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I 4Author of Tbo Return of DOYLEJ J
DoCatlnat lint nrranjrca mat the
American should remain with his
friend Major tie Ilrlssae as the time
had conic roinul for his own second
turn ot Riiayd Ho had hardly stationed
himself In tho corridor when ho was
astonished to see tho king without es
cort or attendant walking swiftly
I down tho passage Ills delicate face
I k was dlslluuretl with auger mid his
mouth wan net grimly like that of a
7 man who had taken a momentous res
Olllccr of tho guard said ho abort
Yes sire
I wMi your assistance
I nin nt your cotiimaiid sire
I Is there a subaltern hornV
Lieutenant do la Tremoulllo Is at
tliB side guard
Very well Von will jilnco him In
command You will yourself go to tho
apartment < t M do Vlvomie It he Is
not there you must BO and seek him
Wherever bo In i you must find him
within the bour
Yes biro
4You 4 will give him an order from
j me At 0 oclock ho Is to bo In his car
i lingo nt the east gate of the palace
His sister Mme do Montespan will
J tawait him there and ho IK charged by
mo to drlvo her to the chateau of Petit
Hours YOu will tell him that he Is an
i Bwerablo to mo for her arrival there
I Yes Blre Do Catluat raised his
sword In salute and started upon his
The king panned on down tho corri
dor and opened n door which led him
Into n magnificent anteroom all ono
blazo of mirrors and gold furnished
to n marvel with the most delicate
ebony and nllvcr Knit on n deep red
IJ carpet of Aleppo as soft and yielding
1nil tho moss of n forest
j door farther and passed on Into the
ladys boudoir
It was n hie and lofty room very
different from that from which be bad
All IS over forever Jktirccn us ho i
just come Threo long windows from
ceiling to floor took up ono side and
through tho delicate pink tinted blinds
tho evening HUH cast n tmlxtued and
C dainty light At the farther side
prone IIIHMI an ottoman her face
burled In the cushion her beautiful
white arms thrown over It the rich
coils of her brown hair hailglng In his
order across the long curve of her
I Ivory nock lay IIUo a drooping flower
1 the woman whom he had come to this
At the sound of the closing door she
bad glanced up and then nt night of
the king she sprang to her feet and
ran toward him her hands ont her
blue eyes Ixdlmmcd with tear
All sire who cried with Ji pretty I
little sunburst of Joy through her tears I
then I have wronged yon I have
wronged you cruelly lint yon have
come after me to tell me that you
have forgiven me hue put her arms
forward wlh the trusting air of n
i pretty child who claims an embrace
IIH her due but tho king Mopped swift
Iy I back rein her
All U over forever between ns bo
cried harshly Your brother will
await you at the east 1 gale at 0 oclock
I and It In my command that yon wait
S there until yon receive my further
She staggered back an If bo had
struck her Leave you IIho cried
You must leave the court
Tho cowrt Aye willingly this In
stunt lint you Ah sire you ask
what Is Impossible
I do not ask madame I order
Blnco yon have learned to abuse your
position your presence ban become In
tolerable The milted fclngi of Europe
S hue never dared to speak to me as
soil have spoken today Hncli things
arc notilonc twice madame You see
your mistake now At II I oclock you
leave Vcnmllles forever Ills eyes
flashed and his small upright ilgnro
Bccmcd to swell III the violence of his
Indignation while she leaned nway
t 4 from him ono baud across her eyes
lOhlhAu beau l wicked1 I she crlwl
Iknoit t I T know Itl How could I
speak to you sot now coma f i
that some blight may como upon this
unhappy tongue I who have had
nothing but good from you I to Insult
you who are the anther of nllinj hap
piness Oli sire forgive me forgive
me for pitys sake forgive me
Louis was by nature a kind hearted
mall His feelings were touched and
his Pride also was flattered by tho
abasement of this beautiful and
haughty woman ills face softened
somewhat In Its expression as ho
glanced at her but be shook his head
and his voice was as firm as ever ns ho
It Is useless madame said he I
have thought this matter over for along
long time and your madness today has
only hurried what must In any case
have taken place You must leave the
lie Is cc
I will leave the palace Say only
that you forgive lIIeOh sire I cannot
hear your anger It crushes mo down
1 L am not strong enough It Is not ban
ishment It Is death to which you sen
truce me Think of our long years of
love mire and say that you forgive me
Oh will you not give your anger up
for mine My God he weeps I Oh I
am saved I am raved II I
No no madame cried the king
dashing his linndncross hIs eyes You I
sec the weakness of the man but you
shall also nee the flnnncsD of the king I
As to your Insults today I forgive them
freely If that will make yon more Imp
Iiy l In your retirement nut a time bas
come when It Is l necessary to review
our post life and to prepare for that
which Is to come
Ah sire you pain me Yon nro not
yct In the ivrlmo of your years nUll you
< speak ns If old age were upon you In
n score of years from now It may bo
time for folks to say that ago has made
n change In your life
The king winced Who say s01 ho
cried angrily
Oh sire It slipped from mo un
awares Think no more of It Nobody
rays so Nobody
Yon etc hiding something from me
Who Is It who says Ibis
Oh sire It was but foolish court
rosslp nil unworthy of your attention
To me sire yon arc as pleasing and as
gracious ns when you first won tho
heart of Mile TontmyCharcntc
The king smiled ns bo looked at the
beautiful woman before him
III very truth said be I can say
that there has been no such great
changes In Mile TonnayClmrcnto ci I
her Hut Htlll It U best that wo should
part l 1rancolse
You have but to name the place
IIlrolellt Itourg Ohargny or my own
convent of St Joseph In the Paultonrg
St Germain What matter where the
flower withers when once the sun has
forever turned from 112 At least the
past Is my own and I shall live In tho
remembrance of the days when nono
had coma between ui and when your
sweet love was nil my own lie happy
sire bo happy and think no moro of
what I said about the foolish gossip of
tho court Your life lies In the fu
ture Mine Is In the past Adieu dear
Hire ndlcu Bho threw forward her
arm bar eyes dimmed over and she
would have fallen bad Louis not sprung
forward and caught her In his arms
Her beautiful l head drooped upon hIs
shoulder Her breath was warm upon
his check and tho subtle scent of her
hair was In his nostrils Her broad
white throat was thrown back her
eyes almost closed her lips Just parted
enough to show tht line of pearly
teeth her beautiful taco not three
Inches from his own And then sud
denly tho eyelids quivered and the
great blue eyes looked up at him Iov <
Ingly appealingly half deprecating
halt challenging her whole mill In a
glance Did ho move Or was It she7
Who could te1l7 Hut their lips bad
met In n long klxs and then In another
and plans nUll resolutions were stream
Ing away from Louts like autumn
leaves In tho west wind
Then I am not to go Yon would
not have tbo heart to send mo away
would you 7
No no but you must not annoy me
I had rather die than cause you an
Instant of grief Oh sire I have seen
so little of yon lately And I love you
so It has maddened me And then
that dreadful woman
Who then1
Ob I must not speak against her
I will be civil for your sake even to
her tho widow of old Bcarroii
Yes yes yon must bo civil I can
not have any unpleasantness
lint you will stay with me sire
Her supple arms coiled themselves
round his neck Then she held him for
an Instant nt arms length to feast her
eyes upon his face and then drew him
once more toward her You will not
leave me dear sire It Is so long since
you Inure been here
I will stay sold ho
And that carriage dear sire nt the
east door
a I have been very harsh with you
FrancoUe You will forglvo mo Have
yon pajmr and pencil that I may cotta
termand tho order1
They lire here sire upon the side
table I have also a note which If I
may leave yon for an Instant I will
wjllo In the uiitcrooinl
To be Continued
Some mon nro as anxious to get
Into tho illmollght as others nroto
4Qdlrq a LSALe 11 JL J
Senator Burrows Scores The
3 Mormon Church
Heed HiiKxit Case Does Not Ilest on
Ills Practices hut Ills Identity
With Polygamy
Washington Dec 12Tho ques
lion of Senator Smoots right to his
l ja ± as United States senator from
Hah was discussed by Burrows In
tile senato for more than threo hours
Senator Burrows said thoro toad
ben no proof submitted to sustain
the allegation that Mr Smoot la a
polygnnvist Tho recommendation of
the committee on privileges and elec
ions Is not based on such charge
Mr Burrows Impeachment was
based entirely upon the connection
of Mr Smoot with the governing body
of the church consisting of tho presi
dency and the twelve apostles He re
ferred to this body as a hierarchy
and said The power exercised by
this la farreaching and commanding
holding In its grasp practically the en
tire membership of the organization
and through it tho domination of tho
state by arrogating to Itself and In
culcating the belief In Its followers
that they arc endowed with supernat
ural powers as prophets seers and
revelatora and specially oommUelon
ed by tho Almighty to dominate the
affairs of this world and that resist
ance to the will of this theocracy Is
rebellion against God Tho testimony
fully sustains the allegation that the
Mormon priesthood Is vested with su
preme authority In all things tem
poral and spiritual and that the first
presidency and the twelve apostles
are supreme In the exercise In trans
mission of th mandates of this au
Mormon Hlcrnrrltf Dominates
tHe said that since the admission
of Utah Into the Union the people of
the state have been If possible more
completely under the domination of
the Mormon hierarchy than during
tho long years of their territorial ex
istence The only office held by a
non lormon under the state soveni
meat durnlg tho ten yeartjof Its ex
Utetice as nn elective officer has been
the attorney general
Shows Proof of Polygamy
He lid that Mr Smoots member
ship In the church governing body
which Inculcates a belief In polygamy
Is conceded On that point he said
The evidence upon this point Is so
complete and overwhelming as to
leave no doubt as to the truth of the
allegation The proof Is Indubitable
that In spite of the manifesto of 1890
Issued by tho head of tho church
counselling tho suspension of poly
gamy It appears that a majority of
tho members of this hierarchy has
continually and persistently lived In
He spoke In this connection of the
astonlsment of the committee at the
conCession of President Smith and of
the revelations of the fact that eight
of the twelve apoUles have plural
wives Senator Burrows concluded
as follows
It it submitted that the senator
by becoming member of and Identi
tying himself with such organization
and participating In Its functions has
disqualified himself for membership In
this body An organization that tas
ters and encourages crime tramples
upon all jaw human and divine prac
tires polygamy and polygamous co
habitation desecrates the home de
grades womanhood debauches public
morals strikes at tho Christian civil
ization of this age undermines and I
shakes the foundations of human to
clety and government destroys the
sanclty of tho marriage relation de
lies tho authority of the state and na
tional government registers on oath
of hostility to the American nation
and brings the name and1 fame of the
good people of Utah Into disrepute
and shame and hunjlHatlon to the
American people I submit that au h
an organization Is hot entitled to have
Its representative tho senate of the
United States and I therefore ask the
adoption of the resolution
r I
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An Interesting History of One
Ir the Most Popular
Househild Remedies
From the dim dawn of antiquity the
peoples of the earth have utilized the
twigs andjcavcs of the camphor tree as
a potent factor in relieving and healing
the many ills which the human flesh is
heir tot In the early stages of civil iza
tlon the heathens used camphor ina
crude form and through centuries that
have passed it has come down to succeed I
ing ages a priceless heritage The
natives of the far cast anointed their
bodies with this product as one of the
first and most simple remedies From
time to time camphor has been combined
with other chemical cotnjxwmls and used
for the treatment of both external aud
internal ailments though its chief virtue
is as an external preparation
The simplest form and that best known
to all of usthot familiar friend and com
panlon of our childhood with which our
grandmothers so affectionately caressed
our pains and aches is whiskey and cam
phor The old camphor bottle revives in
our fancy the happiest recollection of out
childhoods home when care was an un
discovered country aud the world was a
vast playground created for our own
It remained however for a distin
guished Scotch physician and chemist tc
develop the most effective medicinal
combination with camphor as a basis
While acting as Pathologist of the Royal
Infirmary and stationed in the Indies in
the year 1870 this chemist had occasion
to investigate from a scientific view
point the effect of a solution of kerosene
steeped in sandalwoo3 twigs used by the
natives of that country to counteract the
ravages of a plague When he returned
to the city of Glasgow Scotland and
while connected with the Anderson
idn College and the Royal Infirmary of
Physicians of that city he engaged in an
extensive series experiments along the
line of the secret solution used by these
After years of tolt 4 pursued in many
countries and many clinics in the year
1802 when a citizen and resident of
the United States of America he per
fected a solution of camphor and essen
tial oils which he called PARACAMPH
and which isa revolution in the treatment
of external injuries Thus has the wis
dom of the East comblued with the pro
gressiveness and activity of the West
giving to the world its greatest healing
We do not hesitate to guarantee Para
camph to cure Rheumatism Swtllterf
Nearalgla Catarrh Threat Troabltt
Eczema Tetter and Itching or Blet 1
i tag Files because many of our customers
report to us daily that they have been
cured by its use and because we know
Paracamph will do exactly what we claim
for It Paracamph is a clean safe house
hold remedy which every family needs
every day in the year It is truly a First
Aid to the Injured and if you have not
used it try Paracamph today OK our
guarantee to return oaty If it fails
to do what we claim for it
The Paracamph Company Incorporated
Louisville Kentucky 11 S A
Cabinet uvciilcs In Reject Measure
Placing Illume on Lords
London Dec 12An unexpected I
decision of the cabinet today to re
ject en bloc the amendment to tho i
education bill made In the house of
lords which came as a complete sur
prise to most of the members of
the house and which Indicates that
the nonconformist Influence was too
strong for the government to with
stand seals the fate of the bill Any
compromise Is now regarded as hope
less the bill certainly will be drop
per and a new bill will bo Introduc
ed at the next session of parliament
The decision placej the responsibili
ty of killing the bill on the house of
lords Minister of Education Blrrell
outlined In the house of commons
the concessions the government was
prepared to make but they are too
limited to form a basis of compro
j Mother of Man Convicted of Murder
In Court to Hear Sentence
Herklmer NyDee 12Chtet
E GIlctto was tovy sentenced to di
In the electric char at Auburn prlsot
during tho week beginning Jan 2fs
He will be taken h Auburn tomorrowi
Tho youth convicted of the murdci
of his discarded sweetheart Qract
Brown showed no sign of emotion
when In reply to the iforhmi auwtloi
as to whether Je bad anything to say
b toro rtencQ 11 9 pronounced
J W Riddle Will Succeed
Meyer in Russia
Bantu Chili Subject of Fraud Order
and Jilt Letters Go to
Washington Dec 12John W
Riddle of Minnesota new minister
to Houmanla and Servla has been
selected by President Roosevelt as
ambassador of tho United States to
Russia to succeed George Von L
Meyer who has been appointed
postmaster general
An official announcement of this
and various other diplomatic changes
Is expected soon and probably to
morrow the president will send the
list of names to the senate for con
Henry White now ambassador at
Rome will be nominated as ambas
sador to France Lloyd C Qrlscom
ambassador to Brazil will be trabs
ferred to Rome Irving D Dudley
now minister to Peru will be made
ambassador to Brazil and be suc
ceeded In Peru by Leslie Combs
present minister to Guatemala
It Is expected that William 0
Fox present head of the bureau of
American republics will be given the
mission to Guatemala succeeding
Mr Combs John Barrett present
minister to Colombia Is to succeed
Mr Fox
Mr Riddle will be In a familiar
Held when he goes to St Petersburg
as ho was secretary of the American
embassy there for two years and has
wide acquaintance among Russian
officials One of the greatest advant
ages he has Is his ability to speak
General Lnwtons Son t i
Manley Lawton a ion of thel late
General Lawton who was killed In
tho Philippines will be appointed by
the president a cadet at the United
States Military Academy
General Bells Promotion
General J MLce of the vUnlfe4
States army retires on January 2
and It Is generally understood In
military circles that BrlgaJIer Gen
oral Franklin Bell a native of Ken
tucky and at present chief of stller
will be promotod to the Majqr don
eralcy whch his retirement will cre
ate General Bell could have been
promoted some time ago but stepped
aside In order that his senior Gen
oral Leo could receive the promotion
and retire as a major general
Fraud Order on Santa Clans
Washington Dec 12 Santa
Clans has been barred from the malls
Break tho news gently to the chil
dren but the pogtofllco department
has Issued a fraud order against San
ta Claus and he will bo unablp this
earto learn what many trusting
and longing hearts want during tho
season of good cheer
It has been the practice of jtaany
philanthropic persons to secure from
the postoffices throughout the coun
try some of the scrawling little mis
sives and make tho childrens hearts
glad by supplying many of the wants
set forth Postmasters receiving let
ters addressed to Santa Claus gener
ally laid them aside and patrons
who could afford It would do a good
turn by aiding the most deserving
Now all letters so addressed must
be forwarded to the dead letter of
lice where they will go through the
formal process of being opened and
being examined When It Is possible
to return the letters to the writers It
will be done
Notwithstanding this order Santa
Claus will of course receive some of
his letters All given for t mailing pur
poses are Dot mailed and In ex
change of confidences many parent
learn the contents of the communi
cations but the effect of tho strict
enforcement of department policy
will cause many llttlo hearts to achJ
which otherwise would Be made hap
py l j
lUg Game Reserve
Washington Dec 12 The gov
ernment proposes to establish a big
game reserve In the Indian Territo
ry The Initial step was tAken by the
agricultural department today when
It requested the Interior department
to withdraw the land from allotment
and hayo congress appropriate mon
ey to pay the Indians for tho prop
erty TIle reserve will be located In i
the southeastern corner of the Choc
taw Nation and contain 300000
nural TWeDeMycry
The annual report of Fourth As
z b
Whose Sayso Is Best
With nearly all medicines put up fo
sale through druggists ono has to islet
the makers iaro alone as to their curv
lIve value al course such testimony f
not that of a disinterested party aDC
accordingly Is not to bo given the salDf
credit as II written from drslntcrcste
motives > Dr 1lcrces medicines how
ever form a single and therefore striking
exception to this rule Their claims to
the confidence of Invalids does not rest
solely upon their makers sayso of
praIse Their Ingredients are matters or i
public knowledge being printed on eacfi
IIIlIaralo bottle wrapper Thus Invalla
sufferers are taken Into Dr Pierces full
confidence Scores of leading medical
men have written enough to rill volumes
In praise of the curative value of th
several Ingredients entering Into theus
Vellknown medicines
Amonrtt tbwe writers wtiflnd inch me
lest tight as Jrot nnley Flllnnood 1 t
of Bennet Medical ColIllle Chicago P
Ualeof tlie lama dIn Prof John SL Pcurt
der M 1 U late of Cincinnati Ohio Prot
John King M D Into of Cincinnati Ohio
Dr OroTf Coo of New York Dr Bartht
low ot Jefreraon Medical Cohere of Ps
and score of others rquallr eminent
Dr 1lcrces Favorite Irpvrlpilon cam
the wont case of emits wraknn prolac
ituanlermlon and ratroronlon and correct
Irncularltlei cures painful periods dries 09
I disagreeable and weakening drains sum
times known aa pelvic catarrh and a mulrf
tude of other diseaOi peculiar to womeL
Bear In mind It Is not a nttent nor even a
IItCret medl lnfl buc the a Fa rorlle Prescrip
tion of a recularlrcducated phrslclanoC
larre experience In the cure of womans
peculiar allmenls who trankly and conDd
Inly lake hi patlenlIIIIO his full ron
SCenes by lelllrilr them Just what bl lre
rlptlon is composed of lf no other medlr
rlne put UP for woman a ClaI maladies
and sold through dnuclsts can It j be said
that the maker Is I not afraid to deal thus
frankly openly and honorably by letting
even fttnlta using the same know encU
> Hick women are Invited to consult DE
Plerco by letter free All corrospoi
enee Is guarded ns sacredly secret ant
womanly confidences am protected by
professional privacy Address Dr B V
Pierce Buffalo N Y
1 How to preserve health and beauty It i
told In Dr PJcrces Common Sense Med
covered copy lend Dr R V Pierce Duf
ale N Y jll onecent sumps to covse
sIIhng onlF In cloth binding 31 stamp
Dr lerces Pellet euro constipation
slstant Postmaster General DeGraw
Issued l today shows the number of
rural free delivery routes In the state
of Kentucky to be C39 During tho
past year 1234 petitions were re
ferred to him from tho state Four
hundred and fiftyone were adverse
ly reported upon Four routes wero
discontinued In the state One hun
dred and forty cases are pending
For Congo Free State
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts
Introduced a resolution In the senate
today which In effect authorizes the
president to take any stops which he
may deem wise In conjunction with
the heads of tho world powers to
bring about a better condition In the
Congo Free State Tho resolution is
culmination of an agitation which
has been growing stronger In this
country for many years allelIn
which tho president and the secreto
r of state have taken the position
that they are powerless toltteetunless
especially urged by tho congress
Slap nt Tlnlloy
What Is considered to bo a direct
slap at Senator Bailey of Texas was
made In the house today through tho
Introduction ot a resolution by Rep
resentntlvo Itandell of Texas which
places a fine of 100 to 500 and
Imprisonment for from one month to
ono year upon members of congress
wbo In any way accept office or re
CGlvo money from corporations
Kyer notice at a womans
gathering how guilty tho other wo
men look when another woman
comes In 1
Thats right Whether theyve
been talking about her or not
The prayers of a man who will
not work for what he prays for are
seldom answered
nil KIWAltns Hands
lion Tablet ADd Illln rur
nil of the Llvrr
Kidney 8r rU and
Kchenck llotrrl Chemical Co
Gentlemen I have uId
your Dandelion Tablets
and rills myself and in my
family with very gratify
evidence IanO h who
hare used them and all
pralea them They should
t rl g 11
be in siry family for I
IIUove they are all you claim for them As
a superior Cathartic and for Kidney and
Liver dlwaiei den Diabetes I know of
nothing Detroit I bailer Mich Yours Dr truly Q A CLEMENT
W D McPherson Druggist
Veterinary Surgeon and Dentist All
calls promptly attended night and
day Residence Phone 2935 Old Of
flee Thompson Transfer company
Doth Ihones 357
t C
Baldwin Co
Sell on installments and
take old Instruments InI I
B P Dourquln tuner
I I e PhOne 1141a I
c v
Steamer Georgia Lee
Leaves Cincinnati Decem
her 12 for Louisville Evans
ville Paducah Memphis
and all way points
Through rate to Helena
Vicksburg and Pine Bluff
Ark arriving Paducah Sat
urday December 15
Both Phoneoll55A
ml Incorporated
eymDe set PaAicab PaekCte
Dally Hicept Sunday
Steamers foe Fowler and John I
Hopkins le ve Paducah for Bran
lIle and way landings at 11 L m
Special excursion rate now In el
feet from Paducah to Eyansvllle and
return 490 Elegant music on tat
boat Table unsurpassed
JOaveig Paducah for Cairo and way
landings at 8 a m sharp dally sa
cspt Sunday Special excuI loa rates
uoir In effect from Paducah to Calrt
and return with or without meak
and room Good music and table ma
For further information apply ta
S A Fowler General Pass Agent or
Given Fowler City Pan Agent at
FowlerCrumbaugh te Coi sMus
Both phones No 33
Iicare Patecafa for TeaeesMe fvIi
Every Wednesday at 4 Po me
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for invoice charges nnleea eolleW4
by the clerk of the boat
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scribers or five times as many as the
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place a telephone In your residence
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pany is supposed to charge and pro
vide in addition long distance facili
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hotel ia 1 the city
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cued or money JUtPUNDJUJ 1o leach BY
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orufmotis T1UC BesT Call or 18 5 lor
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ted aid Ip y
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Broolcpor HUt
HsIs It 1 a Day Erili g S K
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