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Sunbury American and Shamokin journal. (Sunbury, Northumberland Co., Pa.) 1840-1848, June 21, 1845, Image 1

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u:ims or tiik amekicax."
It. H. MAKSSER, ? Tu Muslim
It. It, 7MSSEII, Editor.
Office in Centre Alky, in the rear of 11. li. Mas
ter's Wore
THE" AMERICAN" ix ptiMinhrd every Sntur
day nt TWO DOLLARS per nnnnm lo bo
paid hnlf yearly in advance. No paper discontin
ued till all arrearages are paid.
No subscriptions received for a less period than
six MimBs. All communication nr Idlers on
business relntin. to the office, to insure attention,
iust be rOSl' PAID.
H. 3. 2ASSE?.,
Huslnrss uttended to in the Counties of Nor
(huii'lrrlnnd, Union. Lvconiini; and (Jolumbio.
llefi r loi
Twinta Hht A Co., "
Lnwni V IIjbhui,
II iht, Cum i i ins & Haht, 'Am.
I'mNor.ns, MrPAHt.Aii & Co.
Ni'mu xii, 'Joiiii ft Co.,
bTir(!ilTrS PATEN'l'
ffllHIS M idline Ins inw been tested by more
JL than tbiny fii'inliis in this neiii.hbnrh.iod, nnd
h is given entire satisfaction. Ii is to wimple in its
construction, ihnt il cuniiot pet out of order. Ii
remains no iron to ru-t, and no .prion. or roll: r to
Cil out of reoiir. Ii will 1I0 twice ns much ws,h-
ItlU, Will lS 1117,11 1 1 :i I HIV V.1'111 1111,1 11(11 ,'l till, "I '
, 1 1 , . : '
I in l i.ii'i.iili.iiiri. nn.l ivh il Id fit nTenfpr In lirr. i
: :.u 1.... . i i.i .1 1 - ..f f 1
t iiite.il costs but lit It over half .is much as other
ashinir murrain's.
The Mibwribrr has the exclusive richl for Nor.
t hunilii-r land, Cuiori, I. coiiiiiog, Columbia, Lu
zerne and Cliulou Counties. Price of single nn
ihtncffi. II. U. M ASJ-EK.
Ti e fullnwii B ceitifieate s fioin n few nl' ilmse
who have the.-e tnucbine in use.
funbuiy, Auk. 21. 11 1.
We, the Fubseribeis. in rnty Ibnl we Imve now
in u-ie, in our families, 'Mniiii'il's patent M'nsh-
Hid Myelinic, nn.l iioi.niiif Mi'.ie kijiiiu trmi u i
n most excellent iinvmiin. I'h.il, in a-bing, I
ii .1 .. k ii .!. .... i i i
it will t-avc more than one h ill the usual moor. I
'J'lint it dm s n -t require more than one tiiird the j
usual qtianiiiy ol so. p.m.) water ; nn.l that il ere
is no rulibins. nn I e ns. quenilv. I lt'e or no wear- 1
1 . . :
1112 i'f leaniii!. 1 1 1 it il knueks h no tuitions. miiiI i
that the finest do lv s, si c'l lis Collar-', laeis, terlts,
frills, Vc, m.av be was! r.l in a ve y short lime
XTilbotit the b ust ir.jur , and ill fact Wiih. ut any
apparent wear and I. ar, wh ilev.-r. We then f.ir.'
clji erfully recoiiuneinl it to our fi ien ls sud to. the
j ublic, as a moot useful and l i)"r ssvioe miehii.e.
A. .lOltliAN.
Oll)i:0 MARK I.E. I
II..,,. C. WEI.KER, !
ITrnn's Hotki., (form, ily Tiemoiit lLm-e, No.
116 Cli. snot suiei,) I'liiljdelpbia, epteuilM r
21 si, I S 1 1 .
I hae iimsI slmoi rl's Patent Wa-hinri Machine
in my bou-e upw arils of eihl inonih-, cud do nol
lieritate to tay that I deem il one of ihe mo t use
ful and valuable labor-savinR machines ever itiven-
t. .1. I f.iiinerly U' 1 1 Iw.i w.uiieii cm tiiiuuliy no
rnpied in nnshirc, who now do as mui h in two !
liny as ih.y then did in one w.-ik. i here is no j
wear or tear in ws,hiii". Hi.d it reinnus nut more f
.i i, i ii I
than one-third the usual (pi iniity el snap. 1 have
bad a number of o'lur in chines in my fain ly, but I
this Is so ilecidi'dly supi n.ir to every llnnp else, and
bo li tie In:1 !e to cl mil of i p or, liial I would lint
lo without ol.e if lliey should cosl leu l ines the
Tice ihey re s. I.I f .r. 1UN1EL Dl'iC!.
Umbrella nml 1'arasnl Manufactory.
jVj. .' iV7A 7Vix r-, urn iW belnw the
try i ion-: i
I i 1 1 a ilolp Etia.
A LWAYS on .a,.d, a larae vtock of l"M
y PKLLI.As t, PAI!S()I S, i.,i!u im; the
i . . . .. i l:. i . i I.VI ....l l. ... ..i' k..
aiiM ll.'w if in 1 li. I., u 1.1.. u I ail'.'', .'. in,- .
, . . . , . , . .i . .. n i
best w.iiUni ins' p Hi.d malirisls, nl prices Ihnt will ,
make i an nhjecl loCouiitrv Meichmis sod ..lliers 1
to call and ixminue Ins si i k 1- f.-r.- puicba-iiig
23, IM5 - ly
rOOf) ly L. Pliti lluhs-f.r-t qunliiy.
;!50U Dry Li Cuiis. d i
HHHl 1 i V Salted Li (iuira. do
ICOU Ui'y Sa'l.d Ur zil Hides, do
:$." Ua'is (.'reen Salted Patna Kip".
2t Rut. I'rv Pa in. Kips.
liO llarie s Tiilili. .s' Oil.
Tniim rs' and Curiieis" 'J'nols.
pur sale lo C.nii.ti) T..I i.trs ul die Itnv. st pticrs
did upon Ihe 1 est t ri.is.
N. II. The liin'iist uiiikel prices pud f,.r all
kii.Jn ufhudicr.
N '. -1 , s,.ii'!i I lord St. Pl.il.di'l hia.
Kppifniber I I, 1M 1. ly.
vsxirr ntM: hhipoi .m),
run Tilt rr mi i r
1 V V 1 I.' P 1 A
fTTlHIS Medicine s.fivr.l to i'i- i-u'dic ceuer-'...;,
11 allv. IV. f il fil l nnvif'U..li 1 il IK - uiitritr
..,., ..."I .!,.;., v I., r.r.i,.. .-,..i
Dvsp. psia, l.i'er Ceiiiphiini, N.rvoii Debility or
Ilo.lily e kui-s. Ae.
IL i tr.f sl.av,. I,en ..-ted in a pri,te prnc.ice
(I lit: II I t IJ I (l nn, nun II i linn 1 naiti 1-
ci'cuhited, ul ihe . li. iiude of many who have r
teive.l the must siim d I cnefit from it e u e ef it.
The following is one anions a iiuiuU-r of ri rlifi
ratps received in ii-l.il ion to the nuctrst uf this nie
dicinc :
Lncstmi Co. March Is.
Dn. (iifmaE W. Ai.lkn',
1 tear Sir : It it wilh t-'.-at . 'ensure that I in
form you of ibc biici ess Meiidn p ynur IKspeplic
Medicine, while 111 1 1 ved in ii.ypHCiice. Piotn
past i J pen- n. e, I lirii.lv b hi ve tout in ei;ht rases
nut of ten, the D sprptic, by the use el j. ur medi
cine, may emir ly rid himself of ibis thorn 11, die
pathway of life: not only in dyspeptic raset, but
in all c ise of routlipation, and dlttfa-es deiid,iii;
on a dil.ilitaied stale of the nervous system, tope,
ther with a lo.pi.l stitenf the b iwtda, will your E
li.ir he f iU'.d of iiir.tilil ddt' value. Numerous ill
lances wherein Ihe usifu'nesa of ihe medicine baa
beru rea'i-ed, may l foi warded, if required. I
w ii-h yiu grrai kuccets, and recomini 11 J the uiedi
cine to the kUtVeriug part of mankind.
Youif, with crest respect,
Cj- For sale at Ihe store of It. 1J. Manser, agent
for ihe proprietor, Sunl-ury, I'a,
OnnlTf 3i.it., lrtl t. ly
FL 1 V t I : i:i. Tb7i5fsTei price wTlITe
Ijiveu lor l'lat tin'd, by
Aug- 3!, 181 J. 11. D. MASSER.
Absolute acquiescence in the decisions of the
Ily Massrr & i:tscij-.
"Slnnd by Vour Cnnnlrj.'1
CorxTRY !" was the emphatic admonition of
"'rra Jackson, to a delecate to the linltimore
' . -! 1 . a I . . .1 11 . . I
v onvemiou, w no sioppeu ai me J icrninngr, nnu
expressed to the old Hero his embarrassment be
tween bis fi iemkhip for one of the Presidential
candidates, and his principle in favor of the an
nexation of Texas.
Ai t 1 . .., . , ,
".Si flw by your rnunfru .' Let each word
Sink to the soul like-living llame ;
For, in a Patriot's heart they stirred,
And from a Patriot's lips they came;
Prom one, who, although at the prave,
f-till sends his voice to warn and save.
"Sfimil litf your emiulri .'" What are nil
The ties of friendship or of blood,
When they would lure yon from the call
To battle fur vour country's cood
your country's rij;lits) ? Oh! next to Heaven,
T . , , ,. ,
Let your heart ami baml to her be given!
"Stand by your euttnlry .'" Never sleep,
Por many a m vrmidon is near,
. .. ' , , . , ,
W ilh hitter seorn anil iintri .1 tteen
Of alia freeman holds most dear :
Men who would have you bow the knee,
Like tin m, to ruthless Monarchy.
'K'nnrl by your munlry ' To the sky
Let her proud banner be unroll'd,
Nor to one honest heart deny
j The shelter ot its starry fold ;
I Put hail with joy each added ray
That tells of Freedom's onwa'd way.
, t ,, , .
".' A'" ,r """ru 1
Pollute her soil or hover near ;
And Texas ! ne'er should History show
That Kniiland's 'moriiins drum' beat there,
Or that the Hritish lion's toar
Was heard on Oi:i:.;on's wild shore.
'Slaml by your enunt-y Riaht or wrong,
lie readv. in the hour of need
Thoush countless ills should 'round thee thronj
Al, m,nl(,s i. wrerk'd and bosoms hi I.
, , , . . , , , , ,
1 o plead her cause, and wield the brand
For Freedom and your native Land !
There are few faier FentimMits, or few timro
beaulifully i xpressed, in the wholo library of j
poets, th in the follow in iroin Talford's Irnge-
ily of '-Ion :"
''J'is a little thin?
'I'o jriv.- a cup of water, yet its draught
Of cool i efieshineiit, drained by fevei'd lips,
May semi a shock of pleasure to the soul,
More exquisite than when iiectariuu juice,
Renews the life of joy in happiest hours.
'Tis a little thing to speak some common word
Of coinlbi t, which hath almost lost its use,
. , - . . , ... ,-
I't on the ear of him who thought to die
I'nmouriied, 'twill fall I ike choicest music.
Tlie ( liiiicll ISfIIn.
The flillowin!: from rn article in Jerrol's Ma
Ijnzine, entitled "St. (!il s airl Sr. J:i,iri" is
truly admirable. It cannot be read without
einnl ;on.
"Tie re's fomethiiH' benutiful in the church-!
bell.-". I'eiiutifol nnd hopeful ! they talk to
l.i eli and low, rich nml poor in the same vo ce;
I there's a sound in 'em thot should scare pride,
j and envy, npd meanness of nil sorts from the
' I. part of man ; that should make hint look
upon Ihe world w i!li kind forsivinj ryes ; that
hoiihl make the e;:rth itself seem to him, nt
least for n lime, a holy place. Yea : there's a
whole sermon int! e very found of t!n church
pel's, if we have only the ears to rijjhtly under-
stand it- There's a preacher in every belfry, ; .... . - , ,',
I n hat tmrcr prospects ol t-uccess couu! be pre
Ihat rn.-s 'Poor, weary, Mruirg'ing, fi"hlinff . ,, ., .,
". . r " anted! hat is tnore in ccssr.ry than for Ihe
. V i .!.';... . .......
creatures p'nr liuiiinn things: tune rest, be
f . . .. .
e.K :..y crait. your I . nrt Imrnmgs ! Am! you,
humnn yes-. Is. gilt nn.l painted ; believe j
tlie iron loiieue lin t tells ye, that for all your
. n C(, -re (f ie Mmj A
dam's rarth wilh ihe beggar at your gates.
Come away. Come, cries the chur;h bell, and
learn to lei humble ; b timing that, however
daubed and stained and stuck about w iMi jew
els, you nre but grave clay ! Come, Oives,
come j und be taught that all your glory, as you
wenr i', is not hnlf sn beautiful in the eye of
heaven, ns t tie sores of uncomplaining Lazarus !
And ye pour creatures, livid and faint stinted
and criibhcd by the pridu and hardness of the
world, come, come, cries the bell, with the
voice of an angel, coino and learn what is laid
up for ye. And learning, take heart and walk
uinong the w ickedness, of the cruellies of tho
vorld, calmly as I'anitl walked among the
lions.' "
Moni:y Makimj. "l this good money!" taid
a man to a suspicious looking wng, who made
noiiiu small purchat-o of him. "It ought to bo
good, for I made it inybelf," was the reply.
With lluit he took the wag up for counterfeiting
hut he proved in defence, thut he mado tho mo
ney by fiddling.
majority, tho vital principle of Republic, from which
Buiituir, Koi'tliiimbciiuiHl to.
Whitt Is to lircome of our Country t
11 Y JfllOE MOBY.
Whrn we reflect on what has been and what
if, how tait possible not to feci n profound sense
of thercspiin.'il)ilitig of this republic to nil fit
ture Bgrs! Whtit vast motive press upon us
for lofty effort'. what brilliant prorpeets invite
nnr enthusiasm what solemn warnings nt once
drniniul our vigilance nnd inodcr.ito ourcoiili
denrft ?
The old world hnn already revealed to ns, in
its unsealed bi)l:, the inpjnniny and the end
of nil mnrvellous strnrjolrs in the cnuso of li
birly. Oreece ! lovely (Jreccn ! the land nt
scholars and the nurse of arms where s'strr
republics, in fair procession chanted the praise
of liberty where is she ? For two lhoii--nnd
years the oppressors have b( und her to the
earth. Her arts are no more. The last sad re
licsofhcr tomplea are but tho barracks nf a
ruthless soldiery. The fragments of her co
lumns nnd pabices are in tho ilnsf, yet beauti
ful in ruin. .She fell not when tlm mighty were
upon her. I lor sons were united tit Tliermopy
la? nnd Marathon, ami the tide of triumph rolled
back upon the Hellespont. She fell by the
hands ot her own people. The man of Mace
donia did not the work of destruction. It war,
already done by her own corrupt i.ms, banish
ments and dissensions.
Rnine ! republican Rome! whose enjles
"Inured in liie risinir pun where nnd what U
she ! . The eternal city yet rennins, proud e
ven in her desolations, noble in decline, en
crnli'o in the tr.njesty of religion, nnd c.ilni as
in the composure of death. The Malum has
traversed the paths worn by the destroyers.
More thsn eighteen centuries have mourned
over the Ins of the empire. A niori.il disense
was upon her before C'n-sar had crossed the Uu
biei ii, nnd I! rutin did not restore her health by
the deep pr bmeg ,f the .Senate chamber. The
(lollis and Vandals, and iiiiiiimrtable swarms of
the North, completed only w hat was hee'uii.at
home. Romans betrayed Rome ! The leci
ons were bought and told, but the people paid
the tribute money.
And where are the republics of modern times
that clustered around modern Italy! Venice
und CJeno.i, exist but in name. The Alps, in
deed, took down upon the brave peaceful S.iss
in their native (nstnestes ; but the puaran'y of
their freedom is their weakness and not their
strength. The ini.iititains are not easily ro
t it i in tl. hen the invader mines he moves
like an avalanche, virryinu destruction n his
path. The peasantry fink before him. The
country lo", is too poor for plunder, and too
rou'h f'.r valuable conquests. Nature presents
her eternal harrier on every side to check the
wantonness ol'ambition. And Switzerland re
mains, with her xiinple institutions, a military
road to cl. mates, tcarctdy worth a permanent
possession, and protected by the jeii'misy of her
We btand the latest, and if we fall, probably
the last examp'e of Kelt-government by the
, people. e n.ive I lectin under circum-taiices
of the most auspicious nature. We arc in the
I vijjor of youth. Our growth Ins never been
checked by the oppression oflvTnuny. Our
i constitutions have never been enfeebled, by the
! vices or 1'ixuriis ofthe werld.
! Such as we urn we Imvu been from the be
i piniiini', simple, hardy, intelligent, accustomed
j to self-ooverunienl, nn I self-respect. The At
: laniic tolls between us nnd a fiirtiiidahie foe.
: With'iiour territory, Ktretehini through many
! degrees. of latitude, we havelhn choice of inn
i ny products nnd many means of independence.
I Tho t'overnnient is mild. The pre.-s is free.
l now ledirp renehes fir mnv rnneli i-vrri' home
P''e to presi rvu w hut Ihey thcm.-cvcs have
Already Ina Ihe age caught the f-pirit of our
Il h
is ascended the Andes, und
snu.Ted (he brere of both oceans, it h.'is i:i!u.-ed
itself in the lile-hlood of llurope, and warmed
the sunny plains of Trance, nnd the lowland.
olTIollnud. Il has louche I the plulosopl y of
(icruiauy and the Notlh, ami moving onward
tow ard tho South, has opened to Ci.-. cce the les
niiis of her belli r days.
Can it be that America under such ciieuin
Maiices run betray iieise'.l'.' That the is lo ho
added lo the catalogue of republics tho inscrip
tion upon whoso ruin is, "They were, Lot they
are not !" Turbid it my countrymen ! Turbid
it Heaven !
1 call upon you, Tatiikrh, by tho shades of
your ancestors, by the dear ashes which repose
in this precious coil, by all you hope to be, re
tsiot every attempt to feiter your conscience, or
smother your public schools, or extinguish your
system of public instruction. I call upon you,
Motiikrm, by that w hich never fails in woman,
the love of your i ffsprir.g, teach them as 'l,ey
climb your knees to lean on your l)0so.f the
blessing of liberty. Swear them at the alter
as with tho baptismal vows, to 'uo lruc l(J ,)ejr
country uml never fjuakc 'lu.p
there is no appeal but to force, the vil.il piinriplo
Pa. Saturday, .tunc 21, is 15.
I call upon yon, Yoi no Mrs, tm remeinber
whoso sons ye are, who: 0 blond flows in your
veins. Life can never be Ion short which
brings nothing but disunion nnd oppre-rinn.
Death can ne er eoine too smhi, il necessary in
defence of our eoitnfiy.
A Fnlllifut Dot,-.
The Rrooklyn Advertiser say--, "some years
since, a family residint: in one of the Southern
states possessed a Newfoundland dog, which
conceived a htrong friendship for the little
daughter of its owner. Thischih! he used to
escort regularly to school, carrying her si'el el
in his month, nn.l was fjennnlly nt the door
when the hours of her penance were over, to
trot along by her side homeward.
Onediy, the girl, having strayed nway willi
out the knowl.'diie of her pi rents-, saiM.'erod n-
long to the water, nnd was amusing herself by
walking upon the striiiL' pieces of a pier. The
dog, as usual, was her only rttendaut, nnd
seemed to watch her pranks wiih much ntt-n-t
on and considerable uneasiness. Frequently
warned by various persons upon thewhar1", to
keep further from the rdief she nevertheless,
with juvenile waywardness, continued her dan-
rjernus pnstime, until finally miss-mir her foot
ing, (die fell into the water. Instantly the
neii.'h!iothood was in nn uproar : some ran to
loosen a boat, others flung hoards ititn'hestrenm
and a sailor present stripped oil' his jacket and
shoes for a plunge alter the lil'le castaway.
Rut Towser fully comprehended the matter
nt n glance, nnd belure it was fa ily know n that
she was in peril, w in by the side of his youn
mistress, had MT.eil Iot by her floating dress.
nml was padiliii.:,' bad; with his pr eious bur
iii n to the wharf. The genemus Jack tar bad
now only to leap into a slrp's ynwl lu.id by, and
pull both of the dripping ert a'ures into it, nnd
deposite them upon the dock in salVty,
'Powser, 'if course, bec.ime more than ever a
favor, to wilh th(! family, and held a very envi
able rank above others of his species. As his
mistress increased in ttrength mid stature she
was never allowed to forget the debt of grati
tude c! no her canine companiot., although she
had i.iitorown the neces.-i y of railing upon
linn tor further services, so that he slept and
prew fat upon his laurels, like soineold soldier,
whose jouthful privations and evulenci s of va
lor have procured him n pension for t ie remain
der of his pilgrimage.
Some five years after this occurrence, the fa
mily had resolved upon chr.niiitiL' their place of
residence lor the city of St. Aiii'iis'iue.
morning of their ih partnn; bad arrived; the
schooner which was io convey them to their
new homo w is castiti ; oil from the pier, ll.e
very one which had been the scene of I'ow.-er's
exploit, but he was now here In be found. Tl.ey
hi.-tb d nnd called, but no dog npp.-ared ; the
cup'.iin became restive, swore hi-would w.i.t no
longer, gave the order, nnd l!:. craft :v. opt n
long the waters with a sparkling bre. .". and
was soon u qu irter ofn mile from tho shore.
The girl and her father were i-iaudmr?; nl the
stern of the vessel, lookim.? back upon the city
which they hid pro'.ub'y lelt tbrrver, when sud
denly Towser was reen running down to 'he
edee of I he wharf w ita soinothing in bis nuiutli.
Willi il t;btss tliey discovere I tti.it it was his
niaster's poclo t h indkerehicf, which h id been
dropped sotnewhi-ie Ul'o.i tie' rmd lio'.vu lo tiie
Vessel, .Hid W hell he recollected, villi MUle
coinpuiictiiisis of ConscieMce, that he h id sent
his thag!y servant hick tohmk at . r.
The dog looked piteou.'y h r. I tl-t np..ri t!ie
bystanders, then at the retreating vessel, mid
leaped boldly into ihe water. Mis mister im
mediately pointed out the noble brute t i the
captain, and requested him to throw his ves-e
into the win 1 unlil the animal could near them;
he also oU'ered a 'urge sti-n if he would drop his
beat and pick him up, told him of the mumer
in which he had preserved the !::' of hi.' daugh-
1 ter, and ag.vn oir.-ied him t!ie pric
I j'
il 'ho would savo the tai'uhil creature. The
j irl joined her entreat o'-' v.;:h tho-. of l.cr hi
ther, went in I implored that -r er.ily IVi -ud
might be resvied; hot lh. capt nu wii-i n si
vage: he was deaf to ev eiy a; ;m-.:I c! buinaiii
ty ki pt i.'.i; tinatrly on hu co irso, n.,,J t:o- bet
ter animal of the two I'd low ed the ves-el, (o,tt
his strecgtli e.v'.Ti-'ed, an I his grin r.eH heart
c'.iiih.l by i!esp..ir, he rank ainoug the more
merciful billows.
Ily heaven ! wo would have thrown the
captain overbouid !
(TheN, V. Advertiser says, wo cannot to
tpiite so far as thut. To be sure the f' How was
not fit to live but then he was me.L'h more un
fit to die.)
A t;oor .k. A '1Rl relating to one of bis
companions t'-.e exploits of his futhcr in hunting,
011 the 'rev ions day, asserted that lie had killed
'.'one iHinnred and ninety-nine pigeons at one
shot. I lis companion observed that it would
have been well to have added one ti the number,
and make it an even thousand nt which the lad
in high dudgeon retorted "ll'.n 1' .''"'
mi) fa!nr tcnuU til! a lie fur u.it ;gt -on."
mid iiniiicdin'e parent of desp ilisin. .frrrniisos.
Vol. f--.o. 3:--lVliolc Xo, 2 1 7.
Kloq'irnt Kxlrnct.
The following in nn extract from the speech
of the Rev. Mr. Longsdrcntli, cl'tieoryin, before
the Southern Methodist Convention, upon the
iUti..n of separation :
'No ; we must part, nnd the snonfT tho bet
ter. l.-l ii', with our new oignni.ition, try to
get hark to primitive .Mi thodi.-ti.-m. I spenk
not of its externals, s une of w hich never legiti
mately In Ion rd to it, but of its inward graces.
I speak of its forme zeal, which glowed with
equal fervor amidst the miasm ot the lowland
swamps, ami the healthful breezes of the moun
tain which bdlhe Methodist preacher to seek
the !o,t sheep of the fold of Christ w bitherso- j
i vi r tin y w andered. 1 spruit of that Medio-ili-m
that preached not only on tinted days, tuid
nt stated times; but which preached at all times
und in all placer- in ihe chapel, tin hu the
kitchen, the grove, tho wilderness to fathers,
mothers, husliaud-', wives, parents, children,
masters, servants which never entered a house
without a word for tin; Lord, and never left it
without praying a blessing upon it which plan
ted Ihe s'linioird of the cross on the spot which
we occupy ere the ell: and the buffalo had left
it which pushed mi its labor?, at times, until
exhausted nature rnr.k under them.
When 1 thus speak of Methodism, let me
li d he understood as c'niuiing for our sect all
ihe religion that is in the world. Far from it
there is us pure religion in the other churches
as in ours. It I possess one christian virtue, it is
love tor nil who love iiiul serve the Linl Jesns
Cl.r st; hut I coti'l'ss I feci a kindling emotion,
allied to Ihe moral sublime, when I contemplate
Methodism personified in such men as otjr Nol
ly, whose tuner il obsequies were performed by
himself, whose dirge was sounded by the win
ter wu. ds, nnd whose monument was the sturdy
oak of the forest found by the woodsman fro
zen on his knees, and buried in the attitude of
prayer. Of Myself I will not glory, of my
church I will not glory, but of such men ns these '
I in flit become a fool in glorying, and nl! men !
would pardon me, it" tint join me. Yes, were I
to inscribe on the root of w hich was his last pil- j
low, 77c ( 'hrirttun's lust innnnmrnt. every
Christian of 1 very branch would cheerfully in
scribe under it Amen nnd ninrn. To this kind
ol Mi the.dism let us get Lack; let it bo the char
acteristic of the Southern church, and then, if
they will, Ut the Northern church all ihe refct."
An i.M i.i.ni.
Not long since nt n table less than a thousand
j r"J o - - -
miics from this place, says the Vick.-burg News Shrruian wcra of this class ; and similar, thoug't
some hopeful young soap locks were anxious to i !p6g s,-tri!;itifr, in.-tances may now be found in
sic, w t' a few ladies present, how perfectly they j u countries. To ho educated, a man muit
unit, d Ihe puppy nnd the traitor ; and in imi- 1 ,,arl) to think, reason, compare and decide ac
ta ti.n 1 f the.1 ihnCJ. A Inn's school of patriots, j Curate!y. He may frtudy mctaphysicu till he i.s
were el. ipier.t in deprecating a wnr with (ireat 1 n.Vi allj languages till hu is a walking p.dy-
Miitam. i.ry wiiuol not light 111 a i;unrrei lor
'I e.viis or O.-egori, not Tlii y : It would be
broiiL'ht on by loeof co folly, and tho locos must
11 uinge it. P. 'si we were not able to fight
Cr, at Piitam. t' e most t 'Wet fill, the most ring-
nniiimooo, tho l.ravrst, the best government of
lie' w or'.l ! Sh
She won'. I whipns; and they
Wi 11
I u t r.-gret ir. We had ?m government
no.! iio v hud ra'lo r Lie under tho ltnti-h
veriini.'i.t a1 any r i'e than loco toco rule. e
have 111 men. said tie si? lliim;, In oppose to
tie' invincible nnd diM,:pliued troops of Mng
le.'id. Slie would laud her forces end over-run
the roi.n'rv without rqiposition.
A daughter nt revolutionary sires sit and
li-toned to this puppyism till her patience was
exhausted. '-No." said she, "tlreat Rritain,
nor the world combined, cm over-run this coun
try, lfthere are no mat to inert her and fight
for (heir country, lb" American it omt n will
lake nriiw, nn.l tt y w ill he mftieient to pro-
t- ct ti e s .il of Wu.-liingtim and Jefferson, made
fital to firit sh invasion !"'
The so'ip locks looked us liiough Ihey sudden
ly rciin u.1.1 r.,1 that their mothers might be
::i. .v. ous about llii.-il bring rut.
Ki-!u a I'm: 1 1 v Cotsi?i. It
is a grave
I i'"
1 ii.,r
-1 mil lias 11 man 11 r ; : 1 1 ! to kiss the tempt-
reiU' eon.-i.i !
Tiie plu!os. pher
,.1 . 1 .. .. ., . ,
ol ihe L . -ii-, ;.-.i,. I .S i;r nvi rrctli Ihnt he has, on
1 , , . 1 .
eg pi ov.i!.v d 1 1 do s
they niv. tie is !
I the e .so-.-t icau I 1 '
' V'
1 ...1 if l.iii ll.i tioiits
., . . , .
t..l he says tlmt the
1 . ' .. !':... I I
' 1 lu
ll, ill' ill.
el a pnt'y rnis-iu are a tort o! nemral
"rmiiii1, bi lAe. ii a si.-t' i and a stranger s. It
you sip, it ia not bcc.iise you lure, not exactly
because you ha-,o Ihe right not upon grounds
TlaUiliir, nor wilh the cahii suliiifuctioll tlial you
kiss a favorite sister. It is a eort ofnocus-pocus
commingling of all, into which each feeling
throws its parts, until the concatenation is
thrilling, peculiar, exciting, delicious, nnd "em
phatically slick." This is as near to a philoso
phical uualyzatioit us he can well cine, he
thinks, and then he mere than hnlf intimate
that all the sweet pretty girls are kissing con-
sin9 in Viryinia. The Major S1JS he hopes
this custom will travel last into other Stales
and become rxtenstvely fiahionahlo and tho
Major is a iuhh of ta le.
iMncnsop 4iyi;fiTisix.
1 square t insertion, frt BO
I do t do .0 7"
I do 3 do . 1 0'1
Every subsequent in "erlii.n, 0 8f
Yearly Adterliseinents : one column, 25 i h'df
column, f 18, thrp squares, $1S ; two squares, f ! J
one square, f.'. Half-yearly i one column, IH l
half column. $ 13 s three squares, S ; two squares,
$5; one square, 3 SO.
Advertisements left without directions as to ll e
leneth of time they -o to bo published, will I j
continued until ordered out, and charged accord
iuclv. fjjTSiteen lines mnke a square.
mmiiiiwwmMl.wt"i.i wwpy.1
I'llnrit Times."
For once, we believe, w ithin tho memory of
' the oldest inhabitant," a general hum of pr. ---perity
is heard from all parts of the land, lin k
ing elleeiiinlly the foreboilings of those lnzy,
fn tting grumblers, who have for years past, ii
stead (.f toiling honornh'y for a snhsi-itence, S' '
tied down on their hnunches, nnd done nothi'.,r
hut groan piteously about the s'ngnitinn pf bo.
siness.and the destrtieti(in of t!iir airy cast! a.
Seldom ha there b""n a time in the history i f
our country, tint iudtistry, p'Ts'-refir.en -nd -terprise
would not coiiitiiand i" l
nnd seldom has there been a !';.'.- t: i
ex'-rcise of these virtues
the quietus t-a ' 'a ml times. S i it s nt ' -,
set t f'nv. The general anxiety that wa- -.
manifest a few years past among men lo l, '
their wits, instead of ihe joint 1 ibnr orboth Inn i
and head, has been proved to be a hopeless fas! ,
and by a general return to the habils of industry,
prosperity has been secured in an eminent de
cree. That the experience of the pas' will h"
a warning for the futu e, to the present neuer
ntion at least. t most ardently to be hoppd, set
tling as it does the scripture command, that
man must obtain his trend by the sweat of his
brow. The mnn who live? by scbenvnrr must
be unhappy and miserable, and will finally make
a misstep w hich nM only redures him to penury,
'",T WIIC" rnmPr!! ll,m 10 ",K ""norarue lot
j wi'hmil any qunlifidations to perform it. Shun,
I therefore, such a fate, young mnn ! Re honest,
ul"- "' """ .'"
will make yourself happy nnd prosperous, nn.l
be tho menus of happiness to others.
WliUW will jnn Dot
One of the two things must ho done inllii
country. Parents must spend money to edu
cate thrirchildreti, or they mti.-t pay tnx to
build penitentiaries nnd to punish crime. There
is a great mistake about what is called educi
cntion. Some suppose a learned man is en cd
iicn.ti d man. No such thing. That man is
educated who knows himself, and who takes
accurate common tcn-e views of men nml
things around him. Some very learned men
arc the greatest fools in the world ; the reason
is, that they are not educated men. Lenrnicr
is only the means, not the end ; its value con
sists in giving the means of acquiring, in t' 0
discipline, which, when properly managed, it
gives the mind. Sonic of the greatest men in
the world were not overstocked with learning.
but their actions proved lhat they were tho-
I rou-rblv educated. Washington. Franklin ami
; t,r nllj jf j,,, ,3 i,0ttiin:r i.iofo he is an un-du-
catcd man. There is no class in the counti y
who have a larger interest in the education of
their children th in farmers; nnd the su' j i t
j 8,ouj receive from thota tho attention it do
! grves,
-- -
j Rir.vnns. An American priest, who rejoic I
i in an extremely lone beard, tircachinj one day.
: remarked m the chinch a peasant whose tear
ful eyes were constantly fixed on hi 111. Worn
the congregation had left the church the pries
who had not lost sight of tho nun, approichi '.
and said to him, "My friend, I remarked the a
i tent ion wilh which ye,u littciiod to me, and '.
j thought 1 perceived the traces ol'sadinss
your face; open your heart tome; cnrrv.i
your troubles, and if it is in my p iwtr to .-:
them, believe loo I siiail i!,i u with pleasur- .
My words p. tIi .p.-. " '! do n it co nprel.. n t
1 x ictly wh-.t you w i-h 01 siy, sir," interru)!:.
! 'he man ; "ih.it 1 ata .-ad, is trie1, but your s
' men was n.t the cause, f ir to tell you ihe Ire .
I did not listen to it." "And what lin n fo '
have ce.asionrd the tear- I saw you shed
"Oh, sir, that is uioi'hi.r matter j listen : I ; 1
a pojr inati, with a large family; nil my f.
tune cntr-isled in u goat ; which my wife to
children loved dearly, for he nourished wi .
her milk my youngest child. We'l, so.
1 1.... ..:...i 1. . . t.. .1.,.. t,... .,,.,.1 ...i . .
1 1 ill,. .... 11. . 1 ilii ,.i,,a,mvi'n?cu au.i
. 111" .1.
Know 1101 11.11 u.is iJtcoiiiu 01 uer. 1 o-i ,
when I raw you, I could not refiain my ten: i.
1 lor ron resemble so closely my lost anim il, t. 1
1 1 Hirudin re seeing you inai it was our pa.
j " - J '
The following tonst win recently givtn i'
Ogilciifb'irg, New York :
"Wovvn A on. thi r, she rhrrl.-i.es and re
rr cts us ; a sister, she consults nnd Counsels 1.
a sweetheart, she c inquests and compivrs lis ;
wife she comforts and coi. fides in us ; Willi.-
1 her, what would become of us !"
A mother, sh,. sc 'lds and sptnks us ; a
ho tell on and p.nchcs us; n swertheurt,
i rinpiets ami jilts us; a wife, tho frowns, p- e
1 frets, cries mid torments us ; w t'lout her, w!
would Ihero ba to tro.iblo us! llujj'ulo U
j .'I'licea.

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