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Con'; MAIlE..- A faticr nt. Che,
teruele , il!., describ s a ý.inlle amn,
cheap c'i maiker. It i tmale I
pU .t n,: :h srt a.xu in the forwarI
wheels of a wsg.'n and a long on,
in the hind ones; couple theli' to
gether by a six feet stick, pinned ot
the hiiil axle, awl running to thl
centre of the coupling; the wag',t
tonglUe Can be put o)n the frlhit
axle Iby twi, small iron tlts pu'
through the ends of the hounil anm
axle; the axles can be made ol
poles. Put the front wheels four
feet, though the length of the axlt
can be made to suit. Sixty acres
in a day can he marked with it. It
runs light and makes a good mark,
anl one that will show after a rain
as good as a sled mark.
The fo llowing is an extract from
the speeches of Fenian Burke after
he was convictedl: It is not lily dec
sire now, my LIrds, to, give utter.
ante to wo,"'di agtaiist the verdict
which has been pronounced upon
me; but, fully conscious that my
honor as a maiin has never been im
Lpugno'd, I can go into my grave with
a name and character unsullied I
can only say this: that these parties,
actuated by a desire either for their
own aggrandizement, or to save their
paltry miserable lives, have pander
ed away mine (if I may so speak),
and my life shall be forfeited. Fully
convinced and satisfied of the right.
cousness of my every act, ill conniec
tion with the revclutiionary move
ment in Irelawnl, I have done nothing
that would bring a blush of shame
to mantle my brow.
My colnuct and career here and
in America (if you like), as a so!
dier, are before you; and even in this
my hour of tri- l, I feel the catlsci(ls.
net's of havirg lived an honest nian,
and I will die believing I have g(iven
mily life to give freeldom and liberty
to the lawl of my l:irth. I have
done only that which every Irishman
-every man whose soul throbs
with feelings of liberty should. I
seek inot the death of a martyr; but
if it is the will of the Almighty and
Omnipotent God that my devotion
to the land of i.y Iirth should be
tested at the sca'iff.ll, I am willing
there to die in 'defense of the right
of men--the right of an oppressedi
peopl)e to throw off the yoke of
thraldom I am an Irishmn: in by
birth, and American by adoptiorn
by nature a lover of freedom and an
enemy ,If the power thlat holds my
native land in the bonds of tyran
It hins so oft, n ibeei; a:lImn't t od that
the oppressed hall the light to throw
offthe yoke of ippnression, even by
English statesmen, that I decm it
nnllecessary to refer to the fact here.
Ireland's children are not, and nev
er will be, willing or submissive
slav,-s; and so l,,n, as England's
flag covers ant inch of 1ri~lh sol, just
Ho iling will they beeleve it to be a
divine right to conslire and devise
means to hurl it froit, pIower anil
erect in its stead the godlike struc
ture of self gIovieritnenit.
The Molnitcr iex lainsi the French
purchase (if horses IIv sayini they
were to plice 7,010 Ibft in Mexico.
The Spanish Bludet fo:r 18i5-6
lhorws a ldeficincy If 310,000 re'als.
Reduction ald ~lneW taxes will how
ever, cover it.
The night is ilark. and the pattering rain
Falls hnav'ly tlown thIe unarow trret:
Whilst tihe cold wind slilgs a will refraiu,
As if the cheerless night to frect.
Above in rthe uItklOwn void, afar,
A cano~py hangs, black ranil deep,
Obscurilg fromn view eacht twinikling star,
And mocking the lightitnng'rs frautic leap.
Low-muttering oannds of thunder strain
In discordl on the chill. damnip air;
Wuilat fister, heavier falls the rain
On honse.top. lpire. on street andi square.
Tile flickering lamps but diimly sihed
Their feeble rays of light around,
And seem like grim spectres Irom the dead,
Hiovering o'er their church-yard mound.
i Hark to tthe sound which has just gone by !
It eolnmes from ithe old watch-lower ;
It coomes from yon old gray turret high,
Andl it .peaks ot the midninght hour,
It comes from the old, the old, old bell.
That has sadly mourn'd when the noble
And chanted a dirge o'er their biers.
That sound to-night was gicomy and dull,
As heavily it tell on the ear.
It whispered, duriig the storm's brief lull,
Of a threateuing (langlr near.
It seemed to whisper a sad, sad tale
0( an unhappy, dreary lit-, -
Of the struggle ef a mortal frail
With the wor~d's unceasing strife.
Hark to tat sound in the cheerless street,
AS'tis rne along on the gale
It comes h the sonnnd of totterinug feet,
And seemn like a etildt'd a:il.
See, 'neath yet atreet.lamlp's flicksring glare,
That quivetg. out-tretched loirm;
'TiL but lhe witk of a mailden lair,
Borne down h1 the fierce, cruel storm.
That sare-worn fa*. which was once so fair,
Recalls many brbht scenes of the past.
Seenes of her chbilttdt, so free fiom care,
Over which no shlaqlv was cast.
That slender hand, so 1hin, eo wh~te,
Now clinched in the raggle tor life,
Rec~alls the gay, festive marriage-niaht
When the maiden bccasr the wife.
Seel She strive to riee, and again that cry,
Is borne alon zon the storm;
Bat, l I no helpl ng hand is ailtgh
To sllist that treble form.
Her eyes they open, her lip' they part,
Whilst softly hes breathes a prayer;
Tis one of hope, from a trustful heat t,
That, dying, does not despair.
Once more her lips they ge~tly part,
And softly she ortathp a sigh;
It comeus from a broken hwt,
To tll that the end is nigh.
YTe, to tell that the monmet hasb come
For the weary e it to fly
To it~e br sI tifu home
nla the nj i( above the sky.
* thu~~ ru, the llghtning leap
F- to elold in fury blind,
sm.Kng's ,oioe sounds hoarse
*nd 4**j
As he mmlllulr the stroe, swift wind,
ZAlls tthandr rosr and the tlhtniog leap,
1--'th sky al la ha lluh 'urat;
Let ih r8 Ior in hia weep;
She d add the de their worst
Chicago, May 4, ,t7. Dir.
Of the Parish of Natchiloches, at it
ri I Renlar June Session, 1ýN7.
1 On Monday the 3rd day of June, I867
lhein, the tire Lt Moiday of the Month, tht
II Pelce Jnrv, of the Parish of Natchitoches
tImet accordliijg to latw.
l Present :-WILLIAM PAYNSE, Presideut
B. II Bum,
W. C. Kost,
1 WM. A. PoNDt,
J. 1). ADDIson,
JAI'oln Kit':,
B. W. Bclt.Ltrr.
Absent :-R. E. IIAMME'rr,
F . J E N NI .'S,
G. FuN re NOT.
HoStA 'ICKiTrJ' ,
There being a quorum, the Body proceed
ed to Ibusiness:
On motion of Mr, Kile, Win. PI'yne was
elected President of the Police Jury, by
On motion of sate,. A. E. Lemee, was
elected Clerk, by acclahat ott.
iOn motion of Mr. lBlacLkstone, Ardolphe
I Lm,,te, El,1 , was elected Parish Attorney,
by acclarnatiotn.
The following appointments were made
by the Prtesilent, viz: Messrs. Roes and
Baird, as a Committee on Finances, and
Messrs. Ponder and Addison, as a Commit
toee on Claims.
Ou motion, Mr. B!ackstone was added to
tle Committee on Claims.
The Pesidetnt appointed Mesrs. Ponder.
Kile and Baird. a Comtmittee to confer with
those persous who hold claims against tie
(On motion, tho President was added to
said cotm:mittee.
By .Mr. Blackstone.
tesol'ed : 'I hat the Overseers of Public
Roads, Ihooutihot the Prarsh, b"' allowed
the salary of three dollars per diem, for the
time they may be engaged in working the
On motion of Mr. Kile, the resolution
w;as laid on the table.
Ott motion of same, the Boly proceeded to
the appoituments of Road Overseers, to
Road District No. 1. N. Garner.
.. . 3. W. 0. Carter.
5. -- Fo'ter.
. . Emile Cloutier.
" 1. 0. V. Metoyer.
. 1". Mathew [iertzrg.
'. Valery Murphy.
4. W. O. Elgo.
7. HI. V. Tessier.
S9. J. J. A I'laucheui.
11. Gassion Metoyer, Iils.
On motion, the Body adjourned uutil
three o'clock in the al'ternoon.
At three o'clock P. M. the Body met
pursuant to adjournme.nt. Present : Same
ue bllers as in t e nmor ning.
The Bodly contiuied with is appoint
ment of Overseers of wHlads, as follows,
to wit:
" 1. Wm Stacv.
" 17. M. L. Barnes.
" 0. W. T. E:veridge.
" 23 - Sandiford.
" " 07. Joseph Cobb
" " 29. Robert F. Hughes.
" " . 31. Crlumbus Nash.
" ' " 33. 11. Iamilt+on.
... :153 . .1. J. Barn iill.
S 37. J.J. Allen.
1.4 Narc sue Fredicu.
" 16. F':noch Moss.
19. B. A. Teuntt.
21. II. H. lHubbard.
" '25 1I. W. % eaver.
S 28. P. L. Campbell.
. 30 M lteedllve.
" 3:2 No app iitintment.
S 34 A 11 Ernuton.
" " 3 11'l;andarie.
38 - l'ic:k,'tt.
40 Thomas Powell.
" 42 Green Lambert.
44 Eluther Broset
' 47 Naliraiel Fuiler.
S51 G( W Luckett.
" 54 N. C. (;illiam.
ti2 An'hiny Williams.
" . (;8 George W Bailes.
73 71 W Griiwood.
" 75 ,1 McKrane.
. . 79 J M Kile.
, . 81 Jacob Maiens.
" 84 Lew.s Colton.
" 88 Geneca Pace.
" 90 Hiarrison Brit.
. 98 No appoittment.
. . i " 0) James McDaniel.
" 102 WV W Jones.
." . 101 David Mrrry.
" . 41 Joshua Fos er.
" 43 J Guelling.
" " " 45 Jules Poissot.
" " 50 Peter Burke.
" " " 53 Wmn Gillianm.
. " 57 G W Singleton,
" " " J F St Amaus.
" 72 EA Bu-h.
. . . 7 - Friend.
" .. . 7; M W Mixon.
S 83 FIL Carroll.
' " " 8i AM I Galtttt.
0 . .. 89 J B Flemming.
.. . . 93 Iatiel Dupre.
." " " 99 Joel Murphy.
" " " 101 A B Pr thro.
" " " 10(3 Benjamim Woods
On motion of Mr. Kile the Police Jury
adjourned until to-muorrow at 9 9'clock,
A. M,
On Tuesday the 4th inst., the Police Jo
ry met at 9 o'clock, A Mi., persuant to ad
jou rnmelt, .
The roll being called, the following mem
bers answered to their names:
Pr sident-Wm. Payne,
B H Blair,
W C Rose,
E 8 Blackstone,
F Jeninings,
Ja sob Kile,
B W Bullitt,
Wm A Ponder.
On motion of Mr. Jennings the minutes
of the pr ceding day were adopted.
On motion of Mr Baird,
Resolred, That the Polico Jurors, be al
lowed four dollars per diem,'inetead of two,
to take etlect trom the commeucermnet ol
this term, (adopted.)
On motion.oI \1r. Bnllitt. John J A Mar
tin, was elected Constaule of the Police Ju
ry by acclamation.
On motion of Mr Bullitt,
Resolred, That the election Precinct of
le Brevelle. Ward (No. 11,) be abolished,
and that two P'recincts be establiebed, one
at A. J. Plauchet's store, and the other at
Florival Metoyer's store, (adopted.)
By Mr. Bair,
Resolved, That the election Precinct in
Ward No. 13, now held at Pickett's school
ilouse, be changed to the Store House of
A. J. Fletcher, (adopted.)
Ward No. 1 Them E Paxton-T W Ab
ne,-Green Manaham
W~rd No 2 J W Nolin--J R Weaver
Noah ClIoud.
WardE o, 3 John Genger--S M Hyams
Jr-T D Rrown.
Ward No'4 John MeDaniel-Valery Deb
litux-W A Strong.
Ward No 6 Wvm Y Baruhill-Wesley Wal
ker-A P Masy.
Ward No 8 Jame E Keegan-J M Mar
ting--D Scarborourgh.
Ward No 7 auben Hol,-John S Cobb
Thomas Hardiman.
Ward No 8 Alex. Airhart-Iuac Powell -
H Dowd n.
Ward No 10 Geo. G Wameley-A Car
naban-Emile hiost.
Ward Nao 11 W P Motrow-A J Planchbee
-Autoine Pruodhomme
Ward No i1 John Newman-C P Bln
Schbar-Jules Boeder.
" Var11 No 1:; 8 Morgau-A J "l"tcher
IIs-a i'ickeott.
Un rnorion f Mr. R1;s.
RrsVt'd. That the hillowiing rad be re,
A.stabhbi4i, to wit: Cnnlnucig at WVal
ker s old place andl terminti ing at lnck
hornt Croesiin on Buack lake: that. tea
road he nuubered 105, and that Charle
Lwruy ,e appinuted U)erseer of the same
On motion the Body adjourned until '
o'clock in thM afternoon.
At two o'clock P M the Body re.assem
bled pursuant to motion in the loreucon
Present :-Win Payne. President,
P I- Baird,
1W C 5; s,
F S Blackstown,
F Jennings,
ViWmt A l'Ponder,
J D Addismon,
JacIob Ki e,
B 1' Blllitt.
The ('onnitte on Cl ti:ns presentel t1he
fiollwLi'g r.prt, ahicli was receiv ed and
ordlered to be yprte',d upont the iiinut's, to
i it:
Claim of P. My, r, for $ 69 02
Allowed .9!) 52
• F. .nrninis for 3 25
S. W. 1Crtunp " 40
S'linton B.v.rry ' I 12}'
" T. J. StimrptO " 12 01
W" m Jye " - ;195
(. 10. Kearney 75 Oil
C. J. C. l'nuckette 30 89
G. W. M' l)anald " ,4 '.i
SA.W. lamnilron " 250 01
S. W. (Crump '' 38 o(1
J. (! Truly 1c I0 00
Z lIlley " 1 sro
C. A. lnllard " 7 61f
Z: Hlolley " 34 00
Sant ' 8 oo
S. E. Goodman " 7" ;0
C. Berry " 4ti 0)
Allowed S23 00
J C. Hlughes for 7? 4')
" Salle "' IS 00
" Same " 6 20
" Same " '.271 201
L. Inupleix " 4.131 25
Z. Holley " a 0
A. E. I.emee " l10 0
" A. J. Fletcher " 2` 30
W. J. Robiins " 424 55
Allowed $101;) 55
A. J. Fletcher for 32 75
" E. ý\ hited 3" 75
" ame ' 34 4)
Same " 9 54
" aue " 3'2 50
Z. 1lolly " 7 00
W. J Bosley " 3 30
S alno " 2 'O20
UDr. Kirk Espy " 10 00
" S. E. Goodman " 36 90
H H. Hathorm " 4 37.
On motion, the estimate of the Parish
Tieasuter fur current expenses tr(it June
1st lti7 to Jne l-t 16GS, was ordered to b.
spread upon the mn.autes, a, flollows, to wit:
Pay of Jurors.................. $1,500 00
t.xp)etises in criminal ptros':cuttions 1 31o0 )0
Jail expenses.................. 1,, 1 4I) 0
Fees in 3.Mgistrites ' Courts...... 1,000 04)
Pay ol Parish Otlicers.......... 1,5o0 0U
Llecuou expenses............. 2,000 00
Printing... ................. .. 1,000 00
Pay of Police Jurors............ 1,000 00
lIto' est ou debt due........... 4.)000 )00
Coutiige::t expenses........... 1,5)) 001
$hi.000 Ut
Total amount, sixteen thousand dollirs.
On motion of Mr. Kile, the Body adjourn
ed until tu-morlow at eight o'c.ock A. M.
On Wednesday June 5th 1;;, the Body
met at 8 o'clock A. Al., pursuaunt the ad
Present.-WIILLIAM PAYNE, President,
B. H. Baird,
WV. C Goss,
E (. Blackatone,
J. D. Addison,
Jacob Kile,
B. W. Bullitt.
On motion of Mr. Kile, the minutes of the
preceding nmeting as read were adopted.
The Fiuaiice Committee presented the 1ol
lowing report, which on motion, was me
ceived: *
"\We. the Finance Committee, hereby re
prt that we carelflly and faithfully oxam
imed hhe books, papers, vouchers, Ac, of the
Parish Treasurer aiid find them correct and
satisfactory, and recommend that the Certi
fiates and Parish Warrants surrendered, be
crmmitted to the flam:s. *
"Signed-B H. Baird, W. C. Ross, Finan
ce I onlnittee."
On motion of Mr. Kile, R. E. Burke was
elected Parish Treisurr by accl,,mation.
On ntotion of Mr. Baird, 1'iuk Hardiman
was placed on the list of panpers and allow
ed the suni of $10 00 per month, fr his
On motion of Mr. Bullitt, Resolved: That
the Police Jury do now liroceed to the eleo
tion of Parish T-x Collector of the fiscal
year beginning June I-t 1865.-Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Kile, Janies C Hughes
was elected Collector by acclamation.
Oi motion of Air. Bn'litt. IReiolved:-That
the Police Jury I)roceed to the election of
Pari-h Tax Collector for the tiscal year be
gining June let 18, 6.-Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Kile, James C. Hughes
was elected Collector by acclamation.
By Mr. Ki e, R solved :-That the com
pensation allowed to tie Collector of Parish
Taxes for the years 1865 and 1866, be six
per centum on the amount collected.
On motion, the Petition of E. C. Hall and
othrs was rejected.
The Petition of B. J. McDonald and others
was also rejected.
On motion of Mr. Kila. the sum of Two
hundred dollars was allowed to Wiliam
Payne, President of the Police Jury, as a
reasonable compenqation for his services
in the premises.
On motion ,f J. D. Addison, M. L. Hol.
mei and wife were placed ot the pauper
list and allowed eath a salary of $5 per
On motion, the Body adjourned sine die.
President Police Jury.
(Attest) A. E, LE11EE,
Clerk Police Jury.
A true copy,
Clerk Police Jury.
WANTED, AGENTS..--$ 50) per month.
coxIstsioN.-We guaranty the above salary or
commission to active industrious agents at their
own homes, to introduce an article of INDISPKN
sSLEs UcrTiTr in every household. For full par
ticulars call on, or address
G. W. JACKSON & Co., 11 South St.,
June 12-4t Baltimore, Md.
Commencement of 1867.
The Semi-Annual Examination of this In
stitution will commence on Thursday, the
2Oih of June next. On Sunday, the 23d of
June, the Annual Sermon to the gradua ing
class will be preached by the Rev. R. 8.
TRwrITr of Shrevepirt. A concert of vocal
and instrumen al music will be given on
Monday evening, the 24th of June, and,
also, on Tuesday evening the 25th. On
Wednesday, the 36th of June, commence
ment Day, the Annual Address before the
Istitution 'ill be delivered by the Hon.
Joseph R. Elam of DeSolo, and addresses
from members of the graduating class will
be made by the Rev. J. Sterling Lane ot
Pleasant Hill. The public are cordially is.
sited to attend.
Juno '576 - Preident.
4 'llP th Ill t I eO M nllloral,] res"delc,,,
i te n f Natchitt ches. ready to at tel
I: it'tnptly' anti fai tlhfQtlrIv al nH'rdci;
ef1titaIt his t lii 'e jt' serv~aflt t of ally
s dijtll)Iinijttailtjt.
tA h- eo newly e died and othe ti all
to oamrities wdetislir to engage hed.ir
hriv ices ao well prais those ine hWait ,
ut-usany kind of servatbles yard, glabrsn.
gulaFor tern ately atd.
A small f the, will in allgence Olie.
retj 'ested frion lioth parties, to pivY
A gfor aderti, itts or ohthe st refiern,'cnent
exwill lindes.a go lve t y i
meiatOly at the atchitches I) ntlligceX,
oi s oiice.
'Natchitoclhes, Alpril 13, Is(;",.
A out' coOK will fid, a lmriniert
empltoa ent iy endiiy at tte Nal e b uitchn
Itellige c ,.i, out-e. A white woman plet
erred.t teta apply to
I.. t)'UPLEIx,
At the lani his wife to attend to a osmall
COOK.family ad ba ui er. ful in evlry decrtnt.
May 4.
(Ni otf th eolst oittutu titaloe test idiers
inApply at thef Natchitoches itelligenc proper
W1ill be Inrnish,, to \i-ta's lPlantation, if
tneeded. Tl'rn- C ASII. int advance--or ,,o,,
tv ha- o eev newlrty rep ested tand parties. all
Al resul , Nl tch'it ohe s Iltehga ice iuiito.
The Board of Registrars i r the P.rih ef
Natchitteshi s. C iiu.., wst e in sesyasion at thei
folhowing p, ints on nodt includiing the dates
Fet OP ite each viz:it
1-lo tr tel he, May 20eth to Mit;
A gCout iervilde, May 2th tho hst etrh;
wilal ei ivanovich, Map y i 27th to 2l'h -
A. L. Barnes', 1lay 30th in, June 2nd;
Jsteph . ati the's, J\atchiu 3rd Io 4tL;igce
A la COOhurch, Jun fth toa perae7th;nt
]Pickett Sch, of l[,use, .une .qth to 9 h:
Cmloshatt Point, lJune 10th teo N'litoh; i
J I hteligenc ( vice. A white wo a pith:
A tan and Black L'e to attendIh to a smallt.
family and useful i n every .earmt.
Ne n C to apply, witrmtn tf the hea. rt.r
Apnly atchitochos. lay h b te7. igence
Oilice. -
Succession of Arthemise Chamard. de.ed.
BY vir'n be of an order of the Plainorato.
Dietrict Courtn A. . in and ivauor the arih of
Natchitoches, athere il te ligeerd on t sale
to the. last and highest hidder on
STe Boarda of the 22rd day of June, 1 in7.
Nawithi the usual howrs of in sale, a t the late
residlen e of Madam Arth.,mise tChainud.
Inte widow or Jean, B. Trizzini, deed., in the
olariih g Natuhitontes, the iollowin:g the dates
set upoatuite cacti viz:
S-10 sir 'Fvetll, May '.nth to 23'1';
ribd propier, Maty belonging to said succession
Maeto w it:i;
JoseAn undivided half of Jna certain tract of la4th;
hulia tChuurch, Jun 3tb lto 7th;
Pick-ett Stii of Houtuse, .Junie Sth ttt 9 ht:
situated in the Poaristth of Natchitoche I. -Ii;
J hun L yjss. Jaiie 3th~ to 17th:
C. ti whoe d of section No. J'twelvel t- 1ston
.hip No. ten, North. 1Range No. Ten WTst.
e ntaining six hundlred a,'d thirty-seven
-1C0 acres, as r firnal ef tificate, No. 17
in the name of Michel Cuamard, d ated
Optcousas, Jan. iath 18o3.
15 head horned cattle, more or lesa.
3 horsles and d mule.
1 wageton.
1 horse cart.
lot household and kitchen .urniture.
1 lot fawJing utensils.
ani various other artices too numerouw to
ment ion.
Terms of Sal he.
CASih-with the benefit of appraise
J. C. HUGinE. ,
Sheriff & ExotItcio Auctioner.
May 22 '67.
1Vrente de Succession.
Succession d'Arthdmise Chamard,
En vertu d'un ordre de P'[onora
ble hour de District da.s et poor la
plooisse des Natcnkitoches, in sere of.
fort en veote au plus haut et dernier
Samedi, le nse jour de.juin 186,
aux heuras actoutumicles toe vmes, to
la derTibre rmsidce de a-e Arthd
raise Chamard, dernihrement, renve
de Jean Baptiste Trezzini, docppaie
dans la paroisse des Natchiteches, la
-J.,C..IIUG.. •
propretd Se-apris & eicte apparter
nant e la dite succession, savoir :
La moitid indivise dCun certain
morceanu de terro sit dens la pan ,
roisse des Natehitoches, tant la seo
tion entivrereaumpu Douzte (12),
township numdro Dix Nord (10 N.),
rangde usm re Dix Ouest (10 j.),
xontenant six cent trente-sept 14t100
acres, d'apris certifiecat final numdro
187, au nor, de Michel Chamard, dat
Opelousas, 11 .janvier 1853 ;
15 tItes de bdtes N cornes, plus o
3 chevaux et 1 mulet,
1 wagon,
1 charrette A cheval,
1 lot de msubes de maison et de
1 lot d'outils aratoires,
Et beauoup d'autores articles trop
nombreux pour 6tre mentioDnus.
CONDsp ONS Dix Nord (10 :
Comptant, sujet at nte-fice d'e1 -
Sdrif et exoilica enfaltear.
32 mea t81m7 e
I lie'lrl ' w:ll be sold at jul.l c a u
'.; tiou, on the
y 25th June next,
all liy stuck otr
1)rus, 1ltdiriiic otind l atrut 3i eirims.
)1 t)gthir' wvith tilie B otlc, ,5iufslr,'t
(' ( itO ter. die., .
lii aniy one wvlsioo' to UJWI:
' try, it i.s the; hos9t ullb rfu nit lii i 'r v
IIas; Ihe' stock w~ill i+' enI(l at Auction
Autt III(, thuhtti,.:º great hIl~tn awl
TWlKiI' l
('esN tt('tdlivetuilisy.a
A~ s1+lendidic
1J,\j' YA Ut
ui mitnat ini the limiits " h' hiowwnI of
Na:hll itchcs.
I have on hand for sal(' at: prrivite
terms a shlleuldl c(sttl'ljslilluit fI
s several years standiinii' col;isitiorr +i,:
II S V i-id (NodI hUliljin, for 1hrn use ni
.,ni i'ad:
1 i,'uo lll u ( el ion l rn1HI(1. Sinlvfell
I K Lit 1 ii'
Ion y~ Xats ini a sljlerih!i orili-:
* ,u alt i(ll. fIc a (her bai t o ii rlv ititly;
A l lb1k ittis was ivy Or t d 'I'ai lard;
e7 Arre.s of louI1. vi lire the a Yard 'uit
tit atelld. all wv' 1IMt'ru". can be fi niida
A ~ly ii LOUIS DUI I',I·iX.
Jui, 8i 'p7 if All.
DAaL. Ir
IIavin' lt'ely rec'eived dlireet from the North, tihe largest Assortment of
1;o ds, ever imported to this place, I am prepared to furnish our planters
and the people at large with plantations Suppli s and goeneral merchalndise
at the most limited pi ices. I have on hand a general Supply of t; ds,
and it is expevted that my friends will call lI rei t and see for themnsclves
before purchasing' elsewhere. My arrangements are such that they will
defy all competition. The following articles are a part of my iimmiense
stock :
DOMETICS --IBrown and bleached Cottons, Yarns, Osnab'urgs, Blo
D.nirrs. Stripes, &c.
P1IN''S. --American, English and French, cornprising lhe host assort.iment.
W\VI1T''E GOODS.-J uconets, Cariliries, Naisoaks, Checks, Stripes, Lawns.
F I hlB OI EFI'ES.-IA large varieyv.
I)IStS UOOI) -English, Ame' ican and F. ench of all sorts.
i,I EN GOODlS.-Damasks, Towels, lIilllkerrchief,, Iiapers, &c., &c.
SHIRTS, Undershirtis, kii ts, Gloves, Socks, Stockings, fur Ladies, lMcn
anl Children.
TIlIMMINGS of all sorts.
FANCY Gentlemen Dre s o,,ods.
An extensive assortment never surpassed in quality, beauty and cheap
Men's Boots and Shoes, Ladies' Gaiters,
Children's Shoes, Youth's Shoes.
A varied assortment to suit purchasers.
My stock in that line is an extensive one. I have on :and :
All the latest PATENT MEDICI3NES, and a general assortment of
medicines for plantation purposes.
The largest stock on hand :- Nails, ,''rpenters Tools, Files, Saws,
Cutlery, Table and Pocket Knives, Forks, Spoons, &c.
A w!l selected supply of fancy and common Crockery to suit the rich
and the poor at very moderate prices.
This Department is particularly calling the attention of my Cnatomers.
All my articles were purchased in view of supplying them at very lou,
figures, and my arrangements in this line of business can defy all conpet
ition, buying always with the first houses and at wholesale i,rices. I
have on hand and will keep constantly :
Bagging and Rope, Molasses,
Mess Pork, Brandies,
Bacon, WVines,
Lard, Common
Sugar, and fine
Coffee, Whiskeys,
Candles, Caadties,
Lamp Oil, Blacking,
Tobacco, Pepper,
Tea, &c., &c.
As well as thie best article in PLOUR.
All my customers will find a complete assortment, bought at the lowest
prices of the market.
I have ample arrangements made by which, I can furnish the planters
with the beet supplies on terms suitable to the times.
Please call and be convinced.
Ny 2.tf.1w J. H. CUNINGIlAM.
oNl') Vii 'sg ,,li mn ul 'm "h':211 't . :1 4
I'41ii I tc~ i 1111 Ittn N' ' t.:41 I I i,' l' 14
Iii , '41 11i I 11
1'" ,11: 11' 1:l j 1 ' 1 1 i 'Ill i t t ! I. Ili :i )11x 1·1
f t ti l 4:I
1' il ' i *f l l4 4 tril h fit'' 1 t n"ill,
it I it,_ il1i lul ttii ,tii 41145 44.4 I~is .
tt1, 11 1ko" l ,'41 45 it 244 I~ik'!. 'l't' .e44.li O
~ I , 444,1)I7' s1 ,t i i lk 1.
ttt-k ~ ~ ~ ~ (isu a;,, 44e V.~i ;) o121,k, .
1o i ." i i-i: & RI'
S ~ ~ ~ "-i 1~:[rai 1.( C. j44,'',
FOR iHE: i.
I 1\ l444'. -'liill unt 44 : 44itn t'4' oh'.
1) 1' I14144 4it t:) i'1l:44s.º 444l'4'ii.\ I),ie
~~~rlit 44 1i4c ''c t
:4i'4'4t(it 141 11 III le:No1 '41i'14 4
{ ~ `II.\ t11 I 44CtI441)i444 :1v- 1a
lV'4i.111 I~ ' 4 14 1 X4itl1111;" ; C(' 4 41 4 IiIl 14'
Aprt ilt' p:S rlll ll'. Ih ' 1', At tor io 4 .,
i'"tl 1'1'1119 "t1' 11 .I I"1 m ars. . :a11I\. illllllceli
Fire h 1 iiI1tl1 t-ll ;lull f tr't\' 91111 n(1
4)11 it.I
A goo(,d little will bie given toI tire
pul1 icliacer.
_\1ri18, 6 (i, ttorney s.'s .
'l/ nc I iht will 1,it p l t ' , lh
1' 1 %'j',II, . NA ,I L ' 9 lIP .1J,' A .1 A,1' ,l
Ii f m en . reg, lmly /, .h at l i
il 11, ' I l.';' 1 1 tilt l ` I hi u! 1i' 1, th-'nh,.l
i r itt , t to i /n e(( I f t' I ax h 'ii 0j.
lI it(
tI('l.'1I cl. t'll r, alt' u il cr t l .i r n ,'s i. l
( rtil r ', " 1 ,;ll t wll y 1, , l t  enihnc ," ta,'l .
teq ii 'i.' o t .nd fil, iu curtltit tIa fl -)
11' .1 McTal e ffed on tar lt o ue,
i'1xt 51R1
Pnrotectionl is Creditors.
1. r l: L - I t . n g i hI
I','1,A 1:ltl, tint wi l filed I f C ur tes, a ho
tit, hioIl i a irt recei, th e Natir uc hl ioue
l'tiid :ltt talil, ellro hon the I Lt otif te,
'hI hu e tr.d o"sif,,md Wile s attow ld to, art
1"alt`I lly I ep a l Il ia,1,t rIcr,',.'W\,. Ili
tele fJir ld t, tl !ir t .r lotax, IV-ulath g the lmak
Y 't y 'i -tt\. Jir., .
Xaltclilncbt,, liar 151h. Atl'y :t! L.w
i Al nilI,: i', r hi'ivin ftl. rt o
1l}.r 11. McT1ER & 1r11 0.,.
fio , luillt i Co i tl tis lls: i f ao T'hio it'h
Iittlld ()lil,., will i+I,,+.o notify the
'Gra intd Ecore, N. La. .
Wi I constantly k'ep ot hand a large stup
May Sio-t.
(wItAN ) it;(.'Olt l. tt ,
Whih ill e always in ttendan I
S ired at their cnveni e and t dr
p t.R ,
12A JtnarJuny .2l I;l67y
. F.Ti . .COLEYr.
General0i it C ms and Friwardsiog
GradGrand Ecore, La
Will 1p)y as heretofore, a
strict attention to the ship
mIent of Cottp on hand tha large srl
amceivin of oods and Pro-duc
Icuce from New Orleans.
attendd to elly.
Cotton bigi tl at theK.
highet w arates. iods
Best references given.
TERS, to Ii 5ohl exclusively. by
I Front StIet, N.atChiToces La.
Ther iothern R'ijf Association of .i0
Louis, hI.t. ing (liir'ectld to my crin' 15i1 Itflu
(iur. atN 7 13arrnls eo aat. I rake ht mt
Wi o initnn ing all payrties n-ereid. tof ail a(
Wiarid-, ai rC oolr s a nd certificate, sRowing
that thuvy are en lled to a uslaro of the svaii
Corn a d aro. e Ol n
All rN s duly cer tified, will lie prouply
attended to. cre
Muesatr of Natchitohes
BES ireterne gNie n
MIs. ROEVENS nrspectfuy inform the
Ladies of Nr chitoohes that she has a.st r.?
cejl'h and will h 'or n tie to receive daily tolh
"latest FASHIONS, frot th Cooi utry . and
Wrn Paris, in Dry GonIs and Artificatl slow
it the shrot esw ioticed at te oflhaing.
BONNET, of adl styles, for Ladit', rounp
Girls and Children,
CONF'CtIONS in ery te /
BASKETSAof Flowers, P c., &c.
eiv Orders attoadte to promptly a td

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