yesterday continued until January J;
thi trial of Dr. W. R. Price, psychol
ogist-promoter of Long Beach, who is
■charged with forging an Indorsement
upon a certificate of Btock. Dr. Price
| las bi • n Hi- def( ndant In many caaes
i in the superior court In the last sevi ral
To recover a. polo pony named "Blmo ' j
and valued at $325 from Carleton
Burke the Riverside Water company .
yi Bterday rtl< 3 a suit in th^ superior ;
court. It is asserted that Hurl;.' has I
been In wrongful possession of the anl
mal since July 0, lflW.
The will of Mary P. Clarke, who died
in los \neeles March 23 Of this year.
leaving-an estate valued at $90,000, was
died for probate yesterday in the su
perior court. The estate is to-l>e di
\ ided among relatives.
Alvin C. rlamer yesterday told Judge
\V 111 is nt the superior court that he
was guilty of forging a check for %n
and asked for probation. The case tviii
come up auain January 3.
B, F. Bhernian, a plumber, who as
perted that M. J. Nolan lias seriously
assaulted Jiim without the leaßt cause,
yesterdaj Bled In the superior court a
suit for damages of $5525.
Municipal Affairs
Sixty-Four Dollars Now Remains
from General Expense
Fund of $200,000
Tho city yesterday found itself in
the same position with people who
have completed their Christmas chop
ping and contemplate their pocket
books. Out of $200,000 sot aside In the
general exxpense fund last July there
is only $64.;s loft, according to a report
.1. H. Fountain, deputy city auditor,
made to tho finance committee yes
But conditions are not quite as bad
;is they appear on the auditor's books.
More than 130,000 has been loonod from
the general expense fund to the street
lighting fund, street opening and wid
ening fund, and other funds of that
kind and all that money will j\o back
Into the general expense account.
Nor are conditions as bad as they
were under the former council That
bfldy began its fiscal year with a gen
eral expense fund of 1260,000, but at
this time last year had to take $100.
--000 from the reserve fund and transfer
it to the general expense fund. The
present council has not had to touch
the reserve fund and dors not Intend
to do so unless it is found absolutely
nei essary.
There is JBSOJIOO in tho reserve fund,
but this money i; to be carefully saved
to cover what are called the "dry
months," the eriod between June and
November when there is no money
1 uniiiin' in from tax"s.
When those facts are contemplated it
shows the city still la In a pood finan
[ rial condition, although there is only
a little chewing gum money in it.i
rlghi hand trousers pocket.
Eighth street, between Central nvr
nue and the T-os Angeles river, will not
' i"' widened until such a time as a pe
tition bearing the signatures of :>i
i per cent ot" thr property frontage is
; presented to the council. This was defi
nitely established yesterday by the
streets and boulevards committee
which Will recommend to the council
Tuesday that the ordinance providing
tor the widening bo filed.
If the council adopts this reocm
-1 mendaticn it probably will be constd
. n -i as .i precedent and no more open
i Ing and widening proceedings will be
institute i by the council except when
a majority petition in favor of tho im
provement is filed.
Ed Randolph yesterday pleaded not
guilty to issuing a check for $70 when
ho had no funds in the bank, and Judge
Willis »f the superior court set Janu
ary 30 as the time for his trial.
V^, Patriotism
\\SRT The stomach U a larger factor in "life, liberty and the pur
\ «uit of happiness " mo.t people .re aware. *«"•*"•»
&&M3 c» withstand hunger f. not dyspepsia. The confirmed dy.
/^ivSA Peptic "is rit (or trea> o n, .tmt-fieras and spo.ls. The man
Ms3SSl\£i who *°" «° thZ front for his eou"lr> r wlth " weak btora*ch
fi?^»lf»^\l Will be a wcaW #jldier and a fault tinder.
*Mfli££j«|l A souud stomach makes for iood citizensh ip at well as for
liijw^ii^im'i health and hanpinets. .... j
/"^^M Ui. e .se S of the stomach «nd other organ* of diction and
t nutritioo are promptly and Patriotism
The stomach i. a larger factor in "life, liberty aod the pur
•uit of happiness 1' than most people are aware. Patriotism
can withstand hunger »lt not dyspepsia. The; eoofirmed dys
peptic "i. Nt (or trea>on, stratagems and spo.ls. The man
who goes to thr front for his country with a weak stomach
%ill be a weak *.>ldier and a fault finder.
A sound stomach makes for good citizenship as well as tor
health and happine.s. ,
Diseases of the stomach and other organ, of digestion and
nutritioo are promptly and permanently cured by the u.e ot
A I It builds up the body with sound tlesh and
j\f I solid muscle.
I* / SjA The dealer who offers a .übstitute for the " Discovery •'' to
W W only seeking to make the little - more profit realized on tho
'^ S sale ofles. meritorious preparations. A..,. „ ... t frt .
§ , 1 Dr. PiercVs Common Sense Med.cal Advi.er >' "enV r"
f 1 on receipt of stamp, to pay expense of mailing .»/ . Send
I • 1 21 one-cent stamp, for the paper covered hook, or 31 itan^
B W^ for the cloth bound. Address World's Dispensary dlC al
1 ? HS^fc Association. R. V. Pierce, M. D.. President, Buffalo, N. If.
Revision Commission Requires
More Time for Discussion
of Proposed Changes
Intricate compilation and collabora
tion of tho charter amendments was
found so difficult by the charter revis
ion committee that the amendments
wera not ready for the council when
that body met last night to approve
The commission will work all through
the Christmas holidays and have them
ready for the council to act by Tues
day. This will make a delay of only
one day under any circumstances, as
they will be published on Wednesday
morning. Had they been approved last
night they could not have been pub
lished until Tuesday morning.
C. O. Hawley, fire commissioner! in
duced the ( ouncll to consider an
amendment that will provide v police {
and tire pension fund by charter Instead
nt depending on the state law, as Is
now the case. The plan is to raise
the pension fund by direct taxation,
which will not amount to more than a |
matter of mills, instead of by direct
assessment of the policemen and Bre
men. The taxpayer pays the cost in
either event, for the nremen and po
licemen are (jlven enough in addition
to their salaries to pay the $2 monthly
assessment made for the pension fund.
A charter arrangement for this fund
will also prevent the condition that con
fronts these funds every year of a
deficit The tire department hns al
ready asked the council for $;sr>o to cover i
a deficit of that amount in the lire j
pension fund, and the police pension
fund is nearly exhausted.
Alternative propositions on the height
of buildings also will lie submitted to
n vote of I hi' people. One amendment
will provide that buildings may go
higher than 150 feet, while the nlter
ntaive will either provide for taking
tin- limit off entirely or for ornament;:
tlon ttiat will ko above the uo-foot
sheer wall.
W. G. i!. Euler, delegate from the
Los Angeles Alumni association t>f the
University of Southern California, bi
companied by Douglas Parker, dele
gate from the university chapter "i' '
the Alpha Tail Omega, Will depart,
today for Atlantic Clay to attend the |
congress of the national fraternities
which will convene there from Decem
ber 28 to 31. The delegates last even-
Ing interviewed Judge E. M. Ross of
tin's city, who Is one of the founders
of the frat, and will take a messagi
from him to the convention.
Parker arrived In Los Angeles yes
terday and was greeted by a number of •
the Los Angeles alumni, (me of the
important things, according to him. to !
como up at the convention will be the
matter of establishing a number of
new chapters on the I'aeifie roast. I
89 Regent Street
Goods Charged in London to
Home Account— Less
U. S. Duties.
As lace owes its chief value
to its elegance and not to its
material —so the charm of
CROSS Goods is manner and
not matter.
Cross English Gloves
Cloves Ulmihl sewn) «PI.UV
CAPE. $1.60 and $£.UU
Stitched Back *L.VV
TAN $2.00
Silk Lined J>£.UV
GLOVES *i>vu
GLOVES : #i.uv
Mail Orders and Special Orders
Given Prompt Attention.
Whisk Brooms
Pigskin $3.75
Work baskets lined with Tied,
Green, Blue,
$7.25 to $9.50
Collar Bags, Plgokln,
$2.75 to $4.25
Scissors Blue—lied—Pigskin,
$4.00, $5.00, $5.25
and $6.00
Cross Leather Lined Waste
Made for waste—lntended for use.
Leather Goods
For Ladies and Gentlemen Solvts
Every One's Xmas Perplexity
Sole Agency

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