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i-oi'iir roit .uisiUi-
11 o Make n I'l.iln nml IHgnlfled Slate-
Merit nf IIU due, Which Ho
lh Not Permitted to He-
titer In the itiulRf".
WntdilnRton. July ST. Ex-Consul Waller
liM wiltten n letter to bis stepson. Paul
Hrny, Inclosing a copy of Hie remarks
which tie hud expected innke before the
Fteneh rourt-tnnrtlnt by wide lie w
Med In Tntnutavc. but whlrb It appear he
ilitl not have an opportunity to deliver.
Mr. Walter' tetter Ik dated In the prison
nt Marseilles. June 12, And wag received
here ii i!ay or two fibre tlfrntiftli the stitto
department. The document Is Interesting,
In tlirtt It rvenl nomewhat more of trip
details of the oirravo Willi which Waller
was chrd than Iiavo ye.t len made
public, and ntso liecntue It contain Mr.
Waller's version of the occurrence, which
lie hn heretofore had no opportunity to
live to the public. TIib document In M fol
lows: "To the Homrtnhle Judge.
1 do not know whether n word from the
licensed will have very much weight Willi
Mm or not. hut 1 tlmnk you for tlio pttvl
lege of speaking Iti my own lielmtf.
"I urn charged with having vlolnted Arti
cle uf the peiml code by eortcpndlng
with th enemy ntul gtving him Inforiniitlon
n to the movement! of the French troop
In till place. This charge, I inn sure, can
not be sustained nor believed by the honor-aide
court when ynnr honor shnll Imve
in.ide h em i fill and Impartial HXHtnlmttlun
of the letters tn mv wife. Mr. Tessle nnd
th" young Hova. 1 cull lUtenttou of the
court to the fau tlml In none of these let
tcis nre unv of the movement of the
French nrm, 111 Mndngnscor of elsewhere,
mentioned nor referred to In Hiiy way. It
ferns to me Unit thli fuel ean not be Ik.
l.-red nor overlooked. This fact alone
should WArrnnt nn necpilttal of the accused,
. cause It follows thnt, In order to violate
the article of the rode undei which I Jim
charged, It must 1 dearly Ptoven tli.it
the Accused has corresponded with IH'
I'licmv to the extent of laying before him
the military movement nnd operations ot
thr nrtny of the reptiblle. I maintain that
tin l-tters now before your hnnor will ad
mit of mi such construction when placed
imd'-r a fair and Impartial analysis, which
1 inn unite sure you will do in this ease.
It will lie found that 1 refer. In the let
ter to mv wife, tn certain wrongs done by
certain soldiers, whom I did not name be
cnuse unable to do so: but the mention of
these has nothing to do with the military
operations of the army. Indeed. I should
feel sorry to see an army moving In that
rvny. 1 am sure your honors would not
hesitate to condemn to your wives and
f Mends In the strongest terms all such
deeds. Kvety (.'azotic In France would eon
cleirin such deeds, and 1 believe that nine
out of ten Flench soldiers In your army
would denounce and condemn them.
"Whv. then, should I be sent to prison
for twenty years for the mention of these
wrongs to my wife and friends? The hon
orable jttdce will notlrc that 1 refer tn
the leltcr to mv wife, to two assaults upon
me by certain soldiers whose names I
im unable to give. As to the tlrst of these
attacks. I informed the I'.reneh authori
ties through tlie Fnited States consul, act-
... r...1. . ..... .t. ..ir ., .1... t.'p.I.li.V.
lllg I5IIUs'lUeilllJ llir lilt." Ul in'' mini
miice calico ill niy mni.e in .utm.iijin'Hii.
A'llVinut ta fntr evtnlitlmliment of which
eharce. I contend that I should not be
imprtsoneii even ror n ony.
"I should not fall to can the attention of
the honorable judRes to the fact that In all
criminal matters where one is on trial
chanted with a r.ive offense all the cir
cumstances of the case must he taken Into
consideration and the accused civen the
benetlt of every reasonable doubt.
"The court will see all the extenuating
circumstances surrounding the ease. Again
1 maintain that the court should ascertain,
j-o far as possible, the future Intentions
of the accused tinder a choree of this kind,
to tind, If possible, whether It Is the In
tention or the accused to remain here, and
whether he has actual arrangements with
the enemy to assist them ucilnst the army
of the republic.
"The letters and the evidence will show
the contrary, which Is a circumstance
which should be placed in my favor In corn
1nc to a Judgment In this case.
"The time of my departure from the
capital, September 13 or 11, 1S91. must not
be lost slBht of.
"I have explained the Draper and Viirily
matter and show how they have robbed
nd then made a laugh of it, and they
have been paid money by me on contract,
ivlvi h they have never even attempted to
perform, which failure lin. resulted tn u
loss to me of more than yiO.OV.
"It is these men whom I actually mean
In mv letter and which I designate as D.
and 1'., having before warned my wife
n?ainst them, and mentioned them as ID.
nnd I. In a postscript to the letter. While
It is dear to me that It was indiscreet to
make such mention of them, yet 1 cannot
lielieve that this honorable court will, after
ii i.ir-ful and impartial examination of all
the liroumstance.s and facts, of this ease,
c!e. i le that I have violated article , of the
ptnal code.
"France has always been noted for her
bve of Justice nnd liberty and for her
broad and generous treatment of all of
whatever nationality, and 1 believe in the
car-fill, deliberate judgment and wisdom
c' otir honors, you will not close the
cmors of the world against a man who has
iiu-r borno arras against you."
.Ml.MIK MIlNl'Ml.N.
Rosa Hawkins, of Independence, was
benight to Kansas City yesterday and
. '.-d In the county Jail. She was sen
t' i i -1 to twenty days for robbing Jane
Smith of a gold ring.
' 'harles Franzeens, a druggist at Six
teenth and I'enn streets, was lined $23 nnd
c M vesterduv by Justice cise, for sell
ing lbiuor without a license. Ue gave no-tl-
. of an appeal to the criminal court.
Ju-tlce Krueger yesterday bound Vera
Tr.il;e over to await tho action of the
n-ind Jury In September. She gave S5M
jind for her appearame. She Is charged
vt'h having feloniously asxnulte I Murdgo
fmith, July 7. with a razor.
Mrs. Jones and Miss May Holmes, of 1C07
"1.uii street, were arraigned In Justice
iiiwihorne's court yesterday for having
r i ) ..-t Charley Loam, of Platte City, Mo ,
o' m. They pleaded not guilty und rhvc
? ! bond for their appearance for trial
A "list fi. .
n.rton Knight wos yesterday turned
c.i- to Constable rtobcrt Woods, of tjnn
. . . ry. Mo., where he Is charged with be
ii -i i rig Cora James under pronibm of
v untitle. Knight was acquitted of the
ci" charge in Jmitlce Walls' court Fri
er uv
Mmrls Schneider, charged with dlnturh
leg tho peace uf Charles IT. Thomas, H"our
t 'Mh and Muin streets, was arraigned
iri'me Justice Hawthorne ypsterday. lie
pi. i led not guilty, and his trial was set
f r Tuesday, He gave JIOO bond for his up
pi n-.i nee.
lb nry Bailey was arraigned in Justice
Ppr' court yesterday on a charga of hav.
ii'i' mteied tjji- dwelling of Mrs. Cleorge
J" h B1U East Thirteenth street and stolen
a itch. He pluaded nut guilty, and his
.1 was set for Tuesday. He gave bond
i r hi.- appearance.
Horace Snell, nn old colored man em
p' . d as a driver by J. W. I, Slttvens.
i " trom a wagon at Twentv-nlnth street
itrd I'rospect avenue yesterday forenoon
and received several brutes about the
h id. H was taken to his home in th
police ambulance,
William Watts wai yesterday bound over
to the grand Jury by Justice Wlthrnw for
robhtnit the stores of N. Tlvol, 1I5 Urand
c rniie, und Ilobert Both. i;i1 F.ai Might.
c nih utrec-t, on the evening of July ;. It
1 hurged that Watts got clothing and
li . , and shoes to the amount of l.'.Vi.
Tin re will be a meeting of nil persons In-i-m
tid In the blcjvle parade of the Kar
ri .d Krewe In parlor S of the Midland
hot. I at R p. in. on Tuesday. N'o further
ln nation ried be necessary for nil who
feel ny iulerct In the kin-cfm of this
feature of the krewu's eutertulnment to lie
prc-ent. Captains of all bicycle clubs are
t-p' ciaiiy urged to be present.
V lighted majch carelessly dropped by a
g-it-r through an iron grating over the
Irj-c mem ot the Hotel Savoy, at Ninth
nnd Central street, called out I lie lire d..
p.trtment at 7.M o'clock last night The
in in Ii fell on a pile of rubbih und Ignited
Jt The employes of the hotel extinguished
tie incipient blaze beforu the arrival of
the department.
imirtatlon nt the surveyor of the port's
d'U e jesttrday were two curs of maple
fcu.ir trom Canada for a local syrup house
ii n I two cases of tine glass heads from
Austria. Tho latter are lo be used In the
manufacture of tho many Indian trinkets
in article that Ore sold at the deiot and
ottv-r places in the city. The trade de
r tn ie about ono dozen cases of tho bead
C4 h year.
J it ror Ijoyle, of the custom house, yes
teriaj morning found a purse In the writ.
Ing room of the postolllce that had been
left ther bv some one. He put It In tho
hands of Assistant Postmaster Seidlitz
and shortly afterwards It was called for
by a young man named Drennlnger, who
Is employed In a grocery stote out on the
l-'at side. It conrained a sum of moiitv
nnd the young niun was cii.iljjh.teii to rvcov.
r It taftiy, 1
HallMi 1 ! dt l '. N'J IIS. A. O. V, W .
hal a li'ci f i; e of vMlors at U
lsl m. e-ir M ! I i 1 .tl good time wi hJi I.
Aft-I I !1 u-llli 1,' tn- lu'Wly liectecl r. p-
re.iiti! - i i mi k " 1 of the older com
mltt.e wii. . ii' l i . ofl'T nnd it t. mpor
itry oiciinlsiilori rtn d 1 by the election of
l. 15. Tuohy n t. mimr.irv president and
C H. Fieri as t. mporarv secretary. The
objects of the new oimmli'.fl.tlori, as out
llm 1 ai rhls meeting-,, were a follows: To
thnko rtrrnAements for the Annual A. n.
V. W. plrnlc; to Jake up the business of the
old and defunct good of the order commit
tee Where It left II, and to nrgAMKe A team
for A. t). F. W. degree work that Will be
equal in elllclettcy to Any ot tho team of
Kansas City, Kas,
Thi various A. . V. W. lodges of the
city, th. Degree of Honor nnd tho Select
Knlcht- are to hAVe representation In this
good of the order committee and It is ex
pected that when It gets In thorough work
ing order It will be nn eiiielenl a
slstant to city lodges in promoting the wel
fare of the order in fAnns city,
Aside from this good of the order commit
tee, there is nnustinl interest in A. O. I', W.
circles just now. ns Oeputj tlrand Master
Workman llradley Is In tlie city holding
Schools of instruction in the various lodges
And perfecting them in the unwritten wotk
of the order. .
An Interfiling Meeting.
Mutual t'pehurch lodge, No. 'Jfw, A. ".
t. H, held an clithulatlo and Interest
ing lneetlng Frl lay evening, there being a
good nt tendance of the members. Among
the visitors were; Urol her l'orter. past
master of Summit lodge, 272; Ill-other
Jvers, of llallroad Ol.-otl lodge, No. tit;
Ilrother l'atton. of Ilesciie lodge. No. Ill:
and several other brothers of Independ
ence, arid ltrother Jlrndley, department
grand master, who gave nn Interesting
talk, full of instructive points.
llegree of Honor.
llojie lodge. No. 1. IVgrcc of Honor. A.
O. F. W.. will celebrate Its fourth mini
crsary on Ttiesdny ci-nlng, July .10, nt
the lodge rooms. No. 1.115 ilrnnd avenue.
All friends of the order arc cordially In
vited to be present. A good programme
has been arranged for the evening.
Justice lodge. No. 11, liegree of Honor,
A. O. 1". V., held a very Interesting meat.
Ing Wednesday evening. Mrs. II. I). Hag
gard, or Sugar Creek, Kas., holding ticket
119, drew the handsome llk iitillt given liy
this lodge. Justice lodge u III give a thim
ble social July 31 at Ninth and Central.
I'enches and cream will be served. All arc
cordially Invited to attend, iilul be sure
and bring n thimble.
Knights of I'll Mm.
Victory lodee.No. 3ns. Knights of Pythin,
will give n grand free anniversary enter
tainment on Thursday oenlng, August 1.
All Knights, their ladles and friends are
cordially Invited. A special Invitation Is
extended to all otllccrs nnd members of
the various temples of Itnthbotie Sisters
In the two Kansas Cltys. The anniver
sary exercises will consist of mlisle, speech
es and songs, and will be conducted dur
ing an open session of the lodge. Light
refreshments of Ice crenm. cake and lem
onade will be served.
Mayor Webster Dnvls will receive the
rank of page on that evening and will de
liver the closing address. It is the purpose
oi iciory tooge 10 maae mis a noianie
event, nnd a knightly welcome and chlv
alrlc greeting will be given to nil who at
tend. Will Hold ii Spclnl Meeting.
The Young Ladle,,' club, auxiliary to
Olive lirnnch Itebekalt lodge. No. 13. will
have a sneclal meeting nt Sister d'Huv's,
ut No. 1110 Myrtle ayenm . on August 1.
Iteuioved from Illinois to tho New- AhjIiiiii
ill OMiihoiii.i.
There were iifty-three demented persons
waiting for a train at the t'nlon depot at
9:29 o'clock yesterday forenoon. They had
been brought in on the WuIkisIi railroad
from the Insane asylum at Jacksonville,
111., and were on their way to tlie Okla
homa Territory sanitarium at Norman, o.
T. Tho patients at" all from Oklahoma,
ami had been committed tor safe keeping
to tho Jacksonville asylum until the terri
tory could build an asylum. Over one-half
of tho patients wore women. The entire
party was in charge of Dr. J. Ii. Holllter,
the recently appointed president of the
Oklahoma asylum. He was accompanied
by a representative of the Wabash railroad
and live attendants, who cared for the
lunatics. All the windows and doors to
the coach were heavily burred. The insane
patients wore no distinctive apparel, nnd
with tho exception of four violent lunatics,
who were Ironed, looked and acted like
perfectly sane persons.
At O.ir, o'clock the coach was taken from
the siding and attached to nn Atchison,
Topeka & Santa Fe passenger train, which
carried them on their journey southward.
Itesolutious of iCfipcct,
At a meeting of the principals of tho
Kansas City schools, held at the rooms of
tho board of education, yesterday, tho fol
lowing resolutions regarding the decease
of Principal Joseph C. Davis, of the lien
ton school, were unanimously adopted:
"Resolved. Thnt it Is the deep sense of
the members of the principals' section that
In the decease of our highly honored and
beloved brother the Kansas City schools
have lost a faithful, earnest and effective
educator; this section a wWe counselor and
valued member: society and the state an
honest man. and his family a tender, lov
ing father. That we extend to his bereaved
family our warmest sympathy, and strong
est feelings of condolence and, while real
izing thnt mere words are ineffective often
in conveying feelings of grief, yet, for our
beloved brother and valtn d co-worker we
have the deepest and Strongest feelings
which words can conve. A strong, bold,
honest.cnpable and long experienced teach
er has fallen. In our hearts we are tilled
with sorrow. While standing before this
incomprehensible mystery we call Death,
there Is always a feeling of utter helpless
nesB. Our brother's career in Kansas City
schools as u teacher, as a citizen, as iv
man, are too well known. He stood light
In the fore front a man among men orig
inal, strong, full of wise administrative
skill, and the embodiment of honesty, en
ergy and capability.
"With loving hearts we tender these
words of respect for the memory of one so
recently taken from our midst.
"Ilesolved. That a biographical sketch
and more form.il resolutions he prcpure.l
for the consideration of ihe members of
Hie September Institute.
"Resolved, That a i opy pf these resolu
tions he sent ro th. wile of the deceased
and other members of the h renvoi family.
"J. T. UllMSWAV,
"i:i,MA .1. WKI-STKIl,
". C. ltltii'.WAV.
TltANsI'lIK ro.MI'A.NIi:).
chTsTto wt, " j 6 iiVi i. ' towtT-
President. Vice President.
nml baggage transferred to nnd from all
depots. lArrnltuio moved and packed by
experts. 407 und 109 Wyandotte St., Kan
has City, Mo. Telephone 1J17.
in i:ch.noi:.
WILL THADI-: Kansas Cltv vacant lots
for tunning lands In South Nebraska.
Northeastern Kansas or Missouri; will as
sume Incumbrance, o. MILKS, llurdeu. Ks.
TO KXi'HANflK-li'.irms and ranches for
city property and city property for farms.
S. C. FANCHER - Co..
333 llldge bldg.
Ilia mi iiti:i:i; ni.n
1 1 1 "II. oily ar.d clean to handle; burns to
a white uh an 1 won'r slack b exposure;
a home iinluMrj Now is the time to buy
your coal T. 1 si'ii r 1U73.
L. T. liKUNDuN. Agr. for Company,
American Rank bldg.
Wfc) want a cuns man in every town In
Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska to handla
our wheels ii, t our catalogue ami prices
1K7 und Ida Hroadway, Kaiifcaa City. Mo,
M'l nil.ATION.
WIIKAT speculation pas. We handle
large un4 i-niu.l trades in grain, s-toeks and
provisions, on limited margin-. Market
Ulter published weekly. Junlel Owen ii
Co., 116. Iti. Juckson St.. Chicago.
5 months fit) in O'Connor's colleize of bus.
inejs UU1 stiart.han'i. Kajuaa Cy, JJo,
MANTIlD-MAt.t: init.r.
ANTIllJ The rpirMion with the young
'I'ini.iirleci man to-day (And nil other tlnys)
What enn t do to give me n success.
fu! turt in life? How can t get inio bul
in' and begin to make moiuy for myself
in i "tipport n wife" That's the problem;
Tor the solution, which is c.T-y, nnd in no
w i intcrfer. s w ith tiri sent oi .upatlon, nd-
ts J, K. V box .Vs1, Kansns City, Mo.
WANTKD Orgnnlzers and Agents for n
benellclal and fraternal ordcri benefit cer
tlllcAtes from t:M to JS.piK); sickness nnd
Accld-'nt Jiollcles PJ, Hi And HS per year pays
ffi. til and IIS per week. Address or In'
quire. H. M. HMLLtttt, Sup., Sec'y.
r.:2 Templo block.
JOHS. A. WIIlt.K. Bitpreme 1'rcg.
WANTKD Salesmen. Honest work-seek
ing men can earn good money selling our
pnnt. mane to measure, we can itir-
n large line of samples and guarantee
to make stHellv to mensiire dr territory
and leims npp"lv at once. I'aullles Cus
torn Pants Co., 2K Wabash nve., Chicago.
WANTKD-S.ilosmen, for line of clderu
nnd ctsiirs; 1100 pr month and expense. to
good man Address California Cider Com
panr. Chicago. Ill,
WANTKD-JIW a month. Men or worn
en. Particulars free. The National Co.i
t'th nnd Wall st., Kansas city, Mo.
w.wri.ii-ri.M.iiii. iii.Lt.
"VAT'TlTlXlAiT1ad7eTTiaAimra few hours
leisute ea-h day should wrlle me at once,
regarding ulensniit home work which eas
ily pays Jli weekly. This Is no deception
nnd will certainly bay you to Investigate.
ltcpl Willi stamped envelope .Mrs. S. A.
Sti'bbln.-, Lawrence, Mich,
WANTHD li1 ladles nnd gentlemen ns
choristers for grand oratorio productions.
Address Mnnitger, P. O. Hox iI, city.
WANTI.D ;' girls and women, 10 mem
wage, ti per day. Wis Main St.; call Mon
day. American Co.
WANTHD White girl to nsl.t In gen
eral housework. Apply nt 1C1C Wabash
t;.n i'i.ovm i:nt aoi:ncii:s.
nnd furnished rooms, 10IH Fast 12th, cor
Walliut. Tel. 1173. The best place In K.C.,
Mo., to find help or situations, male or fe
male: It years' experience, Kef, Omaha
Nat. bank, Olnahaj Citizens' bank. K. C.
WAN'ti!!) AOK.NTS.
WANTHD Acents evervwiiero.to make $i
dally selling our Aluminum Novelties; look
exnctlj like sliver, weigh one-quarter, un
tarnlshnble, featherweight, wonderful, new
out. Sample. 1oc. Catalogue free. Alumi
num Novelty Co.. l!3.i lUo.idwny, New York.
WANTHD-Agorits to sell Sash Locks
nnd Door Holders. Sarnplo Sash Lock free
by mall for 2c. stntnp. Rest sellers ever
invented. Rents weights; $12 a day. Write
quick, llrohard & Co., Uox 73 F, Philadel
phia. WK DON'T WANT hoys or loafers, but
men of ability ; JSoO to 5"0O a month to hus
tlers. State and general agents Salary and
commission. Chemical Flro Kxtlngulshcr
Co., Racine. Wis.
WANTHD We want to buy for a. ens
tomer a ! room brick residence, W foot lot,
for Kimo to Ji',,oi cash.
We want to buy n (i room cottage for a
customer nt J1.(1 or Jl.L'm) cash.
333 Ridge bldg.
?.-."0" WANTHD for .-ash, good Ii or 10
roomed brick house within 12 blocks of
12lh and Main, Hast side.
122 X. Y. Life bldg.
WK desire to procure Immediately, fur
nished and unfurnished houses, tints, of
llces and rooms in all parts of Kansas
Cltv. For particulars, and interview, ad
dress Kansas city Furnished House and
Flat exchange. P. o. Hox -M'l, city.
SUPERFLUOUS hair, moles nnd warts
permanently removed by electricity with
out pain or scar This is the oldest estab
lished place, of the West and the only one
that can glvo Kansas City's leading phy
sicians as reference. A guarantee from In
experlencco operator or a refund of money
Is ot no avail If scarred for life. I make
a specialty of this only. Consultation free
and contldential Mrs. Addle Randall,
specialist, room 4M, DeardorfC building,
1103 Mnln si.
Missouri Viavi Company.
Vim i for lidns; the leading German
rem.-dy of (h, ,ii;e. Call or .l'Mross Mrs.
L. S"tgiiu, general nm nl, I .triors 307 W.
12th. Olllce hours 12 to 3.
going to el
want to save money?
We nre
an up on our t.m slio
S." shoes for $3.2.,; J3.S." shoe
tor $2.,'.0; J3.M
Canvas shoes for J2 .0.
111C Walnut st.
PRRSONAL-A wealthy widower desires
correspondence with widow, 30 to 35 years
of age, musical, cultivated and rellned,
must be an excellent housekeeper. Address
J. Clarence Murray, gen ral delivery, city.
PKItSoNAL Ladies and gentlemen de
siring introductions to rehncd, worthy
people with view to correspondence or
marriage, address Mutual Improvement,
Station "M," Chicago.
FACIAL BLEMISHES, supertluous hair,
moles, warts, wrinkles, pimples, tnn and
eczema permanently removed. Complexion
nnd Rlecirleat Parlors. 406 New- llldge bldg.
Notice lo Slock Fi'oiIcms, Etc.
We are now ready to make contracts for
the delivery during the i omlng fall of all
1N3 beet pulp, not yet contracted for, und,
In view of the fact thai at no time last
season was the supply i-ipi.il to the demand,
we would advise that early application be
made. For terms, etc., apply to either
SOKKOliK HKKTSUUAU CO., .Norfolk. .Veil.,
0XNA11I1 llrU:iSl'C)Al':'lO,, Orand Island, .NVli
S. C. FANCHHR ,t CO. sold yesterday
for Sarah A. Oliver, No. 1021 Tracy, to li.
I'. Ulenn fur J."i.riiJ; also Nn. II North Olive
for A. W. Hisliop to W. H. Seamunds for
Sl.lioO; also 1 room cottage east of city lim
it, for Edwin liruce to Mrs. Keeb.in for
DO YOU want to .save money? We uro
going tu clean up on our tan shoes. Men's
S'i shoes for $3.2o; ft.s.-j slioc.-. for J2.30; $3.D0
Canvas shoes for J2.'.i.
1110 Walnut St.
FOR samples of line Mexican ground cof-r.-e
call at loom 112. Temple block, cor.
Walnut nnd .Missouri live.
than mv usual prices until Sept. 1. C. L.
Kendall, 1017 Cherry st.
CHRONOMETER. watch and clock
maker. J. P Kemnulr, 6 East 10th St.. bet.
Main and Wainiu.
JAMES HANNON, the architect, has re.
sumed business, with oliicvs Temple block.
ROOK SALE daily at Fettcrman's, 1321
Main St.; going at your own price.
Jioa To $3') MADE riiimTnTTTiyeMjTing
for us speculative ordirs In grain and
st.H k. Will furnish market quotations
fret und divide commissions with right par.
ty in every town. No capital qr experience
H'cpur. d. Send for full particulars and
highest r. feretnes. Valentine & Co., Tiad
eiV building. Chicago.
Troost. A thorough musical education afttr
the methods of ICullik and Lescbetlzky,
under whose guidance the director's stud,
ies were completed. Send for circular con.
tabling terms, press criticisms, etc.
DO YOU SPECULATE? Then send for
our free book. "How to Speculate Suc
cessfully." lull Information about grain
und stock market. Comstock, Hughes &
Co., 217 Rialio bldg.. Chicago.
K. C. Carriage and Wagon Works, man
iifacturers ot carriages and wagons of all
kinds; alto repairing and painting promptly
done, Factory 311, 313 and 315 Rroadvvay.
SAFES ooeneil and renalred. bought and
sold. Combination locks cleaned and
changed. Ii. HAIUUOAN. Expert,
Telepaone USi. .. 1W Uaat, Tentb. st,
to nnxT-iiotsBs.
OOP DLl.AtfAltH ST..
Has the following houses to rcnlt
... ,, , RHSlDHNCES, ...
M Main st., 3d floor, 3 rooms. ,,,..,. i.Jlo 00
i29 H. i2th st., frame, 3 room", 2d floor 9(0
ill ))' lr,tn At-, brick, 12 rooms, modern 33 TO
813 U. llth St., brick, rooms, 2d lloor 10 W
12th nnd Charlotte, l! rooms 2J.tloor.. 17(0
fJ Tracy, frame, 7 rooms, bath,,.,,. 16 no
ljlfi Summit st. frame, o rooms 20 m
lf:'..J"r,'e. frame, 5 rooms 12 SO
Z!l".-.,6, ". brl -k. 10 rooms, batn,. 31 W
3iln Rochester, frame, 15 rooms, .,.,. 12 W
2122V4 llttiadwny, frame, 3 rooms....... 6 ro
1110 Pacinc St., 3 rooms , 6 (O
Hll Paclllc, frame 3 rooms R 00
gi! Mnln. 2J lloor, 2 front rooms, ..... s ro
29th and Pcnn, frame, 3 rooms. ,..,.,., fi ro
22 Jnrboc, frame, fl rooms ...,,. 12 M
10S Altllnc place, 12 r. I)., modern B0 00
!W1 Jefferson, brick, 7 rooms Is t1
iii (. lutrlotte, frame. 3 rooms . 7 on
3223 Mctlee, frame, ." rooms.,.....,..,. 15 ro
isifi Locust, frame, 5 rooms .,.,,,,,.. 20 ro
f'VK. Hth St., brick. 9 rooms, bath,. 23 ()
1SI2 Harrison, frame, 3 rooms,.. ....... R 00
H"0 Summit, 2d Hoor, fi r, nnd bath... 2-"i 01
'' .vv 13,h "' frame. 7 rooms..., 13 ol
112 Aldltie p brick, 12 rooms, modern R0 i)
let Mcliee, brick, 3 rooms II ro
lot'i Medee, brick, 8 rooms...... 3D t)
1222 Cherry, frame, 7 rooms 22 M
S'.'L l berry, frame, S rooms............ 15 no
1707 .Medee, brk., 3 rtns , 11 P0
92.. Wyoming, brk.. I rms.. , 9 00
02i .Mctlee, 2d lloor, 2 nils 1 W
Ottls and Rochester, frm., 4 rms r. ro
401 Aldltie place, brk., 12 rms., modern. 40 W
l.itli and Jackson, etorc flo (V)
914 H. 12th, brick store 35 ro
111.1 II. 1Mb st., brick store 10 OT
sol W. nth, brick storo m ro
711 Independence nve., frame store,... 10 W
Cor. 5th nnd Campbell, frame store., s 00
Sir, W. llth st., brick store SOT
10 H. 7th st., brick storo 15 00
ii'iii Independence aVe., frame store.. 10 M
Wd H. nth st., frame store 12 00
7(; .Main, brick store ISO PO
1017 (Iratid, brick store WOT
Ml llluir, frame storo into
93 James st store room nnd C rooms.. 25 01
919 Independence, brick store 10 W
921 Independence, brick store 10 0)
W9 Delaware, olllces, 2d a nil 3d doors.
We have other residences and store
rooms. Call and see ns.
S. T. Plntt will he pleased to meet the
former friends of thp old llrm.
TO RENT 703 Woodland avenue (C.arland
block), attractive. 11 room modern house,
complete In every respect, southern and
western cximsure, $50 pr month.
1S07 Hast 7th street (Harlnnd block). 11
room stone front house, with all modem
Improvements, 35 per month.
Corner of loth and Haltlmore avenue, fi
largo rooms, fcewiy papered and painted,
attractive for housekeeping or for of
fices, 23rd and Campbell streets, two or three
attractive Hats of live rooms, with bath,
water furnished, $12 per month.
C. J. HUHRARD, IiVi West Cth street.
TO RENT Ry Sill, Northun & Co..
-u, jeim t perry mug.
SSOT H. 9 th st.,
and barn. JI5.
II room brick, modern,
300 Olive, 10 room brick, modern, I3.
1220 Hellcfontnine, S room brick, modern,
1125 Campbell. 9 room brick, modern,
1217 Tracy, S room brick, modern, ?20.
3I1S tinnier, room frame and barn. J13.
315 .Maple, 7 room frame, modem, f23.
Storeroom, 422 West 9th.
Storeroom, Main st.
TO RENT Residences, cheap!
7 room Hat near llth and Troost, modern,
9 room frame. W7 Locust St., J20.
5 room flat, 3217 E. ISth St., S5.
129 Wabash, fi room frame, 10.
310 American Rank bldg.
TO RENT ll.v Cowherd Ilrot., 41S Amer
ican Hank bldg.:
1220 H. Sth, 9 r. mod., will repair, 122.50,
2510 E. tith, large yard, 9 r. mod., 23,
Sid Ord. 7. r. mod., 15.
1204 E. 12th, 0 r. mod. flat, 15.
2319 E. 12th, 3 r. mod. Hat, $10.
1319 E. 10th, I r. mod. Hat, $12.
WE have for rent, Immediately, beauti
fully furnished houses. Hats, oHices and
rooms In all parts of Kansas City. For
particulars an I Interview, address Kan
sas City Fitrnl-h.-d House and Flat ex
change. P. O. liox 412, city.
TO RENT :u9 H. 9th, 10 room brick
(modern), C bli. ks fiom P. O.; no car fare;
a nice home; $45.
Keith & Perry bldg.
TO RENT--ti room frame on Walrond,
$20; 1 rooms at Sth and Holmes, $13.
333 Ridge bldg.
TO RENT-210S .Mom oe St., 7 room frame,
splendid repair and m good location, 10.
Huril ..- Fletcher. 129 W. i;th st.
S0.I Campbell st.
four room frame house.
Apply next door.
TO RENT Three rooms, completely fur
nished for housekeeping; in good order;
close in, on East side; near all ruble lines;
a nice home for man and wife; no chil
dren; references. WINNER,
200 Heist bldg.
TO RENT Newly furnished, clean, well
lighted rooms; location convenient: terms
very reasonable: light housekeeping al
lowed. M. W. Bright, 2U.V4 Independence
TO RENT Rooms 90l-tjt; Main st.; good
rooms, cheap- suitable for lodging or light
business. C. J. Hubbard, 105 West, tith st.
TO RENT Front alcove room for one
or two K'ntlomen; southern exposure;
house modern iprlvate family, !mC W.ltith st.
houiil. 21 meals, $1;
305-307 W. 12th, room and
5-meal tickets, $.
loitsr.s and vim ifi,i:s.
per month, sent for and returned. Murk S.
Salisbury, Independence, Mo.
WANTHD I 'so of horse for keeping; If
satlsfui tory might bu. Address P. o.
Hox 112. City.
m'sijns cii.Niii:.
present prn es Is no longer speculation, it
is a certainty. llrudstreet's report this
week sent It up 5c. What will government
report of August 10 do with it? Total
crop spring and winter at most, with vis
ible and Invisible on hand. I3.,(.oo0 bush
els. Food and seed will take 375,iJiV"0 bush
els; safety reserve, 25.'Hi,ftmj bushels, leav
ing only 3S,0u0 bushels for ex pur t. The
smallest export made was SS.ciiii bushels In
1Si and wheat went to $l.ns. Send us your
oiders if you want to make money quick.
Margin of 2 cents a bushel required. See
list of references In our book on specu
lations sent free.
Trailers' building, Chicago.
made by careful and Judicious speculation
than any other way. The markets uro
active, and offer a splendid opportunity
for n profitable. Investment. Commence
with small or large capital. Any one de
siring to incienso their capital or Income
should send lor our Red Hook, the most
complete published, it explains margin
trading, dellnes all market terms and cx
piessions, contains valuable statistics and
gives all the information necessury tu en
able any one to operate in grain, provisions
and stocks. Also our Dally Market Hulle
tln, giving rehuble Infotmation. Roth free.
STANSHI.L & CO., Hankers and Hrokers,
Traders' bldg., Chicago,
monin maue on smaii capuui uy
systematic speculation, our book on sue-
cesmui speculation in gram tsent tree)
tells all about it. Thomas A: Co., bankers
und brokers, rooms A-D, Rlalto bldg.,
Chicago, III.
DO YOU want to save money? We uro
going to clean up on our tan shoes. Men's
snoes, .Mens
for $2.50; $3.&i
., snoes tor fij; j.i.-i snoes loi
Canvas shoes tor $2.S0.
Uiu Wulnut st.
HUS1NKHS CHANCH-Wanted-lly re.
sponsible house, olllce manager with $500
to iW. money refunded from tlrst sales.
Salary, $100, and commissions on, sales,
KetVreni es exchanged. Hox 773, St. Louis.
protit per month on an Investment of $1011.
Winnings paid every week. Hudson &
Co., betting commissioners, 03 East Cth
street, Covington, Ky.
week lust year by placing $10, dividends
paid weekly: cun wlthdiuw- uny time;
chance of a lifetime.. C. H, Cooper, 123 W,
Sth St., Cincinnati, O.
TIN SHOP, tools, hoisu and wagon, ev.
erythlng complete, doing good business, at
S0.1 Wulnut st., for suie. or will exchange
for cottuge or vacant lot on East side.
Try the 5 o'clock dinners ut iUCUntoclt's
restaurant, 93) .WuJaut st.
A great crowing spot Is this store of ours
where fifty centses turn Into clollarses
nnd one dollar sprouts Into two whllo you
are looking at It here.
c do not believe In ndvertlslng unless
we, can save something to our customers
nnd friends In the way of prices. Throw
your searchlight on these prices for a mo
ment, and then think nbout them.
Made from hard wheat Hour, nnd will
receive. It fresh every day. What is tho
use or tinKing bread to-morrow when you
can buy it hero for 2c A LOAFJ Full
pound loaves.
.Don't fall to tnke ndvnntAgc of such a
32 oz. nugget Raking Powder, only 15c.
3 bars II. M. Soap (box), rcgulur price,
20c: our price, fc,
W Clothes Pins, 5c.
3 dozen Kggs, 25c,
lltlller that Is Rittter only 15c lb.
21 lbs Oranulntcd Sugar, $1,
We nre more than pleased nt the ad
vance In our CofTcc nml Tea trade,
Hrenkrast Uncoil, Sijtf lb.
3 sacks Salt, 5c.
Rest Hams, lie,
2 pkgs Scotch Oats. 15c.
1 sack Cornmenl, fie.
(Irahnm Flour, 15c n sack.
7 boxes Oil Sardines, 25c;.
12 bars Cocoanut Oil Soap, 2flo,
Jelly Olnsses, 4iv dozen.
Mason Fruit Jars, pints, fine; quarts, 7(V,
llH lbs Flour, $1.00; would cost $2 other
'! pint Vnnllln or Lemon Extract, 20c.
Cold Dust, 200 package.
Arbuckle's Coffee, 23c package,
3 boxes Imported Sardines, 250.
3 cans Hnrly June Pens, 25e,
7 bottles Prepnretl Mustard, 23c.
"j lb Raker's Cocon. 25c.
2 packages Toothpicks, 5c.
Largest size Washttibs, 5ftc.
.Medium size Washttibs, 35c,
10 lbs W. L. Liinl. ft.
R lbs W. L. Lard, Roc.
3 lbs W. L. Lard, One.
Cream Cheese, 3 lbs, 25c.
Large box Macaroni. PV.
Large box Vermicelli, I0e.
3 cans Condensed Milk, 25c.
12 imrs Laundry Soap, 25c.
fi lbs Rice, 25c.
Oallon Peaches, 25e,
Ontlon Apricots, 23c.
. Plain Chow-chow, or Mixed Pickles, 2.1c
must all go. ns well as bicycle bells, Ian
terns, pants, baby carriers, tiro shields
and sundries.
$1.0) HAMMOCK for Mta.
WATER COOLERS 50o on the dollar.
MAC.EE RANGES nt great reduction to
morrow; only u few left.
so anybody can now use them. The tea
kettles are great.
OARRAC.E CANS In galvanized Iron.
WASH HOILERS, copper bottom, greatly
75c set.
and so on.
As "dollar gas" Is assured, the well
for best baking and safest, Is the thing for
So must our JEWEL anil MICHIGAN
GASOLINE STOVES go regardless of cost.
A large quantity of sprinkling hose ut
greatly reduced prices.
The best assortment of coffee and ten
pots, including all the well known mnkco,
must also go. M. E. SMITH & SON,
1022 Walnut street.
DO YOU want to save money? We are
going to clean up on our tan shoes. Men's
$5 shoes for $3.25; $3.S5 shoes for $2.30; $3.50
Canvas shoes for $2.50.
1110, Walnut st.
HARDWARE STOCK $5.fmo. now running
In good town, will take 3,0X1, good house
on same; balance cash.
422 N. Y. Life bldg.
FOR SALE Four thoroughbred pug pup
pies. Call 1520 Cherry St.
GREAT fortune teller by hand reading
and astrology. The young Madame Do
Itundeletln, Just arrived from Europe, will
remain a short time. Tells four different
ways, tells past, present and future, tells
lady or gentleman who the future wife or
husband will be by the letters In the hand,
brings back husband and lover In so many
days, settles family trouble, breaks evil In
fluences and causes speedy marriages.
Also has the great Egyptian breastplate
charm or lucky belt for good luck in love,
luck in business, luck in games of chance,
gives lucky numbers, and advice on grain
speculation. .My grandmother before mo
was a great astrologlst for fifty years.
Fine hair growing tonic for bald heads anil
gray hair. Sure cure for asthma and ca
tarrh, cures corns and bunions, cure for
worms and tape worms. Ladies In trouble
call at once and be convinced of my works
and wonders. I guarantee or money re
funded. I have been awarded gold medal
for giving satisfaction. Treatment for la
dles' complexion. Mndame De Kundtle
tia's otllce hours: 10 a. m. to 9 p. nr.; par
lors, 1331 Grand avenue, near Hth street,
upstairs, upen every uny. including sun
days. Consultation by letter. $2. Kansas
City, Mo.
MRS. L. JAMES, the well known clair
voyant and trance medium, may be con
sulted at 1203 Grand nve., parlors 39 and 40.
SPIRIT photographs of departed friends.
Mrs. L, Carter, CIS .Main St. One week only.
s rooms, besides laundry and attic, all fin
ished, pressed brick, plate glass windows,
finished in hardwoods, elegantly polished,
5 mantels, all very handsome, 10) foot cor
ner lot, Hyde park.
H. L. JOHNSON .fc CO..
422 N.Y. Life bldg.
FOR S.VLE-H.OO) Hrst' mortgaged" Tar
cent, I yrs. ; security, house und lot, $2,U0O;
Insured $1,0).
Customer wants $1,350 on $3,0.) house and
lot; 3 yrs. 7 per cent.
210 Am. Hank bldg.
l.fno ACRES Well watered stock ranch
In Central Kuusus, l.OM acres bottom land,
,i20 acres In crops, balance grass: want
Kansas City Improved property or suburb,
un land. II. L. JOHNSON cfc CO.,
122 N. Y. Life bhlg.
LOANS Missouri farm loans promptly
mado within 100 miles of Kunsas City.
Kansas City Improved loans wanted; Blzes
1700 to $2,000. Wrlto or call.
400 Heist bldg., Kansas City.
MONEY to loan on city realty at from G
per cent to 7 per cent.
333 Ridge bldg.
MONEY TO LOAN-Qulek; low rates.
H. L, JOHNSON & CO. N, Y. Life bldg.
THE Kansas City Metal Roonne- A rv,r.
rugatlng Co.. 116 Delaware. Tel. 1309.
NORMAN & ROUERTSON, proprietors
of abstracts and examiners ot land titles.
No. lb East Sixth street, lurnlsh dally ln
transfers of real estute Hied In the record.
tr s oltlco ut Kansas City, Mo.
Notice All trantters appearing tn our
dally reports contain covenants of general
warranty unless otherwise stated.
July 27.
II. E. O'Rourko et al trt Joseph P.
f'ent et al; part of lot 33, Jaudon's
addition $ ;.jm
William Hueckel to J. F. Hoelzel;
part of lot 909, block CI, McGee's
addition , , ,,,,. 67
Anna. SI. Perry to W. ti, Halrd and
wife; Jots 31 und 32, Ransom's addi
tion , x
JI. SI, Holden, assignee, to Olive OI
inger; lot 0, block 4, Trooat pla.
lean ., , 300
A. Hamilton and wife to H. C. Hays:
lol I and 2. block 3, resurvey
'aid's subdivision D00
E. F. Woodllng and husband to C,
R. Hicks; part of lots 10 and 11,
block 1, P, A. Frederick's third ad.
ditlon , , 650
Duke Tuylor to W. P. Hall; part of
lot 4SI, block 3C, McGee's addition.. 700
A. K. George und wife to W. A.
Sparks: lot 2t! and iurt of lot 27.
Ueorge'a aUittlva ,.,.,, ,.v ,,.,, 800 J
1A,S,KS.' c,,'c,'c,,er', Dl5i,sh Pennyroyal P,llj
,Ti i." M " h"i'1 " "s.., w lorlUilm. lulnf
fc L.11..." ix littis br Return MnM. Ai Dru.,.
tblchcsicr Chemi"rl,o.V,VLtld., if.
ron halr nnAi, rstatb.
G, D. Parker, Durfee
l,0yi5 mom frnmei pood house! nicely
Poperedj convenient to vino st. elect, line;
HOT cash; bal, to suit
$1,1505 loom frame; In, good conditions
one block cable, $50 cash; balance, $15 tno
Including Interest. . .,
l,W-fi loom frame: goodns new; i
blks. two cables; $5n rush: balance to suit.
. $l,50a-ii room frame; nsphnlt st.; on elect,
line; corner lot; HOT cash, nnd $15 mo, for
balance. . ,
$1,ot S room frame; st. paved nnd
curbed! two blocks cable; south; hlfih nnd
sightly; $50 cash: balance, 15 month,
$2,(W-S room rrnme; WxllO; good home on
cable. ,
Kmvi rooms nnd ntcove: brick: mod.,
except heat: COxl.tii; asphalt St.: nil special
taxes In nnd paid for: convenient to 12th st.
cnble; east front; Olive, near 10th st,; $.'
cash; bal. to suit.
50 or 120 acre Improved farm: ten muz's
from 9th nnd Main st;, macadam road to
farm: convenient lo city transportation.
Seo lis soon nbout this. . . . .
Mnss. bldg., Mil nnd Wall sts.
FOR S.M.Htl.irir.ilti!
fi rooms, very large barn, with living
rooms above, two cisterns, city water. Iron
fence, beautiful lawn, st. paved, 75 ft. of
ground, excellent locality, close to cable,
owner going away: $2,5no.
7 room frame, cloe to Independence ca
ble. So ft., Hnely loca'ed, monthly pay
ments; l.fiOT.
10 rooms, barn, driveway, 12" feet front,
st. paved, shade and fruit trees, cherries,
plums, pears, on one of the very best sts,
In city, one block trom cable! n rare chance
for a home; Jf,,500..
fiiixlftfi, Melroo, corners on boulevard: 0.
H5X2OT, fronts on Independence nve. boul
evard park, near Woodland: will make n
magnificent home; want an offer.
50 feet fine ground, near Llnwood nnd
Lydla: 650.
45, corner, 2 blocks front Independence;
TO LOAN-J2.500 nt per cent.
JOHN STEVENS, New York Life.
JSOO I ROOM collage, 2 blocks from car
line, corner lot, south nnd east front, largo
barn, only two blocks from car line.
Here Is n thing to mnke some money on:
S room frame house on 50 ft. lot, east front,
only one block from car line, large barn,
the house Is In bad repair and wo. have
been ordered lo get nn offer on It: the
mortgage was $1.5o0; has been forecloed,
nnd you can buy It on easy terms for much
less money. Come and see it.
7 room modern frame bouse, water, bath.
furnace, east front. 33JS ft., near 30th nnd
Walnut: price, $2.r.v).
7 room frame, water, bath, gas, sewer,
cemented cellar, 30 ft. corner lot. 2 blocks
to 3 different car lines; price, $2,(i).
$1,100-7 room frame, In good repair, near
21th nnd Prospect, J. W. LYMAN & CO,,
N. Y. Life bldg.
ALL UAROAINS Corner on East 12th,
dose 111, 2C) per foot.
73 feet, corner 22d nnd Tracy, paved and
sewered, $20 per foot.
SO feet, 31th St., Just east of Main. In
Hyde park: street graded, curbed and slde
walkcd, 4 feet above grade, $18 per foot.
Handsome corner, Walrond. one block
north of Independence, SO foot asphalt
paved street, $13 per foot.
25 feet, Walnut, between ISth nnd 19th,
$1( per foot.
a .iicwee street 101, oeiween inn anu
12th, Improved, $250 per foot.
tl. F. WINTER .t CO.,
102 New- York Lite building.
FOR SALE Ono block from Independ
ence avenue, on Colorado, south and east
front, 97x127 feet, line trees, eight room
house and barn, $l,5no.
3103 East 25th street. 4 room cottage, 23
feet, south front, $1,003: easy terms.
Cheapest vacant lot on Main street, cast
side of street, between 16th nnd 17th.
125 feet In Merrlani place, east front, on
Washington, between 17th nnd ISth, $50 a
font; easy terms.
For sale or to let, 5 acres on Southwest
boulevard and Fort Scott railway. Oppor
tunity for switch 900 feet long.
. C. J. HU.HHARD, 105 West 6th st.
FOR SALE CSxlfc;. east front on Cen
tral, near ICth st.( very cheap. I have sev
eral vacant lots in Armouidalo and Wyan
dotte which I will sell for less than '-.
their vulun I also have fH acres adjoin
ing tho limits nf Independence, improved,
with a well built 7 loom frame house, two
barns, chicken house, cistern, spring, etc.;
M set to fruit, berries nnd grapes, tlie other
: in timothy and clover. For further In
formation call on
727-S-9 N. Y. Life bldg.
3 ACRES choice land In' Independence,
near C. .fc A. depot, $1,0V); a big snap.
3 acres, covered with fruit, good 7 room
house, in Independence, $3,500; you should
see this,
fi acres near Washington park.
10 acres Just west of Waldo park, house,
fruit, etc., cheap.
20 acres Just east of Waldo park, next
to Mr. Sills' country home, 250 per acre.
The above are sure bargains.
Keith &. Perry bldg.
2 room house, s2iyi.
3 room house. $125.
1 room house, $1150.
5 room house, $7o).
fi room house, si, 050.
7 room house, 1.30).
9 room house, $000.
lino houses on monthly payments.
COO farms In Kansas and Missouri.
51S Minnesota nve., Kansas City. Kas.
$300 CASH Ralance $20 per month, will
purchase an eight room, thoroughly mod
ern brick house; east front, V,i blocks from
the 12th street cable. House is In splendid
repair throughout. Price, $1,000.
325 and 326 Sheldley Hldg.
?2S.OO0, HALF EXCHANGE Residence,
Gaiileld nve., II rooms, hull finished In red
oak. parlors In Wisconsin red brick, libra
ry butternut, dining room in white oak,
kitchen yellow pine and maple Hoor, 11
brary and dining room hardwood lloors,
stream heot, barn, etc., location near In
dependence and Garfield.
122 N. V. Life bldg.
tho most complete homes In the city, strict
ly modern nnd tirst-cluss In every particu.
lar, spurious nnd beautiful grounds, I3fix2'i)
feet, south front, between Troost and
Woodland; built three years ago; can sell
for one-half price; might tako smaller place
as part pay. E. S. TRI.'ITT & CO..
12 E. Oth st.
THAT lovely spot In Westport. 2 acrwi,
above grade, big trees, fruit, flowers, sing
ing birds, babbling brooks, cpiulnt old man.
slon, only $3,0"), worth $(J,Oi0. Seo us or
send In a check for tho price.
E. H. PHELPS .fc CO.,
50; Am. Ilk. bldg.
ONE .MORE LEFT of those choice lots
on Independence ave,, near Walrond, only
$35 per foot,
e have several nlco homes on Olive,
bet. Independence and Lcxlncron. from
$1,000 to $7,0X1; would exchange one or two
for smull places or vacant ground,
Keith & Perry, bldg.
1.70) ACRE RANCH, near Colorado
Springs, sou of this is tine potato land,
raises 100 to 20) bushels per ucre. without
Irrigation, lino Improvements, plenty of
wuter; will oxchunge.
422 N. Y. Life blifg.
S room brick: slutn roof, bath, gus, piped
for furnace, electric bells; In good neigh,
hot hood, and worth tho money, See us.
E. 11. PHELPS & CO.. W Am. Ilk, bldg.
fruit farm, well Improved, in Vernon coun
ty, Mo. Eor particulars and description,
wilte to Rlrdseve & Harris, Nevada, Mo.
Your early reply will oblige, yours very
SI, 050 for A COTTAGE and 80 FEET.
In Westport, on u paved street; city
water, good barn, 4 rooms In house; bar.
gain; terms. $225 cash, and $10 a. month.
E. H. PHELPS & CO., SOi Am. Ilk. bdg.
RAILROAD MEN should buy a home
whllo so cheap. We can make, terms und
prices to suit.
Keith & Perry bldg.
$1,000 WILL BUY IT.
6 room house: newly painted, cistern. 23
feet; on Grundy avenue, near Prospect.
Make us u Idd.
E. H. PHELPS & CO.. 500 Am. lik. bldg.
Af'lL.M'lO.N, stockmen and investors,
a .good grain and stock farm of ICO acres,
within S miles of the city, ut 30 per acre.
AvWrc 55 W, Journal oilige. gv " "'"
'TcoiTsAIiE 15 Y
IS feel h. e. corner 9th and Wnlntlt, belt
92 feet n. e. corner, 12th and McUeo, I7M
per foot,
40 feet corner 4th nnd Delaware, $oo per
foot. .
21 feet fnclnR new government building,
$2W per foot.
M feet, east front, Hyde park, near Col,
.Morse's house, only 115 per foot.
115x137', n. beautiful lot nisir Messrs,
Mosher nnd Stllwell. on 3Cth St.. corner, dnd
south front and only 20 per foot, J I
S room frame, new, nobby, modern, cor.
ner, In Llnwood district, $1,500. If
9 room brick, a. little old-fashioned, but J
substantial, on n northwest corner, lot ll."x
130. i nave known tins property tor u i
years, and 1 know It to be ct comfortable ')
?low llsf.IT
S; ,6l).0l
nciine lino onercu ni very iiiuuo ueiow ns
v.uue; 19th st. or i'rospect itve. cars
15 acres right on the Westport & Waldo
dummy line. $72 tier acre,
40 iicres, near Waldo, $130 per n.'re,
30 neres, with $3,0) house, till In fruit,
near Independence, $7,0H
4i) ncrc farm on Prospect nve., !lo per
5 acres near 75th st, and state line, $125,
per ucre,
8 neres. Prospect, 1 mile from limits, $100
per ncre.
91 acres, good house, largo orchard, ex
cellent water, near 75th st. and state line.
This Is n good Investment for Income, a,
desirable home nml a very great bargain.
I expect this farm to be- worth double tho
money In 3 years; O.uOO.
320 notes, nlKMit the largest body of land
now vested In one man, south of nnd near
Westport. It Is n rich, sightly tract, ; it
mile only from good transportation, conven
ient to .dock yards, pretty to look nt; will
some day be a fortune; 120 per ucre,
40 neres In Waldo, highest, finest and
most convenient suburban property around
town, $350 per acre. GEORGE LAW,
N. Y, Life bldg.
... ti
a nu acre stock rarm on the line of tho SJ'I
Fort Scott & Gulf railroad. 33 miles from f i'l
Kansas City, Mo.: 3 miles from Paola, (,
"""I t,.u t iiiiit-a cruiii liiisouie, can. ;i
This farm Is mostly bottom land: about 200 ,
acres under cultivation; balance timber!
pasture: all but CO acres can be mado I ,
plow land. Bull creek runs through It.
There arc; also 8 wells and cisterns and
scvernl springs of good clear water. Furm
Is fenced and cross-fenced, barbed wire, ..-.
rind boards (hog tight). Good S room framf k
house In very fair condition, barns, cotv a
crlhs, hog pens, etc. Price, $30 per ncrc, alf A
cash, or $33 per acre, on time. For fur- ii
ther particulars address R. C. Dye, room !,a
o. neais building, 9th and Wyandotte sts.,
enre of D. Ellison & Sons, or Woodson
Mnsters. Esq., Paola. Kas.
Walrond next cor. n. of Independenc.$l3.
jioociik, juhl c. oi v uironu, only si,
7th, asphalt, bet. Prospect and Walrond,
23. 30 and 50 feet, $30 to $35 per ft.
Troost park, CO ft. on Forest, near 36th,
35th, the boulevard, near Troost, SIS,
Wyandotte, paved, s. of 39th, $20.
Olive, n. of Independence, 50 ft.,S r. brick,
must sell, $1,000.
Park nve., n. of Independence, 9 r. brick, ,
?l.noo. I
3700 Wyandotte, Hyde park, 3 r., nil mod- I
$930, on easy terms, buys C room cottage,
Highland. Just n. of 23th.
$1,150, easy terms, buys 7 rooms, 30 ft,
,i vvooiiianu.
-Money on bund and waiting; applications
wanted at once; amounts to suit. Come In
FOR SALE 1 have four now houses on
East 9th st. cable, ranging in price from
ji.1,01 to jo.uwi. come in una iook tnem
S room frame house, east front, on Wa
bash, less than 2 blocks north of Inde
pendence ave.. for $3,000. i
6 room frame house within 'i Tdock ot
unrneid ave,, and near Independence ave,.
ior ?2.tJO'i.
Good 5 room frame house, 30 ft., South
side, for ?l,0o.i.
50 ft., nice high ground, l'-i blocks of
car line, for 150; $30 cash, balance $5 per
month, without interest and taxes until all
Is paid.
50 ft., near Llnwood and Vine, at $12 ner
25 ft., near Hth and Highland, at 25 per
foot. R. S. KING.
40C-7 Xew York Life bldg.
FOR SALE Hy 13. T. Whipple & Co.
$3,501. Double brick, worth ?ti,50J and rent
ing for 12 per cent.
$30,0O). 10 acres; close In.
$32,0uo. Finest and cheapest residence In
$). 300 feet near Sth and Fairvievv; l?i
$10,000. 20 acres on the electric.
S1.3S0. 13 8-10 acres near Hlue ave.
$10.00). Fine tract in Independence.
$2,000. 40 acres west of Hlue. east o
Waldo park.
S1.500. 50 feet on 7th, near Gladstone ave.
JGcfl. 50 feet north of Independence and
east of Walrond.
H. T. WHIPPLE .fc CO.. 17 W. Oth.
co Mo.; u man can make a nice living on
ini.s puiee; jius over mil appio trees anl
other fruit: excellent water; In fact, an
Ideal place; worth $5,O)0; want a residence,
in this city of some value. .
Sen mo for all classes of real estate,
P.A.FREDERICK. 3lti N. Y. Life bldg.
WE will build you a modern home and
sell It to you on eusy terms. Our property
is situated In llydo park and 32d and .Main
sts. Wo uro at present building tour
houses on the Grand avenue cable. Seo
them to-day.
Mechanics Re a liy Co.
Xos- II-'S anil :)2G Slieiillny Iliillillng.
25 feet on Chestnut, in Westport: east
front; right opposite Colonel Clark's Into
auction sale; Mrcet paved, etc.: only $12 a
Pretty 23 foot lots on Oak, north of
31st; $20 n foot.
43 feet on E. 13th, Just oust ot Juckson ,
ave. ; $22 a foot. '
50 feet on w. h. FInrn k nf 11,1 . vnt-u
h.,H,l,-ninu. ...!.. .!...... ", '.,.. r. . V. "-.
IIU IHBUIIir, llllt.T ,,MM,e U ,1 l IOQI.
i CO.,
.PS &
60ti Am. Ilk. hldg.
modern dotnehed brick, mantel, grate,
sliding doors, city and cistern wuter, fruit
und shade, trees, east fiont. lot 30x130
near 12th st. cable, $5o0 cash will carry It
bal, on easy terms nt ti per cent. No trade
nor room for agents' corn. If you want a
snap see owner ut once. Address V. COJ
Journal olllce.
FOR SALE Choice corner lot, 50x115 feet.
30th und Grand ave,, 2 blocks east of West
port cable line high and sightly; a great
Lot on 18th st hotween Lydla and Vine.
23x125 feet, best locality for business oil
tho street: will sell for about half prlca
or will exchange for residence.
E. S. TRUITT & CO., 12 E. 9th st.
HOUSE and 35 FEET CORNER, Sl,250
A nice suburban home. 40 acres, choice $?
land, good house and burn, other outbuild- $
lugs, fenced In hedge, inside tho corporuto I f .
limits of a good town of 3.H00 inhabitants. If
less than 10) miles from Kunsas City, on I.
tho Missouri Pacific railroad, in .Inhnsnn fdr.i
ER, $1,250 V
ry neat; lot f
:eets. grades!. ( f.1
cars. You '
uuina, iico I'uiiiii'u; very
Is Kxi37, on a cornt'r; both stree
BNBwumi ijjut:Ks irom
E, II. PHELPS & CO.. aw Am. Uk. bldg.
1.1 ,.n " "I
422 N. Y. Mfrt i.i.iV,
$30, 000 for A KANSAS CITY HOME,
F;. ft". KO(.JT tor 330 feet, south front
jiu ,..-..-, .ic-.-ii. ruuri unu line, covered v
trees und bluegruss, on top 'of hill, at
and Oak, line view; will trade l, ,n., '
put in a roomed house an
.FOR SALK-130 feet switch nronerlc
21 U A m I ten. if ki7
of 1 ne Lurrn. mi ;,iiil"L'n...I.n? Yy heart
barns, servunts' 7 ua."ters, ete i cost TiVf I ij
deal more money.' Ask us abou 11 b I F
H. H. PHELPS ?TO?.'ii3J'tn.Uilfc. hi,.,- I if
i . inn jHU-" ; !

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