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!? ?l?lr i
DMiflunl gfpuMtara.
la published uaj afternoon (Sundays except
ed) bj W. 1, MuBIiou ACo.,nJ Is furnished
to our subscribers (by carrier.) it 19 cenit por
week, or 53 cents for monlli,
Mill subscribers, 10 00 r snnumilSM
for tlx months, and $3.00 for threo months, In
Ttrlably In advance.
Single copies, Tnma Cut;.
nATKi or ADVKRTiaiaa.
One square, three da ji, san.
One square, fonr dajs 2M
Ooesanare. flTsdan. " .
Orjetqnare,slrdsrs. , ., ,'j ,j,
F.rtrj other day adrertlsemeaU, M per cm.
Twice week, T3 per cent additional.
Eight tinea or lest constitute a tqnars.
Advertisement should he handed tn b is
o'clock, m.
Porr Orricc DtPABTMtrr, I
Washi-sOTON, Jons IT, tell, f
In accordant with the provisions ol th act ol
Congress, approved May M. 156 1, whloh Is la ths
words folio wl tiff, to wit t
"An act to authorlte the establlshmeat or owan
mall steamship trT.ee btweta the United
8'fttci and Brazil."
"belt enacted by the Send and JIovmc Repretenta
tivte of th United State of A mer tec, tn Cbfrtit -ttmbtej,
That the rostmaBtcr Gsotral b, and be li
htreby, authorised to unit with fb Geocral Iutt
OBlc Department of tbe Kmptra of Br till, or lueb
uiuccr 01 me vovernment oi urazu aa anau d ku
thorlfd to aetfnr that nnTsrnncfil. In atahll.h.
Inn direct mail communication between the two
countries by maana of a monthly iloaof first class
American sea goto steam? hips, to be of not Iris
mn iwg laomina ioni uurntn eacn, ana oi iui
flelmt number tonerforia twelve round tr na or
vovascs per annum between ft uorioi the Un ted
States, north of tbe rotomac river, and fllo de Ja
neiro, la Brazil, touching at saint Thomas, in tbe
Weit Indies, at Dabla, Pernambuco, and such other
Brazilian ami lntrmMllat nnttnr nnrt . tht.ll
beconilderM necessary and expedient! Provided,
Tbat the capons of tb service eallbe divided
bet een tbe two Governments, and that tbe Uni
ted states portion thereof shall not exceed the
un of ooe hundred and nfiy thousand dellara for
tbe perf irma ceof twelve round trtpe per annum.
to be paid nut of any money appropriated for tbe
eernleeofthePoat imea Denartmcnt.
"See. 2 And l it further enacted. That the Poll-
mai'rr uenerai do, ana ne is nc-eny aumonzaa
to Invite proposals for said mall Bteamahlp aervlce
vj 7iiu to nuvcruavmcat i"r m prrioti wi mij
days la one or more n wspapers puMuhed In the
ties of Washington, Btltiamre, Pblladel hla
New York and oboo, reaixottvelr, and to con
tract with tb lowest responsible bidder for the
tame (or a term of ten yean, totvimusuee from
the day the first tfamsMp of th proposed line
aball depart from the U ItedSlaUe with tbe maUi
for Brazil t Provided, That proposals for moothly
trips th t li to any, for twelve round voyages per
annum, out and hack -are received and accepted
by hi wl bin the limit at fo esaM, from a iiartj,
or partlei of uadnubtal responsibility, possessing
ample ability to furolih tne srea-ntbtns renulml
tor the eer loe a d oilerlnc good and auincient
uretlea for the fal hfu performaooe f such eon
tracti And proxtdfdtfur her, That eh propoiala
ball be accepted bv tbe GoTCrnment of u asll,
and that dliti ct and ar)aratecootrao'e wltb each
Government, c-n loiDffalmlar provalooa. aball
be caeouted by auob accepted bMder or bidderai
oaoh Qnvernment to be responsible only for Its
proportloool the snbsMytote paid fortbee-trvtoe.
11 "co S. And t it further enedetf, Tha any con
tract wh'ch the Posimate General r.ay execute
ULdcr tbo authority of this act shall f o Into efleet
ou nr before tbe first day o' ep temper, one tbou
sao'i elsht bu dred and sl&tf-ilve; audeball,in
iwtdltlon to the usual stlpul tlooaof ocean all
atearae -lp eontraots, provide that the steamships
otJeed for the service shall bo conatrueted of the
beat materials and efer the most approved mo lei
with all tbe modern Improvements adapted for
sea-colnciteamablpsof the first olaat; aud iBMl,
beinref'cir apinovAl aodacce taoce by the Pcit
uiaster General, b4 subject to lnspeetloa and sur
ev bv an enertenced aval constructor, to be de-
i for that purpose bv the Secretary of the
ter General t that the two Governmeats shU be
entitled to have transported, freo tf expens , ad
each aodeverv steamer, email areat totAkeeharee
of ani4 arrange the mail matter, to whom suitable
accommodatlonsfor that purpose shall be eslgnedt
that In case of failure from any cause to perform
any o( tbe regular month!) voyages stipulated for
to the contract, a pro rata deduction shall be made
from the compensation on aocountnf uehomlt'
ted voyaft or voyaajesj the suitable Hoes and pen
alties mav be Imposed for delays and lrregulariries
In the rrguUr pcrlormaoce of tbe service accord
logtoeoutrae t and that the Postmaster Oeaeial
an an nao me power toueterrci e the contract ai i
. . - i si-a... .i. . . .. I
uy uur, iu otifioi ccing; uaucriet or asiignvu i
to anv
any n ner iartra I
"See. 4. And it further tnoited. That the mall
steamihlns emnlo ed In tha aervioe authorlied bv
tbis act shall be exempt from all port chars cs aod
cutomhuse du sat the port of deprtuio aod
arrival In ttie UtHo States: Provided, that a sim
ilar immunity from port chare a and sua nm-house
dues Is grunted by the Government of frazil.
Appro. cd, May 23, It,."
wl 1 be received at the Post otllce Department, In
the city of Washington, until 3 o'clock p. to. 01
HArtJRlMY.tbe llrstdayof Oct .bcr, lMl,fjroon
vevios the mails of tbe United sta os by a
moothly line of Brst-c ass American 8eagolog
sta mshlps ot not less than two thousand odi
butdeateaU andcf sufu lent number to perform
elvo round voyages ptr aiiaum between a port
of tho United states north of the Putomae river
and fllo de Janeiro, tn Brazil, touching at St.
rhomti, In tho Wen Indies, and at Dahla and Per
nambueo, In Orazll, for a contract term of ten
jears, to commence on or before the 1st dayol
September, 18C3, aod to date from tbe dy tbe first
steamship of such lino shall Isave the United
tat-s with the malls for Drazil.
Bidders must designate the United Slates port ol
departure and arrival, and may, at th Ir option,
protrftie to embrace add tlonaf otermediate ports
at which the steamships ihtll touch on tbel oit
wa'd or homeward passages, to deliver a ad re
celiaroalls. Laeh bid should nama tbe time proposal to be
occupied In performing the passage., each way.
be ween the United States port of departure and
arrival aod Rio de Janeiro, and should be accom
pa led by a map or diagram of the route, showing
the Intermediate ports at which tbe steamships
are toe 11 todelUerandrecelvemalls. Schedules
of the sailing da) a, atatlog thepropo eddays and
hours 1 f departure from each port as woll as tho
rtroooioJ davs and hours of arrival, shuuld also
aacoeiinaay each bid, such schedules, however, to
be eubject to the approval of the Post Oepart-
mcuiw oi i no roipc.uvo trvumne., su to tuierit
tion by aald Departnaents from time to line, as the
Interests of t e proposed International postal tor
Wee way require
Tbe steamships offered for this sen Ice must be
Amerlaan steamers of the tlist class, and befor
aoeeptince will bo su Ject to Inspection ai.d sur
vey by na esperleaced naval constructor, tote
detailed for tbtt put pose by tho Secretary of tbe
P i.posala must conform In alt respects to the
provisions and requirements of th- aforesaid act
approved My33b, 18UI, anu must bo proper!
guarantied, with a satisfact ry testimonial that
ine gua autors are men 01 prop n, ana auuoi
rvitly atilf to mako rood their guarantee I be
Mdde 'a uaiuo aud rfaldtuco,and til na ue of cacti
raenibrr cf the Urm, when a company otters, should
bo dls'inc ly stated In the prup !.
The acceptance or non-aoceptano ol tho bids will
be detern.lDd by the Postmaster General as soon
as practtsa leafier be time 1 mi tod for their ro
ccpiloiii but no proposal etn be aoceptcd by thl
DepatoientuuUsa thai blddvr U also aecepied b
th Government ol llrazll, as provided lo la the
aforesaid act. And in caa 01 such Joint accept
ance, distinct a d separ te oontrots are o h ex
ecu'od by the a cepted bidder or bidders witheae
Gover mnt,eo itaintiit siiulltr provisions, eath
Government to Ue responsible, for only Its propor
tion of tbe subs d to be ptld for the .ervle 1
Proposals should be sent, under seal, othi
first Assisrant puatmastcr Uenert, 'K"rgn
Desk," with 1 lie words "Mail Provota s" for.';;!
.tfols written on tie f ac ul the ad r eat and iiie
thwuld l4diepatohed In tlmato bo reUtdby or
before th Urstdayof itob.r mxt, wblcu will be
the last day for receiving propulils under this ad
verilsemcnt. M. BUAlit,
rostjQas'er Geu ral.
Note This Ufpaitmmt Ib rot advli that aoj
dot. lte action has yet ern taken by the Go ern
meat of Brazil In icipcctto theeaiabllshment ol
the proposed steauishlp srrvlce between the two
countries. but It is iirubtbie that bv the let or iio.
ti rer next, tbe limit fixed mr the reeept.o of pro-
fosals under this ad-ertlst-ment, certain lnform.
lon ou that subicot Will hato been received.
Whco received, it will be uado public.
Jeld-wdw IM. B.
Naw Aoent'b OrncL, )
Wa-iiihotos, august 3D, 1361. t
Scaled piop stlawlll be received at this otllce
until WGUNkSDAY, September 1th, 1801, at 13
o'vlook, m , or tbo delivery a the Uidnance ard,
in th s ciiy.uf tbe loll jwlng sizes and kinds ot
Coal, viz. ,
1 or Ordnance Touudry, twa tons oi Anthracite
Kor Ordnance Foundry, sso torn of Cumberland
For Ordnance Engine, 2.0 tons of Cuniberlsnd
ur Ordnance Steamer Bltltuorc, 1,200 tons of
Anthracite coal, (itwamer size )
The above Coal to be of the best quality, aud
uunjett to Inspection beforo ahCrptanLo.
Ail of tho Coal to te delivered by the 1st day ol
r.oraber, lodl, lite of ex;enso to tho Govern
ment. Proposals must be addres.ed to
N V. BltUWN, Navy Agent.
nu2 lOt Washington, D. L,
Uttering a m'l CiatlrJ, Priwiirrrd, and -o(t
I raslnd Riit(lS
INo. 700.1
In puriiunc. ot lav. I, ABRAHAM LINCOLN,
Pruldratnflha UnttMSiiUiAf amarl.K. dohcra
by daolare and naka kaown that publta aalaa will
be bald at tha uodcrmeatloaad Laod offlaea In tbe
state ol nuiuitaola, at tba pertoaa neretaencr
.l.alrn.tt. In lt I
At tbe Land Office at MINNEAPOLIS, eommene-
tng on BIONDA Y, tbe nttb oa Ol aepteniDer nexit
lor the dltpoaal of tbe pubUe landa wltaln the lok
lowlnf towaihlD. and narte 0( toffnahlp.. Till
A'ortA ( Ml ta line end urif a Iht JtfA rrttltlal
The K X and the W K of ietlon the N H of
'Hon 11 of towniblp tin aeetlona l and 51 1 the
N )( of fdlon aeetlona 17, X, II, and U, of
lownrtlpm,oJran.J, A
avaiioDi I, o, i,v, i, i ' f
ft section so,of
; seotlooa i, 21, S3,
S. 67, 81. 11.11, aod 35, of township 117) the K H.
". V, and the 8C X of SW i of isotlon u, of
ivailllllli e.a VI laiiaen .... .
Sretlona 1, , e, 7, t, II, It, IS. and 17 the N li of
totlaa II, the N X ft aeotlon SI, and tha N .'of
hip lilt the a V ot section 19,
Ir Ikk tJ of a ut Inn t anil
.pfttoaa so, si,
lwkand 85, of township im
nsSip lii'tf?.eW.'W &9,J1" "' ' ,
otlnnet,.i,tvit,andlg tboN (jot s.iilen
ui ana'
.--. .,.. "..-"-.. r. . . . ..
17. 1,01 U.t,f7,fi,IT,U,andl,ittownhlliU7,
of ranjra 8S, j .,
foottont,of tomablp lit; aectlona.l,tt,7,s,
11,11, IS, 17, 1, tl,34,i, irf, a, II, U, and U, of
lAWnthln 1 17. f t.nafl US.
Seanona .,!,, 7. ,ll, II, 19, IT, II, 31, U, Sd, 27,
St, aadts, ol towiuhlp Il7. of ranaa SO.
B.CHOIU I, a, a, ,. a, ii.i ,o. , ,.,.,,'., -u
I. of town.blD 1171 and sections 04,37,39,11, S3,
and is, nitowe.oip lis, oi ra.ge si
U1U , l lUWQdUili Itai ui f"BV tit
hlpti8,oiraaiass. j..k mi, .
.."fonliVtnerijroYlV.il.msTltu 'nK"- of that fact wo do not proposo totacreasotho
lloo 3s, uf towns' ip im sect ona S3, 37, s, 11, si, ctico of tho paper, but to nrgo upon our friends,
aedlLnItowaslili.lia.ar raa.au ,. ., ,..;. ,h WV MV. . wk ,.., ,v.
:l".''??SV,ar,.'0SsT S,?S:S:S!S
lis. of range u.
,.1?.w?:b!r ' '5,i0.,!'i',n,.11,'h,.,,N1 Vo'l
iteiiea siithe N x .f ..01100 si and the N H of
"SSLSl? 'utlSn'.' tlT"i. . , n.
it, si, si, s S7, and 39, of township l IT, of range
Townships IIS and 11?) sections 19, 21, 31, 23, n,
, SI, II, and SA, of township lib, ol rangr 17.
Tt.w Dili i in n.ii7.aiid lifli sections b.0. 13. SO:
and 3)i tbe 8 K IK U, aod the S W V, of section 34,
sections -i , 3D, , S', Ut ll, and li, of township
iiv, oi range
At than ind Offlea at ST. CLOUD, enramenelnff
on MUNDAV.the fifteenth dsyof August next for
tbe llsposai oi the puoiio lanua wunin mo lonow
log parts of townships, vlzt I
Sortkof we ! wuand weti of He jijui pnncipu
flections 7 aod 17 the N n of .cation is, and the
k oi secuoa - "wnaaiif ' """ ?...
nrtwoDi ( o. i, v, ii, la. io( iuu i is - 7 vi
ectlonis, ine in ; of section 31, and the N H of
section 33. of township I3i sections SI, SI, and S3,
if tovraihlp 133, of rauxe 39.
Sections l, 1, 6. 7, S, 11. 19, IS, and 17, the N ,',' of
section 19, the WJf of section 31, and the N ii ot
seoMonss.oftownstilp Klf sections 29,11,31 and
SS, of township 33, of range 30.
ectionsi, S S,7,e, 11, is, IS, and 17, and the N
nt section 21. of township Hi 1 secilons 19 and 31 1
the a )i of section 3J) aectio 23, 37, 29, 31, 33, and
S3 of township 133 of raniesi.
Sections 1. 3. 6. 7. 9. 11, 13. 15, and IT. of township
131 1 the S U of seotlon 13, the S X f srctloa IBj the
s,;Ol section 17SectlODB 19, 21 S3 23 37, 29, 1,
w, ana so, 01 townsnip ., 01 rasRe m
nceuoua i,,o, i,v, n, u i. uu , iwwiiui,i
illnk. u 1 n... I ap It. tka.1 1' nt laaHnn IK. .ha
'' " ? " "v ",' '""" -
J ifjiuu ., .. iv, , -,..,, ,,
indlA nrtAWinhln IU nf mm 11.
DtBV.uuai , a, w, t ', la. i., t.r, arau ,ui ivu.aii
131 aectlons 19.11, 33,23,27,29, II, U, and S3, Of
..si... . R a. A .. tt ,tl .a4IY (nnvA.tlh
lowasiup vjj, oi ranae.
So- tlons I, I, S, 7, 9, tl. 13, IS, and 17, of township
tail sections 23, 37, , M, andtt.ut township ISO,
oi range mo
T-..n . a - n a a. . .1 t r. 1 1. . T t .1...
ociioua 1 , o, i, v. ii, 11 nuu itiu i iuien-
tlou 17. of township lil section 7 the W ii of sec
tion 13, sections 17, 19,31, 23, 29,27,29,11, S3, and
aoaoi lownsmp i, oi rtuntn .
roe t i, ine n w j, anu ine :. a w oi cc
tion I, of township Ul sections I, 3. 0, 1, t, II, 13,
13,17,21,33,23,27, and 3 of township IW) seo
tlnns7, 17, 19,21,27, 29, 11,83, and 35, of township
19. nr rinri 17.
. . . ... a .. - 41 . . .1 l,.l,ln in.
(lie tV S ' 41 ul eHJI.UU I, Ul lnwu.uMP 1
: i. of section 1, or township 121
, 11, of ton n ship IWi tbo W 'jc
tlonsl,6t7,9,ll,ll( 13, 17,23. am
aootlocB 1 and
t , ilia. N i nt linn 97. fand aeiitloii 1A. of town
mci cm 1 1 aeauona a. o. 7. r. ii. i. la. n. x.
ship 12Jf see Ions II, II, 13, 19, 59, II, and 13, of
township 131, of ranee 18. , . ,
Lands appropriated by law for tbeuieof schools,
military, and other purposes, together with selec
tions of swamp lands itlo-t in your office by the
Surveyor General, will be excluded from the sale.
The oQcrlng of tha above lands will be oom
meneedonthedays appointed, aodwtll pioceed.
In the order In which they are advertised, until
tbo whole shall have been oilered and the sale thus
cosedfbut t e sale shall not lo kept open longer
than two weeks, and no pilvate entry of any of
tbe landa will be admitted until after the expira
tion of tbe two weeks.
Given under my hand, at tho city or Washing
ton, this 16th day of April, iwrno Domini one thou-
eight hundied and sUi-four. ..
By the President:
Commissioner ol the General Land Office,
All bona fid aotual Battlements under existing
Jaws, subs 1st log prior to and up to tha date of this
proclamation, win u ruugutuii iuu -uwu
settlers are hereby called upon to come forward
and establish and enter their claims with the
Register and Receiver before the day fixed In tbe
fortgomg for the eomitencement of the public sale.
J. hi. EDMUND. Commissioner.
Vote. Under tha roeulatlons of the DeDSlt-
ment, as heretofore and now existing, no payment
Ban ue oiaus lur mi diuciuj inueiauiattidu, Bort
to suoh publishers as are apcclOoaliy authorized
oy tne uimmissiooer oi tne uenerai ianu umce.
Ort-os.T- UHiTtu SraTLi Tbeasiut,
Receive subscriptions lor the
Auth rlieJbytheactofJuuoio.lsai Tho notes
w II be Issued under date of August 15, In denomi
nations of
$50, (100, (.00, 11000 kd 15000,
Payable io bearer or order, bearing interest at
7 8 10 per cent per annum, payable scml-tonuoUy,
and will be convertible at the option of the holder
at maturity into six. per cent. Five-Twenty Bonds.
We buy and sell
And pav the highest price for
Jy27-dtf JAY COOKE - CO.
B O M K B O U . ,
auLiciioKa of fatents.
Opposite tbe Tost Office,
we acrcn bv renuminif to
lion. Hanoi al Hainan, Vloe Frcsldeot, lit.
oiiu uvuuniu.
Edward H Hollloi,
Alex. II R ce,
John B. Alley,
Alfred A. Burnhsm,
Uwlght Loomla,
James M. Ashley,
John Covode,
Robert McKuigM,
Justin 8. M rrill,
John E. Potter,
' l.hamllof-
. Uo.
N. H.
" t.
" WlB.
U. ti. S , Mioh.
" Kaasss,
M. C, Minn.
James H. Lane.
Crus Aldrloh,
" John T. Nixon,
' F. F. Blair, Jr.,
klhrtd aU ttdatiMlar.
N. Y.
Mrssrs. Jay Coohe Co , Uankers, Washington, D.
i , anu i niia'iei,'iiia, rw. jyso-ll
X WASHINGTON has raioed to its ew
lrblo HutlJInson Fifteenth street, between F
and ), opposite tho United states Treasury
Sells cxibango loans money receives deposits.
purchases Uov rnmcut Lbcclis and ouo-cis. and
tramaats a general banking business.
Carr lul attention xlvcn to Government and city
LOiloctlons, and accounts of cor espoudeots.
II U. COOK-, rrreidcnt
From this time until the Presidential elec
tion, (Terr loyal man who farori the ro-elec-tion
of Mr. Lincoln will want uetrspapcr
pnbllsbed at the sest of Gorernment, adrocat
Ins; the Union nominations for President and
Vice Pruldont.
To all tract, who dcslro a paper which will
keep them prompt! adilied of all political
moTcmcnts, and their probable consonencea,
wo tender the Niriosix Rifcbucui, with
confidence that It will fnlrll their dcslrca In
this respect, ,
The Nitiosil HircsUcAM will continue to
farnlsh In adranceof all competitors the latest
and moet reliable newt from our different
armies, and cspeclall from tho Armj of the
lie literary and miscellaneous departments
will receive speclel attention, end efforts are
contltuaUr being made to cntabllab. the eharac
tor of tho Wiiklt Nitiosil, RjTrDlldll est
famtl j paper.
Bit months atco tho weoUy paper was en
largcd1 to ltt present elto and Kreatlr Improved
In Its typoirraphlcal appearance. Our list tut
fncreasod largely since that time, for which we
thank our numerous voluntary agents through-
n Sk Irtnal Dlalna Tnttta tviait ilaviA rhrtav.
uui tuo iujbi wbeiiioe( vuuu tuaa tiuso, uuae-
ever, tho price, of labor . of material have
increased upwarda of Ofty per cent. Invlow
Magistrate, to use their utmost endeavors to
lre. our circulation. This Is the only w.y
by which we can be able to Veep the Wkxlt
""""" -. P to , uei m.n
tl has occupied dating the last six months.
Wo dcslro a large camber of subscribers for
Vtio political campaign, which has opened by
tho nominations made at tho Baltimore Con
vention. We propoeu to send our weekly paper for the
nurtrul nf al mnntha. from the first of Juno to
tho flret of December, which will cover the
cimpaigD and full returns of the Presidential
election, ot tho tow rates at which It Is now
funilfthcd to fubecrlbert,
There Is no city, town, or village In tho loyal
Bute which cannot furnish us soms subscri
bers. Let the work of making tip clubs com
mence at once. Wo "hive printed a large edi
tion of tbe numbers for the present month, and
can furnish back numbers to all who nay de
slro them. Bpeclmcn copies will be lent.when
Tho terms for tho campaign are as follows 1
One copy, six months, lit threo copies, six
months, 92.50; ten copies, six months, $7,150.
City Hall, WAsninoTon, D. C. )
AliariiBt QA INali I
Sealed Proposals will be received at this office,
until WKDNDY,81s- day of August, IBM, at
14 o'clock, ., for furolshln supplies for the
tear endlnsr Ju e SO. 1SSS. as ner schedules an
nexed hereto Proposals must be endorsed ' Pro-
posaisior iuei,""OioKB, aiatiooerr,"or" rur
i.ltnra ain.i fillieallaneou tiunnlles." aa the ease
ti ay be. it poaais mav do maua lor ine wnoie or
tna Kueirenuireo. or lor me Drouor ion lor anv
one or more distrlo e. The Fuel to be delivered at
the expense or tne ooniraoior, in eucn quantities
and at such times aa oisy bo dettguaWd by the
rs-smmlttra on Kunnllea. All artloleti axeent Fuel.
to be delivered at the expense ef the contractor,
at tbls ottt e, or at the several Seho 1 Houses, aa
th t?n t.mlttea mav aleet. AathenuaDtltleaaoaol-
llrd In th soheiiule are only estimates of probable
requliements, the right is reserved to require
more or a oepl less, at the option of the Commit
tee. The contract In each case will be awarded to
we lowest response Dona n.,, oiuoar, t oe ne
termtned by the Committee. The Committee re
serve to themselves the right to reteoi any or all
bias, if deemed for the interest of the Corporation.
Thoae alona whose offers shall be accented wilt be
notified. Information may be obtained of John
scsioiu, treasurer. juhai u. a,o.3,
Chairman Com. on Supplies B, 1 . P, S.
Sunn ule A. Fuel,
Coal Anthracite, White Ash I5J to mi to be ep.
iiorllotieJ enuailv In the four hool dlttrlcts.
Eindllng Wood Mixed Oak aad Pine 30 eords tto
e aiHwrtioneu rauauy miai luurimvui uib
ScniotLC B Books.
JlOiy uiuio i unirn vvyw, a w , icKtuer
Worcester's Frononelog Speller 3 doien copies
pcnoiar's i-on),iiJion uduo n,iin
rariter n wataon's first naauer uozen copies
' Second Reader 4 doxsa coplee
11 " Thirt header 8 doxen copies
" " Fourth Header ldotenoopes
Quackeubcs1 History of United States 1 dozen
Shu tlitTs Governmental Instructor 1 dozen cop
ies American Musical Class Boob t dozen copies
fl- an's spelling Rook 1 noten eeplee
Colburu'e ental Arithmetic 4 dozen copies
swan a Primary School Spelling Book 3 doien
Fl s Lessons In History United States 1 dozen
Concordia 3 dozen eoplta
Warr n'a Pnui ry Geogrphy 4 doeo copies
Guidon Wrevh o dozen copies
Parker - .Vatsun's Primer or Word Builder S
rosen copies
D4vl-e f imery Arithmetic 8 doien copies. Re-
tied edition. UM
Davie.' Uemuts of Written Arithmetic and Prac
tical arl hmc lo 8 dozen copies, lieilsed eol
lion. 1 A3
D vies Practical Arithmetic 4 doien copies. Re
vised edition Ib63
Foolscap W Itlng Paper V reams, feet Quality
Not Writing Payer ore-ma Best quality
EueiopiSt la ge, white 1 000. Best qullty
r nvuloiies, letter, white 3 ooo. Best uunlti
Writing Ink (Oovi II a) 10 uiarti
Steel Pe s. assoitcd lOOgio.e
Lead )' nulls 0 dozen
Insist nds, plain gUss 3 dozen
thaik Lra.ooe, pilme quality f0 gross
Potter e. Hetnmoud'a WrltUg Books, Noj, 1 to 13
Included 1 lOxeue .pies ufesch
lates, ttby 1-1 dux n
Slat s, 10 y 13 .dozen
Slates, Ub) 11-1 dozen
Three-string Brooms ud zen
No. 4 i weeping Brush. 3 dozen
No. I DU.t Brusbea Adoirn
h nk i oor Mats 6 dozen
Hemp Door Mats 'J dozen
Hub Pans 3d' at n
Wft'er BuckttB, cedar, unpatnted, Iron bound 3
d sen r
Tumb re, pressed glass, beet quality 5 dozen
ater oupe, IU, ptut 10 doj. u
W ah BBin,tlu 4doen
rJtiihcnwaie Pitobers, X gal.? deetu
l oal hovels 3 dozen
Cual Ifxts, is tuches-1 dozen
Cuai Hod, 18 Inches 1 dozen
Pukere l dozen
lauieBrlls luo.cn
t?pon. e. meal im s lbs
lowcilng, linen crash 2ou yards. auUi-tt
At uubt 1,1861. aUl
t't . v. I. vi n m m. a i n t
lol Union street, Boston, Mass ,
'1 ho only manufacturers In the U ited etatee of
Erass Alphabets and Figures, to any great extent,
crtn auy variety.
Sold at wholesale at tha Lowest Cash rrlees.
Also, the best of In.Mlble Stensli fob, very cheap.
stencil Dies, and all litnds ol Stencil Ktosk. lanuf
nfi nrotdrrs promptly attrnled tn iyw 3m
lie ad I ne; oa the Hall for Cnlcaffo.
About seTente.cn vearaem.. Mr. Hosea Bli?-
low, of Jsalam, contributed somo iprlghtlj
yertes to tho Boston Courier of those days (not
of these.) They were afterwards published,
with others not less lively. In a convenient
Tolnme, edited by Homer Wilbur, A.M., wbleh
baa latterly been Included In the works or
James 31 ni sell Lowell, doubtless for reasons
satisfactory to Mr. lllglow and his editor,
Thero Is ono poem In the collection called
iuo .veusio in ino occnit," wnicn, as air.
Calhoun Is Us hero who was, spcaklcc hu
manly, thereat author of this war wohnvo
thought might be a subject of fruitful medita
tion to delegates upon their way to Chicago.
They will remember that General Jackson,
whe used to bo rood Democratlo author It v.
said that tho slavery agitation would be the
next excuse of the secessionists, N'or will they
forget that Mr. Jefferson Davit, In his conver
sation with Colonel Jacques snd Mr. GUmorc,
has just con Armed the General's prophecy.
Tho younger delegates to Chicago, who aro
pondering compromise or reunion upon tho
terms of the disciples of Mr. Calhonn, may not
uo uQwiuiog io ou rc.m.nueaina.ucncraiijBc.v
son was always sorry that ho did not hing Mr.
Calhoun. Ilarper'a Wttlly,
sot to a ffuasataiiVNC
"Here we sia .' on tbe Constitution, by thunder
It's a fact ' wieh tber's bu-hlls o proofs)
for how could we trample on'C ao, I winder,
kf 't wo'B'itnM li'entlere uderour hooist"
let John C. Calhooa. sex he:
" Human rlhta halo, no mote
hijtjtat to como on this Hour,
No tuo.e'n the nan In the mooo," act he.
'The North halnt ao hlid .' btiitss with nothtn1,
aiu-jDU'ii uu iut uow muuo Domer n saves i
We a til i.o ne rtiedby tneir frettian1 fro bin'.
We'te u td tolsvm'tbest my onourslaMS,'1
Get J nn u Ouh ion, sri c
bxM iter Kuotv,
11 saitU d Iko to shoot Ihf,
The hull a of, by the Rett horn eioe..t"ix
"Freedom's Kystonc Is Elavery. tbet thct'e no
doubt on.
It'esuitbin uet's-whaM'yeetll It? divine
An' in' eiavee tnei wuuiien tnoMrine meat out on
Air mem norm c niaeon n' uiaon's UtC,"
Ses John C Calhoun, aei be,
"Fer all thei, sciManguai ,
"TwoU'ej be betur toh-iiig 'etn,
An' so git cd on 'em soon," bci bv
"The mass oust.' to labor eii wo lav on soUUs.
That's the reasin I want to s,iia4 trcvtiutn's
It puts ail tbe eu nlntstoouslntulce,
ai.' reeiiMS our maker's ong' ai M c,'
Sez Jnhn V. Caihuun, sez he,
" het a eapiain," Lass,
tx ihct sOiiie t.ne'e an ait,
It's .t clear tl the sun is at noon, ttt he
" Now dou't go to say I'm the friend ol oppression,
But keep ail juur spare breath ter eooiiu our
Fer I oliers hev itro e (at least tint's my luprea
sln) To ma.e eussid frie with the rights o' tho
SrtJobnC Calhoun, sez he
' Ye ," see uavls o Miss ,
" The perfectmn o bliss
Is in skinnU ttitt same old coon, ' sez he.
"Slavery's a thing tbet depends on complexion
It's Ooi's law ihct fetters on black sains don't
fc( brains wux to settle it (horrid reflection T)
Wich of our onnaMe booy'd be salt T"
Cl John C, Calhoun, set he,
Bex Mister Hann-ffan,
Afoie he b-gan agio,
" fhet exception la cjuite oppcrtoou," it . he
MOennle Cass, sir, you needn't be twltohin' jour
Your merit's quite clear by tho dut oil your
kne a;
At the North we don t make no distinctions o'
You can aU take a lick at our shoes wen you
Sez John C. Calhoun, sez ht,
Sez Mister Jarnagtn,
"They wun't hev to laru agio,
They all on 'em know the old toon' sez he
"1 he slavery question ain't noways bewlUeiln,
North an' (South hev one Int'rest, It's plain to a
No'thero men, like us patriarch, don't sell Ihetr
Bat tbc tfu sell themselves, cf they git a good
Ses Jonn C, Calhoun, sez he,
Sez Atherton here,
"1Mb laglttin' severe,
I wish I could dive like a loon, -ay he.
"I'll brealt up the Union, this tails about freedom,
An' your faoi'ry gala (soon az we split) 'll make
An' glttin aome Miss chief or other to lead 'em,
'11 go to work ratlin' prooilscoous Ned,"
Sez John C. Calhoun, sez he,
"Yes, the Nor b," sex Colquitt,
"Ft we Southerners all quit,
Would go down like a busted balouu, it he.
'Jest look wut is do In', wut unnykj ' brewln',
In the beauUful clime o' the olive an Inci
All the wise arlstoiv Is tutntlln' to ruin,
An1 the &ank)Iots droiln' and drlnMn their
Si a John C. Calhoun, sez he:
" es." sa Juuuaon, "in Frame
They're biglnnlng to dance
Brlzebub s otvn rlgadoon," sez he
11 The South's safe enough, lt don't feel a mile
Our slat es In thrlr darkness an'dut air tu blest
Not to welcome with pioud hallylugera the cry
Wen ourcsglo kicks youtn from the national
Stz John C Calhoun, sez be;
oh,"sez WeiteoU, o( Florida,
M Wut (reason Is horrlder
Thenourpmiltgestryln'toprooui ' sc h .
"It's eoz thf)'ieso hippy, thet, wen crazy sar
heir nose la our blzaeis, u c (fit so darned
We tblok it's our dooty to give pooty sharp hints,
1 bet the last cruoiDul Ldin on alrth shan't be
&ei Jobo C. Calhoun, sez hep
11 a b," ia a Dix n 11. Lewis,
" It prf.o ly tru-ts
lhat Saatcrj's ttirtU'sgretlistbojn, nt Lc.
The Friiih Heto u loo fl441.
A Fism OccniuiKi'i. Tho Troj Tumi
tdla tbo dillonlng fuunj story about thu lots
of a inlrron
A thrifty clilz'n of West Trny, desirous to
pluasa his b ttur hair, and propu ly adorn his
' palatial ' nAdLDCC, purchased a 135 mirror,
' i hlcb was cheap ana J u.t suited hr." 1 ho
purihsser concluded to carry tho mirror homo
himself, aud not trust Its transmission thence
to the perils of a porter. With tiled inusclo
and pouring sweat, ho arrived on the at.
Charles lioul corner.
The fcrrv boat was "ou lolhcr aide of Jor
dan," and thoowucr of the precious mirror was
thlrtty therefore the mirror was stood up
ajolnst the hotel stoop, on the sidewalk, aud a
smell b'.y was hidden to natch ll, whllu lis
owner stepped Into tho bar to get "callilng" to
cool himself with. At this unlucky moment, a
final hlniHtdf with. At thlsuoluckv mamimt. n
large billy ttat, which enjoys tho freedom of
the city, aud is familiar to ell tho residents lu
tust vicinity tor nis famous uuuiur powers,
cume leisurely alooj the sldcn alk. Tho small
boy lu charge of thu mirror flud on tho double,
quick, iu scrlooa apprehension of being
The treat kubt ou his career until he ranpht
alcht oi another coat reflected Iu tho noli.hcd
surface of the jrfass. Then ho 6teppcd beck
some doien feet, rcarca aiou uia cauaal ap.
m- J-n nnnAtl.vAdn tTTtv rtv.11nl.i H .k1.A.
of the Lead, and roshed on his shadony ad-
vcrsary with a power of ' buck" which of all
tho creatures of the animal kingdom tbo goat
alnno noasesMs. Iho irlsss was shattered In a
spray of fraamoals, and tho goat went through
the back of tho mirror up to his head and
shoulders. Whether the coat was more astou
Uhcd at tho otter demolition of his opponent,
or the owner of tho mirror at his unexpected
10BB, is one oi uio prouiuuis yti uusoivca
A MM.UotCLis.nyounuaud slender ho- A miieUMShsitt wlfo iu Manchester, En--mau.
has jist commenced, at tho Alliamhra. atul, brouSUt a suit atfaluat a rallw-y comiiapy
London, tbe task of walking ono thousand or eaiieiog the dcah of her husband, and tho
miles in one thousand noors. uno porrormed
tho same tasK once uetore in Australia, ami the
Kra thinks thero Is no doubt sho can do It
pgalu ..
The UUhmond Examine
iMihr- Uu ' Impurtlatw
cnl'l iljr w Tn
InterestlDir rartlettlars or the Mobile
Wo cut the following from a prlrato later
TtrlUca by J. O, Fotbcr, a gamier on Farra
(Cut's fleet, anX published In the New Orlesns
Simultaneously ultU theopci-nf: of tho fire
from the fort, the rebel ilea hove In sight.
coming ont from behind tho fort, and tearing
donn on ns In beautifully. wicked style. They
Mcrci Tho ram Tennessee, (bearing the flag of
Admiral Buchanan,) tho Morgan, Gaines, and
Sclma. At about 7 o'clock we were all under
a galling firo from fort, fleet, and water bat
teries tho fort cutting us op generally, the
water batteries hnlllnir ns. nnd tbo fleet raklnt?
us. On the Brooklyn corning up to tho lino of
torpedoes, she discovered the outer buoy that
flostcd and kept them In position. She Iramc-
aiaisiy saecreu, ana, in avoiding them, ran
agronnd. This cnuiod a momentary confusion
in too unc.au having to stop aod reverse ens-Iocs
the Hartford and Richmond col lid 1 De
but the delay was only toraporary. Tho Hart
iuru seeing mo way cicar,eiaricu aucau again,
and the Brooklyn floating olf about the same
moment, we all went bowling along. Dot don't
tor a mom ont suppose that this temporary de
rangement caused any disorder or confusion i
not at all was our flro for a moment slackened,
nor a vessel, (except the Brooklyn, for a few
moments,) out of line. It was aboqt this time
luatthu unfortunato Tecum sen went down, a
lorpodo exploding directly under hoc, and caus
ing her to sink instantly, carrying down wit
her all bands with the exception of the pilot,
an onslcn. aod six or setin others. Bv this
llrao most of tbo lloo bad got bejond rango of
mo inns, anu their navy Dad tw-daddicd back
to tbo fort. But thu Muaco tact and Tort Boyal
bolngaentto iutercupt them, tho for mi r sue
cecdid In cutting oU tho fiulma, aud, after a
ery brief engegument, captured htr. Tho
Oeelda aod Uaitna, btlug tho nar guard, re
ceived particular attention from the lort, which
peppered them untnercl fully, and succeeded in
crippling tbe Oneida, by putting a shot In her
boiler. Tbo Galena, proverbially slow, ws
scarcily able to extricate hcriulf from this
somewhat critical position. Not nntll they
were both raked two or thrLO limes were they
able to clear themselves.
About this time Fins slcnollziMl to como to
anchor. Thu well wcruonucek congratulating
each other, and tho woundcJ, dead and djlog
bolog properly cared for, when the long roll
waa again beat, aud "tho ram Is comlmr up."
nas heard on all sides. Wo rushed on dock to
get a glimpse of our antagonist, aod sure
cooagu tncre sdo was, coming up under a run
head of steam, enveloped In smoko, shield well
creased, and altogether looked the most formi
dable monster you could possibly Imagine
Flag signalized tho MonongabeU and the
acawsns to engage the enemy. Tho Monou
gahcla being nearest to her. cot at her first.
striking her obliquely, and scndloz Into bar a
plunging broadside. We then got pointed at
her, (tiring at her meanvrhllo,) and succeeded
In striking htm fair and square amidships,
a wallow Ing oor own cutwater, stem, aod open
ing our plank ends so that a man could almost
crawi into our forward storeroom. The ram
swung on our port side, and as sho was drift
ing past sha emptied her broadside Into ns,
sending two Brooks' sholls In on our berth deck,
both of which exploded, killing two and wound-
loir ten or twelve men. flut tbnt was tho end
of tho Tennessee In rebel hands, t-J tuvtr fired
another rliot at antbocf." Onr colliding with
ner gave nersucn a tremcnaoussnocK, causing
ucr to careen over ana ariving ner men trout
her guns, and it was uot without a great dlQl
culty that her o Ulcers, headed by their Admiral.
were able to get the marine only back to the
guns, uu. irom mo moment ene camo wunin
range, everybody was tlrlnjr Into her. and even
at the timo of our collision shots from other
vessels were sweeping across our decks at her.
As soon as sbo cleared from us she dropped
under our stern, and was about to rake us, hut
having but ono gun Iu position, tho crew of Lt
were driven from lt by our musketeers, odr
scrgcant of marines knocking over the man in
tho act of prlmlnir, which undoubtedly saved
our shlpi for, from tho position of tho gun, It
ituuiu iiBvu imu inrougu our engine-room,
aud most probably otir boilers. Wo then
started ou another circle to ram blin again j
but tho Hartford eomlng up towards tho ram,
aud both of us beading obliquely to each other,
a collision was Inevitable. Wo reversed our
cngiues, but before wo could get stern-way on
our ship wo collide J wo itriklng the Hartford
between her main aod mlzzcn masts, cutting
through to her deck, cutting uo ports In ono
and nearly down to tho water's edge. By the
timo that we cleared each other the two Iron-
aud, iho being a helpless cripple, pierced
through bcr shield, steering apparatus shot
awsy, anu smovC-suicic gouo, ana Aumirai
I wounded, sho surrendered lo tho fleet. (Japt.
Ulrand (rormerlyor tho lenncssee) was sent
aboard to receive tho surrender, with an Invi
tation from our Admiral to Buchanan to como
aboard tho Hnrtford as his guest, or go torcn
a a cola a prisoner, aud ha preferred going to
Atlagoftruco was sent down to tho fort for
pcrmlssiou for a vessel to go to lVusacola with
the v, ounded of both tides, being Indorsed 'with
a personal request from Buchanan to General
l'oge, (formerly of our navy,) permission was
,iuuhhy ntm vui 111 auuuvaij eiiJUUVHUii,
i that wo could send to Fensacola, provided
uo vessel would como uacK. as he. f tne uen
erai) considered us all his prisoners;" so that
nlghitho Metacomct left with all the nouuded.
Tho prisoners were distributed among tho tlout,
and all hands Dined down fur tbo ulitlit. ex
cepting tho gourd aud picket boats. Early tho
util morning a flag of truco from Fort Galois
camo oU to tbo Admiral to negotiate a surren
der of the fort, they bUng Invested by tho army
n ho bad landed In tho eouud simultaneously
v tin our movement . uey v, isnca to aurreu
dur tbo fort to thu narv. and nut to Xearo tol
dun. Of eouriMj.mr Admiralcould not accept
of the surreodcr v unout urat consulting ueu.
urauger, wutcu uo imme'uiatciy uiu.
Abuui tun o'clock wu recttlved our Admiral's
congratulatory order, or rather address, (In
cioblJ.1 I omitted lo state tint abuut sun
down a smoke was observed on Fort Powell,
ana couimenceu uariuug ucaumuuy. iuo
magazlnu exploded about 11J o'clock, p. m.t
with a aoauniug re'porii iuu garrieoti io sup
posed to have etcjped to Fort Ualncs,
ClTX CA119 IN l'lIIIS. AbOUt 0 WCCk O'Oi
baud of joung thieves, denominated "Francs
Molneaux,"feil luto the clutches of tho nut- or
Itice. and ro. caled a stale ul society which could
novcr hao becu suiM'OSed to exist iu Imperial
runs, licre i n rt.-);uitiriy uruiuu corps OI
aguuon i, wuo, uuviu ucscneu mo paternal
roof, were louud existing on plunder and sloou-
Ing with such bed-fillowi as rats. Tho chief
ot tb se "freo aud easy sparrows" was a lad of
nine; the other gentlemen or tho "troupe"
averaged six years of age. Haying eUeetud a
good stroke ot Dusiocss, tucy went to a public
. bjlh. and afturwards Indulged In hot wlno. and
demanded llicu stronger stimulants. Thosus.
ricions 01 inu ma.iei m iuu uueus was arouscai
! I. . jtfi. i. Ti fript,.l l.in A Till aatll1 tAtit a Am. 11
not aeeouut for the money In their possession,
they wtro taken before a inoRlstrato. For sl
' mouths this baud had been living ou what It
could btcal. 'Iho ' Francs Molueaux" had
hecu preceded y nnother band called tbo
"Hwallowsof tbo Hrldgeof Arcola,'Mvho for
o loni; timo bnd roosted under a bridge which
' M. llausemauu, Prefect of tho fcclne, inn sc
frutn his bed room wludowa at tho Hotel do
' ni..
""J """'"-'-- -
A i oi .no man w ho was Injured ou tho . ork-
suiro rauroau sucu tno company for jc.uuu,
nii.t I tin Into shn I rtnrl tint nstn vaaintniil n Bfr.
dirt or XJ,euu,whlrli mav '" r"-nri?n n nnmp tiau u'ivn oi a uiost luuwaiu auu imumj vut
t' tti'l om- tpi i 'er ' " p rli wof tin- a' oi 'ten iitv r
TuziDAV, August SO, lJ
The convention reassembled al 4 o'clock.
Mr. Guthrie stated that tha CommiLleo on
Resolutions had agreed, and cro rcsdy (o
Tho reio lotions vera read, as follows:
JUtdeeit, That In the future, as In the past.
we will adhere with unswerving fidelity to tho
u nion anu ine i-onsiiittlion, ana insist on main
talnlnfc onr national unity as the only aolld
foundation of our strength, teenrltr. and hao-
plncss aa a people, and es tho framework of
uovcrnmem enuauy conaueive to tho welfare
and prosperity or an tho states, both northern
and southern.
JUtolveJ, That this eouvenUon docs explicitly
declare, as tho sense of the American people,
that, aflcr fonr years of fallnre to restore tho
Union by the experiment of war, daring which,
under tho pretence of military necessity, or the
war !ower, higher than the Constitution, tho
Constitution Itself has been disregarded lnevutv
nart. end Public liberty and private rlzht aliko
trodden down, and tho material prosperity of
tuo country essentially impaired. i usiicofmu
manity, liberty, and tho public welfare demand
that Immediate cflorts be made for tho ccssallou
of hostllltlcs.wllh a view to an ultimata conven
tion of all tho States, or other Peaceable means
to that end. that, at the 'earliest rrartlcahla
mom ont, pcaco may bo restored on tho basis of
ine teutrai union oi i no D mice.
A'czofvetf. That tho direct Interference of tbo
military auihorlty of tho United Btatcs In tho
recent elections held In Kentucky, Maryland,
Missouri, and Delaware was a shameful viola
tlou of tho Constitution, and a repetition of
sucuacuin tao approaching election win do
nuu as revolutionary, ana to do resisiea wuo
all tho means and power under onr control.
Aitwif'tv, mat too aim ana object or tno
Democratic party Is to preserve tbo Federal
Union and the rUrhti of the States unimpaired!
and tbey hereby dcclaro that they consider Ad
mlnlstratlTC usurpation of extraordinary and
dangerous powers not grantod by tho Constitu
tion, tho subversion of thectvll by military
law In States not In Insurrection! the arbitrary
military arrest. Imprisonment, trial, and sen
tence of American citizens In States where
civil law exists tn foil forcct tho suppression
of the freedom of spocch and of tbo press j tho
aeniai or mo rignt ot asyium, tee open ana
avowed disregard of State rlzhls: tbe employ
mcul or unusual test oaths, and the Interference
wltb and denial of the right of tho people to
bear arms, as calculated to prevent a restora
tion of tbo Union, and tbe perpetuation of
uoYcrnmeui "aeriving us just rot era rrom the
consent of tho governed."
JtuoloeJ, That tho shameful disregard of the
Administration to its duty la respect to our
luiiow-cuizcas woo now are, anu long nave
been, prisoners of war, In a eutferlng condition,
deserves the severest reprobation and scoru
alike of the public and common humanity.
Jitioltcit. 'lhat tho svmoathv of tho Demo
cratic party Is heartily and earnestly extended
to tho soldiers of our army, who aro and have
been In tho field under tho llag of our country,
and, tn tho event of our attaining power, they
will rccelvo all tho care, protection, regard,
ana -tnaness inst Dravo soldiers oi tno ncpuO'
lie have so nobly earned.
Mr. Long, of Ohio, oQercd au ameudment,
to como In after the ilrat resolution, namely,
the first Kentucky resolution of 17V3, drafted
bv Thomas Jefferson. Mr. I.onir submitted
that now. of all other times, this resolrtlon
amrmtag mate rights ongnx to ue reaaopioa
and reaffirmed.
Tbe rrosiccnt. under tho rules, deelared tho
resolutions rr ist be submitted to the Commit
tee on ICcsoIat'one.
Mr. Cor. of Ohio, move 1 the previous nues
Mr. Long hoped his colleague would with
draw bis motion, as he desired to move an
amendment that would pIsco this convention
tn u position favoring peace beyond tbo mis-
t air Ad At Alia fiittttAt Itnniiairn IT nviaf il
SUniB Ui BUI i,'UII.'VBI Uj4Utlu, iiv vuuiu
tiot po for any resolutions that may bo con-
struea cither way uy men or aniercnt views in
tbo convention.
Mr. Cox Insisted npuu hU motiou, and tbe
previous qncstlou being ordered, the resolutions
were adopted, with but few dliaonllng voices
Jt was then moved that tho convention vro
cceu to ine nomination 01 a cami data for frts-
Mr. John 1'. Stockton, of Mew Jersiy, lu bo
half of tho delegation of that State, nominated
Gen. (leorgo 11. McClellan.
Air, o,d. uox,oi u ii io,i n oeiiait ot a portmu
of tho Ohio delegation, recouded tlio nomina
tion. Mr. Sautsbury, of Delaware, uomluale'd dnv.
rowcll, of Kentucky,
Mr. Powell returned his thanks to the genii o
man, but ho firmly believed the crisis demanded
tho candidate of the party should como from
a non elavoholdlog Btsto, Ucllevlng so, he
begged tbo gentleman and his colleague from
the gallant State of Dclanaro to withdraw his
Mr. Stewail, hi behalf of thu Oklu ilui'ga
tion, nominated Thomas II. Seymour.
Mr. Wlcklltrc, on behalf of a portion of the
dilegatlon from Kentucky, nominated Trauk
Un Pierce.
Mr. U. O. Harris, of Maryland, slcouJiJ iho
nomination of Thomas II. Seymour, and pro
ceeded to eulogize his party services and abili
ties. Mr. Harris continued os follows i
Olio man named horo to-day li a tyrant
cheers tind hisses ho who first Initiated tho
policy by which our rights and liberties were
stricken down, that man Is George U. McClcl
Isn. Confusion. Maryland, which has suf
fered so much at tbe hand of that man, will
not submit lo his nomination In slloncc. lilt
oITcdccs shall bomado koown. 1 Ids Conten
tion is a jury appulnted by tbo pooplo to pass
upon tbo merits of public muu whoso names
mav bo presented lur the eupitort of tho trrcat
Democratic party. Gen. McClellau, 1 repeat,
la n tvrant. Great confusion. 1 Ho etood
hero to lndleaio Uin- A delegate I call
hlut to order M
The l'resldem bdld he hoped thero wus no
man present who would dony the rlttht ot free
speech i certainly no Democrat will. At thu
same time ho hoped no duleato would feel
called upou to purauu a cotirsu of reina'ks io
otluaisivu as to Interfere with the harmony of
tne courenuou.
Mr. Harris reud MeCIellun't order ol arrest
against the Maryland Legislature, and pro
e ceded to comment upon the same, but the eon
fusion was so great that tbe speaker could not
bo heard, except to say all tho charges of usur
pation aud tyranny thatcan bo brought aKaiust
iiucoiu aua uuuer ue can mate anu traujun
tlato against McClellau. Ulsacs, ehoers, and
cries oi "voto lor Jen. uavis'"
Tho rrcalds&t wished tho couvcutlou nould
como to oima tnere is noaitai.- maae ncrc,
ho said, but xhM can be made else where, and
tbe gentleman against whom theso charges are
ucing maao desires tncy snail uo maoo nuw auu
iiero, so tpat no can mot ana eipiain iuvia.
Thcso Interruptions do injustice to oursolvc
to tbo Speaker, and to the distinguished gentle
man against Ahnm thev aro made. Let the
gentleman fiom .Marjlaud hate t full hearing,
and afterwards hear the other tide rr.uu gen
tlemen who are read) and aMe to make o foil
Mr. Harris i roct-Lltd lo mi ihat McLlelUn
was an assassin of State rights, a u-nrpcr of
liberties, and, ir nominated, ho ould ho beaten
cverywhero,us hewasut Ahtletam. He added,
iu ftnWi nnt tru homo and ask tho members ol
that Larlslaiurc to ole forsueh a man. He
would not himself oiu Tor hltn. Hisses.
ol order, that the gentleman haying said he
ould not .oiu fur McClellau If nominated, he
bad uo rhiht to take art lu tho proceeding of
'1 ho l'resldcut dccldeU tho polul of ordtr well
taken, und, ajild thu wildest confusion .Mr.
lljrtls retired from tho stand.
Mr. Carriirau said that far many tears tbe
relations between that gvutlemau and himself
the preservation of the moraU of tbe conven
tion, he felt bound to raise the point of order.
.ivuun moYcuinaino oo auowea to proceed
In order.
General Morgan, of Ohio, as a fellow-sol-dier
of McClellau, could not remain silent
wuku ino name ana ramo of lhat distinguished
General were so shamefully Impugned. Tho
charges cre untrue. The Maryland Legisla
ture was In session at Ann.ttl n-r,Jl t..
Johnston, of tho rebel army, was al Annspollt.
-Ti V "-jiviuicu, una certain mem
bers of the Lrclslaturo wpm th MMr,u.iA
They Intended that the 8uto should secede!
and an ordinance of secession was framed.
Maryland was to bo Invaded, overwhelmed by
the enemy, and taken out ef tha Union. What
did General McClellau do J He simply took
tho best Precaution In his power to thwart the
treasonable scheme j and, had ho not done so,
ho would have been eulltyof tho vilest treason.
The man who says General Mc CI el Ian Is a
tyrant docs not know him. A thorough sol
dlcr, with the gentleness of a woman, and the
courage oi non, no Dravcr, no more amiable,
and kind, and generous-hearted gentleman ex
ists on the face or the earth) and no greater
Ubet was ever uttered than when such a man
Is called traitor, f AppUuse.
Mr. Eatoo, of Connecticut passed a high
eulogy upon Thomas II. Bcyuionr, Imt added
his name was used hero wlthoat his wish and
without the request or tho Conncctlcnt delcga
Mr. Hsrrls, 'of Maryland, explained that
what bo said was that he could not go beforo
tbe people of Maryland and ask them or tbe
members of tho Legislature to voto for Mc
Ckljaii. Ifo did not say ho would not vote for
him, tut felt himself bound to voto for tbe
enndidsto of tbo Convention. Tha name of
Got, rowcll was then withdrawn.
Mr. WlckUllb withdrew tho name of Frank
lin Pierce.
Mr. Jones, of Maryland, reirrctuid that tha
gentleman who took a stand in defence of Mc
Id lun assumed tbo ground that he waa Jastl-
ow uccausu oi me coiiusion oeiweea tne mem
bers of tho Legislature and any rebel General
or army.
Had he put it upon the ground tbat he actod
upon credible evidence, bo might have re
mained silent, but ho could not permit tbo
wr,,'iB'iiure to rem am unacr sucu a isisenoou.
Gen. More an explained tbat he Intended to
say tbat McCIellan acted upon testimony re
gardod as credible.
Mr. Jones said, so far from being credible, lt
has ever been pronounced by tho victims of
tbat action an utter falsehood.
Tho Legislature had no power to pass an or
dinacce of secession. These arrests demanded
immediate trial, even by a drum-bead court
martial; but Instoad of giving that which the
law guarantees to tho poorest citizen, tbey
wro told tbey could have their liberty by giv
ing their parole. Some, worn out bv the fa
tigues ot Imprisonment, did finally give their
paroi e; ouiomers preferred to yield their uvea
rather than submit lo the humiliating test tbat
was required oi them. They sutTered long, ana
yet to this day tbey know not their accusers.
Still, ho belletcd McCIellan was too much of a
gentleman and Chrlstlau lo act as he did, ex
cept upon what ho deemed credible-evidence.
Mr. Holmsn, of New Jersey, moved that tho
debate ou tbo candidates bo closed, and also
moved tho previous question.
Mr. McNeil, of Illinois, on behalf of a por
tion of the Illinois delegation, and, aa he be
lieved, of a majority of the delegates of the
great norm wise, nominated liorauo oeymour.
irroiongea cneers. j
ino rresiaeni saia tuo motion waiout oi
Motions to adlourn were maie. but declared
out of order.
Mr. Long, of Ohio, look tbe stand lu opposi
tion to McClellau, He said Lincoln had been
g jllty of Interfering with tbe freedom of speech,
the freedom of elections, and of arbitrary ar
rests, j to continuca I in your resolutions you
ha vo arraigned him before tho people of tho
country for these tyrannies and usurpations;
and jet you propose lo nominate a man who
has gone even farther than Lincoln tn perpe
trating similar tyrannical measures upon tha
sacred prhllegos and rights of tbo people.
McClellau Is guilty of tbo arrest of tho Legis
lature of a sovereign State.
He has suspended tho writ ol Juxbeai corpiu,
ami helped to enforce an odious emancipation
proclamation of Lincoln) tho willing Instru
ment of a corrupt and tvraunlcal Administra
tion, aiding, whllo possessing military power,
all its cflorts to strlnAmcrlcanfrcemenof their
dcaron liberties, will you so fsr stultify your
selves as to mako him tho standard-bearer of
the Democracy I With all his heart he hoped
not. Ho had never done otherwise, and as be
tween Lincoln aud Fremont, and any man
calliug himself even half Democrat, be would
liavo a choice, and would be found voting with
bl Ir lends j but he begged the convention not
to nominate McCIellan.
AlmoH any other tnau whoelaltns to bo a
Dimocrat would satisfy him. and would sat
isfy tho Northwest. Weak as is your platform
iu mauv rcspetts. we will stand up aud do all
lu our power to maintain It) but, In God's
name, do not add to tts weakness by placing
such a mau la nomination.
Mr. Carrlgan. of rcnnsyUauu, followed Iu
answer to Harris, and quoted from McClellan's
letters to llurnslde, to Halleck, and to Duel,
wnen mesa gentlemen were unacr niui, to snow
ho invariably admonished them that tbe onh
ol'Jcit of the war was to preserve Iho Integrity
of tho Union aod tho majesty of tbo lairs, and
that ho Invariably cautioned them to strictly
guard against any Infringement upon iho rights
ul property and peraou. Great applause.
'iho lal two spunkcrs wcro constantly Inter
rtiptod by motions to adjourn. Objections lo
najournuiLut w uo raisou iu au quarters, out u
11 was raplllv growing dark, and the gas not
uauug uucu i-eruaucen mvu tug mtf-iaui, iui;
opiHjueuis of adjournment, who were evidently
iron jcai nau tu concuuo tuu poiut, aua iuv
Convention adjourned till to-morrow.
Tho McClellau. tea say tho dubate did their
candidate no harm, and are sanguine of sacai
Cuicioe), Aug. U). When Harris, ol Mar
laud, was making towards hi seat, alter Uilag
declared out of order because of bis remark
that, If McCIellan was nomlnstod, ho would
not support him, a person, uot a delegate, al
though sitting wUhlii tho clrtle, said to him
"iou ought to bo turned out of tbo contention,
you d i traitor'' whereupon Harris turned
?ound and knocked him out oi hi chair.
'Ibl3 lucident contributed much to tbe guiio
ral (.onfu.i)ii. whieb prevailed for several
tumults, 'lu-oi-bl HarrU and Long, and
those w ho 6 rauaibu 1th them, are making
utreunous fftjrt ts secure a one third vol
ofalnst McClellau. ...
1 oosaugulue, conciliator) ,oud paclllo course
tiuibv Mr. Guthrie, ou the Commliuu
ou Kesolutlons, seems to meet with warm ap
proval from tho McUlellanlte, and to-night
ho towers up a strong candidate lor k-o . resi
"Will nn Mvn nift ttium rtftinlJ UOWf" HSld
ii big newsboy to a little cue, after glvlog him
u sevcro thumping. "So, I won t. Then
I'll give j ou auotnor iiuuuu.ut,. ---- - -j
Mo nnd Dr. Fiaulalin agrees. Dr. Franklin
says, take care of tlio peOet, aud tho pouuJs
n ill take caro of them-ves. '
Tiiit river CIde has been a prolific source
of blockade runners. They are described by
tho Gncnoek papers as constantly on the alert,
tuihei trjia,; their cngiues or leaviugi are of
great speed anu very handsome vessels, as
(Wu wo have caught have generally proved.
A i msicuN onco boasted to Sir Heury Hal
i-.-.i ...1... tlf ...a lha Ami tn il ipover thu
Asiatic cholera, and communicate il to tho
public ' ,--,,
Am iviiieatrian statue of Frauds 1 ts about to
lo erected at Cognac where Im (smlthc htai
an lv t ri 'tirn

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