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TiiK > K > V M ii(K)L >
Meeted at Moctiny ui JiOarrt Last
Week?Former i'resident oi
Anderson I olje^e Ma he
f oi v-'iT-^rry.
\ You may wander, you may roam the {
wide wond o'er, but finally you will j
turn your steps and your eyes with j
longing to old Xewberry if you are j
to the manner born. And if the op- j
portunity offers you wni come back j
with. us. An J we are always pleased I
to welcome the retur . of the wander- |
er> and to give them the hearty hand !
clasp and cordial and fatherly greet- j
The schools of Newberry have ben j
fortunate in securing the services of I
so well equipped and scholarly man !
as Dr. Jas. P. Kinard for their head, j
His life has bee: devoted to the j
^ anse of education and it was in the '
lon-g ago before we had a graded |
scliool system in Newberry that he |
i tanr-T.t t:hp schools of this town. And |
he is still a young man. Even a man j
so young as the editor of The Herald j
ami News can remember when the:
present school system was inaugur- i
ated. If you could get a file of the j
old Newberry News. R. H. Greneker, \
I * -proprietor, and E. H. Aull. editor, you
I would fi>r-d that we made the fight for
the establishment of the present
school system, and we won. And that
v.'as after Dr. Kinard taught the vil- j
lag? school in Newberry. The town j
srd the schools have grown since th? ;
"crVift-.. Tim Kinard tausrht the !
HXXJ a " 4*va " w f
academy in Newberry, and the
cf that day are the men of towith
children in the schools,
rr. Kinard is a native of New-f
bcry ?nd a soil of the late Capt. Jno. j
>1. :. ard who was killed at the bar- '
t!e of Strausburg while leading his;
regiment. Dr. Kinard was born in j
I $64 and never had the pleasure of j
lowing his father. He was reared j
by a good Ch.^tiaa mother. He is J
*. brother of Joh.r M. Kinard of Newberry
and a half of Air. J. Y. McFall
of Newberry.
-? * * * * 5^1 I
k He was graduates irom me uauei i
m in ffcarleston ar:d after teaching one '
I jr.ear la S'ewberry taught a few years j
I in the Citadel and resigned that po- j
& sition to take a postgraduate course at ;
fjt Johns Hopkins university of Balti- j
B -mire frrm which institution he re-'
ceiTed "his Ph. I), degree after four
I years of study. He was e'ected pro- j
fessor of English in Wintlirop college
wli-d1? that great college was established
and he remained with it un- i
til three years ago when he resigned .
to return to the Citadel as the head
fof tiie English department. After one
year he was offered the presidency of
Anderson college which position he
tias filled for two years and until hi?
resignation a short time ago.
He is also the author of ^n English .
grammar which is taught as one of.the
adopted books in the common |
? aF C!fofA (
UI 111U "Jia i/\;, j
He bri gs to his work a large ex- j
f*erience in educational work and a j
ripe scholarship which sho-uld make !
i# or' the schools of Newberry even a '
jf greater system than we have now.
Tt. i? a <rreat work, the education of'
the children of the ^tate. an? while '
: the ureal life : e the one of
:;Y~ fice t Iiows. the
Roiv.v Kepresentathe Awarded Sec- 'oiivertn
ond Place With Third Honor Club
to Little Mountain. 0
C'li ton. April J. (\ Floyd, rep- The c<
resenting the Newberry high school, j sonimitte
was awarded first honor over 10 other n vount]
c ontestants in the fourth annual in- a as a g<
terscholastic declamation contest .ers a <1
held here last night ir der the aus- resented,
pices of the Presbytettmi College of ! ess att
South Carolina. The contest was the petit
held at 8:;>n p. ni.. in the college and- Creek, w
itorium. which was filled with a A call
crowd of interested spectators as well bo held a
as a number of par* nts who had come day in ?V
here with their sons for the final con- the club
test. | ^ates to
With the coveted firs! place which >f April
- ' >? *t * 1 ;-f Vmi
was won by .\ewoerry mv- inc.. . ,,
_?>1 i in, :l;v. .! his speaker chose for now a
'..is subject "La^ca." "'1' j-"' Rome
was the wi ner o! second i: eet at
place. 'A'infred (loodw.n being the 'ates to
speaker and "The Results of the The lu
War" being his subject. e: resent
Third place was awarded to tlie fir.-1 prii
Little Mountai i high school. Olin years as
1 being the representative of this hi aRov
school and "We Are One" was his 'wentv fi
subject. -i mnjorii
At tin1 preliminary contest held roll does
Thursday night and Friday morning, of the v<
?,o young men delivered declama- tion is t<
tions a d from this list the 11 best The fc
sneakers were selected by a commit- the ccns
tee of judges and entered into the jn<r an(]
final contest last night. All of the tute
speakers did well, and the contest session
\\ ;s a big success and was enjoyed -pjie ;an?
by a large audience. lv the sa
The schools which participated i^jpartvthe
finals were as follows: Charles ^
Barlow. Dillon high school; James
C U 11 l\ C(
Fleming, Laurens; .T. ('. Floyd, Xew- (.("
berry; Hal V Gaffnev. Gaffney; .Ta- . -,T
hi st Moi
cob Jacobs, Spartanburg; Olin Long, seat
Little Mountain; Ardian Mc-Ma^us. pnsc,j (){.
Greenville; Gary Newton Furman , .
' clubs in
Fitting school; Ellison Smith AYal?
every 2->
halla; Henrv Spann. Sumter; Winfor
a m;
fred GoodwtD, Rom*. ed upQn
in the fii
s. S. fOXVENTlO* IX .
to by th
ea'-ii clu
There wil-1 be a tow;ship Sunday
y porary r
school convention held at Trinity
church Saturday. April 22 1916. , .
shall be
Following is the program:
? at the tu
10 A. M.?Devotional services?Rev.
W. R. Bouknight. FoT 11
10:30?What is the advantage of lei,c:c
organized classes?Rev. E. D. Kerr.
.lames F. Epting. th^ club!
11:30?How to ha\e regular at- la,,,llat?
tendance, a d is it the duty of the -v^&rs a3
teachers to look after those who are ti,r; llum'
absent??Rev. T. C. Cooker, iMr. Bur- 1
ris and J. S. Boozer. no c
12:30? Dinner. take OTlT
2 P M.?Should male adults have to l)e 001
? lady teacher??Rev J. w. Carson, ;,cu u 1,1
Dr E. C. .Tones. )A'J gin
3:30?Why should each school be '-cnvcniei
represented at the State Sunday u?l i>hVe
school convention at Charleston?? *"e ^eeI
Rev. S. C. Koon, J. R. O'Xeall Holo- Pn"Jn<- c.o
Tar. * ' The IT
Public Invited. -> *' ci?te ; it
?. her of i
Pomaria Pastorate. names c
The following srevices are an- liate^ ar
nounced for Holy Week in the Poma- ** utive c
ira pastorate: ti?>n i.- h
Thursday night, S:ir, o'clock. Po- wants to
maria Lutheran church. is?si:?
<-* . | ints art*
FrFlday. u a. m., ji. .uaunca,
3:30 p. ra.. Bethlehem: 8:15 p. ra.. Po- tcnl5<:m (
maria Lutheran church. tanos.
0:i Saturday afternoon. there will ^1IC
be an esg hunt at the parsonage, be- Ul1' je 1
ginning at 3:30 o'clock. .:me. on*
There will be preaching Easter at n:a-* , r '
Bethlehem at 11 o'clock, and at Pc- rious ('01
maria at 3:30 p. va. ! tnc n:
The Holy Coimmunion will be ad- f*ie fart
miTiistwred at. Pomaria the third Sun- ?^ier cai
(lav a'(i at St. Matthews the first Sudday
in May. Preci ct?
-All are invited.
S. C. Ballentine, Pastor. ^ arf* 1
Ward 2
usefulness and helpfulness to his Ward ?, 1
country and his State. The Herald Ward 3
and Xews wishes for Dr. Kinard a Ward 4
L'reat measure of success in the man- Ward
areme t of the Newberry schools. Oakland
The harvest is ripe and the work is iTrOonu
>ere to be done. Hertford
Pr Kinard was married some year5 Johnston
ago to Miss Wicker, herself a rr nr f::-vn!iny
'lor and a hichlv educated wo- Tvr.>
i 1 41
'To has an interest in c: family j v-ilber ry
f fi e children. | V> vb:ntr
I>EJIO( MA TIC EXECtTI Vi -t. Pleasant .. ..
311 ITK1! HOLDS MEETIXt v hitmire
.ong La e
im Called for May 1?Xcn a "a pa
at i>lir Creek Granted? \inards
nIy Routine Business. frinity
? .ongshore
ountv democratic executive ^eederville
c met on Saturday at the cai* Dominick
. Chairman J. L. Keitt. There Saluda So. 7 .. .,
oort attendance of the mem- Ghappells
most of the clubs were rep- Vaughns >ille .. ..
There was onl;> routine bus- Hopia
ended to. except to receive Silver Street .. .
ion for a new club at Big P^ast Riverside ..
hich petition was granted. Prosperity
for the county convention to St. Lukes
t Newberry on the first Mon- Saluda Xo. :> .. ..
ay and the reorganization of O'Xaell
s and the election of dele- \ onticello '.. ..
the convention on the 22nd ?'herty
was issued. I'ndcr the con- Swilton
and rules or the party, which L:U> Mountain ..
l>o a part of the statute law I'nio i
all the clubs are tc Jolly Street .. ..
this time and to elect dole-1 I\:ul
the coif ty convention. j Central
w provides that the basis of Zion
ation is to be the vote in the St. Philips
nary of the party held two Walton
:o. and that each Hub will Pcmaria
red one delegate for every Big Creek (new cli
ve votes in that primary, or Enrollment of ..
y fraction thereof. The club
not govern but the figures
:>te in the last primary elec
d be the basis, Si'XD.VY SCHOOL
)llow! g is the provision of M),
titi:tion of the party govern
it is also a part of the sta- Will meet with
of the States as passed at church in Mollohor
of the legislature of 191"). evening at 8 o'eloc
uage of the statute is exact-ja11 scnoois m ao.
me as the constitution of th* j peeted to send d<
j Subject for discu
Cvery general election year j ^ar Has the
Diive. tions shall be called by Ki"ht to Expect ot
ty committee to meet on the ( hurch. J. J. Kil
iday in May at the county! 'How to Get Ea
le convention shall be com- Churcli a Member
delegates elected from the School, \\. E. \V
the county, o> ?e delgate for ^ ''.at Are Sonn
members, and one delegate Sunday School
ajority fraction thereof, bas- ^ ^a^b.
the number of ivotes polled: :s My Di
rst primary of the preceding j --chool Helper to tl
le lists of delegates certified j au(' State Work
e president and secretary of j sonb
shall constitute the tem-j "Measuring the
oil of the convention. The' ^1C Township. .Ta
of delegates for new clubs! Friday evening S
based upon their enrolment Mayer Memoria
me of the club meeting." j service by the pas
. morial church:
le inrormation and conven-.
.. , . _ Tjr ,, .! "Some of the Ad
the clubs The Herald a;:d ,
i x i. x r' ganized Mens Bit
r* M?L'UI tru Cl IUIICV.I nov vx # ^
>. with the vote as officially j ^*kard.
. . .. - , . , "The Needs of tc
1 in the first primary two
. . , _ , . ' ment,' Mrs. ^iclne
o, and has also figured out
. . , . . . . . | "How to Keep tl
:>er of delegates each club is ,
, .. . , n. j Ladies' in the Sun
o under this rule. Of course, j
is under any obligation to! a 1S*
? , " . , ' "What is My Dui
figures unless they are found i
, .. , .. Organization,' Prol
rcct, and tliey may be certi-1
, . . . , Each school will
e c.ub so desires, and we are ,
. . . . .. , the occasion,
ng them for information and |
ipp Srniio nf the clubs mav !
the figures convenieiat and \
sure these fibres will be! ~~~*
rrect | NEWBERRY
rrald and News will appre-j % <
* the secretary or some mem- j * itadel B;
*acn club will send us the! I bree??Jfeyei
f tlie delegates and alter-}
>d the memiber of the ex- J
ommittee as soo?.i as the elec- 1 Newberr) "had li
eld. The Herald and New3; teating the Citadel
print the list of delegates in noon b.v a s<"*ore <
b following the club meet- Pitching for Xewb
will appreciate prompt at- '*a-v- ^oth at ')at 3
)n the part <Jf the secre- slruck out 1-> ^)a<
three hits and got ;
erald and News hopes there ar tour t,mes a*
io bitter factionalism at th:^ The Citadel team
;1 that this year the people de?er\ed to show i
able to elect man to the Pitching for the (.it
inty positions on the merits Ter "anie than th
en who offer, rather than on -Nk"exv:,en > tean
that this man is for some in sp'te of ^00(* p
wiiriato nv n^-ninst some can- neu ni(
they showed up
Votes oast X'o Dele- ^1C^0^S. wbo
first P. 1914 gates chances. A laige (
145 5 -amp^
g Citadel 000
s-o.'i '* **115 5 Newberry ....120
^ 0 .> 1^2 n Gibson and Jarae
138 6 ken
210 S *
79 3 W. C. T
23 1 The Woman's (
31 1 ance union will me
e 47 2 of tVrs. Mary "VVri
37 1 (Tuesday, the 1Sth]
v 3* i "'itendance is de
24 "! T. rkma'n will be
n 16 1 | .Mrs. -A.' .1. t5<
* *
^ ' "
.. 20 1 ! Mrs. J. D. iCalder
.. -"4 :1 .J. D. Calder
.. 27 1 Mrs. C. S. Howie
. .2."o 10 .Jce Howie
.. 4 \ i j Nora Cofield
.. 4"? 2 j Mrs. Fannie ('of eld
. . .67 7 j J. E. Cofield <
47 2 l' i.Vr.s. J. E. Cofield
.. 4."? 2 | J. C. Cofield
.. Si? J i John A. Jert.or
.. !h; 4 ; Mi?. S. A. .leter
" ^ I The abo-.e group picture was mad
*4- ? ; or Wliitmiro (in Hm or",:'i0
>(") 1
" " ; nrarriazo An account of the event
9fi 1 ' *
' *' " at the lime.
. . . 48 2
. . . S3 3 !
o() ^ j <V <?> <?> <i> 'V ? <$> ^ <$> ^S> I
" l 0 3 j<3> <$>'
jb j' I r \ JJK1) LETTER DAY *l
.. 30 1
* 1 Jy \Y. G. Peterson. 1
126 I ' ^,
^ : <& <J> -S> <? <? <S> <& & $/ <S> %> <V ? <? V
CONVENTION Company G ot the Third South Car- j
ONE TOWNSHIP ; oIi a regiment, known as the "Briars/j
! f/inininnr'P'l M7 vpnr? to have a
Summer Memorial j re,,nio" of the survivors of the cam-1
i village. Thursday - Pan.v- r'li-s been kept up annually,
k, April 20th 1916. to the l)resent time ?n APril 1:> of!
1 township are ex- ea('h >'ear'legates
' ( ol. K. H. Aull of The Herald and j4
ssions, as follows: XeUS- bearing E. P. Bradley and W..
Superintendent a ' eter.-on expiess a wish to at-.
' the Adults of His jte,1(l llie meeting, very kindly offered:
i to take us to the meeting. W'e left
&VI j
ery Member of the ' berry at 6:20 a. m. and with short!
of the Sundav | st?l,s at Kiuard.s and Clinton we j
ajjace : reached Laurens about U a. m. Here
3 of the Duties of we vvere j?ine:l by Job.:: Langs ton of
Teacher." Rev P-. ( *' Two other cars of
j veterans were with us and in a little i
itv as a Sunday !over one llour we were at tIie Place
le Township. Coun- . 0' meeting in Greenville county. Thoj
" Rev f W Car-' I,iceting was ,held in J. L. Stoddard's i
; grove in Greenville county. After
Sundav School in registering our names and getting ac. j
s F Epting quainted again, we repaired to the
o'clock A.pril 21st stanfi- The stand was decorated with
1 West End Open Confederate bunting and flowers and
;tor of Maver Me- the battIe fla? of the 3rd S. C. was
on the stand. In behalf of Comrade j
vantages of A.i Or- Stoddard we were made welcome bvj
" u u Dr. Stewart, and a grand welcome he
n tr vtass, ii, *a.
gave the old boys. Then .Judge 0. G. |
le Primary Depart- 'Thompson told about the first reunion
y Derrick of tlie "briars." 37 years ago and that,
le Young .Men and tlie remnant of the company had met
dav School." .T. M. each >"ear since that time on the 15th j
of April. He gave us a sketch of this
ty to My Township gallant company and its gallant deeds.;
f. Olin B. Cannon. Comrade J. H. Wharton of the galant
prepare music for Third battalion was the next speaker J
| He paid a great tribute to the ConT.
H. Wicker. ! ferrate soldier. The next speaker was !
Chairman I Comrade J. R. Harrison of 16th S. C.
_ His speech was to impress on the ris-*
WINS AGAIX 1 lns ?eiierati?:? the want of a correct
history of the war.
r Score of Six H> Dinner was then announced and
p Has Fine j &llc^ a dinner we were given. I can't
describe the dinner but I helped to
'J* ,
? hide it, and we fau'cd that the ladies I
ttle trouble in de-| had such a reserve stock on hand that!
on Saturday after- j we ju^t harl to quit. This was follow- j
)f t> to 3. Moyer, j pd by cigars and the picture man.
err>\ harl a great! Then we returned to the stand and
iml in field. He writer who is a member of Co. B,
ters. allowed o'ntly j Third S. C.. was called to the standi
a double and triple jt0 ?ive the boys some idea how the j
it. battle field looked after 50 years,
i played hard and Comrade E. P. Bradley stood up and
ip better. Gibson. uas presented by the writer as the
adel. pitched a bet- j last color sargea.nt who carried the j
- f5o)H Thid hrnusht
e result indicate- I uu lilc "wv* -?
i 1ft the ball hard.' cnt the Confederate yell.
it^hinsr. Xewberrv | Then a grandson of a gallant
3n i the field and ed?that silver-tongued orator, .John
well, especially J. IVIcSwain. of Greenville. 1 cannot
ted two very hard give you a correct idea of his speech,
M*owd attended the but suffice it to say. the crowd was ,
completely captivated.
201 000?3 3 2 Then; came the roll call. Only five ,
030 00* 6 13 4 answered roll call out of the 125 who ^
s-; Mover and Ren- answered to the call in 1861.
If I am living when all the "Briars"
!9mm have passed to the ijreat beyond and
, laion. if their descendants win i?l me iu.u?
Christian Temper- f will come up on the -1.1th of April
et at the residence followi >r. and will call the last rol!
?ht tliis afternoon for the company, but if I pas* away
i at p. m. A full "Tst 1 wtnt Comrade O. G. Thompson
sired. Mrs. J. M. <o call the roll over my grave,
the leader. 1 ' on:, y the way of Fair .f
owers. Secretary. v:ew Fountain Ins- and Gray Court.
^H| C'
" HIskM ?.%/:^^^^m/-'/.^'
WiMBK wg ' 4^w^v'^
I ?? \ ;r:-X'^^K<*''?
<.or:iine Cofield
S. A. Jeter
Frances C. Jeter
George Cofield
Mrs. George oCfield
;\V. I). May-bin
Joe Cofield ,
Ki*I:i Cofield!
Ruth Howie.
e at the home of ?Vr. and Mrs. J. E.
f the fiftieth anniversary of their
appeared in IThe Herald and News
Following is a list of the comrades
who were present:
J. H. Lenderma;], Co. F, Hampton
J. R. Harrison, Co. I, 16th Regiment.
J. B. Jones, Co. E, 14th S. C. V.
T. fT. Andrews, Co. F, Third S. C.
Wash Barksdale, Third S. C. Regiment
(The Briars).
S. P. Balle. Co. E, Tliird S. C. Battalion.
M. V. Abercrombie, first Col. Co. B.
J. D. Mock, Co.- E, 14th Regiment.
J. H. Summerele, McBeth's Artil
IT. Y. Henderson, Co. E, Third ?. C.
Y. C. Hellams, Co. D, 27th Regiment.
T. H. Bobo. Co. D, S. C. Regiment.
E. Y. McQuown, S. C. Post, Capt.
R. D. Senn.
J. F. Murry, 71st Regiment N. C.,
Capt. J. Q. Holland.
R. J. Stoddard, Cb. E, 14th Regiment.
.1. P. Elledge. Co. C, Third Bat
R. B. Coley, Co. G. Third S. C.
J. H. iWharton, Co. D, Third Battalion.
J. L. Moore. Fourth Battalion, Capt.
Jo e.s" Co.
Warren Stribbling, Fourth Battalion,
Capt. Jones' Co.
M. Meares, Co. E.'Hampton Legion.
P. B. McKelney, First S. C. Cavalry,
Capt. Leake.
J. A. Robertson, Third Battalion,
Co. E.
0. G. Thompson. Co. G. Third Regiment
R. iA. Nash, Co. D. Williams Battalion.
J. L. Stoddard. Co. G, Third Regi
John T. Langeton, Co. i, Tbird S. C.
T. Westmoreland, Co. E, 14th
J. B. Peden, First S. C, Cavalry
C" F.
Z. V. Garrett, 14th Regiment, *.
E. l
W. G. Peterson. Co. B. Third 8.
C V.
. E. P. -Bradley. Co. B, Third S. C. V.
W B. Parsons, Co, E, 14th Regiment.
J. P. Garrett. Co. E. Third %. 6.
The club met with the president
Tuesday morning. Mrs. iWalker was
present and gave a helpful tallc oa
home convenience and about the beginning
of the tomato club. There
were about 20 present and all spoke
in the highest praise about the moble
work the club was doing. All the
ladies should join and be benefitted
by them. Miss Wise always -Has
something helpful and convenient to
tell about, all cheap and easy to
Suffrage l.encmo.
The I?qual Suffrage league of Newberry
will hold its first regular meeti
g at the High school Thursday, the
I'urh. at n. in. All the ladies of the
tov. r. without respect to ase or
:re invited to come.
is Chairman of Publicity

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