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(The Citizen
Knowledge is power and the
way to keep up with modern
knowledge Is to read a good
J. P. FAULKNER, Manager
Knltrrd at tkt retl-offlet at lima, A'y ai irmwt
tfaw naUmallrr.
Devoted, to tine Interests of tlie Mountain People
Vol. XIV.
Fivo cent n copy.
One Dollar a year.
No. 20
Exclusive agent for "The Foster Line"
Cut Rates on Comforts and All Wool Blanket
No Peace
Tim prospects for nnct, an III
outcome of the negotiations In Lon
don lutwecn tin bIIImi nntl Turku
seem morn remote than ill any
ilin. during iIih lant mouth. In fsi-t
a deadlock prvr!li, Hie allies stand
ing pal mi their demands tlmt Adrini.
iii and tin" Aegean llainl ! oediil
to th. iii, ami the Turks just an firm
ly declaring that they will never
The HltiiatUm bdlig thus 1ioh1ihh
thu delegates have met hut few
times tlurliiK tie- week. Tin- eonfer
turn of ainbasndors of the Power
In London a endeavoring to find a
teilutlou and lib nwumeil an ndw
ory attitude A nolo to th- l'ort
from the ninbasimdors at t'onMnlitln -
V havi' had letter and personal
references to The Citizen this wee;,
all ngrcolng that It U nlwn.vs good.
Hut thin week wis believe It will b"
lound mart than usually full of good
thing!, and, therefore, a single paer
worth moro to any oiu than tho dol
lar that secures It for an entire year.
Jut look ovei the pagm. A ghuii-e
will be sufficient to verify tho nhov.'
Htatement. See on the first page,
for Instant, President lrost's ht
liion and the editor's personal Int. r
lirctailon of Christianity In the editor
ial. And then our llapttst friends
ought to Ih pleased with our an
nouncement of the great Laymen's
Confer-nee which Is soon to be held
at Chattanooga,
And there is no lack of good things
on the other pageti. Look them up -historical,
educational and religious
articles. And we havo made a 8wclal
ity of tho news this week, the thlnys
wo hnvi consldi red of most Interest
beln;t miller doublu column heads.
When you write tell us what you
think of the paKT.
The lllrl of the Limbering ends
next week, and a good one Is to fol
low "lloth Sides of the Shield,"
written by '.Major Itiitt, President
Tuft's Aide who went down with the
Titanic. Watch for It.
iN'bws of tho Wook.
President frost's Sermon.
Sunday School Let son.
Convention of HnptUt Laymen.
PACIK TH 111213
The Coiuiui'ror of Knsknskia ,
How the School Kally will lllp.
' l'AOE FOim
tlospol Meetings.
Comer for the Little Onto.
Tho llest Ago Since the World HiHiin.
Serial Story.
Intensive Farming.
l'Mucutloii mid HiirciMM.
Kami mid Harden
I'AGE EiailT
Kasteru Kentucky Ncwh.
in Sight
! pie Ih rulil to li foithcomlng, which,
! however, Ik nil In Hit' nature of an
; ultimatum.
Tin' attitude of Kotimanla In innk-
' Ing demands tiion llulgnria at thin
, mage of tin' game Ih complicating
mtitti-ra. Ami 1: Ih exiiected that lit
any mnuinl th" oac! delegates inn
iKuk their belongings and start foi
' homo ami that fighting may be r
hiimeil with even otlti'r powers drawn
' Into the Imbroglio.
The garrison at ilrliinople lias
been i Hiich straits for rations dur
ing tho week, and til" romllttoliH ar
ho di'iiiornllzliip' that It8 mrrend.r
lias lie n i'jii('ctt'd. If It should, yield
tin- allien would he strengthened in
their claim.
Eight Hundred Rescued from Strand
j ed Ship Dreyfus Incident Recalled
Unionist Party Disrupted Castro
Still Held.
Tho iitnmer, L'raiiiuui, hound from
Itotterdaui to Halifax and New Yorn,
was stranded on n reef nitr Halifax
about noon, Sunday. A panic was nar
lowly averted among her twt pas
sengers, most of whom were steerage,
but they were soon rescued by liar
bor craft and a Government steniii'T
and lauded saro in Halifax at night,
from which point they reached their
destination by mil. The crew remain
ed alHiard in an effort to release the
lmnvKus uotiiK again
Kronen became greatly excited,
Saturday, over an order of the Mill
iner of War, reinstating Co. du I'aty
de Clniu, who was ono of the leading
iliaravtiTH in the Dreyfus trial of
somo years ago. Inasmuch as the
presidential election occurs, Krlday,
tho ndherents of the different candi
dates aro trying to make jiolltlcal
capital out of the Incident, hut the
Minister of Wai declares that it
has no political significance what
ever. However, it Is feared It may
defeat tho election ot Premier Poin
HU1TS uxio.Msre
'Mr. llonar Law, who was recently
elevaU'd to the leadership of the cp
posltlou In the HrltlBli Parliament,
taking the plac of Mr. Arthur .1. Hal
f"iir, has proved a dismal failure, and
tho Tories, Instuul of facing easy
victory, aro now illtsrupted and nnist
listen to tlu taunts of Premier As
iulth over their plight.
Itonar l-iw was less wise than Da
vld. Ho Its trying to wear Kaul'a
armor (l)alfour's tactics,) ami al
though It does not fit, hu has not
thu good sanso to cast It aside.
Thu IiuIiwih coipiiH proceeillugH lu
fctltutil in the Interest of Cnstro,
oxtpit'Kldiuu of Venezuela, did not
avail la KecuriUi his release mid p.T
mltllng him to laud, and ho Is still
held at HUN Island. Tlm Judgi. how -ovur.
Is considering th iidvlsabillty
of granting him hall pending further
If you don't watch your date lalul,
you may miss a number of The Citi
zen, Kumemliar It stops now on ex
piration of your subscription. Look
at tho data following your iinmu mid
don't neglect to Btmd In renewal.
Tlio world In full of Hclliono. They lmro thrived with morn or
lens of racial mid sometimes of geographical characteristics niuc m an
lieeamo it thinking being. Hut Christianity, tho flower of Ilium nil,
in tho religion supreme, and in destined to ho tho religion universal,
we think, for its appeal is imiverHil.
lis appeal ih universal liecniim-, as Been in the earliest tradition,
as interpreted by Jesus himself, It is more a principle than a belief,
mid only principles are universal, Heliefs nro not and never can lie.
And being a principlo it was and is easily represented by four
words- character, lore, nervice, uttcrijtet . It was and is represented
in tlm life of Jesus, for ht was mid did what he taught others to be
and do.
The appeal of Christianity, then, when stripped of verbiage of
words that darken counsel is tho appeal of ri life rather than tho appeid
of a belief a life that can bo attained (Did Jesus ever hint other
wisoj1), a Character that may bo realized, a lore that must bo muni
fritted, a nervier that must a rendered, a Hiterifiee that is freely fp'vcit.
Here is something definite something that any ono can grasp.
There is not a bit of magic about it. The hocnn pocitn and the
lecrdermain are cast away for they are only of service to tho
ignorant. It is these and theso only that keep people in tho dark,
that shut out the light, Unit fouler division, thttt brrril neetarianisni.
Jesus never said one explicit word so fnr as nil body knows about
the (fur that reason) insignificant things that have rent Christendom.
Thu appeal is for conformity to a life, a standard of conduct, a
stature, mid not merely ton errrd mid n rile. And the criterion of
judgment is explicit ''Enter into thu jovs of your Loul, for I
was sick and in prison mid je visiled me ; I whs an hungered and yo
gave me meat ; 1 was athirst and yo gave me drink ; I was naked and
j i clothed me- in as much as ye did it unto the least of these my
brethren" In as much as your life conformed to my life in character
and service.
In the editor's childhood he lived in sight of two men whoselives
were an inspiration to tiobln manhood. Seeking to reach their stature,
ho saw the stature of Jesus "the life that was in Christ; the peat of
great price,"' mid lit; literally gave up nil for it. There was noth
ing mysterious about it. It was a decision in which the question of
purity or impurity was forever settled on the side of purity, the
question of selfishness or service and sacrilice, in favor of the latter;
in other words, as between n life of sin and the "life that was in
Christ," Hie former could frame no claim worthy of a moment's
consideration. And when the decision was made joy came - there
suit of a sense of oneness with him, an ethical union kindred to his
with the Father, and the expectation of being"with him where he in."
Such is the appeal of Christianity it n appeal from Hie one
mipreiiie life I ) life, and it is meeting with a hearty response in the
chapel meetings, as it alwnjs will.
President Frost's Sermon
At the Opening of the Gospel Meetings, Sunday Night
"The Pearl of Great Price"
Your prayerful atteiillcu is Invited
tonight to one of the shortest para
bles that Christ ever spoke two
verses, which concluded our Cospel
leading. "The kingdom of Heaven s
like unto a man that Is n merchant
seek in goodly pearls, and having
lound one pearl of great price, !i
went and sold all he had and bought
it." ;
Suiely tho study of pearls will u I
popular with the young ladles hero I
tonight. We aro 'all lovers ot b,auty .
anil wo an' all lovers of vnlue. Now
our greed for beauty and tor value
sometimes leads us astray. Hut nf- .
ler all It is one of the distinctive
glories of human nature. No beast caiii
enjoy beauty, lie has no joy exe.'pt
the animal enjoyment. And no lieast i
lias a seiiai of value. Hu eats today
and tramples upon that which hi
will need tomorrow.
Man has higher faculties and can
sco valuo and beauty. Anil It Is lor
man not o;ily to seek beauty, but the ,
highest beauty, not only alue, but I
tho highest value. The earliest tax - '
ago who had the dawning of reason ,
lu li I in could admire beauty, hut It ,
was tho lowest forms which nttrac'
ed him. Th a difference between the j
suvugu and the wise man mirst be that i
the wise man craves the higher. You i
choose between a flower unit u gem.
'Many of us would chooso the flower. !
Its form Is perfect; Its color Is rich, j
Its perfume appeals to us even when
our eyes u'.o closed. Why should we j
not choose tlm flower? There Is on
sufficient renMin. The flower fades,
but tho gem will continue to Mied
Its boauty while the world lasts. Tlm (
Is tlm value of the gem. Ami th''.
gems that Ood has wonderfully mad '
and hidden In the dark pockets tf ,
the earth are symbols of things that I
nro eternal, If you ever read the 2Ut j
chapter, that wonderful chapter f
Revelation, where tho celestial city
Is M't forth, you know quite a lUt of
f,enis. "The foundations of th:1 walls
of tho city wero garnished with "ill
manner of precious stones. The fir.t
was Jasper; the second, sapphire; the
third, n chalcedony; tho fourth, mi
emerald; the fifth, sardonyx. (Wo
aro getting u wholo Jewell y ktoro
here!) tho sixth, sardlus; tlw seventh,
chrysolyte; the eighth, beryl; the
ninth, u topaz; the tenth, a chrysop
laBiis; tho eleventh, u jacinth; the
twelfth, an ainetliyst."
Many of us have never seen one of
these btoiies, hut 1 can show you
nu amethyst. Many years ugo one of
our great Kentucky Htntotinrii, fas
liis M. Clay, canto back from tho ,Mx'.
can War, and thu citizens of Tdndl
son ami Kayetto counties wished '.o
do him honor. He had saved their
sons from massacre at the hands of
the Mexicans and they caused a
sword to be made and presented to
General Clay. The blade and scab
bard wero skillfully engraved. The
hilt Is of solid silver. And then tiny
felt that the sword was not rich
enough to expres-s their gratitude and
admiration, and to give a great vnlu?
to that gift they put an amethyst in
the hilt. Clay grew old and now he
has passed away and nil the people
that subsciibetl for that gift, hut
the amethyst still sparkles. The
General gave his sword to L'erea Col
lege. Many of you havo seen It In
the library; but the amethyst was
too precious to be exiiosed there, so
Treasurer Osboine keeps It lu his
strong lox. I here Is the amethyst.
You can see Its glitter, the different
lacets which reflect the light, and
the color like a rose leaf. I do not
know the valuo of this gun; It may
bo worth $100, or $.")00, but It is worth
it whole garden of flowers.
And turning the page of the Uible,
wo me still in the celestial city.
"The twelve gates were twelve pearls;
every teveral gate was of one pearl.
Now theso things God made to glv
an Intimation and a type of things
Unit are unspeakable; things that can
never bo tId; things that we shall
learn about In eternity.
Now this stoiy, this puinble, Is a
very short one. There are three points
to be noted. In the first p'nee this
man who was a merchant SOUGHT
lor goodly pearls, He had a plan ami
a purpose in his pursuits. He set out
to find pearls rather than flowora or
anything else. Pearls was his pursuit,
and not only pearls, hut goodly peurN,
mid ho became, u connoisseur. Ho
looked through the collections tf
other merchant; kings nnd princes
showed him all they had. And In the
second place, he found something
greater than he expected. We don't
know where; It couldn't have been !n
the treasuries of any king, for a
king would nut have bold the peiul.
It nuibt have been In the boat of
boni diver, or In somo obscure cubln.
Ono day tho merchant started, and
his heuit beat loudl) ; ho Whs excited.
Ho salu, "Hery Is bouiothiiiK greater
than any thing I have ever t-ecu. Hero
Is something greater than the emper
or has seen; greater than uny mer
chant has over seen; greater, liouvlor,
moro lustrous, more precious." Ho
was surprised,
la tho third plain ho was resolute.
He went nwny ami sold all that lio
had and bought it. Ho lUtvrmliwil
(Continued on 1'agtTliitc)
LHH&aK ' mm! 3iWWmm$0Ki
LLHLaHIBfete 'h ifiiBifi '
Lookout Mountain and Tennessee River at Chattanooga, Tenn.
Of Great Moment and Significance
Baptist Laymen of the South Will Meet Febru
ary 4, 5 and 6 in Southern Metropolis Elabor
ate Program Arranged Convention City the
Center of Brotherhood 2,500,000 Baptists.
"On to Chnttanoogal"
That Is tho slogan of tho Southern
naptlst laymen at this time, anticipat
ing the great conference to Be held In
tho Tennessee city February 4, 6 and
, 1313.
A center from which 9 rallroadi, over
which pass between 75 and 100 trains
dally, radiate; a city, the scenic and
historic setting of which gives it wide
pro-eminence, Chattanooga, Tenn., has
heconio noted as a place for the hold
ing of conventions, ranging In Impor
tance frbra state-wide to nation-wide
Unrivalled Scenic Setting.
As to the scenic setting of Chatta
nooga, It Is safely stated that no city
can rival 1L Missionary Ridge, to the
east. Lookout Mountain to tho louth
west, Orchard Knob, within the city
limits, and Chlckamauga Park, twelve
miles south, in Georgia, on the trolley
line, were all scenes of conflict during
the great war between the states; and,
no matter whore the visitor Is from, he
can find spots of interest to visit
places thai will interest him, on ac
count of associations jiartlcjnated In
Verdict of Guilty Against Archbald -Presidential
Electors Meetand Cast'
Their Votes Wilson Declares for
Progressives Cabinet Slate
Sheppard-Kenyon Bill Coming to
Vote Bristow Wants Industrial
Commission New Senator for
The Impeachment proceedings ':i
the United States Senate against
Judge Archbald, ot the Commerce
Court, were ended Monday after mor.s
than a month' i sitting, and rosultcil
In a verdict of guilty. There wore
thirteen charges and tho verdict on
fivo of the thirteen was guilty, any
one of which would have been suffi
cient to deprive him of his office.
Tlie vote on the first article siodiI
CS for conviction and five lu his
Judge Archbald Is the tenth per
son against whom Impeachment pro
ceedings have been brought In the
United States Senate In all of Its
history, and the third to bo convict
ed. It is noteworthy that Sanator
1'aynter of Kentucky voted for Arch
bald while Bradley did not vote.
Tho presidential electors of th'-'
arIous statoo met, Monday, In the
capitals of tho stntes and voted for
President. Mr. Taft and Nicholas
Murray Duller, who had been select
ed by the National Committee to
take Vlin President Sherman's plac.
lecelved only eight votes, thowe if
Utah and Vf intent. Special lniwsen
gers were Bent to carry the vote to
Washington, win re it will bo cunvaim
ed by Congress Feb, 12th.
In addressing the presldantlal tc
tors in Now Jersey, Monday, Presi
dent elect WiUon declared, "I fchull
not be ncting an a partisan when I
pick out progicsslves ami only pro
gressives to aid me." This sentoncu
Is taken tc Indicate that Mr. Wilson
Is in lino with tlm spirit of. the tlmu.
Tho wlso ones at Washington, not
Coiitinuidou I Kr I'm
by soldiers from his (iart of the coun
try, whether north or south. In this
section the bearers of the Star-Spangled
Banner- met the bearers of the
Southern Cross In desperate struggle
and In the minds of the people there
Is "glory enough for all," as It was a
conflict of "Americans all," each side
contending for a principle.
Missionary Ridge Is accessible by
car line, being only a twenty-five min
utes' rldo from the city, with a flno
schedule. Orchard Knob Is Just a few
blocks off the Missionary Ridge line,
nnd Lookout Mountain Is also accessi
ble. To visit this historic peak the
visitor takes the St. Elmo street car
which carries him to the foot of the
Incline leading up the mountain. As
to this Incline, It Is one of tho most
modernly marvelous pieces ot engi
neering to he found anywhero In the
United States and a trip up Is well
worth a visit to Chattanooga. At the
base of the mountain Is the hlstorlo
town of St. Elmo, which was the resi
dence of Augusta Evans Wilson, while
writjng tho novel, "St. Elmo.'-
Continueil oiil'ace Two
Louisville Agitating for Commission
Government Meningitis Scare is
Abating Record Broken in Coa
Output Hazard Wants Government
Building Carnegie Helps Central
Tuberculosis Commission Handi
The success oi commission form of
government In other cities wh?ro
tried, and the anticipated success -if
the government just Inaugurated in
Lexington has 'inspired certain citi
zens of Louisville to begin the agita
tion for a change in the government
of that city.
Louisville haa already tried tie!
commission plan In piecemeal In Its
board of educatlou, tho aswer commis
sion and public hospital commission.
And it tho agitation just beginning Is
success! ul, tho old general council of
twelve aldermen and twenty counc'l
nien will give way to five commis
Tlio meningitis scaro in South
western Kentucky has abated to a
great extent. The United States Gov
ernment agreed, the latter part of
last week, to bend nn expert to co
iierato with state authorities in th
suppression cf the disease, nnd the
Hoard of Health of Hickman, Ky.,
lifted the quarantine to the extent
of allowing schools. Churches, etc,
to opon their doors,
Tlio disease lb very prevalent In
Dyre County, Tenn., and It Is agahut
tills source of Infection that precau
tious are bulug takau.
According to Chief Mini Inspector
C. J. Nonvotd, tho yield of coal lu
Kentucky for PJ12 breaks all previous
it'oords. Almost complete returns were
reported up to December first, and
from theso the estlma'te Is mado that
the yield amounted to 15.5UO.U00 tons.
Congressman I.angly Introduoid n
bill In the House ot HeprasiutatlvM,
Krlday, authorizing the erection of a
Continued uii luge the

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