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f Special
LONDON Jan 27 With the exception
ol the day when tbo news of the fall of
Ladjpmlth was hourly expected the past
week his been a period of creator nnxict
than any during the campaign The no
inentarj feeling of relief caused Ii the
captuie of Spon Kop bi s given was again
General Mcthuen apparently does not
consider it his duty lo disco cr by means
of British scouts the character of his col
umns route or the probable disposition
of the enemys forces Everyone here
look for granted a stubborn resistance at
the Moddcr General White acknowledges
a military error in holding Dundee but
pleads that he yielded lo the governors
representations of the political conse
quences of abandonment at which the
Times as well as everyone else vig
orously protests
Bnllern Wrnkm Mi
General Bulltr docs not seem to con
sider that his own Inability to make his
officers do what he tells them reflects upon
his efficiency as commander-in-chief and
tcllcves himself of responsibility by sar
castically writing to Lord Lansdowae
Secrctarr of State for War I suppose our
officers will learn the value of scouting In
time but In spite ot all one can say upon
this they seem to blunder into the middle
of the enemy and suiTir accordingl
Duller adds trut he could have crossed
the Tugela at the battle of Colcnso if Col
oncl Long by dlsobejlug direct orders had
not depriv d him cf the necessarj assist
ance of the artillery
Cencral Methuen moreover explodes
the notion carefully loslered by corre
epondents that the British artillery in
flicts heav loss He sajs
Shrapnel doesnt kill men in the kopjes
It onl frightens them
As the English papers confess these dc
fpaiehcs are not pleasant leading Mean
while General Mcthuen with a large firce
is doing nothing Gcnrats Trench and
Catacrc are doing little mote and General
Duller has been skillfull drawn Into a
locality composed of a network cf moun
tains no more fit for offensive operations
than Swiuirand
tlntllll flci Horn
Lop Rcscbcry the other daj said at
Chatham I suppote the prestige of Eng
land was higher at the crd of HS tliau
at any time since Waterloo I am afraid
thlj war has di perscd a good deal of that
s nimenC but If It vas Ill founded it Is In
finitely better that It r hould be di pcllej
liovr thn that renting en a roten fojnda
ton It should luri us to which
tulght be much more disastrous
Unless there Is some liiroreinoEt fon
In Foutb Africa it will be impossible to
tfiirrgaid the llktlihool tail some of Eng
lands rivals will be lured Inlo taking the
Initiative wllh a view cf telling whether
her prestige resjtl on a lot ten foundation
ence soon after the war
s1iro nf Inn I rireil I imiii Kiiirlnml
ii n IriK llenl voressltj
LONDON Jan 17 The question rr the
abrogation of the CIatnn nulwrr treaty
soon to be raised has aroued considerable
Interest during the past week The
Spcctalor anticipates that it is possible
th it lue administration will be forced to
I a sudden and apparently unfriendly de
mand and units the iiccessll of English
j to cooll consider he matter
i It maintains that abrogation uould be to
Englands infercst as the treaty prohibits
I building the Nicaragua Canal or the com
pletion of the Panama Canal by the only
possible means vix a grant of money by
it argues that the nerves and sinews
binding the empire are the steamboat
routes and the more these increase the
more united and stronger is the empire
The facility of ocean transit 11111 increase
channels where big ships can float sad
will Increase routes and thus strengthen
the empire
Tlir Grrmnn Capital n lie Made nil
Important enpor
BERLIN Jan 27 The cost of the Mid
land Canal project which Vas rcjeted ly
the Prussian Chamber of Deputies was
2o0700000 marks It is reported that a
bill Is nan preparing with estlm ites not
lo anxict and gloom To all appearances j exceeding 50000000 marks extendng the
the British Ann afUr more than three
months fighting is in as precarious a posi
tion as ever it was
Despite the constant Inpouring of troops
each of the generals still wants
It is beyond question thit Uoer
tactics courage and mobility everywhere
ha e been too much for them to cope with
The English almost certainly outnumber
the Boers at every point but the success-
pcilou Illteen jears Now that the but ding
of the Berlin Stettin ship canal is assured
the Berlin authorities bae resolved to coa
struct a big Berlin harbor making the clt
a seaport
It is untrue that the Government has al
ready proposed summoning an interna
tional conference on maritime lav It is
pointed out that such a conference cannot
be held until the end of the Transaal war
In the mean time interested nations hae
time to formulate their desire It Is con-
ful manner In which the preent Boer Mlcrea ccrtain that there will be a confer
commanders have managed to conceal their
numerical strength by taking advantage of
their wonderful mobility is regarded by
European military experts as one of the
most extraordinary features of the war
Estimates of the Boer strength range
fioai 10000 to 100000 The War Office It
Is understood puts the number at 75000
Signor Inganl who has just arrived at
Borne from Lourenco Marques sajs they
certainly do not aggregate more than
40000 of which only 10000 are between
Ladysmlth and the Tugela Itivcr He sas
The Boers have any amount of muni
tions of war but fodder and foodstuffs
particularly flour arc beginning to run
low Of course they have plenty of cat
firm e
Bat whatever the Boers numbers may
be their strength is undeniable and the
British are as far from breaking it as
ever at any rate with the present com
manders at the front Bullers first batch
of despatches In last evenings Gaicttc
have done nothing to revhc confidence In
them General Mcthuen laments that the
want of cavalry and horse artillery pre
vents him from reaping the fruits of hard
fought battles jet be acknowledges omis
sions of the most ordinary precautions
saying that he did not expect any deter
mined resistance at Moddcr that he con
cluded the entire force of the nemy was
concentrated at Spyfontein and again that
all mj Information was to the effect that
the Moddcr and Hlet rivers were fordable
anywhere My information proved quite
Iiii1lMfitMl Cnrprnt m Ilrirn Irom
tlie W orl nrilM li Police
PABIS Jan 7 The carpenters em
ployed on the exposition buildings have
gone on strike A bedy of abojt 100
strikers entered the vvorkjards ot the ex
position toda but the police drove the
men back Three arrests were made and
one policeman was Injured
He h fritI Intmornl Irr
rnrmanc nt ll Inrin Tlirutrc
PABIS Jan 27 The censor has finally
put his foot down on the grossly immoral
plajF lie has stopped the performance at
the Atbence of LHomme al Orville
Coupee l Man Wth a Cut Ear
The Minfmrnln of n IniinncHe V rmcl
Ict Inl ercM
LONDON Jan 27 The Japanese war
ship Shlkcsslma which has completed her
trials at Portsmouth -ailed for Japan to
day and will divest herself of some arma
ment in the attempt lo go through the
Suez Canal She is the biggest vessel
which has ever tried tnat route
There is some suggestion that the possi
bilities of complications arising from the
situation In China are responsible for the
vessels haste
Tliric nnbonts nml n Force
I roop i Ordered lo Icrr
RIO JANEIRO Jan 27 The Brazilian
gunboats Juruema Jutahy Tlmlra and
Tocanlns and a force of troops have been
ordered to Acre to enforce the protocol
agreed upon between Bolivia and Brazil
and to protect all citizens Gen Lcltc
Castro has been made commander of the
national guard in place of Gen Tcrnando
Mcndez editor and proprietor of the
Journal dc Ilruzll
Caiinillnn tin l mfr nn Coniiiilshloii
th Coluir to Sluuunj In Mn
OTTAWA Jan 27 Messrr King and
Pittman the Canadian and Cnllcd Slates
Commissioners to determine the provis
ional Alaskan boundary have concluded
their preliminary conference They will
proceed to Skaguaj early in May to mark
the boundary on the ground
Ilrlllili Auiliiihwnilor Alieii lroiu
Irt nc Ii IHploiiuif Innitloiis
PAH1S Jan 27 The newspapers hero
comment on the absence from the recent
diplomatic functions cf Sir E J Momon
the British Ambassador lo France The
papers attribut his absence to the pres
ence cf Dr Lcyds
liners It mmiil Inll llrrociillloii of
I liflr InitriiriHlfiire
BERLIN Jan 27 rortlgn Minister von
Buclow had a half hour Interview with
Dr Lejds the Transvaals representative
today at Fnlater Chancellor von liohen
lobe has sent Dr Leyds an Invitation to
a diplomatic dinner the chancellor Is giv
ing tonight in honor of the Kaisers birth
Dr Lcdg states lhat he explained to
Von Buelow the determination of the
Boers not to conclude peace unless there
Is full recognition of Independence plus
extension of territory
Av liislon Cluirrlilll of llu lr
lliiintinc Coiiilnt I
LONDON Jan 27 A private letter from
an officer who Is a prisoner In Pretoria says
that he has received from heme letters and
also money sent him In care of the United
States Consul In the Transvaal nnd has
arranged for the cashing of checks of a
KiEorable amount when countersigned by
tin senior officer This is a passage from
Winston Churchills letter of protest to tin
Transvaal for his detention and announcing
his determination to escape
I will once more place on record m ap
preciation for the kindness shown me and
others prisoners and my admiration for
the chivalrous and humane character of tbo
republican forces 1 sha always retain
a feeling of high resper for the several
classes of burghers I have met
ttrrinun iiliiilrnl Hnnoi ril
BERLIN Jan 27 Emperor William has
cnt fcrrcd on Admiral the Secretary
of the Admiralty the first class order of
the Red Eagle with oak leaves
i to llnltimoro nml Itetiirii sin
II A II Mitlirin mid biinilnf
Jtnuiry 27 and M good for until following
HojidM Tickets good on all rlat crcrpl IIotjI
n t neonllrnieil liner lti jiort I lint
the llrltl il llnxr llt cii
Jan 2i It Is reported on good Transvaal
authority that Mafeklng was relieved
Tuesday January 23
LONDON Jan 27 There Is no confirm
ation of the reported relief of Mafeklng
No one entertains any great hopes of the
truth of the story The War Office has no
Information on the subject
Aililrrs nl li President Sfr n
LONDON Jan 27 A despatch from
Colenso dated January 21 confirms tbo
story lhat President Slcn of the Orange
Fret StJte visited the forces on the upper
Tugela and addressed the burghers while
under lire
Vn lnlltitnl mice
BERLIN Jan 27 The newspapers here
declare that Dr Ie ds visit has no po
litical significance
Ihr Mi iiukI lnlrriichrtl
LONDON Jan 27 The War Office lias
received the following from Field rtshal
Lord Roberts Geneml French recon
roltrcd the enemys iiuslllon on Januiry
25 and round it strongly entrenched it
Pietfonteln The situutlon remains un
Itohher i -ct liver XHoon
DEERFIELD Wis an 27 The private
bank of II B Fargo Co here was entered
early this morning and 18000 In money and
a 100 Government bond stolen No trace
of the robbers has been found
Tin- Ilnmir In Arcrntlnn
NEW YORK Jan 27 Schwartz Dupee
Co received today the following cabla
from Iluenos Ayres Argentine Republic
Port Rosarla closed also tbls port There
arc several catcs of bubonic plague here
nrs SifVZ
A Rsiort That Hullcr Is in Full
Jiclrcai Xut Crnlitcd
I lie nliliiil Defence ommllli r In
nt tlir Lomlovi Wnr Oilier
llir ttii of i From Minii
frlrn Gives lllse In Mor
i s of Ifnrfnl Import I e jtls Work
LONDON Jan 27 The Defence Com
mittee or the Cahinct met at the War
Omce this aft rnoon I ord Salisbury presiding-
There are reiterated rumors that
the gravest kind of news from Natal Is
being concraled bj the War Office It Is
even said that General Butlers forces arc
In full retreat
An Important meeting of the Defence
Committee of the Cabinet was held t the
War Office this afternoon Sir Michael
Hicks Ilcaeh the Chancellor of the Ex
chequer came to London purposely lo at
tend and Joseph Chamberlain the Secre
tary of State for the Colonies gave up
other engagements for the same reason
No ofllclil or unofficial news In reference
to Splon Kop is printed though the Eastern
Extension Telegraph Coirany announces
that there Is no delay on the eastern route
All unofficial messages take from one to
three davs In transmission The cable com
pany expects that the repairs to the west
ern cable will be completed by today and
that the new Anglo African cable will be
completed bj February 20
The Westminster Gazette says that
the stor from llerlln In reference to lJul
lers retreat an be connected with Dr
Lejds the Transvaal agent recent ar
rival there No credence Is given the story
whatever The Derlln story referred to is
as follors
Berlin Jan 27 Some of the pipers
here sa thev have a Ulegiiin from Pre
toria that Gmeral Warren was enticed
Into Splon Kop where the Boers fell upon
him that seventeen of his cam on were
captured and that Bullers hasty retreat
over the Tugela River alone can save him
The alleged Pretoria telegram adds that
the liritlsh losses were S09 men killed and
1500 wounded
The despatch comes through Brussels
and does not receive much credit In this
Another report Rays lhat the British un
der Duller on the Tugela have suffered an
other reverse besides that nt Splon Kop
and that a portion of his force hai been
driven back beyond the positions he held
prior to the attack on Splon Kop This ap
pears to be wholly without authentic
rent Ilrlmm inN lle n snpnllrd
MADRID Jan 27 The Imparcial
stated tcda that a factory at Placencla
had been suppl ing munitions to Great
Britain and that 60000 shells had already
been delivered The question was brought
up in the Chamber today and Prime Min
ister Sllvela In repl said that the con
tract was signed before the war and the
government bad not prevtntHl the exporta
Tin- lli irlnc In It M Tiiirk Viljonriird
I nlll Neil YV rilnrxliu
NEW tORK Jan 27 The hearing be
fore United States Commissioner Shields
in the matter of the Gaynor Ilrotbcrs and
B D Greene the contractors Indicted In
Savannah Ga with former Capt Oberlin
M Carter for fraud and conspiracy against
the Government which was set for today
has been further adjourned until next
Commissioner Shields decided that if a
missing witness for the defence turns up
by Wednesday next his testlmonj will be
Included in the record and if not the ex
amination will be considered closed The
summing up was set for next Thursday
JuttKC pefr ItcfiiHis to Interfere
With III Sfulionril CoiiMiilhntloii
ATLANTA Ca Jan 27 Judge Speer
today In the United States Circuit Court
at Macon rendered a decision denng the
temporary Injunction asked against the
Williams syndicate in the Seaboard Air
Line fight The decision was based partly
on the fact that a bill is pending before
Judge Waddill in the United States Cir
cuit Court at Richmond to enjoin the
same proposed consolidation Judge Speer
held that tbo Richmond case should be
decided before he could proceed further
The case Is retained however to be beard
at a later date
rT 4
tiMi St
Cillinil Inpers tlr 111k DlfTrrcnrcK
W Mli llir I IvU Vlllliorltlrs
HWANA Jan Issue between
Civil Governor NunzJ and Military Gov
ernor Ludlow in thejabsence ot General
Woo 1 Is slmplyjslmmering Mayor Lacoste
has not replied to Governor Nunezs letter
formall demanding the submission of the
budget to him for revision and approval
General Ludlow hai been much annoyed
over the publication of the facts In the
The only Cuban newspaper which has
given any extended discussion to the ques
tion Is Le Dlscusfon which has been
friendly right along to General
Tills newspaper recognizes what some peo
ple regard as an incongruity and ss there
Is a very easy method of solving the prob
lem If Governor General Woods order of
January 13 Instructing the military officers
not to Interfere with the functions of civil
authorities Is not sufficiently clear another
order should Immediately be Issunl fixing
the status of the Military Governor ot Ha
vana in reference to the nyuntamieiit03
within his territory identical to that of the
commanders of other departments now ex
It is claimed that there is a difference
and that the anomaly arises from the fact
that the Intervening government uses
different dates different methods etc The
anomaly however should no longer con
tinue and this Ctibin paper which has
been quoted right along sajs that it docs
not consider that any disgrace attaches to
General if the special attributes
conceded to him In December 1S9S are now
withdrawn as they are now opposed to the
exigencies of the situation and the rights
and duties of the governor ot the prov
The Iucha has little to say It sim
ply prints the facts in tbn controversy
with some sarcastic reference to the mix-
up between General Ludlow the military
governor and General Nunez the civil
governor The Lucha expresses the
hope that General Wood will Immediately
define the respective authority of the mili
tary and civil officials
With reference to General Ludlows let
ter to the New York Times La Lachu
prints a savage editorial which says that
General Ludlow has taken advantage of
his official position to utter Insults which
otherwise he would not dared lo have done
La Lucha says that when Spaniards felt
themselves insulted Injthis way they sent
seconds and fought it out The Intimation
is very strong that Editor San Miguel
would be glad if General Ludlow would do
El Cubano the other newspaper with
which General LudlotV has had trouble
does not mention the letter or controversy
with Senor Nunez Neither does the
Patrla the only other Cuban organ
IVhnt Pnrt Ihr ni IMnjcil In tlii
Secretary Long received a cable message
from Rear Admiral Watson yesterday giv
ing an account of the part the navy played
In the opening of the hemp ports and par
ticularly in the Oght at Legaspl Several
of the naval officers arc commended for
gallantry in actlou The report is as fol
MANILA Jan 28 Kobbes expedition
southeast Luzon NajhvUe Helena Mari
vtles convoying comp e suuess Saiso
gon Donsol Pulan VI e Lrgaspi taken
and garrisoned Legasjd Tuesds after
sharp fight Nashville co operating Inside
DM ards Private Marine Franklin
wounded on loard Nashville Captain
Bradley and five others Arm none se
tlous Fiftj onc dcad Filipinos In trenches
Rodgers commends Moore commanding
Helena Gilpin commanding Mariveles
Moale Cook Kucnzli Castleman Cadet
Evans services rendered during expedition
Rear Admiral Watson also cabled the
following deaths of men In his fleet W P
Walker ordinary seaman on the Wheel
ing Lawrence O Adams apprentice oi
the Solace P C Fenaney private on the
New Orleans Henry Thomas landsman
en the Uennington Jam Franklin ordi
nary seaman on the Castlne
Ilriitfiinnt rllliiinrr Anion Thosr
on tin- llos flliil Ship
The hospital ship Solaco sailed from Ma
nila yesterday for Ban Francisco She
will touch at Hollo Cebu and the Isabella
coaling station The Solace will also
touch at Guam en route to San Francisco
The Isabella coaling station nt which the
Solace will touch Is on Ilasllnn Island
which was found more suitable for coaling
purposes than Zamboanga the capital and
principal port of Mindanao Island where
it was originally Intended to establish a
naval coal depot Isabella had been
chosen by the Spaniards for we as a coal
ing station A garrison of United States
marines under Lieutenant Ong Is at Isa
Lieut J C Glllmore of the navy re
ccntlj rescued after eight months expe
rience as a prisoner of war In the hands
of the Filipinos will return home on the
j ouiuiu which win carry aiso me remains
I of Capt Henry E Mchols who died from
sunstroke on the monitor Monndnock
which he commanded and Capt Clarence
L A Ingate of the Marine Corps who
died at Guam following n surgical opera
Poller of iirliiKllctil III think Mr
us Vlurdorril
of Rev Father Sullivan vas found at an
early hour this morning nt the rear of the
residence of Vicar General Ilickey pastor
of the Church of the Immaculate Concep
tion Father Sullhnn was formerly as
slstatnt at this church but for the past
dip months has been stationed nt Libert
Adams county Every indication points to
foul play The dead priest was Ijlng with
his feet toward a flight of two steps lead
ing to the strut door nml his head rested
In a pool of blood on the brick pavement
A small triangular wound was found on
the he id below the car which phjslclans
say could not have been made by falling
The pollrc believe ho was murdered Ills
friends think It wm nccldentil
Father Sullivan came here yesterday
morning from Liberty and met a
John O llrien They had a few
drinks together and about i oclock he
went lo bed at the St Nicholas Hotel He
was awakened nt I oclock In the afternoon
by O llrien nnd the two proceeded toward
tho Wabash station Father Sullivan stating
that he was going to return lo Liberty on
the 5 oclock train Qllrien lift him be
fore the depot was riached nml no one
has been found who Jtaw him later with
the exception of a druggist who saw him
about 0 oclock last night
Thr Jnnic itiiiiii Mill
NORFOLK Va Jan 27 -The Old Do
minion steamship Jamestown which went
aground jesterday off Brush llluff Shoals
Is still stuck in the mud An effort was
mado to float her at high tide this morn
ing but It failed It will be renewed when
the tide comes In this afternoon
To nml ift r
turn v In llnllroml
Tickets on ule Saturdiy d Sumlay January
27 ami 2S good 10 -Hum until Jlond y January
All trains extent Coosreiiional Limltid
A Democrat Sealed by the Ken
lucky Legislature
Tin- nn Vleter llerry Cimlest Ile
snlts In n Itrpnlilirnil Instril
Till- 1 n lor Int llon In tin
3lliinritji Unl Iorcr Cnn Keep
tlic Present Governor In OMIrc
FRANKFORT Ky Jan 27 In a strict
party vote on a joint ballot in the legisla
ture today the Republicans weej live In
the minority which plainly reveals the
strength of be contending Gercbel ml
Taylor factions It is now conceded that
house proceedings today but the Repub
licans refused on the allegation thnt Mr
Watson while paired with an absent Re
publican last week did not keep faith with
At the opening of the session Mr nur
knmp who presented the majority eport
In favor of Mr Berry Republican resumed
his argument in favor of the adoption of
the report which he had presented At
the conclusion of Mr Burl amps argu
ment Mr Rawlins who presented the
minority report announced that bslng III
he was unable to speak In behalf of his re
port and surrendered the flcor to Repre
sentative Ilollan who delivered the ar
gument in favor of the adoption of the
minority report
At the conclusion of Mr Hollans argu
ment Mr Finn Democrat moved the pre
vious question which was the adoption cf
the majority report
Ilepiihllcnns Mitrtlieil in Anhi
for fine ot Tlirlr llemlirrs
LEXINGTON Ky Jan 27 About 2
oclock Ibis afternoon Adjutant General
Collier Secretary of tho Republican State
Committee K J Hampton and two other
leading Republicans arrived here en a
special engine from Frankfort In search of
Republican Representative Ephraim Hayes
ot Puliski county They explained that
Hiyes was seen going toward tho State
bouse at 910 oclock this morning but
when the house convened twenty minutes
later he was not j esen A search of
Frankfort wa3 made for him as inirortant
contests were to be decided today and It
was found so the leaders say that Hayes
hid been ploying poker with Democrats
last night and that he was seen to board
the hour the legislature convenes It was
also found that Hajes had drawn his pay
Uhcn this was discovered an entice was
chartered and the party came to Lexington
They searched resorts of all Mnd3 and
hotels but could not get any trace of
Hayes further than that one man saw him
get off the train here They sa the ic
tlon of Haps and the fact that In a a tret
p irty vole on Joint ballot today the Re
publicans were five in the minority shows
that Goebel has the whip hand and no pow
er but farce can prevent him from becom
ing governor They Intimated that force
would be used
lintniks Senntor IlinrKciI tth
Inlsr Irelriut s
LOUISVILLE Jan 27 In the police
court this afternoon Senntor S II Ilarrel
of Russcllville Ky was held to answer
under bond of 1000 for obtaining monej
V Drlm lunrnt r 3 tniin llnns n
for Vontli tfrlen
HALIFAX N S Jan 27 The K0 men
of the Canadian Northwest Mounted Police
constituting the Second Battalion ot the
Canadian Mounted Rifles embarked toda
on the transport Pomeranian for South
Africa taking with them thlr horses am
munition nnd arms The men are com
manded by Colonel Hlrchmelr who like a
great many of his men saw service In the
Red River rebellion Gen Ixird William
Seymour Governor Daly and the mayor
of Halifax made patriotic addresses to the
battalion before emburkatlnn and 20000
citizens blocked the streets and cheered
the soldiers as hey marched from the
armories to the Iomerainlan
It was bitter cold with the thermometer
the lowest of the season and snow was
swirling thick before a strong north wind
when the transport hauled off from the
wharf She lay in the stream for four
Gcebcl hold the whip hand and no power I rZTSJ
but force can prevent him from becoming
The Goebelltes scored a signal victory
In the case of Van Mecr Demorat agiin t
Berry Republican for the Iattcrs seat
In the legislature which was decided in
favor of Van Meter by a vote of CI to 15
This Is the vote which Republicans nnd
Democrats admit Is an accurate forecast
of the vote in the Goebel Taylor contest
The Democrats voting with the Republi
cans were Cochran Egbert Grider Ilinton
Orr and Willlngham Sledge Democrat
was absent and Speaker Trimble did not
A resolution to adopt the majority report
as amended by the minority report was
adopted 51 to 45 and Mr Van Meter was
declared a membe of the assembly
The house adjourned until Monday morn
ing at 11 oclock
According to the opinion of both Demo
crats and Republicans the vote on the Van
Mcter Ilcrry contest case In the house of
representatives will In all probability In
dicate the votes in the Goebel Taylor con
The Democrats tried in vain to pair Mr
Sledge who was unable to attend the
-- w j u tit Jitlicii
before leaving the harbor a heavy sea
was running outside
The departure of this detachment makes
700 men of the second Canadian contin
gent who have sailed for South Africa
Five hundred more completing the contin
gent will sail by the steamer Milwaukee
In two weeks The Milwaukee Is now dis
charging cargo at New Orleans Later In
Ihe month Lord Strathconas Horse will
also sail from Halifax for South Africa
lllitclirreil liy tteiirrnl Torres llurliic
n Klsht With tlir YminlK
EL PASO Tex Jan 27 Friends ot
George L Lunt and Charles Burns of EI
Paso who with six other Americans are
said to have been butchered by General
Torres at the recent round up of the Yaqui
Indians today made formal application to
United States Consul Charles W Klndrlck
at Juarez Mexico for a full Investigation
of the affair
Consul Klndrick notified the State De
partment and telegraphed the consular
agent at Guaymas Mexico for a complete
report Reports from Naco Ariz received
today confirm the killing of the Americans
VikiIIkt Irclilnit In the sv Cltr
A large window In the office of the dep
uty auditor at the ilty postoffice was
blown from Its fastenings by the wind on
Friday and the glass smashed Into thou
sands o pieces
An examination developed the fact that
the fastenings ot the window weie inse
cure and the window badly fitted into place
It Is stated that other rooms in the build
ing are uncomfortable because of shaky
windows bad ventilation and Insecure sky
Vfolinnimeiliiii i nn Illmltia of
Initln Itiilnc n Wnr Kami
CALCUTTA Jan 27 at a great meeting
here tonight the Hindus and Mohamme
dans passed a resolution of loyalty to the
Queen and subscribed 03000 rupees to the
lord mayors fnnd
V ihstniirt Itiimeil In lie llore
Powerful Tim 11 Melinite
PARIS Jan 27 It Is stated that Mr
Turpin an American is on his way to the
Transvaal to assist the Boers In the man
ufacture of an explosive of his own Inven
tion which he claims Is more powerful
than melinite
IlnvnKes nf tlir oiircr In
find Its Irm Ilicrs
The weekly report of Surgeon General
the train for Lexington which leaves about I Wyman of the Marine Hospital Service
under false pretences Tho trial was tho
aftermath of the brlberj sensation which
was sprung in the Democratic caucus at
Frankfort on New Year Day when ilar
rel iu a dramatic fashion threw down the
keys to Box 55D of a Louisville companys
vaults declaring that it contained XI0O
which hid been placed there for him as 11
bribe lo stop Goebcls contest The man be
nccuseiL of attempting to bribe him was
John II Whalcn or Louisville
While Ihe grand Jury was Investigating
Ihe case Whalen burst a bomb dicll in the
ioeb I 0 nip b admitting lhat he hni
given Ilarrel 000 to stop the eontet anl
swearing out a warrant charging linrrel
with obtaining muney under false pre
tences Tin- affidavit accompinilng the
warrant said that Barrel had said that the
Goebel manigrrs had given him JJOO and
had promised him 300 more and Ihe placa
of Superintendent of the Hopklnsvllle
Lunatic Asjlum If he would vote for Goe
bel In the ipproachlng contest Ilarrel
wns willing however so the affidavit said
to accept 000 to make up certain evi
dence which he said he possessed to ruin
Gocbids contest The inone was paid
over all except Wi that sum having fen
placed In the vault box to be taken 0U1 by
linrrel on the fulfillment of bis promise
The 00 was I l l - rnay the
tcl nnnagers
Ilarrel was prosecuted by Gen P W
Hardin who was defeated by Goebel and
Attorneys Theodore llallam and J t
ONell The evidence against Ilarrel was
conclusive as there were four witnesses
to the transaction and the wrlttin con
tract which Ilirnd signed but the defence
made a strong effort to secure his dis
missal on technicalities Even Harreli
opponents exf cited his dismissal and thu
verdict caused 11 sensation Harrtl was
shown up in an exceedingly bad light
which has acted as a boomerang against
the Democrats who had made great cap
ital out of the attempted bribery
A Trnnsport rrlvri From Vlnnlln
SAN FRANCISCO Jan 27 The trans
port City of Sydney arrived today from
Manila She brought only one passenger
and some freight She left the transport
Thomas at Nagasaki to follow In five or
bx days so the Thomas Is expected here
about Februarj 1 with General I awtons
body On- the Thomas Is also Lieutenant
IlrecMnrldgc who was wounded and to
whose assistance General Lawton went
when he was killed
sas that the latest official statements from
India show the number of deaths from tho
bubonic plague to have been about 2000 a
week Tor the week ended December 25
there were 2080 deaths In the city of
llombay the mortality from this cause rose
front 100 in the preceding week to US
I In the South Mahratta States the report
Rajs the conditions have Improved In
Calcutta during the official week forty-
eight plague victims were reported In the
Saran district Bengal province only iso
lated cases are now met with
At a late hour last night Surgeon General
Wyman had received no further communi
cations relating to the spread of the bu
bonic plague in Honolulu- The report that
twenty nine or thirty deaths had occurred
there within the past forty eight hours
from the disease was not officially con
firmed Dr Wyman said that the official
reports from Surgeon Carmlchael stationed
at Honolulu would come by way of Van
couver II C The ordinary chinnel of in
formation 13 through San Francisco
Dr Klelis Vilvlses the t ulttirc of
Pilsteurs 11tI T0xlue srriim
CHICAGO Jan 27 The Tribune to
day quotes Dr Edwin Klebs professor cf
pathology In the Post Graduate Medical
School as sajlng that the United Stales
Government should make preparations for
a visit of the buboni plague le paints
out as significant that France Germany
Russia and Italy arc making Pasteurs
and suggests that the United
States Department of Agriculture be au
thorized bj Congress to establish crum
stations nt onie In Islands in the Pacific
and Atlantic Onaiis and perhaps in the
Greal I akes
Prof Klebs Idea came from his rareful
watch of the spread of the disease and
from Ihe fnt that in lsfi in Canton and
Amoy China the administration of the
Piteur intl toxlnc reduced the death rate
from per cent to 8 per cent It re
quires a year to perfect Ihe anti toxine
Thr Independent Vlniuifitrliirri
vot lo t ol Irlt r
PITTSllURG Pa Jan 27 MI of Ihe
local Independent window glas manufac
turers bid defiance to the tnst today by
giving notice tint they will not sell glass
for deliver afler February 1 at the cut
price sit bv the American Glass Company
which has onnnunccn mai 11 nis ueciueti
upon another reduction of from 5 to H per
cent Tho independent firms will store
their glass until Ihc present conJItlon has
CiilHc for tfrlen
FINDLEY Ohio Jan 27 Two hundred
ond eighty head of cattle occupjln
eighteen cars were shipped to Newport
News today and will go tbencr by ship lo
Durban South Africa The cattle were
bought by a man named Woodward of
Chicago purchasing agent of the liritlsh
Government The cost was upward ot
rljllli llnalm ss Collrsr Mil nnd K
ii Census Office Lumicuisn ij
Price Three Cents
Norwegian Warship Despatched to
1nforcc n Damage Claim
Srrlnns Trouble Likely to firntv Out
of the Hrrent Heyt s Ilehrlllon V
llrlrt HIMory of Complication
Tlir Ill Trriilmrnt of
1rnlt Trade fntise of Vctloii
NEW ORLEVNS Jan 27 The troublo
prcdlctd between Norway and Nleiragua
growl out of the- Reyes rebellion Ijst
spring will reach an acute stage In tbo
next few days when a Norwegian man-of-
war will appear before Blueflelds lo com
pel tho payment of tbt damage claimed
because of Ill treatment of Norwegians by
the Nlcaraguan Government during the re
bellion Nearly all the- fruit busing be
tween New Orleans and the Atlantic Coast
of Nicaragua Is handled by Nbrweglaa
vessels The vessels however are oper
ated by American companies There am
also many Norwegians lu Blueflelds and
the neighborhood
During the Reyes rebellion tho rebel
seized the Condor a Norwegian vessel and
used her to transport troops from IJIue
fields to Cape Graclas Later after tbi
suppression of the rebellion the Condor
was boarded by the government troops In
spite of the protest of the Norwegian Con
sul and a Norwegian taken from her and
carried lo the Blueflelds Jail This outrage
was brought to the notice of the Nor
wegian authorities The Government of
Norway informed the minister at Managua
that at the first opportunity the matter
would be taken up In a suitable way
A claim for damages was filed with tho
Government of Nicaragua and a Norwe
gian man-of-war will call at Blueflelds In
a few djys It Is understood that the
Norwegian Government Intends to collect
the amount of the damages demanded iu
the same manner that the English collect
ed VvWO during the year 1S5 at the port
of Corinto on the Faclflc coast that Is to
seize a port and collect the customs until
the amount of the claim Is paid Blue
fields is the port lhat will probably bo
seized and as Blueflelds Is mainly owned
by Americans it may le id to seme diplo
matic relations with this country
Au Vllcinpl to Ilurn nml Illoiv Ip
Three stores lu ferre llnulr
TERRE HAUTE Ind Jan 27 Tcrro
Hautf was astounded this morning when it
was learned that an attempt had been made
to burn and blow uo three stores over
which thirty two persons were sleeping
and there was talk of lynch law for Dr
J C Casto who owns the stores A flra
was discovered in the doctors drug store
at 4 a m and after it was extlngulsheiL
the firemen found improvl sl gutters antl
troughs filled with oil and ruses made oC
saturated toweling in Castoa general store
adjoining Ihe drug store Holes were cut
In Ce floors to make stronger drafts and
dynamie and gunpowder had been placet
where they would do tho most destruction
There was enough dynamite lo destroy all
the buildings on the block Casto and soma
of his clerks were arrested for arson Ho
says his enemies did the work because ho
has prospered In business He carried a
large Insurance
The tieorffrlown ColIeKr IiiIim Will
Give n Concert lnTievv lurk
NEW YORK Jan 27 The Georgetown
Glee Banjo and Mandolin Club3 will give
their annual New York concert nt the
Waldorf Astoria on the evening of Feb
ruary 7 This college organization from
Dixie is sure of an enthusiastic wlconio
in New York where It has many friends
Many members of the Southern So iety
have taken boxes and seats for the con
cert The concert will be under tho
patronage of welt known women umong
whom are Mrs W Gould Jennings Mrs
John G Agar Mrs Charles Oelrichs Mrs
F K Coudert Mrs E Burrall Hoffman
Miss Leary and Mrs Thomas Barrett
Western Lines gree to Pnj o VIoret
Commissions on rtuslne
NEW YORK Jan 27 Under the agree
ment Just signed by the We tern railroad
men effective February 1 they pedgo
themselves not to under any circumstance3
pay any sort of stipend cr consideration of
any character to ticket agents brokers ur
others for their influence
Sixty different lines- are bound by tho
agreement The signing roads icclude all
the great transcontinental lines
The Eastern railroads led off in tto
movement at a meeting held in this city 1
short lmr h it was also agreed
lhat rates should be strictly maintained
Ml Ihe principal railroads of the country
have therefore pledged themselves not to
pay commHsions of any kind on ptssenger
business It was said today that this Is Ihe
first time within the recollection of tho
oldest passenger agent that so important
f measure was agreed to by practically al
of the railroads In the United States It s
estimated by some of the Eastern trunk
line officers that tho abolition ot coram
sions nn passenger traffic and the strict
maintenance of rates will add between
3000000 and 30000C0 annuall to the
earnings ot the railroads and that it will
take just that much from the Income of
the ticket scalpers The agreement In
fact is expected to result in praitieally
throwing all ot the railroad ticket scalpers
out of business The ticks scalpc V offices
In Chicago St Louis Cleveland Cincin
nati and Iltiffalo It Is said will hive
close up and the move of the railroads will
seriously afreet the twenty or more inde
pendent railroads ticket ig 1113 in thi3
Tho agreement Is taken by close ob
servers as further and important evldcn o
if tho steady tendency In the railroid
world toward unltirntlcn and harmonizi
liou of interests The various liuportact
Pnaretal Interests which control tho chief
raitrojd systems cf tLe country hive been
gradually coming closer together The ten
dency has lecn tonard doing iwi vih
rate wars mid to economize all along the
line mong the most important ot he
reforms bis been the abolition of the spe
cial rates and rebates that hive ben given
to large shippers of good as well js tin
doing away with tho sjsiem of corumisloni
paid out to freight anil passenger irnltli
agents The economics that have bee 1 in
stituted have already had their effect la
swelling the curning3 of Ihe railroad
tlir II V 1 llorroVTi ruslnes
BALTIMORE Jan 27 So great I- I ho
rush ot traffic on the Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad sj stein that the manngcmci t has
ben forced to borrow twenty engines frcm
the Great Northern and four from the Soo
line Theso were placed In service on tho
Chicago division of the Baltimore and
Ohio about a week ago ond will be t3ed
until the Baltimore and Ohio receives ne
slxty flvc locomotives which the llaltlvviu
Works am building It Is expvrtcd tho
first delivery ot the new engines will be
made early in February and continue at
the rale of eight t wik until ill tho
macbln s ar received

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