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Salt Lake evening Democrat. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1885-1887, December 17, 1885, Image 2

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Clevelands message there has been more
or less conjecture as to whether ho wrote
it nil himself or not Jlnii lmo thought
tint they saw the hands of the serious
Secretaries in it lint it remained for the
Now York Sun to introduce JIlss Cleve
land in n contributor The Sun thinks
thai 1IIss Cleveland wrote that part of
Ilio message which relates to the Mormon
question and mjs that tho Btvlo in which
it ta treated Is as distinct from the rest of
the message as would he the inser
tion of a dozen paragraphs from
Victor Hugos writings into one
of Dr Samuel lohnsonH essija
The put of the message which Kites
to polygamous households is as follows
1 Tho strength perpetuitymid Ilio Jes
tiny of tho nation rent upon our homes cs
tnbltshcd by tho law I r God guarded by
mrentlil oars regulated by parental 1 author
ity tiuil sanctified by parental love
These arc not tho fioraon of polygamy
Tim mothers of our Innd who rulo tho
nation ns they mould tho characters and
guide tho actions of their sons live accord
ing to Gods holy ordinances and each no
euro and happy In tho exclusive lovo of tho
fathor of her children shods tho warm light
of true womanhood unporverlod and unpol
luted upon all within nor pure and whole
some family circle
Those are not tho cheerless crushed and
unwomanly The fathers mothers of our of families polygamy are tho best
citizens of the republic Wife and children
1t Sa gsr ru iot1 i g
ore tho sources of patriotism and conjugal
and parental affection begot devotion to the
country Tho man who undefiled with plu
ral marriage Is surrounded in his Blnglo I
oll hlrdrsl
homo with his wlfo and children has a
Btnko in tho country which inspires him
with respect for its laws and courage for its
Them are not tho fathers of polygamous
There is no feature of this practice or tho
system which functions it which Is i not op
posed to nil that is of Milue 111 our institu
The sljlo hero Is elevated and there is
certainly a dlspla of feeling that Is
ilmost intense The Sun finds in this a
great xlmtlarit to pcculiariticH of meta
phor and other ihctorical figures and tho
fervid indignant and impatient thought
which characterize the writing of Miss
Cleveland and in proof of this great
similarity quotes from Miss CloelandH
essay on Joan ot Are and also from tho
reply to Dr Howard Crosby The fol
lowing are the extracts
All tho energy and devotion hndcredulity
and constancy and Jealousy and consuming
passion and triumphant worship that goes
into n womans lovo for ono man and makes
it tho thing it is went from Joans soul into
the canoe of Franco
I daro to afllrm that the American
mother who today being pressed on every
Rida by tho aggression of King Alcohol con
fronts American men thin infant in her arms
her only sceptre tin motherhood on her I
RI gdth
brow her only crown and cries to them for
protection of her kingdom tho homo carries
in her cry an argument
God sees in tho tearful cry of the bialsod
and bullied mother sister wife Ills own
argument for the suppression root and
branch of the liquor traffic
If Miss Cleveland did pen tint part of
tho message which ielates to tho Utah
matter It is to her credit while It in no
w i detracts from tho Presidents reputa
tion Miss Cleveland his undo for her
self in enviablo reputation although that
reputation was much enhanced on account
of the elevation of her brother to tho
Prcsldcnc That President Cleveland
holds his sister III gloat esteem is well
known all if ho requested his bister to
express his views upon tho Mormon
question ho h is paid to her that homage
timid 1 distinction which John Stuart Mill
no loved to bestow upon his wife and it
was to her ho Raid that ho awed < the
best thoughts in his Ilbert Miss
Cleveland maj jet be nil American Vit
tona Colonra
Tho Senate bill to remove tho political
disabilities of Generil Alex 11 iwton
of Georgia has passed the House and
now awaita the Presidents signature
Tins it i will certainly receive as the Pros
idont l nominated General Lawton for
Minister to St Petersburg but his name
was with rlwlI on nicount of his political
disabilities The political disabilities of
General Law ton wore a natural cones
quenco of tho war but the war Is BO long
passed and tho passions which raged In
those unlmppj diva ira now so soothed
that to continue political disabilities
ngamst gome of tlioso who
fought for the Confederic after
time extension of III most universal
inmost Is bad policy ns it can only
tern to keep alive memories that miD
better dead fly soino it is maintained
that 1 tho removal of tho political disabili
ties of all who fought against the Union
is an insult and l tin outrage upon tlioso
who fought for it AVo cannot so see it
Those who fought for anil 1 paved the
Union fought III a gallant and noblo
cause and they fought to save tho cause
and not to crush those who were against
It and when time hail won thov wished
to welcome luck into tho Union those
who through ciror hud Bought to destroy
it Time nation which had conquered all
foes tould afford to ho magnanimous
Had tho nation not been nugn minions
those who had baea leaders III the
rebellion would have been hung is
traitors mind when onco begun the hung i
lug would necessarily have been wide
Hprcad Hut limo magn inimlt of tho
nation did not stop hero It restored to
those who had been III arms i0iiii6t
it their political rights and this was wise
mind proper and His wiso und propcrthat
tummy should bo restored to each nnd every
ono no matter how high or lion low they
were in tho Confederacy time United
Males mire too grellt to hold pelt spites
amid they cannot afford to bo less power
ful and magnanimous th m tho Republic
I ofIranco and tho Itcjmblio of Irinco
S granted universal amncBt und his in
eluded tho Communard without excep
tion Whit if I Franco had cxirptcd
Henri Hochcfort from limo operations of I
the ntnncst act would she not have
conferred upon him n greatness which Is
now totally wanting to him Since the
mirrcndcr at Appomatox Court 1I0llso time
importance mind fame of Jefferson Davis
have lain in the fact that the grace of
ninnpst has been denied him
Hobert foombs who has died within a
week Is another Instance Who cared
whether ho give his allegiance to the
United States or not 7 Ills insistent
endeavor to lie irreconcilable innclo him
far f moro ridiculous than dangerous And
tho Bamo was the case with TiulahP lieu I
jamln j although ho was entitled to far
more respect than Toombs because ho
removed to London and there succeeded
acquiring fortune nnd additional fame
Tho political disabilities of every ex rebel
ought removed and if such ex rebels
do not choose to lake advantage of tho
polllicil rights bestowed upon them let
them go without them anti continue to
fight 1 windmills until dentil relieves them
from their foolishness nnd self imposed
K > lllicil disabilities
A Blight accident sometimes changes
the course of history and this may be
the case with time fall which Prmco Ills
mnrck had from his horso n few dis
since Bismarck is well advanced in
years auth < I at his time of life a fall is a
tiling from which ono rarely recovers
Generil Grant never recovered from tho
fall which ho had n year or so before Ins
death while tint fall probibl hastened
his death If this fall which Bismarck
has just received should l prove moro
serious than Is now thought
what would bo tho result nion
tho dcstin of tho German 1 mpiro So
closeLY has tho life of Bismarck been in
terwoven with time greatness of Prussia
that it is almost Impossible to contcm
plato tho ono Rcparatcl from the other
Ho has united Germany nnd < I made Prus
sIa foicmost in tliatumon while to united
Germany ho has given tho foremost posi
tion on tho Continent The work of his
life luau been tho building up of ono of
tile greatest empires tho world has over
wen Hut tho dcsthi of that empire is
must 3mut accomplished l Perhaps its des
llmmy ma be greatly different from the
destiny of which Bismarck dreams That
the German Chancellor will have no MIC
lessor isccitain Men may succeed to
the place which ho now fills but it would l
bo a thing almost without precedent for
him to hive n successor his equal in the t
greatness which nature has bestowed
upon him His eon Herbert Is said l to ho
n man of superior abilities but it is not
likely that ho is the peer of his father
Time Ollng Augustus was great but he
was not so great ns was Oicsar The
Olllller lilt was not the equal of the
Great Commoner although ho was fere it
among tho treat Napoleon is unique
among the Buonapartes in fact he is
iniKuio among men
This acc lent to Bismarck mummy bo of
tho greatest importance to tho world 1 and
m ni times a mere accident changes the
destinies of nations It has been sud
tint n dish of girlie changed l tho fall of
tho world on the fatal tnont first or
T une < lSlr and it is possible tint n
harhobackfill will bo ns potent to in
fluence tho destinies of nations us was
that dish of garlic
The English elections being over and
the iberuls being returned to power Mr
jlidstono Is now liberty to tell what
his plans arc A ondon special to tho
New York Iotl says on what is claimed
lo bo tho highest nuthont that Mr
Gladstone schema for tho settlement of
the Irish question contemplates an Irish
Parliament If such is tho case the ill
cvitablo in Irish matters has come but it
his omo through tho agitation of tho
Insn which h is been marked by mommy
crimes and npt through tho graceful con
cession of lImo English Parliament
Whenever mmmmy Irish wrong has boon
righted l It has been righted by tho agile
Lion of HID Irish and < not hy the states
maiislnp of ntliind Air Gladstones
famous land net was forced fmy the clllmors
of tho Irish mid it has been BO in all tho
reforms which luvo been brought about
in Ireland within tho past hundred years
Had Air Glidstono introduced l a hill for
lime estnhllslllnellt or nn Irish Pirl uncut
in 18SO such ns Is now mid to bo in con
templation Jiow different would l have
been tho condition of tilings in nnhapp
Ireland l No English statesman has ever
yet nntleipited conciliatory legislation for
Irel mil and tho greatest part of states
mnnshll is wise anticipation It is better
that wlso legislation should bo Into than
never but its lateness often takes fiom It
much of its ofihioncy How fur thIs lITeR
ont schcmo will conciliito Ireland it is
impossible to Ha > It should do much to
restoro peace and prospcrit to her al
though It is man man eirs chute
ties twain dwelt In the merald Into
A 7 ciuiir special savs that time lake
hupcrior ompmUiH havo made eontruts I
within tho lust few das with various
lioiim iniifudurcrs for a vast amount of
Ingot copper to Ira delivered tho coining
year The amount M i ontr leled Is wild llo t
ill IIbout ten mlllioll lolIlIls whllo lime immool
Imjwriant tiling of all is the fact that hit t
price 1U0 cents per IIOUUII I is fully half j I 1
a cent higher th m Ingot copper Was i 0111
Hiding a month ago This ii most t en
coiira0ing und hhows that there is I a I
rnvivnl of buslnerfa anil I that I tho I
mtmummmiry is tridnall awakmlng I
from its long lommercul luhiriv
In time market coppei is almost us im j
port int an tiled and iron nnd an upw ird I I
ten enJ in limo prico is ono of lime best I
indications tint prospcrit is returning I
If tho cupper trado revives Utah hhould
feel tho effects of II not on account of r I
nil copper mines of her own but on ac I
count of lime impetus it would give Ilutto
tho Anaconda of that town being tho t I
rival of tIme Culumet IInllIoclll I
llocluund Itiitto I
looks to H lit fako us Its Ulilio If tho
mines of Utah other than those where
precious metals aro dclv cd for were tie
vcloped this Territor would stand second
to none In wealth The Iron ores of Utah
arc alt to bo equal to the best
Norwn ores but as ret it has been
found impossible to Bucccssfullv re
duco them If proper nnd extensive
experiments in icdueing them were
made1 n cheap nnd profitable method of
reducing them would 1 irobibl be found
To do this tho aid of n chemist must be
sought anti if i this were done no doubt
science would solve tho problem which
rough experiment has failed to colve
Tho deposits of copper aCe said lo be very
extensive in mllIlJ parts of the Territory
bllt as yet iimoy icmalnundeveloped The
mineral resources of Utah are nhnost
wholl undeveloped 1 anti with an Influx
capital for which w c may hope ono day
all those resources will be developed lo
nn extent now undreamed of
In nmciiil un net entitled ti Oct
to amend section flUFlhre 101111
ilrnlniul flittivo of the nohe1
Sliuulcv or the InlltMl SUlleN iii
rot creulcoto blfnIllJ nhit for oilier
1rpoNeN nlllocol tlnrch te
l ccniiil ilglitc hdrcol nut I
lie it enacted by the icnafe emit Home of
Hep csentallies of the IMiMiCafn ofAme
< ca In Conyrem assembled llmt in nIY pro
ceeding coil oxnmlnntion I before e3 grand
jury n judge J justice or n United Stales
commissioner or n court in nny piosccntlon
for bigamy polYllhln or unlawful cohabl
tation under any statute of the United
t Il
States the lawful husband or wife of the
person accused Bhnll be a competent witness
end may bo called and may bo compelled to
testify l all such proceeding examination I or
prosecution without the consent of tho bus
band or wife I as the coos innv be but Buch
witness shall not bo permitted tel Mu ns
to nny confidential statement or communi
cation made by either Imsbnnd or wife to
each other during tho existence of the mnr
rlngo relation
l m2 That I in any prosecution for big
nmy polygamy or unlawful cohabitation
under any statute of the United States
whether before n ou fltsY oominis
sloncr justice Judge n grand jury or nny
court nn attachment for any witness may
bo issued at by tIme court judge j or commis
sinner without n previous i subpoena com
m i hY dY r fte
pelting time immediate attendance of such
witness when it shall appear to tho commis
sioncr justice judge or court ns the ease
may be that there Rf reasonablo ground to
believe that such witness will unlawfully
fail to obey n subpoena issued and served in
the usual course in ouch cases and in such
case u usual wilncss fees shall bo paid to
e witness so attached oiidea Thnt
no person lro held in 050tsdyummuuierany
attachment issued ns provided by this sec
tion for n longer time than ten days coil I
tho person attached may at nuy time secuio t
his or her discharge from custody hmy cxccut
ing n recognizance with sufficient sureties
conditioned for the appearance of such per
soc nt Iho proper time n n witness in the
cause or proceeding wherein the attachment
mny bo issued
bto 3 Hint nny prosecution under any
statute of the United Stales for bignmy
polygnmy or unlawful cohabitation may be
commenced nt any time within lbs come I
next after the commission of the oficnse
but this provision shall not bo construed to
ai ply to IIY offense nlrcndy barred by any
existing statute of limitation
flute 4 lhat every ceremony of iunirinte
or in tho nature of a mnrnngo ceremony of
nny kind in any of time Territories of the
United States whether either or both or
moro of tho parties to such ceremony be
lawfully competent to bo the subjects such
marriage or ceremony or not shall be certi
ted in writing by n certificnto cert
fact and nature of such ceremony tho fall
names of each of thopnrties concerned nnd I
the full nnmo of every officer I priest amid par
son by whatever stylo or designation called
or known iu nny way taking part in the
performance of such ceremony which cer
tificnto shall be drawn up and Bigued by the t
parlies to such ceremony and by emery oU
err priest and person taking part in the
iwrforinaiice of such ceremony and shall bo t
y lime officer priest or other person aol
cmiiiziug such marriage or ceremony ted L
in the office of the probate court or if there
bo none in the ollico of time court having
probate powers in the county or district in
which such ceremony shall lake place for
record and shall be immediate recorded
Such certificate shall bo prima facto cvi
doors of Iho facts required by this act to be
stated therein in any proceeding civil or
I ll in which the matter Bhall be drawn
in question Any person who shall violate i
soy of the provisions of this Bection shall I
bo deemed guilty of n misdemeanor and
shall on conviction thereof bo punished by
a fine of not moro than one thousand del
lars or by imprisonment not longer than
two years or by both said
t g Ji punishments in
the discretion I of the court
flee B that every certificate record amid
entry of nny kind concerning nny coreraonv
of marriage or in the nature of n marriage
ceremony of any land made or kept 1 by timmy
ol lo
officer clerg y man priest or person perform
hug 1 civil or ecclesiastical functions I whether
lawful rol not in any lerritory of time Unilcd
btates nnd nny record thereof in any office
or plnco shall lbor subject to inspection 11 all
reasonable I limes by any judge magistrate
or officer of justice eppotumtod under tho nu
thorily of the United States nnd shall on
request bo produced nnel shown lo such 01
Eest magistrate or officer by any J ron
I hose lIA oRion or contioi theBnmo mny
be Every person who Bhnll violate tho pro
visions of this section shall bo eloemcd
guilty of n misdemeanor nnd shall on con
Motion thereof punished by n line 1 of not
leers than ono Ihousnnd dollars or by im I
prisonment not longer thaulwo vearsorby
both punishments in the l discretion I of
the court And it shall bo lawful for any
United States commissioner justice judge
or court before whom any proceeding shah ll I
bo pending in which such certiflcnte record
or entry mny bo material by proper warrant
to cause such certificate record or entry
and the book document or paper contain
lug the Bnme to bo token mil brought he >
foro him or it for tho purposes of such r
SFli Hint nothing him this act shnll bo
held to piovcnt tho proof of niarrineea
whether lawful il r f 7
t r or unlawful by nny evidence
now busily admissible I for that purpose
tire 7 lhat it shall not be 1 lawful for nny
female to vote at any election hereafter held
in time l lerrilory of Utah for any public pur
pose whatever nnd no such vote shall bo re
celv eel or counted or given effect in any man I
nor whatever and any and every net of the I
Governor and 1 Legislative Assembly of Iho I
crritory of Utah I providing for or nljowin I
the mjslrntion or voting fl by females ia i
hereby annulled I
Hi0 8 flint nil liws I of the Lejhlallvo
Assembly of tho lerritory of Utah which
provide for numbering or idenlifjiiL the I
votes of the detors nt itumy election uiBnid i
territory are heieby disapproved mid nn I
nulled but the foregoing provision Hhnll not I
preclude the lawful rcei traliou of voleH 01
mummy other provisions I for securing fnlr e eo
II fehr3 uhi
Ituns which do not involve time disclosure of
the caiididalea for hoin nny lnrtleulnrelle I
tor Hhull liars votll
rhfcc U Hmt lImo laws enacted by the I
r I
Icuslativo I I Assembly mif lime lerritory of
Utah cantoning jurfadleti upon probato i I
epurls or lime iudtea there of
or a
rAI Io any
them r in Haul Territory other ti 10 in 10
Bpect of tho estates of deceased perHons and I
iu respect of thetuardlnii <
thegoumruilaumslmtumof thop ntona
nnll property of infants mul in iWpeet of
tIme pereomumo amid properly of persons not of i
Bound mind are hereby dlsnj 1 f rove d nnd nn
mil eel nmI no probate court or juUjo of
< le
probate shell exercise any jurisdiction i tlicr I
tlmn in t re spool of lime inulters I ufores ud and I
story such juristlhelismu aim iiyfumrreof thhummct
withdrawn from lime Bald robalo count or
Judua Bhnll bo had mil cierctal by time I
dlslricl <
courts of sold lerritory icsinct
snl meoloch
T hto 10 that lime laws inuclcd by this
Legitiutive I Assembly of time lerrilory of
I Jl10rO
Utah whirim I lmmsvluis f0 or rtcogumies lime Ca
parity of 1lillalo ohldrll to limluerit or I
Its ts ha sstuds mmtitied of time Ii fuilluir mmmmy of lr aoctm lmlli li rl lii I
chiud antI mit are itiuqiihmmmuits 1 hueritmy disauulurimrcd clihiui ntiti amid tillfillLtr mmmmmslimdb i lie
dititleil inherit from lila ur lur father or
to receive nny distributive fllmro in the en I I
Into of his or her father Iroruleil That II
thin section Bhnll not apply to nny IllpRitl
mettle child horn previous to Iho pnwco of
S ae that nil lnw of the LegislatIve I l
Assembly of the Territory of Utah f
provide that prosecution for ndnltery cnn
only bo commenced on tIme complnlnt of time
h t f w er t S
hnsbnnd or wife are hereby disapproved and
nnnnllcd nnd nil prosccntiona for adultery
mny hercnfler bo instituted in tho come wny
thnt prosccntionRfor other crimes are
Sec 12 flint tho acts of crmeA LegIslatIve
Assembly Utah IncorporntinR continn
lag or providing for time corporation known
ns the Church of Jesus Christ of Lntter dny
SnlntR and tho ordinance of tho BO cnlleu
General Assembly tho Stats of Deserct
incorporating tho Church of Jesus Christ of
Lnttcr dny Saints no fnr R the snmo mny
how hno legal forco mid validity nro hero
by disapproved nnd nnnnlled so fnr ns the
came may preclude the npnoinlment by tho
tiI 10c 1
United Stntes of certain rnstccs of said
corpornlion ns hereinafter provided lime
President of the United btntes by nnd with
tho advice nnd consent of tho Senate shall
nppoint fourteen trustees of the mid cor
poration who shall liars nnd exercise nil the
powers nnd functions of trustees nnd assist
ant trustees provided for In tho Inws crcnLng
nmendinRorconlinnlngthosnid corporation
which trustees so nppomtcd shnll hold their
icsnectivo offices for tho term of two years
nnd the trustees I 30I incorporation Bhnll
nmmnllyor oftener mnko a full report to tho
Secretory of tho Interior embracing nil the
properly business nflnirs nnd operations of
proprll ht corporation and tho Leclslnthe
tt f
Assembly of the Territory of Utah shall not
h ave power to change tho lowe icspecting
v corporntion n irot npprovnl of
Congress Said trustees shall each give
bond pnynblo to tho United Slnles with
good and sufficient I security for the tin
1 f Ir
t discharge of the duties incumbent upon him
n trustee in such sum R may bo prescribed
by h tho Secretary of tho Interior
SEO 11 Hint I shall bo tho duty of the
Attorney General of tho United States to
institute t nnd prosecute proceedings to for
ri amid pschcnt to lbs United Slates the
property ff corporations obtained or held in
violation of section three of tho net of Con
grcss ap roved Its first ilnj of July eighteen
ddsl dJtM3r tt1
l hundred and siity two entitled An Act to I
punish soul prov cut tho practice of polygn
my in Iho Territories of tho United States
and other places amid disapproving and nn
nulling certain nets of the Legislative As
sembly of the Territory fe Utnh or in
violation of section eighteen hundred and
ninety of tho Revised Statutes of the United
States and nil l ouch property BO forfeited
and c cost United Stntes shall be
disposed of by the Secretary of Iho Interior
and tho proceeds thereof nZ iel to the iwo
and benefit of the common schools in the
ht fol t
TerrItory in which such I property may bo
IlmliM Hint building shall 0 ferried
which is held and occupied exclusively for
purposes of religious worship
Sue 14 That in nny proceeding for tho
enforcement of tho provisions of law uuaf must
corporations or associations acquiring or
holding pioperty in any Territory fC tho
United Stales excess of tho nrnonnt hm
Ited by law tho court before which such pro
cecding may bo instituted shall liMe power
in n summary wny to compel time production
of nil 1 books records pnpcrs amid documents
of or belonging to nny trustee or person
holding or controlling or rannnging property
hL which such corporation Jay hate any
right title or interest whatever
SLC v Ihnt all laws of tho Legislative
Assembly of time Territory i of Utah or of the
socalled government of tlio State of Deserct
creating organizing amending or continn
tug tim corporation or association called the
Perpetual Lmigrnting Fond Company are
hoieby disapproved and annulled nnd it
shall not bo lawful fur the Legislative i As
sembly 1 of the Territory of ut fislg create
orgnnue or in nny manner recognize any
t flo tr f 1
corporation 01 association i for time purpose of
or operating to accomplish tho bringing of
persons into tho Baid Territory for any pur
pose whatsoever
Sec 1C That it shall bo the duty of the
Attorney General of Ito J fen Stntes to
cause ouch proceedings to bo taken in the
Supreme Court of tho lerritory of Utah o
shall bo proper to dissolve tho said corpora
ton and may tho debts and to dispose of the
property h and nssets thereof nccordmgto Inv
Said property and assets in excess of tho
debls ali tho nmount of soy lawful clniras
established by the court a afoot the same
shall cschent to the United States and shall
bo tnkcn invested and disposed of by the
Secretary of tho Interior under the direction
of the President of tho United Stntrs for the
bcncUt of common schools in aRid TerrItory
SEC 1 Hint tho existing election die
tncts and apportionments of representation
concerning the members of the Legisiniivo
Assembly of tho lerritory of Utnh nro hero
by abolished nnd it shill be the duty of the
Governor lerritorinl Secretory amid tIme
United Stntes Judges in snid lerritory forth
with to icdistnct snidlerrlory
wih snid Territory and nppor
ton representation in tho same in such
manner ns to provide ns nearly as may be
lor an equal rcpresentntion of tho people
I excepting Indiummemust taxed l ioeKI i
of lIme United States according numbers
I in Baid Legislative Assembly and to the
number of members of tho Council nnd
House of Itopresentntives respectively as
now established by Inw nnd n record of limo
establishment of such new districts nnd tho
apportionment of reprcsentnliou thereto
shall bo mode in to office of lImo Secretary
of said territory I tl such establishment
amid representation shall continue I until Con
great shall otherwise provide and no persons
other thou citizemus of the United States
otherwise qualified hlnll lie entitled to vole
ve1ro lel
at nny election lf snid lerntoiy
bu 18 Hint tIme revisions of section
nine of said Act approved March twenty
second eighteen hundred and ekhly two
in regard to rcgistralion nnd election I offIces
amid tIme registration fl voters nnd time con
tgt elections and the power and duties
of limo board therein mentioned shall con
tinuo amid remain operatIve until this provis
ion I dl Inns nt llicrein referred to l mndo
nml i nnctcd by tho Legislative Assembly of
said territory of Utnh shall have been made
nnd enacted by said Assembly amid shall
have been approved by Congress shnl
fire exJ That whoever commits adultery
hhnll bo punished by Imprisonment ndulery il
penitentiary noljoxoecding three years amid
when tho act is committed between n mnr
ned woman nnd n innn who 1 is unmarried
f 8 h e
hell parties to such net shall bo J deemed
guilt of ndullcry nnd when Mich net is
committed between I mnrrled man nnd n
WOlnn who Is lnlnlled the mnn Bhnll lo I
deemed guilty of ndultery shnl
See 20 Hint if
Ilnt IU unmnrrifd mnn or
woman commits fornication each of them
shall bo punished bj imprisonment lot ex
ceeding six months or by hue not exceeding
one hundred dollnis
Shu 2 1 Hint commissioners
appointed I
by the Hnprcmo 11 Court and District Courts t
in limo erntorv of Utah shall I possess sitU
bay ti rciso nil the powers amid Jurisdiell
tutu mire or may bo pcwcwed or exercised by
just tl ccs of hue l neoiiiflnidleriloryundtr l
time laws thereof and lime mimic powers con
feired bylaw on commissioncm appointed
by Circuit Couils of the United hinted
Src 22 Jimumt lime Ullt 1 Bnid leech I
tory of Utah and Ills diputips bhnll l iwssess
mid mny exerciso nil the powers in executing
time loses of the United Mnti possessed and
exercised by fhenflB mid their deputies as l
peace oIlleerH nnd onoh of t helhul foam
nil II odendoiH Maiiist the law 1 in bin I view tu
enter into vnlniico to leen IhopencJ I I
and to api ear nt the next term of tho court
having jurisdiction of the ease nnd to com
mil tn full in cnao of failure to give such re
cogniaiice Ihov nhall quell nndnu c < tM
fr 1112f1 1 sulthmrmse
iimiiulta mid bilteriis mIsts routs aihmumys
± lrtrri ± autO hhnl slulmrrimtuumi nia
commit to Jli ni fdons
Hu 51 1ml iho onion of Urrltoi hi hu
perlntcndent of Hwtrict Schools ucatcd I
I r by
the laws I of I hereby ihclnrcd vacant I
nnd it Hhall bo limo duty of hue
rtl hupremo
t rlt
l r r
Court of sniil territory to appoint aJerri
tonal huiwrintindeiit of Dihtnct bchools I
who Khalfposheim
1 nndexercihuiill lIme powers
mid duties innxised by lbs laws of said fur I
rilory uijon l th < lirntorinl Superintendent I
of DiBtrict Scho jlfl and who Bhnll rcceivo
tho Bnino Hnlarynnd reelI
Hnnl 811ry 111 coniiwnsatlon which
mimutil lie paid out of the treasury of stiltS
atreitseyl nnd the lnwa if this Icrrllory 11
Utah providing for tho uwl hUll of election I
amid nniMliitmiiit u lri Bueh lerritorinl 1 Helter
inteiuluiit t of lee nl nro hereby
suspended < until tho further action of ituim
grim shnll bo had in respect thereto lime
said Jho
Superintendent iJiull Imvo iravver to i
proliibit this use in any district school uf
shy power to prohibit lime n8 in timmy ills
trict school of any book of n sectarian clmr
iicler or otherwise unsuitable Humid hupc I
ulIsn1nle HIII
ntendent thnll collect nml elassify shills
lIre nli other infoiinatlon leiopceling limo
district Bcholsiii saId lerritory sluwint
their prowcw limo whole I nuinler of diildrni
of Bcluxjl I age time number I vvliontlcndschool 1 I 1
iu inch 3csr III tho lesprcllvn sum imut ice nnel
nvernge length of time of their nttcudnnce
tho numbr of tcncbcrs and the compenR
lion paid to tho same tho number of leach
who are Mormons the number who nro
Bocnlled Gentiles tho number of children
of Mormon pnrentfl and tho number of
children of BO cnlled GentIle pnrenls and
r We eof fI nvernge attendance at
school All of which Btnlistics and infor
mation shell bo annually reported to Con
grass through time Governor of Rid Territory
less and the Department of the Interior
lire 24 tl n A willow shall boemidowedof
the third part of nil tho lands whereof her
husband h woo seized of an estate of inheri
lance nt any time during the mnrringe
b The widow of nny alien who at lIme
lime of his dcnth filinll bo entitled by law to
hold any real estate if Bhobonn inhabitant
of the lerrilory nt tho time oon such death
shall bo cntillcd to dower of such cstnlo In
Iho same manner n if such alien bad been
a notice citizen
nntvo n husband seized of on estate of In
heritance in lands exchanges them for other
Innds his widow Bhnll not hoes dower of
both lint shall make her election to ho en
dowed of time lands given or of those taken
i in exchange and FI such election be not
evinced by the commencement of proceed
ings to recover her dower of tho lands given
In exchange within ono tear afler the death
of her husband she shall bo deemed to hnvo
rb fd1yetnn
elected to lake her lower of time lands re
ceived exchange
d When n person seized of an estate of
inheritance in hands shall have executed n
mortgage on such estate before marriage
his widow nevertheless shall bo entitled to
dower out of tho lands mortgaged ns agaInst
every person except tho mortgngco or Ihoso
do1 irl under him
o Where iv husband shaft purchase
lands during coverture nod shall nt tho
same time mortgage his estate in such lands
to secure the payment of the purchase
money his widow shall not be entitled to
dower out of such lands n against tho
mortgagee or those claiming under him al
though she shall not have united in such
mortgage but she Bhnll bo entitled to her
dower ns ngainst all other persons
f Where in such caso the mortgagee or
those claiming under him I Bhnll after tho
eleath of tho husband of ouch widow cause
the Innd morlgngcd lo bo sold either under
n power of sale contained in time mortgage
or by virtue of the decree of n court of
equity and if any surplus shall remain after
payment of tho moneys duo on such mort
thoR url t
gage amid the costs and charges of time sale
such widow shall noverlholess bo entitled to
tho interest or income of the one third part
of such surplus for her life ns her dower
Itt A widow shall not bo endowed of
Innds convoyed to her husband by wny of
mortgngo unless ho acquire an absolute ca
tale therein I during the marriage period
h In caso of divorce dissolving the mar
riago contract for the misconduct of tho
rf she shall not bo endowed
II I I Dr FOOTE Senior
I Of 10 Lexington Avenue New York
Hcrcti cautious his public NOT to
mplo or Co tutu ululcnto Atltli n
iuaiistlliif hlniicir Dr tool Jr
without making duo Inquiry
Tills mnu came to Salt Lake City representing
J n nil
himself as tlio iou ci l > r C 11 room ol New
York the well know n specialist as abundantly
prov c 1 by affidavits Ao rumors came Into Salt
Lake City from Dakota and Montana from an
expose made there ho changed his base and
ropresentc 1 himself ns the toe of a more noted
specialist In 1 New Yerk city than Dr V 11
I Nrtha t
FOOTF mite well knonn author Mr JOHN k
Tnow ol tho well known Tnosoe Directory In
hew lork hglell forty years Iu time directory
businessEx crnor 1 RANK 1 DLLFR ol Utah
an 1 the lion AIIBAM AKFMAN lor mniiy yeses
lostmastcr II Ncw York city also Surveyor
the feel case their affidavits that there are no
other doctor In hew York hy 1 mite name 01 FOOT
or Foam excepting Dr L II FOOTE the author
of Medical I Common Sense rgi and cI his I lire
sane Dr t el 1 OOTF Jr and Dr llunrnr T
fooiF lImo ccnulnoDr tome Jr will here
often ohm pee oploy the Initials N II In dcslc
natliiK his name Heretofore ho las < been I
known not only at home but vvhcrcv his pub
lications i hav o been circulated by the pUb1
lg rg Il
Dr IOOTF Jr Greater care i be taken here
after Jul view of lgd tr that an unprincipled i
person has assumed to profit by his and his I
father reputation
Those deslrlnif furthci and more iletatte 1 I
formalin > In roil oct 1 < this matter will rccolve
j addressing lieu 414 silt I nko Cup Utah
acre oas having Information of advantage to
Plalntlffii will I klridl communicate the to
Lkocn0y > Wl md ulcrlna di Mcllrldo I ball
Those desiring 10 consult Dn lOOK profcn
slonall or to or Icr remedies should address
let rxliigloii Aic New Font
Consultation Free In person or by letter
roil Yowl
nit 111 SUI1I to xamlno the Stock of
148 Main Street
ilhihOimih i IHJUNO
Anywhere Hn
Oly Irloes nre nlvoYH flue huumyemh llhaoou
nloS the fet oot
Yon can liii I the largest assortment of
Gold Silver Watches
And u t ryl Ini needed Iu that lino a
rovy Xjo 70o t Pr cooP
holcmlc aumi 1 Itctall Ucalcr In
jf fe I
Cast nnd Wrought Iron RANGES
COIIIOIIHI SltpptI 1 iou 1 Ole
253 f Main St Salt Lake
I City
xx nmsorrirara
win ISlES ON nu
lust DIIJ 01 Oitolioi 11 18851 I
uioitouoim 1AIII
lalira nll Kent ileisesalu w4nt tu Jtul
oil al Oe Ciurslesl lulllna
al Ohcllell ahiiaiueglel smuti Dliii
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or HJ 1 bu i B Jrhl letlaldl
steiiie r mWTSRWwS1 J
sSiflamSimpio 1I shell IN 5110 titlIst
LOwj Se
Salt Lake City and Ogdon Ut l o f
open and i
WAIU YHty fJj1
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DreIer near U 0 I I and IJ d It 0 Derot
Sal lAke Oily ClaIm
VV c arc now prepare 1 to supply the Public with
Keg and Bottled Beer
Of Sill erlor Qualllj
dLt cau1tucx Prioes
The Chip Depot for tho celebrate Albert richer
Tufts Nystroms
Popular Beer Hal 109 S Main St
Where wt aWavs bo fonud a supply ot our
XCos et 33ottlod 33oox 1
Order Solldlol lam d I lreoluity Alttmltd To
Illtl Hfi 1 0 llox 1017 Telephone 291
jHFAIlQtrAHTKUS atTnfti tNjftrom Tele
phuomme mis I
AI fisher Brewing Co
Tlio Old Itclinblo
r again IhU rear 0585 prouuclng hue
Finest Lager Beer
IN Till KOCh UOlkTAl l
Boltlort Beer a Specially
lee I I All 11 I ls convince
Office 17 and 19 E 2d South Sttoot
Suit lleo City
Call and See Us
UIIOMTt Tilt WAI hHt III Ml I Illltsj
On Heron 1 8 inlh Mruct j on will find the itOsi 1 of
Beer Wines Liquors and Cigars I
lie Celebrate HSIII It limt always un 101
The JIlltlor nl > atmomshoomu < wilt alwiiy
mmmii ni mmcc hr mmm ° sad imitpiy I 1 wil sImmmt
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iii i lue aittl tootuit Itury of aisiuihe mite tmitlii cumuli are tutu f1 W rU tJO b I Iy
Ie hUlelng ilarih I o gSfr ln
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Genuine Bull Blackwels
Smoking Tobacco
ThIs Special Ileplt it I 10 Kuarnlco the
ftaymeil sfthue lit Ire mohuot tulip
n Tim our lormer nnouncewent fl < csrlte <
ball r I hremhuo i sulul to f sl I mis mallen he
r ea nuiobcr tfitogi I nmiarmed asp tie
itiotlmul OrOx riom b
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float cusI SiUuWa ma dr SlIlamiw IioS lOt iimiei
mIme mom 5moi r reeh
1111 IO jmcmuall 0 mm I hl
uimi y J
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Wl < IA Hint ot
i B OAIIU IJQ x v vD i i il i
Pu i Is iiiftivlriaMC
ilbwssKh to 5tkitaoi0 dt Sal
rte I ssiu
i our truly IA VVlll yu Uk
Now pmiln lhol l ujur of llUIioa
cur oilier at uuui u4umU
The Best Newspaper in
per m
and by far the Most Readabt iii
Agents wanted everywhere t a
money in distributing the Sant
iiP P Po
miums Ii
The most interesting and I T
geous offers ever made by any Ken
No Subscriber ignored ornejle
Something for all
Beautiful andBabttuitiiirram
Standard QoM and otherWitditi Ti J
Bookn tho Boat Family Bcwlcj
known to tho trado indmxuqadtt
of objects roil UUI1Ddllc
Rae by MM PatfiU
DAILY Year irt
per YealwtloDtB11 1
DAILY per Moathlwllhaullmhu
SUNDAY per Year II I
I WEEKLY per Year It I I
Iddrtu TIlE 8U I billIe
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met ft pubIIhni Xc
rM W ii 1 I HltE I iHio
The popularity of Ih 5umcmeiOiO ° I
met thai I ieteo ibto unto te qiitmi5i
other rape ot lirIne xbtal Oafs
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throu h luRn 0 On Jbo Ir n14Ia1 N
cill undmlod h 11 pm
i I l Cl 00 lO
AugsmomO Ni itsatlon Oromr
Deseret National Ba B
Patd 8urplu8 tn Oaplal m
18 Ildrcdic resident e
VVm Jcnului Vlco fTnl
John Hlmrp j DJ r Ie
arts W ItUcr
UH Illlli Cashier
Jas 1 llttlo Awl toihulee
Ke cell et Un oi i7oI W u J U HI
IliiVH and Bella Kiclnnje on >
Iranclseo C hlcajro l HI jffir
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don and Irluell Icontlneo
fakc Collections llemltlUI F I
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Call on in before pnrchulnl
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I5H A llrfct houlli Mfyt l
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Man and Beast
mdcfi rl 1
Mustang Liniment Is t
used gill
most men and t 10le 1 v
more every ycar I f

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