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For 40 Years
The People's
The Journal
,- Leads In
'lMtl'M-l J-'IVK CUNTS.
Eight Floors,
Ninety Thousand
Square Feet
Of Floor Space.
Ode of the largest and most notable mercantile
institutions on the continent.
The acres of iloor space contained in this magnificent store
are filled with a quarter million dollar stock selected -with great
care from the leading manufacturers of Europe and America.
You marvel that wo arc enabled to maintain successfully
so great an establishment devoted to the sale of Piirnituro, Oar
pets and Curtains only.
This is' accounted for by the fact that wo keep "sawing
"We place before our customers only reliable goods.
"We mark our goods in plain figures at the lowest net cash
AYc do not take back or exchange goods, thcrcforo custom
ers know that we do not send out goods that have been used.
"We do not cater to a select few by making special prices
and offering special accommodations to special individuals. Our
prices are especially low to everybody alike.
Everyone entering our store is placed on the same footing.
A child can buy of us just as cheap as the experienced
The man who buys one hundred dollars' worth of goods of
us pays the same price as the man who buys five thousand; and
the five thousand dollar customer obtains just as low a price as
it is possible to obtain from any other one house in the country.
Our methods
confidence and patronage of the entire Southwest.
Business is Business! We realize the fact that the public
is not influenced by sentiment. Wo arc therefore compelled to
offer a superior stock at the lowest possible prices, and all we
ask is a careful examination of our inducements.
fytCCeeC:CCCCCCCCC.CCCC.C.L.C..C..I..r.C.ZZCt:Cer S r ,(.&
(3) at our special consignment of antique Rugs now on sale, and (gj
-: compare our low prices with the prices asked '-?
: FOR ::
similar Bugs by others. These are the finest goods that can
JgJ be procured, and wo wish to show them to you gj
wm w Vs ef1
FKfcL .
of any obligation to buy on your part. Many have seen and
() purchased what they need, but there are some spocial Rugs
X here that are worth their weight in w
or gold. It is a pleasure to see them and a pleasure for us to
show them to you. Jgj
i 1216 to 1224 MAIN STREET.
Idunlap HATS ! I
SV Spring block". Ill hoft.MlfT mill JOC
ee2 Mlk Huts. Wo iiru i-iiliiHliu SN
C uKnU III UiU illy for this liul. SjS
jS 1016 MAIN ST. SS
IlfUflqiinrtcrtf for
Telephone 1UII0,
TM&a, WfllU PAPER,
Paints, Glass and Room Moulding.
Jlin-llin Walnut St., Kuin.nt City, Jin
naln unci I'uucy I'rliilliig oC every
Utttcrlpllou ut lowest price.
Iluslucai Curds (rum ?So to Hi per 1,000,
Scroiiil iluor north KxcIiuiiko liullillncr.
tijiioo au. if eth mi.
appeal to the masses,
L'liiift'rriH'n AKri-u mi u rrntlHlim tn (l'n It
to hcttlviui'iit.
W.ishlnston, M.ircli 1, (Special.) Tlio
conforrees on the Imll.in bill agree! to-day
to Insert a provision In thu Wichita agree
ment, prolilliiB that that reservation shall
bo opened hy tho fcecietnry of iho Interior
wlthtu one jear. s jMHsed, It la provtdei
that the heeretury shall not open the reser
vation for one year, and nothlns; Is said
niakliiB It Imperativo on the secretary to
open tho reservation at any time. In the
face of tho fact that tho seeietary Is In
clined not to open reservations to settle
ment, It nas thought best to place a limit
and kIvo him one year In which to open
tho Wichita les-ervatlon, Thin Is it mat
ter In which many Keeklm; homes In that
country aro deeply Interested, und they villi
certainly bo very glad to hear of the pro
vision, as It relates to the secretary of the
Srw IKill I'liper at N'tlullu,
Kedalla, Mo., March 1. (Special.) Ar
rangements were completed to-day for the
publication of a new Republican daily In
this city. General John 11. Itlce, for jears
editor of the Fort Scott, Kas., Mantlet,
will be editor and ho will furnish a laigo
pioportlou of tho caplul, and the re
mainder will be provided by Sedalla and
St. l.ouls parties. Tho new paper will bo
stalvvurt Iteiiubllcan In politics. The llrst
number of the newspaper will be Issued In
side of thirty days.
Clark & Co.,
bO(,K auents, 7l4ri'ia:T
1,1 b.
y.111 mtet iloudciy evsnluj; J
us the
AM'1-I.OTI i:i(V 1111,1. lA..i:il.
Mr. Urmlrrirk il Ih In (iittlng Ills
Mr mure 'I hrnllgh tile llnime.
Washington, March 1. (Speel il.) Speaker
Crln recognied Judge Broderick to-day,
and the anti-lottery bill was called tip. lie
said the people all over the counti) were
dem Hiding that the bill ho passed, in order
to stop the lottery business, that had gtown
up since mo pass tge oi tne general luv on
that subject some years ago h Kansas
thete w re a numW'r of companies engaged
In the business, and tho people of that sec
tion were especially anlous that the bill
should be pissed. It was practically the
same as had passed the senate, and ho be
lieved that if the house would pas the
1111 .is amended by tho committee on Ju
diclaiy, it would be ttgiCLd to by tho sen
ate. The bill passed without visible opposition.
Later In tho day Mr. Hroderlek advised
Senator Hoar of tho house action, and the
latter was much gratllled over the fact,
ami, on being shown the slight amendment,
said that ho would see that the senate
agreed to the changes made, and there
would be no doubt but that the bill would
becoiuo u law, unless there should bo some
M'hemo at tho White House In the lino of a
Tho Humboldt llnud fuse,
d'ort Scott. K.M., Murch 1. (Speclil ) In
the Humboldt bond case, in the United
States court here yesterday, Judge John
A Willi uns, of Little Hook, overruled tho
motion of the defense to set nslde the serv
ice of summons upon the city of Hum
boldt. Knp sixteen years attempts have
been made to mako this service, vvhleh
I.ardner finally succeeded In doing The
Jury returned a verdict. In the two cases
brought up, for the holders of the lwnds
The- Judgment rendeteil were In favor of
l'eter A. It Jackson, of New York, foi
M J'W S', ami ltlchard S Dow, of Hoston,
Mass , for J1W0, Tho attorneys for the
city of Humboldt tool: fifty das to lllo u
bill of exceptions nnd will appeal the cases.
Moral Iteforuis Dim iised
Washington. March 1. Vaiious phases of
moral reform were advocated and discussed
at tin sessions of the national council of
women to-day. Theto were two sessions
diiiliig the day, and tho need of organU i
tlon and co-operation of women in accom
pllshlng Improvements In government
methods weio generally urged.
can prevent your dinner from
being a failure if the butter is
bad, If you want to be safo
beyond a peradventurc, if you
desire to gratify your guests, uso
Silver Churn
The scientific method by which
this delightful table article i.
produced is a special process,
known to us alone. Beware of
imitations. Look carefully for
the silver Churn trade mark on
each wrapper,
Armour Packing Co,,
Kansas City, U, S. A.
VVU,'s:' -k"Ms.-a4 n!"i,
nw iii'ti.niMiM in ni:w tonic itv
citAtii ro tiii: i:ahth.
mm:ti:i:n cvrnr.ns n.ttit.r ni'ivr ami
mimi: i'atam.v.
mi:.v cnvr.itKii with tos or tito.v,
llltlUK AM) OTIIIllt llllllltis.
One ltiillillng Wns nn i:ighf story struel-
lirr, AVIllrll Was llrlng 'lilkrii Douit,
tho Oilier it Xoir One In Courtio
of Cri rtlon Crnh fiiino
Wltliout Al. liming.
New York, Mnrcli 1. Two buildings,
one In course of construction nnd one In
course of demolition, collapsed In this
city to-day unit Wiled flvo men nnd fa
tnlly Injured or maimed or bruised nine
teen others, Tho llrst ndcldent occtttred
nbotlt 0 30 In the tnnrnliiK.
A house nt thu corner of Torty-thlrd
street nnd Tenth nvcntie, which was be
ItiK torn down by some forty laborers,
fell with a crash, carrying several work
men to the basement, three floors be
low, und they were most completely
covered by tons of tbrlcks, dry mot tar
and Iron beams. The dead:
Hugh Ctillen.
Angela Vlcor.
John O'Connor.
Jnmes Mnlloy.
Tho Injured: Patrick Currnu, Thomas
McConnon, Kdvvnid Mcaney, M. J". Kee
ley, I.otds Stein, Full Jlornn, Chatles
The bulIdlnB, whlth H nn old one, had
been used as a. malt houso by M, .t A.
I'. Schvvelnfui th for tho past thltty
jenrs, but It has not been occupied for
more than two yea is. It was eight
stories high. Men weio teat lug down
the old structuio under the direction of
Contractu! O'ICecfo & Keegan. The
work had gone on successfully until this
morning, when the men had got down
as far ns the rear of tho third floor,
known ns the old "kiln house" There
wcto about elghtoeujmon on tills floor
ut the hour mentioned, when suddenly
thero was a rtimbllnff noise and the
.building rooked h"K shaken by nn
earthquake. In another moment the
floor gave way nnd fell with Its human
freight to the basement, earning tho
other floois with It, In nn instant evety
poison In the neighborhood, -which is
tilled with tenement houses, felt that
something awful had occuned, and
men, women and chlldion ran distract
edly In all dliectifins. Some of the cooler
heads turned In the fire nl.ttin and am
bulance calls, which wero quickly le
sponded to. Assisted by some laliorets,
who had fortunatelv escaped, nnd m un
willing cltiens, the lit omen began the
wotk of rescue. It was a haul and vety
dangetous task, as tho walls were tot
tering and tho lorn lining Hooting nnd
beams overhead thieatened to topple
down (ciy moment. Ilesldes, the res
cuers had to be vtry cntitlutib, fenting
that the slightest eaielessness on their
part might end tho lives of some of the
Injured, whose gioans and ctles for help
came from all directions underneath the
tons of dibtls, fiom which heads arms
and legs mojected
At 1 o'clock John O'Connor was brought
out, but he died 111 tin ambulance on the
way to ltooevelt ho.pit.il Halt an hour
later the dead bodies of I'ullen and Vuor
were cMileateil. The leseitcis woiked ies
peratelj and hy 1- n", loi It eveisone of the
laborers h.nl been .nt-uunnd tor. ('outi.ut
ois Ueorge Ci'Keeie and Patrick Keegan
were placed under nriest, lint were later
admlttid to bill by the rot on, r
The second accident oecurr, ,1 about 3 .V
this afternoon. Without tin- slightest warn
ing to thu fifty men that woiked near It
tho central wall of the four double tene
ment houses being erected at ill to 157 Or
chard street i rumbled and fell Willi the
wall went portions of four floors, leaving
a gleat rent fifty feet long and thlrtv feet
wide In the center of the buildings. It
was llku a, pit at the bottom of which wns
a mass of tingled iron and uroKi n wood
that covered many men I'rom that heap
In an hour h id been taken out one man
dead and twelve Injured
Tho dead. John Wilson
Tho injured: William Wilkinson, back
broken: l'r.ink Thornton, lndlv iujiiied,
John Thornton. bodil Injuries, (llorla.both
legs broken: Thomas Wilson, head Injured
George llamble, both legs broken: Joseph
Itarbar.i, left leg broken: Piank llaibnt.i,
buck injured, Joseph Meslre, head Injuicd;
l'atilek Klahcrty, (eg luluied, Patrick Mai
!oy. back Injured, William Malloy, arms
bruised Abraham I.ovy, with tluee or four
other men, got Into the building and
dragged out three men wbo were onlj
lightly held down by bits of wood. The
second man curled out was John Wilson.
It could be seen at once ho was bully hurt
He only spoke once, n-heu ho said: "Do
not tell my brother I am hurt,"
Ills brother was lying beside him ns he
spoke. The second brother tumid to look
and ns ho turned John gasped once and
was dead.
After that the fliemen came, foon to bo
followed by tho reserves from the llldrldgo
sttect police station There weio llfty men
working In the four building'. Most f the
men were on tho fourth floor of tho house
No, JB, lletween tho front ami rear of the
house was a big paity wall, along tho side
of which ran a narrow light shaft. It was
the party wall that crumbled. In a heap
the men went down with the falling Iloor.
One of the bilcklayers, Michael l.uscles,
wus near a window towards tho front of
Iho house, Ho hod lust time ns the floor
sank beneath him to clutch at a window
sash and was lett clinging to tho frail sup
port, four stoili's above tho ground. Ho
managed to uawl up so as to sit on the
window sill, fiom which position ho was
afterwards lesciud by the llremen.
Anthony Kltln Ml tho four sjoiles, but
escaped without even a scratch. Ho sas
he was curled down gently and thrown
through ono of the front doors Into (he
street. The tries of the imprisoned men
lould bo htMid en even- side when the
firemen came. Alarms wero sent at once
for additional llrimen to begin temovlng
tho tlmbeis, Ten of the twelve men who
were rescued early weio gotten out with
little trouble Joseph liar barn, who escaped
with only u broken leg. must have escaped
death by a narrow maigin. lie fell against
the wall and was covered by ten feet of
bricks and plaster. Hut some of the wood
en beams formed an enclosure about him
nnd tho llremtn heai 1 his cries for help. It
was half an hour before they could get
ttiijwheie near him. All the time they dug
tho man's father, Tony Harbara. worked
frantically, crjlug loudly all tho time.
'J he contracto.-. are John Cooraes, of As,.
iiiXflii' Ljpecioranw -.
torln, rnd Peter (I 'b-ox.s Tho owner Is
William 1". l.nnnon. All were urn sled,
Oiptnln Cnrtvv right said lie hid made a
careful oMitiilnallou of the building and
said It was a sutprlso to film that Hie
houso had stood n long ns it did The mor
tar, he snld, had bcn cxrttilllu d b,v nil ex
pert ntnl pronoune'enl vvoitlili- It was of
the weakest soil It wns al-o ald the
brl. ks ttrti' or poor nuiilllv, Hi it the beams
were not properly suppoiled nnd Hint the
Iron girders were not on stone In the walls
as the should be At the station hall for
the nrrested men v. i lefured T'i" poll.,'
tiled in Hud llulldmg Inspector Tltnothv J,
Ornishy to leit't from him why h hnd not
It-ported the llliury ch trncti-r "f the build"
lug. They wero not nblo to llnd him.
Hid "million of AfTiiirs I'nnartli, il In t'lin
in, Hon Mill, the Agrlillltiirnl Col
lege nt stllhiiiti r.
Ciutrle, O. T., March 1 -(Special ) The
committee which has been Investigating
the Icrrllorlil iigrlciiltur.il college nt Still
water submitted a teport (o-diy together
with the report of the expert accountant
emplojed to go through the books of the
Institution. The report Is sensation il
from beginning to end. doing back to the
foundation of the college In ISS'J the com
mittee sins that tho llrst thing tho board
of tegenis elld was to begin etnplovlng
each other ns agents of the Institution at
big salaries In Nov ember of that oar
John A. Wlmbeilv, of their number, was
appointed siiperlut, ndent of construction
ut buildings and ns such drew r per ihiv
continually until the following May, though
the only buildings , reeled In this time was
one small frame dwelling house and b.iiu.
The ver da lie stopped drawing his sal
try he was appointed purchasing agent
of the Institution at the same salir. It
seems this agent could not spend the
money fast enough, for a mouth later,
utter allowing bills contracted by him In
the sum of $l.',lm, another one of his
board, J. P. I.iue, was appointed an ad
ditional puiehaxlng agent ut f.1 per day.
Among the tilings purchased was a team
for J.T0 that was soon after sold for con
sldeiable less than half tint amount The
purclia-liig agents in inaged to get In live
or sK dis at ?" a day in buvlng tills
team nnd Wlmberly allow, d his brother
I.1M for driving them to Stillwater, about
tlftv miles. Tin- iiLt act was to buy n
blind man- for $12, tln-v unit to K uis.is
and purchased some line cattle fur "'),
their expenses amounting to over $KD mote
md the cattle were soon sold for ?JT0,
SIS'j was pilil for line hogs, the puicli.islng
agent drawing JWJ addition il for Ids serv
ices. Soon after tin- whole bo ml went to
visit the agricultural college nt Mtuih it
tnn, Kas , e.u li one dialling Jl(l for this
trip and then each membei was sent to
visit a college in some distant state.
These ate .i few of the tilings done bi
lbo Hepiiiillc.iu boird of regents and when
tho Demoeiats got eontiol tin- at once
put ill as siipeilnteudent of farming it
$(i a month a man who knew nothing
about fanning The ollire eif college -,., -n
tary was created for a political wotker
who was wholly untitled for such work
and not even a bookkeeper. lie was nli
ent for weeks at a time and despite this
fait and that tin knew th it tor over
two mouths previous to th it time a .veiling
lady had been doing all ills work for $1
pei week, tile raise-d his sal uy fiom
Si.Ji'i to $l.riii per ve.ir. Por a long time
Js,i) of tin- funds of the Institution lunc
heon deposited with tin- bulk ol w lilch tle
goveiuor (w ho Is alo president of the
boird of regents) Is piesldent and the ter
rltor nor college has lecelved no benefit
Tin- whole aim of the men who have con
trolled the college seemed to be to get as
much out of it as possible for themselves
and their friends. Thousands of clollirs
have been pent for which theie Is no
accounting whitever and tiiou-ands moie
for useless supplies and njip ir.itus with
larger amounts squandered as salaries,
commissions and expenses.
Over thlrtv thou-nnd dollars a eir
has been spent In I nulling the Institution,
which, much of the time has had an at
tendance of less than 100 students, who re
ceive their tuition free. One of the clos
ing sentences of the committee's report Is.
"oitr committee N not unmindful of tin
fact that theiH are some honest nun e on
necte.l with till" Institution, but unfor
tuiiitclv Hi . hue been In the inlnoilt "
The at omit lilt leports tho books so
bullv kept and so many of the vein hers
ilestto,,! that It Is Impossible to tell
where mill thousands of ilollais went
lie repoi ts one ox-tre-ismer ot the boird
Jl!.f", -dioit. aeeoidlng to Hie book- The
legislature will undoubtodli eonipletelv ic-nrginls-e
the Institution and erlmin il ac
tions will piobibl be brought against
oiiii' of the olllclils Implicated.
Kvxsis vv i:.vni i:k i:i:i-oitr.
Ielini try Was tho ('oldest In 'ten .ars
, ry I. Ill In snow.
I.ivvrence, Kas, .March 1. (Spec! il ) The
legui ir niontlilv weather report of Ch tneel
lor P. II. Snow, of the Kansas unlieislty,
was i-sucd to-ii.i). The rcpoit sajs that
the I'eluuai Just i Ios.d w.cs the coldest
In ten vi.its, and in in-irlv thlrtv v.us
Hi, r. h iv e- be, -n onl tluee IV hi u.irles tliat
weie colder The-.- were in lx7." ItsM and
ixx", The coldest da was the 7th, whin
tin tlieimonie te i ri-iclnd 1J.1 In low s-cro,
the SMli was the wannest. 17 cleg.; the
average temperature wis 2", ",, which Is
over .1 dog lie-low the a vet ago for the
month The i.ilnf.ill was Insignltleant ami
scarcely an Inch of snow fell during the
month, though there weie fouitn-n d iys
on which ,-ltln r snow or rain tell on the
,;tli occurred a lemarUitbln stiaight wind
whb h ti.iveleil lb'-' miles In tw cut -four
lioui s. In spite- ol the small precipitation,
there w is more than the usual amount of
i loudliii s,
Alwns tellable- for the Inst work Dr.
Price's llaklng Powder
rllbieso llcfi'iltd No ur 'llltiing -libi,
Illtoschlma, M inh 1 - I'leld Marshal
Count ujiinu repents under 'I He ot IVb
ruaiy 27 that lie met the eneniv near Tap
ing Shin and defeated them, lb' adds that
on l-'i hi iiai y -M, 13,ii- Chinese troops at
tiukod Hal Chlug. but were repulsed ami
ri treated to Vln Kan. Tho Japtinesu loss
was twi-nty kllleil and "M wouiided The
enein lost u killed. The number ut Chi
nese wouiideel Is not knuwn.
Mllsou'rt oinlii itlon (-oiitlrnieil,
WashliiKlon. March 1 The senate went
Into executive seslon at ll.lrt to-day and
Imiuedl itely coullruied the uominatlou of
Hon. W. I.. Wilson, of West Virginia, to
be postmaster genual. The motion for
eoulltmatlon was made by Senator Faulk
ner, to whom the nrlv lieges weie conceded
on account of the tact ho re presents .Mr.
It'llnnnla a n n 111 1 Yt ft .mill til !
1 Itf-UII T O lit I u ttl Hl P'H'IH
lu'tlay ue took for air ueulher.
Tea Sets
Of lalo design nnd beautiful
workmanship new stjlcs never
before shown.
All lovers of elegant and artls.
tin Tublo Silver must admit tho
superiority of our btyles,
Tea Sets $18 to $60.
Ib tho latest creation In Solid
Silver Spoons nnd Porks,
This beautiful pattern reaches
tho highest point of perfection,
and Is especially desirable lor
wedding presents.
Special Prices on Other
Solid Spoons and Forks.
1034 Main Street,
too Uugravcd Visiting Cardi ami . ,-n
l'Uto ouly...... .... , ,,,..., 5i5u
H ttjju, jouti w itf. jsji. iiH?AHjx jvtj
I'ltltllll fit. AH'IIH SI' III AS' lACt'lt
MO.S 111.1 IN IN Mi:tl'(l.
hm: iiirMiitiin anii i urn imshi:mh:hs
l.Nsl'AMI.V Kit. I. till.
rm:i:i: eoAi'in.s sn.v 1 1 i:i:i:i i.sioa
IIIOlNl.NII ril.HIMIl.Nls.
the 1 ruin Cniilitluril 1,'IOD lit, iir.lmilt ,
- 1 ho Had lt,i-u on il I'ilgrlioiigo to
the -hrllie of Sum .11,101,-
IHthotis -elirs V ltli,"ril
lit tho r, , 1c.
City ot Mexico, March 1 One ut the
most frightful uccldents In the hlstoty
ot tho Mexican tallronds, resulting In
the killing of 101 persons nnd the seri
ous It nut ratal Injniy of neiiily n bun
dled otheis, nccitriod yesteielnv nftet
nnon on Hie Ititet-Oceanlc- ralliiMil ut a
point nbotlt t went -live miles ftciiu this
cilv. A few d i.v.h ugo a great mimber ot
persons left Hie cnpltnl nnd the low lis
In the vicinity lo go on n pllgi Image to
the Catholic shtlne at S.icte Monte.
Tickets weie sold at teduced tales over
tho Intcr-Occanlc lino nnd this road
cart led the bulk of the pilgrims. Yes
terday n long ttnlii, a boa id ot which
wcto 1,200 passe-ngers, was returning
fiom the place ot pllgi Image. It went
well until a point cm the line nbotlt mili
um' between Tlintttutla und Tenungo was
reached. Un this pait ot the road thete
Is a steep incline, the line nt one place
on It having n shatp curve vvheie It
runs close to the edge of n high preci
pice. This is one of the most dangerous
places on the toad nnd was letuleieil
mote si by the fact that the truck here
wns not lit the best of condition.
As the tt.ilti began to run down tho
incline, many of tho passengois were
laughing nnd Joking, while others wete
looking out ot the windows nt the tap
hlly passing scenery, vvhleh, nt this
point. Is grand. The speed of the It .tin
began to Increase nnd It was soon tun-'
ulntr nt a frightful late. The passcn
geis ceased their laughing nnd Joking
and looked at each other with n strange
fear depicted In their fuces. Ktc.tilll
the momentum ol the train, which was
now svv.i.vliig nnd bouneling feat full,
Increased, and soon the dangeinus high
cuivi- was struck. As the pilot wheels
of the engine took the cuive the locomotive-
swayed outward and then back
As the drivcis went on the curve the
engine again swaved heavily, and then
cither Jumped the track or tut tied n
rail It dashed across the scanty spice
between the mils and tho , dgo of the
chasm nnd then plunged ilownwatel One
alter number three coaches filled with
passengois dasbeel after It nnd piled up
In a mass of wreckage nt tho foot of the
pieclplce. The next two coaclie-H also
Jumped the Hack, but most fortunntely
dld not go over the edge of the prod-pice-.
As. the Hull coach left the mils It
twisted nnel bloke Hie coupling connect
ing It with the coaches behind It. Theso
coaches kept the rails nnd passed safe
ly mound the curve. After running n
considerable dlslnnee they weie- stnppe-,1
by the limidbrnkes.
When the engine and the three covhe-s
fell to the bottom of the ravine there was
a fe. u fill crash, and mingled with It weie
the shrieks of the affrighted passengers,
which could be easily heard above the
shrieking of the escaping steam of the en
gine, which was kuoi ked to pieces by tile
tall The ptsseiigers In the Ivvo derailed conch
es at the eelge of the pieclplco got out as
ipili kly as possible., and many of them fell
on their knees and olieied thanks for thUi
escape, from a most awful deith.
In me meantime a number of passengers
In the. other coiehes hid rotmiit'el to the
scene of the disaster anil ib-voted them
selves to the vvoil: of rose uliig thoo ni
prlsoiieil In tho wuck, Tim sight here was
a most grew some one. The- earrliges were
sh.itteitd and a mijorll of tin- occupants
worn llng biiie-aih the wuckagi-. The
shrieks ntnl moans of iho Injured were
he-ai trending, while many of the unhurt
women and children moimd and walle-e! in
an agouv of terror. Here and there among
the debils could bo son an upturned face,
Iho eyes tlxed 111 the glassy stale ot death,
the le.itures distorie d with unknown f. ar.
Again, what had bee u a luce could be si en
i-iushed out of all si-inbl.iuee to liumanlt
I lei n was uu aim, there was a leg, that
had been severed iroiu a trunk llug per
haps lift feet aw .14.
A giud'annis, who returned on one of
tho relief trains, says that he saw fuuiteon
ilt ail bodies takin iroiu one.- coach Tlu-se
bodies were mangiest In the most shocking
manner Same of them were In fiagim-uts,
and limbs, heads and bodies Wem mixed up
In such a manner as to make Idciitiilcatlou
almost tinpjsslhli-
The seeiio about tho wn-ik was most
sickening, as well as soriovvtul Itel.itlvos
wero searching for missing member,, of
their families, ami women and children,
who hid lost husbinds and fathers, were
ci) lug and mo tiling In a heai trending
Tho train hinds wero Americans and
some at them, as soon us pos-llile, tele
graphed news ot the disaster to this city
The Intelligence ipilckl spread and caused
the gieatest coiislein itian among the n.
habitants, mail of whom had lelatlu-s or
friends on iho tr tin
The rallioad otllclals displaved commend,
able activity and a ! I il relief train with
suigeons, an ambulance medicines, b.uul
agea, etc , was proniptl) dispatched to the
scene. Arilvliig there- cventhlug possible
was done to allevlue the sufferings uf the
injured, some of vv horn were In such agony
that they piaed for diaih to relievo them
fiom their tortures Aided b some of the
men who wero In the coa lies that did not
ge over, the rallroid emplocs und the re
lief coips soon cleared awa) the wreckage
sufficiently to allow tho extrl'-atlon of tho
dead and Injmed One bundled and four
dead and eight -llv" woundi-d Were taken
out of the wreck. The lnjiiu-el who could
stand to be moved wire brought to the
City of Mexico on tho special train and
taken to the military hospital, which vvas
thrown open to tho sufferers by orders
irom iTcsicicnt maz. i ue wnoio sinn or
tho hospital busied themselves In attending
to the Injured, who were made as comfort
able as the circumstances would permit.
Many of the dead will never be iJcntllleil.
soma ot them being so horribly mangled.
i-muo nR. TIIAYHR & CO.,
si t ii:soits to
7miiiliir irtttnUij-MMmnm, 3i; mif
fmum, '
ni.do u th or IV ir'rt'fl'r to hi dif
iroelly Dress Goods.
A fvcltl of ripencil wheat un
der tlikplaycf svumna.i.-jes.
the winV'Sti.Tci' Icivoi o svct
maples, lohi'-sin --i waves,
breakiiifr xwU ill tlic.se under
bright -uin.jT t, give out colors
that, changing with every mo
tion, are lair to sec and charm
ing in every change.
These impressions of color
the textile designers have ex
quisitely expressed in the Dress
Stuffs of the season. Silks and
Wools are a combination that
lends itself most naturally to
the treatment. And Wools
alone display results that sur
prise the experienced dealer
and skilled critic. The irides
cent play of color, liVht and
shade caused by the move
ment of the wearer of such a
spring costume creates grace
and charm. Iigh favor for
these stuffs follows naturally.
Over all the Dress Goods
productions of the world our
able, alert, eager buyers cast
their touch and vision. They
gather the best of the best.
The greatest collection of
Cretans in the West is here,
because the greatest collection
of all Dress Goods is here. If
you multiply the hundreds of
kinds by the scores of colors
thousands result, and so yo u
have choice of thousands.
Boys' Suits.
To-day you can buy for
$3.00, $4.00 and $5.00,
Boys' Suits, si.es 5 to 15 ycarf
and worth
S5.00, S8.00 and $it 00. m
New Shirt Waists and all the
new Mats and Caps are now tn,
ready for your inspection.
Boys' Dept., 3rd floor.
Eni-ltY, BIRD, THAYUR & CO.,
MIC'CriMI!!. Ill
t li.it 1 1- .ilnio,-t imposs 1,1 ( is ignio
tie- hiniin- a- ltie.c 01 tin in in n, t ks
-s 1 1 u 1- c 111 b !c irn- I -In a u i t w la
dill to the lie gll.,'ll e eil lb. ,111.111 r Ills
slit.d tli 11 win 11 1 li. 11 nn -111 r. I the
iin bin hi- made no ctt.tupt to .In k lis
spe. 1 b tin- u-i of air In ike-s Had t,
lir ike s r lite il to Weil k tile llieillli uf tun eoul t
Ihiv In e 11 e In, kid with tin h 111 1 brak s,
but pii-mis mi tin- iinln -tail- that th. y
In ml no whistle for tin- appld itlun of the
hand brake- The - iiglnee 1 an I tir- man are
belli Vol Ie be llll, let tile- Vile k il tile ,11-
gliie, and win- the tiaiu was ill ivnd to
inn piaetliallv wild, on one of the most
dangerous si i-ilons of the- load, will proba
bly never In- known
As i tin- ease In .Mexico whenever a 1 i I
ro.nl ucc I le nt o cms, th,. f,-t ling Is xery
bitter iicalnst tin lailroitl eompiuy an 1
the- train hand- All the- latter who sur
vive I will In- In Id to strict aeeoiiu ability
under tin- .M- Nle in 1 iw, lithough a.s it ma-.
te r of nut. ihiv wen- lu no vvaj r-spunsi.
Id- for tin .11- isi-i.
Tin- in est t- rrlblo Mexlc-au rillroil a
e lib nt via- Un- one th it oieurii-i hi the
niglit ot liitie- II. lssi. vvlii-n a tn n on
the Sin More Ins rillwi was pi. ipiiiicd,
bv tin- fall id a bridge into 111 in i i ir
Ounitit. About 2"0 liv.s wire lust in tbit
.tc oleic nt.
Iin- It, ports of Muillpcit ut '1 ii it I'obit
liltiHil Oii'iilraw n Oul --iv
C tn.es I it, re-.
St. l.ouls. Mo , Match 1. (Spec lal ) In
view ot the many exaggerated rumors dur,
lug the last few ehijs In ngird to tho
prevalence of smallpox In lint Springs, tho
utile l.ils of tin Missouri l-.ioltlc ami Iron
Mountain inllioids have uuiile a eatcful
and tliuioiigli i ivamtli.itton in iignid lo th..
matter The n stilt of the so liuiulrles is
tll.lt tile Ice is 1111 e tlllsc lot llllillle iihirtll,
and ii.illv no dangn lu visiting that pop
ular lesoi t
Tho lussongor lepoits of these roads
show Uu 1 1 .nlli- tn Hot Spilngs to bo much
gie-atei- than tho tiave-l fruiu tliat point
despite the glossly oveidrawii luuinrs as
to the pie-valence of pestlluuo there, Ac
cording to tho i. pott or f'lilef Surge-on
I'utli-i, of tin- rallioad eomp.iii tin few
eases of smallpox tliat luivo occuricd aro
Isolatid In Hie p. fit house, n dlstunco of
four miles fiom Hie city. Them mo tlility.
live people- theie, und of Ihosii only six:
hive the dlsi-iisi-, the others being merely
suspects. A telegium from l.jmaii T Hay,
manager of the Arlington hotel at Hoc
Springs, miller date of i-Vhruaiy 2 sis;
"No new cases to-d ly llvervono being
ni dilated, and no cuuse lor the exagger
ated lepoits of pink'. Our best phj slulnns
ale answering all lelegi.ims rroin parties
wanting tn come hue to do so without
f.-ai " Clineiul IMssfnger Agent Tow li
st ml, of the Mlssoml l'lirlflc, siis; "Tho
Hot Spilngs spot lal gins out of Ht, l.ouls
eveiy night well tilled ' Tills seems to In-
llc-ale lh.it the public have us llttlo fear
of smallpox- ut Hut Spilngs us at any other
Number Are Included lu Senator Itullcr's
Amendment mid boiuo for
Washington, March 1. Senator Ilutlcr's
anieiidment to tho deficiency bill amount
ing In all to Jl.t'JSJl.-, which covers certain
. lalius. Includes many from Missouri ami
u few from Kansas, The claims In theso
t lies aro as a rule fur depredations dur
ing the I Ho war. Among tho claims for
Missouri are the following! Daniel I
lleiclu-r, Cass county, lion; .1. SI. Hell. Ver
non, $7ofl; Thaddeus Callard, I'lav county,
i't; baiali I'aillsle-.hou county.IlM: Oeorgo
flaypool, (Ireeno county, I0O7: Tituotliy
Davis. I.ivvrence count. $317; Simeon an
breath. Hates county, iC9; David Ornhnin,
Jackson county. Oiu; I,. II. Ilearrell, I,av-reni-o
county, J751; A. U und W. O. Keith
ly, Taney count, fserr; John I.egg. Henry
count, il.SuO, John l.Mieh. Houston coun
ty. ilM; 1'leasant I.ongacre, Cass county,
S1.1S3; James Slaver, iron county, ;5CI);
John Itoblnson, Webster count, 1178; Jo.
seph Wall. 1'eltls eouiity. Jl.'.Ti; Geotgo
Withers. Cooper county, $133: Joseph Dun.
lap, tireeuuood county. I.M60.
lienjamln ltalff, of Company I Fiith
Kansas Volunteer cavalry, JUL

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