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Salt Lake evening Democrat. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1885-1887, October 19, 1885, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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ntt nttc moc nt I
1JONIIA Y OCTOlllllt 19 1883
I at Ih SoU rk CI mtt
tnlcru 800 1m 7tJ nm
OoUlornllouclWcsl lIOOm 12118
I I loul8nn nocl Norlh 800 1m 710 18
II II O tt 500 1ln 1010 nm
O clclI moh 1100 18 710 18
J c1u Utnh 800 118 42 118
IIUlr t H
I IliA Ulnh IO Qm 6 Onm
IIIn hom mnh 400 1M 620 nm
I 2J nm
nT b V olnlll r < 1 in rW tlrne
I lt hil lm lrnler
ii lt rA1 < o CIt I
I I Sliver Quotations
ICurreole1 dully I y W ell I rso 4 Co I
If i SlherNcwYork IOO
1 I silver Ijon on IUj
r n i
1 c I cofl New ork fcr 10011
1 I I all nnil lnlirSHlci Iiinl rrlieil
I This celubr lie 1 h it is liLhUn < llolblo I
I 1 and 1 tho nobbiest hal worn tho leader In
New York Cit
I II sll i rinuiii
lino flexible hit wo are making I spec
I I I In1 i of and w ill Bell it die iper Hi in alY
1 lionso west of Now York
1 Vo cnrr the largest and most com
ploto hnu fn the city both In soft 11111 1
Btlir h its and at low prices
I Nom i WOOD i Co
fho i xclusivu Halteis coiner west of
Opera House
I j Oper 10110 u
1 AVilllnin Llojil wns nrrcslcil for being
I tli drunk and vvftf nBsosscil llio uwnl Ii
1 1 A Jnoobson for bcliiR drunk nnd bins
I I phcmoug paid 10 to tbo city coffera to dny
lil r lolm llanii nnd Alex bUnnnoiiwero fined
I r cnch in police court to dny for drunken
II nos3
I i All tlio junlo chorislcro of lolanlbo nro
lo meet nt Cnlder g llusio Palaco lo nilit nl
I I 7 uO clock
ilio Ulnh Novndn triln lonv os tuo depot
I on West 1 irnt South Htroet for Stockton inch
luoriilng nt 7 JO clock
An lama of Inst v celcB hnn rrnncisco
I R jcamina Is in great dtinnnd m fanlt Lnlte
Ono copy sold for 1 lo di
Ibo memboin of llio Ilcnsunl Hour Club
will hold nn election of 01l1cers nl the Wnlker
House thin cvcniiiB nt 7 TO clock
J McCormck > L Co to dny received two l > nrn
1 of btormont silver 2nW nnd Jueenof llio
Hills ore l7O totnl vnlno SlJ30
I j I
Itlf Iho llio Ornndo express pulled out of fault
Lnko to dnv with povcnl ilRht pwqciiors
r r nbonrd for Lnstcrn desUnntiout
I If
1 Jlecoiver W II Dniiciofl loft for Denver
I this morning to parchnso n Inrco quantity of
steel rnila nnd Rome nnrrovv gnugo engines
> > Axlcll nccond Btorv nildition rn tho billboard
Avalltcr I llouso ranker it
1 board north of Iho I n ee
I tho highest and most conspicuous ndvcrtia
I I ing medium in the city
I I I r A nort of innnii fifeniB to hnvo stnick Iho
I small boB of Salt Lake nnd like ninny of
I Ihcir nnxiouB proKemtorn thoj nro ono by
I II I j ono skipping ZIOIl nnd their homes for pna
lures greener
Samuel Btrmtfellow wns nirc ted yesler
I I dny on Iho common chnrRU of drunkenness
nnd profnnity IIo left flO for his nppenr
I nnco but did not show up nnd tho money
was forfeited
II I 1 1 Fort Douglas drew n fnlr altondnnco from
I 1 the city jostcrdny nftcrnoon nnd tho con
III 1 I cortnmply repaid all who took tbo drive
1 I Iho Sixth InfAntry is pnr excellence Iho
II I bnnd of Iho llocldeH
11 COllllllellolnll tonllht Cohn BroR II K
I Tliomns 1 Aucrlmcli V Bro nnu vvnmcr
Ilj I I 3ros VTill close their stores prompt nt 7
II oclock each ovcniilg Other merchants will
probiblj follow suit
V ljlj Qovcrnor JIurrny 1ms unpointed Joseph
Jennings a delegate nt largo to represent
r 1 Ig
tho 11 homo nnd ftoln ro fff of Utnh nt tho
J ii Nntiounl block Com cut ion to bo held on
I IIItltt Nov ember JM in bt Louis
Iho Homo Drnnmtio Compiny did not
meet with Ibo flninclnl succeus nnticipatcd
on their recent trip lo 1rovo Iho cnuso is
Hint 1rovo hAs been completely overdone by
theatrical trojipes of late
I ho first of n scries of sacred concerts to
bo conducted by Prof 11 11 Young will tnko
place in tho new Ohmiihio Hall next Sunday
2Un I tnJ
day evening tho 2 > th inst nt 830 oclock
This will prove n fine treat to the public
Ono of tho Silt Lnku clergj amused his
concregntion ilnrmc services jcstcrday by
L t dloeR
mnklnc Homo double tntendro announce
ments over which Iho dazed members nro
mill in bewilderment und subdued smiles
Last Saturday afternoon Joseph Larson
bo tier known as Mormon Joe was nrrested
b IboD A 11 G Bpccial niht ofliccr lom
rny for doing lex Shannon up for rO
ldt rg
I rial will I tnko placo tomorrow in tho polico
D K O W bond3soldin Now York City
jeslerday for 70 > a Only last liny llio
company bonds sold for 15 Ihmiu cci
tainfj i good showing for thoLiltlo Oinnt
and reflecls credit upon tho preuent ofllcieni
Tho Hlo Ornnilo Western fa liauling GOO
tons daily from its coal mine with 400 tons
from tho Ulah Central Ibo narrow uanu
baa transported lf > 0 car londs of barlev am
Si l JJ
wheat nnd 7 > oars of patnloos from Utnh to
points oast within tho last to chijs
Iho elegant mvitalionx to the Olvmpia
ClubB ImiURurnl Hill Tridiij night nro
being iasutd to tho members nnd n selec
few of tbcir friends 1 very one in receipt
of nn invitation lo the rnnd opening of tho
new ball in Iho I mporlum block will ho
lo nipht the Hluo llibbon lemperanc
Association ineeta in tho lecture ro m
I of the M H Church nt 70 clock Tho
election of officers for Ibo ensuing term will
fl occupy n short time after winch nddnsse
nnd nu cnjovnblo entertainment will he
curried out Everybody welcome
A Inmcntnblo accident hap > cncd nt tho
terminus of tho Utah i Nivuda Kailroai
about noon today A brnkemnn slipped u
oii hrdm 1
a tar wbilo I it was being 1 twitched nni
was crabbed to death by tho par runnin
Oilion lls IWI
over him I His nnmo la Georfo Hill l lrh live
in tbo bixtientb Wuril mill leaves n wif
nnd young child to inouin his loss His lu
mniiiH were brought 1 to tho city thin after
Iho Mikado will havo n through rehear
iiil al tho Iheatre this ovtning ut 7 ocloc
for tho Indies nnd 7 M for the cntiro troupe
Ibo costumes for tbo cumpaii uro
about completed and the ollly Ibltlll
now left tho management to do is
to convert tho fair blondei of Zion
into Iho dizzy dark oid mnidiiH uf
Japan As no Halt Liko eh1 paints povv
ders or wears f lisa luir tbo iminauiHnl Is
in n prcdicnmint
I i7 Judicious uhcitisni backed h I carr
tt I Inl out nil ou claim to do will ov cntuall
t tf j 111 pi Mmun liros uru proving llus 11101
JI ami < moro from da to tin it
J 1878 1 stalillsliul 1878
I r j I Joy liaumgarten llio 1 ishiun iblo
7 J Tailor ealU Ilia public ullcnlion lo tliu
k N < 1 fact that hu inakeu n upceiill of ovir
11ft ixiatH bw allow tail ami Itiihinisti hints at
> j1 f I tbo lowest prices in tills eilj it
t IRah i II Iho rush for iiods at folmon Bros ion
If J llnues and 1 if am tiling Inciiasmi
t I I Jolinlaylorfoii > o 1J und I5hceond
boutli Htrcet havo just rcuived u ehoieu
tll lot of 1 all und l W Inter Woolens which
< they oiler to mako up In llrsl class btjlo
I at kriitl reduced l ratca
COAL On and 1 luid at 1ioneer Jami
Store 57 B I irst feouth htrect
nellpelrlnc It tho Jlt ler I
Nx 101 tho
lt the lr
The i umor nbout tlio nty bit A Mdlon
fusser would address Bimls and siris
jlmg sinners at llio Tabcmiclo cslcnH
lid lliotcndene of drawing a filr sicd
crowd from tlio Mormon rirclps and I
BpnnkliiiBof Ointllcs vvliowero cunoiH
to heir what Mr Mnsser would my on
Ils exit from nerving six inonllm In tlio
Utnh Penitentiary for unlawful cohamli
lon Among man tilings uttered by tho
iiobcv mart r WIR tint ho bad cnjoed
Idmielf liuiil vvitli tlio brctbren In Iho
Im All bis ixpeneliccs of llio pist six
months w era most graphical recounted
lo tbo crowd lef foic him IhoBieiLcr
did not in his titniied suit but
Bcemed It as npteai delighted in his l irlnro Albert
coal and brotdeloth pints as I oung
school bov with 1 pistol pocket in a now
ptlrof trowBcrH
Mr Mlsser wore n serious fico from
much rumlnillng nl the 1ilice and In
addicssing llio brcllucn nndBislcrs lie
advised each and ever brother lo never
Biinender a Binglu principle of llio Mor
monfutlibulloliMU > to the doctrine
nnd covenants of the only religion and to
kctp out t of llio I pemlcnli irv is long as it
lfet enll ill k ISII
fJL l
call bo done lie then spoke in dcfen I u
the of I iclestiil beauties marrhfeo of going mlo i and 1III 1 portravcd md living nil It
1ml Haul nothing in pirlictilir nboul llio
kitting out part which he hid just ex
penenccd llrothcr 15vwater followed
with a few nesurtnces that evcrlldng
md hy Brothel Inpol was Irne nnd in
accord with the doctrines of the la tdis
US1011In 1 VI CKS Ml fliK Mir 1
Ihe Iroo hlnl ho NnloOI
Iel 11 Hutlc nctcel
bpotlcr Pock of f Provo H In 1 tlio utv
plviiig Ins fivonto lastimoof informing
on licensed saloon men I ast Saturda
ho puctl around several Filst boutli
Street bars and side looms cndoavonng
lo mal e a few dollars bv sping i poker
tuno or llio mil infill fcilc of liquor
ihe proprietor of one of llio places
cuilit the unprincipled 1 prowling
calght Inprincplo < spy prowl
ing iround the upstaiin ot his
establishment and ordered the
ambitious informant dow n and out 1eck
went to tbelhealro abd 1 uncon ciouslv
look I seat beside a bartender unknown to
him IIo at once enlightened the bar
tender about his wonderful detective
ibiblic and how be would citcli
some of the salon men lie then h id spot
ted The birlcndcrwas treat amnsei
at tho rconhornH talk and le ivmg him
ictween acts he went to tho saloons
eek 1 b id n lined md told tlio proprietors
1l 11 L i
lotcbcme of tho would bo Imkcrton
Inch stopped his m UHLIIVCIS short ali
repared a warm icccption for him whet
10 e died Intel Tho saloon Kei pen kick
bout these nndcrb ot spotlciB doing
tho work belonging Iho icgularofllccrs
nll no f dr minded pOrHIJ is it ni pom
whell Bomo into xiloomsl gels mat
nough and just tives a spoiler a
lumping for luck
Afcl tliu Usual Cold ietiinls
Tbero is an intcresling halt of Umf il
ndians cm imped on Iho 1 njith Wan
square 1lnv iro here for their usual
inter supplies mil hivo illi ictcd a
urge crowd of pale fices aboul their
cnmlfm hero lany imusing antics
ranspire Among Iho oulflt is a JOC
lounil buck mil I sCunw that tips tho
beal it A > 0 ivoirdupois ibo littl
wpooses roll aiound on Iho ground aR
ipm i md contented as so main Kittens
liile their mothers are pitrollng tlu
Irccts und mil mg morning eills lIt
Oer placo vvhcro there is i prospect of
ettmg I good basket of lunch
Mr Howard Sebreo returned from tbo
Entt last evening
Messrs W 1 llovvo ana Albert Ibomns
are down from Vila
Mr ling Voung is among tbo visitors I now
in tbo ff the 1 coal mines r
Vntbony Godbo left last ovuihu fur Cn1
mining fornia and business will bo absent several wccl uu
1 1 Sholby General Freight Agent of
the Union Iamfia at Omaba leaves to
morrow aflcr a short visit to bait Ijul c
Mr W JMoIiitrelllco I beautiful UM < m
appears upon tbo walks ofion for a dav
only to vanish 1 from Bigbt l in 1 loll obscuro l
haunts of Castlo Ynloy
W J and David Williams are registered
at tbo Wnlwr Houso Ibey report business
first class both at tbo 1 Y coal mims niul
nt Price wbcia families contlnno lo nrnve
and lo htart Ibemselvcs with littlo homo
A Pull for Option 7mtiiri
While tho pcoplo of religions inellna I
lon visit the1 various churches vvldlu the
are nib ding the incemo of forvcnl wor
ship indtliurlomenco of Hpirilnil com i
Tori i will bo well foi all of themho
they gathered in elupel or snatotio in I
iliitlicdrul or t ibermclo to tonsldcr i
that tho autumn leives nro lal nij on
thcmhclvcs Ihu various hues which en
lobo Iho mount ilns in purplo richer thun
tint of fyro and In ihcarlct brijilcrlli m
a Cnrdm dH nd a htuu FU IH up nine 1
above lS a purouh hrcathoK 1n our lunl
frigrimois w ifted from llio pine lulls
und frcslincsH is homo to us mm tho
lakcBidcs Then I wh llOllId wo not
umnH natures hountiCHvu > rt > hp natlllos
GoiU Ojilfn e 17th
Tho Oeorbia iHherwom in vb islon
islied the commnmt b announcing that
she hail n um dlier twins Miry Jligdi
leno all Virgin Mar has a goo < 1 uoeond
in tho mlor I la woman who lias called
hcis uolino mil Keroscno I itt Imp
I > osed that Gasolene H tliu girl 111
gyory 1 jcir tho mmibor of cOIn doc
I torn increases and annuull tbo irm
of com sullering Immanil gious larger
I Miltu lloiiM
For thu best me ds and rooms to to tho
lnto houso lver thing flrbt clansand
low riles
I llnj Ill isnnl nlhj Coil 11oin
148 Into 1H S Main htrcet j telei honoNo
I liliidiitiiUn l
A cuss for tr lining m 1 rubcls nielho 1
with clul Ircn In thu km
wih chlcirelllflhu kinlprlurlf will be
I oKind Mond iv Oct llrtli lorpirtleii
hrn iiKjiiim of 1lSK Dicku at Ihu ol
liguto Instilulo <
j I Flu n good Binoko Iry llio 1 uinoua
I Cigir for Hilo by hum Ixsvy
I a btr inter visiting 8lt T iko thinks
liuumesu in imict I hern let him eomo to
s1J l IflIINI
imon llros utoro uiu howillhoon be
lonvmced to tho contrir
Cliito Sells lUim Coal
And H Mum dcllvcrtiit bt promiill Jiut 141
lh I tI al
Thoiasoof llio People of Utah agin t
El 1gan for rind larceifj camo up
nnd vv is cot for hciring Iwo weeks from
Tlioea = oof W S Simpllns dcorge
p Adkms C K Gilchnst npiieaicil for
Hlntifr and I U McIItulo for Hie do
cndant lv agreoment ix jurv was I
alvcd and W S fcimpkinswas sworn
for thu plaintiff and testified W T I Vig I
Ini Cicorfeo loirester nnl 1 CMiarles Plait I
uI ipeired is witnesses for Ibe t plaintiffs
r Jirq
Ibo Grand Inn came tI1I I1I court and
iroonted 1 two indictments found under
tho Itivvsof tbo Unilul Slates and ball
WM fixed at 1200 nnd trOO
Tin polvgamv mil unlawful t cob ib
al Pj1
ca o against John 1 Icnimin was Bet for
hearing loa at J oclock in order lo
Isposoof the loitnls ainlnsl him this
crm The two indictments under which
cntnan was irriUncd list week wen
omul lo bo defective in ismncli iw they
gao the nanio of Iltitcbins as tint
of f tho second wife whoso trno
ainois Hodgson Tbo indictments were
uisbcd mil two others were handed in I bv
a io n uJlul and read in Court this I
ftcrnoon with tin nnstal en name iccti
led to read I AI Inry Hodgson Penman
nu1 Ills plural wile wcro pic etit nftir
icing m ctistolv over bundi from
nabllil t lo secuio Ilia necesa ir
bll This polygamous defend ml
ntercd a iile t of not nily to both of the
omits Mr kirkpatrick st itcd lo tlio
ourt Hint t defendant was a poor m in nnd
lad onl I been dlowed thirt
on alowed Ihlrty minutes
lino to Bock b ill Tho court was asked
permission for IVtimui lo jo to his
icighboism East llountiful iceoni mud
b an ollicer where he thought bo could
aifc hi nccessir bail for both
1m all his second wife after
which lie would bo read for trial
at the earliest convenience of the Court
Tho defendant stated that ho
< h id I de
anted bon and i poor findlv rwuurmp
ils personal l1 iltendanco for SOMI 1
months and con oluonl desncd lo
irocuro bonds m caw sentence should 10
Absislmt Pro eeiiling AUornev A alar
Kal1 that ho w is not inxious for the trial
eforo the 1 cbru ir term thounb on ac
count of I i piiiicipil wilnosO for UK Gov
ernmeiil bung resent with a uursinn
nb in urns ho thought It
hest to disjo o of file i 1eo
M MOH as possible Three other
witnesses wcro Btibpcnacd and Mr
Van m end that a warrant hid been out
or IVmn ms irrest iver mice Ins esc ipi
tKe ril
cnW n tll
rom tbo olbccrs I isl lulv nnd h
was not in fivor of every possible
leniency being shown such pirsons
rho court Wlq ulnctint about postpoiiint
tba o time for tnal Mr Kirkpitmk
went in so trch 01 Marsh Irel md to 101
llio request trmterl i jiossible after pro
curing tho order of tho < out
A Inse Tlnit Didnt Stick I
Ja tlnda evening Mr Thomas W
lonnints v is irrcsted bv a police ofllce
on n charge of obstructing the streets
Tho trial came up before Iudno bpiers
this forenoon and 1 ftom lick of materia
ivileiKOon tho parl of tbo prosciutioi
llio e IPO was dismissed nndJlr Jennings
discb irgcd rbo httlo sons loll nros
over Ihu qu mtity of lumber lime dir
and true m front of tho building leienll
duna0td b lire on EIst liial Soul
The Lips Should be ViieMcil
No cil m he Union loleriles 81Ch
eriinlml i eel lcsoncas on tho p irt of tc un
stern is Is witnessed cvcrv da on tho
streets of bait Lake I ItSiturdi ivei
Ing ibout 7 oclock I Cotlonwoo 1 hoosic
with a tnohore luuihei vvugoii wenl
tearing down lirst South btrcel and in i
turnlti j into i Commcrci il Btreet I his horse
MrncU a littlo lenroll jirl with KlCh I
foreouslo knock her down ml loll Ier
cevci d times ovei ml into Ibo Ici I
buveial bvhlanders witncsMillho bruti
carelessness but did not uinst the oiin
man who drove ala ij md cseapcil III
uitdcserls lortiimtelj tho littlo girl
WI1A not bcriousl hut but sbo Ias le
nblv frightened with llio n irrovv esci
e crienccd oscafo
Unlioislt of Dostrct Winter Sc
Ihe hecond term llUI 1 winter bCincsle
of thu Uiiivcrut will benm Monda
Jctober Jtb Inst lie innin chses wIl
10 ormi7cd m ail tbo ttudies of tho
I > repm1or lourno bustles book I kiijim
Yl l
oolo modi cv il hitilorv and I pliotio
rapbv in olbcr courses 1 or further 1
H l i ifnl i inform Uiou appl h 1 OI letter or pi
bonall lo IOIIN It Pviik Preii lent
AWicro no ou boun 1 for I un on
lo Simon liros to hocuro ono of their lull
010 the no all l tone 1
virhal 1
Wo ironow o3ningan 1 ipccivln dai I
i full bins Jfr all Clothing for I IcnH ai
lonweir don hMirn v CI
llic Hist Coal In tl MniUt
Is sohl 1 by B U Cliio 14J fe Mam St
SMOKI tho Celebrate 1 amons Cii
manufacture 1 b bun Ixivy
To tlio Cltlcns ol Ufalt
Tho nndeihUiud ommisMom r fOI f
Ulah to lie Norlh VHitb iinKonlr
Ainirlum 1 position to open it he
UilcuiH on tliu lllth di 01011 Nnnhpr
noxt being desirous of oxbibllittK Ram
pleH ot
1 AnriinUnru
I Horticulture
III Itiw and mmiifietun 1 i lodiie
Ores Mini nils ali Wmlls
I V 1 urnitiiri nnd iieisaoniH
V loxtllo rubrics I C Iotlnii0 nnd u
M llm ImUislrul Ails
1 Vllmcntar Pnximts
VIII I due ition ml Instruilion
IX I Works of rt lie
n 1 hell llsllu 01 IHII IIJ me
hlblt I not to bo uxiclled bv m lirrili
hi J the Union 1 1 invite i tliuiltiiiisnt 1 I j It
to forw ud biniis of ubovo proluelH
IH i irl > I iliv IIH piirtlblu I expiess ur
olhorwiso to bo un lirblemil not 1ltlr 1
tb it tliu LUlh nisi mil uh IHU mo of I
811111nellt 1 I CiSon
I < oinnilsMonirfor Iluli
SII IAKI l m Octobir r > Ihi
I Hll Jnku VI JI omal
liO rlolu mlenl
10W Iwlue1 tJ
I Cor our 01111 111 1111111 Iun
IIIn lJedal uhWeltllH ien to pur
Illll i
ii I Irll Ileltol tu
I tt 1 i liJ it
i J I I j o 11 ii I I I J
Illig ul le
Orders bv tele honu I j romptl illended
f tu 1
u 1 an
I 1iul V Vniln
I mtu igos awlluslcI H 1 I 1coII l boulh
Mroil P O DoxJOO lerms moli rile
ll OOD1N llOVtOlTI
Coole orf iitKlim 1 th Clue < llon
ho Clrculnr Ihiur I
Ocmrv Ulah October 18th 18S >
Ogden wa RlaHlcil Sittirda evening
1 I sheet appearing in over place of
hlnesq call the Koycotlc 1 enclose rou
one and on can see Ihalit is published
b Ibo Kmglils ot f Labor and ils object Is I
lo bo colt all persons that patromro the
Clunosi In mi shape form or manner
Tbcro is I great tell of talk rcgirdlng I
and inauj wonder i I will havo llio elicit
of freeing onl Ibo Chinese her was a
circul ir issued aboul I week ago warning
everbo 1 not lo palromro Iho Chinese
unless the wished lo bo bov colled
Knights of Labor llnllroail len in Parll
cnlar Lslcemcd Cilizons anil fajiupa
tbbers throughout Iho Counlrj and all
f il L i lf i s
Local Rsemblic3 Union 1aciflo byslcm
To protect nnil enhance Ibo inlcresls i f
all honorable laboring mel and women in
preference lo Chlnoso slavo labor is 0110 of
our 1 ecu indoimlnblo carncslly I and principles pallently applied Persuasion l loeacli lias
and every citizen of ULdou for two months
With but fow ciceptions wo arobapp 10
report universal success and cooieration
Having cibnusted ov cry mild effort knowi
to men we bnvo dclcrmmed to employ
lost powerful of agencies tho lloycolto
resting assured that tho support thai
brother Rivts ri brother will i l make LRt po
tency feltlbercforo vva flnd it necessary in
asmucU n tbo Ccnlral Hotel A I Nelson
U S Commissioner iioy Laundry medi
cine Harris ros fruits and produce J
Nelson rial estate O Williamson painlcr
J H Lewis jeweler Win Carroll livery
nlablo I bhurllilT saloon J Conhsk con
iluctor J M leo livery slable 1 K
Wl1nls tawjcr W larrell stationer
Djottltcstauraiit former Gem 1 A 1er
I msDepuly Marshal Limo Mercantile Co
II M Doolj banker J A Westreal state
11 CJiboon U 1 cod acent Peebles < drug
store George Marlli real estalo owner Mi
lurncr superintendent for O A Lowe N
C Il Litre Imildcr Mr Metcalf conductor
g t II lr V t
Bachelors Club I BonnluiR g lourtl
street V M C bdva hides and wool 11
Morris U i It G freight i collcclor A 0
lleno coufcclionerv J Slephens l Co I
Bbippus J Wamer milliner Kuhn A I
Llro meicbanls and Ir Ulrich havo re
fused to discharc0 or ceiiee trading will
Chinese lo carncslly withdraw their palron
ago immediatclv And further lo oxer
ever honorable iniluciico with i thosuwhom I
wn bopo to benefit bj rcliovm tbo com
iiunily nf tho ChmcHO element to do tin
name Professional men will ilnd it to ther
Interest lo change their < ju irters until n net
t tr er
tloinent ti made Coobe or Caucasian is
tho question
Wo tal o pleasure in recommending as
WO and deserving of all favors vvo can
extend to them tbo followinu reference
Broom Hotel Chamberlain House G W
Laslius G J VtriRht urocer Cry HioS
Win Driver 1 ban ilniLgists 1 Malm
loci smith pumps Jnmea W olhon > noon
HrovvniiiR liro Limsinitbs Hopkins 1 t Co
rocers Dan Marl cigars and lobacco
Jobnbcowcroft ibon C U Pa son cuars
nnd lol acco AV W limjjo hardware elc
W I An htASon HojloCo furniture
W Ihompsou liardwarc Phi Grillbutcher
T S Han won fnnuture P Hcrdti jro
ceries II b Blnncett ciocer Iliompwn i
Pnrdoe barbers ft lliel bulcber W Mor
loy barber Maries clothing L J Wac
ner A Co olothmB I M Bond fruits and
produce Keck A 1nyn II Wnrdlcisli
musio dealer A Greenviell Jr butcher
Mr Muiison harness etc
ORden Ulab Oct 171885
A verv pic ibint hop will bo ncn hero
Momla evening I t tlio I joun men of Ibis t l
town It is tho chief f tonic is the arc
omgto hvvo some Kali ins lo furmxh
music for them who liave just arrived
from the abl t
IlicCovtbo Ma Ielnn
Chares dam s is Iho name of Iho ral
uolcrii Ilk llus now about Sai
Lnku in llio sombrero and full garb of a
lexiscowbov Adams IH bometlimg of
a genius in hisndoptel m inner of livm
C1 J < tI
Ho 1 n 3 jcns of in0 mil rl IHH inn
lirdling btoncs of alvenluro md hu
icadth I escajes expeiicnecd during b
11 inNlal
I shorl and I ehecl i cred eauei on Iho i > lau
md it Ihucijilol duns has hem 1
government scout bis trivelcl all olor
tho United btites mil onlj libtje
made ono of bm vv indirinis across Iho
< ernls
ocean into I urope IIo el urns to bo a
nilivoof tho metropolis with mllucnlia
relilions thor living Ho doesnt tiave
on his sbn o or muscle dtbou h
ho is anythina but inferior in tlnsu ro
Hpi cU but Ad HUH h is iiunht lam UI
inxious nnd 1 curious fellow wilh ono of his
clov cr tricks performed illionl dotectio
VH an all roun 1 m igiei in ho is too slooti
for mthing Hut has over slruck 1m
ordm ir g io ot a Sal Lakoyap SoCnr
bo Becms to Imo Iced honoribly In
in il mg an occasional V Irv teaching ono
of Ins numeious Irlcks Ho J owns a rnch
in Icas but refers lorovo fiom plnco
lo j lita ill M uih of now sights
LuleK I misses md childrens undo
I wur in largo I vriel and il oxliinic
low finurcs lt tho > oiil ir sloro of
Sums linos
Ou tn j It CltiU 1 t S full St
n I buy any kind of coil you w ml
I ntiiKs < m tho IloiiU or Moriiioii
fho Huvnil lectures on the Book of
Moiinon II Itov limb hoiin I In
pmililit ht10 nil fr Hiloat ClflH
pirioinaro I Belling 1 mimerously Hi
Ire it I tliu Mibjccl l from mintirnl ontini
hiibjeet ml no woilhv of 11 ul
tnlir mn Coal Prom I Chili
I No H8 ollieu
lelcphono olco II H Iall
i licet
Our Dim iooils llcpl
Allows u h in IMIIIIU displ ly of Bilks 111
vein mil woolen fibncs which wo oJerat
reiKnublu ricH Cal mildu them lt
J I Un nnieii it lino
CM it ItiiliKtlim in Iluii
At Mark McMiiiinniB J ivery bUillo
lIIIt oiir I ainlly
H in tliu dill ot nvorv mm mil or
poor who his i re iled i honii lo m alw i
homo provlhli IH igilnst thu luyillll
for llioso who aro ikpuiiluit upon hll
md this most di sir iblo n sull i 1101 hu oh
t Until by roeiirmg I iollc In thu Miitu il
1 ifolnsuiiwo Coinpinj of Nuw ork
IhooldeHl ulivoiompaii in Ameiicaand
IhulirtiKthfi liiHiiriniuinmpui In tho
woill Halos t fiiniiHhdl bv LoulH J
I llviims tiil liMUiiBtr < it1 llooicnt
als r Mnll Hlflt
I fdrl Igo lilix k bait Uko Cil oolor 0
I Nil Mont I lrimwiint In Mllllmii
rho liinii whin a Inibb md tinned pat i
I allho lilt of hiH HuH iwllim r > hil I H
I itlihiLof Iho past It no lonutr luUiH
I almost Ihdi wulilit in gol1 1 10 KICUIII a
I fiklnimibluliilor Innnct foi laI
bill > liiu lat fol u j uri
I lobimon Ilros Irt duo Ibo Iwl of
hiving bioiinht ibout Ibis ilixlriblii
I tlmnj l an b it then elluilH und i rin
117iI lhl INil
of 1li i
upel lining hiHiiiusB hivii bun mil
I aiu will fiiomlid j tlu hlliH isi 1lKily
lislinn piovcni nl iij paying a visit lo heir islili
J IbcirkloruisiroHdidfiomc irl morn
1 hu 1 until 1 ilu al nielil Ihu I fonoof ilulx
IKIIIL liunll Hiilliiicnt II In at K ltll ill
lluir friends and itislomirH
llonoriblu In itmtnl low puns ut
I i tiaitivu too U and loiirlooux nnil nbli lng
clerks wi dwus iirovo I loadslono
1111 l I iinl lo illrict Ihu 11t1UIIIJ11 nflliu
rosltltc llooui 1icdlclcd nn Ihe
InliiftH fold Kelt > cxl Ycnl
mc i Ilniir nl the Head of llio
Snake nnil nt Hlg Hole
1h 10 lolilen ttcnltli of llio Cain
DVlene Will let btnscer
The Canms lolil Hell
rho Wiswcll null ordered for the
ono in troup of claims in tlio Catms
Gold licit B1JS the Inloy 7imc will bo
ehvcicdmubout fifteen ihjs I this
111 work successful i will give a
Inl impetus I to tlio dm olopmcnt l of tho
old Holt j I is it will ho the second in I sue
cosslul opentioii tho experience of tho
GnmnK No Com pan 1m me been so
icotiragmg since H stalled up its null
out thleu months iio tint It has al
lemh double I tlio original nuinberof its
stnis btnrlcd up list lulv with 10
imps two moro battoncnof mo stamps
each uu being put In place llus will
gio tho Gold licit an aggrcgito diilj
ipKit of 50 to 75 tons If as there is I
oer ica on to behove llio works mdto
goo I lill winter run Ihcro will bo 1
ositivolioom on the Cimis Gold licit
il nets Illho Ilcml of tlio hnnKe
K 1 rionimn of Haiti sajs tho
Inter Idaho who Ins been to the hold of
Slako mcr with a prospecting parlv anil
cliirmil list 1 week si8 he thinks tho
lines In Hint iumlj iroijool fliobirs
of three to
vcruo in depth yivelfrom
fteel or twenty feet mil prospect urj
ell Ho thinks it will bouluio mining
leil t f
ocihlj I fho low 1 irs nro civil cocred
wih w iter b ditches IIo fl iH there is
II good naturil wagon road nc irl all thu
u to tin mints About twcut two
i niles through tho Iclon 1isswill ruiuiro
onio grilling which onco completed
1g0lS can ccl into tho mine There is
a ist nmnlTlj of cement irivcl in these
mines th it prospects well but Mr 1Iow
mn HUH it will require crushing tho
8nO is Iluarl7 to imko it pi Ho
links tho mines i in ho worked from the
ist of Aim until tho frAt of November
Tho clnnnti he tlnnl s H ihoul tho F uno
ns tint of the lioiso llasln
I In Hlg Hole Placers
fho new ilaccr diggings whiih hao
elsot some excitement and a stampede
eccntU ire located about thrco miles
from tho Gibbon bxltlo ground on tho
im Liligllolc saR the ion Monlan i
Jrilunr lliodiscoverv iBcallcdlIu0liis
lmil > The discovciers uc Darncv
IIgheR of Alder Gulch uotoriet and
George Orr V largo number of placer
el urns h IM been located mil recorded
ca 1t
tl new dicnins The diggings is fir
as prospected iiuhcite gool pij No
horlrock 1 has been struck Ml in the main
crcil which iscallcd frill Creel hut tel
feet of lino w ishcd griLlcontiiiiKoldin
sulliucut < Uinlilin to paY with a lij drill
lu and hod rock fiuino Nino ilaims of
vventv icres to each cl um luxe been
talu up in tho new district Prospecting
is still gumboil ml tho pioipoctors ex
pect to Btiiko bed I stono with cood results
III 1 li
i umber is 1 em s iwc c I to Ii put I i Hume I I in
in thu spring and tho resent indicaliom
am that tho new diggings will proo 1 i
iluahlo find 1
Cum DvluipN lrnntle Inliiirse
riiuMnira Sun m Hpciking of the
n it WOk now unltrvvnv in tho milo
ofCaiir dAlcne Had t llio bedrock
flume now hcing tug on IViclurd Cicel
u > llio most igantii enterprise ocrun
ilcrt il en In the hislor of pi leer mining
There 1ms bell nothing to ipproich it 11
Cahfornu ustrahi Coloralo or Mon
Inn ml is 11 di v clops from d iv lod
alplolious I mctliols of 11 iv tl niniing
aiodwarfcl mlo pun iiisigmliciiiee To
Iho oil IIUjWhoM ill ichmcnt for wuler
iliklicx and host is almost second imlun
un1 1 who mile I from Mexico to tho Itril
ish l os hsioin llio projec l Is incompre
hensible But I the men who ham inter
IRtl1 I themselves in thin intcrpnso uvi
ilentlv know whillhe havonnderl ikcn
Thcv have new ideisand now mctliols
which will complete rivohiliomo tho
Sstims indid down lo us by Ibo irup
nulls flio mine on llio broidniui > u
iriniipla using iiolern appli mccs mil
in Iho pi ices of Ibo icpcnsivu dililiiH
wi employ Mum power lo move Iho
i irlhand rob ilof its ricbis I is tliu
diwn of Cuiir < V MCIIOH j rospent and
thueoldii weallli tint will bo uncovered
will hlu ger tin worll
notliir Imlge Hunted In Malio
1 hero is a move on foot to Lit thu Idaho
DeliButo in COIILTISS lo woik foi tho ap
mlmcntof mother Dihtricl hideo < HIVB
ihelnterllitiu as tliu work IH Celling to
ho too mncli throughoutIho tho lemloryfor
three In 1 lues lliu movoisuood ono
ml tliu fourth fusticc with four dlbliiclH
instead of Ihrco would sborlcn their
terms md not on lighten t Ihcir work
I ll Ol IChII I
biitpioHiofiiimh f hem 111 lolitigmlHimd 1 i t 1
all loncerned
llif Hi Hi lulling 1 tliu II I I
1 normoiii shipmcnls ol train will bu
lao Ibis fill iasltt ird over Ihu J orlhurn
Ilciflc Knhoid ihls ears phenomln
icldof grim m tho Ilcilic coist conn
IncH iiiidiorriipomlliig Hhortncu In Ihu
i rops m KOIIIU I iMi r set loim will laiiso
Ihu triiHinrlulion I of Ihoimmlsof hiisliuU I I
of Lrulii Ibis I I i u fiom f I tho I Uibt lo t tho
Eaillll 1 1 from tboficl of Ibol ueo eriln
pro hieing SPI lions 1 ing trilmliry lo Ibo
Northern Iuille il is infirrfd lhat Ihu
UA it bulk of lliihubhlpminlH will pihs
ovir this ion ihu Oiegon Itulniiyil
01 Halway r
NivigitionCo hiviinow nllllio um do
In h milling Iho iinmenhu iiiiinlilles of
grim Dining in on them ml Iho North
ern Iai illc is JHJVV lominlrilliin Its box
CUM In n idinuHs lo icccivu Iho enin
I which will K0ii bode livi rid 1 for shipment
Jo Ihu 1 lst ibis will lu 11 iniiurliint
1101 tl 11 Ollluunll will no donbl
Iwo ipiiuplillo 1 Inlliunco npjii Dm
i irnmgHofthu roilfir I Um fill mouilis
i vui iila MUM In Ilnii Itli
lellei lo Um Ini nru Ntv I unit
Ituni from SI Uu 1111101 lolm 1owill
iiflu M lnB 1 1 Icnelb and rntlurfivoi
ablunli uf tlio miniH of Ihu lulliln I
nil dlnilcl m Union loiinHOrieon
sa > H Ivor ilonhiHlil8 d Ia infill
I bu iiijillul tn t hlM iimiiH us in irlv
mil oini IIIH al bomo leiiol iMbifi
limili d dovilopiiienl i nj ijti a loud rep
nl ition IIH iliiinini lluruisbiil lilllu
doing In HI in tliu ditvi luimii nl of IlhlH
1111 H uhhohiti 1 no mini woikhiL
i a lilllu i l bull hug und u IC fmv I men IH Hn 11 l in it
I Jlo I mint who aio haul wilh tools
Man ol thu minimum muni having for
IhoKcisiin iml will not 11 turn lo dtiinv
woil I iiiioii tlmlr rosiHjclH until nexl n > i
HJII I bis i imp is liln rll now t imp n
thoLoisI Ottiuin if louitlousmuvei
I wi illh In ihclr loutols II
IIlltl II 1111ls is I rule und
I vi 11 pour in Ihcir joilils I um loll
I thai homo h ivu as m my us twenU loa
lions and homo uvon mom tlal llml
of theAo nro
IUlbor lan
owned by men who noer ono < 1 cahn
beloro This is ono of tho mlsrortulos
tho conntr is lhorllg unler fher II
no Cor prospecing Ioontions nro
piled up on top of each othei in Homo
Thn KciiiiiscjCninpbcll Contest
The forthcoming Dcinpse Cam bell
fight a8 tho Vorthnd jVcits etlll foiniB
llio subject of consider iblo discussion for
man 1orllmdcrn Campliellislnacltvo
tr lining nnd eslcrda during I hltlu
plajfiilpractlco Milonnldis Riild I with to hia lmo trainer I tloorod Dun llml u
nllilcllc gentleman several times Two
orthreo ambitious visitors who nro no
novices with the milts donned thm for j
n frieiulh bout with Dive and worn
knocked 1 Ito 1 sorts of Blmpcs hy ho
Orczon champion Deinpsc is working
lurd nnd will bo i in prune condition 1 I f
tho unpleasantness M ill ho I anil
Campbell commences Several lartobilH
liavo been made without OIIR either wav
One bet ot 00 was made lhat the fight
would not last for light rounds Uit
f uorablo commrnlB however are heard
on ever side bee mso the fifcht i > not to n
finish with bam knuckles I is to bo I
genuine squaro old fashioned fight 1ml
mam finish doubt i beciusu it Is not to I
Minor Mention
And now the eitv wiseicrcq of Itutlc
have passed al ordinance making prof in
ilv on the street a punish ible offense A
live dollar lino for each and ever ollcnso
will not only mile llutto tho wonIhleHt
ell in lhn Wist but the cops will bo
dandies if tlu scoop em 11 in
ihoearl closing movement is being
aeit ilcd m Butto Yeslerd i afternoon
tlio o intcresled In the Hchcmo metal tho
Ampluthe itro lo decide on fioino leaK
urcs too taken m the maier
Judgo Havs tho new Chief liistuo ol
Idaho has just finished his first lenn ol
court at balmon Cit Ho showed lilnv
nclf lo 10 an clficienl and honor ible ludgo
Ae luvo jusl opened a beautiful lino of I
I linen cambi to and silk handkerchiefs of
1 ilcst designs biMov Ituos
tin 1 unous Cigar is known hy Ion
I noissciirs lo bo tho best in tho eil it
Sunday Evening Octobcn 25
830 reclhel
Pror o
I I rI MoZntl
1 I lnut ol on
erlo Iendelohn
Mr Wlllnnl tlli
3 A Mln ounOI
1e 11110 Woo I Gueo YOlng
0111 CrJhle Lnwnl
l Alilmcut OhU 1 AIO 111110 nll orjiiii nccom
4 Ie Jlnmcuiix Inlre
Mr 11 II
5 Quartette Qol linSf Irlt
hlcm Inlc I ll
Mrs r J Miullntr ill Minn Vnnlo leUUet
Ieleol Mr I J Mncklnti li
I id Mr S II aiini Jr
G 1h I r n Tmlw Unnln
lhO Inl > lcVnu <
7 Mollu Solo Ave Mnrl bclnilirl
Mr Wlllarl Wclli
8 OQoJ llirioMcrcj St liiul MenUUmliii
Mr II II knii
I O TrIo Uu UILU Inch living I bull
Avnlts J 1111
t MlMlrls > lo InH on Mr W VV Mnik
Intohh alI Mr J 1 llnricr
10 Clnrii lliallcRtciiH eTelllg 1ln
VDVlIvWJN 2iiil llptetit lliinl iOtl
Tlckcti for kHlei i nn 1 ilflir Wr IIHH ln > ncJl
I U I 11 I I I 1lek1 Ole
Mlole i Uaei a1 1 lo iliLi V hiitlKr ne
Notice loi I Iublkatlon
No 2100
U b 1 AND Olflll SilT 1 Ikl CITY UTAH j
rl f tJ1
October U 118S 1
NOIICI I is in 111 in IIN Tiivr nil
ill mini I I name I I Keillors li uo flic I notice
u their Intontliin 10 I I inlo llnul Jmllil 11Iot
o Ihclr ritiiPtliocUlinii nt 1 tlintMill ri ir
Hill I E I o iS 1 cf rutlu HPkl I II tir m 1 Itiochcr
al Hilt Inltc IJy on hutnrln S vci iliT >
1K55 o 401 vU r WllllanJv rH > N i4 llnrron m inotui HV > if Bictl 11 m7 u >
0 lonrnilili Il5 Itan olVV all he I immcs in
lUwltniiiiiiC I i lltinihcn llLiir I > Wllllimn 1
1 ici h llainon nn 1 Jamm W I hi i ia > ol KnlE i
Inke coiinly Utnh I Mil Jlnrtlm Wiyiiini
wlliwif wllllnmWajintnl I I Hi mckti m iitri
M 41 7 J lor SI f HietlniiU lowmllp C tf
laiiu3W mil j kho nnmn n lur wltiuktcH
nortclait Ih ins I llllli I bnliliUWii
nun ml
1111 1111 JiHciliWayninl il Clllly
Uuh I McMWM II Itcslklcr
AUy In
Inm AIllc8It
W i Hg ilo a HI eclully I if H in lylnii linn b an 1
I t II
Hoilnl 1 nrllcs Hlih mrylliliiic m rlil
No 39 E First South
I 1 arm JVMM lieKrii I vv Bens I
WIIhle 1Illetnll11 II
irll I A I MB
Prices to Suit the Times
1101 IIH heo riiiirchMliiilMiu
Ifl t t I rrlI I lto
300 SHOE
Three S1y1es
160 Main Street
trencth Ihlslowilerncvcrvnrlcii an 1 i Hrt
iRiilhonrlliinri kh JVltTlH
r taiidsiffS
ilS Vi0
i M sov i ai i vurn i
liooths Select
GO Cts < 3or
Bi COND To70l
le jJ
Rest aura
Restaurant and
QGO 3VE iai Sl
Tl rcn doors south ol the Vf
Ui 1 will 1 c mi Icr the ipmlita tl f
rlotir wh > Inlciils to malt ttil
Main St Joutli of T
1 ttjlc Ihe flnrst and n t e
Hotel ii l ointments In SnltUkttE
Special Terms to lamlllei I
g a
IN Jnll lct UII lG
YOI elll Ilfl tholnI
Gold Silver Wat
111 everylhil needed In It
oY oOHt 1
Stationers s Boo B O
111t YOIH u f 111
1lelhn or al alll
01 111 MiiliiMrut 0
snloot HOOKS I
or INP
KnhrIII lakrn fOI
I Ilheotl
xx xxx
Will OI1N UNT <
111 JI J
nll rIIIII1 I
lug 111llu1111I InI hellal d 101 j
guarllelI t to r 1
II I 111 hII I I
Heesch I EIW ii
rdlMO 1
111 1111111 nnll
Wltur 111lnI1
4 IllhII Houlh stree ATI

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