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IBJj ii H41 P L1LV dr i co WRO r TSDrLTI6 > 1f e
Lfs 1
I Thursday I
V ID At Three
By D vid Graham Philllja
i t l O > l > vrlgA bj u 18 VcCIure eeJ J
pOX after IYnlnioro Dayton
beoauio a reporter lib city ltl
lior ileut him to Interview
J nines Mountain That too
k luuu Hnauvlcr was then approaching
approachingIt I
t Itltet and bombard Htrect It lindJu4t
been announced lint ho bail iilworu
rlll the Great Kuatcru ami Wvulvru
tertlf f
I xl3 which liavq Hindu owe men and
some news oapera habitually tipcak of
r cllytltlltor
r Editor hall two reasons for sending
1nytonOrel lJecllIII l ho did not like
e i tt 4him 4 neeond became any other man on
the staff would walk about for nu hour
mid como luck with tho report that
0 JMountalu had refuted to receive him
while Uaytou would make an honest
j Dayton turned In at the Equitable
Uulldtu and went up to limo floor occu
pied by Mountain Hanger k Itlnkchlll
I He nodded to tho attendant at the door
of Mountain own suit of oiUvm troll
el 1 tranquilly down time aisle between
several rows of iliska at which vat
Mountains personal clerk and knock
ed at tho slasa door on which was
printed Mr Mountain In email silt
o Q letterComer
Comer It wan au angry voice
Mountain nt Its worst
1Dayton opened tho door Mountain
danced up from the mass ofpupertt
1before l him His red forchend liecaiie
a network of wrinkles and Ills remit
white eyebrows bristled And who
are lIu7 he snarledr
My namo In Dayton Fenlmoro Day
ton replied tun reporter with n grace
fully polite bow Mr Mountain I he
i It was Imnoftslhlft for Mr Mountain
altogether to resist tho impulse to hOlT
In return Dayton manner win com
t And what the dov what can I do
for your
1 your1Im reporter from the
t bra feel In a purple swollen veined
e fury How dare you enter hercV
IJnt why not Dayton looked nn
prl ed No one tried to atop me
Pardon me not Impudence Day
Ion mulletl agreeably Iinplklenie IN
twjuceessttnl audacity For Mamplh
If you had failed to pit tho Crcnt Hunt
rru and Western theyd haw Raid you
were impudent to try Alf It K I men
rail It niiddelty Now If Id frilled to
get herepterhots I
Mountain IMentti l with a crltil umlte
t Ho now lit youns Dayton tho WIKIIK of
oa qualllj he efpednlly mliniml Ho
t IA 1 1 softening toward him 1
i i 110111 r i MIJIS Il Him
stand correct eil ho said trullly TUrn
ho laid lila hand on the young iiiair
shoulder and palntnl toward the large
r 4 room Do you afro those clcrkir ho
I do said Dayton
There nro thirtyseven of them and
that big nuinnkull nt limo door mnkv
thlrlyclebt I employ those thirty
right men to nave we from audacity
MUch as yours Vet hero you arc In my
private otllco How do you explain It
Dayton laughed I Ills laugh wax very
contagious I dont know Im sure
4its paid Terhap If they Mere the sort
of men who could outwit me theyd be
s ll doing my work and Id bo doing I
I 4 theirs I
Mountain eyes mulled Tim longer
he looked nt Dayton refined yet reso
lute face the better ho liked It Sit
down lie raid In nn Ironic tone of
mock resignation Hut to quick and
bo careful not to Irritate mo with mines
xr I Uonli that arVnudaclond My dlges
Ithan is poor and therefore toy temper
is not what It night be
Hint Is tbo first recorded story of
b Dayton colossal cheek Nome for the
iklast OIIP the one nitro which his
cheek has been thought of mid apo
rken of admired and envied 1 as Naps
Iconic daring
He noon rose to In I n notalilo special
s correspondent One winter liriemoon
e at a musicale Inllic studio of his
i friend Ilrownleo the artist lie Inct u
girl with whom ho utrnlghtwny fell In
ln > She was Klslo Grunt tho only
daughter of Mrs Jaims Wlckford
Kraut She had spent most of her life
abroad and her mother was even then
negotiating for au Italian prince who
thought well of El Io and also of her
i I largo dot And then Dayton had come
nndho was never the roan to sby at ob
He beguiled her mother Into not
W teeing what was going on He mndo
t + Iov6 to her daughter III n strulsbtfor
vard way To Elsie who then could
think ouly In terms of limo Almanach
do iothu It scorned the way of a Itu
dolpli of Hapsburg ISBiihUf from his
t barren mountain fart In Bwltzcrland
to conquer men with his sword mid
women jnrlth his suillo and to found an
empire When the Grants went abroad
lu March lie succeeded In getting a rev
S lag European commission from his
i D wpdp r and went In the mine
fcteamor lie put the Issue squarely
before her tho day before they landed
lie did not speak of love until oho had
1 Riven him tbe right not only by ciicour
aging him but also by uiiiklug It plaid
lint rise tmstloaately wished to hear
the words that lay behind hl8I looks and
tonec Dont nnswer mo now ho
said I dont want you on Impulse
Vouro coins down into tho country
for a AvcoU When you come up to
London you will know
knowj j and began to
cast about for nomcthlug out uf time
ertlnnry to tend his paper lu d Times
IflJlort of a meeting of the Iloynl sore
ety he found tho hint hewn seeking
The world renowned philosopher nod
t Bclnntlst Lord Krmnpton Hubert
r The Destiny of Democracy
JlIJ lutcrvlcw 1 lUss raid i he U
117 L r
K tiy
Iveaghr the London correspondent of
Ida paper Everybody In America
knows his tin me and what hell say
along those lined will mako a lot ol
talk over there Just noun
Hut UcHpli was RII EuglMiiuan
uiiuxed to and abhorrent of American
wiiys = you cant do It Mr Dayton
Ixml Inimplon with emphasis on the
title 118 n very old man almost ninety
Hu liven OH quietly as pon lble sccx no
one Ho wouldnt think of Intcrtlcw
lnit 111 very old fushlo emi dislikes
oven our ncwspapcrH mind hun been n
sort of recluse all his life
Xo hiirin In rylng lIaM Diiyton
Ill Just drop him n Jtnc >
In the tnali two inornhigs later came
the answer Dayton npened It In tin
preeerico of Ivengh It nll a printed
slip wlifcli read
ant Frampton appr clatf your cour
t my lip Tarots that ace atM the Halo
of hlit health make K ImpoiteRite for him
personally to thank you
I Wioiisht so said Ivcagh not eon
cralnig his delight at Daytons dlscom
flare Ho sends that to everybody
whu tries to Intrude upon him
Dayton mechanical turned tho
printed slip over Whnts thlsr ho
raid There was writing In n feeble
cramped hand
My Dear PlrI am lunching at Mm Athe
naeum club the day after liJhiorrow
Thursday and shall be pltawil to tn
you then alterwardat L
Dayton thrust tho note Into hint jiutk
et concealing his feeling of trlinnrh
I may cable what he says If Its
worth while It might make n good
feature rot them on Similar And ho
w emit many
Ivcagh looked after him dazed Yet
there nro Homo people who way theres
ito such thing as luckr ho grumbled
Whod have thought old Irnmpton
hunt gone stark madi
At the Carleton Dayton found a tele
gram Shall be at Clarldnea tomorrow ne
aura to come at 3 precltrlyKLSIC
Whatever shall I doV he Bald after
lie had reread tho telegmm nnd Ix > nl
KraniplouN note to make sure Hath
for Thursday both nt the Hauie hour
1 cant put cither of them off What
shall 1 do with Iou
Xo roan could not be put off He
must lie seen at the time he had ap
pointed or tho great Sunday feature
would lie lost I must send POIIIO one
In tny place Hat who It must ho n
newspaper man u man with the news
paK I > r Instinct and training It must bo
n man of the best possible address and
up In philosophy and sociology and
I6 s Where can I get him
It nocmed absurd to think on such a
problem yet after nearly nn hour Day
ton Jumped up marl said Why of
course Just the man better thau 1
could l possibly do It myself and bo
pan fumbling In a compartment of tho
trunk that was full of letters pnjicru
and cards He soon found what he
was gearcfiTng rorII card lifarlng the
address of Henry Carpenter A com
mon friend In New York had given It
to him raying Look Carpenter up
arid If you can put sqmethlnsjln I his
way 1 hear tics badly off
An Dayton said to himself Henry
Carpenter uvaM probably tho best equip
l Clll1l11n In limo world for nn Interview
with 1os for nn American ncwxpaper
Ire WOA a Vale man with n Ill D from
fiottlngcn aud n writer on economic
subjects who had won some fume
Hut philosophy Is I not prolltablo and
Carpenter made his living ns a ncwspa
pier I reporter lie had IH l MI one of tho
cleverest In tho profession then had
married and taken to drink null gone
to till bottome
Tile address I on the card was In the
far end of Plmllco Dayton set out
rolling at tho Victoria There were
several New York newspaper men In
the lounge Hn asked them It they
had seen Carpenter Just left him
paid one Ho was bound for the trl
tenon IJayton drove to the Criterion
and began a search of the crowded
rooms Ho soon saw Carpenter wan
dering about tho bar notlug cacti faro
at If ho were looking for HU acquaint
sure His clothes his very expression
proclaimed poverty and failure and
Dayton knowing his habits was par
Ocularly Impressed by the weakness of
Ills chin Hut In sidle of the air of
hard luck Carpenter looked the gen
tleman tbo man of superior Intelli
gence He greeted Dayton effusively
and inLBoori as thin business was dirt
closed eagerly offered his services
Theres only one dlfUculty will
Lord KnTmplon receive you when ho Is
exacting mc7
Well have to take our chances on
tbd said Carpenter
Hut I never take chances If I can
help It Ive been thinking ho doesnt
know me and he doesnt know you
Why shouldnt you send In one of iny
cards Impersonate ouch
Carpenters face brightened
Yes that Is the best plan contin
eel Dayton With your special knowl
edge youll do tlio Interview far better
thau I could Hell really profit by limo
It was so agreed and Carpenter
went away Dayton advancing hlnTtwo
sovereigns When ho returned the next
afternoon his api > earancfr was III every
way satisfactory and Dayton last
misgivings disappeared Ho went with
I Carpenter to the Athenaeum Its a
little early old man but you can vend
In your or rather ruy card and wait
And dont forget youre both under as
sumed names It you urn calling your
self Dayton when youre Carpenter
isnt he calling himself FruuiptoU when
tits 1ossl
You may rely on uio Ill do lilY
best mild Carpenter
Ho san Carpenter tt t tho t club i
house saw him give his card to the at
fondant Not niltll then did 1m drive
away His heart was light Palo had
been kind to him On tho stroke of 3
ho was In tho writing room at Clue
Idge8 Elsie did not keep him waiting
Mother line chanted her plans she
raid hurrying In I thought I wed
have a clear hour but 8ho may bo back
at any moment
Ho was looking at her uteaillly
W nr he nskwl
J5lieflu lea IUd cast down her ey i
I 11 i
TIII she i t them end r turned his
gaze stNhltll ay 1 YcJ she 811 1I I
lie girder 1 1011
They wore silent for a few mtliuto I
Mother1 she liegnn
She will nut consent
II1tI II of lit iiua to risk her You know
I thatHP
Iii nodded cheerfully Hjtwe dont
need her conxont Ywiro of age
hat On you suggest h
Well I had nrwngtKl Iln case you
cccjted nuj your mother wouldnt
havo ItIhllt we should marry at the
I American cuustil Kirucrals IIoV nn old
friend of mine nnd hart prouibtd to at
tend to everything for me All wo have
to mitt is I to let him know fIIII were
coming HUH 1111 gJt an Amorican
preaehwrnl hand i 1 i
Situ laughed And wlicn del yon
ditto to do Udr V
Yesterday us HCMIII ns 1 had your
telegram It wasnt daring wen It to
assume that yoti miiint what your talc
gram Implied
Whatever It was or was 1011 like
I thought ho eontlnlibd that we
would better marry In HOIIIO way that
would leave her a dianco to coma
around quietly afterward
Yes that In better than going to
t laid Elsie rcllectlvcly I
Dayton Inngheil Aud who dared
to think out an elopement rfway tlarrol
Scotland he said
HlKle was ntlll bluslilngwhcn her
mother came In Dayton invited them
to dinner and tho theater and MM
Gruel accepted
At 8 the next morning as Dayton
had finished shaving and was going
Into his bath there was a knock at tho
outer door of his sitting room
What Is It he called
A gentleman to see ou8Ir came
through the door
Caricnter he said to himself
Then to the servant Show him tip
please Hrlug him to the sitting room
and tell him I will sec him directly
With this he unlocked the outer door
and went back thruugli the bedroom
Into his bathroom Soon he heard the
outer door open nud tho servant show
lug Ills caller In When he had bathed
ho returned to the bedroom The xir
tlcru was drawn across the door Into
tho idttlug room He could wait no
longer I say old man be shautod
did you get n good yarn
There was n sharp rustling then
silence lie went to the portiere nnd
threw It back cud stood lu tho doar
way his bathrobe half open his
face and neck red from the cold
water his hair tumbled Ho was
transfixed lt Core him gaping at him
sat nu old man a study lu the black of
broadcloth nod tho white of linen nud
skin and wonlllke hair and vide whisk
ers Ills head was wagging and his
month ajar us he stared stupidly at
Dayton He raised himself with the
aid of a gold hcMdiil cane and prit up
his eyrgliss I must apologize to
you ho quavered l Im so disturbed
I that I hardly know what Im about this
moniug I nnHed I was In the rooms
of n Mr Ienluiow Dayton
Tin Fenlmore Drfytnii xnld Day
ton And thru n horrlhlo thought Haiti
11 Into hit mliid
The old mans mouth had flown open
again Shint ho exclaimed Im
Dayton all the blood In his holly In
his face slow 1 there iinahlo to Fpcak
TVnit he exclaimed JmjioMlUeJ
or move Orcat heavens lie thought
what shall I 1101 What has Cari > cn
tor been 4ip toY
Lord Immploii passed his hand over
his face Impossible ho muttered
Incrodllilc And rignln he rubbed his
face confusedly Tell me ho looked 1
strangely at Dayton did you or did
yell not have a talk with mo at tlm
Athenaeum club yesterday In tho aft
To him CunllmictL
Growing Adieu trill Iatiis
Mrs Joslo Siliujor Drcmond Tcx
writes April 15 11102 I have used
Dallarda Snow LInUucnt In my fam
ily for three yeah C would not be
without It in tho hutue 1 havo used
It on my little girl for crowing pnlna
and adieu In her knees It cured her
right away d have also used It for
frostbUtcu heat with good gucccsslt
In I Iho best liniment I over used SCc
BOq and 100
sold by Alyey List
be 1 mike ou i kk l e
herwloelacoseeateaa T er5
r care the Wont Cold
No Vllal III aWl nn a4v ire ou H
Newport Ky May 1C ChXf
John Wattara uf the fire department
madu nindavlt to a warrant today
clrarKing former County Superinten
dent of School U S Dunn with
arum Tho department was summon
ed at 230 thin monimg to tho 11111
thence owned 1 by Charltw Huchlwhcre
tho ciillro eeconU lloor was in flames
Dunn occupied the second lloor and
attic Chkf Walton upon InvesUga
lion Uls nerxMl thick carpet Impel
nulled against tho windows 4n Dunne
DlKirtiucints to shut from view the flro
OwenslioTD Ky May 1C Jos
ph Kay 35 yours of uP who was
burned by falling lir the lire eight
days ago at his home died today
When his body was removed from
tho bed upon which ho hud been BUt
faring It fell lo plcccj A day after
ho was burned pneumonia develop
ed During his Illness large chunks
of dealt dronped from all parts of his
body nod face
Ixjutsvllle Ky flay 1G Mar
rled before silo was 17 divorced last
Tuesday Mrs Lfcuteshla Logsdon
who will not he 19 for two months
1 lacking ono day waa married In Jot
fcrscnvJIlo yustorday by Magistrate
Charles S Ferguson to Ixs ctSinlHi
who la barely 21 years old In se
curing her divorce Mrs Smith was
I restored to her maiden nome and
fcho declined to say what the name
of her former husband was remark
lag that sho had paid to take the
name of mite parents
Fight Annexation
Owonsboro Ky May 1C Z T
Robinson < oday filed suit against the
city of Owcnsboro to prevent the
council from annexing his property
to the sty
ShiKitH Himself for Love
Henderson Ky May 1C A Ihr
Chamberlain night foreman at the
Henderson Cotton Mills shot him
elf with suicidal intent on account
of disappointment In love
Dies At Advnmnl Ag
Mndloonvtllo Ky May 1C Wal
lace W Showers an aged and highly
respected ottlwn of this city died
suddenly at his hvinu on Arch street
this morning For a number of ears
fas has been connected with the Mad
IsonvlllOiMlllIng company Ho was 72
para til age
Jndvr aI l U Jlvcns III
Iktiderton Ky I May 1C M I C
Olvtxis for 12 years circuit Judge la
huts llMrlcl i > crltlciilly 411 at his
Wile iiiHhi clty Ito hi 77 years old
Piiimrr Trtiisuirr Sued
llr utIlJh1 lIe Ky I My IGIogan
round Irw mod suit gahftit former
County Trctamircr C henry HaTflaon
and hM iKindstncn tlio Fidctfty and
Guaranty company for S095 to
money allosed to have been unlaw
fully paid out by Mm upon illegal
warrants and order
HomeConiliiK Week
nuseellvillo 1Cy I May lenus
MOlvttlo end Logan county people
stro arranging for a homecoming
to follow tlio homecoming week at
Luul vltl
Miraculoni Esrals
Hanodaburg Ky arty ItJAfte
rowing down a muff 212 foot bight
and buuinlltiK front Ictlgo to ledge
lltfally landing on tilio banloi of the
Kentucky river Knvak Ashoraffc was
fnitml by his brothers near here
badly brirtevd out wM no pone
broliein oil s grin thwnco to < rm < Er
Ashcraft was walking along the
cdiro of the rout ending aranind H1u
cliff find near what 1s known ns
DrooHyn bridge when > lie strum
btcd and fell
Hrldi and iixiom Corning
Carnfllton Ky I Muy ICrtCunla
liatoJiiHt been received ninoiinoing
Uio intirrJavf ot Oonstul W VMus
Jiprson and Mrs Ier1rln3 Hugh a on
May 7 te lltome Italy Mr Master
eon IH a son of Mts R W Sfaslontou
of tints olty and la on his way 10 the
Loiiraviilo lioniefrMntttg from his
post In Aden Arabia The > undo Is
a native of Pcunsyilvairhi bra ala <
been traveling In Europe
llnplvliis County Host
HoIikjBSvm Ky May leAr
ran milonla uro graduallv taPing
fbrin and many places aro being ron
wJdereil for din rolcbrufxm of Homo
Caiiilug week in HoplcIiM coolly
IH UI tIIlhla Imv n KffifHvni Wcap
I r oils in SlibdnliiK l1I11I
I i Diinbar Natal May 1C Search
Ijghis have proved to bo Just as ef
flctlvo weapons In subduing Ibo SD
dlljoh of tho Stilus as tlio llrltUh
girds Judging from the display given
last night by Native CoinmUsloncr
Sanders before u huge Katherliig of
Kutu at tho Xkbandhala beadquar
terii of the punitive force Thu na
tIve were awestruck and regard the
Ecatthllgbt ns the cyo of the Al
mighty and cold that God had turned
it upon them in his anger
No Icu In 11011
All overtures for u peaceful com
promise pf thin controversy over tho
ebiitroj of SCIon City were called off
yesterday and Vollm And his nssocj
lilss tare MiA < t Hght fir supra
macy lu tho courts
bangers of Defective Plumbing
Defective plumbing permits the entrance into the house
112 Routh till St
They overcome Vcau >
ness Irregularity and
omissions mircaso rig
or and banish pain
of menstruation They are LIFT SAVKICS to gIrls at
womanhood aiding development of organs and body No
known remedy for women equals them Cannot do hum Ufa
becomes a pleasure 81 OO 1KIt BOX Illf lUAU Sold
by druggists DR MOTTS CUBM1CAL CO CloTelcBtf Ohio
1iitUivm IN Alifiul In XiitnlMT of hr
1oI111IIJ J11julel
Niuhvlllo Toon May 1C Ac
cording to the Americans lahulutlon
Klnted tomorrow General Patterson
now ball 411 iiiiconttslcd voles al
though this Includes the votes of
Clay and DecatuA which arc unln
HtrucUil but assuredly for him Gay
Cox has a total of 403 This Is tho
lllst limo during tho contest owing
Its I the Cox habit ot contesting tho
volo of every county their man could
not carry that Con Patterson has
taken the lead Tho vote now stands
Patterson 411 Cox 403 Bond 72
Washington 23 Carmack 4 unln
structed 44 contested 298 i
Pity All Jflsstl
Chicago Slay 1C At a meeting I
of mho directors of the Trader Ini
entrance company which passed into
limo hands of a receiver u ehort tlmp
ago bccaiuo of tho losses of tho lire
at Sari Francisco it was decided to
pay the losses dollar for dollar
Must 1 Stiiml Trial
Ahmham Hummel tho New
York lawyer must eland trlnl ore two
Indictments charging subornation of
iwrjury In till Dod c Ione divorce
caso and next Monday has been set
as the data for his trial
Sleeths Syrup of Sarsa
parilla Compound will
purify your blood
matt ant Snitni hose 201
We Frame Your
Pictures While i I
I You Count the
I And tbe lint ore count
log them correctly gets the
You lobl have to buy
anything or pry a cent to
t count We limpl do this
to remind you of the place
to have your pictures
diplomat cettiGcilel etc
framed Oar snonldlogs
are new and tap to date
Pi Ices low and work maths
factory or no 11 j
Paducah Music Store
Phut 1513 428 Brladdar
of sewer gas bearing germs ot V
contagious diseases to which the human sysI
tern readily succumbs
Sewer gas is not necessarily generated in the
ewer but is frequently created In the plumb
ing system within the home and enters the
apartments through defective fixtures
If in doubt consult us regarding the piping
and replacing defective fixtures with
jStotidimr Porcelain Enameled Ware
acknowledged the best sanitary equipment C
I l n Both PhoncR latI I
And sec our electrical display and machine shop and factory
House Wiring Correctly Done
Foreman Bros Novelty Co
121123 N Fourth St Pftone 7JS7
I 7117s
Ninth and Harrison Streets
We pay the highest cash prices for scrap Iron metals hides
wool tallow and junk of all kinds VHtc for bur
Weekly Market Letter Ask for special quotations
Old Phone KOSii Now Ilione 190
LOHVO 1niluriili for Tennessee linger
Every AVedncsday at 4 p in
A W winO11rtMusler
This company Is not responsible
for invoice charges unless collected
or tho clerk or tho boat
NDVCM 312311 IriUfli and MSBYIIU
2Tcotteaesin 15eato POSITIONS Ie
cued or money KHIUNnnh a teat By
cUit rk IfP Ir
MAlt Celmtoxaewtir onvtace I you tlel
uei One is TJIrK BUST Call or und for
Sleeths Celery and Ircn
Cordial for that tired
Milk and Iroidwij Peons 201
Henry Mammen Jr
imatNtiThird aU INtlcl1 >
Book Binding Bank Work Legal
and Library Work a specially
D A Bailey Prop
Newest and best hotel in the city
Rates 300 Two large sample
rooms Bath rooms Electric
Hgnts The only centrally located
hotel In the city
t lal hfie lS kHW

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