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IV 4 I
B Telephonic 811 Jg
Except Bandny
At Brito Hull Kouia BtrooU
For Month anywhere In tho Ha
waiian Islands 60
Per Year 0 00
Per Year postpaid to Foreign Oomi
trloB 8 00
Payablo Invariably in Advance
H J TESTA Proprietor and Pub
Kcsldlnc In Uunoluln
Wo call the attention of our read
ers to an editorial from tho San
Francisco Call captioned Good
Government whioh will bo found
on our first pago It will be found
very pleasant reading especially for
tho oligarcbioal annexationist
whose pledges havo been violated a
thousand times over The day of
reckoning will suroly come
If wo have not met with great
suooess we have at loast made a
bluff of encouraging tourist travel
ling to the Islands We have adver
tised tho country in newspapers and
through pamphlets and show men
like Thurston have trnvelled from
West to East showing hula girls
and dime museums to impress upon
tho mind of the unwary Yankee that
Honolulu is the place par excellence
to visit during well earned vacations
Hawaii has been represented at
numerous exhibitions and we have
received gold medals for our okole
hao and honorable mention for our
school books and benches We have
shown the world that the main
feature in the charantor of the Ha
waiians is their ability to tinkle
tinkle on an ukulele and to twist
and to twirlrand that our coffee is
aromatic but not profitable
By the way why does Mr Thurs
tons organ take up tho cudgels
against the Hawaiian village which
is to be presented at Omaha fair
and against John Wilsons Hawai
ian troup of Bingers ancLhula girls
Has it been forgotten that Mr
Thurston waB tho first to publicly
introduce the hula as a characteris
tic Hawaiian dance into the United
StateB Is it not a fact that the
hula girls and guitar climpering
boys were the main attraatiou at tbo
fair where he represented the Ha
waiian exhibit and his oycloramuT
Wilsons troup is half decent at
least while tho one managed by Mr
Thurston wsb a disgusting disgrace
to tho islands and to our people
Mr Thurston like the French demi
mondff becomes virtuous as he be
comes older and the twirl and the
twist of Wilson8 gang makes him
angry while he has forgotten the
antics of the beauties with whom he
We think it is a pity that Hawaii
should be placed on oxhibition as
a semi barbarous country to draw
tourists to Honolulu The visitors
at Omaha may beliovo that tho vil
lage and the semi nude girls and
tbo beer voiced singers are repre
sentative of life in Hawaii and thov
might come- here to see tho fun
and bo Usagreeably surprised to
find modern buildings well lighted
streets telephones and rubber tired
haoks and the hulas under strict
police supervision They will find
that tho Hawaiian women dress very
much like their sisters on tbo main
land only a little more expensive
that thoy dont wear skirts made of
ti leaves and that to many of them
the hula is an unknown dance Thoy
will find that ho Hawaiian men as
a rule out travel around with a
BSi4 a AeVW
guitar and n cranked voipp but
mostly are found with n bitiu h of
siiKar Block or a lasso or a poa
shovel iu their bauds m the cash
may be To falsely represent Ha
wall and lifn in tho Island in verj
easy but it wilt tint promote tourist
travelling nor buutfit the country iu
tho long run
Wo can well understand Hint Gov
ernor Oleghorn decllued the honor
of presiding over the Hiwaiian ex
hibit at Omaha It would harillj
havo been liquified for Princess Ki
inlands faibttr to puHicly counted
nuoo an exhibition of hula landing
and grass huts an characteristic inci
dent iu H nvaiiau life
The selection of Mr E Tnwse ol
the Advertiser to repreont Hawaii
at Omaha is undoubtedly very good
Mr Totvso may not kuow the in
tricaoies of the luiln but Iih is n
vorsatiltt talker anil well posted on
present condition iu H wai ntul
tieing a newspaper man Iih uil not
find himself au inject slave of the
To onpourngjn tourist travelling
wo must first aud foremost look to
wards accommodations for our visit
ors We must have hotel facilities
equal to those fouud iu other civil
ized countries Wo must have
means of inter island transportation
which nre up to date aud ve ujiict
not pack paetengers who are in
sparnh of health aud spenery aud
rest among ill smelling fertilize
aud half nude sweating Acini ic
coolies The time has come when
we must have pafsetiger stunner
arranged according to the exorbit
ant prices tbarged Our at am
ship ponipauit a cannot afford to go
on as at preout If they perr i
opposition lines will lurelv be start
ed Faucy a passi nur steamer
towing a sailing vesiel on her regu
lar trip to another port arriving
nearly ten hours after the schedule
time to the great tufferiug and an
noyMtice of the papgeugers who pan
the high rats dinnnded anil ex
pected a Bnift passage Imagitie n
party of tourists boarding trie
fiuest steamer in the local fl ei
and expecting to enjoy tho scuiiory
as the vessel passes ilia ntitl
find themselves crowded to the
ends of the vessel by a beast
ly looking half utid horde of
of recently imported Japanese
coolies Oan anyouo under the
circumstances blame tho tourists for
kicking and when at home giving a
black eye to the Inlands
If tourist travelling to the I lnndu
with the subsequent advantages anil
gains is to be promoted let u lieu in
by reforming at home aud cease
to use hula giiU and urns huts a
drawing cards Hawaii should bo
the Switzerland of the Pacifi but
the Swiss attend t the oomfort of
their guests and they dout advertise
the vile points of tbeir homo life
It was painful to The Inpependbnt
and Soreuo to notice thai Mr D l
tbo righteous pill of the church
actually atteuded a dinner aud a
dance on a Sunday on board au
Argentine man of war It that what
anuexatiou has brought to u Has
Sitan eulored with the Stars and
Stripes and even drawu tho bead of
our Christian el qno into the whiil
pool of chsmpague and general
deseoratiou of the Sabbath In lbGD
an Austriau arrived to to
iu distress SBUiething had happen
ed to her propeller and die rouiain
ed h re for iiiiiny mouths for repair
Sho was an old lliree iJeeker with a
crow of over 700 mou On the first j
Sundar tbe men were landed and
marubed to tho Roman Catholio
O tin roll to the tune of the excellent
baud belonging to the chip The
Christians in Fort street Church
held up their hands in horror aud a
committee was appoiulod to wail
on the Admiral aid pray h in to
stop the intisio before all went to
HadeS The Auttiiau Admiral look
ed noil pltitted lint he was a penile
man tuid tiaici Sheutlemou if you
i feswti
tifrffyt Wl Hfl
wsnts In go to hell niidout muic I
vlll not preveul you My baud will
stop beh nd
Later on ho thought ho would
give his crew sumo entertainment
and he ordered the baud to play on
a Sunday afternoon on a sandhill
oul of town where Thomas Square
is uow Everybody enj yed the pon
certf but the Earnest Christians
came around again and protested
and the Admiral closed his music
box remarking that jt was no use
utstiug hearls to schweins
Bitt behold the eh ing concerts
oil Sundays at Mukee I hnd illicit
I qu irs lliuii everywherofat horses
Hint gay wotueii 11 untiug before the
etof the Earnest Christians aud
sported by the desjeudAUtn of the
noble Puritans of the Fort street
Church But the back of tho
Driiinedary has been broken Et tu
i li D muttered the last of the
iptiiilders of theSsbbth when our
President sr iked his whiskers and
a sin h nmonu the galaxy of
tieauty on hoard the Cathdic man
if war no a Sunday and looked at
boat race prz fighting athletic
sports and illuminations and the
wine when it was rod ami the bols
from t he Control U ion Church
rang outE tu S D D Ettu S BD
aud Seren wmi
BEDSPUKADS ICO Marseilles at
1 each at SautiH
A Special Bargain Sale in all De
part tneiitH at L B Kerrs fur one
wk only
ihikmi ors tHiikliir v miv nf tlie
Linen nf 8 milium r ih iieil by ilio
UliilHrHieil g ulh Iim oi MUtl nfior
ius I 8 I it hn kliitrfeenf i nnolliirs
will e mini ol f in mi li HMtnv r nt
til time I rgsloi ton of iihihu Tlitd
fu will ho rof io in o so of innhlllt o
p oviUo a uumiitoilull ti on arrlvtii of
hi 4 in r
WAr o iuin jlCo ui
By lis P eiiont W G Irwin
By rTh mi Ha Will rr Dir ct r
k na of Oaimilla at am
bllll Co
Mill Director
1U7 tf
Cricket in India
Prlnco Rtnjllsllilijs wonderful
proiuss as a batsmin has evidetitly
given a groat impetus to cricket in
India Tho Maharajah of Patiala
engaged some lime ago pertain
English professionals to leach tho
noble game to his people and it is
announced that a team from India
will visit England next year Tho
loam will include Dr M E Pavrl
who is expected to play for Kent
this Boasou Mislri who is said to be
a better batsman tbau Ittnji and
a formidable bowler
Loudon j uirnals are al
roady beginning to Bpppulato uhat
name English crowds ill givo to
this bowler Sorno imagine it will
Ie Go it Paul
Family Theatre
Murder al the Toll Gate
Now Arl ts
Borjgs and Howard
Ske oil Artlss
Tho Clrostosi Acur cntion nf Van ovllo
ThI in eve s hi Hniio ulu nt ono it e
itnr iniii uoniiH hmh a u limn nir
or ihn H aliu ater raio are hereby
n illicit Iliat the hours fir IrrgitloM
pnrp ties e frmu 6 to oIcock u iu nml
frjiu 4 iu G oclock p m
Pup rlnto ilnit of Wiif r Works
Approved J A K a
lln ttrnf Interior
Hi nnluln 1nn 4 ibi
ii t
Itteak ui 4i u lAifeJhWtifcitoiiitJM Ji1tUMtAtltlilliM i wmiAttJtjaihiiarf
i tw wjujiwa
Timely Topics
Honolulu June 1 1899
Jtif t Arrived from Kew
York per Amuicati Bliip
Georgo Curl id
Black and Gafvernizad Gat Nails
AwHOitod Sizes
Blank and Galvanized Wire Nails
Assorted Sizes
IIuntH Axe und Pick Mat
Iron City Axo and Pick
Mat ocks
Steel Horse Shoes Front
and iiind usporb d sizes
Long iJundlo llay Forlts
2 or rn cH
Socket oofc Neck Hoes
h d
Huntn Axes 3J to 5J lbs
AmiV Long and Short
llandli ShoV 1
Am s Short Handle Coal
Chumpion Handle Coal
Mtiwh Hooks Medium and
American Charcoal Trons
Pin mi inri Ilurse Sln0 Nails
a8r oricd
Chmnplai s Horse Shoo
Nail- aboned ize
Aldens btiaght yard
Step Ladders i 8 and 10
feet liiyh
Ono and Two Man Cross
Cut Sawn 2 J to ti tVetlong
For sale here atlowet mar
P ease call and examine our
Tihi Hswailitu Harowara Co tn
26S Fout Stukrt
lOO cases 100
Thousands of Dollars
Received by the Australia containing a
Variety of Goods that will be sure to
interest MY PATRONS
They were gathered by our Agent
in the best Market of Europe and are
the Product of the foremost manufac
1 ure in their respective lines and bought
at such low prices that when you see
the Quality of them you will realize
Trying to PLEASE and give its Cus
tomers Mr e value for their Money than
any other Establishment in the City
Attractive features arc tho bTYLlSII TPJMMEO AND UMTKIMMFD TTATQ w
have JUST Wen OP10NED
i 13 3slJEIE Imnorter Queen St

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