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ar 111 BH
V An Overwhelming Screen Presentation of
I I Helen Ferguson I
K Supported by an all-star cast in a story translated to J
ja the screen in a mighty production that makes a tre- 9
v mendous book live again in a tremendous picture, m
G And Larry Semon Comedv
J "School Days';
Anothei Big Riot tj
G g double "tlracton EM MY WHELEN and FAT ARGUCKLE rd U
JS the Salt Lnks T.'lenram'c screen talent test of the Ogdcn aspirants B
HS for movie fame filmed in City Park, July 5 x;
I Utah Theatre
. - -
ICompiaipi of Assault
Against Lemon Dropped
Lee Lemon, charged with aasault-J
ing his son-ln-l aw by striking him i
on the tlrw of tv lingers v.Kh -a
brick, appeared before the clt court
fr; trial this morning. He had en
tered a plea of not guilty nhout two 1
weeks ago when the caie was first
Joe Johnson, oomplalnine witness, I
failed to appear against the defend- ',
I Last Qoll
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j days
j On Hudson Ave by the
' Alhambra Theater
ant and Attorncv Samuel Powell i
j recommended that the case be dis
missed The act'.on was sustained by
Judge D R. Robert?.
Bones of Wan Found at Mill
Remains of Dane Drowned
Here in 1865
i t. r. Emmeu, 203 Twtny-seventh I
street, today recalled an old Ogden j
tragedy hi con.-.eotlon with the dis- .
covery yesterday of Human bones at
the site of th Globe mills on the.
ridge west of I cden.
Air Kmmett says the remains are 1
those of a native of Denmark, whose
name ho has forgotten, but I ho was j
drowned while crossing Weher river
in March 1S65.
"The Dene war- w orklhg tor Ralph;
Poufilas." Mr. Kmniett said, "on the
March day in question; Ralph Douglas
Sr., Ralph Douglas, lr, 1M, th hired
man were crossln the river at a point
about 100 yards south of the present!
Bamberger bridge They had four
hones and a running gear
"The stream was swollen and irou-j
ble devel jpeil in midstream. Douglas'
and his son escaped b lng drowned
inroiign 1:0011 lonune uui me nireu
main was swept away.
'ne of the horses perished, also.
"At the time of the accident War
ren J Child was running a ferry
a ros the river about where the
! Twenty "fourth street bridge is now lo
icatcd. James Berry was working the
, ferrv for Child and It was Ihls man !
Berry, who found the body of the:
Dane about two months afir he was
I drowned.
I "The condition of the body was :
Mi' ii that it was Immediately placed In,
'a box and taken to ihe top of tho
1 i'l ne neat where the mill Stands. I
rherc the remains were hurled
" I was talkiiiK to Ralph Douglas;
1 today about the cae. He remembers.
1 the accident which happened when ho!
j was onl 12 years old. but he forget.i
the name of the man who was !
1 drowned.
, - . t I
Army Recruiter Goes
on Observation Tour
Sergeant E A Rtumpf of the "'gd' n '
army station vv.th several other re-
erulting officers from the Salt Lkel
I district are leaving tomorrow for the
Presidio, San Francisco for a tWO-J
weeks' observation tour. First hand
'Information on the vocational, educa-l
.tloual and other features of the new
peace-time army as now being organ-1
b'.ed will bo imparted. The ohJrtt ot
the tour is to familiarize recruiting'
officers with the advantages offered I
and to equip them for properly han-
dllng prospective rccruitH Sergeant
I Brlngic win havs tdmporar (.barge
Ot the office here.
Three men accepted for enlistment
and sent to falt 1-nke today wen
W illiam A. Walla Leslie Carter and
Robert Hardlck, of Nebraska City
Neb., all being destined for three years
service with the Sixth cavalry at Fort
Oglethorpe, Ga.
Tests Will Be Made
at Wells in August
Enthusiastic over the theory that
Ogden's water supply can be greatly
Increased through tho Installation or
a pumping plant at the el) wells in
Ogdcn canyon. Professor L. M. Win
stir, of the irrigation und drainage de
partment of the Ftah Agricultural
college, has proferred tho use m
school equipment such as air i "in
pressors, motors and other equipment
to carry on exhaustive tests this
summer. Professor Wlnsor has Judt
.completed a survey at the wells and
I believes that a huge subterranean lake
j Ls contained under the wells district.
! The tests will be made during Aug
I ust when the water supply ls lowest,
according to Major Francis.
j Senator King Declares Ogden's j
, Mayor Is Fine Guberna
torial Timber
That Mayor Frank Francis Is be- !
lng frequently mentioned In circles j
throughout the state as a possible
Democratic candidate for governor Is j
the Information which has filtered In
I to Ogden for some weeks. The news i
was strengthened o feup days ago with
the visit of Senator W illiam H. King. I
I who declared that while he did not
want to dictate to Democrats of the i
state In regard to the selection of i
candidates. he considered .Mayor
Francis excellent material for the
Democratic nomination.
I Mayor Francis was asked this morn
ing to comment upon the situation
j and said that while he had heard that I
his name had been mentioned, noth- I
! ing definite had reached him. He de
clared that he would not thrust him-I
j self forward boldly for the candidacy, I
! neither would he adopt an extreme
I position to the con'rary In other;
words, he intimated that ho would
I "sit tight. ' and should he be selected I
'as the Democratic choice lie would j
I consider It B great honor and would
i nccept
City Commission Estimates
Amounts Necessary to Op
erate Municipality
Tn levy for 1920 on real and per
sonal property in Ogden sras contain-,
ed In a resolution submitted to the
board ( !t) commissioners this morn-!
ing by Mayor Frank Francis and waa
adopted by the hoard.
The levy, as contained In the resolu
tion follows
To defray contingent expenses, 2 I
To Improve and repair streets and
sidewalk-- J mills.
To construct and repair sewers and
drains, 2 mil)!
To construct and maintain bath
houses and electric light works. 1 mill
To maintain public library, one
quarter mill.
For payment of Interest on out-1
standing bonds and to constitute a
sinking fund for payment of principle
eight-tenths mill.
Walter N Karr. county clerk report-1
ed that all corrections have been made
on assessment rolls and the assessed
valuation of all property In the ugden
school district Is $38,011,540.
Supply to Be Turned Off Unless
Restrictions Are Followed
Mayor Says
A warning was sounded this morn-j
lng bj Mayor Prank Francis that
water being used for war gardens will
be entirely shut off if the practice of
watering at all hours Is not dlscon- I
tin'icd at onci Disregard 01 ih water I
regulations of the city has again conic I
with the arrival of the present hot
weather and the pressure problem
is again getting serious, he declared.
Although residents have been abid
ing by tho regulations within the past
weeks, the present period of heat has
caused them to ignore the rules and
water lawns and gardens and use
water for refrigerating purposes at all
hours As a result the pressure Is
greatly decreased and residents in the
higher districts are beginning to feel
a shortage as well as the higher floors
In downtown hotels and office build
ings. Mayor Francis stuted.
The only solution to the problem, If
practice of abuse Is persisted in. Is to
cut off all flow to the garde ns and
punish those who violate the Sprlnk
ling regulations, it 'as said.
A life no less adventurous than that
of his great character, ' Burning Day
light," showing last time today on the
screen of the I'tah theatre, was Jack
London's Rancher, sallorman tramp,
oystermun. seal hunter Alaskan gold
projector war i. orrespondvnt writ
er of fiction singularly sweeping and
powerful and rilled with human color,
author of searchingly keen works on
economic conditions, the gap left by
London s absence from American life
unci letti rs ha.s not yet nor ls likely
soon to be filled.
As "burning Daylight" contains
much material gained through his life
In Alaska where he found no gold
but did discover a wealth of material
which later was in his books to make
him famous so did other works oC
London'! Utilise much biographical
matter. In his "Martin Eden," for
example, is the description of the
work In a laundry during the height
of the season at a summer hotel a
racking, sweating drive of five days
and a half, which left him so exhaust
ed as to be hardly able to begin the
grind the following Monday. When
his employer found London more ef
ficient than another an'd more high
ly paid worker In the laundry, dis
charged the other, yet would give the
man who later was to be known
throughout the world no raise In
vvuges for doubie work, he quit and
became a tramp. From this exper
ience arose probably many of hlH so
cialistic beliefs, making him naturally
i nough bitter against a capitalistic
employer who would not give a fair
day's wage for two men days' work.
A comedy better than any ever Men
Is shown on the same program. To
morrow Is to be shown Screen Test of
the Aspirants for Movie Fame of
Ogden Peoph , filmed in City park,
July 6th.
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Former Record for Nineteen
Twenty Smashed by One
You guessed it. Yesterday was the
hottest day of 1920 in Ogden and the
former record was smashed by one
I degree vvhen the mercury was pushed
I up to the 98 point by a brolllnc sun
and no cooling breezes to bring rc-
Even at that we had It on Salt Lake
again, for the official readings there
! showed 102 degrees and Salt Lakers
j 3weltercd In the hottest day since
August ti of last year Announce
' ment was made In Salt Lake this
morning by the local weather man
I that he could predict no relief within
a few days at least
According to Charles Bass. Og,;o,i
weather official, h( liUii'-s; pe ,k (v--s
reached here at 3 o'clock in the after
noon. It was expected that the mer
cury would reach the 100-polnt mark,
but after .1 o'clock the fluid bcg;in
slowly to fall.
Indications today point to lower
temperatures than yesterday and at
noon the mercury was three points
below that of yesterday at the same
hour. A cooling breeze also came
this morning, bringing much relief
Fair tonight and Thursday," is tho
prediction of the I'nitd States weath
er bureau, which reached here this
Struck Partner With
Shovel, Complaint Says
Tony Ylahlotis appeared before the
cltv court this morning on a charge
of b:itterv u complaint having been j
sworn against him In which It Is al
leged that Vlahlotls struck Louis
Kokalls with a shovel The men were
working for the Utah Construction
company on Grant avenue and a quar
rel ensued. It Is stated, which result
ed In tne defendant swinging i
shovel Kokalls xusialned a cut on
the arm.
The defendant asked for time to
consult an attorney before entcrlnu
his plea and the case was continued i
until tomorrow. Bail was fixed at
The vegetation of Madegascar Is es-1
peclully luxuriant.
Jennie Scardino, Age 16, Who
Shot Mike Termain, to
Get Hearing
The prellmlnrir hearing In the ca!o
of Jennie Scardino 16-year-old Ital
ian girl who is charged with the mur
der of her cousin. Mike Termain. was I
reinstated in the city court this morn-j
Judge D. R Roberts stated that the;
reinstatement In the city court fol-i
lowed a decision of the district court,
regarding a writ of mandamus filed i
by the county attorney.
Judge Roberts disqualified himself j
h s magistrate In the case, stating that!
he had officiated at the coroner's In
o.uent held over tho remains of Ter-j
main and that he had looked into
the case and made inquiries which
prejudiced himself against the de
Cendant He said that under the al-;
leged facts which the coroner's In
quest had brought forth, he would
feel It necessarv to bind the defendant !
over to the ulstrict court, even oeroro
the hearing, and that he thought St
advisable to have the matter brought
up before a pro tern magistrate.
County Attorney Joseph B. Bates
and Attorney DftVld Stlne were In
structed to discuss the prospective !
pro tern Judge. In event that the at- I
torneya cannot agree. Judge Roberts
will be appointed to appoint his tern-;
porary successor.
H R. Clerks in Ogden
Protest on Back Pay
The Ogdcn lodge of the Brother-!
hood of Hallway Clerks has sent a
telegram to its representatives at the
railway labor wage conference in Chi- 1
cago, protesting against the action of !
the board In setting the retroactive J
dute as of May 1 The telegram I
signed ly President A YV. Haight and J
Secretary J Bgan and addressed to j
afessers B. W l.on. it H. Moles J.
G. Manley and C S. Copland at the J
ilre.it Northern hotel, reads:
ogden lodge, B. of R. C, No fi41. J
goes on record no objecting to retro-
active date as of May I, 1920. Use j
best influence to have Ihe retroactive j
date not later than January 1, 1 920.' j
oo J
The Masai have tho finest physique i
f all African tribes.
Train Load of Vacationists,
Will Leave Early Tomorrow
For South Fork
A baseball game between Clinton'
and KanesvlIIe will be one of the fea
tures of the 21th of July fathers' and I
sens' outing at South Fork
Truck loads of tents and other ramp I
ing equipment vent Into th" moun
tains this afternoon and b evening i
fine camp will be established.
A train load of campers leave here)
at 7-in o clock In the morning on thti
Huntsvllle train The campers will
be met at Huntsvllle by he camp
transportation committee with army
On Saturday thr mothers, daughters I'
and sweethearts of the campers wil!
take the early morning train and Join 1
the men for a day of festivities.
SALT LAKE. Julv 21 Word of B
the death in bis home at Kanab.
Utah, of Edword Dilworth Wool- Si It
ley reached here today. Mr Wool-
lev. who was born at Nauvoo, 111 , j ft
75 years ago, crossed the plains as
a child with an early party of LbvSIbbbb
members of the Church of Jesus K
Christ of Latter Day Saints K
ROME. July 20 As a result of R&jW'
clashes which occurred esterday be- Hp J
twee'n crowds and tramway men who A
were resuming work after having BsfsJ'l!?
been on strike for several weeks, an- K'K ''
other strike, limited to Rome, has BJv'it ' i
been declared Hkc&c "
During yesterday s disorders dent- MS?
onstrntors entered the offices of the r'
Socialist J" irnai Avantl, smashed ti.' hILbk.
printing machinery and burned '
bundles of papers in the streets. bBB
Summer I '
f7 Millinery H
TZfk Hats, values from $10.00 to(Q fr 1
W $15.00, your choice JOVl0 ,
Hats, from $15.00 to $30.00,?
your choice JSKUU J

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