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jVgTieu txik-al.
Cask of Plasts Thbocoh Wintkb.
Old winter, with its f roet and snow, cold
and piercing winds, will again soon be
here, whether we are prepared for it or
not, or whether we desire it or not ; and
the beet thing we can do is to make the
most of it. Therefore, in hopes that
we may live to see another spring, (if
we do not, perhaps somebody else will)
we should take care of those plants that
hare so often gladdened as all through
the summer with the beauty of their
bloom and foliage, as well as their frag
rance. Let ns see what requires atten
tion now. Chrysanthemums should be
set inside cold nights ; if in a green
house or conservatory, all the better
for their development. These white
lilies should have a slight mulch of
straw, leaves, or even a board placed
over them will briDg them through the
winter, green and bright. The Tritomea
will sometimes weather the winter with
out protection ; but in our latitude it
is always best to afford protection of
some kind. A good bunch of leaves
placed over them will, if held in place
by a few shovelfuls of dirt, keep them
all right until early spring. This Cobea
Scandens must not be allowed to freeze
to death, when, if taken up and cut
back to within a foot of the ground, and
potted in a six-inch pot of rich earth, it
would soon be one of the nicest window
ornaments that we have as it thrives
finely in a well-heated sitting room.
These pinks, that are even yet "beauti
ful in death," will soon need a good
covering of coarse litter. Hyacinths
and tulips, though they may live with
out protection, yet if protected by a
good warm coat of leaves, will succeed
better every way. Just leave those
roses a month yet, but do not forget
them then. They may be treated in
various ways. It is most common to
tie them np around a stake, and then
wrap them np in a good coat of long
straw, nsing strong twine to secure it
in position. If neatly done, the rose
bush is all hid, has a neat look, and the
roses are secure except some of the
most tender varieties, which should be
laid as closely to the ground as possible,
whsre no water will stand, and covered
with aods or earth.
Brahma Fowls. The Brahma Fowls
are divided into two varieties, the dark
and the light ; pea, and mingle-combed;
the selection of color must be entirely a
matter of taste. The B rah mas are the
only fowls that are pea-comb. The pea
comb has the appearance of three combs
pressed closely together, that in the
centre being higher ihan the others.
They are large eaters, considering
their size. Their very quiet habits are
greatly in their favor. They seldom
get over a four-foot fence, and their
large size prevents their going through
unless the fence is very open. As
mothers they are excellent setters and
nurses. As winter layers they excel
all other varieties, on account of tbeir
hardiness. As a market bird, their fine
size, yellow color, and plumpness make
them very desirable for table rise. As
a lawn bird, none excel them in beauty,
For crossiug they are superior to all
The beak is very strong, tapered and
well curved ; the pea-comb small, low in
front and firm on the head without fall
ing over to either side ; head small and
slender; eyes prominent and bright;
deaf -ear, large and pendant ; neck long,
neatly curved, slender near the head,
the juncture very distinct, hackle full
and abundant, flowing well on the
shoulders ; breast full, broad and ronnd,
flat between the shonhlers ; saddle
feathers very abundant; legs rather
strong and large; tail small, carried
very upright, the higher feathers spread
ing out laterally.
Limitations in Focxtbt Keeping.
For a hundred dollars spent in the pur
chase and careful keeping of a few fowls,
a hundred dollars may be gained each
year. But if this business is suddenly
increased ten times with the expectation
that the profits will be multiplied pro
portionally, a failure is sure to result
as a rule. We have known this to be
the case many a time and oft. On the
other hand, when the experimenter has
been content to feel his wsy cautiously,
and, having one successful colony in
operation, to plant another without
overcrowding that already existing, he
has succeeded and afterwards again suc
cessfully repeated the extension. But
we would caution our readers so many
of whom seem to think that if 100 fowls
may be kept profitably that 1,000 may
also be maintained against believing
in the possibility of poultry in large
number without an extended range of
clean grass, or without the closest atten
tion, governed by the greatest skill and
experience, and without every appliance
known to the art of poultry keeping
through which the fowls may be obliged
to conform to the needed requirements.
The instincts of these birds are keen
and strong, and a poultry keeper must
have the knowledge, skill and patience
to conduct his business so that these
instincts are not abstracted, but are led,
as it were, in the ways in which they
should go. Otherwise strife occurs and
failure ia inevitable.
SasnnuoB of Fkctt in Dbttso. In
the letter from Charles Aldon which was
read before the late horticultural meet
ing at Rochester, New York, he states
that a bushel of apples weighs fifty
pounds ; that tne cost ol cutting and
preparing a bushel for drying is about
tilty cents, and that a bnshel will yield
nine dried pounds, two pounds of which
are cores and skins, which, when dried,
find a ready market at six cents per
pound, for making jelly without sugar
or boiling a new product. One bushel
gives seven pounds of good dried apples.
which will sell regularly at twenty cents
per pound, making, after drying, SL25
per bushel of apples, with cores and
parings. Tomatoes, being very watery,
yield only tbree pounds dried per bushel
but two dried ounces are found to be
equal in substance to a one-quart can,
and will make as much by adding one
quart 01 water, and stewing properly,
The evaporated tomatoes sell for twenty
five cents per pound. Peaches yield
even pounds from a bushel, one pound
oi wmcn is sain.
Ducks as Ego - Pbodccem. The
number of eggs hud by a duck depends
very much on the breed to which she
belongs. In all poultry the non-sitters
lay more than those that are concerned
in the rising generation. Thus the
Ayleabury will lay a great number of
eggs than any other duck. The black
duck, called the Labrador, the East
Indian or Buenos Ayrean is a good
layer. The Kouen is an average layer,
and the wild duck lays few compared
to these. An old dnck is, as a rule, a
better layer than a young one, but it ia
impossible to give the average of any
of them. Aylesbury dncks begin to lay
in November and December; Bouena
three months later. Both the time
when they begin laying, and the number
oi eggs they lay, are influenced by their
Keep ana by judicious management.
x kedino a'ocltbt. nen proper
looa is proviaea,aii is not accomplished;
it must be properly given. No plan is
so extravagant or so injurious as to
throw down heaps once or twice a dav.
They should have it scattered as far and
wide as possible, that the birds may be
1 1 i . - , . s .
longer ana neaiiaier employed in end
ing it, and may not accomplish in a few
minutes that which should occupy them
for boon,
Whm yaur pasture becomes short in
ihe fall give your cows a little corn
meal and wheat bran mixed, and they
will keep in proper flesh and have a
rood flow of milk,
Corrcso Medals. Copies of medals
or other similar articles may be readily
made by a very simple piece of appa
ratus. A east of the medal ia firet taken
in wax. This ia done by moistening
.the medal or coin slightly, and then
pouring the melted wax over it. The
object of the moistening is to prevent
the wax sticking to the surface of the
metaL While the wax is still warm, a
piece of copper wire should be imbedded
in it to serve as a support, and to con
nect with the sine in the decomposing
cell. After removing the medal from
the mold, the surface of the mold is
dusted over with fine plambago until it
appears quite black ; all excess of the
carbon is then carefully removed with
a soft brush. If fine iron fillings can
be had, a few of them are sifted over
the face of the mold, and a solution of
sulphate of copper is poured on it. It
is then carefully washed ; this serves to
give a very thin coating of copper, and
facilitates further operations, but may
be omitted if not convenient. Care
must be taken, in putting on the plum
bago coating, that it comes in contact
with the copper wire. A very convenient
way 01 applying this wire is to Dena
into a rioe sliehtlv lareer than the
medal to be copied, lay it on the table
around the medal, and pour the wax
over both at the same time. Scraping
with a knife exposes it completely, ihe
mold being prepared, take an ordinary
crlazed earthenware basin fonr or five
inches deep, and in it set a small flower
pot, having previously plugged up the
hole in the bottom cf the pot with a
piece of wood, a little wax or other
suitable material. The flower pot is to
be filled with a weak solution of com
mon salt. The outer basin is then filled
with a strong solution of sulphate of
copper, and a little bag holding crystals
of sulphate of copper is hung in it to
keep it saturated. Add a few drops of
sulphuric acid to both solutions, place
a piece of zinc in the flower pot, and
connect it with the wire of the mold.
The mold being now put in t!ie outer
solution, a coating of copper soon shows
itself. The mold may be left in the
solution two or three days, if a thick
coating is desired. Boston Journal of,
t itlinuiiry.
trials have been made recently, on a
small scale, to determine what may be
done with petroleum as a fuel under
steam boilers. The boiler used was an
ordinary eight horse upright one, about
three feet diameter and six feet high,
with the usual number of one and a half
or two inch vertical Cues, the lower floe
sheet being about fourteen inches from
the grate. The device for burning the
petroleum was placed upon the grate,
and a stream of oil, scarcely larger than
a Xo. 16 wire or the rapid dropping of
the oil (about six quarts an hour),
mingled with a certain quantity of air
under pressure, was sufficient to raise
steam to thirty pounds to the inch in
thift-ty-five minutes. Considering that
during this time the furnace door was
kept wide open for the purpose of ob
servation, and that the boiler was in a
cold room and entirely unprotected by
jacket, I think this may be regirded
as a good result.
It seems to be requisite that the air
should have considerable tension, and
mingle with the burning oil in jets, and
in quantity proportionate to the quan
tity of oil, in order to ensure perfect
combustion ; for it was noticed that,
while the apparatns was being adjusted,
considerable smoke occasionally arose ;
but as soon as proper adjustment was
reached and the boiler and apparatus
had warmed up, the consumption was
quite free from smoke and gas.
Although these tests (some half dozen
in number) have been upon a small
scale, consuming only about one barrel
of oil, all told, they certainly indicate
A1?. .V1! ii? ?
Art at the Vienna Exhibition.
Garman art in the late Vienna Exhibi
tion, according to a writer in the Port
folio, presented so strong a front that,
of the twenty competing nations, i ranee
alone assailed her position. Belgium,
as usual, took a first rank, and yet stood
in the rear of Germany. Italy, though
only surpassed in the number of her
pictorial contributions by Germany,
France, and Austria, reached to nothing
higher than a good second class. Rus
sia, England, Scandinavia, Holland,
Switzerland, Spain, and Denmark,
standing pretty much in this order of
merit, occupied but subordinate places.
"German art does not surrender her
national characteristics ; contrasted
with French art on the west, and Italian
on the south, she shows both weakness
and strength. Compared with Italian,
she wants the sense of beauty; and,
measured with French, she lacks spon
taneity, lithesome play, eketchiucss,
and off-hand dash ; in ftort, she is
serions, solemn, and studious even to
a fault. But Germany has of late been
mending her ways ; and, after making
all fair allowance for her faults, she
remains noble in idea, fertile in con
ception, scientific in construction, pro
found in the reading of character,
accurate in drawing, and solid in
According to an analysis by Sprengle,
one thousand pounds of wheat will leave
11.77 lbs. of ash, and its corresponding
straw 60.. a lbs., which constitute all
the inorganic or soil elements of the
crop. The various constituents c f this
ash are
Sulphuric acid.
Grain. !!. Strw. lha.
2.25 0.20
2 40 0.29
0.D0 2.40
0.90 0.32
0.2(J 0.90
4.00 23.70
aw 0.37
0.4l 0.70
Old 1.30
In a crop producing at the rate of
twenty-five bushels of grain per acre,
we may place the weight of the grain at
1,500 lbs., and the straw at 3,000 ; this
would indicate that the crop removed
123.19 lbs. of tee inorganic elements
above mentioned, from each acre.
It is peculiar that no matter what
kind of manure is used, or how rich or
poor the soil, the proportions of these
elements iii only vary in the smallest
Tire Tale College Eip;3ition to the
Rocky Mountains, during last Bcnimcr,
is said to have been rich in scientific
results. Five tons of specimens have
been brought back, and althonsh the
valne of specimens cannot be deter
mined by weight, it is safe to presnme
that even enthusiastic students would
not collect together five tons of worth
less bones and stones. A number of
the specimens of fossil remains are of
the intermediate forms about which
there is such a strong difference of
opinion in the scientific world. Whether
they are or are not steps in the evoln
tion of higher animal forms, they will
prove of interest because of the silent
testimony they may possibly be made
to bear in settlement of the vexed ques
It is found that the light emitted bv
the sun is less intense near the edges of
the solar disk than at the center ; com
paring the latter with a point three
fourths of the solar radius from the
center the relations are as 43 to 35. The
difference is supposed to be caused by
the absorption power of the photo-
The Canadians are endeavoring to
stop the wholesale destruction of their
Wholesome Socps. The following
soups are very wholesome, palatable,
cheap, and quickly made :
Sift a pint, or a little more, of flour
into the bread pan ; break in one egg ;
add a little salt and about a gill of aweet
milk (which I find ia much better than
sour milk and soda or all eggs)! mix
together rather stiff. Divide into about
three parts : roll quite thin ; flour plen
tifully so aa to prevent it hanging to
gether ; fold from each side ; cut in
two in the middle, lay one piece on
the other and cut the corner off first
one side and then the other. This
keeps them from being long and stringy.
Put about a quart of water into a vessel,
salt and pepper and pieoe of butter
as large as an egg. Let it come to a
boil and put in your "noodles" (we
call them); let them boil a few minutes
and send them to the table. They spoil
by standing. Chicken broth may
answer ; bnt for a dyspeptio or an in
valid the above ia the most digestible.
This is enough for a family of five or
Another way is to take half a pint of
flour, put in a dry pan, break an egg
into it, rub all around with the hand
until all the flour ia wet and it is in even
lumps ; cook same as the other ; or it
is nice to put in almost any kind of
soup ; stirred into milk it is also good.
To Peeve nt Sweet Potatoes from
RoTTUio. I have noticed for the last
few years various plans for preventing
sweet potatoes from rotting after beins;
gathered and banked or housed. It
waa my father's plan to wait till the
frost had killed the vines, and dig on a
good open day ; throwing in heaps, and
afterwards dividing the large from the
small ; turning all alxsut ; then hauled
up to a place rather sloping, and
the earth dug out to a hard foundation;
potatoes put down on the ground, and
covered with corn-stalks long enongh
to go from bottom of trench to top of
bank, with small ones to fill np the
cracks, so that yon could not see the
potatoes at all ; then commence at
bottom with a good, thick layer of dirt,
so that there would be a good thick.
n0M of dirt way np no
straw or bark, leaving an opening at
the top, and good shelter to cover the
entire bans. 1 never Knew oi any
potatoes being lost under any circum
stances, managed as above. Now let
all make a trial of this plan, and see for
themselves if it is not a good one.
Cor, of Southern Cultivator.
A Wife's Bights. It is a great mis.
take for a husband to keep his wife in
ignorance of his business affairs. In
ordinary families it is she who regn
lates the out-go, and she ought to know
what is the income. A few weeks ago
I heard a young wife just in the early
experiences of nouseaeeping, say,
"How shall I know whether we are liv
ing beyond our means ? I can't get any
idea of what we have to spend; and
while I try to be very careful, of course
I might spend less on our table if we
were getting in debt" Surely she
ought not to be blamed if the debit and
?reJlt accounts are not prosperous.
loving and anxious wife suffers untold
imaginary fears if she sees a tired or
perplexed expression on ker husband's
face, unless she is assured of the truest
confidence between them, and knows
that no great concern of his is kept a
secret from her.
Gekantots is Winter. A most beau
tiful and easily attained show of ever-
i greens in winter may be had by a very
simplo plan, which has been found to
answer remarkably well on a small
scale. If geranium leaves are taken
from healthy and luxuriant trees, just
before the winter sets in. cut as for
ft"' ""u rTX . V-.T.
sheUthrir leaves? put forth fresh ones.
I "nl!" ' J St'
tles thus filled (the ones tried have been
pint ones), and putting them in flower
baskets witn moss to conceal tne bot
tles, a show of evergreens is easily in
sured for a whole season. They require
no fresh water like other plants, and in
the spring may be placed out to adorn
the flower borders. The coarse, large
sorts, such as tne out leaf and scarlet,
answer best.
Danger from Wet Clothes. Few
persons understand fully the reason
why wet clothes exert such a chilling
influence. It is simply this : V ater.
wnen it evaporates, carries on an im
mense amonut of heat, in what is
called the latent form. One pound of
water in vupor contains as mucn neat
as nine or ten pounds of liquid water.
and all this heat must, of course, be
taken from the body. If our clothes
are moistened with three pounds of
water, that is, if by wetting they are
three pounds heavier, these three
ponnds will, in dry in?, carry off as
much heat as would raise three gallons
of ice-cold water to the boiling point,
No wonder that damp clothes chid us.
To make good Rcse. One pint warm
muk; ball a pint yeast and flour to
make a thick batter; when light, add f
of a pound sugar, a pound butter; add
cinnamon or nutmeg, according to the
taste, and flour to make them stiff as
biscuit dough; let them remain till of a
spongy lightness; then mold them into
cakes of the size yon mold biscuits; lay
them on buttered tins; let them remain
half an hour in a warm place before
setting them ia the oven; they should
be baked quick; mix a half enp of sweet
mint with a large teaspoon sugar and
rub over the tops as soon as baked with
a ck th tied on the end of a stick.
&OFT soap and cnegab Fon THE
Hands. "In the ordinary careless
manufacture of soft soap, there is apt
to be sometimes an excess of alkali or
lye, above that necessary for complete
sapnnincation. lnis has a caustic action
on the skin making it rough, and other
wise injuring it. After nsing soap of
this Kind, washing in vinegar removes
the excels of alkali from the hands.
Vinegar being an acid, combines with
the alkali, forming a neutral and soluble
Crtxlers. Two cups of sugar, one
ol sweet milk, two eggs, one tablespoon
iui ot butter, a teaMioontul and a nail
of baking pjwiler or a teaspoonful ol
cream tartar, and half that quantity of
srxta; nour till it is sua as piecrust.
roll thin, cut ill forma and frv. We
always get all the cakes ready to fry and
men sit down ana try tbera. otherwise
the process is tedious and fatiguing. If
they soak fat, mold them a little harder
or work in another egg.
To Cook Tripe. Boil it in a eood
deal of water, with a handful of salt
thrown in, till it is easily penetrated
witn a straw ; drain off the water and
place the tripe in an earthen dish and
cover with vinegar. When cold wipe
dry with a clean towel, lay in flour and
fry in butter. It will keep several days
in the vinegar, and the last will be the
Scgar Candy. Six cups of sugar;
one cup of vinegar; one cup of water;
tablespoonful saleratns dissolved in hot
water. Boil, without stirring, half an
hour, or until it crisps in cold water.
Pull white,
Chilblains. Bathe the parts affected
in strong alum water, or in a saturated
solution of saltpeter. Continue the ap
plication a week or two, and it will
Eye doctors never lack for pupils.
AHabttb to Science. If I hadn't
got married, it wouldn't have happened.
For, you see, my wife had a brother,
who became my brother-in-law; and
through him came my many tribula
tions. Jim was an inventive genius,
hardly ont of cradle before he invented
a patent self-rocking crib, with churn
ing attachment. He was an enthusias
tic fellow, and worried as many as five
dogs of the neighborhood into an un
timely grave, attaching them to weed-ing-machines,
and bug-mashers, and
lawn-waterers, and snch like. When he
was ten, he made a double-increment
momentum velocipede with one wheel,
like a drum ; and having got inside end
wound it np, it rushed tLrough the
street like a thunder-gUBt trying to
catch the mail apple-women went
heels over head, the air was filled with
cantelopes and garden-truck generally
and still Jim rolled on. He hadn't
any stopping apparatns ; and, after
jumping a live-rail fence and racing
through a pasture, he just plumped into
the river, and had to swim ashore. Bnt
none of his f team-pianos and fire-balloons
and flying-machines hurt me any.
They all went up or down or out before
Jim's father died, and he came t live
with us. "Jline illte Inehrinne." Then
trouble begun.
Jim brought with him his laboratory
and work-bench, and all the implements
of wrath that bronght desolation upon
a peaceful honsehold, and forced me to
seek refuge in a foreign land so to
Jim's first day passed quietly; but
on the second, he brought out a double
back-action pea-sheller,tnnt looked like
a yonng clothes-wringer with a tin bus
tle. Maria that's my wife tried it,
and it mashes the peas all np, and thre w
them into her best currant-jelly, jast
making; and then, when she tried to
take it off, she knocked the head off the
tack-hammer, and it hit Bridget on the
bead, causing her to sit down in a tray
of bread dough, and Rpill a tureen of
soup on the baby. Poor John Augus
tus has been barefooted on the left side
of his head ever since then, and the cat
got so scored that she ran through the
house, and npset a bottle of ink on my
manuscript on the "Origin. Rise and
Fall of the Custom of Blowing the Nose
with the Fingers."
Then Jim got np a wriDging-machine
that tied my shirts into a double bow
knot, and mashed all the buttons into
fragments. He put a fertilizer on Ma
ria'a best verbenas, and they all just
curled np and died. He undertook to
rid my setter-dog of fleas, but he rid
the fleas of the do. ne got np a pat
ent vertical-acting garden gate ; and as
Bridget and her beau were cooing over
it, and he reached over to say good -by,
it raised up and hoisted him up about
fonr feet, and waved him ronnJ, and
neighbor Tomkins" beef-honud come
along, and took a steak out of his best
He got np a weeuing-machine that
chopped off all the asters, and put a
bug-killer on the rose-bushes, and
turned them all yellow and bino in
blotches. He attached an upward feed
piirap to the kitchen range, and that
tilled our tank and made it run over,
and then worked backwards and put
the fire out.
One morning we couldn't get t';e
shutters open, because Jim had at
tached a new-fangled shutter-catch that
wedged the whole frame in tighter than
the devil's grip on a dead bacUman.
When I went away on busiuess, Jim
'protected" the house with a burglar
alarm that woke everybody up ct one
in the moming with a gong-ringing that
lasted an hour and all on account of
onr Thomas cat coming in late from
courting. My business requiring me to
get np early sometimes and catch trains
at an unearthly honr, and my habit
being that of a heavy sleeper, Jim got
up an alarm bedstead that was to wake
me np at a certain hour, and if I uidti't
rise up in my wax-works and stop it,
would pitch me ont of bed. The trr t
time I tried it, it worked very well, and
roused me at 3 o'clock from dreams of
trying to cram a bushel of gold into the
lining of my hat Bnt at 4, tribulation
came. The sound of a whizzing wheel
woke up Maria, who remembered the
intelligent contrivance, and peacefully
dropped into a sweet slnmber, in which
she tried on a succession of bonnets,
each more charming than the others.
But in about ten minutes, the head
board vibrated then the mattress quiv
ered and then the whole affair rose on
its hind-legs and wriggled dropping
Maria and John Angnstus on the floor,
and then, bombarding them with pil
lows, and laying the mattress on them,
sidled down to the blissful conscious
ness of having doue its duty.
My wife and I have fled uu.l left the
inventive James to take care of the
house and of himself. But whit shall
we do ? We dare not return. We are
wanderers on the face of th earth, and
I a martyr to science. B. Jaecb.s.
r. S. Since writing the a'.jove. 1
learn that Jim has been the victim of
his fertile genius. Desiring protection
in onr absence, he took rnv double-bar
relled gun and a coil of bell-wm and
made unto himself a man-trxp and a
snare nnto burglars, lie set it wit:i a
hair-trigger, so that any one taming
the door-knob would be assailed with
the gun from behind. When all was
ready, Jim went out to take a look at
things, and then, on going in to gloat
over imaginary prowlers, tamed the
knob, and tilled his coat-tails so full ol
buckshot that hia ciothes looked like a
map of tne oil wells. He Ukes his
meals standing now. and has a little
delicacy about sitting down before pe-o
pie older or younger than himself.
A LrDicnors mistake happf ne i some
time ago at a funeral in Mary-lo-bonc.
The clergyman had gone on with the
service, until he came to that part which
says, "Oar deceased brother or sinter,"
without knowing whether the deceased
was male or female. He turned to one
of the mourners, and asked whether it
was a brother or sister. The m a vorv
innocently replied, "No riatlon at aft,
Sir, only an acquaintance."
"Toe see, grandmamma, we perforate
an aperture in the apex, and a corres
ponding apertnre ia tho baw. an! bv
applying the egg to the lips, and for
cibly inhaling tao bre.tth, tne shell is
entirely discharged of its cjutonts."
"Bless my soul," cried tha old lady.
what wonderful improvements thev
do make! Now, in my younger days.
we last made a hoie in e.x-U en J a:ii
'Wht, Uncle Uealittlc, Voir dew
you dew? uorae in aud rest a little
while, dew. How does II innah dew,
and what is she dewinsr? Dew toll ns
all the news. Came, dew sit down to
table, and dew as we dew : help vonr-
sclf ; dew talk now, and dew not make
me dew all the talking, for I shan't dew
it Now, dew dew something, dew."
A Piors, bnt uneducated JuJge closed
a sentence with the following touching
reproach : "Prisoner at the bar. nature
has endowed yon with a good educa
tion and respectable family connections,
instead of which- yon go round the
country stealing dncks."
That was a very touching incident of
the little schoolgirl who refused to de
fine tne word clown as "a low. vnhrar
fellow," and for her stubbornness was
punished. The little child's father
proved to be a clown in a circus.
Wht should one be distrustful of a
batcher? Because he is such a slieer
(sly sir).
When is a book not a
book ? When
it is "Xj Wife and L"
Several German scientific writers pre
dict that nations, far from improving,
will deteriorate, both in physical and
mental characteristics, if potatoes be
come a principal article of diet ; and the
celebrated Carl Vogt says that the
nourisliing potato does not restore the
wasted tissues, but makes our peasants
physically and mentally weak.'
To provide for the hungry is season
able food for reflection.
Kj uiploiaH or Catarrh.
Obstruction of nasal passages, dis
charge falling into throat, sometimes
profuse, watery, acrid, or thick and
tenacious, mncons, purulent, bloody,
putrid, offensive, etc. In others a dry
ness, weak or inflamed eyes, ringing in
ears, deafness, ulcerations, scabs from
ulcers, voice altered, nasal twang, of
fensive breath, impaired smell and taste,
etc Few only of above symptoms
likely to be present in any case at one
To cure tale Dr. Tierce's Golden
Medical Discovery earnestly, to correct
the blood and system, which are always
at fault, also to act specifically, aa it
does, upon the diseased glands and
lining membrane of the nose and its
communicating chambers. The more I
see of this odious disease, the more
positive is my belief that if we would
make treatment perfect!) successful in
curing it, we must vse constitutional
treatment to act through the blood, as
well as a soothing and healing local ap
plication. Dr. S.igo's Catarrh Remedy,
when used warm and applied wkh Dr.
Pierce's Naaid Douche, effocts cures
upon "common sense," rational and
scientific priuciples, by its mild, sooth
ing and healing properties, to which the
disease gradually yields, when the sys
tem has been put ia perfect order by
the use of the Golden Medical Discov
ery. This is the only perfectly safe,
scientilic and successful mode of acting
upon anil healing it
So successful has the above course of
treatment proven that the proprietor
offers 500 reward for a case lie can not
cure. All the means sola by urugjists.
K. V. Pierce, M. D., Proprietor, Buf
falo, N. Y. 1
"n.rriNTss is titb Abstwce of PAr,
says Jean Panl Kichter, and 20,000
grateful patients bless tho AnakesIS of
Dr. Silsbke as the only infallible cure
for Piles ever discovered. It is purely
scientih.-, combining tho best methods
of the French, English and American
surgeons, acting as an iustrutneut,
poultice and medicine, and not only
affording instant relief from excruciating
pain, but performing an absolute and
permanent cure. All Doctors approve
it. Price 1.01). Sent free by mail oa
receipt of price, D. pot, l'J Walker at.
New i'ork. 9
Mant persons snC'r with sick head
ache and nervous headache, usually in
duced by costivenss, indigestion, 4c.
Such persons will find relief if not cure,
by keeping the Imwels open with small
does of Parsons" I'urgatire J'ills.
n.vvE yon inflammatory sore throat,
stiff jiints, or lameness from any canse
whatever? Have you rheumatic or other
pains in any part of the body ? If so,
use Johnson's Anorlne. Liiiimn,f, in
ternally and externally. 4
A Beattifil Woman. Tho percep
tive faculty of women is usually keener
than tho same phrenological organ in
men. Woman knows that beauty rather
taan genius is worshipped by the sterner
sex. A man may talk with lm lips of
the latter to his lady-love, but the keen
ness of the woman knows that be is
thinking of the former in his heart All
women have an innate desire to please
their beaux. They are fond of admira
tion, hence one of their longings is to
be beautiful. The grand secret of fe
male beauty is health the fecret of
health is the power to eit, digest and
assimilate a proper quantity of wholesome-
food. Take ViNKOAit Bitters.
It will cleanse the stomach, tone the
vital organs, give a perfect digestion,
purify the blood, clear up the complex
ion and produce a state of meutal and
physii-al electricity which gives symme
try of form, bright eyes, white skin,
glossy hair and a genuine type of female
loveliness which uo cosmetic can enm
paro with. 19
Tj Worm !
Tape Worm !
H'mtwvc'I In a fTr htn- w-b hirm' V ffftW
lir-lsnii"'. No f.- fc-te.-l UDti! t:i'- riit;re wnrrii, vilb
h-aU K-tT tN-Hj arTli- l.l t r l-l-iit of
ruiiA.i..!l n whom I hav. curt-l. ttit hvl Iwnnn-FU,-i
tsfiUiy trtr:Ml nt th J-T. r!.'li MtMi.-al O'llt-tfe,
"u IViilti trtft ; ti4l tak-n in vuio turwi.tiu.., tli
mcratlM pciii.-, and all knuwn rf-mli-. Dr. K.
K. K'iuikt'1, No. N.rth N:ii(U utrt, i'ltitletpbia.
Tlie lXK-t.r Ua l--n in Im-ini-. f t ov-r twul.ve
T-:tp, an;) i jrf1!y rriiabli. 'li aii'i wp. Advic
ire. lWinowti tae Honu from a citiid a.x ear
ot.l mcaiinnx ' f-vt. AI In .nri." cau Im" - wu njie
cinifin, tMime of lb"ia rrtr u ft in h-riirtli. ithirh
h.vt ltfu r-inoVfl in 1- tlwn thr;- hour b t-tkiutc
one don ol luf-iii'iii. lr. Kuiikl'a tratmeut
is Miii)..r, a:M o.T!Vot!y rehto". av.1 no I
ntdlj ti.it- worm, wirfi !ii-.t'l.vi,ii. 1- 1'. Kunil,
;oNor:li Niutii fln-.-t. l":;.a iri oi, i'x. Cjusult-
Uou vv wait, ur l oiuce l.i-
$10 Brcslau Lots.
Of 2.rxI00 fecr, for Sie in
at $10 pr Zot,
2,000 Garden Plots
Of to Z.is eucf, at $tOO per Tiot.
The City of Breslau
f k-vvcd on the Sou' "a Sid Kailroad
if Long It.laud, sad is knows to be th
noit enterprising placa in. the State,
havii-g thrc churches, schools, several
large manufactories, hoMa, stores, etc,
50., and a population of acTeral thon
janJ inhabitants.
Everj en: Ezctts Ercslan,
And ttiose who den't, please eall fo
particulars oa 11103. WELWOOD, 15
VTilloaghby Street, EruoUyn.
Title r.er.'cct and warrants deeds
jvrea free or incumbrance, streets
opened and surveyed frea f extra
charge. Apply to
15 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, L L,
4 Ro. 7 Eeekman St., Rooms 5 46,
Hew York Citv.
Or ta
12 4 611 Chestnut St.,
2-11-ly Philadelphia, Pa,
Can Dyspeptio Consumption be Curcdf
W answer, YES I
First. Kcraov all th aabealthy mueoa
tbat gathers aboat th walls of th stomach
from indigestioa.
Second. Prodae aa active condition of
Liver and Kidneys without depleting the
Third. Supply or aid aator ia furnishing
th drain of som f th component ru
thai compos healthy fluids.
We, from thousands who have been eared,
iwrt that a ear can b performed on thi
rehedius USED,
Apart from our OiTico Practice
Remove the fungus matter from th toah,
and ritor it t a healthy eondiiioa.
Act on th Liver, heals the Stomach, ani
eta on th Kidneys and Nervou System.
For further advice, call or wrii
ob u Q c ivisaanit
2S2 JlortJt Seeon-1 Slrtet.
It is known to all reader that viae Da.
L. Q. C. WISHART has followed th eim
and cure of diseases, and the great valu f
TAR as a curative remedy, as directed by
Bishop Ferkley and Rev. John TTcley, tW
many hate attempted to ouit a TAR pre
paration for THROAT AND tUNO I'l
BASES. Ee it known that t. L. Q.
pi m m coaoisi
Is th on'y remedy, from long erpcrienc,
nd by onr most ikillful phjsioians for
Diptheria, Ulcerated Throat, Long, Kidney,
Stomach, As'hma, and General Ee'.iSly, a
well aa for Coughs, Colds and Lung Affec
tions. DR. L. Q- C. VISHART,
Xh Cut IDustratet the manner of Using; .'"
rR. PiEKcr.'g
Fountain Injector,
Hi ni
jierfect apnticaiion of
C.7 XZZ'3 CAT A3 31! PEwOY.
It I th on!r form of instntmrnt yt ii.vtTfvd
villi whirh fl -iui im-fiicin-' rati bccarrii u h 'u;h vp
end wtc'fy jtiiri to nil pnrtvf llie a.1Tti-tl La
&l naa,'t. and the r!iauitcr cr cait:'4 rum
titnnicalin t'ifivirnh. In which K-rr aril nWr
f.TrirtitIy ext, and from wfe'rh ti catarrhal d:.
cltar.-e rrnentlly proCivd-. llic. t in Mi-rr9
In trra:in7 i'aiarj-h hervtof.rre Y-n mrrm wrr?!y
from the im;K-iiHTjf of a'plvir:j rS)-ciit-! to
rtco cavitif and cha:Ti)tr by anr of the r?i'i
r.anr method. Tni obt.it'e ia th way of cf.
f -ininir cnn.? entirely ovfrcoir by the invent it n
of the ponrhe. lu a'.nMhis ii:m:n r Lt. tt"e FiuiJ
Is carried by its cwi arigr.t, fr.a sm tr.r lorcirj cr
pjmpinq ben required.) up re i.tnl m a fv.ll
j?ni!y flow in em-am iotl:e ki- he?t --rti.Ti ( tl e
iiaj.il pa?a-r, .iT'f.-s tut ;! ihrinrvl !ytr.r ;-e-;'
tin t'tl flndchamirer c--'necvi tl rVTr!!
a-vlIbwse:itof the ppnsile nostril. JtMi-e i N-n--a'tt,
ani Hup'w ti nt a child can tirtVrtai d
it. lull and explicit tlircelioi: tr
cim;ka:iy card HttnirmTi. Y"ltn nrt w ith this
intrurtvnt. Dr. S.i '"' Catarrh lYm'v cp-r rc
emt attack of -CoId in tbo Iltud " by
a fTTa;.licati.m.
symptom of Catarrh. FreFifiit Va.?-"he,ii-'harpf
tilling ii.to throat, nn ctit.; j-n.
fuite. watry, thick mnroa. pnrult r.t.t tT -r.ive, Ac
Ia others a "dryness, dry, iUi, w ale r ii Hue d
ve.to?in up orobrarTior. cf t:&2 pa-m-,
riirrin ia ear, deafae?, liAwkirj; ai d c.n:-..:i.i;
t clear t ir ait, ulceration, nl f.- ni r.I
rotco alter .1. nasal twan;:, rfi.T.ve r a:h. im
paired or t tal derivation of er5 c f eir.r-il ai d
lA-"t, d-xzint'-M, mpntal d'preeion, of n; f -tit,
indirection, eulurjrd tonfi!. tic!,! r" rr i. ri,
Ac. Only a fjwof thee aymproma are ilkc.y to
be present in any ca-e at m: tir"e.
lr. Sazc'a Catarrh I ney, t hn
ni witii Ur. Pierce la;;i Lou ;
and acrnpanied with the ccn-tiii:t;;t :d t :-.
merit whah i r"NVT:!n'nh d in tl.e c:; !.'. t
that wrap car a bottle of tle Kftrc-.y. i- a p
fct pci-Ic f-r lliia otttb'n!e ?; c
proprietor offer, in pwd ia;:h. 8"i-i rorar!
for a rae h can not rare. 1 he Ji- met.r i n
a:iJpU a-ant tourie.rntaininL'r. t-or'rorca -:"c
drar, orpoior. ThM aiarih TVnt'v ia c:i ui
5") cnt, Ponrhe t O cert, by nil Crirr
t ir eiihr will lw r:ai:-"' -v p- r:- v
reiftoffc)ecn!. I'.. V. P.riUl- ?2.
Bole Pr--'-itor. LITFlt ALON. Y.
AH atylea. Silver Mounted and Walnnt. new and
econrt-hin-L H-cmvIy parked t"r hipvn,jr.
tOL'XIiW, liAltS. MlLLVLNii. j"ii;E FIX
The lr(re-.t ani bout anKrtei atovlt. iww aud
second hand in the C ity.
IiKWlS Ar. Tt!70. -l.ly
1031, IS3 UrJa and Ifj; KitX. A V 1 lnUdelplu
T I the most money making Xoveiue ia the mar
ket. FT pjniriiixru, addr
ll-SStf Fkakklui &t, Ftulitle-puia, Pa.
l Ear'tr.
ranted to tjit all ut4. tr
! .Trrrwln-r. Aud fur Ml
Wbolrmtlp only hr tit- Great At
lantif It Ifrr-.ns Tea Co.. M Fnl.
fc.n ML aid J ft 4 l lnn b M., N
Y. P O. Hoi ii a. Sfua tor 1 V.
Ki-rtarcircujar. (j-uf
:.f auk to o;u-Kii.
A!T.KAI4 ASii n:iiss FOR
"H'LiI.V(. AND r'lW'KrtAM.
WM. H. BONER &. CO.,
music ruuLisii i:i:s.
ax a
on ,s
LjriXs2y is a iai!E
ariS&w. ni,AC'KTKA,
.... with tbfiren IVa Car'tr. War
ti- t v.-ni'-nV r'nlirorni.i Vin-
trnr letters are a nmW Vcj:'taLls
;)rri :ii;i:i'.n, untie c'iit-:!y from the na
:i . J !rrto foiin.1 on tho lower ranges or
:L c Sierra Nevada mountains of Califor
nia, tho iBciIxinai properties of whu-h
ire extracted therefrom without tho use
f A.ico!iul. T!io question almost
.lailv asked. "What is tho cause of the
unparalleled success of Vineuas Bit
TKiisr Our answer U, that they remove
ihe cause of disease, and the patien: re
covers his health.'. They arc- tho p eat
blood purifier and a lile-yivintT prm- ;.e,
;i iH'iiVct Innovator and lnvi .ator
of tho fvstem. Never before 11 the
hi,ti.rr -f" t!io world hxs a lueiliciii.i leen
couiw.nuJ.-l r-tint tho wntarkabte
ii-taiitiM of Vinboab inTTsns in healm? the
;ii k of evorv ili.-c.t- man is heir to. They
are a ernitle P.irz.uire as wril M a Tome,
relieving l':eMion or Infi.iuin'ation of
i!ie Liver aJ Visceral Organs, ia liilions
Tho proporlit of Pit. Walker's
V15KC.AR r.m'Rttx are Aperient, l. aphoretic,
Canninutive, Nutritious Laativ . Diuretic,
St dative, C..isnt.T-lrritaiit, sudorific, Altera
live, and Auti-Bi!ions.
Grateful Tlionsands proclaim Vrr
EGAR Bitters tho most wonderful In
Tigoraut tiiat ever sustained tha sintirjg
if Arm.
No Person can laie these Bitters
according to directions, and remain long
unwell, provided their bones are not de
stroyed by mineral poison or other
laeans, ant vital organs wasted beyond
Kiiian, Kemittont and Intcr-
mitteilt Fevers, which are so preva
lent in tho vaupys or our great riven
throufrhour t he United .States, especial!)
tliose of the ilissisuuu. Oiuo, Alissour:.
Iilinnia, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
H3, Kid. Colorado, Drazos. Kio tjrande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah. l!o
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout oivr
entire country during the Summer aud
Autumn, and remarkabU' zo dunnc; sea
sons of unusual heat ncd dryness, art
invariably accompaufed by extensive de
rangements oi tho stomach and liver,
and omcr alxlominal vcera. Ia their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence cjxm these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. There
i:i no cathartic for the purpose equal to
Dr. J. Walker's Vixeuar Bitters,
as they will speedily remove the dart
colored viscid matter with wnich the
oowete are Iadeu. at tha same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring tho Lealthy
functions of tho digestive organs.
Fortify l!ie hotly against diseaso
by purifying all its fluids with Vixegar
Bitiei:s. Xo epidemic can tako hold
of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Iwliirestion, ITead
ache l'ain in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of tho Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Taste
iti tho Mouth. Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tatiou of tho Heart, Intlammation of tho
Lungs, l'ain in the region of the Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, are the offspring!! of Dyspepsia.
Olio bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its m-rits th.iu a lengthy advertise
ment Serofuln, cr Kind's Evil, vrh:t3
Swelling. Ulcere, Erysipelas, Swelled Neck,
Goitre, ttcrofuloui Iullaiuiuations, Indolent
Infla:inintion, Mi'reurlal Affections, Uld
Sores Eruptious of the Skin. Sore Ej-es. etc.
Ia the.-. as ia all otlir constitutional l)i3
eases, Walkeb's Yixeoar Bitters have
shown their preat curative powers ill the
mnt outinate aud iiitractalile cases.
For Inflammatory aud Chronic
Rheumatism, Gout. Bilious, Kemit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases cf
the lti'MKl, Liver, Kidiwvs anl Bladder,
these Bitters nave no eoual. Sucb U'lsea-ws
are car.nJ by Vitiated ijood.
3Iet ha-iirr.l Diseases. rersons en
fraged in I'aints and Minerals, such as
Plumbers Tyinvsi tters (.ol. I beaters and
Miners, m they Hdvanre in life, am auliject
to paralysis "of t!;o B-.wels. To guard
apiin-t this, tfiko a dose f Walker's Vis
toAR Bitters wrasionally.
For Skin Diseases." Eruptions, Tet
ter, SaU-i:iieu::i. Biotel.es, its l'lmpies,
Bustnles, l.niU. Carbont les. Kirs-worm-.,
Scald-head, S"rn Eye. Err.-ipelas. Itch.
Scnrfs, Biscoloratiotn of tho Skin, Uuniors
and Diseases ot" the Skin of whatever name
or nature, are liter 1y iinj np aad carried
out of the system ia a .:Lou time ty the nse
of theso Bitters.
rin, Tap?, nriil other "Worms,
lurkine in the sy-tein of to many thousands
are tUectuaily J.troyeU aud removed. So
system T Givul.ine, no venuifnees, no an.
tht-hniuitlcs will tree iLe (-ystem Iruiu worms
like the- Bitters.
For Female Comj-T -.tnts, in young
or oi.!, warned or Mn?le. at the dawn of wt.
manhiHiil. or tha turn of life, these Tonic
Bitters display fo decided an influence that
improvement is Min Dercentil.3.
Cleanse the Viii;:ted Blood when
ever yon f.ni its imnnnties hnrstlnir throneh
the tkiu in l'i:noie, Eruptions, or Sores:
e'eanse it when yon find it obstructed and
Kluilish in the veins ; iJiin e it When it it
toul ; y.i-.ir feerinjfs will tell von when. Keej
tho M.M.i pure, a:i 1 the health of the systet
ill i'ouow.
Vrrrzirt und i.ii. Ast.. San Fnncuw. CsHrV-nia
aaa .or. . ( W;u;. -.r.ii ..I Chri-"n N. Y.
SvlU ty all .u-l-t Ajad Utaitn.
TAKES on Sish7.S!S3
bst -tm om ithf Mtnt-4 iT Mm. AiitcrMw .
' AfU-m" Aural hmwn I)f XI'.Y!. tl f
Hi, mni t7 i7 nntmt. cbnnb
-entN-r rw? wiratrT vri.xr tw. bnnttrul Te
rnr. wh:rtt r tr I II I K 11 . T K 1H
14 V KK V. l b p4yr llif prr BtDOB
amiiy joomaN, bwio m ppa ar thai of k c U
') t0 Uirfrt ar u ttim in f'.- mnriti ' Entni.iv t..
m ,u wrViaaini( . oCK C:.alrw PBrphM to tilth
UMcr.rMr. Mr. 8owm ixunN miiI lu
'Mf 1ft I" IvicIud ia tb rtw A Au
wi-h ok rood aalary or aa tnl- M p kiTC
etreaiam aad tria io J B. f)KD W Aft I LU.
tt., -w vric, tij-uo, CSicai, Ciadottail oi
baa r&ucie. 1 1-
V T Cr
f?;.(ity of m-si co.
rNii tia vuuuii, ud for ifanctas u4 amm
v : -
TbaBaetpahrthk Brttort n found amoB tb
papwa ml aawwdiih phytcl nI nu, wba
komt hi Utm. wha IM jtm oM. by IUI f h kona
Sua nelp tha kd bM kepi a pnfooad nen br
h family for (tbathnbitiirla. DartnutU
Uua am tbr Bad fraqwnt ot thm Btttm. which
nakral chat a tzotut and loo IItIimi m of pmpls,
ajoymc zednt health. Orialaally semt of
prapaiuc thl Btttan ud It woodarfol effacta. wa
T-' by a f thdr kla, whil putlctpUUia' la
b ullt upadttloaa ot th Spaniard ta AoMrta,
On iiiImii iiimiiHn niTTin itt r -t-'Tt
TEES ai tt I aow carted, baa atoca B oomlnf into pnbll
aaa, ffcud thooaand of aatoalabiaa; mamat ft.
limutm indy ca ap by auay phynciana. aad aaa
prorad Itaalf aoch a powarfal laalm atlT and praaatv
TmUra Hamarty. that aldaad II aaad a faithac ludl-
aldaal racammaailatViin oa prala.
Tbffaetof UMSMdlah Bittar dtnata IbMlf.hi
la Orat plac. to th nam of ta dlgaatlT arfaa
throacboot thalr antlra axtaat, bat BuUoly to tha
tomaeL aad th Ttaoeral trad naoraulana thdr
fanaOooa. and tanfor. aoeordlaa: ta th aator of
onlatlna; tmrolantle or iiiinui obatractioBa aad
raUDtlosaof all kind, or atop Dtarrboa, Dyaantny,
or othar aaaniolooa dlacaarga and adtuTla. By raaa
httuvi th abdominal orraaa, of which dapand th
aoortahmant. th conaorrmUoa and th dmlopanMOt
ot th homaa body th Swadlah Blttora mTlaorata
tho Barra and th vital powara, aharpao th aanaa
I th IntaUact, iia th maubllac of ta Umb
th acidly, th borainc. aaaaaa, aad palna of th (to.
aiach. Impron aa ditfaatlT facaltlaa, and ti aa or
oallant PropbylactM and ronody agalnat amn trrt
tabiuty. Flatnrtnry. CboBc. Worm. Prepay, ka It
taken la doobl do, ttopantaaaaaaor oparlaat,
bat In a mild aad palnla way.
Uooneeonenceaf tnoa ajoatttlaa of tb Bwoittah
Blttan It baa baoomoonoof lb moat ealebratad rm
dloa ainat dlaeue of tho orrana contained ta tb
aV"Tr" and of affection tbat befall aianalnd In
aoaaeqnenc of aald dlaMaaa. Thoa th Swadiah Bit.
tan haa aa anaorpaaaed renown for corlnc Lira
OoBplalnta at kmc ataadlna. Jaandtea, Dyapepeia,
Duurdera of tho Spleen, of tho Paacreaa. of th Maa
rale Olanda, and ateo dteordera of tho Eulneya, of tb
Urinary and gxoal-Organa Beaide thaa th Swa
dlah Bitten cures tho Innumerable nerrooe, or con
featle affactiona and dl 11 ait a. which orlrlnate from
nid abdomtna diatnrbancaa, aa: Coojuetw of th
Long, tb Heart, and th Braina, Congaa, aathma.
Headache, Nvur&lfflm, In different porta of th body,
Chloroal. Internal Hemorrhoid aad Pile. Ooat.
Oropry, General Debility. Hypochondria!, Malaa
choly, .c. ha. Of rreat banect U Swediah Bluer
ha alao beea foond In the beglaaioc of Oaetnc tod
Intermittent farera.
Bat this 1 only one side of Its Ineatimablo power of
protecting thoa who aa tt regularly aaainat all at
.-..to Ud cdml iHimwa. The swodlah Bitter
baa by long experience la many thooaand caeae main.
'alaed lu groat raaowa of being tb bom tcliabl
Tylms, OiieatalPest, Ship
Fever, Yellcvr-Fever,
Th awoerlor protaottTO and aanatrr elrroer of th
flawdlah Blttara agalnat It alarlooa raver. Dyaentary
and Ohobwa, war aanal apparently tested in th lata
wars by Franco and English phTatdana, who by or,
scribing th earn ta thair Tea pet-tire troops, sno
eaeilafl In redoctng the mortality liet of tphlamie di
saa from at t per sent,
bVAH oaisoua who hare to peifuiui tone and hard
lobar, and whOs doing It, are of tea exposed to aniUra
haogaa of temperature, or tho draft or air, or obnoa
Ion dusts, amalis, or vapors, shoold not fall to nee
th Swedish Blttan. as a lew drops of , added to
their drink, an soaclent to praoatr them In tnaatl
Bsblo health and vigor. Thoa who ar accustomed
to drink le water during tho summer, shoald nsvsr
mlt to add some Swedish Bitters to li.
IW fersona given to sedentary Ufa shoold ass tb
Swedish Bitter. It win neutralise tb bad affecta of
their want of exercise m open air, aad ksep them la
good health and good spirit.
tWTo th Ladle tb Swadlah Bitters moat aspect
ally be recommended. Because its oae contributes moat
assanttally to plasma the rsgnlarity of the physiolo
gical foncttons, pomillar to th doilcst f smal con
stitution and thus prove aa effectual barrier agalnvt
those mnnmerabie Nervous and Blood Diseases, which
aow-adsys bav growa so frequent as io be taken by
Bany for Era's nataxal Inhsritanca
IsT-Bat tb Swediah Bitten doe not only secure
good health: ttsloeffctsthfoJldevelopEJentof the
female body, sad of Its beauty by perfect forma aad
as com election and color.
Thoa th Swedish Bitten has bosom on of th
safest and most efficient
Parmen aad therr famffles, who hsv tried
Swediah Btttera, prefer II to an similar articles, tjt
thm II proves beneOclal la various waya
la Summer, whoa their canine requires them to
often endure tna tntenee beat of the sua, while per
forming hard work, they an todnced to bo not auf
aeleiitly eaatloas In satisfying their btirntne; thirst hf
water, ar In eating mat not yet ripe, he. Thus farm
irig psopl an vary oabl to suffer from ran stroke,
W ever, Dyesotery, Cholera, he. ha The reeruter ee
of tb Swedish Bitten Bakes thee danReroo lull i
encee an harmless.
Ia Winter, daring the Urn of reet, many country
people, trying s tademnlfy tbamsslva for past pri
vations an very spt ta often overload their woroacs
aad thaa Impair their digestive or,raiathe roots of
the tree. Tb as af the Swe.Ush Bitten prevents
mnam from that eaoae.
As a matter of soars, m case of atkneee, the ns.
ttent snoold avoid food not sarreeing with him or
snch, s M known, to be dimcnlt to diirsst or unsuit.
able to the disease to question.
The rule: B moderate la aUyoa sat, drink ov do,"
I strictly to be observed.
Th Swedish Bitten shall onlv be tnser. Ik the. sew
seoce of mffammatovy symptom.
Orowa psrsnns tea on Ublesrwoarol three trmea
per day, bef on or after meaa, pan or "ntett with
Psrsoaa andar SB yean, two-thirds of that qnantlty-
U nbaif -
" I " eoe-quarter " "
ObOdrva frora I years apwards, enee!ith of that
Fsnooa aornatnmed to ahsw sorMeeo, should ab
stain from tt aa much as possible, while asing Swe.
dish Bitters;! they may substitute soma Suwen of
edammomll or root of eslamna, sut Ihea swmUow the
salvia. Instead of spitting tt away, in the mm wxy
smoking of tobacco shoald only modsrstely be prac
ticed. Persons afflicted w!th ajiosiei Boat not eat hot
breed or eases, or fat or Bait meat, but s noted tska
moderate excretes la free sir voiding all sadden chan
ge of temperature, all Intemperance ta eating and
drinking, and all urne mental eicrteoMmt. by which
they win contribute hugely to th effect! renese of th
Swedish Bitters.
H- BV-ohouM the Swedish BUtera not eng all ta(t
B may be taken with some sugar, or saa so diluted
with atasa ewgar-watar or syrup.
Havmf aecmired by parcbas tberectpe sndtbsex
ove riht of prepertng th Only Genuine 5wedia
B iters, hTiufu prepared by Eugene Hchoening.
t D. SL army aurxeon. we have. In order to frna.
trat fraud and deception, the nam of K. Scboenlag
burnt InuUMglaas of sschbottl ud th nvalop
around marked by M. 8ohonln-s and by eurawa
aama. Bottlss without Uveas marks are spurtou.'
sTo. mm aTorth Third fttnat, Plildsiplua.
Prtospsr Stngl Bottl.7t sazum. Ifilf i li sm. It
okt Wholaeel by Johnstoa. HoUoway k Oowuen,
m Aeease. i smi.m. taSatobyaUdntv

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