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Salt Lake evening Democrat. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1885-1887, October 28, 1885, Image 4

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tihtsiUUkcutrFoitofln I
Eastern 800pm IOnm
C alltornlamil West 1100 am 4lj pm
MonlaM anl Norlh 800pm 730 am I
n IIOIat tOO Im IOlOam
lllfili 1100am 7lOam I
Men Utah SOOpm 4Zpfl I
I ark clty 800pm 730am I I 1
Tooclo I County lPJpm
1 Alta Utah 10i20am 630 am 1
1 620Lm
lllngham Utah 400pm
a mlhcrn Utah G5Opm
The aboro li I ttan lard mo mtain time
JOHN T LYNCh I o tma tcr
Sdl take City Utah MurcliZi 185
p1 Silver Quotations
II I teree led doly buy Well largo i Col
fll Sllter I Now York 10
tillrcr Ixjiilon 17 715
I I 1c1 New perlOOlM 40
roll nll1 sVIilerNtyIcN JUIi trrivct
I oUlllnll
This celebrated lint Is l libitum flexible
mid the nobbiest hat worn the lender in
New York Ct3
Hi II SllicrinaiUri
I Fine flaxlblo lint wo nro making a SIKC
laity of anil will soil it cheaper titan any
house west of Now York
Wo carr the largest mid most com
ploto lino in ho U3 both In raft mul
still hits and aLloW prices
Noni oot A Co
Tim exclusive Hnllt corner west of
t Opera House
100 Ui TOTS
51 DiphtherIa rnRci unabated thnonglt nooinl
now CIWOB are reported within the city
Itobertii Neldcn received to elny I car
load of mincrnl waters for tho Utah trnde
Site Knizlila of bt Denis will give i their
opening ball at Jennings Hnll next ol riJny
Salt Lake will bo blooded with nt least
twenty theatrical pcrformnnocs within the
next ttifrtydayu
9 Iwo drunks wore arraigned lu the iralico
court this morning and were neneiwcd tho
usual price of such luxuries
The careful management of tho Pavilion
in unquestioned and has been tho means of I
nitrating nn Increased patronage
Tho cots of U J Wcnnor against Eliot
Smith for official salary occupied tho tiny
before tho Jury nod several nttorncjR
I I reported that 500 reward will bo paid
to anyone returning tIm ntcnographio re
C ports of the Larckn Heck raining suit
At tho Opora House last night Hiivcrlys
I orchestra band played several airs from the
forthcoming lolantho and Mikado
McCornlok b C todny received two cars
of Hannuer bullion I600l Queen of tho
Hills ore 2155 Crescent ore J7BO total
value U1CO
All contributors to the Utnh exhibits for
the bow Orleans Exposition tIre requested
4 hand In their donations tomorrow and tho
day after at the latest
I Sylvester Walker a resident of tho west
st 1 dt Ir
part of town was tried In the police court
today for threatening to exterminate I fel
low being and was fined 5
In tho oaso of Thomas McDrido against
Joseph linker ct nl tho defendants were
allowed until November 15th to Ills a state
ment on motion for a new trial
Henry Grow brought before Commissioner
McKay this morning on tho charge of U C
waived I examination and no hold in 8
bonds to await tho action Iho Grand Jury
I I 13 The members of Calantho Lodge K of P
I t aro requested to meet In lcl library on
t Ihursday evening at 730 clock for the
purse of nylllg n fraternal vlsl to Hoeky
Mountnln Lodge
I lhe Harmony Club is rightly christened
I At their opening party in bholdon Hall last
I 5 night everything passed off Jovously with
r smiles and good feeling inplaoo of fall dress
i and unpleasantness
Since I Thursday of last week tho air about
as the Union block lias been rifo with denunol
ationi of 1 tunIc occupant who is well up In
I tho use of tho knits and abused his wife so
t 1 i badly that she has been confined to her bod
i k I pSaulsburys Troubadours played wrhreo of
I n Kind to 1 good houso at tho theatre last
night notwithstanding the minstrel perform
I unco at the opera house lo night the game
i lively l piece is presented nod tomorrow
I evening nn entire change Is announced
Yesterday afternoon n team which had
hauled a man wife and thirteen chill
siren nil I tho way from Omaha got frightened
I at an object on lbs State Hoad and run
away The sheet iron stove bedding and
fifteen overland tourists were scattered
along tho road In I striking manner but no
one was injured
Uaverlys American Luropean Minstrels
closed their three performances at tho Opera
I House last evening The usual largo nt
I I tendance was present and as demonstrative
In their appreciation of thin Cragg family another
i t V other specialties as ever iho troupe ap
I I near to morrow evening in Laramie then in 1
I pnr
I I I Cheyenne Wyoming
I Pool Inspector Wrstcott of Ogden Is In
I tho city
from IL W lrovo Clout of Provo came up last IIIht
Mr S W Sears has gone on n business
trip to Chicago
Itev T O1I returned from n southern
trip last evening
5 William Carroll of Ogden graces tho
I streets of tha capital today
John McChrystal the live wideawake mer
chant from Eureka is In tho city
o Mr rank Maeder manager of Salsbnryfi
> Troubadours avored the UEUOCBAT with n
call today
I Assistant Prosecuting Attorney C H Va
I nan last evening returned from a few days visit Idaho
Mr Henry Wagener has returned from
j Salts where he has established 1 supply
depot for his celebrated California beer i
Mrs Trank Maeder wife of the Manager
of Halsburya troubadours occupied n
proscenium pox in rot Opera Houso last
Mr Alex Mitchell western passenger
agent of the Chicago Milwaukee J bt 1 aul
railway left Salt Lake today on a short
trip to hustle 8Mntaln
lr LoIns manager of Jauauschek no
coinpanied by his wife Is registered at the
Valley House This celebrated actress sad
her standard company play at the Iheatre
next Wednesday thursday FrIday and Sat
Mr Ii D laniior father in law of our
townsman Mr A D liechtolis In Salt Inko
en route to his r Jc iu California from
visiting sa father in Wisconsin I who has
reached the advanced ace of tO Years Mr
Janitor will leave for lull coast tomorrow
accompanied b > Mr Jlechtol aud family
I M who go on a visit
I flit mi i t Ioiiirs
> lliiH inoiiilng opened A Model Collie
I IIouijo at r7 l W first South street here
they propose 1It give I u Hcjuato incil 100 15
fl Thin l IH tlin cheapest I placeintown I I
1 vcr thing la m at mm stulsh Call on
the < Model I
I Auctloul I Auction I
litOR Thursday October 9th at 10 n in
ut No 101 W hreond South street of
I household fcoods counters an 1 shelling
scales oil tanks candy jars thost of
carpenter and machinists tools etc
gldnl II
a Di naiN AtiUiiuvs Auctioneers I
Grand Mask Carnival
At the Pavilion on Saturday evening
OdoLer list 0
The 5 Shield of mitt ninliei 1 I
SrconA Appenrnnce from tin I
EtergrOulltl nlKloru
Tho following circular fiom the head
quarters of tlio Mormon church fell Into
the halnls of n DIMOIRAT reporter olio
I cried nlouil to the people of flon
Inbllilied every nomloccasionall bj
Humble HceVol IUtah Octo
ber 1885No 2
vile VISION U ouii imion
5 llchold a sower went forth to sow
John Diyncs And when ho Bowed
somo seed fell ° a npoimtom plncts
tvhcro they had hot much earth anti
forthwith they sprung up because they
had no deepness of earth and when tho
sun nan up tlio > ucro scorched mid
because thc had no root thej withered
folin Sharp Orson I Arnold And
Bomo fell among thorns and the thorns I
sprung up nnd choked tliom
Rinlgcr Clnwson Amos M Mtisscr
rands A Thrown lob Imerree U Illmm
llossltcr John Nicholson EmIl Olson
Charles White dwanl rIrabhhhhhut
other fell into good ground and brought
fortli fri Boino nn hundredfold ROIIIO
olIdty fold some thirty foul 1
Hear 30 therefore tho parable of the
Truman O Anpell Ir Ho that ro
coivoil 1nrlle Reed Into stonj plates I tho
Kama is ho that hearotli the word and
nnon wIth Joy roexUotli it jet hath ho
thlOi ctaV rh
flr Oi
not root In himself but clurcth for a
within I for when tabulation or nersoLti
lion arlseth becalmS of the word by unit
by ho is offended
beullinus Wheat SeatmhIe also that
rcccntth seed among Ibis thorn1 is ho I
teul th
that hearclh the word and the rare of
this world anti the deceitulness ofrichell
choke the word nnd lit bccomcth tin
Win otlicnnglmin Angus M Can
non 1irlej 1 1ratt Moroni Urown
Hiram B ClawHon Andiow bmith
Charles Seal Alfred Best Tames Vat
eOIhIhnt ho that received tho seed
into good ground is ho that hcircth tho
word and understandcth i which also
bcarcth fruit and bringcth forth somo
in hundredfold Bomo sixtysome thirty
rhe sale or tho t Bty Creek r roper I
to the Cltj Completed
The wino men of our city met in tho
Council Chambers last evening with
Major Sharp presiding
Tho busintas of the evening hegnn with
a petition from Herman IHU in I others
calling nttcntion tc the condition of tho
walk on the north siIo of Third bouth
street between Mun old West Temple
and petitioning for I nsliphrdtum walk
from tho Cliff Houso to tho Metropolitan
Hotel to bo constructed ton feet wide
Itcferrod the Street Committee
Through the petition of Mr ll Cullen
tho license of the Capitol salon was
transftrred to Mr John lufli the prts
ent proprietor
Maria Worbleau a pool unfortunate
asked tint tho 1 tax on her favorite torn
anion n noblo dog bo appropriated
B W Cranowiis ranted nn auction
ccr a license for ono car
C W Iukcrnaagixon retell liquor
license for thn quarter
fIle Major stated that he had obtained
a complete tills to the City Creek prop
erty from T C Kingsburj on p ij ment
of 000pcr instructions from the Coun
ill on tho 2flth inst and had also nr
ranged the three 10 000 notes at 0 per
cent per annum
Tho tiohco justice report foi bet month
nhoncu 11 I cascstncd and 1778 7ii paid t
in Once
The nrollmcnt Committee reported
that the ordinance on Hawking and
Peddling had been signed mil HB pub
licition was recommended mil adopted
The 1 inanco Committee had examined
the Auditors report for tho qu irter end
Ing August list this year and found it I
correct I will bo published In ntcoi 1
once with law
Thn Bum of h2120 was aimioprmted to
J 11t Tollman 1 for blacksmith l I I klt also I
12000 to pay the suini annual interest on
this 1 flrdoll note I t T 8al
Bryant anil Ills 1rlcmK
Ruth ill tho tithe of a olnnie ofxKttthrs
from the ptn of Gcncril Jounce Grant
Wilson which we have received from C
I Parsons A Co The author has given
full biographical notes of the thief writ
ere who in beginning tho career of let
ter in what waft known as the ° Knicker
hacker period of literary work ill New
York that Is ibout the first flitvinira
of thiHcenturj were pioneers of n ri
can literature at large ilhani Cullcn
Brjant Is taken as tho tentro around
which the others tire grouped because ho
vai among tho very earliest and bccnmo
and remained tho most eminent of the
brilliant circle Die inoro complete
sketches aro of lirjant 1uuldlng Irving
Dana Cooper Halleck Drake Willis
1oe and Bajarcl falor who is ono of
tho prominent figures of the latter portion
V ll
of Ot tlio time toured und then follow a
chapter entitled the Knickerbocker
iierattire which abler piylng its ro
gpecta to tlioso already I treated of lint
coeds to give brief notices of about a scoro
of oIlier of note but of leaser impor
tance Biith as Woodworlh Iltrjiont
Ycrplantk Ir rancis Iujno Jx > ictt
l iel Wa
George Borne HolTinaii Cozzcnf unit i
eo 01
Ilio conception IH I luppy ono md is
happily carried out tho I main facts in
this 1 blveo corn varIous writers iro acres
elblo in tjtlopedtiia and in voluminous
bio0rai hits but this attrittho olumo
troups tofctthtr writers that form the
nucleus of an especial > inttrcV igiieriod
31 gIves not onl ij just the kiuih i i 1 of thing
the average reader intellifceneo wants to
Know about e ich one but adds lOaliyOuhd 1
Iels 01
bill of literary gossip personal historj I
romance anecdote reminiscence i und nil i
that miscellaneous und gustatory class of
material wbieIi in these inquiring slays
r W II
d rl
is HO attractive under tho collective I lianio
of A nci
There are too nun points of inteieat
in such 1 olumo to ho l omteil out or
oven adequately BULgchteel Gen Wilsoll
has mado a delightful addition to tho
btorts of literary and personal j hlstorj
15151 1 In nU luecluahllcal aeressoniss of make
mi tho book is notable for good lasts and
lie mt
Into tOO lords Howard A Hurl
belt Now orkt H IlrsoiiH A Inr
Sal Lake City larone
S < hades
Billiard anl Her Hall a now open to the
public Only the flw > t hiandsof Ujuorn
11I111 1 Cigars ki pt on hand at 107 Main hi
W hcilAiifc 1fopriclor
fhlOK the Celebrated Tamoim Cigar
manufactured by Ham Iv a
HAVIMI bought out tile llUh1lHH of T
Jlckermg at It > B Second South Street
wo inrxsu to Boll all staple and alley
groceries at cost Goods are lower than
over i call and see us
a usllAinn ft ILNMNS
aliburrK rnubnanuri t the The
litre I Hit MghtMi luiuilug
lIttler hal tttt 011
otwlthstandlng the strong attendance
at the Opera House there was n splendid
audience at tho Theatre last night to wit
ness tho opening of fealsburj n Troubv
tours in their farcical tomedx Tlirco of
1 Kind Although tho piece like many
others Is without nn particular lot
unlike many other I is full of fun
action situations and crisp and sparkling
dialogue Nate Salsbury was very nmna
bog at Tack Iotts t his i songs recitations
and gags ° receiving much I of the np
plause tho Bollloqm To draw l or not
draw 1 Yto ono of the taking nbrtsr The
vivacious acting of AIiss Nellie Mtllcnrj
U Dolly Dashwood tho Italy boadcr
pccurcd very hi ernl applause Tlio bal
ance of the performers were ftuhly tip to
IJ l er H f
the standard the piece was nlcch Bet on
the stage but tho music was not tlio
finest in the land This evenIng hits
Troubadours will repeal Threo of 1
Kildt and tomorrow eening will ap
pear in an entire new bill
A 1robnlilllt > that Sir Iced LI
right trIll Tnko flip IUuiin go
of Title 1 IMucc
melt TIH Ireiiiit
of MiiUNcincnt
During our interview yesterday with
Mr i red It Wright manager of tbo
minstrels tho rom creation turned upon
tlio iimnajrtmtnl of the Walker Openi
Honsn Mr Wriht informi il tIme ro
irorter that ho had I been offered the man
agctucnt of this place of amusement und
that ho had seriously considered accept
ing tho ofhco In fact if Mr Haver will
feOr fiom cd engagement of
which contract there remains but six
months unoxpireel ho would shortly return
turn and take charge of tho house We
hope such will bo tho case and for more
reasons than one In tho first place it I
is dcsitablo ilin l costly and
w ell t idllhnv temple of amuse
ment should lease as a manager a
man of professional experience
and personal ntquaintance with
other managers actors and companies
This Mr Wright has Hois ilsoaientlo
hullS by nature indti scbolirbx travel
and education Ho takes no stock in
snido shows und will not trifle with
anthing that is not Hrst class He has
been eight j e ira with lla crlv nnd being
on the best terms with him insures the
appearance nt tho dlkcrof all Ilaverlj
attractions sent out on the road We
nttrctons rOllI
think tbt Wtdkere will do wisely they
can tot Mr Wright for manager to Install
him The public would 1me reason to
rejoice and tho hou ° o itself would tako its
legitimate place OH ono of tho most popular
as it is now ono of the most elegant
theatres in the West
JohllTIIlor o SonNo 43 md 45 Second
South Street have just received hoico
lot of Fall and Winter Woolcna which
they offer to make up in first cl iss style
at greatly reduced rates
Where ace 3011 bound for I I am going
to Simon Bro to secure one of their hats
ere thev iro all geiie
Wo aro now oteniltg and recehvitgtlailv I
a full line I ltr ne Clothing for Men and
Boys wear Gols1iTit ill 00
1878 stabllslied 1878
Jos Baumgarten the lnoimblo
Tailor calls the public attention to tho
set that he makes a specialty of over
coats Swallow t nl and Business knits at
the lowest i ntcs ill tins city
Salt InKc City Ilnmlng Company
President President
We ire now prepared to receive orders
for our Ci nnniTi n BUBIMIHLI I AGUI
BPHI Special rndmcmtntH given to pur
chasers of carload lots
Having given our careful attention to
the selection of tilt finest miteiul for the
ininnfictnro of beer after tho BudttoiKor
irocess we are in a situation to phlce j 1 Ije
lore the public an article superior to any
hitherto ollered this market
Orders bv telephone piomptlv attended
to JACOB MoniT Se di Treis
How to Consult Dr onto Si Ity l Mull
lr Foote I renior author of Iitu
Home fiUk Medical COlllmon Sense
etc etc would say to those who would
like to consult him i by mail that they tan
have a t of questions and u circular i of
Rrattutous odviio by addressing Box 414
bait Lake Git Tho doctor h is arr in ed
to have Hiith information supplied in tills l
ICIlY to 11110 tlllle Kccciung such printed
matter t the correspondent cin iletcribe
his or her l case fiillx nl and direct it to the
doctor In Now York lr 1 oolo is
Huctesufiill trtatlii all forms of chronic
diseases a special to which ho has do
voted thirty years of Btnl arid pracl le
I idcnies of his sueeesa can also ho hail
by addressing Box 414 as above but all
letters of consultation lho Jet for
remedies shout bo addressed to Ir it
B Footo fir 120 Lexington Avenue
New York City N Y Consultation free
An adurtibcmont of Dr Foot4J hr in
another plate desencs attention
10 this Cltlzells of Utah
The IImlersl ned Commisbtoncr for
Utah to tho North bouth and Central
American xposition to open at New
Orleans on tha 10th day of November
next hem desirous of exhibiting Ham
pies ol
I Agriculture
II Horticulture
III Bow inanufatturccl roductu
Ores Jlincrals and Woods
IV FurnIture and cessot lea
V Textile abnes 1 Clothing and at
VI rho Inituetrial Arts
VII Ahmontar 1roduttH
VIII ducatlon I and IiiRtruttion
IX WoikBuf Ait etc
Ami II beltig I desirous oftliophtyiiig i an eo
bibit not tobo I excelled 1111 unvTcrrilors
in the Union 1 Invite thutillcnsof Utnli
to forward rumples of above jirodudH at
as carl u day IIH pohsiblu hiy express or
othtrwibu to the IInderel ned not later
that thai oth lust and advise mo of bits
shipment P it LONNOIJ
CommissIoner for Ut ih
SAIT Lace CITY October 0 IBj a
Fun II good Kinoko try the 1111I1I0I1S I
Cigar for alo lor bam Levy a
If stranger visiting talt Iaku thinks
businesa Is quiet htic let linn I
1 lIil
Y IflI
Mmon Bros store ami i ho will noon be I
cominced to the contrary a
f < a lies I large i mlnscH1 an 1 chilchinH iinkr
wcii in ai variety and ut uxtnind t I
low figures nt thin pOJllllar store of
a bmos Jliios
Jiiilicioiiti iUcrtihinn hicktilb
by csriy
lug out all 3011 claim to do wJ1l eventually
PaY Simon JIma arts roving this Inert
an 1 inorci from daj to tiny a
Uniitcil 1
A good gas iindbtcam litter or plumber
Appl iniinedlatel at HicBcli t Filer
W r
betks Ito 4l It fret I South i Street
Till SIM m IflOhti5EM
Ilrr Irom 101 rlnna llru
0 5nrttrrs
pOllt 10101 it S Rrl
MAmrTTA 0 Oct 23lIon A T
Warner has just received tho following
letter on the silver question from lon
Edwards Ilerroiiont tho eminent law i
3 cr who w as Attornoj General and sub
pequcnti Minister to England duringtbe
Grant administration Tho importance
of the subject the eminence of the tier
and this force nnd clearness with which
the question is presented make the letter I
w ortln of careful attention
No 101 1 itTit AVJNUI New Ynnx
Octobers 18a5 The Hon A J War
ner Jt C JIj Dear Sir A ithin some
forty tltua Congress will meet and the
currency nucstion will como to tho front
I will soon appear whether the Congress
Biirrondcrs to the gold power or ab o
lutely protects the people
This gold men will Btrivo to exclude nil
vei from the currency This is the danger
of which the President in his loiter the
24th of cbruary gave warning when ho
said I is of momentous importance to
prevent tho two metals from parting coin
pan Producing silver more largely than any
oilier nation ua havo contrived to help
decrease its Milne and to advance tho I
price of gold
By the coinage act of 1873 vvo made tho
gold Wao our unit i of value and do
monetized silver and from thatdato until
081e rnf it
1878 tlio silver i dollar vas not a com i of
the United Stales
Vo have made the coinage of gold free
and forbidden the free coinage of silver
Tho great famine in India prevented that
populous eountr from taking their usual
amount of exchange There was 1 fall
ing off in a single year of fo547820o
and tho acton of tho German empire
with other powers m adopting tho gold
standard and tint of the Latin union In
ceasing to com silver besides a largo
yield of the mines all i combined to re
dues the price and then I having aided
ssrlic 1aN sw
in doprcBmng I lel relative value ot silver
womsbed trI Bland bill making 41 J1
gmins 1 leah tender dollar and without
ally provision for circulating this bulky
com tr means of notes that would I pay
debts This fcchemo has failed
In ngland as you luutaw 1 coinages is
free Anono can take gold I i bullion of
standard Oneness to tho Bank of England
and receive therefor bank notes which
ann n legal tender and i vertible into
coin nt the holder will
I our government i How its citi i
71 ns the like freedom in itarcl to silver
the dantci of the two metals parting
com pan would vanish
In a former paper I have shown how a
single gold currency which Is of necessity
email enables combinations of capital
lock much of it up make mono tight
raise the rate of interest depress prop
erty und despoil the people prop
Tho I only obicction raised against diver
mono is that it fluctuates in value
In the first place a small fluctuation in
the bullion value of sliver circulated
through legal lender notes is of no hn
portailce and next it is not true that oIl
ver coin under the same equ il legislation
as that ipphed to eold coin fluctuates
materially as history proves During
the peiiod of fort rears next prior to
187 there was scarce any fluctuation in
the Ixmdoii price of silver In 1833 i
was a fraction over Slid i In 1871 it was
tlio Buno But befoio that year cndtd
tho United States tho grt it Gorman om
lire Denmark Sweden and Norway
BOOH followed by 1 ranee Belgium Swit
7crianci Urcoce mel Holland coaxed tbo
COinage of silver and Great Britain hal
long before dcmoneticd i These causes
havo combined to depress silver Most
of the causes will enduro ali thc v iluu
of silver usill remain depressed and no
act of Congress can prevent i Congress
mv increase the price of silver consider
ablv bv increasing the metal in a dollai
making roinnin ireo and circulating sil
ver bv meaiiH of legal ten er Hole hut no
congressional acton can rcbtoro Bilver to
tbo value which it had prior to 1873 let
the chief powers of tho world treat iold
us the have treated sivel and jold
vor woul 1 fall and flmtuitc as raplilby as sil
hat the causes ubovu named have I
gird U ermaneiit depression to sihirr I
seems to huvo bei n overlooked by thosa
who I contend t that the silver dollar of
11230 grains ran be leiislatoil up to the
values of gold dollars lit our own Con
caress Not ono of the lea ling nations of
1 urojio coin slyer anj longer The iod
mines yilil i ln less of folel I lnilo the usu of
gold in the i arts Increases How can the I
relative value of silver fall to remain less
tlmn h for these import ml clianes
took place
I wo would circulate silver wo must
increase tho weight of tlio t dollar and
dolar lid
issue legal tender notes upon tho deposit
of silver But the gold party do not wish
to havo silver dollars of any weightor to
h ivo silver cireul ited in any form
Tlio l gold uarty are compict I ortamrcil
egxOtl Oth 3i
know t
exactly what they w int and con
tentrato their energies to attain their
end The bankers convention at Chi
ago resoled that tbo law should be
immc 11 itely suspended and remain sus
ponded until nn intcinational iLjcemcnt
of the leading commercial nitlons VCH
substantial assurance to tho futuro re
latlons of Lold and silver ns money
means supjienHioii forever As I
rule to which there are Bomo eminent
exceptions bank presilcnts sIre not
itesmcn and they care littla about use
r ll i r
rol I I
effect of a financial act Illicit Iho reit
11011 Iv of this nation t
lleol business i rl a ban resident j is te
make all tho money ha can for his hank
tho chit of an merican btatesmau is to
understand und lotcet j lie interests of
tho wliolo
fie ublo men behind Ibis gold move
ment know uvell that if tho Bland 10VO lull 1 is
rejtilcd without I biibhtitnto silver will
forthwilh cease la bo a coin As I h no
before elate 1 when tins bill w IH passed
thus shyer dollar was not I coin pnllsot
UnIted States IInll 1 hal not lieon wnco I
wise iicmonetie 1 in 187J
fIts silver men will bo worsted m thin I
contest unless they chango their tail ICH
and nnltu iiiion a moasuru which is lair I
and I reasonable I is not fur or u ison
iblo to insiBt tli it lb2fr trains of silver a801
fchall mako a legal tender doll ir when
for thus neaooia illume btatcd tl intunsio
value is far less lliau thu gold dollar thu I
utilt of value which wu ourselves hays I
establlBbcd I
I Onu lialf of this jieojilu hate been mado
to look upon the resent Hlher dollar
nloltho 1 eilor as
a frau 1 I was not intended us iifrind
I hoso who iiassed tho bill from a forget
fulness of tbo fuel that olIver hal been
shejireclulteil by thu combined action of
I man foreign nations In excluding it from
oinagu mistakenly thought ilut the
valilo ol this old dollai could lie restored
by nn act of Congress If thu Kllveriiien
I slverJel
irs not blind they must see that
I allll
ineisureil b ll our own unit of value J
41J t ruins of silvei Ills worth much
less limn tho avers twent years ago
I an 1 that it ill > grS Injustice to ittcmptto Ig0
force hIss de recuted dollar into
< Ilto
ollcatod < I
I tho silver men alibI survey tho situation
thiey cannot full to sos that tho told men
I aiu gaining I rapi Uy and that most those
who a yeutr ago claimed 1 1 to bo in favor of
an honest silver dollar now opi > osu
I even mcasuieiwliiehconluiiisuKtibstltutu
I for hiss Hlund bill and demand un iin
mediate nnd
Ild unconditional repeal or
suspension of I and by rCll means
Btrne to hinder the consideration of nny
to circulate silver dollars nt nil
plan eier tolnrs
If tho silver men will unite upon n
I honest I measure they can cam 1 If
the do not their defeat la 1 certain No
which does not projiose I to Increase
1 ss
tbus weight of I en silver dollars l 1Hc pass
nnd no bill which I docs not provide for thus
circulation of silver through l government
notes ought to pass Your plan which
no fairly meets tho objection about tho
I ratio of gold to Bilver receives 10 favor
from Iho professed silver men who say
that they want 1111 honest silver dollar r
tho truth Is that such Ire under tho poncr
of lbs gold rulers nnd will vote with them
when this test comes
If silver men can bo made to behave
I sler mel cnl of the
that the unconditional suspension I
coinage act of 1878 will enhance I tho prico
of silver they ought to hasten to nn any
him for idiots and not go to Congress
Free coinage of silver or what is tho
MInI In effect allowllhg nlY one to deposit
iiorl legal tender notes nt thus rats of BO
man grams to the dollar ns shall equal
lal in valtio tho gold dollar tho grains in tlio
ullver dollar 10111 bo determined bv the
average value of silver for tho last three
vcars that will Increase the price of
silver and largely benefit thus eountr
lver is truo that wo drop tho twaddle
about gold being thus life blood of the
nation and coaTs to tremble at tho stato
ment of gold > o considerable amount
ot gold over coos abroad except to pav
1 f Im r sit
balances and if wo had legal tender
yen notes of gold value the shipment of
gold would cause no inoro disturbance
got the shipment of wheat
Them is nothing in Iho objection that
rb O ft
I silver loot sometimes tins J or fall If sil
ver should riso above par it would go
abroad to baY balances or to bo returned
I m gold 1 it fell below par it would stay
hero and perform all of tho functions of
mono and gold shipments would causo
no panic
This is the richest nation in tho world
and we arc not 1 debtor nation I is
time that we had n financial system of
our own suited to our condltionsaaever
other nation has nnd it is high time vvo
ceaoo begging this old monarchies of Europe
fl VIo
rope lo toll us in what ratio to gold wo
relay coin silver
It will bo a sorr ohay for tins vast
eountr which requires 1 currencv of
proportionate amount when the currency
is reduced to gold and controlled by 1
comparatively small number of capital
ists who can combine is they have done
m Lnglaud to make money tight in
order to extort tribute from those who
liars debts tailing duo r is I true 11 11
the people do not yet understand how it
is that those l leI diligent i in bust
ness careful and honest find their sav
ings Bwcpt liwsey by l n tight money mar
ket winch i drives them to great sacrifices
of their propertj in order to meet their
liabilities Reduce the currency to gold
and such will have more stringent expert
oncoand may perhaps discover that it la
in tbo nature of fallen man by menus of
combinations r ofJ seek dominion t l over his
fellow men
In rngland this money power Inw combined
bined with feudal lords vJr great
landowners und tho best of thorn boast
that thev stand bv their order In thio
cOIr while slavery lasted slavchold
crs stood bj their order Tho only
re il order left with us is the mono or
der and he must bon drowsy observer
who docs not see that its power is fast in
creasing Contrict tho currency to told
mako it solo legil tender and in fifty
years evolution will como or pauper la
bor degraded as that of Europe
I am evor faithfully f yours i
White House i
For the bent meals and rooms go to the
White house Everything first clato ami
low rates a
Iho rush for goods at Simon Brov i on
tnmes and if anything is increotmu a
Ireal Hediictlon In Ihcr
At Murk McKinitnina ivcry Stable
TwcntjJho Per Cent
Gentlemen cm cacti twcnU fio per
cent by having their biwiness and dress
suits made at our Mammoth Htabhsh
ment Ac guarantee fit workmanship
and 1 itisfaction or money returned
a F IIIIACK i 1 lino
I Lectures on the Hook of Mormon
The sceral lectures on tho Book of
I Mormon hy Hov I imb boun 1 In
amphlet hhluaml for Bile at 2i tents
j lsr toll urn hellmij 1 jiumtroiiHl they
1 I
treat the Bubjcct from entirely original
subject and are worthy of erusal a
No T More xlriniitraiiii 11t Mlllhuri 1 f
Tho time vlicn I a liusbinil turned palo
at tim sieht of his wifu milliner bill IH
a thing of the past It no longer taken
almost their weight In told to secure n
fashion iblo hat or bonm for a lady or
To Simon Bros is dim Iho credit of
having brought ibout this desiriblu i
eliante i mil that their ellortH and hirin
cipcl of iloinn busiiiesH have boon nnil
lire well Hcconded by tho ladles IH easily
I roen by ptine u visIt to their cstab
fhtir htoro is crowded from c arl morn
lug until late 1 at nle ht the force of clerks
being hardly Hillllcicnt to wait upon all
their friends mid customers
Honorable treatment low juices ut
traetiu toodsnnd courteous and obliging
clerks will always proo II loadstono
Iround to attract ho attentions of the
ladies a
COAl On and Fluid at Iloneci Lamp
Stern 57 L First South Street a
1rof A Andre
Lan inLes mil Music HL Second bonth
Street 1 O Box 200 Terms moderate
Jiu Famous CIgar Is know by < on
nolsseiirB to ho the bust in thu cIty
Wo huo just opened beautiful lino of
linen cambric nnd Bilk handkerchiefs of
latest dcnins SIMON Ilitos
I HELLS Jaait becKon II W Seem
WJ olotalo mid Kttull Uealers til
HIIHMi iJj AlllH
BlllMJIVH 110K1 IH
A Hpecliill >
Prices to Suit the Times
Call ii ii 111 Lufure urcl iklui elioivl tre
10V U llrot Siiulli puree Oppoiiltv
I I llh llril tnkfiubl Ii ICuoni
The Painter
At the Oncia House
altcmlaticenl tho
fliers was 1 Itentnlce
Walker Oi > era House last night hoses the
Minstrels in their third itcrformnnco As
on the previous night tho sImon was IIlst1
class and thoronghl cnjojcd bj lbs
auditors anc Thu neatest acts were the Cragg
familys acrobatic feats amid tlio tylhtnn
Knights drcsj parade U is oafs to say
that r is many 1 clay slnco n Icons artistic
been sods than this
and prettier thing has
ll llll gllfte ln
last mentioned piece It was well done
and Air 1 Gorman this Inventor is cm
titled lo great credit for ho original
of it
The Minstrels go I ast from bore Tho I
companj has dona n goodbulsllhesotlunluig
1 fcll t YI
tills engagement t which not only sheave
that black face enlorlainnienls nro not
waning but that whenever there is n first
rate company at tho Walker Opera House
rto tho public will patronIze tho place with
out preference for tho oilier house
Salt Lake Theatre
ToNight Wednesday
Including those limtncnt AMItt
1 rr < ciiUuR thin Orcntcst Huccces ot all 1 Uri
wilt 1U Wealth of Millie
Bee that lame ot lokcrl
NeW Bougsl Now leatiircsl
oronlIoa oVV
Thursday October 29th
astiro change of bill and their latt appearance
Tom Dick and Harry
lit it same author
It coerce 1 Scats without extra charge
Application for Patent
Notice No 1371
NOTICE h Mining to by Its resident I
and duly null orlzc 1 nsciit It AUf whose pot
ofllce address Salt 1 akc Ut > Utah lui made
application fora United State latent for the
Sunshine mining clalii situate 1 In American
Perk Mlnlnc I District 1 Ulali County I Utah lor
rltoryconslstlng of 1 600 linear feet of th lode
and kurlacc groun 1 fjJ PC feet wide being Lot
No 77 and described lu the Held l noteii and
plat ot the oftlclal suncyou file I In thl oilier
witn macneiie nriauou ai luurLrccs jumiu
OTtry paint I thence 8 f ilcerccs 1vat4 feet
thence N 73 degrees 40 minutes W 3186 feet
to pot No 11 Ihenee B 75 legcce 40 minute C
6176 feet to tot No2 thcneo N 31 degrees K
3i63 foot to 1 osl No3 thence N 2 degrees M
minutes K 1128 feet to lost No 4 thence N 75
greet 40 minutes W f 12 feet to lost No6
hence Si Ic greet 6t minutes W 10772 felt to
lot No6 Iheneo Ii 3t degree W 4217 Ice 10
toot No 1 th place of bcglnnlne of exterior
oundarles I containing an area of JOC8 acres
from which iii urea lu conflict with tho Utah
ode Is expressly h cxccptc and excluded leav
Idea isU4er
er lpOlrcxl
lie an area of ills acres applied for
From center of the north cud lino of claim
U S M M No 1 bears louth 27 tIe greet 21 win I
claim beb coirecor ii In ia oilice l of the re
corder or alll Mining 1IIlrlcl allorre1 Cit
In Utah COllnlT l1Iah Tho lIeare1 known 10
tallon bolng Anno Utah and First
I dlreel hat Ihl 1I0liee belubllshelln the
Save IAIlr Evcsteo IJRJIOCIIATlh nHIapcr
pubilshci neaVcVt thin al1 mlnlft elallll for
the betted nf tint > lays
T C DAUBY Attorney
The OIly JIIXC bee the pear lHVi ruuitnlns
unpaid ollihe
UNI i > t VOl oclinn
wilt beceo tell it nicnt and unle hue I are
loll on 1 or hefro I tie al ovo late l I nlmll t Lu
< low lletd I to collect with coils n 1lvllled hy
M iv 1 All OK ollcctor
0 lititliTiNo I 01 BIOCKIIOIUrilS 01
1 the Hier Creek Mining Com any fr the
pun I on a ofactliK uion niroioHltlaii to dlsln I
corjor etald C mi I an > will fe I held on Hal
unlay 1eeee sec Cii tHe at 12 I al the otlico
of A Gohhardt I <
thy order 01 Directors
A OKIIIIAItDl lreaif ash
Iu > iiC 01 Stoddiohlois tllg
OFF IK 0 1 TUB UTAH ti KAHTFim it K Co
hoeelie of hue Uockh > 1 kr of the Utah
h Eastern Itallrnal Coniait > will ho hell at
hue ollIe or the Bait lake A chterii ItallU
Com POlY No 33 ttr l 1lrtt South htrecl In
Haiti City oiiMonlay thu hlxlieuth busy
01 NOIemher V I 1KH at 1 oclock a in 10 r
hbo 1 pu n josoot tlcctlig illrtctorii mil for use
heatlsocibo of such t er lulnem us may
heeled > n no efnro I ich mcctlni
IllNH MelAHI AND Secretary
Union Oet lj mi
A Ii 1KK80NH UnMet 11ltUIIOltIAI
AM l
I 1 Oct 1 11 li I
on onnty laxcn ore lieretuy I no
Illle that all ol uail I taxes ruinulnlni ii lnih 1 on
itue I list dar i if Ociohser become ilclln plum I an I
It will i io I r o lulyof the C illerl ir to inieecl
Immediately then aller to collect Iho tame as
rlnl law reiulrcl xtract froi i Section li
ml ixJt I
ClHplcrVllI laws if f 1878 Helol
Ifuny Ieiwn mpkct or redid li I oy IsIs
taxes nn W efore I 1 tho 31st day nf teihe l In i tlio
year the taxes uro asiesKc 1 It shall his I lts lily
of tue Collector to levy upon enough I
i IIg B personal
Uxal I le I i roi erty of the tax J ayer I > I ay the
luxea an I costs and 1 roceod 11 bull Ihu sanio
etc N V JONI
Collector for Salt Uliu County
Oleo No 2 County Court Home
Halt Iakp City Oct 21 18a
Sampling Works
hill fOlio In UTAH
The Only Sampling Mill In Utah
Using Holts
117111 1mr I OAK UIMtANIl t I AN
I I accurate kui i ku if tilt ri i ass it c lil are tiy I
rruhlug II sty hircl Iflnencus HI an tool talii
his tietssl Mine Jiu work will his I nil lor uy
rntlre aulerOiiuu n All lY
IUlenllolI consignments sobS re
thu i re 011 t an 1 careful iittentli wil
Illy mill An IStTh niiilli hA irs I
Mill ticar luau Iollrt 1It lollsm
THANK roOTi Iloprlutoi
TOT T u3L aoc
Ores unl Itnllloit Carriilly o hnuitlril
5 tab of 0 rcs 54 liublis I uYfN 1 lll
JI Ssuul tern
eontral er1 lvre t Vlsi s Nsyn I shd Vials
lank or lalrooIIIOI Uno seer ludol
lb hI
Absolutely pgsg
hli that tl0 orc1lnnr e 1 ifflaQlfl
kin M itbggl
eon otiiios mitt I Ibe 011111 lgll
welghl alum or 115 on
eni f In Oreel can New blOY Yoh tho t tAddro 8ait = LI
n m
Booths Select i bi
ao Ota go Q I
Transnlantcl Shell Ovilen I
a n ban I Game ai d eeebythlqA OIF
127 EJ
XFOr n
Restaula l
r iiKKNAHDis IATF ornW
1 Choplloucc has cpentl if
Restaurant and Opltipnae
200 lVXiLi2l Stj
Three door south of tit t
And wilt bo under Ih 6 J
Ilnr In InlnA In rrS
llouso larexceIIeiiceobhTeeLH
Irl I
Main St South of Thlrlll
TJIITTID V style U4lbiiri A
Hotel up olntmcnti In EiltlittJpde
Hpccial Tcrmn to 5aotUob W
Kooma aud Hullcj J TT
Trauilcut fiOOpcrdiy WTi
JEWELRY indi 10
Elgin and Wal am r
bjiccinl Agent for tho C j
I4H Shut Street ttti4Oed
J tade
142 MAIN 8IBm °
01 tnuflnltloUrsolw ° A
Gold Silver Wj
AIIrrlhll eee1e1118
7oxY 3QwoStI J CAG
Stationers a o t Uthx
ltlhilt 0tllt IIOo r ue
OJm IIII lit roil at tIC J
111011 Main street
Nl WHlAlJ Hhi
or 00000 ntiS
6Ibcrlllol raUd f
I Ilhowlr I
0 11 l 1A RSOS
xx xxnsoJl
Will UIYN O 111
IhHt 1ity ut OdOblW1
I 111 all voutel1 CO
roU 01 Ollle 1dlilUj
hti xalllt atu
Kllltlled j
I Ill W 11 r 11UIrII b
Ur II Hclud t
Heesch Ella
I sa leh Or
I Sulo Otollowtalaud lur Iho Kl bll <
tOiler 11101 laid ° IborlP I t
I 45 BaUlr South SIeot

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