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The State Spends' Its Money Before It Is
in Hand-Will Borrow Up To
Legal Limit.
Columbia. .March TO.-It is rath
er a curious conientary upon the
finances of the state that the borrow
in of money- will have to begin as
early as April. This (toes not mean
that the state is embarrassed or that
it4vill not meet its just an( proper
obligations, but it means that the
state .spends its money before it is
actually in hand. T he expectation
is that the state pensions to Confed
erate soldiers will be paid during
the latter part of April. and when
ever these pensions are paid the
state will have to borrow. The
statutes allow the borrowing of
S200.ooo. with which to meet the
payment of pensions. and at least.1
half. and very probably all, of this
fund will have to be borrowed and
interest paid on it until next year.
Moreover, it will not be long before
the state will have to borrow more
money. as it will not have sufficient
monev on hand with which to meet
current expenses, and at the same
time meet the July interest on the
State debt. The state will have to
borrow money at a greater rate of
interest than it is paying on its!
bonds. By next January the state
will have to borrow up to the legal
limit-$5oo.ooo--according to
present calculations.
The Appropriation Act carries
more money with it than hereto
fore. and the new methods of
raising additional revenue-the
franchise tax, the dog tax and the,
like-will not be available in time
to avoid the maximum amount of
Wil Meet On 22d to Call Democrafic Con
vention and to Provide for Prmary
In the Late Mr. Croft's Distlct.
Gen. Wilie Jones, chairman of
the state democratic executive com
mittee, has issued an official call for
a meeting of the committee, to be
held in Columbia. in the secretarv
of state's office. at 8 p. m. on March'
22 for the purpose of calling a state
convention. which is merely a mat
ter of form. and the principal busi-,
ness is the ordering of a primary
in the 2d district. to choose a suc-,
cessor to 'the late Hon. George XV
Croft, and fix the dates for holding
the same.
-Governor Heyward has issued
an official order for a general elec
tion on .lay 17. this being made
mandatory hv the state constitution.
The 2d district is compo)sedi of
the counties of Aiken. B3amberg.
Barnwell. Beaufort. Edgefield,
Hampton andl Saluda. seven in all.
and the arrangement for the can
Lvass of these counties by the candi-'
dates and the fixing of the dates
for the primaries, for there will be
more than one, is a rather difficult
task. It has been suggested that
the committee fix the first primary
for March 31, and the next for
LApril 19. and the third, if another
flbe necessary, for May 3. This would
5give all candidates time to arrange
Ffor their canvass, and the last pri
Fmary would be held on May 3,
which is the required two weeks be
fore the general election.
So far there have been no furth
er announcements. and the list pub
lished recently about covered all of
the men who were thinking of en
tering the race, unless Mr. Croft's
son decides to become a candidate.
Mr. Willie Lee Graham and Miss
Hattie Harmon. both of the coun
tv, were married at the parsonage
of the Bethlehem charge on March
6th_ by the Rev. L JL Long.
Seems Tney Will Require Stricter En
forcement of the Dispensary Law.
Soveral Resolutions Adopted.
The State.
lher were 37 liquor drunimers:
in the city last week. that being the
the occasn (.f the purchase ot
whiskv fur tie next quarter. The
d cinnsarv law savs of this mat
ter: "The said directors of the di
pensary shall not purchase any li
quor of any person, in or corpora-- i
tion. who shall solicit any orders.
either by drummers. agents, sam
ples or otherwise except as herein
before provided."
In accordance with the terms of
the law the board has adopted the:
following resolutions: "Resolved.
That the clerk of this board is here
by instructed to notify all distillers
and liquor dealers competi.g for
business with the dispensary. that
the board will positively refuse to
consider bids from any firms who
are known to "solicit" business
with the dispensary through the
State dispensary officials as provid
ed in section 557 of the dispensary
law. and that a copy of this resolu
tion be sent to each firm bidding for
dispensary business. with the re
quest that they govern themselves
The law as to the sending o.
bids and samples that the bids must
be filed with the State treasurer
and must he opened in public by
the board and that accompanying
said bids there shall be a sample
of each kind of liquor offered for
sale containing not more than half
a pint each. and the sample is to:
be kept by the commissioner until
the purchased whiskey arrives and
is compared with the sample. If
the purchases fail to correspond in
any respect with the samples. the
seller shall forfeit to the State a
sum not exceeding the value of the
The new board; has shown a dis
position to keep a strict rein over
the agencies through which the
stock is sold. The following reso
lution was adopted: "Resolved.
That the clerk of this board is here
by instructed to forward a copy of
tie dispensary law to each dispen
ser in -the State. with instructions
to strictly comply with sections 566.
567, 568 and 569 of said law."
Section 566 is that which re
quires the written application for
liquors. This sec..on also requires
the applicant to the state that he
is not a minor or a drunkarti.
Section 567 requires the cour v
auditor to keep the request ho k
n file in his office.
Section ;68 requires an oath of
the disDenser that he has atended
to the matter of requiring written
aplications and that he has turn
ed over to the auditor all of the ap
plications submitted.
Section 569 requires the county
board to revoke the commission of
any dispenser who fails to require
applicants to sign for the purchase
and the deposed dispenser shall be1
indicted by the solicitor. This sec
tion also 'penalizes dispensers for
purchasing liquor otherwise than
from the State dispensary and for
adulterating the product of the big
gin mill.
A Number of Candidates Announced to
Succeed the Late Congresman George
W. Croft.
A number of candidates have an
nounced for Congress in the Sec
on District, to succeed the late Mr.
Croft. Former Lieutenant Gover
nor James H-. Tillman says that he
will ~be in the race. Hon. L. J. 'Wil
liams. Hon. S. G. Mayfield, T. G.
Croft, Esq., a son of the late -Con
gressman Croft, and others will
Every department filled up
Spring Campaign is sounded. \
and we are going to do them. ! a
berry who visited the great Dry G
lieve I am the only one who is geti
at either dept. I have received mo
than the next three largest stores
of wide-awake buyers have lear
for bargains.
The values quoted here are I
A fifty foot display of fine BI
do credit to a city five times the si
5 pcs 46 in. Nub Voil from all FrE
sale . . .
5 pcs 46 in. Voil, very new and dr
per yard
5 pcs 38 in. beautiful black Voil,
sale . . . .
2 pcs 48 in. silk flemish Voil beat
sale . . . . .
Anything you can ask for in
de Paris, Crepe de Chine Etemini
Serge and Brilliantine.
Silks Of
50 pcs Taffeta Silk all shades and black
and white the 5oc kind for.............. 29c
5 pcs 36 in Black Taffeta guarantee not
to split worth $1-50 for this sale......... 97C
2 pCs 36 in Black Peau de Soie worth
$..o for this week................... 9Sc
A big lot of Wash Silks to go this week
af cut prices
2 cases 36 in Percals new spring styles
worth ioc to go at...................... 6c
2 cases 36 in Dress Ginghams new spring
styles worth ioc to go at... .......6....6c
i case 36 in Curtain Swiss, beautiful
quality and worth i5c to go at........... 1oc
2 cases 40 in White Lawn short Lawn
worth 12+ and igc the yard, spccial for one
week and only 12 yards to each customer.. 9c
00 pcs fine White Persian Lawn worth
20 and z5c to go at only................ 14c
Cheapest Store on Earle. --
Mit. HAVIuurs HAL.UQNATION. Havird came
mn conversatior
No Grounds for saluda Man's Appeal to orders to shoc
Governor for Proteetion-BIs Home an his path," etc.
Armory. there are three
barrelled shotgi
A dispatch from Saluda to, the i Mrs. H-avird,
News and Courier says that in ac- called to the
cordance with Governor Heyward's of firearms in't
directions Sheriff Roden went chalantly rem;
down yesterday to the home of P. readv for 'em:
B. Havird,. the~young man who re- M~r. Havird':
cently called on the Chief Execu- mind years ag<
tive for protection, and after a. self.
thorough investigation, among Mr. Mr-. WV. H.
Havird's neighbors the conclusion county. a larg<
is reached that Havird is the vic- know~n citizen.
time of an inexplicable hallucmna-: three of his ribe
tion. her. Being in1
In plain English, the opinion is jury is giving
expressed that Havird is he rdering trouble.
on insanity. The situat. .: be--____
comes more pitiable still when it is Tlpo
known that the wife is in as bad, Tlpo
or even worse, condition mentally Please add1
thanthe had dated Tanuary:
kUG H'S.
chock a block; the keynote of the
Ae have been promising bia things
m the only Dry Goods man in New
oods Markets this season and I be
:ing in any new goods. I can prove
re Dry Goods, Millinery and Shoes
in Newberry combined. Thousands
ned that Mimnaugh's is the place
)eyond competition to buyers of
ack Dress Good and Silk stock would
ze of Newberry.
nch weavers worth $1 .00 for this
essy worth $1.39 for this sale
. . 94c
ll eaves, worth 75c, for this
itifuf blaclk worti $I.75 for this
. . . $1.19
a black Dress Goods Stock, Crepe
e Melrose French Batiste, Henrietta
All Kinds.
- !oo White Bed Spreads to go this week
at only ............................... 49c
2oo White Bed S-,reads the $1.50 kind
your choice this week.............- 98C
ioo White Bed Spreads the *$'.75 kind
your choice this week ..... ....... $1.39
ioo White Bed Spreads the $2.oo kind
A your choice this week............... $1,59
300 doz fine Hemmed Huck Towels the
i5c kind to go at only................. 9c
2oo doz find Hemmed Huck Towels every
thread Linen and worth 25c each to go a
leader this week for.................... 1IC
2 cases Poe Mill Bleaching full 36 in
wide and worth ioc the yard special for
one week............................ 7c
cases Androscoggin Bleaching worth
toLay at most stores ioc to go this week
~ fo
Wholenale and Retail.
to Saluda today and ing new subscribers:
stated that he had 126 M. A. Carlisle. office.
t anyone "crossing 20-3 WV. Y. Fair. Res.
or fou sttdouble 69 WV. P. Smith, Store.
is-and two or three 31 S. H. Zimmerman. Res.
in Havird's room. 12 R. D. Wright. Res.
when attention was 59 C. E. Summer. Res.
mmber and variety 83 Jno. Hutchinson, Res.
heir bed room, non- 125 James Caldwell. Res.
.rked: WXe are
let 'em come.- 22-2 T. 0. Stewart, Res.
;mother lost her 84 Mrs. M. S. Glenn, Res.
>and drowned her- 180 A. P. Pifer, Office.
7 B. E. Downs, Res.
Kempson, of this 58 Western Union Tel. Office.
farmer and well- 151 Jas. A. Bradley. Chf. Insp.
a few days broke H170 (Pay Station) Newberry
Swhile logging tim- Hotel.R.Y evl.Rs
shi considerabl Speak wvith your lips close to the
_________Report all complaints to tele
e Suscrber. phone No. 160.
e usrbr-Southern Bell Telephone
:o your directory & Telgraph Company,
[5 194 the follow- R. G. Spearman. Mgr.

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