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Salt Lake evening Democrat. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1885-1887, November 13, 1885, Image 1

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Bus ti ss CARDS
i out the Lller business ot dcorse W Hall
lam propareit In continue the business nt
> old itaml SUbloi on vp t Temple street
nrlr opposite I tue Herald onice Neat rle et
vionablo prices I HAZELOIIOVG
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paIttd by Adolph HRuerbach 16 E1t Sth
nElJOANtl1IlS0N HAS 11110000 EAST
ern and JoeAllnoney 10 LoAn
rOB i 2 AND 3 DR niaaiNS1 CATARRH
I Remedy I warranted tn euro all caxca If
ectloni are lollowcd onice No 272 Main
ptV ruj
tloors north ol Cllft House anil too Dr
iKlnstho Microscopic and Analytic Physic
i tho Specialist before taking mccllclnool
ynno else All orders by mall promptly filled
dress Dr C Wi Hlgglns No 272 Main Street
It Lake City Utai
n KSYS niYf
raid Bulldlng 6ppolto Conllncntal hotel
VJvJjWMWtniplo Street
Ebt 6YL pOcrK
ort lkcr Opera J House Aumttlicttcs nJmlula
clcphone In office
I9N10iiiS i
iKFlCE opposite Walker Houso Telcpliono
Office Anesthetics given
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tibia and undo reouro 1 onroep with
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wiiig of oeme a specialty
mco13 Main street up stairs by Joneo A
s SLob jJ
dar tho pot Office Main St
AIB yor
I City Personal attention given to all bust
iJf vor
II work Carefully ud Promptly Executed
1t CVJCltElI 4
I A J iyor
idorMoOornlolts Hank Main St
I t 1
C AS aY01
to E Second South Street 10 Box 445
or barber hopi eut 01 U I Ticket DEco
II fI =
London i EaglandWCapltal and assets
hartford Connecticut Capital and assets
i I16056W 31
MJoslon Massachusetts Capital and assets
I FJCE At Bafo Deposit Vaults Union Na
il Bank j
Sporting Tailors
a I
106 S Main Street
rderl taken for IStlrts Ilne Imporled
ilcrwcnr MAIITIN eCtibtiflY
° j nNC tier and titter
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ifrwell known andtRolIablo VYliolcialo and
J t Retall
llouutry L Dcalem VTlllfludIt to their ADV AN
OK to send thotrorteri to the above aim
ho JtH
tAl1 D1rlU1D1 D1
i b VltESUEST and BEST QooJa arc kept In
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Qain Street
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rtRfrin17u W SccolHl South Htroot
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I swJ r Im OIIY
rI Ilirnace Mlnlu I
i1mtea auil Car
urs auj Iliiu for Sampling
Wrought Iron r ucliiK Hud
i of llullilcm Iron W
I Unlumut for front 1
I1l1ed aDd all work R uar
Irnjpct for a Line of Steamers lie
hvcen lmg Island l nnd
Old Ireland
Western Congressmen Wnnt to let
liven with Those Who Itcfusc
the American Hog l
fro Trade vs Protection llcccliers
Vigorous Preheat
The free Truile Conference
CIIIOAOO November IIAt yesterdays
session of tho Free Trade Conference the
committee on resolutions reported ns fol
Wo submit to tho people bf tho United
States that the oouttnnnuoo of the war tariff
with tho duties averaging 41 per cent on
over 1400 articles of homo consumption and
n much higher specific duty on many crude
materials has
rnoLONonn THE EVHS or THE win
In times of profound peace and has been
tho principal cause of industrial nnd com
mercial dopicsston in recent years by forc
ing labor and capital from uatuially profit
able into unprofitable lines of business
nnd by adding to the cost of pioduc
lion it has decreased the common producth o
capacity of labor and capital and thereby
reduced both labor and wages nnd tho
profits capital has provoked antagonism
between labor send capital I against which
lb t
our natural gloat resourced nod ourfree in
stitutions should kayo protected us
It has impaired our power to compote with
other manufacturing nations thc markets
of thin world and no obstructed national
progress and development tstrueted
It has destroyed many branches of busi
ness and has kept our people from engaging
in 1 other branches I y business which I would
have given increased employment to labor
by preventing the buying from nations will
Pl t lI
inn to buy from us and by provoking retali
ation in a llko spirit instead of promoting n
friendly reciprocity It has obstructed the
consumption products of our by agricultural other countries and manufactured and
DnA WN ouch COMMenCE iiiou THE SEAS
By impairing our domestic power to buy It
hns prevented tho full developments of our
s commerce and reduced the legit
imate profits of traffic Je has driven into
bankruptcy n largo number of our trans
portation companies and made domestic
goods moro costly
Through the Influence of lobbies it has
enthroned jobbing and corruption in our
legislative hnlls nnd has impeded tho re
form of tho civil service
In short taking by force tho earnings of
ono class of men to enrich another it is op
posed to the spirit of American liberty and
the Constitution
It lens imposed nile industrial sin very
It has prevented the national progress of
ncalth among the farming class decreased
jlt ef
lengthened their wages and their purchasing power uni
licstricled our manufacturers from their
natural markets and demoralized tho gen
eral business of tho country
While holding accordingly that taxes in
aid of private interest or for any other pur
pose than the requirements of the govern
ment ore unAmerican unjust and unwise
nnd that every protective feature must at the
earliest possible date be eradicated from our
revenue svstcmwo invito nil who oppose tho
rf rtrnIY stlll
abuses of the present tariff to join us in
promoting immediate steps of practical
tariff reform which wo believe will increase
wages diminish the frequency of strikes
develop business and
11E8TOBB eon run TO TUE sEAS
We therefore urge upon Cougicns for ac
tion nt the ensuing session
First That under no pretense shall any
countenance whatever be Riven any nttenipt
to SeeouidTta1 increase the protective the articles I duties which nro at the
foundation of great industries should
in tho interest of labor nnd commerce bo
freed from duty whether they bo crude ma
terials lumber salt coal I or wool etc or
partly manufactured ns chemicals dye
stalls pig iron tin plate wood pulp etc
aiiird That on the products from such
articles the duties should nt least bo corre
spondingly reduced so that protection real
or nominal to manufacturers shall not be
increased and that lbs consumers shall have
tho Immediate benefit of the reduction
Wo urgo that nny steps pn tariff reform
should simply prevent tho complications of
classification and do away with mixed du
ties replacing them by ail alomn
rates instead of speoiflo duties which
ace most burdensome to the lowpriced
goods consumed by lIsa great body of
the people Wo demand free ships nnd tho
Which together with tho tariff have driven
our Hag from the Hone and wo oppose boun
ties or subsidies on shipping Wo urge rev
St r fd Fo J
niece reformers to vote only for such Con
gressional candidates as oppenly oppose the
iffl i
tariff tot protection and to take I steps ls
nominate independent candidates when all
party candidates oppose tariff reform pro
pirlng for that step by diffusing n sound
iconomical literature and promoting an or
Lliniation especially in close Goiigrcssiona
A minority report was submitted by Mr
Harper of Kansas demanding the inmiedl
nto reduction of all protection tariff to n
purely revenue basis and that nil indiiec
taiation t should eventually be abolished
that tho expenses fnIWle Oovernuioul
should bo homo by property and not by in
Tho majority report ns finally udoplci
dhows the sense of tho Convention
Tho announcement that Henry Vnu
Becchor would speak nt tho owning sossioi
attracted an audicnco that packed Ibo Con
trot Music Hall to its fullest capacity Pro
viGils to lliochers appearance David A
Welt president of the Free Trade League
delivered an address tho principal I point i of
trtC irrrlI
J 1 or
which was that the tariff on wool make
woolen goods HO dear that it has ruined the
demand for American vvoolan article which
as n rule can only bo used in connootlo
with t foreigngrown Henry Ward Beechc
gf W rltdn
was greeted with l enthusiastic applause I
Ho declared himself in favor of imlariff nt
lllUTlOTloli WAS Tim juaoLBUT or THE DEVIL
If this politicians score statesmen protectlo
ft I
would die n natural death In SuIte of this
devil but the politicians wero not states
men they seers vote mongers Thcro 1 to
no tariff on men said this speaker Ito
wondered If this protectionists seers thlnkin
i1 tl I 11i 11 Hon
of bettering I tho situation by placing u tart
on imported pauper labor This countr
was uonoxpartiiig and yet it was IIIrllll
exporter too of religion Wo sent millloi
to heathen countries to instill Chrintiimit
while tho article went begging at home I uieiit
when tl individuals from those benighte I I
countries come to our shores to ho near this
fountain head wo moot them with 1 cuw
and steneu Tho audience 1 was listenii
with the most slialiied attention when tutu t
sneaker in closing paid a tribute to this
liberty that had founded tho government
that had freed the slave acid which would
reasons uv erv bar to id commercial grandeur
TliruuEli lleliliilUK tu Icnulili
AUIANY Nov 12A certificate Inoorpo
ration of thu GermanAmerican Telegraphic
liable company wee filed at the State Oapl
tot today The corporators and trustees
in d rfnl al f
named who are riddrnU of Boston ant
Now York are as follows llenry Wnter
man 11 Hiilbrlck Bcnj F BFodbury Goo
D liich nnd Humphrey B Wyman Tho
object Is to construct and operate n tele
graphic cable from some point at or near
Boston to ofl fl point designated by the Em
peror of Germany on the const of that coun
try oG n roo between Germany cOn i
Great Britain Tho capital is 12UOOCf Oil
which the company hnvo the privilege of In
creasing to nny sum sufficient to construct
land end operate this cables Thus principal
business office will I II1 oo located in Now York
Tho ofUces nro to bo opened as soon as tho
12000C33 is assured from this onto I of A per
cent coupon bonds issued by the company
Opinion ol McrclinittN on Silver
NEW YORK November 13The Board of
Trade and Transportation recently sent out
C0003 circulars to merchants throughout tho
country nsking this prevailing I opinion in
70 l rvi
various localities ns to thin advisability of
continuing the compulsory coinage of thee
n3 f Leo r fs
silver dollar A largo number of replies are
published in an evening paper from icpro
i r
pnt re i
i h
tentative business men throughout the
country This majority of those published
condemn further coinage
filets IjUNl Slope hone anti Next
Monday Its rcH Nwlnc
Into lUcrnlt
NEW YanK November 12 A Montreal spe
cial to tho Post says u It is known that a
special messenger is on his way tollcgiun
with nn officialdocnmont from the Governor
General ordering Sheriff Chaploou to pro
ceed with the execution of Kiel Meanwhile
according to the communication received by
Bishop Orandln lliol passes thee grcaterpor
lion of his time in prayer and medilatlon
Ho has written farewell epistles to his wife
aced children and to his sister who reside
in this city Within the Inst few days
extra precautions have been taken to pre
vent nny surprise Ties guards havo been
doubled A mounted patrol is always on
duty and iiono but priests the commanding
oOlcer the mounted police and tho surgeon
nro permitted within Iho cell The cell ho
occupies is six feet four inches by four tho
only articles of furniture being a small 1 iron
bedstead and a low chair clrfe is an early l
riser and is invariably up and dressed be
fore the reveille nt IG oclock He scarcely
completes his toilet when ho sinks down
upon his knees beside tho bed nnd remains
transfixed like a statue in prayer for hours
OTTAWA Ont November 12 Coursol
member of Parliament for Montreal East is
hero and has had interviews with all the
ministers in town to urgo tho commutation
of niols sentence The ministers wero very
reticent Mr Coursol says ho is under the
impression that there is very little hope for
tho condemned man A number of other
Conservative members have visited Ottawa
during tho past few dos to urge the com
mutation of the death sentence
QUEBEC November 12The briefness of
tho respite accorded to Kiel is accepted here
ns meaning that his doom is sealed Two
of the principal French papers of this city
LEnemcni toed LEtectcur which voice the
feelings and the opinions of the French
Jln j LfJ
Canadian population of both parties are
agreed thntlticl will be hanged on Monday
edit is learned from reliable quarters this
evening that the Privy Council has forward
ed nn official letter to Sheriff Chnpleau or
I ring the execution of Kiel on Monday
morning at 8 oclock
tilh Get Kt Otl orkCalUornla
WASHINGTON November 13 Several West
ern members of Congress havo expressed a
otermination to advocate retaliatory legis
ation of some sort against tho countries
which discriminate against or prohibit tho
mporlation of American pork A protest
tans been received by tho Clerk of the Houses
frees the citizens of California urging the
ilnt fo tf
iln ier d
onseating of the Congressional delegation
from thot State t on the ground that they
were not legally elected to represent tho ills
ricts from which they wero given nerDS
come In one case tho protest declares that
Barclay Henley of the Fifteenth district is
not a citizen of the United States
I A lilB Project on Paper
HutiTKns POINT Ij I N Y November 13
A project for n lino of fast ocean steamers
between Fort Pcud Bay L I and a point
on the west const of Ireland U being ac
vely pushed by President Corbin and the
Yr iih 11
> Directors the Long Island Hallway Plans
re being prepared for n number of steamers
of tot inns to tr lDCOcD each A pe
titian has already been prepared which m
tended to bo presented to Congress during
the coming session asking for a subsidy for
I carrying tho malls It Is proposed to have
sense tho lino a strictly American ono in every
Iiu ncl na Jermllll merlcnll
HEIIIIN November t3fho five German
Americans whose expulsion from the Isle bf
I ahr was recently ordered by the German
Government were expelled under the law
of 1811 which has been revived and which
does not allow foreigners to settle or oven to
reside temporary nt n place unless local an
horitios permit them
A Dead Ilciit for < treat Stakes
LOHDOX November 13ho fourth day of
ho Liverpool autumn meeting Sailor
Wrlneiri fholIi
Potions and Kimbolton ran n dead heat for
Iho Great Lancashire cupstakes Duke of
tichmoud third lie stakes wero divided
six starters
Jhrlllo SiI sea S tiotitlIo i
Ijivraroot Noy 13 Wheat was in poor
demand New No 2 winter and spring
7s Id Corn in Nod demand spot steady
is eKh November firm 4s Gdj December
firm 4s OJj January steady 4s 4Jfd
McmPx UKoiii0 Oiilv > > plUilcnicuuor
LONDON November 131ho government
las ordered the Governor of ColdbathFields
irison to treat Mr Stood editor of the Jtb
J ji IM tfr tn s3 nl
Mall fluorite as n listclass misdemeanant
Hiiicliuiil Aiiuvxril to Amorlcu
LONDON November 13rJoon Mead an
American author was married today In St
Margarets Church Westminster to u daugh
ter t Colonelllaines of Now Hampshire
Sir Mrolliil Ialloivi haitI
VAnes November 13Iho French courts
have pronounced n divorce Hudamo
Nioohnl and Nlcollni tho wellknown tenor
Ilia CallingPIIIU Iluriiril
I lUioiiESTiu November 13 HarvvoodH
i40030 cotton iiiillu at llolton nro burned Loss
Drought Hark ouuitsJiar
The following named gentlemen have
just 3 letnriied from n tl hunting uxix > dltion
j lrfr i
on Lost Creek hines Croyileil Morgan
county M IJ ami II It Wells and t V
it Mnln 1 of 1 Chicago and F Vf Jen
ningit J 0 1 Felt 1 and 1 0S tllurioI7 of
this city This party luul u most enjoy
ublo time Gaum was plenty iina In
consoqtiomu they failed it hall on
twentylive light feel nnd aunmlaol
I lingo bears Ties kill Is on exhibition
nt JennhiCT1 meat market
1 J
I Sclimlo8
lillliard uml user Hull is now open to the
I pulilic Duly thu lineal ImuuUof Liquors
and Cigars kept on hand nt 107 Main til i
a W PciUDt Proprietor
Galveston Tcxn SulTerliic From a I
Tremendous Conflagration I
Tills Morning
lionS Upon Itlocks or Ilotrnnt Itesl
deareR Licked Up icy tier 1 Ilrp
lice lliirnt District Covers n ninck
Spnco tIter a Mile Wide
Trcmciiilou Fire In citlrnlon
GALVKSTOV Texan November 13Ahont
midnight lost night nfiro started In this city
and Is still raging at 8 n in It has already
consumed over SIX blocks 111 tho neighbor
hood of bixtecnth to Nineteenth streets nnd
from Bay to Beach streets all tho principal
residences The lost IH now over 1000000
325 n mA destructive fire Is now raging
in the eastern part of tho city between Six
teenth and Seventeenth streets The fire
broko out at 110 n m in a small foundry i
on the north side of Strand street near the
corner of Eighteenth
Under a stiff north wind nnd the prospects
nro that Galveston is about to suffer n great
loin Six dwelling houses are already burned
and nn Immense cloud of sparks is being
carried four or five squares met this roofs of
wooden houses The entire fire department
is on the ground but they seem paralyzed
and unable to fight because of the
335 n mTho fire has nt this hour spread
over soven blocks nnd has become a great
conflagration Fully fifty dwellings are
burning fiercely and the path of the fire as
it progresses southward is filled with
But all ore wooden for five squares south
Tho fire was confined to the width of one
square between Sixteenth and Seventeenth
streets but when it l crossed Winno street
six squares from the starting point ceil
Jumped diagonally to thee southeast into the
next block and new gives evidence of consuming
1Joo ttrev
suming I onethird of the city
910 n mThe fire has now reached within
three blocks of the beach and still spreading
its path for that point The efforts of the
firemen seem powerless
About 4 oclock the lire began to spread to
tho oast nnd to the west of Sixteenth t and
Seventeenth streets Tho wind rose to a
gaio and pandemonium reigned For a time
it seemed as though the entire eastern half
otfs the city was doomed The fire spread
rapidly to the southward
Hnstily abandoned by their inmates By 5
oclock it dna fie Broadway which
threads thee centre of the island running
cast and west At 7 oclock tho wind gave
signs of going away and shortly it began to
oM lt
shift then to decrease until by 8 clock
only a fair breeze was blowing but by this
time the fire had eaten its way to Avenno 0
where at 0SO oclock it seemed to exhaust
Itself nnd thee firemen coming up checked
its further ravages at this point or within
two blocks of the gulf
1120am The fire reached the beach
about a mile and ahalf from tho starting
place and six or seven blocks wide were
consumed Over seven hundred residences
are burned and
The fire is still burning fiercely nnd bunt
under control
Covers about fiftytwo blocks seven of which
are not entirely swept clean It is sixteen
blocks in depth and averages n width of
throo blocks From a housetop the smok
ing burned district resembles a huge block
halfopened f farfiying across the oI island I
from the bay nearly to Gulf Island At that
point it is nineteen blocks or one mile and
a quarter wide The fire started on the north
tfer X2 oH
i3a of Avenue A better known as the
Strand which is one block from tho bay and
it stopped within two blocks of the gulf
Sixteenth street is nine blocks west of the
nvtrnmA nlinliif ftlita mil nf flin ffllnml the
first resident street being Sixth From Ave
nue A to Avenue D thee lire woo confined to
ties strip bounded on the east by Sixteenth
tr cihn bJe t t
street K don on the west by Seventeenth
street rite business part of thee
ir tiothartstr
city beciun at Twentieth street nud
runs west ten blocks About 800 houses were
burned which wero occupied by tally COO
pl llnufoUI
ilw From AvenuoA to Avenue E for
four squares thee burned dwellings were oc
cupied almost entirely by the poorer chess
UlJe gl
and several families were crowded hue n Bin
lie house in this strip From Avenuo 12
ti t UirISist
however the burned district includes the
wealthiest and
Ono hundred elegantly furnished mansions
are in ruins Many of these residences had
beautiful gardens attached and the mon
eyed class does not represent over half their
value All manner of estimates are to he
heard nt this time Tho city assessor Bays
r tfdw IWIsSt
the Iambi shoe of the dwelling burned is
050030 TRis makes tho actual value of
tho propertSU63DC33 which perhaps rep
resents tho lo3Un money The insurance is
estimated at SnCOCCD although some laser
anne teen who h 0 walked over the district
piaee the iooorsn at 8COCD3 Bo far as
t hi d totn i net3e
taut ourred learned ffot n single accident oo
Wns simply frightful HO filled with misery
and terror that whoever witnessed II must
bear its vivid impress for n lifetime The
wind roso la a scream ins gale 4n the vicinity
of the hire sued swept through the burnin
belt jn terrific whirls carrying million
flid f h rlripcrYI f d
of hive cinders high up in the nlr auid
raining them down n mile distant over
the wooden city and its pnniastrickc
inhabitants Five minutes after thee rl IIOUB
caught it was wrapped in one mighty flame
Alleyways and streets for ten squares Out
111 1 olfo ll rWII I
either Bide thee burning belt were fllle
with the blanched faces of helpless met
omen and children who oould do nothinj
in Kuch n gale but crouch down for nhelte
and watch the Humes lick up Ibo f otto of n
lifetime Thousandsof people Ikmnt I lbs
burned district looking muong th4moUu
ruins for valuable keepsakes jeweMMiop
Ing to find something left IlusincitSfe ei
tlrely suspended calamity is sogreaff l1t
Some Bcoreu of sick people wero hurriedly
removed during the conflagration ldo man
II r
were prostrated from thee terrible excite
ment A meeting of the citizens ia now In I
progress at the Gitton Kxchango to proddo
immodinto relief for bits poor victims
Not Exitrihy 1111 iitillhicst i nirrt
OtYuriA W T November 12A larg
meeting of citizens was held today In ne
cordance with the proclamation issued by
Major 1heliM Several speeches faiorin
lonKh raeln I
law and order wore enthusiastically re e
ceiKd The oomraitteo appointed on reSO
lutionu reported that they condemned tho
notion of the unllUhlnoBo Congress called
to meet in this city on tho iilth hid need
Ko notice to outsiders from Tnoomannd
Heattlo hut Oljmpiu aaaWo to attend to
her own bushiest and ti00 look with sue
piolon suit alarm uiioii till attempts tu Influ
ence our fcllowcitiztnH I by any means what
I A lortariu lllComciilril Work
BAN IUAKCISOO November 1 Mia Cecelia
Kowern wife of Dr J Milton lioudrn of
this city died on the night of Na > ember 1st
Her life w insured in venous beneficiary
organization for 117000 in favor of her
huvband It was uiven out that the died
from nbccss of tho liver Hurried arrange
ments were mode for her burial but before
the burial took place nn unknown person
called ta this neronersotitce nnd stated there
were reasons to suspect tho woman had been
poisoned by persons interested in obtaining
the insurance on her life On the strength
of further development her husband was
arrested Tho stomach nnd intestines of
Mm Bowers were placed in thee liandi of
Ns W DJohnson for analysis I In hehu j re
states port nt ho the has I coroners no hesitation t Inquest in averting yesterday that ho
the cacaoof Mrs Bowers death was poison
ing by phosphorus The coroners Jury last
night rendered two verdicts in the Bowers
case signed by fie of thee six jurymen
b IInD Bowers with the murder of his
wife by administering poison
striking nrnlccmcn
CmoAOo November J3The striking
brakeincnoii tho Illinois Central unthread
have been joined by tho conductors and no
freight whatever Is moving on tho road A
train was started out this afternoon In
charge of tho division superintendent The
strikers boarded it took full possession nnd
it Is reported sidetracked it nt fortythird
The second train was started out about 2
p m but got no further than Fortythird
street where it was sidetracked by the
strikers ns was tho first one AH far as
known no violence was used At 3p m
Superintendent lunch tehegrspbed to this
lrr Vffd
niefnf 1 of Ityde lerk police to sead n ohetalt
of men 10 movo trnins
IweIt on b Smallpox
FAHTIIEU POINT Quebec November 12A
family named Blanchett consisting of n
woman and five children belonging in St
Luce arrived there lately from Montreal
where tbo head of the family died of small
1 pox Shortly after their arrival tho mother
gave birth to another child Smallpox broke
out among them and they nil died today
The wholo family of seven is now extinct
Fortunately no one olso caught tho infec
Tho twentynlno citizens of Tacoma
Wellington I Territory indicted I by thoGrnud
Jury at Vancouver for participating in anti
Chinese riots have been released on 0000
ball each
Californias vintage this year will not
iFnsh wlm
exceed 7500000 gallons which with the
300000 gallons of old wine makes the total
quantity in the State at dee present time
only 11003000 gallons
Services in memory of Cardinal Mo
Closkey were hold at the American College
in Homo yesterday The Bishop Newark
N J delivered tho funeral oration Cardi
nal Simeon pronounced absolution The
principal dignitaries of the Vatican wero
i present
The report of tho joint committee representing
presenting the Knights of Labor and the
E oo
buRines men of Galvcston Texas in this
settlement of tho strike recently inaugu
rated there is accepted on both sides and
them is no immediate danger of farther la
bor troubles
Tho Chinese merchants address to the
President published in I last nights DEMOcrat
tSI sh
crat reminds the New York Herald that un
der llepublican administrations their treaty
rights hove been unprotected and that in
Cleveland thee Chinese i have found the first
defender of their guaranteed privileges in
America No wonder they are grateful
The Wichita Kansas Daily Eagle
special from Fort Diver says more Boom
ers wero yesterday brought by the military
from Oklahoma district Those prisoners
who sign agreement to never again tres
pass upon tho Indian nl lands are allowed to
pass out the others are escorted out by
utT ost1
troops The work of arresting the Boom
ers is going on rapidly
ICing Thebaw has issued a proclamation
declaring that ho will not accept the absurd
propositions of ho Indian government tind
therefore declaring war Ho promises per
sonally to lead his troops and calls upon his
subjects to fight in defense of their country
and religion The Europeans nro not to be
l fflolIr goE
molested until tho invaders cross the fron
tier I when nil 1 will bo slain Many Europeans
fle d
are leaving Handalay unhindered The
Italian Consul will lemain for tho present
Rough Hanilllne of Children
The causes of joint diseases in child
ood nro frequently obscure but this
nuch certain that thorough luunllini
which children receive nt the hands 01
gnorant patents or careless muses has
much to don lilt tho matter Stand on
nllY street corner and notice how children
nro handled Hero comes a lady with a
yearold girl sho is walking twice ns
fast as she should and tho child is over
exerting itself to keep paco every time
ha child lags tho mother gives it n suet
den nnd unexpected lurch which is
enough to throw Its shoulder out to say
nothing of tho joints of I bruising a cutter the Is delicate reached structur Instead
giving tho little toddler limo to got ove
n its own way or properly lifting it the
nother raises I it from theo ground withi
mo hand its wholo weight depending
rom ono upper extremity I and v > 1th et
sprinjj which twists i et ties childs body tee
araround as tho joints will permit it la 1
andcd after a course of four or five fee
through the nir on tho other Hide
Hero in a girl 12 years old with a laley
of 1 your in her arms The babe nits on
ho girls arm without support to Its
back This would bo a hard enough pos
lion to maintain wero tho girl standin
still but she is walking rapidly and thee
little ono bas to gather the entire streuxghhe
m Os n11 3 l fll
of Its muscular system to adapt itself to I
the changing babes support to say notl
ing of adjusting its rt bodv to suddei
leaps and dnrls gn tho par tot its waywar
nurbo Sometimes during a sudden toil
vatiuo you will BOO a part or the babo a
foot in advimcu of its liciul and trunk
which litne to bo brought up by n pone
fill and Hildden net loan of the muscles 01
the trunk and neck
Irobxblv not ono child In 100 Is prop
crly dandled Lancet and 1 Grille
A cintTAiN dioaiipointnientuttonda Site
trial of IMitor Btcud of tho IM IlIlf
Gaielle U Is not so much that ha Is con
icted as his failure to make good hii
threat that if tho prosecution was prossei
ho would make public great names lee i
solved In this scandals published in his
paper Ills defense was wholly rhetor
cal nml ho gave no sign of tho reprisals
which I l 1m had boasted us in I his power I to
make The effect must lie a considerable
revulsion In feeling and a crowing con
viction Hint ipublications were wholly
sensational In the end it will bo dem
onstrated that good morals get n tren
chant blow from ono who posed as their
1111101 now scheme to spread the
gosIII bald an evangelist to a Courier <
rejiorter You know all sorts of people I
uso hits telephone and doubtless ysie
leave observed tho uiisalntly frame of
temper most of them fall into during tho
interval IOIH hollo to hello Well Im
going to form n ttlu whoso purpose I
shallbu to chain I u freo bible to every tel
ephone In Site coieuitry This will give Site
tclephonem something to read liilo wait
Ing for u response and so diminish pro
fanity by increasing triiUiulltty lIce re
sult will bo steele it crop of scriptural
knowledge as hat not been garnered for
Shows Ills Wrinkled Front In the Land
of Klnp Thelmvv
The Ilrltlsli Troops Ordered to Capture
Mnndnlny ForthwIth
Fifteen Thousand Thugs nnd Thieves
Snlnlillreil to Fight the Iiivndcrs
lIurlllO 10 bo 11I1ell let onee
CALCUTTA November 13Lord DafTcrin
ceroyof India tins ordered Oencrnl len
orRttBt coinninnJer of the expeditionary I
Sores to invade forthwith nnd proceed with
nil I haste to capture Mntiilalny Tie lInt
lob forocs will now cross tho frontier im I
edintely Hcccnt dispatches from unit
gosn state that ho Inhabitants of the ills
trlct8 of linrnmh where no largo garrisons
are maintained nre greatly alarmed over
the reports that ICIng Tliebnw has snbsl
rrG ol lc
diced 15000 Doootas to cross the frontier
and begin plundering nnd murdering nt the
first note of war Tho Doootas are robbers
who work in large anps nnd nro noted for
1I10lr bold eiploitn Having neither baognoo
nor commisRnriat thcno bands travel with
marvelous speed and it will bo hard for thee
British troopi to notch them
lie Woulil Select u rant lo Capture
n City a DlcClellnii to DrfcnA
IULTIMOBE November IBnev Dr John
P Newman lectured last night on the Life
nd Services of General Grant Ho spoke
In the highest terms of the patriotism and
ihllnnthrophy of General Grant and de
ended him from thin 1 charge of being n
lockhead at college Ho stood number
III his class but his average wasjrcduced by
demerits given because carelessness the
polish I of his shoes and the burnishing of
his i buttons In comparing Grant to Xlc
Clellau the reverend lecturer said that if ho
tad a city to capture he would select n
Grant but if he had one to defend a Mc
C1elln wonld be chosen
Henry Ward Beechor was unmercifully I
Scored for making the EC flon that after
I General Grants return from Europe he I
abandoned hiDinelf to wild speculation
tiljnurnniciitof hiss lluptloli
I NEW YanK November 13Tbe fourth
nunnnl meeting of the Uoptlat autumnal
conference was continued hero today Kev
HT I 1nttironprenidcntof the llochesler
nlJie JI
Theological rl
N Y Seminary read nn essay
on Tests of admission to the church The I
Itov Dr II T Colby of Dayton Ohio t read
a paper on The revised version I of the
scriptures and its practical non Owing to
the sudden illness of Itev lllchard Mon
Sagas of Providence IL I n paper on
hlofcn tl
hl 3 Enpe
Social conditions was read by B A
Green of Lynn Moss A A Kendrick D
D 1residcnt the Shnrtliff college Illinois
read nn essay on Intellectual problems
Ties ncssion I closed the members to re
assemble nt dinner at Delmuuloofl i
Three Texan Killed Over n Hog
SAN ANTONIO Tex November t2Newa Is
I received hero today of a triple tragedy on 0
Verde Creek Kandiro county on Wednes
day evening A young farmer named Buck
Bryant IthclnhnrUt suspected and Christian two rot steal
log a hog Bryant went to their house ac vs
cused them of the theft and was bred
upon Fleeing toward home Bryant woe < i
pursued by Itbemhardt nnd Kckert one of
whom shot and mortally wounded him
Tho father of Bryant hearing his non call
pursuers I ran out and shot soil killed both of his 4
I Pearl Jcmilng Take a Mace A 4 I
BuionroH BcAcii Nov Attendance Jtj
II largo and weather fine yesterday jI
Threequarter mile maidens nil aces
Theresa won King Hnbon second Richard
third Time 117
Seveneighths Jacobus wont Nonage
second Commander third Time liSTf
ln dh entjiln
Mile and ooeehghtusieael I Jennings won
Endymion second i John Sullivan third
Time 1S7 °
Mile antI onehalf Ten Strike won Tax
gatherer sdbond Punka third Time 228
Mile all ages Jim Bangles won f Chootaw J
second Lemon third Time 143 j
Extending Our Commerce i
NEW YOEK Nov 13A Washington special
nays u Secretary Bayard has requested Sea
retary Whitney to send n manofwar to the
Samoan Islands for the purpose of opening I
communication with that government The
inhabitants are Christians mostly Frcsby
tcriani The country is under the protec
tion of the United States j
Assayers Goods 1
Wo offer to the Trade the Largest and Best Stock of °
Drugs Assayers Material and Toilet Articles
Druggists Sundries 4
Surgloa1 I21a1irurncnta EJ1io E1ic
Ever Brought to this Market
Vo are Agents for all tho Leading Lines of Goods we carry and can offer Better j
Prices than over given before
Entire Drug Stores Furnished at Five Days Notice J
We are Never Undersold I
XTCTrlto fox 3Pilooe or aozLd a Tri X Orclor 1
S20 Biiln Street Opposite Poitjlllce Salt Lake City utah
To Bo Sold at Manufacturers Prices
The Best Chance to Get a Good Pair
of Blankets for a Little Over
Half Price
Mens and Boys Overcoats
Coal Coal
Pleasant Valley Y
Rock Springs
I Weber and
I Red Canyon Coal
Bold 1 nnd delivered in lots to sut at market rates Good dean coal and lull weight
Ofllco 143 S Mum Street Telephone No 148

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