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The Sumter banner. (Sumterville, S.C.) 1846-1855, August 02, 1853, Image 3

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.dho follo
qws tlii ll with frit
.h.Mt6:,nditl with the
n them ll,.in a Cop-.
altdr lip to thle necks,
M 111s0lb tenliperatur (of'
t~ -100 do", .and nlot cx
PO dgrees,- Fahrenheit.
at this teln perat u re hal'a
- alge, each ottspaaey
uIp with boiling water frii)B
il thianl inienh of tiwh cork;
riin t I fi"Mly, tic it over,
I ii to bottle wvax. and lay the
sn i side to keep the.
adainp I. T o prevent fesr
ta .i turi eaclh Lattle hall* rounid
A r ire a eek Ir t.w or three
1tt, h they will need it)
- ic tco: k -; shold be
a9l, liter - twvo eor three days be
u'l d."
arsdies.--The oriin of the
A ud Gypsies hals Ii lng been a
W e y'arous but unsn'aecesstill an
ndrserch. In W esituer Eul
"' LAths, -frreset. buteet L?
4 a ni d their apper, early
Pir'teenth centiury, Under a leder
T qUd thinse the Dukueoft Lower
Q "i b4 v lI(se their Ehng lish nian ,i)
-unle-teliniig.:and'thiing-ii, were'then,
6pedominiant occupations.
y mt; all times treated as sur
litetn, an- d most severe
AeeCpeatedly enacted agaist
witliorit--eiet. A t present t is
t 0 sig iladiy be iul oi nearly
oitwnient'-VILUO nd island, distinct in
-V 7ssin -eustollis fra-in tiho peopsle
erduflth. InI Gerniamy, ais
nag lanimd, they profecss variouls
9 anWiinenln; horse dalers,
n a !farriers, etc. but never Lave
rae, heil ay nuoihei-, to
te occu ationis. The Gvpsies pos
-lrangao of theoirk ow ndi , and are
p i ~eay d estitute Of religion, but
ady suititr theinse!ves to oultwar
Ue0iis& whwenever they tid hit its
rpm~i itcrest.-.,Aw~ Yudrk Sunday
Ij i S'dCi~.he 11 end ICit Sill 10liv
sa he il ea-C otr that s i t
C)1134 undtaI Ioer tht , Ik a~ne.1 Ns
ty im selpaise thrms~ no part.
* ~ ~- ~th a . 'tot was all;on w.od :1orh
*~~~1lrof~t ' o n , he])reu th the gig to
~ -.~ seetteii g1OVai over the (ia ad ~ionly
i e d it d t, say how
y i -h d either; nor whether it
S uvtd- rince K ocilstilf
L. t -11i 1 :a ; t ifl, ; d the Rushin
d ustr iches ae all to Ibe let
layrnb the pepe an1d ea've
Shee tt end o' it will te e
i dgddreadfutl. thing--so de,
-r ng SAIOt.ppr and good l'es, ad
1, a'St elah other julst.as i' they
oe cs an c's aid Cheap :it
sorrowul y ie cdver of
.ssnc.,J'aldid lvitca 1vea..
"~h~ il sct: als, le~ iev
se umblercot ttiinrhetihd
t ewtheyria .he rookedatd tho
swnjt ferisahore it an dheold swonr
nchhd ie wdor.I
"O ish it rator, speaktin of hian ep
p :Al ic6J, ofl pae, adoe.ie me
nLIIsh'val m botteyt "that he
1r ok~isbhiconteton iveutegos, i.
Piao Tkup ning.al h
t ter'dis puaou isgrae.
Sra n~~ona insriga alra
vhoe ai tca6th wfAasa patche
entice ofI~ loth rid out -t
~gsfrts f cabbagvile bef'ore ito s on sf
4 'tiOJ y ~idrodtr gi rls, cta hek I~lk
ah it prmthey aed to.rnedt
.fl1)ii Jing~)
Ah wel, I htake ot tle. iay beir
RAntof Tu1 i tning. ici
~*4\~f~WB h,1~~lef~adies nr G entlemens or Comn
~ in y) ;.~ vf Icinityle, th t e will be i
iniot h t ofe A gus, B ra e..ni
- c Ajtitie and repir ino andu or
~~i4yfe . trderaety ait the llerels
~ A tln r4~ aFonIo 25 hi .Tpuly, r853.
( ii elause of~ tSeiboir
n i Acilf 1841, ir ot comple
ni O Ildade, th la willn be
hallilimiilly ake nd trnsmi
gdstlve i d or titric Juice, r>refrutn
Relnet, or the Fourth Stoimaeh of theOx, after
directions of Buron Liebig, the great-Plysiolo
gical Chemist, by J. S. Uouglton, M. D., Phila
delphia. This is truly a wonderful remedy for
Indige.tion, Dyspepsia, Jaundico, Liver Con
paint, Constipation and Debility, curing after
Nature's Owu Method, by Nature's Owin
Agent, the Gustric Juice. Pamphlets, contain
ing seieitille evidence of its valuo, furnished
by agents, grat is. Sue notice amtong the nlledica
advertiseNents. -Iy.
IHoollaamd's Geraaaa Bitters.
Ilunreds o our citizens complain of debili
ty and langour of the system, derangement of
the liver and stoniacl, Wztut of appetite, &c.
they are frequently the result of too close ap
plication, and a thousand other causes wo can
ntot here naino ; but we would say to all afimict
ed, do as we havo done-get a bottle or two of
Dr. Itoolland's German litters, prepared by Dr.
Jackson, and our word for it you will be cutred.
We recommend this tnedicino, knowitng from
experience that it is much superior to the gene
rality of patetit mneilicines. We would say to
our readers, purehased none unless prepared by
Dr. C. 31. Jackson, Philadelphia. July I
Poisnnin u.
hotisails of parents who use Vernifuge.
composeil of Casitor Oil, Calomel, &c., are riot
aware, that while they appear to benefit the pa
tielnt, they are actually laying the foudlation for
a series of diseases, such as salivation, loss of
sight, weakness of limbs, &c.
lit another colhnun will be fulid the adver
tisemzent of lobensack's Medicines, to which
we ask the attention of all directly iiterested
In their own as well is their Children's heahh.
In Liver Complaints aid all disorders arising
from those of a bilious type, shouhl make ise
of tihe only geluine :nediciie, llobensack's
Liver 'ills.
*''f 41 11c not decirerd," but aik for Iloben
sack's WNorm Syrtup Iiver wml Pill;, and tIhe
serve t1lmt eChL- has tlhe signature 11ft lie!'roprie
or,J. N. lloanNs.im , as none else are gimine
Agust. 10. .1*.- 1 y.
Executor's Notice.
A [ I, persons h:avin d ands a.i intt
the l'state oh Mr. I larver Skinner, lec'd1,
are reicested to hand them in properly at
tested to the subscriber ; and all thtse in
debted will m ake ihliomediate payenttc
Thomson's Shoe Store
C. E. Thompson & Co.
Sll.\VE: REM'MA0VE) r
M ". Ii.er toZ(cl; to [fit- first I
stor h aove and it:ljoit-'
in- Court House Lot, Colulbia, S. C.
Their stock consists of
Boots, Shoes, Hals, Caps,
Truns ad Leather,
which they o.Thr, W holeshlo and Retail, t
the lowest possible Ii-nie
July 19tht, 1853
New and Unrivalled
the North, Via the
T'/gtqtq.'||. int /!:e suI~lfw timel teath /itc
(Gretl No||era .Iii ?!,
-1 51) .i \'(>I)DI VU *\M I I KS -.>NN.
rj1lt.t V.l-ll8. aire respetfulliyt~ infortmed
-that tine I lun.:lril :tmt 'ligr~iy i ibito
lr.e l'iist ''achiei iiver the iuigtiihi,rt of
I .eave Auvgiustm:1 :t - - - ; a. 1t.
Arrive att Weh-tiin at - . . ;t p. in
" ihila-elh ht - - . I pi. ii.
"Newv. York at~ . . . ti;, . ,n*
Thae. fron Augui-ta to WV tileo. -i; hosur.
". " Wihziian to Ne Yorls, 31-;3J
I :f' At WVihninigtoni the coiiiecion is i nadie
wit h t hu 8 o'lc a. n:. E:.ryn::s Troia.
f.' /A t Wm'eldin, pane an hav,. eboiie
of L'itgles, ieithter biy Sieaboa;rdl and lioanig
fila throuigth l'ete-rsbuirg, hi'ii'a:i, z~ize
ets by either of the.-e lines. ciii he pini chais, ii
2 ,' Thro-ughm Tlickets ini Miiii.;mn-ry to
Chtarle-stin Iuil lbe rc.ived- on I.- 1onzh t:-iri
litma ltailroadl, bi tuiten .iugtinta amu tiho \\'
mningtiinlad .larnzhste.tr auttroitl.
0;'l'axsstngers dlesigsi of ging North byv
this mloutt, i ii htave t heir haglg.L~-u ctilLJ at
Atugusta to lie Wihininigtoni and 31aini-hie-r
Ey'P~ Anmy other iniformtationz ican lie obtined
of D~r. J. L. lKeen, Agenit ait Auigusta.
July Pith, 1853 ; i
l'll SO.\ S w'sinig vt!.ielesh of ani v
kitindia buy thems of E.- l)uoti ait Suhnl~-r
vae scheap ;.s cant be boutght in Chrha
tonm or elseicwhere anr.l warnt;ed to a i:d.
For Sale.
said z-ockr wil plee ea'l tIn the. stubcrz
tier at lis, t Ht in..i Humiizri-I.
.J D. N. I.\ M I-l',
I~ 9 S;. & 1-. M. (; I l,1l E ItlT
Char lestong---whero-i t hev wil h" ph-zmr~d I
it viery (extentsio ~S tot h c:f z-ch ic lis co..it
prani~tg thosie of thleir own riamanuftciire,
toigethier iih .tui iius ithmetr sv's ustually
lountd ini this omr tket. Their lm'ig ;'iluait
ance with this m- nrhe-.t as miatfactumrers4
anmd deialerit il enablo them to oli'er g ret.
mdtlucc'eenta to putrchmasersi both in btyled
Auguslt 1 8- 44.-t
i ~ ~ ~ t i ~ 6, Itrpfe 6
or rour incie igh, riolQra 4y;'tou' built,
abitit tni: two yenre oldih stright
ligit ctoleLd hair, has a very,.sulky. -up
pearance, and answers quick and short
when spoken to ; said boy has a short thick
foot, his hands short, and thick, chubby
fingere,' Ile had the scar of a blister on
his forehead just above tho eye-brows, he
may try to, hide it by wearing his cap or
hat. down over his forechead. Ile will be
sure to pass himself for a white man for
ho is very white and has becn taking great
care of his skin for some time. Whon he
left he had a cloth cap, black coat and a
dark colored pair of patats. ITo will he
sure to change his cap and clothes as soon
as lie can; le also wears his hair in front
straight down to hide the scar of the blis
ter. le is a shoemaker by trade, though
he nm-.- not go at the business, cxpectinig
that le will be so advertised.
The above reward of One Hundred
Dollars will be paid for his delivery il any
.kul in the State. lie will be sure to give
himself another name.
Brad levville, Sunter District, S. C.
May latnl, 1852 230-tf
W- Camiden Joural and Cheraw Ga
zette publihA five times.
Head Quarters.
Mtrottp, July 7tha, 1953.
TIl E Conander-in-Chief has learned
witi painaful regret of ale .dehI of cherish
ed memer of hlis Stall; Lieit. Colonel
Sauntael Saarks, Jr. As a soldier lae was
fully imbiued wit Ih a sense of duty, coarage
and patrioAtism; I's a geitleman lie was ur
bane, reaerons, aml fail of social virtues.
It is therefiore ordered, that the Staly
wear I ie ustial hadge of itourning for the
space of tliry lays, andthat a co;py of this
order he forwarded, by the Adjutiant Gen
eral, to his aillicted parents who have so
much e:aise to mourt tho uutimely death
of ana only anl beloved son.
11y order of the Connander-ina-Chief
.. \V. CANTEY,
Atj. and lusp. Gen'I.
July 17t1h, 1833 38-3't
Copartnership Notice.
r Ils unadersignaed hanve foraaed a Co.
partnership f- the transaction of the
I' U5SIN.ESS, iaa the city of Charlestot, un
der the a1name of IlOSSElt & VAtitEN.
The usu.ad advaiees will be made on all
'roduce consigned to us, anad strict per
sonal atteitiona given to all busiaiess eta.
trtpted :o oar care.
Our olive oat CENrnA. 'itnr, will
be opened onl or before 15th September
July l!tha, 1453 :7-4t
Dry Goods for Cash.
25:3 KING ST1 EET,
We'a hav~e ina confermaay wvith thae spirit
of1 the tonues iIJpted ala oaur buisinaess the
sytemaz of low Tarig anad Cash Pric, s, andl
olier. to) thet city aint couintry retail ;anda
u btele! tr;aale every- varietv tof gaitas ini
tear lie-l'illNTS,' al ESIINS, SilKS,
C1,OTiIS, C XSsilhalES, I) It E S s
GOOIt~)S--of allI himi-G tLOVES, 110
811'1 I1Y, & e. .&c. W'.e shal bIe con~stantly
recei-vinag the latest andl most-~ f-I aahiomle
at ofuaols, anda it. is ouar deteraiationt
.t:n!.-a:atl be unasuirpvs-ed, anid in chan..
oft Chlarlesttan. \\ e have~t iina,! this- ange
i tant sys.tema oft losinsjt- faita. tuar pro-,
a-raencea tao thae saumil butt aura' ce-tat rae
tarni oft the NL?.l lil-I SI'lNENCE, rather
th-aai that aaf theba -lo tiliae, anid ina the
belhief that: the pubia c annoit tail toa pr~
aeilve the adrvanitae ita moth-is toa loarrhaasers.
( har buusiaaess ill be onduahactedh at :as to
teisur ae theira cut ire conaj denc--, tatml we. ap
pea'l ihbrecily tom their joal'iaant. T'hrongha.~
atiri eatiitttctiaolt-, n thi. va-uatg aaaiahets maf
uroaapae andt at thI-s polinty as' e laospes tlar
,daility andl at. ti tot ofear extraonhiaairv
iaducenoats to the Caonsumeir, the ltter,
anda thle Mlerchan t.
(Nedar the Ieo.
Painting, Giilding, and
!I'ttsldla l'uranituare dotn' ae ut i the neat
est and! best mannertt. Atl be lar ks a-s a fair
irii!. h10~ go riata:ts to give enitire usati
thie-ttn. ' .\All ord'aes taont the coutary
37 Deya Street, / 20 llane Street,
New Yorakaa. ( Chiarl-estont, S. C.
J. A. Na-ctuau, \V. \y'. I )a't; ,io.
Jul ah12Iab, 1',,3 37-tf
For' Cash, And that only !
Thea chaeapae.t GC fIlUhES ever stahl
itt Samiir ilem, cita ea aal (rom G)RDON
&~ C(O., tat Dr. Mcaelt'a Old Statd.
Seuars. of ltat tintest. (ttlihty aaain mo-t til.
ptroved liands iaa thae world, togelber- wtah
IPreservaed Fru its of d tferenat k indas, Syarups,
N at , & a. A shaare of thea pubhlie piaron
tago is deasiredl, prov'ided it i-a accompanaied~
bay thec CASH, hut tnt (atherwise.
une 11t,-1 - -t
ilii 8U~eiilljditl U..
&quare knw 'w Ni,A C HiA $:1TEL.
I he'ground.sconnectdd with: thad iuil:
ings are furnished witircomnfortable 'stnbies,
watgout an(d horse .lots for the accomimoda
tion of diovers. The present Proprietor
wishiig to retire frotn blsiness will give
easy terms to a.good purchaser. To one
understanding the management of a Hotel,
a better opportunity than this will never
oflor lor a prolitable investineit.
Also for' Sale,
A farn consistinrg of.abovt 150 acres, all
of which is il a high state ol VnItivat lon.
On the farm theie is ia neat cottago nnd
out 1'ildings, Dot more thain teti nintiles
walk from the Court House. Apply for
teras of both pretises to
June 29th, 1853 35--1f
BheriffIs Sales,
BY virtue of sundry xeeutions to me
directed, will be sold at Siinter Court
I lonse, on the 1st Monday and day follow.
inig in Atgust next. wit hin legal hours
fif s Ile, to the highest bidder, for cnsh, the
following property. Purchasers to pay for
tit les :
One tract or 7 acres of Land in the
town of Stuatirville ad.joinirg lauds of' W.
W. Altoi and C. Del.orno levied upon
as the property of W. J. Fraiis at tIhe
separate suits (if Pierson & Jenninrs,
Leicau & .h'erckmyer and E. G. Browna,
On lorse and one lot or tract of 56.10
acres of huid in the town of Simiervili
adjoining lands of A. C. Npalin ail the
MethodiNt Church levied upon as the pro.
perty of Briant K nmvanagh at tile :staits of
Jf. Ileitricks, C. Tarrh asd .1. Corchori,
2 Printiig presses and aill the maiterial
ne:Fed in the estabhmitcia of the Snater
Baller levied upoi as the property of Wim.
J. 'rancis at. the suit of E. G. Bruwn,
On tract oi 2 1-2 acres of' land in tle
town of Saniterville ajoining lands of .1.
11. Dingle and \V. & at. I. Rtoad leved
upon .as thae property of* Thfonans .Al cGee at
the snits of Siiia & 'Nance, John liVebb and
E. 1). Pringle & Co.
One negro niamed Dave levied upon as
the proierty of John \V. Erviin, uialer a
uaorigage giveil bay said- Ervin to Joselib
Alontginery and to be so'd to satity said
One tract of 250 acr8s' of Idjilin Clare
amot aljoinmig aids of.L WlIitL, Estates
of.'dayrant aail Williana J Res levied
Upon as the property of WV. E. Eichardson
at the suit of lIaS0hine & \Va(.It
J. C. I A.\E, S. S.Do.
.Jnlv 12, 1853 37-I t
W..-ftANA W AY from the subscriber,
110 on tile 1st day of June, his
I' egro man DANIIEL, aged about 25
years. SaiJ cegro is about 5 feet 3 iniches
high, weighs 100 or 170 lbs., is of dark
complexion, and is badly scarred. Oin his
back and arms, caused yi former severe
treatment. lie was. pid. ased -twoor
three years ago by mo. f'-B, A. James,
living near J.SLhpviwlel, t e*DaatAjiet,
Souiha Carolinauund n & b Q ,
11I (iat-InitUifi cout . -~
I will give.:1 to anyti who;will con
fine himl in. anoy jail ji North or South
Carolina, so thnat I get hitn, or S:25 if debay
credI to tie at uiy residience att the tmothI
of' I Jttle River, ill 1tchnmndti cotunty, N. C.
Address the subhsenber at Little's 2.lills,
I:llihond Con., N. I.
July~ 12th, 1':53 :3y-t'
Rail Road Notice,
E xN iNIu:c:'s Omesca, WVil. & aan. It. It.
and July 10, 185:3.
ON andaler this <hite, the .\l nil a.al
P'assengecr T.rians wvill irun daily as loilows:
Leavet M1i rs illni' Sudiaton t1:1A..
" 31.iy~ainI e
Arive ut J1iiion4P " 0.
It. .3.50t)
d.. o. J~af1.ao- . "
Lev ition u~jtN".(P.i
.\rana ter 18:541
I prnoed Cott.o 5 --n
.\rr.ivae at Alaris4i ivniaStation 5 15tira~ wa.
lar a idii iti t m ti f t.hI I1n rainiii.
'trs ~thi ''' i n i tirol. 4slIi~.i4l l i ii Slat.
tiiig ooc t . .31.ta '*'~t io iit~4 ittfii
li ii.ty 10:h, 1 r:1 gla * a ~.~ lt
ii 'R1311,i ~ilo ut ilin tt t , t(i , 44n l irkin-.)
h~1.ll~, i it ivo. is*u. iiRetlilT .a tL t'l rn.
a 4IF id ftr lansiiii liivur ti ti su cite wii rsh
as tio i ttera i tin - al h th il i~ nf
hurg, ontn- mos im rSe ntI l appro"1'i phi.
nhbhehilsthu w h N oto ine n
Ml"llach 2' il53 oriayg . 21a- ati
nia ni esth m i th m -- a op s en <t u- i on,
of t e i es u al nd o h e b st n ~ ie i ls; t
witSlee Sa s arl Seel 'laed R 8.'
OeDoorWest of
Offers foi sale on reas
and well selected sto
Clhimicals, Evan's Lanc<
Dyc-Stuffs, Silver Lanc
Paints and Oil.,4 Scarificat
Window Glass, Stoniac
Spirit Gas, Breasi
Best Vinegar, Brus
Varnishes, Pos
Shaving Creams, T
Best (ilality of Mcdcira and P<
For Medical pur
Genuine Coi
Thomsonian and I
Together with a variety of othe
of Drugist oj
(", All orders put up with n
May 24th, 1853;
Browning & Leman,
No. 209 aud 211 Kia Corner
Vli oflr to FAMILIES and PLANT
l RS visiting Charleston this sporing the
STAPLE DRY GOODS that has ever
been ofl'red for inspection in this city.
They in.'ite an examinntion and assure
their frieids aid purchasers generaily that.
their prices will ciielejfacri ably witli any
Markel in the United States.
Termis Cash or City acceptance.
Successors to
C. & N. L. KEtiISON & Co.
MaySI 10, P4,3 .2--f
A!! persons are hereby cantioned not to
trade for, (r receive in payment of anV
delt, either or both of two Notes given by
the subscriber to R. J. Price, the one for
two hundred aind fltv dollers, and the oth
er Aor two hundred aidi ten dollars, a. said
Notes given for two separate tracts of land
were to lie paid after good and laivful titles
were made to me by Price, which condi.
tions were put in writing and are now in
my polssess'on, and which contains the
further understanding that in the event of
his fIiliiir as he has done, to nake such
titles he would forfeit the inonnts &c.
April 3, 18-3 -tf
L1rfWatchmnan copy.
Increased Stock
John O'Colinor.
Whlo ha~s made new imoproveiments and
considerably enlarged his store, and is now
receivinig fresh goods by every tratin ol
cars aid (il'ers toe thle piibl ic for the sum.
iner months the folluwing, articles low fo'r
lce Cream nt ruiL emonaide, (daily) ice,
Oranges, Leaiums, ineu Apples and allI tile
tropical frunits; alIso a finle asseirunent of
Toblacco and Cigars, with a choice lot mit
Fily!3 Groceries. iiso a large stock of
I)DRf (AGOODS, &c.
tickledl Salmon and Pireserves, Flotur of
the best brandis warranted, ;also a large Jot
of Bon of which hie receives a new sup.
ply weekly. All of which lie guarantees
to) sell atlie lowest rates for cash.
A pril 5th, 1853 23--tf
\%'f Y Next Quiarter comeni~ices thme 1st.,
of July, those whto wish toa continue
----ph:aei tie give me noimmtice -andl thoie. who
wis tee ianter ibi the sae . For the liberal
tpatroneZt ind d to imi, I amn graeful anal
hallt conitine imy eftorts to please-Naty to do
betteir.--As ta aifeility to teach, I refer to any
of nmy echolars.
sanmtervi!!h, June, 1 1 153. 33 tf
Clarke a& Brother.
Whoia have juist received per liail Rload a
F'ancy Groerliesa
Comaapriing. l'ieLee, Prmoservaed Frni 5, Cigars,
Canmiliies atil a choice heat oft Chewing tancco,
tol which they invite thle attenation of the citi
zensii of ibis Iliistrit.
Febrariy :2, 13 17--tf
Something Entirely New
lIn the way ofi L adies' and Genttlemenit5
G i~ 1er Linli' WVa lkiing Shoes, (some-.
in g tine) Misasslie. withI a genteral ats
snen~~aet of Getnts. tine llootis and Shoes.
I lir the Lies wish to get the latest- style
oif G iers and wal kinag shoes out, jnst call
Segars!! Segars!!!
,1 (ST receive.d fr oni Balttniore.
I 5,000I Segairs--ehoitce JUrnntds.
Maiy 10th', 185'2 28--tf
Somet ng New,
Tlasteless- Salts , . Lemoinade Puirgative
ata e~ceellent stubstittnte for Epsotm Salts.
P repaaredl antd 5(1hl by .
Dr. W. JAS. D)AIRGAN & Co.
-Tooth Powders.
Prepared afterw the valtuablotcrcelpt of
Dr. FK. S. Dyargatn, lDentist arid 4dr said
by .?
,ts, Perfumery,
at Cases Flavoring Ext-acts,
o,Gelatine, (variety)
SPumps, Hair Oils,
Do. Fancy Soaps,
h es, (all kinds) Pens and Ink,
sarics, Ti-nisses, Toilot combs,
0per, (variety).li Lemo Syrupt
irt Wine and French. Branidys
)osCs Expressly.
I Liver i,
'atent M~edicines.
r articles, comnprising the stock
eatness and despatch.
Business Card.
Cotton aictors and General Commis
lione Me erchi ts.
terests and order. of his friends in this
Stat and the adjoining Counties of North
Catrolina, wh'lo tuay fav'or these I~uusbs
with their paitronage. Consignmnt s of
produce to the lonse in New York, either
by way of ChnIrlston, Georgetown, or
Wilnington, will bec covered by iiisurance,
if notice of the shtipmenmt be promptly giv
May 3, 18533 27-tf
State of Bou'h Carolina,
Sumler' District.
ails CA. SA.
DIA \V. BnLoAws, who iii i the custody
of the Sheriff of Snmter District, by cer
tain Writs of Capias ad Satisfacienduin, at
the snit of Roert L:tta having iled in
may olice, together with a Schedule on
oath, oh his Estate and efiects, his petition
to the Court o.sConaon Pleas, praying
that he may be ailniLted to the benefits of
af the Aeha of the General Assenbly mnad
ror the relief of insolveut ditors. It. is
ordered thattheo siiid Itobert Laita and all)
.iolherer thaeiCreditors to whosuidts aid Ia
W.% 1rown,4a anye wiuorindebted, be,- and.
they are lhefeby summtoncdennd have no
tiee to appear,. before. the said jCuurt. at
Sumter Cmurt louse, on 't.h. Scenth day
of Noveumber next, to shew cause,.if any
they can, why the prayer of the peCtitionI
aiforesaid, should tnot he granted.
WV. J1. SINGLETON, c. c. r.
July 12th, 1r053 J7-3mi
sunaterville, S. C.
ItWliepect fully informs thin pteple of Suim
ter liiStret hr he la, just receivc.I amal
euiw oir for al b te beastleted andrl
moyst clic, ioi of
Spring hilateani eumber Goods
Ta ti cannot be surpassenad by anythin in this
market. ie lhaas received many neow styles
which iArchaser would do wel to e xamine be
fore tying elsewhere.
A fulh and large snpply of Ioiery, Shirts,
l)rawvers, Gloves, Suaapenders, Cravata, Hand-.
hereiefs, 4:c. &e.,
A large assoartmrent of it E AlDY 31AIW' CLO.
IllNG, waitch will he sold low.
E arments mnainnfactur.ed b' the anbscri
tier, mad warraned to give satisfaction. Or
der om . distanIce roumptly Ut tedd ta.
April I2th, 1853 21l-tf
New Tin and Sheet-Iron
Ware Manuf'actory.
.\MlS II. l)UE would respectfully
ifo'm te citizocus of Sumnterville nnd the
surrondming connttry, that he is now open.
inag a TIN AMANUF1ACTIORY in Sumter
vil, and is now prepared to till all arders
im the~ tint line. Merchants wvill tind it to
their mlterecst to putrchtase their wvare frotm
mte, ;as I intetnd to sell low and warranat all
that I sell.
WVOlK execntedl with promtnness and int
a worktu~likna mnaner. The cash will
be expected mt every instance otn finishina'
or delivering of evety job. I intend to sli
chap an d fur the cash only.
All pesos avitag demciands agaitnst the
Ettoftebite, llv. Chlasrles P. Elliott,
wd retattested astatteenta thecreofh-and
thaose indaebated, to the samea, wvill mrak' pay
mnent to thu Snabscriher.
iLO3MAs 0. ELIO'IT5,
Apri 26 , 1853. 26aleaonS
Engraving, &c, 3
OWING to the dilieulty of colledmtg
small accontits, the subscriber would m-i
fuarm the public, that while heo is. truly
thanmkftnl for their patronage he i'/compll
ed to work bereafberfores.h oA', ~l
-All persons ha antthe
Estate of the latg n"tiorJ. Moore of
Sntoter Distric, reqiested to hand
(t~the a m ropeW a nitested to the subscri
eo~ and nul ihndebted wil niako
pnlymtiit t t;ame. - *
please annonce -JJJ
KON Oa a carididato fok.ib'h1
nnrly ,r luiik -)~ eI
April 27t, lh4
I.O R E 1"l
(LTr We are ah
announce T. J DINKINS
for Clerk of the Cuurt, at tli si
ApriliGth 38.51 - J
.04'iMr. Ed4ito, ~
nounce Mr. J. J. 1 I i
date for Cle6k of the.,
District, and oblige
April 13, 1852. -
of W. J N. .IlAMniE-F pre
img um in nonination. f;J
Gkrk of the Court of SunterFl2
the eisining election.
Way 24i, 1&53.
F 0 R 1A.
xIZAeThe Friends
JOHN F. JUNE, anuouncice if:A
date for Sleriff of 9dtititer Diss* '
iiext elbctihK.
No'v. iltb, 1852
'ic We are aufth
to announce A. E. 100 as
for Sheriff of Sumter District.-t
ing election.
December 21, 1852
Mfr, Editor:-P'las
nounce JOIN N. McLOWEQ)N'
for Sheriff of Sumter - District
lige b ANY Fiti
June 20th, 1853
Mr, Editor: PleaI
nounco C4l. It F NICKSOIM it#
eate to represent Cliaienon Id
Jnextle islatute lid obli
Butler 1 ' W
Vould 2\lst.respif1i
friends tilat .lo )aveja t~idj
dieioil stidck
consisting of Tissies; 1Ir~ ~
colored Siikp and Muslaiis M
Gingilani; ferege Lawn 4
i1:nbroideredl Collars and (Une
Blue Donimns;O'inaburgs and .1o
of er iry lkind. Tled above nanzs a
we will sell on secbzn datngt ~
us a caff.
June 7th;~ 1l-93 .. -
Dcr nolt.Defer, hut l
leave to intoi-mi the gentlemnii $ut
villo anud District that fie ha/ti
with a spenadid assortm~ent o( -
Oletlas, Om ~simecres,DaN~
Vestings, &c. &c., and in short 0~~.
that is required for a- full suit.*~
made the choice of his gocdd ih~
doubts nut but what tie crn su~
fastidieiuu. There is no o use 'ta
cloths rrride an Charlestatt orbfy
'whejn can have them anad6
and .~0l if not better thn
else ti t' at home, and 'this~t
promises tu do, nay,bli will dd
work is not turned out at leas~tial
(lone in this coiuntry hie wij"nL
anything. As for his
atL New York rates. -Af~
hma trial ! ! Cotie
some of. timhase beautfs2~~
patterns, it will soon
want thenm.
Mr. RFILIH lives next ~od
llaynsworth almost -oppoit.P X
A rl26th, 1853
The Real ~r~.'''
WVOULf) reud et ull orn - '~'P
trnns4 and fridnis a'nd the kuIcfll
hat ived an, additiona A:c~
freshi frgom'Baltimnore, of ecdery d~,~1
of erns a neat and durg~~0~t
~.~vo e'ver been brbnght c
aur pticed atd tiM atdh~i~il
lla espelfllysblicits thG
the pub~ic, pa he isa ready t~
every respect..
Not o Acan Notma i ce
mt. nd thL~I ihe~~i
thenie eth

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