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, : Connie Mack, manager of the Phil
. -i adelphia Americans, is taking a per
' ' sonol Interest In securing Robert Mc
A Grow, Jr., clever 17-year-old Central
, 1 High school student of Pueblo, for the
Athletics. Not content with a half doz-
j eu refusals from the parents of tho
i i ' youth to permit him to join a major
league baseball team before he reach
's es his 18th birthday, Connie Mack has
again written to Robert McGrnw, s.i
3 perintendont of tho D. & R. G. at Pu
l eblo, and father of the star twlrlor
1 McGra,w cau sign a contract today
3 it ho will, or bis mother and father
I will permit, that will mean $3,000 a
4 year to begin on, with prospects of
4 doubling it If ho stays in the major
league. Probably no other high school
J student in the United States can step
j from the school room Into a $3,000 a
Jl year job that he has earned through
, J his own abilities. It is enough to turn
'J the head of tho ordinary 17-year-old
a boy.
M Young McGraw has a remarkable
record for a high school pitcher In a
J game against Centennial at Selce park
A last spring, he struck out 20 batters.
J In addition to being a pitcher with a
' bewildering speed and cool judgment,
a he is the best batter on his team, and
I can piny anywhere In the infield.
'j Inquiry into the affairs of leading
fcoxlng clubs, operating under the New
York state athletic commission would
i seem to indicate that all the promot-
i ers have been disappointed by the fi-
4 nancial results this year. The, mis-
f take has been made In giving too
1 1 much money to the boxers This is
admitted on all sides, yet there seems
to bo no remedy in bight.
Instead of working in harmony, the
vnrlous promoters have followed a
cut-throat policy, which, in many
oases, has brought about complete
Second and third-rate boxers have
been allowed to dictate exorbitant
terms. Some of them have received as
much as $2,000 or $3,000 for their
services, which, under other condi
tions, would not he worth $500
Star performers have received guar
antees Instead of a percentage with
tho result that gate receipts have not
covered tho expenses.
It is admitted that boxers should
draw what they are worth in tho
shape of percentage, yet some promot
ers have paid guarantees rather than
go without attractive matches.
They have gamblod with the public
I in vain and in many Instances patrons
hae refused to pay high prices for
ordinary bouts.
The cheapening or the game, too,
has done irreparable harm. Promoters
have provided several co-called star
houts or a low rate of admission to a
single show, thereby educating the
sporting public to conditions that have
proved disastrous. The followers of
boxing are well posted and promoters
now find It Impossible to put on bouts
of (foubtful caliber without incurring
a loss.
The promoters of one club that has
gone out of business blame competi
tion for their failure. On several oc
casions thoy took in as much as $10,
000 for a single exhibition and either
lost money or found that the profits
djd not exceed $500.
"If we arc going to win the pen
nant next year, and mark me I
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don't say we shall, it's Philadelphia
we've got to beat," says.Mlko Ka
hoo, the Washington Nationals' prize
'T expect Connie Mack will have a
better club than lie had even when
he was winning world's championship
honors. Indoed nothing but the ab
solute failure of. Bender to show form
threw tho Athletics out of first placo
lost year. The team could have won
tho flag without Danny Murphy, had
Dender been In form.
"Connie has picked up two wonder
fully promising j-oungsters in Jimmy
Walsh and ?:ddlo Murphy. Murphy
proved himself to be a fine little
leadoff man Inst year, and he gets
manv a hit In the pinches.
"Walsh did not look quite the hit
ter Murphy is, but ho is a far better
fieldor, on his showing last season.
If Walsh picks up a little with the
bat, Mack should have a sweet lit
tle outfield, in Walsh, Strunk and
"Amos Strunk is the best young
ball player in either big league to
day, and It will not be long before
this is thought by all who have a
chance to play. He Is lightning fast
in tho field and on the bases and
hit for 2S9 last season. This Is
by no means poor work with the
stick, either"
Ledoux he'll do!
Judging from his performance at
tho Fairmount, slambango must have
been invented in France, says Rob
ort Edgren In the New York Even
ing World, writing of thc Frenchman's
fight with Reddy Morgan.
He was full of it.
Tho little French champion has
shown us something. Ho is the near
est thing to "pernicious activity" seen
since Terry MqQovern was a ban
tam. Yes, I kno?.' every aspiring battler
i6 compared to Terry but this time
the comparison fits.
It wat$ a lucky thing for Battling
Reddy that he had other Bat Nelson
characteristics besides the name.
Reddy is a strong, clever, heady
youngster, with a marvelous capac
ity for wallope. He managed to stick
out the 10 rounds.
When the first round started Bat
tling evidently had a notion that he
would slip something over on the
French champion. Probably someone
had passed on to Mr. Reddj the in
formation that Ledoux means, rough
ly translating from the French
something soft. He had an idea
that new Polo club clovcrness and a
Wallop practiced In many a hard bout
in the Bronx would make the French
man curl up and quit. So he seized
tho first opening and drove a crash
ing rigfct over on the tip of the in
vader'a chin.
That was a fatal mistake. Ledoux,
having politely allowed Battling Red
dy the flra.t punch, fairly exploded into
action, With a sudden rush he
swarmed all over Reddy Swish! bang!
went his gloves. Reddy, carried off his
feet by tle fury of the attack, was
battered from aide to side of tho ring.
Compelled to bend over and cross his
arras to block the blowb that beat up
on him from every angle, he stalled
tho round out.
In tho beginning of the second, Red
dy, o must have a Bhort memory,
made the mistake again. He drove two
rights to thc French boy's chin, put
ting a)l ho had in thb punches Un
Bhaken, Ledoux, responded with a rush
that carried Reddy Into a corner,
where he hammered the American un
til he was glad to get away in swift
"I think that Frenchman was born
'in Dublin," yelled, a spectator.
Has Johnny Kllbane been trying to
put something overT Reports come
from Johnstown, Pa., that the suppos
ed Tommy Daggan or San Francisco
was none other than the Clovelaud
champion's sparring partner. If this
proves true, and the matter Is under
Investigation now, then this same
Johnny Kilbane Is taking the shortest
route to oblivion. After all, the
Btraight and narrow aisle is the only
Bure way to lasting succesB. I have
this from one of the oldost fighters In
the business, who has tried "all
routes," and found, when perhaps too
late, how futile it Ib to try deception
on tho great public.
Kilbane was received with the hon
ors of a king on his return to Cleve
land after winning the title from At
tell. It is certainly a shabby manner
In which to reward those warm-hearted
friends who made his welcome
home possible. I am, of course, taking
for granted that tho statements com
ing from Johnstown are true apd
proven. If thoy are, then Kilbano and
his manager will have ubout as much
explaining to do hb any twain qvor
connected with tho rjng were 'called
upon to say. It simply places a big
black spot on the escutcheon of the
present featherweight tltle-hQlder thjit
will take m,any future battles to erase.
Queer how success unfits some boys
as to their future There's an old ad
age tthlch 3ays, "It's all right to do it,'
but don't get caught at it." Kilbane
probably had hoped not to be detect
ed. Denver Post
(By W. A Pholan )
"Almost 30 ears ago," says one of
the few survivors of those glorious
times, "when John L. Sullivan was on
one of his great knock-out-allcomers
trips. I was attached to his staff, and
circled the country with the mighty
I warrior. It so chanced that wo had
I an off day In Chicago, and while at
j breakfast, we chanced to read of a
fight slated to come off that evening.
, It was to be a cheap affair, in some
barn or lonely building, with two
stockyards heavyweights, as tho com
petitors, and of neighborhood intorest
only yot the moment John had read
of thc affair he refused to even talk
of future business till plans had been
made whereby he could see the battle.
John said he wanted to sec that fight,
and I knew there would be no living
with him unless he did see it. too.
"'Understand, young fellow," growl.
ed John, 'I don't want a lot of dubs
and rubes staring at me See? Just
you and me and a few pals go out
there, sit quiet in the back and watch
these guys bat each other round.
'Twill be a rare bit of fun for thc
evening. You go find out where its
to be and get tickets for six here's
tho monoy!'
"That night John L., all unknown by
tho crowd, journoed out to a tiny
danpo hall back of the yards, whore
the contest was to be quietly waged.
We got in all right, sat in the back
of the hall and attracted no attention.
Toward 11 o'clock an agitated man
climbed into the extemporized arena
'Gents,' said he, 'I regret to say there's
not much of a chance of a fight to
night. Bill McCarthy, as you all
know, was to meet Buck Bonannon.
McCarthy's not showed up, nor sent
no word. Looks like cold feet, gentle
men. Being as there is nobody here
that could meet Buck Bonannon, it'll
have to be called off ' And hero
a big man rose in the back of the
hall. 'Go right ahead with the doings,
thundered the great voice of John L.
Sullivan. 'Get Bonannon in the ring.
I'll meet him.'
"'What's your name, then?' shouted
the announcer. John grinned. 'Mike
Maloney. from Boston,' he bellowed,
and moved down toward the Ting.
Stop him? Yes. I would if I wanted
mv head knocked off m- system. It
was John's idea of a good joke, and
It had to go through
"None of' the crowd know Sullivan,
though several remarked that this man
Maloney looked a good deal like John
L.'s plcturos, and Bonannon grinned
With glee at the prospect of an easy
mark. The grin faded when Sullivan,
clad In borrowed tights and with that
fearful look In his eyes that won half
his fights before tho gong, climbed
into the ring. Briefly the announcer
' 'In this corner, Buck Bonannon,
well and favorably known to you nil.
Cracked and Swollen, Could Not
Sleep, For 2 Years Nobody Could
Cure His Eczema. CuticuraSoap
and Ointment Completely Cured,
005 Loire!! Placo, Chicago, 111. "Tho
trouble began by my bands burning and
Itching and I nibbed and scratched thoza
ttill ona day I Baw lltUo rod
Bores coming out. My
hands wcro disfigured and
awollon, and troubled mo
so that I could not deop.'
They wcro cracked and
when tbo small sores brolro
a whito matter would come
out. I could not do any
bard work, If I did tho Borcu
would como out worse.
"For two years nobody could euro my
eczema, until ono day I thought I would try
tho Outlcura Soap and Ointment. I used
warn wator with tho Outlcura Soap and
6fNr tbat I put tho Cutlcura Ointment oa
my banda trrJco a day for about flvo or elx
months wien. I rras complotcly cured."
(Sinned) quia tycrcuj. Nov. 28, 1011.
Not only ato Cutlcura Soap and Olntmtmt
most vtluablo In tho treatment of eczemas
and otfjcr dltrrj3lng eruptions of skin and
scalp, but no other emollients do no much
for plmplts, blacJtbeadfl, rcd rough oklns,'
Itching, scaly ecalps, dandruff, dry, thin and
f&UIng hair, ca&pped hands and ahapelca
naJla, nor do It to cconomlcMiy. A ein&lo
caWo of Cutlcura Soap (25c.) and hoi of
Cutlcura Ointment (CCc.) are often Euffldont
when til cbo has failed. Sold throughout
tho wotld. Liberal samplo of each moiled
fr, "With 32-p. akin Book. , Addrew post,
card "Cuticura, Dept. T4 "Boston."
KTtndcr-fitced men should uso Cutlcura
?.3ti'if SU'cV, Jjc gaaiplo frou.
In this corner, Mike Maloney of Bos
ton, who has volunteered to meet Mr.
Bonannon, and who, though n. stranger
to us. will do the best bo can! Shake
"Some sort of a rusty bell rang and,
Sullivan stepped forward, while bon
annon looked nervously at tho feroci
ous face, bootliug brows and mighty
arras. They sparred lightly for a few
seconds aiid then John rushed. It
was all over before the stnrtled crowd
could realize what had happened. John
sVung his great right arm like a
club, catching poor Bonannon across
tho face and then plunged one fiflt
into his Adam's apple. Bonannon fell
heavily and rose no more till carried
to his corner,
"John L., playing the farce to its
limit, solemnly demanded and re
ceived the miserable purse, $100. Go
ing to where Bonannon sat, still dizzy,
John shoved the hundred into his
limp hand, shook the hand aud turned
" ' 'Twas worth the monoy,' he
gurgled. 'Twas a great evening.'
"And as we went out, the awestruck
crowd, parting to make way, one old
tad fairly convulsed John L, by bark
ing: "'It's the strong la-nd yez are, but
wrrit till ye face John L. Sullivan.
He's the guy to bate a dozen min like
ye.' "
Representathes of athletics at the
naval and military academies will
shortly take up the question of a re
newal of the arrangements for the
annual football game, and a serious
difference of opinion over thc date of
the contest will have to bo settled
An agreement covering two seasons
was reached prior to the game of 1911,
and this expired with Saturday's con
test. The army has for a number of
years desired a change to the Sat
urday previous to Thanksgiving day
and negotiations for the game were
near the breaking point when a com
promise wa3 reached. The game in
1911 was played tho Saturday hoforo
Thanksgiving day, and thc game of
1912 was played on the Saturday
following. Now the wholo question
will have to bo taken i;p again and
it is known that the feeling at thc
two institutions has not changed.
It has been Insisted by the repre
sentatives of the army that their team
passes its point bj' the later date
and it is claimed Just as strongly by
the navj people that by reason of the
latoness of the beginning of the sea
son at Annapolis the later date Is
necessary to the full development of
their players. It is believed, bow
ever, that the representatives of tho
two will make arrangomqnts cover
ing terms which will be satisfactory
to both.
According to a report from Annap
olis, there is really no question about
"the place." Everybody is satisfied .
that Franklin Field is the ideal spot,
both geographically and because of
Its seating cappcity and easy access
for crowds Ly train, motor car and
Dr. J. William White, chairman of
the Univorslty of Pennsylvania com
mittee which manages tho array-nayy
battles, has ueclared that the agree
ment between tho two academies and
the university ended this year. So
far no move has been made to form
ulate a new agroement, he said, as
the academies usually arrange mat
ters between themselves first apd then
take the matter up with tho uni
versity Pennsylvania will be glad
to continue to act as host to the elev- I
ens of the two branches of the ser
vice, ho added
Ney York, Dec, 10. Having tenta
tively decided yesterday to arbitrate
In Missouri th claim of Roger Brea
nahan for alleged breach of contract
asalnst the St. Louis club, directors
of the National league were prepared
for a brief session this afternoon, 1
preceding tho annual league meoU
ing. r
This forenoon the Pittsburg club
arranged to hold Its annual election j
of officers In Jersey City. Barney
Drcyfuss will bo re-elected president
and W. H. Locke aecretarj. It was
thought probable also that there would
bo u meeting either today or tomor-
row of the estate of the lute John i
T Brush, at which Harry N, Honip- 9
stead will bo chosen president and I
Manager McGraw vlpe president of
the New York club. I
uu II
If all reports are true, the man- II
agement of the Colorado Mining com- 1
pauy on Monday made a discovery for I
which tho world has been waiting I
ever since it became known that the 1
great oro channel from which the I
company had taken out millions pf I
dollars of ore waB becoming depleted I
fast. It is slated that tho company I
to the northeast of the original chan- 1
pel, and in a position that Is deem- 1
ed Important for the Crown Point I
proporty, has found a six-foot face of I
new oro, all shipping grade, follow- i
ing which discovery came large sup- I
porting orders for both Colorado aud
Ciown Point. 1
Details of this discovery are uotj
j "
obtainable at thjs early date, but in
case the Colorado company hoB bro
ken Into a new channel it seems that
the company Ib entering upon a new
era of production and earnings, whllo
if It Ib merely an off-shoot of the old
channel it stU has possibilities of
very great significance, and it is a
happy turn also that these conditions
make tho old Crown Point look up
a ML
Colorado mining directors will hold
their meeting today at Prove, and it
Is taken for granted that the op
portunity will be solzed to declare the
Christmas dlvidond which President
Jesse Knight stated several weeks
would bo declared.
Salt Lake, Dec. 10. Funeral ser
vices for J. "W. Houston, to bo held at
tho Masonic temple at 2 p. m. today,
will be attended by a large represen
tation from the Commercial club. A
call was Issued yesterday afternoon
for all resident members to meet at
the club 'building at 1:30 o'clpck ibis
afternoon, preparatory to going to tho
place of the funeral in a body.
The services will be in the charge
of Wasatch lodge No. 1, F. and A.
M., of which Mr. Houston was a mem
ber. It Is expected that the funeral
will be one of tho most largely at
tended and Impressive held in Salt
Lake for some years.
Worshipful Master E, O. Leather
wood will havo charge, and tbe Rev.
E. I. Goshen will be ritualistic, with
appropriate music. The active pall
bearerB chosen are: Joy H. JohnBon,
E. M. Allison, Jr., E. H. Selbach,
Charles Tyng, Lester D, Freed and W.
W. Trimmer. The honorary pallbear.
ers are: John Dern, W. W. Arm
strong, E. O. Howard, W. S. McCor
nlck. Frank B. Stevens, Joseph E.
Calne, Heber M Wells, Lafayette
Hanchett, Charles W. Johnson and
George Auerbach Interment will bq
ip Mt. Olivet "cemetery.
Read tho Classified Ads
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he who cuts the price I
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quality to equalize I
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Tke feather duster is rapidly disap
oartne. It imiBt go as Burely as the
common drinkinj cup. It is only a
little while since tho feather duster
wis universal. Now 60 per cent, of
the cities haT discarded It from the
school buildings.
New Deadly Weapon.
A revolver hag been built into the
hAndlo of a now Babre to enable a
man to use either weapon without
changing the position of his hand,
Read the Classified Ads. !
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Sciatica and Neuritis
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I I .
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