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The Hickman courier. (Hickman, Ky.) 1859-current, June 12, 1908, Image 11

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i7Ib OUt the State
itA II t lCMt4tCltr tli1
I 7r
1I1tlc hell 1 Faits d I I
r k axe
born hf i Pedley re
the C ft h laving Rank I
t C w s Pe1rt In which
I pr V my aa whIchI II I I I
JI4TPero worth
wort lira wMtII I I
wortijj face valuo
F r oA aro worth I
r M i u dkon cannot
JLitf 1 p iNt upon
liJrg cr t iy act thai I
offt1 I > 1JfM a Mil
rt t t iMd 111 1 I
po ta oflt r Nfwfcf fe I
Co wers ilae + al by tsMf 1111 I I I
ef ae4es Jam it s jd WI I
Massa of tjhe tuux were I
Mike onnipnjr I
IM rondo In the cir < u fI
swU of the MCdl I rU t II
14Mtee4 I t ta
en lanR sS I I
e pre f hi
till 10000I I I
< n from Jail and Shot I
M Death
Ky The raco riot which oc
March 14 at Providence a vll
M r Ken had a sequel In the
Kiirftts or Jake McDowell a negro
ills I confessed to being one of a
ijr oC Kegrocs who killed one tray
iC man and wounded another
fc4 lynchera appeared at the Dlion
whrro McDowell was confined
were but ten men In the par
1I I of them save the leader
swuhoU brought the Jailor to the
x whore ho WM overpowered and
yelled to open McDowell mi
AJnantlng tho nero on an aura
hejrse the party proceeded out of town
ttm shots being heard when they
rtfrhcd open country
The negro was shortly afterward
fotnd dead by the roadside having
it < n stabbed and shot to death
1 t I Captured On Mountain Top
Ingsvllte Ky illnton Powell
11 ed of asisulilng Mrs Dr ek Hal
at her home In Menlfoo county
t ttl I dare ago was cspturnt on top
mountain In Powell county
with his brother Cleveland
t in reluge In a cave and when
y aaw the oincora approach they
rtrd to run After being inirwej
7 > tt a tole Hint fell and before he
o copd r < mer hlmsolf be wna covered
thy the Nat of OOlcer Ilttehanan attd
be add bis brother surrendsiTd and
fW now In Jail at Kreiictiturg The
UaJMnls are swearing vfiniEeancc cot
it U I hoped trouble nay to averted
Must Mend Their HabitI I I
Frankfort Ky Oiwge Davit oMy 1
uitterutlng attorney rfIHItld tkreMgli I
ire malls a notice that he raust I
clangt his habits at once er the sir 4
It ng committee would rail upon him I
tip note says lhat the nlgbt riders
af < i planning a raid on Frankfort and
list not only Darts but other young
on here must change their habits
or else they will be lathed I
For the Ouod of the Service I
Louisville Ky Sweeping chsngM t I
f ofiloet I
Henry C Stnus auditor and flnane t
ipWrk for 10 yoars resigned and Ju
JL Steel superintendent at delivery
ran reduced to Blruse position C
K try Mefks succeeded Steele and As I
sUtant Io tmaster Moray says thai l I
ha only snouts of the changes Is the I
iOod of thaI I
tha0aervlceWant I
Want tax Reform I
oulsTlllo ICIn folders srattor d I
It beer Kentucky the Stale Devatot
iaent vsofintlon discusses tax oamll
Itous lnthe date It detlaw they am
i nixarable end antiquated and gr w I
it I every year The as oei4ilon I
have every pillion of IeI
1 its mailing list with a YhtWI I
j < iu0gn of fducaUont t
t I Craves DecoraledI I
lavttle ITor thousand perI I
vivo Hill cemetery wltaewml
H > oration of the graves of tlM
warriors Judge J lrI
r feral an addres nod for
UBenator r II Dye road RRI I
k m T > o First Kontuokx t
adld with the Spanish I
war veterans
AMti Dignity t I
y When thin Judges of
appeals move Into tho now
likely they will ndojil
t la bo worn on tho bench 1
T ocaslderlng adoption of I
C An Inquiry has been 1
I ircwo courts of other I
I the etwtuni or wcaHng e
cI I
t UI 23 Years
i Aflw serving 23
lentlnry iDIno Tldwell
s and came to his old
ncali Ho was convicted
1835 and anntepccd to IIfI I
kitf t I
Carbolic Acid
The ftv0yenroia
ME SluKcy pastor I
let church at Fulton I
jT carbolic ncU ntul I
The child dead iI i I
uld be eumtnoaed l j I
Af ln 4 Persona To Have
torn fn Elmburg Raid
Shelbyvllle KrThe grand Jury n t
Shelby county returned Into circuit
coun IS Indictments against persons
alhgcd to have been In tho Eltnburg
raid In I this county on March 26 last
Too indicted parties are residents of
thus county and of Franklin county
which adjoins They are wellknown
farmers of their sections Ibo Shelby
county men nppearml In court and
each gave bond In the sum of 1ROO
The Indicted men are accused of dill >
tlroyltig A lot of tobacco canvas a t
Hull Brothers store at Klmburg On
this charge they went dismissed In tho
county court a week ago They are
eccuaeiljiF nndlng together and con
f Mta M Vnr jtfio purpose of destroy
fC WWpfW The grand Jury contln
tRet1 Ift jn > h hero and more Indict
Wasiy bo returned ns Com
gHft Attorney C II llanford ot
caslle says ho propose to havu
every night rider in his district prose
With HsngersOn Declare Louis
flUe Police Judge
taulsvtlle Ky FoKowlnr his
amendment of the witness oath b r
striking out Rip hip ma Oed Police
Judo J Wheeler lotlOfI Instituted a
campaign against grafters
He ordered one man out of the
courtroom for good because he bad
been seen talking to a prisoner In tbo
cage McGee said that the pellco I
court Is Infested with IIIvn who have
no legitimate business In It and he
will try them far mnierapt It they
oeme baok a second time
As soon ss Criminal Judge Prior
overruled a demurrer to an Indict
meat against Dr 8 A Bradley ter
mer meat Inspeetor be was natlHed
by Attorney Frank Hsgsa that a
ebaage of v auo would be sough
Uradlor is vemied of bribery and e m
besileaent white In efflc
The Girls Went Snipe Hunting
Frankfort KAn old trick was
the means of a practical Jake played
en a party of society girls here by a
number of young men on a camping
trip The girls were taken snipe
hunting and held the bsg In the chi 1
ly atmosphere It took an hour an d
a half for the girls to discover they
hid been duped and they Indignantly
started for heme the men In the par
ty fallowing at a safe dliUnce
For Taxes
Ix > slBR8B KSIale Itevenne
Agent Gterge Denny filed suit against
aYen banks and trust companies la
this city for baek taxes OR Choir fur
allure and flutes Same of the suit t
LOYer as far hack as 19M lie ale o
mud a suit agslnst the Independent
Order et Odd Fellows for back taxes
en cash and notes amounting to 7000 I
Clerk Took a Hand
HopktiMvlllo Ky Another kink
was put In the already badly tansled
Cbtlstlsn county sbrisvalty case when
Circuit Clerk Clark granted a tempo
roll Injunction requiring Shorlff Smith
in surrender the office and prohibiting
him tram further performing the tune
New Point Decided
London KrIn dismissing a dam
age > ease of Vaughan against Womans
Home Mission society of tho M I It
burch 8iith Clreult Judge Faulkner
hold that a charitable society eon
dueling vrlthout profit an eduentloital
iMtltutloM h I not liable for damages re
sulting frtH aeoldetital Injuries
Judge Recognized Smith
lIklnlIIe lCrC1rtU1t court b e
Bn for n four weoKs term JuilRO
Ccok swore In 8borlfrDfc > 1 < P tnlth js
otTieor ot the eourU refusljyj 10 race
tilio J M 1 Ilonahaw In his oliarKo Io
the grand Jury Judge CooUjmld ni > o
dill attention to perjury night riding
and the trusts
Taylor Appointed
Washington Tho most Important
Kentucky patronage question now
pending has boon settled although
there will bo no formal nnnouneemen
until after congress adjourns Tho
president has decided to appoint J
Frank Taylor of Glasgow surveyor ot r
Iho Port of Louisville
Died At His Post
Louisville Ky While making out l
his dally report Fred u Walton 65
engineer of tho government dredge
boat toulsvlllo dropped dead of heart L
disease Ho was the longest serving
engineer on tho river in tho govern
ment fleet
Long Service Rewarded
Georgetown leUr Arthur Yager
was elected president of Georgetown
College Sluco the resignation of Dr
J J Taylor ono year ago the former
served as chairman of tho faculty a
position ho has several tlmos held
Jncreased a Reward
Frankfort Ky Resident of Jotts I
hMO offered a reward fit 100 for tho
arrest and conviction qttho unknown
parties who mode n murderous as
sault on n party of young pcoplo tak
MAC IL0IfDltll
Hew Monty and Trade Are Central
isd In Great Cities to the Loss
of the People In Agricultural
These are the dais of trusts and
this Is an era of trusta writes W D
Perclral late publisher of the Stan
ton Neb Picket It Is I contended
that there are some good trusts bun t
when the X rays of Investigation have
keen turned upon them It has been
Impossible to locate the good polnta
Today the roost menacing trust in the I
world Is I the commercial combination
that Is Intended to destroy tho retail
trade of the country diverting it Into
reference to the catalogue houses that
have grown up In the large cities with
in tho past few yean We can all re
member not long ago when there was
a country store at every crossroads
and at the same time there were pros
porous towns every few miles along
IIeye railroad In each one of these
towns there were from two to half a
dozen genert stores besides the
other stores that were handling s po
clal lines They all enjoyed a good
trade and sold Roods at reasonable
Today In every agricultural and
Industrial section of the country you
can notice tho results that bavo been
1brought about by the catalogue bounce
The crossroads stores have gone and
in the towns business houses have
been vacated their windows boarded
up and the former occupants driven
Into bankruptcy or other occupations
Not that the catalogue houses have
sold cheaper than the small merIt
chants but they have flooded the coun
try with catalogues and advertise
menu Ulurlng away Ibo trade they t
rightfully belonged at home These
catalogue houses are owned and man
rand by alto business men built upon
the broad gauge plan who realize the
benefits to bo derived from advertis
lag They have organized an advertis
edlag campaign and each year they are
spading fortunes not only publishing
and sending out catalogues but they
have built up a combination of news
papers tm i are nothing but mailorder
Journals It II shown that the com
IKneato 3000000 copies per month
tha °
country at their own expense They
Itsnqulno agricultural religious and
other paper that will accept their ad
vertising They pay the top price for
are enabled to reach about every
farmer in the land They set aside
acb year millions ot dollar for ad
Thus it will bo seen that the cats
logos houses and certain classes oft
publishers are In a combine that con
stitutes one of the most damnable
trusts ever known So far the coon
try press although frequently at
proached has turned a deaf oar to the
siren voice of these destroyers of
home trade In return for this the
country merchants should be liberal In l
their patronage of tho local papers
which have demonstrated that they
are true friends In a time of Ward Thn
mailorder houses are In the business
for money and the only way to com
bat them Is I to agree upon a lino of
action The country press and thor
country merchants must get together
and start a campaign of education
The country press Is on tho right side t
and by all working together nnd for
ono purpose the grip now enjoyed by
the catalogue houses can bo broken I
and trade turned back Into Its legiti
mate channels
Frog Farming A New Industry
Frog farming Is destined sooner or
Jlater to become a very Important na
tional Industry I predict that within
a very few years few former will
neglect to utilize their waste swampy
1claimed than Franco does In a year
The value of tho annual catch In the
United States Is I fully 1200000 and tho
gross value to the hunters Is more
tfthan J80009 There Is I not the slight
est doubt In the world that wore frogs
available the value of the annual catch
would leap at once to more than a mil
lion dollars Technical World
He Was Also an Exprrt
A strange story comes from one
of the Jlalknn state whore commer
chat morality Is still In Its Infancy
At a recent banquet given at the
home of the primo minister n distin
guished diplomat complained to his
host that the minister of Justice next
to whom ho was Kitting had taken
his watcii The prime minister said
Ah ho shouldnt havo done that
I 1 will get It back for you Sure
enough towards the end of tho even
ing the watch was returned < > Its
owner And what did ho says axked
tho guest Shhl Ha does not know
I have got It back said the prlmo
No Clippers for Him
Albert who Is ayO years old was
recently accompanied by his grand
ma to select a birthday present for his I
mother Ho wanted something use I
ful nnd after many rejections It
was suggested that they buy n pair 1
of opera slippers when ho promptly I
lAidj j
saidNo mammas got too may of
them now I wouldnt mind gelling j
button boots for they cant be take t
11f H easyr I
easyC 11 6t
tMMoytfNi rfci town
v t
I v
HUr for M < ytiM and ow
° r yMNwre
Upon the healthfulness efa ety
depends Much of IU I auccew sd lei I
growth Towns that are sot reputed
to bo sanitary place aro generally
evaded by homoseekers Oaet is oflca
Impressed kith tho fact that In small
towns Uphold And malarial avers are
often room frequent and dUct great
er numbers According to population
than la the largo cities The simple
reason for this Is the neglect of seal
tary Improvement
In the charter of many town prevl
plop for the building of sewerage sys
toms Is overlooked and years and years
elapse before any consideration to
given to tho importance of providing
a means for draining away the tu
wholesome Increment that accumu
hates Then It is found that there Is
a great amount of rod tape before
funds can be raised by taxation or by
rotlng bonds for tho building of a
soworaeo system
Small towns as well as large cities
generally draw their authority for the
making of public Improvements from
the state While nearly all tho stats
provide for bonding and tho raising ol
funds for Improvements In the larger
cities and towns tho towns of 3000 or
5000 population are neglected With
In tho put two years the stale of Ne
breaks realltlng the necessity of the
smaller towns having tho privilege of
voting bonds and making assessments
against property for the building of
sewerage systems enacted a state law
covering all tho points Involved This
law has already been bcncOclal a
number of tho Incorporated villages
and towns having commenced the
building of sewerage systems
lag tho building of sewora to sail
mate that tho town Is likely to W
and that a system adequate to give
necessary drainage for a town of 3000
would bo Inadequate for a town twlco
the size and as tho town grows tho
original plans are found lacking and
old sewerage lines of little utility as
they must be replaced by new err
tams The economic value of perfect
drainage for a town cannot 1 be over
estimated The health of tho people
Is I paramount to all other things and
sGwbao there are unsanitary tenet
lions a town cannot expect to enjoy
gthe greatest prosperity though tho
doctors who are residents of tho place
maT have exceptionally good prac
Infringements of Patents by Concerns
Doing a MallOrder Business
Recently the United States circuit
court for the southern district of
New York banded down a decision
which Is I of particular Interest to
thousands of farmers throughout the
land Two large manufacturers of
cream separators instituted a suit for
infringements ot their patents against
ono ot the largest mallorder houses
The decision of the court was in favor
ot the complainants and a decree was
rendered granting a permanent in
Junction and masters order on ac
counting In favor of the complainants
This case has been before the courts
for the past two years It is claimed
that thousands of the separators In
fringements upon the patents owned
by the complainants have been soil
to farmers throughout tho country
The laws of the United States forbid
the using of patented machines as
well aa tho making and selling of the
same The court order means that
the mailorder concern will be com
pelled to pay an equitable amount
upon each machine manufactured and
soil as well as the payment of other
damages on account of such manufac
taro and salon It also ueans that tho
two companies who are the com
plainant can provent each purchaser
of the Infringed cream separator us
ing the same or to pay a royalty for
tho using of tho same
The people should derive a lesson
from this It Is I not safe to purchase
any Invention put out by a mailorder
concern unless there Is I poiUlvo proof
that it Is not an Infringement An
other thing Is were people Inclined to
palranlso homo concerns there would
upon and should trouble arise over I
tho validity of any patent It Is much
easier to adjust matters with the homo
merchant than with sorao foreign
mailorder house
OhIoMlsslsilppI Coal Trade
The OhioMississippi coal trade
which exists today Is ono of the
greatest slifRlo movements of cargo In
the world Prom Pittsburg to Now Or
leans Is 3000 miles all downhill Coal
In 1009 ton barges Is rafted Into fleets
and towed down this distance by pow
erful steamboats at a cost of less
than 75 cents a ton against a railroad
rata of about Uofrom Pittsburg
to Memphis for 43 cents against a rail
rate of 370 Millions of tons of coal
have gone this way and always will
go this way because the boats have
only I to drift and those that come
back mostly empty are not hard to I
shove upstream Everybodys I
Ear Protection for Gunners
The British admiralty have given At
ten lion to tho question of oar protec
lion during heavy gun firing and It
has been decided to use plasticine
with the addition of cotton wool but
tho form of oar protection to bo used
II to bo left to tho Individual choice
of officers and mon Plasticine may
be supplied to ships and gunnery
schools If specially demanded The
addition of GO to 60 grains of cotton
wool has been recommended to Insure
perfect safety It is pointed out thai
tho cost of the material Is I very small
url use U dclrablel want com
t I
Standard T
Typewriter I
c All new models or tynftvrrltert since Ute JJNDIRWOOD + 1
J became prominent have been oi Underwood lira visible
f writing v 1
IYears ago a bold prophecy rru made THE JfACIIINE > l +
This Is klstor > f t
rapidly becoming klstory t
iThis i ti
f All old style macklnes will soon be repel sefle I6y < Use i
derwood form viilble writing machines
ider1ood i
pe Mayers will please Oovern themselves accordingly y
accepting no experiments and baying no pacing models
j No mistakes can be made by placing orders with the com
I pany that introduced and perfected VISIBILITY revels
I tionizcd typewriter construction captured the worlds
championships preserved the salaries of salesmen and man
f agers and worked its way into the hearts ef the buyer and
operator Investigate the conditions of the HCMtMnul Kkti
Ji i I
UNDERWOOD patrons for past favors we beg to remain I
Very respectfully I
J Underwood Typewriter Company Inc J
AVR4 RW9V1f 1bWl4ItW1tr14H4 wbWIWRVN i7fli114l1 1 I
l NS Nt oOS4l l Nt Nt N N
i I Will Build You a Home ION I i
tIt t will pay yiH fa t nvistlc fa this t pint 11
It will Infirast yaw If yiv art paying ruts
t I carry the only complete line of building material riliteI I f
4 ware sash find doors to be found in the city My prices are right You °
A be the Judge call and see I
u +
Absolutely THE BEST
Millionaire Canned Goods
Heinzs Varieties of Pure Food Products
Chase Sanborns Coffees and Teas
Call on or telephone us when in ned of GROCERIES FRESH MEATS
Telephone 6 j s 3 Deliveries
l Ledf ord Randle
Successor to D O lUmage deceased
Marble and Granite
Beware of Imitations
Star Flour
Made by Desheres Jc Jaekson Columbia Ky
Better than seems Necessary
Ask your dealer for SIr Flour Every pound of It U potlllvaly
guaranteed Made from select winter wheat
Mose Barkett Agt HictafKy
t 4CY
i y > tp
t r w

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