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Salt Lake evening Democrat. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1885-1887, December 10, 1885, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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JWi t nrtC tm t
c = I
1I1Jlnt 1 iD JlErARTUJE or AILI
at the Saa Iah CIIT roolomt I
AntUVC cLOse
IMtcrII 800pm 71Om
Udllornl all4 WeL 1100 nm 123 pm
JofltanR ancl North 1 SOO pn 7IIOm
I Ie It O rL 500 pm 1030 am
1100 Km 7110 om
I Iizdon Utah I nmpm 12pm
Irk GilT J 8Opm 730m
Tooele County 1 1 OO rm 720 am
Alta Utah IO20nm oom
Ifin hnm tTIh 4OO pm 62O nm
8itherzi Utah j6OPm 2Qnm
h obov11 IRnIAre mii iilRID time
JOliN T IYNUII 10lmter
dolt Lake City Utoh Morch 221885
bilvei Quotations
Cm rrcto ilnllr by ells largo A 101 1
Ucr New York iO2
nItver Lon1oU I
Im1 IS TYoiVierlQ011 0 4 41 <
IIVTSI nvrsi iivrss
t11 nll1 VIIIIr HtIH Punt rlsC4t
nu II
Ibis ralebi ito I hal Is I llghtnml flexible
andtho nobbiest lint worn tho Irndcr in
New York Clt
II M slUrriDiui
1 ino Iloxlblo ii i wo urn malting n pcc
laity of anti 1 will Hell U cheaper than any
iionso wostof frtw York
ftrt miH
Wo carry tlio largest nuil most coin
pinto lino fn tim city both in soft an 1
ullu hats and nt low pncoa
flia otchmvo Hallors corner west of
Oparn House
iorvij TOTS
Time wires both awt nnd west ama norldtiR
badly today on account of ntortny wcnthcr
The mombora of the CnroloeiOrnnd Opera
Oompanv nro requested to racot tonight nt
g r fg r
Carolcsa mnsio panelS
Owing to the late rtrrlrnl of Lcnvitts
Speclalci it won noirlyO oclock when tho
curtain rose last night l
Tlio genial Kniphta of St Dennis give nn
other of their delightful parties in tho
elegant OlympioIInll tomorrow night
lion four canon of tic people TS Brig Y
Hampton wore not for hearIng lieforo Judge
Zano Wednesday morning December IGth
All tho tnorabers of lolanlho nro ro
qnested to bo In nltoiulanoo nt n full rc
lioarsnl nt Caldottl this ovcnlllR nt 710
MoCornlok > L Oo todoy rocoivod two curs
ofllnrmuer bullion 4910 AovnJnorci 2
S2D nnU Jucon of the HilUoro IJ110J totnl
vnlu AO
Savontof time Utah stock moil who went
lawn mOle Misiisiip on n visit to Now
Urloans ore liurryliiR homo ml account of
the present nuow storms
Mrs Henry Lewi lot Corlmum In the city
guest of Mrn llanuohoiT on West 1 ifth
Smith street Bra Lewis ia continuing tho
mcroanlllo I business of her Into hnsbind nud
reports trade us very gool In ito northern
William Oinok tried und found guilty of
murder in tho first driirro in tho Second
Dlntrict Court at heaver lost term was
crnnteil n new trial nnd token south to dn
by tho npwlj 1 ippointod deputy mnrshnl
In tho ilhoroo ceo of Loch Ende vu
Ijjilin Lnde xrbloh wim nicuctt alt sob
omitted jeslcrclnj oll in lbs I Xhird i District
Court JudgoJrno this morning fjrnnteda
decree prayed plaintiff to lay costs nUll
KlOO to defendant
lbs ostnbllshtd Philemon Debuting
Club meet to morrow night in the Ninth
ward schooUiousowhen aohoico pro rona000
r1f tWl
will bo carried out in rloorroJlihn the
discussion of the question Gnu moro bo
Immoral by Conversation than Itc ullng
At tho installation ofofucors of the Argcnla
Ledge mentioned in last evening Demo
COAT tho following woro tho olcctivo officers
installed I in thtir res motive eunice 0 M
Armntronp ool in Jiishop Senior
Warden Jrimci Qlendonnlng Junior Wnr
den W 0 Hall Treasurer nnd W 0 Phil
lips Secretary
Iho oldest deepest nnd nlthicst mud Iiolo
in tho city is on Bait Rtreot nt tho crossing
between linrncs and lonedci A stores 3ov
oral ladies ham o ruined their dresses in cross
ing tho miserable placo any number of chil
dren limo lotion into it tho city papers hove
used It for < i subject of comment scores of
times nnd yet the owners of the disgusting
gl ni or St
ninL holo will not remove tho nuisanco
Sir Daniel Swan of Binrjham wan nn in
terested spectator of The Bllkado last
Mr W II SneJakor for the past three
ears tho cfUoicnt car nccountnu of tho
Denver t his Grande Western in this city
left for Han Francisco yesterday where ho
1ms been worthily promoted to tho traveling
monnuetagsr ogommcy of tho Scontn I itouto for
time Coont Sued oOs a best l friends In
ball Lake who wish him all the HUCOCBS his
true merlin entitle him to in his now field of
Auction I Vuctlon I
Of Furniture on HUurdav December
12th ntlOv MatNo 109 West Tcmplo
Btroct opposite Continental Hotel Four
teen room house comprising parlor
dining room Kitchen and bedroom furni
ture carpels chairs rockers tables
wardrobes cupboards curtains lam hre
quill crockery and glassware paintings
ono sewing ui ichlno toilet Beta table
cutlorj This is the large st Hale of the
BOISOII The golds aro in good shape
Dunaij AtDitiviB
e Auctioneers
novr IVY
Your Christmas Candy ntuny other place
bnt tho Oyster Grotto
The finest assortment of Christmas
Goo Is Fancy Boxes Iuro Homemade
Cuulicsln Utah
I iv e pound box housemade andy 1
J tl f
Xo adulteration I In our I goods
S Cn oiioi AnnoaisT
F AiierljiHh f lIro
Our display of Christmas goods IK time
most varied and buit iblofor presents over
oflurqd in Ibis city 1 vcrj country from
J J l1Il
Japan to t Switzerland has I contributed t to
time collection They must bo seen to bo
appreciated S
Jlilliaid and liter Hall is noW open to the
public Only the finest biands of Liquors
and Cigars kept on hand at 107 Jlam St
c w beiiAiii Proprietor
IBiS IstuMlfilitd 18V8
Jos llaumgarten l II the ishionablo
Tailor calls time public attention to the
fact that lie makes u specialty of over i
coats few allow tail and Business Suits at i
the lowest prices In this city
White House
For the best meals and rooms go to tho i
White house lverjthhiK first class and i
low lutes
JoluilayJorASonNo 43 and Second i
boutli Street have just receded a choice I
lot of Tall and Winter Woolens which
lhey offer to make up in first claeg style
at i eallv reduced rates I I
I Vo Are Acur Undersold
Wo Invite you to inspect our holiday i
and Toilet articles as well as other goods
before purchasing elsewhere I
Srgauncit nr iniitcI Jlcrore tIns
Jhlrtl nlrlet Court
A largo crowd of ciucr listeners filled
the Third District Court room today lo
hear lime Vandercook habeas corpus cape
bcfora Itidgo Tone Itidgo McBrido con
ducted the dcfcii nnd Willinins it
Young rnnklln 11 Ittchnrdi and At
torsos Wnddcll appcircd ft time jiroccu
On icqncBt of Marshal Ireland tliroiigh
Mr Ynrlan Jlr Vnndercoolj wn i excused
from npXiirliiK on ncconnt of memo Im
tort mtofliLinl work to perform
Tudca MrHndo movcil thn court for tin
diclmrgo i of Defendant Vnndercook on I
the following grounds irslTIlo com
pilint docs not clmrgo tho petitioner mill
tony offense Second llio wirrint is
Riled pursuant to said complaint Is od
for rcison that no Biidlncnt complaint
ctislcd omits issno Third Said justices
court hai no jurisdiction 10 trJ the nl
legged offense tho mine It any offense
being only punishable bj 1 Indictment
rlfou1 11 J ltl
f a
i el
rpjznkrly found by u Grind Jim In thu
District Court
Tho w holo forenoon was consumed by
Tudgo McBride In nn exnuslU explosion
of Iho complaint which wns shown 10
1m 1 flnfnrllvn tltrnllLtbont nnnfltrnrllnn
The charging i i of i lonilncKs i constituted t
Wolng tommlttcd by the I defendant Tho I
Utnh legislators I I In 1 I forming t time present
codrj conferred certain powers upon the
Justices Court l > lrrfors power I sot
forth In time Organic Act Time Constitu
tion of tho United Sluice t provides lint
every innn shall bo entitled to n trial by
tweho Jurymen and not subjected to n
trial by nix as tho Btatuto of Utah con
fcrs upon u Justices Court Tho phrase l
m li i
prostitution Is only applicable to
females nnd has no boirlng to tlio main
FOX nt all Utah Is limo only spot
In tho Union where thero is no
lass nirnlnst adultery fornication and in
est which are pcxuil crimes lImo wide
ntmcreo over Time legislators repealed
time prohibitory laws against fornication
and adulttry amid poude no punishment
for these crimes Tho punishment of
Incest npcr WOO upon tbo statute books
of Utah This makcro of tho law luio
lumped matters off in a looso manner
under such vagmte and general terms n <
lewdness which Is necessiirih left for
tIme Court to Interpret Tho defendant
1 otga eft 1111 tdf f
In this I case cinnot know what to pleat
when tho charges aro not definitely
stated and mado clear The term re
sort me ins froquontinga place anddoes
not beeonio a crime on asmglo I Msitatlon
as time word clearly implies Tbed fend
ant IN ehartcd with but ma single visit to
time > laco and the purpose for going is nol
ctinadoknown To nnoiglo a ixsrson
into t a illace under false pretenses is one
thing and quite different from n olim
tarj visit eeii Bliould the grounds 01
crime established In case justices
court it limited In civil cases to JOO and
In criminal suits time limit is placed at
300 nnd pix monthH imprisonment i I t I
Is plain to boo how this law admits of a
magisttitoHdisciotlon and tbwaris the
dlbtrh t courts in then jurisdiction Ihcso
preint trials nro most exciting nnd thy
NOI WrI > i nn mi GOOD m IUDLIC
So mueh H to heip calumiy and dis
grace upon tie dement called limo Gem
tile paitx To tale from the District
Court such case und pi no them in time
Tustieod Court is to make a mocker of
justleo fin I has often 1 been witnessed imi 1 li
this OHiniunit fho charges aro ground
less in this case and as it g1 BO will
follow tho others in tho wake I
Vt 2 oelock this afternoon lo Grande I
Youn tlelieledll lengthy speoi i in op
position to tho m uij points prodiieed hmy
ledge McBride Young was followed by
Mr Parley Williams who further
spoko for tho respondents anti cited
many authorities In support of tho
right to try tho case In the
JusticoH Court hero time suit was
started It wn elilmed I tint I the respond I
ents bio tj jurisdiction concurrent will time t
District Court with the exception of a
Grind Inn nml but six lora petit Jury
In l place of twoho as ironlcl 1 m time
higher commit t fits case Proved time mos
exciting ono of the season and will prob
abiy eontlnuo tomorrow
Specimen Dialogue
A representative of tbo defiant element
of Utah attracted a crowd about him on
Main street today by declaring in trumpc
tones that tho Mormons whipped John
tons army and could get away with nil
of tho United Slates troops if they over
dared turn themselves looso in Utah A
respectable Mormon proper holder nn l
head b a famil I interrupted time blatant I
would bo hero of an insurrection by in
Hiring what rnht ho I and his
epcnilcnt iflori1 had I for expressniL
such sentlmcnla as benii those of tho
better class of L n S fits fellow re
plied You need not roprovo mo bo
Clillse I laro cay what ou think at all
times and express privately You aro
ono of us a id neednt pie double f iced
in time I presence of fe a mixed crowd
A scrapping match Bccmed inevitable
until thu leading actor headed I up time
street and tho crowd dispersed to discuss
the open revelatIon from the mouth
lifO of a belligerent party
How to Consult Dr Ioote Sr by Mail I
Dr 1ooto Senior author of II Plain
Homo Talk I Medical Common I Sense
etc etc would say to those I oS would i I
liko to consult him by mall that they can
havo a list of questions and n circular nl
gratuitous advice addressing Box 414
bait Lake City Time doctor has arranged
to hale such information supplied in tins
way to two time Uecelllng such printed
matter the correspondent can describe
his or her c iso fully and direct it to tho
doctor in New York Dr loote is
successfully treating nil forms of chronic
diseases a specialty to which ho his de
moted thirty years of btsd and practice
lUdencos of his PUCCOHH < in ulbo bo had
by addressing hoc 114 as above but nil
letters of onsultation and orders for
remedies uhoulil be uddrts cd to lr L
II Fopto Sr 1JO Lexington Avenue
how York City N Y Consultation free
An advertisement Ur looto Sr in
another place deserves attention
lrotect Your JalUlly
It it I lfa 7cIl of every man rich i or
Poor I slmo hmas created a home to make
BOIIIO provisions atainst the fnoutablo
for those who are deK3ndiit upon him
and this most tlebirablo coMmIt can bo ob
lined 1 by procuring u jwlicy InHhe Jliitual
Life himuramico Company of New York I
hu oldiBt nttUp ISI my m I America I and
time largest lifo insuianco company in tho
I w 01 Id Hates etc furnished In Louis I
HjuinH Accnt 05 l Main street lfoo > er A
Efdriilge i llloek bait Lake City
mOTes I llinriirol I
Oo to P W Madsen A Co for stoves
ranges and tinwaro 89 and 41 cast I
First South street >
Wl1nlod I
A girl small family good wages to
I ompetent person Applv at Mrs Vlit
eels 14 W Fourth South street
A ninKMif Icenl 1rcftcntntloii of Till
Ilrllfflitrul Opera hr the Cnrle
toy I Iionpnuy
It wns n slroko managerial ability on
ho part of Mr Carlcton to present Tho
Mikado after introducing his excellent
jpmpiti In Nanon Tho initial per
ormanics male the whole compnn
favorites at once with the Salt Lake pub
lie and foreshadow what might be ex
pected Tho Mlkido Tho attend
ance last night at tho Walker to witness
tho first genuine professional perform
ance of Gilbert and bulllv ans sublimated
burlesquo was a great crowd of people
eager to liner ami seo an Interpretation of
tho opera tint Mould imquostionabl bo
done in nn orthodox manner and in keep
Ing l with nt IIh authors conception I II No
ono present I last ocnlng was liRa
pointed Tho Mikado prc enled by
the Carleton com pat1 Is n revelation of
vvlnt stigo business can do for a per
form nice Tho Infinite variety of ges
lure of attitudes of yrommpingim of little I
IN Ilbfi rl
details 1n acting and bits of buoinc tint
Gilbert and Sullivan immure concocted
make time opera given as I was under
lime direction of Mr Carlcton and the
authors own stale manager perfect ka
leldoscopo of effects Tho costuming Is
fiiincrb and surrounded bv the most
mnuilllccil scenic womb furnished ono
of mime mnst gorgeous pictures ever seen I
In this city nvorthing connected with
tho opera the toddles grimaces chit
tcrinir gesture wings allwere conven
tional and showed that tho entire com
imany possess a dollnlto conception of
things im they aro dona In Japan
Mr Carloton was gorgnousl attired
Ills Ringing throughout the piece was
splendid carried A Moro Humane
rl I LINoc
Mikado Never and time rod I the
Iliughter in liw olcct mill Katisha
worm very funnv Tim Three Little
Girls from School were personified by
Miss Paullm as Yum Yum Miss
Alice Vincent as Petti Sing nil
Miss Qulglcy as Peep lio Thev wore all
mply I I rIee Miss Pnulhns Yum
Yum was the most excellent no hale
seen and deserves nothing but praise
Miss Wisdoms itishi was very accept
able ddoI most able i rendition i The
Ko Ko of Mr Drew as isoxpected was
If mortietfc LJ
thoroughly artistic amid a erv
clever comedy penormrnce Nanki
Ioo by Leumanoi was I very attractive
performance and the whole company
throughout Is ole of hits strongest that
his been seen hero for a long time and
in tho I Mikado I showed to fet fe very best
To night time same opera will bo again
given The performance is the farewell
one and as a full house w as assured this
morning bv 10 oclock time Carleton
com pan will score another triumph at
their list performance
Hlicro They Vrc Appreciated
Manager Mi uiro Ins written n letter
from Butte in ulwmco Helena endors
Ing tIme Qrau Barnstorm Opera Company
Manure SIS that time Gnus vvcio en
timely misrepresented bytlmo Laramie mil
bait Lake papers that the compin lire
nil able to stand on their own merits and
that ho his sufTicient confidence in the
intclbfcnLo of the people of Helena to
npprcciito tho birnstonners notwith
Btundm adverse criticism Quite true
every word of it as seen through Ma
gimoH end of the telescope hut from
our end tic view is vastly dillcrent Tho
Grin outfit were imot only not misropre I
hcntul iiy tho bait Lake press but wero
unablo to Bland on their merits amt 1 ROlf
were obliged lo close ma four nights en
11 1111
gvement by shipping i out alter Limo see
ond performance Thero never woa such
unanimitv with time press of this city il
as in pronouncing time t Graus as time
orst possible oul It for an opera compan
that wo hivn over struck siilhclent this eontldcnco city urthermore in the in
tclhgeneo of time people of Helena that
wo do not hesitito to say that they will
not ho appreciiti in llelem but will
n t tho uno trpitmcnt there a tiev got
Inn However Manuiro underetinds
his i business I iml 1 cilciilales to get back
that 1400 hu idv meed Gnu if all
Montana h is to IM bled to do i
The Icinltt Combination
Lc wilts All Star Specialty Comp in
of some twent live members opened
their four nights cngiLjmcntnt the The
tro last evening to II rithorshm hou e In
coiiBeauenco of atm oipo < itioii perform
once In the tImers louse Iho perform
ance affords in endless variety of amuse
mint in tho shapn of songs dances gytit
nasties juggler bicycle fiats inslru
mental music and all time numerous ape
cullies of a uidcvillo cnlertiinmcnt
The marionettes received heart lp
plauso as a now and Interesting
feature Valjean Is an artist In
his pigeon acts amid cover top tricks
Tho Mirtcll family i 11 four ire simply
great the two male members iomog
Borao of time finest feats in tumhlin mil
general alhlelics over wttnessel in bait
Like fits imiercie riding of little MISH
Munch scarcely llvo jcirs oil veiled
forth loud applause from ill present
Miss Mollle wilran along with time others
of the compin composes n very fair en
tertainment which should draw a better
houso this ovening
The Police oiut
Peler Ienfen for u plain drunk was
fined toImmy 10
W Consel for tho sale offinbo was
asscssi d tho paint imount
Dl McConlo rlurcd with being
drunk turned out to ho iiiBino When
tho ludgo usktd him his plci to time
clmrgo ho spoke up Oh cs she inch I
to run n wire through my heal fits
woman Insisted on running n wiro
tliroiifcli mj held Fimmding that Imo hid
u non compos mentis before him ho re
turned t McCowlo to 8t the fj jill to await ex
amination by thu physician
Salt Lake City lirowlnur Company I
fPresidont Vice Prewdcnt
vv o are now prepared to receive orders
for our Oil EIII vn u UuimuHtn IvAant
IlLLii 1 SpecIal indiuemeiitH tivun to purchasers
chasers ol c ir load lots
Having given our ucful attention to
time Hckctlon of Ilia llncbt matcri il for the i
nUlllllflllluro 01 leer mute time Jludwciser
procecB wo am in u situation t to place bo
lore time public mi artielo BiiiKrior to any
hitherto oifi red in this market
OrdrH bj Icltpliono promptly attended I
to Jiron MOIIIT Sec 1 Jreis I
For j our milliner hats bonnets and
rimming stamping and pinking hair
ornaments notions otc fancy Ioods i
emhroiderr silks IInd cotton mmli kinds 01 I
ammcy wools epimyr cimhmmelhu I arrasemme
r liJle
tidies f III
mmmmmts silisimers Htammmlwd mmpremms
etc Wax Flowlr allli Frull mlltoriul IL i
full line and Tin ONM UNt liEf IN Tilt
TUIU1TOII tl lu JIM II H Ixilltt Ut Nos
55 and 17 B First bouth sIred Itemem
her that she Is NOT at her hate fctund on
Main street Orders b > mail prompllv
attended to 5 I
COAL Oa and Fluid at Pionsor Uunii
etors 67 T First South Mrset
rouH1 rite Vorll In hthtT tiny
nt the Theatre Next STeele
This compan will appear at tho Salt
Lake Theatre on Monda Tuesday and
Wednesday oxcnlngs of next week In
Around the AVould In Eight Das
To thoO who have witnessed tho Kiralf
dramatization of Jules Vcrnos wonder
ful story no description is neccssir 1
sufficient losay lliit it Is in rome re
specls tIme most gorgeous and varied
spectacle ever presented on time stage
Beginning w itli a realistic and immense
pilntlng t lg limo Suez IS rd with live
Tilrks dirty and shabby enough to make
time plcluro true to lifo and witliil sink
inglv bcaiiliful tho spectator is carried in
rand Biicceql < lon to the heart of India lo
Calcutta to Borneo to San Francisco
and e route Is I treated to a roil live
scene with roid agents In Nebraska
10 New York across the Atlantic to
Liverpool There are Turks Indhns
BrihmlnB princesses judges and other
fiinctiomncs Mexicans Chinese and all
sorts of piclure quo persons of incd rank
ind color Tho Bcencr is i series of
10 Reres
finely executed nnd correct paintings on
n largo scale I amid time dressing is sud I lo
bo such ls as lo delincile to time life time I verb
ons people of tho various climes repre
scnted Of course minv of time events
are ll improbablebut lu Jules Verne is tho
at thor of the story
Tho actors who tire ponslblo for Iho
presentation of Iho tliread of the story nro
all capable people nnd do tits little work
required by them well Tho spectacles
are outside of time views of various places
picsenled Iho great alii tclion of tho per
formanco These consist of dancing anti
musical exorcises Nib do ancng the
prrmifrc ilantcuie dances as no woman
over before danced Site Is middle aged
nnd certain can mike no legitimate
claim to beiuty but site Ins
the poetr of motion down to
n fine point She Is agile as i
deer and is gnceful ns a bird Ions
Arnold is also agile and as grotesque as
Rosa is griceful capable of wonderful
contortions of person and remarkable
feats Tho ballet dincmg is indeed all
graceful and tho Jersey Light Guards are
sure to make a grout hit The Migninl
unlly nlfo fmlly justify tlinir reputation
as musical excellent instruments musicians with most peculiar
Clue IInigluugof IOU8e Vil
Dalgcrous to health
Not in tIme newspiper but in every
other kind I Professor Wood who has
been miking investigations is to bo re
lied upon These investigations are
illustrated by him in the last report of
the Massachusetts board of health
Tlnrt four simples of wall paper ono of
calico ammd on1 of turkey red colon aro
pasted upon the book With 1 single ex
ception all these are charged swill arsenic
tho amount vailing from half I grain to
fifty fivo grilns per squiro lnl Among
tie samples outside of the green of which
there aro very few greet enough to ex
cite surprise are pink and gold red and
dark brown on a vcllow or light brown
ground Prof Wood has also detected
arsenic in time glazed papers used by our
mIle ones in tho kindergarten sclools
also il time I rod lmrowmm anmi blue jtapeno
usef I i i
for wrappimmg confectismmenv f cover
ng boxes mnl banmihoxes making tick
ets etc Ho has also found arsenic in
l painted balls and toy candies Tho Ved
as fn
teal jTciu itt speaking of time professors
investigations concludes with this pira
griph to which wo would call tho mitten
ton of our scientific physicians
Curiously Cnoujjhj un avenue for Iho
disposal of mel 1 brown and blue will pa
pers with which inufncturcra appear
to loire overstocked the shops seems to
bo slouch 1 by the suggestion tint In inias
lucite regions the inhabitants should Ss
temilicillv respire time air of rooms dec
oriled with these poisonous i paper hing
ings during tbo season in which mala
nous disorders are previlent Accord
ing to Toimsi Crudeh tIme amount of
irsenloiis acid nccessir for fortifying the
idult humin organism against nguo Is
from one thirtieth to two fifteenths of a
grilii dailv mmtsl 1 direct observatiot upon
individuils residing in marsh localities
would soon dilermlno how miny hours
pr d i r patents Bhould mhiloiirchnrged
with time irscmcil dust from the wills of
I p irlicular rooms In order to introduce a
Biiflicient amount of counter poison Into
timer svstcms
Wuldca Abuse the CIsmmm1
A novel marriigo took piico near bll
verton Col on Sundav Miss lolho
Connors of ako City and Mr Oscar
Olsen of Amnas Forks were mimed on
the summit of tho divide nt an altitude
of over 13000 feet tIme part being on
I snow shoes Miss Commons agreed to meet
Mr Olsen on tho summit bringing her
friends with her mid Mr Olsen was to
approach tlio summit with his friends
Lomlru i up on tbo opposito side of time
mountain Tbo brido left Like Cu3 ic
companied bv her two brothers Olsen
left Auimas Forks it tie samoa hour nc
compinied bv tip Kov lather Lay of
bllvcrton ami a few fiiends fho only
war of Belling limo snow covered iiioun
tain was on snow shoes und tho climbing
was fatiguing Tho groom and ito minis
ten arrived II first at time designitcd meet
log point but they did not h ivu long to
wait for time bride nnd her brothers were
soon observed neiring tho spot trudging
along clucril Miss Connora bceme I
less fatigued thin any other member of
jl lt
tho putv 1 After a rot nest lather Ley
performed llm wedding ceremony selti its
much Impressiveness n I it had taken
mice In a church Ibo minister the
bride the groom mind time witnesses of
thoinarnato grouped themselves lordlier
as lose as he I Canadian Biiovvshocs ould
permit tho ceremony was gone through
with champagne WHS drunk as I toast to
this health I of time happy couple nnd then
lie parly j journojed ilt tIme liomu of rI time
bride Colorado wliero Jleacun I banquet was to bo held
A Sorrowful Message
Miss Gertrude Bradley a pupil of St
r Marys Acadcni and niece of W b
Cooko of this city was crc aiy grieved
joslerda by time receipt 1 teUtrunaii
I nounclna time de ith of her father ut War
I ren Ohio Deceisedwus for a number
of ear8 I litton In Danaa Musical Institute
lute nt Warren und was 1 musical com
poser of moro than or Unary merit Ills
remains were taken to Weyimesbimrg Pa
his lf Irr for Interment where I
auoirowbtrlckcii widow and four child
ren will pay their last earthly II respects to
them Miss Gertrude t alone II bo ub
sent from this sad duty She however
must try and bear up bravely anil re
milnljor that sha his tho Silicone condo
cm oof kind friends In this city mid of
hu schoolmates mmml I tutors all clylul
this Ilk Saloon
Newly rcnovited and opened with the
choiicbl brands of wines liquora and
I cigars Dinctl opposite the Theatre
Lver thing Orbt class Give moo a call
S Vm see M 4v Proprietor
Some Ilrnutllul Inlnlllin Itcccntlr
Iroituccd by fill Tnlcnlctl
A couple of weeks ago a reporter of
this paper started up to Mr Lambournos
studio At that time tIme studio was full
of piititlngs A visit loda revealed the
fact that most of Ihcso pictures had been
removed In fact there were remaining
but threo or four largo ones Mr Lain
bourno informed llio reporter that ho had
recently sold a considerable number of
his works to Mr J I Walker Ho luau
sold n beautiful pilr of California
Coast scenes a yery pretty pic
ture of the Source of time Weber
and a magnificent piinlmg being n
view ol r the Monterev Cal lighthouse f
Mr Lambotirne his just finished an ex
cellent sketch of time fahoshono lolls on
btiako river for the U 1 ° office in
Omaha Another gentleman in this city
has just purchased from this studio four
oilier pictures Ono of these Is a view of
Sboshono Tails another is i representa
tion lt Twin rails on Snake river Time
other I two pictures are n pair of 1 artistic
gems entitled lehro Geysers in l Old
Age nnd tho GeSfrs in Youth
The llret turned Is I pilnting of one of
those wonderful frocks of tiituro found in
time Yellowstone arka geser spring
and shows Iho beautiful and strange com
hinitions of prominent colors nnd shades
that Ire found in that fantastic region
Tho Geysers In Old Ago is not only n
peculiar picture but a very praiseworthy
one bolh from an nrtlsllc j > omt of view
In its treatment nnd for Lambournos
original lien i in piinng with time mGe
lJ 11 d
sera In Youth Tho Geysers In i Old
Ago was taken from a scene in Provo
valley near Midway where there
is a region of countrj covered with dead
geysers Ages ago Iheir activity was
checked and since their decline and
death crass and weeds 1mo grown over
the surface where once they emitted hot
sulphurous waters The artist has done
exceptionally well In working up this
sketch and his making I a companion
with limo ono from tho Park Is quite a
novel idea A duplicate pair of these
teP eraelrsel
r era
pictures has been painted and Bent to
About five weeks ago Mr Lambourno
moved his studio to a room over Walker
Bros dry goods establishment The idea
his proven to be a very good ono as the
silos of his pictures have increased ever
The May the Chronicle and the
rutcrprlief finite the Hair Sly
A fierce war has broken out between
hue Enlerprue and Chronicle It runs
something like this
Last cveng asm ill bov was run over
at tIme corner of Band Union streets and
severely injured on lie loft nnklo
To this time rnterjmie of the next
morning responds
TIme item in last evenings Chronicle
relate 10 i boy being run over is the
baldest tissue of falsehood ever invented
Tho boy otis not run over at tho corner
atallns alleged but two doors below
neir Banduzels bakery It was the knee
and not the ankle which owes hurt nnd
Instead of being a Bin ill boy bo is almost
big enough to work m the mines
Time Chroniclr comes back as follows
The isoertion that I boy was rim over
near Binduzels bakery is refuted by a
card of the baker in another column Iho
ankle was hurt as shown to the reporter
last evening The assertion that time boy
Is big enough to work In time mines is
qmto oigmflcrmt i Anybody known that
the Fnlerprise loan always i been oi favor
of filling tho mines with kids to tho ex
elusion of miners with families The
Miners Union had helter interview the
paper at emote
The Ente > i > n > c comes back at once as
The drunken lunatics who mismanage
lImo Chronicle in time absence ot the regu
lar editor are trying lo drag lImo Knler
priec into IJ war with time bike shops of
this stale Time dirty loafers know fhat
we h ivo alvvis been their friend etc
rite Chronicle staff then bold a cibinet
meeting md reply
Tho Enterprise tins morning in refer
once to the industrious ali honest b ik
crsof tlnsclt i bis Tho dirty loafers f
k so b flrr1
know wo havo l been their friends Al
luding to bakers as dirty loafers is
wbatmi ht bo expected from a sheet
whoso onlJ humorist hid resigned In dis
gust long ago to make room for a man
who lscapoe Crom a hmitlo asplum and
his never been reeipliued Canon Appeal
Coal Transfer Office
SoM ammO dellved tn let to olt at DBrket
rate heel cleao cool us lull lelgbt gUllr
OKlKi 1 1 J S tllllii M rciinllc IIS
Thsl flay of October 1885
rail La lit lies are nud Chemical cenlleincu Metallurgies who I want to amil lolu MII may
lug IllOlolnlllloll Ilttended to ana litlsfactlou
11 Ml HIST 1 M III H nut to Hrrtld Ilulldlnir
Or IU It BccouU South Btrcet
Heesch Ellerbeck
mnh o WUti for tin IIJEIt KATEK tilt
most economical an 1 rcllabln heater lu mn
Watir 1110 tail on short notice
4 Taut First South Btrcet SALT LAKE CITY
I Sign Writer
I No 10 L lrt South sircei
Fresco Graining
DciiioiutrnlliiK the 1 xl trnce ol nil
OreHail nn the 31 DO Irirl
Assns made from samples Inken from
tho diamond drill coro In boring to limo
northeast from limo face of east crosscut
No2 on the 3100 level of tho Halo A Nor
cross mine continua very encouraging
anti are considered by the management
to furnish indubitable evidence of Iho ox
islcnco of nn ore body in lint dIrection
tho extent nnd value of which can only
bo determined by swinging tho crosscut
around to hue northward and advancing
it unlll the vein is petielralcd This will
bo done as soon os tIme borings indicnlo
lhat limo drill has pissed through time
mineral belt Tho situation considered
decidedly encouraging at headquarters
Achlo Borland Is expected to arrive hero
from Sail Francisco early next week to
observe Iho progress of operations 113 it
is confidently anticipated Hint Iho ad
vance 01 Iho crosscut in the direction In
which time diamond drill Is now being
driven mhevelepmenteVma will bo attended Chronicle with interesting
Walker Opera House
DECEMBER 7th 0th1 t NIh t and lOthm 1
from tho Now York Casino
GllborL ond Sulllvau a New Opera
N 0The rights to the nrlclnal orchestration I
OI =
libretto and stage business for tho VV est aro Mr
Carlctou by purchase from Gilbert and Sulll I
van and this Is Ibm only I compan using them
Sixty Artists nnd n Superb Wnrdrobo I
The Orttal emikade Scenery from tin
TbeD II ITtllt t SSi 7n
THE BOX SlinrT will open Trldnj moraine
Jcccmbcr 4th Hcscrved seats In orchestra
mj drcsi circle 11mm 1 flrst circle U proscc
ilium boxes J10
Salt Lake Theatre
Wednesday Thursday and Friday
UEcrtinni nth IOU nnd nth
LTn11oc1 I cmtiznocI
Compol of tke Lending Spectsttp Artl1a
trom tic Amertiat aid Eurspenta
audeville hinge
En route direct 10 II II Lcavltt Bush Street
Theatre bun Irauclsco California opening
there December nth for a limited season
Hear In m mind an Indisputable fart the Only
iMublo Specialty Company on record and the
Grandest Hpcclalty utcrtalumcnt ever aceD
within doors or given under one roof
NotwIthnUndlnif the enormous cxicnse at
lache ho thin Rlgnntlu uiitur rise
Box Plan for resort cd scats now open at Ilox
onico of Salt Lake Theatre
Salt Lake Theatre
MondayT uesday and Wednesday Evengs
3DUO lO Xt da 1O 1OQC3
In the brilliant spectacular production
J Ill entire new iccncry specially imported I
for this production by Klralty Ores gorgcou
costumes and apt ointments
First appearance In America of Europ great
cst star rcmlcro Daiikcuse
II110 D25 aOSA
hem orted y
1Scei AxL12cxx
Tic great nrntcsqio yIJfl of limo ago I mid
Famous Corps oiDnnscnscs
First appearance In America of time celebrated
Tho arlslan Musical Street 1 avers I also first
African 5 enrollee pIiant nf EL mba MAHDI
directtomm Tin pccincmo 01 Ommtm produced ANti OuLt3J tin mcmhtAmty pernonal
No odlOneo In price > Iteened neat omit
out exlrll ehorge 1J00ro open at 710 IIeorm
aueo at 8 oclock
HootliH Select Oysters
By tlxo Ofvaa ox Qxitvit
or r rlag e 10 lr iu1tlo I u II 1
J < J AM 11111 i Irorl oi
127 Main Street
N itEItNARit1SLAflOe I u Jf11 N
Restaurant and Oyster House at
BOO JVC IM stioot
Thro door toulh of tho Walker Homo
And will be lIude tho
lpeVhlou 01 tho Iro
lo f l r I X Y O IJtI J llttr rlor
Nnim mtcItnaImIs
Main St South of Third South St
I ITIEII UIfIIIt0 lmsTouell
alyl 110
Olleal aud Inoot
hatch aplolnlmeutalutiolt L2 OIlT COUllortal
lI g l I o FaUllltel both tor Sinil
Jftuilont 1lIIO per day
Absolutely Pure
ttremmgtimood VholeomeDen A Mo rreltip0 I I
tho tmo ordinary I bind aol ecoanoj
can n
competition with mho dlm Wltn i ° I
elghl olum or loPhato rOlVd
ovami ntreet New o Verb KINO lOIlDIk bO tb
140 IVCctln Street 1
roY ol tI o U t1U
Christmas or New Years TII
If you Inspect our
French German anti Cntlsbnd
Lemonade Sets Liquor oem
Wiitor Sell 1Hiicli Sri
Anl ft most Beautiful Vssortmcnt ol
Ilitled Ynre 1nrcclnlii mid
Cutlery Etc lIc
wmm ordcrs solicited Call sad Cml
uy Goods sad rIera
140 Slain Street Salt I ike City tlih
1 OH iOUIl
nut IIP SUIII to Examine tho Stockcl
148 Main Street 1
Aliywhcro Ciao
My rllln aro alwa > tho Lowest t IboOoii
alway the Bnt
You can find the largest asiortmeutol
Gold Silver Watches
And everything needed In that Hoe II t
O01y xovo1 Xrt co
Snow Snow Snow I
5101gba 10dSl 1
The Studebaker J
Branob Houao
10 JJ I > AND Lily 135 hove MAIN en route BIIIEKT one of sALT He Mj I ri I
can tilled with
Ou11os 191011 nnd
Bob S1oCIH
miens Ciitlen are of mint foment Style ° h4J
bo lUlt I Hi low that any I fJ < mtetnlmn
stelthshoullnot 1 I fall 1 It to t nainlnell
urcliulnc I
OUHIH tl YOUIl or call 1100D3 at our OK Jtorti VH HY l AIL b rOl 01
illlco in Maluttrcet
oc uyxuv aleC
rlollel I I
WHuh crlllou taken for any piriti
tm its mccli
Custom loot and Shoo M fnLer
No 0 Kail t BccouJ South StooL
11011LI4 1m

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