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Newberry college will be host to a
body of distinguished educators 0:1
- - J rr>1 Jn.. !
"Wednesday, June 21 ana iuui?ua.?,
June 22. The representatives of all j
the Lutheran colleges for men and!
those for women will meet in Holland
Hall for their annual convention.'
fc- The meeting is held under the auspices
of the Lutheran Board of Education
in the South of which the foi
I lowing are the members: Rev, W.
Hoppe, president, .Savannah, Ga.;
"Geo. B. Cromer, LL. D? vice president,
Newberry, S. C.; Rev, J. W.
Horine, D. D., treasurer, Columbia, S.\
^ C.; Rev. L. L. Lohr, D. D., Lincolnton,
N. C.; Prof. E. S. Dreher, Columbia,
S. C.; E. W. Peery, M. D., Lynchburg.
jr Va.
All the sessions of the convention
are open to the public, and every*
body will be welcome to attend. The
fiTst session will be held on Wednesday,
June 21 at 10 a. m., and the convention
will adjourn on Thursday at
noon. A great many vital features of
the work of Christian education will j
l be discussed. It is likely that a large
number of persons interested in these I
big questions will attend. The programme
Wednesday, June 21st
10 A. M.?Meeting of Board.
2 P. M.?Worship.
Greetings?Dr. J. Henry Harms.
1 *
Response?Dr. L. L. Lohr.
Remarks by the President of the
"Means and Resources for 'Making j
the Religious Elements Effective and
Real in Our Church Schools"?Dr. J.
A. LYoorehead.
"True and False Economy of Col-1
lege Administration"?Principal G. F. |
t> McAllister.
TMscussion. Business. Reports of j
I 7:30 P. M.?Vespers.
"Luther, the Educational Reformer"
Dr. M. G. G. Scherer.
Thursday, June 2*2n<L
^ 9 A. M.?Worship.
v "How Can Our Colleges Take Part
in the Quadricentennial. of the Reformation?''?Dr.
J. C. Seegers.
. "What Other Lutheran Boards of
Education Are Doing. What (Should
be the Function of Our Board''?Dr.
G. J. Gongaware.
"Correlation of Our Educational
Work. *In how Far Feasible and Ad
tvisable"?Dr. R. L. Fritz.
~ ' "? t->.. A irvu rn_
^ 'UlSCUSSlOIl. JDU^iiicoo. iiujvuiu
"As to Cooper and Manning."
Greenwood Index.
The Index is going to say its say
about these two briefly once more.
The two men stand on practically
the same platform so far as platforms
* To show how the two men stood ia
the preferences of the people in this
|r county in the first primary two years
it is only necessary to state the
| vote. Gov. Manning received the sum
' total of seventy-nine votes. (Mr. Cooper
received fourteen hundred and sixv
ty-nine or approximately fifteen hundred.
'He almost carried the county
against the whole field.
Gov, Manning will receive wis year i
more than the seventy-nine votes I
which wpre given him two years ago,
but most of the ivotes given him will
be new ones., Mr. Cooper as heretofore
retains much of that popularity
which was his two years ago.
^ Mr. Cooper has excited no bitter
feeling anywhere. People believe he
will be fair and impartial in deeds as
well as in words. For that reason in
this part of the country they are going
to vote for him for governor.
If now those great and good newspapers
which are laboring for the reelection
of Gov. Manning will just
realize that there are some folks in
the State who intend to vote for Mr.
* Cooper and that it is entirely unnecessary
to use a curry-comb on their
spines in the one instance and then
squeal about unfairness and all that
sort of thing in another, we think tne j
. ? whole situation would be greatly improved.
Lets stop misrepresentation
and buncombe. A vote is a vote and
the man who can get the most of them
ie the man we must look to to turn
the trick.
Installation of Pastor.
The. Rev. G. G. Parkinson, D. D.,
<- and Rev. E. B. Kennedy of Due West,
~ a. * j
will come to irrosperuy oaiuiuav, i
17th, to install the pastor on the fol?
lowing daw Order of service, a ser*
mon at 11 a. m. at Prosperity, followed
by installation, consisting of constitutional
questions and a charge to ?
J congregation and the pastor. Order'
4k of service at Cannon k in the af-j
ternnnn the same as hero and the
hour 4 o'clock. It is desired that all
members of these congregations be
present. The public is cordially in- j
: , J. Meek White,
-a: "i
Washington Observers Think There Is
at Least Possibility That Militia
Will Be Called on for Duty on
Mexican Border.
P. H. McGowan in State.
Washington, June 14.?!For the first
time since international complications
with Mexico became acute, there is a
strong possibility of the "war department
calling on the South Carolina j
| National Guard. Up to a day or two
ago when about 1,500 additional men
were sent to the Mexican border to
strengthen the forces already there,
the war department apparently had
not carefully counted the number of
regulars remaining within available
distance of the seat of trouble, a large
part of this force being now in the ]
Philippines, Panama and elsewhere.
When the department ordered ten
companies of coast artillery and 500
men from Washington barracks to get
under traveling orders immediately to
go to the border, that left but few
more regulars to be called upon. Then
the department realized that tlie next
step would be the National Guard.
While department officials will not
say that a real step in this direction
is being taken, it is known that be
sides communicating witn me aumorities
of the different States asking that
they get their men in good shape generally,
figures have been submitted
showing just what proportion of the
^National Guard could be depended
That some suitable mobilization
point may be picked in the South by
the war department for concentration
purposes soon is not doubted by those
here who know the situation.
Within a week's time the South
Carolina militia may be under orders.
Church of the Redeemer.
i TTVIru-arH "I7*n 1 AnwidPT nastnr^
'.Nothing preventing, the following!
will be the program of divine services
at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer
next Sunday:
! in ir a AT Thp Sundav school. !
11:15 A. M. The regular morning'
service. The pastor will preach on
the subject, "Long .'Sights and Short
Sight." It is common today to hear
people speak of far-sighted and shortsialited
men. When a man has an op
portunity in business and fails, the
world calls him "short-sighted.'
When a man looks far ahead and
succeeds, the world calls him a "longheaded
business man," etc. But the
world's view of long-sightedness may ,
prove to be short-sightedness and
vice versa. A fine example will be
given in the sermon from the Bible
Three thousand years has proven the
wisdom and far-sightedness of a man
whom tne worm canea snort-signiea.
Some things will be presented in the
sermon that ?very citizen of Newberry
ought to hear especially just
at this time.
Come and worship with us. You
are always welcome.
In preparation there is
This principle holds good
between business men as
well as between nations.
We have put in and recommend
Styleplus <M "7
Clothes A i I
Which proves our belief in j
preparedness. The makers
had 63 years' experience
when they decided to center ;
their efforts on STYLEPLUS j
There's a reason for the exceptional
quality and style.
J. H. Summer & Co.!
YEAR FOR $1.50.
Malaria ar Oils & Fever
Prescription No. 666 is prepared especially !
Five or six doses will break any case, and
if taken then as a tonic the Fever will not i
return. It acta on the liver better tKan |
Calomel and does not gripe or sicken. 25c :
Notice is hereby given that the!
books of enrollment for voting In the j
Democratic primary elections in New- j
berry county are now open, and that i
the same will remain open up to and j
including the last Tuesday in July,
1916, which is the 25th day of said
nonth. In order to enroll, applicant
shall be twenty-one years of age, or
-1- - 1 - ~ ? ~ + u
suaii otxume su ou ui ueiui e uie < tu
day of November, 1916, and shall be a
\vhite__Democrat, and shall have resided
in this State two years, and in this
county six months, prior to November |
7th, 1916, and in the club district six-1
ty days prior to the primary election |
to be held on the last Tues day in Au-1
gust, 1916, which is the 29th day of,
said month: Provided, that public j
school teachers and ministers of the :
Gospel in charge of a regular organ- '
ized church, shall be exempt if otherwise
qualified, and provided further,
that any negro who can produce a i
written statement of ten reputable!
white men, who shall swear that they I
know of their own knowledge that the ;
negro applicant voted for General j
Hampton in 1876 and has voted the '
Democratic ticket continuously since, j
shall be entitled to enroll.
Each voter must enroll in the club
Clubs Secretary
Newberry Ward 1, J. H. Baxter,
Newberry ward 2 W. W. Cromer
Newberry Ward 3 Otto Klettner
No. 1
Newberry Ward 3 D. D. Darby
Xo. 2 (Mollohon)
Xewberry JWard 4 J. O. Havird
Newberry Ward 5 T. F. Turner
Oakland' 'M. A. Attaway
Helena C. J. Zobel
" TT.n^v. J crs\f
Jdar.tiora xionanu jra.>siij?ci
Johnstone R. L. Xeel
Garmany Jno. T. Oxner
Mt. Betnei Chalmers Brown
Mulberry T. W. Keitt
Mt. Pleasant Ernest Ringer
Maybinton J. B. McCollum
Whitmire J. B. Baker
Long Lane J. . Craps
Jalapa Clarence Wallace
Kinards J. A. Dominick
Longshore J. W. Wilson
Reederville R. E. Livingstone
Dominick J. N. Livingston
Trinity 0. B. Longshore:
1 :
Saluda No. 7 J. S. Werte^
phappells W. L. Andrews*
Triiu, T- H Senn
v augim?mo ?. ?
Utopia I. P. Cannon
Silverstreet H. 0. Long
East Riverside W. L. Buzharat
Prosperity T. A. Dominick
St. Lukes C. S. Nichols
Saluda Xo. 9 J. A. Bowers
O'Xeall Pat B. Wise
Monticello P. W. Counts
Liberty Geo. F. Hunter
Big Creek N. A. Nichols
Swilton Geo. A. Counts
Little Mountain A. C. -Wheeler
Union M. L. Strauss
Jolly Street G. I. Kinaru
St. Paul Goo. Wicker
Centrs.' A L>. Av.!I
ZIo; :.I H. Folk
Pomaria J-. T. Ki::ard
St. Phillips H. H. Ruff
Walton J. L. Crooks
- - . A"jjt L? .
1 ** '' ?l Ml..- unmrma^ ? I I
nearest his place o: residence calcu- i
intersection of Pcmaria highway a?
way by lhe C. X. & L?. Railroad thence i
following ot.J highway South to the |
ed bevond the city limits.as follows: [
side. Ward 2 Club District is extend- i
- - - - - - - I
lated by the nearest practicabe route, j
To the crossing of Columbia high- j
except as is hereinafter stated. In j
the town of Newberry, voters shall j
enroll in the wards in which they re- j
the residence of B. C. Matthews, said
- JS - f T-*
lines to include residence 01 a. r.
Each applicant for enrollment shall
in person write his name upon the
club roll and immediately thereafter
his age, occupation and postofike ad-j
dress, and if in a city or town shall i
write the name of the street and num- j
ber of the house in.which he resides.)
if such designations exist in said city
or town. In the event of the inability
of the applicant to write, he may
make hs mark upon the roll, which
shall be witnessed by the secretary
or other person then having tte custody
of the roll, and the secretary
shall fill in the other requirements.
The following is a list of th^ clubs
of the county, the names of the secretaries
thereof, the places where
+v>? K/vni-o ?-,f ^nmiimpnt will be found.
and the names of the enrollment committees
for the clubs:
Place of Enrollment Enrollment
Baxter's Undertak- W. A. MoSwain
ing. Parlor S. S. Cunningham
National 'Bank of J. B. Hunter.
Newberry, S. C. T. P. Johnson
Otto Klettner's J. B. O'N. Holloway
Store Alan Johnstone
1. T. Timmerman's W. S. Jones
Store J. -VI. K. Bushardt
Frank R. Hunter's F. R. Hunter
Office ' T. B. Kibler
Newberry Cotton O. S. Goree |
^jj]] w. H. Hardeman
Oakland Cotton R- C. Williams
Mill W. E. Sentell
B. E. Julien's J. L. Bedenbaugn
Store F. G. Spearman
Residence of Z. W. Dennis
Secretary J. McD. >Schumpert
Xeel's store M. M. Mills
Sam B. -Xeel
Residence of B. B. Leitzsey
Secretary 0. H. Lane
nf W. C. Brown
Secretary Geo. S. Ruff
Residence of J- D. Nance
Secretary J. P. Wicker
Residence of J. L?. Henderson
Secretary Jno? Henderson.
Residence of J. L. Thomas
Secretary W. B. Whitney
Whitmire J- Tidmarsh
Pharmacy S. A. Jeter
Residence of C 'M. Folk
Secretary T. B. Carlisle (
Jalapa Mercantile M. B. Chalmers
Company's Store P. B. Miller
J. 14.. Dominick's R- G. Smith
Store T. H. Fope
Wilson & Martin's J. E. Senn
Store G. H. Martin
Residence of I. M. Smith
Secretary J. H. Dorroh
Residence of ' Fred J. Harmon
Secretary " M. M. Livingston
Residence of J. A. Schroder
Secretary Hugh Longshore
Sander's Store W. H. Sanders
Howell C. Fellers
Martin's Store J. B. 'Scurry
A. P. Coleman
Residence of J. H. Rudd
Secretary 0. S. Johnson
Residence of -I. A. Foy
Secretary H. L. Boulware
T. T. Coleman's J. T. Coleman
Siore W. P. Blair
Residence of E. L. Hayes
Secretary W. P. Paysinger
T. A. Dominick's Br. J. S. Wheeler
Store A. B. Wise
Residence ** ia>ior
Secretary J. P. Hawkins
Residence of L. L. Dominick
Secretary (M. C. Bedenbaugh
Residence of 0. O. Shealy
Secretary W. P. Pugh
Residence of P- L. Dawkins
Secretary "W. W. Shealy
Residence of R. T. C. Hunter
Planrip T.pstpr i
c^v-iciai j ?
Residence of J. P. Harmon
Secretary Arthur Boozer
Residence of JQ0- S. Watts
Secretary C. L. Counts
J. B. Derrick's J. B. Derrick
Store J. K. Derrick
Residence of T. J. Wilson
r*, , n C* Tt?*lr\rr?
secretary -j. o.
Residence of H. B. Richardson j
Secretary B. B. Rikard j
Residence of TV. H. Killer !
Secretary J. -T. Kibler I
Residence o! J. A. Counts j
Secrefarv B. S. TVickor
O ? -.1 T TT" 11
nesiuc:!'. ^ ui . * * . jvuhu ?; |
Secretary I?. 0. Hentz |
Sotzler"? Geo. T~5. A'.'1! i
Store J. P- Setzler i
H. H. Ruff's J W. Tvominick '
Store G. H. Sligh i
Secretary W. H. Folk |
Residence of J. D. Croo .a \\
?????? H WW -- - - In
addition to the enrollment com-!
mittees named above the secretary of j
each club is a member of the enrollment
committee for his club.
The secretary of each club must j
turn nvpr tn the fonntv chairman th."> i
roll book on or before the 28th day ,
of July, 1916.
Frank R. Hunter,
County Chairman.
King, of Utah, States Bryan is for!
Wilson's Platform.
St. Louis, June 14.?While the resolutions
committee of the national
convention was in session tonight
Samuel A. King of Utah, made this
statement: t
"I called on William J. Bryan today
and asked if he would submit
any plank. He replied:
" 'I have no planks to offer hut one.
and that is the president's. Determine
what he wants and his plank will be j
mine. I expect to go before the peo- j
pie in his behalf on your report.'"
TtliUl 1A f TIti-Tl
Ready to Follow Bull Moose Plan,
Says Robins.
iN'ew York, June 14.?Mr. Robins
when seen after his conference with
Col. Roosevelt today declared the for-1
mer president was "in fighting trim j
ready to go ahead with any plan de- j
cided upon "by the Progressives," hut
he added the Progressives were not
telling at the present time what they
are talking abou*.
'Asked if the Progressives would j
support Mr. Hughes for president, he j
"That is un to the Colonel. So far !
as I am concerned the situation has
not changed. I can't say now what
Col. Roosevelt will do. Things may
not shape up definitely until after the
meeting of the executive committee |
on June 26."
CUULM'l Ui?' AUiW-BilittKY.
Court of Common Pleas.
James C. Sample, Plaintiff.
William I.McD. Rook, Defendant.
By virtue of an order of the court
herein, I will sell before the court
house door at Newberry, S. C., at public
auction, to the highest bidder,
within the legal hours of sale, on
Monday, ealesday in July, 1916, the
same being the 3d day of said month,
all that lot or parcel of land lying
and being situate in tfhe village of
Helena, in the county of Newfberry
and State aforesaid, containing twothirds
of an acre, more or less, and
bounded 'by lands of A. E. Trapp and
G T. Coleman, and separated from
lot of land formerly of J. E. Sligh by
a public road; this being the same lot
of land conveyed to said defendant
by deed by W. W. MciMorries and C.
E. Stephenson, whfch deed is now of
record in the office of the register of
mesne conveyances of Newberry
rrmntv in Deed Book .No. 14. at Dase I
Terms of sale: Cash. The purchaser
will be required to deposit
with the master at least $25 immediately
upon the acceptance of his hid, j
as an evidence of his good faith and j
shall comolv with the terms of sale !
witfliin ten days from the date of sale. I
If the said terms are not complied j
with, the master 'will resell said prem- |
ises on the following salesday-.at pur- 1
chaser's risk. Purchaser to pay for
papers and revenue stamps.
H. H. Rikard,
June 12, 1916.
YEAR FOR 5i-50.
/ WH
/ 4 Get il
\ The Right D
\ ^tfnrn 0 11
I \ blLULR a '
The county treasurer lias piacec. :n.
my hands executions against those
persons who failed to Day their taxes '
for 1915.
Those interested will have an opportunity
to pay the same at my office
until June 30th. After that date
levies will be made according to law.
Cannon G. Blease,
For Mt. Bethel school. Seven
months term. Term begins about last
of October. Salary |40 per month.
Time for applications will expire
June 17. For further information apr\l
t? ? /\
pij IU
S. J. Cromer,
W. D. Cromer,
W. P. Lominack,
Newberry, R. F. D. No. 2.
BARBECUE?We will give a first
class barbecue at the Xewberrv fill,
Friday, July 21. The dinner will
be cooked by the old cook, H. >iL
Wicker. A good dinner is promised
to all. Every candidate is especially
invited. B. M. Suber and 0. A.
BARBECUE?I will give a first class
\ t
barbecue with. the usual good dianer
at Mt. Pleasant on July 14,
campaign day, and will ^ive good
service and make it pleasant for all
who attend. G. H. Cromer and Company.
BARBECUE?We will give a first
class barbecue in front of B. B.
Leitzsey's residence July 27, 1916..
Everybody invited. B. B. Leitzsey*
A T.eitysev J P Lnminack
I will give a barbecue at my residence
1-2 mile irom Old Town on
Wednesday, June 28, 1916. Special
attention to ladies and children.
Plenty of amusement for both old and
young. All candidates invited.
L. Clarence Pitts.
BARBECUE at St. Pauls?Under the
auspices of the ladies of the St.
Pauls Lutheran church a barbecue
XL-ill ho iprvp/J at fhp r^nnrcJl
grounds on July 15. The dinner will
be cooked by that famous cueist J.
D. H. Kibler.
BARBECUE?I will give a first class
barbecue at my residence July 1
State campaign day. Will sell meat
and hash and serve dinner 11:30
a. m. J. M. Counts.
The School Improvement association
of the St. Phillips school will
give a barbecue in Mr. T. E. Halfacre's
grove near the school house
An Aii-onret ? ftfho hpTlPffit nf thft
v/xx ?"0? * .
school. Everybody and the candidates
are invited. There will be entertainment
arranged for the young
We the undersigned will give a first
class Barbecue at New Hope church,
* .3
Saturday, July 29, 1916 for the benefit
of the Broad River circuit parsonage.
Everybody is invited to come
out and enjoy the day with us and at.
the same time help a good causeMembers.
I will furnish a barbecue at .romaria
on campaign day August 1.
Good dinner and pleasant day promised
to all. /
J. Walter Richardson.
\NCES? \
: at N.
rt Qfnro \
atisfied y/
[Trtvc rn y

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