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Salt Lake evening Democrat. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1885-1887, November 23, 1885, Image 4

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Jfott th tmOxnt
MONDAY IoVt InElt 23 mj
TIimVAIS i i A > D IltrAniUltFS F3 i i
II the RIll lake Cltrlo tomr
Annie CIor
ifterll ooolTa 7Lm
t7oliturala aol West 1tOO am 42 J1m I
MonlnA ant Norlh sos J1m 710 am
II li H 0 Ft acs Im I bib am
I Oelen OstIea titab Utah mmso asopta nm I 77O 4ripm act
007pm 7i10am
Toeclo CeiIlmtf tg pm I 720 am
lta Utah Ilaaoam 1 eitOam
mn ham utah lietpm I GiOsmtt
ouieea Utnlm 6D pm I 620am
tAn I tllm I
JOliN T LYNCh lolmatcr
a Salt Lake C I Ir Stat March Zl 1885 I
Silver Quotations
I lOortccteddtllJ 1 > r Well Vnrc o co
g NoWkork Jm
lct cwYork7eriOOth1 2
1 nil nml It liilcr Stolen Just rrlcil
llils ujlutn itoil lint is I light 11I111 flexible
7 ntul thin nobbiest h it worn lie leader In
Now York Cily
II if Silo crmlIII a
I 1 urn fltxlblo hit wo arc iiinkinn n spec
laIty of uml will Roll It chtfnpor Hi in nnv
i Imonso vest of New York
Sari amIaa
Wo carrv tho largest nml most rom
Islets lino fn the city both in soft mind
stUf hats sad nt low prices
Nont Wooii Cn
II ooxcliimo ItnlterH corner Wool of
Orem IIouso
Load has jumped to I2 1 >
Iraq nnjbody lienrd lie Poslofflco fall yet
I n Hunk wlioroon the wild Uowors
blooms 1
Wells Fargo b Co to dnv received lloiur I
Inn oro valued nt l82711S
jlnnksRiyingwill In goncrntly observed
N Ilo I
but 1 there will soircol n1 be any nlintinu this
There is nn elegant display of Indies
sln3 lI RI fo
wrappers and gents gowns in the show win
ilowa of Yvonne < L Co
Members of llio Mikado company are
reqnostcd to meet nl Careless muslo store
thin evening nl 710 clock
McCornlok b Co to dny iccelved linn
nuer bullion SU 120 Q icon of tho Hills Ole
I M lotnl vntuo i USO
Whore Is our constltntloiml city nllomey
now Oh Abnnlom my ROil vvhcrn orb
hall I in the hour of the citys great need
Mr Sam H Lewis woo scooped In this
afternoon by tbo police on tho L nod Ji
rooVt relhll oli IIJ
roo Whore wm the lightning I strike I
next I
Simultaneous with the new fro fund firm
n now Underground llnilrond hns been
opened for the nccoinmodntion of the L
imd Ii
It cannot ho > lone before tunny anxious
hearts aro made rosy on the 1ostoUlco bunt
ness ihoso who get left will bo the truly
hippy ones
If nil the revelations l11 > oUt cohnbs under
time Edmunds law and cohnbs under tho law
of iintnro lire true then indeed tImers Is no
health in us
The Jteral Kayo It Is tho nnlyp viper ill tho
cii N I IIIil
city that printed the lumber petition The
lift a Id is entitled to the credit for most of
its news conies from the old lumber room
Theyve got em on their list Three
hundred names nro reported to bo on tho I
tegn Ill Il
rL 3 I8
citysL and L calendar amid tho names
comprise moat of the young Gentile citizens
of the town
Mr AV II Yenrlllll uoaeres ted this sifter
noorron n clmrco similar i to that in the A nn
t N
dcrcookcnso lln vvniv eel examination I woe
placed under 503 bonds nUll the cone M to
lie called next week
i Iho taste displayed by the Utnh delegation
IL Jir g H
to tho bt Louis convculiummtsm I decoration
of their onrs vvashlghly commended in Den
ver nod was taken as an indication of their
loyalty to the Government
G II Banks of Oden the backer of lbs
unknown who is matched for it pugilistic
contest with Smith for IJJCD n side has tele
graphed J A Fitzgerald flint he will forward
Pfooo afff
silo to cover Smith guaranty
The Thanksgiving proclamation of Guy
ensue Houdini of Ohio makes reference to
the Supremo Jlcinfj rime Governor nays ho
has no right to command the peoplo of the
state to worship God ou n oeitain ilay
An attempt is I being made to have Emma
i Nevada appear in JI uttesnS the Jo an fall
t J
er rror
of that place If she concludes I to come
tickets will bo place nt l each Opera
C comes high but then Hallos classic citizens
must have It
Another feefiend firm has been organized
t rb
i OlI
with Spiers iloylo Konuer mind use city
hoped police ns that the theso chief conspirators officials will neither It is lo get lie
proud nor to quarreling nmong themseh
ns to the divy of the boodle
Song of tho Depul t
Taken from tIm oily 1 jail
On Combetmo corpus chnncHH
Liberated then on b til
On my own recognizances
aitiminl till T ulay
Ije Grandeoung said before the District
Court this afternoon that ho thought some
thing could and should ho done to stop the
nrrests by tho city till tho Court hod ren
dered nn opinion in the nudercook case
Hut the city is plunging in all the same on
I ° the arrest racket
After the complaint was reid to Deputy
Vnndoroook Hnturdny night B A Kcimer
bobbed up ser ° nely and put n volume of
questions to Messrs Anderson and Mnspn ns
to their financial standing eto in tho com
rannit As the city prosecuting attorney
i ll rh rt fdnll G7t
was present why diun I ho attend to that
part of the business What is he paid for
Grnua Opera Company will play nu cu
Basement nt the Walker Open House com
meiicing Deceuber ill Besides The llika
KJ thiscompanyplnvsbtrnuss I masterpiece
Tile Queens Lace Handkerchief and the
over popular Ghiuwa of Normandy The
operas me put upon the Btiito In grand style
t U J fJW1
and with I Ida company see some of the heat
artists in the comb opera Hue
Olio of Iho features mif IhunksLivina Day
t rwN r
will bo the excursion over the Utah Central
tim the Hot Springs nbout four miles north I
of the city liesidiH giving everybody a
chance to test the wonderful properties of
these mineral water numerous other nl
C ructions t have been 1 provided in order to
make the excuiflion a very pleasant little
oul and the train will lei 11m in time forth
1 1 hnnksgiv mg dinner
Xew ImpojIntlons ut Itoneirt k Mis
Mul ia drapes Californ Quinces
Smoked Halibut Ohio liulternuta
Sultana JUlslns Irescr > p 1 Olnir
laulDitcs Nun Ciimnts
r Smjmalius New Citron
New Orlouna Molasses
I Imported Olives in hulk
Now MiiKoIIcat
New Ohio Chestnuts
t Now limmii Iliuldics
i Irench rrtitics in tins
fclJ ISI
Sicily Shelled Almonds I
f Pure Maple Bjrtiii
I 1iire Majlo bn0ar
Ken Lemon Itel
New Orantu 1eol etc
L JleJlglou8 Notice
L AU > crBoii8 that belong amid liavo
i liolonged to this Clirlstiau Church arc ic
jupetcd to inert Sumnday this 29IU ut i p 1
m at No 26J boutli 1ourtli tst
COAl OIL and luld at Pioneer Lamp
Store fi7 E First South Street
IlltUS t IItFTT now 1YE DO
llrpul nmleiconk Xrrraleit l > j HIP
III Police for liialatsvlaal
rnkrn 1 rnm the iy
Onhlil lac
Iti Lake would bo nothing I not sen
Ballonil flush 1 It hns aver btcn thus
bhonl 1 a history bo written with 1 rel
letter for every startling oent known
here Ipon every page would bo found a
crimson capital Every tIny brings forth
its hsuo mind BO arcnstomed have the
Kolo be como to excitement that they
live I In oxiwcHney of it UecontU how
ur little hit occurred to hrcik tho
lonoloii hit on Saturday evening tho
spell was broken1 tlio occislon being
ho nrrest uf Deput Mnrshil Vnndcr
cook who was taken In huy tho police
nt tho Utah Central depot as 11 got on
thin PVening train from Ogden rho news
01 f Ins arrest s reid through lire city us
1Ickl us though be had lhcn I a self
oxlitl pohganiisl who trot re
nt ned and tlcti lilmstlf up to
lie minions of tho law I Her 1
into It has been the thief topic of ton
cisition Man anl various lue been
ho Biienilntlons as lo what Iho result
trill lot in tins parlieiilnr case and what
nav follow cspcciall us it Is uimored
hit the olllcers of Iho church part have
mktd a largo iiuinber of our kading
titlrtns for tho simo oironso which is as
Ulegod ill tho Aamlcroook complaint
lewd an 1 Insduoiifl conductcommitted
with ono Mrs S I Field The torn
wih 1rll
plaint is sworn lo by H Y Hampton
ml places the nth of last August as Ibo
ditto when Iho olftiiBo was committed
Mr Vandcrcook l1uOti his nrrest was
ImmcdiatcU liken lo tlio Cit Hal
and after BIO dela tho complaint was
road to him Before this ofilcial act was
proceeded with Alnrehnl Ireland Mr
Varian and other of Mr Vandertooks
friends came lo render him what assist
alice the could After this Mr Vnndcr
cook was released on > O bonds Messrs
Hugh Andcicon and e l 1 Mnson fomj
his ecciirit
Soon after tlio arrest of Iho depuh Iho
iiohco walked into tho station with G J
iearson U S Commissioner for DIM
count ansi at present n lawoi of this
city Mr 1cirbon had bttn arrested for
time salute ofltuse upon 1 similar torn
plllinil which set forth in Islaitu termite that
tho tnmo had been tommittcd with ono
I j din Bailey on luno 17th 1eirson was
relented on a tWO bond Indsiy Spritu
and W W Wood becoming sccunt
Vandercooks case was set for n hear
Ing this morning befoio JudgebpieisniK
that of Pearson for lomorrow
bomo cons l011blo llmo before the hour
set for tIme hearing at then Police Courttln
morning 1 largo crowd gathered at Iho
City Hall The crowd Increiscd till over
available inch outside of tho railing was
taken up and thus hallway was jimme
to tlio outer doors Tmlco Sixsirs preen
tutnifj attorno 5Io lo Sip Kennor 1rle
Hampton and other city ofllchls scribes
from all the lown dailies short hind re
porters ami several others wcroinsido use
railing before 10 clock Among thin
ofllccrs of this tourt Ihero was an air of
profundity ind importance as thong
tho r Council was In I hcssion
Mr andercook did not put I in in an
pcarancc and tho time swore wearily I
away till an hour hid tl pisstd Marsh
Phillips theta stepped into I the room am
whispered I ll something I lo Mr oJr Y urn
then to tho Judge and in a few scum Is
just us Mr Molo was about to sptik up
popped Kcnnei nnd innonnccd to thust
court much to ocrbods I astonish
1 tolh kl
mcnt that tho tube of Vandcrtook hat
been taken to thus Disti itt Court on a writ
of hiilfds rorint and that ho would b 1
disthurctd or remanded back to the jut
licol mulct With I eicstfdltn air hIss
instito mcckl and wcikl mid tin
uioiisg tho cuss his court had nothin
further to tlo in tlio mallei until it was
known wlnt action tho District Court
would take
At this point the crowd cleirol Ihe
City Hull and Immednlth proceeded to
thin ltderi courtroom Inn short tim
Sir los I U in Hns clopped forward am
ntldle led tho Court in subsUnco is fi
lows Its tiu cane of Vandercook brought
helens this Cvut on writ of lalean err
liO i Iho parties in llio cnKO avers ill In I
ourt and read to proceed with the jo
llio Court asked 1 l IOIIIISL for tho city
w is In tourt at w tilth tho oung proso
iulliig attorney Mi Movie said tint he
doshcd I a little I limo to get rcpircd j for
hiss eiso Two oclock Ibis I afternoon wao
then Bet for thin hearing Mr Vunele
cook In inutuil consent of 1 counsel wi
nllowciftoto on his own recognizance
flio M followitug is u copv of Iho bo 1 of the
petition for TlH writ of liiilca cormia
The nellliou I of Oscar nndoreook shows
Unit lie in now n prisoner tonfliicd in the
custody of WI Phillips Marshal of Stilt
Lake City in the city nnd county jail of
Knit Lnko for n supposed criminal offeiis
to wit Lewd niul I11 lascivious conduct nuc d
sexual intercourse in violation of 1 city
oidiunucc which ordln nice your petitioner
alleges lo bu invalid lellonrr
Your petition ulsoBUowrf tlint sucliconfiu
maoist is by virtue of a warrant n copy of
which is hereto annexed nnd also upon n
written ooniplalnt n cop of which is hero
nlxo nnnoxcd
lour petitioner prnS n It athabeai eor
lias to this dt tint he misty to dischargee i
f loin custody c r
bigued OriOAii AKiVacooh
A few minutes after tho i our I room was
opened this afternoon It was jiaelell hiy
an eager crow dot sp ctilorn anxiom to l
bear this proceedings in tho Van lercoo k
1Stte Counsel for this city In the persoi
of this legal firm of illlnnsA i Youttug
who had been let lined by tho city dti
I li t ls r tWI
Ing thus noon r intermission asked thso
Court to allpw an extension of ilIac hill
rise as counsel for tho dtv wislitl 10 I
look inlo the mater Mi Willlm
suhl 1 that tho ijncstion seCures hula
court was I mailer of dcti lin
I auto tho I sahhility of hiss city ordinim
under width tho petitioner loor asks for
a writ of iafi8cor < hud been irrestoi
fho question does not Invoho this I guilt
or Innocence of the jiotitloiier 01 pruvtn
him ill sutmy wa from this diselureu of his
duties upon tho tourt counsel h im s o
Counstl for this ptlilioner J I
Hawlins once rosotutlng titter
nty for this city was rtpure > d lu I
argus the eatti but us this matter hat
onl been m 1 their I hands hut l i littlo Urn
lo pieparo nrjiimuit his woul ask for I
oslponcinonl After considerable talk
rom 1 both sides I ri rlaI mornin 01 01
clotk was this tuna feel
This matter laxolus ott this whulo Ijles
ton ii8tothodhdlt ofthotil ordinnnco
and VandercookH taso will probabl lo
mails Unit point I lest re0 irdini this Rellltmcnt of
UllkSBhlllg llllllKl
Ihullncbt fittest unl beat display of
furkeH Ducks hitkons Game etc
O Me > re Nuts anti New 1 mils and every
I I thlnB to make u Ilret class riiankfuviiiL
Dinner to bo fojnd at tho store of lames
i Illras 1 f2 B 1 First Boulh titled a
Oi INOI Cake Silver Cake Vincis
boil I and nobod knows what all with
the bandvvlchts und Btijicrb Alotha to
I finish nn ThanUOvhiK dlnnei at M
Marks bthoolhouso hIss whole thing to
ll lNlo jd 11 111gtl
I bo fringes witli n iovtl statues in limo
I Ten cents hnhjslon to the Christmas
Market a
0 f OMB Iliad Succcul Cr050 a lln
lug Thr 7Ilknlot CnmJI
nr trtlla I
cstcrdiv nflcrnoon a WrMociaT re
porter mel Air dward J brilntn
msiness manager of tho Thompson
Oprrit Com pan which is shorll lo
mako its appearance at tIm Theatre for
two nights In Tim Mikado
Tic concrfilion naturally cnoiiili
inicl on TlioMikido and thoThomp
SOli Com pan
Yol make IIspocial of this open 7
asked the reporter
Yes sir l replied Mr Vbrahim Wo
inxo phipd it longer mil more nights
thuatu am other tompiu on this conli
uiettt At llio etud 1 of lIsa engagement ll I In
your cltt we will b no platd it over two
itmdrcil times Last year the Thompson
COlpl mule a Becinlt of this leg
Ial Slu lentand this year tho Bimo is
eng dono with The Mikado The
pen ran for six weeks in incinnntl
nriiiK thin last of f the Benson fist 1 sum
ncrHow long his lisa Thompson Com
nui been orani7ed 7
boiiltbirletn months Thin cotnpasuy
is i COl posed rinnpillv of tho orlLnnl
IcCill people all of whom evcrbol
knows were first cliss autism Since the
Thompson orgimzition tlio compmy has
hover closed winter or summer We nro
11011110 1 say that Tho Mikado as pre I
icnled by us is the finest prolucllon ol
he open in Amcrici Tho principal
lfi 111
are all l slant atuuh I I thin cliorui Is 1 full ami
ho most powerful on the road
At this iioiiit rudy Brivtn hOIuhScul i in
md told Mi A that I lie expected to
hear Iho Tabcrmclc choir ho must shake
hp nt once nowppipcr with man this and enllo I I volume hint whIm from him tho
iroj rittoi of llio V If the UFMOCIIVT
porter bade thin mamger good day
The Thompson compin has met with
ilu nomenil PIICCCRSIII IXincr Flue com
inn isiepntcl lo bt first cliss In over
iirlictilii ind plus Tho Mikado in
grunul style
Mute the open has heel Intro Intei
itio tlueo limps by the tun itetirs and
itc uiso so mticli Ins been B ild and writ
Ion of thus piece it woul 1 bo superfluous
10 give 11 explinillon of either thin plo
or tlie style ind character of the lslaY I
is evcrvvv hero accorded lo bo this funni
< <
cst most novel and pitching open of the
unison ml hat Gilbert nnd ro ullivn
flaws nevti written nm thing more charm
hssg and nlcrtiimng
hero fire several reasons achy n pro
rt siotnl proluction is desire in Hal
Lake nnd thero isnt n doubt that thin
Thompson Open Comjnii will nice
antIs I hcartv rece tion in this city
Chnmbnr nlhernlt Grout Uc
urrcct the Hit orlck
Flicro was a lime in this history of tin
cunp iiH the Pirk Cit > Iticont whci
Iherl avers more inilh than mines Prol
Cliton tBlinuttd the McIIcnr bluff 10 I
bo worth 4000000 Sivcnoiks Hal
comb mil thovvrittr of this time down
the lull fiom tho Lake and an open cut
cille I our ttcnlion lo a spot in which
men wero lt work Hint Shunt is the
irtsent Ontario Ilu I in tnthusiist got
iol < 1 ot that mint this tamp would not
be in existence There was crisis In the I
history of tins imp tint Creg Chambers
filUd just like timber men 1111 ammo work
ill I Dutchman Like all successful
men Clumbers haul enemies but ho
surrounded himself with licutcninlslhi
would pull the bottptn out of hell ant
give Ihu Devil a contract IOLO deeper
1atKirvin was with him in tho earl
dave atsil 1 our leaders I now that und
Chambers mam cinenl it stat Kirvm1
mine for years Tho del th alliined in
tlio old worl mg shaft necessitated ttuuu
dusters and as m the history of sill
countries 1 m in w as found raI 1 forth
cmtrLtncv Dan Hall h id shot himse
itt thun Vlle lou e but A M Grant wa
still at hue mill As when Gentril Grunt
was inspnod to have hherilin swoop
dow upon Leos Vrmv Cli imbers plite I
too B ihtihtr in th iruo of tho Out 111
mill Sheridans work is Onlaro
when OiliLlior dies swell wnto his
hio riphj millions hivo been tnrnu
out of this oil inmounl inilhons jitru <
main West of thin Out irio minora had
turned wi tful Umees A i boy gLuten
alon Hnd easy whit to homo hetmcd 11
deltiMon the eontinu ition of thin Ontario
fissure IVithu Iho into inslinct of I getu
oral 11 C thimbers ictoniztd his
abilities mutuil that boy J J hLthy hiss
dcmonstrilcl now what was then In i
vein doubt Ih it latest Hides do ml limit I
In the oally di sot this Ontino line
on tlin strennlli of Piof Clalon H report
I mill was built Cot the McIIcnr Thus
company haul a mill bill no dov elope
mine Cli imbers kmiw ho haul 1 n mine <
but no mill and rented hiss MtHcnr ii ti
which to work Ins out
Ilovvlin 1 went on lo 1 ° Iaisl ill hill n1
mimed Middim Ltntlomt to lsuuhhul 1 I
mill in which ore might hu worked thiuit
only eintelin his tutu fertile imn8lna
lon I waH calleul thin Mnnwcand whln
this Isuhfeitry iphinorv
fOI IlohIler WIH worn ont
Cli unbent It ised thin Slurse lfon tim
Marsie shoes sworn worn out tIme Onlnrio
mill was re id lo drop its stain s
Dilv having dropped upon llio idle west
ward onrso of Iho fimonsOntario vshu a
mill sass rtmdrtd lo work the ores of tho
mice lIIino This ulll Muesli was yet in
fair ondilion ml Iho S tints lotmiii
bought it I JoaGiiyierand t cossujuatmy M rtat
took hold of thin old hulk and about llio
first of laninrv thht Mimpwll I diop
from re tonsil m tc I 111118 iipin orb 110j
Iho Ontario seer hid There U i mitch hi
this history of this Park that hiss not been
in book print but thin full Stat would fill II
I Ihiimtmksghehmug
C II I Dumtnlll Imo ilniLubiipiili I uf
fiirkojH 1ishm smash Ih I Oumi of nil KjiiU I
I nib i Choli Duller ash 1 ilg 1 H usins
urrantH soul 1 Dried rtilts I filet thin
111111 10 order your riiitnks ilu dlinui
How to I Consult DrFoote Si lij Mull i
Dr 1 ooto Senior author of I Plain
Homo full 1 Medinl Common fniiw <
etc etc would say tothoso who would
like I to eonoimlt bihtn I II lij mill I that they an
kayo list of tuehtionn and i uriiilir I I if 1
LratulloiisnlUieb ullrebDiuK Box lId
bait I alto I City l limo doctor less I ties iiinnt I
I to liars Biith infornntion f fciinpllul I r 11 1li Is
I i way 10 suits lime lcUniK iich irintul
mutter tlio oritsiion lent can disuilio
I lilt or tier soon fiilh am iliritt it to hits
doctor in JMIH Voik Dr Itxjto Is
I success lull treatnij ull forms 01 thronlt
1 disc IBCB u HKtiallj to which ho has do
I voted thirl I t years of Udj and I prattico
vmuictsof I of fi Isis i euccees eatm olio ha i 1
IbyndlrcSHing Box il IH us above but 1 all
letter of lonmiltatlou und crderu for
i I remedies shoiilil bo nl licbsed to Dr Ii 1
I II looto Sr 120 Ixixiiibton Acnttc
I Now York C it N Y CanHiiIlatlon Inc
1 An uhcrli nionto Dr loolu hr in
unothi placu diMnci ilkullon
i Slons I flnn utT I
I jolol W Madsen it Co for fctous
Irantes I and tinwnii Ill and 11 must l
First 1 KoiitliMrcol I I
0 rxaiia l C rctccnt Vnlct Xelciihoiip
hUI > nf rincntit Ilcnlliof John
C recap on Icnce ot the IJEMfCRAt 1 I
PtiiK Cm November 221S85 I
The ore Rhiimcnts this week Imo I
been rather small on account of this bail
cathcr The Crescent has malo no
npmcnts owing to the Impassable con
ition of tbo tramwav Tho following
ots pissed through Mackintoshs Rim
Ontnro not 8iO
Daly 120 iro
1 1
Sampson 120400
Hoyt liroi 211V
Tolnl i7U
Die bullion shipments of thin Ontario
this week amounted lo 17 birs contain
lug 2i5657i ounces of silver valued at
28453 39
Assessment work is being dono on
atearly alt the claims around the ciinp
Every ono who has 1 promising claim
is tile it to
t doing ncccssar work upon I
haul It atush Inal become a silver king
Tlio only work that is being dune attisn
Apex is on this tunnel I has reached a
entth of 1400 feet and is being steadily
nHiod trt through I I tho i 7Jsle I i lf
men are at work on this propert I and by
pnng it It is thought some lIne elevelop I
nonls will bo made
This 1 approach of winter I combined with
thus changeable state of le time weather has
so affected tho Hearing I ion situated in
Thllno8 can on tint its ro ir has sub
ided into n hoarse bark and will erase
entirely 111 few slays rho foreman was
ecu soliciting I the loin of 1 padlock the
other day i to lock up for Iho w infer
Eighty men are working nt tIme Cres
Tho rep urs on this Crescent Iramvva
will soon bo finished 1 ist 1 ndava force
of mel started lo work replacing tho 10
mtind ills i with 15Isouttid rails from tho
twitch to the mine But ono mile and a
quarter yet remains to he I laid nnd If this
weather remains gool it will bo torn
ileted within tho next two weeks
3f tins I il IPO is being reconstructed in
let built over again nWes now fir
B 1 0 Holdini of tho Sal I ako exchange
has been in tIme Park for Borne time
managing tIme I improvements I New
Poles anmi now wires have been hut ithl all
over this city mil to Iho miles and cop
per l wires have been substituted for Ihe
M iron wires A room in the now City
Hall has heel cngigcd and as soon as
Iho building Is lomplotcd tho exchange
will bo moved into i A now swiltl
board will bo put in and everything dono
to mike tho cxchingo one of the fines
its tIme I cotmtrv A number of new tele
phones i liavo latch been put in through
out town All tins spciks well for the
new management and use people of the
Park are loud m their praiso of tho late
improvements for thsey Imo hid some
f rleV
Bid experience i In telephone matters
Are preparing to m il o important nni
much needed changes in Society Hall A
Soxlj addition is to be built onto the I
back of the building and m this I leI
stage with nil modern improvements is t
bo placed There wi bo two dressing
rooms of comfortable size at the back
heaving front a stateroom of 20x3j
feet Now and artistic scenery will bo
put in width with the other changes
will make it compare favorably will
cither tlio Salt Like Opera Houso or
Theatre liids for the work ire being ro
ceivcd and sometimo during thin coming
week tho contracts will bo let when wOk
still commento at once Three weeks or
1 month swill sec time work completed
Tlio now City Hall will ba occupied
about Iho 20th of next month
Tlnnks iv ing night tho K of P give
nn jtliei of their popular soti iblcs
Tho Record his of late been indulging
In 11 series ofjakoo about as dear as thus
1rIIO Park mud cear
V ride from Park City to Salt Lake hy
slugo now costs hut one dollar this
rivalry between the two stags linos cms
itu n cut in prices
Tu s lay evening Doci mb r 1st Mr
W f Innlen delivers a loelur on Iletst
inisccntcsof for tlio benefit Slavery l of and the Gun Conyesationi llobclhon
The si itioner firm of 1 riser it Bate
aro miklm extensive improvements In i
Iheir lilacs or business to iccommolit
thus Hitreising dem inds of tho trade A
fine assortment of drugs twill bo put In
anclnumcrous other additions male
Johnny Dulrr an old Inner In Gun
Pirk ind a well known cliaritto
throughout tine cstern tountr hnvlng
finished his work on these lower levels
steppe 1 on thin nago Tuesday njht nnd
was hoislell lo that better land where
prospetts uro ulwus surei mil len n
lon < orCoot can stake out 1 el dm am
to whole the ton which will nsoay fold JOOO His
S un IAW mil foo fcimon of Simon
hIres look in thin Iailc diirinL lIme juast
Air Dividjvtitb the popular fore mi
of llnOntirlo No a I went down lo Zious
olla 1 sUl ring from II Oor colul 7iol
Colouol W M I nnd 1 P Ferry I nrn In I
Kilt 1 iko on business
I Music I Husk
rhrouji a ml lake an oxlenslve ship
muscat of bhuct AInsip for Pianos Ore ins
an 1 other instruments iris sent Cashier
sb nclLrovo of Ibis city nmomitin to
i50 amh I this Invo Just received notice
lo M11 It it am lines it mi 1 bring
tluuy Imvudctidi I 11 loooll for fI rill c ash
ft r worth i on iecesinarl ed loliionls i
r > tuts each and titans marked lo i >
cents 10 tents eith This is lie best
dUIIIIe that hns ever been rcscntnil tj 1
Iho nblit i in this cit Coaltcr HI 1
I trovei may feel sire Ih it this beautiful I
of hutch nittsip will find hUH at u
piito that only amounts to this express I
I rluitts 0 I
lor vwirmilliner hale luoisteis uuuh 1
i trImminiM Blalllpilig > and pinking hair
i tstmiauemmte notions i efe fancv Uools
i I I
5 c nibrol lerv Milts mi 11 I cotton all kinds oi i
I fany woolus ophr chlncde tsrrsteett
lIIut tIlicH plusherH KIII11IIIO1 aprolls
tie Wax Flollrr un1 Fruit JIIateriul II
full lillO
I allil fill mmxiv I IJNt 1117 IN 1111
TlWIUTUII 10 to Nrum II b I nn at Not
I Ui and 17 Jo First 1 boutli strocl Koniun I
her lust Kho t is viral her lulu 1 Bland 0111
1111111 shoel Orsiors II lIIuli Iromptl
utti n ltd to a
1H7S IitnljlMiiil 1878
hss 1li1iartt1 tIme ashion iblo
1siiiou l IIG lICl f 111
liloitills tho piiMU atttnlion lo the
fail that ho makes a spccull of over
to its Swnllowtnll
lail and Ilusincss bulls at
I thus km cut rices In this city a
i WhshhoTjltmcs
For tho best meals and
rooms LO to this
Wilitu house 1 vorvlliinu firel dasn atsul I
low raleB 5
llilllaid I and BIer Hull in non open to Iho
puhllt Only Iho finest Ismtuths 1 tiE J Imiom
and Ciyirs heIst on band it 107 Main SI
a W PeiuiiE Iropriclor
jrtat Iteiluition hi Livery
A t I Mark Mi Klminliis11 livery Htablo a
Thp iltlropolltnii noel Ilin eraocii
llrlaSltll011 Till U h I
rtiorouEli Urnontnn Til 1
vccoiil to NOlIC Iii the CI
A IFMocn reporter ting morning
mado a call at the Metro olilan Hotel for
the purpose of inspecting the changes
recently mado in that house Ho was
shown up 1 BtarSb the clerk who Intro
uccd him to Mrs Hill Iho nowl
Installed hostess Mrs IHU was busil
engaged stipennlcndlng ho carpeting and
other arrangements regarding this final
reparations of thin rooms Come right
In Mr DEMOCIIVT paid Mrs Hill in 1 her
pnial ood nnliired way and she then
irocccdcd to show tho reporter this many
excellent changes that hav o been wrought
on tho floors ol thus second and third ale
riot of thus bml ling Tho original design
or f the Metropolitan was not the cry best
hun tho world huy ally means as the second
anul third floors had been BO constructed
that there was In the centre of each 1 IW
o t dark roms with n narrow passage on
either side This row of dark rooms has
been cntirel taken out I and all tho side
ooms liavo been extended out about
eight feet on cither side This change
hI heft a spncious nnd elegant hall the
ntirn length of hut budding I and cAcn
oom in tho hotel is n front room The
iropnetors could not have mado any
chnng that will so meet the approval of
no n Ihi OM
b On cub floor elegant bath rooms and
ordinaries of the most improved patent
have been put In so that guests can bo
urnished with hot or cold baths and other
icccssir iccommodittons without leav
hug the building
Thin rooms Isaac nil been thoroughly
cleaned pipcrtd and are certainly
lumbered among this best bfjhted the
icaltlncst and the irgcst 1 sleeping apart
nents of atsy hotel In tho city Tho
front rooms facing Third South street
lue been arranged into elegant suites for
amiiies All the windows have been
Ilmies Al
hiring with Ice curtains and shades The
entire house Is lighted with gao this
lining room and office having electric
lights in addition to the gas chandeliers
ljhls dining room has I been beautifully
f rjOI up and now is ono of the band
earnest apartments in lImo town
Wo are pleased to announce tint lull
Hi hare opened this hotel and tha
ttsoy intend to run it on tho elY best
plan for tho iccommodation of guests In
jucst of a comfortable place it a mocler
ate charge
Airs Hill KUS that Iho intention is 10
mike a specialty of family accommoda
lions and permncnt resident boarders
Mr and Ir Hill still doubtless mak
1 success of tl u Metropolitan for it Is 1
certain they will do all they can for the
comfort of their guests
All Ovutloii untl tlio Ireodnn 01 tile
city TeslereI ThollIURt
Make Speech
The Salt Lake express over this Union
Pacific railway pulled Into Denver Friday
alT oclock p m BUYS tho Denver Acu
with three special Pullman sleepers ni
tidied The cars were elegantly deco
rated with canvas indscipo 1 and cattle
scenes United States bunting and cu
blematic tlags Tho occasion of so largo
u trim is accounted for by thin fact tIed
120 Utah Idaho Nevada Wominll ant
Cihforma steal men lelcgatcs to the
National Horse and Calllo Growers nt
St Louis avers on tlio tram sevonty of
these rcpicSLiitativi stockmen j are ltlo
Utah and represent over 272 000 heat of
cattlo and 140000 head of hor0cj Dr
I J Faust vict president of the Jfatio
al and president of tho Utah tonvenlio
headed time party Sinco tho jolly party
of stockmen and cowboS left Salt Iahmn
city on fhnrs la morning at 8 oclocl
wore meted out it Ogden Evinstoi
Chotnno and Dcnvtr Tbo Idaho delo
gates 1000000 head of cattle
and tho other Territories a proportion i
I t faev er il kiiije indiv 1 iduals i Imavo
shippel Ellstover 11 Union Picifie fretn
100 to JOO cars of ittlo during tho past
season in consideration of which this
Union Pacific kindly tendered freo furs 10
time respective dclcg lies Etnry utlc
thou lo comfort Is provided for tho bloc l
Ien who ire loud In their prdso of Ihe
hospitality of tho road
On their arrival hero the parly was met
b > Mayor Rites and GenTil Cook aimml
escorted about the city and show
through tho public buildings of this ely
A formal vote of thanks w is extondcc
t Messrs B itofl and Cook for thick court
odes Fifty of this dtlegites from Utal
Idaho 1 NevuU I and California l visited 1
various objects of interest in Dome
among them thin county court house JS
It was twilight Chairman Gird caused sill
tho gas burners to bo lighted and this dif
fcrent rooms thrown open The wsitor
wero loud ur their priieo of the beauty of
the budding When they entered the
district court room Mr Faust of Ulal
or as lie is called Bishop Faust took
tho ju IOH soil and called tho meeting 10 I
order After I short and very tonipl
mentv aldrtss
inteustary Idclress whoso Huhjctt tvsmo
Dolor a delegate moved that all
Ihopo present should vote at fel Lou1
for Denver is this next place for holdin
nox hohlll
this Mtional convention This wi
hsrotsmthy 1 seconded and carncl iiimn
inouslv when this chairman
> Imil 101
Bldcrnblo f laughter saul You are now
nil excused Afttr
I vlsitinx oilier
ACor vJHiln liar
tions of blue htnldiii tho iiit sis deparlt
for thin Clumber I of Commtrto anut other
buddings r
Tin i < ttinotis Cigar is known b cots
lloihHcurs to bo tIm best in this ell
lasr Snip
A god upright lano for Halo dlUal
appl nt No 07 W eolJll 1 boutli Bin et e
or llld alauam2Iim I rllot Nto
Mill mucous
UIOMIAY NOV l 0th 18br
rrltLL X ° V TUIV COMlIII8I I Al 1
J Ho 11 1 tl
school o lenurtneutK of a tls000usguuly efttcih i i
lialullii Mmle rowlllg smut lie
t l4ssstaugso his hooruitsi l letisiriuuemml 1
e fuses
i cL1 Ji
Joise lbs heat tcI miiolatloiii for Ifl sul
loaui saese who ao uuder rare fill HIIJcrhlnn
Es elsie muuuIceame
1 or arllciltan i std rca I
j 1 11IIU1 VU01 71 Ii
livery Feed Sales Stable I
silo Is I ocea tis mIsc eousssue
aulULTcu01 mAybtuuf Sad HOOIII ou
eJjria Iltusounble MUll 6allrolll01l f Uuamu I
btaUo l at bud ol Main Sired
IPiiiaco N N Utnb
riurn IT ion F TEEN irius
UnrT strike In I
rlinrlm I Imnvi I uclt II
chn1rrll Popular Ilnr of tisiia
Standing in the lobby of the Walker
Honso last evening as 1 DRMOCRAT r
ortcr sauntered Into the lintel was Mr
George A Arthur issistant business
anagcr of the Alvln Joslln Comedy
tllnnger Com pan which is to appear bpio three
nlhlR this week After tIle usual pnhita
tory remarks the DivtocitVT reporter
asked lbs business manager how long
lIp Marie i Ilaul been playing his pOPlllar
cetnucshy kr 11 Jesuit
Abnitt Ilfiects years twos tho reply 5
AbonllCeen years ogs cotutlntmeul
Mr rlhur R ref r was playing
Alvin loalin as an aflernlcto In I
variety phovv Ho conceived the hihess i of
nlargmglho thing into I drama Ho
mliii BO and traveled lo Philadelphian
titl his trunks because ho hadnt
homonc to put up for fares Tlio stand
swat for a week and 11t receipts i for that
week were 9000 fclnco that time Mr
Davis has been coining money out of
Alvin Jostin Today bo is ono of tho
Idlest men in the profession Ho ro
cently bought a plot of ground on 1 ifth
Avenue In Now York upon which bo pro
poses to build the most costly and magni
icent Thespian temple in the world
Mr Davis carries all of Ids own sccner
ansI therefore can and will present his
play hero ns well mounted ansi In every
other particular as in Sm Francisco or
time cast
The compni Is mado up of good actors
L Davis
ho leading lady being Mrs U
Salt Lake Theatre
Three Nights and Saturday Matinee
CkL Davis WorldRenowned
Alvin Joslin Comedy CO
10000 Challenge Band I
iTovv Sconcry
180 IAUG11S in 180 MINUTES 1
o locs OFFICE opem cdiicsuay nt 10
Dj Ihe Ladles of St Marks Guild at
St Marks School House
At 7 clock
Sunlit BtMmicins coriir ANn TEA
with Cakes lloothi for 1 ° micy Article
s 1 roiisCdiuU llo V cm 0eYTt 1ru 11
Cake lultusee lies Home Cooking and Guild
Cook Jlook
11111mY rsarirarmnos rro 1 tn II
Sole nail lusnchs
Cede suet OPle iS 51cr Oystero B hum I creme
lOcals II3
A Special Train
TI pol m Ttlc sits I ret mn llcnW TA
AT 3 ClOCk I M h
Pigeon Shooting Match
A xtEi9 Banc
Will 10 I III uUiudauco
Refroshments on tho PromUon
StoLkliuliloiu Mcoilug
NOTIOI is jiiiipin OIVIN nui Ill
Lt Hiuiual atockliohutee incctlncof lime I iif W I
Jloy I MlujmrCompay J 5lll is IsolmI at tie tuflico
1mm Saul 111 Cit > No mommirco llulllln
aim lie 21 lay rt January Isle for lime juri i 0
nl elcctliiKofllcin mud trniih u Iliu asusim olher
lsaat I lnct a may us I f ir his lusts Cmiii I flue cuss
lion JIUIUONN HAItltlBON Secretory
DlhSOllltfOII Ol = C0lllllllslll I
utuia I
toy sltsumhecul lmsrlsuerututtu lip dlM
eOIeoV All aelln1 hue hue Ir armim aro
layall to I I Jellnoll lot I Ori
steed uetuo Is his olly Irol onthorhod In
rcccllt I Orbalse I IIAIW
is iv jggzgycs
sactuslmer1 lA
I Sell JAME8 furKKl 1 I SELLS
Whlclo Saul Helal nenle In
Wlj A run
SIllwillH 1111 1 IIH
A HIololly
l til ou 111 More urcliulng i SOLCITED
lout W Ilut NOUlh 0 Ira I I
Mrj m ma Iii
I liii aart tllwl
I gcwia B will soar SColker Ioralluss I
Absolutely Pure
1 I o f e rgo e rgm I
shorf Ilsan hue elittoim wel erslitsery ht i telilu nlum ktssdo ttse or hoPIOle lauslittuslto ansI COiaot oh bro llI u ol
Wail street Note kIAKIO ODta loWdL 8 5
i AM NOW lIWAUFl TO Funxlsl
Booths Select Ojslcr i i
3y ho Onaa oy quart
Trnii nlaiited Slselloysters Con
on hand Game an le crjll Ing lii iiuoi ur
UIUJi Proprietor 0s
127 Main tTML
L1 Chop 10me las opened a cot cl IESI dv
Restaurant and Oyster Hou I I
2QO 3VT ixi Street
Three door south ol the Walker HOIH
And will be l under the Buporvlslonot II li wj
rrlcor who Ia tot ha to loge till the 0rier Ut
rouse lie exceleuce otllolerrltorr 01
Mlk llHtMBIls
Main St South of Third South SI
rtiEl tu nniouaiioin IN FIKSKLU H F
Flwm The finest and U11 FISTL m
Hotel appointments In Halt Lake City
Spcclnl Term to amlllcj bout lor Sltrj ti I
10008 alll Bule
leaaaiesl 20 Ier da
V OiHIWAldVrap j
xIcwD I I
Elgin and Walthan Watcks
Spuinl Aint for that Colninbu lSaih j I
KH tliiln Street Mill lake till
Fail can fsmh I the lurucnt insert nctto l
Gold Silver Watchesl
VnlcMrytliluitiiiIelliill tllMit
veszv Xjcawaolt 3TTJOOB
Statio ers Bookseller
OHDI ii oun aoons r f I
tUoilmno or nloS ir tor rf
oltllj 1 Main ktruct
or KniY KINI
In WHul v 0 1 crllloii taken fo I nreloirt
x xxxxwczLXrTG
ssIIls 01JN ON rllf
VIiitl DIIJ 01 Odoltei
111811 Kenl el7 waul 1 hmid J
rl I Lhti 1 i iol iy n ftJ lit a tll c r liii
III 1 illisT KTIhIvr uuIt IrhlI iPIr
UtltlV Bcrund tSoisltu Sutret I
Heesch Bt Ellerbeck
HulUiiil Ir lhmuoNXhiTil8 I hifAT9 1
l lcaudrh
usual ttuiiomlcal nnJ rcllutil hcalr I II
Water lt1ie lall ou uorluotlM
43 Coat Fhrat Bouth Sired SAW IU EClr

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