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Imported In Hags filiil Mvrn Il SCnrt
AimiliK Ihoio Who llnmlla Tliini
nt I.lkrly In I'rore erlou.
l'ni, Noy. 7. UurlnK tlio twenty
four hours ending at o'clock p. m.
Thursday tlnro worn four deaths from
cholera nt Iho Stantolno boapltal in tula
cltv. At tlio Tcuou hospital thero woro
seven cun nml thrca dial In. Llsowhoro
In tlio city four diatln oicurrcd. l'rom
Widnudiy mornltiB until noon to-day
thero niw a tolal of tnoiity-ono casos and
thlrUon dentin In 1'nrlJ.
,M. Cnincsiaso, tho prefect do pollco of
the bolne, mtid tlio Infected houses
yiatcrdty livery precaution Is boltig
taken to" rtrovciit tlio sproulof tho con
ticlou. Iho cabinet council at Its inoot
liiK to dnTdlscussod hygienic measures.
M lirunardol, vlco president of tho
l'arls council of hyiclenc, pronounces tho
cholera now prevalent In Franco as of tho
ecmiloo Aslntlo titio. The first victims
were rag-pickers living In tho densely
populated l'aubourit St. Antolno, who be
caino lufectod from Imported rags. Ho
predicts that tho present epidemic will
not bo eovore, and that it will bo
thoroughly ri pri isod by tho comlue colder
weather and rigid sttiltaty precautions.
I'AIUs, Nov. 7. Tho reports of tho ro
vital of tho cholera scourgo aro uaWng a
depressing ctTict upon tho Uourso. Many
tourists oro also loaTlng tho country.
Tho prefect of pollco at to-day's sitting of
tho Holno council, oxprtesod the opinion
that tho cpldcmla would spoodlly disap
pear, as tho cans which lnvo been ro
ported havo boon In Isolated places. Tho
reports of cholera from raldnlghtof Thurs
day to 8 o'clock this evening show that
thore were twonty-soven enscs and seven
iliaths, including one death In a suburb
ofToulou, tbroo at Nautos, and one at
Tlio rcappotranco of cholera causes
great alarm throughout Europe. Iho
authorities of Spain ro debuting tho
question of adopting vory extonsiva pro
cautions to provent tho sproad of tho epi
demic. Tho nppoaranco of cholera Is badly
scaring many of tlio American habitouj
there, who aro Dialing arrangements to
depart from tho city.
Money anil .lien for Tnnquln.
PAnic, Nov. 7. Tho Tempi announcos
that meetings will bo held at tho foreign
offlco next week to harmonize tho vlons
of Trance and thole of tho African asso
ciation up n tho terrltnral limits of tho
Congo country.
ThoTonquin committee of thodoputlcs
has voted a credit for reinforcements to bo
sent to tho Trench forcos In Touquln.
Both Gen. Camponon, minister of war,
and Admiral 1'eyron, minister of marine,
intimated to tho commltteo that If tho
conflict continued inTonquIn thoy would
bo obliged to ask for a lurther credit in
Docombor of $5,000,000.
I I'looris In Spain.
JtADr.lD, Nov. 7. Tho floods at All
canto havo destroyod tho Faubourg Ctrl"
dud and n rock thrown down by an
avalanche battered down tho old stono
walls of tho city. Tho towns of Carca
Jeuto, nctr tho river Jurar, Alclra, (a
walled town on an Island in tho river
Jucar,) and Iiida, all In tho province of
Valencia, have been submerged, causing
great damago to factories, bridges, and
Senatorial Heform In France.
Pauib, Nov. 7. Thosenato bos adopted
throo articles of tho senatorial reform bill
Erovlding for tbo election of 223 senators
y tbo departments and colonies, and 7fi
by tho senate. Tbo term of sorvlce of
sonatorshlps is fixed at niuo yoars in
stead of for Ufa. Tho protoudors to tbo
thronoaro declared ineligible to seats in
Improving th Suez Canal
Pauis, Nov. 7. Tho Suoa Canal com
pany will send a committoo to Egypt on
tho 12th Instant to oxamlno and report
upon tho feasibility of wldonlng the pres
ent canal, or whotheranccesslty exists for
tho building of a second canal. M. do
Lesseps and his son will accompany.tho
commltteo. 3'
A New See In Canada.
Kome. Nov. 7. Tho popo has approved
of tho division of the diocese of Throo
Itlvors, Canada, by the creation of a now
sco atNicolut. Ills holiness has appointed
n new commissary upostollo to go to
Au Anarchist's Sentence.
Vifsna, Nov. 7. Tho anarchist, Bar
fuss, has been sentonced to six yoars hard
labor In prison on the oharge of high
treason. Tho prinoipal connt in the
ebargo was that of posting placards of an
Incendiary nature.
Franchise 11111 Head a Second
London, Nov. 7. In tho houso of com
mons to-night tbo franchiso bill was read
a second timo by a vote of Jli to 232.
Father Chlnlquy llootcil Again.
Montreal, Nov. 7. Tho Uev. Father
Chlnlquy preached last night in the Can
ning Street Presbyterian church, and was
again interrupted by a band of young
men, apparently students. Tho excesos of
the nfgbt before, however, woro not ro
pouted. Tho disturbance was confined to
shouts and yolls, interspersed with lively
skirmishes with tbo police. Tho students,
after they wore expelled lrom tho church.
marched through tho streets singing and
Indulging In hideous yells In passlug any
Protestant church. Several of tho lea 1
crs of tho crowd wero severely beaton by
thopolicoand carried to tho hospital.
Ono arrest was rnado.
President Arthur earning Home.
Nl.W Yonrc, Nov. 7. Among Prosident
Arthur's visitors to-day wero John Jacob
Astor, Klihu Boot, Gen. Graham, ox
.ludgo Russell, Prof. Doremus, Hon, Levi
P. Morton, and Cornelius N. Ullss. Tho
President will leave for Philadelphia
nnd Washington by the 310 p. m. train
to-morrow. At Philadelphia ha will
be Jollied by Attornoy Genoral Brewster.
Eight Vcara for Miltdor,
Baltimoiie, Ml), Nov, 7. In tho
criminal court this morning JudgoPhelps
sentenced Gilbert W. IIn7oltine, con
victed of manslaughter in killing Mnuilo
Thorpe, to eight joars in tho peniten
tiary, Uaielliuo wasurosidontof Jainos
' town, N, Y and shot tbo girl Thorpu at
a disreputablo bouso in this city on the
lUthof July last.
Kail llli rr Mills to Again Shut Down.
Tall IUvjir, Mass., Nov. 7. At u
meeting of tho board of trado this morn
ing a majority favorod n shut down next
wctk. An agreement to closo on Satur
day night for (mo week has been signed
bj mills representing 1,000,000 spindles,
nnd enough are expected to slgii this
nttfrnucm to bring tho uumbor up to
Convlclrtl of Polygamy,
Salt Lvkk City, Utui, Nov. 7. In
tho caso uguiust llvaus, charged with
polygamy, tho mother of tho socond wife
testified Out hor daughtor married Evans,
His second wife, admitting tho marriage
uith her, said it wus with his first wife's
consent. The jury thereupon convicted
A li uuhi Man Staba IIli Sweetheart.
Kw.ilMOKL, Nov. 7. A young man
nituiud Joseph Katzeubergor stabbod and
almost Instantly killod I'molluo Millar,
young woman holiadboen keeplngcom
pany with, on Puca street, tills evening,
llu wusantstcd. Thero appears to havo
been no motive for tho crlmo, Katzon
bergcr was drunk at tho time.
Iuniap;lur I.iTVUn of a Cyeloue.
St. Annk deb Mintb, CJui'nEC, Nov, 7.
Tho storm which vltltud hero on Wednes
day was much tho shapo of a cyclone
Fifteen houses wero destroyod, and a
considerable quantity of wood, which tho
flsliennun had in store, was swept nway.
A number of fishing boats wore totally
demolished, having drifted on tho rooks.
Hovcrsl poor families who bad thslr
winter storo of provisions In tholr cellars
Buffered sorlous losses. Tbo roadways
wore dostroyed by floods and are now
Irapassablo, whllo brldgas wero brokon
down. At Notro Damo dn I'ortago the
storm was folt very soverelv. Thrco
hmuAfl woro swont nwar and ft small
wharf was knocked over. Throo miles of
fouclng in tho vicinity was carried away.
The Hull I'lnyers.
Nkw YonK, Nov. 7. Tho arbitration
commltteo, acting under tho national
nut-cement of tho Professional llase Hall
Players' association, mot hero to-day. Tho
National loaguo, tho American association,
and tho Histirn telguo wero reprosontod
by delegations. Tho Northwestern Iciguc,
which was represented at tho spring
meeting of tha commltteo, liuvlng
slnco disbanded, was not represented.
A. O. Mills, of Now York, presided.
Honry V. Dlddlobock, of Philadelphia,
was clcctod secretary and troasurcr. It
was resolved that, In vlow of tho dlsorgan
l7cd stato of tho Kastbru league, utile's
tho serrotary of that leguo oxlilblted at
the spring mooting of tho committee an
arbitration, to bo hold In April, 1833,
tlnrumnnlflrv iwlflnnca showing an acttvo
membership of not less than six clubs tho
llastorn leaguo shall forfolt Its member
ship In tho commltteo. Tho committee
adjourned tomeot In Philadelphia on tho
first Prlday In April. 1833.
i .
llrlglilun Ilrach Itaecs.
Nrw Yoke, Nov. 7. Tho first raco at
llrlghtan Ucach to-day was for a purse of
JO, for boatou horses, three-quarters of
a mile. Ncttlo won, I'lorontino second.
Timo, 1 21).
Second raco rarso $230, ono mllo and
ono furlong. Lytton won, Unkuown sec-
ontl. Timo, M u.'.
Thlnl raco l'urso $100, a handicap for
I all ages, ono and ono-quartor miles. Tony
loiter won, Hale Ion socona. iltno, '-'iij.
Fourth race Pttrso J230, for 3-year-olds,
ono mllo nnd ono furlong. Georgo gin
gerly won, Itoyal Arch socond. Timo,
1'lfth nco rurso $230, for boatcn
horses, 3-year-olds and upward, soven
furlongs. Tolcmachus won, bam Emory
second. Time, 1 35.
Gov, Hoadly Astceil lo Order Ont the
Columbus, Onto, Nov. 7. President
Greeno, of tho Columbus, Hocking Val
ley and Toledo railroad, has rcqucstrd
Gov. lloadly to order out tho militia on
account of tho burning of bridges in
Hocking county. Sheriff McCarty. of
Hocking county, to duy toicgraphed to
tho governor asking him to order out tho
troops. Ho says Murray City was at
tacked by 300 or 400 minors, who used
tins filled with giant powder, with fuses
attached, and somo dynamite. The sheriff
says ho can manage Hocking county If
Perry nud Athons countios aro looked
after. No troublo has been reported so
far to-day. Gov. Hoadly is in Cincinnati,
and tho call has not been answered.
New York Driving Park.
Nrw YonK, Nov. 7. At tho Now York
Driving park to-day tho first raco was
for tho 2 23 class for a purso of $300,
Itovcngo won. Best timo, 2 271.
Maxcr Cobb and Is eta Medium tbon
attomptod to boat LMwurdand Sniveller's
record of 2.1G1. Tho mile was trotted in
Tho match raco for Suu between tno
runuing teams of J. O'Nay aud John J.
Q. and Debarry nnd Ghost followed.
the raco was close ana vory exciting.
Debarry and Ghost won tho heat by n
half length in 1:541. In tho second heat
Debarry and Ghost wero never beaded.
Timo, 1-531.
One Ilurglar Shot unit Another Cap
Lancasteu, Pa., Nov. 7. Tho storo of
L. O. Itobiuson, in Salisbury township,
bordering on the Welsh mountain, was
robbod sovoral days ago, tho suspected
parties being a number of negroes con
nected with tbo liuzzurd gang. I'Capstablo
Bowman got a clow to tho roblArra to-Tlay,"
and discovered them, four In Author, in
their hiding place. Tho men attempted
to cscapo, whon Bowman shot ono of
thorn, named Jero Groen, through the
breast, inflicting a fatal wound. John
Boab, another of tho party, was enpturod
and lodged iu Jail in this city this even
ing. '
Severe Shocks of Earthquake,
Bulnaventuba, Nov. 7. News from
Call and other towns In tho southern
states of Colombia reports that tbo most
sovoro shock of oarthquako that has been
experienced for yoars was folt last night.
Tbo church of San Pedro, at Call, was
wrecked, and auothor church and several
bouses suffcrod Bovoroly. Tho othor
towns which felt tho shock osoapod with
out serious injury.
To-Oay's lloat llace.
Pittsbueq, Pa., Nov. 7. Tho singlo-
scull raco to be rowed at McKoosport, Pa ,
to-morrow afternoon by Peter H. Conloy,
of Boston, and John Teenier for $500 a
side Is attracting considerable attention.
Conloy is to have ten seconds' start. Both
men aro in oxcellout condition, and a
stubbornly-contested raco is oxpectod,
A Iilvcrymau Assail iuated.
Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 7. James
Lcathorwood, livery stable keeper of this
city, was assassinatod at about 3 o'clock
this morning, being shot through a crack
in tho wall, tho bullet piercing the top of
his head and ranging downward into tho
body. Ho was instantly killed. Thero
is no clow to the murderer.
Cut Itatcs to Chicago.
New Yobk, Nov. 7, Jilornan's news
agency states: iho rew loric central
railroad has just rodueed its rates to Chi
cago to $11. This gives the Wost Shore
a deferontial rato of $1.50. West Shoro
tickets sell at $0.50. aud brokers predict
ft greater reduction.
An Kagle Attacks a lloy.
New Yobk, Nov. 7, To-day William
Haslctt, 12 years old, residing at Pear
sails, L. I., whllo gathering chestnuts,
was attacked by n largo eagle. Tho boy
fought tho bird for somotlmo, and finally
Bticceoded In killing It with a olub. Tho
eagie measured eight feet from tip to tip.
neutenced to llnnir.
Nrw Orleamc, Nov, 7. Kobort Will
iams, colorol, alias "Bllnky Bob," con
vlctod of the murder of Charles Dyes,
colored, committed In April, 1832, was to
day sentenced by Judge Itoinan to he
hanged at such timo as tho governor shall
Indicted for Klrcllim Frands,
New Yobic, Nov. 7. It is stated that
tho grand jury h.is already found indict
ments which aro believed to chargo per
sons with fraud In the election. Stops aro
also to be taken to punish those election
inspectors who woro derelict in sending
in their returns.
A Hank 1 tiler on Trlnl.
pETEitsiiuno, Va., Nov, 7. Tbo trial
of W. W. White on the charge of making
fraudulent entries whllo teller of tho
Planters nnd Mcclmnlct' bank ras beguii
to-day and will bo continued to-morrow.
Tlil.l'.aitAl'UIC 11 I'd.
Tho Credit MoMllcr cane wai called up for
argument In tho Unltud State) circuit court In
lhilaJcli'htu jutirdny.
Tho body of It, Tn) lor Johnion, a promi
nent man of hohenectady, who UUappearcd on
Oct. ."J, wua found In the rlo cuuul yesterday,
It la suppo.cd he committed suicide.
I)r IxwIiH Stelncr, of Frederick city, for
a number of yean a member of tho Maryland
ccnutc and ono of tlio most literary men of the
male of Mar) land, has been appointed librarian
of tho 1 nocn 1'ratt l'rco Library Ho will at
onco visit tbo large llbrarlm of New York and
the eastern states, and collect data before pur
chasing booki.
Tho argument In the caao of tho IUltlmoro
and Ohio ltallroad company and llaltlmoro
and Ohio Lipresa corumny vi Iho Arlam'a
Lxpress company ct al , tu prohibit the defend
ant from reluilus to tako eiprca? matter, was
closed In the United states circul court In
llaltlmore yesterday. Judges Bond and Mor
ris rckeryea Umci decision.
Onlclml Proclamation by the Presl
(lent Appointing Thursday, the HTlh
Tho following proclamation was yester
day Issuod by tho Prosldont, designating
Thursday, tho 27tu Instant, as nay or
Tho season Is nigh when It Is thoyoarly
wont of this pooplo to obscrvo a day ap
pointed for that purposo by tho President
as an especial occasion fur thanksgiving
unto God.
Now, thoroforo, In recognition of this
hallowed custom, I, Chester A, Arthur,
Prosldont of tho United States, do horeby
deslgnato as such day of genoral thanks
giving Thursday, tho U7lu day of this
present November.
And I do recommend that throughout
tho lapd tho people, ceasing from tholr
accustomed occupations, do then koop
holiday at their several homes nnd tholr
several places of worship, nnd with heart
and volco pay rovorent acknowledgment
to the Givor of All Good for tlio countless
blessings wherowith Ho hath visited this
In witnois whoroof I havo hereunto sot
my hand and caused tho seal of tho United
Btatos to bo afllxod.
Dono at tho city of Washington this
7th day of Novombor, In tlio year of our
Lord ono thousand eight hundred and
eighty-four and of tho Independcuco of
tno united matos tno ono uunuron nna
ninth. CiiiJiTr.ii K. Airriiuit.
The l'l'uary Coilnolt.
lUl.TlMontt, Nov. 7. Tho second pre
limlnary mooting of prelates, previous to
tho opening of tho third plenary council,
was held to-day at St. Mary's seminary,
in this city, and was nrosided ovar by
Archbishop Gibbous, apostolio delegate
Thoro woro prcsont all tho archbishops
and nearly alt tho bishops of tho Catholio
church In tbo United Statos, aboutseventy
in all. Tho officers of tho council, viz,
chancollor, notaries, and secretaries, wero
choson. nnd will bo announced at tho last
preliminary mooting, to bo hold In tho
calhodral to-morrow. Tlio city Is full of
Catholio clergymen and dignitaries, nnd
the grand solemn session on Sunday next
is expected to bo a magnificent affair.
Headless llotlleH IVuilml Ashore
Haiipax, N S, Nov. 7. Information
rccelvod from Capo Breton states that (ho
body of Cipt. Ormlston, of wrecked
schoonor Charlos Valentine, has been
washed nshoro at Wing Point. Tho flesh
was gono from his faco, and his shirt and
boots wero on. Tho headloss body of tho
mnto was also cast nshoro. Ho was
identified by his name which was tat
tooed on his arm.' Portions of 'the two
other headless bodies sunposol to bo those
of tho cook, John Mcintyro, and a sea
man named John N. Glllls, wero also
found. Mclntyro's foot wero gone. Two
feet with shoes on supposed to bo those of
Mclntyro's wero also plckod up.
Two Tralna Telescope.
Kocukstkb, N, Y., Nov. 7. Two West
Shoro passenger trains collided this fore
noon on tho Buffalo, Now York and Phil
adelphia railroad on which tho West
Shoro train enter tho city. Conductor
Loary and Brakoman Uolllngshcad wero
badly bruised. Both engineer and firo
man iumned into the Gencsso river and
saved tboir lives. Mrs. Mcintyro, of
Scottsvlllo, had five ribs broken and her
back sprained. Both locomotivo and two
cars woro wrecked. Tho causo of tho
accident was tho running of ono train
ahead of timo.
Women's Foreign Missionary Society.
Baltimorf, Nov. 7. Tho oxocutlvo
committee of the Womon's Foreign Mis
sionary society of tho Methodist Episco
pal cliurch continued it session to-day.
Tho, report of tho commltteo on South
India missions was read, making a satis
factory showing. Tho work thoro is in
charge of Miss Layton and Miss Warren,
arid Ifcnnflned chiefly to tho cities of
Calcutta and Bengal, In both of which
there aro largo and flourishing mission
schools, which send out a number of na
tive workers in the religious field.
Iteclprocal Treaty With Mexico,
City op Mexico, Nov. 7. Tho treaty
for tho reciprocal passago of American and
Moxtcan troops aeross tho boundary lino
has been oxtendod to Oct. 31, 1885. Tho
treaty is signod by Mr. Morgan, tho Amer
ican minister, and tho Moxlcan sub
secretary of foreign relations, A new
association has been formed hero called
tho Morcantllo confederation. It includes
dolegatos from all chambers of commorco
and business associations in tbo ropubllo.
The Week's Iluslncss Failures.
New Yobk, Nov. 7. Tho business
failures throughout tho country occur
ring in tbo seven days ending to-day, as
reported to P. G, Dun &. Co , of the mor
cantllo atroncv. number for tho United
States 183 and for Canada 21, or a total of
200, a matkod Cecreaso over last week
when tho total was 2G7 and tho Drovlons
wcok 253. Tho docreaso arises in the
New England and middle states and in
New York city.
Secretary Chandler In Concord,
Concobd, N. II., Nov. 7. Secretary
Chandler arrived hero this morning from
Warron, whero ho has boon In conforonco
with Prof. Soley, librarian of tbo navy
department, since Wodnosday morning,
concerning his annual report. Tho sec
retary stated that ho had not been tele
graphed for to go to New York ; that ho
bad not been thorn, nnd that ho did not
intend going there till Monday.
Drntl Hollies Recovered.
Rfaihvo, Y , Not, 7. Up to noon to
day tho bodies of throo of the seven men
burled undor tho ruins of tho dismantled
stack nt Kobesonla fnrnnce ncro recov
ered. Thoy woro burned boyond recog
nition. Tour other bodies nro burled
beneath sever 1 hundred tons of debris.
Tho force of tho dynamlto explosion at
Moucluburg was felt within A radius of
thirty miles.
T.ove nml Laughter John nnd El In.
Miss Kiln suld tho wroto "Solitude,"
Fob. 10, 1833, whllo tho gay colonol aayi
he wroto "Lovo and Loughter" in Jan
uary, 1803. Col. Vlischor, of Denver, who
was tho nmannensls of Ooorgo D, l'rcn.
tlce. sirs In a lute letter:
With regard to tho timo of pasting tho
poem ''Love and Lnughtor" in my old
scrap book I cannot stato deftultcly, but
thoro It ono thing certain, tbo acrap book
has not been used by mo, exept for ref
erence, slnco IBM), and tho poem referred
to it patted Just following ono of my own
which was published In tho San l'ran
tlsco Post, Feb. 21, lb80. and my wlfo de
clares that you scut tlio printed copy of
tho poem to mo while wo llvod In Han
I'ranclaco, nnd that was from 1870 to
June, ISsO. Hho speaks of having boen
struck with its sentiment at tho timo and
of memorising It on that account thonnud
Uugono Field, of tho Chicago Newt, ono
of tho bost poets of this day, writes to
Col Jovco. whom ho knew twelve years
ago tn St. Louis, that, while ho doos not
rotnambor tho poem Iu question, bo
recollects that Joyce was "a great band at
tioutlns Doetrr' nud that "timo will
straighten out tho kinks and unravel tho
mystery," nnd that "Lure and Laughter"
'la by all odds tho prettiest rhyme" Joyco
ever wroto.
Irank Ward lists Poetical.
TVhcn the democrats they get In,
hen the democrats they get In,
The) 'II send John Kelly to the court of St.
Whcu tho democrats they get In,
But It's certain that thoy won't do that,
Yet, lt'a certain that they won't do that)
o'll bet a silk hat that they don't do that,
'Till tho democrats they get lu,
-F.K. W.
Wherein lllrili and Ileasts Are Caught
and Hopelessly Held Captive,
Anon tic Tampa) and thi Andci
Atftdistanco of thirty milos south of
tho river Dlumanto onr routo pastod by
a natural objoct of conslderablo Interost
n stream, or rather rill, of yollowlsh-whlto
fluid llko petroleum Issuing from tho
mountain sldo at n considerable height
nnd trickling down tho slope till lost In
tho porous toll of tho valloy below, Tho
source from which It flowed was at tho
Junction whoroa hard niotamnrphlorock,
interspersed wiviismau crystals oi nKiuio,
ovorlay rt stratum it volcanic- tuff. It was
formed llko tho crater of a volcano nnd
full of black, bituminous matter, hot and
sticky, which could bo stirred up to tbo
doptu of about eighteen inches,
1 iouudcrlng In It was n polocat or
skunk (mcphotls varlins), having been
enticed to Its fatb by tho dosiro of secur
ing n bird caught In tho natural bird limo.
till ft bullet from tho rovolver of ono of
tha party terminated tho skunk's strug
gles to oxtrlcuto ltsolf from tho warm
aul ndheslvo btth In which it was hopo
lessly held captive. Tho ocrIlow from
this fountain was, as desoribod, llko a
stream of potrolouin two or throo feet
wide trickling over a bod of pitch or somo
such substance, wb'ch oxtondod to a
muii greator width along the edgo of tho
runuing stream at its contact with It,
This material was of ft vory sticky na
ture, becoming gradually harder as It
spread further out, . ussumlug tho np
poaranco of asphalt when It beramo
mingled with tbo looso sand of tho ad
Joining soil,
Whiio engaged in examining this natu
ral curiosity wo camu upon tno small
birds caught in tho sticky substation nt
tho edge of tho stroum. They wero still
allvo, but upon releasing them both tho
fcathors and tho skin catno off where
they had come in contact with tho bitu
minous matter, so that wo had to
kill them to put an end to their suffer
ings. No doubt thny hxi been taken
in by the nppcurance of water which
tho stream presented nud hal
alighted to drink, whon they discov
ered their mistako too lato. Their lata
suggested tho Idea that In ft district sj
devoid of natcr others of tho feathered
tribos must constantly bscomo victims to
the samo delusion In a similar manner,
and upon a closo liispaetlou of the margin
of tho stream tbo correctness of this in
ference was established by tho discovery
of numerous skeletons of birds imbedded
in It! nor wore thoso of small quadrupeds
unrepresented, among which werecouizod
tho remains of a fox.
Luxurious llathlufr-
Herald cif Health.
Tho aged, tho foeblo Invalids, who
shrink from cold, tho weak-hoarted,
whoso Augers got cold and bloodless after
ncold bath all thoio can couquor tho
cnomy by u bit of strategy, Uavo a basin
of hot water as woll as ono of cold. Wash
all over with tho hot water, as hot as you
can woll bear it. Then, with tho whole
body iu aglow, a quick dash of or plunge
into tho cold water will be delightful.
Don't prolong it, but keep up tho reac
tion which sots in immedlato by a vigor
ous rubbing from head to foot with n
rough towol. It is not bad to finish with
n big flesh brush. Thero aro Ivory
few persons who cannot tako each
a bath with pleasure us woll
as profit. Ono ' does not neod
tbo Atlantic ocoan or even a rlvor to got
tho boneflt of abath. A wash basin, a
broad, flat pan to stand In and two cans
or jugs of water, hot and cold, will answer
overy purposo. Tho effect of tho hot
wutor followed by1 cold is very curious. I
ha o tbo pleasuro of knowing a lady who
found It so good for hor own ailments that
Bhe tried it on hor plants. A fading fern
revived at once to vigorous lifo. Try it
for rheumatism and neuralgia. Try it for
auy maladios you may have. It is good
for a local appllcation.-but general treat-
mnr. la ,..-. ,n Alt mm, ir vnii r,n mm.
pass it. Make tho wholo body moro alive,
and every part will'tft'cl tho benefit be
sides life flows whore it is most needed.
A good invlgoratingftath removes local
congestions and distributes as well as in
creases tho forces of health.
The Highland Jjaltles,
William Black in Warper's Hagailnet.
The handsomest man I have ovor seen
was a boatman on tho wost of Skyo, tho
calm and serious dignity of whoso faco
seomod moro suggostlve of Loonardo dl
Vinci than of herring fishing; and tbo
handsomest woman I havo over seen was
a young marriod lady, who, somo years
ago, happened to be traveling in the Clans
mau, and whoso gontly modulated English
Indicated an Inverness origin. When a
Highland girl, oven of tho peasant class,
Is pretty (and tho phenomenon is
not of a very raro occurroncol, the
prottlnoss is of a refined and intellectual
typo; tho forehoad high, the eyes clear,
full and contomplativo, tho mouth fine,
and tho expression of the face gentle and
vet firm. Wordsworth nover forgot tho
beauty of tbo Highland girl ho saw at
Inversnald, Indeed, It Is said ho had to
rocur to that fount when ho wished to
pay a poetical compliment to his wile.
For tbo rest, tho way in which an edu
cated Highland young lady speaks En
glish is ono of tbo most delightful things
in tho world, though no doubt sho would
bo vory much surprised, and oven indig
nant, if sho was told that sho had any
accout at all.
A Singular diameter,
AVur 1'orJt Letter to inrtngfield PepMlcan.
Mine. Yoldo is a young, rich, andeccen
trio Trench woman, who Uvea luxuriously
at tho Brunswick, walks up and down
Broadway la heavy furs and baro nock,
and works a part of oaoh day in a
studio on ono of the upper floors of tho
Musoe. She Is n superficially clovor
sculptor, not without talent, and tbo is
ambitious to win reputation as nn artist.
Ono of hor works was exhibited last year
lu tho Paris salon. Two of tbotn havo
been oxbibltcd recently In tbo Muioo a
"St. Anthony Tempted "nud a group of
hunchbacks. Thoro is somo bold and ox
prcssivo modollug in both, though tho
toinptrctt of St. Anthony la decidedly n
Frcuch coquette of advaucod vulgarity,
Mmo. Yoldo Is conspicuous chiefly, how
oror, for tho mystory and eccentricity
that lidngs about hor like natural gar
ments, and tbo tnystory is boightouod by
tho fact that tho namo alio boars is a tiom
dt gutrre. No ono soonis to know what
her real namo Is. Aa au objoct of local
Intorest on tho streets sho Is cortaiuly
A Daisy Druy Horse.
Georgia Cracker.
After tho passago of tho ordnanco pro
hibiting drays from going at a greater
speed than a walk, Mlggs went to ono of
tbo councllmeu aud said :
"Say, if you bear of any ono who wunts
a good dray horso send hlru down to mo."
"Havo you got ono to soil r"
"You bet I'io got tho boas I He'll nevor
violate tho ordinance and atlok bis owner
for n flno."
"Why, what sort of a borso Is ho?"
"Well, I started with him in a funeral
procosslou yettorday and was distanced
by tho ontlro gang before I had gono llvo
blocks, Oh, ho's a daisy for an Atlanta
dray horso I"
And Mlggs loft tha councilman In a
brown study whether Mlggs was lu earn
est orjustjoklng.
"Stifxurlnfr," tfcrvauts.
PhllaOdplda Cult.
A curious carriage caso has Just been
decided In New York. Tho courts holds
It a defense against a bill that plaintiffs
paid a servant of defendants a small per.
centauo every timo au item was added.
Tho bill was brought by llrewster &
Co, against Itufut Hatch, nnd tho servant
"sugared" was Itufus Match's coacbroau,
who took bis laudaulot thero for repairs.
Drowator & Co. pleadod that it was a uni
versal custom. That such Is tho custom,
especially in Now York, cannot bo
doubted, but Its existence is duo entirely
to tho fact that tho people who foot tho
bills aro too lazy to llud out what tbey
pay for.
How Forynlner Was llrnught
Hack from the Gold Fields.
Chicago Jlcruli.
In tho crowd nt tho Lako Shoro depot
last night was a big fellow wearing a fur
overcoat and ft broad-brimmed hat. Ho
walked up and down the great platform
with his bands In his pockets, smoking
and signing, apptrently In tho host of
humor, Ono of those inqtiisttlvo men al
ways to bo found noar a railway train,
who had been watching him for somo
timo, finally vcnttirod to address him.
"From tho west?"
Tbo Individual In furromovod his cigar
and replied! "You bet."
"You hot."
Tho Inqulsttivo man hocamo Interested,
Ho was going cast, too. It was oloven
years sinco ho had boen oast to Lako
Michigan, nnd ho was going down to sco
tbo old folks In Ponnsylvniila.
That ain't a marker to mo." said tho
woitorner, with great vohonicnco, "I went
wost In '4'), nnd this Is my first apperuuee
this sldo of tho liocky mountains slnco, I
llvo when I'm to homo In Maine, nnd that's
whoro I'm going now. Whon I left hero
I was a boy of 24 or thereabouts. Do you
think they will know mo now?" and
ho stroked his iron-gray beard thought
fully. "I'lioy will Ifynu'vo got rich In tha
meantime," said tlio Inqtllsitlvo man,
matting an oflort to appoar us If ho did
not caro whothcr the question Implied by
his remark was answerod or not. Ho was
equally surprlsod when his companion
"That's Just It, stranger, I'vo been on
tha coast theso thlrty-flvo )cars. Jeru
salem I but think of It a lifetlmo almost.
I'vo bad inor'n a thousand prusnects that
woro considered immense. I've boen
chasing something, nothing, nil theso
years. Stooping or waking, I'vo seen
tho glitter of gold. Did you over get
that way? No, of courso you didn't. I
havo soon geld overywhere, nnd yet
could not find it. Tho mountains with
their snowy peaks, tho glistening lco,
tho sparkling frost havo all filled mo
with wondor, nvarlco, greed. Everything
that shono has temptod mo. My oyes
havo beoj strained so long, my wholo be
ing has been 'so absorbod in this cursed
search that it tires mo to look anywhoro
or at anything. I llko to sinoko and
close my eyes and think. And yet I do
not llko to think. A wasted life is not
plcasaut for reflection. Iho hardships
that I havo endured, the things that
might havo boon, haunt mo nud disgust
mo with myself."
"Jielatlvos down oast?" Inquired tho
man by his sldo, who was getting inter
ested. Yes, sir, my mothorj and that's what's
taking mo over the dlvido, stranger. A
curious thlug about that. Mighty curious.
For thirty-five yoars I hardly gavo tho
old lady a thought. She wrote frequently
and I wroto when I had tlino, bat not llko
I ought to havo done. I was absorbod in
gold hunting, when one day I recoivod a
letter from her containing her photo
graph. She'smoro'n7oycarsold. Itstruck
mo llko an avalanche "Poor old mother,'
says, I and as I looked up I saw mvsolf,
wrinkled nnd gray, in a glass, and ob
served, 'Poor fool boy.' Well, sir, from
that moment I lost interest In gold, quartz,
and placers. When I looked at tho snowy
peaks l saw my mother. 1 droameu or nor
at night. Her eyos wero always swim
ming in tears a3 they wero the day wo
parted. Finally, I gavo up, convorted
what llttlo money I had into dust, and
determined to go homo. I don't caro who
knows it. Here's a '19er who has bcon
lurod from tho gold country by a mother's
tears. It will pay mo richer dividonds
than tho things I havo been ohaslng so
Gold In His Kye.
Philadelphia Prat.
Twonty.slx years ago Samuel G. Simp
son, who was then employed in Dubois's
Jowelry factory, was cutting n plejjOjOf
gom irom a oroasipin, wnon, a piscoisau
denly flew upward, cutting a deep silt in
his eye. Although tbo accident as not
painful, tho sight of tho injured organ
was destroyed. Tho ploce of gold was
1-G4 of an inch thick and of an oval
shapo, its greatest dlametor bolng a
quarter of an lnob. It could not bo
found at tho timo of tho accident, and
was supposed to havo boon lost. Throo
weeks ago Mr. Simpson's oyo began to
glvo him Intense pain and became greatly
swollen. For rolief ho applied to it a
bread poultice, which was frequontly
renewed. When ho removed tho poul
tlco yesterday ho was astonished to find
clinging to it tho piece of gold which had
cut his oyo moro than a.quartor of a cen
tury ago. No ono had supposed that tho
missing gold had embedded itself in tbo
oye, and tho discovery was as great a
surnrlso to tho patient as to his friends.
Tho sharp edge of tho gold had cat Its
way downward and catno through tbo
skin Just below tho lower eyolid.
lira. Jessie Drtios Tiieiiont, wlfo of Gen.
John C. Fremont, bat recovered from her re
cent severo Illness from fever, and Is at her
homo on Staten Island, N. Y.
Marie Ccishuano, an Italian emigrant, yet
in her teens, gavo birth to triplets for the sec
ond timo within a year on,a train arriving at
San Antonio, Texas, last Sunday,
Capt. EnwAnD B. lliraBAnD, formerly of the
2d U. S. artillery, and afterward assistant quar
termaster, Is now a clerk at Sua Francisco in
the office of tbo chief commissary.
Rev. Dn. Lowell, of Now York, brothor of
lion. James Russell Lowell, the poet minister
to England, and himself a well known author,
Is In the city with hit daughter, vlslttng bis
cousin, Mrs. George II. Uoward, at No. 031 P
Mr. Vial Thomas, of Angelica. Alleghany
countv, N. Y., voted for Thomas Jefferson in
1803 and voted for James Q. Blalno lu 1SSL
He entered on his Wid year Oct IS last, and
has oted the republican ticket ever slnco tho
lormatlon of that party.
Bear Admiral Lyons, It. N, who was re
cently commanding the British fleet on tho
I'aclllo coast, bas been promoted to vlco ad
miral, and was succeeded last week In com
mand by Bear Admiral Batrd He will return
to England via San l'ruuclsco and New York,
with his stair.
Mrs. W. S. Hoyt, tho youngest daughter of
the lato Chief Justlco Chase, It the founder
and patron of nn Industrial school ut Telham
Manor, near New York, which Is a remark
ablo success. Its specialty is teaching wood
carving nna plaster working, and tho pupil
aro paid regular wagci.
Ma. BoswrLL Ssnrir, of tho Century, rays :
"The current story that wo have agreed to pay
Gen. Grant 910,000 lor his four battle articles
and 550,000 for his autobiography, Is absurd,
though a royulty might possibly glehlm
that. The fact is tbatwohacniado no bar
gin whatever. Wo shall certainly giro all
they aro worth. Tho general himself, whoso
bodily aflllclloni aro lest eotorc, told a friend
that he enjoyed writing moro than ho over
enjoyed anj thing else In his life, "Moro th tn
fighting?" ho was asked, und bo laughed and
auwerod, heartily, "I never liked that,"
Auota tho namos on tho pension list aro the
widows of threo presidents: Mrs. JametK. l'olt,
who It living at Nashville; Mrs John Tyler,
who It living at BIchmond, Va , and Mrs,
James A. Garflcld. Each of theso receives
(3,000 a year, according to a special act of con
gross Mrs Abraham Lincoln got, from 1870 to
18S2, a pension of U 000 Iu 1WJ it was in
creased to 55,000, which continued until her
death. Iho daughter of another president,
Zacbary Taylor, also receives a pension at this
time. It amounts to J30 a month, and is given
for tha services of Gen Taylor in tho Moxlcan
N , left hero last Suiiday night for tho north,
and will bo married at Ithaca, N, Ynext Mon
day to Miss Nclllo Benedict, tho daughter of a
wealthy banker there. After tho wedding Lieut.
Commander Tanner and his brldo will mako n
very short trip, and will arrlvo here Saturday
cveulngofnext week, Mrs, Tanner will ac
company her busbaud lu tbo fish commission
steamer Albatross, which he commands, on
tho winter cruise of that tessel to the Gulf of
Mexico and tho New Orleans Exposition. The
bride elect la rcprted to bo young and very
A fresh supply of Kcavcr Trimmlnp;,
Capes, Muffs and Neck Bands to match.
Our Ladies' Fur Department is complete with Newmarkets in Cloth,
Matalassc, 1'ltisli, and lirocadei ; Illack Hare Muffs, Capes, and Trim
ming j Black Fox and Natural Fox Trimming j Sealskin Sacqucs, Close,
fitting Seal Newmarkets; Nutria Capes and 'l rimming, in dark nnd light
shades. Large stock Children's and Misses' Furs at N. Y. Jobbers' 1'rlcca,
Hatters and Furriers, 905 Penna. Avenue.
Ladies' Sealskin Sacques,
Flno Plush Sacquoa, Pur and Qulltod-LInetl Olrculnrfj,
NowmarkotB and Visltos, in Broeado Volvot, PlU3h nnd SHU.
Boavor Capes and Muffo.
Boavor and Other Pur Trimmings.
Hatters and Furriers, 1237 Penna. Avenue.
Singleton & Fletcher,
410 Sovonth St N. W.
THOS. D. SINGLETON (Into of Singleton & Hooko) and WW
H. FLETCHER (lato with W. B. Mobos) havo oponod ut abovo
location, and Invito tho inspection of frlonds and the publlo to
ono of tho Most Gomploto Stocks to bo found in tho olty,
WE H. HOUGHTON has charge of tho UpholBtory Dopart
Grand Fall Opening
Kilt Suits,
Size 2 to 6 yrs.
In Gray, Blue, and
Size 4 to 9 yrs.
te ao.T
Children's Suits,
Short Pants,
4 to 15 years.
Boys' Suits,
Sack and 4-but-ton
In all the New
Young '
Men's '
In Sacks,
Cutaways, aud
Albert Frocks.
Boys', and
At prices "which will ap
pear astonishingly low
whon compared with
thoso charged at stores
dealing oxoluelvoly In
suoh articles.
B. Robinson & Co.
Clothing and Farnlsiilngs,
Penna. Avenue.
Ilavlnv perfecte I arrangements for the pur
Chlisoof "DnAWllACIiCEUni'lOATEB," re
ceivable In pa ment ol 61'J.CIAIj TAXES and
UKNHHAL IAX1.H due previous to 1882, all
parlies Interested In tho settlement or Taxes cau
HAVE A DlbcOUNl' by calling upon
2H 414 Street Northwest,
ocM lm Above Columbia Building.
Can be hud at the couuter of the lluslness Ofllce
lu wrappers ready for mailing,
in Unlit, dark, and medium shatiS
NICOLL The Tailor's
LAitac ASflortTMiNr op
Foreign nnd Domestic Suitings
nml Overcoatings
Cannot be surpassed In
Stylo, Fit, nml Durability.
(herconls to Mcnsiiro from $1S
Suits " " " 20
Pants " 5
Samples and flolf measurement Rulei mall,
on application.
G17 Pennsylvania Aenuo,
Hew Importation
iow oin-jj.
Jailor, 1004 F Street.
1111 Pennsylvania Avonuo.
CEIVKD. Gentlemen, please call, Inspect, an4
lcavoour orders at the Leading Tailor
hit, Lstahllshmout of Washington.
ZiADivs' Goods.
Children's lUnd mada Worsted Caps, all colors,
ChUnren's lland-mado Caps, worsted and silk.
Ono lut C in be sold for 80?, worth (1.60.
J, rsoy dp, 83o this week
Children's l-iutn Ums.ti IS; worth (a 60
InOtiit Upllt Zephyr riaccmes, hand maue, only
Infants Spilt Zephyr Saoqucs, worsted and silt.
for 7U .
Itaml ma lo Worsted J ocgln js, 08c.
Hand m do Worsted Draw Imjuurs, for cbU-
tin n, Ort
600 pair. ( hlldren Oloves, 10a
Worcul Mitts, ltsa
Hand msUohueUs, for Infhnts.lBa
A Hi" linn Intants' Dicsses, short awllonj, at
low tljniros.
Au liifimts Casslmcro Clou'ifor J1.08, worm
13 60
20 liirm Opera KM Olovcs, COe, 4 button,
worth 1 oil
Ladira' Jernoya worth II 48, now1.16.
Children's Jeraos reduced to 08c.
Autlrme '1 Idlss, worth 6oj. ro lucM to 20c
Antli 0 J.iice,old In stores lor U5c, reduced to
I60 arl.
Hund mudo Hall Fringes, 26a ) ard.
Htnrnpi d Mpliishers, luwdclgus, Jlc.
Htainped I Idlts, new design, oa
ti.lt In all colors Jjardsnldc.il 2
huteen and l'lushcs. lor lancy work at rcdoced
New deigns In Stamping
( hlldron'H Koltd clold lllngs 60a
Itolled uold 1 lus now dislgus, 60a,
we aiu: iirADQtiAUTniiH ron mate-
MRS, MAX ML, Agont,
i hisvr.N'iii sTiiiiisr.
Miss Annie k. ntiMpnrnY,
0 TMJm BUlKfiTN.W.
In every style and material, and guarantors
perfect rlt nnd romfort.
ner specialties aro 1 rench HandMa la Unilsiw
doslilng. Merino Underwear, and ilnoot lot
ported III slery,
T .tan, MhnuliUp Tlr&Ml ftnO till Dm.. TlAfVlPnt
Goods, IrsnchCorsoM arid Hustles. (.Iilldrena
Corsets and . Ono Dollar Corset (Mis JL'aowa
nnbaW,i,lfn,lllfl nrlCfl 1. Un.llrnAJMBiL
""? "."".-".. ''..:.; .... . . .:z.z; ,
inKel tnai lor mo pruo ,. v
ureouu uviiuwj uui4 (iH.uum ijwkuii.
Edmonston s
Oonts' Hand-mado Shoes,
85.00, in Lace, Button, and
Ladios' Walklnrr D o o t a,
v Hand-mado Pebble Goat,
84 00; O. Ss W. Dongola,
Ladios' Pobblo Goat, 83,00
Ladies' Cur Kid, $3.00.
Ladles' Oloth Top KiiX Fox,
$3.00. ,
Edmonston's, ,
1330 1? St. and 043 Pa. s-vo.

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