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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, July 05, 1853, Image 3

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r q epied froi
T4~. I l
h hf te lifter
n iblijhe great Physiolo-.
-gton At. D.; Phila.
Isl truly a wontderftl remedy for
n Dyspopsia, Jainilce, Liver Co
t Cnatipation andDebilityi curing after
: 'Owa Metod: by. Natura'. -Ona
lt ddtrid JuIce. Pamphlets, Contahi.
Scientific' evidence of its Galue, furnisled
agents, gratis. See notice among the medica
edvertisements. - 8-ly.
OfIAnd Gernana Jitters.
Ondres 'of our citizens complain of debili
ni lapgour of the systeln, derangemenat of
liver and stomach, want of appetite, &c.
y are freq'uenty the result of too close ap
cation, and a thousand other causes we can
here name ; but we dvld say to all afflict;
do n wu have done-geot a bottle or two of
))tbofliand's German Hitters, prepared by Dr.
dIguon, and our word for it you will be cured.
. recommend this medicine, knowing from
perience that it is much superior to the gene
tyof patent medicinos. We would say t6
readers, purchased none unless prepared by
.AM. Jackson, Philadelphin. July 1
Fknusanls of patents who use Vermifuge.
posed of Castor Oil, Calomel, &c., are not
,that while they appear to betaefit the pa
they are actually laying the foundation for
ties of diseases, such as salivation, loss of
weakness of linbs, &c.
In aiother column will te found the adver
ement of Ilobensuck's Medicines, to whicli
a*,ask the attention of tll directly interested
in thoir own as well a their Chih!ren'' health.
W1iver Complaints and all disorders arising
lthose of a bilious type, should make use
43 only geiiinu medicine, Ilobenack's
r Pills.
"Be not deceived," bit ask for Iloben
sWorm. -yrup .iver witl Pills, and the
that oach has the signature of the l'ropri-e.
N. IRon E'qssae, aLs none else are genuine
ust 10. 42-1y.
Great Excitement
IUtil the 20thl.
W.' A. WELLMAN, would respectful
announce to the [iiales and Gentlemen
- of Stnielrville and vicinity that le has
'6pened'Ro'ms at the above p'ace, where
he t enain until the 201h, and he
would ie happy to wait on all who may
feel dizpiiosed to improve this opportunity
to obtain one of his unsurpassed minia
t -resuias it tnay be the last that many of
you vpay have to obtain one of those inval
1haply n mementoes. Pictures taken in clear
Alotady weather at the /ow price of Tvo
A good aesortment of fancy cases and
496kets on hand.
May 24th, 1853 -
0-Caroin a--Snipr W t
..L-i., Oraia;yfor SGaid
Vhere; yre Je'nnius bath applied
i a I fair itersw <;I- lAdministratio~n, on
i atnd singaa;'r ae goods(1 anid chaatttles,
taand' creditors ofl iY/n .hennings
eof the said District , dlaewed.
These are, thercefore, to~ citu anid tadmon
fi' ll andh sinulaalr, the kind real antd credi
trs of the said tdecen:sed. to beami appd
before ime at our next Oradinary's Coturt Er
t~said District, ho lie hoilden at Somi;er
U~rt. I louse oat Friday the 15th dlay. r
etst., to show cause, if anay, why'
1isadadministration should taot be gram-~
ven utder my hitad and scal, th s
thidy of July in ilhe year oft
)~~. otir L ord, one thiousanda eight haun.
-~j dred antd fifty- three, anad in the 77th
year of Amearican latInepedence,
Wv. LE\~VIS, . s. I).
y4th, 1833 0
Ir, Editor :-Please an
*-ince JOHN N. McLEOD) a candhidate
Ar Sheriff of Sumter D)istrict anal oh.
June 20th, 1853 -t
U [OUSE siituted'( on aa Street
~ umaterilale and adljoiniing Coturt IIose
4uare known as CilNA'S IOT)'-lL
1~egrounds connectedl withh thetse buihl
* *~ijtg~ re furnishetd wvitha comafaortable stables,
adg n id hiorsec lots for- the accommaal.
lti fdi overs. Th'le pireseant Proprietor
uhing to retire from huasmeiss wvill give
tsylermns to a good putrchllaser. '.To one
t u drstanding the manaaagemenat aof a Ilhotel,
ibetter opportunity dtan ihais will never
vier for a profitable investment.
A farm consisting of abhout 150 atcreat, tall
of ivhich is in a high slta of cutitivatiton.
n)t the .farm thete is a netat cot age aand
out. buildings;, not miore thani ten mina~utes'
v alk fromi the Court Ilaaui!e. Appily for
terrus 0f both premises to
aSint ercvill e.
June 29th, 1833 35---t f
s.L personss indebtedl to the eale of
n tdwy dece'ad, will ptlease
* . , ri~o' mmediate paymnent.; thosei~ havatingt
faaast the sname will piletase hanid
2 eunal~duly attested ns the law directs.
~ i~J2~ A dmsinist'raor.
20:.h, 1853 5-3t
:tsvs Goois vsa. F. BhtowN and
Jracv his wite aind othiera.
oaring to nay satisfaction that F.
nad Jency hais wife. John R3osman
harinet his wife and Leomuol Ihos
-eondahnts in the' above stated case,
a~ynd this State: It is therefore
{a at they dot appiear and object to
tomdeceasedl, on or before
yrSI of tobe ner theirc co
Isilme will be entere of record.
Ea ,ER .F.e
EmFlOSER'S OFFICE,.Wit. & 11au.L
ON and after this date, tho Mail and
Passenger Trains willi un daily as follows:
Leave Mars bluff Station at. 1.30 A .
Plorence 2.11)
"Timmonsville 3.00
2 " Lynchburg 340)
Mayesvil.l " 4.15 "
Sumterville " 4.50 "
Manchester 5.40
Arrive at Jutiction " 6.00 "
Leave Junction at mr.lP. A
6 Manchester 3.35
" Sunitorvill 4.10
a aysille.43
Lynchiburr 6.00
Timonsville 5.30
Florence 6.00
Arrive at Mars Bluff Station 6.30 "
*Or await the arrival of the Mail train
on the South Carolina Rail Road, until
10 o'clock P. M.
Rest. Eng'r. &c.
June 20th, 1853 35--t
Executive Department.
. ? ~?
Cormum, S. C., June 15, 1853.
(NO. 8.)
IIER AS information has reached
this Department that (In the aight
of the 30th May last, a dinhaolical attempt
was nade upon the lives of many citizens
of this Stae, by placia.g obstructions upon
tihe Sonth Carolina Rail Read, near
Branchvilt.: And, whereas, in conse
quence of said act, tihe lives of several
useful citizens of this State were lost:
Now to the end that justice may be
done, and the oflenders brought to justice,
I hereby offer a reward of Five Hundred
Dollars for the apprehension and delivery
or said oflibmder or ollinders, in any of the
jails of this State, and upon the conviction
of the same.
Given under my hand and seal of the State,
at Columbia, thiia fifteenth day of June,
Anno Dorui 0ne thousand eight hun.
dred and fifty.three, and in the seventy
seventh year of the Independence of the
United States.
June 290h, 1853 35-3t.
Executive Department,
ime A4 83
1By lis Eellvy JTohni L. Muanning, Go
vernomr anad I 'oitan der- in-chi ef in anid
ovecr thie State aforesaid:
I UIIElmAXS. informiation has becen re
cexved at this Depairt ine: I, t hat an
assa nit 11nd lattery with attent to conmmit
"ot ther iact of violence, was commaniilted onI
,~dy of .\largar et ~al. ll, on1 the aight
th January last, by a negro mao
ONlte prpet of Srnmuel
of Daalington District. and
th nu may be bronaght to tr ial for
hw ~ eaid, I, .loux~ L. MAlas
a d.ad, ~n tisi
i n~to roclantioni, 'fferinig a rewa.rd oif Two
l'iinndzrd D~ollars for his applrehlenioin aann
dvry intlo:any Jail ini thae State.
Sa d .imn'is about *r feet high, dark
cnptem . and about 25a years of age.
. * i. er mny hand andl the se~al of the
atea t ii ' ..naibia, 2 ith Jane, 18.,:3.
Bej: * t'.rry, Secretary of Siate.
80. C'QIi NA---SUMTER ii )ST.
H y . WE. : Hr W I , 'r., ()r:li na ry for
WVherea, 11. J1. Abbota lanth applied to
moe for Letters of 1:dImmixlraion~ Onl aill
and singnlfyr tie trods anmd chat teLs, rights
aand :credito's of it II. Abbott late of the
These ahrefoar.. to (ite and a.:oon
isha all andl iigalar, the kaidrd iad credai
libeore tae iiaizr isext Ihdia::WV.- Court four
that said l),trict. to be hioh! a :'r Snoaiter
Court Ihoaue oni l-'ridaz tii 'dth dfay of
JT uly necxt. to shaew Ca tae, if an v,why
thae sail d:ini'.raution: ShenblIl not hbe
gran Ited.
G;i'.en tnuderr my ha md andl .seni, lthi.
20: di ofI~ June, in th eaocr of
[1.. ta.] oaar lnr'd, oane a tousand a'i. iotau
dlred andi lIity.thiree fandl am thec 77th
year' of Amterican Tindaeendenace.
Jna no 2Mth, 1853 35- 2t~lS ~S.P
Head Quarters.
?.laa ninau. 27 th June 1-53.
iI ' A ids-de-Ciampo of the Governior
residlinag in th Ian I I)visiona are especialfly
orideredl to at teaad hima attring the reviews
unader ordeors of th lad in lst., and others
whose conveaniences will peraait are re
j inested niiso to :aftend hint at such places
as snit theam.
By order of the Caommnandrer-in-chief,
J1. W. CA NTh'Y,
Adij. andl lansp. Gena' .
ofJlatoso wh~o wish to conttinne
--please to gt it me otacae -and those,. whio
wiash to FLnter tlo thie same. For tiac liberal
patronage extendedca to me, I amt grataefal andt
shall continue my efioata to please--Nay to dla
bettaer.--As to abaility to teacha, I refer to) anty
of any schaolarsa.
Sumiterville, June~ lthi 1853. 33 tf
kUlRnd C ounty, N C
JEV 3 JONES .SMYT H, A. M., Princ'l.
rhe second session of this Intsitution
will-coamence on Monday the 11th July,
The High School has olrendy taken its
osition among the very first Classical and
niatheniatical Schools in the country.
Without any recourse having been had to
special means to bring into notoriety, and
ith a simple depenldence upon its own
intrinsie merits, it has now grown into a
great and well grounded popularity.
Few Institutions in the land can present
such strong claims for patronage from an
intelligent community. The ability and
experience of the Principal; the large, airy,
and handsonie building-their peculiarly
healthy and pleasant location; the entire
exemption from every incentive to idleness,
or temptation to vice, md the highly moral
and religious influence of the surrounding
neighborhood, are no ordinary recommen.
dations to parents and guardians who de.
sire a safe and pleasait home for their
children or wards.
The Trustecs assure the public, that no
labor or expense will be spared in procur.
ing every thing requisite for the intellectn.
al and physical woll-being of the students.
Maps, Geographical and Astronomical,
Globes, Philosophical and other apparatus,
stflicient for every purpose of illustratioi,
are now ordered and mill be at the Ihigh
Schl in a few weeks.
In a word the Tru.-tees appeal to what
tlcy have already done as a proof and
guiraitee of their determination to omit
nothing in the orgauization and working of
the school which will prevent it from being
what it is called, a High School in evcry
sense of tie terim,
Ample accommodat ions are furinished by
the Principal, us well as by the most re
spectable families in tie vionity.
Books, Stationery, &c., arc furnished at
time FayetteviIie prices.
The studeonts wiil be divided into three
grades. The first, oir primary (epartntema
m which will be taughtj he elementary
braniches of Spelliwg, Readiing, Writmig,
and the clemients of Arithmctic.
Tcrms per Session of five months, -$8 00
English Grammar. (Mitchell's,) '
Arithmetic, (Greenleaf 's)
Malathematics, (IPearce or Da
vics course,) Keith on tihe 2 0)
Globe!s, Ilistory, Compnt ion
and Rudiments of Latin,
A comlete Engish and Classical
Education, with Natural, Mental,
and Moral Science, - - - - 20 0t
For French, German or Spanish, 10 00
Board, Washing, &c., (exclusive of
lights.) - - - - 40 00
Board and Tuition, paynhle, one-half at
fie commencement (if the Session, the
other at the close.
For further inforination address the
Prinicipal or either of the Trustees at
Laurinburgh '. 0., Richimond County.
North Carolina.
D. 0.STE Al'
D. M cNLII1.L.,
Mr, Editor: Please an
nounce Col. 11. F. lI.I CSON as a candi
udate tao represenflt (Ercoamita Counsty in the
next Legislature amibie
June 21, l853 - :11--tf
Attention !
Not to thme roil c'uI. but to ana a t-ctioni or
Captain of the ( ~.t'eioiit Troup) , ubhi ch
will be held in S,:aMer.ndle on the" seconid
Saturday in Jah- -' 't
Li''nt, 1-. N3 ' ElIS,
ie l..1 to tips- a: 10 o'clo.ck A. 31,
close at is la. M1.
Bty order of'
Th'1 )M \8 M . I;.\KIElt.
(\ . lth g't Cavalry.
Butler & Newbery
W\ ,ahl 31 cst rQspct filly infoarm~ their
friendc' thati thr li:are jut receivedl an ail
ditioaal tc i- I
Spri~rg Goods,
c ~t fT: ar r,ycr~r 11.-.aines,
(olored ' il I . ml ' ili'a, 'aIonarning~
IEmboidralr t' m id I zni -r M~ceeves,
w~ae wIi )e ci y atingI lturtos. (
usa call.
.1n nie *;:th, 18.): 3:.--If
The Real "Simon Pure."
Wa( l'1.,D re- ' b y informc his pin
ta bt li heias' rec y dan addaitional Stoc.k of
fresh from, duim '1re, if every description,
patter as nea ad duarable~ las :any
wvhich have ever a aP riobrdgt to tis mar
ket. hi:s p itee -ar-- tow andl his articles
All kinds a o~ reaig done in the neat.
est annler, anud \gith promptn'iess.
lie respecaligl solic its the patronuage of
the puici, as3 he'iS ready, to suit them ini
every respect.
Maxy 31, 1953s~ 31--t f
Executor's Notice,
A I ,T, person :naI h~ted to the E-tate of
liev. Jamie-' N,'o . ., deceased, eithecr lb
Note or Acc~onut, I mnake imnmeiate i ay
mont. AxluI il I :h an deaianis :ag:uast
the saone willwi lei thlemn in properly at.
tested within le I i6mic to
I xecutior..
April 26th, 1H 2t
3 uonias ihin taFlag please copy
; *
IWIt cfeU roe;
aboutVtWq!e tw ye wit straight
light c6rod hair,- hasgvorygulky ap.
pearanic6", and . UwOr6 quickaad short
when)oken ;.sa0apy has a shortthick
foot, )is ha desh"r, and thick, chubby
fingers. Ie;hd'ihe scar of a blister on
his foreheadjust hove the eye-brows, le
inay try to'hidle it 1y wearing his cap or
hat down over his' forehead. lie will be
sure to pas himself for a white man for
he Is very white and has been taking great
care of his skin for some time. When he
left he hid a cloth cap, black coat and a
dark colored pair of-pamts. lie will be
sure to change his CAp and clothes as soon
as he can; lie also viears his hair in front
straight down to hide the scar of the blis
ter. Ile is a shoemaker by trade, though
lie may not go at the business, expecting
that he will be so advertised. -
The above reward of Twenty Dollars
will be paid for his delivery in any Jail in
the State. I. will he sute to give himself
ar.other name.
Bradleyville, Sumter District, S. C.
May 2htn, 1852 30-t f
W' Canden Journal and Cheraw Ga
zette publish five times.
Saisantrv'Ile, S. O.
Respect fully informs he people of .Sum
ter Dilrict tiat he In ju t reecivvJ and
now offers for Palo the leio. selected and
ruost choie tttock of
Spwiig amId Suuawnuier Goods
Tlhnt cannot b-surpassed by aything in this
market. lie hias receivi.i iany new styles
which pircha.ers would do well to exatnine hos.
fore buying elselere.
V E 8 1' .I N G S.
A full and large splFry of ITosiery, Shirts,
)rawers, (loves, Sutisaaders, cravats, Initid.
kerchiefs, &c. &c.,
A large assortinent of RU!:AD X7 MADE CLO.
T11ING, which will lie :-d low. .
3 G arnints innnaii:aitured by the mibscri
her, and warranted to give satis1t'acion. Or
ders from a distanace promptly attended to.
April 114th, 1853 21-tf
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware Manufactory.
JAMES 11. DUE would respectfully
info m thei citizens of' Siaterville and th'e
surrounding cont ry, It le is niow%' openi.
ing a TIN MANUFACTOILY in Sumter
villh, anil is now preprared to fill all orders
in tle tin line. Merchants will find it to
their interest to pulrchiabe their ware fromn
me, as I intend to sell lov: and warrant all
that I sell.
WORK execuited wiih promptness and inl
a workinanlike inanner. The ensh will
be expected in ever.' instance wn fin'thing
or delivering of eveay job. I intend \m'sell
cheap and for the cash only.
Feb. 8th, 1'53
For Cash, And that only!
Tin' c.hiapast- G AOC U .
& CO. *4. Dr. MeletL's OldS,tand.
Si'gnrs of the tine. tnlity a~id most atp
Preserved Fruits of dilibrent kind.:, Syrups,
Nuts, &c. A shitre of the publiic patron
n ge is desiredi, provided it is accompijanied
by the CASh., tbut not othlerwise.
J IItl, li3GOR DON & ::0.
June Iith, 853 E-tf
Clarke &. .Iroth1er~
'A. ii'v ;:-. - 'v": per Rail Road
Conrr ing t'itci.", I' :-wrvedt Frau i, C'igars c,
Ctandhe and a ehe b *t of C heingtiL toh.u.eco,
ta wichiti they n avite 'ie attenatin of the ciii
zen of- iii I iI) tirict.
Feruanry 2'l, 1S53 17-if
Something Entirely New
lin the way) ofi Lades and Gent:lemne:a's
tig utine) M.l.ssa~s '. n th a g~eneraI zis
soameni~t if Gents. li.' lBo ts ain. Shres.
It t hi' latdies wvisha to ;e the hatest sivle
of1 Gai3r :and waiilk ~ lhoes iim. jnst caill
Junne 7th, 1 -5:l 32--i
Segars!! C egars !!!
.11 ' 1' rceived friini Halthniore
? .i,4?00 S.egars-----:hh-eii., Brands.
J. B. N. I.E MMET,
I)illee ine.\ door to J. E & II. Webb'ih's
New V. -
Marcha 22. 1 85T3 21 -ti
Something New,
Tulles-N~hsor I .iit i:ate I'inr,,tive
Dr. Wm. J.. j >.\1 .\ IN & C1.
Tooth Pow ders.
Ptrep:iredl ufter ti.: v.d:hble receipt iii
Dr. K. S. lI arg;tan untsit, andt for sale
All pe.rsonts haivi . dnati l' ngninst ihc
thoise indeblted, to tih . , udil mtake pay
mnti i itoth Suibnm'- -r
Engraving &c,
OWIN( i toth thth' iaai hy of collecting
small ;accounts, thle Mnhwihe wotidit in.
fotrmt the puiahi, thmat whda e lhe is truil
thankful for thaeir pat rout h ini citmpell
ed to work beure afterf. -4h ot/.
June 14, 1853 3,3 tf
ne Door West of A:
Offers for sale on reas
and well selected sto
Chemicals, Evan's Lanc
Dye-Stuffs, Silver Lanc
Paints and Oils, Scarifica
Window Glass, Stoniac
Spirit Gas,. Breas
Best Vinegar, Bruq
Varnishes, Pes
Shaving Creams, P
Best quality of Medeira and P
For Medical pur
Genuine Co
Thomsonian and ]
Togetir with a variety of' othc
of Drugist o
(a All orders put up with r
May 24th, 1853.
Browning & Leman,
No. 209 anud 211 King Coruer
Wil oIl'r to FAMILIES and PLANT
EltS visnting Charleston this spring the
STAPLI.E DRY GOODS that has ever
been offered for inspection in this city.
Thty in,'ite an examination and assire
their friends and purchasers generally that
thnir prices will complefacorably with any
Market in the United States.
Terms Cash or City acceptance.
Successors to
C. & E. L. KEtRRsoN & Co.
May 10, 1833 28-tf
All persons are hereby cautioned not to
trade for, or receive in paymient of any
debt, either or both of two Notes given by
the subscriber to R. J. Price, the one for
two hundred and fifty dollers, and the oth
er for two liuidred and ten dollars, as said
Notes given ,-r two separate tracts of land
were to be )aid after good and lawful titles
wecre made to ine by Price, which condi
tions were put in writing and are now in
rmy possess'on, and which contains the
further understanding that in the event of
his failing as lie has done, to make such
titles lie would forfeit the amounts &c.
A pril 3, 83 27--..f
South Carolina,'
S umter Distrielt.
Alsey II. Ramsey 'Bill for Par
vs.titioij of Rteal
et al. apnars.
iT nppearing to my entisfatction that
William Adkcrson, Sarah Adl'erson, Mar
garet Adkerson, llampion Spears, .lamhes
S. Spears, Penelope Crab et ax;ndl
Crabi ree, her hiusbandl, A met~ White, aadd
-- WNhite her hiusbandh. A Itira Sites,
s .- :te.', herj Q*g3..lihn Col
lins and ANthia ted'ifr. anJ - -Uk
her haawlat , parties Defendants in the r:i
case, all residle beyond the limits ofth
State. It is orderedl that the said prt~s
do appear and pleatd. demur, or answer to
the said Bill withuin three *months from 'thi
Iirst pulicationi of t his order, and failn
to do so, the sail bill will be taken pr3
confhesso aga ist thteim.
Coimmissioniers Ollice.
A pril -lth, 1853 23-2m
Increased Stock
John11 O'Connor.
Who hias miade iiew iiiprovem ients and
conisoleraly entlarged his store, and is now
recewmgii tresh "oods by every trinl (it
cars a id eallers tot the nublic for. the sun
mear months thle ltielwingr. articles low for
Iee rea ,riud Lemottunale. (da ily) Iee,
(Orange:'. I .emoins, Pine A1'9!cs and all the
Itroipical friuits; al.mu a linie assoritmient of
Toibacc'o aiid Cig.prs, wvithi a chioice lot of
l''aintly G'roceries, also a large stock of
P'ichiled Salhnon and I 'reserm, Flnr (of
the best branids warraimedi, also ai large let
et Iicon of whlich lie renceives a iew snp.
Iplyv weekly I. All of which lie gitranitecs
to $el at the lowest rates for ca-lh.
A pril 5tlh, 1853 23-. f
Cheap Grocery,
Ti'l Subscriber hiving opened a 'gro.
cory i nderneathi thle Town HLdl, desgis
Ikve eing conlstatlitly on ha nd, a stnpphly or
heav~y articles, such as
SugarCofee, Tea, Flour,
ICliMhS, MAXCKUR 1l., SAhil', SOAP',
lin fnert little of almost everything that is
gooid to eait; all of wvhico. will lbe sold low
for cash, or in exchainge for country pro
dnce. li pcTromises to attend to his own
bun-ine.ss, and hopes by attending strictly
thereto, to receiv e a libera! share of pa
tronage. .1 M. CiANIllR~.
Afartch 15th, 183 O0-t f
For Sali.
15 Shrareq of Wininigton amid Man.
hester Rail Road Company Stockh
ror sale, any persons tcl9tBf purchasinig
said stock will plea~ I~t the subscria.
her at his othLc in le
J. moses' New Stee
onable terms,a choIce
ck of
ets Perfumery,
et Cascs . Flavoring Extracts,
ors,8 Gelatinte, (variety)
h1 Pumps, Hair Oils,.
t Do.* Fancy Soaps,
hes, (all'kinds) Pens and Ink,
'saries, Tr sses Toiletcoinbs,
iper, (variety) Leinon. Syrup.
irt Wine and French Brandy,
'oses Erprcssly.
1 Liver Oil,
latent Medicines.
r articles, comprising t he stock
r Physician.
eatness aid despatch.
of WV. J. N. 1LsItwr arc desirouma of put
ting him in nomination fur the Office of
Clerk of the Court of Sumter District, at
the enstiing olection.
Maty 24, 1853. 30-tf
Busixess Card.
Cot/on Factors and General Commis
Sin AlCrchat..
D B. McLAURIN. Esq.. will give per
* sonal and special attention to the in
terests and orders of his friends in this
State and the adjoining Counties of North
Carolin:, who imy favor these Ilouses
with their patronmge. Consignments of
produce to the House in New York, either
by way of Charleston, Georgetown, or
Wilmington, will b-e covered by insurance,
if notice of the shipment be promptly giv
L May 3, 1s53 27-tf
Do not Defer,. but Come if
Mr. REICH, Mterchant Tador, begn
leave to minorm the gentlemen of Sumter
ville and District tbat he hias just returned
with a S-; asior laet ot
Clioals Cassi srnpi'd ete,
Vestintgs, &c.&c- .hrt ever- thing
that is required f I suit. Having
made the chitce aools himself, lhe
doubts ntot hut w 1an stiit the most
fastidious. The lao 'e to have your
cloths made in ( in or by Yank ees,
svhen yout canO 'n made- as r-tylish
and as well tt r titan anywhere
else right at- d t!:s Mr. ir~lit
promises to do hli add that, if his
work is not tu tleast eqjualt
done in this e
anything. A
n-t New Yri
hn a. trial
A prd 2fa, 1r>)J3
China, Glass And
Direct importations.
TAS jn-t received direct trom the nnn.
JLtfactu rers itn Etngland and Fratnce,
nd by recent vessels frotm tihe North, a
very comnplete antd varied assortment of the
aboaive nammed GOOD.S comprising all the
nwv pat terns and shapes; among which
are best
Chiu. tinieb a superir article;
1i'ue and oter Colored WVare, of new
rentch and Engmlisht China, new shtapes,
Itich Chainai )innetr anid Tea1-setts, and
beatifnt FavmIC Ar tcleM ini thme line;
Cut, .\mlonublered a md P'olished Gla~sswuare.
ofi every kinid;
Dyottas Pa;tent C.amnphmene, Store, Oflee,
andm P'arlor Lamup, a sutperior ar icle;
Wehbba Patenmt Oil and Lard Lups, a new
article givintg great lighlt and brilliancy;
Tea TIrays, best TIale Cuttlerv and Pal.
ted Ca-oors, Spoon., F~orksi,&c.
Ilousekeeping articles, itn great, varietvy
Crates of assorted Wimres, of desirable and
niew styles, by Whlesahme ;i
P'ackaoges of ('Tumnblers, Flasks, &c., low
Sihving co:mpiete arranmgements for obtain.
inog our G. ods direct tromi thme matnufac
turer~s we enna and will ot1'r rareiduce
Orders attendec. 10 promoptly).
Colutmbiam Ajprml 12, 185i3 24--tf
Exccutor's Notice,
All persons having demands against thec
Estate of the late Culi. Johtn J. Moore of
Snmmier District, are requmested to hand
theumi in properly attestedl to the subseri
hers, andl all those indmebted will mmake
paytment to the satne.
J1. 11. MOORFE,
March I5th, 1853 20-tf
Fine Cigars and Garden
Kept constantly on hand by
ay2t,185 8
Ja uary
date for the oflic-v7 -
Coalty, ~oIy e ~ e~i
oblige. .
October 1
caudidate for T1ac lefj
County, at the oeujr 101
Feb. 8th i453 >
F O R ORD,17
Oc Mr, Edit
piensa sannounce WILj
SON as a caudidatedifi
nary of Sumter .Ditridt
April 27th, 1852
Ucy We are anth
announce T. J. DINIUNS, EmqiV
for Clerk of the Court, at thdeb8Ulns
April 10tli1851 .2
0tF- Mr.Edt
nounce Mr.-J. J. MrcKLELARa
date for Clerk of the Court
District, and oblige, At ",
April 13, 1852.
WRThe Friends%
JOHN F.. JUNEInucjuncefi
date for Sheriff of Suinter Dtr
next election.
Nov. 12th, 1852
s We aihaiiA
to annonnee A. E. POL 08
for Sherifl of Sumter DisiftA1E'
ing election.
Decembd 1 1852
0 f Dry
Which for tariety, qunlity. ..... .
and cheapnests, merit the at" i"
body, some of which we here
S HA Ar0.
Plain colored Cantori Ci -'
Superfine CantCrdp Shaw -Ti
fringos, Rich EmbioideinfdVshtf -
Suiperfine Frem.'.: and -
Tyne nd Buy a
Long Shawls, of the' bei
vy 10-4 equare Woole6iiI -1S il"
st'les: Santag, Jerinf Lr
Water. French Ebrodut": _d$r
worked, Janiquard leri l
Thibet Shawls in e
Canton Cra, Broch wor ed d
printed Maut es ad Scarfa.s
DRES$ 09D%'W
Plain; and Fwiure(l'ql.aCK __
Silks ;Sr ripled and Pla"Iided i
Figurrl, Striped ana laid
thie .at:A -tyles and rivhee
Engliat; printed d'haines of ad
trons. l Plin Paris Mou.y n~l 1a
riety of cotnrs. FqtNou,, natuA'
LranI Mr.nisos ofiltisett'au i.tt
color.K. French 'and Engr Chint:
Calico's. Best quralities andi makes (
can P 1intk. Col d Organdies Frenoi
Liese,lhareges, Crape DIJpa fl D -n4
Tisu ,&c. frevening ind#Ball T ~
titgie,132 of beautiMIly
P~ ulnRobe patron D: saes~
invg aFuldon Carn attaeh4'
. sra super FRENCH NEDLC r
of thet richest descriptions. ~ t
Pi sces from 37 1-2 to $1Qa
R,,icst aid latest stylie F s
L A et and MIIst:N CO,LA Rt
Suuperb Nt:JoL.n Ennn
(.'.taalc lHANnREi~ielIEFS
* r'w ent of plain ditto.
mubri' rand' Swiss '
I it .z Ritt'Ans, T~srmarzN
Super finoV White.
ED) ANt) LAMlis,
best English mnut
Extra Colored, Whli
Colored. E'iira ine. nan q
ported French ail Engi LNg ST i
lilack arid Wh ite.
Finest qualities Fdr. .:r ListE A
OpnChled and plaimStattkings. lilaek
Iilue Muid Mode Coir and SuggerirqA
ties Whiilte English Stockuings of thenelti
h omi Fpncoi and Rloyal Brown, Brads -
lEtru-Fine nird heavy qultitites ouje
meni't U:;arma SiniKTs and DaAwvrefIn
Woo!, SMaxoniy, Merinzo and -Stocki.
ported, L.A ons UtNi)a yuesTS of 3Mrto. ~ ~ Y
Gauze Lambus WVool. LanglIa AND" ~
G Loves, ofC Silk, Morino, Kid, .Liale
Kidi utmke silk, Segoviti, Cotton andot
scriptions. ILarge and full assortmnent 41
TL. EE~, FAsurioNADIE. SuraiTsC
CnIAvaTs, Axn PocKET lIANtkac
-ltuos Lotndon Biath, 1)n~lhl
buiry, t-rench Meriuno and Engliah -
Supecrfinet Eumbossedt (lothm and Vic
matak,-, TlanlLE AND) PIANO CoIvits. t,
Phet qualitiena of hlrowu rand Whit r
IDA Mnuns, Donylics, NA rnKiNS, , owvrs
nusuir LinessB AND SIIEETINGS, oF u~
Diin Ecr inPrTu6N.
Co'rroN G;ooos, Tickings., 3-4 41.4 ni1, *;~t;
lirowns Shweeina, Best qiialitisof LogClla
hams, Satinets, Cassimereun, Vestin-s he
Cloths, &c, &c.,
It will be worth your wIhie togl ' nil
amine before purrchas~ing elsewhetiK
W. J. .JACOBr SO,:
22i King-st., (Blend) opp. the T~~
Chuarleston, Jarn. 24, 1853 13
Butter, Lard, Bacon o
PR1ME MOnntain Butter, (int am
do. do. Leaf Lard,
North Ciaroliine Bacon,
do. CORN.
March 25, 1851 24
PESOSwishing vehuckhe~
kind can htiy themn atE. Dixan, u
ville, as cheap as cantbbegbylt in
Ion or elsewhere and warrani~r dt
April 19th, 1853
-~ vbevh aiooetti
ole im
Ins at al
* ~- *~ -~'1

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