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Collector Davis Renders a Re
port to tlie Commissioners.
Suggests Tlmt a Time Cluck Be
l'lnced on the Safe Recoiumeud..
SPhnt tin A.i.tuut Cashier ami a
Clerk Be Appointed and Deputy
Collector's Sulary Rni.sed.
The collector of taxes Mr. E G.
Davis, yesterday ultornoon submitted to
tlie District Com mi 8rf on ere his annual re
port on tlie workings of hte office.
The eah' lax for the year was $2,
190.044-00. -with arrears which brought
up the total to S2,600,3S4.95. The
personal tax was $146,567.54. Penalties
on realty tax were S7,llr.S4, and ou
per&nnal tax $317.1. The total aucunl
of taxes of all Itmds collected was $3,
593,742.99 Added to this the assess
ments and permits, water service and
other items made the total collections ;
for the year 3.098,302.01.
Mr. Davis makeb a long comment oa
the urgent need of legislation In regard
to the saleor property for delinquent taxes.
He urges the adoption of Senate hill 016
by Congress as very nearly meeting all
tlie requirements for clianges in tlie de
linquent tax law. He says In part:
"It Is extremely urgent that a law in
relation to tax tales which will in a
measure protect the interests of the District
and provide a ture and prompt means of
collecting delinquent taxes, shall he passed
-Aithont delar. as, under the present law,
thousands of dollath of delinquent taxes
are annually canceled, uion application,
and the District seems powerless to pre
vent it, and this state of atfalrs must,
continue until relief it granted by Cou
gresfc. "Under the present conditioub our tat
cnies are principally attractie from tlie
ta.es tlmt a safe means lb thus afforded,
under covet of lav.', for the cancellation
arrewrs in taxes.
"It 1w been tf ie cuMom of this office to
collect the surplus bid at tax sale, upt.n
Issue of deed to purchaser, in accordauce
"with bUotfottslOl and 1 62, Revised Statute-,
of the Diswiot of Columbia. In a recent
opinion bvtbc atUtrne foi wie District he
decides that Uiesi sectioas were repealed iiy
section 6 of toe act or lS77,and Uiat pur
chasers at tax sales, who bid for the prou
orty more than is required for the payment
of the taxes, interest, penalty and co-ts
are reqoivd fo pay tlie surplus lo the col
lector S taxes before tlie close of the saie
aadthelssaaaoeof tlie certificate 1 thiiiu.
1m view,f Uh fact that this surplus draws,
nointerest.it would be well to re-enac.
seotltrtifc 161 and 162 of the Revised
8titiet f t4e District or Columbia."
Of the matter of tlie payment by the
Etreet raili'iads oC 4 per cent ot their
grost. revenues to the District, he says
"The aet of incorporation of the street
railway companies, with few exception
requires them to paj to the District, la
lie or perxmal taxes. 4 per cent of tlieir
gross receipts. My attention being called
to the non-oomplianoe with the law on t ho
prt of Scveial of these companies, 1 noti
fied then, of their delinquencv and in
formed them that thev should vvithoJt
dotay KiaV some satisfactory' arrange
ment for the liquidation of the eanie,
ouUorvritae 1 wualii take sucli action as
is awtaorired ty law to enforce ooHection
Before tlie arri val of the day set to distrain
one of the tiMut-obtained from thesuptein'e
court of the District a writ of injunction
upon a petition attacking the constita
tietmtity of the act, and thus suspending
all proueedtngis In the matter until tne
case can be called and acted ujon by the
court. The decision In this case "will
aot as a precedent, and, if adere tlie
District will Jose a large amount of money,
therefore t uphold its legality no efforts
should be spared."
The collector recomniends that an as
sistant cashier and an assistant clerk
le emMoed. and suggests an addition
of $200 to the salarj of the deputy ad
It is also recommended that a horse
and wagon be purchased for the use of
the messenger who bandies the funds to
uiln Unite the afety of the handling and
traacuifsflfan of tlie money.
Or the great increase in the work of
the of Oct- Mr Davis gles a detailed
btatement. Tlie average daily entries
on the scveial books of the office, aside
from the realty and water tax hills have
increased five fold. In this connection
tbo oolleclor makes an urgent request
for more room. He sajs tne cianiped
condition oi the office causes delay
and icaKes errors possible all the time
Af lo the Hawkins robbery, Mr. Davis
recilee Ute weH-bnown facts, commending
Major Moore and Inspector Mattlngly, and
paying a compliment to the Canadian a-i-tboriUefi.
Be concludes:
'Iu view rf the recent robbery in this
office I would suggest and recommend
that a time lock be placed on the safe,
which can be done at an outlay of $300.'
Collector Davis ends his report "with the
folov.ing commendation of his own cierkb
4,In conclusion 1 desire to acknowledge
the hearty c operation and faithful serv
ices of Uie clerks employed in tills office.
Their duties are onerous and exacting, yet
they have never failed to promptly and
ohecrfelly meet all requircmnts, working
continuously. In season and out of season,
often after hours, and by close confinement
to their desks endangering health and sac
rificing pleasure. I have confidence in their
integrity and appreciate their faithfulness."
MI.ss Jennie McVicar Tramps From
Chicago- to "Washington.
Miss Jennie McVicar has established a
woman's road record by walking from
Chicago to this city in thirty-three days.
The young woman, however, is not a pro
fessional pedestrian. She doe not walk
fur pleasure or money, but rather because
ot a lad: of the latter.
Miss Mc Vicar's Iwme is in Nova Scotia.
She left It two years ago to work in a
shoe factory in Massachusetts. The lac
tory closed, and she was thrown out ot
tanpiayment. Then the young woman be
gan her wanderings. She went as far
TV est as San Francisco, and, being unable
to find work, concluded to return to Phila
delphia, where she has friends. Her money
lasted until she reached Chicago, and then
she gave up riding in trains and ttok to
the road.
From Chicago to Pittsburg she tramped
along beMde the railroad track. In Pitts
burg ehe spent one night and then hegar.
the long journey over the mountains. She
reached Washington yesterday and aophed
to Sanitary Officer Frank. That official
heard her jlory and gae her passage to
the Quaker City.
Miss McVicar said she had no desire to
pose as a tramp, and did not wish to
liug If she CoBld help !t. In Philadelphia,
she raid, he was confident of obtaining
She loft for that city last night.
$1.00 Baltimore and Hetarn via
Good going and returning on all trains
Sunday, September 26. 6e21-5t,etn
Being: Specially Treated by
Muiiyon's Expert Physi
cians This Week.
Darius This "Week the Munyon Pliy
MCiuiiH "Will Give Special Atten
tion to Dyspepsia and Kidney
Trouble, ntid All "Who Can Come
to tlie Office Are Invited to Place
'I li(muli es Under Pergonal Care
That They May Iteceive All tins
Advantages ol Munyon's New
teysteru ot Treatment.
"Will Be Made for the Most Thorough
tu.iui ixaiitiinii ion lino Aiinc
The Munyou Offices Are for the
Benefit ot Every One, No flutter
"What the D.seuse May Be If You
Have an Ache or a Pain and "Want
nu Honest Opinion on Your Case,
Consult One of Aiunyon'N Special
ists You "Will Not He Allowed to
Pay One Penny for the Doctor's
Munjon's remedies comprise a separate
cure for t:ach disease, and are sold by
all druxgi&ts, nioftij . cents a ial. Mun
jon's Static Electrical Mac nine cures rlieu
itiatiMn, stiff Joints paraljis and neuraiii.
Munyon's Lire Chamber cures catarrh, asth
ma and hruiiLiiiiix. Muni on s doctors at
jour service Tree all day and evening:
Kundas, 2 to D. 023 thirteenth street
Gentry and Robert J. Speed Over
the Belmont Track.
Establish New Figures for Double
Tennis by Clipping a Fraction
From the Existiug Hecord.
Philadelphia, Sept. 22.-jewis G. Tewks
bnrv'sgrcat team or pacers, John R. Gentry
and Itobert J., made a successful assault
on the record for double teams today at
Belmont Driung Park. Tlie day was uc
propltloub for a trial at the record, as
tlie atmosphere was ery chilly and a rairly
strong northeast wiud 'wept diretlly down
the home stretch. A half-hour Lefore the
liorse appeared in double harness, Bovne
sent them around the track a number of
times at a fast pace.
At exactly t .JO they appeared on tlie
irsek. Tlie first quarter was reached in
33 Hat , and from that pjint until the half
mile por wa reached Bownedid not seem
to be urging the great pair to any extent,
alMiough the second ciunrter was faster
than the third. Reaching the three-quarter
post and rounding for tlie homestretch, he
seemed to Ik? urging them, although he was
whiple-s. Down the stretcli they came
"isitliont a halt or hitch, and fifty yards
trdm tlie wire txith seemed t-i take in a
wondcTul imrst of speed, Und before tlie
spectators could realize It tlie peerless
pacing pair Iind swept under the wire,
carrying with them new figures for double
The time was 2:09, thib performance
clipping one-quarter from the previous rec
ord held by MiSb Rita and Josie B.
Ornament and Mr "Vn-siir "Win the
11 Ig Events Easily.
New York, Sept. 22.-It was cold and
cheerless at Graesend today, but 5,000
persjons turned out to see seven races
decided over a fast track. The stake
features, the Brookwood, for-three-j ear-olds
at one mil' and a rurloiig,'and tlie King's
Highway hurdle handicap at one and three
quarter miles, were conr.paratixely easy for
Ornament and the four-year-old, Sir Vassar.
rirsi race Six furlongs. Tripping, 115,
H. Martin, II to G, won; Rubicon, 113.
R. Williams 11 to 5, second; George H.
Ketcham, 113, Relff, 5 to 1, third, lime,
115 1-4. t
Second race -One mile and a furlong,
iving T., 102, Hewitt, 20 to 1, won;
Bernardino, 102, W. Martin, 7 to 1, second,
Howard Mann, 110, T. Sloane, 4 to 5,
third. Time, 1 50 1-4.
Third race Five furlongs. Domestic,
103. Thorpe, 7 to 2, won, Hindoonet, 103,
W- Marin, 3 to 1, second; Hoi.n-like,
100, Willilte, 5 to 2, third. Time, 102 1-4.
Fourtli race Tre Brookwood Stakes or
$3,000: for three-year-olds; one mile and
a fuilong. Ornament, 120, Taral, 6 to 1.
won; Sunny Slope, 1 10, It. Williams, 6 to 1.
t-efond Partridge. 10S, Simms, 12 to 1,
third,- Time, 157 1-4.
Filth race Six furlongs. Eastern Hay,
107, Hewitt, 2 1-2 to 1 . won; Tappan, 10b.
Siiums, 10 to 1, second; Fireside, 107, W.
Martin, C to 1, third. Time, 1:17.
Sixth race Five furlongs. Miss Miriam,
10?, Doggett. 2 1-2 to 1, won; Zela, 99,
Mayer, 2 1-2 to 1, second; Merlin, 102,
Wilhite. 10 to 1, third. Time, 1 02 1-1.
Seventh race King's Highway Hurdle
Handicap; $1,250 For three-j ear-olds
and upward. One and three-quarter mile
ovet seven hurdles. Sir Yassar, 164,
Finnegan, 5 to 1, won; Waitzer, 161.
Veitch, 7 to 5, second; Torget, 150,
Eughsh, 3 1-2 to 1, third. Time, 3:20 1-2
Hesullx at Oultley.
Cincinnati, Sept. 22 Four favorites and
two next choices won at Oakley today
Sohrer rode four of thu winners, The
meeting closes Saturday. Summaries:
First racc Five furlongs. Henry of
Fraustamar, 0 tol0,won;McCIearysecond,
Creedmore !., third Time, 1 03.
Second race Six and one-half furlongs
Osmon, 6 to 1, won; Turtle Dove second,
Gid Law third Time, 1:22.
Third l ace Six fuiiongs. Flop, 4 to
I, won; Mj-ter second, Maigaiet Jane
third. Time, 1:16 1-2.
Fourth race Seven fuiiongs. Ramona.
9 to 10. won: Big Knight second, Um
brella third. Time, 1.27.
Firth race One mile. Kitty B , 8 to 5,
won: Mertie Reed second, A. B. C. third.
Time. 1:-12 1-2.
Sixth race Six furlongs. Mdlillj, even,
won; Carlotta C. isecond, Sujdam third
Time, 1-141-2.
Putcheti Still in the Field.
Terre Haute, Sept- 22. Mr Marks, own
er of Joe Patchi n, telegraphed to the
Trotting A asociaUon today that he would
btfirt Fatchen here Tuesday, September
28 lo bent all harne&s records. He says he
wants the prlulege or following Star
Pointer on that day. Pointer comes with
the agreement that he is to beat his own
record of 1:59 1-4.
$2.00 Philadelphia and Return via
B&O. s
7.05 and 9:00 a. m. trains going, re
turning on all trains, Sunday next.
It Tnfces Tou Into the Center of
The Pennsylvania Railroad next Sun
day for $2.00. ec22-4t
Set Forth in His Annual Report
to the Commissioners.
The Assistant Engineer "Would ElKo
to Dave Additional Inspectors, an
Increased Salary for Sunt. Mc
Furlund and Street Lights to
Burn From Sunset to Sunrise.
Capt. Edward Burr, the first assistant
engineer coinmlsslonei , submitted at the
meeting of the Commissioners yesterday
an estimate of the appropriations lequirtd
for the propel conduct of the several de
paitmentd under his supeivision during
the fiscal year of 1899.
In the water depat uncut he states that
two additional inspectors are necesMarj
He a-ks for an lncreabe of 000 In tlie pay
of Engineer Mcrarland, the superintend
ent. An adoitional watchman at a salary
of Siso is asked for, and $500 Is needed
for contingent expenses.
Capt. Burr rulerb to the proposed ex
tension ot the water meier ssiem to all
classes of consumers. He asks that for
the extension of the meter sjstem, hd
much ub ni'iy be available In the water
fund during the iitcal jear 1899, .after
proidmg for the expenditures, be ap
propriated. He Eays that if the new ap
propiiation bill permits tlie expenditure of
the unexpended balance from the water
receipts It will be possible to give eacii
consumer a meter.
He concludes that the purpose is not to
increase the revenues of the department,
but to limit the enormous waste hich is
dailj going ou, and which amounts to so
much as to deprive a number of citizens
living in high areas ot a proper water
In the lighting and electricity depart
ment Capt. Burr recommends $800increaoe
in the -alary of the superintendent. He
ai-ks tor a .tierU for the office at a Salary
of $1,000.
Capt. Burr asks for an appropriation of
R210.70O for the street lighting service
This Is an increase or $50,700. He rec
ommends that ail the street lamps be kept
burning from forty-five minutes after sun
set to foity-flve minutes before sunrise.
As to the character or the lights used, lu
says: "As tho Hem for street lighting
for some years past has been worded, the
Comm'.s-ioners, in the erecUon or street
lamps, have been restricted to the use of
either the low oandle power gas lamp c
Uie ery Mgh candle power arc lamp.
For matii residential streets the aro lamps
are not deMra'jle by reasjn or their objec
tlonable cnaracter to the residents and of
their light being much obstructed by the
trcu at fie curb.
"At the same time more light ib needed
than Is nf forded by single gas lamps,
particular in rapid Uansit streets. L'u
doubtedly an excellent service can he
had by lamps of medium high cauule
power more satisfactory In many le
,pc:ts than eithei gas or arc lamps and
at a less cost Uiau the latter. While i'
is no, desirable to remove from the en
Uie item the restriction as to cost per
lamp and chnia-nor of burner, a rel.i
tlvelv small sum ihculd lie available lor
puipoo of experiment designed to in.
piove tho service "
Capt. Burr recommends that the law be
amended so that stret-fin the suburbs, where
there are now electric conduits, may be
lighted by arc lights. Hq says.
"Ao the law lb now worded, no street
m the cc unty caube so lighted, although
at least t-wo of them, Fourteenth trect
extended and Columbia road, are occupied
by rapid transit lines and by electric light
conduits. The same conditions exist within
the city in Mreets not now lighted by. arc
lamps, us the law requires."
In the building inspector's office there
is a recommendation for three additlona!
assistant inspectors, at a salary of $1,000
per aunum eacii.
An asMslanf Inspector of gas and meters
at a salarv of $800 per annum is recom
mended. Capt. P-urr estimates that for the parking
cmriiislon $10,000 Is necessary to prop
erly conduct the department during the
next fiscal year. This is an increase ot
$20,000, which, Capt. Burr points out,
is needed "for the proper maintenance of
the tree3 of the eitv and their appur
tenance0. A cacual examination yf the
trees, many of wl'icli should be replaced
by reason of tlieir old and lagged condition,
or of their undesirable character, will
indicate the reasons for asking for thin
"With the present uniount or the appio
pnation. It is not possible to replace alt
trees destroyed by storms or otherwise,
and to keep them in condition necessary
to make them one of the chief beauties
of Washington, a ci edit to the city, and
one of its distinctive features."
Barley and P.aedy Trained Fine
for Tonight' Contest.
The flnlsning touches have been put
on by the contestants in tonight's fistic
battle Patrick Raedy and Nick Hurley.
Both men are in the bet possible con
dltiou for the affair, and will step into
the ring in the pink of eondition. Raedv,
It jk safe to day, has neer in his life
trained for a contest as he has for thio
Mike Haley, the well-known triiner
and manigcr, has the local boxer In
baud, and he has put Pat Uirougb his
paces at a great rate. Haley is an old
Ume bo'tcr himself, and he knows the
in5 and outs of the game from start to
finish. If anyone cm send Raedy Into
the img in shape to defeat Hurley it is
Tht Callfnrnlan Is just as confident
of winning, ho "never, as he was in his
foimer contest with Raedy. He is also
well looLcd after, as Joe Wilson, who
Is shaping ht"n up for the battle, is an
old-timer at tlie busincs.
The leteree for tlie contest lias not
jet been chosen. Time will be tailed in
the preliminary contest at 9 o'clock sharp.
Georgetown TJ:i U fr-sity's Old Pitcher
"Will l'lny "With the Grooms.
Boston, Sept. 22. President Byrne, or
Brooklyn, today announced the acqulsi
tion of five unw players. They are Catcher
Jack Ryan, released by Boston labt year
and now drafted from Syracuss of the
Castera League; Pitcher Yeager, of th
Lancaster, Pn , team; Catcher Cnshani, or
the Newport, New England League, team.
Pitcher Dow d, of the same team, who made
ins mark some years ago with the George
town, University nine, and who has since
pitched for local semi-professional teams,
and Short Stop Ream also or Newport, who
was sigad by Boston the other day.
The Best Eci nipped.
No change. Through tiains. Pennsylvania
Railroad $2.00 excursion to Atlantic City
next Saturday.
Philadelphia and Return via b". & O.
Persons who have used it, say the Royal
Blue is best and quickest line. Try it
Sunday next, $2.00 for the round trip.
Stocks Along the Whole List Main
tain Their. Strength.
Market Somewhat Irregular, But
Declines Generally Met "With Re
coveries of Material Import.
New York, Sept 22.-H was to bo ex
pected that yesterday'b great activity and
Molent decline in stock prices would be
followed by in egularity, today, and that
was the most pronouueed'phnraoteristic of
the clay's market A further feature was
the reintroduction of the support the ab
sence ot which made yesterday's brealc
poible,' and otherwse tile trading wa
a logical sequence lo yesterday's market.
The transactions were upon a much lesb
active scale than on yesterday, but a
fair aggregate was nevertheless rolled up.
Throughout the Irregular course of the mar
ket an Improving tendency was apparent,
and recoveries exceeding one point were
common m the list. One of the most
pronounced advances was in Consolidated
Gas, which stock was the chief sufferer
in yost'.rday's purely technical speculative
reaction, its couise today clearly disclosing
the characteristics of the general decline
'flic granger stocks, Chicago. Great West
ern, Atchison, Union Paciric, and Western
Union were thu leaders in re-pept or
activity and stremrth. A sharp decline
in Standard Rope and Twine issuen mudo
them conspicuous In the dealines. Th3
Bank or Hnglaud today sold $315,000 gold,
and It was rumored that a portion or this
amount ni lor shipment to tlie United
States. Well informed bankers discredited
exchange would Involve a loss of more
than 1 4ori per cent to those engage din
the tran'-actioi..
The Rock Island Railroad management
today dcclaied a quarterly dividend or one
per cent, ai against the usual quarterly
dictributions of 1 2 per cent, which have
been made since 1S95.
An official statement was issued today
in which a plau for the refunding of the
company's 5 per cent bonds at 4 per cent
was set forth. It is calculated that a
saving of $550,000 a year can be theieby
effected There have been unrounded
rumors in circulation for some dajs that
the Rock Island dividend would b" raided
to a 5 per cent annual basis, and tho
stock reacted on the announcement of the
4 per cent rate.
Tlie stock market cloed strong for the
whole list at about tlie best prices of the
New York Stock Market.
Corrected daily by W. B. nibbs &
Bankers and Brokers. Members ot
N Y. Stock Exchange, 1427 F street.
On. II teh. j,.,w
American Snlrit 13. 133i I !
AbiericwSpiriM. vfd... 3f Saj,' 3i?j
Am. "suzar Hennery H3 US', 112.
American hnar ifd... 1 3 U7Jf 11"
.mertcau Tobacco..... 8 S9J, blK
Uchlson Top. tv. ,n. F l&ej pj 155.,
Atcli.,Top.3iid.;!.F.pra.. 2. St S2K
lhuthvoro A Ohio 19 20 10
Baj htato Gai IU il WlA
Canada boiuliorn 6S5 U 5S1,
O-mada I'acitic 71,S "5 lk
i"liesap3j.oJ:Oulo UX 2?y -'i
e,..t.C. fcc L XT ifcji 37
Ulnctpo. uur.d.uuincy. OSk IOJJ5 7,
ClncaxuA. NortUw'n.... l.'OJi 1 J5-i S',H
Chicago ta IMS lCOJ, 101
C, il. & St. Paul Vbh lOOJs 5)5 '.
U.. It. j. and f 9 95Ja S-s
CoiibOliditod u.es 220 231 21J
Del., Lick, ii Wost.
lJcUw.ira . hudeon.... H7 110 1J7','4
trio , n r;i 17
ooue'ral Klectrlc 37 3S, 37Vt
llili.oisl ciilral lU,i PJ0) 1U5'
e.ake Mlioro 17UVJ 17Bs '7e,
Luuisvitlft Ji N'iiahvilts. 19 ., ol .9J,
Mat. Iraction ....". .U.2 I2. i2i
.l.uh.itt.in Hit, 3 HgJi, 106
Michigan Central U03 ,10a 118
Mo. I'acitic. ii .0.4 Si a
l.. i. A. i. jitu b7i, SU o74
..iiiuiirfi L,iad Co. U) i', 3J
Xcvr Jerse Centrau.... !? It0j t7
cv V or . Central Ill I12 m
.Northern i'acinc ItifS ' J0?
.SiatueTU 1'elac urd.... 5 ii3i bh
Outirioj;: Western.. ... 18 Is? IS
t'aeiuc 3. ail Mh x3K oi
I'hila. & Ue.iulng. ; i0 i7 1G
3u.iil1.-in tCaiiw.iy.ind.,' '6t -Ijz. oiix
ltxasfacitic .'.. 13 ISh IS
eiiu.Oo.illnm Wi wSt 31
Uuiuu 1'aciUi -li -is -'
U.a. l.eat:.er pto j W boh Cs
abash ptd U,i Sl l?h
Wliecltugi L.ao Erie. - - 'H
West, uutuul'ei. Co.. . SiA 0 j, Olj
1 H
I Ob
The course or the market ) esterday was
la exact accord with the prediction made
by Mr W. B. Hibbs, aud published in
vefterday's Morning Times Mr. Ulbba
said that after the terrible shake up of
Tue-sda thcie A'otild probably be a further
decline esterdaj morning, which wouiu
be followed b.v a. recovery and advance in
prices, and that the closa would be stroug,
with prices above the clo-e Tuesday night
Exactly this sequence of events did occur.
Tlie market at the opening was weak and
rallied apparent!; ou the support or the
larger interests, with the help of rumors
that gold was coming this way. The
tone was steady and dull at the lecovery,
and despite the denial or the Cuban "war
and vellow fever scare' stones, the im
pression of the street was that the
liquidation of the excessive bull accounts
had not entirely tun its course. At the
outset, weak holders were disposed to
continue their liquidation, but later on
the situation Improved, with decided
manipulative support appearing in a
number of leading stocks. The close was
ftrong at a general advance. It seems
probable that there will be a continuance
of the rise today, though this should
not be depended on, as a certainty, by any
It 18 noticeable that the prediction in
this column regarding Sugai yesterday
morning was tlie correct one. During
all day yesterday the advance from the
low pneo or Tuesday continued, and several
points were recovered. It seems the
most probable event that there will be a
futther advance todaj, with quite a pos
sibility that 150 will be reached again.
BUI' the advance yesterday was evi
dently on manipulative support and Sugar
is a tricky and risky stock to play with.
Mr Houseman was a buyer at the be
ginning of the upwaid move v esterday
With lils usual good luck or foicsight he
took 10,000 shares of stock befoie 12
Foreign exchange was quoted jester
day at d.8 13-4, which is slightly above
the go'd Import point as far as demand
sterling lates aic concerned, yet so
near it that a very small commission
would surfice to buy a million or so of
gold from the other side. The stock
market yesterday was full of rumois
that gold was on the way. Thee rumor
probably helped to strengthen the gen
eral niaiket. .Mr rixlev, of Pixtey &
Abell, bullion dealeis, stated yesterday
that there Was a large amount of gold
witlidtawn from the Bank of England
during the forenoon and that it was
probably for America. Foreigner bank
ers, however, do not give full credit
to this idea. The present tales of ex
chringe do not warrant the operation, and
though gold might Le bi ought over as
merchandise there would be no particu
lar object in doing so.
It is rumored that the stockholders of
Northwest Have authorised the refunding
bcheme- The earnings of Northwest for
the month of ugustrlncreased $.575,000.
MoOre & Schley were iunong the people
i bulling in the Pacijic 'again yesterday.
Without Change of Cars,
(Delaware Bridge Route,)
Saturday, Sept, 25.
Special train will leave rmnsylvanli
railroad station at 4 p. m. Saturday, and
will be valid for loturn passage on all
trains until September 27th, Inclusive, in
cluding special train leading Atlantic City
at G j. m. Sunday.o.xcept tho New Yoik and
Washington Limited and tho Congres
sional Limited.
This stock was one of those In which
manipulation was especially noticeable,
and It hid a strong advance- Itlsprobable
that these friends of Union Pnciflc are not
through with tlieir deal, and that It may
have a rurther advance.
Rock Island directors have declared a
quarterly dividend ot 1 per cent on the
stock. It has been rumored recently that
even a higher rate than 4 per cent should
be declared by the Rock Island people,
but probably no one had any very sin
cere belief in this story.
Mr. Robert Lindhlom is very enthusiastic
in his belief that wheat will now have
another rise in price. He says: "For the
third and last time, do not neglect to buy
wheat on any break. The present is a
good dip to buy on. Tou will have to
buy oi. bulges from now on."
Mr. George "W. ailsby was expected in
the city "at a late hour last night. The
airaugement which he has completed with
Mr. Robert Lindblom Is, so far as I can
learn Its nature before talking with Mr.
Sllsbv . a very satisfactory one, and one
which promises to make Mr. Silsby's
firm a strong one with the "Washington
public. Mr Sllsby Is to be the Washington
agent of Mr. Lindblom'b stock and wheat
brokerage business..
Wiibhlnirton StocK Fjceunnge.
Sales Metropolitan Railroad G's, $1,00
at 110; U- S Electric Light, 0 at 110,
Lincoln Fire Insurance, G2 at 8 o-S; Pneu
matic Gun Carriage, 000 at 50; Mergen
thaler Linotype. 10 at 117 1-4; 2 at 117;
Lanston Monotype, 40 at 10 1-4.
Hlil. Ak.
U. 8. Vs. H10'J7Q,J Il! 112J4
U. . i's. C 1917 Q. J im mv
U. S. 4's. 192) Uih i:5X
U.S.6s.l00IOF IU Uo
S3 lSW"20-yoar Fundinc" V)IH
b 1902 "20-year l uncling" gold.... 112
7s 1901. "Water Stock" currency.. 112
7s 10a.'t, ater Stock" currency. 112
.'b umling"curronev tGj's ........ Ill
iKs Reg. 2403, 18D3-1301
Met.H. Roa.1925 lUtf
Meultlt Cour. Cs UO IZ0X
Met. R R Cert. Indebtedness. ..A.
Mol ItUCert.Iudebteduea3...U.. Uo 111..
Ueltli R.IS.1W1 !f
hcklncton It Rti's 11)0
Columbia R It (.'a. 1DU., 118
WuliGasCa Ser A.fa's. lWS-'H... Ill ....
V ash Gae Co. Hor H. (Vs. 1901-' ... 11:
IT. b. Llec. Ught Hchenturo Imp.
M.XN 101
t hecand Pot Tel 6'd. ISM-19S1 101
Aw Sec &Tr6's. F and A. 1903.... 100
AiuSoc Jn's, Aai d O. 1903 IUJ
Wash -Market Co lst6Ms, 1901911.
S7.W0 retired annually 110
Wash Market Co imp o'a. 12-27 .... 110
Wash Market Co oxt'n (?s. 1H-M7.. 110
Masonic Hall Association a". hKB. lot
Wash Ltinf 1st iii, Jini
Bank of Washington 270
Metropolitan 'IbJ Slu
Central.. ..................... ....... 2io ......
Farinera' and Mocliaulca'.... 174
fcecond 140
Citious 13-
Columbia 13J
Lanital 12'J
VVesslhul 101 107
Iraei' ,
Lincoln 101 103
Nat. Sato Deposit and Trust 120
Wash. Loan and Trust 113 IrJ
Aiuer.iiucurity and 1'rusc Ho
Wabli. Sato Dujiosit 50
Capital Traction Co 57Jj
Metropolitan 118 119
Columbia to
Washington Gas II 45i
Georgetown Gas
U.b. lilectiic LiUt l.o 112J
I'ranklin 35
Metropolitan 9
Lorcoran 56
Potomac ba
Arlington 13j
tiorinan Amcricau 209
National Union 11 11
Columbia H 14
Rig V4 Sa
People's, b
Lincoln bh
Real Estate Title 110
Columbia i'itle. 5 6
Waal iiiston Titlo 2$.
Pennsylvania 19
Chesapeake aud Potomac Cj bS
Aiaerlcau UrapUoplione SJi H&
American Grapuouhoue, pfd...... 10 lUJj
Pneumatic Gun Carriage 47 .51
Merenthalcr Linotypo 117'X IIS
lanston Mouotpe 15 liti
Wasluugton Market 10
Great l'lslci 11j 12i
Nor. Wash. S.eamboat lOOk
L.iucolnHa.1 10
Chicago, Sept. 22. It looked last night
as it there would be too many wheat bears,
and tcclayrs experience confirmed that
The whole professional element wasan-sJouK
at the opening only to get out a line of
shoits before the market- went to pieces
It got oqt its line ot shoitsi but the market
rallied then lustead of 'breaking. From
the bottom theie was an advance of about
2 tents. 'Ihe close was about 1 cent
o-ver last night.
Public cables were easier, private advices
were all very bullish. Northwest receipts
exceeded last year's 853 cars agamsd 040,
but with all the futures at a discount the
Northwest can do notluug except to rusn
its wheat as fast as it can.
Chicago Ginin aud Provision "Market
Corrected daily by V. B. Hibbs & Co ,
Bankers and Brokers. Members of the
N. K. Stock Exchange, 1427 F street.
New York Cotton Market.
Open. Hi ill. Low. Clos.
October, tl.55 6 53 U55 U.ftt
Novonibcr &-51 6 57 b.53 Q.Ji
December 6.5 &t0 (.65 P.5
January 0 00 fc.ftj t'.tO 6.63
Open High. Low.
90J 92 U1&
W 91Ja S9)i
30 11 so;
3. 31 -11
20 21 COtf
.'oyt 23); 2SX- 'i
8.25 S.tU S.
4.62 4.07 4.60
4.S7 4.05 4.S7
Ivania Railroad
$2.00 $1.00
Sunday, Sept- 28,
Tickets g-ood ou all trains
leaving- Sixth-street station 7,
8, 9 and 11 a. in,, and returning
on special leaving- Philadelphia
at 7 p. m. and all regular trains
same day except the Congres
sional Limited.
STATEMENT of the condition of the IN
AMERICA, or Philadelphia, on the 30th
day of June, lb07, as required by act of
Congress, approved July 2fc, 1802.
Capital Stock $3,000,000 00
Capital stock paid up 3,000,000 00
Cash In bank $538,4tU40
Real estate 511,70900
Bonds ana mortgages, first
lien on real estate 2.391.7277G
Stocks and bonds, market
V'due 4.9GG.1&5 00
BillMrecelvaoieantt collateral
loans and allother asbets.. 231,972 17
Premiums uncollected and
in hands of agents 813,210 G3
imerest due and accrued on
June 30, 1897 51,229 23
Cash capital $3,000,000 00
Reserve premium fund 3,935,310 81
claims 324,539 85
Net surplus 2,191,513 30
All other liabilitiex 59,495 31
Statement or dividends aud
expenses for six months,
ending June 30, 1897.
Dividends $180,000 00
Currentexpensesandtaxes.. 880.45S 11
E. L. ELLISON, Secretary.
Subscribed ana hvvorn to berare me this
IGth day or September. 1897.
. Notary Public-
STATLMENT or the condition of the
COMPANY of New York on the 30th day
of June, 1897, as required by act of Con
gress approved July 20, 1S92-
Capital stock, r. $200,000 00
Capital stock paid up 200,000 00
Cash in bank 77,068 25
Stocks and bonds (market
value) U. S. Reg. 4 per cent
bondsof 1925 4S0.000 00
Premiums uncollected and in
hands of agents 36.0G0 50
Interest due aud accrued on
June30,l897 2,666 G7
Cash capital S200.000 00
Reserve premium fund 134,049 51
Reserve for unpaid losses and
claims 20.011.19
Netsurplus 241,734 72
Statement of dividends and
expenses for six monthsend-
ing June 30, 1897:
Dividends 20,000 00
Current expenses 30.16S 03
E. I CONVERSE, President.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
17th day of September. 1S97.
Notary Public Kings rouuev.
Certificate filed in New York countS.
STATEMENT of the condition of the
London, England on the 30th day of June,
1897, as required by act of Congress ap
proved July 29, 1892:
Capital stock $15,000,000 00
Capital stock paid up
,ouu,uuu ou
Cash in banks andorrices
Real estate
Stocks and bonds (market
Premiums uncollected and
in hands of agents
Interest due and accrued
on 30th June, 1897
Allother assets
Reserve premium fund
Reserve for unpaid lo-jes
and claims
Net surplus
Statement or dividends and
expenses ror six months
ending June 30, 1897:
Net losses paid
L'urrent expenses
6S.650 66
115,000 00
1,597,563 82
224,796 71
3,850 00
6,483 27
S96S,519 62
139,078 21
908,718 63
273.S34 06
199.S23 16
UKO. W 11AL5H, Jr.,
Manager and Attorney.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
23d day or July, 1897.
Notary Public New York County.
STATEMENT of the condition of the
Manchester, England, on the 30th day of
June, 1897, as required by act or Congress
approved July 29, 1892:
Cash in bank audorrices.... $43,040 19
Real estate 3S5.385 72
Slocks and bonds (market
value 1,533,300 00
Premiums uncollected and
in hands of agents 259,68157
Reserve premium fund 1,286,987 33
Reserve ror unpaid losseb and
claims 229,41732
Vet surplus 727,205.83
Statement of dividends and
expenses for six months
ending June 30, 1S97.
Current expense" 347,61211
E. LITCHFIELD, Manager at New York
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
16th day or September. 1307.
Notary Public Kings County.
Certificate filed in New York txiunty.
613 Fifteenth S'rect, Opposite U. S. Treasury.
Correspondents, of ROBT. LINDBLOM & CO.,
New York and Chicago.
" NOTICE. Our correspondents -will receive and execute on the vari
ous, exchanges nil order, intrusted to our care.
They -will furnish a daily s.tato meut to each cu&tonier and GUAR
Our "Washington office will be supplied with abundance of Cash,
to settle the accounts of any desiring It over our counter.
Our exelu-.i've private wires now extend from Atlanta on the
South to New York, Cliicugo and Minneapolis and bt. Paul on tho
"We feel conlident of glvlnir satisfaction to all desiring our services
Phone 305.
iembera ot tho Now York Stock Ex
change, 1419 F st. Glover Building.
Correspondents ot Messrs Moore & Schley,
Io. 80 Broadway,
Bankers and Dealers in Government Bonds.
Deposits. Exchange. Loans.
Railroad stocks and Bonds and all
securities listed on the exchanges of
New York, Philadelphia. Boston and Balti
more bought aud sola
A specialty made or Investment securi
ties. District Bonds and all local Rail
road, Uas. Insurance and Telephone Stock
dealt in-
American Bell Telephono Stock bough!
and solo. mhl3-ti
Money to Loan
At 5 Per Cent.
on real estate in D. O.; no delay, terms
jijO-tf 100S F 8t. an.
DKof 3 419 11th it. n w saU2m
Philadelphia and Return vlu B. & O.
Sunday next, $2.00. Ee21-Gt,em
Sunday, Sept. 26.
Tickets g-ood on all trains in
both directions except the Con
gressional Limited.
8TAThMEJT ot the condition or the
COMPANY, or Philadelphia, on the 80th
day of June, 1897, as required by act of
Congress, approved July 29, 1892:
Cupltal stoek $500,000 00
Capital stock paid up 500,000 00
Cash In bank $212,946 88
Real estate 238,100 00
Boudb and mortgages, first
Ilea on real estate 2,114,838 51
Stoi ks and bonds, market
value 2,468.367 50
Collateral loans 155,450 00
Premiums uncollected andin
lunusor agents 018,768 29
Interest doe and accrued on
June 30, 1897 75,076 72
Due from other companies.. 3,964 80
Total $5,8S7,312 68
Cash capital $500,000 00
Reserve premium Tund 3,858,003 52
Reserve for unpaidlossesand
claims 225,782 34.
Net surplus 1,090,891 84.
Statement ot dividends and ,
expensed for .xix months,
ending June 30, 1897:
Diviaeuus 100,000 00
Current expenses 475,638 41
E. C. IRWIN, President
BEN J. T. HERKNESS, Secretary.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
17th day ot September, 1897.
Notary Public.
STATEMENT of the condition of tHa
of London on the 30th day of June, 1S97,
as required by act or Congress approved
July 29, 1892:
Capital stock 896,550
Tapltal stock paid up 448,275
Cash In bank $117,534 65
Bonds and mortgages (first
lica on real estate) 28,000 00
Stocks and bonds (market
value) 1,912,676 23
Bills receivable and collat
eral loans 17,043 32
Premiums uncollected and
in hands or agents 212153 29
Interest due and accrued 5.S64 59
Reserve premium fund $750,687 04
Reserve forunpaid losses and
claims 91,26443
Commission due agents 52,535 96
Netsurplus 1,396,034 67
$2,293,522 lo"
CHAS. L CASE. Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
16th day of September, 1897.
Notary Public, No. 44, New YjrfcCo ,N. 2
STATEMENT of the conaltion o the
COMPANY (Limited), or London, on the
30th day ot June, 1897, as required by
act of Congress, approved Julv 29, 189-:
Capital stock $12,50u,000 00
Capital stock paid up .... 1,250,000 00
Cash in bank $295.29123
Real estate 91S.303 03
Slocks and Lends, mar
ket value 1,713,705 00
Bills receivable and col
lateral loans 15,99413
Premiums uncollected and
in liandsoragents 429,910 10
Interest due and accrued
on June 30, 1897 21,566 64
Other assets, rents ac
crued ana due from other
companies 19,415 04
Total 3,414,185 22
Reserve premium tuna.. $1,S53,764 43
Reserve tor unpaid losses
and claims 143.3S8 33
Other liabilities 132,961 42
Net surplus 1.2S4.Q7104
expenses tor six months, .
ending June 30, 1897:
Current expenses 302,593 86
Subscribed and sworn to before me thin
IGth day oT September, 1S97.
Notary Public N. Y. Co.
STATEMENT of the conuition ot the
PANY, or Madgeburg. Germany, on the
30th day or June, 1897, as required by
actof Congress, approved July 29, 1892:
Cash In bank and hanas of
trustee $104,722 30
Stocks and bonds, market
value 613,987 50
Premiums uncollected and in
bandsotagents 68,379 77
Reserve premium Tuna $190,2S4 60
Reserve tor unpaid losses and
claims 17,530 20
Net hurplus 564,126 94
Losses 57.377 94
Expenses 113,817 46
F. E. RASOR, U. S Manager.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
20th day of September. 1897.
Notary Public.
Members New York Stock Exchange,
1 427 F Street.
Correspondents of
New York.
FOR RENT Tho best way to help your
business or profession is to moveinto the
largest and best-known office building in
the city,
A rew choice rooms now available; mod
erate rental; no extras; perrect Janitor
service; flre-proof surroundings; 3 ele
vators. 10 stones; commodtous bicycle stalls
and free telephone service
Money to Loan.
This company has money to loaa
on listed collateral securities as
lowest rata of interest
U. J BELL, Presideat

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