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THE KAKSAS Crit JOURNAL. VnRspA'?, .TUNIC 20, 1805.
rrn his veto.
STnr.rr n.itA oitii.N.Ncr. tSM:i
tiii: nui.t' i:t.LtTm:.
i.tnn:it mit'on .it r.vi nuns ntsrtiss
nnii:t i.v tiii: M.umt'.s sir.ss.vor.
Wnlrr Mnrk l!oml Orillimnrr till roilurril
mill ltrfrr"tt In I'lniiiitn Cniiiiiitttro
to lie C'rrlllli-il Tn hjr the
Conipt roller.
Major Dnvh votoetl Ihe onllnnnep x
lentlltiR tlic franchises of the Conolldiletl
Metropolitan Street Hallway Company ami
rrovldlriK for a Kcncrnl iitem of trntn.
for jetcnlay morning The veto nni not
smt.ilnrcl hv the council, tho ordinance he
lm? p.i!eil In spite of the nicsraRC, at the
meeting held 1-mt nlBht. All of the mem
ler of the lower home were prcent nnd
nine of thoc of the upper 1101181", Alderman
IJjwlI being out of the city. The vote In
the lower house vvn 9 to 1, Councilman
lllegcr ciotlng the vote to sutaln the
major, In the upper houD tho ote was S
to 1. 1'rejldent Tlernan alone voting aje.
The veto mccme nnd the prolloni of
Ihe ordinance were debited nt length In tho
lower home. Several members took occtslon
to reply to what they called Implied nt
tnclts on them In the language ued by tho
mayor. In the upper house the question
was settled by tho roll call without com
ment of nny kind,
The ordinance providing for the luo of
the bonds for the ptirchi.se of the water
works was Introduced In the lower house.
As It contains a section for the appropria
tion of money, nnd lacked the certlllcate of
tho city comptroller that there If money to
met It, tho house referred It to tho llmnco
committee for certification.
The tlppi 1 House,
Alderman T;jcll was the only member
of tho upper house of tho council who wan
nbent from the meeting held last night.
When the mayor's .veto of the ordinance
eMcndlng the franchises of tho Metropoli
tan Street Itallnay Company and providing
for a new sj stem of transfers upon lis
lines came from the lower house. In which
It was first read and acted upon. President
Tlernan put tho question: "Shall the ordi
nance pas, tho major's eto to tho con
trary notwlthlnndlng?" The vote upon
the veto was then taken and rtulted .11
follows: To sustain the major, President
Tlernan; to pass the ordinance over the
major's veto, Aldrmen mill, Huttlg,
Johnston, .Morgan, Morrison, Phillips, Sltlii
nlck and W'yne.
"Tho ordinance Is passed over th veto
of the mavor by .1 vote of S to 1," said
President Tlernan.
Aldermnn Morgan Introduced an ordinance
prohibiting the placing of gl ia, scrap Iron
or other 111 iterlals that will cut the rubber
tires of blcveles upon the .streets under
penalty of from $2 to $10. It was referred
to the sidewalks committee.
The lower house resolution Instructing tho
city englneei to piepjro plans for n viaduct
nt Tenty-thlrd street, over the tracks of
the Kansas City, Port Scott & .Memphis
railway, the Council Bluffs railway and tho
Atchison, Topeka .L Santa l'e railway, was
.V resolution. Introduced by Aldernnn
Morgan, Instructing the city engineer to
examine the Wj-omlng street viaduct, with
a view to having It removed to Main street,
between Twentieth nnd Twenty-third
Hreets, was referred to the public impiove
ments committee.
Tie nanus of D. SV. I.ongwell, J. Ij, Xor
man, It. II. Hunt nnd It C. Crowell were
-ent to the houce bj the major while It
was In executive session for confirmation
for comptroller. They were rejected The
boue adjourned without waiting to learn
vvhiu action the lower house had takui
upon the water works bond ordinance.
Ill the. Lower House.
nvery member of tho lower hotiso was
ptesent at last night's meeting of the
louncll. Tor the 111 it time In weeks tho
lobby was ciowded with cltlrens, who weie
present to listen to the piocetdlius, 'Ihe
house got down to business at once, tho
Metiopolltnn tinnsfer ordinance belli,; tho
llr.st husdnc-iS tokens ,. Clerk Currv rend
iho message of tho mayor sending tho 01
illuanco back without his appioval, ai.d
Speaker Stoner stand the question to be:
"Shall the oidlnance pass, the objections ot
the major theieto uotwltlistaiidlng "
Tho mayoi'b message lend us toilows-
"Gentlemen I heiewitli return ordinance
No t.iso without my niipiovul, foi the rea-t-on
that I do not believe It wise or proper
10 givo nw.ij valuable franchises foi any
length of time without receiving sulllclent
remuneration thuefoi In retuin. In this
respect the ordinance Is dellclent. All fimi
rhlbeH lxlimg to the cltj, nnd tho city and
Its otllUals Hlioubl belong to the ptoplo,
nnd It is mj' opinion that bald ordinance Is
not In the lnteiests of tho people.
"Vi:ilSTi:it n.VVIS. Major"
Mr. Craig moved that the onllnnnco and
message be lefeued to the public Improve
ments committee, but the motion wns not
seconded. Tho speaker put It to the bouse,
however, and It was promptly voted down.
Mr. Cling being tho only member to votu
for It,
Then Mr. Drown took the floor. ITe said
that the major's statement wns couched In
the most general turns. Ills objections
weie not made directly against nny partic
ular featura of the oidlnuneo. In regard
tn theio being no renium latlon to tho peo
pin tor tho grant bo thought ill it
point was nnsweied by tho fact that
all of tho piesent franchise's glvo
the cltj' the light to put a tax;
1111 eveiy car opeiated by the eompany, In
tho form of a. license. Ho said that provis
ion remains, nnd if the franchiso is t-o val
uable and becomes moiu bo in the futilie,
so that there should be a larger revenue,
the council has tho power to Increase tho
license. At present tho cltj- Is ill awing a
levenuo from this source In nddltlon to
tho revenue fiom taxation of tho eotn
pnnj's ptaperty. Under tho new onllnnnco
tiansfer privileges ate inailu obligatory,
unit the peoplo will get vast benefit theie
fiom. when all tho facts weio considered
lio could see no reahon tn change his mind,
nnd should vote to pass the ordinance.
Mr. Kldwell took similar ground. Ho
milled that the committee having chnrgo of
the matter ha 1 given it as borlous attention
and as beiious thought as any measuro
beforo tho council hnd ever received. He
then rend tho messnge, nnd snld that tho
major had criticised the house very sharn
lv. He thought It would have been sulll
elent for the major to have said that In
bis opinion the oidlnancu was dellclent.
He did not know what construction tho
major put on tho closing sentences of tho
message, but he construed It to Imply that
the major thought tho inembeis who voted
for the ordin ince had been paid a price,
Jf such was the Intention of the major ho
wished to repel It. Ho discussed the mat
ter nt great length, nnd concluded by reit
erating his objection to tho language of the
mebbago and tho statement that ho would
vote to pass the ordinance,
Mr. Olson snld that as n member of tho
committee which had consideied und 1 ex
ported on the ordlnnnce, ho had supported
it, He lived In a district where there were
a great many w 01 king people, who to-day
are unable to lido to their vvoik without
pajing two fares. He favored the chance to
give them a ride to uny point In the city
for 5 cents. He would vote for tho ordi
nance, Mr. Cratg said that he understood his
colleagues had refused to support n motion
to refer because the major had refused to
call a meeting for to-night. Ho wanted
the people to have a chance to express
themselves and If the mayor refused tn
call another meeting the delay was tho
fault of tho major and not of tho house.
In the Ilsht he had on the measure, with
the transfer provisions in It, he would re
peat his vote of the night before.
Speaker Stoner called Mr. Craig to the
chair and criticised the extension section
of tho ordinance. He favored the transfer
sjstein.but said whatever action was taken
by the council would subject tho members
to criticism. He spoka at length on the po
litical effect of the matter, and urged the
members to do what they inought was
right. He resumed the chair, und nobody
else wishing to speak, put the question as
above. Councllmen Pendergast, Moran,
Craig, Olson, Itegati, How man. Hrown.
Kldwell and Mr. Speaker voted to pass
and Councilman Illeger to sustain tho veto.
The speaker then announced that a two
thirds majority of the members elect hav
ing voted la tho ulHrmatlve, the ordinance
avna n.lttspd.
JU ordinaQC to compel the celt line rail-
way to bridge Park nvenne where II
crosses the company s tight of vvnv, was
Introduced hv Mr Hrown and passed un
der suspension of the rule
The ordinance to take the $,0M collect
ed as Interest mi the bond Issue of $2,0',('0,
declare 1 Illegal nn 1 pi ire It to the credit
of the expense department was ptctl un
der suspension of the rules
Tho house then took tip the bond ordi
nance. It was rtad nt lorsth and referred
to the flnnnte rommlttee to be perllfled bv
tho comptroller on the appropriation sec
tion. Tho house then adjourned.
The Water Works tlnnds Orilltmnrr.
The ordinance providing for Ihe Issue of
the wntor works bonds voted by the peo
ple follows:
An ordinance providing for the payment
nnd satisfaction of the decree rendered by
the United Stntes circuit court for the
Western division of tho Western district
of Missouri, against Kanns f'lly, In tho
cno of the Xitlonnl Water Works Coin
panj', of New York, ngnlnsl Kansas Cltj,
ftnd authorizing nnd dlreetlng the Issue
nnd tho completion of the sale of
bonds of the city nnd npproprl lllng monej'
for that purpose.
He It ordained by the common council of
Kansas City:
Section 1. That, whereas, the United
Slates circuit court for the Western
division of tho Western district of
Missouri. In Ihe case of the Nn
tlonnl Water Works Comininv of New
York, against Kansas Cltj, therein pend
ing, did on the Isth day of November, 1VI,
duly order, adjudge nnd decree that under
tilt net of the general nsemlily of the
state of Missouri, entitled "An ni t con
cerning water works and a stipplv of water
for the City of Knn.is," approved March
21, nn. nnd the lontrnct evidenced by or
dinance of the city No. lft"2l. slid cltj Is
now legally bound to purchnse from said
com tun j. .and said eotnpiny Is now
legally bound to sell to said cltj', "tho
full, complete and entire water works
plant nnd appurtenances bj which the
said cltv nnd Its Inhibltnutn ore now sup
plied with water. Including therein tint
portion of said plant situated In the state
of Knnsas, and commonly Known ns the
'yulndnro supply works,' and the How pipes
leading therefrom, ns well as that portion
of said works which Is situated In the
state of Missouri, together with all lots of
land, buildings nnd reservoirs belonging
to or In nnj- wise used ns n part of snld
plant, with the execution mentioned In
the eleventh pirngrnph of this decree, nnd
everything or evctv nature pertaining to
said wnter works plant!" nnd tint under
pnld contract nid city Is bound to piv
lor snui complete witter works pnni, ami
the said company Is hound to receive In
full p.ivmetit therefor he fair and equitable-
value of Ihe whole works; and did
ruithor find, adjudge and decree tint Un
fair and equitable value of sail works
Is the sum of ! (V),0W: and did further
order nnd decree thnt said companv should
on or before tho 1st ilnv of December,
131. cause to be executed nnd delivered
to the clerk of snld court, to be bv said
clerk held In escrow, good nnd Rillllclent
deeds, assignments, releases, hills of s lie
nnd other convejanccs, whereby the whole
ami complete water works sjstem nnd
plant ntoresnld should be transferred to
said cltv free nnd clear of nil liens, burdens
or lncumbraiici s, excepting two certain
mortgages In snld decree mentioned: nnd
that after approval bv nld court of said
deeds, assignments, releases nnd bills of
sale, said city shnll thereupon piv to the
clerk of said court the sum of 1,000 OW,
being the fnlr and equltnble value of said
water works plant, as heretofore assessed,
or It "hall cause the nme to be so paid:
nnd did further adjudge nnd decree that
in miiimon to 1110 value 01 niu wnter
works plnnt, the snld cltv shall also pv
nil unpaid hj'drant rentals which accrued
prior to November 1". 1S91, and all subse
quent accruing hvdrint rentals, according
to the rate heretofore fixed bv agreement
between bald cltj' and companv, until such
time as the said cltv slmll become entitled
to the possession nnd use of ald water
works by virtue of compliance on Its part
with the conditions of said decree; and
did further adjudge nnd deciee tint said
cltj" should paj" part of the costs In said
cause, which slid decieo still remains of
record nnd In full force In snld court
And whereas, snld court hns duly np
pioved the deeds, assignments, rele ises nnd
bills of sale executed and deposited with
the clerk of snld court, is provided In
nnd bv said decree, and bv reason thereof
the city Is now bound and obllgited to pav
snld sum of $.1,0111000, being the fair and
equltnble value of said water works, ns
fixed and determined bv said court, nnd
nlso the hvdrant rentals mentioned and
required and adjudged to bo paid bj the
cltv- In and bv snld decree, which said
ludrnnt rentals will on the 1st dav of
July. ISO", amount to tho sum of nt least
$127,310. exclusive of Interest thereon, nnd
nlso Its share of tho costs of sold case as
Now, theiefore. for the purpose of pajlng
oft and sntlfjlng said lodgment and de
cree for nld sum of 1000 fro, bv- virtue
nnd In pursuance of section 1S of article
XIII of the cltj- chnrter, and of the act
of the general assemblj- entitled "An act
to enable cities having more than KW.fBin In
habitants to Issue bonds for the purpose of
paving judgments and decrees of court,
anil to provide for the pijment of such
bonds nnd declaring nn emergencj," ap
proved Aiu I! CO IW. negotiable coupon
hond of the cltj shall be lbued In the .ag
gregate principal sum of J2.0-.2 (mo. In de
nominations of $1 fW each to be dated tho
1st dav of Julv, Wi, p.ijable to the beaier
thereof In gold coin of the United Stntes, of
the piebent stand ltd of weight nnd fine
ness, on the 1st day of Julv 111", nt the
NatlonnI Tlink of the Republic, In the city
of New York, stnte of New York, beailng
Interest ns shown bj counons attached to
snld bonds ot tho nite of -Pi per centum
per annum, p lynble In like gold coin half
vearly, on the 1st dajs of Janunrj- nnd
Julv of eneh jenr until the said bonds
shall become due, ,0 the be irer of the In
tel est coupons annexed to the said bonds,
upon the presentation nnd suriender there
of, ns they -severally becomo due Such
lionds shnll be under the seal of the city,
signed by the mavor countersigned by the
city comptroller and nttested by the cltj-
letk of the cltj-. The Interest coupons an
nexed shall benr tho fac ,lmlle signature of
the major, and such bonds and coupons
shall lie ill lorui suusianunuj' us louous-
Sl.iVO $1,000,
Tie It known that the cltv of Kansns
City, In the state of Missouri herebv ac
knowledges Itself to be Indebted to thohfar
er hereof In the sum of $l,ev,n gold coin of
the United States, of the present standard
of weight and llneness, nnd promises; to
pay to the bearer the said sum In such gold
coin on tho .-t day of July, 1115, at tho
National Hank of Itepubllc, In tho city
of New York, with Interest thereon nt tho
rnte of I'i pei cent per nnnuni. pijnble
half yearly In llko gold coin to the bearer
of the coupons hereto annexed upon pre
sentation nt the time nnd pi ice herein
This bond Is Issued by the city of Knn
sas City tor the purpose of paj Ing nnd sat
Ihfjlng judgments and decrees duly ren
dered agilnst the city by virtue and In pui
silance of an net approved '.'Oth April. IVH,
nud of the city charter .as amended Cth
June, 1S9), nnd of an oidlnance of the com
mon council duly passed, approved and pub
lished. It Is hereby certified that all conditions,
nets and things essential to the valldltv
of this bond exist, have happened, and
have been done, and that all requlri-meiits
of the city ch-irter and of the constitution
nud laws of Missouri relating to the l-sue
hereof havo been fully compiled with by
tho proper bodies, olllcurs nnd persons, nnd
that this bond does not exceed uny limit of
debt or otherwlso prescribed bj the city
charter or by the constitution or laws of
Given under tho common sent of the city
of Kansas City and signed by tho major,
attested by the clerk and lountersigned
by the comptioller of tho Uty the Ut diy
of July, ISt'i in Mayor.
Couuterblgned; ,
City Comptroller,
Attest: City Clerk.
$22 50. COUPON $-'-'50.
On tho 1st diy of J.inu.irj-, 11, Kansas
Cltj-. Mo will pay the bearer $.'..50 at the
National Hank of Itepubllc, In the city
ot New York, for six months' Interest on
its judgment bond. J,
,,...,,,,., Major.
No. 0000.
And said bonds shall ba numbered consec.
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utlvely from 1 lo !,9S, Imluslvc, nnd each
entitled "Kansas cny Judgmitit llond."
Sim Hon 2 It shall be tin dutv of the
innjor ns speislllv us passible attir tlu
passage 0f u,i ordinance to tnuse sal. I
bonds mentioned in section t hereof, to
be prrpired nnd rxieutcd, nnd ns soon as
may be thereafter to deposit In iscrovv
with the clerk of said toiirt upon the
terms of the es row mentioned nnd pro.
Vlded In said serllon Is, aitlrle Mil. of tin
tltj barter and of the contrael and sup
plemental contract hereinafter mentioned,
aid ilrst mentioned two thousand nine
hliudriil nnd flftj-two bonds, together with
a sum of momy rrom funds hereinafter
appropriated, sulllclent with the proiee Is
of sild z,fl bonds, including the premium
thereon, to make up the sum ut l,ui),iin,
the value of said water works ns llxed bj
s lid decree.
The major shill nt the same time de
posit with said clerk n dulv certlllid copj
or slid lectlon Is of .article XIII, or the 1 Itj
charter, and a dulv certified copy of this
ordinance, nnd a copv of the commit be
tween the cltj and sild purchasers for the
purchase of said bonds, as containing the
terms of said iscroiv I'pon Hit payment
to said clerk by slid porch isers of the
iurchne price of said bonds according In
the contract afore saM, nnd the entrj or
sntlsf lcllon and discharge In full by slid
c erk of said Judgment and decree, said
clerk shall deliver said bonds to said pur
chasers, t pon such dellverj-, the slid
bonds shall thin become nnd be tin vulld
mid binding negotiable obligations of the
city, and shnll be conclusively presumed
to have been duly and reguhirlj nuthftiired
and Issued under nnd III pursuance of the
constitution and liws of the state of Mis
souri, nnd the city charter hereinbefore
mentioned nnd of this ordinance.
Section .1 The provisional arrangement
nnd agreement for the silo or snld ooti Is
by said cltj-. mule by Joeph S Chick,
John P ltle-tnrds and Simeon 11. Atmoiir,
or a tmlorltj of them, with Kidder. IVa-
bodv A. Co, It, I.. Div .X Co., Ill ew stir,
Cobb A Kstnbrook, or Huston, In the
stnto or Mnsachusc(ts, nnd Ihe Illinois
Trust nnd Savings bank, or Chlcigo, In
Ihe stnte or Illinois, on tho ISth day of
Di cembcr, iv, ns amended bv the supple
mental contrael between the same pirtles
made on the 21,1 day or April, lx.fi. at a
premium of 1 li pi r centum above the pu
value thereof. Is hereby approved nnd rat
ified, so fnr as the bonds mintloned In
section 1 hereof nro concerned, nnd the
mavor Is directed to c.iriy out and com
plete the same on lmhnlr nt lb,, efte. unli.
ji ct to the conditions of sild contract.nnd
the provisions of this ordinance.
Section There shall be levied and col
lected bj- the proper authorities of said
city nn annual tax, which, together with
nil the other sums nppllcable to the paj
inent or tho principal mil Interest ot sild
bonds, shnll lie sulllclent to piy said In
tel est ns It falls due, and also to consti
tute a sinking fund for tho pavment or said
principal nt mntuiltj-. All revenue and
Income derived by the cltj rrom the water
works arter pijlng salaries of olllcers
nnd itnploves, running t xpenses and cost
of rep ills, elilargenii nts and extensions,
shnll, so far as nnv be necisarj to micl
nme, be first applied to the pivment er
Interest on nil bonds snld and delivered
pursuant to turns ot this ordinance, and
the bilinci; of -.aid revenue and Income
"hall be paid Into the sinking rund afon
s.ald. which sinking fund shall be usnl
only to p ly the principal of s lid bonds so
long as nnv of them remain unpaid, nnd
shall be pleilgul Inviolate for that pur.
IKise. The s 1I1I sinking fund shall be
iarid foi and Investul. nnd shall be sub
ject to the same provisions or the cltv
charter so far ns applicable, as othr
sinking funds ot (he cltj
sfct.!f'' ' '.'or t,l( Purpose of pnjlug oft
and discharging the balance or said de
cree, which nlso icqulres the cltj- to piv
certain hjdrant rituals nnd a part of the.
Costs In snld ease, 111 gullible coupon bonds
shall be Issued in the nggiegate principal
sum of $HS,i)0 In denominations of Jl.ooo
each, to be dated the 1st day of Julv, JVfi.
pijable to the bean r theunf in gold coin
of the United Stntes ot the prcs, nt stand
aid of weight and ilnentss, mi tho 1st d ly
of July, lsn, nt the National Hnnk of tho
Itepubllc In the cltv nnd stnte of New
ork, bearing lnlmst ns shown by cou
pons ntt.iched to the bonds, nt the rate of
'i per centum pu annum, pijnble In like
gold coin hnli vearly on the 1st day of
Januarj- and Julv of each jiar until tho
said bonds shall become due, to the benri r
of the Intel est coupons annexed to tho snld
bonds, upon the piesentatlnii nnd surren
der then of, iih thej sevi rally become due.
Such bonds shnll be under the seal or the
cltj-, signed bj the inn j 01 and counter
signed bj the cltv comptiolhi and attest
ed bv the cltj clerk or the cltj The In
terest coupons annexed shall In ar the r.ie
simile signature of the muni Such bonds
and coupons shall be in torm ns provided
for the bonds ntlthnrled lij Fiction 1 of
this oidlnance. nnd shnll be numbered
consecutively from i""iJ to 3100 Inclusive,
nnd shnll eiih bu entitled "Kunv.is City
Judgment llond "
Sicllon (1. It shall be the duty of tho
major, as speedllj as possible after the
passage of this ordinance, to cause said
bonds mentioned In section S hueof to bo
ptepued nnd executed, nnd us onn as innv
bo thereafter, lo deposit the bonds hist
above mentioned In esuow with tho clerk
of said court upon tho tenns of escrow
mentioned nnd piovldnl In section IS, nrtl
ele U, of the cltj- chiller, nnd of the con.
ttoct mentioned In Fiction 3 of this oidl
nance, tOKe.Hu r with a sum of monev from
funds hereinafter nupioprlated, sulllclent,
with the proceeds of said bonds, Including
the premium tin reon, tn 111 ike up the
nmoiint duo from the city for ludiant
lentnls under snld deeiee, together with tho
pint of the costs duo from the cltj-
Ttnnn t hn navment 10 the cleile of Knhl
comt lis tho purchasers of tho purchnse
price of said bonds, nud tho entij- of sat
isfaction und discharge bj Mid clerk of
slid Judgment nnd decne in full, said
cloik shall deliver Slid bonds to tho pur
chasers I'pon which dellverj tho s,i,
bonds shall then become and bo the valid
nnd binding negotiable obligations of tho
illy nnd shall be conclusively presumed
tn linvo been fully and icgulnilj- nuthor.
Ized and Issued under nnd In piirsunnce
of the constitution nnd laws of the slntoof
Mlssouil and the cltj charter hereinbefore
mentioned and of this ordinance
Section 7 Tho pinvlslonal nriangement
nnd ngieement for tho sale of said bonds
by said city mnde by Joseph S. Chick,
John P ltlehards and Simeon P Armour,
or a majorltj of them, with Kidder, Pen
bodv .L Co, It U 1UV & Co. Itiewsler,
Cobb & Hslnhronl;, of Huston In the state
of Massachusetts, nnd tho Illinois Trust
and Savings bank of Chicago, In tho slate
of Illinois, on the ISth day of December,
1MI, ns nmended by the suppb mental cou
tiact between the mine pirtles, made on
the 21d day of April, ISfi. at a premium ot
1 ii-10 per centum above tho jur value
thereof, Is hereby npproved and ratified so
far as the bonds mintloned In section S
hereof 1110 concerned, nud tho mnsor Is
directed 10 cuiry nut nnd complete tho
snme on beh ilf of tho cltj-. siiblcct to tho
eotulltlons of snld contract, nnd the pro
visions of this oidlnance.
Seetlon 8 Tiiero sunn no ievie-ii anil col
lected by the proper city olllcers nn annual
tax, which, together with all tho other
sums nppllcable to the pajment of tho
principal and Interest of the bonds men.
Honed in section 5 hereof, shnll bo sulll
clent to pay the Interest as It falls due,
nnd also to constitute a sinking fund for
tho pajment of tho principal nt maturity,
Thiro Is hereby appropriated out of
monej-s In tho city tn usury lo the credit
of tho expense fund the sum of lt,u)0 for
the nurposo of paving the bilanco that may
be duo upon said deciee foi tho value of
said water works the amount due for hj
drant lentnls and tho costs of snld case to
be ptld by the cltj-, over and above tlm
proceeds of bonds mentioned In sections I
und 5 of this ordinance, and a vvmrant
shall be Issued therefor III favor of tho
major, who shall ilenoslt with said cleik
the nmounts over and above such pinceeds
of paid bonds, retiulred to satisfy said de.
tree, nnd the bilanco of said monej-. if
unj-. shnll be accounted for and returned
to the city treasurer , by the mavor.
Section 9. All ordinances nnd pirts of
ordinances In conflict with this ordinance,
lire, Insofnr as thev are In lonlllct with
this ordinance, hereby repealed.
Ilrowu Hound Over tn the (iriuid .Jury,
Henry Hrown, alias Will Price, who on
June 9 shot Andrew Smith In the mouth
und shoulder, nfter having quarreled with
him over some beer, which Smith had pur
chased at a saloon near Third and Oak
streets, was airaigned beforo Justice Jojcd
jesterday moining. Drawn tried to show
that ho was not the man who flted tho
shots, but as a number of witnesses swote
to his Identity the justice considered tho
evidence strong enough to bind Mr. Hrown
over to the guild jury, which he did, fixing
his ball at HM.
FOREST HIMj Is four miles out. It
ought to be. The company Is always glad
to tuke out lot bujers, and every Sunday
afternoon it provides fieo transportation
for all Its patrons. It has a fund for per
petual maintenance, and a magnlllccnt re
ceiving vault. Otilcc K. Y. Ufe building.
Tel. 17Ti
Hiti.ssi.Mi tit tit: 111 nt us 1 tut nil:
M.U HOMlltMIIM Illll.lllXd.
thirty t bl-els VluUe t til ps I ly t'ndi r
tho Mtinlj Hlows uf It tttttners
litis) '(elm In the Dilgilu
t ut -.tone Vnrils,
III the jnrds of Ihe Hug.iii Cul Blone
Companv, at licit Hue and Summit slreel,
jesterduv mornlng.'thlrlj workmen began
the great Insk of dressing the stone that
Is to be Used In erecting the new custom
hoile and pustollbo In this city. The
number will bo doubled in a few dijn
and In less than 11 fortnight there will be
1(0 men engaged In Iho work. Nothing
will be allowed to Interfere with the prog
ress of the dressing, nnd within two weeks
some stone will be plneed 111 the walls of
the nmv striu ture.
Prep trillion for the work of laving Ihe
stnne Is belnit made. At the Jnrds tho
workmen ore dressing It nnd at the foun
dation of the now building men are get
ting their hoisting apparatus rendv, Iho
tall derricks ntul pon 11 til machinery no es
snrj Tor doing the work rnsllj nro being
put In plnef, ntul by the (line Ihe stone Is
ready for Ihe walls Ihe tiuuhlnciy will bo
In shnpe for Ihe wotk te pteveed
I'p to d He there have but tvvinlv-lho
cars of the stone arrived nt the yards, but
large nuantllles nre waiting shipment nt
the quarries and word was received o
tenl.iv that luinlv ears were on the way
and that future shipments would be mnde
more promptlj-, "o that no delaj" Is an
ticipated (mm that source
Ilvetj stum- Is quail led to conform to
certain dimensions and Is then numbered
and the exact dimensions m irked, so that
It Is known Just vvheie it Is to be plnci'd
in the wall. Some or the blocks nre twelve
feet long. Othils me but tluee feet In
length nnd otlu rs measiue the iminv differ
ent lengths between th.se two extremis
Most ot the large blocks nre quart led with
such care that then- Is In niinj e ises lit
tle to be cut awnv, and In "tune Instances
merely the dressing and smoothing up Is
to tie done
The stone or which the wall Is to be com
posed comes fiom Texas It Is the gra
granite and presents a veij exci llent ap
pearance whin dressed, and tontrnctors
who hive ixntnlned It n pen t that It is
ccrtnln to make a vei v prettj wall when
complete d. The trimming Is of Colorado
reil granite and Is a vuv pretty stone,
showing splendlillj when ilnssed
The tlrst stone to be 1 ild in the wall will
be the lower course of Inavj- blocks tvven-tj-elght
Inches thick. On this Is In be
laid the course of Colorado n d granite,
which serves as the window sill course In
the wall That Is to be the oulj red Louise
In the wall that extends around the build
ing The nreawnjs and window tt miming
will be of n tl granite-.
Many of the men who went tn work ves
terdav have bei n nut of cmplovinent for
months Their hands me tendi 1 and the
hard work nilse-d ni.inj a bllMir and caustd
more than one of the workmen In faiih
hold his breath as a Iljing 1 hip from the
chisel would tun off some proinlmnt blis
ter. One ot tin men was forced lo stop
during the aftiinooii on .11 count ot his
hands, but he will be nt it ngaln in a shoit
(ir.'iiilto cutting Is n verv illffinnt tride
from stone cutting Theie vine viij tew
gi.mlte cutlers In the cltv. .Musi 01 the
workmen impluv.il are from other plans,
both IJ.ist und Wist. Ilnv will be em
plojeil In the cltv at temuneiatlve wages
lor mnnv months, and theli vvims will
i.ugeij be spent here, so that the illy
fares verj will In the m.ittei It was a
tun of tin vuluntaiv contract on tin put
of ContriKti-r Dtignn 10 have the stone
dussed in this eltj and he is pi 1 foimlng
his part of the eonti.itt with ildililj
Not onlj Is hi having the stone 1 ut In
the cltj. bui he his cuiitiactcd with the
Iron contrncioi In Ohio in hull mid sit In
position all of the iiuii work In the stiuct
ure. and In doing this ho will emploj local
help and give that ndvuntige to the eltj.
The Iron contraetors will not como 10 the
cltj nt all Thej will lo id the lion on the
train at home nnd tiust to Mr. Dug.ui and
his men hem to do the vvoik
The Hitters nre woiked In gangs of bf
teen men each I'or 1 .11 h gang Hun Is
furnished 11 bl icksmlth, who Is constantly
at vvoik sharpening their chisels and Let p
Ing 1 hem lu shape The bhuksmllli who
bundles that amuunt of work s.itlsf.ieior
llj will have but little time to lo if. is Ihe
work is veu trving on Hie tools, an 1
some of the men am veiy putb ulir as to
how their e niseis ,11 put In londlilon
Contractor Duguii was viry much pleased
jesterday moining when tinallj the nun
began work and the gnat libor of tho
contract was undei waj It stuiid oif in
good shape and eveij thing looke I veiy
favoiable for spmly pioguvs.
"It would do anj man good to get out
to tho jard and hear the hammers and
chisels ringing." he sild, "tor it is evi
dtneo that thtio U some bU work golng
011 In the cltj again, The J'airl has been
Idle for 11 time, but with this Lomract wo
will have It well oeuipled tor many
Oovernment Stone Inspector David Mar
tin, of this cltj, who Is detailed for serv
ice at tho jards, was busj jestinUy look
ing over the miuilal and getting notes
on woik that he will havo to do lu future,
lie said:
"The stone Is coming to us In splendid
shape and Is vastly supertoi to thu bum
ble that was furrlshed and on which Iho
contiact was made, it Improves wonder
fully on being dressed, and It Is very
plain to mu in it it will present nn appeal -mice
that will satisfy every one In tho
The stone for the walls can bo drossed
EAGLE Brand!
Has No Equal
1 v J, "lf
t -yil
Very rnplillj, nnd with Ihe for. e that Is
lo be put to work next week win 11 tie
luge shlptni nt of snno itrrlvs It .nil br
pn pared for ue with prnt npltitj aid
the lajlng at the building tun I rocee.i
without Interruption. It Is the purpose nf
Mr liitgan to shove the work ilm ln'
summer and fill ns fust ns possible, an I
get ns much ot It off his hrtti Is ,u orsl
Ihe work of preparing the tnilv bu
pillars Hull nic to stand ill the nirttuis
of tit building will be done lati r, posslblv
hot until the coming spring. Thev are to
bo ?J reel C lib lies inll, S inches hi dltm
cter nt the base nnd SI Inches at the top,
and each one will weigh fullv fourtem
tons, It will be big work dressing them,
mid will also be he.ivj work to hliil tium
tn their plates and set I hem III position
the machlinrv Tor handling Iho work Is
however, prrpired for these detii.tu Is mil
Conlmitnt litlgan enn do the work And
do It qulcklj and welt.
oit..v ytin.i' HinnuAi.Ks,
Thirteen ItlfTerriit Kinds of Mnlrrbil t'srd
In Hue t nug Hlork.
Speaker Sinner has been waging valiant
war on Ihe Indiscriminate mining of piv Ing
ti ilrttnlci frtH utilnll illlf d nil I lilt unltlii rl I I
llliiliiMii iii rmv iiuiiip vrn lmi. null' v iij
block, lie savs that tin' privileges gtmited
the piopie or still ling unj man run nny
Itidlvldlial owner might wnnt and the put
ting of such materials down by private
.ntll.nnl tt.ia ....iiIIaiI la. n t II tt.ti.... r t . !...
...,), .1.1 l III. H1III' V, II, , MM.I.OV:. V, . (.'..J
titillt sidewalks mid has greatly damnged
tne appearance 01 me sireci. ne 1001.
the matter up with the board of public
works and. lucked bv the pinner ronunlt-
tce ot the lower house, said iitiiroiiultv
must be observed within the limits or each
block, but that the majorltj nf the prop
el ty iivvih rs should have the right to si lei t
which of tho standard mitcrlals thej
He tailed attention to the block on IMst
Ninth street. Just east of Woodland nvc
inie 'Ihe block Is liSi". feet long, but thlrtctil
stjles of sidewalks have hi en put down on
the north side of the stteet Time lire
hexagon blocks, gi.iuitnld, mtillcial sto""
vltiltled till, vltrllled brick on dre. laoi
sti .light, v III lib d brlelc In herilngbnue
liumation, nnd to wind up, there me llftj
feit ot oiillli.uj- prcssi d brick These walks
wire put down bj the propcrtv owners,
each selecting his own mateilnl and having
the vvoik done bv private cuntriet .if lei
the publication of the usual lesolutlon
The bnird has adopted a tule that tlrst
class walks must lie i onstrueteil of n Uuril
stone, artlllel.il stone, lthc r in hi x.igiui
blocks or llagglug and the lust qiinlltj of
vltiltbd brb k Ilireuftii the proptrtv own
ers of nnj block can s( Ret nnj one or these
materials but there will be unlfornutj
within the limits of auj one block The
owners have nsponded verv qutiklj to the
call and liave sent p. liliun aftei petition
to the In ml, selettlng one of the stjles
mid kinds of m iterl lis in 111 ttlj everj
block on the Knst lde whole tlrst class
shit walks have hi en unbred
SVIIIIl l.NI Hits A I'l.HA.
Hn Sijs Up Is .Not t.iilln or Attempting to
Itnb no OIIIk r.
J J Smith, the would-be highwaj man,
who Is charged with having attemplid a
holdup of Olllcers Mc Mill in ind Wright,
us they walked their bint on Wist Twelfth
stieel Monday nIMit, was aii.ilgned hi -foil)
.lustlie Walls jeslinliiv in. I pb a led
not gulllv. Ills ball w is fixed at jJimOund
he wasoiil.ml to appi 11 to it 15 nnd st ind
till! In default ot the lull he was taki 11
to I ill
Smith's whole head was Include 1 In the
amplt bandato which hiippoitel his brok
111 Jaw, received on the night of the or
finse when one of the alliens' c lubs land
til vvheie he was not looking for It He
stoutlj piotestid Ills lnnocenco as he was
led luck to Jill
V 1 1 ran 'If i lb.
It Is pleasant lo see In the months of the
aged tuth th it lino withstood tho ravagis
ot lime All leilh inaj bo piis,red per
fect nnd solvit 1, tide, pine In 1 uiur and un
dei mged 111 position during a whole life
time, bj the icgulir use of SOZODON1',
suit tn .1 ill.
Robert How man. who stole n e,,ie n
clothes and .1 K of l bulgi fiom J. W
lannard, of ci 'mills place, was mralgned
befom Justice Jovco jesterdav- and bound
our 10 the grand Juiv In defiult ot SMX)
bail ho was reminded 10 Jail,
Wesley C. Dillon Is coming.
II T Hogers, Denver, Is nt the Conies.
" 11. Hem diet, Chicago, is nt the
C. If. Morrill, Lincoln, Is at the Coates
I,. A. Puller. St I.ouls. Is at the Coates.
I I.. GUTord. Heading, Pa , Is ut the
ti. W Hleeeker, Kast Orange, N, J U
nt the Coales
A. W. Mcrndden, Jlemphls, la at tho
Co ites.
J. i:. Tliwlug, Minneapolis, Is at the
II. W, J.owenthal, Itochester, Is at the
Co III b,
P. M Hi tinner, Dayton, Is nt tho Coates,
C.iptiln Italdwln, liullan agent at Anul.
arko. I. T., is In the illy Ho Is hire pur
chasing mules nnd horses for Iho use of
tin- jgcncj-.
Mi. H P Abbott, of Zanesville, O, Is In
the city looking after his property In.
Mr Thomas P. Ponton, Jr., of l.eaven
vvm tli, was at the Snoy last evening
.vtr. iieor-o T. t:roier, a well known
b inker, of (Jallatln, .Mo Is In the cltj,
John Huiiieit, Jlolbiook, I, T, Is nt tho
New Albany,
II 1) Niedln, Lexington, Mo., Is at the
New Albanj,
Thomas Nathan, Wlnllcld, Kas , Is nt the
New Albanj,
Thomas Ditvdoii and wife, Springfield.
Mo., nro at tho New Albany
.vVl 0. 1'Ql;Sr'8- Council move, Kas., Is
ut tho New Albanj-,
Kail lllaekshtre, of Klmdale, Kas,, Is nt
thu Centropolls. '
Judge J. M, Ilumphrej-, of Poit Scott,
Kas., Is In the Utj-, " "
.Mrs. Ileiiry Chamberlain and daughter,
Helen, of lliirllnaton, Vt., and Mis Oscui
l: Leaiiutrd. ot Lawrence, Kas, were lu
mil viiy i van -,,uij ,
Horace V. Huudrem. of Kmporla, Kas.,
was In tho city jestenlaj-.
Mis. P. JI. Snow, wifa of Chancellor
Snow, of thu Kansas stuto uulversttj". was
lu the cltj jestenlaj-.
Messts. P. II. Lord and John Colley, of
Chlcugo. il. J, Sweet nnd duties H Herrj.
of St. Joseph, weie in thu city )i surdity
vtslllng loeal representatives ot the Chi
cago CJmut Western rallwaj,
J. C. Craw foid, St. I.ouls, Mo, Is at tho
Hotel Ylctoili.
James Oawlej-, St, I.ouls, Mo, Is at tho
Hotel Vlctoila.
M. II. Jloore, Chicago, ill, is ut tho
Hotel Victoria.
W. H. l'hlllips, Kureka, Kus , Is at the
Hotel Vlttoilu.
II. Wilson, St, Louis, Mo., Is ut the Hotel
Call Holtman. Leavenworth. Kas., Is ut
tho Hotel Victoria.
W. H. Pratt, St. Louis, Mo., Is at tho
Hotel Victoria.
Harry Hrace, of Lloyd & Hrace, left fpr
Nov York city last night. He will sail
011 the Htrurla, Saturday, for Uurope,
Oeorge H. Spraker. for twelve jears us
slstuut manager of tho Boston store, now
treasurer of the Allen Gold Mining. Smelt
ing und Itellniug Company, left jesterday
for tho company's mines at Phoenix. A. T
to see about putting up a ttamp will on
tU C9iutian's pnwrty.
Consumer ofchewiiytokccolio
are willing to pay a liUle more than
the price charged for tie ordinary
trade tobaccos will find this
brand superior to all others
VZ mf .rV IT " f. .i
y5fcSYsQl k
J "i'f JiJl a JVi
ri.wv.t,... , .-'.
' i
y . i w
F-,SV!yiU.34i Vt p.
U "Could I lmvc another I
M Glass of Unit
I Root beer I
5 Ot'vc the chililrcti ns itiucli m
y Hires' Kootliccr as they want.
g Tukcusitittclinsjim want, jour-
p self. There's 110 harm 111 it g
nolhiiii; but good. g
A 33enl I 4CkMP matt J 1 1 loni t,
I The Chas. E. Hires Co., PhllaJa.
You Can't Tell
Whether a I'litio It good or not slm
plj beuuiNt sonn bodv snvs o J nil
should make up jutir mini to Inves
tigate. We Can't Tell
You ev 01 ji lung lmt we can some
things tiliour 1 pi mo-nun h mon than
people who are not In the buslnos,
They Can't Tell
Mu. li or anthintr Win shouM a por
on Know 'all tihniit u )inno who
viuul u-ih 'iii p.uti iil.ti in iK joir
in an4 out ' I'oim ami &ll our i'iano"
1215 MAIN ST. a
Only a Few Left to Close Out.
vv 1: 111
i:u 1 ui 1 iivv im, 11 mu, vis:
$ltr.O P.eftlg. 1 itnr for... $ 7 :
$11 ui) . fi lu 1 11 r f 11 . . s ,11
jlTU'-l Hi filgt 1 it 1 t,, . 'I ,0
JJ000 Ittliih'iai ! I u ... l.uu
llllgtl ll it 1. line ill-t ollllt.
$10 0(1 lie fin it for.
$1.'00 lii CMl. -L foi
$11 U0 lee t'lli SI fur.
' Oil
wai 1.1: otn.rits nisr mki:
(luirtotl I itlt tl .Mu Ij Di 4 oral, it.
2-Oullnli for
::-(;. ilion for
I-Ctiillou for
ii-ti.illun for
...$l IS
... 1 'i7
... IS
. . . .' '17
s-c;.iiinii fin-
1 1111
10-Cl.illuii fot & uu
Loo wan Bros.
1209 and 1211 Grand Ave,
f.l lift Hit III
TLoUr. llnrver
Human Hand Truss.
For Pescrtrtlre Ctrculorii AildrMi
. I. I'KAKSUoT ,b CO., Bout Mu'ru ,
lltalio nuiiumg, h.vssAb ITT, 310,
Tents.Awnings, Flags & Covers
J00 Becond.hand tents for sals cheap, all
elzes, almost new, also large round touts.
40 feet, du feet, W feel, 70 lee't uml luO fe-ut
diameter, oblong tents, 30il0. auxjU. x&
(jito. 10x30, iVilOO und lWiliJ feet. Writ
for prleca.
P I HA K'li'J niiinist..
Tent & Awning Co,,
OfAlllllllgXIlt .III killll-, 'l cuts
or nil kiiuu, i i.ig, r.uiiiiis,
(mils or nil Mini.. sim lur
priee. -jeiepiitino lull,
lull Vtt 1 ightli St
isrAiibMiKii imr.
J Hi. I1SI.
t-it 3IaiiufuetuM r of
iY&2lHa&.-l II, lUe-rvuiid ...v. ..
llu.liuM.. TtJiUHi,
All Kinds of line repairing
and luiMiiitlng.
10$ Hast Klghtli btieet, Kansas City, Sid.
GOLD MEDAL, Paris exposition, 1689,
53 A.yurjrf . T F-7 5
Iri U
Fe i-iimite. . ii . -r -- a
I SlAtlt H II 1RRO.
f?Tms ? te1 t
(h or 200 Tooth Kxtrrtctcil Unlly. NO
1'AIX Oil DAScm.. Artlilclrtl Tcetb
nnrrntitpd to Kit Perfectly. Decayed
innl iifhliiir tcotli, If worth it, illlcd and
Fac Simile of the Genuine.
The Purest and the Best.
VV It Cliihr, Pre" J W ItiiisiT. Sec
A A Toiaissos, V.Tro C. K. llociiw ell, Tret.
CAPITAL $250,000.
sru roi.it Lirr. nt.iLDiso
Accounts, subject to clieelc nt
siirlit, J'cci'iveil l'rom iiiilividuals,
linns and corpoi'iitions on tho
niosl faornhl(5 terms.
Leul depository I'or Court and
Trust Funds.
Acts ai I'-v:eetitor, Guardian,
Allium istrator mul Hecuivor,
aUo as Kut;istr.ir ami Trausfur
Atfont for Stoe-ks ami Konds.
COATES ,,i,.!!.i
lll-MI.II I lll-SK.II I !
MatlneMt Satimiay at -
- I'lll SI ST1M.
ll Hrunson llnv tr I
I'll i s Jm a... Go. un 1 " i
Wesley . Dillon
is coivEiisro-.
Look out for particulars.
s MMIIlt tll'CIt t,
Week coiiuiunrinh SI 0aj J mr 17 Uvcry
tiiblu at 15 o lu K,
KllUIIB Nett Still, t. ullipull
42- -IPEOF'LiE; - 4S
Cooltst siiiiiuii i tin it i in Vim in. t Tho.
nter triiim htiuiitl .nul W, Until unl hi'tontl
ami j.iiitlultii. 7 u and Six, tMlork,
'I lie (irt it Kuikliu ,iniliit
.Sm 1 1 il 1 r.thi N . nit
'IriiptM I'trfin me r, trtnti Ht)ul i.ui;
Hell tin tl.
If you havo novor trlod
rozzosi'a j cu ilo not Lnqvr what an Ideal
comiiluxlon oiIeT U Sold ttv cry where.
Kenyon Military
Academy, Gam bier, O.
Tiul yeur. Thit old unj riUiutLubl sticctftsful
scbuol irovUv thorouuli rtpirtlun fur cullfte
or butlueM, and cartful un;rviloii of hraltli
Imbluaud manners It IsuiucUtlie uUtbt.larekt
und bibt rqulii'1-1! boitrdlut; cbuol for bo) 9 tu
Obit). JJlustruted c atuluu ent.
v.3i?S?5fv The Lendintr
Horse Shoer
Ot tho Ut,
.Sad the Only l'lrst-Cliss Shop.
lei. 1-1'JU. rJUtSHUeebt
J.HV uouniui iieuv
ered at your door for
1 0 cents jtfci' week.
ffti t . -a

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