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It pnbllihed OTcrt'aflCTnoon (Buud.ji except-
M) bj W. J. MDBT10Hft00.Wlttflirallhl
to our ubacrlbira (by canity) t 131 ccoU per
week, or &5 cent per month.
Mtll lubicrlben, 10.00 par annum 13.50
fjr ilx monthi, and (2.00 for thro month,tn
TarUbly In advance.
Blnglo coplct , Tnu Ciirri.
gtntional lcpullifaiu
Oneaanaro. thraadaTa tAM
fJnesquart), fjnrdayt .".1.V '' 8 CO
uoe square, avadays g gg
One square, slg day..,,, .'...".!! IJ10
Everv nther dav ditrtUami an . L .
.ddlllo'n.1. .-.-w
Twlc . nk, per cent lUltlontL
Kfirbt line, or let rnn.tllale i(iq.r.
AriVfrtteamenU .hnDld b. h.nilHa In t ia
NO. 238.
o'elfickf m.
Poit Orricc DcrARTtfCRT, 1
la accordance with the provision of the att ot
Congress, approved May 08,1881, wMlhlsla thi
wordi following;, to wit i
'An act to authoriz the establishment of ot-an
mail steamship scrtlee bttwcea th United
Slates and Drai I
"Be a "flcffd t.y m Sena.! end Home of tUvretcnta
tint of ihe LnttM Statet of America, in CpHarttt flt
trmbled, That tt e Postmaster General b, and bell
beret.) . authorized to unite with the General Poet
omce Oepartrneot of the Empire of Brazil.or such
officer nf the Government of Brattl at thall be an
thorti'dtoaet forthat Government, in establish
ing direct mall communication between the two
countries by means of a monthly Hoe nf first clan
American sea aotrir steamships, to be of not less
than two thousand tone burden each, acdof suf
fteleot number to perform twelve round trpt or
vnvatea tier annum between a nrl of the United
States, north ff the Potomao rfver.attd Rla de Ja
neiro, in Brazil, touch toe; at Saint Thomas, lo the
West Indira, at Pub la, I ernambuco, and such other
4'aiuinn nn intrrmeninTi port or pons a snail
be conildered necessary and expedient! Trovidtd.
That the expense nf th service tuall be divided
between the twn Governments, and that the ITM.
ted ntntea portion thereof thall not exceed the
sum ofnne hundred and nfty ttntisand dollar Tor
the performance nf twelre round trips per annum.
10 oe paia out. 01 any money appropriate. IQT ine
service ofthe Postuffloa Department.
Se. 3 And it it further enacted. That the Tost
tnaater General be, nd ha la hereby, authorized
to Invite prnpotaia for eald mall steamship service
by pub lc advertisement for the period of slaty
dive In one or more newspapers published tn the
e'tlee of l AsUiogtnn, Baltimore, Philadelphia,
hew ftrk, and i oatoo, reeiwetivew, and to eon
tract with the lowest responsible bidder for the
same lor a terra of ten years, to eommenoa from
the day the tlrsttteamsMp of the proposed line
hall depart from the U lted State with the mails
fur Brazil i PrerfcW, That proposals for monthly
trips th, it la to my, for twel ve round voyages per
annum, out a oil backare reeelved and aecepted
by hl-n wl hln the limit as aforesaid, from a party
or partloa of uadiiubleil respoDslblllty, possessing
anifile tibl'lty to furnish the ateaiiibips required
lor the set Ice, atd otlerlaa; good and sufficient
auretlea for the fal'bful performance of euan con
traot 4nd provided, fur her. That eh proposals
shall be eccrpted bjf the Goeromentof B aili,
and that Ulsti et and ceparittecontraoa with each
Governireut, n IdIor slml ar provisions, shall
be eaecute'l by such accented bbM.r or bidders)
Mih fetiernmcnt to be responsible only for Its
pro port loo ol the subst ly to le paid for the sm lee.
" -ct I. And be it juHnrr rvutcd. That any eon
tract wh'ch the Postmaster General way execute
ui der the authority of this aet shall go Into efleet
on ir before the first day of September, one thou
anl elsht hu tired and slxtvfivet aodsball.ln
a'di'loo r. the usual stlpul tiouaof rcean ail
stema lp cout riots, provide that the steamships
oflefd fnr the service shall be constructed of the
best materials and after the most approved mo lei,
with all the modern Improvements adapted for
sewnlz steamships of the first classi and shall.
bel' re tetr Approval and acco- taoce by the Post
tnxs'er General, b eubioet to lasueetlon and sur
tey by an experienced naval constructor, to be de-
laueo ior tna purpose ny ine B'creiaryoi ine
Navy, ntfnse rrp nt shall be made tothe Pos'roas
ter General) that th two Governments shall be
eutlt lel to hve tracsDortetl free of exnens
each And ever ateamer, amallageottotikecharce
of ao-t arranae the mall matter, to whom suitable
eccommoJatloos for that purposeatmll be assigned,
in i id t iti Mimre inm ny cause pvnnrm
rot ) rfi rfKiiiitr rauDimy voynptri tiipuiitiru i(
In the contract, a pro rata deduct too shall be matte
from the compensation on account nf auch omit
ted vota or toy tees) the suitable flora and pen
alt Us mav be Imposed for del t a ami irregularlMea
In the regular performance of the srrvloe accord
ing to contrac and that the Postmaster General
hll have the power to determl the contract at
any time, in ciseof Its being underlet or asilfntd
to any o her party,
ee 4 And bit furthrr tnailti, That the mall
steamships employed In the serve authorized by
this act k nil beexc upt from all port charges and
euitom-home du a at tht-portof departure and
arrival In te Unitomtatesi Provided, That a sim
ilar 1 iimumtyfiom rrteliatg aandeus nu-house
dues Is granted by llie Cot eminent of Brazil.
"Approved, Mir at), lMt "
wl 1 be recehod at the l'oit Otflce Uepartmaot. In
the cltj of Washington, until o'clock p tb.ol
6ATUKUV,the tlretdayof October, l&fll.fureon
vcymt the mails of the United States by a
monthly line of first c'ais American sea-going
te Aishlps of not less than two thousand rooa
burden, eab, and of sufficient number to perform
tuelto round oyages jc annum brtwecn a port
of the United States north of the Potomac river
and Klo de Janeiro, In Brazil, touoUtog at St,
Tbomts.lntbeWeit Indlts,andat Ushla and Per
natubuco, In Brazil, for a contract term of ten
years, to commence on or before the 1st dayol
September, ltt5, and to date from the dy the drat
steamship of such lino shall Icavo the United
fatti with the mails for Brazil
Bidders must designate the United States port of
depar'ure and arrival, and way, at ihi-ir option,
pMioe to eiiihrau. add ttiooal lutermt-diata ports
at ivhtch theateamahlns ahall touch on thel out
wad or homeward passage), to deliver and re-
acb bid rhouM nam, the time projoie t to bs
tie ween the United Stcs port of departure and
arrival and uia de Jauelro. and should be aoonm
Fa ted by a map or diagram of the route, allowing
be Intermediate porta at which the steamships
aretjo II touelivcrand receivomalls. Schedules
ol the sal lug days, stating the propo el days and
hours i f depaiture from each port at well as the
proposed days and hours of arrival, should also
aucomuanv each b di such schedules, however, to
be sulijrct to the approval of the .Poet Depart
mem oi me respective ouuuiuc, nu ,u altera
tion by aald prpartments from time to time, as the
In terra a of t proposed International postal ser
vice may require
The steatuahlps oured for this servlee must be
American aieamcrs ui in urai etaia. auu ueiurr
acceptance will he su ect tt Iriprctlon aud sur
vey by an eaperlenccd naval oouatructor, to be
derailed fur that purpose b the Seoietary of the
p upoaals must conform Id all respects to the
provlalona and rrqulremente of th aluresald aet,
apprutfd M-yab, 1661, and must bi properly
guarantied, with a satisfactory testimonial that
the gua auturi are men of prprt. and abnnd
aiHyaiil to make aood their guarautee. The
blddei's name and rsldnce,and ihi name of each
member ot the brm, when a company otters, should
bedisiiucly statdlu the pn-piaal.
The acceptanco or nno-aoucpraoo ) ol the bids will
be detenu turd by the postmaster Ueueral as soon
as practical le alter the time limited for their re
cepilou) but no proposal cn be accepted by this
tDrparliurut units the Udder I also aooepted by
th Govtrnuieot of Brazil, as provided (o In the
aforesaid act. And In oas oi such joint accept
ance, distinct and separate contracts are to be ex
ecu ted by the accepted bidder or bidders witheacn
Gover inent, ootitaluln sloillar provisions, each
Government tobrvspoi slbU for only Its proiur
tiou of the subs dt to bo paid for the .ervlev.
Pioposa's should be sent, under seal, to'lh
First A.sisiant Postmaster General," MF-rain
Desk." wilh the words "Mail Pro.o s" & foreign
Mai t ' wiittru on li e faMol theadi resstand the
should ldpatchd in time to be roettedby or
brfore the Hr.l dav of Uctob. r next, whlcn will be
the last day for receiving proposals under this ad-
yeruaement tu. ubtin,
Postmaster Cenral.
Note Tills Department Is not advised thatany
dell lie nition has yol een taken by the Go ern
neat ol Brazil la leaoeotto the establishment ol
th p'O) oatnl steamship service between the two
couuirUsihut It is probiblo that by the 1st ofUd
tm rr nvxr, tue limit tixed lor the reception of pro
posals uuocr Iblt ad eitlsrnieut, coitain Inform a
I. .h .4 ...... ID. II k.u h n m...t.t
una uu ktl iv iu'iiki uwu mciinii
Wnen re cued, It Mill be made public.
jld9tf M. 0.
pltorObALli FOlf COAL.
Nav. Aucnt'd Orrtrc, 1
U AklllliUTOM. AliSUSt tfl. 164. I
Scaltd prop atlBWUl be rrct'.trd atthlsotnra
until Wl- t,Nt.M)t hepiouiber 1'ti, 1M, at 19
oMook, m , lor tli a delivery the Urd nance ard,
lath sen), of the lull iwlug sues aud kluds of
luai, viz
Knrtlri1nancuP(iuadr.l.(H0buBlLlsof LhrcOl
Fur Orditauoo Fuuudi, .ou tuns ot Authrauite
Vg CoM
ruruidanc Kounilrt, 2J tons of Cuuilerlaud
For Ordnance Liigior, i30 tons of Cutaborliad
Coal '
I-ur tirdiance 3ramrr DalHuure, 1,-CT tons of
Anthraeiio t oal, steamer sue )
I he above Um I tube ol llie best quality, and
auhji e tn tiiipeit on be-ore acceptaucu
ah oi mo uai io vv ncmeieu uy iiio isi uay oi
h'ovetubcr, I4u4, life of expense to the Gjvern
men Pioposals must le addrei sfd to
a. P. UUUWN, Navy Agent,
auwiot Wtsbinatoji, D. C,
Covering J. Co 's Crashed, Putvdered, and soft
Craahtd Ha, an.
uW-tlf BENJ. MALL.
AbJtrrAirr GxacaAL'a urrios,
WASHtHOTOIt, JUlf , 1M4. )
General Orders, No.32i.
The following act ofConfrcii Is published for
th information and government ol all aoQcar&edt
An art further to regulate and provide for th en
tolling and calling out tha national forces, and
for other purpo.es.
Be it enerf'rf fry Mr Senate and ttiruti of Rtprtenta
ffrei of the Intfed Stetti of America in vvngren
tembtei, That the President of tha United Statei
may, at his dlscrtilon, at any time hereafter, call
for any cumber of men as volunteers, for the re
spective terms of one, two and three years for mili
tary tervlcei and any such volunteer, or, lncaaa
uf draft, as hereinafter provided, any substitute,
shall be credited to the town, township, ward of a
city, preclnot, or election district, or of a county
not ao subdivided, toward the quota of which he
mav have volunteered or engaged as a substitute)
and every volunteer who la accepted and muttered
Into the service for a term of an year, unlets
sooner discharge t, shall receive, and ba paid by
th United nates, a bounty cfiiooj and If (or a
term of two years, unless sooner dltshargrd, a
bounty of 8200) and If for a term of three years,
unless sooner discharged, a bounty of j on
third of which bounty aball ba ttald to the soldier
at the time of his being mustered Into the service,
one third at the expiration of on half of hla term
of servlee, and one third et the expiration of hit
term of service. And la case ot hla death while tn
servlce,ih residua ofhia bounty uopaldshMl ba
paid to hit widow, If ha shall have left a widow.
If not, to hla children, or if there ba none, to hla
mother, If aba be a widow
Bee. 1, Andbeu fwtherenocudt That to ease the
quota, or any part thereof, of any town, township.
ward of a city, precinct, or election Clamor, or ot
any county not so subdivided, thall not be lyied
within tneipae of fifty dae after such call, then
th President thall Immediately order a draft for
on year to Alt such quota, or any part thereof,
which nay ba unfilled) and la case or any auch
draft.no piymentof money ahall b af tented or
received by the Gjveromfnt at commutation to
release any enrolled or drafted man from personal
obligation to perform military srmce.
Fee I And be it further enartta. That It shall pa
lawful forth Executive of any of the Mates to
end recri'ltlog agenta into any of the States de
clared to bo In rebellion, except the S'a'etof Aik'
atisaa,Tennesce, and Louisiana, to rrcrult volun
teers under any call under the provisioca ot this
act, who ahall be credited to the State, and to the
respective subdivisions thereol, which may pre
cure the nllatmrnt.
Sea 4. And be it f tulher e routed. That drafted men,
aubatltutea, and volunU-era, when trut end In,
shall ba organized Into or aaiignrd to regimrcts.
batteries, or other organizations of their own
States, and, aa far as practicable, shall, wjien as
signed, ba permitted tusiiect the rqwn reilments,
batte ics, or other organizations from amoogihnse
of their resptctlve States which at the time of
slnmcnt may Lot be II Jed to their maximum num
See, 5. And be tt fur'her tnacfW, That the twen
tieth section ol the act entitled "An aet to amend
an act entitled 'ao act Jot enrolling aud calling
out the uttinnal forees, and fjr other purposes,"
approved Februarys, IbM, shall ba construed to
mten that the Seorttary of War shall discharge
minors under the apt ot eighteen jeara under the
circumstances and on the corditlons prescribed In
saldarctluo) and hetevter. It any officer of the
United-Males shall knowingly enlist or mostcr
Into the military srrvlco any person under the ago
of sixteen years, with or without the consent of
his parent r guardian, auch person so enlisted or
recruited shall l-c Immediately, discharged upon
repayment of all bruot ea recelveJi and such re
cruiting or mustering officer who shall bnowlogly
enlist any person under sixteen yeara of are ahall
Wo dismissed th sen lea, with forfeiture of all pay
and allowances, and shall ba subject to such fur
ther punishment as a court martial may direct
See. 8. And be tt further enacted. That section
tbrea of an act entitled ' An act to amend an act
entitled 'An act for callngout the national forc-s,
and fur other purptacs,'" approted February 94,
1811, be, and tho same is hereby, amended su aa to
authorize and cireei mtmei protest marshals,
under tba direction of the Provost Marshal Gen
i.rat, to make a draft for on hundred per cent. In
addition to the number required to till th quota
i f any district as pro. Idcd by eald section.
80.7, And Ve U farther enacted, That Instead of
traveling pay. all drafted persons reporting at the
place of rendezvous thall ba allowed trans porta
tloa from their places of res deuce i and persona
discharged at tho place of rendezvous shall be al
lowed transportation to their places of residence.
Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That all persona
In the naval service of the United States who bava
entered tald service during the present rebellion,
who hat not been credited to th quota ot any
town, district, ward, or State, by reason of their
being in said sen loo and not enrolled prior to
Febtuary 31, 164,ah.ll be enrolled and credited to
the quotas of the town, ward , dlatrtot, or State la
wblsh they respectively reside, upon satisfactory
proof of their residence made to the Secretary vt
Sea. 9. Jnd be it further enacted. That If any per
son duly drafted shall be absent from home In
prosecution of hit usual business, the provost
marshal ot the district shall causa Um to be duly
notified aa soon as may ba, and h shall not be
deemed a deserter, nor liable aa such, until notice
has been given to him and reasonable time al
lowed for him to return and report to the provost
marshal ol hla district) but auch absence shall not
otherwUe atUct his liability under this act.
Sea 10. And be it furthtr tnaiied, Tbat nothing
contained In V Is act shall ba co strued to alter or
in any way affect the provisions of tha aeten-
trenth ctlonoi an act, approved February it,
1M4, entitled An act to amend aa act entitled
An act for enrolling and calling out the national
fori es, and for other purposes,' " approved March
o 11 And be tt further enacted, That nothing
contained In this act shall be eunstrued to altvr or
hnia tha provisions of extatlne laws relative to
permitting persons liable to military servlse te
turnlsh lutiBtltuies
Approved July 1604.
Uy order of the Secretary of Wan
h. D. lOWNStND,
aulS AsBlstant Adjutant Ueueral.
OrroiiTB United Statcs TaEasrnv,
Receive subscriptions for the
Authorized by the set of June so. lit.. Tho notes
w 11 be Issued under data of August 15, In denomi
nations of
150, $100, t500, $1000 AND $5000,
Payable to bearer or order, hetrlnt; tutcicit at
IS to ter etnt. per annum, payable seiaMonually,
aud will be convertible at the option of tha holder
at maturity into six per oeot. Five-Tweut) Boudi,
Wo buy and sell
And pav th highest price for
Bl Alba fUll I'm. BA1U UISIHICT.
Tt) oil whom U may concern, GaEETIaOi
o lee la hereby given, that on tha IJ day of
Aunuat, 18)14, the loi (boat J. II D. 8 nont, Carfu
Tackle, Ac . wia seized for breach of the revenue
law l y the United States mortar sohoouer At oiph
Hugle, and b ought the same Into this District
fur adjudication, ant 'ha iniat are obelie and
prosecu cdin thla I ourt lathe name of the Uol'ed
States fureondtmnationiand have been arrested by
the Marahal lor tha isaauua la tbe Uel stated) and
that said cause will stand for trial at tha City Hill,
lithacltyoi Wash naton, on tha Thirl MONDAY
of Sepieuner next, when aid whore all persons
ar war tad to appear to show cause why coo dam.
na Ion ebou.d not be decreed, a id to Intervene for
their mtsrsati. August 94, IMS. M-1- ,
auWSawtseplf H. J. MHOS, Hark.
Tba long of the, JowrraalUt who Head the
Soap; r tha Shltt.
Scratch. ttiatch, tcrtttb,
Paregit pnt, Items and New,
Vaiaya, raka aud Reviews,
Wltntb blackest kind of blots.
flcra'eh, scratch, serateh,
Marriages, Debts and Done,
Kuloy, Gossip and t-uns,
Aswlde t, Paolo and Pain.
Serateh, scratch, aeratib,
With a vacu'im in tha br-in,
Scratch, scratch, acra.eb,
Battle, Hiot and Raid,
Music and rash and Trade.
Whj Is and who Isi.'t airald I
f cratch, serateh, serateh,
Apotog) , Cnalleoge a d iur,
O It, of Him undof ll.r,
luvtntl m, Humbug and Truth,
Fody, Fashion and Youth,
eerateh. serateh, scratch,
utclde, Sarmon and Jok,
Al staph ties. Science a id Sm" ke.
With upward and downward stroke,
Ruin and Vie and Shame,
Mi tue, Hnr and Fame.
Scratch, scratch, scratch,
" It a easy aa n thing to io
' I could d'i It better than yon."
Susrt aia the comment a you hear,
To ba eonalarre I a ' Queer."
And nothing at th ead of tba year.
Scratch, scratch, ttralch,
" lou'r everybody' ti'OV'
inereaot-r euie ou a iooi
11 1 ha editor fa an at,"
fa aayi the critical mass.
If tha paper stopc they howl,
If It's a minute too lata they growl.
Ferateb, seratrli, scratch,
O a avaof th mighty neea,
The"d til" demands a" meis,"
For eubssrlhre that never pay,
Ot lBn'tlt)oll),aait
From this time until tha Preeldenttal elec
tion, every loyal man who favors tho re-election
of Mr. LloctJn will want a newspaper
(nibtUbed at the teat of Government, advocat
ing the Union nominations for President and
Vlco President.
To all tuxh, who deelre a piper wblcb will
keep them promptly advised ef all political
movement4, and tht.tr probabto consequences,
wo tender the National KirunucAtt, with
cod 0 dec co that It will fulfil tbelr deelrra Id
this reepect.
Tbe National Rxpcbucak will continue to
furnish In advance of all competitor tholaU.M
and moat reliable new from our dlffiTeui
armies, and especially from the Army of tbe
lullurary and mltcellaoeous departments
will rcc-lve peclal attention, and efforts are
continually bclni; made to Mtabllah tho charac
ter of the WitgLT Natiosil Karen ugih as a
family paper,
Six months ago tbe wcpWj paper was en
larged to lie present ilio and crcatly Improved
In lift typographical appearance. Our list hac
increased largely since that time, fnr which we
than), our numerous voluntary agents through
out tbe loyal States. Daring that ttmo, bow
. , ,. , i
ever, iu. jntca wm auu ui uimuwi u..
increased upwards of fifty per cent. In view
of that fact wo do not proposo to Increase tbe
price of tho paper, but to urgo upon our friends,
and tbe friends of the Union, who favor the re
election of our present worthy and patriotic Chief
Magistrate, to use their ntmost endeavors to
Increase our circulation. This Is the only way
by which wo can be able to keep the Wbiklv
National Rbtlblican up to tbe high standard
It has occupied during tbo last six months.
Wo desire a large number or subscribers for
the political campaign, wbtch has opened by
the nominations made at tbo Baltlmoro Con
vention. We proposo to send our weekly paper for the
period of six months, from the first of June to
the first of December, which will cover the
campaign, and full returns of tbe Presidential
election, at the low rates at which it Is now
furnished to subscribers.
There is no city, town, or village In the loyal
States which cannot furnish na tome subscri
bers. Lot the work of making np clubs com
menco at once. Wo have printed a large edi
tion of the numbers for tho present month,,and
can furnish back numbers to all who may de
sire them. Specimen copies will bo sent,wbcn
thu terms for the campaign are aa follows i
One copy, six months, $1( three copies, six
months, $J.50; ten copies, six months, $7,50.
Opposite tho Poat UU.ee,
we hefek ar pantussiOH vo
Hon.Htnnl al Htmitu, Vice Pie.lJent, Me.
John Goodwin, fll. C, Me.
41 Ldward 11 Rollins, " N. H.
" Alea. 11 K ee, " Mass,
11 John 0. Aliey, "
11 Allied A. lijrnhara, " Conn.
" Uwlght Looiiila, " "
" Janes M. Asnley, " Ohio.
John Co ode, " Pa.
Hnoert McKul-ht, " "
" Justin 8. M mil, " Vt.
" John E. Putter, " Wis.
7. Lhapdler, U. 9. 3 , Mich.
11 Jaoiea H Lane, " Kansas.
11 lyrus Atdrleh, M. C , Minn.
" JonoT. Nlaon, N.J.
" F P Dlalr.Ji , Mo.
flbrld eG S lau'dloj, " N. Y.
Messrs. Jay Cooke ft. i o , Uaikers, Washloiftno, B.
C, and Pbllauelpnie, Pa. Ji-J-tf
riFir.ENni street, near g strket,
Ai'uuar 1, IStti. aul
101 Union street. Dtiaton. Man
The only manufacturers to tbe U lted Mates of
uraas Aipnaucia auu riiurea, io an) great oaicuii
or in auy variety.
Sold at whulwaals at the Lowest Cash Pi Ices.
Aiao. tha beat of Ind liblo Stead) Ink. very eheao.
Stencil Dies, and all kinds of Stencil Stock. Inqui
ries ororueia proaipny a.ivuucu io, jy.vaui
X WASlUNGroN haa removed to lta ew
iuarbla Building on Fifteenth street between F
aou u, oppoaite ine tau i arnica i ru.ury.
ewna cA.uauao. loaua luuuny, ivira uci'aiaa,
putehaaeaoo. rumeut cbecka and vouchers, and
traoaaeta a general banking busloeis.
f arelul attention alven to GuvcrumeDt and city
cuiacui.uua, auu aagouoii oi cur eipuuucuia.
If U. COoKr, President
WM. S. HUNTING1U.N, Cashier. aalO-tf
blaa ran ivad hla office to the Northeast sorner oi
r a ia iinaenu. airseu, opposite tue east
antranaa of tba Treaaury liulldinf,
Waahixurtoo Citv. n. l.
Attands sTtallf to slalasa upajo th Cnltad
utaa. It i a-It
The model of Spanish robbers, tba Robta
Hood or our time, Is tbe famoot Joee Maria,
luruamed El Tnnpranitoj tbia la tbn mto that
It everywhere talked of, from Madrid to Seville,
and from Seville to Malaga, Handsome, bravo
and courteona at a robber can be, tucb la Jwo
Maria. If be ttops a diligence, bo sires bis
band to the ladle to deecend, and takts caro
that tbvy aro couvcnlently aoatid la the ehade;
for It la by day that moat of hi eiplolt ore
performed. Never an oath, never a coarnj pi
preaslon) on the contrary, o quite reepuctful
dfference, and a natural pollteneea which never
falls. Doea bo rumova a rlog from a lady1
finger Ah, madam," be exclaims, Vo beau
tiful a band haa on need of nroamtnts." And
while slipping tho ring from tbe finger, bo
BiBica mo nana wun an air lust wouia maica
ono bullove, to qnote tho words of a Spanish
lady, that too Mas wa worth muru than tbo
ring. I bave been assured that bo alwavt
Ifavea travtlere enoogh of money to arrive at
tbe neareat town, and that be baa never ro
fused anyone permission t Main a bm which
aeaociauont renaur prvciout.
Jute Maria bat been ditcrlbcd lo ma ai
tall joang man of twenty yeara, well male,
with a frank and amlllnr nhcalALnrtmr tiwLh
wniwaa poaris, ana eyes r&marKaoiy uzpna-
stvu. Ua geoorally wears a wry rkbeostume.
tut linen la aiwaya or a brilliant whiteness, and
bit bands would do honor to a ParfturLnndon
beau. Uu wa dittoed by bl parents for tbo
church, and studied thootoirv at the unhvr-
tlty of Orvnadaj buttbls profeaelon was not
rreal enonuh for hlui. An affair of bivootilliftd
him lo takt fltibt, and to exile hlnmlf to I
(libraltart there, when money b-carae ecarco,
be bargained with an English merchant to
rauifiilo in a largo quantity or prohltilttd mcr-'
cbandise. lie was bctratud by a man whom
ne naa maae a participator in the tnurpriee,
ine cacium-uoufo oiucers knew me rnuttf
which ho was toUke. andlav In amhuaradubv
tho wayj all themuks tahlch ho bad conducted
were taken, but be did not aband n them uutll I
after award tight, In which be k lied or wound-
ed several oilleers. From that moment he had
-- ..... .vvu.v.H. . j ... uuui
A constant good fortune lias accompanied
him, even to this day. A price la fixed upon
bis bead) n dtscrlptlnn if his i eraou Is at
tached to the gate of alt tha tnwaa, wltb tho
promise or eiitut thi usand reals to him who
will deliver blm up, dead nr allvo. Neerthe
tusa, Jse Maria ciniiuus hla dinttcrons c
cupatlon with Impuult.'t aud thu c ne of his
operations extend from the Inmilir of Poriii
gal to thu realm of Men la. ID baud la tint Iks wholu fortune, hu w is ou the polut of cs-1-numerous,
but U composed of turn vbo-.u lut: hi ma elf head Ion Into the Ouadaliiuiver. I
fidelliy and recolnltou luvu hriu Im g proved,
Uneasy, at uiuneauor a u zen puked men,
be surprisud,at tbu Vtuta de (Jazin, srventy
...j. ..p. ...luuvr. u- U.U "" "'u. in inn
pursuit. He was then s'owly reiumlog to the
mouitnlns, drhing before him two ruulus
loaded with the seventy cirblnes, which he had I
lakvuotfas a trophy. I
Wouders are related of bis eklll In firearms,
Una horse at full ga'I-p, be pltrn-a the t u k
of anolltu tree, at a huuurcd paces. The fol stances are uiwin r.cord or nnaceonntable an the faiidltlbroa uro lulrodH-d and n lew Ju
lowlun natrutive v,tll maku Lnown bla ekl 1 tlpathlea.no deeply rooiid that no exertion of dltious dns in b a ebotiiiiir snmi rei.d r linn
and generosity, , the mind waa capnblo of eradicating them, I furlnu airaln. I he- ptcidors, Iwwctir, ihou.li
AUaptsinuastro, auruicer luilul couragu
and activity, who pursued thu mbbjrs, it Is
said, as much to satlaly a pergonal tengcaoco
as lo perform bis milltarvduty, learnet oyone
of his spies, that Jose Miirla might bo found
a. a certain aay m a rein iii
at a certain day lu a rein itealdua. Castro, on
ni. QHa mgicimi, uiuuia his iiorse, ana to
I avoid suspicion In taklnir, too many over tbo
country, orders to follow him only four Ian-'
cers. NotwRbatandlDu the prwauitons, how-'
ever, which hu used to (uncuel his expedition,
uh couni n ni pruuii. u iroui reaciuut; ine car
of Jose Maria. At tbo moment when Castro,
afierbatlui' pattndadecp gorge, no it red the
valley where thu alloa of tbu tuomj waa slut-
aicu. iwiivu wu i uiuiiuiuu c'a.airv unuLircu ai
once on his Oink, and lolLrceptud bis only re-
mm, w mm tias vy mo ywre. ihu laitc'ir
tbouirbt tliemselvua lost. A mau. mountedon
a bay horse, advuncra on a KUnp from the
troop of robbers, and stops his hurcuebortai u
ouuureu pncen irom ca-iru.
"joau&iarta is never aur prima," cried be;
"Captain Caatro, what have I duni. that )u
wish to give me up to Justice 1 I could elay
you, out men orcourajio novo Decom.i HCarce,
and I Kraut jou your life. Here Is a souvenir
wuicn wm loaca you u avum iuu. ji your
cap I"
do sayinic ne lanes aim ai mm anj a uaii
passes tbrouith the top nf tho Captain's cap;
then bo turned and departed with hi men.'
Here Is another example of his courtly i A
wedding was belDg celebrated on a rami mar
Andujar. Tbe married pair bad already re -
ceivedtbe compliments of their frieuds. and
i... i.i- ,.... .H al.iH .... I i . -.
weru auou. siiiiui; uuu eo nuiu uuuer aiarto . ...-. u .. . .- .b...u..
flit tree before the door or tbo bouaej tbu per-' HchtuinK; and durlm-atbunderslonn, accord
rnmuBOfJeBramliieaudor-nirofloweramlnb'd " to duttonlus, bo sought refuge under
ajrreoably with tho moru sutjrtautlal od ir ground, In vault or cellara.
which exhatcd from tho several dishes lint CalufuU, who lab irod under similar fears,
caused tbe table to bend be no it ti tbelr weight, whenever it thundered wrapped bla bead up In
All at oie a man appeared on horseback, fine envrrime or. If he waa iu bed, leaped
coming from a thicket oi pUiol shot from tbu , urn of it, and hid hlm-elf underneath,
bouse. Tbe unknown It-jpcd to the tirouud, A bl-hop of Lauicre, Charlea d'Escar", al
aalntid Ltni L'n.ata with hla band, and ltd lila'watK lalulcd at the beulniilm of a luuar
horao to the stable. Ilocaiiiu unexiKtclmlly,
l.nt in rtnalii eiwr. uaaitr.hv la wi-lr imH tn thu
foa-tj bealdis,thoblrauner,tiyhiabubillmeiiis,
ecemod to bo a mau of Importance. Th- hu -
band Immediately followed blm to. Invite blm
to the repast. While ctcry oue ua atkl(p; In
a low i- no who the stranger wtr, tbu notary
oi Auaujar, wiu astetea at tue ccitrjration
became as pale as df-aih. He tried toriao from
the seat he oectipieu oj me aiuu or ins nride,
but hla les retut-tl support. Ouu of ilio
yUfBia who bad been for some time au'pecte I
of enaioK In sui upline;, approacbed ihe
It Is Jose Maria t" eald he. " I am much
decclvod or he comes hero to do somu mh
cbtef. It is ttiu notary he wilt ntm at. What
ahull wudo f How shall lie eacapu V
"Iraponfliblel Jose Maria wuu.d oon oer
take hlml"
"Arnet the robber."
" Uut his baud Is doubtless lu the neighbor
bondj besides he carries pUtola In hU girdle,
aud hla dairtr never kuvea htm."
"Uui, Mr. Notary, what, iLen, liaye you
Some ono murmured, In a low lone, that tin1
notary had sild to bis farmer, two m lnibs
before, that it ever Joe Maria caiueto u.k u
drink ol film, hu ehuuld ut a drum of arniulc
In his wine.
They Merc still deliberating, wh.n tbe un
kuowu opptared, lollowed by lliu hus'ipud.
lleyoud a duutit it wio Toe Maria. Aa lie
paMiul bo cat a tikcer's glance at tuo notary,
who bewail to tremble uu ll hu ha I bueu eulz d
skih au aguo Ut theu bu gracelully Bilutud
the bride, uud aked permUaion to duueu with
her at ber ncddintf, diie took caro uot to re
fuse blm, or put uu au uupleuedui ur. Juso
MarU tticu took a auull i-tiol, drew uuar to
the tattle, and famllUrl) neat d bliuiclf bealdu
thu ttrltle, be ween h-r aud thu notary, nbo
eeeinid eery lnomebt to bo un thu poiut ni
fuluUujj. 'lliu fcact bijau. Jueo MarU u
full ot attcniions 1,0 hla neighbor. When the
extra wlou was served, ilu bride, ttMui a
glaies of Monillla, (which, tn myuplnlou, is
much letter tuau tbe Xerea,) touched tuber
lips, and then presented It to the robber. Ibid
Is a courtesy which one is accustomed to show
to those whom be tateeihS. It Is called uua
fitteMf unrurtuuately this uaau Is un kuowu
In good suclett, which eudcaiura lure, aaelso
where, to remove Ueelf from ull uallooal cub
lotus. Jo.u Msria look thu fUae, tluuked her
with great gallantry, aud duclared to the brldo
that lie beaouchi ber to regard hun as bur ser
vant, oud that he would J jlully dt whatever
she toll iucllued to comm iud, Tbun tha lady,
trcuiblluj and timidly beodlu ovur to theuur
of her terrible neighbor, whupuedi
Oraut me a lavur '
"A thuuaaudl" cxelalmud Jot Marls.
"fcurtfet, I conjura you, tbe evil fte-llotf
which yuu bae probably brunylit tbitbir.
Promise ma that, for the love of uie, you nlU
pardon your euemUt, and that nothing uu
pleaaant shall bo connected with my marriage
"Notary," laid Jose Maria, turning to the
noted man of law, ".bank madam. Had tt
not been for her, I would havealaln yon before
yon cootd bave d (grated your dinner. Fear no
more. I will do y-m no harm.1 And bold lug
towards htm a ulaet of wine, bo added, with a
eo mew hat wicked smile, "Come, notary, lu
my health! Ihla wine is good and Is not
1 hfl poor notary foil as If be were swallow
ing a hundred pins.
MCome friend," cried the robber, "now for
tome sport! Long live the bride!" And rising
quickly be ran to saek tbe bride, and began to
impruvlre a toupltt lo honor of the newly mar
ried conplo.
In a word, during Oio rctl of tho dinner, and
tbo bill which f. It iwed, he showed blmtulf to
amiable that thewomen had tear In tbelr eyes
whun they thought that i charming a gallant
might end his days on the gallows. He dan cod,
be sang, ho contributed to the merriment In
cury way. Towards mtdnlitht a little fclrl of
twelve Tears, halfcoTered with rsgs, ap
prnacben Joee Maria, and sttd tome words to
mm in we ptm or the gyptiea. The moonr
started np; ht ran lo the ataxia, from which be
I'WD rrturnrd. leadlntr bit inod h irn Then
""vmih w mn unuc, wi.a iuw rein naogiog
on hi arm. he aatdi
"Adieu, child of my heart. Never thill I
forgot tho moment which I have pasted wPh
you. Tbey are the h apple t I bav awn for
many yeara. Uu kind enough to accept thlt
lrlflj from a poor outlaw, who withes be bad a
mln to utfar voU,
"Joa Mria'aald tho bride, "aa long at
there la bread In this bouse you thall bave a
1 be robber shook hand a with all thi guests,
even with the notary, euibracd tha ladlue, then
ntmuiy luipuitc in ma eaaaie, reinmed to lot
ui-iuu.ams. o. uviore opi n notary orvain
froily. A half hour a I Lei ward a dutach.utjut
of mlguclflt ( pedal guard) arrived, but to
one bad seeu tho man of whom they were In
The Spanish people who know hy heart the
: , , , "---- "-.-..-, ....... .-
ccmanly fed much Intcrwted lu the ouly man
wtw.la an aire ai prosaic as oura. revives the
virtue of cnUlirtc braves. Another mntl m
coutrlhutee besides totncreaseihepopularlty of
Jose Mariet belaexirctuely generuua. Money
" coaia niui very nttie loo'iiaio, ana net Dares
It ll'n rally wilh tbe uufnriunale. Never, It Is
eald, d iee a man address blmaelf to him wltb
out rccelvlngabuudautaliua. A muleteer told
me that having lost a mute, which constituted
wuen a (mix containing six nnnrea of gold waa
reminea to mi vi u trom an uukuowu source.
lledouhted not that It waa a preaeut rrouisVee
-.-..-, ... " . '",' - " -
d y v, in u be waa closely puraued by the mlg-1
ueMs. '
" -- i
AsTiPiTtuss and Va, ll la a dlfflcnlt
mat'er to u count for tho dislikes a one p raona
have bctu kiKn lo entertain. Yet many in-
or this wo have a sir king instance in the
brnin Mart) its do Is Uoctie Jtieqiipn, who
thoutcb bo was iindauDtcd lo tbedeld of bttfle,
et could never htlp trembling and turning '
pale at the alguTof the harmless rquirrel. He
was tho lWt to laugh at bla own weaktiess, but
ti-s utmost euons was never auie to ovcrcomo
this Involuntary terror.
Cardinals Cordon a and CaratTa, a Venetian
noblcmsunf the family of Uirbarazl, aud Lady
Iteneairc, puo of the matda of houor to (Juetc
r.itzinciu, awooneu a. tue sueni oi a rote.
Ihwre was a family In Aqoliiue which enter
talued so cruat au aversion to apples that the
mere slpbt of one aet their noeea t ibleedlm.
' iuu cry ii:a-. uni utttj ui unu u in.roouiuu
lu any dlsb, and however will dlsgu led, was
so oodo.ihui io m wunv ifirmaiaov, vuai uo
waa Immediately eelz.e.1 with falutlnir Hta.
vu are lu formed by Uanholua that bo knew
a man, of a bold and courageous df-pillion,
wuo couiu ou. aeo a uojc, no mauer oowamaii.
witnout iramoiiiateiy aoakiOK wun appreuin
alon, and beimr aelrod with convulsive trem
, bllm- In bis left arm and In bis baud.
uoinzumua raenuoui a peraon. oi a nouio
family, who was not amo to hear the frnra or
" " ""h " ' . uinu u j
force from bis supper Into the presence of one, '
u.iw.,.iUi. luimuoi iuoii.un.u. iui ui maucu uiutw make a rusn at ouu n th m.
friends ended In dith for htm, for he Ml Tbla favorud man, lustiat of avoiding bim,
I dow n and died ou tbo spot. The terrors felt I m rally Jumps between bis h iriia, nd Utps
by some persons at the various phenomena of hm -..uni tha nee wiilisucli eirrDihlbt hi
naturu aruleas unaccounlahle. Toro (ib mich be trl a hla bo-i) caunoi, to, a
1 Auitutns was ao ninth alarmd at meteors'Lim, ma ubcrs then crowd n idui liku
i that be carried about blm the skin of a catf ' -rm of bees and. fairly uvtreoma by thu
Ihun th.i tuhl ti htt an ajvitaalljant irtiarft aaViatnar
tell pee, and re'instiid Ins nalhle as ln aa It
1 it-Mi. This wudkutss proved eveniually fatal
to hlmj lor, when old and iutlrm, having
1 'inu d, as u.ual, at the time of the eclipse, he
mus too weak t recover, aud ex pi rod
In thu year 1844 a Frenebaoldkr was obliged
to quit the service, bocause be could not over
rntbu his ioleot repugnance aud dliKUt
. toward animal lood,
Dr. Prout knew a person on whom mutton
acted as a poison. He could uot eat It lu any
form. Tbu peculiarity waa su poised to bo
onlnfto Caprice, but the luutiou waa rejeat
edly dleguis it, and uniformly produied Hie
same result vloleut vou.UiOij and dlarrhaj."
ilahu r latea of him el', tuul aeveu or elht
etrawbcrrlea would produce tonvuULMus.
Many ore nuabiu to eat eirgsj and c-tkes or
puddings haviuc eirs tn their composition
produce serious disturbance lu tbu health ot
ruch pureoot, If tney am tudu ed tiuit Hunu
without knowing It, Lomtou Journal of .loi.
chu. ----.
Natcri and Abt. Tho recent rains which
hnro wa bed ihe face of uutnro have not re
mov.d me obuoxious marks untie patent mtd
ielnuudvertlticra am oue t'tu muuutalns of New
llnuip-ilre. "11 F f.," in a letter to tho
b.tifitty f uia; G'lictic, says a fcllow.trav
eltrepoke tnus uppreheuilvrly of Ibis growing
uiial4ucn "B nuotherjinrl expect to seethe
locks ortbe Ol Mill nl the Mouuialu CDautd
bt Uiulu'e M)rilc Hilr Hut, aud his neck en
(trihd by ono of Evjus's Patent Collars.' Thu
I.ii:Iei iiuru of New Hampshire wlatly pas-ed a
law, Uit week, to abate the dt,faceiueul of
nuiiiral objeete u) adtfurilacmeutt.
L tt or Llie of a Watru-8poct. Thu
I'Uli Tthyropfi tells us of the Julio, lug elugu
Ur aud Ijiueuiithli neculi-nti
A pari) ! la tie aud gculmeu were re
CL'ht'j thu su 'ects uf d retuarkablu aud aud uc
itdtut iimr ourora, iu the rittrra Nevada, The)
wtru cro-siiiij a riivmu lu a lour nurse wanon,
v, inn u attr-atui burrt lu thu mujutalua aud
ru-lud UoiMi, sweep tig ibeiu beloru It. Mrs
Mtdbury, Mrs. Gknu, aud thruu children were
drouued. Tbu geutlvtueu, lour lu number,
were Uadlv LrulfeJ, but sated. Thu horavs
wirtv dru wned uiid the wa;ou dashed loatume.
Tub toll mlnu ilertlsemcut apj cars In the
I. tudou pipcrst
H juu want to eiijoj a luxury, bae vour
hair brushed by machiuury, at 'e model us
tald abuant. Iljlr cuUluS' and brushing b
paieut inaehlncry, 31 shampooing ditto, Hd.
Ibu n'litut u'lmul luxury la to boaUampoued
bj a hew rhampoolng apparatus.
Vekt tluy bate, v, Ith a lare bjquet or near
ly t,ur tljrttr that blooms (all natur) aud
auuut twu pouuda ut add.iloUil hair, (all arti
flil lj It tha morulug proiuauadv faahlon "
tn head dresses la i'srls.
Borne few years go I ws In Llahon The)
very day I arrived I found there was to be a bull
tight, In hooor of some ono or so uu thing which
I cannot now call to mind.
Having made some acquaintances at tho
bmel,look.tfhlole oarrie wroetUn)t
ko . l'nnfh..iid Jii1. I,r ..-1 I. nuihi.1... ..n
llko . 1'anch-tni) Judjr box, act JiDtbnl.u nn
waixi.t who . aoz Rcnoei od tno top lor p..
eetcer. whlcb, with vrr.t appftreol dlflleuttj
.) Itielf. took u to tli. Flan.
Tbo aljbt of tlili .rioawa. In lirelf trortb .11
tbe tnnn.v. IimnlDO . rut buln, holding
.tK)Qt 12,000 l-nlet crnmrooit In ercry part
open totb. kjr blun .a Indigo, and Cr'Trml
wltu ai.rs. Intb. centre of tho ring w.a a
el'ioe pillar .uppirtlni:anlrnn rnlunmcdrerrd
wltb if.a-lltfbt., wblle nil arnnud the arena ires
jet. we u.rmic .w.y in meerenina nreexe.
it wa. (trauiro to ate I ho ttva In the dark blue
aky abore, and Mound j.m thnn.anda or r.cna I
excitement, and to liaten t tho mar from tha
vast astcrnl'lr. comlnir. as It were, from the
craterof a vol'ano.
First, as In Spain, enter the plrsiora on
boraobaek, miimllieently attired and not on
miserable screw, with bnrtad e)f that tbev
may not sae tbe boll, but no splendid animal.
with breed, blood, and bone, all In blurt tram
In if i next tba bandrrilteroe In hln. Lit it. and
redvtalvet.gtild and silver trlmni'nci then tha
i faftto with tbolr rod cloaks 1 heii, inatiad nf
tba matadtire. a band of men In rtd shins and
nightcaps (but mure of these anon.) The
an marc a roan i mo aruna, ana ore grevtea
with cheers, chstf, and orange peel.
This was an extra occasion. 1 be royal fam
ily were present, and tbe king consort waa tbe
alcalde (I hope there ta no Insult In this term
wnen applied Ui royally.) Thi keyanf theden
were thrown trorn the king,' (mix, (every key
belnii about a f.t l-ngi) and the door of thi
deu bvlDg opcued, a very resprctahle brown
bull ru-bed out. Now I uiuat vxplalu the dlf ,
I ere nee between a bu 1 tiicbtlti rpain and in
lu Llsion. In Spain, tbe more Imroea kllkd
tbe belter -oud If a picador or a child eh.ml I
happen to net rlptn-d ou. that Is betttr stltli
tbo bulla also are all killed. In Uahon, on the
contrary. ine nornsot ine ouiis antoro'tiiietiled
wUh WiitA, n b.n-. -,, thll, lhlllfh , . rt
.-. h-,,,-- u.,.,nr,i .. ,,....,.......-
prlvilrgoof maenmradealu Spaii .t au'i.th mgh
no (a becbulocd, aud be baudrriitt mV an I
be-plcadored, be Uvea to flrfht an aher day tt
must not benppoeul,howavur, that with the
bid u led bonis be Ctnaot liifl ci inj-iry ot r,r
that the borara die nitsuranly, Hueka aher
wards, from llterallt ann-hed lu ..d.. wbm
tbe tora has bapetied to get a guid t'tinre at
oue of the horaeuicn.
U hcu tbo toro liiat ruahes from Its den It la
received hyi plead
lor, who plum In lififD
ulo Ua Bhouidtr. ut tho aituu Um-t u log t-io
a pur on tbe side next tbe bull. Tt.w horr
Dtjiug G l tram a, siTlUti- auv, aLO la del
hy tUo vVHt ,r,wbo Das pi nud bia laneu Unulv
lu tbo bmVaeh ulder. Iblarfiiiu-L-iu.nt U kept
Uij Ui0 uull li u, u w kU Lu w ,( lufn
hla a tcut'ou to tketbulusua foot, but tbt
tonueut bis lle out a tn tlulr red i UW
bbould l.o n w KanUest el.'na of warim".
ex.tu"lng'y will rooimt'd, do not lu uil eases
t-capetutirely. I raw ouo hull which bwCiiine
njaddenct In lit reptaicd f.-lluru tog-, nt thu
hortc, make such athavothut the plctdorV
lane- broke, aud El Toro dru.u full rpced Into
the burzu'a rib, it sounded like ihbMnisblng
lu uf a deal chest. Thu boraedicf mufA. out ter
Ualnly, aatrward, but h. nevr ilkud In
a-taln. Thts fust of the titili wa. K't-td, ot
' courae. by a tell Irom tbeirols
' tin the ilicbt went on, ben i; varied bv various
exiMte, aucn us Icuplngmcr ihu bull a tmriii
nilba pole, etcppii'i. betneenbia hirus atid
leaping over hit back. Oua bin lefilin e t ou
' a chair, and, when the bull charged, rtuck thu
nana i ml i hi a rnzcw una t'nt t ievn i uiil ni inn
way tctoru tbe i hair was knoik d to lujtchc
, "men a llllie niifger was piaceM lu a eurrii, aul
' havlni? Induted tlubull iochi-L' bi Doklni
fun hthlm, was rolled oer nnl over, muchlo
thudvlli;ht ol thucrowl. The utircr, havlrif
Jammed OlUlSeiriUlde of latf DJrrel, re U41licd
per fr till ealu.
i Afcr all this you will wonder what becoraea
'of thubu'I, sloto he la not killed. Whuu u la
tired, aud the pooulu maulfeat aiiins of wattt-
iDfr fresh bnli," tbe ouiviu red J.Lkete an I
numcaps appear) tuey rorm a OJi'-circiu in
fruol 0f tho bull, aud by their nrliDac-s so..n
weight, nu itiutuiuiooaiy uca aowu. auoui
hall a dozen lame oxuu are then drltcu in, and
be ("ocs otT lu the tuidst, to hul Lta wouuda
aud prepare for tbe mxt tlijbt, whenever It
mat be.
Un tbla occasion two bulls w.re clvon ti thu
pe pie. Ou the auiiouti unielit Iriini i b kin
box Hie extlieiiie t ImIH a d.j-cn, lloii em
eral hundrida (many oi tlifiu thu wono tor
rtrluk) ruiliod into tho arena I tiu llroi lurl.
I juo uink, had it ull h'snwn y is. Puo 11 i
man who knelt to rectlu bliu, ahotit t
yards iruui tbe Ueu, was carried ay lu bo
aitt-iiipi to ux a uari iu uia ucck, ua utter
wurds was tiirrl d out iuten-lble Ho luriftd
tho tuaisea like au w.pri-a-cutue, and ii wa
lmposilt1e for t iu ctialo. wlii were here.
there, aud eery wure, lo aive auiuo n tuoaj
moalnitiit some ba chud Iti the htrrivr, aud
tvtu leapt It (ill mU au Kit hiii) iu tu pur
duch a aceaoof excitement and madness I
n ver wtiuessed (Jue lutmh, p iruuily a
Bailor, waa ludeUUxuhlii in his emleirur iu
recelvu some atieuilona from this bu I. ll
howled at blm and wau J bla coal In his ejo,
but when two or itirca hundred wru dolu.
iujcIi tbu same, thj bull could turdly he ex-
tiectid to attend to him aud Uittlrct Ihu mil r-.
Ion ever, bo eitiubd blm out at U-f,an I Jack
aavlQK bla c iat III drlliiiue, w a atituk auild
ships and carried ahoul leu yards m a si itu ol
collapse, and, bele chartrud utrain was lilted
what SLt.iued to Hid atoilt teul fuel u the
ulr. lie looked like a iiiiuu-f uuu out uf u
two pair back, and be cnue do-vti. p' iaiinl
ui bl4 haclt, lu llie "bape of a ku r l cm
cbulocauifht him by ibu ifii, un nhwr h tu
uick,uul he wa( cont'd oue hue a siuk o
ifialii, Ihe exc tuiuetil wa-t now luteiif Un
nioplo boa led aud aboute 1; the) eldiupedtiul
ra.nl like uiadmcu, while in au iu (lie arena
bowled iu concert wlieil Ll 1 r i r ' l'f ui
iiioiueuL's bruutulliic-ttiuc 1 re ill) ik. ii. "ii
bull ucui mud biiiipelt at last, mid, iu tiuiupi
luaeocmd time to leap ihe t'arrlt-r, i a i
not eliLliiflh, alltftiled on the ton, tjroke ihe or
rlx aid uf it down, uud bun by ilio middlo
until pusnea ovur ty m-nu iiiee.
the next butt did not sbiwhuif thutU'hto
lliobUik, auj tiu was ireded ii oiuiuioualj.
I lie uuierialuuitul broku up u' m uh', .ind
I have never ftrrfotun to i.iia da iiu .. m
uiotit of tbe bull-tlj-lii by j, ....; iu. I '
L iter,
"Kip I rap1 rap1" V. me lu," siKl lb
couutry woman. A rntbcr r utib-lA'ktUrf iu in
appeared aud crosicd lUe d mr-ai.. "is Mr.
Auiltb at homo I "aul he. N , ' ' "
bomu lu a abort time ibuu'lt. Take a chair,
1.1M lra. HtuUll. lid eUilod t u ' talclialr lu
thu bunt. , tbou dcrd tt, aud .. o al uif at u rapid
A mi ttyleof till iscuiuiUH: luto favor with
touug ladies. Jl la nude IU tbu laablouaOU
hUek and while llgured UC, wilh u UlluelUelle
run tbruuith the upper part, which tits to i ta
Lilfe'u of the U muel. A see md vlaalk run
luruunh tbu lower part of tho elt, a bhott di
luucu foul tbo butt ut whtcu laaien- it uudct
ihe ebln, vltiug the tiruet of a sire t uu.k
iraiispareiit, but very coiucilUh.
Jolt Ihe KQral for axtjiapu aurai debility,
tF r th. N.tltstt RepaM'owt
Wh.t ti H.b.l L..dir d J.ir D.l
wl.h.,1 i. b. d t th. Chl..(.
C uT.DMon h.. b .n da...
Thl in fnrrb'towitd In . t-e ent lttor of
one Colom-1 Dai.h.m, l.t.of N ir Tirk, noir
col.nel i,f renlmeiliof tha mhal .'nnr .
H....-J .- u. .. Ln . ' ".."".V"1 f.""T' M
dre.Pfd to Mr. riUhofi ni nr.,hln tf.i!,nia
Pmld.nl Line .In aa ..Itlmi for pof e but ;
ir we would bar. pee. L-t( joorChlMM
lirumlM .,, ,),, Di,(, fee lU prul
i,n,. .d I hD.w. ,,J irli,ftt.,l.eiale
would riria f.r bin ir tny d.red. and a hit
Ircil.m jntt can and will bar. pc Of
conrae ruu will n.itiiotbl.. Tlu n.j! d. Ulnj
f r 'lo (a lo nammtlt MiCUIton. Tn Iwtirtli A
di n t regard lilui aa . ttnlkurr ifeall.. aa th.
N'trthrrn prca wnuld makatha pttule brhere
tner dot rut ''1 Mbvt Mm to b ai 1,,,
enlUJ a ,VA.rn m .it o,i-Vm rrwijj.,
Uia He. Hon, mj dear l.,y, wnl I d mnrn to
pirlfv the South. U ar si.l'il tVti f..
tUtt htint rifht of ttreui i v.t inleptnilmu
won uo ncknooieJua and Hit .rtnsof rijcoo
etiuclloii woul I be cllcred winch we ituht
wltti honor m c p I d irtL aay, Uowefo, that
they wuuld be accepted."
jatT'lre In Sf Inoesnta,
Cfjtrefpondee nf the Nvtinnal R-paMlein
T PfL, ( f iki Ant: , ft
Th8l. Pttl ind Paelde rillrud la at Mat
rnnipleted to (two, which mak- another link
tinlaheit inthlaureatenterprl'e The company
has 1 tho re I nudar grrat disadvantages lu Uding
Uiia'ita in pnruurrj lao irer.
Tbo river has been lower this sea-on'thin It
waa last o luw. In fact, that bj ti drawtmr
tao fvetof water tiud ti hard work get tlu from
La Cnmeu to St. Paul. Uu the aaudtiara tha
o.ttlo wide nut In rtrtv a, and th'Ht.t whlat'e
le blowu to have tbein CJn4r tha claunel V let
the b ai pa -a.
Since tn last we have had another aerl ma'v
dry pi)), aud exceralvtly Imt. Uelti.euiw
just had an inch of rain, wbleh will s rvwlafe
crops in this iimiifdiaUi vlclntty. in other
pans of the Statu curu aud i at U4 are 4 full
avrrae crop ttiU tear, hivlug baou mire
favored with genial ahuwera. K.
Tnc Rath. MUr thuparrhloar, mf-U'nadavs
d uUhi-.tui-h 4 Wd hiva Utely a-yellre4
tiiri'ith, oh, how sw et an 1 coo" mi aro tbee
riln-' They li-a-in like HeareuV ew-leat
b vtwlnira down, th'ill every pulia wilh new and
iieeeo j ty. nitiiiry.tKiio.i; d)a(thM ircb
IlitC rtiua of Auzu-li thu beat of the ooUat
atiada't thrthetuhio thith-rmouieter, travi-Un
intc'iiiuuv "on sm 'Wifrtu.if upwir i( ma neat
ed d t, lllii.j aiaiul liklhrtfndor "ah ira
all tneo luriiates of afllilloti cooled, mo si
euid, turned to founts ni of plea-uru by tiie
eve-i, rttrh nira n,
Tbu river wa dried up, h lata fed to tha
ahort-n by their ku U, p mda aud ler and
louitiatn lu vd to eitiiiant uhjIh but n w
utl la ibu;td, hdJ water d iws lu pluasaot
Neiituuo nnd Nereids srive the w rd. the
aplot ol ilie beaten y (ouutalus la turuud, iod
II n earth I drenelied Willi coillu, gentle
fbowera. (od eeuda d wn no darer b Mn
tbtu rain lu s until r TfM ha r. est, ihe'c.fle
uu a lliaiudtil hill, the amlliuaT lawua. lb
Heiitle dd , ibu rolllm; tnlN.aud tha ran lold
tiiouiitjitif, .7iih tiifir everiatiiia! p'iU4 re
tLrtieraiiti il '" tli'-sr r tcky fieii4 til, all
are ijiaj iud amlliu at the aufl aud waicouiu
putur oitbe rain.
Navii-atiou ruopees) thesout; of tbe merry
ere 11 jats aruuud many a erall aa It g ea mu
aicaily down our Oetuilful river, tbe hill
aldua tint euvlrtin the river take up the souffi
and ch i theui Oiaiu.
F...r bird lu Us lea'y home, erery cricket
in it- tuon-ay rell, the old owl at u in ind trie
wli, por will at dfj I of flight, theehild oTTor
luiit.tlie boar (jnlf tUrt iuju ot wentj aud
ii ptfur a rvaut, thu poubiuiu nl tli ox
be dr we, iti iutchaiiic ai hi toll, lite a ildiur
uu bit tnarc't, the lady lit her ptriir, atil the
wear IMtrltT, all aavi " luauk tiiid I It
raiua"' UtfWirii lnulti-jmc r.
A rJoNHET ron tub Piutc or WaL. The
F.titi'uirizh piperarfpwt t't tt the 3 nl-iy if
the i.clent A chera of KNlnnln" hiv pr i
p ir-ed a Scoti 1 bonnet as n ilfi t tho Frin',e
nf Wa'ts, who ai.Oioed hla lather at pur mi if
lllit aocieH. The shape of the bonnet l the
r.amo as thtt worn hv tie a her whim hut
imr at pt'In-r, and the tn-1 1e is Iin I wan
white aitlni and Iti the centri tbe Pn-ici of
VYaNw'coii-.tf.arinsia 'hjiuiI' i lye inr l liril,
-ml Uiow Urn words "lib Odu, 1133" tbu
d uc when tbu soefotv wi or I if In ilul.
A lOiCHMax of ariatocratle pr n llvltlat aj-vriis-a
I r a l'uilloii wun in provino ibit
n ne ntrl apply alt li ive u it kept their car
rlscia over three y- "
I.I at uf lia.tartii .luilala
L'u ter lhr turn of Surnm It, tt. fifto 1, U. S,
A.t MeJxii H,r,i.t ItrfHtriHUHt y
l' IthnKjtuU,
. rmory dpiaie, V ii-liiiiitoii, P. C.
-tuiiiih ain"t wfl ttwe-u ' ml trwta
mill, t-i ruiW'if Surem D. V. ttdaa, U,
t V
"i (!a-vr, Wi-h'iiiiiou, 1) 0., Furu-uth,
4trel wtt, at t Tin lliu nf city riltr.tal, la
li-iritt! ot Hurt-eou i) . In U n, U. d. V.
'k Citiipticll, VV4.lilu,l m, l. C, riaventh
treot wmt, at leriultiua of city rallro I n .rt'j,
in charge nf Suron A. F. dhe' I m, lT. t. V.
4. OolnuihU'i, Wa-hlUkfton, P. C, Four
tfenth alrmt wt, at lurmiuu of city railMiJ,
lu Uartxe of 3 irtje m T It CM-"y, U. 3. V.
i pawui a rr, tVa-hiiiifton, 0 O , corunr oi
Fiiuriwiitii street aul Maatcfiu-'eils aVeina,
in Cha-ifo i. sun; ou J. tf. Hildretb, U. 3. V.
d, Ovuli, W 4 -all in if tu, IJ ;., vomer of 1
iro-t aul Ni-w.ftr-.tj) aeuu, in etitratf Av
islaul 3 irtiu iu Wm. Tho oiu, (J 3. A.
7 K.imr), Waahniiei hi, 1 t., uetr Vims
ioms1, otof ttiu Cap nl, lu cuenjo of durgeou
S. ll. M.MMloy, U.3. V.
&. Falrlax -vimhiary, Virtcmia, two miles
sell if UxaulrU, iu thirga ur 3aruu I).
P. 3mUh, U. 3. V.
U Kinley, Waanlni;ton,n.C., Knndall Oreen,
Fourth atroel eaai, uorih of ilia city, iu charge
I surtj-uou 14. L. PaiK'oael, U. 3. V.
.10 H irno.id, Wa-hliu'l id, I). C, Corco
rin's f trui, 3o.uulh sirtA.t .-l, lu charge of
iurieou U. U. Uotiteeou, U. 3. .
II. -ItilicUry 3 (i.re, Wilnuift'0, t C,
ludifiary 3o, i ire, L strwi u o-ui, ntej
'oiinh aud KllUiatreita wl, IU rH-artC-i
al-tmt airiixiu lift. luirjii, t.3. V
I j K sloraei i, l.u iH-p ) V iutul in, U
i t ock .re-1!, "Jt Tir ni-ti'at atreoi, In
. ha lo of ulii.r Asl-taut oarge-m It. J.
(tioma. U. 3. A.
1.. Liuolu, Wa.hln.nou, U. C., one mils
, . t iui. i' tpitul, iu charge uf Ajwiauut dar
x.. i 1. 1 . 1 rvet, C. 3. A,
tl Mount FN os tut, WashlnHtin, D. 0.,
fl i ( , lu to.ri.ci, oue half mlleyoHd city
i ot-, in chargo of AaslaUut surgeon C. A.
1 i.ul, L'.d. A.
i Aviiiuury, Datrgetown, 0. U., corner ot
V -.!. iikflou aid la) eireeta, tu chargu of our
ii ! IV. llueatboi, U.S. I.
In Union, W a du ii J I I). C, I streetand
iW Jerae aeuue, iu eliarguol 3urguou J. A
Ltdell, U. 3. V.
17. 3umo, Wa-iilui.nou, I). C, Fourtoeulh
Ucol, opposite t-oluui iau li.'.piUl, lu c&arga
of Acllug Apa't 3'irweou I, dluuuau, U.3 A.
lb. cl. r.ltwiH.tb, (Uiaaue elum.) W tab
iniftam, l. C.,i i)oud.Na) Yard weal, lucbare
if Ailing Abb is UUt, 3uit.uoa C. U. Nlch-iU,
U. 3. A.
lu. First Pivlelou General. Alexandria. Vs..
corner of falttax aud Catuurou stravts, tu
h t t,u ot du-guuu Chus. Fage, U. 3. A.
cueoud Division Ueueral, Aluxaudrla,
,'a , coruer of priuce and Coimuims airwis, in
ctiarKUOl durgoou T. U. 3uencir, U. 3 V.
Jl. I'ulrd Uivlaiou Uem-ral, Alwitau Ina.Va.,
Vlatihlugtou atreul, belweeu ejntou aud Cauia
rou streets, In charge uf Surgoou ICJwIu Ueut
iy, U.fl. V.
VJJ. Augor Osneral ll.spiui, uer Aletan
dria Va In charge of 3uri.eoi.OeurgaL.daU
I 11

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