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Only Lacked Three Votes of Be
coming Elected
Jlepoblicaus NOV Working For Car
lisle On Eecond Ballot a Quorum
Was Waattnsr and Alter Scenes
o f Wild Excitement Session Ad I
FKA2sKFORT K March 7 The
f senatorial contest today resulted in a
stampede on one ballot and a panic
on the other and bordering on riot in
Senator Black
both The friends of
iburn thought lie was elected at the
end of the first ballot and began cele
brating Before the confusion sub
i sided for the announcement word was
sent everywhere that Blackburn was
elected It a easily made during
such a stampede but It is the general
opinion that it required great efforts
to prevent the election of Secretary
Carlisle on the next ballot
The Republican leaders in the house
became confused early In the morning
when they ipermitted the postponement
L of the DunlapKaufman contest till
Monday instead of carrying out the
decree of last nights caucus to oust
Kaufman the first thing and get Dun
lap in before the senate could retaliate I
previous to the joint ballot
The key to the contest was the pair
between Welsslnger a hard money
Democrat and Chambers Republi
can When it became evident that
unless this pair a broken Blackburn
would be elected Weisslnger from his
sick bed In the hotel released Cham
bers I the latter would vote for Car
r lisle This act defeated Blackburn as
I < the stampede a reached Its climax
i The sound money Democrats had
prone to money while the Republicans
Carlisle The
r licans were rushing to Crlsle
vote of Chambers for Carlisle did more
L than all gavels presiding officers and
L f sergeantsatarms for order There
I was a panic when Representative Ly
L ons Rep o Newport said he would
t vote fo Blackburn if the Republicans
went to Carlisle
Tonight both sides are holding con
ferences for the contest Monday and
+ the feeling against the socalled bolters
is Intense on both sides
Without Weissinger unconditionally
paired Blackburn cannot be elected
The Republicans will a with Wels
singer only on condition that the
member pairing with him foe allowed
to vote for Carlisle Violatte and Car
roll may come to Blackburn Speight
voted for Blackburn today for the first
i time but declares tonight he will never
4 do so again The Republicans insist
that they will neat Dunlap in Kauf
mans place Monday before there 1
any other joint ballot
J TJae Scramble i
special to the Post from Frankfort
K says there z an ither big crowd
present to see the fortysecond ballot
taken Roll call showed 124 members
f present necessary to choice 63 Tho
r numbered seven
Senators Elllston Holloway Noe Sa
lir Smith and Stephenson voted for
Carlisle The Republicans voted solidly
for Boyle Representatives Baird Car
roll Doherty Norman N N Rice
rol Dohert
Speight Swinfort Violett Walker and
Wit voted for Carlisle
After roll call was completed Popu
list Poor said he believed the time had
come to elect Blackburn He cast his
vote fo Blackburn Cheers Then
one by one amid cheers from the
friends of Blackburn the following
Democrats changed to Blackburn from
Carlisle Elliston Wit Smith Steph
enson Douglierty Noe Sailer Baird
Holowa Dougert Norman Baird said
he was opposed to the Democratic
nominees views on the currency ques
tion but would cast his vote for
Blackburn Holloway and Sailer also
said they thought it their duty to vote
I for ne nominee whenever there was a
chance to elect him Representative
Chambers who was pared with Sena
tor WeissInger said he wished to vote
r Senator Bronston protested Mr James
changed his vote to John G Carlisle
2 At this time Representative Lyons
I causedWILD
bv saying that If any attempt was
mtule to elect John G Carlisle he
would vote for Blackburn The state
I ment was wildly cheered by the friends
of Blackburn Speaker Blanford said
that when it became certain a sound
money Republican could not be elected
he would follow his peoples wishes
and vote for a sound money Democrat
He changed his vote to Carlisle amid
the wildest excitement The men
jumped on the chairs and cheered
A dozen mimoers clamored for recog
nition and the chair rapped for order
five times in vain The assembly was
in a turmoil
Senator Bronston finally got the
floor He said Chambers Republican
who voted In spite of his pair for Car
lisle was not entitled to vote at all
The point of order was raised here that
he was out of order and a motion was
made for a recall of the roll The chair
ordered the galleries cleared This was
done efter some confusion The scene
on the floor baffled description
p The sound money men haw a consul
tation and urged each other to change
k to Carlisle After the lobbies and gal
t t leries had teen cleared the chair an
nounced the result of the fortysecond
ballot as follows Boyle 5D Black
i burn 60 Carlisle 5
t Howard moved t adjourn Bronston
objete ul want to give an oppor
tunity t the sound money Democrats
to elect Carlisle said he Roll
t elet Carlsle sah1 Rola
ordered called on the motion to ad
journ ana the motion was lost
Representative Lyons swore he would
t t defeat any attempt to elect C
lisle Salier called Wm to order and
Lyons said a he was called to order
by the friends of Carlisle he would
rote not to adjourn He was cheered
by Blackburns friends Representative
Chambers received a note from Wets
RlREer t whom he was paired say
ing 1 release you from your pair
and you are at liberty t vote as you
The announcement of the refusal of
the assembly to adjourn raised the in
terest to fever Sieat again Speaker
Blacford moved to adjourn until Mon
I day at 1 oclock The Republicans
< filibustered i a attempt to stave off
another ballot The chair ruled that
i when the assembly adjourned it would
be until 1159 on Monday Senator
t Bronson tried t persuade th cir
that the ruling was incorrect but with
I out effect I say he said
Let u her and now elect some one
be it either Boyle Blackburn or Car
c lisle
i Speaker Blanford withdrew his mo
tion t adjourn and roll was ordered
called for another ballot
Senator Clark refused to vote
Senator Bronston asked that he be
required t v te
r e chair ruled tfcat no member < a
require to vote Senator Elllston y t
ed for Carlisle This seemed to indicate
Blackburns defeat
S Holloway Deni voted for
I Carlisle a did Noe Salller and Smith
Host of the Republicans refused to
Representative Baird Dem voted
for Carlisle Representative Chambers
Rep voted for Carlisle
Senator Bronston asked if Chambers
could be released from the Dair with
Weissinger and violate the pledge
which released Chambers on condition
that he vote for Carlisle
Speight protested against Chambers
casting a vote until the signature of
Weissinger had been proven
Chambers withdrew his vote for Car
lisle for the present only he said
Dougherty Furnish Norman Speight
Stout Walker and Violett voted for
Carlisle Populists Poor and Edring
ton voted again for Blackburn
Second ballot Blackburn 49 Car
lisle 35
The speaker decided that there was
no quorum
Senator Jones moved that the assem
bly adjourn until Monday noon
Before the vote on the motion was
completed Senator Bronston said he
understood Senator Ogilvie was getting
very sick He therefore withdrew his I
objection t the motion to adjourn and I
it was carried I
wa J
At the second annual banquet of the
Grand Rapids board of trade held last
night Edwin F Uhl ambassador to I
Germany was the guest of honor Mr
Uhl will leave on Monday for Berlin t
l enter upon his new duties I
A Davidson now awaiting trial i the
superior court charged with extorting
500 from Rev b o Brown was released
on ball today Her bal was reduced to
53000 two weeks ago After leaving the
house of correction Mrs Davidson went
at once to her former rooms where she
will remain for the present She says
nhe will be one or the witnesses In rebut
tal against Dr Brown and will proffer her
testimony next week to the Congregational council
ASPEN Colo March 7T J Tiemey
agent or die telephone company and his
guide Jack Stewart who were thought
t have perished in the mountains be
tween here and Independence have been
found alive and well
Vernon Cook and Walter J King
were today appointed receivers for the
Brusstar Shipbuilding company one of
the largest concerns of Baltimore
Theodore Rlcksecker manufacturer
of perfumes and toilet articles New
York made an assignment today to
Herbert Parsons with preferences of
22000 The assets and liabilities not
Gaston Andre Mondehare French
consul at Denver died today of
Brights disease He was 42 years of
age and had held several positions in
the consular service of his government
His remains will be sent to France
Commissioner Shields today in New
York adjourned the hearing in the
case of General Calito Garcia Captains
Brabazon and Hughes and Messrs
Bueno and Guerra the alleged Cuban
filibusterers until Wednesday of next
H W Seldon of Minneapolis is
organizing an expedition of twenty
men to search for
hidden gold and a
rich mine in northwestern British
Columba In 1884 the mine was dis
covered by a party of four men the
whereabouts of two being now un
NEW YORK March 7A dispatch to
te World from Colon says Spanish
merchants In Argentine are boycotting
American goods
A Valparaiso dispatch says the Chilean
press is enthusiastic over the votes in tho
United States congress relative to Cuba
and Is indignant that Italy should sell
war ships to Argentina sel
Public opinion here Is bitterly opposed
to a fusion of the Panama and oppose fa
I canal interests
I WASHINGTON March 7The execu
tive committee of the American Forestry
association has just forwarded
aocIaton forarde a letter to
the secretary or the Interior protesting
against the contemplated opening of the
Cascade range forest reservation In Ore
I gon This reserve contains 4492SOO acres
and Is situated on the crest of the hIgh
I ierra
ST LOUIS March 7There seems to
be a growing Impression that the Salva
tion army In St Louis will desert the
standard of General Booth the great
English leader an rally around the
flag of his son Ballington Booth the de
posed leader of the army in America
NEW HAVEN Conn March 7The
indoor games of th Yale Athletic asso
ciation were held tonight in the second
regiment armory The games were a get
success both in regard to the contests
and the large number of outside entries
The mile race was the finest of its kind
ever seen In the city Coneff won but he
had to go in the fat time of four min
utes 34 45 seconds The mile walk also
proved a fast and close race A A
Thrall the Yale champion and Louis
Liebgold were nip and tuck from the
star but the latter finally won in 7 min
utes and 20 15 seconds
SOUTHAMPTON March 7The sec
retary of state for Transvaal Dr W
J Xieyds sailed for South Africa to
day In a interview previous to his
departure Dr Leyds denied that his
visit to Europe had amy political char
acter and he asserted the relations be
tween Germany and the Transvaal
were exactly the same a prior to Dr
Jamisons raid
DENVER MaIl 7A special to the
News from New Castle Colo says
The body of Philip Recclo was taken
out of the Vulcan mine today I was
a badly decomposed a some others
that have been removed from the mine
recently The work of clearing the
mine haste is progressing with all possible
ST PAUL Minn March 7 Detec
tives Whittaker and Seymour arrived
from San Francisco today and secured
requisition papers for bank swindlers
McCloskey and Woods w Seaver who
secured 520000 from the Nevada bank
in their San prisoners Francisco tomorrow Theystart night back with
Vicker the well known theatrical man
ager died this afternoon Mr Mc
Vteker was stricken with
wih paralysis
abut a month ago and has been lying
at deaths door
deths ever since Deceased
was an excellent actor before he be
came a manager His daughter was
the second wife of Edwin Booth II I I
I was In the honeymoon and she had
adopted the bridal habit of putting a terminal
minal y to her pretty words So when
her ton and admiring husband who
posed as a strictly temperate
poe stroy manr
stood before her with a tmpert spek ma on
Ms coat she said
Hubby your best coaty needs tho
vigorous use of little whlsky
Not bal a much a I do gurgled
the thirsty sufferer and an grgled
picion dropped In their midst like a
chunk of lead Detroit Free lke
J I I t 1
Italy Totally Bankrupt and Her
Army Inefficient
German Papers Indulge in Satire at
the IUviense of Uncle Sum antI
Do Tot Overlook Grover the
Good Tlie Espionage Measure
Proving Fruitless ai the Prluci
iml Spy Escapes
BERLIN March Copyright 1S96
by the Associated PressThe defeat
of the Italians at Adowa is warmly
discussed in political circles here and
the opinion prevailing is that it will
lead to a practical if not a formal dis
solution of the dreibund That
Emperor William has telegraphed his
s to King Humbert does not
alter the fact that international politics
tics will take on a new shape
Count Guluchowsky the Austrian
minister for foreign affairs who is
coming to Berlin for three days next
week is undoubtedly visiting this capi
tal on an important political mission
which may include a readjustment or
modification of the dreibund and the
expression of Austrias wish for a re
approachment with Great Britain A
Conservative leader of the reichstag
who is in touch with the foreign of
fice informed the correspondent of the
Associated Press today that the with
drawal of Italy from the dreibund was
inevitable a national bankruptcy
stares her i the face He added In
the event of a great war Italy would
be financially impotent Besides her
disasters in Africa have shaken Ger
man confidence in the usefulness of her
army The fall of Sgnor Crispi will
also bring a strong antidreibund sen
timent in Italy on top The dreibund
however may nominally continue un
til the expiration of its present term
but it will then lapse
The Spanish American dispute has
been somewhat driven into the back
ground by the Italian imbroglio Some
papers however still comment on it
The Lokal Anzeiger for instance says
I is the irony of modern history that
at the present moment chauvinism
nowhere flourishes as in the United
States the land of the militia system
and countless peace societies Europe
will know hereafter what to think of
those hollow pseudo humanitarian
phrases which Americans are forever
shouting so long as the disputes do
not touch their own interests When
these are touched the peaceloving re
public behaves more impudently and
unjustly than any modern autocracy
The most laughable feature is that
i is President Cleveland the leader of
the party styling itself the apostle of
peace who fanned American chauvin
ismI is possible that the sugar bounty
bill will not pass the reichsrag as even
the agrarians are not unanimously in
favor of i
The feature of thebill to which ob
jection is made is a proposed increase
in the consumption tax of from 18 to
24 marks I has been repeatedly
stated in the reichstag that higher I
bounties would simply cheapen Ger
man sugar in America and England
at the expense of Germany
The big navy plan is attributed to
Admiral Dibran chief of the emperors
naval cabinet Dr Peters and exAm
ibassador Brand while his majsetys
opposition to reform in military pro
cedure is said to be fathered by Gen
eral Von Hahnke The latter subjebt
will not now be submitted to the
reichstag in spite of the government
promises The imperial yacht Hohen
zollem starts for Abbassis today
where it will be met by the emperor
and his family whose absence is fixed
at eight weeks Trips will be taken
on board the yacht and the imperial
family will probably visit the czare
witch at La Turboe It is
wich Tube I considered
fairly certain that there will b a
meeting between Emperor William
King Humlbert and Emperor Francis
Joseph during the spring Emperor
William during the past fortnight has
practiced with a select company of
court ladies and gentlemen at tennis
and football in the large hal of the
exposition building in the Moabit quar
ter His majesty intends to compete
in the army lawn tennis tournament
at Hamburg this summer
The espionage trial at Leipslc Is at
tracting considerable attention The
chief defendant is a Lumenbureer
named Schoren but at has been shown
that the most important culprit a
Frenchman named Meatier has avoid
ed arrest The prisoners were tools
and Meatier received his orders direct
ly from the war ministry at Paris The
inquiry into the premature publishing
of the amnesty decree of January in I
the Vorwaerts has resulted in the ar
rest of three men who stole a copy
from the printers of the German
foreign office
Herr Wermuth the German commis
sioner to the Worlds fair
at Chicago
renewed this week his formal com
plaints to Washington at the nonde
livery of the medals and diplomas
awarded to the Worlds fair exhibUpi
The latter are indignant at the delay
Lieutenant Colonel Ludlow the military i
tary attache of the United States at
London after a three days visit to I
the canals of Holland ha returned to
the Brtish capital
The charge daffiairs of the United
States embassy Mr J B Jackson ha
had several meetings this week with
the authorities here in regard to the
insurance matter and they have
mater pro
mised to expedite a reexamination of
the case of the American companies
The Ingleside and Matinee Races
Draw Admiring Crovrds
fect day and a good card drew a big
crowd to Ingleside today
Two favorites two second choices
and two outsiders won The greatest
surprise was the defeat of Bellicose by
Yankee Doodle the former being an
odds on favorite Ed Kearney wofT in
a hard drive from Sir Vassar
First race four furlongs 2yearolds
purse 400 Dura 105 T Sloan 8 to
1 won St Dunstan ji03 Chevalier 3
to 1 second George Palmer 105 Pig
gott 6 to 1 third Time 050 Strag
gler Scarborough Lady Hurst How
ard S Gorgon Viking Pink Smith
and Duro also ran
Second race six furlongs selling 4
yearolds and upwards purse 400
Shield Bearer 84 Jones 8 to 1 won
Service 108 J Ohorn 14 to 5 sec
ond Levena C 102 Garner 1 to i
third Time 11C Gallant Robinhood
I Sleeping Child Repeater Nephew
and Duke Stevens also ran
I Third race one mile special handi
cap purse 1000 Ed Kearney 107 T
Sloan 7 to 2 won Sir Vassar 95 E
I Jones 3 to 1 second Mobalasca 95
Garner > 2 to 1 third Time 143 ½
r <
Ike L Thornhill R i Glenn Mollie R
Jack Richelieu and Wyoming also ran I
Fourth rac aoe mile anda six
teenth hurdle handicap purse 400 11
Burmah 141 1 Mara 4 to 5 won
Arundel 183 Cuddy 10 t 1 second
My Luck 14 Owens 7 to 5 third I
Time 200w Nellie G Alexis Esper
ance and Hello also ran I
Fifth race seven furlongs selling
purse 400 Rey DelBandidos 96 Coch
ran 7 to 5 won Sam Leake 95 R
Isom 4 to 1 second Tar and Tartar
105 Shields 25 to Ti third Time
129 Chartreuse H Collins Two
I Colns
Cheers Treachery Schnitz Lizzie H
and Palomacita also ran
Sixth race one mile 3yearolds and
upward purse J500 Yankee Doodle 99
Donnelly 2 to lt won Bellicose 113
T Sloan 4 to 5 second Foremost 1
97 R Isom 70 to 1 third Tim
142 h Kamsm and Arctic also ran 1
Jitnec Races
matinee races at the indoor bicycle
tournament were well attended The I
sport was fast and furious although I
no exceptionally fast time was made I
but the finishes were very close and l
desperate the judges having to decide t
very closely in one or two instances I
Owing to the great number of heats j I
only two finals were run Summaries
One mile novice Raynaud first Cook
second Time 225 15
One mile handicap Mott 45 first
Delmas 65 second Time 22445
Indoor ToiwuLtinieiit
SAN FRANCISCO March 17Ten thou
sand people assembled at the Pavilion
tonight to witness the third nights rac
ing of the indoor tournament Two
worlds competition records were broken
tho one mile being lowered to 214 in the
one mile post race and Charles S
Wells lowered the ten mile indoor record
to 2531 In the tEn mile interclub race
The spectators are the most enthusias
tic and the show promises to be a pay
ing one for another week Oscar Osen
rode a standing exhibition quarter in 2
35 seconds lowering the indoor record
b 1 15
by seconds Summaries
Ono mile invitation Tantau first Del
mas second Time 203 35
One mile post race Vincent took first
quarter Languetin second Edwards
third and last Vincent finished second
for the mile Time 214 worlds record
Ten mile interclub cup race C S
Wells first J E Edwards second Tie
2531 worlds record
Bona fide inside information furnish
ed and commission placed
place by the well
known owner and trainer Harry War
ren on any races in progrea in Uni
ted States or Canada have special
wire daily from New Orleans St Louis
and San Francisco know of several
lng shots that will run shortly sub
scribe at once terms J5 weekly in advance
P O Box
Washington D C
Curtains of Xet Strung with Pale
Yellow and Deep Orange Tinted
Shells Mnlcc Charming Amber
Draperies for Boudoirs Moorish I
Corner or Wfmlow Seats
The Drapery cldb originated in the
studio of a smart New England girl
whose artistic designs and very unique
work brought her fame and money The
handsome winter studio in the big city
was filled with the summers rare col
lection from beaches marshes and rocky
fern lands From Maine to Florida she
had gathered shells mosses grasses and
The club met once a week After stu
dio class office and school work was
done in the large dining room of a
fFiends house and on the big square
table they laid their plans drawings and
latest designs A specialty was hang
Ings for the new and pretty boudoirs
or the Moorish corners the lovely win
dow seats and corners curtained away
from drawing rooms and libraries
Designs o old French work as seen
in palaces relics of Louis XIV Floren
tine designs or Kensington cloth silk
lace and ribbon effects all manner of
artistic decoration in water color and
oils were used Many order were filled
for fashionable homes and op town stu
dios but the very latest and most unique
of all was the golden net portiere The
first one completed and hung was In the
artists studio The device was perfect
Between the sitting and work rooms was
a numy golden and Oriental curtain so
beautiful and delicate we stood amazed
But it proved strong durable and prac
tical The foundation was of fish net
the finest mesh and the best quality
upon which was fastened In rows about
six inches apart each way the golden
shells of our northern shores Hundreds
and Hundreds were sewed to the net
with linen thread the exact color of
the fishermans twines
The shells are mall transparent and of
many shades of gold from pale cream
ito deep orange They must be carelessly
arranged on the net regardless of size
or tint like stars in the sky of all mag
nitudes A hole is easily made in each
shell for the needle with a small awl
or heated hat pin piercing it in the top
or sidei if you choose but the effect is
glacerJ and pretty with one stitch only
near the top of the shell
The exact measure must be taken for
the portiere allowing six or eight inches
for the hem on the net and the usual
fall at the top over the rod of Kilt The
portiere is edged with deep fringe by
maereme cord lightly knotted in a doz
en strands and on each knot is sewed
a small cluster of shells Low in the
doorway a large bow of yellow ribbon
fastens the net securely while it is
sewed or tied to the pole alt the top with
cord or twine
For a window seat curtain or mantel
drapery the effect is beautiful I is far
batter to curtain southern or eastern
windows and doors with this golden
shell net ithan to hide its glory in a
shadowed corner for the sunshine across
the transparent bit of color is i wonderful
Lamp shades can be made of these same
dainty shells by sewing them in ro s
on black or white lace At the least jar
in hO room they tremble and shake like
beads The children sew them on
beds chidren
bands of pale ribbons for necklaces and
all summer we pick them up on
beaches pretty as pearls and dainty as
the most exquisite ornaments The Drapery
work dur
pery club Is now busily at
the Ions evenings at home making
ing long evening
golden net from the contributions of
last summer but are not able to flll all
their oiders for 96
You are almost a man You ought
for help
not to go about asking people
when you are able to earn a living by
working for it Cant you find a job of
any Yesm kind I was offered a job the other
day but I didnt thinkthe pay was big
enough All they would give me was
4 a week
You could have got 4 a week
Well thats a great deal better than
nothing I you can earn as much a
that at the beginning and stick to your
work faithfully you would be certain to
get a raise some day wouldnt you
Yesm I guess so I was a dyna
mite factory Chicago Tribune
I liked your sermon very well Dr
Fourthly said a member of the con
gregation at the close of the service
all but the part of it In which you
spoke of heaven consisting of several
entirely distinct heavens one above the
entrely distnct
What is your objection to that
asked the Rev Dr Fourthly uI is
clearly taught in the bible
Perhaps it Is rejoined the other
dubiously but i seems so much like
Tribune living In a south side flat Chicago
TJife Herald will print your Brief
with protuptncsB and accuracy Ve
solicit your patronage Telephone
us No 357 and iVc trill scull for1
your manuscript t
t I l
Important tis ehtions From the
Utah Legislature Received Xc v
Edition of tlc OatotDutc BooU
on Dairy Farming Erlcson Tor
lioilo Aceontetl
< Soecln1 to Tho Herald
WASHINGTON March Represen
tative Allen today presented a memo
rial signed by Governor Wells and the
legislature of Utah praying for the
adoption by the United States of the I
metric system of weights and meas I
ures Also a petition of citizens of
Ogden Utah asking for th passage
of the house resolution amending the
constitution so a to movide that nei
ther congress nor any state shall enact
a law respecting an establishment of
religion or using any money derived
from taxation and for maintaining or
aiding them
Proceedings Suggestive of
roceetUns1 plainly Sngresthe
a Billion Dollar Country
WASHINGTON March 7The house
today entered upon the consideration
of the eighth o the thirteen regular
appropriation bills providing for the
postal service I is the largest of the
supply bills carrying over 91OQO000
A series of attempts were made to in
crease the compensation of fourth class
postmasters but they went down be
fore points of order The controvert
ed items in the bill relate to postoffice
inspectors and special mail facilities
Some minor business was transacted
before the consideration of the post
office appropriation bill
The senate resolution authorizing the
secretary of the treasury to distribute
the diplomas and medals of the worlds
fair to exhibitors entitled to them was
Mr Updegraff Rep of Iowa from
the judiciary committee asked unani
mous consent for the consideration
a bill to reduce the catalogue of cases
in which the penalty of death may be
inflicted I provides that in cases of
murder and rape for which the penalty
was death that the jury might return a
verdict qualified without capital pun
Mr Barrett Rep of Massachusetts
Mr Wadsworth Rep of New York
chairman of the committee on agri
culture moved nonconcurrence in the
senate amendments to the agricultural
appropriation bill
Mr Pickler Rep of South Dakota
endeavored io secure concurrence in a
senate amendment for the publication
of a new edition of a book on dairy
farming issued by the agricultural de
partment ten years ago A letter from
the agricultural department was read
stating that the book was out of date
and needed heroic editing before it
could be made of value to the dairy
men Nevertheless Mr PIckle having
been defeated58 to 73 developed enough
strength to secure a roll call on his
proposition On the roll call Mr Pick
lers motion carried but by dint of hard
work enough members were induced to
change their votes to defeat the motion
Mr Pickler finding that he had been
defeated changed his vote in order to
move to reconsider When the speak
er announced the vote 106 to 117 Mr
Pickler entered his motion which mo
tion on motion of Mr Wadsworth was
laid on the table 9S to 34
The agricultural bill was sent to con
ference and the house then resumed
consideration of the postoffice appro
priation bill
Mr Dockery Dem of Missouri
opened the annual fight against the Ap
propriation of 196600 for special facili
ties on the trunk lines from New York
to New Orleans Similar appropria
tions for this special service have been
I carried since 1877
When the bill was read for amend
I ments under the five minute rule Mr
McRae Dem of Arkansas moved to
increase the compensation of postr ast
I ers from 16250000 to 17000000 anu in
crease the compensation of fourth class
I postmasters 3 per quarter The latter
I provision of the amendment was strick
t en out on a point of order The amend
ment was defeated 44 to 55
Several attempts were made to in
II crease the compensation of fourth class
I postmasters but went down before
points of order
I Without completing the considera
tion of the bill the committee rose and
at440 day the house adjourned until Mon
Tile Army Estimates
speaker laid before the house a com
munication from the secretary of war
submitting estimates for armament and
fortifications of 477030 General Flag
leI after a conference with the appro
priations committee of the house in a <
letter to the secretary of war recom
mended estimates for the following
items to be submitted to congress To
manufacture about twentyfive steel
field guns three inch calibre 25000
for carriages 61000 for about 10000
rounds of steel schrapnel complete
35000 for the purchase and manufac
ture of carriages for mounting sea
coast guns of 8 10 and 12 inch calibres
125000 for steel breech loading rifles
siege of 5 inch calibre 30240 for steel
breech loading rifles howitzers siege 7
inch calibre 30370 for carriages for
foregoing including implements and
equipments 597140 for siege breech
loading mortars steel of 7 inch calibre
40600 for carriages 31880 for sights
for cannon 800
A contract was executed at the navy
department with the Bethlehem Iron
company fov supplying eight sets of
forgings for the 13inch rifles of the
battleships Kearsage and Kentucky
The subcommittee on fortifications
of the house appropriations committee
conferred with Colonel Bliss who ap
peared as the representative of Secre
I tary Lament Much of the discussion
I related to providing for all the appur
tenances when the guns are built
Colonel Bliss expected that the depart
ment has not been able to satisfy car
riages for the 12inch guns In the
m nUm he recommended t the
government should proceed with the
building of guns and provide carriages
afterwards particularly as vcarriages
can be made in a much shorter time
A Few Appointments
WASHINGTON March 7vrOliver P
Tucker has resigned his position as
deputy comptroller of currency and1as
been appointed by the comptroller na
tional bank examiner for the district of
Cincinnati The secretary of the treas
ury has appointed George F Coffin
of Charleston S C chief of the re
ports division of the comptrollers of
fice deputy comptroller George S An
thony Wisconsin superintendent of
the redemption division has been ap
pointed chief of the reports division
Edmund E Schreiner clerk In the di
vision of redemption superintendent to
succeed Anthony
Report on Torpedo Boat
WASHINGTON March 7The na
val board which made i dock trial of
the torpedo boat Ericssonr at New
London has reported to the secretary
of the navy that the boat is jStrongly
bulft in conformity with specifications
except that the machinery runs about
t k r t
five tonsover the weight allotted They
find the craft ready to be turned over 1
t to the government
To Void nn Election
WASHINGTON March 7The house
committee on elections No 2 today de
cided to report the last congressional
election of the Fifth Louisiana dis
trict null and void on account of fraud
and intimidation The decision of the
committee sustained by the house
will unseat Boatner Democrat with
out seating the contestant Alex Ben
oit the Populist and thus create a
Vacancy The vote in the committee
was strictly on party lines
Australian Wool Exports
WASHINGTON March tIn the
course of a report to the state depart
ment upon the wool product of Aus
tralia and Tasmania United States
Consul Bell at Sydney says the ex
ports last year were 1579223 bales as
against 1522823 during the previous
year This increased export however
does not mean an increased produp
tion as there was an unusually large
portion of the former years crop car
ries over and shipped in 1895 There
will be a considerable falling Qff in
exports this year
Disabled Volunteers
speaker has laid before the house the
annual report of the inspectorgeneral
of an inspection of the several branches
of the National Home for Disabled
Volunteer Soldiers The financial af
fairs are found to be in a satisfactory
condition considerable surplus remain
ing at the end of the year
Judiciary Recommonfiation
WASHINGTON March 7The house
committee on judiciary has voted to
report favorably on the senate bill to
withdraw from the supreme court ju
risdiction all criminal cases but
those involving capital punishment and
to confer it on the circuit court of
Railroad to the Colville
WASHINGTON March 7The presi I
dent has approved the bill granting the i
rightofway to 4he > Columbia nnd Red
Mountain Railroad company through
the Colville reservation Washington
Ant Though She Was Timid as a
Titmouse She 6ot There Just the
There was anxiety just a little of
itin the girls tone
What is i love
I read something in the paper to
day that alarmed me
What was It
Niagara Falls is wearing away at
the rate of more than twelve inches a
year and in the course of some hun
dreds of years i will be gone entirely
What of that
You know it is such a delightful
place for honeymoon trips
I had set my heart on going there
on our own bridal tour
We have been engaged four years
nowAbout that length of time
She laid her head on his shoulder
and sobbed
In that time boohoo fully fifty
inches of the falls have been worn
away iboohoo and Im afraid theyll
be all gone before before Oh dear
what am I saying
Never mind love said George ten
derly as he kissed her cheeks Dont
cry Well go there before the falls are
worn away Hoy would next June
s i
That will do nicely sweetheart
And she was happy again Puck
Two Weeks After That Eventful In
terruption the Cards Were Ont
The young fellow was extremely diffi
dent and very much in love with the
He had made half a dozen attempts
to offer her his heart and hand but on
each occasion he had fallen short
To add t seriousness of the situa
tion the girl was ready to accept him
as soon a the proposal was in definite
Even the mother was willing but lat
terly she had grown tired of the dila
tory tactics and Fabian policy of th sui
tor and had kicked oir his coming so
often any staying so late
One night after three hours of strug
gle on his part and muchdehcate en
couragement on the part of the girl he
had seized her hand convulsively
dropped on his knees impetuously and
was about onefifth through an impas
sioned appeal to her to be hisn when
the mothers voice sounded clear on the
night from the head of the stairs
The youth stopped short but held on
Mary came the maternal voice quer
ulously is that young man there yet
Not yet mother replied Mary smil
ing sweetly down on the face of her
Romeo but lies getting there
And two weeks later the cards were
out Detroit Free Press
Have you carefully considered all
that I have said my boy asked the
old gentleman the day after he had
given his son a little fatherly advice
Yes father replied the young man
You are getting near the age at
which a young man naturally begins to
look around for a wife and I dont want
you to make a mistake
Ill try not to father
No butterflies of fashion my boy but
a girl of some solid worth one who has
some practical accomplishments
Yes father
Never mind the pianoplaying and
Delsarte lessons never mind the danc
ing and the smalltalk When you find a
girl who can cook my boy it will be
time to think of marrying When you
find a girl who can make up her own
bed knows how to set the table without
forgetting something is able to put up
the preserves and above a is good at
sewing go hi and win heir my boy and
you will have my blessing
I have resolved father to seek such
a wife as you describe said the young
man with determination 1 see the folly
of seeking a wife in society I will go to
an intelligenceoffice thIs afternoon and
see if I can find one that will answer
And then Ill have mother call on her
and and
Young man Ill break your neck in
about a minute
But you said
Never mind what I said Ive changed
my mind Judge
Far away towards the setting sun
where the light of enterprise burns
intensely by day and by night the
head of the family was engaged with
his second plate of pancakes
My dear he observed I have
some news for you
The goddess of the household leaned
forward in an attitude attention
Yes the husband proceeded the
man who lives in that brick house
around the corner is known to be the
party who robbed the fast express of
The lady gasped
Well she said fretfully I suppose
Ill have to call on them now but I
just hate to These newlyridh people
put on such insufferable airaPuck
The Herald will print your Briefs
with promptness and accuracy AVe
solicit your patronage Telephone
us No 357 and We will send for
your manuscript
Quick in effect heals and leaves no
scar Burning scaly skin eruptions
quickly cured by DeWitts Witch Hazel
Salve Applied o burns scalds old
sores it Is magical in effect Always
NeldenJudson cures piles For wholesale sale l > y all dealers orl ggfsts
7 f i
They Say
77 breaks up a Cold t
u 77 knocks out the Grip i
47 stops the Snuffles
77 cures the Cough
77 soothes the Throat
7 works wonders in Catarrh
u7 is peerless for Influenza i
ii prevents pneumonia
77 clears Clergymans Throat
tn restores Lost Voice i
77 annihilates Hoarseness
77 is a sheat anchor for Singers o
77 aids Respiration J
77 Is Dr Humphreys Latest and 1
Greatest Discovery
7 is recommended by Physicians
77 Is the triumph of Homeopathy
7 is a safeguard against Colds
7 makes you Coldproof
77 acts like a flash
7 prevents half your sickness
7i is pleasant to take
77 just fits your pocket
77 is the best seller
77 tho priceless sells for a quarter
7 is Sold by Druggists everywhere
r or sent upon receipt of price Humphreys
I Medicine Co Ill William street New
I Yok
Or how Omcer OHoolilmn Didnt
Know nn Honest Ian When He
Saw Him
The statues qf Lincoln park in North
Chicago came down off their pedestals
the other night to stretch legs sit
down and have a little indignation
meeting The fat lady who wears a
Mother Hubbard and stands up in the
Columbian exposition grounds to pose
as the statue of the republic came over
to have the last word
I dont represent anyone said the
fat lady Do you know there has
never yet been a statue erected to a
woman in the history of the world
Statues are erected only to men All
the female figures merely personate
something such as liberty love or jus
Women ought to be thankful said
Schiller They might be carved to
make up a poetic face they never as
t sumed in life
I Or to ride a horse that couldnt walk
1 if alive echoed Grant
Or wear a grandiloquent attitude
that statesmen never attempt for fear
of decayed vegetables murmured
George Washington
Just look at me posing for Peace
remarked Lo the poor Indian
And me without my growler and
pipe roared Goethe
Just then an Irish policeman walked
into the group Howly shnakes ha
gasped Look at the DootcShman down
I aff his pidistal consortin wid the Fad
ther of his coontry Ill bate yes all
ef yez dent clare out
Suiting action to the word the Irish
man to whom no statues are erected
in America began clubbing George
Out wid ye Wilfgang von Goethe
I know ye for a sourkroutatin Dootch
man But I am Washington slrr said
the statue indignantly
Howly shnakes gasped the officer
Thin git on yer pidistals all of yez
How km an onest man tell who yes
all are widout the slgnsJudge
He started in alarm
No she repeated you do not
know what my past life has been
His fingers pressed convulsively Into
his palms
Surely he cried it has not been
more than thirtyfive years
The ocean moaned as it has Jbr ages
and that was all Puck
The Herald will print your Brief
with promptness and accuracy Wo
solicit your pntronnjie relephone
11 No 557 and we Trill send for
your manuscript
rr S
1 T frh1nrnfArIn 1
1 ¼ 11WLJiJLiit
R Ether
IH U 1 Gas f
I 1 LI Danger
Teeth extracted without pain 500
Have your teeth drawn by us We employ t
ploy an expert tooth extractor
236 South Main street Office always opn
mug natonal Bank Dr tM ReDnblc
A s 1 Lake City In the state of Utah
at the close oC Business February 28
Loans and discounts405293 3
Overdrafts secured and un
secured 936200 4
U S bonds to secure circula
tion 5000000
Bankinghouse furniture and
llxtures 1700000
Due from National Banks not
Reserve Agents 3517 5t
Due from State Banks and Bank
ers 303363
Due rrom approved reserve
agents i 2031154
Checks and other cash items 2305 21
Exchanges for clearinghouse 2034 4
Notes of other National Banks 19045 0
Fractona paper currency nick
els and cents 749
Lawful Money Reserve In Bank
Specie 442i > 50
Legaltender notes 50 0 43225 5
Redemption fund with U S >
Treasr 5 of circulation 2250 0
Total 7584612 0
Capital stock paid In 5300000 0
Surplus fund 2000000
Undivided profits less expenses
and taxes paid 1419150
National Bank notes outstanding 45000 O
Due t State Banks and Bank
ers 102143
Individual deposits subject to
check 135689 1
Demand certificates deposit 22737 0
Time CGrtIttc tes of deposit 45564 83
Cashiers checks outstanding 40J73 j
Total 5584612 OJ
State of TJtahr county of Salt Lake ss l
I ldd W Duncan Cahler of the above
named bank do solemnly swear that the
above statement Is true to the best to
my knowledge and < belief
Subscribed and sworn to before ma
this Gtlr day of March 1896
Notary Public
i i <

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